Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril)


By Eda Chang

Chapter 1

"Enter," Su Bo, Captain in the North Vietnam Army, more commonly referred to as the NVA, responded to the knock on the open door to her office and watched as the young male Corporal approached her desk.

"She is ready, Ma'am."

"Very efficient, Corporal. I will be there shortly."

"Yes, Ma'am. I will do nothing further until your arrival and instructions."

Captain Bo returned the Corporal's departing salute and was soon again alone in her office. She glanced down at the thin file on her desk. Not much information. No solid information at all, actually. The woman had appeared the day two weeks ago when a large number of soldiers had been transferred to Captain Bo as part of a reorganization of forces. She identified herself as Private Miko Trinh. Her papers seemed in order. But several soldiers in the platoon to which she had been assigned soon reported that the background story that she offered them was filled with holes and inconsistencies. And she had been asking too many questions. About sensitive subjects.

After the third such report, Captain Bo had done her own investigation. The NVA had no records of an active soldier named Miko Trinh. But there had been a private of that name killed several months earlier. True, NVA records were notoriously incomplete and inaccurate. But combining her information with the reports that she had received made it apparent to Captain Bo that questioning of this woman was in order. Serious questioning.

The single photo in her file showed a woman with reddish brown hair and a nice shape that her uniform could not hide. The information from the basic physical that she had taken upon her arrival stated that she was 5'6", weighed 120 pounds and was 24 years old. The same age that Captain Bo had been when she first enlisted in the NVA six years earlier. She glanced at the photo on her desk taken of her at the time when she had been an officer cadet. [See Captain Bo Photo]

After a few minutes the Captain rose from her chair and headed out of her office and down the corridor. There was no need to take the file. When she reached the door at the end of the corridor, she opened it and walked two flights down the stone steps. To the jail cells below. No walls, just iron bars on all four sides. Only these cells were no longer used for incarceration. No. They were now used solely for interrogation. And once an interrogation was over, well, no one was ever sentenced to remain in them. Oh, a few were released after proving their innocence. It was a high standard, to be sure, but after all, this was a fair society, unlike that of the war-mongering South. So a few were released. It made for good appearances. But only a few.

When the Captain reached the bottom of the stairs, she could see through several empty cells to the one where the Corporal had readied this Private Trinh for her questioning. As usual, he had done a good job. Exactly what she had ordered. The prisoner was naked, hanging by her ankles, which had been tightly roped together, the rope then secured to a chain that looped through a hook in the high ceiling and was secured to another hook attached to one of the bars of the cell. Her head was a few feet above the ground. The Captain knew, of course, why the men always chained their female prisoners at that height when ordered to hang them by their ankles, even though that was never a specification in her orders. Men were so predictable. The prisoner's elbows had been tied together behind her back very securely, forcing her chest out. Her breasts were a bit larger than she had expected for a women her size.

As the Captain entered the cell, she saw the Corporal pull back the prisoner's head by her hair. [See Miko Pic] "The Captain is here now. I suggest that you answer her questions fully and truthfully," he warned her before releasing her hair and sending her body swaying and spinning, finally grabbing her hair again to make certain that she faced the Captain, her body hanging straight down.

The cell was empty except for a table behind the prisoner on which lay an assortment of ropes, chains, gags, clamps and wires. At its center was a metal box from which protruded the handle of a metal iron. A small generator rested on a cart next to the near side of the table. On the floor at the far side of the table was a glass cube about 18" on each side, its top open, already filled with water. The Corporal was thorough. In front of the table was a single chair, which the Corporal brought to the Captain, positioning it about five feet in front of the prisoner.

"Private Trinh, if that's your name, which I know it is not," Captain Bo began, "let's make a few things clear before we begin. We know that you are not a soldier in the NVA. Your lies have already proven that. So what we want to know, and what you will tell us -- and, trust me, you will tell us, so you might make it easier on yourself and tell us sooner rather than later -- is who you really are and what your purpose was in attempting to infiltrate my forces."

Captain Bo could see the prisoner's body shaking, her nipples already hard . Yes, it was intentionally kept cold down here. But the Captain liked to think that her speeches were at least partly responsible for the shaking that she always saw in the prisoners she was about to question. Cold, yes, but also fear. Or maybe fear first.

Captain Bo turned the chair around, straddled it, placed her arms across its top and rested her chin on her hands, so that her face was the same height as her prisoner's. She stared into her eyes. "Now, before we begin, you must know that I have complete power over you. I can do to you anything that I want." The Captain saw the prisoner's body shake even more as she was reminded of the obvious. Yes, the Captain's speeches made a difference. "Let me demonstrate." The Corporal walked over to the table and took the iron out of the metal box holding it. The box's purpose obviously was to keep the iron hot, as its lower half glowed red.

The prisoner twisted to try to see what the Corporal was doing, but she could not until he appeared in front of her, holding the iron. "NNNNOOOoooooo," she screamed, as he touched its length first to the underside of her right breast, then across her stomach, leaving burn marks four inches long in each place. The prisoner twisted her body, trying vainly to move away from the heated metal, and continued to scream even as the Corporal returned the metal iron to the box on the table behind her.

"There. You see?" The Captain waited for the prisoner's screams to abate, leaving her breathing heavily. "I asked you a question. Do you see how we can do anything we want to you?"

"Yes .... Yes, ma'am," the prisoner quickly responded. Good, the Captain thought. Her first words to me are of obedience and understanding. And perhaps the Captain was wrong. Perhaps she was a soldier who automatically called male officers "sir" and female officers "ma'am."

"Now, what is your real name?"

'Private Miko Trinh ... ma'am. It is. I know ... you said that you ... don't believe that it is ... but it is." The prisoner's voice quavered. Captain Bo knew right then that she would not take too long to break.

"Why should I believe that, when you have already told so many lies to your fellow soldiers?"

The prisoner responded quickly. "No. They are lying.... They don't like me because ... I am new. I am the outsider.... So they have told you lies ... to try to have me removed ... from their platoon."

Chapter 2

"It's so sad," Captain Bo shook her head. "I gave you a chance to avoid serious pain. But you instead embarrass me and beg me for it by your continuing lies." The Captain nodded to the Corporal, and, before the prisoner could reassert her innocence, he shoved a white cloth -- the Captain thought it might be her removed panties -- deep into her mouth and secured it with a strip of duct tape across her lips. The prisoner's protests were now unintelligible. "I'll give you another chance in a while. I suggest that you take advantage of it when I do."

The Corporal rolled over the cart holding the generator, and quickly attached a wire from it to each of the prisoner's nipples. It was obvious that he had done this before. The prisoner's eyes widened and her body continued to shake as she furiously shook her head from side to side, her muffled protestations audible through the gag.

Without another word, the Corporal, after seeing a barely noticeable nod from the Captain, flicked a switch on the generator. A light on it turned from green to red. The Corporal put his hand on the knob below the light and began slowly to turn it clockwise. The shaking of the prisoner's body, and her muffled protests, increased. By the time the Corporal had rotated the knob a quarter of the way, the prisoner's screams through the gag were loud, if still incoherent, and, by the time he had rotated the knob half way around, her body was twitching, her waist flexing, moving her body up and down and side to side. She began to spin, but the tug of the clamps on her nipples stopped her spinning once the wires holding the clamps became taut. The Corporal looked at Captain Bo, who signaled him to remove his hand from the knob, neither increasing the current nor ending it. The two of them looked at the jolting, writhing, screaming prisoner before them, as the intensity of her screams grew even louder. Finally, the Captain nodded to the Corporal, who flicked the switch, returning the generator's light to green.

The prisoner's body continued to jolt for a few more seconds before her head fell back down and the line of her body again straightened vertically. Her chest heaved, in and out, second after second, as she desperately tried to suck in as much air as she could through her nostrils, her only possible source of the air she needed. For a full minute, Captain Bo watched, until the prisoner's breathing finally returned near to normal.

The Corporal walked up to the prisoner, and removed the duct tape, then the wad of cloth. "You're ... you're insane .... barbaric ..." the prisoner screamed at the Captain.

"Wrong response." The Captain nodded to the Corporal, who immediately shoved the cloth back into the prisoner's mouth. The Captain glanced at her pile of clothes on the floor a few feet away. Her pants, jacket, T-shirt and boots. So the Corporal was indeed using her panties to gag her. After again placing the duct tape across the prisoner's lips, the Corporal returned to the cart.

"This time, Private Trinh -- I'll call you that for now -- we are going to start where we left off, with the knob already halfway around." The Captain looked toward the Corporal, who flicked the switch, turning the light back to red, and moved the knob until it was three quarters of the way around. The prisoner's screams through her gag were now hideous, as her body jumped and lurched back and forth and spun and twisted in a vain effort somehow to stop the pain. A stream of liquid suddenly shot out between the prisoner's legs, and then dribbled down the front of her body and face, puddling on the floor below her. The Captain stared at her for a few more seconds, then signaled the Corporal, who, with a flick of the switch, returned the generator's light to green.

The Corporal rose and approached the writhing prisoner, again removing the duct tape and cloth. She again gulped in as much air as she could, her chest heaving desperately. The Captain was amazed that she could expand her chest so far to inhale every last oxygen molecule that she could.

"Perhaps this time your first words will be more honest," the Captain offered coldly.

The prisoner continued to gasp for air, unable to respond. After waiting another full minute, Captain Bo asked, "Shall I tell the Corporal to reinsert the gag and turn the dial all the way up?" The prisoner shook her head frantically.

"My ... my ... my ..."

"Your what?"

"My name ... is Miko ... Miko Nguyen."

"So you lied to me before?" Captain Bo forced the prisoner to admit.

"Yes. About my last name. Not about my first," Miko noted meaninglessly.

"And why did you lie about your name?"

"I was being stalked. By a former lover. I didn't want him to find me. So I fled to the army and changed my last name."

Chapter 3

"How convenient a story, Private Nguyen. You have the most common Vietnamese surname, yet you claim that you changed it, instead of your more unusual first name, to disappear from a former lover. I don't think so. Which means that you continue to lie to me."

The Corporal needed no further instruction. He picked up a small metal cylinder four inches long from the top of the cart, attached to the generator by a long wire, and walked over to the prisoner. With one hand, he separated her thighs enough to allow him to push the cylinder fully inside her vagina. "Now that is really going to be unpleasant," the Captain offered. "Corporal, don't gag her again. I want to hear how strong her lungs are."

"I've told you the truth," the prisoner screamed. "Private Miko Nguyen. That is my name. That is my rank. Please believe me. I told you I lied about it before, but this time ..."

The prisoner ended her sentence with a horrible scream as the Corporal flicked the generator switch and turned the knob until it could go no farther. Now her body shook even more frantically. The Captain stared at her twitching stomach muscles, then her shaking breasts, noting the burns across both from the metal iron. She looked up to see her pressed thighs holding the metal cylinder in place inside her. All the while the prisoner screamed at the top of her lungs -- as incoherently as before, even though she was no longer gagged -- the shrill sound broken only when she was forced to gasp for more air. The Corporal looked at the Captain for the signal to flip the switch to off, but the Captain stared mesmerized at the sight before her. Only after hearing the Corporal gently prod "Captain?" did she remember to signal him to stop.

The prisoner continued to struggle to fill her lungs with air, and, for the first time, the Captain noticed the burns around the prisoner's nipples and the wisp of smoke rising from between her thighs.

The Corporal removed the clamps on the prisoner's nipples, and then slowly removed the now blood soaked metal cylinder from her vagina. Apparently the prisoner's body had done its best to protect itself, but its efforts had been futile.

"Your name?" The Captain's words were cold.

"It is ... Miko Nguyen.... Miko Nguyern. I've told the truth. Wouldn't I tell you ... the truth ... after what you've done to me?" The prisoner's voice was raspy and barely audible.

"All right. I will accept that your name is Miko Nguyen." The Captain could see the prisoner close her eyes in relief. "What about your lies to our soldiers? Your lies about your background?"

"Please. Let me down. It is so hard to think this way."

"Exactly. So hard to think up lies. Now answer or I will move your interrogation to stage two."

"I ... I was just trying to impress the others. They all had such distinguished records and impressive service. So I made up some things to make my record sound better. But I wasn't good at it. They didn't believe me."

"And you repeatedly asked questions about confidential military information that no private has a right to be privy to."

"I was just trying to learn. Trying to keep up with the others."

The Captain shook her head. Seeing this, the prisoner again became frantic. "Please. You must believe me. I'm naive and stupid, that's all."

The Captain smiled slowly. "We'll let stage two determine whether that is all you are." Immediately the prisoner began to scream. "Save your breath. You are going to need it."

"Right to stage two, Captain?" The Captain heard the disappointment in the Corporal's voice. She thought for a minute. "All right, Corporal. You may take your small reward before we continue. You have earned it."

"Thank you, ma'am." The Corporal moved to the table, and then directly behind the hanging prisoner, holding a metal O ring gag. He forced it into her mouth and under her teeth, then pulled its straps behind her head, and moved around to stand in front of her, turning her body slightly so as not to block the Captain's view.

The Corporal unfastened his belt and pulled down his trousers and shorts to his knees. The Captain remembered, from her past interrogations with him, that he was a well-endowed man, but she had forgotten just how well-endowed. Especially when fully erect as he now was quickly becoming. She wished that he would salute her that way. And wondered why he hadn't ever used his marvelous organ on her. She made a mental note to remedy that fact at the first opportunity. Maybe even before they finished with this prisoner. Assuming that the Corporal could make a fast recovery.

The Corporal moved close to the prisoner and placed the tip of his penis into her open mouth, then reached around to grab the sides of her head, and slowly thrust himself into her mouth and throat, then back and forth. He was more methodical, the Captain thought, than the others. "I bet that he's a considerate lover under different circumstances," she thought.

The prisoner's thoughts at the moment, however, were quite different from the Captain's as she began to gag as the Corporal pushed himself into her throat and out again, over and over. For several minutes. Sometimes twisting his body to gain contact with all parts of her mouth. The Captain wondered how long he could continue.

Finally, the Corporal looked over to the Captain, as if to ask whether she wished him to finish. Yes, he would definitely be a considerate lover, she thought as she responded with a shrug, letting the Corporal know that he could end or continue as he wished. The Corporal responded with a smile, and simply continued to thrust himself in and out of the prisoner's throat for several more minutes. Then he looked back at the Captain and offered his own shrug, as he forced himself deeply into her throat and held himself there, as she gagged and struggled for air. Then he moved slightly out before thrusting one last time as deeply down her throat as he could, holding her head in place while he released himself and held himself there, before finally pulling himself out of her throat and mouth, watching her cough and gag as she tried to spit out as much of his white liquid as she could, the expelled portion running up her face into her hair. As she continued to cough, the Corporal pulled up his shorts and pants, rebuckled his belt, and turned to the Captain. "'Thank you, ma'am. Now I believe you ordered the interrogation to stage two?"

Chapter 4

"No, please," the prisoner begged as soon as she could stop herself from coughing. "Ask me what you want, I'm ready to tell you everything. No more lies."

"I'm afraid that's not how it works. When you tell me a lie, you must pay the price. And you have not paid for your last lies."

"What do you call what just happened to me?"

"Oh, that was a reward to the Corporal for his fine work. That had nothing to do with you."

The prisoner looked down to see that the Corporal had moved the glass cube filled with water directly under her head. He then moved to the chain holding the ropes that tied her ankles. She felt him release the other end from the hook on the bar and hold it in his hands, waiting for the signal from the Captain.

"I said that I was ready to talk !! Why are you continuing??!! I told you !!"

"And I already answered that question," the Captain replied calmly. "I also suggested that you save your breath."

Immediately the Corporal let the chain slip slowly through his fingers, sending the prisoner's body downward. She took in as deep a breath as she could just before her face entered the water. The Captain watched through the glass as the prisoner held her breath for as long as she could, and then expelled the air in her lungs. The Captain waited until she saw no more air bubbles and the prisoner's face grow desperate. She slowly counted to five before signaling the Corporal to raise the prisoner.

As soon as her face was out of the water, the prisoner once again gasped for breath. "Interesting," the Captain thought. "That's the common thread among these tortures. The electricity. The deep throat. The water torture. All take the prisoner's breath away. All leave her panicked and gasping for air."

"My God, no. No. Nooooo." The prisoner screamed as soon as she had recovered enough breath. "I told you. You've won. I'll tell you everything. Just stop !!"

The Captain nodded to the Corporal, who once again released the chain, lowering the prisoner's face into the water. This time the prisoner did not get as full a breath in her lungs and expelled her air much more quickly. Once again, after seeing the end of her air bubbles, the Captain counted slowly to five before signaling the Corporal to pull her back up. And once again the prisoner gulped frantically for air. But the Captain immediately nodded to the Corporal, who sent the prisoner's face down yet again into the cube of water. Back up and then quickly back down. Again. And again. Now the prisoner barely had any breath at all when she was lowered into the water, and was completely frantic.

After the eighth dunking, the Captain held up her hand, and stared as the prisoner's chest heaved to try to suck up all the oxygen in the room. Over and over. For two full minutes. Until the prisoner began to sob uncontrollably. She was fully broken, the Captain knew. Now she would hear the truth.

"You may start whenever you are ready."

"Please. Take me down. Please."

"You will not be released until you have told me everything."

The prisoner was silent for a long moment, surprising both the Captain and the Corporal. Then she slowly shook her head. "What's the point? You are not going to let me down. You are not going to stop torturing me no matter what I do. Even if I tell you everything. So what's the point? Just do what you're going to do to me. Whether I tell you or not will not matter."

"Actually, my dear Miko, you are wrong about that." For the first time the Captain sounded sympathetic. "That's not how we operate in the North. We are not barbaric like those in the South. I promise you on my mother's grave that, if you tell us everything, there will be no more torture and no more sexual abuse. In fact, I promise that you will be released. There are prisoner exchanges moderated by neutral countries you know, and I promise that we will include you in the next one."

The prisoner stared at the Captain. "She tells you the truth," the Corporal offered. "She loved her mother very much and would not risk damning her. She will not break an oath sworn on her mother's grave. I have seen her keep her word every time I have worked with her."

"But you .... you already know," the prisoner wearily began. "My name is Miko Nguyen, as I told you. I am a Private, but I was not a Private in the NVA, but in the Army of the Republic." She immediately realized that was not the name she should use. "The South Vietnamese army," she quickly corrected. "I was asked to volunteer to infiltrate your army in order to learn how much aid the Chinese were providing the NVA and when it was planning its offensive. That is everything that I have to confess."

"How long have you infiltrated?"

"Just these last two weeks. When I joined your forces."

"And what did you learn? What did you report back to the South?"

Private Nguyen again began to sob. "Nothing. I learned nothing and I reported nothing."

The Captain looked at her, and knew that, unless she was the greatest actress on the continent, her admission of the total failure of her efforts was true. Besides, what could she have learned? The other soldiers suspected her immediately.

The Captain walked up to the prisoner and grabbed her cheeks between the thumb and fingers of her right hand. "I believe you. You failed. And have nothing more to give me." The Captain released her grip and headed out of the cell, turning back to direct her words to the Corporal, who was now standing about eight feet behind the prisoner. "Corporal, as you know and as you told Private Nguyen, I keep my word. No more torture. No more abuse. Release her. And submit her name to the prisoner exchange." The Captain moved out of sight, the sound of her boots ascended the stairs.

"Yes, ma'am," the Corporal called back at her. Private Nguyen hung straight down, her eyes closed. Would she really be part of a prisoner exchange, she wondered.

Her answer came quickly. As soon as he could no longer hear the sounds of the Captain's footsteps, he withdrew his pistol from its holster, aimed it at Private Nguyen's upper back, between her shoulder blades and just above her tied elbows and wrists, and pulled the trigger. He heard her grunt loudly, and fired again, two inches to the side of his first shot. Another loud grunt. The Private's body jolted forward, then swayed back before the chain holding her ankles again came to rest. The Corporal walked around to the front side of her body, stepped back, and fired a third shot into her left breast. The body barely moved. There was no third grunt. No sound at all other than the bullet hitting flesh. The Corporal walked up to the hanging woman and felt her neck for a pulse. There was none. He walked again behind her and unbound and released her elbows and wrists. Her hands fell straight down to the sides of her head. He would release her ankles after he summoned for a cart to wheel away her body.

He had followed the Captain's orders precisely, as he always did. As ordered, he had not tortured her further. As ordered, he had not sexually abused her further. As ordered, he had released her arms and would soon release her ankles. He had also released her from further pain and from the present world. So the soul of the Captain's mother was safe, if only technically. And Private Nguyen would indeed be part of the next prisoner exchange, as the Captain had also promised. The Captain had simply failed to mention to her that the prisoner exchanges between the two sides, at present, included only soldiers KIA -- Killed in Action.

Only one question remained on the Corporal's mind. He had noticed that the Captain always seemed to enjoy his sexual work on the prisoner. He even thought he saw the Captain's hand move briefly between her legs near the end of it. He hoped that the time might soon come when he might be allowed to use his talents on a woman who would still be alive the next day.


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