Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril)


By Eda Chang

Chapter 1

Jelena saw no one in front of the Nebosja Tower as she approached. That meant that Zora must be on the other side, since Zora was always punctual. Punctuality was important.. Particularly for two spies working for the Croats against the Serbs here in Belgrade in 1993.

Jelena had spent two years working as a night guard at various government facilities before finally earning the clearance two months ago to work at one of the city's weapons plants. Sure, the night guard was the lowest rung on the pay scale. All she had to do was watch the monitors in the security room and push an alarm button if she saw anything, something she hardly ever needed to do. People in Belgrade didn't approach a military plant at night. Or ever. Not if they valued their health. But this was the job assignment for which her superiors had waited. Although her Serb employer told her nothing about the plant's operations, Zora made sure that she knew that Croat intelligence had learned that the Serbs were using the plant to assemble their first nuclear missile, a short-range missile with a payload no greater than that of US and Soviet weapons of the 1950s, but that was all the Serbs needed. A nuclear weapon capable of reaching Zagreb. And ending the war. Something that the Croats would not let happen.

Jelena's meetings with Zora were rare. No more than two or three per year. And always limited to five minutes in a public place. A different place each time. This time Zora had picked Kalemegdan Park. With few visitors to the tower, they should have a chance to speak privately without appearing to know one another.

When Jelena reached the other side of the tower, she was surprised to see that Zora was standing behind an easel and painting a very good likeness of the tower. Zora continued to paint as Jelena approached, refusing to acknowledge her presence, even though no one else was in sight. Jelena walked behind Zora to look at the painting.

"It's tonight," Zora said without looking at Jelena. Jelena felt her heart skip a beat. She had been waiting for this night. She was to steal two small but critical parts of the missile assembly. "But Central doesn't want you working alone."

"What?" Jelena could not stop herself, even though she knew that it was not her position to question her superiors' decision. She was relieved that Zora still did not turn around to look her. She knew that Zora's glare would be withering.

Instead, Zora calmly continued. "They don't want you to have the parts on your person when the day shift arrives to relieve you. That would be dangerous. And obviously you have to stay for the rest of your shift. You can't steal the parts and leave in the middle of your shift. That would put them right on your tail."

"Those risks are hardly more dangerous than having a second operative involved." Jelena thought that should be obvious. These pieces were small. No one would think to look in her pockets.

"Central disagrees." Zora ended the discussion. "I will be the second operative. You will give me the parts at 4 a.m. At the side door on the south."

"Ten of 4," Jelena changed the time. "The security tapes reset on the hour unless I push the button to save them. So if we make the pass before 4, the tapes will immediately reset and erase the evidence. If we wait until 4, the tapes won't erase for another hour."

"They're building a fucking nuclear missile and they can't afford to save the tapes? Ten of four. Sharp." Zora went back to her painting. Jelena walked away.

Chapter 2

"Agent Gamma made contact today." The Captain looked up from his papers at the Lieutenant. In two years, Agent Gamma had made contact only once before. His tip that time had proven invaluable. The Lieutenant knew that he had the Captain's full attention.

"Tonight two Croat spies will try to disrupt the missile assembly. The leader of the two will have information about the Croat's agents in Belgrade. The other has gained clearance to work as a night guard at the plant. Both are women posing as graduate students." The Lieutenant handed the Captain two large photos. He looked at the one on top. A young blonde woman. Late 20s. Attractive. "That one is using the name Zora. She is the leader." The Captain flipped to the second photo. Another blonde woman. Also late 20s and attractive. "And that one is Jelena. The guard."

"What exactly are they planning to do?"

"Gamma said that he doesn't know. But we have stationed six of our men around the outside of the plant for the night. We want to catch them red-handed. For political purposes."

"Call me when you have them." The Captain's nod dismissed the Lieutenant. Interrogating two Croat spies -- two attractive female Croat spies -- would be very satisfying. Professionally satisfying, of course, nothing more. The Captain smiled.

Chapter 3

Jelena looked at the two small parts on her desk. She had no idea what they were. Perhaps they contained microchips. But all she needed to know was that they matched the parts depicted in the photos that she had received, and that they had been where she had been directed to look. She figured that the Croats must have another spy embedded in the missile's actual assembly. Better that she not know who it was.

Jelena looked at her watch. 3:45 a.m. She took the parts and walked to the door on the south side. She knew that Zora would be on time. When her watch read precisely 3:50, Jelena opened the door. Zora was standing in front of it. "That's how you dress?" Jelena blurted out. It was not so much a question as an expression of surprise. Zora was wearing jeans and a cut off gray t-shirt that exposed her entire midriff. Jelena handed her the parts.

"Am I suppose to dress like a spy? I'm a student, remember?" Zora pushed the parts into her jeans' front pockets. "And you're one to talk." Jelena too was wearing jeans, with a salmon-colored shirt. "See you back in Zagreb." Zora headed back down the dirt path leading away from the side door. Jelena was sure that Zora would have parked her car far enough away from the plant that it would not be obvious where its driver was headed. Not that there was likely to be anyone awake to see it at this hour.

Jelena walked back to her office, relieved that her assignment was over. 4:02. She looked at the screens in front of her. No sign of Zora. Three more hours before the morning shift would relieve her. She should be out of the country and back home within 24 hours, mission accomplished.

Chapter 4

Zora reached her car. She put the missile parts on the passenger seat, the key in the ignition and turned it. Nothing. She tried again. Still nothing.

She quickly pushed the lever inside the car to unlatch the hood and got out. She opened the hood and stared inside. One of the battery cables was loose. She secured it and slammed down the hood. And then realized: a battery cable didn't just loosen on its own. She turned slowly. Standing in front of her were four government soldiers with guns drawn.

"We've been waiting for you," said the one on the far right. "I think we're going to need to have a nice talk. But not here. Back at headquarters."

Two of the soldiers grabbed her wrists, pulled them behind her and cuffed them behind her back. Her world went dark when a third soldier pulled a black hood over her head and marched her away from her car to a waiting jeep. Another soldier removed the two parts from her car.

Chapter 5

The phone rang. No cause for alarm. Jelena's supervisors called occasionally to tell her that a group of workers would be arriving early, so that she would not need to push the alarm when she saw them, or that she would have to work an hour or two later, or that she could leave an hour early, because of re-scheduling. "Save the security tapes for the front and back doors and bring them to headquarters. We will have a replacement for you there in 10 minutes. Understood?"

"Yes," Jelena offered weakly before hearing the "click" at the other end. She pushed the "save" buttons on her console for the front and back doors. 4:40 a.m. There would be nothing on them. Or on the tape for the side door. But they hadn't asked for that one. What was going on? Should she flee? No, that would be too dangerous. Even if the call meant trouble --and it might not -- ten minutes just wasn't enough of a head start. Besides, she knew, her escape wasn't important to the mission.

Chapter 6

It was a little after 5 a.m. when Jelena arrived at the headquarters and found the Captain waiting for her. She had never met him before.

"You brought them?"

"Yes, sir." She handed the tapes to him, and followed him into his office. When he pushed the first tape into his machine, Jelena saw what she expected. The time code across the bottom of the tape read "04:00:00" and showed no activity by the front door. The Captain fast forwarded through the tape until the time code read 04:30:00. Then he removed it from the machine and inserted the second tape. Again, the time code read 04:00:00 and it showed no activity by the back door. As before, the Captain fast forwarded through the first 30 minutes before removing it. He called for the Lieutenant.

"There is nothing on these tapes," he complained to the Lieutenant when he entered.

"I'm sorry, sir. I was sure there would be something."

The Captain turned toward Jelena. "Did anything unusual happen tonight? Around 4 a.m. Anything?"

Jelena had been relieved to see that the tapes did not start until 4 a.m. Penny wise and pound foolish, these Serbs, she thought. Which is why they would lose the war. "No, sir," she responded confidently.

"That's good. Very good. we had heard a rumor that there might be an attempt by the Croats tonight to sabotage the plant tonight."

"There was nothing tonight, sir," Jelena confirmed.

"Yes, very good."

"Is there any point in checking this side door tape, too?" the Lieutenant asked, handing the Captain a third tape.

"I suppose. It will just take a few seconds." The Captain turned to Jelena. "I forgot to ask you to bring this one. I had the Lieutenant retrieve it." Jelena's heart raced for a second. But she was sure they had finished before 4 a.m. That had been a key change in plans that she had made.

When the Captain inserted the third tape into his machine and hit "play," it too showed nothing as he began to fast forward through it. But Jelena suddenly gripped the arms of her chair tightly. The time code that was flying by ... began with a 3.

When the code reached 03:45:00, the Captain stopped the tape and leaned toward Jelena. "We knew you were a spy, and we knew what you did tonight, before we sent for you. And now you've confirmed that you are a spy by your lies. Shall I continue to play the tape?"

Jelena stared at him. And noticed that the room had suddenly filled with half a dozen other soldiers. Slowly she shook her head.

"We are a bit smarter than you give us credit for. We were watching you all night. And saving the tapes ourselves." Jelena stared blankly ahead, her breathing growing shallower and more rapid. "So I think it is time for you to begin to answer our questions more honestly."

Jelena felt strong hands lift her from the chair and pull her arms behind her. A few seconds later the world of a second Croat spy went dark, as, like Zora an hour earlier, a black hood was pulled over her face and her wrists cuffed behind her. Her shoes were removed. She felt the coldness of the stone floor on her bare feet as she was marched out of the Captain's office and down a long flight of cold stone steps.

Chapter 7

Five minutes later, Jelena's wrists were uncuffed, pulled over her head and secured to cuffs attached to the end of a horizontal wooden pole. The pole was raised until Jelena's feet were lifted off the ground, forcing her shoulders to bear all of her weight. She could feel another weight at the other end of the pole. A weight about equal to her own. She knew what that weight must be: she and Zora were together once again.

When her hood was removed, Jelena looked to her right. Zora's head was down on her chest. Her shoes had also been removed and she was not hooded. Her raised arms lifted her cut-off t-shirt nearly above her breasts. The top of her jeans were down around her hips, three inches below her navel. [See Jelena/Zora Photo]

Zora began to stir. She opened her eyes, raised her head and looked to her left. She closed her eyes when she saw Jelena, then opened them again.

"Here's how it's going to work." The Captain broke the silence. "I'm going to ask a question, and the first one to answer it will gain temporary immunity. Are you ready?" Neither woman responded.

First question: Did you meet this morning about 4 a.m. by the side door of the plant?" The Captain looked to Jelena, then to Zora.

Jelena looked at Zora and whispered, "He has us on the tape. It was my fault. Answer him. I will take the punishment."

Zora said nothing. "Tell him," Jelena muttered pleadingly to her. "He already knows."

"No confessions," the Captain nodded to two soldiers standing several feet behind the hanging women. Immediately they approached them, reached around to unbuckle their jeans, and, in one motion, pulled their jeans down and off, leaving Zora in a black thong and Jelena in white panties.

"Does either of you have something to tell me?" Neither spoke.


The soldier behind Jelena grabbed the back of her shirt and tore it open up to its collar, then moved his hands to the collar and pulled it apart until the shirt hung down from her shoulders, revealing a white lace bra. The soldier pulled the shirt off her shoulders. When he finished, the soldier behind Zora began his work. He pulled out a small knife and cut Zora's t-shirt through its right arm, and then through its left. He pulled it off of her, revealing the skimpy black bra she wore underneath it.

"Anyone have anything to say?" The Captain looked at each of them.

"Tell him," Jelena implored Zora. "He already knows. I'll take the punishment."

"There will only be more questions," Zora told Jelena, loud enough for the Captain to hear. "Neither of us will avoid anything." Zora looked at the Captain.

"Do your worst."

"Oh, you are wrong, my Croat Spy," the Captain's eyes sent a chill through both women. "What I will certainly do is my best."

Chapter 8

"Bad news." Gamma telephoned his superior in Zagreb when he learned of the capture of Zora and Jelena. "Our spies tell us that our mission has failed and our two agents captured. Only one -- Zora -- has information about the other members of her cell. The other -- Jelena -- knows only of Zora. Since Zora has also been captured with her, Jelena can give up nothing that the Serbs do not already know. We must try to bring the others back now, before Zora is forced to compromise their cover."

"Agreed," came the response on the other end of the line. "Give the order."

"Consider it done," Gamma responded. "I hope it is not too late." He hung up the phone. And smiled. It certainly would be too late, as he would explain to his superiors in a few hours. Once the two spies had been caught red-handed, he had given the Captain the names of the other two cell members. They would soon be joining these first two. After which he would report of their capture. And he would make sure there were tears in his eyes.

Chapter 9

The Captain looked at the soldier standing behind Jelena. "Finish that one."

The man pulled out his knife and quickly flicked at the shoulder straps of Jelena's bra, then cut through the back strap. The bra fell to the floor, revealing Jelena's small but firm breasts, their hard nipples showing her fear. With his left arm wrapped around her chest, the man slid the knife through the right side of Jelena's panties with his right hand. "After you're both naked," he whispered in her ear, "we're going to invite a lot of the soldiers to have fun with you." He slashed the knife downward and Jelena's panties wrapped around her left thigh, then slid down her leg to dangle for a second at her ankle before joining her bra on the floor.

The Captain walked behind Jelena. After a few seconds, he moved in front of her, holding a metal-studded cat o' nine tails. Jelena gasped involuntarily when she saw it. "So, you are familiar with what this can do to tender flesh." He handed the whip to the soldier who had just stripped her. "Which do you think, Private? This one or the other one. Who will break first?"

"Usually it's the one who is watching. So I'll bet on that one," he pointed the whip toward the hanging Zora, still wearing her bra and thong.

"No," the Captain responded. "That one is stronger and colder. I think this one will beg for mercy first."

"And the bet is the usual?"

"Yes. The usual."

The Private nodded. Whichever spy broke first would be fucked by the soldier who predicted she would break first.

Without another word, the Private moved behind Jelena, threw his arm back and struck the middle of her bare back as hard as he could. The force of the blow pushed Jelena's body forward as the metal studs tore into her flesh. She screamed at the top of her lungs. As her body began to sway back, the Private struck her again, this time across the back of her thighs, and then again across her shoulders. Jelena howled like a wounded animal. The Captain raised his arm, signaling the Private to pause, while Jelena's body twitched uncontrollably as she continued to scream. Zora watched in horror. "Stop it. She knows nothing. You know she knows nothing," Zora screamed.

"It's true. I know nothing. It's true. Please. Please stop." Jelena screamed her own protest.

"We don't want to know what you don't know, Croat Spy. Just what you do." The Captain dropped his hand, signaling the Private to resume. Slowly the Private walked in front of the hanging Jelena, and raised the whip.

"No. No. No." She pleaded to no avail. The Private struck the whip across Jelena's stomach, then across the front of her upper thighs. Jelena's screams were constant, broken only by quick gasps for breath.

"You're barbarians," Zora yelled toward the Captain. "She doesn't know anything !!"

"All I know," Jelena could get out no more than a few words before gulping in more air, "is that Zora was my contact. That is all I know."

Her last word was barely out of her mouth when the whip slashed across her breasts. Ugly red stripes now crossed the entire front and back of Jelena's body, deeper where the studs had torn her flesh, deepening the red color of the blood that oozed through the stripes.

Jelena watched with glazed eyes as two of the soldiers approached her. Each grabbed one of her ankles and pulled them apart. "Please, no," she screamed, knowing the purpose of their actions. "I'll tell you anything. I'll tell you everything I know. But I don't know what you want me to know!!"

The Private looked back at the Captain, who gave no sign to stop. The Private turned, lowered his shoulder, and flicked the whip hard up between Jelena's spread legs. She started to gag from the pain. The soldiers released her ankles. Her head sunk to her chest. And her bladder released a strong flow of urine that bounced off the floor.

Chapter 10

"Certainly I was the winner," the Captain announced to the Private. "The tortured one broke, not the observer." He stared at Zora. "I told you that one would be tough. She let her friend suffer, knowing that only she could save her. And didn't." The Captain nodded in the direction of the unconscious Jelena. "I don't want her. Bring her outside and let the men have her. We can't waste anymore time on her. She knows nothing and this other one doesn't care how much we torture her. So she is useless to us."

The two soldiers who had held Jelena's legs open uncuffed her wrists and let her fall to the floor in the middle of the puddle of her urine. Without the counterweight, Zora's body lowered, but her toes still could not quite reach the floor. The two soldiers grabbed Jelena by her wrists and dragged her across the floor and out of the room.

The Captain turned toward Zora. "Are you proud of what you did to your friend?" Zora stared at him icily. "You let her be tortured, and now she will be gang raped, all because of your silence."

"You would have done the same thing to her whether I told you anything or not," Zora hissed back at him.

"Perhaps you are right. But you denied her the chance that perhaps you are wrong. The question now though is whether you value your body any more than you valued hers."

"I will never tell you anything."

"Maybe you will and maybe you won't. I guess we will just have to see. Private, you know what to do."

Zora heard the Private's steps behind her. When he again walked in front of her, he was holding a long thin metal skewer in his right hand and three more in his teeth. As he approached her, she kicked hard at him, but he quickly turned to the side and her foot caught only the thick part of the side of his upper leg. Two other soldiers who had been watching jumped up, and each grabbed a cuff and a long chain from the table behind her. In a few seconds, Zora's ankles were spread much wider than Jelena's had been earlier, the other end of the chains secured to the cuffs hooked to loops in the floor, stretching her taut so that she could move nothing but her head.

Zora now watched as the Private moved the end of the metal skewer that he was holding to the side of Zora's right breast, and then slowly pushed it deep into her flesh, parallel to the floor, until the tip of the skewer pierced through the other side a full inch. Zora bit her lip hard until blood dribbled from it, suppressing a scream. Then the Private took one of the skewers from his teeth and positioned it against the side of her left breast. This time when he pushed the tip into her, Zora could no longer hold her scream. "You bastard," she yelled, "you fucking bastard." Her chest heaved, the two skewers now held firmly in place by her breast tissue.

"You got that right," the Private answered. "I'm a fucking bastard and you're a fucking bitch. And right after you tell us what we want to know, the bastard is going to be fucking the bitch. But we're not quite done yet." He took the third skewer and jammed it directly down into Zora's right breast, perpendicular to the floor. Her screams continued. There was no question where the fourth skewer was going, but that did not help Zora prepare for the added pain it caused.

The Private watched the tears streaming down Zora's face. "You probably think I'm finished now. Well, if you do, you are wrong." One of the other soldiers returned with a fifth skewer and a very long piece of thin metal wire. The Private knelt down and thrust his middle finger between Zora's legs, moving it around inside her and watching her face. "I think this last one will go here." He pinched her clit, and held out his other hand for the final skewer. He quickly jammed its point through Zora's most sensitive flesh. She let out a gasp, and her mouth remained open as her stomach muscles began to shake. The other end of this last skewer jutted down from between Zora's legs until it nearly reached the floor a few feet in front of her. Zora's eyes, blinded by her tears, darted from the Private to the Captain, who was watching intently.

"Not as tough as you were when it was your friend being tortured, are you?" The Captain didn't need an answer.

The Private took the long thin metal wire from the soldier, and connected each of the skewers to the others by looping the wire around each one and then moving on to the next.

Chapter 11

"Now we need the names of the other two agents in your cell. We know there are four of you, that you are the leader and that your poor friend and the other two work only with you and do not know who the others are."

Zora looked frantically down at her naked body. At the five skewers sticking out of it. And the metal wire attaching them to each other. She looked up at her wrists cuffed over her head and then down at her spread and chained ankles. Utterly helpless. And they knew exactly what she knew. Still, she had no reason to believe they wouldn't continue to torture her even if she told them everything. But perhaps they might stop. And, if she didn't tell them, they definitely would not stop.

Finally, she answered as calmly as her pained body and fast-pounding heart would allow. "Here's what I know ... You should go fuck yourselves."

"A bad decision, I'm afraid," the Captain shook his head.

The Private again moved behind Zora, holding a candle and a candlestick when he again appeared before her. He set the candlestick down on the floor just under the end of the skewer hanging from between her legs and inserted the candle into it. He pulled out a match and lit the candle. Its flame flickered around the end of the metal skewer just above it. Zora looked at the Captain in horror.

"That's right, Croat Spy," the Captain began to explain to Zora what she did not need explained, but already understood. "The candle will heat the skewers. Which is why the Private joined them with the wire. It will take a few minutes for the metal inside you to heat. When it does, it will of course begin to burn your breast tissue and clit. Obviously your clit will be the first to heat and burn fully. And then the burns inside your breasts will expand until they consume all of your breast tissue. The one woman to whom we did this before -- a traitor to the regime -- well, she told me that it was indeed extremely painful. Not in words exactly, but I understood clearly what she was telling me. Now her breasts were larger than yours, so perhaps your pain -- and your breasts -- will not last as long as hers did. Shall we bet on how long that will take, Private? How long did the last one take?"

"I thought you were going to entertain her with a movie while she was warming up?"

"Oh, yes, thank you for reminding me."

Zora pulled as hard as she could on her bonds, which held firm. She looked at the Captain. "Barbarism. This is barbarism. I demand that you follow the rules of the Geneva Convention." The words sounded desperate and foolish even as she said them.

"Of course, the Convention does not apply to spies not wearing their side's uniform. Were you wearing a uniform when we captured you? It certainly doesn't look to me like you are wearing one now."

Zora could feel the heat begin to enter her body through the metal. She looked down to her breasts. The metal was starting to turn reddish. When she looked up again she saw that one of the soldiers had lowered a screen on the wall she was facing. The lights in the room dimmed.

After a few seconds, the screen showed an image of a very large room. A warehouse. The camera panned the room until it showed ... the figure of a woman. Naked and hanging by her wrists from a hook dropped from a beam across the high ceiling. Her legs were chained apart to the floor of a platform on which she was standing, so that her body formed an inverted Y figure. A half dozen soldiers surrounded her, at least one taking photographs of the scene.

It was a horrible scene. But what was worst about it was that Zora instantly recognized the chained woman. Natalia. The third member of Zora's cell. The scientist the Croats had placed inside the plant to work on the missile. The agent who knew which parts to steal. But how? How did they know? [See Natalia Pic]

On the screen Zora saw a soldier approach Natalia. "Your friend Zora says hello."

"Zora," Natalia screamed, "I knew it had to be Zora. Such a fucking weakling. May she rot in hell for betraying me. And the cause!!"

"Of course, you are going to join her there," the soldier picked up a glowing red hot iron and pressed it against her upper left thigh. Natalia's scream was hideous. "Unless you answer my questions." The screen went dark.

Chapter 12

"That, by the way, is a live feed," the Captain explained to Zora.

"You bastards," Zora screamed. "You know that I didn't tell you anything. I didn't betray her. You lied to her." Zora could feel the metal inside her start to burn her flesh. She let out a loud long howl of pain.

"And here is another live feed." The screen flashed again, revealing a different scene. A torture room not unlike the one in which Zora was chained. In the middle of this one was ... Zora could not believe her eyes. "You fucking bastards. What is going on here?" Konstantin, the fourth member of their cell, the one who had been embedded inside the missile plant, was chained spread-eagled and naked in the middle of the room. With a thin wire wrapped around his scrotum and penis, its ends hanging a foot below on both sides with heavy weights attached. His face showed his great pain.

"I would say that you have about five minutes before the razor wire cuts through and severs what you use for brains clean off you. So perhaps you would like to say something?"

"Yes. Yes. I'll tell you whatever you want to know. Goddamn that Zora cunt. Goddamn her." The screen again went dark, but this time it remained dark.

Zora dropped her head. What was going on? She had said nothing. Jelena didn't know about Natalia or Konstantine, so she could not have said anything.

By now the heat from the skewers was too much for Zora. The metal was glowing red. She looked up and screamed at the Captain, "I didn't tell you anything. I was brave. What is going on here?!"

The Captain walked to the hanging Zora, smiling broadly. Between her screams, he explained to her. "We have a mole in your headquarters in Zagreb. Our mole gave us the information. But we couldn't just bring all four of you in without a pretext, or your people would get suspicious as to how we knew, and they might figure out we had a mole. A mole too valuable to risk losing over you four. We couldn't risk that."

Zora tried to comprehend, but the pain and the burns made it hard for her to listen. Or to hear over her own screams. She was afraid to look down anymore. She knew that he clit must be burned to a crisp. And that no man ... or woman ... would ever want to touch her breasts again.

"Then our mole learned about your plan to steal the missile parts. Perfect. It was a way to capture the two of you. And then we could bring in the other two because your superiors would simply believe that you had given us their names under torture. You were the only one who knew all four. We learned that from our mole. also. So we could break your cell and still protect our mole. The best of both worlds, wouldn't you agree? It just required that everyone on both sides understand that you were the one who broke and provided the information."

Zora understood. She would forever be remembered falsely as the spy who betrayed the others and her cause. She had resisted the torture for nothing. She was screaming now for no purpose. To protect no person. The physical pain was now unbearable. Combined with the psychological pain that she would be remembered as a coward who destroyed her entire cell. Jelena would be remembered as the brave one of the two. And perhaps Natalia and Konstantine as well. Three brave agents who gave their lives, betrayed by the weak Zora.

"Let her burn for five more minutes," the Captain instructed two of the soldiers. "Then take her down and bring her outside. Dead or alive, no one is going to want to take her. At least I wouldn't think so."

Chapter 13

The Captain and Private left the room and walked outside. At the far corner of the yard they could see a soldier face down on the ground, with another soldier standing nearby. As they approached, they realized that the soldier was not lying on the ground, but on the back of the helpless Jelena, whose body and face were pushed by his weight into the muddy ground. Just as they reached her, the soldier rose, zipped his pants and saluted the Captain, who returned the salute. The Private walked up to Jelena and, with the toe of his boot, pushed her over onto her back, still in the mud. It was difficult to tell whether she was alive.

"Still interested?" The Captain asked the Private.

"Not in this one or the other one. But what about that Natalia spy? Can I go join her interrogation?" The Private had liked what he saw on the video. That one still had a body that could be enjoyed. At least for a short while.

Before the Captain could answer, he saw the soldiers across the yard dragging Zora's body toward him. As they drew closer, he could see that smoke was still coming from her breasts ... or, rather, what remained of her breasts ... and from between her legs, although he knew that her clit certainly had burned completely off. The Captain motioned in the direction of Jelena's body, and the soldiers dragged Zora's body over to it and dropped it face down on top of it. Neither body moved.

"Take a few photos," the Captain directed one of the soldiers. "We will send them back to their superiors in Zagreb. They should know what happens to their spies, in case they want to send any others."

"Captain," the Private tried to hide his impatience.

"Oh, right. Private, yes, you may join the interrogation of the spy Natalia. Take as long as you like with her, since you never did get to have either of these first two. But when you are through with her and the fourth spy, bring them out here too for some photos. We wouldn't want the Croats to think that we didn't treat all of their spies equally."


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