Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril)


By Eda Chang

Hata Sung opened her eyes and immediately knew that something was wrong. Very wrong. Not because of what she saw. Because of what she didn't see. She didn't see anything. She tried to clear her mind. To think. To figure out how she had gotten here. And why.

She was blindfolded. That was obvious. She turned her neck and took in a deep breath. She was blindfolded, not hooded. She felt a strap around her head. Probably the kind of blindfold that people used to help them sleep. What was it called? A sleep mask. She was sitting in a chair. A metal chair. She was handcuffed with her wrists behind the back of the chair. Her legs were tied tightly to the chair's legs at her ankles and knees with thin metal wires. She could hear nothing. Was there nothing to hear? She moved her jaw and swallowed. She couldn't tell. She yelled to anyone who might be in the room "what do you want from me?" She could only hear her voice inside her head. Her ears had been sealed, probably with wax. No sight. No sound. The only smell was the fear building inside her. The only taste was the dryness in her throat. She scratched the nail of her left thumb into her wrist, just above the cuff. The pain was sharp. She had not been drugged. Or, if she had, the drug had worn off. She could still feel. But that probably was not a good thing, she feared.

Of course she could feel. Her body was cold. She took another deep breath. She felt nothing against her chest. She shook her body from side to side. Nothing restraining her breasts. She was naked from the waist up. She shifted her weight on the seat of the chair. She tightened and released her muscles. She flexed her toes. she was also naked from the waist down. Totally naked. Naked and helpless. But where? And why? What was the last thing that she remembered before coming to in this dire situation?

She remembered jogging late that afternoon. Was it that afternoon? How long had she been unconscious? She stopped at the coffee shop that she usually stopped at in the middle of her run. Nothing unusual there. Wait. No. Something had happened. At the coffee shop. That's right. She had run into Kwan. Her former boyfriend. Her jealous former boyfriend. She hadn't seen him for three months and now she had seen him three times in little more than a week. They hadn't spoken the first two times. She just saw him walking on the other side of the street during her jog. This time, though, he had been in the coffee shop with another man. And a woman. He didn't introduce them. He walked up to her and asked her how she was doing and whether she was still with Chulan. Her new boyfriend. Her new jealous boyfriend. Well, not so new. It had been six months. And why shouldn't her boyfriends be jealous? She was a nice looking woman. No, she wasn't being immodest. It was true. She knew men looked at her. They were always looking at her. And she liked that.

Kwan had been friendly. Strangely friendly. Had he finally gotten over losing her? She thought that he never would. For awhile after she broke it off with him, he had been so rude and threatening. Maybe the woman with him was his new girlfriend. Wait. Slow down. Think. Hadn't she heard that Kwan had joined a rival gang? A gang trying to move in on Chulan's territory? Could Kwan have been following her to help set her up for kidnapping by his new gang? To get information from her about Chulan and his movements and operation? Not that she knew much. Shit. If that was what had happened, she was in big trouble. She wouldn't be able to tell her kidnappers everything they would want to know and expected that she would know. Or worse. Maybe they had kidnapped her just to torture and kill her and send her body back to Chulan to show how ruthless they were willing to be to move in on his territory. To make him compromise with them. Either way, Kwan and his gang had to be the reason that she was now sitting naked and blindfolded, strapped to a cold metal chair. With her legs separated. She was very aware of that.

But think. Think. After the coffee shop. She had jogged back to her apartment. Kwan was still in the shop with two of his friends. They hadn't followed her. But he could have called other members of his gang to let them know that she was on her way back to her apartment. They could have been waiting for her. No. No. Stop. She remembered more. She had gotten back to her apartment. Showered. Dressed for her date with Chulan. Saturday night. Was it still Saturday night?

His driver had come to her door and escorted her to Chulan's black limo. Usually he was waiting in the car. But this time he wasn't. The driver said that he had been called to a meeting and they would pick him up on their way. To wherever they would be going. She usually didn't know. She had just been told to dress casually in his favorite outfit. She knew what that meant. Her red top and short jeans skirt. Her very short jeans skirt. [See Hata 1 Pic] With her matching red bra and panties. She preferred the red dress that he had bought her, but she seldom had a chance to wear it. [See Hata 2 Pic] Not that she ever had a chance to keep any of her clothes on for long after they got back to his villa. Or, if he couldn't wait that long, after she got into the car.

She poured herself a glass of wine in the back seat, and after that ... After that ... She couldn't remember anything more. Think. Think. No, she couldn't remember anything more. Until waking up wherever she was now. Blindfolded and strapped naked to this cold chair. Had the wine been drugged? It must have been. Unless the driver had gassed the closed rear compartment in which she sat. But what did it matter how he had knocked her out? He had and here she was.

She felt shivers run through her body as she thought more about the driver. He had been a new driver. She had never seen him before. And he had been 10 minutes early, which was unusual, but she hadn't thought more of it. And all black limos looked the same to her. Was it really Chulan's driver and car? Or had it been sent by Kwan to pick her up before Chulan's limo arrived? Or had Kwan incapacitated or killed Chulan's driver and replaced him with his own? The more she remembered, the more she thought about what she remembered, the more certain she was that Kwan was behind this.

But wait. Maybe Chulan was just playing a game with her. He shared her kinks, there was no doubt about that. He loved tying her up and playing scenes with her as much as she loved it. Maybe he was just carrying the play to another level. To add to the excitement for both of them. If that was his plan, well, he was adding more to her terror than to her excitement at the moment. Or maybe terror was just excitement with a negative spin that turned positive after everything worked out. Maybe, after she learned that it was all part of the game, her relief would be so great that sex with Chulan would be even more phenomenal than it usually was. And it usually was quite good. Particularly when it was during or after one of their scenes. Which they seemed to play more and more. But never like this.

Suddenly she felt a hand on her breast and her body tensed instantly. A man's hand, she thought. Had he been watching her the whole time? Or had he just entered the room? Sharp metal teeth clamped her nipples. Not tight. Painful but not too painful. Unless he tightened them too far. But his hand moved from her breasts to between her legs. Metal teeth clamped her labia. More painful, but still easily bearable. Now four clamps to her sensitive flesh. Secure but not tightened. Her body started to sweat despite the coldness in the room. Her breathing quickened. And then she felt more cold metal between her legs. Pushing up into her between the clamps to her labia. She tightened her muscles, but realized that just caused her more pain. She concentrating hard to relax her muscles, to control them, to minimize the pain of the violation. Whether she resisted or not, she knew that she was going to be violated by this cold metal. The size of a penis, she could feel. A large penis. Of course. But cold. Not satisfying.

Was Kwan prepping her for torture? Would he tighten the clamps? Push the metal even deeper into her? Could the metal clamps and dildo be attached to electricity? Would he question her for information? Or just torture her? Or could it be Chulan playing with her? She still couldn't rule out any of the possibilities. Even after ...

It started as a mild tingling, but she knew what it was. Electricity. She had had electro-stimulation the previous year when she hurt her back. She could feel the vibrations in her chest and in her loins. Warm. Pleasant. More like what Chulan would do if he were playing with her, she thought. Wouldn't Kwan jolt her with a severe shock to show that he was not afraid to cause her tremendous pain if she didn't answer his questions? Or just to cause her tremendous pain because that's what he wanted to do? No, it could still be either one. If it were Chulan, the strength of the electric current would continue to grow slowly until it became painful. But only to the degree that the pain also had an element of pleasure. At least for someone with her kinks and disposition. If it were Kwan, the strength would also grow slowly to that same level. But then it might continue to grow until all sense of pleasure was gone and there was only pain. Tremendous pain. One way or the other, then, the strength of the current was going to grow.

She was right. As the strength of the current grew, she started to scream. But she could hear herself only inside her head. The wax in the her ears -- that must be what it was -- did its job very well. Her body was now totally bathed in sweat. And starting to shake. This was the perfect level for her if it would stop there. If it were Chulan, it would and she knew that she would soon orgasm, as she felt the growing warmth of the metal that filled her inside, and the jolts of electricity that flashed from one side to the other. Yes, she must be Chulan's captive. His play captive. And that his goal was to bring her to the ultimate balance of pain and pleasure. She felt the wave of orgasm through her body and knew from the voice inside her head that she was screaming. But this was a good scream. This was ...

But it was only a few seconds before she realized that the electric current was continuing to increase. And was turning very painful. As if the clamps on her nipples and labia had turned into razor wire. And the metal penis inside her into a sharpened knife. She knew that she was still screaming. Loudly. But no longer in pleasure. Or even a balance of pain and pleasure. She was screaming in pure pain. It could not be Chulan. He wouldn't do this to her. It had to be Kwan. Kwan and his rival gang. For her now the only question -- and a very important question -- was whether he would soon rip off the blindfold, unplug her ears and demand answers to his questions. That would at least give her a chance to save herself. Or would he just torture her to death out of jealousy that he could no longer have her for himself? Or just to teach Chulan what his gang would do to move in on Chulan's territory?

And the current kept increasing. She felt the jolts across her chest and down to the metal between her legs grow stronger. Like the knife inside her was growing larger. And sharper. Even the sound of her screams inside her head were now loud. She pulled as hard as she could on her wrists, trying in vain to free them from the cuffs. She tried to pull her legs forward, then back, then to the sides, but the wires holding them also held firm. She shook her body from side to side, but all that did was allow the clamps to her nipples and labia to dig deeper into them. The knife felt like it had turned into a cookie cutter making patterns inside her torso.

She was completely panicked. No one had removed her blindfold. No one had taken the wax out of her ears. No one had asked her any questions. Her captor -- and it must be Kwan -- was simply going to kill her. But first he would destroy her body from the inside out.

And still the electric current continued to increase. Her wrists were now chafed from scraping against the metal cuffs and her ankles and knees from pulling against the wires, trying hopelessly to escape. Every part of her body was shaking and pulling and jolting. Her mouth was wide open. Her body must be on fire. Her mind whirled. And then clouded. She arched her chest and Her body gave a final leap out of the chair as far as her bonds allowed. And then slumped back. As her head fell to her chest. The electric current continued to surge through her body.

* * * * *

A man stood next to the naked woman tied to the metal chair in the middle of the room and looked out at his audience. An audience of one. One man seated in a chair 10 feet in front of the chair in which the woman sat, her head slumped against her chest. The man in the chair nodded. The man standing next to her moved to a nearby table and flipped off the switch on the generator. He then walked over to the woman and unclamped the metal teeth of the clamps securing wires from the generator to her nipples. Next he unclamped the metal teeth securing wires to her labia and slowly withdrew the metal dildo from inside her, releasing a pool of urine onto the chair and floor under her. He lifted her head by her hair to allow the seated man to see her face clearly. At the same time, he moved two fingers of his other hand to her neck, checking for a pulse. After a few seconds, he shook his head in the seated man's direction, and released her hair so that her head once again dropped to her chest.

The man in the chair sighed, stood and left the room.

* * * * *

"No sign of your girlfriend," the man in the coffee shop confirmed what Kwan was thinking. "His former girlfriend," the woman with the two men added. "I thought you said that she stopped in here every Saturday and Sunday afternoon in the middle of her jog? She was here yesterday. Isn't that why we came? Do you find it odd that she's not here today."

"Yes and no," Kwan responded. "I know that he learned that I'd seen her three months ago, and, after that, he started to have her followed. So I decided that I'd start to run into her again a few times. I figured it shouldn't take long. Particularly since he must have learned that I had joined his rival. And then I'd have my revenge and the perfect alibi. Chulan would do the job for me. My only regret would be that I couldn't do the job myself. Or at least be there to watch."

Kwan's companions smiled at his deviousness. And brilliance. "Well, if that's why she's not here today, then her new boyfriend was even more jealous than her old one," the other man nodded.

"Which means that you may already have committed the perfect crime, Kwan," the woman confirmed. "But, if you haven't yet, it appears that you soon will."

Kwan and his companions went back to drinking their coffee.


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