Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril)


By Eda Chang

Chapter 1

"That one. The one in the red dress with the long dark hair." Sitting in the front seat of the van parked across the street from the Sha Nang restaurant, John handed the binoculars to Daniel in the back seat. This was their first major assignment for the Infidel drug cartel, they knew that they better not mess it up.

"The Asian woman? Looks to be in her late 20s?" Daniel stared into the binoculars at a man and woman standing by a window near the restaurant's entrance. The woman must have already been there when the man arrived, as they did not see her enter the restaurant.

"Yes. Nice piece of ass. Ramon has good taste."

"They're walking together over to a table." Daniel handed the binoculars back to John.

The two men had tailed Ramon from his home to the restaurant. He was a top member of the Infidel's rival cartel, the Pinks. Strange name for a drug cartel, John had always thought. But the Pinks' brutality rivaled that of the Infidels, no matter what their name sounded like.

"So she is the one passing information about our operations to the Pinks."

"That means that we're halfway there. Now we just need to find out who in the Infidels is giving the information to her. And we know how to do that."

John again looked through the binoculars but the man and woman were no longer in sight. "Now we wait," John instructed. "They didn't arrive together and they won't leave together."

An hour later, they saw Ramon leave through the front door of the restaurant and get into a waiting cab. Alone, as John had predicted. The two continued to watch. Just before the restaurant's closing time, they saw the woman leave through the restaurant’s front door, cross the street and walk to a parking lot just in front of the men's car, her black heels clicking against the sidewalk. The lot was dark. This would be easy, John thought as he started the van's engine and swung into the parking lot with its lights off. They could barely see the woman approach one of the few cars still in the lot at that late hour – a car parked alone in a far corner.

As the woman fumbled in her purse for her keys, John pulled the van next to her. Daniel slid open the side door and, before she could scream, punched her hard in the stomach, knocking the air out of her lungs. As she grunted in pain and doubled over, Daniel pulled a chloroform-soaked handkerchief from his pocket and held it over her nose and mouth. Seconds later, he caught her as she went limp. He dragged her unconscious body into the back of the van.

Chapter 2

As John drove toward the Infidels' complex, Daniel rolled the woman onto her stomach, tied her wrists behind her back and tied her ankles together. "She's small," he called to John, "but she's got a nice body. A real nice body." Daniel shoved a rag into her mouth and held it in place with a piece of masking tape.

"Wonder what she's going to think when she comes to," Daniel slipped his hands between the van's floor and the woman's body to squeeze her breasts. "Decent size."

"Get your mind focused," John shot back. "We have only one assignment -- to find out where she gets her information. Don't forget that. If fucking her will help us get that information, then OK, we fuck her. But only if it helps."

"Oh, I'm sure it will help," Daniel replied.

Fifteen minutes later, John stopped the van in front of a small building deep inside the Infidels' walled compound. The two men dragged the still unconscious woman out of the van and through a side door to the building. Both men had been inside this building before -- the smaller of two "information" rooms that the cartel used. Both men had seen higher ranking members of the Infidels use this room to torture -- and sometimes execute -- men and women from rival cartels, including the Pinks. Or from their own cartel. Anyone whose actions threatened -- or were suspected of threatening -- the Infidels' territory, control or power. Or anyone who required serious persuasion before sharing information that they had – or even were suspected of having – that would – or just might – provide valuable to the Infidels. The woman whom they now dragged to the table in the center of the room certainly fell into this category.

Previously the two men had only watched others perform the interrogations, tortures and executions. But now they were charged with the responsibility of learning from this woman the important information that she held: who in the Infidels had betrayed them to the Pinks? They were authorized to get this information from her by any means necessary.

John and Daniel quickly secured the woman's wrists and ankles to metal cuffs at the four corners of the table, locking them so tightly that it would have been difficult to slide even a small hairpin between the metal and the woman's skin. Since the table had been designed for men, this shorter captive -- Daniel figured that she was about 5'4" and 115 pounds -- was stretched tightly on top of it, her body forming an X. Daniel noticed how her dress, modest when she stood upright, now rose to the middle of her upper thighs. She had nice legs, too, he thought. And she certainly would not be wearing that dress for long.

John felt a twinge of pity for her, knowing that the next few hours were going to be the most horrible, and possibly the last, of her life. He hoped that Ramon had been a great lay for her because she was now going to pay a very steep price for whatever pleasure he had brought her. But John's twinge of pity passed quickly. By passing the Infidels’ secrets to the rival Pinks, this woman had become a serious danger to their entire organization. More importantly to him, he knew that if he did not force the woman to reveal her contact within the Infidels, he might soon find himself stretched on this same table with no more left between his legs than its present occupant had between hers.

Chapter 3

The woman opened her eyes, which widened when she realized that she could not move her arms and legs. Her eyes darted between the two men standing over her, one on each side of the table. She tried to speak through the gag but had no hope of making herself understood. Daniel rubbed his hand over her stomach. Her body immediately tensed and she started to shake her head.

"Oh, you're going to start moaning 'yes' when I get on top of you," Daniel moved his face close to hers, which grew more terrified. She tried to turn away from him, but he grabbed her chin in his hands and forced her to look directly into his eyes. "You have information that we want and you are going to give it to us. All of it. Everything. You are going to answer every question we ask. You are going to answer questions we don't ask. If we want to know the name of the guy you lost your virginity to when you were 14, you are going to include his middle name, birthday and the size of his dick. Do you understand?"

The woman nodded furiously, sounds of what the men now guessed were promises of cooperation trying to escape through the gag.

"But first," Daniel continued, "we want you to realize how completely helpless you are so that you will not hesitate for a single second to answer every question we ask." Her eyes moved to the sound of poorly oiled wheels as John rolled a cart next to the table. On it, the woman could see a small generator and wires. "This is just the beginning for you if we think for a second that you are holding out on us. Understood?" The woman nodded even more feverishly than the first time.

"Now my friend here gets the honors because he's senior to me." Daniel took a step back as John hopped onto the table, his feet straddling the woman's body before he sat down across her hips. He pulled out a switchblade. The woman tried desperately to move her body away from it, hopelessly pulling at the metal cuffs holding her wrists and ankles. She bit her lip as John moved the blade to her chest, and was relieved when he used it not on her skin, but to flick off the buttons running down the front of her dress. After he had removed all of them, he put the knife down on the side of the table, reached one hand to each side of the dress's bodice and yanked it open, revealing the white bra and panties underneath. He moved his hands under her bra's cups and began to massage her breasts and nipples. The woman tried to protest through her gag but by this time, her unintelligible sounds were merely background noise to the two men.

John lifted the bra cups to the woman's neck, exposing her breasts, a decent B-size for her body. He began to suck on them. The woman started to sob softly and her stomach began to shake. John bit her nipples gently before inhaling nearly her entire left breast. The woman's moan was noticeably different from her prior sounds. John released her breast and smiled as he looked up at her to see that her eyes were closed. He moved to her right breast and heard the same moan as he again used his teeth and then his entire mouth on it.

When John finally rose from the table, he saw the woman looking at him, confused. "Yes, if you cooperate, we can be very nice to you, as you have just seen. You liked that, didn't you?" The woman didn't know whether to nod her head yes or shake her head no, so she did neither. John pulled two wires from the generator to show the woman the serrated alligator clamps attached to their ends. "But, if you don't ...." He snapped the clamps open and shut several times, "we will not be so nice." He released the wires, which retracted into the generator.

Now it was Daniel's turn to help the woman understand even better how helpless she was. He picked up the switchblade that John had left on the table and flicked it between the bra's cups, then cut the shoulder straps and pulled the bra off her. Her nipples -- hardened from fear, cold and John's work on them -- poked straight up from her breasts. Daniel moved to the foot of the table, cut through the hemline of the woman’s dress and pulled it open so that it lay flat between the table and her backside, offering no protection and leaving her wearing only her white panties and black heels.

"Any bets on whether she's shaved," Daniel looked at John. He moved the knife to the woman's right hip.

"Only high class Asians are shaved," John offered his supposed knowledge, "so I guess we'll see if she's high class. My bet is yes."

Daniel flicked the blade through the side of the woman's panties, which wrapped around her left thigh, revealing, as John had predicted, that she was completely shaved.

"Damn you're good," Daniel stared between the woman's legs. "Shit, she's so smooth I'll bet she shaved right before meeting our dear Mr. Ramon. I wonder why they didn't fuck tonight. She sure must have been ready for it. I guess maybe they were just too nervous about leaving together. Hell, I would have fucked her in the kitchen in front of all the cooks if I had to. Hey, maybe they did." Daniel pulled her panties off her, then tugged the dress out from under her body, leaving her entirely naked except for her black heels.

Chapter 4

Now it was once again John's turn. "I can make you even happier than before." He began to stroke between her legs, and then inserted his middle finger inside her, finding her wet as he expected he would. "Or, as I also showed you, I can make things extremely painful for you. I'm going to remove your gag, and you are going to tell me which it is going to be. OK?"

The woman nodded her head vigorously. John leaned over and slowly removed the tape sealing her lips, then pulled out the rag. She was breathing heavily.

"Pain?" John looked over to Daniel, who was holding the two wires to the generator. "Or pleasure?" John moved his hand back between the woman's legs.

"I ... I'll cooperate. What do you want to know?" The woman could not get the words out fast enough.

"I want to know who inside the Infidel cartel is giving you the information that you are passing to the Pinks? That's it. That's all I want to know."

The woman instantly became hysterical. "Noooo," she screamed. "What's going on? I don't have any informer. I don't pass information. I don't know Infidels and Pinks, whatever they are !!"

John shook his head slowly. "I was so afraid that you were not going to cooperate." He stepped to the side and Daniel moved over the woman's body, holding the two serrated clips attached to the ends of the wires from the generator.

"No !! I'm telling the truth. I don't know what you're talking about !!"

"Now how many times have I heard that?" John continued to shake his head, as Daniel attached the clamps to her nipples, drawing a trickle of blood and a scream as each was attached. John grabbed a ring gag from the middle shelf of the cart and shoved it into the woman's open mouth before tying it behind her neck. "We're not going to let you change your mind until after we've given you a taste of what refusal means." The woman's protests once again became incomprehensible.

Daniel moved to the generator and pulled out a third wire. "Stick out your tongue," he ordered the woman. She shook her head. "I'll give you five seconds to stick out your tongue or I'll put this one between your legs."

Slowly the woman stuck out her tongue and Daniel attached the serrated clamp to its tip. He walked back to the generator and pulled out a fourth wire. "You thought I only had three, I bet. Now this one will go where the other one didn't." The woman pulled desperately at her bonds, trying vainly to close her legs, but a second later she felt the clamp's sharp edges close on her labium. She was grateful he had not taken the time to find an even more sensitive spot.

Daniel walked back to the generator and gripped the knob. "In about 10 seconds you are going to wish that you had cooperated." He turned the knob half way. Instantly, the woman's body arched off the table as far as her bonds allowed. She pulled hard on her wrists and ankles around which rings of chafed skin soon appeared. Her scream soon followed -- loud and raw. It sounded to John like her vocal cords were going to leap out of her throat. He could see the sweat quickly form on her body. She shook her head from side to side as Daniel's hand remained firm on the knob for a full ten seconds before he turned it back to zero. The woman's body quickly crashed to the table.

John pulled out a pin holding a hinge under the woman's head, allowing the portion of the table to drop her head to perpendicular to the rest of her body. As her chest continued to heave, John unzipped his pants and had his penis in his hand even before he reached the top of the table. He removed the clamp from her tongue and with a single thrust pushed himself deep inside the woman's mouth before she could take a breath. As he pumped inside her mouth and throat, her face started to turn blue from lack of oxygen, but John continued to thrust himself deep into her throat as her entire body spasmed.

When Daniel climbed onto the table and moved his body on top of the woman's, pressing down on her lungs, John finally realized that he needed to allow her to breathe. He watched her shudder for a few seconds in what appeared to be a giant edge play orgasm before he pulled himself out of her mouth and ejaculated on her face.

As he moved inside her and began to thrust, Daniel removed the clamp between the woman's legs, but left the two on her nipples. John pulled the board under the woman's head back up and secured the pin that he had previously removed. He marveled at Daniel's stamina, though he could not tell whether the woman was enjoying her ordeal, the sounds of pleasure and pain being so similar.

Chapter 5

When Daniel finally shot his sperm deep into the woman and climbed off her, John carefully removed the clips from her twisted and distended nipples so as not to injure them further. The woman was gulping in all the air that she could, her body so bathed in sweat that John was sure that, had she not been restrained, she would have slid off the table.

"All right. Second chance." John removed the ring gag. Slowly the woman closed her jaw. "We only went up half way on the electric current. I'm sure you noticed that. We can go a lot higher if you continue your recalcitrant behavior. Recalcitrant. You're a smart woman. I'm sure you know what that means. And we have even worse punishments. Much worse."

From the back of the generator Daniel pulled a glowing metal iron that ended in the shape of a capital T.

"We're very modern, you see," John explained to the woman. "We don't need braziers and hot coals to heat our metal. We just use the back of the generator to keep them ready. And you may have figured out for yourself that the T stands for Traitor to the Infidels."

"I told you," the woman screamed. "I don't know what Infidels is. Or are. I don't know what Pinks are. I don't know!!" The woman screamed in response.

"Still not cooperating. Not a wise choice." John was starting to worry. He needed this woman to tell him the name of her informant, and she was resisting even after the long electroshock treatment, her sexual violations and the threat of a hot iron.

"I am trying to cooperate," the woman screamed. "But I don't know what you're talking about. I don't know what you want from me !!"

"The name of your informant from within the Infidel organization!! That's all. Simple enough. The person who gives you the information that you pass on to the Pinks. To Ramon."

"I don't know any Pinks!! I don't know any Ramon!!" The woman's cries were more and more determined. "Who are they?"

John took the heated iron from Daniel and held it a few inches above the woman's left breast. "You met Ramon this evening. We saw you talking to him."

"I told you. I don't know anyone named Ramon !!"

"Show her a photo of Ramon," John instructed Daniel. Daniel pulled from his pocket a photo that their superiors had given them earlier in the day. He held it in front of the woman.

"I don't know that person, whoever he is. I don't know him."

"We know that you know him!!" John screamed at her. Now John was as desperate as the woman. "You were with him tonight !! We saw you with him !!"

"I don't know him !! You're wrong !! You've got the wrong woman!! You're mistaking me for someone else !!"

Completely frustrated by the woman's denials, and terrified at what failure might mean, John suddenly snapped. Enraged, he thrust the hot iron into the underside of her breast. The smell of burning flesh instantly filled the small room. He moved the iron around her body, repeatedly pressing it into her breasts, stomach, arms and thighs. At least 10 times he jammed it into her flesh. "Now tell me. Tell me now !!" His screams were as loud as hers. "Tell me or I'll shove this completely up your cunt !!" John’s and Daniel’s terror grew as they realized that the woman's screams had stopped. Her open eyes stared straight ahead. Daniel quickly moved to the top of the table and felt the woman's neck. His eyes widened. "We are totally fucked." He looked at John. "She is dead."

Chapter 6

The two men sat in silence, staring at the woman's motionless body. John moved his hand over her heart and confirmed that the woman was dead. "What are we going to do? They are going to have our balls for this." John buried his head in his hands. Daniel looked at his watch. "The boss said he'd check on us in an hour. It's been almost 90 minutes. We better tell him before he gets here. It will be better for us. If he comes here first and finds this ..." They both looked back at the naked, spread-eagled and expired woman, the front of her body from her thighs to the tops of her breasts covered with blackened Ts from the end of the hot iron. John nodded. He dialed his cell phone. His hands were shaking.

The boss answered on the third ring, although it seemed like forever to John. "John, what've you got?"

"She didn't talk, Boss. We tortured the shit out of her, but she didn't talk."

"What? Wait there. I'll be right down. I'll make her talk !!"

"No, Boss. You can't. She's dead."

"She's dead? Before talking? I'll be right there." John heard the boss slam down the receiver.

Knowing he boss would be there in just a few minutes, Daniel quickly jammed the hot iron into the dead woman a dozen more times, and then thrust it between her legs with only the final inch of its shaft visible. He knew that the boss had to believe that they had tortured the woman even more severely than they had, and that it was not their fault, but only their misfortune, to have run into a woman with the incredible strength and determination not to talk while enduring such horrific agony. The boss needed to believe that they had tortured her more severely than any other member of the cartel had ever tortured any captive. After finishing with the hot iron, Daniel took two stiletto blades from the cart and rammed them vertically through the woman's breasts before sitting down next to John.

The two men did not move when the boss entered the room with three bodyguards. He walked to the dead woman on the table. He tested her bonds to confirm that she had been well restrained and stretched. He saw the white liquid on her face. He ran his fingers across the ugly burns inflicted over the entire front of her body. He pulled out the stiletto knives from her breasts. He noted the whiteness of her nipples that showed him how tightly the clamps had pinched them with their serrated edges. Both nipples were surrounded by blood.

"She withstood all this?" The boss asked calmly.

"Yes, sir," John responded. "I don't know how."

"So you failed?"

"Yes, sir," John said slowly. "We failed."

"And do you know why you failed?"

"Sir, with respect, I think that she was just stronger than anyone else who has been down here."

"That may be true." The boss turned to face the two men, his words giving them some hope that their own life expectancies might exceed the dead woman’s by more than thirty minutes. A very painful thirty minutes. "But that's not why you failed." The men's hopes instantly vanished. "No. You failed because ... you fucking captured the wrong woman !! This woman didn't talk because this woman knew nothing !!" John and Daniel looked at each other. "But, sir," John finally responded, "we followed Ramon to the restaurant and this was the woman he was talking with in the restaurant. They even arrived and left separately to try to throw us off the track."

"You know, I should have your penises cut off and stuffed in each others' mouths. But I won't. You're lucky. I've had time to cool down. Because I knew an hour ago that you hadn't captured the right woman. Do you know how I knew that? I knew that because I sent two other of my men -- two who are not idiots like you -- as backup. And they captured the right woman, who's now in the main interrogation room awaiting commencement of her interrogation. I just didn't know that you had captured anyone." He looked at John. "You were in charge of this. You can be sure that it's the last time you'll be in charge of anything other than holding my dick when I piss. Get out of here."

These last four words were music to John's ears. He was out the door before the boss could change his mind.

Chapter 7

"Martin," the boss looked at one of his three bodyguards. "Take a look." The boss nodded in the direction of the dead woman. "What do you see?"

Martin walked closer to the woman, looked at her face, and glanced back at the boss. "The hostess ... well, former hostess ... at the Sha Nang restaurant. We've dined there a few times."

"That's right," the boss glared at Daniel. "She's the fucking hostess at the restaurant !! Of course she was talking with Ramon for a few seconds. While she showed him to his table. She greets and talks with all of the restaurant's customers and shows them to their tables. Hundreds a night. That's all you saw. And no, she wouldn't know or remember Ramon any more than she would any of the restaurant's customers who weren't regulars there. And Ramon certainly wasn't a regular there. He wouldn't go to his usual place where he might be recognized meeting with his informant. So you just tortured, and quite brutally killed -- for which I have to give you credit -- an innocent woman. You saw her talk for a second with Ramon and that was all you needed to decide she was the one. And of course she left after he did. As I said, she's the fucking hostess. She has to work until the last customers are seated, just before the restaurant closes its kitchen."

"I'm so sorry, boss." Daniel could barely get the words out. The boss had let John leave but not Daniel, which did not bode well for him, he thought. Even though John had been in charge and was the one more responsible for the major screw up. He felt his heart beating in his chest.

"I'm going to give you a second chance," the boss told Daniel after what seemed to Daniel an interminable few seconds.. "But learn. What should you have done? Well, my other men entered the restaurant after it closed and let the owner know that it was very important for his well-being to show them its security tapes, which he immediately agreed to do. On the tapes they saw Ramon meet a female at the back of the restaurant. He talked with her for 15 minutes. Then she left out the back door and drove away. He waited 45 minutes and then left out the front, where you saw him."

The boss paused to make certain that Daniel's foolishness registered with him. "So my men called our paid contact inside the police department and had him trace her license plate. They went to her apartment, where they got lucky. She had apparently gone out partying after her encounter with Ramon -- maybe he'd paid her off and she was celebrating -- and they got back to her apartment just before she did. She saw them standing in front of it and tried to turn back, but they caught her in the elevator and forced her into the trunk of their car. Now I'm going to ask her the questions and you are going to provide the incentives. Don't fuck up again. Understood?"

Daniel nodded, relieved. Although he knew that this time he must not fail. Not only to make up for his prior fuck up, but because this time the boss himself would be there watching his every action.

"You two," the boss pointed to the two guards closest to the door, "get rid of her body in the usual fashion." Daniel knew this meant to dump the hostess in a deep lye pit in the middle of a large construction site that the Infidel operated. Daniel had been given the disposal assignment himself once.

"Martin, you come with us." Daniel and Martin followed the boss out of the room.

It was a bit of a walk to the old barn housing the main dungeon – a single large room, better equipped than the one in which the Sha Nang hostess had met her unnecessary – and unhelpful -- demise.

Chapter 8

Inside, three people stood at the center of the room. Two men with a woman in between them. Her ankles were cuffed to the ends of chains embedded in the floor about three feet apart. Her wrists were cuffed behind her back. She was naked. Near the door to the room was a table on which rested the woman's black dress, underwear and heels. She had obviously been forced to remove her own clothes and had done so delicately so as not to ruin them. This woman was an optimist, Daniel smiled to himself, who thought she might have a chance to wear those clothes again.

This woman was bigger than the poor Sha Nang hostess. Caucasian. Short blonde hair. A natural blonde, Daniel could quickly determine. With larger than average size breasts. She looked defiantly at the men who had just entered the room, her eyes finally fixing on the boss as soon as she determined that he was the one who would decide her fate. The three men joined the other two to form a semi-circle around her.

"So," the boss began, "I don't recognize you as a member or relative of any of the members of our organization."

"You got that right," the woman sneered at him. "I wouldn't ever be associated with your filth !!"

"Well, obviously you were associated with at least one of our 'filth,' to use your word, since you passed on information about us to our enemies."

"I wouldn't waste my time doing that. You want to kill them and they want to kill you and you can both go ahead and do that for all I care !!"

The boss walked up to the woman and pinched her left nipple hard until he saw her wince. "That's better," he smiled. "I think you do feel that way. Yes. I think you're just in it for the money. How much does Ramon pay you? You do know Ramon, don't you?" He released his grip and took a step back to look into her eyes.

"Of course I know Ramon. I was having dinner with him earlier today. A few hours before your goons grabbed me."

"And why were you meeting with Ramon for dinner?"

"Because I like him and he likes me."

"And because he pays you a lot of money for information you give him about our operation. So what I need to know from you is simple: who is your contact in the Infidels?"

"I told you. I wouldn't be caught dead near any of your fucking Infidels."

"Well, if you're not careful, you will soon find yourself dead among several of us." The boss turned his back and nodded at Daniel. "She needs some loosening up. She's all yours. I'll watch." The boss sat down in a chair by the table on top of which the woman's clothes lay.

Daniel walked over to another table by the far wall of the room and examined some articles on top of it and on its shelves underneath. He picked up a few small items. The woman strained to see what they were, but could not identify them before he put them in his pocket.

"Martin, drop those two long chains." Daniel pointed toward the rafters, where several long chains lay on a beam crossing the barn about 15 feet overhead. Martin pulled a lever attached to a post that rose from the barn's floor to its roof. The two chains dropped off the beam, leaving their ends hanging in front of the woman about four feet above the floor.

Daniel pulled two metal clamps out of his pocket, attached them to the ends of the chains and quickly secured the clamps to the woman's nipples. When he released the chains holding them, the chains retracted toward the barn roof, forcing her onto her toes. Daniel smiled as he heard a distinct grunt pass her lips – the first indication of anything other than the defiance that he had previously heard from her.

Chapter 9

"Release her ankles," Daniel directed the men standing around the woman, and they obeyed. With her ankles free, the woman shifted her weight to find the point on the barn floor where her position pulled least on the chains holding the clamps attached to her nipples. She was forced to arch her back and remain as balanced and steady as possible. She tried to keep her chest still as she breathed, using her stomach muscles to suck in air through her mouth.

"I think she's ready for a few questions," Daniel looked over to the boss.

"Not yet. I think Martin deserves a reward first."

Martin needed to hear nothing more. He slid off his shoes and pants, revealing his large, already semi-erect penis. The woman's expression turned to horror as she realized her peril.

"Now I shouldn't have to warn you about this, Ma'am," Martin offered politely as he approached her, "but, when I lift your body, you had best not struggle. Because, if I drop you, well, you are going to wind up on the floor and your nipples are going to stay hanging in the air."

The woman was too terrified to offer any smart-mouth response. Or any response at all. She simply nodded feverishly.

Martin reached around her with both hands and grabbed behind her knees, lifting and pulling them toward him to move his body between them. Then he shifted his hands one at a time from behind her knees to under her buttocks, easily pushed himself inside her. He began to thrust back and forth, which rhythmically stretched and then relaxed the strain on her nipples. She was now screaming constantly, whether in pain or pleasure or a combination made no difference to Martin, who was experiencing only delight as he pushed into her.

Between her screams the woman shouted, over and over, "Please let me down gently when you're through. Gently. Gently please. Gently." Daniel watched in fascination. Even with his audience, Martin remained under control as the pace of his thrusts increased. Finally, when he had reached his final stroke, he held himself inside her as deeply as he could, grunting with his teeth clenched as he released himself into her.

"Gently. Gently," she screamed, as he opened his eyes to look into her tear stained face. He smiled and let her down very gently, as she had requested. The woman struggled for a few seconds to regain her balance and position under the chains, until she stood as she had before, on her toes, her nipples stretched above her.

"Was she a good lay, Martin?" The boss asked. "Was it a nice reward?"

"Very nice, Boss. Thank you, yes. Very nice. She's very tight."

The boss rose from his chair and moved next to the woman. "And what about you, blondie? Was Martin good for you, too?"

The woman nodded frantically, afraid to do anything else.

"Good," the boss continued. "And now that you've had some pleasure, it's time for some information. Who is your contact in the Infidels? From whom are you getting the information that you passed on to Ramon?

The woman shook her head. "I've told you ..."

"You've told me lies !! Do you know what will happen if you keep telling me lies?" The boss walked behind the woman, who tried to turn her head to see what he was going to do. He moved close behind her, pushing against her buttocks. She could feel his hard penis against her backside. He wrapped his arms around her, his hands finding her breasts and clamped nipples. He squeezed her breasts and then moved his right foot on top of the arch of her right foot and forced her heel down to the floor. She screamed as her nipples distended. He felt her entire body tense in pain before he finally removed his foot. She quickly moved back onto her toes. Once again he in front of her. "This is only the beginning if you don't talk..."

Chapter 10

"But Daniel, I promised you that you would be in charge of this part of the interrogation. That I would only ask the questions. So please resume." The boss moved back to his chair.

Daniel walked over to the far table and picked up a hood. "Why don't you at least tell me your name so I'll know who owns this beautiful body?"

The woman thought for a moment. "Grace," she replied.

"Grace. A very nice name. Grace, I lied just now, you know that. I lied when I said that you owned a beautiful body. You understand that, actually, I now own your body. You understand that, don't you?" He looked directly at her grimacing face, pained from the pinch and stretch on her nipples. She nodded.

"No, Grace. Say it. Say that I own your body. I've shown you what will happen if you don't listen. And tell me what I should do to your body."

"You... own my body," Grace stared at Daniel's eyes. And... you should fuck my body."

"That's better." He slipped the hood over her head and tightened it at her throat. "Now you can still hear me, can't you?"


"Good. Now where should I fuck your body?"

Grace hesitated, not sure whether there was a right answer, then finally responded: "In... in my ass. In my ass. You should fuck me in my ass."

"And Grace," Daniel's voice was soothing, "I might just do that later. But, for now, I'm going to give you some encouragement to tell me who your Infidel contact is. You just tell me when you're ready to talk and I will stop. Are you ready?" No response. "Grace, are you ready?" Daniel asked more firmly.

Grace's entire body began to shake. "No. No. I'm not." Daniel looked back at the boss. Both smiled. This would not take long, Daniel thought.

"Well, unfortunately for you, Grace, I am." He pulled from his pocket a small box holding 50 thin pins, each nearly an inch long. He took one out of the box and jammed it into the underside of Grace's left breast. Her body jolted and she let out a short gasp of pain.

"Grace, that was a small pin. I've got 50 of them. I'm going to start jabbing them into you one by one." Grace made no response as her body continued to shake.

After Daniel jammed each pin into Grace, he waited four or five seconds to see if she was ready to talk before jabbing the next one into her. Ten into the underside of each breast, forming a semi-circle. Five more into each breast to complete a circle surrounding her clamped nipples. With each pin, Grace let out a short scream, each growing just a bit louder as Daniel continued to jam the pins into her.

"Grace, your knees are starting to buckle. Be strong. You don't want to lose your nipples, do you?"

Next Daniel made a line with the pins running down from her stomach through her belly to her pubic bone.

"Grace, have you been counting? Do you know how many I have left?" Grace was whimpering constantly now. Trickles of blood seeped down from her breasts and stomach. "Well, the answer is six." Daniel began to jam these last six pins into her labia. After jabbing the last of them into her -- 50 pins in little more than 5 minutes -- he stepped back to admire his work. "Grace, you look lovely. But do you have anything to tell me?" Slowly the hood moved side to side. "Grace, you are being so stubborn. That's not good for your health."

Daniel began to worry that Grace too was not going to talk, even after thinking, just a minute earlier, that she was about to break. And, if she did not talk, the boss was not going to like it all. Two failures in one night. Daniel moved back to the far table and picked up two items from one of its lower shelves, then returned to his subject. He was going to have to convince her and he knew that he had only a little time before the boss lost his patience with him.

"Grace, so far I've been creating small holes in your body with the pins. But now I'm going to fill the larger holes in your body, the ones that God put there." He moved up to her and removed the hood. It took a minute for her eyes to adjust to the light before she could see the dozens of pins thrust into her body, particularly her breasts, and the trickles of blood they had caused. She started to sob.

Chapter 11

"Grace, you've brought this on yourself, you know. And you're crying without even seeing my next two presents for you."

She looked at him. He held up a tapered metal dildo. "We're going to grow up from pins now." He turned a knob at its base of and dozens of small metal spikes moved out from the inside it. He turned the knob back and the spikes retracted. "I have two of these and you know where they are going to go, because you're a smart girl. Well, apparently not smart enough to tell us what we want to know so that you can avoid more pain."

Daniel inserted his ring and middle fingers between Grace's legs. "Very wet. I assumed so." She tried to keep her legs closed but was too weak to resist as Daniel slowly inserted one of the dildos -- its spikes still retracted -- into her. "This is even larger than Martin, whom you just enjoyed, so you should really appreciate this." When fully inserted, only the dildo’s last inch was visible. Grace was crying hysterically now.

"But I'm afraid, Grace, that the other one is the same size." He held it up for her to see. "So, where this goes, well, it's really going to hurt even before I turn the knob." He handed it to one of the men standing at Grace's side and watched her face as the man pushed it slowly into her anus until again only its last inch protruded.

"There," Daniel smiled at her when the man had finished his task. "We're ready now to start turning those knobs and gradually release those ugly spikes. And I can do that electronically." He pulled out his cell phone. "I have an app for that. Isn't modern technology wonderful?" Daniel pushed a square on his phone and Grace felt a very slight push as the spikes pressed into her vagina. She shook her head back and forth, tears streaming down her face. "Unless you have something to say, I am going to continue."

"But, if I tell you, you will hurt her !!" Grace screamed.

"Her?" both Daniel and the boss thought instantly. Neither expected that.

"Who is she? If you don't tell us, you can be sure that we will hurt you beyond what you can imagine." Daniel pushed the square again and this time the spikes started to push into her ass. She screamed louder than she had during any of her tortures, more from her knowledge of what could follow than from the actual pain of the spikes' still minor penetrations.

"Amanda !! It's Amanda !!"

Daniel turned to the boss. Both looked stunned. There was only one Amanda in the organization and she had always been thought to be completely reliable. The boss nodded for Daniel to continue, to gain more information.

"And why would Amanda betray the Infidels to you?" Daniel held his hand over the square on his phone. Grace violently shook her head back and forth and quickly blurted: "My lover. She's my lover. She wanted out of the organization. She wanted out of her marriage. She wanted to be with me !!"

"I see. And why did you do it?"

"I wanted to be with her. It was the only way. She passed information to me. I passed it to Ramon. If the Pinks destroyed the Infidels, Amanda would be free to be with me."

Daniel turned to the boss. The boss looked to Martin. "It's time to bring Amanda in. All three of you go. Daniel and I will stay here."

Without further instruction, the three other men left the dungeon.

"Please now. Please. I don't want to lose my nipples," Grace begged.

Daniel looked at her, at the pins and dildos stuck into her, at the clamps pinching her nipples completely white, allowing no blood to reach them. They might fall off on their own, he thought, even if she was able to remain on her toes.

He walked over to her. He stuffed her panties deep into her mouth and tied her bra around her head to hold them in place. Then he stuffed wax into her ears, and pulled a black hood over her entire head, to complete his removal of her senses of sight and hearing.

The men had heard all they needed from this traitorous bitch who had hoped to destroy their organization in the name of lesbian love. Now it was time to bring in the even more duplicitous Amanda. Grace had been an outsider. But Amanda was one of them. Amanda had taken advantage of the benefits the organization had provided her. Grace deserved her punishments. Amanda deserved worse.

Chapter 12

Daniel did not know exactly what time it was. It must have been close to midnight before they had started on the Sha Nang hostess, he thought. They never even learned her name. By now, he figured, it must be close to 3 a.m. That meant that Amanda would be asleep in her bed in the cartel compound. So it shouldn't take long for the boss’s men to retrieve her.

Daniel was right. No more than 10 minutes after he had finished with Grace, the heavy door to the dungeon opened and Martin entered, accompanied by two men who held the notorious Amanda by her upper arms, her wrists cuffed behind her back. Daniel had never before that evening seen either Grace or the Sha Nang hostess. But he knew Amanda. She was one of them. Or so they had thought.

Amanda was not a tall or large woman, except for her breasts which, Daniel was quite sure, had been enhanced. He would soon see how good a job her plastic surgeon had done. She was wearing gym shorts and a loose-fitting T-shirt, no shoes, probably no underwear, although he would soon find that out, too. She had no doubt worn these clothes to bed, although the black hood that had been pulled over her head was likely a later addition. Hoods were a nice touch, Daniel thought. Keeping the captive in the dark was often a good thing. He looked back over at the hooded and struggling Grace. But often it was also good for her to see what awaited her. To keep her off balance.

The boss nodded his approval, pointed at Daniel and left the room. This one was all his, both for questioning and persuasion. Obviously the boss was satisfied with Daniel’s work on poor Grace. From the outhouse to the penthouse, with just one interrogation, Daniel thought, pleased with himself. He turned to the three men and ordered them to stand Amanda next to a wooden horse that faced Grace. Without a word, Daniel pulled Amanda's shorts down to her ankles and removed them. He stood up and moved his hand between her legs, just under the thin line of black hair that told him that, unless her hair color was as artificial as her breasts, she was a brunette. He felt her entire body tense from his touch, but not before he determined that this woman was already very wet. Which meant that she was very scared. He moved away from her.

"Who are you? What do you want from me? Why are you doing this?" Amanda turned her head to one side, then the other, trying to determine the direction in which the man whose fingers had been probing her had gone.

"Actually, Amanda, dear, I am the one who will be asking the questions and you are the one who will be answering them. Do you understand that?" Daniel moved back to her and, through the hood, grabbed her chin between the thumb and forefinger of his right hand.

"No, I don't understand that." Amanda turned her head sharply to escape Daniel's grip. "Fuck you. Do you know who my boyfriend is? When he finds out what you've done, your life expectancy is going to be very short !!"

"Poor dear Amanda," Daniel punched the woman hard in the stomach, knocking the wind out of her, forcing her to double over. After a second, the two men holding her forced her upright again.

"I'm afraid that you are going to learn a very painful lesson." Daniel lifted his hand from his waist to his shoulders to signal the men, who quickly raised Amanda onto the top of the horse, one leg on each side. They pulled her ankles to the metal cuffs at the sides of the horse, jamming her pussy into the sharply angled wooden top. Amanda let out a loud grunt as the wood dug deeply into her. And, with her wrists still cuffed behind her back, she had no way to relieve her pussy from bearing her entire weight. Daniel realized that so many so-called torturers made the mistake of tying the woman's wrists to a chain above her head. But that allowed her to pull on the chain and relieve some of the pressure between her legs, at least until her arms tired. Daniel, however, hadn't made that mistake.

"Now let's see if what you've got under that T-shirt is real." Daniel grabbed the front of the shirt with both hands and yanked it toward him until it tore wide open. When he let go of it, it hung limply at her sides.

"Yes, very nice. Very nice breasts indeed. I'm sure you are very proud of them. It looks like they must have cost a lot of money. And don't tell me that they are real because I am sure you know that unless you become more cooperative, we will find out for certain whether they drip blood or silicone."

Chapter 13

"You don't scare me, asshole." Daniel was sure that Amanda would have spit at him had she not been hooded. "Just remember you'll soon have to deal with my boyfriend."

"What makes you think that your boyfriend or anyone else in the Infidels is going to help you when you have betrayed us all?"

"That's a lie !!"

"Oh, is it?" Daniel reached to the top of Amanda's head and pulled off the hood. Amanda blinked hard to adjust her eyes to the light, and found herself staring at Grace's naked body. He watched as Amanda saw the woman in front of her, nipples clamped and pulled high, body shaking from head to toe. Daniel heard the sharp intake of Amanda's breath, although he could not be certain if it was because she knew who the woman was, even with her face hooded, or because she simply was horrified at the woman's fate and feared that hers would be similarly brutal ... or worse.

"Do you still deny that you are the one who has been passing confidential Infidel information to the Pinks?"

This time Amanda hesitated slightly before answering: "I've done no such thing !!"

Daniel nodded to the men standing at the side of the horse. Each added a large weight to the metal cuffs holding her legs in place, forcing her down even farther. Amanda tried to hold in a scream, but could not. Daniel could see trickles of red run from the top of the horse down both sides.

"Are you telling us that this woman in front of you was lying when she revealed your secret to us?"

"Of course she was lying. She had to tell you something. Look what you've done to her !!"

"And she just happened to give us your name as her contact? As the member of the Infidels sending secret information to the Pinks? Why would she have given us your name? You know who she is, of course, don't you?"

"Yes." Amanda knew there was no point in lying about that. She knew rumors had been circulating recently that she was having an affair with Grace, and although "having an affair" was putting it a bit more strongly than Amanda thought accurate, she had slept with her several times and recognized her body.

"Would you rather have your friend lose her nipples than admit the truth to us? I'd say the life expectancy of her nipples, from the looks of them, is probably not more than... 30 minutes unless we remove those clamps. But enough focus on your lover. Martin, give our new guest a little taste of some of the treats we have in store for her."

Martin walked over to a table behind Grace and picked up a cat 'o nine tails. "This whip," Daniel advised, "is not the metal-studded version that will rip your skin off in an instant, so you can be grateful for that," he explained. "But it packs a very powerful sting and will do nearly as much damage, although over a longer period of time. Actually, I guess that's something that you should not be grateful for. Martin, start her with ten."

Amanda's eyes fixed on Martin. She expected him to move behind her, but he remained standing six feet in front of her. He smiled, raised the whip, and lashed it hard across her stomach. Amanda's body jumped the fraction of an inch that her bonds allowed, but that was enough to add even more pain between her legs and across her stomach when her body crashed back on top of the horse. She let out a loud yelp, and looked down to see three lines of red forming across her stomach.

"That's one," Daniel shouted. Martin raised the whip again, and brought it across her body in the very same spot as the first lash, magnifying Amanda's pain and increasing the volume of her scream. Her stomach started to quiver uncontrollably, even more so after the next blow struck across her midsection a third time.

Martin moved behind Amanda and struck the next three lashes across the middle of her back and upper arms, still cuffed behind her. He returned to stand in front of her. Tears welled in Amanda's eyes. The ugly red welts and stripes across her stomach and back slowly filled with blood.

"I think that I still owe you four more for this first round," Martin told her, a reminder that these were likely just the first 10 lashes, as Daniel could order any number more he wished at any time. So how could she ever hold out? With the tremendous pain front and back and between her legs as each blow of the whip had forced her body to twist and rise and fall. Amanda started to shake her head back and forth as she saw Martin again raise the whip.

"No ... no ... please ....aaaaahhhhh," she screamed as the next blow struck across both of her breasts. She closed her eyes. She did not want to see the ruination of her breasts and body as Martin brought the whip back and struck again ... and again ... and again. Amanda's head slowly slumped to her bleeding and torn chest.

Chapter 14

"I can keep whipping you and adding weights to your ankles until every man alive would find your body too disgusting to fuck. Is that what you want?" Daniel gloated.

"I've done nothing wrong. I have not betrayed the Infidels. I have not betrayed my boyfriend."

"Well, you betrayed him with your girlfriend, didn't you?"

"Yes. But that was just out of curiosity and that's over now. And he certainly has not limited himself to me."

"Well, according to your friend here, you and she betrayed the Infidels so that you could be together without your boyfriend. Martin, I think that our dear Amanda needs more convincing."

Martin and the two other men uncuffed Amanda's ankles from the horse and removed the weights. They lifted her off the horse and dropped her on the floor. Amanda had no strength to pick herself up. Martin walked to the corner of the room. The other two men fastened her ankles to the end of a long chain looped over one of the ceiling's horizontal rafters. With her wrists still cuffed behind her back, they pulled the other end of the chain, lifting her until she hung upside down with her head three feet above the floor. The men secured the other end of the chain to a hook embedded in a nearby vertical wooden post.

Daniel watched Amanda's body sway as Martin pushed an empty glass tank directly under Amanda's hanging body. He then pulled a hose into the tank and turned on the water. The tank filled quickly to a level 18 inches deep.

"I hope that you have strong lungs, Amanda, because you will need them." Daniel watched Amanda shake her head frantically.

"I've done nothing wrong !!"

Without a word the man by the vertical post unhooked the end of the chain and let it slip through his fingers until Amanda's face was fully submerged in the water tank. Daniel watched as Amanda, her eyes wide with fear, struggled to hold her breath. Soon air bubbles escaped her lips. Daniel watched as Amanda exhaled the last of the air inside her lungs. He then counted silently and slowly to five before signaling the man to raise her face out of the water.

Wheezing and shrieking, Amanda gasped for air as soon as her mouth and nose were out of the water. Her body twisted and spun. "No!! No!! Please no. I'll tell whatever you want, but I can't tell you I've betrayed the Infidels because I haven't !!”

Daniel signaled the man to lower her again into the tank. Amanda started to scream and protest, but realized that she needed to shut up and take a deep breath, which she managed to do just before the water surrounded her face. Again, Daniel watched and shook his head as Amanda tried to hold her breath. Didn't she realize that he could see exactly when the last of her breath escaped her lips? Didn't she understand that he would keep her head underwater for five or ten seconds after that in order to create absolute terror in her mind that she was going to drown, and not pull her out until the very last second?

To add to Amanda's terror, Daniel allowed her to stay out of the water only long enough to take one deep breath before having her lowered back into it. Three times. Four. Five. Each time, Daniel could see that Amanda was able to gulp in less air than the time before. After the fifth dunking, it looked like she nearly was going insane from panic and terror before she lost consciousness. Leaving her hanging, Daniel ordered the men to siphon the water out of the tank and move it away.

Chapter 15

"So do we really need a confession?" Daniel asked Martin. "It's clear that we have the informant and the intermediary. Why don't you go ask the boss for instructions?"

"I'll do that. It's going to be interesting, isn't it?" Martin replied.

"It certainly is. Take the other men with you. We don't need them anymore."

Martin and the two men left the room. Daniel looked at the still sensory-deprived Grace standing on her toes, and at Amanda, hanging by her ankles, her body striped by the whip from her knees to her shoulders. He turned Amanda’s body so that the two women were facing each other. Then he removed Grace’s hood, gag and ear wax. Grace found herself staring at the unconscious Amanda. Grace screamed.

"What did you expect to find?" Daniel looked at Grace. "You're the one who told us that she was the traitor."

"So, what's going to happen now? To her? And to me?"

"We've asked the boss for instructions. We'll have them soon. Quite frankly, I expect that you and she will find yourselves at the bottom of the lye pit before daybreak. Is there any reason that should not be your fate?"

"No," Grace said softly. "But please, don't deform my body before then. It's just a small favor I'm asking. Let me die in one piece."

"What if the boss orders that I cut the nipples or breasts or clit off one of you? Should it be yours or hers? After all, she's a traitor. You were just a mercenary."

Grace started to sob. "No. I am not a mercenary. I didn't do it for the money. I did it... I told you... I wanted to free her from the mob and her boyfriend so that she could be with me. But I lied when I said that she was the informant because... she dumped me two days ago to go back to him and I was angry. I didn't have an informant. I just stole information. No one knew. And then, when I was captured and had a chance for revenge on her, well, I took it ... But she's innocent."

So that was why it had taken Grace so long to identify her contact, Daniel realized. She didn't have one. She needed to come up with a believable lie to hope to stop her torture. Daniel was still trying to digest this new information when Martin returned. He signaled Daniel to the corner of the room, out of Grace's hearing.

"The boss's instructions are absolutely clear, and he said that they are not to be questioned and are to carried out exactly as given," Martin began. "Grace is to be executed by your releasing the metal spikes fully into her. If her death does not itself result in the amputation of her nipples, you are to cut them off."

A gruesome death, Daniel thought. And this for the woman whom the boss would have to believe was the lesser villain, who would not get her wish to stay in one piece. But he knew that he was not to question the boss's instructions, only to carry them out.

"As for Amanda," Martin continued, "he has decided to let you decide how she is to be executed. His only requirement is that, after she is dead, you are also to cut off her nipples, put Grace's nipples in Amanda's mouth and Amanda's in Grace's mouth and tape their mouths closed. This, he said, is symbolic of the fact that they worked together against the organization. Then we are to take their bodies to the lye pit."

Daniel nodded. The boss was unaware that Amanda was innocent. Daniel could tell him, but that would be defying the boss’s orders and that was not something that Daniel was willing to risk, particularly not after he had screwed up his first assignment and was being given a second chance. And, he realized, once he carried out the boss’s instructions – and tortured and killed a second innocent women that night – he would never correct the boss’s misimpression that Amanda had been a traitor to the Infidels. No, he would then be the only one alive who knew that she had been innocent and he would never tell anyone.

Daniel recalled that, when Amanda had been brought to the dungeon, she was blindfolded, and the boss had remained silent. In fact, he had done nothing more than signal Daniel to take care of the job and then immediately left the room. He didn't want to watch Daniel’s interrogation, torture and execution of ... his girlfriend Amanda. She was a terrific lay, the word around the compound was, and apparently that was enough to make the boss uncomfortable about ordering the manner of her execution, or watching it, although its necessity was never in question under his belief -- mistaken as it was -- of her treachery to the Infidel organization.

But perhaps the boss's knowing that Amanda was innocent of treason to the organization would not have changed her fate. After all, she had admitted being unfaithful to the boss with Grace, which the boss would no doubt view as treason to him personally, which alone would likely have sealed her fate. But not for certain. After all, if she was that good a lay, he may have wanted more of her. Especially when she would need to show her tremendous gratitude to him for overlooking her indiscretions with Grace. Daniel would never know. And, at this point, it didn't really matter to him. He worked for the boss. He followed the boss's instructions. But he would not make this innocent woman suffer more than necessary to obey those instructions to the letter.

Daniel walked over to Grace, who stared wide-eyed at him as he held up his cell phone. She started to shake her head as he pushed a square on the phone and held it down. Within seconds the spikes on the dildo in her pussy extended into her their full length. He watched her eyes grow even larger and her mouth open wide as he pushed down a second square on his phone that released the spikes inside the dildo in her ass. Grace's hideous scream quickly followed as she was torn apart from the inside out. Her body bucked to and fro. Her legs slid forward and her torso fell backward. As it did, Grace was held up only by the clamps on her nipples, her entire weight supported only by the fragile skin between her nipples and her breasts. The serrated steel easily tore through her supple flesh, and, as Daniel expected, her body fell face up on the floor, while her nipples remained attached to the clamps high above her.

Bleeding internally from the metal spikes as well as from her torn nipples, Grace’s body spasmed, her mind still comprehending what was happening to her as she glanced over at Daniel. He stared back at her. After 10 seconds her movements gradually began to slow... and then stopped. He walked over to her body, bent down, and shut her still open eyes. He checked for a pulse and found none. He saw the blood pooled under the middle of her body.

Daniel stood up, and removed Grace's nipples from the clamps. He walked over to Amanda's hanging body. Amanda had regained consciousness, witnessed Grace's gruesome death from her hanging position and begun to scream uncontrollably. That made it easy for Daniel to put Grace's nipples inside Amanda's mouth and then tape it shut.

Amanda twisted her body desperately, attempting hopelessly to free her ankles from the chains holding them high above her. She watched as Daniel walked to the cart, picked up a semi-automatic pistol and moved in front of her She tried to scream through the gag.

Daniel raised the pistol and squeezed the trigger. Eight bullets burst from its barrel, all striking Amanda in her stomach and chest. Her body lunged backward from the force and then began a rhythmic sway, like a pendulum, until it finally hung motionless. Daniel walked up to her, felt for a pulse and found none. He saw the blood pouring from her breasts. Blood, not silicone. Her breasts had been real. Daniel shook his head. Even these lesser accusations against her had been false.

Daniel pulled out his switchblade, cut off Amanda’s nipples and moved back to Grace's body on the floor. He opened her mouth, inserted the nipples and taped her mouth shut. He took out his cell phone and took pictures of the two bodies to prove to the boss that he had fully carried out his instructions.

Daniel walked back and unhooked from the vertical post the chain that held Amanda's ankles. He slowly lowered her body to the floor. Martin moved to the far end of the room and returned with a wheelbarrow. Together, Martin and Daniel lifted Grace's body into the wheelbarrow face up, and then dumped Amanda's on top of it face down. Grace would have liked that, Daniel thought.

Martin wheeled the women's body out of the dungeon to the car outside. After helping Martin load the two bodies into the car’s trunk, Martin got into the driver’s seat and Daniel the passenger’s. Daniel pulled out his cell phone and called the boss. "It's done."

"Good," the boss replied. "I'm glad that’s over. But Daniel, I have one question for you. Do you know any young attractive women who might be interested in a relationship with a powerful man? There are quite a few nice perks, as long as she doesn't step out of line. It seems that, at the moment, I happen to be looking for a new girlfriend."

"I'll keep that in mind," Daniel replied, as Martin started the car's engine.


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