Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril)


By Eda Chang

Mira Kim had no idea why she had been summoned from her office to Pyongyang’s police department. She had been here only once before, when her college class had toured the station as part of the government class that she taught at the University. She had to admit, if only to herself, that it was a very intimidating place.

Mira walked down the stone steps to which she had been directed when she showed the officer at the front desk the instructions on the paper that she carried. Room 7. She thought she saw him raise his eyebrows before he pointed to the steps. She heard her black heels click crisply on the stone floor.

Mira saw the number 7 on the door at the end of the corridor, took a deep breath, straightened her black pencil skirt and opened the top button on her white shirt – perhaps that would help, she thought, and it wasn’t likely to hurt, since she had a shapely trim figure. She knocked on the heavy door and pulled down on its handle. Before she could even poke her head through it, a voice called to her. “Enter, Miss Kim.”

She was relieved to find inside a small room, empty of furnishings except for a table next to some items she couldn’t identify against the far wall, and a desk and chair, behind which sat a soldier – a sergeant from the insignia on his shoulders -- near the room’s center. Apparently, whatever the reason she had been summoned did not rate an officer. That was a good sign, she thought.

The sergeant looked at her. “Stand over there, Miss Kim,” he said, pointing to a spot about six feet on the other side of his desk.

As Mira did as she was directed, two other soldiers – a male and a female corporal -- entered the room behind her and closed the door. Mira noticed that the woman, though much shorter than the man, was by far the more muscular of the two. In fact, Mira had never seen a woman with such an incredible physique. She must be a champion body builder, Mira reasoned. She certainly knew that she would not want to mess with this woman under any circumstances.

“Miss Kim, we have some questions to ask you,” the sergeant began. The two other soldiers moved to stand at Mira’s sides, about two feet away, their arms folded. Mira’s heart raced. She did not like this. She had assumed that she probably was thought to be a witness to another’s crime. Now she feared that she might be the suspect.

“Miss Kim, you are a teacher, correct?”

“I am a professor.” Mira was surprised how difficult it was for her just to get out those words.

“You teach at the University?”

“I do.” Better, but not much better, she thought. I sound guilty and he hasn’t even asked anything incriminating.

“What subjects do you teach?”

“I teach government. This is my third year teaching at the University.” She tried to sound natural and relaxed, but she doubted that she was successful.

“And what classes in government do you teach?”

“I teach a class called the Supremacy of the North’s System. I also started this semester a more advanced course in Comparative Government that is basically an extension of the Supremacy class.”

“I see. Miss Kim, how many students are in your advanced class?”

“Six. Three men and three women.”

“And how many sessions have you so far taught of this advanced class?”

“Only one. Yesterday. We are scheduled to meet again on Friday.”

“What topic did you cover in this one session?”

Mira shifted on her feet. “I started with the government systems of the corrupt west. The United States government was the subject of the first class.”

“And what did you have to say about the United States’ system of government?”

“I explained the structure of the United States government and the problems and inequities that result when power is divided among three different branches of government. I also explained the great disparity in the wealth of its citizens and the utter deadlock that occurs when a country allows two parties to fight for control of its leadership. I also explained the lack of enlightenment of its leaders.”

“And did you contrast it with the superiority of our own system?” the sergeant inquired.

“That will be the next class. I was hoping to have a chance to do so in the first class, but there were a lot of questions from the students that took up more time than I expected. So I will start the next class on Friday with the superiority of our system before I move on to the inferiorities of the British system.”

“Miss Kim,” the sergeant continued, “I am afraid that I find your last answer a bit troubling. Please clasp your hands behind your neck and move your feet a bit farther apart.”

Mira’s body shuddered. She suddenly felt very afraid, but she obeyed immediately.

The sergeant nodded to the male soldier standing to her left. “Corporal Sung.”

Sung moved in front of Mira, facing her. He looked in her eyes, reached up to the collar of her shirt, grabbed its sides and yanked it open, revealing Mira’s white bra underneath.

“No !! Why !?!” Mira screamed.

“Miss Kim, you must know that it is I who ask the questions and it is you who answers them. But I will answer just this one for you: It helps us make sure that you are telling the truth as the questions get harder.” The sergeant replied calmly, as Sung twisted Mira’s arms behind her back and pulled her shirt completely off, then moved her hands back behind her neck to indicate that she should resume her previous position.

Mira’s body was visibly shaking now and her chest heaved. Sung walked to the far wall. Mira could now see what looked like a small brazier next to the table. Sung lit a match and dropped it into the brazier. A flame shot up out of it. He dropped Mira’s shirt into the flame. Mira closed her eyes, realizing what that meant.

Sung now moved behind Mira, unhooked her skirt and pulled it off, revealing her thin black panties. Sung marched over to the brazier and dropped the skirt into the flames. Mira could feel her knees weakening. Standing with her hands clasped behind her neck, and wearing only a thin white bra, black panties and black heels, Mira stared at the sergeant, her stomach muscles twitching, her nipples hard against the inside of her bra.

“Is it then true, Miss Kim,” the sergeant continued, “that you ended your first class on comparative government after simply explaining the United States’ system and answering questions about it?”

“Yes. The class is only ninety minutes. I thought that I would get through the United States’ system and into a direct comparison with the superiorities of our own. But there were so many questions that I could not, so I plan to start with that in the second class.”

“But that second class is not until Friday, is it? That is three days away.”

“Yes, the class meets only twice a week.”

“Who asked these numerous questions in the class? All of the students?”

“No. Most of the questions were asked by two of the women students. They seemed to have a little trouble understanding how half of the people in a country could support one of two parties and the other half the other party. That seemed very strange to them. But these students had all taken my Supremacy class. They already know why our system is superior. And I will remind them again on Friday. Which I had planned to do yesterday but didn’t have the time.”

The female soldier had remained standing motionless on Mira’s right. Now the sergeant nodded at her. “Corporal Shi.” Shi needed no further instruction.

Shi moved behind Mira and unhooked Mira’s bra, pulled it over her head and forced it through her clasped hands at the back of her neck. Mira wanted to lower her hands to cover her naked breasts – firm and well-proportioned for her slightly built frame, but knew that she could not.

Shi slowly walked to the brazier and dropped the bra into the flames. When she returned to stand in front of Mira, she cupped Mira’s breasts in her hands and squeezed and massaged them gently. “Please tell us the truth, Miss Kim,” Shi told her, “as it would be such a shame to damage these. Will you tell us the truth?” Mira nodded vigorously. “Good. I hope you do.”

Shi pulled a small knife out of her waistband. With one flick to the side of Mira’s panties, and then another, Shi removed them and marched back to the brazier. After dropping the panties into it, Shi pulled a cover over the brazier to extinguish the flame and returned to stand in front of Mira, now naked except for her black heels.

Shi held Mira’s hair with one hand and moved the other between Mira’s legs. She pushed her index and middle fingers inside Mira and probed. Mira instinctively tightened but she was not able to interfere with Shi’s search. “Just have to make sure,” Shi explained.

Shi then pulled a thin latex glove out of her pocket. Her intent was clear. Mira shook her head in protest as Shi move behind her. “Bend over, but keep your hands clasped behind your neck.” Mira dared not disobey Shi’s order and did as she was directed. Soon Mira could feel Shi’s fingers move into her anus to perform a similar search. When Shi finished, she pulled off the glove and tossed it in the direction of the brazier.

“Let me ask you the question again,” the sergeant continued as Mira stood back up. “The class ended with the United States’ system fresh in your students’ minds?”

Mira could feel the tears well up in her eyes. So foolish. She knew that she should have made certain that the class ended with further reinforcement of the supremacy of the North’s system.

“Yes,” Mira answered meekly.

“Do you not believe that, to do so, was traitorous to our beloved country?”

“No. No. Not traitorous,” Mira screamed back at the sergeant. She now realized the full extent of her situation. “Nooo!! Nooo!! Not traitorous. Negligent, perhaps. Foolish, yes. But not traitorous!!” Mira’s eyes darted to her left and right. Shi and Sung stood beside her, staring toward the sergeant, expressing no emotion, no sympathy to Mira’s predicament. Mira returned her gaze to the sergeant.

“It was just a matter of time, that’s all. I didn’t have enough time to finish what I wanted to cover in the class. I will finish on Friday.”

“So you are willing to leave for three days in the minds of these impressionable students the thought that the United States’ system might be superior.”

“No. Of course not. I mean, wait, no, I didn’t mean to leave them with that … They already know our system is superior. I taught them that last semester.”

Mira suddenly felt her hands being pulled from behind her neck, as she was spun around until she faced away from the sergeant’s desk. She saw two metal cuffs hanging from chains secured to hooks in the ceiling. Sung quickly secured her left wrist to one of the cuffs, while Shi secured her right wrist to the other. Mira was forced to stand on her toes to keep contact with the floor.

As both Sung and Shi bent down, Mira saw that they had also secured cuffs and chains that she had not noticed before to two small hooks in the floor. Once they had locked Mira’s ankles inside the cuffs, Sung and Shi pulled the chains tight, forcing Mira’s ankles farther apart. Worse for Mira, this lowered her center of gravity and stretched her entire body, now fully spread-eagled, painfully taut. Mira let out a loud gasp. Shi moved behind Mira and kicked Mira’s heels off her feet. Mira screamed as the pain in her shoulders grew as they were forced to bear the full weight of her body, which now hung in mid air, her toes no longer able to reach the floor.

“All right, Miss Kim,” the sergeant’s voice now came from behind her. “It seems that your definition of treason and mine are very different. And I am afraid that you will need some incentive to accept what the word really means. Which surprises me since you are a professor of government.”

“But I am not a traitor!!” Mira could feel her body strain and quickly glaze in sweat.

“Corporal Shi, it appears that Miss Kim needs more incentive.”

Shi pulled out a chain attached to which, at each end, were metal clamps. She pushed Mira’s head down to her chest and placed the middle of the chain behind Mira’s neck. Shi pinched Mira’s left nipple, pulled it upward and attached it to one of the clamps, then did the same to Mira’s right nipple.

“Miss Kim,” the sergeant explained, although no explanation was necessary, “I am sure that you can understand what is going to happen to your nipples when you are forced to raise your head.”

Mira continued to hold her chin against her chest, but she knew that Shi would soon demonstrate. Shi did not keep her waiting long, soon grabbing Mira’s hair and yanking her head up until Mira was staring into Shi’s eyes. Mira’s scream was loud and continuous as Shi forced her head even farther backward before attaching the chain behind Mira’s neck to a third chain that dropped from the ceiling, locking Mira’s head in place so that she could not move it forward to ease the stretch on her nipples.

“Now let me ask you again, Miss Kim.” The sergeant’s voice remained behind her. "What is your definition of treason?”

Mira’s mouth was wide open, sucking in short gasps of air. “Taking … actions against … the interests … of the state,” she answered, able to put no more than a few words together before again needing to suck in more air.

“And was your action in spending an entire 90 minutes with your six students on the subject of the United States government in the best interests of the state?”

“You can’t … you can’t … judge in … isolation. You …”

The sergeant interrupted. “Corporal Shi, I think that Miss Kim needs still more incentive.”

Mira watched as Shi walked over to the table and returned with what looked like … yes, they were … a hard metal dildo and a metal butt plug. Shi held them in front of Mira’s eyes. Shi inserted her index and middle fingers between Mira’s legs. “Soaked. From fear? Or excitement? Or a combination? Perhaps from guilt.” Shi removed her fingers and pushed the dildo inside Mira.

Shi walked behind Mira and, with more difficulty, pushed the butt plug into her, before returning to face Mira, standing a few feet in front of her.

“You’re probably wondering where all the wires are, aren’t you?” Shi teased Mira. “We don’t need wires any more. All I need is this.” Shi pulled out of her pocket a small rectangular piece of plastic, the size of a credit card but a little thicker. On it were two rows, each with two buttons. All red. She turned it to show Mira.

“What do you think this first button on the top does?”

Mira started to shake her head, but realized that the movement further stretched her nipples. She stopped and stared back at Shi. “I’m sure that you’ll show me.” Mira sneered at her, her words the first to show any defiance.

“And you are right.” Shi pressed the button. Mira immediately felt tremendous pain between her legs. Her horrendous scream was quickly joined by a quick thrusting of her pelvis as the pain shot through and around her vagina as Shi continued to hold the button down.

“Screaming and thrusting just like you were making love,” Shi laughed. “Bet I would have no trouble keeping you going longer than any of your lovers could.” Shi released the button after ten seconds, and Mira’s body sank as far as her stretched arms would allow. Breathy grunts of pain escaped her lips.

The sergeant gave Mira a minute to recover before continuing his interrogation. “Now Miss Kim, let’s switch roles, shall we? I will play the professor and you the student, so we can see how much you’ve learned. Do you understand?”

Mira nodded weakly.

“Good. So my first question to my pupil is: When the state accuses a person of treason and the person denies it, who is assumed to be right?”

Mira closed her eyes. When she opened them after a few seconds, her tears were visible. “The state,” she answered.

“Correct. And what should the state do to a person accused of treason who denies it?”

Mira could barely get the words out. “All actions necessary to prove to itself that it is correct in its accusation and that the person’s denials are false.”

“Correct again, Miss Kim,” the sergeant answered. “You are a good student. And what forms should those necessary actions take?”

Mira was sobbing loudly now, but she managed to answer. “Forms of persuasion … may include severe interrogation … including what would be considered torture were it not being used for such an important purpose.”

“Exactly. You score an A so far.” The sergeant nodded to Shi. Shi pushed the second button on the top row of her device, activating the current in the butt plug. Mira tightened her sphincter muscles and arched the lower half of her body forward, her scream nearly as intense as was her scream when Shi had activated the metal dildo. Shi again stared at Mira’s convulsing body and twisted face for a full ten seconds before she released the button.

“So, Miss Kim,” the sergeant continued as Mira panted frantically trying to regain her breath, “would that be within the forms of persuasion properly used by the state to interrogate a person suspected of treason who denied it?”

Mira collapsed in her bonds, hanging by her wrists, her nipples stretched to the point where it appeared that they might be torn off, her head trying to sink to her chest, but held up by the chain behind her neck. She nodded slightly.

“Very good. I will take that answer as a yes, which again is correct.” The sergeant finally rose from his chair behind Mira’s hanging body and walked around to stand in front of her. “My next question for you is this: When a person is accused of treason by the state, should her family and friends be notified?”

Mira slowly shook her head side to side, ignoring the added pain to her nipples.

“And why not?”

“Because,” Mira struggled to get the words out, “no person would want to know that a family member or friend was thought a traitor. They would instantly disown them and support the state’s decision, whatever that might be.”

“Miss Kim, you should be a government professor. You know all the answers. Which makes what you did even more damning, now, doesn’t it? Corporal Shi, show her what the third button does.”

Shi held up the device and put her hand on the first button on the lower row. “I’ll bet you think that this one activates both the dildo and the butt plug, don’t you?”

Mira stared at her. “Just push it,” she practically spat at Shi. Her face remained contorted in pain, her body bathed in sweat.

Shi immediately obliged. An arc of electricity instantly darted from the metal clamp holding Mira’s left nipple to the one holding her right. Mira’s screams were raspy now, as her throat grew sore. She shook her breasts, their nipples held by the clamps. Not wanting Mira to rip off her own nipples, Shi released the button after just five seconds. And then carefully removed Mira’s nipples from the clamps holding them, allowing Mira’s head to sink to her chest. Shi put the chain and clamps into her pocket.

“So, where are we, Miss Kim? Do you still deny that you committed treason?” Mira blinked hard to look at the sergeant.

“The state is right nearly all the time. But once in a great while it is wrong. It is wrong this time. There is an exception now and then. This is an exception.”

“Oh, dear, Miss Kim. You had been doing so well. Do you really want Corporal Shi to push the fourth button?”

Mira shook her head violently back and forth.

“All right, Miss Kim. Don’t say that I was unkind to you. I will not have Corporal Shi push the fourth button. Not yet anyway. Let’s see how you answer my next few questions. Will you answer them truthfully?”

Mira nodded. “Yes." Her voice was barely audible.

The sergeant approached her. He moved his hands to her breasts and then to the tops of her shoulders. He drew his face close to hers.

“Do persons who commit treason usually act alone?”

Mira’s heart jumped. She knew what the sergeant was suggesting. “No,” she raised her voice as loud as she could. “But not my students. You couldn’t think that my students … they did nothing. I did nothing. I was just teaching a class.”

“What makes you think that I was accusing your students? Are there any of them you think are also guilty of treason?”

“No. Of course not. They are interested in government. Our government. No. I just thought …”

“Actually, Miss Kim,” the sergeant grinned broadly at her, “we know that four of your students are not guilty. Four of them, you see, reported your treasonous activities to us. That is how we knew to bring you in.”

Of course, Mira thought. The students were fearful that, if they said nothing, they too might be accused if the authorities learned.

“But you said there were six students in your class, Miss Kim, didn’t you? Yet only four reported you. Why was that?”

“Because I did nothing wrong!! There was nothing to report!!”

“No, Miss Kim,” the sergeant walked to the back wall. At least Mira had thought it was the back wall. Now she noticed that it was actually a sliding divider. “It was because, as you yourself told us, two of your students were very interested in the United States’ system and asked you many questions. Two of your female students. What were the names of those two students?”

“No, you can’t believe they are not loyal to the state!! They are just students!!”

“I see you don’t want to tell me. Well, that’s all right. We already know. Andrea and Christine, right?”

Mira started to shiver uncontrollably as the sergeant pushed a button on the wall that opened the divider, revealing a second wall with a very large sound-proof, one-way window exposing an adjacent room. In that room Mira clearly could see her two students, Andrea and Christine, the two who had asked so many questions and not reported Mira to the authorities. Petite brown-haired Andrea on the left side of the room. Big-breasted black-haired Christine on the right side. Each was spread-eagled, completely naked, on a wooden rack with her head toward the window. Each was stretched by the rollers at the top of the rack to the point that her body was lifted off its wooden surface. Mira could see the purple tinge around their shoulders from the broken blood vessels caused by the severe stretch. Each woman's mouth was wide open in a scream unheard in the adjacent room, proving the effectiveness of the room's sound-proofing.

Two soldiers were also in the room. One stood at the foot of each of the two racks. Each held a metal iron that glowed red. Each was obviously waiting for instruction to begin its use on his captive’s body.

“Barbarism. You are barbaric!!” Mira stared at the sergeant, screaming. “They are innocent. They have done nothing!!”

“They indicated too much interest in the United States’ government, didn’t they? Isn’t that the reason you say you were unable to complete the lesson that you should have completed?”

“Students are curious. That is natural, not treasonous!!”

“They did not report you, as the others did. The others, by the way, reported them as well as you. The others had no trouble recognizing the treason of all three of you.”

“They are innocent,” Mira pleaded. “They are innocent.”

“If they are innocent, why have they both confessed?”

Mira’s eyes widened. “They confessed to treason?”

“Both of them,” the sergeant nodded.

“Because they are young and weak. Not because they are guilty.”

“So you believe that the state has erred in accepting the truth of their confessions?”

Mira knew she had overstepped. She sighed and shook her head. “No.”

“And does what some would consider torture end with a confession?”

Again Mira knew that she must shake her head “no.”

“Why not?”

“What others would consider torture can no longer be used to gain the truth, since the person questioned has admitted to the truth of her guilt. But …”

“Go on,” the sergeant gloated as Mira hesitated.

Mira said the words like an automaton. “But what others would consider torture may be used as part of the guilty person’s punishment.”

“Precisely.” Mira’s eyes followed the sergeant as he looked toward the window and rapped on it twice. Each of the two soldiers on the other side of the window pulled a black cloth blindfold out of his pocket, and, with the two women straining to lift their heads to see what they were doing, walked around the racks to strap the blindfolds over the women’s eyes, securing them with a knot behind their necks. Mira could see the total panic in their bodies as they waited for what they knew would be unspeakable pain, but without knowing exactly where or when it would begin. The two soldiers returned to the foot of the racks and waited, knowing that every second added to the fear of the two women even as they did nothing.

“So, Miss Kim,” the sergeant turned back to her, “suppose you were in charge of the punishment of these two women who have admitted their guilt to treason to the state. Suppose that all that you knew about them was that they had committed such a crime. Say, for example, they had been caught passing military secrets to the South. What would you do to them?”

“If that were the case, I would punish them severely before having them executed. But that is not the case," she added quickly, "They did not pass secrets to the South. They merely asked questions in my government class. That is not the same!!”

“Are there differing degrees of treason, Miss Kim? Or do you teach your students that treason is treason for which there are no degrees and no explanations and no excuses?”

“There are no degrees of treason,” Mira offered resignedly. “All treason is the same.”

“So can there be different punishments for treason, Miss Kim?”

Mira slowly shook her head.

“So tell me if this punishment is inappropriate.” The sergeant moved back to the window and again rapped twice on it. The soldier standing at the foot of the rack holding Andrea moved to the side of the rack, his hot iron still glowing red. Mira could see Andrea’s body tense as she felt its heat grow stronger. The soldier lowered the iron until it lay flat across Andrea’s stomach. Mira could not hear her scream through the sound-proofing, but it was obvious as Andrea tried vainly to shake and twist her body to escape the iron’s heat that her scream must have been like nothing that Mira had ever heard come from the lips of a human being.

As the soldier slowly rolled the iron up Andrea’s body until it reached the undersides of her breasts, Andrea’s body rose completely off the rack, leaving only her cuffed wrists and ankles in contact with it, her head now shaking from side to side, her mouth still wide open but unheard from the other room.

As the soldier’s hot iron moved up and across Andrea’s breasts, Mira stared at Andrea’s erect nipples as they were burned off by the searing heat. When the soldier finally lifted the iron off Andrea’s burned flesh, her body from her navel to the top of her breasts was burned and blistered and red. It crashed down to the board below her, her shoulders separating because of the increased stretch as it did. Her face turned to the side, the blindfold over her eyes still in place. Her mouth remained open, her tongue now visible.

The soldier felt her neck for a pulse and signaled to the watching room that she was still alive.

“So, Miss Kim,” the sergeant acted as if the sight that he had just witnessed was routine, “was that punishment appropriate for treason?”

Mira was sobbing. “But this was not treason. It was not.”

“And after punishment, I believe you said, comes execution. By what method, Miss Kim?”

“The usual method of execution is by firing squad in public,” Mira answered flatly. “But, if the criminal’s body is too deformed to be presented in the public square, then any method may be used.”

The sergeant rapped three times on the window. The soldier nodded. He removed a leather strap from his pocket, and secured it around Andrea’s neck. He then moved to the table and returned with a bottle of water. He poured the water over the leather strap until it was fully soaked, then returned the bottle to the table.

“I don’t have to tell you the method that has been chosen for this traitor, do I, Miss Kim?”

Mira answered weakly. “The water will tighten the rawhide strap around her throat. It is a much more barbaric way to die than by firing squad. Even in public. Firing squad is an instant death. This will take hours of slow strangulation.”

“Should we use the same punishment and execution method on the other one?”

Mira looked over at Christine stretched on the other rack. She could see that Christine had been pulling furiously at her bounds, no doubt in response to Andrea’s screams. But now those screams were silenced and Christine certainly knew that it was her turn for whatever the sergeant had in store for her.

The second soldier handed the first soldier his hot iron and moved to the table in the back of the room. When he returned, he was carrying a whip. Not just a whip, Mira could see, but an iron-studded cat o’ nine tails. She knew what the sergeant intended for Christine. For large breasted Christine. And there was nothing that Mira could do or say to stop it. Indeed, If Christine had confessed to her treason, she had brought it upon herself no matter the reason for her confession. Everyone in the country, particularly every government student, knew the rules. And the punishments.

The soldier quickly brought the whip down across Christine’s breasts, the force of the blow leaving a thin red line just below her nipples. And, as the soldier withdrew the whip and its iron studs caught Christine’s flesh, it pulled pieces of her breasts with it, leaving thicker blotches of a deep purple on them.

Mira could only imagine what Christine’s screams sounded like. Probably her throat was already raspy and painful from her previous screams when she was stretched so brutally on the rack and forced to listen to Andrea’s torture. Certainly, her throat was totally raw by the time the second and third blows of the whip descended across her breasts, adding criss-crossing red lines of pain and removing more and more protective flesh from them. The fourth blow tore into Christine’s stomach. The soldier then moved back and flicked the whip hard down between her spread legs. Mira knew that, if Christine were still able to scream any louder, she did -- before her body, like Andrea’s before it, crashed down to the wooden plank below her.

The sergeant waited a few seconds, then rapped three times on the window. The second soldier looked surprised. The sergeant rapped three more times and the second soldier gave a nod. He pulled out a leather strap identical to the one that the first soldier had used on Andrea and wrapped it around Christine’s neck, then retrieved the water bottle from the table and soaked the strap. He apparently had not expected that the sergeant would chose the same manner of execution for both of these traitors.

The sergeant pushed the button by the wall and the room divider closed. Again he focused his attention on Mira.

“So now we return to you, Miss Kim. The only one of the three of you who has not confessed to her own treason. But you know, Miss Kim, I don’t blame you, as you are quite aware of your fate if you do confess. Severe punishment and then execution. Of course, if you don’t confess, despite the overwhelming evidence against you, you will face severe interrogation, followed by severe punishment and then execution after you do confess, as you ultimately will. Not a good choice for you, wouldn’t you agree?”

Mira said nothing.

“But, actually, there is a third scenario, isn’t there? Now what would that be?”

Mira continued to stare at the sergeant, saying nothing.

“Well, I seem to have you stumped, so I will give you a hint. Is there a way to convict a traitor without her confession?”

Mira answered slowly. “If three persons swear that they witnessed acts of treason committed by her.”

“Yes,” the sergeant responded. “And it appears that I have six sworn statements of your treason. That’s right. Even Andrea and Christine signed statements against you.” Mira watched as Corporal Sung handed the six statements to the sergeant.

“So what happens now, Miss Kim?”

Mira closed her eyes and hung her head. “You declare me guilty and commence with my punishment.”

“Once again correct!!” the sergeant practically screamed his victory over her. “And I have decided to allow Corporal Shi to perform the honors.” The sergeant and Corporal Sung moved to the room divider for a better view of Corporal Shi’s punishment.

Mira glanced to each side to see where Shi was, but did not see her. However, a second later she heard her voice. “I’m right here behind you, Miss Kim.” And an instant later Mira felt Shi ram a hot iron directly into the middle of her back. Mira let out a raspy scream as the smell of burning flesh filled the room. When Shi finally pulled the iron away from Mira’s back, she moved to her side, grabbed her hair and forced her to look directly into Shi’s eyes. “I told you to confess so that I wouldn’t have to ruin those beautiful breasts of yours. But you wouldn’t listen.”

Mira could now see Shi standing in front of her, holding an iron in the shape of the letter T. “It stands for traitor, of course,” Shi told her, just as she jammed it into Mira’s right breast, an inch below her nipple. Mira screamed and stared down to see the hideous mark carved into her breast. Mira looked at Shi and shook her head frantically. To no avail. Shi jammed the iron into the same spot on Mira’s left breast. “Don’t worry, Miss Kim. I have a feeling that no lover of yours will ever see these marks.”

As Shi stepped back, Mira knew that, horrible and painful as what Shi had just done to her body, the marks would not kill her. Which meant only one thing. Shi was not done with her.

Shi pulled out of her pocket the chain with the two clamps that she had used before on Mira’s nipples. “Remember these?” Shi laughed. She quickly re-secured the clamps on Mira’s nipples, but did not pull the chain behind Mira’s neck, so her nipples were clamped but not stretched.

“And I’m sure that you haven’t forgotten that your ass and your vagina remain mine.” Shi pulled out the device with the four buttons and quickly hit the first three in succession. Mira’s body jolted first from the instant pain in her vagina and then danced as the pain moved to her anus and then to her nipples and breasts. “In case you had forgotten.”

“I didn’t forget, you bitch.” Mira sneered at Shi.

“I wanted your body, Miss Kim. But you forced me to ruin it. So selfish of you. But by now I think you’ve figured out what the fourth button is for, haven’t you?”

“Just do it and get it over with, bitch. I’m not a traitor and you know it. I never confessed. The others may all be weak, but I didn’t confess and I won’t confess to something I’m not. I’m a loyal …”

Tiring of Mira’s rant, Shi ended it instantly by pushing the fourth button. The device activated the dildo, butt plug and clamps at the same time. Mira screamed – or at least gurgled what sounds her throat could still make -- as the electric current darted into, around and out of her vagina, anus, nipples and breasts, causing her body to shake and twist and thrust, her eyes to blink and bulge, her mouth to open wide and gag. Shi released the button, then pulled up the chair from behind the desk. She put the device face up on the chair and sat down on it, activating all four buttons at the same time. She watched, transfixed, as Mira’s body continued to convulse and writhe and shake and twist for ten seconds, then twenty. She could smell Mira’s flesh burning. When her nipples could no longer hold the clamps apart, the clamps closed shut on the soft tissue and fell to the ground, still holding what was left of Mira's severed nipples. Mira’s vagina and anus continued to thrust and shake and twist, with the electricity continuing to pour through them. Finally, the muscles in Mira’s body relaxed and her head fell to her nipple-less chest as it continued to convulse involuntarily.

Shi stood up, releasing the buttons on which she had been sitting, and walked over to Mira’s slumped figure. She removed the butt plug first. When she removed the dildo, a flood of urine poured out of Mira and splattered on the floor below her.

Shi put her hand on Mira’s neck to feel for a pulse. She looked at the sergeant and shook her head. The sergeant shook his head back at her. “Too quick,” he mumbled under his breath. “Too quick. She was the group’s ringleader.”

The sergeant walked over to the room divider and pushed the button to open it. He looked through the window to the bodies of Christine and Andrea. He knocked once on the glass. One of the soldiers walked over to Andrea’s body and felt her neck for a pulse. He looked at the window and shook his head. Then he moved to Christine’s body. He felt her neck and then nodded that she was still alive, although the sergeant could see that the strap was doing its job, as her face bore a definite purple tinge.

The sergeant knocked four times on the window. The soldier smiled and quickly moved to the side of the rack. He removed his pants and climbed on top of the spread-eagled Christine.

The sergeant pushed the button in the wall, closing the divider.

“They deserve their privacy. Let’s dispose of this one. The two in there can take care of the others.”

Shi and Sung released Mira’s limbs from their bonds and let her fall to the floor. They lifted her and Shi slung Mira’s body over her shoulder, holding her by the backs of her knees.

“Take her out to sea a mile and dump her body. The sharks will enjoy it,” the sergeant instructed Shi. “Oh, and Corporal Sung,” he continued, “make sure those four students know that there will be no class on Friday. No class, in fact, until we find them another professor. Tell them that Miss Kim decided to take a leave of absence.”

For such a petty crime as ending a class at the wrong point in her lesson? The sergeant shook his head. It was possible, yes, for that petty a reason. But not usually. And not in this case, despite the invalid concerns of the four students. No, those complaints just gave the general an excuse. The collateral damage was unfortunate, but the two students could not be overlooked if the price to the teacher was going to be so severe. But sometimes a general needed only the smallest of excuses to avenge the rejection of his romantic advances. Miss Kim's rejection of his advances. Not a wise move on her part. To reject the advances of the general in charge of internal security.


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