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Bring Out the GIMP
Girls In Merciless Peril 


March 29, 1999 – Present

New to the site or simply like to go back and see allthe interesting discussions we've had on this board? All the previous entries from this site's inception in 1999 through the present are archived right here, including posts from ZFX's Rick Masters and Lisa Kinkaid, plus bondage reviews and more.

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* The November 2000 archive page is now complete! Strangely enough, as Dreambook is leaving the free guestbook biz, they gave Dreambook owners the new feature of being able to download the whole Dreambook, every post since the Dreambook's birth. So 2000 is in there for us, and now the November 2000 has been fully updated, including an all important interview with ZFX's Lisa Kinkaid. Go figure!

graphic by the Scribbler