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Speaking of electro torture

Okay, we'll do one more Blakemore series: one of my favorites, 110 Volts

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22289) Ralphus 
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Saturday, 16 December 2017 01:30 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

Gog: Thank you so much for writing the review of Dead to Right 2. A very thoughtful and well written review, and very helpful for readers who might be wondering about this site. I'm not familiar with them at all; looks like a company that specializes in a specific sub-fetish, that being ECT treatment.

Also liked looking at those excellent animated gifs; in my opinion, jiggling boobs are the perfect subject matter for making gifs.

Here's the direct link for your latest:
22288) Gog 
IP logged
Friday, 15 December 2017 04:45 PM Permalink

Frog ~ Out of curiosity, how long does it take you to do one of those? You wouldn't happen to take any custom request would you?


There was a lot of conversation about electro-torture a couple of weeks ago. And I was wanting to post a short review of a film that I thought may be of interest, from 911 Bio-Med ( [] ) but just didn't have any time. Anyway, here's a quickie review.

(Very) Quickie review of 911 Bio-Med's Dead To Right 2

[Taken directly from the description of the clip]

“Another agent is captured behind enemy lines and the women in white want to know where the case of information is. They start by using the ECT and oxygen to get information but have no success. The girls flame burns out as she drowns and she must be resuscitated. CPR and defibrillations begin. Stomach thrusts force water out of her lungs until she breaths again.”

Unfortunately the movie starts up with the agent already captured and stripped down and strapped to a gurney with interrogation in progress. The masked interrogators probe for information about “the case”. With denial of knowing what they are talking about, the victim undergoes a series of shocks. With continual denial of what the interrogators are probing about, she's tortured to the point of having her heart stop. After resuscitation, the interrogation continues. And that's pretty much the entire clip. Interrogate, deny, shock (rinse, lol), repeat.

Overall, not bad I guess if you're into electro. Personally, I do like shock torture but as an addition to the main course to come.....thinking something in the lines of PKF's “The Good Murders” where Lexxi gets shocked as an appetizer before getting raped and strangled.

The main reason I got this one was for a waterboarding scene. Pretty much let down on that part. Sure, they cover her face with a wet cloth, but they don't pour any water on it. It's wet from an indirect stream of water that they spray on the victim throughout the video. That part was a nice touch I thought.

The clip comes in kinda a neat package however. It comes in a zip folder and in four parts, which is good or bad, depending on how you look at it. The neat part is that the folder contains a hundred plus stills of the clip.

Final thoughts: Would have been so much better if they included some sort of set up, like abduction/take-sown, etc. Even to have her stripped and then strapped down would have helped it along as well. But after reading the description, it was a big letdown to be thrown right into the action, already on the table.

The victim is not bad and has large, natural boobs, and does a nice job whimpering and acting scared. But why strip her and let her keep some modesty by covering her pelvic area. Hey, I'm not like that guy who commissions all the PKF customs but doesn't want to see any pussy. I want pussy! lol And as mentioned the constant stream of water was a nice touch, keeping the victim glistening throughout.

Also, I had a bit of trouble ordering w/credit card. But was able to by pass that by contacting them and paying w/PayPal.

For electro fans maybe a higher grade. But for me personally with the letdown of the waterboarding scene, just a high C+

Available here:
22287) Brainmaster 
IP logged
Friday, 15 December 2017 03:41 PM Permalink

I categorically deny that I ever tied up, tortured and molested any woman who wasn't sorely asking for it. Wet pussies tell no lies.
22286) Ralphus 
IP logged
Friday, 15 December 2017 02:27 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

I think it's time to respond these multiple women who have come forth and accused me of unwanted sexual advances. These allegations are totally untrue; this is a politically motivated attempt by those on the right to discredit me and force me to resign from my position as site moderator.

I will not allow this right-wing machine to attack me, to slander me and seek to destroy my reputation. They will lie, lie, lie and then do worse than that. These vicious claims about me of inappropriate conduct with women are totally and absolutely false. The claims are preposterous, ludicrous and defy truth, common sense and logic.

For instance, one woman claimed that I crushed her head in a vise while she was tied naked in a chair in front of a large crowd of people. If that actually happened, where are the eyewitnesses? Or that I cut off another girl's head and pleasured myself with her mouth. Again, this is so preposterous it's not worth commenting on. And still another spurious story that I tortured a woman with electric shocks to her nipples. I emphatically deny this ridiculous claim. It's a complete fabrication. The allegations of chopping off women's fingers during a backgammon game or using a woman's bare ass as a dartboard are once again totally false. I strongly refute these phony allegations. These are all nothing but lies, pure and simple. You are witnessing the single greatest WITCH HUNT in history. It is nothing but FAKE NEWS!
22285) JD 
IP logged
Friday, 15 December 2017 12:49 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

_blu said @ jd & others
u know i like most of your works...
b u t
don't make jokes about 'alzheimer':

I'm coming from a very crappy dictatorship country and I learned at the very young age that the only way to put up with a shitty reality is to make fun of it. That was replaced in the West with weed, booze or harder shit. Humour is healthier.

The foreigners are always shocked when they find out how funny the North Koreans are in their homes, when no other ones can listen in. I know. smile

_blu said that's (not) funny!

But it is. Cancer is funny, SM is funny, defecating is funny, no sacred cow on my lawn. That's why I never had at least once a depression episode in my life despite having all the reasons to. And probably the level of dopamine in head is in the upper tier.

_blu said b careful what u say.

Hmmm, in this place only the insufferable midget is actually allowed to put wet blankets on various topics. No one else.

Flintstone said I apologize to those offended by my election statement

No one is offended, c'mon. I only posted what I did to show that a midget fired from his job by a SJW mob for his endorsement of women being tortured will not be able to pay the hosting fees anymore. That's a more immediate threat to the well being of this site than a nebulous potential zeal of the law enforcement under Republican stewardship. Times are a-changing.
22284) _blu 
IP logged View Web Pagewebsite 
Friday, 15 December 2017 11:59 AM Permalink

@ jd & others
u know i like most of your works...
b u t
don't make jokes about 'alzheimer':
that's (not) funny!

b careful what u say.
22283) Reine Margot 
IP logged View Web Pagewebsite 
Friday, 15 December 2017 11:15 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

Isabel's scourging comes to a bloody end ...

The Passion of Isabel continues with the merciless scourging of Isabel coming to a painful and bloody end, but her torture is not over. Isabel will have a brief respite on her ordeal, all too brief.

The Passion of Isabel sticks with its erotic theme throughout. (...) For instance, food is important imagery. Torquemada teases Isabel with water to replenish her energy and eventually brings her rudimentary nourishment after he has kept her confined for two days. She’s offered an apple and a small loaf of bread, both highly sexualized symbols. Eating is a Freudian symbol for sex. Isabel is capitulating to his sexual control over her. When he tempts her with the apple in an Adam and Eve reversal, Isabel looks into his eyes with submission in hers.

Read Part two of a two part review by Rich Moreland: The Passion of Isabel: Part Two

The set for Cage is almost ready. Dani and Jac will now begin a series of tests in the set to begin working on one or two training videos before we produce the feature films Cage and Maleficarum II. They both are in a very exciting mood. Dani can't wait to see how far she can go to match the performances she admires so much. She's very much impressed with Bea after catching a glimpse of Passion, which she hasn't seen yet. She will watch Bea's latest after she herself suffers one or two days of merciless torture.


DOWNLOAD our Films

Get any of our DVDs

22282) Flintstone 
IP logged
Friday, 15 December 2017 10:01 AM Permalink

I apologize to those offended by my election statement, I was only trying to make the Boss feel better as he was obviously and understandably upset about the Net Neutrality decision, which will likely adversely affect all of us. Hopefully this will not come to pass, and we can continue to fantasize about fun things to do with women here in our little den of iniquity. Party On! :)
22281) frog 
IP logged
Friday, 15 December 2017 09:40 AM Permalink

@Gog Thanks.

A happy ending (although without the pliers) for today's gif. Alas! Don't think it so for a free internet.
22280) Covers the Relentless 
IP logged
Friday, 15 December 2017 07:39 AM Permalink

(22280) True Action Mar 1963
22279) Covers the Relentless 
IP logged
Friday, 15 December 2017 07:39 AM Permalink

(22279) True Action June 1965 V10 No2 Official Magazine Corp
22278) Covers the Relentless 
IP logged
Friday, 15 December 2017 07:38 AM Permalink

(22278) True Action July 1968
22277) petelobo 
IP logged
Friday, 15 December 2017 04:23 AM Permalink

(22277) Midlander wrote Is there anything better than the sight of a woman in a bikini tied AOH being electroshocked by a woman in a uniform?

Uh, yeah!! How about a NUDE woman AOH tortured with electricity by a dude in uniform?
22276) petelobo 
IP logged
Friday, 15 December 2017 04:13 AM Permalink

Gog wrote Disney sure has changed since I was a kid.

Yeah! Back in those days Tinkerbelle had bush.

These friends of yours in political places, how many warned you that Trump would win? Nice that the asshole Alabama senatorial candidate lost (by a whopping 2%), but if you want to molest little girls or perhaps perform gimp, Alabama's your place. Almost 2/3 of white women there voted for the molester. There are no politics in the "home of the ?brave?". Just insanity.
22275) MAV 
IP logged View Web Pagewebsite 
Friday, 15 December 2017 12:39 AM Permalink

@midlander-the gif is from the end of the only clip I uploaded to cutscenes so far of a Zen movie. I don't know how to embed video links from there but if you check out my profile linked on this post, you should be able to see that and my AOH favorites
22274) Fritz 
IP logged
Thursday, 14 December 2017 11:23 PM Permalink

krava wrote:

I think that GOG or frog or fritz is the one that commissioned that. How much did that cost?

The first Deadly Interrogation commission cost me 900 clams. But that was quite some time ago. The sequels were a bit more expensive, but none were over $1500. Since I have not hired PKF to film one after DI4 (I had nothing to do with #5), you can assume the prices took a bit of a jump.
22273) Brainmaster 
IP logged
Thursday, 14 December 2017 04:23 PM Permalink

Well, today's gif is where Blakemore blows the scene by showing up with a dildo instead of a pair of pliers. What do you have to say for yourself Blakemore? confused
22272) Gog 
IP logged
Thursday, 14 December 2017 01:41 PM Permalink

Frog ~ Really like your pics on post 22246. big grin


And nice to see Kathryn back as well. big grin


So Blu went to see "Episode VIII" the other night? I'm not into Star Wars personally, but isn't S.W. Disney now?

All I can say is, Disney sure has changed since I was a kid.

22271) JD 
IP logged
Thursday, 14 December 2017 11:41 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(22271) Flintstone said ... the Dems will have a huge wave next year that could easily recover both the House and Senate.

Great. I can't barely wait to get properly offended of the treatment of the women this site celebrates! The toxic masculinity, the objectification of women need a strong physical response from our Antifa members. We will dox this Ralphus of yours, will expose him for the reactionary views about the role of the females in society and will make sure he's going to lose his job and will never get employed elsewehere. Just wait! smile

At this moment I don't recall if this image's been posted or not.
22270) Flintstone 
IP logged
Thursday, 14 December 2017 10:31 AM Permalink

To Ralphus: Don't worry Boss, I have friends in political places who feel very confident that the Dems will have a huge wave next year that could easily recover both the House and Senate. Just hang on a little longer... smile
22269) Covers the Relentless 
IP logged
Thursday, 14 December 2017 07:53 AM Permalink

(22269) True Action July 1967
22268) frog 
IP logged
Thursday, 14 December 2017 07:44 AM Permalink

(22268) One from the vaults of the dark side...

22252) _blu I’m almost there (the dark side, that is)
22267) Juliette 
IP logged View Web Pagewebsite 
Thursday, 14 December 2017 07:09 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(22267) My Christmas Present For you!!
Fantastic Classic Hanging Movie!!
Now Only 15.00 !!
First he fucks her then he watches her while she hangs...
Get the movie here:
22266) yyy 
IP logged
Thursday, 14 December 2017 05:30 AM Permalink

re:22255) Kathyrne, the Wandering Kitty Returns!. Hi Kathryne, long time no hear! smile
22265) midlander 
IP logged
Thursday, 14 December 2017 04:58 AM Permalink

22243) MAV

Nice! Is there anything better than the sight of a woman in a bikini tied AOH being electroshocked by a woman in a uniform?
Is this part of a movie available for download?
22264) lurker10 
IP logged
Thursday, 14 December 2017 02:34 AM Permalink

22256) JD and others

For Star Wars Episode IV, George Lucas was writer, producer, director, AND editor, all at once. The load damned near killed him, but the unity of vision produced an awesome movie.

After that, he farmed out the jobs in a more conventional organization and the quality has suffered. Now Disney has it; we'll see.

Imagine if Blakemore could have done his own editing instead of having it shipped off to Europe.
22263) Ralphus 
IP logged
Thursday, 14 December 2017 02:04 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(22263) A Viewer: Tomorrow, just as I predicted in my annual Ralphus Awards post last year, is the day we lose Net Neutrality, as it will be defeated by a 3-2 vote and the big corporations will decide what sites move fast, which move slower and which will be pretty much wiped off the face of the Internet. You can blame the orange asshole we elected President, and it's proof that elections do have consequences. Oh, it won't happen all at once; there will likely be court battles, but the bottom line is if the Republicans occupy Congress come 2018, it will most likely be gone forever. If by some minor miracle the Democrats pick up enough seats to win the House (a long shot) it could be saved, but I would bet against it.


Krava: If you're trying to figure out who Blakemore is, well, 10 years ago I wouldn't have been able to tell you, either. I always knew him as Jason Whitman, the tall skinny guy with the beard in all those House of Milan magazines and film loops. He goes by John Blakemore now (both names are pseudonyms) and, to put it simply, he is bondage royalty. He's a GIMP Hall of Famer and many consider him to be the father of bondage entertainment, the man who pretty much started it all as far as bondage videos go.

I would recommend reading the interview we have with him on the forum called BLAKEMORE SPEAKS. It's one of the best features we have on the site and he talks extensively about the Erotic Perversions movies in it.
22262) krava 
IP logged
Thursday, 14 December 2017 12:07 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

Blakemore, I went back 10 pages trying to find out who you were. I didn't find anything out so I clicked on the link at the top of the page. In my mind I had a guess of a few things. My first guess was the Torture Galaxy creator or #2 the person that created the erotic perversions series. I looked and didn't see any clips of anything that was mentioned on this first page so I went back 10 pages and didn't see anything.

Back in 1999/2000 I was the first person to release parts of erotic perversion 1 and 2 and violence 1 and 2 into .mpg format. k in krava stands for Kristy. I thought that BFI (book and film international) who I had to battle with for quite a while, was the ones that created that stuff. No offense or anything but I won't believe that anyone created it until I see a clip of it without the music background. That is very fake background noise in it from what I remember. Whoever shot the real video should have the real audio to go with it. I never came across the video with the meat hook in the pussy thing before. I need to find where that stuff is if I can even get it any more. I know I have all the perversions and violence out in my garage on VHS but they are probably ruined from being exposed to weather in a box for the past 12 years.

The best scene in any video I ever seen was that spiked dildo scene. I thought the dildo was fake because the camera never focused in on it for very long to actually see it for any extended part of time. I still in my mind believe it was faked because how could that not rip someone completely up even if it was dull. One thing that could have been done was a cactus scene and take out some of the "spikes" on it. The fake noise in it killed it for me but that was a good scene and I didn't have very good quality in what I had. I am not sure if you still have the videos out on something like nicheclips or not even the lesser movies.

On a side note anyone know what regular rated R movie Torturegalaxy explanation name is? I really admire that guy because he got atleast 2 girls in the bunch that I don't know how they let them do that stuff to them. The best one ever is Hilde. Hell imagine if someone was going to do a PKF movie with Hilde, and how far you could take her? I am surprised that the torture galaxy guy didn't debreast her on film after using her tits with skewers so many times and she allowed it.

No offense was meant in this post, just a good compliment to the best series ever that I have seen which is the erotic perversion series. Now Paris Kennedy in Deadly interrogation tops it on looks. I mean she looks a lot better then that girl in the movie. (I hate black hair and short hair of any color). But the realness of that ( EP) was really good. I think that GOG or frog or fritz is the one that commissioned that. How much did that cost? It had to be over $1500. Hell I owned and paid one girl $2,500 just to do photos and a solo scene. I got ripped off pretty bad I guess.
22261) A Viewer 
IP logged
Wednesday, 13 December 2017 11:34 PM Permalink

They're voting on Net Neutrality tomorrow. It seems like there's been a few problems like people stealing identities and sending messages to the government. Despite that the vote's still going on.

You can learn more from this interview with two Democratic commissioners at []
22260) Blakemore 
IP logged
Wednesday, 13 December 2017 08:32 PM Permalink

These clips of my work are driving me nuts! My cock is hard and my balls ache...thank you!
22259) Flintstone 
IP logged
Wednesday, 13 December 2017 06:53 PM Permalink

To JD re 22256: That is a really interesting photo, thanks for sharing. If we could only expand it into a movie, that would be something in great demand IMHO.
22258) JD 
IP logged
Wednesday, 13 December 2017 06:40 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

esso said Actually I find useful to have no DNS, it tends to discourage people. Which is fine for me, considering the kind of imagery I post : I prefer to have fewer readers but familiar with the subject.

In this case I stand corrected. Gotta be one of those exceptions that proves the rules. smile You gotta admit, the number of site owners that prefer to discourage traffic is rather small. smile

He still doesn't save money as he gotta pay for a fixed IP, something the ISPs loathe, they prefer a pool of IPs dynamically allocated, when needed. That's why they give away for free DNS, so people don't ask for static IPs. Usually when you ask for such an IP (remember, in IP4 it's a precious limited resource) that comes with a price.

I ran out of imagery to accompany my post so this one will go dry. Sorry.
22257) esso 
IP logged
Wednesday, 13 December 2017 05:48 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

JD said re: Killy’s website: That's not a website, that's his personal computer. It's up only when he uses it and has a relatively low upload speed. Also works when he's not using it heavily, as some code is CPU intensive. There's a reason people pay to have their sites on dedicated web servers. Expect intermitent service and really low speed. I'm not saying that I'm complaining, it's free after all but don't expect a pro service.

Killy responded to me: As for the IP address issue : it is not a personal computer (I assume with this he means a desktop in my private home), the site is on a server hosted by an internet service provider. As far as I know, it is always on. Download speed won't be stellar since I pay a relatively small amount of money for it, but I never noticed big issues (and nobody complained so far). I checked now and it seems to work correctly.

I do not have DNS because I decided not to purchase one when I registered, didn't feel it was necessary at that time. Actually I find useful to have no DNS, it tends to discourage people. Which is fine for me, considering the kind of imagery I post : I prefer to have fewer readers but familiar with the subject.

22256) JD 
IP logged
Wednesday, 13 December 2017 05:45 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(22256) _blu said 'episode IV - VI' is better than 'episode I - III', much better.

And water is wet. Somehow the new installments despite being competently made are entirely forgettable. That or Alzheimers.

IMAGE: From royalty status to dungeon cells. A story of betrayel and revenge.
22255) Kathyrne, the Wandering Kitty Returns! 
IP logged View Web Pagewebsite 
Wednesday, 13 December 2017 05:37 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(22255) So, it's been a while. Sorry to be away for so long. Lots and lots of stuff that I have been dealing with, but life is slowly but slowly getting back on track. Well, sort of.

So, here's a December 13th image. It's not very Seasonal, but hopefully someone might find it fun.

Not the girl, of course. But someone. razz (stick out tongue)
22254) Gabrieleknight 
IP logged View Web Pagewebsite 
Wednesday, 13 December 2017 05:26 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink


Between 109 and 111, Pliny the Younger was sent by the emperor Trajan (r. 98-117) to the province of Bithynia (in Anatolia) as governor, and their correspondence is considered a valuable historical source. In one of his letters (Letter 10.96), Pliny reports on his actions with regard to some people who had been denounced as Christians, some of them anonymously: those that persisted in confessing that they were Christians he had executed or, if Roman citizens, sent to Rome; those who denied that they were Christians he subjected to the test of invoking the gods, offering them incense and a libation in the presence of an image of the emperor, and cursing Christ.

Some who admitted that they had formerly been Christians but proved, by passing the test, that they were such no longer declared that Christians did not commit the crimes attributed to them, a declaration confirmed under torture by two slave women who were called deaconesses. Pliny therefore asked the emperor whether ceasing to be a Christian was enough to secure pardon for having been one, and whether punishment was merited just for being a Christian ("the name itself") or only for the crimes associated with the name. Trajan responded that the problem could only be dealt with case by case.

The authorities were not to seek Christians out, but people who were denounced and found guilty were to be punished unless, by worshipping the Roman gods, they proved they were not Christians (having denied Christ) and so obtained pardon. Anonymous denunciations were to be ignored. Those who were proved to be Christians were condemned to a swift death penalty if they were Roman Citizens. Slaves and servants were condemned to be given to wild beasts or crucified.
22253) Brainmaster 
IP logged
Wednesday, 13 December 2017 05:13 PM Permalink

Ha Ralphus, you honor me. Wouldn't we just love to take pair of pliers after those fat juicy erect nipples?
22252) _blu 
IP logged
Wednesday, 13 December 2017 11:59 AM Permalink

(22252) the first order strikes back!

i was @ an (exclusive) premiere of 'episode VIII' a few days ago.
well, what should i say?
this film is better than 'episode VII'...
but not as good as 'rogue one'.
'episode IV - VI' is better than 'episode I - III', much better.
especially 'episode V' (the empire strikes back)...
in my opinion.

m̶̶a̶̶y̶̶ ̶̶t̶̶h̶̶e̶̶ ̶̶f̶̶o̶̶r̶̶c̶̶e̶̶ ̶̶b̶̶ ̶̶w̶̶i̶̶t̶̶h̶̶ ̶̶u̶̶...
come 2 the dark side.
22251) Reine Margot 
IP logged View Web Pagewebsite 
Wednesday, 13 December 2017 09:09 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

Isabel's scourging continues!

The Passion of Isabel continues with the merciless scourging of Isabel who looses count of how many lashes she's receiving. For a short time she counted them. Something about Torquemada whispering in her ear about the 39 lashes that were one short of killing someone. She's sure her back has the marks of many more than that, she can feel the warm blood running down her sweaty backside.

Torquemada asks, “Do you repent for your father’s death?” Isabel remains defiant, smiling slightly and shaking her head with a “no, no.” There’s more lashing, rape, and anguish before the film’s denouement.

Read Part two of a two part review by Rich Moreland: The Passion of Isabel: Part Two

Dani and Jac are very busy setting up the set for Cage while, at the same time, Jac is busy designing the props for Maleficarum II. In an exchange with our first and earliest supporter of the new inquisition movie, I described the process thus:

Dani needs some training, like Bea did, or Mila. So they will be working in a couple of quick stories where Jac will torture Dani in the tradition of Agent X. While they do that, we're working on the props and location scouting for Maleficarum II. We have the wooden post, it's very big and imposing, the intention is to test it once all the gadgets have been attached to it. It has to serve for a crucifixion too.

We have a couple of options in the wood section for the yoke. Jac is deciding the look of it. Another very important prop, the New Wheel, is also under study. The size is very important. One suggestion was to use half a wheel, the large one, and use it as a rack. It would be stationary. The victim would be on top of it, her legs attached to the ground in one side, and a rack pulley would stretch her, her back totally arched, her head practically hanging off. The moving wheel is becoming a bit more difficult to manage because of the weight of the body pulling it. It would need a lot of engineering, I think.

DOWNLOAD our Films

Get any of our DVDs

22250) JD 
IP logged
Wednesday, 13 December 2017 07:21 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

MAV said What's shake?

Shake the friendly rapist? He got his kicks from rape scenes in mainstream movies. I look upon his site for clues about location of good scenes. Of course, being into SM genra, I look for those that have a bondage element in them. If your thing is rape only, then shake is your man.

Occasionaly he shows up on this forum as well.
22249) Covers the Relentless 
IP logged
Wednesday, 13 December 2017 07:20 AM Permalink

(22249) True Action July 1966
22248) Covers the Relentless 
IP logged
Wednesday, 13 December 2017 07:19 AM Permalink

(22248) True Action July 1959
22247) frog 
IP logged
Wednesday, 13 December 2017 07:15 AM Permalink

Sorry for the typo in my second post. knives not knifes. I would have gotten a ruler over my knuckles for that one, way back when knowledge was inscribed with blood.
22246) frog 
IP logged
Wednesday, 13 December 2017 07:13 AM Permalink

(22246) Gabriella was subjected to a cruel variation of lingchi. Her captors had crucified her to mock her Christian god. Two torments in one for the hapless woman.
22245) frog 
IP logged
Wednesday, 13 December 2017 07:08 AM Permalink

(22245) A German missionary is quickly stripped by the knifes of the lingchi executioners. The assembled crowd jeers and grows increasingly excited after each cut elicits a hoarse scream from her parched mouth.

One more lingchi scene for lionrobe who made me remember Markus.
22244) frog 
IP logged
Wednesday, 13 December 2017 07:02 AM Permalink

(22244) The wife of the Italian consul had been captured by the rebel forces when they stormed an important riverine port. Quickly taken to the central square she has stripped and secured to the lingchi post. Her captors had come up with an additional source of torment by straddling her over a spiked wooden beam. She was now ready to dance under their knives.

One more lingchi scene for lionrobe which is also a tribute to Blakemore and, if I recall correctly, Carolyn.

22232) Mark Evans Great clip. The electro scene is quite good, particularly her movements and the hard slapping. She is also defiant and erotically charged with the interrogation at the same time. A good example of interrogation bdsm. The photography is also professional, great bw reminiscent of cinema noir of the 30s and 40s when black and white camera work was an art. Thanks again. It must have been quite expensive to film this, that is one of the problems (I think) with most of the stuff that is out there, one shot, no script, low cost productions. One cannot expect a good product from that, but then again, the good product would be beyond the reach of most of the consumers.

@ralphus Thanks for another great Sherry gif. Those hard, erect nipples were one of the things I most liked about her, besides her body dripping sweat, of course. She is writhing as if she desperately needed something. I wonder what it is…
22243) MAV 
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Wednesday, 13 December 2017 01:29 AM Permalink

@JD-thanks in advance (while we wait for your uploads to come through). What's shake? I thought it was what GIMPs did when they were electroshocked big grin
22242) JD 
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Tuesday, 12 December 2017 11:37 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

And some more. Some from shake, some from cutscenes, some quality updates and some new founds.


v00100001 v00100002 v00100003 v00100004

v00100005 v00100006 v00100007 v00100008

v00100009 v00100010 v00100011 v00100012

v00100013 v00100014 v00100015 v00100016

v00100017 v00100018 v00100019 v00100020

v00100021 v00100022 v00100023 v00100024

22241) JD 
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Tuesday, 12 December 2017 09:02 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(22241) _blu said because i'm a very satisfied & happy/lucky linux user.

What do Linux users and vegans have in common?

There's a moment in Starship Trooper when cadets are tested for their abilities. Here's Flores and Ibanez doing their test.
22240) localroger 
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Tuesday, 12 December 2017 06:40 PM Permalink

Re: 22230 SteMur, Thanks! This forum is awesome.
22239) yyy 
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Tuesday, 12 December 2017 06:28 PM Permalink

re: 22230) SteMur.
22238) yyy 
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Tuesday, 12 December 2017 06:22 PM Permalink

And never mind the technicalities of correct/incorrect electrotorture, I just like that gif!
22237) yyy 
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Tuesday, 12 December 2017 06:18 PM Permalink

re: 22230)SteMur. I believe that's Kel Bowie from a Insex clip. Can't remember the name of the clip, but go to and do a search for "Kel".

re: 22235)Ralphus. I usually don't know, because you've come up with some really difficult trivia, IMO. But in this case you're talking Blakemore, which is right in my wheelhouse. big grin
22236) yyy 
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Tuesday, 12 December 2017 06:08 PM Permalink

(22236) This nice electrotorture gif comes courtesy of Ed's old Tumblr website, Erotic Sadism. That was my go-to, before it got shut down. Some nice elements, the cross, the hot babe in strict bondage, and of course, response to electrotorture done right.
22235) Ralphus 
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Tuesday, 12 December 2017 06:04 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(22235) And it's yyy who wears the crown this week, your first win ever at GIMP Trivia! You're such a knowledgeable GIMPers..."why why why" did it take you so long to finally win one of these? lol

Since we've been highlighting the works of John Blakemore at the top of the forum the past few weeks, this week's movie is one of his feature-length talkies, the 1985 classic Curiosity Excited the Kat, which was released by California Star. I've mentioned one of my favorite scenes on this board before, where a naked woman is hung upside-down and given an implied blow job. Because of the political climate at the time (this was the heart of the Reagan presidency) no overt sexual activity was allowed to be shown in a bondage film, but the after effects are quite obvious, as she's shown with cum dripping down her face. Hot stuff.

Here's the Ralphus Edit:

Classic Blakemore - Curiosity Excited the Kat provided by PORN.COM

22234) yyy 
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Tuesday, 12 December 2017 05:59 PM Permalink

re: Trivia. Curiosity Excited the Kat
22233) Ralphus 
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Tuesday, 12 December 2017 05:31 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

It's time to play GIMP TRIVIA!
Fans of classic bondage porn should know this one, but you still have to be first poster to win the prize

Somebody get her a napkin
22232) Mark Evans 
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Tuesday, 12 December 2017 03:43 PM Permalink

(22232) Just came across this great electro torture scene again, with some good AOH later in the video as well. I think she could have been better bound, but her reactions to the shocks are what I consider to be realistic (relative to the other stuff out there).

Cavallaria "IRON MAIDEN" For Wolf Magazine - SPFFF Extended Directors Cut from WOLF Magazine on Vimeo.

22231) HOMfan 
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Tuesday, 12 December 2017 03:15 PM Permalink

Ralphus: Thanks for pointing to that "Punished!" clip. Found it!

Brainmaster: And while I'm asking, what is your terrific post from? Thank you!
22230) SteMur 
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Tuesday, 12 December 2017 01:09 PM Permalink

(22230) RE: 22150) localroger said: Does anybody recognize this GIMP? It's a frame from a SteMur GIF ...

localroger, do a search for “Spreadeagle submissive whipped then flogged” ... za hot clip ...
22229) The Bodyguard 
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Tuesday, 12 December 2017 08:50 AM Permalink

Prior email has been resolved.
And is that Renee or Sharon on today's luxury recliner?
22228) The Bodyguard 
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Tuesday, 12 December 2017 08:47 AM Permalink

(22228) Everyone, sing along with me.

"On the first day of Christmas I gave my new love a kiss
then stuffed her mouth with ONE jumbo size stocking.
On the second day I hung her TWO arms over head on the front porch.
On the third day I compressed her clit with THREE strands of lights.
On the fourth day I bound each breast with FOUR loops of mini lights.
On the fifth day I hung from her crotch FIVE fruity cakes.
On the sixth day I caned her with SIX candy canes.
On the seventh day I pelted her with SEVEN well placed snowballs.
On the eighth day I flogged her EIGHT times each hour.
On the ninth day I tied each nipple as reins to NINE reindeer ornaments.
On the tenth day she hung upside down and TEN judges awarded me best Lawn Display.
On the eleventh day she spent ELEVEN hours at a seminar about "men's sensitivity and need for GIMP".
And on the twelfth day she did give to me
another TWELVE months of Gimp Forum!"
22227) Covers the Relentless 
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Tuesday, 12 December 2017 07:59 AM Permalink

(22227) True Action Jan 1959 V4 No1 Cover by Mort Kunstler
22226) Covers the Relentless 
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Tuesday, 12 December 2017 07:58 AM Permalink

(22226) True Action Jan 1959 Mort Kunstler original art
22225) frog 
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Tuesday, 12 December 2017 06:17 AM Permalink

@ralphus & Blakemore: Sherry nude, stretched, and writhing, what could possibly be better? Except Sherry nude, stretched, writhing, and sweating...
22224) The Bodyguard 
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Tuesday, 12 December 2017 06:10 AM Permalink

(22224) lionrobe: First of all, I'm glad to know that someone read that post.
Yes, Otto Pilny was much discussed in the class. He was hired by an Egyptian prince in the early 1910's and did well over a hundred 'slave auction' paintings.
Essentially, just an old man offering a naked white woman and/or a horse to various groups. He redid the above scene several times which seemingly depicts the woman from mid teen's into late twenties if not older.
Rarely suggestive, yet the women are all attractive. Did not find a true Gimp scene, although there may still be some hidden away in some Middle Eastern vault.
22223) Bronx_warrior 
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Tuesday, 12 December 2017 06:00 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(22223) I hope there is no difficulty in identifying these faces and know why they are famous still.... cool
22222) localroger 
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Monday, 11 December 2017 10:43 PM Permalink

Blakemore, what a surprise and pleasure to find you here. It's as if porn hadn't changed from what it was in 1995. I'd make a snark about the models keeping their panties but I know what the regulatory environment was like for print porn before Brent Scott split it open with Insex. Glad to see you're still getting hot models and doing work since that time. Got any links?
22221) yyy 
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Monday, 11 December 2017 10:31 PM Permalink

re22220) Brainmaster. Awesome! That 2nd Georgia Van Helsing vignette, particularly at around 36:44, still gives me wood to this day, and I have literally seen hundreds of bdsm clips. Blakemore, man. SMH in appreciation.
22220) Brainmaster 
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Monday, 11 December 2017 08:05 PM Permalink

Von Brecker's syndrome. The male version of that must be us guys who know that despite the protests of cock teasing sluts, we know the more we torture them, the more their pussies will gush.

A little Blakemore fun.

22219) Ralphus 
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Monday, 11 December 2017 07:58 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

HOMfan: The gif today and the ones to come in the next few days are from the old HOM loop "Punished!" which is available on HOM Bondage Classic 6. Do a search on Bing and I'm sure you'll find it.
22218) HOMfan 
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Monday, 11 December 2017 06:16 PM Permalink

Today's terrific GIF:


What video is that one from? I don't think I've got it in my collection. And, as they say, I've gotta have it...
22217) esso 
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Monday, 11 December 2017 05:44 PM Permalink

JD: As I understand it, not having a DNS designation does not necessarily mean it is a personal computer. Of course it could be. I will try and find out. Also the line about different time zones was supposed to be funny. I guess it wasn't. The original thought was perhaps the different experiences could be because of the time of day.
22216) _blu 
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Monday, 11 December 2017 05:45 PM Permalink

@ sluvshison
maybe that's just a funny joke 4 u:
but i 'bought' this book,
many years ago.
even have the (1st) edition as paperback...
because i'm a very satisfied & happy/lucky linux user.
22215) Blakemore 
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Monday, 11 December 2017 05:28 PM Permalink

Wow! I love all of your perverted minds! Fact is, there are one hell of a lot more men...(and women)...out there who live with the burning desire to torture some gorgeous young Slut, who will not dare admit it! I call them "chicken-shit hypocrites". This means every one of you is a goddamn hero in my book.

I need to tell you that there are certain windows of opportunity for me to have private access to the computer, so...I will try to answer questions but it may take a day or 2 or 3. Sorry, but we gotta stay hid ya'know.

THANK YOU! I posted that one of the ways I got girls to accept real pain beyond what they could tolerate was to tell them to picture in their mind, thousands of men with beautiful rock hard cocks spurting gallons of hot cum...because they were watching her being fuckin' TORTURED for real, and wanted more than anything in their life, to be able to get their hands on her and hurt her for having such power over them.


Oh my friend, how I wish I could teleport you back to one of the nights I and one or two trusted friends spent a few hours tormenting and torturing Sherry just to watch her reactions. She played a game with herself in her own head where she would resist...refuse...deny...just to get me to increase her pain to the point that she started to become really fearful...and then go a little farther to "break" her. There is nothing, and I mean nothing that can compare to having a Bitch with as hot-body writhing and squirming...crying real tears...BEGGING for your cock. BEGGING!'s good!

I met her in a local mall when I was behind her on the escalator going up. Of course I was going nuts because she had on 4-inch heels and a very short skirt...not short enough to bare her pussy, but close. Than is until she glanced back down at me...sort of smiled, looked away but subtly inched her skirt up and spread her legs to give me a great view of her pussy. Honest! When we got off the escalator I caught up with her and simply murmured, "Thank you! That was absolutely fantastic...and you have legs that make my cock ache". She said, "Oh I'm so sorry! I just want it hard...not in pain". I said, "Right! The fact is, I bet YOU are the one who deserves being in pain. You ever been tied-up and tormented till you were just fucking crazy to have a cock"? (I mean, what the fuck did I have to lose?) She said, "Lets go to the food court and discuss this over coffee"?

AND THAT really is how we met. I was astounded to learn that she had her Masters in Mechanical Design...and that she actually, really DID want to suck my cock somewhere in the mall where it would be really risky. Risk made her hotter!

We are still in touch but I am very sure she prefers to maintain her privacy, even though I think this forum is safe. She has a female brain...don't even try to understand it.

Hey Dude...I ain't getting paid to make cocks hard or pussies wet anymore, so why the hell would I bother to tell you people fuckin' lies when the plain truth is so much better! I am one of a kind and come from a time when it was easy to have a wild and incestuous sex life with my sister Sassy, starting when I was 10 and she was 11...(with a pair of D-cup breasts that were DD by the time she was 12). Our mother was an utterly gorgeous woman who had to live a double as a wife, mother and clothing designer, and the other as the most demanded BDSM actress in the fucking world starting in the late 1930...and on until the mid 60's and no, I am not going to give anyone her identity...but I will tell you she had the hottest pussy my cock has ever been in. Come on...don't be shocked. For her and Sassy and Claire, this was OUR NORMAL life, and we caused nobody any harm in any way. Fuck morality that is dictated by RELIGION!

It really breaks my heart that almost ANYTHING our of the "norm" today, is seen as either not true or so deviant that those involved should be imprisoned.

My gorgeous sister is my half-sister because HER father was an officer in the German Army who, because of his love for my mother risk his life to get her the fuck OUT of Nazi Germany in the sprint of 1941. (Which saved her life because the super-secret "Film Unit" would have tortured her to death ON CAMERA). My God Guys and Girls...THERE ARE VOLUMES OF INFORMATION that the world has never seen and WILL NEVER SEE. I, and a tiny handful of people still alive know IN DEPTH, about things that are not and never will be on the internet!

Go on...hunt for ANYTHING pertaining to "von Brecker's Syndrome", but you will not find it. What is that you ask? Okay, I will write a "report" as factually and honestly as possible and send it to Ralphus. If HE thinks it is appropriate to post on this be it. If not, I trust his judgment as I am no expert on what the ramifications of doing so might be. I will tell you this: This "syndrome" is inherited but may skip one or more generations. The results of the "disorder" are that the female having it has absolutely no ability to control or stop herself from going into a state of acute "Cognitive-Dissonance"...a state of being where totally opposed feelings or thoughts are held simultaneously. Example: Being forced to drag her pussy back and forth across barbed wire is terrifying and agonizing...but she CAN NOT STOP HERSELF FROM DOING IT. IT HURTS, SHE CAN'T STAND THE PAIN...BUT IT MAKES HER GO INTO ORGASMS she can not experience any other way.

This was discovered between 1938 and 1944 by a Jewish gynecologist, FORCED by the Nazis to care for dozens of beautiful girls and young women tortured on camera for the pleasure of the Nazi "Elite's" entertainment.

One last comment: Given what I have just told you, from my experience...if her cunt is soppy wet, DON'T STOP.
22214) Roman Nowicki 
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Monday, 11 December 2017 04:55 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(22214) A BEDTIME STORY.....

Her Last Orgasm 2
Starring Cindy Dollar

Cindy calls her Lesbian lover to come over for some kinky carpet munching. Her lover jumps at the invite and says she'll play a leather clad intruder to add to the excitement.

The naked Cindy gets ready, by tying herself to her rocking chair, with her pussy on display, ready to be abused by the toys she has left on her side table.

With her hands cuffed above her head, her exposed pussy juices up at the thought of her predicament. Rocking herself into an orgasmic frenzy. the sexy pervert suddenly hears her lover's car arrive.

She has left the door unlocked and soon the fun will begin as in walks her masked intruder who soon thrusts a vibrating rabbit into her juiced up, slut hole.

Then the masked assailant gags the bound bitch.
"Kinky" Cindy comments, before the ball is thrust between her lips.
Will these be her final words?

Things get more rough now as the rabbit is tied firmly into her hole. There is no escape for Cindy as it relentlessly drills into her drenched pussy, sending the depraved vixen into endless orgasms. Cruelly the masked intruder rocks her back and forth, using the vibrator as a handle. Cindy feels helpless, humiliated, totally aroused and even slightly scared. The vibrator's inexorable grinding and gyrating is almost too much for her as a a cord is now placed around her slender neck.

Her lesbo lover is playing her part well but maybe things are beginning to get a little too kinky as the rope tightens around her neck. Unable to shout or scream she can do nothing as her hands and feet are fixed firmly in place. The rope tightens as her pussy continues to be pummelled by the bucking rabbit. Is this still a game? She is no longer able to breath. Why would her lover be doing this to her? If this is some kind of erotic asphyxiation game, she wants it to stop. But the rope just gets slowly tighter, sending her into a state of hypoxia and one last uncontrollable orgasm.....
22213) sluvshison 
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Monday, 11 December 2017 01:50 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(22213) So I came across this book title and immediately thought of this site and had to post it. Perhaps someone who can do manips can give it a better cover.
22212) frog 
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Monday, 11 December 2017 12:00 PM Permalink

@ralphus thanks for another great gif of the day. She certainly was one of Blakemore's top performers. Thanks also for the Mia's Abduction gif, although it does not pack the punch the Blakemore gif has.
22211) lionrobe 
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Monday, 11 December 2017 11:25 AM Permalink

22206) The Bodyguard
Hi, strictly speaking of GIMP scenes, you're right, there are few. Considering slavery and harems pics, you have a lot (search Otto Pilny).
If you're on that stuff, have a look on my thread :

Instead, I can give a link I made to download most of those pics...
22210) The Bodyguard 
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Monday, 11 December 2017 11:09 AM Permalink

(22210) Down here in Baja Arizona we don't have that many trees, and cacti aren't very practical, so we make do with what we find around the house, office, or barn.

This particular decoration, found in a closed Insex warehouse, is also used to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, Pancho Villa's birthday, Day of the Dead, Two for One Taco Tuesdays, Mardi Gras, all Aztec, Mayan, and Inca Holy Days. And coming soon, Whitewash the Wall Weekends.

Wishing you all a happy and safe holiday season.
22209) The Bodyguard 
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Monday, 11 December 2017 10:09 AM Permalink

(22209) Dick Quick was seated in the lobby of the Hugo Frump Platinum Plated Tower in Poughkeepsie reading a magazine (above) when She came crawling out of the elevator.
Her hair chopped, her clothing, well, one high heel, the other stuck in the elevator doorway, half of her bra falling out of her behind, a stapler stapled to a pussy lip, and hanging from her well reddened 38's paper clipped nips was a folder.

"Here's all the dirt on the Frump-Prussia connection." She yelped as Dick yanked the folder from her. He quickly stuffed it into the magazine, turned her around, noted the brand name emblazoned on her bottom, put his foot to it to show his disdain, and sent her tumbling for the back staircase.

He'd hand over the folder to those who knew how to blackmail: the guys in the backroom of the Feed and Bait of Indianapolis. Then he'd haul the whistle blower babe out of the garbage pile in the back of the Tower, find a place to hide her, and well, the magazine with pics provided by the Blackmore Talent Agency sure gave him some ideas.

To be continued?
22208) Reine Margot 
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Monday, 11 December 2017 09:10 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

Isabel Suffers a Nasty Scourging!

The Passion of Isabel continues with Isabel receiving the sharp blows of the scourge on her naked back. The first strike draws a thin line of blood from her side. Isabel cries out in pain. A pain like she hadn't felt before. As the lashes continue and her skin is broken with every blow, her mind fights the increasing pain with numbness.

Bea’s Triumph - In the first part of this review, I suggested that Beatriz Rivera learned her craft in the film Justine and has now matured into an artistic performer in The Passion of Isabel. This juxtaposition of a sixteenth century story in a twenty-first century film is evident in Bea’s performance. First, she rises to fame as an erotic actress.

Notice, however, that she parts with Amy Hesketh and Mila Joya when she trims and partially shaves her pubic area so the female sex is on-screen. She lets us know she’s a modern bondage star and a woman making her own statement of sexual liberation.

Read Part two of a two part review by Rich Moreland: The Passion of Isabel: Part Two

Danielle eagerly waits for the beginning of her training. It will be in the form of a complete Red Feline film, maybe two. She has to prepare for her roles in Cage and Maleficarum II. Other than the one time when she first met Jac and was asked to undress to be whipped, for a short time and not harshly, she has not done any acting work, other than her roles in many theatre plays, since that long gone time.

So now she prepares mentally for what is to come. She has seen all the big budget films. She has seen Amy, Carmen, Vero, Mila, Bea go through the pain of torture and she feels she needs to rise to that level of resistance, performance and daring. Will she? That's in Jac's mind as he prepares the set for the new Red Feline production, not yet titled, but at least one of the two possible films will be very much like our famous Agent X. One torture under study is the Electric Bed.

Get your Download of The Passion of Isabel

Get your DVD of The Passion of Isabel

DOWNLOAD our Films

Get any of our DVDs

Our Films in

Our films in Vimeo

22207) Covers the Relentless 
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Monday, 11 December 2017 07:49 AM Permalink

(22207) True Action Feb
22206) The Bodyguard 
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Monday, 11 December 2017 06:37 AM Permalink

(22206) Spoiler: HISTORY LESSON
I just finished an Art History semester of obscure art genres. This one was about the "Oriental" paintings of the Victorian/early 20th century.
Essentially in the middle 1800's there was demand for the 'harem' scenes which had unclad ladies but no Gimp material. These were usually painted by artists who had never been to the middle east.
Then in the pre-first world war years some European artists actually were hired by Arab or Egyptian sheiks/merchants. These paintings were mostly slave auctions.
The above is by Edouard Ansen and this is just about the only real Gimp scene of the era.
Still, the Berber stealing the good looking horse and woman got the most interest in the class.
Gimpers lurk everywhere.
22205) JD 
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Monday, 11 December 2017 06:26 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

Dom said @JD what's the anime one called?

Moon Phase.

MAV said JD-while I don't think all your clips from the latest collage are uploaded yet

Yeah, depending on what unit in their server farm is assigned, you can get them online immediately or 6...8 hours later. Same with preview option. Sometimes they make it available, sometime they don't. Well, it's a free service after all.

Bob said By the way, can anyone upload clips to that zippyshare archive?

Make a private account, upload whatever you wish then send me the link(s) to the files and I can add them to the collection. Or publish it on the forum. Sharing is caring.
22204) Bob 
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Monday, 11 December 2017 03:34 AM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

JD said : "No pop-up is blocking 100% of ads ..."

Thanks JD. I'll give it a try with Chrome.

By the way, can anyone upload clips to that zippyshare archive?
22203) lurker10 
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Monday, 11 December 2017 03:08 AM Permalink

Not Blakemore, but enough to blow a few fuses.
22202) lurker10 
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Monday, 11 December 2017 03:00 AM Permalink

There's a House Of Milan specialist on Tumblr, at:

Lots of Blakemore
22201) MAV 
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Monday, 11 December 2017 02:11 AM Permalink

JD-while I don't think all your clips from the latest collage are uploaded yet, thanks for the lead on the short AOH torture scene in "Killing Mr. Right". Even found an article about it with BTS photos []

22200) Dom 
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Monday, 11 December 2017 01:19 AM Permalink

@JD what's the anime one called?
22199) Ralphus 
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Sunday, 10 December 2017 11:14 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(22199) Catching up on a few posts...

Thomas Chaser: Another nice job on your latest review, thanks. Not much into punching, but I gotta admit Talanis is easy on the eyes. And as MAV noted, there is a resemblance between her and Alicia Vikander. And if you can't have the real actress, the next-best thing is to find someone who looks close.

The direct link to your latest review is here:


Artur, StakingJesus, JD, Gabrielknight and anybody else I might have missed: Some really terrific original artworks lately, guys. We're so lucky to have regular contributions by such a fine array of talent here.


Alexandra: Let me join the others in welcoming you to the forum. Steve is a longtime friend and any slave of Steve's is a slave of mine. I'm sure he won't mind sharing.

BTW, I disagree with those who mentioned that Powershotz might be too mild for many at the forum. If that's the case, it's not likely we would have 73 reviews of Powershotz movies in the Reviews section, even a few written by me. I'm honestly not a big fan of the women saying "Yes, Master" as part of the plotlines, but hey, since you're Steve's own personal slave, you gotta do what he commands, right?

And your appearance here has inspired me to create my latest animated gif from one of my favorite Powershotz vids, Mia's Abduction. I love that girl.

22198) Bill K. 
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Sunday, 10 December 2017 09:44 PM Permalink

Bronx_ warrior follow up to my previous posted comment had nothing to do with Skating Jesus great artwork you're talking about.
I was just pointing out who created the one you posted.
Bill K.
22197) Bill K. 
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Sunday, 10 December 2017 09:33 PM Permalink

(22197) Bronx_Warrior here is the original "Sister In Pain" poser artwork by MKGrr: [] with his stamp.
That is maybe the fourth time that same artwork is been posted here before without the correct artist's stamp.

If you read his deviantart artwork site tells you what it's all about. Bill K.
22196) JD 
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Sunday, 10 December 2017 09:15 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

The latest update, mostly torture scene in the rape collection of shake, the friendly rapist but also some from newer movies I watched these days.


v00100001 v00100002 v00100003 v00100004

v00100005 v00100006 v00100007 v00100008

v00100009 v00100010 v00100011 v00100012

v00100013 v00100014 v00100015 v00100016

v00100017 v00100018 v00100019 v00100020

v00100021 v00100022 v00100023 v00100024

v00100025 v00100026 v00100027
22195) Gabrieleknight 
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Sunday, 10 December 2017 09:04 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(22195) "It's time to suffer for what you've done , bitch!"
22194) JD 
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Sunday, 10 December 2017 08:26 PM Send E-mailEMAIL Permalink

(22194) Cover the Relentless said: I think it might be more accurate to say that most of the active posters on this forum are quite hardcore. As one of those who don't share our views very often, I'd give Alexandra's photo in 22175) a 9.5/10 with the only deduction for the tattoo

+1. I'm such a softie at heart that sometimes I cry silently while watching Sex and Submission's dildo cruelty being inflicted on a skin head, face-tattood bald innocent female. I AM that sensitive.

Bob said Anyone here who knows how to prevent all pop-ups and pop-unders from zippyshare? ABP add blocker doesn't seem able to block them all.

No pop-up is blocking 100% of ads. The newer ad servers for example are not in their exclusion list (can be updated). Sometimes ad-blocker producers receive money to whitelist ad products. Can't say anything about Firefox but on Chrome, using Ad-Block Ultimate extension I received exactly ZERO ads on zippy in the last 6 months since I moved from uBlock (they sold their souls) to Ultimate. Ultimate also self-update, which is convenient.
22193) provost 
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Sunday, 10 December 2017 06:23 PM Permalink

Well, Pedro, you have surpassed yourself: not only having Ariel under the last but in the hands of Lyen's sister? What a concept, real or not... What could be next? The sister's playing tag-team Wheel of Pain, with the whip back in Ariel's capable hands? Very fine work!

22192) HOMfan 
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Just want to say about Blakemore's post: I've always enjoyed Blakemore's stories (in words and pictures), whether or not they're true...
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(22191) Skating Jesus
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Impressive art work! But why the girls are shaved pussies? One of the girl in your picture looks like actress Milla Jovovich.. isn't it? I wonder why Romans didn't tie the girls together as seen in the picture?
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(22190) Ralphus
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Thanks for remembering stunning vintage Swedish actress 'Christina Lindberg'. Few words from me.

Christina is very very beautiful and it's mind blowing to see in the movie scenes in "Exponerad" and "Thriller: A Cruel Picture". I wasn't born when these two movies were released. I believe she is the base for these two films blockbuster and box office hit!! I like the way her character is created in the movies. See the picture.. I love it.

I would say the Swedish films were much better than Hollywood in the 70's, these two movies are one example... but time passes, the Swedish movies lost their shine! Another European movies I like is Danish movies. You must watch the impressive cast and screen play in the movie "Bejleren - en jydsk røverhistorie (1975)"

Though IMDB says Christina is 20 years old on her first debut movie but I don't think that's correct, roughly she is 13-14 years teen girl.

I never seen any teen girl/actress who got similar movie fame in the last 30-40 years. The only actress I know is 'Emma Watson' but I don't think she is ready to dare in bondage sex scenes. smile
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