Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril)


By Eda Chang

Xavila (Island Off the Coast of Southeast Asia) – Present Day

The Captain of President Malik’s personal guard reached down and pulled up the metal handle on the floor, revealing a basement below. He climbed down the attached ladder to the stone floor of the basement. He expected that two more hours would be long enough. But, if it wasn’t, then, well, he would just take two hours more than that and certainly four hours would be enough. There was no real hurry at the moment. True, Malik had recently learned that one of his generals, Drabek, was trying to build a large enough army of malcontent soldiers to overthrow Malik’s unpopular and less-than-democratic regime. But Drabek certainly had not yet had the time to build up sufficient forces to challenge Malik.

How close was he, though? Malik had ordered the Captain to abduct Drabek’s wife, Carrera, and send him an anonymous ransom note to make it look like a private kidnapping, not uncommon in Xavila. Not that Drabek would be fooled for long. Perhaps not even fooled at all. That had been twelve hours ago. And Carrera had been Malik’s guest in the basement ever since. Surely she would know the answer to the question Malik wanted answered.

The small room below was lighted by a spotlight sitting on a small table. The Captain didn’t have to look at the other table against the room’s far wall to know that it contained numerous instruments of… persuasion. Other than the two tables, the room was unfurnished, unless the two wooden vertical posts about five feet apart, joined at the ceiling by a horizontal wooden post could be considered furnishing. Or the chains attached to them.

The Captain moved around the posts to stare at Carrera, who was hanging by her wrists from a chain in the middle of the horizontal post, her ankles chained to the vertical posts, spreading her legs wide, her head slumped to her chest, her long black hair still behind her shoulders. And, as she had been since the Captain’s first visit to her, she was completely naked, the clothes that she had been wearing when captured tossed in the far corner of the room. [see Carrera Pic]

So far, the Captain had been her only visitor. And he had refrained from using any of the persuasive devices on the table. Well, he had used one instrument on her that she certainly considered torturous. A very hard object. Though not as hard as many on the table. He could not resist using it on her, after seeing her beautiful thin body hanging naked in front of him. Yes, he had raped her within 10 minutes of stripping her, but he had been so excited that he was glad that no one else was around to witness his poor performance. Not that she hadn’t screamed, but that had only added to his excitement and the speed of his ejaculation.

Several hours later he had taken a straight edge razor and carefully shaved the dark triangle between her legs until she was perfectly smooth. And then he had raped her again. And enjoyed it more, having removed even the last figurative protection that she had. Although his performance was little improved. Her helplessness was just too exciting for him. Drabek was a lucky man. Why wasn’t he satisfied with what Malik’s regime had given him?

On this third visit, though, the Captain was not here to rape her again. Not yet, at least. No, this time he was here for the information that Malik wanted. And, after seven more hours left hanging in her chains, he was sure that she would be ready to tell him whatever he wanted to know.

He could see that her body was soaked in sweat from the pain in her shoulders of hanging there for so long and that her stomach muscles were twitching. He moved to stand directly in front of her, his face close to hers. Then he squeezed her right breast with his hand and watched her face. Finally, she lifted her head, her face contorted in pain, a low grunt escaping her lips. And she opened her eyes to the sight of the Captain’s sneering face.

“Now it’s time to get serious,” he spat at her, releasing his grip and stepping away. Her eyes widened as she remembered where she was… and who he was.

“Answer just three questions and I will release you from your discomfort.”

She stared at him, but did not respond.

“How many men does your husband have? How well armed are they? And where is their encampment? Surely you know the answers to these simple questions. Certainly he has confided his plans to you.”

Carrera slowly shook her head.

“Are you telling me that he doesn’t confide in you? That you don’t know? Or that you just refuse to tell me?”

A slight smile crossed her mouth, even in her dire circumstances. “You’re not stupid. And I’m not stupid,” she responded slowly. “I won’t insult you by denying that I know, since I do and you know that I do. But I’ll never tell you. Your days are numbered. And if anything more happens to me, your exit from this earth – and that of your puppet master – will be even worse for you !!”

The Captain smiled back at her. “Do you know how many times I’ve heard claims of bravery and resistance and doom? But I only hear them before the interrogation starts,” he nodded. “You see, we all were given a lot of nerve because we were given a lot of nerve endings. Very sensitive nerve endings that send signals of pain throughout the body. And you look like your nerves are working just fine. Something that you will soon regret.”

“Just do what you’re going to do already and get it over with. I will die for my cause, which is the destruction of your heathen leader, his brutal dictatorship and those like you who follow him mindlessly.” Her voice dripped with hatred.

The Captain stepped behind Carrera, moving to the second table. Carrera made no effort to see what he was doing, knowing that, whatever it was, it would not be pleasant for her. When he again moved in front of her, he was holding several metal clamps that he quickly secured to her nipples and then to her labia. Carrera could see that the other ends of the clamps were attached to wires that ran behind her. She was sure that they were attached to a generator behind her on the table.

“Electricity,” she sneered sarcastically at the Captain. “How original.”

“No points for originality, Miss Drabek,” he responded evenly, stepping back to admire his work. “Although you may actually soon find that I am more original than you give me credit for. No. Only point for originality.”

“Then I guess I’m pitching a shutout, aren’t I?” Carrera answered.

“Yes, love. But I haven’t come to bat yet. Now let me explain how this is going to work, since you may be surprised to learn of some of the modern technology that our president has brought to our country. Yes, exactly as you have surmised, the clamps that I have attached to your most sensitive body are attached to a generator behind you. But when I flick the switch to activate it, nothing will happen. Well, nothing will happen at first.” The Captain held his face close to hers and smiled. “You see, the generator is sound activated, and I have set it so that it will not operate until the noise level in the room has reached 88 decibels, which is the level of a loud scream. Once it is activated, however it will remain active until the noise level of the room falls below 88 decibels for 20 seconds, when it will turn itself off. Twenty seconds may sound like a short period of time, but you will soon realize how very long a time it can be. Original, no? Certainly diabolical, you’d have to agree. You have to stop yourself from screaming for twenty full seconds while the electric current is coursing through your body. Do you think that you can do that? Or maybe, instead, you will be screaming for me to turn it off, that you will tell me what I want to know.”

The Captain grabbed Carrera’s left breast and squeezed it hard. She grit her teeth, then bit the inside of her lip hard to keep herself from screaming. Finally, the Captain released his grip. “Very good for starters. But I have several very nice whips back there. And a few irons heating in a brazier. Certainly you have noticed the smell of the coals. How well will you do when I use those whips and irons on you? You can’t win, so why put yourself through such agony?”

“Have I told you to go fuck yourself? Since you’re probably the only one who would have you without being forced. Or maybe not even you can stand yourself.”

The Captain laughed. This was definitely a defiant one. Probably far stronger than her traitor husband. He moved behind her. “I’m going to give you warning so that you can prepare yourself, since that is only fair. I am taking one of the heated irons. It is in the shape of a circle. And in 30 seconds I am going to jam it into the middle of your back. Let’s see if you can withhold your scream enough to keep the generator turned off.”

Carrera’s entire body tensed when she heard the Captain’s words. Her greatest fear was that he knew how to torture her mercilessly without killing her, that he could force her to endure the pain for a very long time. She waited, trying to ready herself, but knowing that she had no idea how painful the hot iron would be.

After what seemed like an eternity, Carrera could feel the air behind her grow warmer, and then hot. She closed her fists and bit the inside of mouth hard, until it started to bleed. She could feel her leg muscles and her stomach muscles twitching.

The pain that she felt in the middle of her back when the Captain thrust the iron into her was far worse than she imagined. She continued to bite her mouth hard as her entire body shuddered and her mind began to swirl. She wasn’t sure if she was screaming on the outside, but she knew that her mind was screaming in utter agony. She tried to sense whether electricity was now surging through her body, and, while she could not be sure, she thought it was not. Finally, the Captain pulled the iron away, and she could feel the pain ease a bit. When the Captain raised her slumped head from her chest, she realized that she must have passed out.

Holding her chin with one hand, the Captain used his other to stroke down the side of her body, which now glistening in sweat. He reached between her legs and felt the moisture, then glanced down to see the puddle of urine on the floor.

“That was just the first. Are you sure that you want more? It’s up to you. You control your fate.”

Still struggling to catch her breath, and hold her head up after the Captain released her chin and took a step back, Carrera remained defiant. “Yes… may I have some more, please?”

“Then so you shall,” the Captain responded, amazed at the woman’s strength. “l like to give women what they want. In one minute, I will use the X iron on the lower half of your right breast.” He could see that Carrera’s mouth was now open, as she continued to struggle to gulp in as much air as she could. And he could see the line of blood flowing out its corner, where she had bit herself to keep from screaming. “Although the answer to just one of my questions might lead me to reconsider. How many men does your husband have?”

Carrera stared at him, her chest continuing to heave as she sucked in the air around her. The Captain could feel his loins press against the crotch of his pants. Such a delicious sight, he thought. Her courage made her even more attractive to him. What a pity that he had to do what he had to do. He walked slowly to the heated brazier and pulled out the X iron, then moved back in front of the hanging Carrera, holding it at chest level a foot away from her tender flesh.

“How long do you think it has been?” he looked at her, then at his watch. “Nearly a minute, I’d say. Which means…” He moved the iron slowly toward her. Her body instantly tensed and twitched. She closed her eyes and waited. He looked at her and he too waited. Five seconds. Ten seconds. He stared at her eyes. And when they finally opened…

He jammed the iron into the lower part of her right breast and held it there. Five seconds. He watched her face contort in pain. Ten seconds. He saw her mouth open wide. And she screamed. He pulled the iron away and stepped back to watch. Her scream was loud. More than loud enough. Drowning out the click of the generator. But instantly the muscles in Carrera’s body stiffened as the electric current surged through her. The Captain hadn’t thought that she could scream any louder than when he had jabbed the iron into her breast. But he was wrong. So wrong, as he watched her body leap forward, desperately trying to pull her limbs free from their bonds and end the hideous pain.

Yes, this was certainly a diabolical torture. As long as she screamed, the current continued. And as long as it continued, the more she screamed. But the flaw in the set-up was obvious. This would almost surely be the end of his captive, who would continue to scream and the current would continue to flow, until it killed her. Before she had told him what he wanted to know. Well, he hadn’t really expected her to tell him. Not after he had seen her defiance. The real question now seemed to him: would Malik understand? Would Malik accept that this small woman that he had at his complete mercy had beaten him? Had withstood all of his tortures without talking? Yes, he could turn off the generator himself. But what would that signal? That she had won.

He watched in fascination and horror… and admiration… as the current continued to stream through Carrera’s body, and she continued to scream at the top of her lungs. And then he saw her raise her eyes to him, and their piercing focus. And suddenly, she closed her mouth to muffle her scream. Her body continued to shake. But she forced her mind to close her mouth. And bit the inside of her lip hard to keep it closed. All the while her entire body trembling. With the pained suppressed sounds of her scream still escaping. Only a bit softer.

Enough softer. After 20 seconds, the sound of the click from the generator was this time audible. And turned off the current. Carrera’s body fell back to its position hanging from her bonds. Her mouth opened. She stared at the Captain for a few seconds, and then her head slumped to her chest in blessed unconsciousness. The Captain’s mouth too was now opened. In astonishment at what he had just witnessed. She had forced herself to muffle her screams for long enough to turn the generator off. Even knowing that he could make any respite very short-lived.

But he couldn’t. Not after what he had seen. He moved toward her and released the clamps. He unchained her spread ankles and let her feet drop to the floor. Finally, he reached up and unchained her wrists, letting her still unconscious body fall against him. He dragged her to the corner of the room and put her down gently. He moved back to the ladder, climbed up and left the room, making sure to leave the trap door open.

She would think it was a trap when she awoke, but she would know that she had no choice but to try to escape. She would fear returning to her husband’s stronghold, thinking that certainly she would be followed. But it was no trap. And she would not be followed. No, the Captain would tell Malik truthfully that she had been a tough one, but then he would lie that the torture had proven too much for her. That she had died without answering his questions. That he had sent her body back to the area where they believed Drabek was hiding out, where his men would find her and bring her to him.

But, after the courage he had seen her display, he could not torture her any further. He only hoped that no one else in Drabek’s growing band of traitors had half the strength that she had.


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