Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril)


By Eda Chang

Chapter 1

Gina entered the building and started to walk down the hall to the entrance to the Boss's apartment. His “play” apartment. The one with the sound-proofed kinky playroom on the basement level. Not that it really needed sound-proofing, since the Boss owned and occupied the entire building. She wondered if there would just be the two of them. The Boss liked variety, so she couldn't be sure they'd be alone, as they sometimes were. Or whether he had invited the one or two women who sometimes joined them. Dancers from the Club. Or the one or two men who sometimes joined them. The owners of the Club. Or all four of them. She couldn't tell the Boss that she preferred it when he invited others, since that would suggest that he couldn't satisfy her on his own. Which he couldn't, but she'd never tell him that. Though why would he think he could? He was a paunchy 50 year old with a soft body. She was half his age. And anything but soft. Large firm breasts that made her slender waist look even smaller than it was. Were her breasts natural? Did men really care? Long toned legs. Straight dark hair. No, his soft body didn't turn her on. Nor his sexual prowess. Well, what there was of it. What turned her on was his wealth and power. And, interestingly, more his power than his wealth. She bet she was different that way.

And dressed as she was, in a tight white top with no bra, black shorts -- very short black shorts -- and black heels, she knew that few men could resist her. Even if she hated dressing more like a hooker than the modest woman she liked to present. Well, as modest as a woman with her body could look. But he liked her this way. At least in the playroom.

She had been the Boss's number one playmate for a year now. Not just in the playroom, but on his arm. At parties. In restaurants. In elegant dresses. And in his bedroom. In sexy camisoles. Where he often opened up to her about his power and wealth. When he was in the mood for non-kinky sex. Or kinky sex of kinds that did not require the playroom. All occasions when she looked and felt more like herself. Not that her present outfit didn't excite her. Particularly in anticipation of the play to come.

She knocked on the apartment door and was surprised when there was no answer. That probably meant that she was the only one the Boss had invited for that evening, and he either hadn't yet arrived or was already downstairs in the playroom and had not heard her knock. She tried the doorknob. It turned. She entered. "Anyone here?" No response. She walked toward the stairs leading down to the playroom and called again. "Are you down there already, Boss?" Everyone called him Boss. He liked being called Boss. Still no response.

She turned and walked toward the master bedroom. Its double doors were slightly opened. She took several steps in. And saw them standing against the opposite wall. Stan and Bret. The Boss's muscle. She knew that they were not here to play. They never played. Then she heard the doors close behind her. "Hello, Gina." She didn't have to turn to know the voice. Peter. Who completed the Boss's triumvirate of muscle. All large and strong. No doubt attractive to many women. Just not her type. Longer on brawn than on brains. At least the first two.

"Where's the Boss?" Gina asked. "And what are you doing here?"

"He's not coming tonight," Peter responded. The men moved closer to stand in a triangle around her.

"You don't really think that I'm going to play with any of you, I hope."

"We're not here to play, Gina. You don't have to worry about that."

"All right. As long as that's out of the way. Is anyone else coming tonight? Or is the evening cancelled. Why isn't the Boss coming?"

"That's a lot of questions, Gina," Peter answered. "But let me answer them for you, if I can remember them all." He smiled at her, and all three of the men moved a step closer to her. Uncomfortably close. With Peter staring into her face, then dropping down to her chest.

"No one else is coming tonight. The evening is not cancelled. And what was the third question?"

Chapter 2

"Oh, yes. The Boss isn't coming because he wanted to give us the chance to ask you a few questions in private." Peter stepped to his left and grabbed Gina's right arm at the wrist and near her shoulder, as Stan did her left arm. She struggled but their grips were too tight and strong. Bret moved up behind her, held the side of her waist with his left hand ... and jammed a needle into the back of her neck. [See Gina Pic]

"What do you th...?" Gina's body tensed before she could finish her question. Her eyes glazed. Her mouth remained open. And then her body went limp.

"Downstairs," Peter directed Stan, as if he needed to be told. Bret led the group out of the bedroom, with Peter and Stan dragging Gina's unconscious body by her arms, face up, behind them. When they reached the stairs leading down to the playroom, Peter took both of her arms and Stan moved down to grab her legs, and they continued down the stairs into the playroom below.

While they all called it the "playroom," it was actually a classic dungeon that took up the entire basement of the apartment building. A bare concrete floor. Stone walls. Iron bars running across the ceiling in both directions. With chains hanging down from them every few feet, ending in iron cuffs. A rack. An X-cross. A metal chair with no seat. A wooden horse. Various kinds of whips hanging from one of the walls, just above a table filled with clamps and canes and clubs. And a small generator from which ran wires of different colors ending in serrated alligator clips. Nothing unique or original perhaps. But complete.

Bret looked at the two men, then nodded at the X-cross. Peter nodded back. Peter and Stan carried Gina to it, then, as Peter held her back against the intersection of the two wooden boards that made up the cross, Stan cuffed her wrists into the metal cuffs hanging from the tops of the frame, stretching her arms as high above her as her shoulders allowed.. When her wrists were secured, Peter released Gina's body to hang from the cross, as Bret secured her ankles to the cuffs at the bottom of the boards, making certain that her knees were straight and that she was fully stretched.

"How long will she be out?" Peter asked Bret.

"Ten minutes total at most. I gave her a mild dose."

"Should we strip her now, to add to her fear when she comes to? Or leave her clothed and strip her after she comes to?" Stan asked.

Peter walked to the table against the near wall and picked up a black hood. He moved back to the cross and pulled it over Gina's slumped head, pulled the straps tight, and tied them around the back of the frame, forcing Gina's head up. "Let's start this way. Let's watch her when she comes to without her knowing we are here."

The men stared at the chained figure and waited. Sure enough, as Bret had indicated, Gina began to stir after just a few more minutes, groaning and moving her head. But when she tried to turn in either direction, she could not, as the hood’s straps held it firmly in place. The men remained quiet, staring, watching as she next pulled at her left wrist, then her right, before trying to move her ankles, finally realizing that she was totally restrained. She took a deep breath. Peter nodded at Stan.

They continued to watch as Gina pulled harder at the chains holding her wrists and ankles, then grunted loudly in frustration, before shouting, "You goons. Are you there? I know you're there. What are you doing? What do you want?" Receiving no response, she screamed. "Answer me!! I know you're here!! I know you can hear me." The men did not move or respond. They watched as Gina chest began to heave. They could see her body begin to sweat, her stomach muscles begin to twitch. "Dammit, answer me!!"

After several more minutes, Peter rose and moved slowly to stand in front of the hooded figure. She sensed his presence, but said nothing. "You expected to be chained in the playroom, Gina, didn't you? Isn't that why you came here tonight?" He reached out and pinched her nipples hard between his thumbs and middle fingers. No bra. She winced. "You're already excited, aren't you? You're so easy." He squeezed harder and pulled her nipples upward. She grunted loudly.

"We were just going to get right to the questions that the Boss wanted answered. But you were so insulting that you would never play with us. So those people from the Club you play with are better than we are, you think? How could you think that without even giving us a chance? That wouldn't be fair, would it? No, of course not. And you don't want to be unfair, do you?" He released her nipples. She gasped in relief. "So we're going to give you a chance to decide after we show you what we can do."

She continued to breathe hard, but said nothing. She tried to move her head forward, but could not. Her body was entirely immobile.

Peter pulled out an army knife from his pocket, pulled her shirt out of her shorts and slowly cut its front up through the neck and pulled it open, confirming that she wore no bra. He cut through the sleeves until the shirt came off in his hands.

"Is this the only way you can get a woman?" She taunted him.

"Actually, Gina, it's the only way I want you," he answered calmly. "But, for now anyway, I'd like you quieter." Bret walked over to the table and returned with a ball gag that he handed to Peter. Peter pushed it deep into her mouth through the hood, gagging her with both. Then he secured its straps behind her neck. Gina tried to protest, but the ball gag and hood forced deep in her throat rendered her protests incoherent.

Chapter 3

"Much better, now, isn't it?" Peter turned and smiled at the others. He grabbed her breasts. "Showing off that you don't need a bra. Very nice." Gina again offered her muffled protests as Peter squeezed hard.

"So how many men have enjoyed these, Gina?" Peter moved his hands to the base of her breasts. “A lot, I'll bet. All good enough for you. But we're not.” Peter moved his mouth over her left breast and sucked in as much of it as his mouth could hold. Gina shuddered, unable to hide the pleasure that this act instinctively provided her. Peter's tongue darted around her nipple, and his teeth bit into it slightly. Again Gina shuddered.

"Pretty nice, huh, Gina," Peter offered after he had finished working on her left breast. "Change your mind yet about whether we would be fun playmates for you? Do you want me to work on your other breast?"

Gina was breathing even harder now, her body glazed in sweat. Peter reached down and put his left hand down inside her shorts and panties until his middle finger reached her vagina. "My God, Gina, you are soaked already. I think that answers my question better than any words you could say. Or not say." Peter removed his finger and his hand, then rubbed his wet finger across her cheek. "All right, Gina. You've seen how I can get you started. Now it's Stan's turn to see what he can do to keep you entertained." Peter walked back to his chair and sat down, as Stan walked up to take his place.

"Gina, I've been wondering," Stan began. "Before your play sessions, do you shave yourself? Is it more exciting for you to play when you are shaved? Let's find out." He pulled out his own knife and cut up from the bottom of her shorts to the waistband on the right side, then down on the left through the waistband to the bottom. The shorts fell to the floor, leaving her in her lacy black panties that barely covered a small triangular area between her legs. "Any bets, gentlemen?"

"Ten dollars she's not shaved," Bret offered. Stan looked at Peter. “It wouldn't be a fair bet with me,” Peter responded. "I already know the answer, remember? And if I were you, Stan, I'd take Bret’s bet.”

Stan smiled, and flicked his knife under and through the left side of Gina's panties, which instantly wrapped around her right thigh, revealing that she was indeed completely shaved. Flicking his knife through the right side of her panties, they quickly joined her shorts on the floor below her, leaving Gina completely naked... except for her black heels.

"Gina," Peter shouted to her. "We're going to ask you afterwards which one of us it was, so do try to concentrate."

Stan moved back to Peter and Bret and then again approached Gina's stretched, restrained, and naked body. She heard his zipper open as he lowered his pants below his knees. As he moved his body close to hers, she felt the tip of his penis against her. He moved his face close to hers and kissed her cheek through the hood. Using his right hand, he directed his penis to its target, which was already damp. He entered her easily and both groaned, he entirely in pleasure, she in a mixture of pleasure and revulsion. He thrust deeply into her and grunted hard, enjoying the scream of "aaahhh" that escaped her lips. Pain or pleasure? The sounds are so similar. But he didn't really care. Down and up again as hard as he could. Her body was as tight inside as it was out. Again. And again. He wondered if she would be able to tell who he was from his sounds of pleasure. None of them had ever fucked her before, although they had hoped for the opportunity. Now they had it. And Stan was the first to enjoy her.

He pumped into her over and over. He was sure that her screams now must be more in pleasure than in pain. And for some reason, he didn't know why, he could feel that he still was not close to finishing with her. She must be surprised. She must have thought that she was so sexy that no man taking her this way could last long with her. He would have agreed. But his body was not betraying him this time. This time he was proud of his stamina. Over. And over. As deeply as he could. She was a good lay. He wondered how much better she might even be when she could use her hands and her mouth and her lips and her tongue.

Finally, he knew that he had to release himself. He thrust into her even more deeply and held himself inside as his sperm shot into her, then moved down and back into her one last time, holding himself in place even after he felt his emptied penis grow soft. As he pulled himself out of her, he watched her chest heaving. Had it not been for the numerous small holes in the hood, she surely would have suffocated. Stan moved back to join Peter and Bret, and the three of them waited to give her a chance to catch her breath.

"Now, dear Gina," Peter looked at her still slumped body. "Which one of us do you think just gave you such pleasure?"

Chapter 4

Gina continued to gasp for air. Peter walked up to her and untied the straps from her hood from the cross, allowing her head to fall to her chest. She continued to gulp in as much air as she could through the hood.

Peter watched for a minute. He unhooked the ball gag from behind her head and tossed it to Bret, before pulling the straps of the hood open and lifting it off her. He moved his finger under her chin and raised her head to look into her eyes. She stared back at him, still gasping for air, her eyes adjusting to the light.

"No guesses? Very well," Peter chided. "Then how are you going to know who to send the thank you note to? Well, it was Stan. Stan was the man. He’s right over there. If you thank him in person, then you won't even have to write him a note." Gina continued to stare at Peter, her eyes filled with hatred.

"So, assuming that you're grateful for how we've pleasured you, it's time for you to answer a few questions."

Bret and Stan moved the three chairs into a semicircle, about four feet in front of Gina. Each of the men sat down. Her eyes darted from one to the other.

"Let's get right to the point," Peter continued. "The Boss questions your loyalty. He has evidence that you have been meeting with both the Sicilians and the Jews and passing information on to them about our operations. Confess and save us all a lot of time. And you a lot of pain."

"That is ridiculous," Gina did not even bother to scream her denial. "He knows that I am loyal to him. If he makes that charge against me, tell him to come in here and make it himself. You are lying."

"Really?" Peter laughed. "Do you deny meeting with Salvador Borelli last week? At the café on 7th Street?" Borelli was the second in command of the rival Giovanni family.

"Of course I deny it," Gina answered coldly. "I've never met Borelli in my life. Or any other member of that family."

Peter approached her, and pulled out a color photo. "Oh? This was taken last week. Perhaps you recognize it. Is that not Borelli? And is that not you?" He held the photo in front of her face.

"I wouldn't know what this Borelli looks like, so I don't know if it is he," Gina responded, her voice still calm. "But, whether it is or not, the woman sitting with him is not me."

"Not you? Is that your defense?"

"Will you look at her, for God's sake," Gina voice started to rise. "She has dark hair like mine. And she is a woman. But beyond that, she looks nothing like me. You can even see the size of her breasts through her blouse. Are those small breasts my breasts?"

Peter ignored Gina's response. "You told him last Saturday the time and place that our drug shipment would be arriving last week, do you deny that? Isn't that why his men were there to ambush ours when it arrived?"

"That's not me. I've never met Borelli. This is absurd!!"

"And I assume that you also deny meeting the Capo of the Meyer family the week before? Should I show you the picture?" Peter didn't wait for Gina's response, but held up for her another picture, this one of the same woman from before with Adolph Meyer. "Don't tell me that you don't know what Meyer looks like."

"I know what he looks like. That's him. But it's not me. It's another dark haired woman with small breasts."

"Didn't you tell Meyer that we were the ones responsible for killing three of his men last month?"

"I've never met Meyer, either. What is going on here?"

"What is going on here, dear Gina, is that, after the Boss began to suspect that you were not loyal to him, he had you followed. For the last two weeks. And this is the result." Peter held up both photographs. "But if you want to continue to deny your betrayal, well, we will just have to give you some more incentive to tell us the truth."

Bret wheeled a small table behind Gina's chained body. On top was the generator. "I suppose I don't have to tell you what happens next, do I?"

"You bastard. You know that's not me in those photographs. Where's the Boss? He couldn't know that you are doing this to me. He couldn't. He would never permit it."

"Sorry, Gina, but we ask the questions and make the orders here." Bret pulled one of the wires from the generator around the cross and attached the serrated clip to Gina's left nipple. She winced and looked down to see the small trickle of blood escape. "This is crazy.” She started to get frantic. “You know that you're going to stop my heart if you do this to me. Don't you know that? This is insane." Gina's body was shaking as Bret attached a clip to her right nipple, again drawing a trickle of blood. "This is insane!!" Gina was now screaming loudly, her screams continuing as Bret pulled two more wires under the intersection of the cross’s boards handed them to Peter. "I know that you're already hot from Stan,” Peter told her, “but these will make you even hotter." He attached one wire to each of her labia. "And as far as stopping your heart, well, maybe it will and maybe it won't. But you have a strong young body. We're betting it won't. What are the odds, Stan. Two to one against it killing her?"

Gina's body was now shaking uncontrollably. As her lungs tired from her screams, she began to sob. "No. That's not me. I'm loyal to the Boss. It's not me!!"

"Keep trying to convince yourself, Gina. But let's see what you say in five minutes. Which will no doubt be the five longest minutes of your life."

Chapter 5

Peter nodded. Bret flipped as switch. Gina's body instantly arched as far off the cross as her chained wrists and ankles allowed, which, given how far it had already been stretched, was not too far Her breasts shook up and down. And she screamed. Loud. Very loud. A long continuous scream. After 10 seconds her bladder released. Totally. And she'd apparently had some liquid refreshment not too long before. Perhaps a glass or two of wine in anticipation of her evening in the playroom. Although this was probably not exactly what she had anticipated. The liquid splashed on the floor and sprayed the bottom of Peter's trousers. He just smiled.

After 10 more seconds Peter nodded again and Bret flicked the switch back. Gina's body slumped, but again only the little that her chained limbs allowed. Her head fell to her heaving chest. Her screams turned to loud groans. Her open mouth sucked in air as rapidly as she could.

"We didn't want to waste your time or ours starting on a low setting, so we just moved right to the top," Peter raised Gina's chin. "Do you want another session like that? We could lengthen it beyond 20 seconds. Of course, then the odds of it killing you probably do move higher than two to one against."

Gina stared at him, still gasping for breath. She swallowed hard, trying to gain the strength to respond. But she could not regain her strength fast enough for Peter, who once again nodded toward Bret behind her. Gina started to scream as soon as she saw Peter nod, even before she heard the sound of the switch click. Producing the same result as before, except her body now shook from side to side. And there was nothing left in her bladder to empty. Ten seconds. Her screams were as loud as before, only raspier as her throat grew sore. Ten seconds more. And then another nod and another click.

This time Gina's head remained staring straight ahead. Her eyes glazed. Her mouth open, her screams having turned first to groans and then to gurgles.

"Is that you in the pictures, Gina?" Peter asked.

Gina panicked. She started to sob loudly and desperately. "You know it's not me. Why are doing this?"

"Because you're a traitor, Gina. A traitor."

"No. No. I'm loyal to the Boss. I love the Boss. I'm not a traitor."

"I'll tell you what, Gina," Peter responded. "Let's put aside for a while your confession that you're a traitor. Will you at least admit that you are my slave?"

Gina's breathing slowly returned to normal. She nodded.

"Say it," Peter demanded.

"I'm ... I'm your slave."

"Good girl. That's a start. Unhook her." Bret obeyed, first removing the clips from Gina's labia, then moving in front of her and opening the clips holding her nipples, but only after pulling them toward him enough to cause a loud raspy protest from her. She looked down and saw the blood still trickling from them.

But no sooner had that pain begun to ease that Gina saw Stan approach and hand to Peter ... she knew instantly what it was. A hot iron. They had often played with this down here. But with one difference. They had always pretended that it was glowing red hot. This time it actually was.

"NNNNNOooooooo," Gina shook her head frantically.

"But Gina, you just told me that you were my slave. Aren't people supposed to know to whom you belong?" Gina could see the letter P glowing red at the iron's end. "P is for Peter, of course."

Gina closed her eyes hard, hoping that, when she again opened them, she would find the nightmare over. When she reopened them, there were tears in her eyes.

"But I'm not barbaric, Gina. I don't need the whole world to know that you are my slave. If I did, I'd brand you on the forehead." Peter held the iron several inches from her face, then moved it down midway between Gina's bellybutton and her pubic bone. Gina stared at it in horror, her mouth wide open but no sound now escaping from it.

"Only those," Peter continued, "whom I allow to have sex with you need to know whom they should thank for that privilege. The man whose named starts with P. Your owner. Peter."

Gina moved her gaze from the iron to Peter's face, but he was not looking at her. He had moved his gaze down to the iron, which he jammed into its target, and held it there for three seconds, watching its effect. And listening to Gina's renewed scream. "There. Now they will know. You know that I probably should add one just below your breast, in case your lover is too focused there to look down below. We wouldn't want him to remain ignorant, would we?"

Now Gina twisted her body desperately to try to avoid a second marking of the iron as Peter raised it to the underside of her right breast. Peter held the iron there for several seconds ... and then lowered it. "There. You see? I told you I was not barbaric."

Gina took a deep breath and relaxed slightly.

"Well. Not usually." Peter quickly raised the iron and jammed the iron into its second target, sending Gina again into paroxysms of pain and screams. "But, with you, well, I can't take any chances.

As Gina's head slumped in unconsciousness, the last drops of urine escaped from between her legs to join the puddle below.

Chapter 6

"Take her down. Move her over there," Peter instructed, nodding toward the rack. Stan and Bret quickly released Gina's wrists and ankles. As she collapsed, Stan threw her body over his shoulder, as Bret removed her black heels.

Stan placed Gina's body face down on her stomach as Bret secured her ankles to the corners of the lower portion of the rack, then both chained her wrists to the cuffs attached to the metal bar across the top. Stan turned the handle on the bar several times. As the chains wrapped themselves around the bar, Gina's body stretched tight, restricting her movement but not yet causing her pain.

Bret pulled up a small lever on the side of the rack, raising a wooden semi-circle under Gina's stomach, lifting her body in the middle. Then he turned to look at Peter.

"Yes, I know. It's your turn. Go ahead." Peter told Bret exactly what he wanted to hear. Bret quickly removed his shoes and socks, pulled his shirt off over his head, and pulled off his belt. He lowered his pants and shorts in one motion, and stepped out of them, his body now as naked as Gina's, his erection already full.

Bret climbed onto Gina's still unconscious body. He thought for a second, and then directed his penis into her vagina. Stan and Peter both hissed at the same time. "Come on," Stan shouted at him, "why did you bother to position her that way if that's all you were going to do?"

But Bret was already busy thrusting himself into her, his arms wrapped around her, his hands squeezing her breasts. Gina started to moan, then grunt, as Bret's thrusts pushed her stretched body upward and back, first pulling her lower half taut, then her shoulders, over and over. Suddenly Gina opened her eyes, wide, and then her grunts turned to screams as she realized that she was again being raped. And again by a man who seemed able to go on and on. Until, at last, he thrust her upward one last time, held her there as he struggled to push himself into her as deeply as he could, and then ... allowed her body to ease back down.

He moved his mouth next to her left ear. "You're not half bad, you know. Not half bad." Finally, he removed his no longer useful penis and rolled off of her body, swinging his feet off the rack and standing naked and flaccid for a few seconds before gathering his clothes and walking to a corner of the room to dress again.

Peter walked to the head of the rack, grabbed Gina's hair and forced her face to look at his. He could see the tears in her eyes.

"Now are we ready for the truth?"

"But you don't want to hear the truth !!" Gina screamed at him.

"Actually, Gina, I do. You just don't want to tell it. Now, so far, while we have had our fun with you, we have done nothing to your body from which it will not fully recover."

"You call your brands nothing !!"

"Gina, many women have tattoos. That is all those are. You can still live very normally with them. It's not like we cut off your nipples. Or removed your tongue. But now you are warned. The first time you lie to me, things will get much more severe. And permanent."

"I have told you the truth !! I will tell you the truth. I'm not afraid of the truth. You just don't want to hear it."

"Try me. Did you tell Borelli -- or anyone in the Giovanni family -- the time and place of the shipment on Saturday?"


"There. That's better. So you admit you betrayed the Boss to a rival family?"

"No. The Boss told me to leak the information to one of Borelli's underlings and I did. So, yes, his men were there to ambush ours when we received the shipment. But, if you remember, we were ready for them. Killed three of the four and captured the fourth. You tortured him right here in this room and got a lot of useful information from him, the Boss told me. So don't try to say that my helping the Boss by passing on the location of the shipment as he asked was betraying him. I was as responsible for getting the information that captive revealed as you were."

Peter released Gina's hair. Her head dropped to the rack. "Gina, Gina. You have such a convenient way to spin things, don't you? You tell Borelli's men how to steal our shipment. They ambush us. But because our men are able to defeat them, you want to take the credit. But before we decide your punishment for continuing to lie to us, I'll give you a chance to lie to us about your betrayal to Meyer. Do you deny telling him that we were responsible for killing his men last month?"

Chapter 7

"Yes. I deny that," Gina's voice was firm. "You have it all backward. I helped the Boss set up those killings. I'm the one who arranged for them to be at that warehouse that night. And you have a lot of nerve to doubt my loyalty to the Boss. I've helped him keep control of this town over the Borellis and Meyers who want to take him down. For a whole year. You think he does it all by himself?" Gina was now screaming at Peter. "And if you think that's a lie, then do what you will with me. You know it's the truth because, for all I know, the Boss has told you everything about what I've done for him and you would know that I was lying if I said anything else."

Peter stared at her for a few seconds. A long few seconds for Gina. "Move her over to the table," he finally instructed Bret and Stan. "I'm going to get the Boss. And the two new men. We'll let them decide what to do with her." Peter walked out of the room.

Stan slipped a hood over Gina's face, then unchained her wrists as Bret unchained her ankles. They pulled her roughly off the rack and dragged her across the room to a wooden table about the same size, and re-chained her ankles and wrists to cuffs at its corners, but this time face up, though not as completely stretched as she might have been on the rack.

"You ready to take her again?" Stan looked at Bret. "We could do it together." He pulled out a latch and the top portion of the table holding up Gina's head released, dropping her head straight down. "I'll even give the choice of which side you want." Stan moved to the top of the table, where Gina's hanging head was level with his crotch. "I assume you prefer that side." He unzipped his pants and pulled out his penis.

"I'd prefer not getting in the shithouse with any people more powerful than I am," Bret replied. "There should be time for more play later. For now, get what you use for your brains back in your pants. You don't know how long until they get here."

"Hey, it's not my fault that you're not ready to go again. As you can see, I am." Stan rubbed his penis against the hood over Gina's face, then moved it back inside his pants and zipped his fly. Just as Peter returned. With two other men, around whose shoulders were wrapped the arms of a third.

The new arrivals joined Stan and Bret around the table on which lay the naked, spread-eagled, chained and hooded Gina. Stan restored the top of the table to its original position, raising Gina's head level with the rest of her body.

"So here is the situation that I explained to you on the way up," Peter began. "This is the once proud Gina, who claims that she is loyal to the Boss. That she has never betrayed him. That, in fact, she assisted him in arranging for ambushes of his rivals' men. Isn't that true, Gina?"

Gina had heard the men enter the room, and could sense that they were now standing around her, staring at her nakedness and helplessness. "Boss, are you there? Boss, if you're there, please. Please tell them that I am loyal. That I haven't betrayed you. That I have helped you gain control over the town from the others."

Gina's pleas were met with silence. After a while, she heard a voice that was not familiar to her. "The Boss is not going to honor you with a response. Not yet. And perhaps not ever. We shall see." Gina's breathing quickened. Who was this new man? Did he view her as a threat to his new position with the Boss, whatever that might be? Fuck, how could she be a threat? He was standing over her naked body, every inch of it available to suffer whatever he chose to do to her. Unless the Boss wouldn't let him.

"So, are you claiming that you set up the Borelli ambush?" The voice continued.

"I'm not claiming I did. I did. Yes. The Boss needed my help. I helped him," Gina answered instantly. "Boss, tell them."

" And the same with Meyer's men?"

"Yes. Again. Always. I've always done whatever the Boss asked. Boss, tell them. I know you're here." Silence again.

And then another voice. Another voice that she did not recognize. But she did recognize the name. And started to shiver uncontrollably.

Chapter 8

"There, Sal," it started. "Do you need to hear more? She admits it. Good work, Peter."

Suddenly, Peter ripped off the hood. Gina squinted and blinked a few times to adjust to the light in the room, and then realized that she was staring at the two people in the world she least wanted to see in that room. Salvador Borelli. Whose picture she had been shown earlier that night. And Adolph Meyer, whom she recognized. One standing on each side of the middle of the table on which she lay strapped. Peter stood at the head of the table, near her head, and Stan and Bret at the table's foot.

"The Boss .... he's ... he's not ..." she stammered.

"Oh, you can relax, Gina. He's here." Adolph pointed far to Gina's left. There, with his arms chained overhead to a beam in the ceiling, was a man, his head slumped forward to his chest. A naked man. A completely naked man. With two bullet holes in his chest, most of the blood having coagulated there, but two streaks having run down his chest and stomach and legs. Staring at the top of the man's bald head, Gina knew instantly. She started to gag.

"When Adolph and I decided to join forces to get rid of him," Sal spoke softly, "we really didn't know which of his men ... and women ... we should also get rid of and which we should recruit for our own families. It wasn't too hard to figure out what each of the men did for him, so those decisions weren't difficult to make." Sal walked slowly over to the Boss's hanging body and punched it hard in the stomach. "God, I hated him. I hated what he did to us." Sal walked back to the table. "It was harder to decide about the women. Especially this one we had heard about called Gina. Who we thought had probably betrayed him, and so would probably betray us if we brought her in. What was our first thought about her, Adolph?"

"Fuck her and then shoot her. But definitely fuck her first. No reason to waste such a great body."

"And it's even better in person, huh, Adolph? And naked in person at that." Sal leaned over and squeezed Gina's left breast hard, then looked at Adolph, who moved his hand between her legs and probed with his middle finger.

"So, are we going to stick to our original plan, Adolph? Fuck her and then shoot her?" Sal released Gina's breast.

"Still sounds like a good plan to me." He pushed his finger deeper into her, before removing it and putting it into his mouth to suck off the juices.

Gina pulled at her bonds. The little movement they allowed her was not enough for her pull them free. "But you've heard. I a am loyal. I didn't betray the Boss. So I wouldn't betray you. I've proven that. And you're right. I could give you a lot of pleasure. More if you untie me so I can use my hands on you. And my mouth."

"Yes," Sal responded. "You didn't betray him. You were loyal to him. So why should we think that you won't take the first opportunity you have to kill us to avenge what we did to him?"

"Wait," Gina screamed. "That means that you would kill me if I betrayed him and you would kill me if I didn't betray him !!"

Adolph looked at Sal. "She's a smart girl, Sal. Peter, you didn't tell me she was a smart girl. Another reason to get rid of her, I'd say." Adolph pulled a pistol out of his pocket. "But I was also glad to see you," he smiled. He nodded, and Sal pulled out his revolver.

"Peter, would you care to make it a threesome?"

"Wait, no," Gina screamed. "You haven't fucked me yet !!"

Chapter 9

"She's right, gentlemen. And she is a fine piece of ass," Peter did not tell them anything that was not obvious. "Who was responsible for the deaths of quite a few of your men. From both of your families."

"Yes. We heard that from her own lips." Adolph pulled back the trigger of his pistol.

"You said you'd fuck me first," Gina pleaded.

"She deserves punishment. She deserves torture." Peter offered his case.

"Peter, I keep thinking that you are going to say something that is not obvious." Sal cocked his revolver.

"So why kill her so quickly? You can do better than that. How many men in your families would appreciate a go at her? You must have at least 50 men working for you? Probably more than 100. Don't they deserve a bonus once in awhile? Leave her here for a week. Give them all a chance with her. One every what? Ninety minutes? All night long. All day long. Every ninety minutes for a week. And when the week's over, and everyone has had a chance with her, you can decide whether she's still in nice enough condition to go another week. If yes, she gets another week. Every ninety minutes. If not, kill her then. I'm not sure how many weeks she would last, but probably not more than a few. What do you think?"

Gina thought that she would feel relief when she saw the men put their guns back in their pockets. Hearing this other alternative to her quick death, however, she felt only terror.

But Peter wasn't finished. "And when she's no longer worth another week to the men, you don't have to shoot her right away. You could give the men a chance to torture her. Every ninety minutes. For a week. And then another week. Until ... she won't even be aware of it when you do finally shoot her."

Adolph leaned over the table, his face close to Gina's. "Isn't that Peter a genius?" he whispered to her. "That's why we kept him. He's a genius. So I think we'll let him go first." Adolph kissed Gina on the cheek and walked out of the room. Sal then approached Gina and kissed her on the cheek. "Don't worry, Gina. It's not the kiss of death. At least not yet." Sal turned and left the room.

Stan looked at Bret, then walked up to Gina. He kissed her on the cheek. "No, it's the kiss of fuck." He moved back as Bret approached. "And then the kiss of torture." Bret kissed her on the cheek, and the two of them left the room.

Peter looked at her. "I'm going to give you a few minutes to think about the rest of your sad ... and short ... life. And set up a schedule for the rest of the night." He left the room, leaving Gina alone.

Well, not quite alone. She closed her eyes, turned her head and started to sob. When she opened them, she was staring directly at the Boss's naked hanging body.

She hadn't betrayed the Boss. And he hadn't betrayed her. But that hardly mattered anymore.


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