Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril)


By Eda Chang

"Yes. ... Yes! ... Oh my God, yes! ... I said YES. ... YES! ... YYYEEESSS!!!"

Straddling him on the bed, his fully engorged shaft deep inside her, Mikoís screams filled the basement room. Peter was grateful that the room was sound-proofed or her screams would have filled the entire building and several across the street. Well, maybe he shouldnít be so grateful, he thought. After all, would he mind if the whole world knew that he had the ability to satisfy a woman so completely that she felt a need to shout it to the world? It would certainly help his reputation if the world knew, wouldnít it?

It also helped, of course, that he was, well, a rather large man, and that she was quite petite. That made it that much better for both of them, as he filled her completely. Where did she say she was from? One of those Asian countries whose women are all beautiful? Wait, that applied to all Asian countries and all other countries, Peter thought. All women were beautiful, at least to him. Had she even told him where she was from? Or what her name was? Not that either mattered to him in the slightest. She had said she was vacationing in his city, San Francisco, with a female friend, Sung, who had decided to retire right after their long flight across the ocean. Unlike Sung, though, Miko was invigorated to be in the United States, and so decided, even though it was nearly midnight, to go to Cooperís, a bar they had passed a block away from the AirBnB at which they were staying. Strange, though. He remembered her friendís name, but not hers. If he ever knew it.

* * *

Peter had seen her walk into the bar and couldnít take his eyes off her. Cute face. Slim waist. Nicely-shaped breasts. All displayed properly in her black form fitting dress and heels. He waited only a minute after she sat at the bar before moving to sit next to her, immediately realizing that she was even more beautiful up close. This was the one for him, he knew. At least the one for that night. For personal reasons, he had had hundreds of first dates, but never a second. That was just the way it had to be for him. He was who was. He did what he did. It had great benefits, but it also had its drawbacks. A second date would change who he was and he didnít want that. He liked who he was. He was successful just the way he was.

That did not mean that he wasnít going to enjoy her that night if he could entice her to want him, too. Usually he could. He was attractive, he knew. And well-endowed. Although that could never be his first selling point, no pun intended. No, that was always a bonus his women discovered after they already had decided they were interested in giving him a chance to please them. And made them all the more desirous of him and to him. Made them want a second date and more with him. But, well, he was who he was, so he wouldnít satisfy their desire in that regard. No, their satisfaction with him was limited to the one night.

"You already ordered yourself a drink, I see," he smiled as he sat down next to her. "A woman like you should never have to buy her own drink. I guess Iím getting slow." He paused. "Although I think youíll agree that there are times when it is good to be slow." He hoped she didnít notice that he was continuing to look her over, up and down, but he neednít have worried. She was too busy looking him over at the same time. And she too liked what she saw.

"I agree. It can be good to be slow sometimes, yes." she responded in flawless English, instantly picking up on his meaning. She downed the straight shot of bourbon that the bartender placed in front of her. The woman doesnít mess around, Peter thought. Well, neither did he.

"Iím Peter. Iím going to be your lover tonight. Anything you would like for starters? Would you like to hear the specials? Any requests off the menu?" No waiter ever delivered any variation of that line better, he thought, hoping that he had judged the woman, and the situation, correctly.

"Hey, Iíve been in town less than an hour. Youíre the first person Iíve met. Donít you think you should show me the sights first?"

"Most of the sights are much better to see in the daytime, not in the dark. Except for one."

"Donít tell me. Your bedroom. Look. Your first line wasnít bad. But that one brings your average way down."

"Well, itís not a bedroom, although it does have a bed and I confess to using it sometimes for the same purpose. No, itís a basement photography studio. Iím a photographer. You are a model, arenít you?"

Miko shook her head. "Now youíre one for three and sinking fast." She downed a second bourbon as soon as the bartender brought it to her.

"You can pose for me before or after. Or before and after."

She looked at him, trying to decide whether to accept his offer. He was so direct, so calm and natural. And so very good looking, especially with that warm smile. He certainly seemed attracted to her. But she was used to that. "How far away is your place? Iíve already done too much traveling for one day."

"Just three doors down. That sounded like a yes."

She hesitated a few seconds. Hell, she was in a new town. An exciting town. And wasnít the purpose of being in a new and exciting town to have new and exciting experiences? Not just to go to her room and sleep like Sung had. Isnít that why she had put on her nicest dress, the one that best showed off her body? Wasnít that to give her the best chance of getting exactly what she was now being offered? And maybe he really was a professional photographer. She would still get back in time to rest up for the next day. And what a story she would have to tell her boring companion. She stood up. "Letís go then." Peter tossed a $20 bill toward the bartender.

Just as he had promised, three doors down from the bar, Peter led her down half a flight of stairs leading to a front door mostly below ground. They entered a large room set up as a photography studio Ė except for the single bed near the far wall. He noticed her eying a door at the back of the room. "My pickups and deliveries are made out back. Too much traffic on the street," he explained.

She moved close to him and kissed him hard on the mouth, feeling his hands quickly move over her body. If he was slow, she didnít have any time to waste if she was going to get back in time to get some rest. And she certainly hoped that, after her encounter, she would need it.

It wasnít long before she had helped him remove her clothes that she was on the bed straddling him, screaming in ecstasy.

* * *

Her muscles tightened around him and continued her screams as he pounded into her for much longer than she expected a virile man could. Finally, he flipped her onto her back and climbed on top of her to allow him to plunge even more deeply into her. Grasping the top of the bed with both hands to give himself leverage, he thrust himself over and over into her as far as he could, his pace quickening. Her screams turned to demands. "DONíT STOP. NOT YET. NOT YET." He could feel her orgasm, followed quickly by another. "NOT QUITE YET. NOT QUITE... OH GOD. YES. YES. NOW. DO IT NOW. DO IT. DO IT!"

As he ejaculated into her, he felt her entire body shiver, her breathing quick and shallow as her stomach muscles twitched and her body glistened in sweat. Spent, he left himself inside her for several minutes, seeing her eyes closed, her teeth biting her lower lip. Finally, she looked at him, but when she opened her mouth to speak, only gasps for escaped her still heaving chest.

Her body had been everything he imagined. Flawless skin. Small dark erect nipples. A tight pussy. How fortunate that he had decided to wait in the bar until after midnight even though the evening had offered him nothing until she walked in. Yes, how very fortunate for him.

"I think we both rather enjoyed that," Peter offered as he finally rolled off of her, barely having had time to catch his own breath. "Why donít you rest a bit and let me know when youíd like me to take a few photos of you."

"Letís do that now. I need to get back to my room and get some rest. Now more than ever. How about one photo nude and one dressed, but only if you promise to give me the originals and make no copies. I just want to show them to my friend in case she doesnít believe me." She blushed. "And to remember a great night of sex."

Peter smiled at her. "OK. Letís do the nude one first, so you donít have to keep getting dressed and undressed." He walked to the other side of the room and turned on the illumination for a three light set up with a soft beach scene as the backdrop. "Why donít you stand here. Iíll make it look like you are on a beach in the French Riviera. A nude beach, of course."

Miko walked to the middle of the set-up. Peter moved behind the tripod holding his camera. "Clasp your hands behind your neck to show off your bosom, then spread your legs just a little and turn your head slightly to your right," he directed. "Thatís it. Yes. Very good. Youíre a natural."

Holding the remote shutter button, Peter moved to the side of the camera. "Now give me a sexy smile, not too big and put sparkle in your eyes." Miko obeyed. "Wait, wait. There is glare on your nose and the top of your lip." Peter took a small makeup brush from a tray behind the camera. "This will help." He walked up to her and dabbed her nose and upper lip with the brush. "Wow. Thatís a strong smell," Miko recoiled slightly. "Roses? Very fragrant roses. What is it?"

"Yes. The powder removes the glare. Itís strong so I donít have to use too much, which keeps the look of the skin more natural." Peter walked back toward the camera. "Now, once again, the same smile and sparkle in your eyes." Miko held her pose, hands clasped behind her head, body turned slightly, as the camera flashed. "There. Perfect. Are you sure you donít want a few more?"

"No, no. Just the one, thanks. And I donít think I need one dressed. This one will prove my story."

"Let me go touch it up. Itíll just take a few minutes. Why donít you have a seat?" He nodded toward a wooden chair to the left of the camera set-up.

"Yes. You wore me out before." She smiled and sat. "Donít be long, please. I canít wait to see it."

Peter walked behind a curtain on the other side of the room.

* * *

"So what do you think? Did I mislead you at all?" Peter asked.

"No, not at all. Quite lovely. Yes, quite lovely indeed."

Miko remained seated in the chair, naked. But she was no longer smiling. No, her wrists were cuffed behind the top of the chair and her ankles to its rear legs, forcing her legs wide open. Her eyes were wide and she was shaking her head back and forth, trying to protest through the tape gag that secured her panties deep in her throat.

The strong rose odor had disguised the presence of a very strong sedative. Sure, it was dangerous to use the amount that he needed, Peter knew, but it was the cheapest and quickest way for him to accomplish what he needed. She had been out within two minutes of sitting down, her head slumped to her chest, and it had taken him only a few minutes to cuff her securely to the chair and gag her with her own panties before he had placed the call.

Within twenty minutes, a representative of Peterís richest Middle East customer stood in front of the cuffed woman, openly negotiating her price with him while she frantically shook her head and pulled on her cuffs in protest.

"You tried her?" he asked.

"Of course. And she is not only one of the most beautiful women I have offered you, but she is a real screamer. Mr. Farudi will absolutely love her."

The man walked up to the helpless woman and pushed his middle finger into her pussy. "She is still wet. Whether from the past excitement or her present fear, I canít be sure. But either way, it is a good sign." Miko cursed at him unintelligibly through the gag. He paid her no attention as moved his hands to her breasts and squeezed. "Very firm. Very nice. Mr. Farudi will want to share her with his many special friends and business partners. And their many special fetishes. Of course, that means she will probably not last as long as some of the others."

"Because Mr. Farudi is such a good customer, I will ask only twice the usual price. Do you agree? You know that is a bargain price for her."

The man considered, then smiled and nodded. "My car is out back. We will take her in our private plane. So just wrap her in a blanket and put her in my trunk." He handed Peter the keys to his car.

"But one more thing," Peter took a deep breath. "You and I have discussed before a special favor that I might occasionally receive, and so far I have never asked for it. I would like to ask it with this one." He approached the cuffed woman, his rose-smelling makeup brush in his hand. Miko grunted as loudly as she could as he brought it up under her nose and held it there until her head fell to her chest and her eyes closed.

"As you said, with all that Mr. Farudi and his friends will do to her, she likely will not last more than several months. But we will honor your request with this one and make sure that she is alive when you visit us, but we will have to move your trip this year to April to be sure. At that time, you may do with her as you wish as her last lover, and then dispose of her in whatever manner you choose, as I am sure that Mr. Farudi will want by then to replace her."

Peter stared at the woman slumped in the chair. So beautiful. So valuable. What a night!! And in just a few months, he would have his first second date.

* * *

Sung reported Mikoís disappearance to the San Francisco police the next day, but she could not tell the policemen who took her report where Miko had gone the night before or anyone in the city whom Miko had seen since her arrival. Not even anyone at the car rental agency -- Sung had rented the car while Miko waited outside. Not anyone from the AirBnB room at which they were staying Ė the key had been left under the front doormat.

Of course, the police questioned the owners of all nearby establishments, especially the bars, to see if anyone had seen Miko, or, better, if she had been seen with anyone else. The bartender at Cooperís helpfully identified two customers sitting in the back of the bar that night, but said they were the only customers who had been there after midnight. The police questioned the two, but they had been too busy with their own plans for the evening to see Miko during the brief time she had been sitting at the bar. Nor had they noticed Peter. As the bartender well knew they had not. This was not the first time that one of Peterís dates had disappeared. But Peter paid him well to keep his mouth shut, and he would never do anything to jeopardize that relationship.

As for Miko, well, while some things changed for her quite significantly over the next several months, one thing did not. Though the reasons may have been quite different, she certainly remained a screamer.


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