Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril)

adults only bondage stories

by Eda Chang


Here is my standard disclaimer/warning so that you can decide before you read my stories whether they are the kind of stories that you would like to read:

My stories are definitely NOT for everybody, but are very brutal and involve torture, sexual abuse and usually death. They are written only for persons over the age of 21 and are fantasy only. I try my best to write interesting and complete stories, with developed characters and plot twists that I hope will keep you guessing as to what exactly is going on or is going to happen or why. But only you can tell me if I am successful, so all comments, positive and negative (I'm an adult; I can take criticism), offered constructively are greatly appreciated. I want to know what you think I've done well and where you feel I can improve. How else can I learn?

The earlier of my "longer" stories generally have a single straight line plot. My later "longer" stories are more involved.

The longer stories that I have available, listed from the latest written to the earliest (with the setting in parenthesis if not obvious from the title), are:

COLD BETRAYAL: (by Fritz and Eda): (Riga, Latvia): Baby, it's cold outside! Still, is it wise to cozy up with a former lover to hide from Russian mobsters, especially when defecting to the Yakuza? After all, betraying underworld employers can mean more than just a pink slip and two weeks' severance.

THE ROUGH ROOM: (Kiev -- 2014): Gleb calls the most interesting place in his Kiev brothel The Rough Room. Not many women volunteer to work it. Those who do hope that Gleb's house rules will protect them enough to make it worth its risks.

SAFE PASSAGE: (unknown location in the 14th century): The Duke's sister tries to negotiate peace between her brother and the king.

FOR YOUR PLEASURE: (written jointly by the "GIMPer Team"): The failure of the CIA's efforts to topple a South American dictatorship's brutal military leader leads to dire consequences for several of its female agents and others. [Note that a few portions of this story (not too long) are very "intense."] The GIMPER Team consists of Mothbrad, Erodite, Megan, Eda, Esso, A Canadian and Covers.

A WARNING TO OTHERS: (Written by Fritz; story by Fritz and Eda Chang) (A 14th century medieval village): A simple tale of revenge as villagers grieving for their murdered constable prepare to brutally execute two of the female rebels who assassinated him. But two more insurgents are on the loose - will they also meet the fates they deserve?

POINT OF VIEW: (South America): There is more than one way to look at the operations of two drug cartels.

AN INFORMANT IN OUR MIDST: (Modern day): In the world of drug cartels, justice is secondary.

THE NOBLE PRIZE: (Europe, Middle Ages): Is war between rival dukes inevitable?

PATHWAY TO STARDOM: (Los Angeles): Just how do some actresses get started in the industry?

BATTLE FOR EAST BERLIN: (Written by Fritz; story by Fritz and Eda Chang): A twisty, twisted tale of treachery, treason and torture as Chinese and Soviet spies battle for dominance in Communist East Berlin.

THE BEGINNING OF THE END: (United States; Mexico; Ukraine; Peru; China; Syria): Female U.S. operatives are trained for assignments around the world (with five women and 15 illustrations, including illustrations by two of the greats -- Quoom and Arcas)

MAKING IT REAL: (Hollywood/Germany Present Day/1945): Being a movie star and being an actress are not the same.

ARCAS'S SPY GIRL CASSIE BLAINE IN "THE DRUG CARTEL WAR": Story by Eda. Illustrations by Arcas. Enough said!!

PRIVATE SESSIONS (Romania): There is more than Vlad in Transylvania.

THE LESSON (North Korea): The law is the law -- for everyone.

FILM STAR (Hollywood Hills -- present day): Is her resume enough to get a woman her first starring film role? [Inspired by the artwork of the incredible Arcas]

GUILT AND INNOCENCE (Buenos Aires, Argentina): Fighting a country's corrupt government is a dangerous job. So is just living in the country.

FINAL RESISTANCE (1945 Germany): The end of war does not always mean the end of brutality.

DOUBLE TROUBLE (Belgrade): Serb vs. Croat Intelligence Agencies

THE PLAYROOM (No specific location): What happens here stays here.

PLAYING FOR KEEPS (The woods) Some places can be perilous at night.

CHOICE ALTERNATIVES 5 (Written by Fritz) (Continuation of the CHOICE ALTERNATIVES saga): The East v. West saga concludes and all is revealed, but not before brutal consequences to those who failed. And, in any battle of intrigue, most must fail.

CHOICE ALTERNATIVES 4 (Written by Fritz) (Continuation of the CHOICE ALTERNATIVES saga): The battle between East and West shifts back to the East -- with dire consequences for some and continuing intrigue for all.

CHOICE ALTERNATIVES 3 (Written by Fritz) (Sequel to CHOICE ALTERNATIVES and CHOICE ALTERNATIVES 2) The battle between East and West grows even more intriguing and dangerous. Which side will gain the upper hand?

CHOICE ALTERNATIVES 2 (sequel to CHOICE ALTERNATIVES): The battle between the East and West continues.

CHOICE ALTERNATIVES (West Berlin 1985): Can the West Germans turn a female Soviet spy into a double agent?

THE TRAPPINGS OF SUCCESS (Tokyo): Not everyone reads Eda's fiction the same way, which can create quite unexpected situations.

A MATTER OF PERCEPTION (Tibet): The fight over Tibetan rule requires sacrifice -- on both sides.

THE GREEN BIKINI (Colombia): Why is it so dangerous for women working for the Colombian drug cartels to wear one particular color of swimsuit?

THE FORTRESS (Futuristic): The future of the post-apocalyptic world depends upon the mission undertaken by four brave women.

WITHOUT A TRACE (China): A group of Taiwanese spies on Mainland China tries to resist the overwhelming odds against them.

UNEVEN ODDS (1995 Bosnia): A woman sets out to avenge the deaths of her family members by Milosevic's soldiers.

BY THE BOOK (North Korea): The North Korean police investigates how a leading criminal is able to avoid capture.

THE PYRAMID (undefined location): Intrigue, cat-and-mouse, betrayal and danger involving the sale of valuable secrets.

ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE (1940s China): The forces of Mao and Chiang Kai-Shek collide for control of China.

THE PRICE OF BETRAYAL (Tokyo): Loving a Japanese drug lord can be exciting, profitable ... and potentially dangerous for a young woman working for him.

REPORT FROM THE FRONT (Philippines): A reporter is given the chance to investigate events on a small island recently taken over in a military coup.

BOUND FOR LOVE (Florida): Kinky play involving a Miami narcotics agent

PRELUDE TO WAR (Middle Ages): A band of Amazonian women is caught in the war between the king and the duke who wants to usurp his power.

UNEXPECTED CAPTURE (North Korea): A soldier's wife is accused of treason by the soldier's superior officer.

MIDDLE EAST INTRIGUE (Syria): How a Canadian woman became a secret Israeli agent in Syria.

THE BEST LAID PLANS (Chechnya): Rebels attempt to show their power by bombing a government meeting in the local police station.

GETTING WHAT YOU ASK FOR (Colombia): First person account of how a woman gained power in a leading drug cartel, and her efforts to keep that power.

PLAYING THE GAME (Peru) (in two parts): Kinky party play might be more than it seems ... or it might not. | part 1 | part 2 |

THE RULES OF THE SS (WWII Germany): Some allegations are true, others false, but all are investigated.

DANGEROUS CONSEQUENCES (Taiwan/China): Battle between the espionage forces of Taiwan and Mainland China.

MYANMAR TREASON: Loving the leader of the opposition can be dangerous.

SUN LI AND THE GENERALS (China): Even successfully carrying out a spy mission may not lead to the expected result.

INDONESIAN WARLORDS: Army soldiers determine which side to choose in an ongoing rebellion involving the government, rebel forces and local warlords.

REBEL CELL (Indonesia): As the title indicates, the government attempts to break up a rebel cell seeking its overthrow by violent means.

I have also now started to write shorter stories -- simple straightforward plots without attempts to twist -- based on photos/drawings/short video clips. The shorter stories that I have are:

A LEAP OF FAITH: (Edge of South American Jungle, Present Day): Description: As the title says, a leap of faith.

THE INTERMEDIARY -- VICTIM'S PERSPECTIVE: (Manchuria, 1933) After their invasion of Manchuria, the Japanese are determined to wipe out all Chinese resistance, including its spy network -- this time the same story is told from the captive's perspective.

THE INTERMEDIARY: (Harbin, Manchuria -- 1933) After their invasion of Manchuria, the Japanese are determined to wipe out all Chinese resistance, including its spy network.

SECOND DATE: (San Francisco) Just arrived in the city, Miko wants to experience the excitement it has to offer. But the excitement that she finds is not at all what she had in mind.

RELATIVE POWER: (Chechnya 1995) Story by Eda, Illustrations by Mad Bob. All is fair in love and war ... which includes the enemies' loved ones.

TURNABOUT: (Indonesia) The rebels and government soldiers battle back and forth for control of a key island.

THE BODY: (unspecified location): A woman's incredible body has gotten her far in life ... perhaps too far.

PROMISES KEPT: (North Vietnam -- 1969): Where could spying be more dangerous?

SWIFT JUSTICE: (unspecified location): Not all spies pose a real threat to the regime.

UP TO YOU: (An island off the coast of Southeast Asia): The beautiful wife of an insurgent general endures a diabolical interrogation conducted by the captain of the president's personal guard.

STEP BY STEP: (no stated location): An experienced military interrogator uses three captured female rebels to demonstrate for his new protege the three stages of interrogation.

THINKING THINGS THROUGH: (unspecified location): A woman finds herself vulnerable when her lover and former lover belong to rival mobs.

THE DEMAND: (St. Petersburg): Post-Soviet Russia is not the same, as one woman discovers.

IRAQI TRAVAILS: American soldiers know the risk of capture.

GOING DOWN (New Jersey): It is important to stay on the right side of a Mafia boss.

THE PRICE OF RIGHT (1915 Alabama): A brave woman battles the Klan.

ONE CHANCE (Medieval Japan): The Shogun does not take kindly to those who challenge him.

TWO BY SEA (Libya): American efforts to rescue two female spies.

ONE WAY STREET (Occupied WWII France): A woman is just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

SECOND THOUGHTS (Jordan): A drug lord's girlfriend just wants to get away from her bodyguards for one evening of privacy and pleasure.

If these kinds of stories interest you, then I hope you will enjoy them and I look forward to any comments you might wish to offer me after you have read them.


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