Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril)


By Eda Chang


TIME: THE PRESENT (Saturday -- 12:30 a.m.)

The Argentine Colonel pauses at the heavy wooden door, pushes it open and walks into the dimly lit room. Along its concrete walls are cabinets, their open door revealing an assortment of whips, clamps and other torture devices.

In the center of the room stands the Torturer. He is facing the wooden door, arms folded. Next to him is a woman, Christa Morales, hanging by her ankles, which have been spread more than shoulder width apart and cuffed to chains running through hooks in the ceiling and secured to the middle of the wall behind her to hold her in place. Her wrists are tied behind her back. Her head is about 30 inches off the floor. She is naked except for a black hood over her head. The Colonel sits down in a chair facing the two.

Colonel: "You may begin."

The Torturer pulls off Christa’s hood. She blinks hard several times and looks around the room trying to figure out where she is. She sees her chained and spread ankles above her. She tries to move her wrists and realizes that she cannot. Her eyes fix on the Colonel. As she remembers her last thoughts before she lost consciousness, her body shudders.



In the middle of an otherwise empty room with concrete walls, no windows and a single heavy metal door, locked form the outside, Grace Cruz sits in a wooden chair next to a wooden table. She wears an orange dress. Over her black panties and strapless bra. Her two-inch black heels raise her to 5’8” when she stands and help show off her 125 pound body accented by her green eyes and long dark hair pulled into a ponytail. [See Grace Photo]

Grace’s arms are wrapped around her waist and she is shivering from the coldness of the room when the door opens and five soldiers enter the room. Their leader, a Captain, moves against the wall directly in front of the chair and table. The other four men move into a rectangular formation surrounding her, each standing about six feet away. Grace tries to stop her shaking.

Captain: "We have some questions that we need to ask you."

Grace: "Yes, of course. "I'm not sure how I can help you, but however I can, I will."

Captain: "Good. Do you consider yourself a loyal supporter of our President?"

Grace: "Of course I do." Grace is surprised by the strength in her voice.

Captain: "And you will do what we direct and answer what we ask?"

Grace: "Yes. Definitely."



Christa: "What about him? He's cute, isn't he?"

Christa and Grace have just sat down at a table in the bar of a hotel. Christa wears a tight black dress that shows off her voluptuous figure. Large breasts. Shapely legs. [See Christa Photo] Grace is wearing her orange dress. Christa nods toward a man dressed in military uniform who is walking toward the bar.

Grace: "If you like older men. He could be your father."

Christa: "I like powerful men. He's a Colonel. I'm going over. If I'm lucky, you're on your own, OK?"

Grace: "Don't worry about me."

The Colonel, drink now in hand, notices Christa walking up to the bar. She orders a drink and senses that he is staring at her. She turns toward him and smiles. He returns the smile. She holds out her hand.

Christa: "Christa Morales. You must be a general." She nods toward the bars on his sleeves. His hand accepts hers and he smiles.

Colonel: No, I'm just a Colonel. And you are easily impressed, I see."

Christa: "By handsome powerful men in uniform, yes. I guess I am. I'm a grammar school teacher. I don't have a chance to meet many ..." She looks at the medals on his chest. "Well, you must almost be a General." His eyes scan her body. She notices. "I think you like what you see, too. That's a good start, I'd say."

Grace notices the exchange between the two. As usual, Christa has gotten what she wants. Grace glances around the room, and spots a few friends at the back corner of the room. She knows she is now “on her own” and walks over to join them.


TIME: THE PRESENT (Saturday -- 12:35 a.m.)

Colonel: "Welcome back, Christa." Her body continues to tremble. "Christa ... what did you say your last name was?" Her stomach muscles twitch. She says nothing. "I see you can't remember, can you? It's so much harder to remember a lie than the truth, isn't it?"

Christa: "I ... I don't know what you're talking about. Is this some strange way you get your kicks? We were going to have so much fun tonight." She struggles to get the words out from her upside down position.

Colonel: "Oh, but we still are going to have fun, aren't we?" He laughs. "I guess our great Argentine government must not have anyone working undercover with brains in their heads. Otherwise, why would they send such a rank amateur?" He nods toward the Torturer, who moves to a cabinet by the wall and returns with a short, barbed, leather flogger that he holds up to Christa’s face before moving behind her.

Colonel: "First, Christa, you're going to confirm for me what I already know, so that I know you are telling me the truth. Then you're going to tell me everything else I want to know. And the sooner you do the more pain you will save yourself. Now what were you looking for in my apartment."

Christa: "You know what I was looking for. A night of great sex with you. The first of many, I had hoped."

Colonel: "Funny. That doesn't match my answer." He nods at the Torturer, who immediately lashes the whip hard across Christa's back. She screams as the force of the blow tears into her flesh and pushes her body forward. As she sways back, he lashes her again. And again.

Colonel: "I don't like being taken for a fool !!"



Captain: "What is your name?"

Grace: "Grace. Grace Cruz."

Captain: "And what do you do, Grace?"

Grace: "I'm an elementary school teacher."

First Soldier: "Sir, this is a formal interrogation."

The Captain looks at the soldier, then back at Grace.

Captain: "He is correct. That means that we must follow proper procedures."

Grace: "What does that mean? I will cooperate fully. I've told you that. There is no need to ..."

Captain (sounding apologetic): "I'm afraid there is, Grace. You wouldn't want me court-martialed, would you?" He looks at her for several seconds.

Captain (more firmly): "Would you?"

Grace: "Of course not." Grace knows that is her only possible response.

Captain: "Good. Please stand on the chair."

Grace: "Stand on ...?" Grace stops herself. The instruction was clear. She stands up, removes her heels, knowing that it would difficult to balance herself on the chair wearing them, and climbs up onto it.

Captain: “Now stand up on the table."

Looking confused, Grace obeys. The Captain begins to pace along the wall in front of her.

Captain: "Grace, do you live alone?”

Grace: “No. I have a roommate."

Captain: "Who is your roommate?"

Grace: "Her name is Christa. Christa Morales. She is also an elementary school teacher."



The Colonel and Christa sit at a small table near a window in a corner of the bar, oblivious to everything around them except each other. He pours two full shot glasses from the bottle of rum on the table. Her small clutch purse is next to the bottle. He hands one of the glasses to her.

Colonel: "Most women like ... well ... women's drinks." He smiles at her, and downs his drink in one gulp.

Christa: "But I hope you do not find me like most women." She smiles back at him and downs her drink in the same manner. "We have a strong army and strong rum. I like that."

The Colonel puts his hand on her knee just below her hemline. She puts her hand on his and moves it a few inches higher on her thigh.

Christa: "Look, I'm not a shy girl. I would invite you back to my place, but, well, teachers aren't paid a lot ... not like generals ... and I have a roommate. So it would be awkward."

Colonel: "Do you think that I have a roommate?"

Christa: "I certainly hope the answer is yes. For tonight, I hope that roommate will be me."

In the far corner of the room, as Grace and her friends get up to move into the hotel restaurant for dinner, she glances back at the bar and sees Christa leaving with the Colonel.

Grace (to herself): “And Christa again gets what she wants. Not sure why she wants him, though.”


TIME: THE PRESENT (Saturday -- 12:50 a.m.)

The Torturer continues whipping Christa's back. Her screams continue, mixed with whimpers and pleas. Her body continues to quiver uncontrollably.

Colonel: "I see, Christa dear, that we seem to be making progress." The Torturer moves around and lashes her stomach, then raises his target to her breasts. Three. Four. Five lashes. She twists her body in vain to try to avoid them. Two sharp blows land directly between her legs. Christa gags in pain. The Colonel signals the Torturer to stop.

Colonel: "Now I'll give you a second chance. What were you looking for in my apartment? Since I know that you must work for the anti-corruption task force, I already have a good idea, so you might as well tell me."

Christa stares back at him from her hanging position. She shakes her head slowly. The Colonel shakes his head back at her and nods to the Torturer.

Colonel: "So foolish.”

The Torturer walks back to the cabinet by the wall. Christa tries to turn to see what he is doing, but cannot. When he returns, one hand holds a pair of clamps joined by a chain, the other several small weights. The Torturer secures the clamps over her nipples and pulls gently on the chain to confirm that they are tight. Christa winces.

Colonel: "I hope you decide to talk to me. It would be such a shame to damage such beautiful breasts. I'll bet they cost a lot of money. Or else the good Lord was really kind to you. Although he’s not so kind to you now, is he?"

The Torturer hangs the weights from the middle of the chain. Christa sucks in her breath before letting out a short scream as her nipples are stretched. After adding the last weight, The Torturer pushes her back to start her swaying. This causes the weights to swing, too, adding more pain to her nipples. The Torturer walks back to the cabinet and returns holding a ring gag.

Colonel: "He knows he can't trust you."

The Torturer kneels. Christa shuts her mouth tightly. He pinches her nose, forcing her to breathe through her mouth. But she opens only her lips, keeping her teeth clenched. The Torturer stands and punches her hard in the stomach. As she opens her mouth wide to gasp for air, he thrusts the ring gag into her mouth, straightening it behind her teeth and securing its strap behind her neck to hold it in place.

Colonel: "By not talking, you have made my friend have to work. Now he needs a break."

The Torturer stands, unzips his pants and pulls out his penis. He positions himself in front of her head, hanging at the proper height, and quickly pushes his penis through the ring and into her mouth. He moves his hands around her back so that he can push deeper into her mouth and throat and moves his face between her legs, his tongue finding the desired spot. Her body jolts. Garbled gagging sounds escape her throat.

The Torturer grabs Christa's hair and moves her head back and forth, over and over, his breathing quickening, until he releases himself into her mouth. He holds himself there for a few extra seconds before withdrawing. He puts his penis back into his pants and steps back to watch his semen drip down Christa’s face. She too is breathing hard.

Colonel: "Would you like to tell me now, Christa?" He stares at her. Her chest continues to heave as she gradually regains her breath. The Torturer unties her wrists. Her arms fall straight down, her strength gone.



Captain: "Grace, take off your dress."

Grace: "But I'm cooperating. I've answered all your questions."

Captain: "Grace, dear. You said that you did not want to see me court-martialed, remember? And you also said that you would not only answer all my questions, but that you would do everything that I ordered. Have you changed your mind about that?"

Grace's eyes dart around the room to the four other soldiers, who all stare back at her, smiling. A chill runs through Grace's body. She starts to sob.

Captain: "Grace, you need to obey or I will have my soldiers strip you, and I promise that you will like that a lot less."

Grace takes a deep breath and slowly slides her arms out of her dress, then wriggles it down to her ankles and steps out of it, revealing her lace bra and panties. The soldiers gape at her tight body, her well-proportioned breasts nearly escaping the low cut strapless bra.

Captain: "What else does your roommate do? For her work, I mean."

Grace: "Nothing. She's a full-time teacher." Grace’s voice is shaking.

Captain: "I'm afraid that's not a truthful answer."

Grace (pleading): "It is. It is. She's a teacher."

Captain: "Grace, remove your bra."

Grace: “No, please." Through her tears, she again looks around the room at the leering eyes of the soldiers. Slowly, still crying, she reaches back and unhooks her bra, but holds it over her breasts. The First Soldier approaches and snatches it from her. She immediately crosses her arms over her breasts.

Captain: "Grace, where is your roommate now?"

Grace: "I went with her to a bar tonight. She left with a man who appeared to be a Colonel in the army. I imagine they went to his place. She wasn't at our apartment when I got home."

Captain: "What is his name? This Colonel she left with."

Grace: "I don't know. She went up to the bar to meet him. I didn't go with her. I didn't meet him."

Captain: "Grace, you're not being very helpful, you know. Remove your panties."

Grace: "No. I can't. There are only two men who have ever …" Her voice trails off as she sobs loudly, continuing to hold her arms across her breasts. The second soldier standing behind her reaches up to her hips and pulls her panties down to her ankles. He then forces her to step out of them. Grace moves her left hand down from her breasts to shield the small dark triangular patch of hair between her legs. She closes her eyes, now sobbing uncontrollably.



TIME: EARLIER THAT EVENING (Friday -- 11:00 p.m.)

Christa clutches her small purse in her left hand. Her right arm is wrapped around the Colonel's waist. Holding a half-empty rum bottle, he opens the door to his apartment. They stumble into his living room, where he lands on top of her as they fall onto the large couch against the wall. He puts the bottle down on the table next to the couch. She tosses her purse next to the bottle. He pulls himself up unexpectedly, stares down at her and smiles, then pulls two shot glasses out of his pants pockets and puts them next to the bottle on the table.

Colonel: "That would have really hurt if they broke." He laughs. He moves back down on top of her, his mouth on her mouth, then on her face and neck. Her left leg wraps around him. After a minute he pulls himself up on his elbows, looks at her and swings himself off the couch. She sits up, confused.

Colonel: "Pour us each another one. I need to get some of this rum out of my system. And get some protection, too." He leans down, kisses her and walks through the adjoining master suite into its bathroom.

As soon as she hears the bathroom door close, Christa jumps to her feet and moves to a desk in a corner of the living room. She takes a bobby pin from the pocket of her dress and deftly picks the small lock on the desk's top right drawer. Opening it, she looks inside, smiles and closes it without taking anything.

Christa (softly to herself): "Hide it in plain sight. Just as I was told." She moves back to the couch, pours two shots of rum, and sits down.

In the bathroom of his master suite, the Colonel is watching Christa's every move on a small monitor.

Colonel (muttering to himself): "So this evening is going to turn out a bit different than I had thought." He continues to watch Christa before taking out his cell phone and pushing several buttons on it.



Grace and her friends finish their dinner and say their goodbyes. Grace begins her walk back to her apartment.


TIME: THE PRESENT (Saturday -- 1:30 a.m.)

Christa sits in the wooden chair in which the Colonel had been sitting. Her wrists are tied behind and secured to the back of the chair. Her ankles are pulled back and chained to the back legs of the chair, forcing her legs wide apart. The clamps and weights on the chain between them are still attached to her nipples.

The Torturer stands in front of her holding a glowing red hot iron in the shape of an X. The Colonel stands next to him.

Colonel: "Do you want to know why I like the shape of an X?" The Torturer twirls the rubber handle of the iron. Christa's eyes are fixed on it. She struggles against her bonds. "Because you never have to worry which side is up. It looks the same in all directions. They call that symmetry. Did you know that?”

Christa stares silently at him.

Colonel: “Now I will give you a third chance. And, you know, as they say in baseball – do you enjoy baseball? -- three strikes and you're out."

Sweating profusely and breathing hard, Christa continues to stare up at the Colonel, who finally tires of waiting for an answer. He grabs the chain holding the weights with his right hand, and pulls it hard, down and out, stretching her nipples even farther. As she screams, the Torturer places the handle of the X iron in the Colonel’s left hand and jams its glowing end into the underside of her right breast. Her body tenses and she shrieks hideously from this double violation as he holds the iron against her tender skin. He finally pulls the iron away, leaving an ugly red X.

Colonel: "I promise you that it will get worse, Christa. Much worse." He jams the iron into her side, just below his first target. Again she screams, louder and raspier than before. The Colonel raises the iron again, holding it directly in front of her face.

Christa: "The list of our corrupt officials. The government police and officials on the take. Please stop. Please."

The Colonel releases his grip on the chain and hands the iron back to the Torturer.

Colonel: "There. That wasn't so hard, wasn't it? Yes. I already knew that. What else would a member of the anti-corruption task force be looking for? That's who you work for, isn't it?" She nods. He walks back to his chair and sits down, facing Christa. "But you couldn't know on your own that I would have such a list in my apartment. Who told you?"

Christa: "I was just given the information. I don't know where it comes from."

Colonel: "No. That information could only come from someone else on the task force or from a mole in my organization. I want the name. Who gave you the information?"

Christa: "I told you. I don't know."

Colonel: "For your sake, I hope you do."

The Colonel nods toward the Torturer, who jams the hot iron just below Christa's belly button and holds it there. She screams. As he removes it, her body grows limp and her head slumps to her chest. A stream of urine drips onto the chair.

Colonel: "I guess you needed to get rid of some of that rum, too." His cell phone buzzes. He pulls it out of his pocket. "Do you have the location yet? ... Wonderful !! Good work. ..." He looks at Christa's slumped figure as he continues to speak into his phone. "No. Actually, we have time to do it ourselves." He puts the phone back in his pocket and signals the Torturer. Christa's head remains slumped to her chest. Drops of urine fall from the chair onto the floor.

Colonel: "Let's make sure that she'll be grateful when we come back."

The Colonel and Torturer free Christa from her bonds and drag her limp body across the room to a horizontal rack. They lift her onto it and roll her onto her back. While the Colonel attaches her ankles to the metal cuffs at the foot of the rack, the Torturer secures her wrists to the metal cuffs attached to the ropes that wind around the roller at the head of the rack. With a few quick turns Christa is stretched taut. The whip and hot iron marks from her prior ordeals are plainly visible.

The Torturer removes the weights from the chain connecting the clamps on Christa's nipples. He pulls down another chain attached to the ceiling and secures it to the chain holding the nipple clamps. He pulls the ceiling chain up, raising the chain attached to the nipple clamps. Christa’s eyes open and she grunts in pain. She quickly raises her back off the table to reduce the pull on her nipples, as the Colonel and the Torturer watch her. She soon becomes exhausted trying to hold her backside off the table, and it slowly drops back down, increasing the stretch on her nipples. She endures this for a few moments, and then, to ease the stretch, she struggles to raise her backside off the table again. She holds herself up for as long as she can, but then is forced to drop back down to the table.

Colonel: "We have to leave for awhile now, Christa. But don't you fret. We won't forget about you. And we think that you'll be very glad to see us when we return."

Christa begins another cycle of raising her back to ease the pain in her nipples, then slowly falling back to the table when she can no longer hold herself up.

Christa: "No. No. You can't leave. No. I told you the truth. I told you !!"

The next cycle begins.

Colonel: "Actually you didn't. But don't worry. After we run our errand, we'll be back, I promise. I think that you'll have a few more things to tell us then. In the meantime, you think about that. Think hard."

The two men watch as Christa begins yet another cycle. An endless cycle with no resting point. Before leaving the room, the Colonel and the Torturer walk to the door, they give Christa a last look. The heavy door slams behind them.

Christa: "No !! You can't leave me like this !! No !! Please !!"

She grows more and more weary. And more and more desperate. Her body is soaked in sweat. She starts to whimper, then sob ... as she struggles to lift her back off the table to relieve the strain on her nipples.



Captain: “Grace, stand up straight and clasp your hands behind your neck.”

Grace does her best to compose herself. She blinks hard several times to try to stop her crying. She stands straight and, with her stomach muscles quivering, moves her hands behind her neck as ordered, fully exposing her breasts and pubic hair to the soldiers’ view for the first time.

Captain: “Now spread your legs further.”

Grace’s entire body is trembling as she obeys.

Captain: “Further.”

Grace spreads her legs until her ankles are more than shoulder-width apart. Her eyes are shut tightly.

Captain: “Grace, what is the most number of men that you have had sex with in a day?”

Grace opens her eyes and stares at the Captain, not believing the question.

Captain: “I mean in any 24-hour period.”

Grace hesitates.

Grace: “One. Only one.”

Captain: “You're not married Grace, are you?”

Grace: “No.”

Captain: “But you're not a virgin?”

Grace: “No. I'm 23 years old.”

Captain: “You're not setting a very good example for the young people of our country, are you, Grace? Engaging in pre-marital sex. How many men have you had sex with?”

Grace: “Two. Just two.”

Captain: “’Just’ two? Grace, as the old line goes, we now know what you are and we don't have to argue about degree. Tell me, what kinds of sex do you enjoy? Do you like being tied up during sex? Do you like anal sex?”

Grace starts to cry again, her chest shaking, but she holds her hands clasped behind her head.

Grace: “No. Nothing like that. Last month my boyfriend, Carl, asked if he could tie me to the bed and have sex with me while I was tied up, so I broke up with him. I'm not like that.”

Captain: “Grace, we're going to give you one chance to tell us everything that you know about your roommate, Christa. If you fail to obey, the number of men with whom you have had sex will soon be at least six. And they will tie you up and sodomize you as well. So the choice is yours.”


TIME: EARLIER THAT EVENING (Friday -- 11:10 p.m.)

Christa walks back to the couch from the desk and moves her ring over one of the two shot glasses on the table next to the couch. She opens the ring and pours its powdery contents into the nearer glass.

Christa (quietly to herself): "Not original at all. But effective." She stirs the liquid with her finger to remove signs of the powder, sits down and waits for the Colonel. A minute later, he returns.

Colonel: "Oh, I am so ready for you now."

He takes her hands and she stands. He turns her toward him so that she is facing away from the table holding the two glasses. He kisses her hard, his hands moving to her back and waist.

Colonel: "Do you prefer that I remove that dress, or would you like to do it for me?"

Taking his left hand off Christa's back, he moves the farther glass in front of the nearer one on the table behind her and quickly moves his hand to her shoulder.

Christa: "Why don't you let me?"

Christa stands in front of the couch and pushes him down on it. As he watches intently, she slowly pulls the left side of the top of her dress off her shoulder and down and off her arm. The Colonel stares at her. She then pulls the right side down until her right arm is freed. Slowly she pulls the dress down until it drops to the floor. She kicks it away with her shoe. Under her dress, she is wearing a low cut black bra and skimpy black panties.

Christa: "I hope you like." She strikes a pose.

Colonel: "Oh, I like. I like a lot."

Christa reaches for the two glasses, hands the Colonel the nearer glass, and takes the other.

Christa: "To a long exciting night."

Colonel: "Yes. To a very long exciting night."

They clink their glasses. Christa watches as the Colonel quickly gulps down his entire shot before she downs hers in a single gulp, just as they had earlier at the bar. Christa takes the Colonel's glass and puts both back on the table. She takes his hand.

Christa: "Why don't we continue in the bedroom?" She takes his hand and leads him into the adjoining suite. She stands at the side of the bed, her back to it. "I think that you should take over now." She puts his hands on her breasts.

Colonel: "And I am very agreeable tonight.”

He reaches around her and unhooks the back of her bra. She raises her arms over her head and he pulls the bra up and off her, tossing it toward a chair by the bed. She takes his hands and moves them to her well-shaped breasts. He rubs them to feel their firmness. She moves her left hand between his legs to find that he is ready.

Christa: “Very impressive for an old-timer.” She smiles at him. “Now why don't you finish the job so we can get started on what I am sure is going to be a very long and exciting night." She takes his hands and moves them to the sides of her panties.

The Colonel kisses her and slips his fingers inside her panties. She reaches her arms around his neck. As he begins to slide the panties down her thighs, she suddenly breaks off the kiss and stares into his eyes. She blinks hard, a look of horror in her eyes.

Christa: "You .... you ..." She blinks hard again. "Swit ... how did ...?" Christa's eyes slowly close. Her head falls to his shoulder and her body goes limp. Her arms slide off of the Colonel's neck, down to her sides.

Colonel: "How did I know? Because I'm not the fool you played me to be." He pushes her and she falls on her back on the bed, her arms splayed over her head. "Yes, my love. You will find it a very long night." He pulls her panties off, leaving her naked except for her black high heels. He kicks her legs apart and unzips his pants. "And, for starters, I'm going to give you exactly what you said you wanted from me, Miss Root Out Corruption." His hands explore her body before he turns her over onto her stomach and pulls her legs down to the floor. He leans over her, and pushes his hands under her to squeeze her breasts as he pushes himself inside her and begins to thrust into her. Over and over and over again, each grunt escaping through lips formed into an evil, victorious smile.

After he finally explodes into her and climbs off her body, he lifts her legs and removes her heels. He stares at her unconscious body lying spread-eagled on the bed before walking into the living room. There, sitting casually on the couch reading a magazine, is the Torturer.

Colonel: "Perfect timing. If you want her now, you can have her. But you might want to wait until later. It's up to you."

Torturer (still reading): "I can wait. A bedroom is a bit too conventional for my tastes." He puts down the magazine, walks into the bedroom and returns with the naked and unconscious Christa slung over his shoulder, her buttocks next to his face and his right arm across the backs of her knees, her arms hanging down. "I'm ready when you are."


TIME: EARLIER THAT EVENING (Friday – 11:45 p.m.)

Grace opens the door to her apartment. She shouts for Christa but knows there will be no answer, since, depending how her fling with the Colonel went, Christa would be home late or not at all.

Grace goes to the bathroom to pee, but, before she is finished, she hears a loud knock on the door.

Grace (to herself): “Damn, she forgot her key again. I guess it didn't work out with the Colonel. I warned her that he was too old to satisfy her.” Finishing her business, she flushes the toilet.

Grace (yelling toward the door): “I'm coming. Just a second.” Still fully dressed as before, she walks to the door and opens it.

Grace: “Are you ever going to remember your key?” But when she opens the door, she is surprised not to be facing Christa, but four soldiers. “Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you were my roommate.”

Captain: “May we come in?” Before he has finished the question, two of the soldiers have pushed their way by Grace and are searching the apartment.

Captain: “We need to ask you some questions.” He stares at her body.

Grace: “About what? About Christa? Is she all right?”

Captain: “At the station. Come with us.” He turns and walks down the hall. Grace follows, the fourth soldier walking behind her. The two other soldiers remain in the apartment with the door open. Grace stops and looks back. The soldier behind her pushes her to keep moving.


TIME: THE PRESENT (Saturday -- 3:30 a.m.)

The Colonel and the Torturer return to the interrogation chamber. Christa remains on the rack, but she no longer has the strength to lift herself up, and so must accept the added pain from her stretched nipples. Her eyes are closed.

The Torturer fills a bucket with cold water from the sink near the cabinet, moves toward Christa and pours it over her body. She startles awake. Her body shivers from the cold. She lets out a long moan from the pain in her nipples. She sees the Torturer and the Colonel standing in front of her.

Colonel: "We are back, as promised." He removes the clamps from her nipples. She lets out a loud sigh of relief. Then the two men release her wrists and ankles from the rack, grab her shoulders and force her off the table. They lead her toward the center of the room. Christa notices for the first time that, about six feet in front of her is a large sheet draped from the ceiling, hiding whatever is behind it. The men stop and chain Christa's wrists to chains attached to the ceiling, her legs to chains in the floor, her body facing the sheet.

Colonel: "We have a surprise for you."

The Colonel and the Torturer each grab one side of the sheet near its top, and, in one motion, pull it down to reveal Rosa Griegos, stretched and spread-eagled in a manner similar to Christa. Only Rosa is not naked, but wears a pink camisole night shirt and pajama shorts. Rosa’s long blonde hair and light complexion sharply contrast with Christa’s dark hair and features. And while her chest does not compare with Christa’s, Rosa’s body is otherwise as appealing. [See Rosa Photo]

Rosa and Christa gasp immediately at the sight of the other.

Colonel: "I see that there is no need for an introduction. Now, Rosa, my darling -- oh, yes, I know your name --"

Rosa (sneering at Christa): "From you, you weakling !!"

Christa: "No !! I told them nothing about you. Look what they've done to me !! They did it because I told them nothing about you !!"

Rosa (disbelieving): "Who else then? Who else?"

Colonel: "Now, girls, there's no need to argue. It doesn't matter why we're here. It's just important that we are. Rosa, we've been enjoying Christa's company for awhile, so now we'd like to hear what you have to say."

The Torturer walks behind Rosa and reaches around her body to grab the bottom of her camisole with both hands. He yanks it up and behind her head, exposing her breasts. Rosa offers no reaction. The Torturer moves to a table against the wall and picks up the same flogger that he used on Christa earlier.

Colonel: "Rosa, unless you want the same treatment that Christa received," he walks over to Christa and runs his finger over one of the bright red Xs on her body from the hot iron, "you will answer my questions the first time that I ask them."

Rosa: "Go fuck yourself. You think that I'm weak like she is? You'll get nothing from me. Do whatever you're going to do. You might as well kill me now, since I'll never talk."

Colonel: "It's so easy being brave before the pain begins. But an hour from now I expect that you will be begging me to kill you."

The Torturer raises the whip and lashes Rosa hard across her back. His next blow strikes across her stomach. Rosa winces in pain, but she does not scream. The third blow lands across her thighs, tearing into her pajama shorts. The fourth strikes across her breasts.

Colonel: "How did you learn where I kept the list of names?"

Rosa glares at him, breathing hard, but says nothing. The Colonel nods at the Torturer, who lands four more lashes in the same spots as the first four. Her pajama shorts are slowly torn to shreds. Rosa’s body trembles. A line of blood forms at her mouth, where she is biting the inside of her lip hard to keep herself from screaming.

Colonel: "When did you begin working with Christa?"

Rosa: "I ... answered ... your ... question ... already." Rosa is breathing so hard that she pauses for breath after each word. "The ... answer ... is ...." She takes in as deep a breath as she can. "Go fuck yourself."

Colonel: "You're making his work so difficult." The Colonel nods at the Torturer. "Christa can tell you what happens when he has to work hard." He walks over to Christa and puts two of his fingers on her cheek. "Your mouth and face get sticky."

The Torturer delivers four more lashes in succession. Rosa finally starts to shriek in pain and to pull at her bonds. The Torturer puts down the whip and moves toward her. He pulls off the camisole from her shoulders and behind her neck, then the remnants of her pajama shorts, leaving her as naked as Christa. He examines the wounds from the whip.

Colonel: "Rosa, dear, I don't want things to get worse for you. You are already shrieking like a child. Are you sure that you don't want to tell me what I want to know so all this can end?"

Rosa offers no more than her continuing shrieks of pain. No more smart-assed responses.

Colonel: "Very well. But your accomplice here is not going to be pleased with your decision. Just so you know."

The Torturer pushes a small table between the two spread-eagled women. On it, he places a small generator from which extend eight wires. Two inches of insulation have been stripped from each wire, exposing bare metal. He pulls two of the wires toward Rosa's body. He holds one an inch below the nipple of her left breast. The Colonel approaches and tapes it in place, then tapes the second wire an inch below the nipple of her right breast. The Torturer moves back to the generator and pulls out two more wires. He tapes the third just below her belly button and the fourth between her legs, inserted slightly into her vagina. Rosa is breathing hard, her eyes darting from the Colonel to the Torturer and back.

Rosa (to Christa): "You. This is your fault. Why couldn't you have been stronger?!"

Christa: "I told you !! I didn't give them your name !! I told you !!"

The men move to Christa and secure the remaining four wires in the same places on her body as they had on Rosa’s.

Colonel: "We don't play favorites, you see. Now let's try one last time before things get very unpleasant for both of you. How did you know where to look for the list?"

Neither woman responds.

Colonel: "Do either of you have any idea how much this is going to hurt you?" He checks that the wires are securely taped to their bodies. "I've hear it's like having a knife cut you from the inside out."

The Torturer moves his hand to the knob on the generator. The Colonel looks at Christa.

Christa: "I don't know anything more. I don't know anyone else. I can't answer your questions."

Rosa: "Shut up already. Just shut up."

Colonel: “Christa, darling. I believe. But it doesn't matter. She knows.” He nods toward Rosa.

The Torturer turns the knob. Immediately both women’s bodies lunge forward as far as their bonds allow, stretching their limbs. Both let out a long scream, stopping only to take in more air and scream again. Their bodies shake and twist. When the Torturer turns the knob back, their bodies crash back to their original positions, both bathed in sweat, gasping for air, their chins on their chests, saliva drooling from their mouths.

The Colonel walks over to Christa, lifts her head and looks into her eyes, then throws her head back down on her chest. He moves to Rosa, who slowly raises her head and tries to spit in his face, but the spittle just adds to the drool already dribbling down her own chin.

Colonel: "Once more. How did you know where to look?" Neither woman answers. Once again the Torturer turns the knob and once again the two women's bodies leap forward and shake and tremble. Both scream desperately and pull hopelessly at their bonds until their wrists and ankles are chafed and raw. The Torturer waits longer this time before turning the knob back down. The women's bodies once more crash back to their original positions.

Colonel: "We will give you a brief reprieve. Christa, maybe you can convince Rosa that she needs to tell us. But when we return, there will be no more playing around. We will need answers."

The Torturer removes the wires from the women. He removes the cuffs from their ankles and then their wrists. Neither is strong enough to stand on her own. Each collapses to the floor. The Torturer pushes the table out of the way and locks the generator back in the cabinet. The two men leave the chamber. The two women look at each other. Christa starts to crawl over to Rosa.



Grace continues to stand on the table, her hands clasped behind her neck, but now two of the men are also standing on the table, one on each side of her.

Captain: “You were given more than a fair chance to tell us what we need to know, but you have refused. We know that your roommate is not a school teacher. Have you ever been to her classroom?”

Grace: “No, she never invited me.”

Captain: “And do you even know the name of the school where she supposedly works?”

Grace: “No. She’s very private.”

Captain: “But you're friends. You went out to the bar together tonight hoping to pick up some men.”

Grace: “It’s only the second time we've gone out together in the entire year we've roomed together. I usually don't go to bars.”

Captain: “But you stayed at the bar much longer than she. And you certainly were dressed to party.”

Grace: “I let her convince me. But I don't pick up men like she does.”

Captain: “Are you saying that you are not really her friend?”

Grace: “I'm not really her friend.”

Captain: “Or her accomplice in her undercover activity?”

Grace (startled): “What? She’s a teacher. What are you saying? Is that what this …?”

Captain: “I've heard enough from this bitch.” He turns to the soldiers. “She’s all yours for the next hour.”

The Captain leaves the room. The two soldiers standing closest to Grace grab her arms and turn her body lengthwise along the table. She struggles and manages to kick one of them hard in the stomach. He doubles over in pain. Another immediately punches her in the jaw with the back of her fist, knocking her out. Her body relaxes as the soldiers stretch her on the table, tying her limbs with cords to the four corners of the table and securing the other ends of the cords to the legs of the table until, still unconscious, Grace is stretched taut and spread-eagled.

Kicked Soldier: “She is mine first.” He takes her panties and thrusts them deep into her mouth, followed by the cups of her bra. He pulls the back strap of the bar around her head and ties it tightly to compete the underwear gag.

The Kicked Soldier unzips his pants and pulls out his penis, then mounts the table and climbs on top of Grace. He turns her face toward him and kisses her cheek, just above the bruise from the punch to her jaw. Her eyes remain closed. He squeezes her breasts hard. She begins to moan. “That’s right. I want you to feel this.”

The Kicked Soldier thrusts himself into her, reaching to the top of the table to push himself as deeply inside her as he can. He slowly begins to move rhythmically. When her eyes finally open, he smiles and thrusts harder and faster. Grace pulls at her wrists and ankles and tries frantically and hopelessly to close her legs. As the Kicked Soldier reaches his climax and grunts loudly, and she can feel him release his liquid into her, she screams incoherently through her gag. This brings a wider smile to the Kicked Soldier’s face as he rolls off her and then off the table. He stands at the side of the table, his now flaccid penis still out of his pants.

Kicked Soldier: “I think I filled her up. You're going to want to try somewhere else.” He looks at the other soldiers.

Second Soldier: “We'll go in order of rank. I'm next.” He removes the underwear gag, pinches her nose to force her to open her mouth, and slides a ring gag behind her teeth. “This one provides more protection. Can't be too careful, can we?”

Grace shakes her head from side to side, crying uncontrollably. Both her boyfriends had insisted that she provide them with oral sex, and, while she had obliged, she had never liked it. They could never control themselves so, instead of winding up with an orgasm, or at least a chance for one, she wound up with their sticky liquid filling her mouth and splattered on her face. Carl had even told her there was a name for it. A “money shot.” Not much romance in that.

The other soldiers untie Grace from the top of the table. They force her to kneel on the table and retie her wrists behind her back. The Second Soldier mounts the table, drops his pants and underwear to his ankles and reaches behind her head.

Second Soldier: “I suggest that you use that tongue of yours the way you would on your boyfriends, if you know what’s good for you.” He puts his penis through the ring and pushes her head toward him. Unable to close her mouth around him, she does her best to flick her tongue along the lower portion of his penis, up and down, then back and forth. She can't believe that this can do anything that might cause him to ejaculate sooner and end his invasion of her mouth, but is surprised when he begins to shout his excitement. In more than a minute, possibly two, she feels him gushing into her mouth. She immediately starts to choke, but, to her partial relief, she feels the size of his penis shrink in her mouth. As she continues to cough, she feels him remove himself and then the ring gag. Her chest heaves as she struggles to catch her breath, coughing out as much liquid as she can.

The First and Second Soldiers pull Grace off the table and stand her next to its short side, then bend her body over it at the waist. She continues to cough.

Third Soldier: “Only one place left, sweetheart. I heard you say you didn't like this, but I wasn't sure if you ever tried it. Maybe you'll change your mind.”

The Third Soldier moves behind the bent-over Grace and begins to rub himself against her backside before unzipping his pants and pulling out his penis. It is already hard.

Third Soldier: “But, whether you do or not, I'm going to enjoy it.”

He rubs his penis between the cheeks of Grace’s buttocks. Grace tries to raise the top of her body off the table, but is held down by the First and Second Soldiers. The Third Soldier spits on his hand, and massages her anus with the moisture. He does this a second and third time.

Third Soldier: “There. Don't say I wasn't kind to you.”

With effort, he begins to force himself into her anus. She screams from the pain and the lack of full lubrication. He struggles to get as much of his penis into her as he can, but it is painful for him, too.

Third Solder: “Jesus. I'm too big and you're too small.”

Frustrated, he withdraws. She lets out a loud sigh of relief.

Third Soldier (to Fourth Soldier): “You want to try?”

Fourth Soldier (to Kicked and Second Soldiers): “Straighten her up.”

The Kicked Soldier reaches around Grace’s neck and forces her up straight. He holds her tied wrists behind her back. As he does, he and Grace both see that the Fourth Soldier is using his lighter to heat a heavy metal paper clip, which he has twisted into the shape of the letter B, with a long tail on the bottom of the B that he holds in a gloved hand.

When she sees it, Grace tries to kick back on the Kicked Soldier’s toe, but the Second Soldier quickly wraps his own ankles around hers to keep her from kicking him again.

Fourth Soldier (approaching Grace): “Everyone should have at least a few tattoos, I think, and I don't see that you have any yet.” He holds the glowing B in front of her face. “You probably think that B stands for ‘bitch.’ It could in your case. But actually it stands for ‘bastard,’ because that is what I am and I want you to remember me.”

Grace’s eyes are transfixed on the clip as the Fourth Soldier decides on a proper place on her body. He holds it an inch from her breasts and then her stomach before he jams it into her flesh just above the center of her pubic bone. She screams as he holds it there for several seconds before pulling it back and admiring his work.

Fourth Soldier: “Now, whenever you have sex, your partner can ask you what the B stands for and you can tell him all about me.”

Grace: “You bastard !!”

Fourth Soldier: “Exactly !!” He nods and the Kicked and Second Soldier spin Grace around and bend her back over the table, face down. The Fourth Soldier jams the clip into the middle of her right buttocks. “In case you decide that you do enjoy anal sex, your lover should know about me, also.”


TIME: EARLIER THAT NIGHT (Saturday -- 2:15 a.m.)

The Colonel and the Torturer push the buzzer on the outside of a security apartment building.

Colonel: "She must be doing quite well to live here. These are large apartments. Security building."

Torturer: "How well do you think she'll be doing after tonight?"

Colonel: "Not well when she realizes how easy it was to find her just by running the number of the cell phone in Christa's purse. She may have held out on us. But her phone didn't."

They hear the buzzer. The Colonel pulls on the now unlocked door, which opens on a long hallway. On the left side is a room with a sliding window on which is stenciled the word "Security." The room is dark. The Colonel taps on the window, which opens slightly.

Colonel: "I spoke with you on the phone a little while ago."

The window opens slightly and the unseen security guard thrusts through it his hand, which holds a key. The Colonel takes the key.

Colonel: "We appreciate your cooperation." He pushes a wad of peso notes into the guard’s hand.

Guard: "Room 119. At the end of the hall on the right."

Colonel: "She's home?"

Guard: "Yes. And she’s a nice one."

Colonel: "Alone?"

Guard: "Yes."

Colonel: "Awake?"

Guard: "How should I know? But it's after 2 a.m. What do you think?"

The hand withdraws and the window closes. The Colonel and the Torturer walk down the hall.

When they reach Room 119, the Colonel puts the key in the lock, turns it slowly and pushes the door partly open. It is dimly lit inside. Quiet. He slips into the room, followed by the Torturer. The Colonel points to a closed door on the left. A light is visible from the crack under it.

Colonel (mouthing the words silently): "She's awake."

Inside her bedroom, Rosa sits on her bed, reading, dressed in a pink camisole and pajama shorts. She hears a noise outside her door. She listens, hears nothing more and goes back to her reading. Then she hears another noise. Faint. Quietly she reaches into her night stand drawer and takes out a small caliber pistol. She gets out of bed, barefoot, and moves to the door of the bedroom. She listens. Nothing. Slowly she opens the bedroom door. She sees no one. Carefully she walks out into the adjoining living room, her pistol pointed, ready. She sees no one. She moves past her bathroom to her front door and checks. It is locked. She moves past it toward her dining and kitchen area. Nothing. She walks back to her bedroom and puts the gun back in the night stand drawer. Before she gets back into bed, she goes to the kitchen to get a glass of water. Her hand is on her chest and she is breathing hard, having been frightened by the noises and by her search of her apartment.

She fills a glass with water, drinks half and puts the glass in the sink. She walks back toward her bedroom, shaking her head and sighing in relief. She takes one step into the room ... and the Torturer leaps in front of her from the left side of the door and punches her hard in her stomach, knocking the wind out of her so that she cannot scream. As she clutches her stomach and doubles over from the blow, he chops down on the back of her neck and she falls to the ground. The Colonel leaps out from the right and jumps on her back, quickly securing a tape gag over her mouth.

Torturer: "Not necessary. She's out. (sarcastically) But thanks for the help."

The Colonel ties Rosa's wrists behind her back. Then he and the Torturer each grab one of her elbows and lift her until her head is waist high, her body facing down. They drag her to the front door. The Colonel opens it and looks around. There is no one in sight.

Torturer: "And if anyone saw us, what would it matter? You're a fucking Colonel in the Argentine Army. What civilian is going to mess with you?"

They drag Rosa out of her apartment, the Colonel closing and locking the door behind them. They proceed down the hall. As they pass the security window, it opens and an a hand reaches out, palm up. The Colonel places the key in it.

Colonel: "Your citizenship is greatly appreciated."

Guard (from behind the door): "I told you she’s a nice one. Glad I could help."

The hand withdraws and the window closes. The Colonel and the Torturer drag Rosa out the front door.


TIME: THE PRESENT (Saturday -- 4:45 a.m.)

Alone in the interrogation chamber, Christa and Rosa are huddled together, holding each other.

Christa (softly): "I didn't give them your name. I swear."

Rosa: "I know. I'm sorry for what I said."

Christa: "I did tell them what I was looking for, though. But the pain ..."

Rosa: "It's all right. We knew the risks going after such widespread corruption. My body has never hurt like this before. Not in any training session." She pauses. "And I figured out how they found me. From your cell phone number."

Christa: "No. I erase everything immediately from it, like we were taught. They couldn't find anything about you from my phone."

Rosa: "Not from your phone. From your phone number. The telephone company would have a record of my call to you. Once they had your number, they could see what numbers called that number. Including mine. So stupid of me."

Christa: "I should have left the phone in my apartment. But I thought it would seem suspicious if the Colonel noticed that I didn't have it with me at the bar."

Rosa (resignedly): "We failed. But as long as we don't talk, the trail ends with us and no one else will be compromised. So we must be strong."

Christa: "I have no choice. I don't know ..." She stops in mid-sentence as the door to the chamber opens, and the Colonel and the Torturer enter.

Colonel: "Afraid that the time for girl chat is over."

The Torturer and the Colonel grab Christa by her arms and pull her away from Rosa. They force her to stand and push her against the wall. They chain her wrists together over her head to a ring in the wall. Then they walk back to Rosa. They move her back to the chains to which she was previously held. In a few seconds she is again spread-eagled.

Colonel: "Maybe you've changed your mind?"

Rosa: "It was just the two of us. Our instructions are sent anonymously. I couldn't tell you what you want to know because I don't know it either."

Colonel: "Well, that is really going to be a shame. Because I can't just accept your word that you don't know. I'm sure you understand."

The Torturer unlocks the cabinet and takes out what looks like a strapless black bra. He secures it tightly over Rosa’s breasts and fastens it in place behind her back.

Colonel: “We thought that you might like to get dressed, Rosa.”

The Torturer walks back to the cabinet, and returns with a long electrical cord, which he plugs into the back of the bra. He pulls the other end to a two-outlet electrical socket in the wall.

Rosa (bravely): “You've already done the electric bit. Or did you forget?”

Colonel: ”Haven't you ever worn an underwire bra, Rosa? Don't you ever think that you might need a little more support? Well, this bra will give you that. But that’s not really its primary purpose.”

The Torturer plugs the other end of the electrical cord into the bottom outlet. Quickly Rosa can feel the wires inside the bra’s cups begin to heat.

Colonel: "Still brave, Rosa?"

Rosa (voice quivering): "Fuck ... you."

Colonel: "Soon you're going to be in no condition to want to do that. And no one is going to want to fuck you anymore, either, because we have something else for you to wear.”

The Colonel nods in the direction of the Torturer, who is holding a metal penis attached to another electrical cord. He slowly inserts it into Rosa’s vagina and walks over to the wall socket with its electrical cord in his hands.

Colonel: “Might you wish to change your mind. How did you know where to look?" Rosa remains silent.

The Torturer plugs the second cord into the upper outlet. Rosa feels it begin to heat inside her.

Colonel: "Metal heats pretty quickly, Rosa, so if choose not to tell me soon what I want to know, the most important pieces of your feminine identity are going to burn to a crisp. For both of our sakes, reconsider."

Rosa looks down at the metal bra. The wires that surround her breasts are beginning to burn them on all sides. She feels the metal penis start to grow uncomfortably hot. From the wall next to her, the chained Christa is screaming.

Christa: "Barbaric !! You are barbaric !!"

Colonel: "Your friend's compliment is appreciated, Rosa. But now you need to talk."

Rosa: "So you can do this to someone else? No. I won't."

Within a few more seconds, Rosa is screaming in pain.

Colonel: "The electro-torture was painful, but it didn't disfigure you. This torture will. And very soon."

Rosa's screams become hideous. Christa continues to scream. Rosa's entire body shakes.

Rosa: "Stop it !! Stop it !! I'll tell you !! Just stop it !!

The Torturer pulls the two plugs out of the wall socket.

Colonel: "If you don't tell me everything I want to know right now, he will put those plugs back in the wall until your nipples and breasts and clit and vagina are charred dust."

Rosa: "Her name is Gabriella. She lives in the yellow house two doors down from the Armory. She told me. She was the one."

Colonel (stunned by the information): "How did she contact you?"

Rosa: "Not me. The unit. She contacted the anti-corruption unit. She said she had information. The unit assigned her to me. I arranged a meeting with her. She told me where the list was. And I told Christa."

Colonel: "And what was in it for Gabriella?"

Rosa: "Revenge. Her ex-boyfriend was high up in the Army, she said. He had ditched her and she wanted us to break into his apartment and find incriminating information that would get him a long prison term for corruption. She didn't want any money."

The Colonel leads the Torturer to the far end of the interrogation chamber, out of earshot of the women. The Colonel takes out his cell phone and pushes several buttons.

Colonel: "Bring in anyone at 14 Via La Pampas. The yellow house. Immediately." He puts his phone back into his pocket.

Torturer: "You know the house?" The Colonel nods.

Colonel: "I'm the ex-boyfriend. I brought Gabriella to my apartment many times. She must have been prying when I was asleep. But I never thought ...."



Grace lies unconscious on her back on the table, her arms hanging free over the sides, her face to the side, her eyes closed. The dark red B is very visible. Three of the soldiers have moved away from the table. The Kicked Soldier stands near it, squeezing Grace’s breasts and pinching her nipples. When the door opens and the Captain enters, he hurries back to his position to complete the rectangle around her.

Captain: “Believe it or not, she’s not the one.” The soldiers mutter their surprise. “I've just met with the Colonel. They have captured Christa’s accomplice and it wasn't her roommate. Christa simply used her roommate as added cover.”

Kicked Soldier: “So what happens now?”

Captain: “We let her go. Dress her and have her brought back to her apartment before she comes to. There’s nothing she can do about it. She’s not going to tell anyone that she was questioned as a suspected spy. That won't help her. And she doesn't even know the real reason she was questioned. She thinks we're looking for enemies of the government and that her roommate was spying on the government. She doesn't know that her roommate was working for the government. No, she will stay quiet for her own sake. It’s not our fault we were given the wrong woman. You all still did good work.”

The Captain leaves the room. The Second Soldier brings Grace’s panties and bra to the table. He slides her panties up her legs. The Third Soldier climbs onto the table and lifts her into a sitting position, and the Second Soldier pulls her panties into place. They do not fully cover the B. He then pulls the strapless bra around her chest and fastens it behind her back. The Third Soldier grabs her legs and moves her off the table, holding her in a standing position. The Fourth Soldier pulls her dress over her head and down over her body. Finally, the soldiers sit her back in the wooden chair and the Second Soldier slips her heels back onto her feet, so that she is sitting just as she was when she was first brought to the room more than four hours earlier.

Kicked Soldier (to the still unconscious Grace): “If I had my way, I'd torture you more and then put a bullet in your head, you bitch. You're lucky I'm not the Captain.”

The Second and Third Soldiers lift Grace off the chair and drag her out of the room.



Christa is sitting at the kitchen table of her apartment. Her cell phone rings.

Christa (answering phone): "M here."

Rosa: "G Here. You are confirmed for tonight. It’s the man in the second photo. "

Christa: "M confirms." She ends the call and takes a deep breath. "Well, this is going to be one hell of a night, that's for sure," she mutters to herself. She calls into the living room.

Christa: “Grace, let’s go out to a bar tonight. I'll wear my black dress and you wear that orange one I saw in your closet. We'll look hot together. It will help us both find someone.” Well, Christa already knew the man she was going to find. The man in the second photo. A Colonel. A very corrupt Colonel. But she certainly couldn't share that information with Grace. Her naive roommate who would supply a nice cover. More normal and less obvious for two women to go out together than for her to go out by herself as she usually did. “C’mon, Grace. It will be fun. You can't spend every Saturday night reading your books. Live for real for once.”

Christa waited for a response without much hope of convincing her. But, when she looked to the kitchen doorway, Grace was standing there.

Grace: “OK. Why not? But I think you're just using me to look like you're less on the make.”

Christa: “Hey, no. I bet you're going to have a fun evening, too.”


TIME: THE PRESENT Saturday (6:00 a.m.)

Christa and Rosa are huddled by the wall beneath where Christa had been chained. They are unrestrained, but too weak to pose a threat. Ugly burns surround Rosa’s breasts. The Colonel and the Torturer pace the floor. The Colonel's cell phone rings. He answers it.

Colonel: "Excellent work again." He looks toward the Torturer. "They picked up Gabriella and another woman at the house. They are already back." The Colonel nods toward Christa and Rosa. “So these two are of no more use to us.”

The Torturer moves toward the women, grabs Christa by her wrist and pulls her away from Rosa, toward the center of the room. He pushes her down onto her knees.

Torturer: "Clasp your hands behind your neck and look straight ahead." Christa, shaking, obeys.

The Torturer moves toward Rosa, grabs her wrists and pulls her about eight feet to the left of Christa. He pushes her to her knees. Rosa clasps her hands behind her neck without being told to do so and stares straight ahead. The Colonel stands six feet in front of them.

Colonel: "You have failed in your mission. In fact, your weakness and incompetence have allowed us to bring Gabriella and another accomplice in for interrogation. And they too certainly will reveal more helpful information that will help us protect ourselves with more government intrusion into our affairs. For that we thank you for being so helpful." There is a loud female scream from somewhere in another room down the hall. "Perfect timing, wouldn't you say? I couldn't have written a better script, could I? Almost like it was on cue."

Christa and Rosa shake uncontrollably, trying to be brave. The Colonel walks around to stand in front of the two women.

Colonel: "Is there anything you can offer that might make us reconsider your punishment?"

Both slowly shake their heads. The Colonel moves to the side.

The Torturer steps directly behind Christa. Her shaking increases as she hears the click of a gun being cocked behind her. For five very long seconds there is nothing. Then Christa feels a jab in her upper arm as The Torturer pushes a plunger filled with liquid through the needle. Christa blinks hard for several seconds before her body falls face first to the ground, her arms sprawled over her head as her body hits the floor. The Torturer moves behind Rosa, who has totally broken and is crying. She hears a click behind her. Then nothing until a needle enters her arm. Rosa too falls forward to the floor. The Colonel approaches Christa and pushes her stomach with the toe of his boot so that she rolls over onto her back.

Colonel: “Profitable not to waste two good bodies like these. Besides, they both will soon wish they were dead instead of the drugged whores they will become for Madame Mia. How long will they be out?”

Torturer: “At least an hour.”

Colonel: “What will it take? Two weeks or three before they will be begging to be fucked however Mia’s clients choose in return for the larger and larger dosages they will soon need to satisfy their cravings. Spreading their legs and worse in return for the only important thing that will be left in their lives – heroin. Until they are too drugged out even for Mia’s sicker clients. And since they will be presumed to have died when Rosa’s car is fished from the river in a few days, with all of their soaked identification papers still in it, no one will ever look for them or care or notice when they disappear from Mia’s.”

The Colonel and the Torturer lift the drugged Christa by her wrists and ankles and toss her face up onto the table. They next grab Rosa and toss her face down on top of Christa.

Colonel: “What is Mia paying these days. With their bodies these two should bring top dollar. Make the call. Have Mia come pick them up.”

The Colonel leaves the chamber by its front door and walks down the corridor.



The Colonel pauses at a heavy wooden door, pushes it open and walks into the dimly lit room. Along its concrete walls are cabinets whose open doors reveal an assortment of whips, clamps and other torture devices.

In the center of the room are two women, both hooded, chained spread-eagled and completely naked. Even from just inside the door, the Colonel can hear that both are whimpering in fear. He strides toward them, staring at their breasts and between their legs. He walks to the one on the right, and kisses her cheek through the hood.

Colonel: "Why, I'd recognize those breasts and that cunt anywhere. Gabriella, hello. It's so nice to see you again.” He looks down at the blue dress and black underwear tossed on a chair several feet behind her. “And I see that you wore my favorite blue dress for the occasion. How sweet of you.” [Photo of Gabriella before capture]

The Colonel pulls off her hood. Under it, Gabriella is cleave gagged. Her face is tear-stained. She shakes her head from side to side.

Colonel: “Oh, Gabriella, I think that soon you will change your mind to yes, yes, yes.” He grabs her hair and moves her head up and down instead of side to side. “And who is the friend that you have brought with you?”

The Colonel looks at the black dress and underwear on the chair behind Gabriella’s companion. [Photo of Gabriella’s friend before capture] He moves over to her and strokes her breasts with his hand. He feels the woman’s body immediately tense. He moves his hand between her legs.

Colonel: “I'm pretty sure I haven't had this yet. I hope you'll be as good as my dear Gabriella.”

The Colonel removes the second woman’s hood to reveal an equally attractive woman who is also cleave gagged. She is trying desperately to talk through the gag, but manages only unintelligible blather.

Colonel: “You're trying to tell me how innocent you are, isn't that right?” The woman frantically shakes her head up and down. “That may be. You might have just been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Or the right time for me. We shall see. But I have a feeling that, before we’re done, you will be begging to confess your guilt to me whether you are guilty or not." The woman stops nodding her head and begins to shake it vigorously from side to side, her eyes wide. The Colonel grabs her hair and yanks her head up and down, just as he had done with Gabriella.

The Colonel moves behind the women, takes the chair with Gabriella’s clothes, dumping the clothes on the floor, and moves the chair around to a few feet in front of the terrified Gabriella and her friend. He sits down and waits. In a minute, the Torturer enters and moves to stand between the two women.

Colonel: “You may begin.”



Grace lies curled up in her bed. Under the covers she is naked. She rubs her right hand over the still very red B on her lower abdomen and then moves its fingers down between her legs and begins to rub and probe. After a minute, she reaches with her left hand for her cell phone on the night stand and dials a number. After several rings, a male voice answers.

Grace: “Hello, Carl. It’s Grace. I've been thinking about you. Maybe I was a bit too hasty. Would you like to come over to my place tonight?”


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