Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril)


By Eda Chang

“You understand the type of film that we're talking about?”


“What kind of film do you understand it is?”

“Hardcore porn.”

"Have you ever acted in a hardcore porn film?


“So why did you respond to the ad?”

“The ad said the pay was good. I also wanted to try something new.”

"You don't seem like the kind of woman who would be interested in starring in a porn film.”

“Why? Because I don't have any tattoos?”

“Because you look … innocent.”

“And you don't want an innocent look?” Kima unbuttons the first snap on her white dress, which could have passed for a nurse’s uniform, revealing the top of a white bra concealing larger than average breasts. “But, in case you don't, do I still look so innocent?” She crosses her shapely legs.

Sitting on the couch in the living room of his large isolated house in the Hollywood Hills, Kevin looks at Brian and Richard, both sitting to his right. Brian returns a “why not?” shrug.

“What does your family think about you auditioning for a porn film?”

"Oh, I would never tell them. At least not yet.”

“What about your friends?”

“My friends think I'm a prude. They would be shocked. But, if I get the part, and I like how I look on film, I just may tell them and enjoy their shock.”

“What if I told you it’s not just a porn film. That’s it’s also BDSM film. You know what a BDSM film is?”


“Are you into pain?”

“Not really. But I have a high pain threshold.”

“Have you done any BDSM?”

“A few of my boyfriends have held me down during sex. But that’s about it.”

“And you didn't bring a resume?”

“No one told me to bring one. I just called the number on the ad and was told to show up today at 2 p.m. I thought that the only resume you wanted me to bring was my body. Which seems to be the only one here.”

“We schedule the interviews several hours apart so no one has to worry about running into someone she might know. And to give us time for a full interview.” Kevin looks to the other men. “What do you think?”

“I think we should go downstairs to see how she looks there,” Richard suggests. Brian nods his agreement. Kevin rises. “OK.” He takes Kima’s hand and walks her into the hallway, opens a heavy door and leads her down a flight of steps to the basement, followed by Brian and Richard.

Kevin smiles as Kima involuntarily sucks in her breath and gasps as she enters the very large basement room. No windows. Sound-proof walls. Cold. Metal cuffs hanging from metal chains attached to hooks embedded in the ceiling and attached to chains secured to metal loops in the floor. A wooden rack. A wooden post. A large cabinet. Video cameras in each corner of the room recording from four different angles, red lights blinking to indicate that they are already recording everything happening in the room.

"Still interested? What you expected? It’s very private, I assure you. Sound proofed. Not that any neighbors are close enough to hear what goes on here even if it weren't.”

Kima’s body shivers from the cold. “Not what I expected exactly, no. But yes, I'm still interested.”

“Then why don't you show us what you have to offer?”

“Of course.” Kima smiles. She steps out of her heels and kicks them to a far corner of the room. She slowly undoes the rest of the snaps down the front of her dress and pulls it fully open, revealing white panties that match her white bra. She slides the dress off her shoulders, lets it drop to the floor, steps out of it and kicks it into the corner with her heels. She was right, Kevin thinks: her body is her resume. Richard walks up to Kima and unzips his pants.

“Part of the audition?” Kima looks at Kevin, who nods. She kneels in front of Richard and reaches into his pants. “Well,” Kima continues, “it looks like I'm passing the audition so far.” She pulls out Richard’s already stiff penis and immediately moves her lips around it. With her left hand gently grabbing his scrotum, she slides his penis deeper into her mouth, moving her lips back and forth over it. When she begins to use her teeth and tongue on the underside of his shaft, Richard lets out a noticeable groan of pleasure. Kima continues to use her lips, tongue and teeth on him until he pulls himself out of her mouth and squirts his hot white liquid onto her face.

“You definitely passed that portion of the audition,” Kevin smiles. “He usually lasts longer than that. Obviously he finds you sexually arousing.” Kevin tosses a towel to Kima, who wipes the liquid off her face and tosses the towel into the corner with her discarded clothes. “You understand,” Kevin continues, “that, in these kinds of films, that’s where most of the semen winds up.”

“Not where I'd prefer it,” Kima answers calmly, “but I understand that these films are not made for my personal pleasure.”

“No, they're not. Now why don't you remove the rest of your clothes,” Kevin instructs. Kima rises to her feet, reaches around her back and unhooks her bra, holding its cups over her breasts. She slips one strap off her shoulder and arm before switching hands to pull off the other strap, still holding the bra over her breasts. After a few seconds, she raises her hands to the sides of her face, as if a gunman had ordered her to “put ‘em up.” The bra falls to the floor revealing her large well-formed breasts with their nipples hard and erect. The three men stare for a long time as Kima’s body shakes from the cold and excitement. “Now finish,” Kevin orders.

Kima reaches down, grabs the sides of her white panties and, without bending her knees, she pulls them down to the floor, stands upright and returns her hands to their previous “put ‘em up” position. She sees the men staring between her legs, where she is completely shaved.

“Not so innocent looking now, huh?” She smiles, steps out of her panties and kicks them to Kevin, who puts them into his pocket. She reaches down and tosses her bra into the corner of the room and moves her legs shoulder width apart without being instructed, her hands still raised to the sides of her face. Brian walks up to her and puts his hand between her legs. He probes inside her with his middle finger and stares into her eyes. “Well, you certainly seem to be enjoying this.” He pulls out his moist finger and puts it into Kima’s mouth. She sucks on his finger for several seconds before he pulls it out.

“Hard not to get wet standing naked in front of three men in a cold room.” Kima looks back at him. “Especially when one of them has his finger rubbing my clit.”

Brian pinches Kima’s left nipple hard with his free hand, then increases the pressure, continuing to stare into her eyes. When she does not grimace, he pinches even harder until she lets out a cry of pain. Satisfied, Brian releases her nipple and walks back to the others. “She passes, I say.” He leaves the room.

“I guess you get the part. Let me tell you the character that you are going to play,” Kevin begins.

“We're going to do the film now?” Kima asks. She finally lowers her hands. “I thought this was just the audition.”

“Is there somewhere you need to be in the next few hours?”

“No. I have all afternoon. We can do the film now if that’s what you'd like.”

“Good. You are going to play a rebel soldier fighting to avoid capture by government troops, since, if you are captured, you will be taken to an interrogation chamber for questioning about the size and location of the rebel forces.” Brian returns to the room, carrying a pile of clothes, which he tosses at Kima’s feet: army boots, white socks, a white sleeveless t-shirt, khaki and black panties. On top of them he drops a small black pistol. “Get dressed,” Kevin continues. “When you are finished, go upstairs, through the kitchen and out the kitchen door. You will see a mounted camera in a tree on the left. The fight to capture you will take place in the clearing on that tree’s right. We will all be armed the same way. With a Tippman TPX paintball pistol like the one you have there. To give you motivation, if you win, which means you deliver a kill shot to each of us before you are captured, the game is over and you have to do nothing more for your pay. But if we defeat you, the filming continues and you will be our captive for the next three hours. Do you understand?”

“I do.”

“If you consent, look into one of the cameras and say so.”

Kima looks into the nearest camera. “I consent.”

“Good. This is yours to keep, win or lose.” Kevin tosses five one-hundred dollar bills on top of Kima’s rebel clothes. “The game begins as soon as you step outside the kitchen door.” Kevin, Richard and Brian leave the basement and walk up the stairs.

Kima slowly puts on the black panties and khaki pants, the white socks and army boots. There is no bra, she notices. She pulls the white t-shirt over her head. It is very thin, and, when she turns quickly, her breasts nearly fall out of the holes at the sleeves. She puts the hundred dollar bills in a pocket in her discarded white dress and picks up the gun. She checks it to find that it is fully loaded. She heads up the stairs.

When she walks out the kitchen door, she glances around Kevin’s large secluded backyard shaded by dozens of tall trees. She sees two expensive cars inside the open garage on the right, and, in the driveway in front of them, a large cabin cruiser on a trailer hitched to the back of a new pickup truck. More indications of Kevin’s wealth, Kima thinks. “It will serve him right if I win the game and can keep the money without giving him the film he wants. Or can make him pay me twice for the one film,” she mutters under her breath.

Kima glances to the left and sees the video camera perched high in a tree about fifty feet away. Kima heads toward it, carefully looking in all directions. Suddenly she hears a loud pop and feels a sting of pain on her left side, as a red blob of paint splashes onto her t-shirt. She reaches the tree holding the camera and looks around. She sees Richard hiding behind a tree on her left and Brian behind one on her right. She fires three shots toward Brian, missing all three, but forcing him to take cover. Two more pellets whiz by her. A third strikes a tree behind her and explodes in another blotch of red. Kima sees Richard behind his tree, and fires three shots at him. The first two miss. The third hits the tree in front of him just as looks out, and splatters red all over his shirt. “Not a kill shot,” he yells.

Kima sees Kevin running toward a tree behind her. Her first shot hits him in the lower leg and he falls. As he scrambles to his feet, she takes careful aim just as he turns toward her. Her shot hits him squarely in the stomach. He looks down at the red, shakes his head and falls to the ground to indicate that he is dead.

With her attention focused on Kevin, Kima is surprised when she turns back to find that Brian and Richard have moved out from behind the protection of their trees and are walking toward her, their guns raised. She realizes that she cannot take them both on at the same time, and turns to run to the tree near Kevin’s sprawled body. Before she gets halfway there, however, a pellet from Richard’s gun explodes just above the backside of her right knee, sending her sprawling to the ground. She struggles to her feet just as a pellet from Brian’s gun strikes her on the right thigh just above Richard’s shot. She rolls over onto her back with the two men just a few feet from her, aims at Brian and pulls the trigger. It just clicks. Richard kicks the gun out of her hand and he and Brian yank her to her feet. Richard quickly cuffs her wrists behind her back as Kevin gets up and approaches. “You are our prisoner.” He punches Kima hard in her stomach, knocking the wind out of her, and she doubles over, held up by the firm grasp of the other two men on her elbows. Brian grabs her hair to force her body back up. “That’s for killing me,” Kevin tells her. Kima looks at him, still gasping for air in obvious pain, knowing that she has lost her hoped-for chance for an early conclusion to the “game.”

“The Tippman holds eight shots. Guess you didn't know that. And we can all count to eight. Bring her to the interrogation chamber. Let’s see what she knows.” Kevin grabs Kima’s jaw hard between his thumb and fingers. “And what pleasures she might bring.” He throws her head back down and takes a cloth blindfold from his belt. He wraps it around her eyes and secures it behind her neck. He forces her to walk toward the kitchen door. The remotely controlled video camera follows her movements, recording Brian and Kevin roughly pawing her body as they push her toward the house and down to the basement.

Kevin and Brian throw Kima down in the middle of the room. Kevin pulls a knife out of his belt and rolls Kima over onto her stomach. He cuts up from the bottom of the left leg of her pants through its waistband before moving to her right leg. After reaching the waistband a second time, he pulls the pants out from under her and tosses them to Brian, leaving her dressed only in her thin, white, sleeveless t-shirt and black panties, white socks and army boots.

Kevin uncuffs Kima’s wrists. He points to a four foot long horizontal bar held by two posts about three feet off the ground. Richard and Brian drag her to the bar and bend her over it. They spread her wrists and ankles and cuff them to chains attached to the sides of the bar. Kima hangs bent over in the air, her stomach on top of the bar, neither her hands nor feet able to touch the floor. Kevin pulls off her blindfold, grabs her hair and lifts her face to stare into his. “We're not ready to start the questioning just yet,” he tells her. He walks behind her and cuts off her panties with two quick slashes and puts them into his pocket to join her first pair. Standing behind her, he unzips his pants, pulls out his penis, and inserts it easily and deeply into her soaked vagina. He leans his body over hers, pressing her stomach harder into the bar and making it even more difficult for her to breathe. He reaches down to grab her hanging breasts. He squeezes them and moves his face next to hers, whispering: “Enjoy yourself, because you may not like much more that is to come.” He thrusts inside her and feels her body shudder as she pulls at her ankles and wrists and struggles to breathe. He continues until she is soon shrieking in pleasure with the little breath that she has. “Yes.… Oh my god…. Oh my god…. Yes…. You are my god…. You are … yes … yes …” Kevin continues to fondle Kima’s breasts. He kisses her neck. Just as Kima screams “YES” even more loudly, he thrusts into her as deeply as he can and explodes inside her.

Kima is breathing heavily through loud groans of satisfaction as Kevin finally withdraws. After Richard and Brian uncuff her wrists, she slowly pushes herself off the bar and drops onto her back, her ankles still cuffed several inches in the air. Her hands move between her legs, her eyes closed, as she continues to moan. Brian uncuffs her ankles, which drop to the floor.

After giving her a few moments more to enjoy herself, Brian and Richard pull Kima up to her feet, her chest still heaving under her white t-shirt. They hold her arms firmly behind her back.

“As you can see, we can bring you great pleasure. And we will, if you are cooperative,” Kevin begins. “But, if you are not, we can also bring you great pain.” Kevin rips off Kima’s t-shirt, tosses it to the corner and again admires her large breasts and nipples. He pulls out of his pocket the white panties she had been wearing when she arrived and stuffs them into her mouth. He uses the black panties he had just cut off of her to secure the gag, tying them tightly behind her neck. “But we are still not ready to begin your questioning. You see. We must first also show you the pain that we can cause, to help you decide whether you wish to cooperate with us when the questioning finally begins, and receive more pleasure, or resist and face more pain.”

Richard pulls Kima’s wrists in front of her, cuffs them, and attaches the cuffs to a chain looped through a ceiling hook. Brian pulls the other end of the chain until Kima’s boots are a foot above the floor and her body is swinging freely, and hooks the chain to a loop in the side of the wall. Kima tries to kick, but Brian quickly chains her ankles together.

“Such a nice straight line your body makes,” Kevin strokes Kima’s side, his fingers stopping to probe its bruises and cuts. “Now it’s time to play a different game.” Richard holds one of the paintball pistols. Brian holds two, and hands one to Kevin.

“Three rounds. One shot the first round. Two the second. Three the third.” Kevin explains. Knowing the pain that one paintball pellet can cause, Kima screams through the gag as she realizes that the three men plan to hit her with eighteen more. “First round. In her back.”

The three men move ten feet behind Kima, raise their pistols and fire, one at a time, each pellet hitting Kima near the middle of her back. Each pellet jolting her body forward and back. Kima grunts loudly with each shot as her body begins to swing from their impact and her back is covered in red.

Kevin gives her no time to recover. “Second round. Right breast.” The men walk around Kima until they are standing ten feet in front of her.

"No. This is too close. Too close !!” Kima screams.

Five quick pops. Four strike in a circle around Kima’s breast, a fifth just under it. Kevin takes more deliberate aim with his second shot. The pellet strikes the lower half of Kima’s nipple. She howls in pain, the entire left side of her body, from shoulder to hips, now covered in red paint.

“Third round. Target of your choice.”

Brian’s first two shots hit Kima in the center of her body just below her ribs. Richard hits the lower portion of her right breast, then the upper. Kevin’s first two pellets find her right thigh and then her left. Kima cries frantically, her entire torso, left and right, now covered in red paint and ugly red welts.

Kevin fires again, striking just above Kima’s pubic bone. Kima’s body jolts. Richard aims higher, his second shot hitting Kima between her breasts, just under her neck. Kima’s eyes grow wide in terror and she sucks her gag deeper into her mouth. Brian’s final shot strikes the middle of her forehead. She stares out at the men for a second before her eyes close and her head drops to her chest as her body swings gently, covered entirely in red.

Kevin walks up to Kima’s unconscious body. He releases the cuffs around her ankles. Brian unhooks from the wall the chain holding her cuffed wrists until her boots hit the ground. Kevin removes the cuff holding her right wrist. Her right arm drops to her side. He releases the cuff from her left wrist and catches her as her left arm drops to her side and her body begins to fall. He slings her over his shoulder and turns to the others.

“You want her, Brian? You're the only one who hasn't yet put any semen into her. From what she told us, I'll bet her ass is virgin.”

Brian shakes his head. “I prefer them conscious, thank you,” he responds.

“Easy enough.” Kevin carries Kima to the rack and lays her on it on her back. He removes her gag. He grabs some smelling salts from the cabinet as Richard secures her still booted ankles to the cuffs chained to the bottom corners of the rack, while Brian pulls her wrists to the cuffs chained to the sides of the stretcher wheel at its top, leaving her body spread-eagle. Kevin holds the salts under Kima’s nose. She wakes with a start, shakes her head and opens her eyes. As she regains consciousness, the pain from the pellets envelops her body and she moans loudly. Kevin examines the bruises between her breasts and in the middle of her forehead.

Kima looks at one of the cameras. “Can you … turn them off for a second?” she asks weakly. “I need to come out of character.”

“We'll let it run, sweetheart. We can edit the tape later.”

“How much . . . longer? Are we . . . almost finished?”

“Not even halfway,” Kevin answers.

Kima’s body shakes. “Not even half. But the pain. Those pellets.”

“You knew the type of film this was. We gave you a chance to avoid it outside. Then we gave you pleasure, remember? So now is the time for pain. You said that you had a high tolerance for pain.”

“I … I thought I did. I guess I was wrong.”

"Well, try to ready yourself. We can't stop filming now. And it is going to get worse.”

“Worse?” Kima’s eyes widen.

"Yes. Worse. A lot worse.”

“NNNNooooooooo,” Kima protests helplessly.

“We need you back in character. We paid you a lot of money. Can you get back in character for us?”

"I'll try,” Kima nods, her body shaking uncontrollable. “I'll try.”

“That’s all we can ask.” He looks at Brian, who turns the stretcher wheel until Kima’s limbs are stretched taut.

“Now, rebel,” Kevin’s right hand grabs her left breast and squeezes it hard. “Where is your camp? How far from where you were captured?” As Kevin finishes the question, he releases his grip on her breast as Brian turns the wheel to the next notch. Now stretched to the point of pain, she lets out a shriek.

“How far? Or would you like another notch?” Kevin warns.

Kima tries to think what she is expected to say to avoid more pain. She finally takes a guess at a reasonable answer. “Two miles. About two miles,” she screams in response.

“In which direction?”

“I … I don't know directions. Down the road. Two miles down the road.” Kima’s scream grows louder when she sees Kevin nod in Brian’s direction. She immediately feels the chains holding her tighten until she hears the click of another notch. Her back is now lifted slightly off the rack.

“The road goes in two directions. Which one?”

“East. East. I think east,” Kima screams in desperation.

“East?” Kevin leans over Kima’s face. “East?” He grabs her left nipple between his thumb and forefinger and squeezes even harder than before. Kima screams. Continuing to squeeze hard, Kevin brings his face even closer to Kima’s, which is wrenched in pain. “Do you think I'm a fool?” He turns to Brian, who cranks the wheel to the next notch as Kevin tightens his grip on Kima’s nipple even harder.

“No. NO. NOOOO.”

“East is into the sea. You want me to believe that the rebels’ camp is in the sea?”

“Then west. West. I told you that I didn't know directions,” Kima pleads desperately.

Kevin releases his grip on Kima’s nipple and takes a step back. “She’s not very cooperative. I think she needs more incentive.”

“NNNNNNNNNNNOoooooooooooooo,” Kima screams. “I'm doing the best I can. I'm trying to tell you what I know.”

Richard hands Kevin a small uncovered glass jar.

“This isn't very original, but it is usually effective.” Kevin puts his fingers into the jar. When he removes them, his middle and ring fingers hold a sticky substance, which he starts to rub on Kima’s breasts. He hands the jar back to Richard, who gives him a second uncovered jar. “I'm sure you've figured out that the first jar contained honey. So you must know what is in this one.” He turns it upside down over her breasts and shakes it. Hundreds of red fire ants fall onto Kima’s chest and immediately move toward the honey covering her breasts. While a single bite brings Kima little pain, the hundreds of ants biting at the same time cause her screams to intensify as she watches in horror as her breasts quickly turn to three shades of red -- from the colors of the paint, the ants and their countless bites.

“You're probably wondering why we use red ants instead of bees. The answer is simple: Bees die after one sting. Red ants don't. So these ants can, and will, each bite many times.”

Kima shake her breasts from side to side to try to throw the ants off of them, but the sticky honey defeats her effort.

“You said your camp is east, huh?” Kevin again leans over the shrieking Kima, whose back remains arched off the rack. “This will teach you not to lie to me.” Kima feels Kevin’s hand between her legs and realizes that he is rubbing honey there. “Please don't!! Not there!! Please!!” Kevin holds up his honey-stained fingers, as Richard shows her a second jar of red ants. In a few seconds Kima can feel them crawling between her legs and into her vagina, biting with the same frequency as those on her breasts. Her screams are loud and continuous.

“It will take them a little while before they finish all the honey,” Kevin moves his face away from Kima. “We'll be back in 20 minutes to see how they are doing.” Kevin, Richard and Brian head to the basement door and start up the stairs.

“NNNNNNoooooooo,” Kima screams after them. In a few minutes, her throat grows hoarse and raspy, reducing her screams to breathy grunts of pain and protest. All the while, the video cameras are recording every moment of her torture – stretched spread-eagle on the rack, her back lifted off it, as the ants continue their feast on her breasts and vagina.

Whether it was the promised 20 minutes before the three men returned, or more or less, Kima had no idea. But, finally, she heard their footsteps and saw Brian standing at the side of the rack. “How much … longer? I wouldn't have done this for five thousand dollars if I knew how much pain.”

“An hour or so. And you should prepare yourself. It is still going to get even worse.”

"NNNNNNNNNNooooooooooooooooooo !!!” Kima rasps.

"Yes. You still haven't told us where the rebel camp is.” He moves to the stretcher wheel and turns it two notches, raising Kima’s entire body off the rack from her shoulders to her heels. She opens her mouth wide, but the sounds that escape are now no more than faint grunts and groans and gasps.

“Well, well,” Kevin says as he approaches, “would you like to tell us where the rebel camp is.”

“Yes. Yes,” Kima pleads, her voice barely audible. “West. Not East. West.”

“Yes. We already found the camp. But, because you did not tell us where it was right away, your comrades had abandoned it and moved on by the time we got there.”

Kima starts shaking her head back and forth. “No. No. No more. I told you. I told you.”

“Yes, you finally told us. But now we need to know how many rebels are in the camp.” Kevin looks at the others. “Move her to the post.”

Brian releases the stretcher wheel and Kima’s body crashes down to the rack. She gasps deeply for air, her chest covered with the bites of the red ants that still stick to her breasts. Richard and Brian release her wrists and ankles from the cuffs and drag her to a seven foot high vertical wooden post from the center of which a thin two foot long serrated wooden board juts perpendicularly.

Turning Kima’s back to the post, the two men lift her and set her back down so that her legs straddle the serrated board. The board digs into her vagina, which is forced to bear the full weight of her body. Kima grunts as Richard ties her wrists behind the post and Brian loops a rope around her neck. The other end of the rope is secured to a wooden dowel that can be twisted to tighten the loop around the neck of unfortunate person seated on the serrated board.

“I'll bet you've never seen a combination wooden horse and garrote before,” Kevin explains. “Much less experienced one. I confess that we all rather enjoy this device. But somehow I don't think that you will. Especially when you see what we are going to add to it.”

Brian carries over a wooden frame. Two parallel pieces of wood, each about a foot long, three inches wide and an inch thick, held together by wooden rods at each end that poke through the top piece of wood and can be screwed tighter by turning small handles secured to its upper end. He holds it in front of Kima. “I'm sure you know where this goes..” Kima opens her mouth even wider as Brian secures Kima’s breasts between the two long boards, pressing the frame to Kima’s chest, using the handles to tighten them to hold her breasts in place.

Kima’s wounds from the ants are oozing blood and starting to swell. “I'm afraid those bites are going to make this even more painful.” Brian turns the handles until Kima’s breasts are squashed tightly between the two boards and her nipples poke straight out. Richard turns the dowel to tighten the rope around her neck. She opens her mouth and grunts.

"You have saved yourself from Brian,” Kevin offers Kima some degree of solace. “You see, he has decided to pass on sodomizing you. He says that you are just too much of a mess for him.” Kevin rubs his hands over Kima’s swollen and bitten breasts, then down her stomach to the wooden board on which her vagina is pressed. He moves his hands around the wooden post to confirm that her wrists are securely cuffed behind her. He takes a pair of ankle cuffs from Richard and kneels at Kima’s feet. He pulls her ankles down and she lets out a raspy grunt as her vagina is forced even farther down on the serrated wooden board. Kevin cuffs Kima’s ankles together below the board to keep her firmly pressed into it. She continues to groan in pain as Kevin rises and stands in front of her.

“Now tell me. How many rebels are there?” Kevin twists the handle on one side of the frame and grasps the other handle while he waits for her answer.

“Fifty,” Kima rasps, making up what she thinks should be a reasonable number.

“Oh, I don't think so,” Kevin responds. He turns the other handle and Kima’s breasts bulge more through the frame as her breasts are squeezed farther. Kevin nods to Richard, who gives the garrote another turn. Gurgling sounds escape Kima’s lips as the rope presses into her neck.

“Twenty.” Kima’s new guess at the answer barely escapes her lips.

“Twenty? Now you're really insulting me. Moving in the wrong direction. You are just stalling to try to save your comrades. Noble, but foolish. Good for them. But not for you.”

Kevin grabs both of the frame’s handles and gives each a full twist. The intensity of Kima’s guttural sounds increases as the insides of her breasts are compressed more severely, threatening to tear the skin open.

Kevin moves his face close to Kima’s, her eyes bulging, her mouth wide open, gurgling. He puts his hands around her head and leans his arms down on her shoulders, pushing her body still farther against the serrated board below. Kima’s gurgling is now frantic as she has no choice but to stare back at him, the garrote holding her head firmly in place.

"I must say,” Kevin continues, still pressing down on Kima’s shoulders, “that I think that I got my five hundred dollars worth. What do you say?”

Kima tries to nod her agreement, but cannot. Instead, she can do nothing more than blink her eyes repeatedly.

“But darn,” Kevin looks at his watch. “You know what?” He releases the pressure on Kima’s shoulders and steps back. “We still have 20 minutes.” He runs his hands over her protruding breasts, the dozens of bites magnified by the pressure on them. “If I turn these handles once more,” he puts his hands on them, as Kima’s eyes open as wide as they can, “I think your breasts really will burst. But, if I turn the garrote one more time, I think that you will choke to death. And I don't think that I can put any more pressure on that board without splitting your body in two. So what can we do for 20 minutes? We seem to have reached the limits everywhere.”

Every part of Kima’s body is shaking in place, unable to move but unable to remain still.

“You've been a very good role player, so I think what I'll do, to show my appreciation, is let you focus on the pain, since that is what you came here for, to act in a BDSM film and challenge your high pain threshold, isn't it?” Kevin looks toward Richard and Brian.

Richard pushes a ball of wax into Kima’s left ear, then one into her right. Brian puts the cloth blindfold back over her eyes and then adds a matching cleave gag. [see ARCAS ARTWORK OF KIMA’S SITUATION]

“There,” Kevin examines the blindfold and the gag. “No sense of sight now. No sense of taste except for the dirty cloth. No sense of smell except your own fear. No sense of sound. Only the sense of touch. The sense of pain. Just what you wanted when you agreed to start in a BDSM film. How kind am I to you?”

The three men stare at Kima as her breasts and face begin to grow purple. Blood oozes from the bites on her breasts and between her legs. After another minute, a stream of urine shoots against the serrated board and sprays over Kima and the men standing close around her, causing them to jump backward. Her stomach muscles twitch.

"Enough?” Kevin finally asks.

"She still owes us a few more minutes,” Brian responds.

“No, it’s enough, I think,” Kevin retorts. “As I told her, she was a good sport. She voluntarily stripped for us. She played the rebel game as best she could. She even hit me with a kill shot. She tried to stay in character as best she could, and she answered our questions. She must have finally figured out that no answer she gave was going to be right, since we didn't tell her what the right answers were. Whether she said ‘east’ or ‘west,’ that’s where the sea would be, and the number of rebels was always going to be much larger or smaller than any guess she made. But she never complained about that.”

Kevin looks at Brian and Richard to see if he has convinced them. Getting no reaction from them, he continues. “And we gave it to her pretty good, wouldn't you say? She got hit with more than twenty paintballs. There must be five hundred bites on her tits and inside her vagina. And that board is serrated and splintered wood. Which we sat her on after the ants enjoyed her vagina. No, she really took it. Look at those once marvelous tits. Any minute they are going to burst or fall off, I'm not sure which.”

Brian laughs. “I asked to watch her for the few more minutes that she owed us and you said no. Then you took all of those minutes and more to explain why she didn't deserve to suffer for those extra minutes. Go on, tell me more about how tough she was and how she shouldn't have to suffer any longer, so I can enjoy her peril even longer.”

Richard concedes, “She has been tough. I like her. But she’s now given us the full three hours that was part of the deal. She agreed to suffer for us for three hours. She has kept her part of the bargain."

“You're right.” Kevin walks over to Kima. He gives the two handles on the top board another turn each. He sees her body stiffen. He feels her grotesquely swollen breasts and nipples. He pushes down on Kima’s shoulders and feels her body stiffen even further. He puts his ear to her mouth and hears faint raspy gurgles. Then he calls to Brian. “You didn't take your turn with her. You may have the final honor.”

Brian walks behind Kima and gives the garrote a full twist, then another. He reaches around to feel her twitching stomach and bulging breasts until the muscles in her entire body relax. He kisses her neck. He moves behind her and unties her wrists. Her arms fall to the sides of her body. He unhooks the serrated wooden board from the post, and it falls to the floor, leaving her hanging against the post by the rope around her neck. Brian moves to the front of Kima’s body and takes out the gag, then turns the handles to loosen and remove the press holding her swollen breasts.

Richard loosens the garrote around her neck. Kima – naked except for the boots on her feet and the blindfold around her eyes -- slides down to the floor. Kevin turns off the cameras. “We got enough footage for two films, I think,” he tells the others. He removes the blindfold. Kima’s open eyes bulge, lifeless. Kevin closes them.

Richard cuffs Kima’s boots together with a short chain. He and Brian carry her up the stairs, outside and onto Kevin's cabin cruiser. They carry down below deck. Richard takes out a key and unlocks a small storage space on the side of the walkway to the boat’s bedroom. Richard and Brian lift Kima’s feet and hook the chain between her boots to a hook at the top of the storage space. Kima’s body hangs upside down, her arms swinging by her head. Richard closes and locks the space with Kima’s body inside it.

Richard takes the same key and opens the storage space on the opposite side of the walkway. Inside another naked woman hangs by the backs of her spread knees bent over a metal bar across the top of the space, her arms hanging downward like Kima’s. Protruding from between her legs is a long metal spike. Four smaller spikes skewer her breasts. Her body, like Kima’s is covered in red, but not the red of paintball or ant bites. Only one kind of red. A gladiator helmet has fallen off her head and rests on the floor. Richard closes and locks the second closet. “Quite a day.” He looks at Brian.

“Yes,” Brian responds. “These were two of the best so far.”

The two men walk back into the house and find Kevin in the living room. “Take the boat out tomorrow morning. Extra far since we have two. And give them each four cinder blocks.”

"By the way,” Brian asks, “did we ever learn their names?”


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