Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril)


By Eda Chang

West Berlin, Summer 1985


"How can you be sure?" Lieutenant Eberhart pushed the photo of the young woman back toward Captain Gerber.

"I wouldn't have asked you here if I wasn't sure.'

"KGB, I assume?"


"But how can you be sure?"

"The Soviets aren't the only ones with spies. We have our sources. And good ones. Ever notice how most good spies are attractive females."

Eberhart found it reassuring that West German spies were good, because he knew the Soviet spies were. Knowing what the enemy was doing in the modern world of the 1980s was more important than ever. But it was hard to believe that the woman in the photo was a KGB spy. She had been in West Berlin for three years, attending the small Berlin University of the Arts as an architecture major, and, although she was a few years older than most in her junior class, she seemed a typical college student. Well, a typical college student who happened to be an attractive woman with shocking red hair and therefore quite popular among her fellow students, most of whom were male. When she started, in fact, Eberhart had been one of the officers assigned to the school and he had noticed her immediately. "Who would think that a woman named Andrea Baum would be KGB?" He wondered aloud.

"The Soviets obviously hoped no one would. But Baum was her grandmother's maiden name. She didn't use it as her own until she came here. She was born Andrea Noraskaya. And, since Baum sounds Jewish, would anyone think that the KGB would trust their intelligence to a Jew? Well, this time they were wrong."

"What happens now?" Eberhart asked.

"Is there any option but elimination? It will increase still further the danger to our East Berlin agent. This is the third Soviet agent that she has identified just in the last several months, and, with each elimination the Soviets have more information to work with to try to figure out who she is. I would hate to lose her, but, with the heat already on her, it is just about time to bring her back anyway?"

"Might you consider the alternative in this case, Captain?"

They had eliminated the other two Soviet agents, who were also female, and Gerber knew that Eberhart was thinking what a waste it would be to eliminate such a beautiful sight as Andrea Baum. Gerber's answer surprised him.

"Actually yes. We are thinking about it. It happens that she is just starting to come out of the closet about her sexuality." Eberhart's faced dropped. Saving a woman who was not interested in men seemed less important. "We have been tailing her ever since we learned of her Soviet connection. A week ago, she went to a club known to be, let's say, open minded about the sexuality of its patrons. A mixed crowd. Apparently she isn't yet ready to try any of the clubs that cater exclusively to lesbians. Several men hit on her, Lieutenant, and she rejected them all. Quite quickly, too. She had a few conversations with a few women, but ultimately left the club alone less than an hour after she arrived. She appeared uncomfortable. She's been back to the same club twice since with similar results."

"We can certainly use that to try to turn her," Eberhart would enjoy being assigned a role in that project.

Gerber laughed. "Lieutenant, we would not be trying to turn her into a heterosexual woman. We would be trying to turn her into a double agent. And we're going to give it a brief shot. Lena Klammer is very good for this sort of job. And she's the right orientation. So next time Agent Baum goes clubbing, she may find herself in for a wild night if she gets the nerve to follow through on her apparent inclinations. But if it proves a problem to turn her, we are simply going to have to eliminate her."

Eberhart knew Lieutenant Lena Klammer and agreed that she was good. Aggressive. He would have gone for her if there were any chance that she liked men. He wondered if Andrea would.

Chapter 1

Lena scanned the crowded room. She knew her assignment cold and was very comfortable with it. In fact, she thought she would rather enjoy it. Or at least parts of it. Dressed in a short black leather skirt, black shirt and black boots, and wearing her blond hair short, she knew that she could attract straight guys or gay girls, even goth girls, with only slight changes in her approach. [see Lena Pic] After three nights of waiting for the call, she was excited when Captain Gerber finally told her that it that night was the "time for your usual clubbing," so she knew her target was in the room. On her second glance around, she spotted her, sitting with a man in a booth along the far wall, a beer on the small table in front of him and a Vodka Collins in front of her. Well, she couldn't really tell that it was a Vodka Collins, but that's what her report said she drank. She was wearing a plain white blouse and a loose tan skirt that ended at the top of her short brown boots. It was obvious to Lena that she was trying to hide what Lena could still see was a very nice body with ample endowment. Apparently she thought that her plain dress would reduce men's interest in her. She didn't seem to realize that it also reduced women's interest. But that would work to Lena's advantage tonight.

Lena moved to the bar, ordered two vodka Collins, watched and waited. The guy was trying hard, and Andrea was shaking her head slowly, a plastered smile on her face. This won't take long, Lena figured. She was distracted by a guy at the bar who gave her some sort of standard line that she didn't really hear. "Trust me, Joe, I'm not your type," Lena sounded as butch as she could. He got the message. When she looked back toward Andrea, the man was getting up. He touched Andrea on the shoulder and walked away.

Lena counted slowly to 10 so as not to appear too eager, then walked with her two drinks to the booth where Andrea now sat alone. She slid into it and pushed one of the drinks over to Andrea. "I was watching. He wasn't your type." Andrea looked at her quizzically. "I've brought you what you needed. I hope I'm not wrong."

Andrea took a sip and stared at Lena. "No, you got it right. I'm Andrea."

"Lena. Let me be direct, because I don't want to waste your time ... or mine. Might I be more your type than he was?"

Andrea looked at her for a few seconds. "You ... might be," she answered.

"Good," Lena responded immediately. "Because I think you are very attractive, even though you're trying not to be."

Andrea blushed. "Let me warn you, because I don't want to mislead you or lead you on. I'm new to this. I'm still trying to work things through for myself."

"Understood. You're not alone, you know. Not everyone accepts it yet. Certainly not here. But we're making progress. Oh, when I said you're not alone, I wasn't referring to me. As you can see, I'm kind of brazen about it. But I'll back off as much as you like. I'd just like you to give me a chance."

"It seems that I mostly attract men here. I talked with a few women, but I just froze. And they didn't seem very patient."

"I admit that I move fast when it's OK to move fast. But I'm willing to wait, too. If you want time to think, I'll be over at the bar. Find me if you decide you're interested. If not, hey, you're still attractive to women. Don't forget it."

"It can't be my place," Andrea blurted out, having decided not to risk losing another opportunity. "I'm just ... not comfortable bringing a woman there yet."

Lena touched Andrea's cheek. "You're gonna love my place."

"Let's go, before I change my mind," Andrea slid out of the booth. She thought that all eyes must be staring at her, knowing what she had decided to do, as she and Lena left the club.

Chapter 2

Lena's townhouse was nicer than Andrea had expected, much nicer than her own apartment. "You must do very well for yourself."

"I got a good education. That's important. But you know what's best about this place?" Lena led Andrea slowly to the bedroom. Its centerpiece was a four-poster queen-sized bed. "It has only one common wall with the neighbor and that's way over by the kitchen. So there is plenty of privacy in here." Lena faced Andrea, and moved her mouth close to Andrea's face. "Are you ready?" she whispered. Andrea moved her lips to Lena's and opened her mouth. Her body shuddered as Lena pressed her mouth hard against hers, and wrapped her arms around Andrea's shoulders.

Neither broke off their first kiss for a long time, and Lena could sense Andrea's growing excitement. Lena sat down on the bed, and pulled Andrea next to her. "I'll do the work, if you like," she offered. Andrea nodded. Lena gently pushed Andrea down onto her back and moved on top of her, their tongues again quickly finding each other's.

When Lena broke off the kiss, she asked, "Is there anything special that would turn you on?" Andrea was already breathing hard. "If you'd like, open the top drawer on the bed stand. You might find something that interests you there."

Andrea reached over to the night stand on the far side of the bed. She opened the top drawer and saw what she had expected to see -- a strap-on vibrating dildo -- but she also saw many other toys in the drawer. She held one up to examine it. "That's called a Jack Rabbit," Lena explained to her. "See the extra piece there? That's to stimulate your clitoris at the same time." Andrea put it down and picked up another toy. "That's an electro-stim set. It's not for everyone." Andrea put it back in the drawer, then moved to sit on the side of the bed by the night stand, reached deeper into the drawer, and pulled out a set of leather cuffs and a blindfold. "What can I say?" Lena shrugged.

Andrea put everything back in the drawer and closed it, then moved to the center of the bed and turned onto her back again. "It's all too much for me," she reached up to pull Lena down on top of her, her arms wrapped around Lena's neck. "How about if I trust you to use what you think I'll like?"

Lena pushed herself up, so that her hands were at the sides of Andrea's head, her knees straddling Andrea's hips. "Was there anything you saw that you don't think you'd like?" Andrea shook her head. "Anything that you saw that you want me to use?" Andrea did not hesitate. "The cuffs."

"You kinky bitch," Lena took Andrea's wrists and moved them toward the top corners of the bed. "Don't move. We're going to act out a little fantasy. I'll tell you what's happening and you'll tell me how and what you're feeling. If I do anything you don't like, you say your safe word. We'll make it "elephant." Something you wouldn't otherwise say. "I understand," Andrea responded, leaving her arms exactly where Lena had moved them.

Lena walked around to the foot of the bed. As Andrea watched, Lena slowly unbuttoned her own shirt, pulled it open and off, and then unhooked her black skirt and let it drop to the floor out of Andrea's sight. She put her hands on her hips, standing in her black bra and panties for several seconds. Then, in one motion, Lena grabbed the waistband of Andrea's skirt, and pulled it down. Andrea remained motionless, as she had been ordered. Lena was surprised to find that, under her skirt, Andrea wore transparent harem girl pants and no panties, the small triangular patch of red hair between her legs visible. "What are those?" Lena couldn't help but ask. "They make me feel sexy," Andrea answered. [see Andrea Pic] Lena pulled down the harem pants. Andrea's stomach muscles began to twitch and she started to moan in anticipation, but, a second later, Lena laid the harem pants on top of Andrea's hips and legs and put the skirt on top of them. "You are not yet undressed," Lena told her. "When I do undress you in our play, I didn't want to have to tear any of your clothes." Andrea nodded.

"We are in medieval times," Lena explained their play to Andrea as she walked to the night stand and took out several pairs of cuffs from the drawer, which she put on the bed. "You have been accused of involvement in a plot to overthrow your duke." Lena cuffed Andrea's wrists to the posts at the top of the bed. "You have been brought to the duke's dungeon for questioning by his head inquisitor." Lena spread Andrea's ankles to cuff them to the bottom posts of the bed, but leaving her skirt and harem pants covering the lower half of her body. She also left Andrea's boots on.

"The head inquisitor is, of course, me," Lena continued. "And I have two female assistants. Pull at your bonds to see that you are entirely helpless." Andrea pulled on her wrists, then on her ankles, then on all four of her limbs at the same time. Lena had set the cuffs to stretch her 5'8" height. For Andrea, three inches shorter, they pulled very tightly. "How do you feel, my accused?" Lena asked, reminding Andrea that she was supposed to tell Lena how and what she was feeling.

"That depends. Am I guilty?"

"Do you want to be guilty?"

Andrea thought for a few seconds. "Yes. It would be more interesting if I were guilty."

"Then you are guilty. And I have several witnesses who have identified you as one of the conspirators. But I think that there are more and that you know their names. In fact, I think that one of them is your older sister. Lena walked to the nightstand, opened the top drawer, and pulled out the blindfold. "I hope you liked what you saw of me," she told Andrea, as she placed the blindfold over Andrea's eyes, and pulled its strap behind her head. "Because that's all you're going to see for while." She made sure the blindfold was in place. 'Now, tell me where your sister is'" Lena changed the tone of her voice so that it was clear that she was now the inquisitor. "You will be very sorry if you do not tell me immediately."

"I have not seen my sister in two weeks. I don't know where she is," Andrea responded in character, tugging at her bonds.

"Very well. Assistants. Strip her !!" Lena climbed onto the bed and straddled Andrea's waist. She slowly unbuttoned Andrea's blouse and pulled it open, revealing a formless white bra holding breasts that a B-cup would have difficulty holding. The bra's hook was in the front. "You little slut, " Lena returned to her normal voice. "Making it as easy as possible to undo." Then she resumed her character. "Next the bra," and, a second later, she unhooked it and pulled it open. Lena could see that Andrea's nipples were hard and that she was breathing heavily, a thin layer of sweat already glistening on her body.

Lena got off Andrea, moved to the post holding her right wrist, quickly uncuffed it, and pulled the sleeve of the her shirt and the strap of her bra over her hand and off before re-cuffing it. She walked to the other side of the bed and did the same to her left wrist, leaving Andrea completely naked from the waist up. "We will have great fun with these," she maintained her inquisitor voice and ran her hands over Andrea's breasts, sending a shudder through her. "Remove the rest of her clothes," she ordered her invisible assistants. Slowly, she pulled Andrea's skirt down her legs and off her body. All that covered Andrea's body now, other than her boots, were the pair of sheer harem girl pants on top of her hips and legs. Lena reached for those, and slowly pulled them down and off Andrea's body. Lena could see that Andrea's entire body was trembling. Lena moved her hand between Andrea's legs and inserted her ring and middle fingers. As she expected, Andrea was drenched.

Chapter 3

"How are you feeling?" Lena asked her captive in her natural voice. "Totally helpless," Andrea replied, and pulled on her bonds to prove her response. "I don't think that you looked in the bottom drawer of the night stand, did you?" Lena maintained her natural voice. Andrea shook her head. "So I still have some surprises for you," Lena warned before resuming her role as inquisitor. "Where is your sister?"

"I told you. I don't know !!" She's not a bad actress, Lena thought. Certainly not for a first timer.

"Then you must suffer." Lena grabbed the nipple on Andrea's left breast between two fingers, twirled it back and forth and stretched it, then released it for the second that it took her other hand to slide around it one of the pair of adjustable tweezer nipple clamps that she had removed from the bottom drawer. She watched Andrea's face carefully as she started to slide its metal ring up to tighten it. Andrea clenched her teeth. Lena could see the pain in her face. She slid the ring up less than halfway, not wanting to overdo it for Andrea the very first time, and then moved to the nipple on her right breast. After tightening that clamp in the same manner, Lena pulled gently on the chain between the clamps, adding a bit more to the pain. Gurgling sounds escaped from Andrea's throat, but she said nothing.

"Do you want me to remove these?" Lena thought that Andrea might have forgotten that she had a safe word, or, focused on the pain, what it was. Lena did not want to do anything that might push Andrea beyond her limits and away from her.

"Yes. I think so. Sorry," Andrea responded.

"I will remove them then," Lena hoped her disappointment was not obvious in her tone, "but remember the rules. If you want me to remove them, you must use your safe word. Do you remember your safe word?"

"Yes, I remember it."

"Say it and I will removed the clamps."

"It hurts. It really hurts. But ... I can't explain it .... It hurts. But it's also a ... strange feeling. I think ... I don't want to say it yet." Lena smiled and pulled on the chain a little harder. Andrea's mouth opened wide, and her gurgle became a scream. It's so hard to distinguish a scream of pain from a scream of pleasure, Lena thought. But one thing that did not escape from Andrea's mouth was the word "elephant."

"Where is your sister !!" Lena again demanded in her inquisitor's voice. "Talk or my assistants and I will use your body for our own pleasure. After that, we will destroy it bit by bit, slowly and painfully. If you think you are in pain now, know that we have barely begun."

"I don't know. I don't know. I can't tell you what I don't know." Andrea pulled on her bonds even harder.

"Very well. You have made your decision," the inquisitor spoke. Lena moved her body on top of Andrea's. She grabbed the two clamps, pulled them a bit to the side, which caused Andrea to increase the volume of her scream, and then began to use her tongue on the underside of Andrea's breasts. Gradually, Lena began working her tongue and lips down on Andrea's quivering body, from her breasts to her stomach, to the triangle of red hair and then below it. She used her hands to spread Andrea's labia, and moved her tongue inside. Andrea's body immediately jerked upward and down and her knees began to twitch. Lena's tongue continued to probe. These louder screams, she knew, had nothing to do with the nipple clamps.

Lena withdrew and spun herself off the bed near the drawer. She pulled out the Jack Rabbit with its harness. She pulled her own bra quickly over her head and off, and then slipped out of her panties. Her own nakedness excited her. She removed her boots. When she strapped on the harness, it was all she wore.

Not seeing what Lena was doing, the blindfolded Andrea had started to scream when Lena got off the bed. "No. Don't stop. Don't stop. Please. Please." She was relieved when Lena climbed back on and directed the rabbit's ears to Andrea's clitoris and easily slid its penis into her soaking vagina. Andrea's cries of "no, don't stop" changed to "yes, don't stop," as the head of the penis rotated inside her, then turned to rotate in the other direction. Lena removed the nipple clamps, which sent still another shudder through Andrea as the blood raced back into her nipples. Lena used her tongue and teeth on them, all the while Andrea's screams of "yes, don't stop" filling the room.

Lena did not know how long it was, only that it was much longer than she had expected, when she finally ended the session. She could not count Andrea's orgasms, but she was certain that Andrea had never had a better sexual experience. Certainly, no man could ever have given her what Lena had given her. And, surely Andrea had ever had as unhibited a lesbian encounter before -- if she ever had even had one.

Andrea continued to breath hard, her limbs still cuffed to the four corners of the poster bed, as Lena washed and returned her toys to the night stand drawer before she slipped back into her clothes and boots. She moved to the bed, looked at Andrea's beautiful naked body, and laughed softly when she saw that Andrea was still wearing her boots.

"Do you want me to release you or leave you like this for awhile more," she whispered in Andrea's ear. "Like this for an hour more," Andrea immediately responded, "and then cuddle with me. Take off the blindfold. I want to see myself like this." Lena pulled the blindfold up and off of Andrea's face. Andrea raised her head and stared down her body. Then she looked at Lena and smiled. "I'm kind of hot looking, aren't I?" "Yes, my love. You are one hot lady. Scorching hot." She leaned over and kissed her, then walked toward the door. As Lena slowly closed it behind her, leaving Andrea to enjoy her dreams in private, she gave one last look to see that Andrea was still staring at her chained and naked body.

Chapter 4

Andrea was surprised when she received the coded message to meet with her handler. During her three years in West Berlin, they had met only three times before. The third meeting had been just two months ago, and her instructions were to continue her efforts. She hadn't expected to be called for another meeting for at least six more months. Her superiors knew that they had given her the nearly impossible assignment of finding out the United States' future plans for its placement of missiles in West Germany. Whether it intended to increase or reduce the number or possibly even pull its missiles out altogether. And whether the Americans and West Germans were of one mind on the subject or whether it was causing friction between them. Her superiors offered no suggestion as to how she might find this information. And provided no one to assist her.

Andrea had decided that her best hope was to befriend those West German soldiers whose positions might provide them with the type of information she was seeking. Which meant sleeping with them. While this was not a method that appealed to her, and she had not learned anything of value regarding U.S. missile plans, she had been able to pass on to her handler a few small pieces of unrelated information that she learned in the process.

Three months ago, though, she found herself in the bedroom of a drunk West German colonel who had passed out before she had even finished undressing. For the next hour she searched his apartment, and, in a locked desk drawer in his study -- a not very securely locked drawer, since she had no trouble picking its small lock with a bobby pin -- she found several documents addressing interest by the U.S. in doubling the number of its missiles by 1990. She closed the drawer and went back to the bedroom to retrieve her micro camera. As she rummaged for it in her purse, she suddenly heard the Colonel say, "You were wonderful. I hope I was good for you, too." She turned to see him sitting up in the bed. "You were terrific, Colonel. We should do this again tomorrow, no?" She moved to kiss him, hoping for a chance to choke him back into unconsciousness, or worse if necessary. But before she could act, he pulled her down on the bed and rolled on top of her. "Why did you get dressed so fast? I'm ready for another round." She hoped that he would fall asleep after their encounter, but, strangely, he seemed energized and she lost her opportunity to get back to the desk. She called him the next day, figuring that he'd want to screw her again, but he said that he had to go out of town. After that, he never called her and his reception toward her when she called him was always cool. She had even "accidentally" run into him on the street, and suggested that they might go back to his place right then, but he said that there were men working on broken plumbing, so maybe they should go to nearby motel. To try to keep open her chance at a later time to get into his apartment, she accepted. So she screwed him twice in the motel room -- more accurately, he screwed her -- without even a chance to get what she wanted. And after that he still did not call her again or even take her calls. Had his apartment not been in a security building she would have broken into it by now. Even with the security, that still seemed like her only option.

She made her way to the pond in the Volkspark Jungfernheide, where she saw an old man sitting on a nearby bench. It was the same disguise that her handler had worn to their first meeting. It was safe to think that no one who might have seen them together then would remember or care. She sat on the bench as far away from him as she could, and unwrapped the sandwich that she had brought with her. Although the park was crowded, no one else was within 20 feet of them, most choosing to sit on blankets on the sand closer to the pond.

"More on the Colonel?" he asked.

"I haven't been able to get back in to his apartment. But I've already given you the information that is there."

"Your word isn't enough. We need copies of the documents. So, unless you find a way to get him to invite you back -- and apparently your charms and sexual prowess are not enough for him -- you will have to break in. Or find a general to sleep with. So far we have nothing to show for your three years, which has not been inexpensive for us. We need something from you. And soon." He had not been so direct or harsh at any of their previous meetings. "You have a month." Such a short time, Andrea thought. He must be getting pressure from his superiors.

"If I act too hastily, I will endanger the mission. And risk my life. If I'm captured, I'm of no use to you and you will not get any information."

"If you don't act, you are of no use to us and we won't get the information. In which case, whether you are alive or dead makes no real difference to us, does it? One month." He rose slowly, and began to walk, bent over, aided by a cane, away from the pond. Andrea sat on the bench, slowly eating her sandwich, until he was out of sight. Then she rose and walked in the opposite direction.

Chapter 5

"Do you think she's ready?"

"Since the first day, Captain Gerber." Andrea spent as much time with Lena over the two weeks since they first met as Lena would allow. Mostly at Lena's apartment, where the toys were. Their second night together, Lena suggested they switch roles. Andrea said that she would, but hoped that this second time they might just enjoy each other without acting out any fantasy. Just be themselves. Lena had not enjoyed this as much as she would have enjoyed switching roles, but Andrea had. And, while holding in bed a naked Andrea against her own naked body, Lena had the chance to tell her how, when Lena was a young girl, her parents had been taken in the middle of the night from East Berlin by the Soviets and never seen again. She learned many years later, after her aunt had smuggled her to the West, that her parents had been falsely accused of spying, tortured and executed. Her father had been a college classics professor, her mother a housewife. Lena joined the West German army hoping one day to avenge her parents' murders against some Soviet soldiers. Lena could see that Andrea was moved.

Andrea would have slept with Lena every night, but Lena occasionally made up excuses that she had some form or other of night assignment with her unit. She didn't want to give Andrea everything that Andrea wanted. After 10 nights together, Lena was sure that Andrea was completely in love with her and would be prepared to convert to the West German side for several reasons: to continue her relationship with Lena, to prove her love for Lena by showing her willingness to start a whole new life; and to help Lena gain the revenge that she desired.

"We will start tomorrow. Do you understand your instructions?"

"I am not to communicate with her until the time comes for me to become involved in her interrogation. Can you tell me when that might be so that I can be prepared?"

"You know enough already to play your role. I prefer natural reactions to rehearsed ones. They are more believable. So I don't need or want you to know anything more. I'm sure you'll do fine." He stood, indicating that she was dismissed.

As soon as Lena left the room, Gerber buzzed Lieutenant Eberhart. "You are authorized to begin your operation tomorrow morning." Eberhart was excited. He was confident that, in less than 72 hours, KGB spy Andrea Baum would agree to become West German double agent Andrea Baum, grateful to work for the West Germans, instead of standing in front of a firing squad. And during that time he would be in charge of her questioning and her conversation.

Chapter 6

Andrea needed Lena. Desperately. But the phone to her home just kept ringing. Andrea had left several messages, but Lena had not responded. Where was she? Andrea could feel the tension throughout her body. She had fallen for Lena and thought her feelings reciprocated. But Andrea knew that their relationship was seriously jeopardized by her horrible secret of who she really was. If Lena learned her secret, she would despise her. But even if Lena did not learn that secret, Andrea's superiors would certainly terminate her mission -- and possibly her -- if she failed to complete it in the next two weeks. Either way, she would never see Lena again. But had she already lost her?

Still, failure to complete her mission meant certain doom to their relationship, so Andrea knew that she had to find a way in to the Colonel's apartment to copy his papers. It was the only lead she had and there was no time to try to develop another. If she succeeded, she would have proven to her superiors her value in West Berlin, and they would let her stay, which would at least give her a chance with Lena.

Andrea went through in her mind what she knew about the Colonel's activities and what she had learned over the last two weeks -- on those nights when she was not with Lena -- from her surveillance of his apartment building from a second floor stair landing in the building across the street. Her only problem would be getting past the two security guards on the main floor. Once she did, she could take the elevator to his 11th floor apartment, pick its door lock -- she had made sure to notice it when she had been up there, and it appeared that he trusted building security enough not to worry too much about his own -- and copy the documents. She could be in and out in five minutes.

She formed her plan after noticing that, every night at midnight, the guards received a delivery -- two cups of coffee and four donuts -- from Bruno's all night coffee shop around the corner. She knew the Colonel was at conference in Bonn until Monday and that there was little activity in the building on Sunday nights. Not many young people could afford to live there, and even they were generally in bed by midnight after a long weekend. The older tenants would be asleep long before then. But a terrible thought struck her: would the documents even be in the drawer so long after she had seen them? Maybe the Colonel had moved or destroyed them. Still, she could not dwell on the possibility of failure. She had no alternative. She had to act ... and hope. And she had to do it that very night. Sunday night.

Andrea dressed as provocatively as she could, in a tight-fitting green dress and black heels, and, at five minutes before midnight, she walked into Bruno's coffee shop. "The guys sent me to pick up their order tonight. Save you the trouble of sending your delivery person." The man behind the counter stared at her, and she could see that he wasn't looking into her eyes, but trying to look right through her dress. "Uh, sure. It's already paid for." He picked up a bag from under the counter and handed it to Andrea, continuing to stare well below her eyes. Andrea thanked him and walked out. That was too easy, she thought.

At midnight, Andrea literally ran up to the guards on the main floor of the Colonel's building, her heels clanking on its marble floor, her skirt riding further up her thighs. "Here's your order from Bruno's." She quickly handed the bag to one of the guards. Andrea shifted her weight back and forth and spoke rapidly. "But I really need to use the ladies' room. I mean, I REALLY need to use the ladies' room. Please. Where is it? Please. Hurry. Or you'll have to clean up this nice floor. Really."

The one guard looked at the other, who shrugged. The first guard pointed to the hallway behind them. "Second door on the right."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you." Andrea ran past them in the direction that he indicated. "I won't be more than five minutes," she shouted behind her.

As soon as she was out of the guards' sight, she removed her shoes and left them just inside the ladies' room door. She ran to the elevator, which was waiting, pushed the button for the 11th floor and found herself outside the Colonel's apartment less than 20 seconds later. She removed her trusty bobby pin from her purse. "Simplest is best," she muttered as she jammed it into the lock, felt for it to catch and twisted. She heard the lock click. Again, too easy. She should have done this a long time ago instead of letting the Colonel fuck her in motels.

The apartment was empty, as she expected. To her great relief, after using the bobby pin on the desk drawer, she found the papers in the same place where she had seen them several months earlier. She pulled her micro camera from her purse, copied the pages and was out of the apartment less than two minutes after she had entered. Easy, easy, easy.

When the elevator opened on the main floor, she went into the ladies' room to retrieve her shoes, realized that she did have to use its facilities, and, after doing so and straightening her hair and skirt, walked back to the guards' station, six minutes after she had left it. "Thank you SOOO much," she cooed at them, walking out of the building at a much more deliberate pace than she had entered, knowing that their eyes were watching her hips.

She had taken the subway to the Colonel's apartment, but now, with her prized possession in her purse, she decided to take a cab in order to get back to her place as quickly as possible. She had classes in the morning, and her handler's orders had been strict: "You must present yourself as an absolutely dedicated student who never misses a class unless she is on her death bed. And then only half the time."

Back in her apartment, Andrea went to her kitchen table and pulled out its single drawer. She slid a nail file along its edge and pulled up the bottom to reveal a small space under it. Even someone discovering the false bottom might not see a microdot taped against its narrow side. She replaced the bottom of the drawer and pushed it back into the table.

She knew that too much adrenaline was racing through her body to allow her to sleep. She had done it. She had copied the documents that proved that the U.S. planned to increase its number of missiles in West Germany. Her handler would be thrilled. Her superiors would be thrilled. Proof of what she had told him. The proof they had demanded from her but did not expect that she could get for them. Now they would let her stay. Especially when she told them that she thought that she could get information about U.S. missile plans for all of Europe. And Turkey. A wonderful thought crossed her mind. "I will tell them that I have developed a relationship with a female army officer who has this information." She would begin to enjoy her new assignment. "Lieutenant, you are ordered to sleep with this Lieutenant Klammer to try to get this information," her handler would instruct her. Yes, she was just the spy for this difficult job !!

She thought more of Lena. Nearly two days and Lena had not returned her messages. Had Lena been in an accident? Was she in trouble? Or had she just decided that she no longer wanted to see Andrea? Her head swirled from the events of the last two days. With Lena. With her handler. With no hope. Without Lena. The bottom. The plan. Still without Lena. Success. Renewed hope. But, in the end, uncertainty.

Andrea was shocked when she noticed the clock. 4 a.m. Where had the last several hours gone? Her first class was at 8. If she slept now, she would not be able to get up in time for it. What if her handler were watching to see if she went? She had to go. She would simply stay up the rest of the night and then leave for class. She was young. She was strong. She had stayed awake all night before and would do it again. Isn't that what college students sometimes did before tests? She went into the bathroom to shower.

Chapter 7

At 6:30 a.m. she was startled awake by a pounding on the door. Wearing only a khaki army t-shirt and black panties, she went to see who could be there at such an early hour.

"Military. Let us in," came the reply.

"What? What do you want?"

"Open the door and we'll tell you."

"I'm not dressed. I need a minute."

"Unlock the door. We will count to five to allow you to get to your bedroom. Then we will wait for you just inside your front door."

Knowing she had little choice, since the men would certainly break down the door if she did not agree, she unlocked it, and walked hurriedly to her bedroom to dress. Easiest just to slip some pants on and her boots. No, then she would not be wearing a bra. She quickly took off her shirt, put on a black bra, and pulled the shirt back on. She was still buttoning it when she walked out of her bedroom.

Waiting by the door were three soldiers. Enlisted men. Two corporals and a private. "What do you want?" she asked, glancing at their name tags. The corporals were Hogarth and Schine. The private was Arnold.

"Our orders are to take you to headquarters to answer some questions?" Hogarth responded.

"Why can't you ask your questions here?"

"We follow orders. I trust you will come without resistance." Hogarth was in command of this group. She looked at him, trying to learn more, but his face was inscrutable. "Yes. Of course."

"Good." He pulled out a paper from his belt. "Here is the order for your arrest."

"Arrest?" She took the paper and read it. An order for her arrest, signed by Major Knox.

"On what charge?" she asked. She received no answer. Arnold walked behind her, grabbed her right wrist and pulled it toward her left behind her back. She felt the handcuffs tighten.

"Is this necessary?" Arnold knelt and fastened cuffs held together by a short chain, to her ankles, limiting her ability to walk to a short shuffle.

"Standard procedure. Let's go."

"Just a second. As a senior officer to all of you, I demand to know what is going on."

Hogarth walked up to her and, without a word, punched her hard in her stomach, and watched her double over and gasp for breath. "I am acting on behalf of the Major, Lieutenant. Your superior officer. It is you who will answer questions. At headquarters."

Hogarth and Arnold each took one of Lieutenant Klammer's elbows and marched her out of her townhouse. Corporal Schine remained behind to search for evidence.

Chapter 8

Andrea was exhausted as she sat in her last class of the day at 2 p.m. She had been so lazy that morning that she just slipped the same green knit dress over her bra and panties that she had worn the night before to the Colonel's apartment building. She'd only worn the clothes them for three hours, she told herself, so they were clean enough to wear again. But, smartly, she'd worn flat shoes. Walking in heels would have been too much. As it was, she was very much overdressed for class. What had she been thinking? Well, she hadn't been thinking actually. Not clearly.

Relieved when the bell sounded ending the class, she was surprised to find Lieutenant Eberhart waiting for her in the hallway. They had nodded "hello" to each other a few times, but had never been introduced or spoken.

"You are Andrea Baum?" He pretended that he was unsure.

"Yes" She read the name on his shirt. "Officer Eberhart?"

"Lieutenant Eberhart, Ms. Baum. I understand that you know a soldier named Lena Klammer?"

Andrea's exhaustion faded instantly. "Yes. Yes, I do. Is Lena all right? Has she been in an accident?" Andrea realized that she had shown too much interest, especially since she did not know why Eberhart had asked.

"She has not been in an accident. But I cannot say that she is all right. Lieutenant Klammer has been arrested, and my instructions are to bring you to headquarters to answer a few questions about her."

At least Andrea's concern why Lena had not contacted her was answered, if not in the way she had hoped. "Arrested? Why?"

"I am not at liberty ..."

"I understand. Yes. Let's go. Can I see her?"

"That is not up to me. Come this way."

Andrea mind -- and heart -- raced. Lena arrested? For what? Andrea was the one who should be arrested, not Lena. How much did they already know about their relationship? From Lena? From surveillance? Why had Lena been arrested?

Andrea followed Eberhart to his jeep, and got in the passenger side for the ride to military headquarters. 2:15 p.m.

Chapter 9

By the time that Andrea got into Eberhart's jeep, Lena had been at headquarters for seven hours. For the first three, she had been left, with her thoughts, in a small cell. Hogarth then brought her to a small room with a table and three chairs behind it. Across from the table was a hard wooden chair with its legs bolted to the floor. It wasn't difficult to figure out which chair was for Lena. Hogarth sat her down in it and cuffed her wrists behind it, which forced her to arch her back and thrust her chest out against her shirt. He cuffed her ankles to the chair's legs, which forced her legs apart at a 60 degree angle. Hogarth sat down in the center of the three chairs behind the table, Schine and Arnold taking chairs on each side. Standard interrogation procedure, Lena knew. Had she not been a soldier, she would have been ordered to strip before being put in the chair. She expected that she would soon find herself in that condition anyway, soldier or not.

"Lieutenant Klammer," Hogarth began, "we require your complete and truthful answers to our questions by whatever means are necessary to get them. It will be entirely up to you how difficult you wish to make the process." Lena's eyes darted among the faces of her three interrogators. Icy and serious. She knew what by "whatever methods are necessary" meant. She would be in for a very rough time if she didn't give these men the answers that they wanted. Truth was of secondary importance, or possibly of no importance at all. "After we have the answers, we will report them to our superiors, who will determine what happens next. The first question is: For how long you have known a woman named Andrea Baum and what is your relationship?"

Lena first thought to tell him that those were two questions, but she knew that would immediately label her as uncooperative, which would not help her situation. So she answered directly to show them that she had nothing to hide or fear. "Two weeks. She and I are lovers." She could see that the three men had not expected her to answer so forthrightly and immediately. They seemed disappointed, in fact.

"Tell me more what you mean by lovers," Schine spoke for the first time.

"What more is there to tell? We are lovers. That means that we fuck. Most nights anyway, since we first met." Another direct response. Perhaps too direct.

"What else do you know about Miss Baum?" Schine ignored Lena's sarcasm.

"What I know best about her, Corporal Schine," Lena paused for emphasis, "is that she is a great fuck. Better than any man I've ever had." She could see Schine's jaw muscles tighten. Still, she had told the truth. "But," she continued, "you probably are asking me to tell you that she is an architecture student at the University of the Arts. A junior."

"Where is she from?" Arnold joined the questioning.

"She said she lived in Poland before coming to West Berlin. I think she got a scholarship to come to the University here."

"When did she leave the Soviet Union?" Back to Hogarth. Now the questions were coming fast from all of them. Less time to make up lies. At least that was the theory.

"I'm not aware that she ever lived in the Soviet Union," Lena answered promptly. "Baum is not a Russian name. What makes you think that ...?"

"We ask the questions," Hogarth interrupted. "Look. Let's stop dancing. When did you first learn that Andrea Baum was a Soviet spy?"

Lena was unsure how to respond. Andrea had never confessed that she was a spy. Should Lena reveal what she knew from Captain Gerber? Did these men or Major Knox know of Gerber's plan to convert her? She decided on a middle ground.

"I learned that she was a KGB agent as part of my work as an army officer. I am not at liberty to reveal more about my assignment."

Hogarth rose, walked around the table and sat on top of it. "Lieutenant, when did you start assisting Miss Baum in her spy work and what did she give you in return?"

Chapter 10

Lena squirmed in her chair. The accusations against her were more serious than she had imagined. "I'm a West German soldier. My job is to stop Soviet spies. Capture them. Eliminate them. Convert them. Not assist them. I am innocent of that charge. I am offended by it. The Soviets killed my parents. That is why I became a soldier." She offered her instinctual response and immediately regretted it. She had forgotten her circumstances.

Hogarth stared at her. "Lieutenant Klammer, do you think that we do not do our homework? Do you think that we do not know that you have just told us an untruth?" Lena tensed noticeably. Stupid. Very stupid of her. Any credibility she had earned from her first few direct answers was now completely lost. "Let me summarize for you what we have learned from you so far in just a few minutes. You have spent every free moment of your time over the last two weeks fucking a woman whom you know is a KGB spy. And you will not hesitate to tell us lies. Yet you want us to believe that you have assisted her in her work, that you have not passed secrets to her?"

"I admit that I have shared secrets with her, Corporal. Just not those kinds of secrets."

"Not those? Then what kind?"

"Since you require the truth, I confess that I have shared with her the secret of how I like her to use her tongue between my legs. I have shared with her ...."

Hogarth leaped from the table and backhanded Lena's right cheek hard with the back of his right hand, jolting her head sharply to the side and back. The chair would have toppled had its legs not been bolted to the floor. Slowly Lena moved her head back upright, her tongue licking the blood that now oozed from the corner of her mouth. A stupid sarcastic mouth. When would she learn?

"No more of your insolence, Lieutenant," he sneered at her. "Or do you forget that what happens to you is totally within my will?" He reached his hands under her shirt and slid them under the cups of her bra. He squeezed her breasts while he stared into her face, and squeezed harder until Lena let out a short groan of pain. Then he pulled his hands out. "Just a little reminder." He returned to his seat.

"I'll refine my question so there is no misunderstanding. When did you first share classified military information with KGB Agent Baum?"

Lena shook her head. "I didn't and you know I didn't."

"Actually, that's another lie. I know no such thing," Hogarth responded. "So it seems that we have reached our first impasse." He looked at Arnold, who reached down and put a box on the table in front of him. "Perhaps," Arnold offered, "we might let her enjoy a few of her own toys." Arnold poured the box's contents on the table. All Lena's toys from the drawers in her night stand. If this was all they found in her house of interest to them, she thought, it would ultimately be a plus for her. She could not think of anything there that they could use to try to incriminate her.

Arnold held up the adjustable tweezer nipple clamps, put the chain holding them together around his neck, letting the clamps dangle on his chest, and walked around the table to Lena's chair. "I'm sure you have enjoyed these many times." He tore open her army shirt, then tore it off completely and tossed the shredded cloth to the side. "But do you ever tighten them as far as they go?" He pulled out a small knife from his belt and cut the straps of her bra, then its side, pulled the material away and tossed it by her torn shirt. He stared for a few seconds at her small firm breasts. He twisted her nipples until he was satisfied that they were ready, took the chain from around his neck, slipped one the clamps around her left nipple and released it. Lena stared at him, barely feeling them pinch with the sliding metal ring still at the bottom of the clamps.

After putting the second clamp in place, Arnold slid the rings of both clamps halfway up, tightening them noticeably. Lena sucked in her breath. This was farther than she had yet slid the rings when she used the clamps on Andrea. Lena pushed them about 2/3rds of the way up when she used them on herself. After that, though, the pain was too intense even for her. She had only slide them a bit past 2/3rds once, and then only for a few seconds, before conceding that she was not yet ready for that and sliding them back down.

Lena's attempted look of defiance was belied by her body, which had grown tense and started to sweat, as Arnold slid the rings up to 2/3rds and stepped back. Had Lena thought that he was going to stop here, she would have allowed herself to enjoy the sensation. She could feel the moisture between her legs. But now her stomach muscles started to twitch noticeably in anticipation of the pain soon to come. She started to shake her head. "Not tighter. Please. I'm telling the truth. There is no need." Hogarth laughed. He made sure that his words filled the room for all to hear. "I never thought this one would begin to break so early. She tries to sound tough. She gives smart-ass answers. But, in the end, she proves herself a weak sniveling soldier. We have barely started to work on her and she is already terrified."

Arnold pushed the rings to 3/4. Lena gave a short loud scream. Her mouth remained open. Her breathing became quick and shallow, with each breath accompanied by a painful grunt. Arnold could see how flattened and misshapen Lena's nipples were becoming. The ring had nearly pushed the two sides of the clamp together, and the portion of her nipples that pushed through it were pure white from lack of blood. Arnold slide the ring to 7/8. Lena's scream lengthened and she struggled helplessly against her bonds.

"Isn't it amazing," Hogarth offered, "how two such small pieces of flesh can cause so much pleasure ... and so much pain? Lieutenant, we will return in a few hours to see if you have been convinced to tell us the truth." Lena's eyes widened. Her scream grew louder. She shook her head frantically. "In the meantime, we will make sure that you are allowed to enjoy your toy undisturbed." She watched the three men head to the door. Schine, the last out, flicked the light switch off. Lena was left in darkness. Darkness and extreme pain. And an interminable amount of time to think. Her screams filled the room.

Chapter 11

"All right, Miss Baum," Eberhart had taken her to a small room. They sat on opposite sides of its table. "We understand that you and Lieutenant Klammer know each other quite well. Would that be a fair statement?"

Andrea tried to stare through his eyes for some indication of what he was thinking. Light blue eyes. She couldn't tell. "Yes," she answered.

"For how long have you been ... close to each other?"

The question's insinuation was not lost on her. "A little more than two weeks."

"When did you last see her?"

"A few days ago."

"What did she tell you about her work?"

"She was a soldier in the West German army. A Lieutenant. She liked her work, but couldn't tell me more about it for classified reasons. I didn't push her. I preferred other subjects anyway."

"What did she tell you about her background?"

"Her parents had been killed by either the Soviets or the East Germans when she was a little girl. I don't remember which. That was why she had joined the army."

"For revenge?"

"To learn how to protect herself and her loved ones. To make sure that West Germany's enemies didn't do to others what they had done to her parents." Andrea paused. "And, I think, for revenge, but she didn't say so."

"You believed her? What she said about her background?"

"Why wouldn't I? We were ... close, as you said."

Eberhart stood and began to pace behind the table. "Miss Baum," he finally said. "What would you think if I told you that Lieutenant Klammer's parents live in Hamburg and that is where she was born?"

Andrea jolted noticeably in her chair. She grabbed the arms of her chair, trying to process as quickly as she could what she had been told. "I would think that, perhaps, you were mistaken."

Eberhart reached into his briefcase next to the table, pulled out a thin folder and tossed it on the table, nodding to Andrea that she should open it. Andrea leaned forward, opened its unsealed flap and pulled out several photos. The first showed Lena, a few years younger, standing between an older man and woman, smiling. The same girl in the next photo at an even younger age, but with the same two adults. All of the photos were of the same three people at different times in the girl's life. In Lena's life.

"They might not be her parents. Her real parents. They might be her aunt and uncle or a couple that raised her after her parents were killed." Andrea took a deep breath. "But I have a feeling that you have more proof that these are her real parents. So I will take your word that she lied to me."

"So now what do you think?"

"It ... makes me sad. I thought we trusted each other with the truth." Andrea realized how foolish this statement was, given the lies that Andrea had told Lena about herself.

"Would it make you think that she was also lying to you about other things?"

Andrea shuddered. About whether she really loved me? Eberhart sensed Andrea's vulnerability and went directly to his key question. "About whether she might be spying for the Soviets?"

"What?" Andrea sat up in her chair. "No, that's impossible. Absolutely impossible. What could possibly make you think that?"

"Several things, actually. First, she has been seen with a known Soviet agent. Why? Unless she were passing classified information to her." Andrea stared at him, concentrating on every word. This was all too crazy. He was telling her, a KGB spy who had not been arrested -- not yet, at least -- that her lover, a West German soldier, was a KGB spy who had been passing information to another KGB agent. It could be true, Andrea realized, since she did not know the names of all other KGB agents operating in West Germany. For reasons of organizational safety should any be captured, it was important that each knew only what was absolutely necessary regarding other agents in the area. Still, she could not believe it was true.

"You ... have her here? Now?"


"Has she confessed?"


"Maybe she is telling you the truth then. Maybe she is innocent."

"I don't think so, Miss Baum. We have some very incriminating evidence against her. My question to you is: With whom have you seen her associate? When you have been with her in public, at a club, at a restaurant, have you seen her act suspiciously? Meet anyone under strange or too coincidental circumstances? Accidentally bumped into someone? Anything out of the ordinary that you can remember?"

"Nothing, Lieutenant Eberhart," Andrea answered too quickly. "When you asked me to come here, I asked if I might see Lieutenant Klammer. I understand that I could not see her in private, but could I see her for a few minutes with your soldiers present? Just to see how she is. No conversation relating to any of this."

"If you give me a minute, Miss Baum, I think that I might be able to arrange that.

Chapter 12

When Hogarth and the others returned to the room nearly 2-1/2 hours later, they were surprised that Lena's head remained upright. Looking more closely, however, they saw that her eyes were glazed and staring, that her mouth was open and that her former grunting sounds had been replaced by raspy guttural noises. And she was sitting in a puddle of urine. Hogarth motioned Arnold to the sink in the corner. Arnold filled a small bucket of water, returned and poured it over Lena's head.

Lena did nothing more than blink hard, her eyes coming back into focus. She moved her head slightly to see that all three men had returned.

"So, Lieutenant," Hogarth stood directly in front of her, "have you decided to answer our questions?"

Lena nodded her head slowly.

"Good. Very good. Do you remember the last one?"

Lena shook her head just as slowly.

"I'll repeat it for you. When did you first share our government's military secrets with this KGB agent, Andrea Baum?"

Lena's eyes again widened and began to fill with tears. Her head slumped to her chest and she began to sob. "I want to tell you the truth, but you don't believe me." The men could barely make out her words.

"You still refuse to admit that you passed military secrets to the KGB?" Hogarth could not imagine how, after the last 2-1/2 hours, she still refused to confess.

"You want the truth. I'm trying to tell you the truth," she said softly.

"And you are telling me that, although you and Miss Baum were lovers and spent nearly all your time together for the last two weeks, and you knew she was a Soviet spy, you never passed any military secrets to her."

Lena looked up and nodded slowly. "Can I tell you everything, please?" Lena looked pleadingly at him. "Of course," he responded.

"Andrea was my assignment. I was ordered to become her lover if I could, and to ply her full of anti-Soviet information, so that, when we finally brought her in, she would flip to our side and we could use her as a valuable double agent. I was working to flip her. I wasn't spying with her. That's the truth."

"Who gave you this assignment, Lieutenant?" Hogarth's tone indicating his disbelief that she was "just following orders" in befriending a KGB spy. "Was it, by some chance, Captain Gerber?"

"Yes. Yes, it was."

"Well, that is most interesting, Lieutenant. You see, at this very moment, Captain Gerber is himself being interrogated two rooms down, since we have evidence that he was the one actually copying the classified military information. And now it seems that we have confirmed that you were the one he was using to pass the information to Agent Baum. It was based on your relationships with Captain Gerber and with Agent Baum that we brought you in as the most likely missing link. We now have your admission that it was Captain Gerber told you that Agent Baum was a KGB spy. It's not a direct admission, but we are getting close to that, aren't we? Confess now and make it easier on yourself."

Lena stared at him in disbelief. Gerber involved in a plot with Baum? Lena accused of being their intermediary? Given that it was Gerber who ordered her to befriend Andrea, and that she had befriended Andrea quite well, what chance did she have of convincing anyone that she was innocent and that what she had told Hogarth was the truth?

"I guess we'll need to continue in a different setting, Lieutenant." Schine and Arnold approached Lena's chair. They uncuffed her ankles, pulled her legs straight out, and took off her boots. Lena had no strength to resist them. They uncuffed her wrists from behind the chair, stood her up, her army pants still in place but soaked from the hours of sitting in her own urine and from the pail of water splashed over her head. Schine attached a leather collar around her neck, and pulled the middle of the chain holding the nipple clamps up to attach it to a small hook in the collar. Lena screamed as her flattened and misshapen nipples were stretched even further. Arnold tied a leather belt just above her hips, pulled her arms straight down, and secured her wrists to cuffs on the sides of the belt at her hips.

"Lieutenant, I assure you that you are going to enjoy the next room even less than this one." Led by Hogarth, Schine and Arnold walked Lena out of the room and down the hall, passing the doors to several other rooms. Lena listened to see if she could hear a man's screams coming from any of them, but she could not.

Chapter 13

"Sit here, Miss Baum." Eberhart had brought Andrea into another room. She glanced around. It was very similar to the previous room.

"Are you going to bring the Lieutenant here?"

"Miss Baum, I explained to you that Lieutenant Klammer is under arrest and is presently undergoing questioning. We cannot interrupt that questioning. When it is concluded, there is a chance, but only a chance, that you will be allowed to talk with her. Forgive me. Perhaps I was mistaken. But I thought you asked if you could see how she was. That is why I brought you here. Do you still wish to see?" Eberhart glanced up. Andrea's eyes followed his to the large monitor near the top of the wall. Andrea understood. He was going to show her Lena's interrogation. Andrea bit her lip and nodded.

Eberhart moved to a panel on the far wall behind her. The monitor flashed and came into focus, revealing an empty room. Andrea gasped when she saw what was in its center. A large rectangular water tank three feet deep, eight feet long and two feet wide. Flush with the right side of the tank was a vertical wooden board six feet high and two feet wide. In its center, where it met the top of the tank was a hinge. At its near side a metal rod had been pushed down into the floor, locking the board in its vertical position. Next to the rod was a foot lever that released the rod from the floor. At the top of the board was a hand grip. With the camera facing the long side of the tank, Andrea could not see the front of the board itself. But she had seen more than she needed to know its purpose.

"Why?" She asked Eberhart painfully. "I still don't believe that she is guilty."

"We've explained it all to you. We have irrefutable evidence of her guilt. Let me be blunt, Miss Baum. You know more than you are telling us. And you too know that she is guilty." Andrea continued to stare at the screen. The room remained empty. Eberhart knew that Andrea was beginning to wonder whether to confess to him that she was KGB. "Would you like to see the proof?"

Before Andrea could respond, a loud noise came from the screen. Andrea saw Hogarth walk into the room, followed by Schine and Arnold escorting Lena. Andrea could see that Lena wore army pants, but nothing else. No shoes. Nothing above her waist. As they turned Lena 90 degrees and pushed her back against the board, Andrea could see one of the nipple clamps and the chain to the collar around her neck. She could also see that Lena was crying. Andrea turned to Eberhart, opened her mouth, but said nothing before looking back at the screen.

She watched as Schine and Arnold lashed Lena to the board at her neck, stomach, thighs and calves with four adjustable straps attached to the board's far side that hooked into loops on its near side. Arnold tightened each to hold her securely to the board. Her arms remained pinned to her sides by the cuffs attached to the leather strap around her waist. She continued to take short gasping breaths from the continual pain from the tightened nipple clamps.

"Let me ask you again, Lieutenant," Hogarth stood in front of her. Schine moved to the side of the board near the foot release lever, his foot gently on top of it, the fingers of his left hand wrapped around the handle at the top of the board, waiting for his instructions. When Hogarth nodded toward him, he pushed his foot down. The lever clicked up. Lena felt the board move and screamed raspily, but Schine continued to hold the board in its vertical position. "Did you provide the KGB with classified military information that you received from Captain Gerber?" Hogarth asked her.

Andrea suddenly realized that Hogarth's questions might provide her with information useful to her superiors. Questions often provide more information than answers. As dreadful as what might soon happen to her lover, Andrea needed to separate her personal feelings for Lena from her professional duty to learn as much as she could from Lena's questioning.

Lena closed her eyes and shook her head slowly, knowing what her denial would bring.

"Lieutenant, let me warn you. You see how short your breaths are from the pain from the clamps. You might not last 10 seconds trying to hold your breath under water. Although you will think it an eternity. Do you know what will happen when your lungs begin to fill with water?"

Chapter 14

Lena opened her eyes. "I've told you the whole truth."

The whole truth? Andrea wondered what the whole truth was that was not good enough for Lena's inquisitors. Probably just her denial that she was a spy, her protestations of loyalty. Neither of which -- even though true -- would be accepted in light of her relationship with Andrea.

Schine pulled the handle. The board rotated on its hinge to a horizontal position just above the tank. He paused for several seconds before pulling the board all the way down until it was flush against the other side of the tank, with Lena's toes pointed toward the ceiling and the entire upper half of her body submerged. Her body began to flail as much as the straps securing her to the board allowed. After 10 seconds, Schine pulled the handle back up, sending Lena out of the tank and back to her original vertical position.

Lena was gasping for air, her heaving chest trying to expel the water from her lungs. Her entire body was shaking. Between her gasps and her coughs, she tried desperately to speak. An entire minute passed before she could control herself enough to make her pleas coherent. "What do you want me to say?!!"

"The truth !!"

"I am telling you the truth !!"

Eberhart nodded to Schine. Schine pulled the handle around again. Lena screamed "No" as her body moved to a horizontal position. She managed to take as deep a breath as she could before she was again submerged upside down. Andrea counted the seconds softly to herself. Not until she reached 15 did Schine swung the handle back. Lena's gasping and coughing were more panicked than the first time. Hogarth moved in front of her, giving her time to regain some control. "The truth," he said softly, and pulled at the chain attached to her neck collar. Lena let out a scream at the added stretch to her nipples. Andrea closed her eyes.

"We are going to give you a break from the water, but we will go back to it later if necessary, don't you worry." Hogarth walked out of the camera's view. Arnold approached Lena and squeezed her breasts, sending shudders through her as his hands pressed against the clamps. "I wonder if the pain would be greater if her breasts were bigger," Arnold shouted to Schine, who remained standing with his hand on board's handle even after he had pushed the release lever back into the floor, re-locking the bottom of the board.

Arnold unsnapped the top of Lena's pants, and slowly pulled them down, carefully working them past the straps that held her body to the board. He tossed them behind the tank, then took a moment to admire his work. Lena now wore only a pair of skimpy black panties. Arnold looked at Schine. "I'll give you the honor of removing these as long as I get the next honor." Schine shook his head, signaling that Lena was all Arnold's. Andrea and Lena realized at the same time that what they feared might happen when Arnold pulled down Lena's pants was of course exactly what he had in mind. And both screamed their protest.

"Miss Baum," Eberhart responded. "You have to realize that this is part of the interrogation process." Arnold released the strap at Lena's hips, pulled down her panties, and threw them by her pants behind the tank. "And the men deserve a reward for their good service." Andrea buried her head in her hands, but she could still hear the sounds from the monitor.

"Hey, Corporal. Her blond hair is natural. How about that?" Arnold exclaimed. Schine shrugged. "But you know what will make this even better?" Arnold left the camera's view for a few seconds. When he returned, he was carrying a a straight-edge razor. He knelt in front of Lena, who stared down at him. "I suggest that you remain very still." He began to shave her blond triangle of pubic hair. Lena's body tensed, knowing that one slip and he would cut flesh. Sensitive flesh.

"Turn this off," Andrea implored Eberhart. Eberhart moved to the control panel behind her, and turned off the sound, but left the video on. "I was going to show you the evidence against Lieutenant Klammer. Do you want to see it?"

Andrea nodded, and turned her chair away from the screen. Eberhart placed a thin envelope on the table. Thinner than the envelope with photos of Lena and her parents.

Chapter 15

"MIss Baum," Eberhart began. "We searched the Lieutenant's townhouse, something we do of all suspects, of course. By the way, it is quite a nice townhouse, isn't it? You've been there. She bought it only three months ago. Very nice on a Lieutenant's salary." His implication was clear. "Do you know what we found? Very well hidden? In a kitchen drawer with a false bottom, taped to the side of the very small space under the false bottom, we found a micro-chip filled with photos of classified military information relating to our missile agreements with the United States." He emptied the contents of the envelope onto the table. A single microchip. Andrea picked it up. Eberhart did not stop her. On its back side she saw the very small scratch that she had put on it for identification. This was her chip. The one with the photos of the documents in the Colonel's drawer from the night before.

Andrea was baffled. Obviously, Eberhart's men had also searched her apartment. Had they confused in which apartment they had found the chip? No. Eberhart was toying with her. Feeding her lies to see her reaction. He knew who she was. She chose her words carefully. "I don't understand what this means."

"It means that your lover is guilty of treason. Which is why she is undergoing serious interrogation." He nodded toward the screen. Andrea braced herself and looked up at it. Arnold's hands were gripping the top of the board, and he was pulling hard to thrust himself as deeply as he could into Lena. Over and over. She was screaming from the violation and from the pain to her breasts and nipples as he used his tongue and teeth on them, disregarding the clamps. He was grunting loudly with each push. Andrea turned away and started to gag.

"Should traitors be treated any less harshly, Miss Baum?"

Andrea sat in her chair, saying nothing for a full minute. Every 10 or 15 seconds she looked up at the silent screen. The scene did not change. Arnold remained pumping himself into Lena, who appeared still to be screaming.

Andrea looked at Eberhart. "What do you want from me?"

"The truth about Lieutenant Klammer. What she passed to the KGB before she was caught. What accomplices she may have had."

"If I tell you the truth," Andrea offered resignedly, "will you release Lieutenant Klammer if you are convinced that she is innocent?"

"I don't see how you would be able to convince me of that, Miss Baum. But, theoretically, yes. I would if you could convince me. Well, I couldn't, but I would recommend it to my superiors."

Andrea looked back at the screen. It now showed only the naked Lena, still strapped to the board, her arms chained at her side, her nipples clamped and the chain holding the clamps attached to her neck collar. Her head was slumped to her chest. "Will you end her torture now if I promise to tell you the truth?"

Without a word Eberhart rose and walked to the door. Andrea could hear him lock it behind him from the outside. A few moments later she saw him on the screen. He walked up to Lena, lifted her chin gently to look in her eyes, let her head slump back to her chest, moved his hands to the collar around her neck, and unhooked the chain holding the nipple clamps. Carefully, he pulled down the ring on the clamp to Lena's right nipple, releasing its tension. Lena looked up and appeared to scream. Eberhart released the tension on the other clamp, then removed both clamps and began to massage Lena's nipples to help restore the blood flow to them. After a minute, he walked out of the camera's view. Lena remained chained, breathing a bit more slowly and deeply.

"Thank you," Andrea said quietly when Eberhart returned to her room.

"You might not want to thank me just yet," he responded. "It is now your turn to tell me the truth in response to my questions."

"I understand."

"There are rules that we follow regarding interro .... regarding our manner of questioning."

Andrea knew the rules that the KGB followed. She assumed that the West Germans followed similar rules. "Here?"

"No." Eberhart moved to the panel and turned off the video to the tank room. He opened the door and motioned to Andrea. She walked out with him. Down a hallway. After passing two rooms on the right, he signaled her to enter the third. Inside was a large room with a high ceiling. At its front was a long table with three chairs behind it and a chair, with its legs bolted to the floor, in front of the table. She had no idea that, just a few hours earlier, Lena had been interrogated in that same chair. She glanced toward the back of the room and saw several metal hooks with chains hanging from them in the center of the room near its far wall. It was obvious for what purpose this room was used. She hoped that she would be allowed to remain in the chair and not moved to the back of the room, where the interrogation would certainly be much harsher.

"Consider that your formal questioning has begun." Eberhart sat where Hogarth had sat earlier.

'Must I first ...?"

"You must."

Andrea paused for a moment, then slowly unhooked her dress's clasp from behind her neck and pulled its zipper part way down. She moved her hands behind her back, found the zipper again, and pulled it all the way down. She didn't realize that Eberhart had waited for more than two years to see what was under that dress.

Andrea moved her arms out of the dress's sleeves, pulled the dress down to her hips and off. She looked at Eberhart, who motioned her to put it on the side of the table. She stepped forward and put it down there, and moved back in front of the chair, facing Eberhart in her black bra and panties. Her eyes asked him if she needed to continue. He slowly nodded. She took a deep breath, slipped off her shoes, bent to pick them up, brought them to the table and again walked back to stand in front of the chair. She reached around to unhook her bra and slid it off her shoulders into her right hand. Still holding it, she slid her panties down and stepped out of them. She put her underwear with her other clothes. When she returned to stand in front of the chair, she was completely naked. For a second she tried to cover her nudity in the classic fashion of draping her right arm across her breasts and her left arm down to cover her crotch. She decided, though, that she needed to make a strong appearance, and she dropped her hands to her sides and forced herself to stand erect.

Eberhart too was standing erect, even as he sat behind the table. Andrea had a firm and shapely body. Her nicely shaped breasts were large, but not too large. Her small nipples were hard. Accented by her red hair, her face was both beautiful and pretty. He wanted right then to move on top of her, and into what was under that red patch of hair between her legs. And he knew that he had the power to do just that if he wished without any risk of reprimand. But, unlike Private Arnold, Eberhart was an officer. If the proper situation arose, he might need to take such action. But, for now, his subject had indicated her desire to cooperate, so such action was not necessary or appropriate, and Eberhart would do only what was proper and necessary to his purpose of turning this KGB agent to the West German cause. Yes, he forced himself to remember. This beautiful naked woman standing before him was a KGB agent.

Chapter 16

"Well, I see that you must have had a friend," Hogarth immediately saw that Lena's clamps had been removed. He looked at Schine and Arnold, both of whom shook their heads. Hogarth looked back at Lena and noticed her shaved pubic area and the white liquid dripping down from between her legs. "Or perhaps several friends." Hogarth again looked over at Schine and Arnold. Only Schine shook his head this time.

"Lieutenant, I have some good news for you." She looked up at Hogarth. "We are ending your torture."

"So ... you know that I am innocent?"

"No, Lieutenant. We know you are guilty. Captain Gerber confessed. Agent Baum confessed. Which means we know for certain from whom you obtained the information and to whom you passed it. Which means that we do not require your confession. It also means that you have no more useful information from us, since I am sure that you do not know to whom Agent Baum passed on the information. In fact, you probably do not even know exactly what information you passed from Gerber to Baum. You were just a high priced courier. Well, Lieutenant, it will be a high price indeed. You know how people often say that they have good news and bad news? Well, I told you your good new first. You will not be tortured further. The bad news, though, is rather bad. You will be executed at 5 a.m. by firing squad in the courtyard." Lena's body slumped as far as her bonds allowed. "In the meantime, we will move you to the holding cell area, since we may have other needs for this room."

Lena had known since she first heard the word "arrest" in her living room early that morning that this was likely to be her fate.

Schine and Arnold unbuckled the straps holding Lena to the board, but left her wrists cuffed to the leather belt around her waist. They re-attached the ankle cuffs, joined by a short chain, that they had previously used to restrict her steps when they had taken her from her home. Arnold slipped a hood over her head. Hogarth opened the door and stepped out. Schine and Arnold, holding Lena's elbows, followed.

They marched down the hallway, past its other rooms, toward the center of the building. The holding cells were on the opposite side from the interrogation rooms. The large central area of the complex was filled with more than a dozen workers. As Hogarth reached it, he announced in a loud voice: "Prisoner coming through." Everyone stopped to give the soldiers escorting the prisoner plenty of room to prevent anyone who might try to free the prisoner no chance to do so. And to give everyone a good look at the doomed prisoner. In this case they were rewarded with the sight of a naked woman. The room started to buzz. "She's one of our soldiers, I heard." "Nice piece of ass. What a waste." "Has she confessed?" "She sold military secrets to the Soviets." "I'll bet she pisses herself before they get her to her cell." "Have they scheduled her execution?" "Traitor." "Traitor." "Triator."

Lena heard the comments clearly through her hood. Her body started to twitch noticeably and uncontrollably. Already weak from her ordeals, her knees buckled, and Schine and Arnold had to drag her the last half of the way across the center area, which only added to the jeers and hoots that filled her ears. By the time the group reached the opposite hallway, however, most of the observers had already gone back to their work, giving no further thought to the fate of the young woman they had just seen, except possibly to tell their friends about her later, over a beer.

In the 8' by 10' holding cell, Arnold removed Lena's hood, took off the ankle and wrist cuffs and removed the leather belt. He pushed her down on the small cot at the far end of the cell. Against the wall to the cot's right was a toilet. The cell was otherwise empty. Her execution was scheduled for 5 a.m., but Lena had no idea what time it was now. Whether it was even night or day. She remained on the cot as the three men left the cell. The clank of the door slamming and locking behind them was deafening to her. She wanted to spend the next hours thinking what she could do, anything that she could do, to save herself from her fate. But she was too exhausted, and, in a few minutes, she lay down on the cot and fell asleep.

Chapter 17

"There was information about the locations of some ammunition storage facilities that I overheard at a party. And the date of a meeting between West German and American personnel to discuss the missile issue. But that was all." Andrea remained standing in front of the chair, Eberhart seated behind the table. "This," she nodded at the envelope into which he had returned the microchip, "was what my assignment was and I told you how I got it. I think I've told you everything now. As you can see, Lieutenant Klammer knew nothing about this. She was just the woman who helped me understand my sexuality. That she was a soldier was not even something I knew when we began our relationship, and it played no part in it even after she told me. Please. I am guilty. I will pay the price. She is innocent. She should not."

Eberhart reviewed the notes that had taken during the two hours of questioning. Andrea's background. How she joined the KGB. Her history with it. Her present assignment. Her handler. Her relationship with Lena. Finally, he opened the door to the room, and instructed a private sitting outside it to prevent interruption to find him a secretary to come and type his notes into a confession. Eberhart was not about to let his notes out of the room. The private obeyed.

Eberhart turned back into the room, but, before the door completely closed, a hand pushed it fully open again, and Hogarth, followed by Schine and Arnold, walked in. Hogarth looked up and down at the naked Andrea, standing unrestrained in front of the interrogation chair. He looked at Eberhart, standing behind the table, having not made it back to his chair before Hogarth's entry. Both immediately recognized the three men as the ones who had tortured Lena in the tank room.

"This is not proper protocol for interrogation, Lieutenant," Hogarth criticized. "Clasp your hands behind your head while you are standing," he ordered Andrea. Andrea obeyed. "That is proper position of an unrestrained subject." Before Eberhart could interrupt, Hogarth turned to him. "Don't try to pull rank, Lieutenant." Hogarth handed his orders from Major Knox to Eberhart, who scanned them enough to see that they were legitimate. "As you can see, Lieutenant, the Major has placed me in charge of the investigation regarding the theft of classified military information, so I will take charge of the suspect's questioning."

"Corporal," Eberhart emphasized Hogarth's lower rank, "your orders place you in charge only of the questioning of Lieutenant Klammer." Having seen how Eberhart had treated her -- and Lena -- in contrast with how Hogarth and his men had treated Lena, Andrea prayed that Eberhart would prevail. "And my questioning that you criticize has produced a complete and detailed confession that Agent Baum will sign as soon as it has been typed." Eberhart proudly nodded at this notes on the table. "So there is nothing for you to do here."

Hogarth grabbed Eberhart's notes and began to scan through them, finishing a page and putting it behind the others. As he did, he shook his head slowly. When he finished, he looked up at Eberhart. "This is what you got from her? After how long? Using your non-protocol methods? You got a known KGB spy who knows that she has been caught to take all the blame for herself in order to protect her sources for the next KGB agent who comes to replace her. And you think that there is nothing more to be done here?" He tossed the notes back on the table disgustedly. "Well, fortunately, I am in charge now, and I will do a much better job than this. I suggest you read Major Knox's orders more carefully, Lieutenant." Now it was Hogarth's turn to emphasize the ranks of the two individuals. He took the orders from Eberhart's hands. "Or I can do it for you. They state, quote: 'With regard to this investigation, you are to interrogate Lieutenant Klammer by all appropriate methods and take all appropriate action as to that subject.'" Hogarth emphasized the last clause. "That is what I am now doing."

"You are in charge of the Lieutenant's questioning only. She is the subject for which your orders allow appropriate methods. Not the entire investigation."

"That is not how I interpret my orders, Lieutenant. And I will fulfill my orders as I interpret them. If you have a problem with that, I suggest you talk to the Major. You are dismissed from this room so that I may begin my work."

Seeing Schine and Arnold standing behind Hogarth, and knowing that he could not remove all three by force, Eberhart stormed out of the room to find the Major, leaving Andrea, naked with her hands clasped behind her head, with the same three men who had tortured and raped Lena. Hogarth ordered Arnold to wait outside the room, guarding the door. Arnold reluctantly obeyed, denied his chance to participate in the interrogation of a second beautiful woman that day. One, he could see, with larger tits. And natural hair color.

Hogarth turned to Andrea as soon as the door closed behind Eberhart and Arnold. "Now, we will do this right."

Chapter 18

Hogarth sat down in the middle chair behind the table and propped his feet up on it, clasping his hands behind his neck. He stared at Andrea, standing in front of her chair, with her hands too clasped behind her neck. Schine moved behind Andrea's chair. Hogarth continued to stare at Andrea until the tension of her helpless situation took control of her body and she began to shiver. Hogarth continued to stare, waiting.

Finally, Andrea could take it no longer. Quivering, she shouted at Hogarth. "I have told the Lieutenant everything. Everything !! For more than two hours. And what I have told is the complete truth !!"

Pleased with the fear that he had already created in his subject, Hogarth rose and walked around the table to stand directly in front of her, his face just inches from hers. Andrea's chest and knees now shook even more. He grabbed her nipples in his hands and squeezed them, continuing to stare into her eyes. She grit her teeth and stared back. She had seen what these men had done to Lena's nipples. Hogarth released his grip, moved his right hand down between her legs and probed with two fingers. "Such a beautiful face. And a beautiful body. Firm breasts. I'll bet you're a great lay. Maybe I'll find out before we're finished. Or maybe I'll just take a hot iron to every part of your flesh and let you live in disfigured agony for the rest of your life. Or maybe, before any of that happens, you'll just tell me the truth." He removed his fingers and rubbed them across Andrea's stomach to show her how wet they were. Schine took this as his signal to move Andrea to the chains hanging from the ceiling toward the back of the room.

"Raise your arms," Schine ordered after he had positioned her under one of the chains which ran from a metal roller attached to the wall up through a hook in the ceiling and ended in a pair of metal cuffs that dangled a few feet above her head. Andrea obeyed. Schine locked the metal cuffs around her wrists, then moved to the wall and turned the handle of the roller to pull Andrea's body up until her toes were a foot off the floor. He then locked the roller to hold the chain in place.

Andrea felt pain in her shoulders, which were forced to bear the entire weight of her body. But Schine wasn't satisfied. He secured two cuffs attached by a small chain to her ankles -- Andrea could not know that these were the same cuffs that had secured Lena's ankles just a few hours earlier -- and hooked a heavy weight to the chain, pulling her body straight and taut and increasing even more the pressure on her shoulders. Andrea let out a loud gasp and watched as Schine added a second weight. This time she screamed as she felt her body stretch even farther. The only times she had been stretched before were when she had been tied spreadeagled on Lena's bed. That reached the point of exhilaration. This was way beyond that. This was sheer pain.

Hogarth slowly walked from the table at the other side of the room toward Andrea's stretched naked figure, stopping ten feet from her. Schine moved aside. "Here's what happens now, Madame Spy. I am going to ask you a question. Answer it truthfully and I will move on to my next question. Lie to me, and ..." He pulled from his belt a .43 caliber paintball pistol. Andrea knew what it was. "When it hits naked flesh at a short distance, especially taut naked flesh ..." He raised the pistol. aimed at her left thigh and pulled the trigger. Andrea let out a loud yelp as the pellet struck her. She looked down and saw an ugly welt there, "it can hurt quite a bit. And that was with the setting at low power. Imagine what your body will look like after 20 or 30 shots with the pellets set at high power." At least, Andrea thought, her legs were closed so one sensitive target was safe. "Your name," Hogarth shouted at Andrea.

"Andrea Baum."

"Your real name."

Andrea hesitated. Hogarth raised his pistol. "Andrea Noraskaya," she shouted back at him.

Hogarth could not hide a smile. He hadn't seen anything about her real name in Eberhart's notes.

"Where were you born?"

Andrea knew not to pause again. "Ekaterinburg." In the Urals. The heart of Russia. Where the Tsar had been executed by the Bolsheviks. Somehow fitting, Hogarth thought.

"How long have you worked for the KGB?"

"Five years. Since I was 21."

"Have you passed any classified secrets to the Soviets since you arrived in West Germany?"

"I can't answer that question yes and no," Andrea responded. "You see ..."

Too late. Hogarth raised his pistol, turned its setting up and fired a pellet just below Andrea's right breast. She screamed as it hit her rib, and tried to twist her body to relieve the pain, but the weights gave her little movement.

"I'm trying to tell you !!" she screamed at Hogarth. "There's a reason I need to explain."

"Explain quickly."

"I've passed some information, but nothing of importance and nothing relating to my mission."

Hogarth pondered the answer. Then he raised his pistol and fired again, the pellet striking Andrea in the middle of her right breast, just above the previous shot. She screamed as her body lurched, her breasts shaking.

"I'll be the judge of what is important," Hogarth told her.

Chapter 19

It took Eberhart much longer to find Major Knox than he had expected. Knox and his wife were the guests of honor at a private military function, Knox's attache told him, and had given instructions not to be interrupted for anything short of the outbreak of World War III. That Eberhart wanted to speak with him about who was in charge of a spy's interrogation seemed a petty dispute between two soldiers seeking glory, which did not warrant interruption. After trying without success for an hour and a half to learn the event's location, Eberhart resigned himself to sit on the stoop of the Major's home and await his return. It was not until 2 a.m. that a limousine carrying a very drunk Major and his equally drunk wife returned. Eberhart then had to sober up the Major before he could address his concern about Baum's interrogation.

Ehen, finally, Eberhart returned to the interrogation room, he found Arnold asleep in the chair outside the door. Eberhart shook him awake, showed him Knox's latest orders, pulled the key to the room out of Arnold's pocket, unlocked and opened the door without knocking. The room was quiet. The interrogation chair was empty. Glancing to the far left of the room, he saw Schine standing against the wall, near the roller holding the chain. In the center of the room, Hogarth sat in a chair about 15 feet in front of Andrea, who was hanging by her wrists from a chain in the ceiling. Her body was covered from her upper arms and chest down to just above her knees with ugly welts. Her head was slumped to her chest. Each of her ankles had been cuffed and chained to another chain hanging from the ceiling, forcing her legs wide open. Under her was a small generator from which a wire ran directly upward. Eberhart could not be sure, but he assumed that the wire ended in some type of dildo insertion that had provided more torture for Andrea after Hogarth grew tired of shooting her with paint pellets.

"Corporal," Eberhart shouted, "I have just come from Major Knox." He walked up to Hogarth and handed him Knox's most recent orders. "You are relieved of this assignment in completely unambiguous language." Hogarth read the orders aloud. "'Thank Corporal Hogarth for his fine work on Lieutenant Klammer. He has now completed his present assignment and is ordered to return to his normal duties.' Aren't you going to carry out your orders, Lieutenant?" Hogarth sneered at Eberhart.

Slowly Eberhart responded, "Corporal Hogarth, I thank you for your fine work on Lieutenant Klammer. You have now completed your present assignment and are ordered to return to your normal duties. As a Corporal," Eberhart allowed himself to remind Hogarth that he no longer had the Major's protection, and Eberhart now had power over him, if he wished to use it.

This did not phase Hogarth. "That's better," he smiled. "Oh, and by the way," Schine had moved next to him, "here are notes providing a long list of information that Agent Noraskaya -- oh, wait, you didn't know that was her real name, did you? -- has supplied to us under our interrogation. I'm sure a lot of it will supplement the few convenient facts that she revealed to you during your little chat with her and you'll want to add these when you type her confession." Schine pushed several sheets of paper into Eberhart's hands. "The way you get all the information you need," Hogarth nodded in Andrea's direction, "is by following protocol." With Schine following, he walked toward the door.

"Corporal Hogarth," Eberhart shouted after him. "Did she confess to Lieutenant Klammer's involvement?"

Hogarth turned to Eberhart. "No, she didn't. That accounted for most of the marks on her body. And why we brought out the generator. Why each of us raped her. Arnold twice. She must love that woman." Hogarth and Schine walked out. As he heard the door slam shut, Eberhart turned to Baum. He gently pulled the wire down from between her legs, confirming that it was attached to an electric dildo. He released her right ankle from its cuff and gently moved it to the floor, then did the same with her left, so that she was standing on the floor, held up by him. Her legs were bent, her head still slumped to her chest. He released her wrists from their cuffs and guided her to the floor, where she curled into a fetal position. He brought her dress from the table and helped her slip it on, and covered her with a blanket. He moved to the table and began adding to his notes. A few minutes later, he noticed that she was sitting up.

"I am sorry," he began. "I have bad news for you." Andrea raised her eyes to meet his. "I am sure you knew that your confession of spying for the KGB left the Major no choice but to order your execution. It is scheduled for 6 a.m."

Andrea nodded. "Yes. I knew that would be the sentence. But ... what about Lieutenant Klammer?"

"She is to be executed at 5 a.m."

Andrea screamed. "No !! I explained. I am guilty. She is not. Didn't you tell him?"

"Of course I told him. He said his instructions came from the very top. I'm sorry."

"Can I see her before we are ....? Please."

Eberhart lowered his head in thought before answering. "I have no orders on that subject. I will give you 10 minutes with her in her cell before I take you to yours."

Chapter 20

Lena had no idea what time it was or how long she had slept. Whether it was 10 minutes or 10 hours before her execution. She had put on the army pants and white t-shirt that one of her guards had slipped inside her cell. She sat on her bed to think, but what was there to think about? She had been ordered by one spy, Captain Gerber, to befriend another spy, Andrea. Probably Gerber was looking for a scapegoat to protect his real courier in the event he was caught. And he chose her. So, even with Gerber out of the way -- certainly he too would be executed -- the rest of his spy network would remain in place. Andrea was a spy, yes. But she was not Gerber's spy because he wouldn't have given Lena the orders he gave her if she were. No. Gerber's spy had told him about Andrea so that Andrea, like Lena, could take the fall if Gerber's operation was discovered. Ironic, Andrea thought, that Andrea would be executed for another's spying, not her own.

A noise outside her cell jolted Lena from her thoughts. When she looked up, she saw Andrea and Eberhart. She immediately stood up, as the guard opened the cell door and Andrea entered. Eberhart remained outside when the guard closed the door. Lena ran up to Andrea, threw her arms around her neck and hugged her tight. Andrea reached around Lena's waist and pulled her even closer. "We have only 10 minutes," she whispered to her.

They remained in their embrace for a long time. Finally, keeping her arms around Andrea's neck, Lena moved her face back to stare into Andrea's eyes. The tears were visible. "5 a.m.," she said. "6 a.m.," Andrea responded.

"I'm sorry. I couldn't tell you. I wanted to tell you."

"No time for apologies," Lena kissed Andrea on the mouth. "I told them the truth about everything," she confessed after breaking off the kiss. "So did I," Andrea responded, "but your truth is that you are innocent."

"How could they believe me?"

"The Lieutenant there, he told me that he thought that I might avoid execution if I would agree to turn on my superiors. To become a double agent."

"What did you tell him?" Lena asked eagerly, sensing a ray of hope for Andrea, if not for herself.

"I told him no. Neither side trusts a double agent. What kind of a life would that be? Especially without you."

"Better than this. Tell him yes. Spare yourself. Please. For my sake. Do it for me !!"

The cell door opened. Eberhart entered. "It's time for me to take you to your cell." He took Andrea's elbow, then turned toward Lena. "And time for the guards to take you. It is 10 minutes to 5." Lena heart sank. As Eberhart escorted Andrea out of the cell, two guards entered, cuffed Lena's wrists behind her back and her ankles to the cuffs joined by the short chain, and took hold of her elbows. Andrea looked back over her shoulder. "Strong, love. Strong." And then she was out of sight, down the hall toward her own cell.

Chapter 21

The guards marched Lena out into the central courtyard. It was empty at such an early hour. But "the post" stood in its center. Where those found guilty of capital offenses were executed by firing squad. There were very few. But today, it appeared, there would be two that Lena knew of. Probably three. The guards marched her to the post, turned her back to it, removed her cuffs from her wrists and then recuffed them around the post just above her head, her elbows remaining bent. They did the same with her ankle cuffs, so that the chain between them was behind the post. Lena had expected that she would be marched out to the courtyard naked and that, even at the early morning hour, a large group of soldiers would have gathered. She still expected that she would be stripped, at least from the waist up, and that there would be several hundred bystanders before she was actually executed. But time was growing short. The guards stepped behind the post. Since Lena could not turn around, she was not certain whether they remained in the courtyard. She wondered from which door the members of the squad would enter.

Several more minutes passed. It must be 5 by now, Lena thought, if it had been 10 minutes to 5 when Andrea left her cell. More minutes passed. Certainly more than 10. It must be past 5 by now, Lena thought. What are they waiting for? Why do they need to torment me further even at this last moment?

Finally, the door to the building directly in front of her opened. Six soldiers -- the standard number, Lena guessed -- exited and marched toward her. She could make out that one of them was Lieutenant Eberhart. Was he going to be a member of her firing squad? Did officers take part in a firing squad? Or would he just signal to the others when to fire?

The men stopped 15 feet in front of her. Was another of the men ... Captain Gerber? Was he to be executed with her? After her? Before Andrea? Why was he dressed in full military uniform? Weren't confessed spies, like she and he, allowed only pants and a shirt? If they were allowed any clothes at all. And Gerber's wrists and ankles were not cuffed.

Gerber and Eberhart walked up to her. "Lieutenant," it was Gerber who spoke to her, "you were wonderful." Eberhart moved behind her to release her wrists and then her ankles, as Gerber continued. "We are sorry that we put you through so much, but, as I told you, ou were wonderful. Agent Baum has just agreed to turn to our side. We have our double agent !!"

Though unrestrained, Lena remained standing with her back against the post, rubbing the circulation back into her wrists. "What are you saying?"

"Your role in the plan. Without you she never would have turned. She agreed only on condition that we spare your life. To which we agreed. Most reluctantly." Gerber laughed at his little joke. Lena was in no mood for humor at her expense. Not after what she'd been through that day. "Oh," Gerber remembered, "and she also demanded that she work with you after her conversion."

Lena began to understand. Gerber was not a spy. She had been fed misinformation and tortured as part of his plan. About which he had refused to tell her more about her role. For more believability. "Fuck you," she said to him. "You made that so believable how could I not think that I was about to be executed."

"I'm sorry, Lieutenant," Gerber shook his head. "We had to torture you for real. We had to convince you that your situation was real in order to eliminate the chance of any slip up, the chance that Agent Baum might figure out what we were doing. So, when I told the plan to the Major, I made him promise to tell Hogarth that you were really an accused accomplice. So that he would not go more gently on you than he would an accused spy. We didn't know exactly when Agent Baum would be watching your torture. Of course, you must never tell her that you were part of the plan to convert her. She cannot learn that she was duped, but must always believe that her conversion saved the life of an innocent wrongfully accused."

"Which I was, Captain. Or did you forget?" Lena had no idea what to think. Yes. She had been told that she would play a role in Andrea's conversion. But when she was told that Gerber was the traitor inside the military, she was totally sucked in. She was now being treted like a hero, but she felt like a fool. She could not imagine that any soldier helping a spy investigation had ever been tortured like she had been by her own side when it knew that she was innocent of all charges.

But, for now, she was alive. Andrea was alive. Andrea had turned. She and Andrea were going to work together. And, as soon as she was allowed to see her again after Andrea's further debriefing, they would be able to resume their play together.

It had been two weeks of pain and pleasure. Extreme pleasure and extreme pain. Could she really complain?



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