Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril)


By Eda Chang

Chapter 1

"You're the one who says you like variety. How many times can we chain you in the basement dungeon?"

"I think it would be fun," Lisa didn't wait for Kammi to respond, even though Peter's question had been directed to her. "C'mon, Kammi. And, Peter, even if she doesn't want to do it, we could still play without her."

"Better with both of you, though," Peter's eyes remained looking at Kammi. "Four and two." The other three men sitting in Peter's living room nodded their agreement.

Kammi shook her head. "I don't know. Here we have privacy and safety. No one can hear us. No one can accidentally run across us."

"Do you know how large the national forest is, Kammi? You could hike there for days and not run into anyone else." John tried to convince her.

"Are you kidding me? It's filled with people all day long. What if some kids came upon us?" Kammi remained unconvinced.

"You weren't listening, Kammi," Peter persisted. "We're going to be playing at night. There will be no one else around. The odds of running into anyone are 100 to 1 against. And wouldn't that small chance just add some excitement to the play?"

"At night? It's pitch black out there, or did you forget?"

"We're going to bring a small generator. We'll use it to provide just enough light. We've already found a clearing about a half hour's hike from the closest dirt road. It will be perfect. There will be no one else around."

Kammi thought out loud. "It would be different, that's for sure. And we do seem to be repeating ourselves lately."

"I'll take that as a yes, then." Peter waited to hear an objection from Kammi, but none came. "Let's go over the scene then."

"You are mob couriers who work for us," Mark took over. "You have been running drugs for us and hiding the money that you get for the drugs at the edge of a clearing in the woods, where we pick it up. Everything has been going smoothly, or so we thought, until a mole of ours planted inside the organization of our largest buyer told us that you have been supplying it with more drugs than we thought, stealing the extra from our supply and keeping the extra money that you get for it. So tonight, we are taking you with us when we pick up the money. And we'll see what's going on." Mark paused. "Is that pretty much it?" He looked around the room. Peter, John and the fourth man, Joe, all nodded.

"It sounds great," Lisa nearly shouted. "Not that original a scene, but different because of where we're going to play it. I've never done a scene outdoors. It's going to be fun. So Kammi, you're in, right?

Peter didn't wait for Kammi to respond. "OK," Peter confirmed, "we'll meet here at 8 tonight. It's a half hour drive to the end of the dirt road and then the half hour hike to the clearing. So it will definitely be dark when we get there." Peter glanced at Lisa. Brown haired. Buxom. And with few limits. Fewer than Kammi had. And she could take more pain than Kammi, although the men knew both of their limits. And, while they had often taken them close, and on occasion even a step or two over, neither of the women had ever used the safe word. Elephant. The one word none of the men ever wanted to hear during their play.

Chapter 2

The five others were waiting in front of Peter's house when Kammi arrived, wearing jeans, a white shirt and brown boots. [See Kammi pic] Appropriate, Peter thought. She probably would have worn a business suit to the drug exchange, but then changed her clothes for the hike into the woods. That would have been late afternoon, and now she was returning to let them know that all had gone according to plan, so she would still be dressed this way.

Lisa's outfit was a bit different, though well appreciated by all the men. She wore a peach-colored shirt tied at her waist -- well, what little waist she had --leaving her midriff bare, along with very short shorts and sneakers. [See Lisa pic] "Hey, it's summer. It would have been hot hiking out in the woods," she had explained to the men, although she must have known that their stares when she arrived had nothing to do with whether she was dressed appropriately for the scene, a thought that never crossed any of their minds. They did wonder, though, if she had gone commando, but they knew they would soon find out.

As Kammi got out of her car, Joe stood behind Lisa, holding her arms behind her back. Lisa started the play, screaming at Kammi. "They think we stole from them !!" "What? What are you saying?" Kammi looked at Peter.

"We're not saying anything," Peter walked up to Kammi. "We're just going to take a ride to the woods and see what's there. Any objections?"

"You've gone every time without us and there's never been a problem," Kammi reminded him. "Why different now?"

"Maybe no difference," Peter responded. "But the real question is why would you have any objection?"

Kammi glanced at Lisa, still held firm by Joe. With her arms pulled back, her chest was pushed even further out. Kammi had a nice shape, too, but much thinner than Lisa. Much thinner everywhere.

"No objection. Of course, no objection," Kammi nodded. Mark grabbed her arm and led her toward Peter's car, a Lincoln. Peter had money. A beautiful house in the hills, far enough away from any neighbors that they could play in his basement dungeon without any concern that someone might hear screams and call the police. Mark opened the door and pushed Kammi into the back seat, then followed her in. John was already sitting on her other side. Joe pushed Lisa into the middle of the front seat and sat next to her. Peter got into the driver's seat.

And they drove off. To the national forest.

Chapter 3

For the first 20 minutes the ride was quiet. Then Peter spoke up. "How many pounds did you deliver tonight?"

"13.2," Kammi was ready with the answer. Six one-kilogram bricks of cocaine filling one briefcase.

"And what did you get for it?"

"$1.98 million. In the usual 100 dollar bills." After the mob diluted it, the cocaine sold for $150,000 a pound. Kammi knew her math.

"And how did they give it to you? Lisa, you answer. Kammi, be quiet."

Lisa looked at him. "Two briefcases. We each carried one back. They weren't that heavy bringing them back from the exchange, but they got heavy carrying them out into the woods."

"Oh?" Peter glanced at her. "How heavy was each briefcase?"

"About 10 pounds," Lisa shot back at him. She too had done her homework. Accuracy made the play more realistic, they all knew.

"And both briefcases are buried at the location?"

"They are," Lisa smiled and nodded at him, but he didn't see it, since his eyes were fixed several inches below her face.

When they turned off the paved road onto a dirt one, the car's headlights provided the only light. No car passed them going in the other direction. When the car finally stopped, the six emerged into total blackness and silence. The sky was clear and filled with stars, and the moon was nearly full. "We may not even need the generator," Joe observed.

Peter pulled two briefcases and five backpacks from the car's trunk. John grabbed the briefcases and headed out first to plant them at the site, since the game required that they be there. The others each took a backpack. "Hey, I think I got the heaviest," Lisa complained. "What's in this?"

"You'll find out soon enough," Mark responded.

Chapter 4

By the time she reached the clearing, Kammi was nearly exhausted. At least for purposes of the role play, this was the second time that day she and Lisa had made the hike through the hilly terrain, at least a mile and a half to the clearing. Lisa appeared even more exhausted than Kammi. Or else she just used it as an excuse to heave her chest as deeply as she did. They removed their backpacks at the edge of the clearing and sat on the ground. Despite the nearly full moon, Joe pulled the generator from one of the packs and hooked a small light to it. He hung the connecting wire over a tree branch. The single dim light gave the clearing an eerie feeling.

"All right," Peter ordered the women. "Get me the briefcases."

John subtly signaled Kammi where he had buried them. She walked over to the spot he indicated, Lisa following. The dirt was fresh and turned. Kammi and Lisa got on their knees, and scooped several feet of dirt away until they reached the two briefcases, pulled them out and brought them to Peter. Peter put them on top of a large rock and opened the first. It was filled with play money, real for purposes of the game. Thousands of 100 dollar bills. Peter closed the first briefcase and opened the second, finding the same.

"See?" Kammi immediately scolded him. "Do you need to count it? Go ahead. It's all there. $1.98 million. Aren't you ashamed you doubted us?"

"Why don't you ask Mark?" Peter responded. The girls turned toward Mark, who had pulled out a small tape recorder and turned it to play. Neither Kammi nor Lisa recognized the male voice on it.

"The last two times they called ahead to tell us that they had more than we had agreed beforehand to buy, and that they could give us a reduced price on the extra. So today they brought 20 pounds and we paid them with three briefcases of 100s containing $2.5 million. Much better price for us than $2 million for a third less. And I suspect that they kept the difference. Quick half a million for them. Twice now."

"What?" Kammi turned quickly to Peter, "Who is that? What is he accusing us of?" But John immediately grabbed Kammi, and Joe Lisa, swinging their arms around the women's waists and then up to behind their necks and locking their fingers behind the women's necks, forcing their arms straight into the air in a full nelson hold. Then they turned them to face Peter.

"That, my loves, was our mole. And the only question is: Do you deny it?"

"Of course we deny it," Kammi screamed back at Peter. "I don't know what his agenda is, but he's lying. Did you give him a reward to lie? Why would you do that? What's your problem?"

"My problem? A million dollars missing. And we checked. More than 13 pounds of our cocaine is also missing. Dear Lisa, are you foolish enough to deny it too? Deny what we already know?" Peter walked up to Lisa and, through her thin shirt, squeezed the nipple of her left breast between his thumb and index finger. "Yes. I deny it," she grimaced.

"Well, then. I guess some questioning is in order, wouldn't you say?"

Chapter 5

Joe and John released their holds on the women, and walked a few steps behind them. Mark and Peter moved in front to form the corners of a square around them. "Kammi, clasp your hands behind your neck and spread your legs to shoulder width," Peter ordered. Kammi hesitated, then saw John and Joe each pull a small pistol from his pocket and point it in the women's direction. Slowly, Kammi obeyed. "Lisa, stand in front of Kammi and rip her shirt open." Lisa looked at Peter, but then, without a word, moved to face Kammi, grabbed the center of her shirt with both hands, and ripped it open. "Now remove it completely." Lisa grabbed one of Kammi's hands from behind her neck, moved it down, and pulled the sleeve off Kammi's arm. Then she put Kammi's hand back behind her neck, took her other hand and did the same, leaving her wearing above her waist only a lacy white bra.

Peter continued. "Now pull off her boots." Again, Lisa obeyed, knelt in front of Kammi and removed her boots, tossing them to the side next to the shirt. "Now move behind her and pull down her pants to her ankles so that she can step out of them." Lisa looked at Kammi, who nodded her consent.

Lisa moved behind Kammi, wrapped her arms around Kammi's waist, and unbuckled the belt of her jeans. Then she knelt down, reached up, grasped the tops of Kammi's jeans in her fingers, and pulled them down to her ankles. Kammi stepped out of them, left now with only her bra and panties. Lisa piled the pants with the shirt and boots.

"Do you have anything to say to us?" Peter looked at Kammi. "Confess what you did or we will continue."

"We did nothing," Kammi responded, "except obey your orders and you have the money to prove it. We did not steal from you." Kammi's body began to shiver. It was suddenly not as warm as it had seemed before.

"Lisa, take Mark's knife. I trust you will not try anything silly," As Peter warned her, she heard two clicks as Joe and John pulled back the hammers on their pistols. "Cut off Kammi's bra and panties."

Lisa took the small knife that Mark handed her, and moved in front of Kammi. With a flick she cut between the cups of Kammi's bra, releasing her small breasts. Her nipples were hard and her stomach muscles were shaking. Lisa cut the shoulder straps and Kammi's bra came off in Lisa's hands, as Kanmi remained standing with her fingers clasped behind her neck, staring straight ahead. Lisa moved a step closer and flicked the knife against Kammi's left hip, cutting the side of her panties, which wrapped around her right thigh. With a yank, Lisa tore them off, folded the bra and panties over the knife, picked up all of Kammi's clothes and handed everything to Peter.

Mark emptied the contents of the backpack that Lisa had been carrying. Eight metal spikes, each about 18 inches long. A heavy hammer. Eight leather cuffs. "Hammer four of the spikes into the ground where Mark shows you," Peter told Lisa. Mark pointed where he wanted the first one. Lisa got on her knees and started to hammer. Mark told her to stop when only three inches of the spike remained visible. Then he pointed to a second spot. Lisa moved to it and again started hammering. When she had finished hammering four of the spikes into the ground where Mark directed, they formed a rectangle about six feet by eight feet. Its purpose was obvious to all, as was the person who would occupy the space inside it. "Now here," Mark pointed to a fifth location. Lisa continued hammering the spikes into the ground until she had driven in the remaining four to form a second rectangle of the same size several feet below the first. She stared at it for a few seconds, knowing that it was meant for her.

Peter again resumed command. "Now, Lisa, stand next to Kammi, turn to face me, remove your clothes and assume the same position as Kammi."

Lisa obeyed and, facing Peter, removed her sneakers, took a deep breath, untied her shirt and removed it, revealing the large natural breasts that all the others had seen and admired in prior role plays. Then Lisa undid her belt, pulled her shorts down to her ankles and stepped out of them, revealing that she had indeed dressed commando style. Lisa picked up her clothes and tossed them to Peter, stepped back, moved her hands behind her neck as ordered, clasped her fingers together and spread her feet to shoulder width. Both women now stood in the center of the men, completely naked, awaiting their fates. But only Kammi's body was shaking.

"Are you ready to confess your betrayal?" Peter asked.

Chapter 6

"We are loyal to you," Kammi answered, her voice shaking as much as her body.

"Where is the third briefcase? You gave away our drugs, and we can't get those back. But where is the other half a million from this time? And from last time?"

"There is no third briefcase. There is no other money," Lisa protested in response.

Mark walked to the edge of the clearing and picked up another of the backpacks. From it he pulled a single tailed whip. Kammi sucked in her breath. Even Lisa's stomach muscles quivered. Mark walked behind them.

"No third briefcase?" Peter asked them to confirm their claim.

"No," each responded, shaking their heads.

"I see," Peter's eyes looked first at Kammi, then at Lisa. "So we have two liars. Two conspirators. Two traitors." Kammi's body was now shaking so much that Peter was surprised that she could still stand.

Mark's first blow of the whip came crashing squarely in the middle of Kammi's back. He knew to attack the weaker suspect first. Kammi's body jolted forward and she screamed, taking a step forward to retain her balance. But the second blow to her back forced her to her knees, although she managed to keep her hands clasped behind her neck. She blinked hard and stared at Peter.

"We've only just begun, love," he told her. Mark walked around and stood in front of her this time. The third blow struck her across her breasts, leaving a bright red line. Kammi's screams rose, and she lowered her hands to protect her breasts. The fourth blow struck across her stomach. "Stand up," Peter ordered. Kammi struggled to her feet.

"Lisa, go stand behind Kammi and place her in the full nelson hold that Joe just used on you." Slowly, Lisa moved behind Kammi, looped her arms under and around Kammi's shoulders, and locked her fingers behind Kammi's neck, forcing her arms straight up. "And use your feet to push hers out shoulder width." Again, Lisa obeyed. With Lisa acting as a human X-frame, Kammi's body was spreadeagled vertically, her arms overhead, her legs apart.

Peter nodded to Mark, who raised the whip and lashed it across Kammi's stomach. She cursed loudly at him. Mark's next lash crossed Kammi's breasts, leaving a red line parallel to the first. She tried to scream at him, but needed all of her energy to gasp for breath. Mark looked toward Peter, who raised his index finger to signal one last blow. Mark nodded at him. This time, as he raised the whip behind him, Mark dipped as he lashed it at Kammi, striking directly up and between her legs. A loud gagging sound escaped Kammi's lips as her knees buckled, her body held upright in Lisa's grasp.

"Release her," Peter instructed Lisa, who loosened her grip behind Kammi's neck, but held her up by her arms. "Let her fall," Peter clarified. Lisa released her grip and took a step back, as Kammi fell in a heap to the ground on her side. Mark walked up to her, and kicked her over onto her back, her arms splayed above her, her legs apart. Her eyes were open, staring, her breathing heavy. Joe approached, and he and Mark lifted Kammi and carried her inside the rectangle Lisa had created with the first four spikes. The men secured Kammi's wrists and ankles to four of the leather cuffs, then moved her limbs against the four spikes, opened the circular loops in the cuffs and closed them over the hooks near the top of the spikes until Kammi's body, face up, was spread-eagled, fully stretched on the ground.

"Guess whose turn it is now," Peter looked at Lisa. "Are you stronger than your friend?"

Chapter 7

"She was very brave," Lisa defended Kammi. "She didn't deserve that."

"And I suppose that you don't, either," Peter asked. "You too are innocent?"

"Yes." Lisa looked around at the other men, all of whom were shaking their heads.

"And will you be brave, as you claim your friend was?"

Lisa spread her legs to shoulder width and raised her hands above her head, in the position in which she had held Kammi just a few minutes before. "Do what you will and judge for yourself."

John walked to the backpacks and took out a second single tailed whip. Lisa bit her lip, but made no other movement. As Mark stood in front of her, John moved behind. John's first lash struck her across the back of her thighs. Lisa bit her lip harder to stop herself from screaming. Within an instant, Mark's first lash struck her across her stomach. She still did not scream. John lashed across her back and Mark across her breasts. Lisa's body wavered, her knees shaking, and grunts that she could not stifle escaped her lips. More blows. Across her shoulders, her stomach, the back of her knees, her hips. Back and forth. First John from behind, then Mark from in front. Soon Lisa could no longer stifle her screams, but she somehow managed to keep her balance and position. Then one up between her legs from behind followed by one up between her legs from in front, and Lisa's hands instinctively moved to protect her most sensitive area as her body, bearing half a dozen stripes front and back, hunched over in pain. John dropped his whip and moved toward her, quickly pulling her up and back into the full nelson position that Peter seemed to enjoy.

Peter slowly walked up to the gasping and crying Lisa. "Not so brave anymore, are you?"

With all of her strength, Lisa spat into Peter's face. He smiled and slowly wiped the spittle away. Then he pinched both of Lisa's nipples hard, watching her grimace before moving his hand to her breasts to squeeze them hard. Finally, he moved one hand between her legs. "Very excited or very afraid." He held up his moist fingers, "or perhaps both."

Peter nodded to John, who with Mark carried Lisa over to the other four spikes, and stretched and secured her to them face up. Lisa's head was about three feet from Kammi's, but their bodies faced away in opposite directions, so they could not see each other.

"So what do you think happens now, my dears."The coldness of Peter's voice sent chills through the two naked captives spreadeagled before him.

"Well," Lisa responded, looking up at him, "if you had a prick, I'd guess you'd use it on us. You may be one, but I don't think you have one."

Peter laughed. "You really want it, don't you? I figured you would, a cunt like you. Sorry. Maybe you'll get what you want later. But for now we have something else in mind."

Joe moved to another of the backpacks and took out a small jar, then walked over and sat on Lisa's stomach. He twisted the cap off the jar and dipped his fingers into it, then spread the gooey portion that stuck to them over Lisa's breasts.

"It's not very original, I know, "Peter acknowledged. "But it's not only bees who are drawn to the sweetness of honey. There are quite a few different kinds of insects in the woods. Even some snakes, I understand. I wonder how long it will take them to pick up the scent." After finishing with Lisa's breasts, Mark moved off of her stomach, dipped his fingers again in the jar, and smeared the gooey substance between her legs.

When Lisa realized what was happened, she screamed at Peter. "Are you insane? This is comic book stuff. It isn't done for real." Kammi could not see what Joe what was doing to Lisa, but she could feel the ground beneath her shake a bit as Lisa pulled furiously at her bonds without success. But as soon as Joe sat down on Kammi's stomach and she saw the half empty jar, she understood, as Mark's fingers begin to smear the honey onto her body. When he finished, the four men stood over the two women in a line.

"You want to watch us get bit to pieces by insects and snakes. You are crazy." Kammi repeated Lisa's charge.

"Actually, no," Peter answered her. "We don't intend to watch. You see, we're thirsty from all the hiking and the excitement. So we're going to head back to town for a few beers. We should be back in three or four hours." And the four men started to walk off. It was difficult to separate Lisa's screams from Kammi's. "You can't do this to us !!" "You can't leave us here. Not like this !!"

The men quickly returned. "You're right," Peter offered.

"Don't scare us like that," Kammi was near tears.

Joe knelt in front or Kammi and John in front of Lisa, forcing a heavy white cloth into each of their mouths and then taping their mouths closed to secure the gags. All that now could escape from their mouths were muffled grunts.

"Your screams might have scared away the insects. Or brought rescue. That would have ruined the fun." Peter laughed, watching and enjoying the incoherent screams of the shaking women. "We promise that we'll be back, so please don't go anywhere." And the four men walked away. Back down the path. The women heard the sounds of their footsteps grow more distant.

Chapter 8

Facing away from each other, with their mouths gagged and taped, the women could not communicate intelligibly to each other. They soon stopped their grunts, realizing that they did no good, but might attract the woods' creatures to them. Insects and snakes, as horrible as that might be, were one thing. But what about bears? Or wolves?

The air was cold and neither could stop their bodies from shivering. How could these men, the men they had safely role played with for years, abandon them like this in the middle of the forest in the middle of the night. For how long did they say? Three hours? It would be at least that long. A half hour hike back to the car. Another half hour to drive to town. Each way. No. Peter said three or four hours. The women's eyes darted around for signs of insects. None so far. But how long had it been? Ten minutes? It couldn't have been more. Ten minutes? Still hours to go? They each shuddered uncontrollably.

Lisa was the first to hear the flies buzzing around her. When Kammi heard her grunts through the gag, she knew what it must be, and soon the flies were around her, too. No. They weren't flies. They were mosquitoes. And it did not take long before the first one landed. And then another. Kammi's grunts grew louder, joined by Lisa's, as the first two mosquitoes, attracted by the honey, sunk themselves into their breasts. When a third landed between Lisa's legs, she screamed as loud as she could through her gag. Twenty minutes at most. And the insects were already coming. What would it be like -- what would they be like -- in four hours?

They shook their bodies from side to side and up and down and twisted to try to shake the vile insects off of them. The bugs just moved up and off them for a few seconds, where they were safe, and then dropped back down. Soon Kammi and Lisa were totally exhausted from their efforts and sunk back down, unable to offer any more resistant to the attacks. Within five more minutes, a dozen insects had landed on their helpless bodies, which were already showing the marks of the insects' handiwork over their bodies. Their entire bodies, as the insects themselves now quickly spread the honey to everywhere they landed on them.

"I can see that someone really doesn't like you." The women were startled by the male voice. Focused on the insects, they hadn't noticed the approach of the two men. But the voice was not recognizable to them. It was not one of the four from their group. "Before we decide whether to rescue you or leave you, we need to know what's going on?" The two men knelt between the heads of the two women, one man on each side. Neither Kammi nor Lisa had ever seen them before. The men shooed some of the insects off of the women's bodies, pulled water bottles out of their backpacks, and washed away as much of the honey as they could, greatly enjoying the task. Then one of the men put his hand on the tape over Lisa's mouth. "Now, before I remove your gag, darling, I warn you. I want the truth. If I don't get the truth, I will just put the tape back over your mouth and we will leave. Well, we might not leave right away, if you know what I mean, but, when we do, we will leave you exactly as you are now. Do you understand?" Lisa nodded frantically. The man removed the tape from her mouth and pulled out the cloth.

"We work for four mobsters," Lisa began breathlessly. "They think that we cheated them and left us here like this. They said they'd be back in a few hours." Kammi began to grunt as loudly as she could, not believing what she was hearing.

"Very interesting." The man contemplated Lisa's story. "And what do they say you cheated them out of?"

"A million dollars."

"Did you?"

"Yes. Yes, we did. I know where it is. Free us and we will split it with you."

"I'll have to think about it. Interesting story, Frank, isn't it?" He shoved the cloth back into Lisa's mouth and re-taped it shut.

"Crazy, man. Crazy," Frank replied. "But who could make stuff like that up, Bill?"

"Frank, we could fuck them and leave them here. We've already helped them by wiping off most of the honey. That should save them a lot of painful bites. So we deserve that reward."

"A million bucks. 250 thou for each of the four of us. If it's true, isn't it worth helping them?"

"You want to get the mob after you for helping them and then stealing the mob's money? Doesn't sound appealing to me."

"Why don't we fuck them first and then think about the rest later?"

Kammi continued to grunt through her gag as loudly as she could. Finally Bill turned to her. "Let's see what this one has to say." He walked over to her and knelt at her side.

"I warned that other one to tell me the truth, so she better have. What do you have to say?" He removed the tape over Kammi's mouth and pulled out the cloth. "Did she tell me the truth?"

Chapter 9

"She didn't. But she kind of did."

"Well, you better explain that."

"None of it's really true. There is no mob. There is no money."

"So it was a complete lie," Bill responded.

"We were playing a role play game with these four guys. We were acting the scene that Lisa told you. She responded to you still in character. I don't know why. Not after these guys left us here like this to go to town for some beers. We're just two girls. Naive girls. Who trusted these guys and thought we'd have some fun. Then they left us like this."

"Hmm. What do you think, Frank?" Bill pushed the cloth back into Kammi's mouth and re-taped her lips shut.

"I think the first one's telling the truth. The second one doesn't want to share the money. Wants us to believe she's just an innocent victim. We let them go and they get the money. We get nothing."

"I agree with you, Frank. The first one's story is nuts. But not as nuts as the second one's. We saved them from most of the bugs. Let's take our reward and be on our way. I don't want to get involved in taking the mob's money."

"I guess we both want the Lisa one, so we'll have to flip for her. Unless you'd rather have seconds on her than firsts on the other one. Or we could stay around long enough for each of us to have both of them."

"No. We don't know when these other guys will be back. Whatever the truth, they'll be back sometime. Heads."

Frank pulled out a quarter and tossed it in the air. "Heads. Damn. OK. You get the Lisa one."

Each of the men stood between the spread legs of the woman the coin flip had determined was his. The women stared up at them. The men pulled off their backpacks and heavy shirts, then lowered their pants to their ankles, leaving their boots on. Finally, they pulled down their undershorts. Both were well endowed. Lisa sucked in her breath, preparing herself. Kammi's body shook. She had allowed many men to screw her as part of role plays, with feigned non-consent. Even men she had first met when Peter invited them to role play. But this was the first time she would actually be raped. As the men knelt and moved on top of the women, Frank offered Bill a proposal. "First one to cum buys breakfast later, deal? I bet you can't outlast me." He moved the tip of his penis between Kammi's legs. "Deal," Bill responded, and felt his already erect penis find its target between Lisa's legs with no added help.

The women's bodies were each prepared and ready for their violation, as the two men easily entered them. The men's groans of pleasure joined the women's muffled grunts of protest. Well, Kammi's grunts of protest. Whether Lisa's grunts were in protest was not as certain. While both men tried their best to prolong themselves -- and to win their bet -- each quickly realized that the circumstances of the situation -- taking these two naked and helpless women in the middle of the national forest -- was too exciting for them to maintain discipline or control. "Frank, let's make this a tie," Bill shouted at his friend, realizing that he was not going to last as long as he usually could. Fearing the same, Frank accepted. "All right. Together. Five. Four." With each number, each thrust himself as deeply as he could and held himself as long as he could. "Three. Two. One." Then each exploded into his target and rolled his body off her and onto his back.

Chapter 10

"All right," Frank panted after a minute had passed, still staring at the sky, his pants around his ankles. "We need to get out of here. Their boyfriends or whoever left them here may be back soon. We don't want to be around." He stood up and pulled his pants back on, then his shirt and picked up his backpack. He looked at Bill, who was doing the same.

"You're right. Let's go." Bill looked down at the women. "Thank you for your hospitality." He started to walk away, then suddenly stopped. "Frank. I think we have a problem." Frank looked at him. "We can't leave them here like this." Hearing the words, Kammi started to nod her head vigorously.

"What do you mean? We can't let them go. We can't take any of the money, if there is any. We went through that before. We take them and we leave them. That's what we did and that's what we're doing."

"No," Frank walked back to Lisa and removed the tape from her mouth, then the cloth. "Where is the money?" Kammi started to protest, trying to get the men's attention to remove her gag. But they continued to stare at Lisa.

"Halfway back to the road. On the path. On the left side on the way back. There's a huge boulder. It's buried right behind it."

Frank nodded. "Just in case, Bill. No harm checking on the way back." He re-inserted the cloth and re-taped Lisa's mouth shut. "But that's not the problem," he continued. "The problem is that we can't be sure they won't tell these guys what happened to them and who did it. If this one's telling the truth," he nodded at Lisa, "then we may have mobsters after us no matter what we do." He pulled out a pistol from his pocket. Both women saw it and started shaking their heads and grunting loudly through their gags. "We have to minimize the chance of our getting caught."

Bill paused for a second, then slowly pulled his pistol from his pocket. "You're right. Sorry ladies." The women's protests grew louder. "Besides, if we do the work these guys planned to do themselves, they may not be too upset. They may even appreciate the alibi we give them. But I think there's a special way they punish those who steal from them, so we want to make it look like they did it."

Bill moved close to Kammi and knelt down, signaling Frank to do the same near Lisa. The two women were now bucking frantically, desperately but hopelessly trying to free their bodies from their restraints. "This is how they do it, I think." Bill moved the barrel of his gun between Kammi's legs and inserted it an inch inside her. Frank then did the same to Lisa. Kammi shook her head wildly.

"We gave that one a chance to speak before," Bill looked over at Lisa, who was hopelessly trying to twist herself to avoid this new violation. "Let's let this one say her last words." He removed the tape from Kammi's mouth, then the cloth.

"This is crazy. Crazy. I've told you it was all a game. A game. There's no money. No mobsters. Just our friends playing a game. You have to believe me !!"

"Same old story," Bill looked at her. "Anything more to say." He cocked the pistol. Frank followed his lead.

Kammi had nothing more to say. Though terrified, she stopped writhing and screaming, resigned to her fate. Then, still with no hope, she thought of one last word. "Elephant," she said weakly.





A grin slowly spread across Bill's face. He pulled the pistol out from between Kammi's legs and stood up. Frank did the same to Lisa and walked over to Bill. Both stood looking down at Kammi. They were soon joined by four more men. All were smiling and laughing.

"You wanted something different, didn't you?" Peter knelt down to release Kammi's wrists from the spikes, while Mark released her ankles. Joe and John did the same for Lisa. "As they say, 'be careful what you wish for.'"

"You bastards," Kammi screamed at all of them as she stood up and John draped a robe around her. "You were here all the time !!"

"Of course we were. Didn't you trust us? Or were we so convincing that you actually forgot that we were playing a game? She didn't forget." Peter nodded in Lisa's direction. Lisa was sitting on a fallen tree trunk, also draped in a robe and gave a shrug in Kammi's direction. "She stayed in character. Someone else didn't. And someone else also used her safe word for the first time ever. I guess you're really not a virgin now. But relax," Peter continued. "You're forgiven. We'll take your lack of trust as a compliment to the quality of our acting. Oh, I guess you've met Bill and Frank. Guys, this is Lisa and this is Kammi. Hope you enjoyed your first play with us."

Bill laughed loudly. "You called me three days ago and said, 'We're doing some role play on Saturday night with two hot women in the woods. We need you to come by at about 10 o'clock and fuck them. Oh, by the way, they will be chained naked, gagged and spread-eagled on the ground. Are you interested? Here's what you need to know and do.' I made you repeat yourself. I didn't believe it. But then, with you, Peter, you never know what's real and what's not, do you?"


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