Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril)


By Eda Chang

"You have them both"

"Yes. Both."


"Half a dozen of our special forces picked them up two hours ago."

"Did they have a chance to pass any information that they may have learned to anyone else?"

"No. We've been watching them since shortly after they arrived. We are certain they have not. They only obtained the information this afternoon and we trailed them and captured them as soon as they left the building."

"Have they confessed?"


"And have they been prepared?"



"Below. Just waiting for your authority."

Dressed in a gray suit, the general's private envoy nodded and rose from the chair behind his desk. With the lieutenant at his side, he walked slowly out of his office and down the corridor to the far end of the building. From there, he descended three flights of stone steps. After walking down another long corridor, he stopped in front of a thick wooden door and pushed it open.

The scene inside the room was pretty much what he had expected. Seven soldiers from the army's special forces, most dressed in black, surrounded two young attractive women, the soldiers' weapons pointed at their captives. Quite unnecessarily. The women presented no danger to them. And they definitely were no threat to escape. No. Each woman was completely naked, wrists chained behind her back, her ankles chained together, standing on a cinder block with a metal collar around her neck, a red ball gag in her mouth. [see pic]

The envoy approached them. "You have confessed to spying and treason?" Each stared back at him, then slowly nodded, knowing that any other response would likely meant interrogation and torture.

"And you understand the punishment for these crimes?" Again, two reluctant nods.

"Any last words?" Each slowly shook her head. The envoy wasn't surprised. They had been such amateur spies, working, he was sure, on their own for their own benefit. Trying to steal and sell state secrets. They were too obvious from the moment they arrived, trying to use their bodies to gain sensitive information from older male officers. The officers had immediately reported their suspicions. Well, not quite immediately, seeing no reason not to enjoy first the pleasures that the women offered.

The envoy looked at the metal collars. "These will do nothing when the blocks are kicked out. They will not tighten."

"Correct, sir," the captain of the special forces responded immediately. "They are not to be hung, but executed by firing squad. The collars and cinder blocks were used to ensure their immobility while we waited for your arrival."

"And very effectively," the envoy answered. "You have my authority to proceed."

The special forces captain ordered the six other soldiers to form a line at the far end of the room, about 20 feet away. The envoy moved toward the door with the lieutenant.

"Ready." The captain shouted the first of the three words that all in the room knew were coming. The envoy noticed the knees of one of the women begin to shake. The six members of the firing squad lifted their rifles. "Aim." Three soldiers pointed their rifles at the woman on the left, the other three at the other woman. The captain did not hesitate. "Fire," he yelled without emotion. Six shots rang out, three hitting each woman in the breasts and chest. The force pushed each woman back and off the cinders, leaving them hanging and swaying by the metal collars holding them up. Immediately the captain screamed. "Again. Ready." He could not be sure that three shots were enough to guarantee the required result. "Aim ..." And again, coldly and without hesitation. "Fire." Six more shots rang out, hitting the women's swaying bodies between their chests and hips.

The captain watched the bodies sway, otherwise motionless, for a long few seconds, then approached them. He grabbed the legs of the first to stop her movement, then reached his hand up to her neck and nodded toward the envoy. By the time he moved to the other, her body already hung straight down, her head twisted by the collar. Again he raised his hand. And again he nodded to the envoy.

The envoy opened the door and walked out of the room, the lieutenant at his heels. Sometimes the price for stupidity was very severe.


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