Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril)


By Eda Chang

Tanya tried to open her eyes but could not. She felt the cloth pressing against her eyelids and could feel the tight knot behind her head. She realized that she was blindfolded.

She tried to move her legs but could not. She realized that her ankles were spread apart shoulder width and tied to ropes or chains that held them in place with her knees straight.

She tried to move her arms but could not. She realized that her wrists were also spread apart shoulder width above her head and cuffed to ropes or chains that held them in place with her elbows straight.

She could feel that she was tied face down on a wooden board, her body stretched and spread-eagled. She guessed that it was a rack, which meant that she would likely soon be stretched even more.

Her breasts were pressed against the board beneath her. Actually, given her more than modest endowment, they were squashed against the board.

She tried to speak, to tell anyone who might be in the room that she had revived. But she could not. She felt the thick cloth filling her mouth. She could feel a second tight knot behind her head.

And she could feel the cold of the room. She rubbed her body against the board and realized that she was naked.

She tried to clear her mind to think. What did she last remember? She had been in her apartment. No. No. She had not. She had gone to her new boyfriend’s apartment for the first time. Martin. Had they had sex? No. She didn't think so. She didn't remember having sex with him, although she knew that she had been willing and expected that they would before the evening was over. They had embraced. She remembered his tongue in her mouth and his hands all over her body. But she didn't remember him taking off any of her clothes. Or her taking off her clothes herself. Or any of his. Or even unzipping his pants. No. None of that had happened. They had been embracing. That was the last thing that she could remember.

Where had they been before they went to his apartment? They had been to a bar. She only had two drinks that she could remember. And she had gone to the ladies’ room after the first. Could he possibly have drugged her second drink? But why? He must have known that he was going to score with her tonight. There was no need.

She couldn't speak. She couldn't see. But she certainly could feel. And what she could feel mostly now was the stretch to her limbs. And she could hear. She heard a door open, followed by several sets of footsteps.

“Well, well, you must be awake by now. Your name is Tanya, is it not?” The voice was male but unfamiliar. It certainly wasn't Martin’s voice. She tried to respond, but the gag reduced her sounds to unintelligent mumbles.

“There is no need to try to speak, Tanya,” the man explained. “But there is a need to listen. I will explain the situation to you only once.” The voice came from directly in front of Tanya, and she raised her head in its direction, but could see nothing.

“Your friend Martin’s job was just to get you here. Yes, his job. Or did you really think he was interested in you for more than the pay that he got for bringing you to us. So he is now gone on to perform his next task for us. He seems to like his job. And he does it well. You really did like him, didn't you? Admit that you suspected nothing.”

Martin had drugged her, she was now sure.

“You have not been brought here for interrogation, so you won't have to remember anything or try to lie convincingly to us or plead your innocence. We do not accuse you of anything. We will not ask you questions. You will not be required to confess to anything. No, you will not be tortured for information.”

Tanya dropped her head back to the board. That she would not be interrogated sounded positive to her. But she knew there was more. [see Tanya 1 pic]

“And we are not going to rape you. We are professionals and that serves no purpose for us. We have wives and lovers who willing provide us what we need sexually.” That too was a relief, she thought. She couldn't think how that could be a bad thing. “And we are not sex traffickers, so we are not going to sell you into slavery.” Certainly another good thing, she thought. Still, there was a reason she was now laying face down, naked and stretched on a rack by an unknown number of males that she didn't know, or didn't think that she knew. And, despite all of these assurances, she knew that the reason was not likely to be pleasant for her, although, for the moment, and she expected it to be a short moment, she could not think what that reason was.

“No, Tanya,” the man finally got to the point. “You are here for only one reason. You are here because you are the sister of the Russian Army Colonel who last week massacred more than 100 of my Chechnya freedom-fighting compatriots.” Massacred? Freedom-fighters? They were rebels who were trying to take over the government, were fully armed and were hiding on the outskirts of town. Her brother had been ordered to flush them out and destroy them. Which he did quite successfully. It was war. A war started by the rebels. Of which this man speaking to her was obviously one. As were any others who might also now be in the room. But now she knew why she had been captured. And, having been told what was not going to happen to her, she realized what was going to happen. All that she didn't know was how long it would take and how painful it would be. Her hope faded instantly.

“Yes, Tanya. I am afraid that we have no choice but to make your brother pay dearly for what he did. And since we had no way of capturing him, since he is among forces that far outnumber ours, we captured you as his substitute.”

Tanya’s entire body tensed. She knew before the man had said the words what they would be, if not the exact words, their substance. But actually hearing them was different. Final. Like knowing that you were going to be sentenced to death, but then hearing the words. And it would be a painful death. She pulled at the ropes holding her limbs. It was a waste of energy, she knew. Even if she could loosen them, she had no chance of escape from wherever it was they had brought her.

“Now I have to leave you, Tanya,” the man explained, “but you will be in the capable hands of my assistant Stormy. I could joke that Stormy is going to rock your boat, but you're probably not in the mood for a little humor, are you, dear?”

Tanya heard the man leave the room and waited, not knowing what to expect. Finally, she heard the whish of a whip that, a second later, came crashing down across her back. Tanya screamed through the cloth gag. She could feel the tails of the whip. Hard leather. A second blow quickly followed. Her body shivered in pain. Probably the nine tail whip. A third blow. Her screams were muffled by the gag. Did this Stormy have any idea how much pain … a fourth blow. Tanya shook her head back and forth. A fifth blow. Her stomach muscles quivered uncontrollably. She couldn't feel any metal in the tips and the whip did not seem to be tearing her flesh off. But she certainly could feel the hardness of the leather, the number of tails and the frequency of the blows. If she hadn't been gagged and blindfolded her screams would have filled the room and tears would have flowed down her face.

How many lashes would there be? How many could she take? And then the reality of her situation really hit her. It didn't matter how many. Because, when this Stormy stopped lashing her, there would be something else. Another kind of pain. Equally horrible. To other parts of her body. Until … until …

The blows continued. She lost count. Count was just a number anyway. And the number didn't matter. More than 10 certainly. With each blow carrying nine lashes. Tanya wanted only one thing now. Since the pain would continue no matter how it was caused, there was no point hoping for an end to it. All she wanted was to pass out. Or, better, to die. Soon.

She felt a gloved hand feeling the stripes running across her back from her shoulders to her hips. There must be more than a hundred, she knew. They must cover her entire back.

She sensed that Stormy had moved to the foot of the wooden board. And the lashes resumed. But this time, instead of across her back, they struck up and down her back and ass. Tanya started choking on the saliva that could not escape her gag. The lashes continued. As many vertical down her body as she had been given horizontally before.

When Tanya heard Stormy again move to the side of the board, she thought that this part of her ordeal might be over. She was wrong. Stormy now wielded the whip across her thighs, above the knee and below, the lashes as numerous as before. And when Tanya again heard Stormy move to the foot of the board, she knew that it was not the end. She knew what to expect, as Stormy directed the lashes to the soles of her feet. She could not believe that the pain could get greater, but it did. So many nerve endings there. Her mind numbed.

Tanya hadn't realized that the lashing had stopped, or that Stormy had moved back to stand near the top of the wooden board, until she felt Stormy unhooking her wrists from whatever had been holding them over her head on the board. Quickly, however, Stormy reattached her right wrist to where her left had been and her left to where her right had been. Tanya’s arms were now crossed, but she knew what Stormy was doing. Which Stormy confirmed when she released Tanya’s ankles and rolled Tanya onto her back, then reattached her ankles to their restraints below. Her whipped and raw back and thighs now rubbed against the board, causing her nearly as much pain as the lashings had. And now Stormy had accessible to the whip the entire front side of Tanya’s body. The side that was still unblemished. But she also knew that would be very temporary.

Stormy reached around Tanya’s neck and untied the knots holding her blindfold and gag in place, then removed them. Tanya was shocked to see that Stormy was a woman. A woman had whipped her senseless. [see Tanya 2 pic]

“Good,” Stormy said, her voice confirming that she was indeed female. “I thought you might like to see the rest of what’s going to happen.”

Tanya started shaking her head, pulling her limbs desperately, her screams no longer muffled by the gag as Stormy raised the whip. Yes, it was hard leather and had nine tails. But Tanya’s body already knew that even if her eyes hadn't before seen the weapon of her destruction.

Stormy started on the front of Tanya’s body with her upper thighs, slowly working her way up to Tanya’s hips and stomach. By the time that she started on her breasts, Tanya’s screams were growing raspier and softer, though still as pained, as her throat hoarsened. The whip lashed across her breasts over and over. Tanya was barely coherent when Stormy finally moved to the foot of the wooden board and began whipping her vertically from her breasts to between her legs. Finally, Tanya’s body relaxed as her wish came true and her mind faded into unconsciousness, just after she released her bladder and soaked the board with her urine.

Stormy looked over the front of Tanya’s body. Nowhere was there a patch of unmarked skin as large as an inch square. Just as she had done to her backside.

Stormy put the whip down on a table behind Tanya, picked up a small can of liquid and moved back to the wooden board. She dipped her hand in the can and began to rub the liquid all over Tanya’s breasts until both were drenched in it.

Stormy slapped Tanya several times to rouse her. “Tanya, dear, I want you to understand what I'm doing.” She waited for Tanya to stir. “The oil, you see, will protect your breasts from burning.” Stormy moved behind Tanya and returned with a torch, then pulled out a lighter from her pocket. “Of course, you will still feel the heat.” Stormy lit the torch, then lowered it to just under Tanya’s right breast and began to move it around her chest, ignoring Tanya’s screams.

“The flesh and blood inside your breasts will get so hot that you will think that your chest is going to explode. And I'm no scientist, but I think it might if I'm not careful.” Tanya was throwing her head side to side, her mouth wide open, her raspy screams coming from deep in her throat.

“Of course, if I keep the flame here until the oil is all burned away, then your breasts will burn, but I think that I put enough on them so that will not happen yet. Unless you've had them enhanced. In that case the silicone really may explode. Are they all yours?”

Tanya continued to pull frantically on her bonds in desperation, but her strength now was mostly gone. Her breasts were real, but did it matter? Finally, she could do nothing more than lie on the board, naked and spread-eagled, as Stormy continued to move the torch around her chest. [see Tanya 3 pic]

When Tanya's shrieks of pain became nearly crazed, Stormy moved away from Tanya and extinguished the flame. Tanya continued to shriek in pain. She summoned all her strength. “Please. Please show mercy. Kill me now. Kill me. Please.”

“No, I can't do that yet, Tanya. My boss will be very upset with me if I did. And then I might find myself in a position not unlike yours. You wouldn't want that to happen to me, would you? But soon. Be strong for your brother. He is going to want to believe that you were strong when we deliver your body to him.” Stormy responded from behind her. “But first I need to do this.” She turned the roller bar at the top of the rack, stretching Tanya further and lifting her body off the board. A loud continuous groan was all that Tanya could muster. “C’mon, Tanya, I just told you how brave you were. I'm counting on you to be able to take at least two more notches on the rack. You're not going to disappoint me, are you?” Stormy turned the roller bar another notch. Tanya arched her back as far as she could to try to relieve the strain to her shoulders and hips and wrists and ankles.

Stormy returned to the side of the rack, carrying a small box. “Guess what I have here, Tanya?” Tanya could not even turn her head to see. “I have some pins.” Stormy pulled out a thin pin about an inch long and jabbed into Tanya’s stomach, then continued to jab pins into her stomach and hips and chest. The pain from each would have been tolerable, but the pain from so many, combined with the pain from the stretch of the rack, the hundreds of whip marks and the heat to her breasts was not. Tanya started sobbing uncontrollably.

Stormy continued to jam pins into Tanya’s body, now with more force to express her supposed disappointment in her victim’s sobs. When she finally told Tanya that she had run out of pins, more than 50 protruded from the front of Tanya’s body.

“Now, Tanya,” Stormy released the roller bar and Tanya’s body came crashing back to the wooden board. Tanya let out gasps of relief, although her relief was only relative.

Tanya held up a pistol and a leather strap in front of Tanya’s face. “Now usually I don't give a choice, but just decide what I want. And I've never given a choice to anyone who disappointed me like you did at the end. But I feel in a generous mood, so I'll ask you: Do you want a bullet between your legs or do you want the strap around your neck?”

“You're going to do what you want no matter what I say?” Tanya responded weakly.

“No, I promise. On my mother’s grave. I'll do what you say.”

“The strap.” Would any woman choose otherwise?

Stormy ran the leather strap through two holes in the board at the sides of Tanya’s neck, then secured the strap below the board with a wooden bar, and turned it until the strap was tight around Tanya’s neck.

“You see, I'm doing what you asked. I'm a woman of my word.” Stormy gave the bar a turn. “And it’s a wise choice, Tanya. The gun would just blow your insides to shreds. What pleasure is there in that? One last hard lover, sure. But an inanimate one. I'm sure you've already had your fill of those. What girl hasn't? But the strap, well, near the end you are going to have one hell of an orgasm. I know. I've done this to other women and at least it’s a great way to go.”

Stormy turned the bar again. Tanya now had to struggle for air. Stormy stared at her and turned the bar again. Tanya’s face started to turn red, then purple. Another turn. Tanya’s body jerked a few times. “C’mon. You can do better than that. A real good orgasm. A really good last orgasm.” Stormy turned the bar again. Tanya’s mouth opened wide, desperate for air and her body continued to twitch. “That’s it, baby. Go for it.” Stormy continued to watch as Tanya’s body continued to jerk, then gave one final larger jerk and relaxed on the board.

Stormy watched and waited for a full minute. No movement. Stormy released the strap from around Tanya’s throat and looked into her open bulging eyes. “I hope that last one was good for you. I really do. But I never really know since no one can tell me afterward.”

Stormy unchained Tanya’s wrists and ankles from the rack. She walked to its foot, pulled out her gun, spread Tanya's legs and placed the gun between them. “This is symbolic only, dear, but the boss insists.” She pulled the trigger. Stormy wasn't sure whether it penetrated her cervix into her chest cavity. But since she was already dead, with no blood pumping, little added damage appeared on the outside of her body, which was already covered in red.

Tanya’s brother surely would understand that his sister’s death had been drawn out and extremely painful. Perhaps that would discourage him from massacring more of the country’s freedom fighters. If it didn't, well, he had two other sisters. And a wife.


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