Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril)


By Eda Chang

"Sit." The man she knew only as El Capo moved a chair into the center of the room. Trembling, Lisa sat. Dressed all in black, she instinctively pulled her pencil skirt down an inch, but it still reached only to the middle of her thighs. She could feel her nipples harden inside her bra and shirt. She was as afraid as she had ever been in her 27 years of life.

El Capo and the three other men in the room moved their chairs into a square around her, each about six feet away. "Now Bod," El Capo began. "We haven't decided what to do with you. What we decide will depend upon your answers to our questions. Do you understand?"

Lisa glanced around her. She didn't know any of their real names. One was Pirate, no doubt because of the eye patch. Another was Balls, because he seemed afraid of nothing. And Mauler was the gang's top muscle. He had been the one who brought her into the group soon after they first met. And they had nicknamed her Bod. It didn't matter to them that her breasts were unnaturally enhanced and that her blond hair came from a bottle. Assets were assets, natural or otherwise, and she had assets they all wanted. And had taken. All four of them. For the last six months. They each had their own assets, as well. Mauler was the largest. Balls could go on seemingly forever. And power was an aphrodisiac to her, so El Capo actually turned her on the most. Pirate had a tongue like no one else she had ever met. She loved them all. And they all loved her. Until now, she feared, as she waited for El Capo's first question.

"We want the truth, Bod," El Capo continued. "And you know how we get the truth." Of course Bod knew. She had seen them work over members of rival gangs. Male and female. It turned her on, in fact. And they knew it. They all fought for who would have her first after their torture of a rival. That was when she was absolutely the hottest, not that she wasn't always a great lay. And she was the hottest of the hot when she had just witnessed ... and been allowed to participate in ... the torture of another woman. She was as brutal as the men were. Cigarette burns to the undersides of a woman's breasts seemed to be her favorite. And hot irons. She was hot. She knew it. And she loved using heat.

"We know that it might not have the same effect on you as others, because, well, you are not new to us, shall we say,' El Capo continued. "But we will follow the same procedures." He nodded toward her.

So it was true. She was going to be interrogated as would a rival gang member. She had hoped briefly the questions would be about something else. That hope had now died. Lisa hesitated for a second, then slowly stood up. This would be different than all the other times. She could feel it already. As often as each of these men had seen her naked, it had always before been at her choosing. With her consent. She felt her body shaking. El Capo had said that this might not have the same affect on her as on others, because they had all seen her naked body many times. But he was wrong.

Slowly she pulled her blouse out of her skirt and unbuttoned it. This was different to the men, too, she could see. They were acting as if she had a surprise for them waiting under it, even though each of them knew every inch of her body from memory. She pulled the shirt off and handed it to Pirate, who was closest to her. She looked around toward and could see all of them staring at her heaving chest, now covered only by her bra.

They would have to wait a few more seconds. Lisa unhooked her skirt and handed it to Pirate. She could hear several of the men suck in their breath as she stood now wearing only her bra and thong, stockings and heels. "You may leave on your stockings and heels," El Capo instructed her, obviously wanting no delay in her removal of her bra and thong.

Taking another deep breath, Lisa crossed her arms and grasped the sides of her bra, then yanked it up over her head and off in one motion. Her large milky white breasts rose and then fell, her small nipples hard. They had brought all five of them much pleasure. Now, she feared, they would bring at most four of them pleasure. She tossed the bra to Pirate. Then, wanting this part over, she quickly grabbed her thong, pulled it down to her ankles, and stepped out of it, feeling even more vulnerable knowing that, as the men preferred, she was completely shaved. Pirate reached toward her and she handed him the thong.

El Capo nodded. She knew the meaning. She clasped her hands behind her neck and spread her feet to shoulder width. She tried to keep her stomach muscles from twitching, but was not completely successful. They knew she was afraid. And that, she feared, only confirmed her guilt in their eyes.

"What is the first question I am going to ask you?" was El Capo's first question.

"Do you know why you are here?" Lisa answered.

"Correct. What is your answer?"

Since she had first been summoned by El Capo, Lisa had been trying to think of the best way to answer this question. The most important question she would be asked. The answer that might decide her fate. Confess that she knew why? Or just answer that she was there because she had been ordered to be there? If she confessed, maybe she would have a chance to explain and perhaps they would grant her some mercy. Maybe they would just order her to fuck each of them every day or twice a day. They wouldn't want to lose that, would they? Didn't they still want her around?

Or deny her guilt. She wasn't sure how much information they had. Whether they really knew or only suspected. If they didn't really know, then confessing might condemn her to a fate they would not have imposed otherwise. It all came down to how much she thought they knew. And she had made her decision long before the question was asked.

"Because I stole from you. I confess that I did."

The four looked around at each other, nodding. "Yes, we know," El Capo responded. Which didn't really tell Lisa whether they really knew or whether she had made the right decision. "Why?"

She had hoped for the opportunity to explain. "It was foolish, I know," she couldn't get the words out fast enough. "It's just, well, I've been here with you for so long. And done so much. Helped with your operations. Helped with your interrogations. Helped with ... well ... given you pleasure with my body."

"Are you telling us that we didn't do enough for you? That you didn't enjoy these things as much as we did?"

Lisa didn't like the first question, so answered the second. "No, I'm not saying that. I did. I enjoyed being here. Being with all of you. You are all terrific. I love you all."

"Then why?"

"It's just ... well, I could see the extraordinary amounts of money that you all get. And I ... I didn't think that you would miss the small amount that I took. It was small for you, but not for me. It wouldn't change your lives not having it. But it would change mine. I'm attractive now, but I was afraid that you would eventually tire of me. And I needed to have something when you did."

El Capo looked at her. Finally, he turned to Balls. "Take her outside."

Outside. There were only two possibilities outside, Lisa knew. Public display in the front of the house to all visitors for 24 hours. Even Mauler had once been publicly displayed. Or ... execution. She knew that about one of every four who was displayed had been executed. In either event, she would be tied with her arms behind the post at the front of the house. And the main horror ... well, aside from actually being shot ... was that she would not know which it would be. And she would not even know when she would know. She had seen one woman displayed for the entire 24 hours and then shot at the last minute. She had also seen a man shot immediately.

She knew there was no point in resisting. That would only seal her fate. With her hands still clasped behind her neck, and wearing only her stockings and heels, Lisa marched out of the room and out of the house, followed by Balls. When she reached the post, she stood with her back to it, dropped her hands from behind her neck, placed her wrists behind the post and waited as Balls handcuffed them and hooked the cuffs to a metal hook on the backside of the post. [see Lisa Pic] After making sure her wrists were secure, he walked back into the house, leaving her there alone with her thoughts.

Hours passed. It grew dark. And cold. None of the men came out. No visitors arrived. She was alone. Her body shook. Cold. Fear. Uncertainty. She was a confessed thief. They had not even asked her how much she had taken, which meant that they had a good idea. It was a lot to her. Was it really not so much to them? Whether a lot or not, the amount might not matter at all to them. Just the principle.

She thought that at least one of the men would come out to her in the night, if only to lift her legs and move in between her thighs. Although she didn't know if that would be a positive sign that they still loved and wanted her. Or a negative sign, a variation of the kiss of death. Finally, her thoughts overwhelmed her and her head slumped to her chest.

Lisa had no idea how much time had passed when she regained consciousness, but it was again daylight and she realized that a hand was holding up her chin. She opened her eyes to see a woman's face a few inches from her own, staring at her. "You must be the one they call the Bod." The woman stepped back to get a better look at Lisa, who could now get a better look at her as well. Lisa could see that the woman was brunette, attractive, shapely and about the same age as Lisa. Dressed in a t-shirt, tight jeans and boots. She had never seen her before. "And you must have done something to piss them off. I can see why they call you the Bod, but they really should call you Big-Boobed Barbie. Is anything about you real?" The woman stepped forward and squeezed Lisa's breasts. "These certainly aren't, although your surgeon did a nice job. "This, I can see" the woman probed Lisa's scalp, "was naturally brown. And this," she grabbed Lisa's crotch, "should have hair around it, shouldn't it? Nope, nothing natural about you, sister." The woman stepped back again, eyed Lisa for a few more seconds, and then walked into the house.

Thirty minutes passed. No other visitors. Then Pirate came out and started to head to his car. "Pirate, please," Lisa shouted after him. "Please. Please tell me." He turned and walked toward her. "I am off and will not be back before your 24 hours is over. I don't know your fate. But it will not be me. And Balls is going with me." Pirate turned away just as Balls came out of the house, and the two of them drove off in Pirate's car.

Lisa knew that this meant very little. True, it had been two of the four of them who had executed those four or five on display whom they had decided required the ultimate punishment. But they were just two of the four. And more often than Pirate and Balls, the executioners had been El Capo and Mauler. Still, if Pirate was telling the truth, maybe her odds were a little better.

Later in the morning, the lower ranking members of the gang began to arrive, enter the house to learn their assignments for day, and then leave. A dozen or so men. No women. The sight of a man or woman handcuffed to the post was not new to them. One at least every few weeks. Three out of four were just displayed and then released, although usually for more minor offenses than stealing from the gang. Most of the men just glanced at Lisa and went about their business, although some looked several times. Most had heard about the Bod, but this was the first time they had literally seen it. All knew, however, that, while they could look, they had better not touch. Or they might find themselves displayed naked against the post. Which would not be nearly as pretty a sight.

Finally, El Capo and Mauler came out with the last of the men and the woman who had entered earlier. Lisa looked pleadingly at El Capo, afraid to ask directly the same question she had asked Pirate a few hours earlier. El Capo signaled the others to go on, then approached Lisa. "Bod, what are we going to do with you?" Lisa closed her eyes and began to sob, terrified to ask and terrified to hear as El Capo just stared at her. After several long moments, Mauler yelled toward him. "Boss, we have to get going. It's at least a three hour drive." El Capo nodded toward Lisa, turned and hurried to catch up to Mauler and the others. She watched as the two drove off and the others got into their cars. Her 24 hours would be up before El Capo and Mauler returned. She breathed a deep sigh.

"Feeling lucky this time, huh?" The woman who had stopped in front of her before broke the silence. The woman from before was standing about 10 feet in front of Lisa, staring at her but turning every few seconds to watch the cars of the other men drive away. Soon she and Lisa were the only two remaining on the property.

"I just started working here a few weeks ago. It's a nice place to work. They're very generous. And those four guys, they are something, aren't they? Which is your favorite? I kind of like the big boss. Something about a powerful man, wouldn't you say? I can get off just when he looks at me." Lisa stared at her, saying nothing.

"Well, I'd do anything for him, and I told him so. He seemed to appreciate it, too. God, we had great sex this morning. I'm still tingling." She reached a hand down between her own legs and shivered. "And guess what he told me after? That I was the best lay he'd had in years. Sorry, Barbie. That means better than you. And that there was one thing that I could do for him, and I agreed to do it before he even told me what it was."

Lisa had slowly understood what the woman was saying to her, and, by the time that she finished, Lisa was screaming obscenities at her. "No," Lisa shook her head wildly and pulled on her wrists, hopelessly trying to free them. "If you do, you'll be the one here in my place in six months. It will be you next. I did their bidding and look at me now." Lisa could see that the woman was holding a 38 Special revolver. "It will be you next !!"

"Maybe it will, Barbie." The woman cocked the revolver. "But until then, what a ride it's going to be !!"

"You're trading six months for 40 years of your life !!" Lisa continued to scream at her.

"Forever young," the woman replied coldly. "Do you think that I will really need all six shots?" She pulled the trigger. The bullet struck Lisa an inch under her navel. Her body pushed back against the post, as the woman fired twice more in rapid succession, the next two shots moving up her body to her stomach and between her breasts. Then one directed at each breast. "My own method for removing implants," the woman muttered. And one bullet into her forehead. Lisa's body slowly slid down the post as far as her cuffed wrists allowed, her ankles sliding behind it, one on each side, leaving her facing the ground in a strappado-like position, her blood pooling below her, her urine now running down her legs.

Still holding the revolver, the woman walked over to the post , lifted Lisa's head and stared into her dead but still open eyes. "And one for good measure, " the woman smiled and pushed the revolver up between Lisa's legs. "Just because you deserve it for enjoying my man." She pulled the trigger. The gun clicked, its six shots already spent. "Damn," she muttered. "Lucky you, Barbie." She turned and walked into the house. It was time to get familiar with her new residence. She wanted everything just right when El Capo returned that evening. Right up to the naked body hanging from the post that proved that she had done the favor he asked. The proof that she would indeed do anything that he asked her to do. And, she hoped, he would ask her do it for a long time to many of his enemies.


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