Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril)


By Eda Chang

1. The New Volunteer

"Are you positive?" He wanted to be sure she knew what she was agreeing to.

"Quite. The pay is good. Actually, better than good. And the clientele is … well … far more interesting, wouldn't you say?" Ekaterina responded confidently.

"Yes, Ms. Shevshenko," Gleb acknowledged as the two sat at the bar of Gleb's 'house.' "But you do earn it, which is why the room has been vacant for two months. A few girls tried it. They then either went back to the conventional rooms or left the house without a word and never returned." Gleb shook his head. It was tough finding a woman for the room.

"Please call me Kat, as my friends do. You enforce the house rules strictly, I assume?" Kat had memorized the rules that Gleb had given regarding activities in the "rough room," and one in particular that Gleb called the 'Healing Rule,' but that Kat just thought of as 'The Rule,' since it was by far the most important to her: "All marks to the body must be able to be hidden effectively within three days of the end of the session by no more than a modest amount of makeup and must heal without scarring within seven days."

"Definitely, as we must. Of course, though, it is impossible to know exactly how long a mark may take fully to heal, so we only require that our clients act in the spirit of the Healing Rule, and if occasionally a mark takes a few days longer to heal than expected, we would not consider that a violation of the rule, as long as it does not become a usual occurrence with the client. I am sure you understand that." Gleb felt a need for Kat to understand everything fully. The last thing he needed was for her to go to the authorities and claim that she hadn't consented to something that was done to her.

"Yes, of course. So if I just work one night a week, no client should ever see me marked in any way." Kat sought confirmation.

"That's right. But most clients do not come close to the limits, so you should be able to work many nights a week, and I hope you will." Gleb was desperate to get the Rough Room into operation again for as many nights a week as he could, and the number of women willing even to consider it was few. He didn't want to lose this one.

"Well, as I understand it, I'm paid for working one night in your … what do you call it? … your ‘Rough Room' what I would be paid working an entire week in any of your other rooms, right? So it may be hard to pass up working as many nights as I can."

"You might even get a lot more than you think," Gleb tried to entice her further, but he was not misleading her in the slightest. "Some rich businessmen and high ranking politicians and officials only want that room and are very eager to have it back in use, so I may be able to raise the rate for it. If I do, I will raise your pay as well." Yes, Gleb knew that he stood to benefit from Kat's working his Rough Room at least as much as she did.

Gleb's house, located in the heart of Kiev had been struggling ever since the Russians had relaxed the enforcement of the anti-prostitution laws after their invasion. This created a lot more competition for his women's services. But the increase in supply was almost entirely for what he called 'conventional' types of prostitution, not the kind of services that Kat would be providing in the Rough Room. Gleb scanned Kat's smooth face, white skin and long dark hair. Her shapely figure was accentuated by her tight tank top, her breasts just a bit larger than he would have expected on her slender frame. "Do you have any tattoos?"

"No. I don't understand why anyone thinks that ink is more beautiful than skin."

"Jewelry may get in the way, especially bracelets and necklaces," he nodded with luck toward her bracelets, "since necks and wrists are often adorned, shall we say, with other types of metal and ropes. So wear jewelry only if the client has said that he wants you to or if your attire or the scene calls for it. And don't wear clothing more expensive than is appropriate. I do try to pass the cost of damaged garments on to the client, but you don't want to spend all your time buying new outfits." Gleb laughed.

"What about my rings? They are from my two grandmothers and are quite sentimental." Kat held out her left hand on which she wore a simple gold ring with a large ruby stone. She wore another nearly matching one with a large emerald. "I often imagine the red one as my angel telling me to stop and the green one as my devil telling me to go." She smiled at him. "But don't worry. The green one always wins!"

"Rings are less likely to be a problem than bracelets or necklaces, so they will be OK as long as they don't interfere or the client doesn't want them, in which case they come off." Gleb again stared up and down Kat's body. God, the men are going to love her, he thought, feeling his own loins stir. She was in her late 20s, he guessed, which made her young enough to be absolutely stunning but old enough to have some maturity and experience. And, from talking with her, he knew that she certainly was no airhead. He hoped she would work at least 3-4 nights a week. With luck, his other women would see how well she was doing – and without showing obvious signs of physical trauma -- and agree to work the Rough Room the nights that Kat did not. That would be a Godsend for his business. As for Kat, she probably would need time off as much for psychological reasons as for physical ones. But if any of his rich clients took a shine to her – and he had every reason to believe that at least several would -- there was really no telling how much she could earn in tips from them if she gave them what they wanted.

"What is the maximum length of a session in the Rough Room and the maximum number of players?" Kat asked although she already knew. Gleb confirmed that it was 12 hours and four players. Yes, this was a very intense room. None of this 45 minutes in a small room with one man who would usually get so excited that he would blow his load in 10 minutes and be gone, embarrassed, a few minutes later. No. She would earn in a night just from her base pay what the average Ukrainian would have to work a month to make.

Yes, it was good to be beautiful and … open-minded, although that was not all she would be opening. It was going to be an interesting and intense experience for her in more ways than one. Earning more than she had ever dreamed, while, at the same time, interacting in the most intimate way with powerful people who were putting themselves in as vulnerable a position as she was. True, she would be vulnerable physically. But they would be exposed to all sorts of dangers, both personal and professional, if their kinks were discovered. Divorce from their spouses, accompanying by huge alimony payments. Blackmail or extortion from business or political rivals.

Kat shivered at the thought of what she soon would be doing, and with whom she would be doing it. Interesting, exciting and intense, most definitely, but terrifying and uncertain as well. How could she be absolutely sure that all of her clients would follow all of the house's rules, particularly The Rule? Kat hoped that she had made the right decision to volunteer for this assignment. One way or another, she would soon find out if she had.

Kat also knew that while her wealthy businessmen clients might leave her nice tips if they liked what she provided, the politicians and government officials who enjoyed the kinks the room promised were a whole other breed. Some had embezzled enough in their state positions to rival the wealth of the businessmen, and they likely had looser lips, feeling a need to impress such a gorgeous kinky woman with their own power and sexual prowess. However, she feared that most would be better at showing the former than the latter. Still, she would enjoy her proximity to power, the inside stories, and, she hoped, at least some of the time the kinks and the sex. Bondage and pain were not among her natural desires, but all these other benefits would more than outweigh those negative aspects, she thought.

"Why don't we have a look at the room?" Gleb took Kat's hand and led her to a flight of steps. They walked down to the basement, through a narrow hallway into the notorious Rough Room. So this was where Kat would be spending so much of her time, she thought. It was larger than Kat had expected, perhaps four times the size of the 'conventional' bedrooms that, together with the bar, sitting area, kitchen and wardrobe room, made up the rest of the house.

It was filled with classic dungeon devices, including a cross, wooden rack, water tank, pillory, whipping post and garrote chair. Chains hung down in several places from rafters in the ceiling. Other chains were attached to metal rings in the floor. There was a small cage in one corner, perhaps four feet in each direction, allowing its occupant to do little more than squat inside it. Kat saw a long table on which rested a wide assortment of whips, knives, clamps, dildos, cords, wires, ropes, cuffs, hoods, blindfolds and gags.

An unlit brazier was filled with coals and branding irons. Kat knew that, if these were really used, the marks they caused could not heal within the time allowed by The Rule, so she figured they were just there for show, not actual use, to make a scene more realistic. It appeared that Gleb had spared little expense, which explained why he needed to charge so much for his clients to use the Rough Room, and why having it unused for so long was so frustrating for him.

"Is it what you expected?" Gleb asked directly, praying that the instruments of torture would not change Kat's decision.

"I don't know what I expected." Kat took a deep breath. "You will tell me what I should wear when you set up a session?" Kat asked.

Gleb gave an audible sigh of relief. The question meant that she had not changed her mind. "Yes. Sometimes you will choose your own clothes, but most of the time you will wear something from our wardrobe room or the client will provide you with the clothes he wants you to wear. He may like certain costumes, like a harem girl or super-heroine outfit."

"Is there anything else I should know?"

"Well, some will tell you in advance the scene they want played and your role in it. A few even write scripts that they want you to follow. Do you have any training as an actress?"

Kat laughed. "All women are actresses. Or did you think that men really bring us to orgasm every time they fuck us? But I get it, and I'm sure my acting will make them believers. I think in most of my normal life I am acting, since a woman rarely wants a man to know what she is really thinking."

"It sounds like we are on the same page about all of this."

"We are. But if you want me to work more nights, you might limit the number of other players, say to two. Four is a lot, you know."

"I can't do that. Several of my best clients like to bring two or three friends with them. Besides, I – and you -- get paid more the greater the number of other players are involved, or didn't I tell you that? So would you like to start tonight? I already have clients lined up for you." Gleb wondered if he was pushing her just a bit too hard.

Kat could already feel the tension in her muscles. "Tomorrow night. I need a day to prepare myself."

2. The First Client

Gleb called the next day to tell Kat that a businessman named Marko, a regular client of his, had reserved the room, and she should meet him in the bar area at 6 p.m. He added that there was no pre-arranged script, that Marko most likely would bring only one other person, and that he had a fondness for the rack. And, most importantly to Kat, that, although he likely would not take the full 12 hours, he would tip her generously if he was happy with the play. All in all, Gleb said, Marko was the perfect client to ease her into the room.

Wanting to make a good first impression on both Gleb and Marko, Kat dressed in a tight fitting black dress under which she wore a lace bra and panties. She decided against wearing a garter and stockings, figuring that it was better not to wear too much to start. She slipped on her black heels and exited her apartment into the waiting cab that Gleb had sent for her.

Kat reached the house a few minutes before 6. As she entered the bar area, she saw two men seated at the bar with half-filled drinks in front of them. At the sides sat two scantily-clad women, apparently hoping that the men were there to share one of Gleb's conventional rooms with them. Kat smiled at her superior knowledge -- no, sweethearts, both these guys were there for her.

Kat saw that Gleb was tending bar. If that meant that he could not hire a full-time bartender, his business was worse than she had thought. But perhaps he was there to make sure things started well. Or perhaps he was just a voyeur. Then again, given the nature of the house, he certainly had hidden cameras in all the rooms for his girls' protection, so, if he wanted, he could secretly spy on them.

Ignoring the women, Gleb introduced Kat to the two men. "Kat, these are my friends Marko and Fedir," he nodded in their direction. They were both dressed in expensive business suits. Who but Russians had any money these days? Kat realized that Gleb had not introduced her as their 'date.' She wondered if that was part of the set up.

"Nice to meet you," Kat smiled.

"Is she the one?" Marko turned to Gleb.

"She is." Gleb thought that Marko seemed pleased with Kat, which made Gleb smile on the inside. But outwardly, the question was not one that should elicit a smile.

"I hope he was saying nice things about me, then," Kat practically cooed in Marko's ear. "So you know that I am Ekaterina, but I hope you will call me Kat."

"Actually, he wasn't saying such nice things about you … Kat," Marko's voice grew stern as he rose from his barstool. "No, it seems that you and I need to have a discussion. A serious discussion." Kat watched Fedir walk to the bar's entrance, signaling the other two women at the bar to follow him. He opened the door and, to their disappointment, signaled them to leave. He closed the door behind them. When Kat turned back to look at Marko, Gleb had left through the back of the bar. Her play with Marko and Fedir obviously had begun.

"Two nights ago one of my associates bragged that you and he had sex."

"We were both of legal age, and, beyond that, I can have sex with whoever I want. But I didn't know you then. If I had, I might have made a different choice." Kat tried to assuage Marko's expressed anger.

"Yes, I guess you might have. But when last night you were seen entering the apartment of Danilo Askova, then I have an interest. Or do you deny that you were with Askova last night?"

Kat could not figure out where this was going. "I don't deny it. Why should I? And I don't deny that we had sex. You just admitted that I could sleep with anyone I want."

"And apparently you do. And a different man each night, it seems. But what you can't do is pass information stolen from my associate to Boss Ashkova. He and I have made -- how should I call them? -- mutual promises to destroy each other. I will be damned before I lose to him my drug trafficking operation here in Kiev."

"What are you trying to say?"

"I'm not trying to say anything. I am saying it. You stole important confidential documents from my underlying after you fucked him into a stupor, and then you passed those documents to Ashkova, probably just before you let him fuck you into drug-induced orgasms. Now, as I said, I don't care who you have sex with – it could be a dog or a goat for all I care. But don't deny that you passed on to him the documents that you stole from my associate the night before!"

"Of course I deny it!" Kat had finally caught on to the specifics of the scene. "The drug cartels have hundreds of men working for them. And quite a few are really good in bed. Am I supposed to rule them out as sex partners just because you have a crazy idea that any woman who sleeps with a member of your rival cartel is passing him information? Give me a break. I went to his place because I like to fuck and I like to fuck him. And I have before! Many times! Why would you think there was any other reason?" Kat was pleased with her performance. Indignation covering a hint of vulnerability.

Marko walked up to Kat and slapped her hard across her right cheek. Her face jolted to the side. "I ask the questions and you give the answers, do you understand?"

It took Kat a few seconds to recover. "It's just that …"

Wham! Marko slapped her hard across her left cheek, forcing Kat to grab the side of the bar to keep from falling. "The answer to my question was a simple ‘yes' or ‘no." Do you understand?"

"Yes." Kat made sure to say nothing more. She rubbed her left cheek.

Marko looked at her coldly. "Now you will come with us to a more private place to continue our discussion." He gripped her right elbow as Fedir gripped her left. The two led her out of the bar, down the stairs, to the Rough Room. Obviously Marko knew his way around the house. Or at least he knew his way to the Rough Room.

As Fedir slammed the door to the room behind them, Marko pushed her into its center. "Remove your dress," he ordered.

"Remove my dress? Why? I told you. I just fucked Danilo. I didn't pass any secrets to him or anyone else!" Kat instantly regretted her response to Marko's order. Fedir punched her hard in the stomach. She doubled over, the wind knocked out of her. She fell to her knees, clutching her stomach and gasping for air. Shit, these guys hit hard, she thought. "Now stand up and do what the boss ordered you to do," Fedir screamed at her.

Kat struggled to her feet, her legs shaky. She reached behind her neck, unhooked the clasp at the top of her dress and pulled its zipper down the middle of her back as far as she could before reaching around to pull it down the rest of the way. She wriggled out of the dress, and kicked it away from her. Both men sucked in their breath when they saw her standing in front of them wearing only her black lace underwear.

"Now clasp your hands behind your neck," Marko next ordered. Kat obeyed, as Fedir kicked her feet apart to shoulder width. Kat felt her nipples harden, whether from fear or excitement or a combination of both, she wasn't sure. This feeling of 'safe' terror limited by The Rule was new to her.

Marko and Fedir leered at her body. "You have a simple choice, Ms. Shevshenko," Marko put his face close to hers. "You may start telling me the truth, or have several sensitive parts of your beautiful body become much less beautiful. They may not even continue to be parts of your body if you don't start telling us the truth." Kat shuddered at the thought. Marko proceeded to pinch her nipples hard through the flimsy fabric of her bra. She bit the inside of her lip hard to suppress a scream. "These have so many nerve endings, do they not?" Kat continued to shiver. "I asked you a question!" Marko screamed at her.

"Yes, they do. They have many nerve endings!"

Marko released his grip on Kat's nipples, moved his right hand between her legs and rubbed her pussy through her panties. Kat's stomach muscles twitched. Marko had a way of making the play seem so real that Kat was beginning to believe that she had actually had sex with these men the previous two nights. She wished her sexual encounters in real life were that frequent and varied.

"So, are you going to answer my questions truthfully?" Kat nodded. "Good. But, in case you do not, Fedir, show her what will happen to her."

Holding a long-tailed whip, Fedir cracked it hard against the floor, then across Kat's naked stomach. Kat's body jumped and she howled in pain as she lowered her hands from behind her neck to try to ward off any further lashes. She looked down and saw a very slight red line where she had been lashed. She knew this was within The Rule. She realized that she had lowered her hands and quickly moved them back behind her neck, where Marko had ordered that she keep them.

"So you admit that you went to Danilo's apartment last night and fucked him."

"Yes. I admit that. And I fucked him twice, since you are insisting on the truth."

"Now the questions get a bit harder, so I'm going to give you a little incentive to make sure that you answer truthfully." Marko took out a pocket knife from his belt, flicked it open, and cut the thin fabric between her bra cups. Her breasts tumbled free. He cut the shoulder straps and the bra dropped to the floor. Both men had imagined what the flimsy lace bra held, and appeared more than satisfied with what they saw. Kat's thoughts were less sexual and more practical – she made a mental note that Gleb pay for her bra. At least they had not destroyed the much more expensive dress.

"Your nipples, of course, are not the only sensitive areas of your body." Marko moved the knife down to the skimpy fabric between her legs and flicked the knife through it. Kat held still to make sure that he cut only fabric and not flesh, and made another mental note. Marko reached to the panties' elastic around her waist and yanked them off, leaving her naked except for her black heels.

"Now that you realize that lying will be useless and very painful and disfiguring to you, tell me why you went to see Danilo last night?"

Kat wasn't sure whether the men wanted her to tell the truth or to lie. Since she had just answered the previous two questions truthfully, she decided that they must want her to show some resistance, which would mean more pain for her and pleasure for them. After all, weren't they paying her to let them inflict pain on her, at least to the extent The Rule allowed? The Rule! That was her protection.

"I'm … having an affair with him. My boyfriend doesn't know about it. At least he didn't as of yesterday. Danilo is … just so much better in bed than my boyfriend. I just can't stay away from him."

"Then why not dump your boyfriend, if he's not as good a fuck or provider as Danilo?" Fedir asked.

"Danilo is married. He is not going to leave his wife. And he has two other mistresses. He tires of women easily. But he's great in bed, so I take what I can get when I can get it from him." Again Kat loved the answers she was giving. She hoped Marko appreciated them, too, and that he would later show his appreciation.

But apparently Fedir did not love her answer, at least not for purposes of the scene, as his whip this time sliced directly across Kat's breasts, as well as across her stomach and back. Kat's mind whirled in pain and she screamed. She dropped her hands from behind her neck and fell to her knees and then onto her side, curling into a fetal position, trying to protect her breasts and stomach from further lashes.

Marko and Fedir grabbed her wrists and pulled her up, then dragged her to the rack in the center of the room, throwing her down on it on her back. Ah, yes, Kat thought. Gleb had said that Marko favored the rack. The two men secured her wrists to the cuffs attached to the roller bar at the top of the rack and her ankles to the cuffs at the corners of its base.

Marko removed her shoes, leaving her completely naked. Standing at the top of the rack, Fedir forced her panties deep into her throat and secured them in place with heavy tape. She tried to protest, but the gag made her pleas incomprehensible. Fedir slid a black hood over her head and secured its drawstring at her neck, leaving her in darkness.

"Since you are not ready to tell us the truth, there is no reason for us to listen to anything you have to say," Marko whispered in her ear, "or for you to see anything we are going to do." Fedir began turning the roller bar, and, with each click, she felt pain in her shoulders as her wrists were pulled upward until her spread-eagled body was fully stretched.

Kat felt that another click would separate her shoulders. She realized that these men knew exactly what they were doing, exactly how far they could stretch her before dislocating her joints. Kat continued her muffled pleading through the gag, partly thinking that it was what the men expected to make the scene more realistic for them, but partly because, well, fuck, it hurt to be stretched this tightly.

Within a few seconds, however, she felt Marko or Fedir climb on top of her. She could not tell which of the two it was. Maybe that was why they had hooded her. Maybe Marko – and wasn't it probably Marko, the one who was paying for the room, who would want to go first – didn't want her to see that he had a penis he wished was larger. The weight of his naked body pressed her into the wooden board, stretching her just the little more needed to cause her real pain. Her protests through the gag turned to screams.

As he kissed the side of her neck, she felt his penis stiffen. His hands squeezed her breasts and he positioned himself to enter her. Before she could prepare herself, he thrust easily inside her. Average sized penis. Nothing for its owner to be ashamed of. What he should have been embarrassed about was that his excitement at seeing Kat stretched, helpless and naked led to a short performance that deprived her of any real pleasure from the encounter. His thrusts quickened within a few minutes until he suddenly plunged himself inside her as deeply as he could and she knew that he was finished. So Kat's first sexual encounter in the Rough Room had not been a success for her, but she hoped it had been pleasurable for him, so that he would remember it at the end of the session.

The other man took the first man's place on top of her as soon as the first climbed off. She continued to protest through the gag, figuring that was what the scene called for, but was grateful that the second man had decided not to sodomize her. In fact, the second one took more time to squeeze and suck her breasts. She hoped he might use his tongue on her entire body, but instead he wrapped his arms around her neck, entered her and began pumping into her. This one was definitely smaller – and could never be able to boast that his prick had gone where no man had gone before, because it didn't even go places the last one had. He too was finished much too fast to create a memorable experience for Kat. She did not change her guess that the first was Marko and the second Fedir, but she was not certain.

Seconds after the second man climbed off of her, Kat felt the drawstring that had held the hood closed at her neck loosened. A rush of fresh air raced into her lungs. She had not realized how much the hood had restricted her oxygen, and wondered why that had not added to her excitement. She had tried breath play a few times and knew that the lack of oxygen had heightened the experience. Why not this time she didn't know.

Suddenly Marko whispered into her ear, "You've been great, but we have to go. I am going to leave you like this for a few hours with the hope I can get back in time to ask you more about your association with this Danilo. But, if I can't, I will call Gleb to have him unchain you." He kissed her cheek. She heard footsteps across the floor, the creaking open and slamming shut of the heavy door, and silence. She pulled on the cuffs holding her limbs, but they held tight. She remained fully stretched and spread-eagled on the rack, her shoulders aching.

If Marko didn't return in two hours, and Gleb released her, the whole scene would have lasted just two hours of active play and two hours of her chained alone in the dungeon. And other than a few whip lashes, which did not sting for more than several minutes, and a few hard slaps, the only pain she had felt was from being stretched as she was -- tighter than comfortable, for sure, especially when the men's bodies pressed her down, but not worse than that. The lash marks would be gone within a few days, until which time they could easily be covered with a little makeup.

Most importantly, she appeared to have made friends with a wealthy businessman who had said she had been "great." Would he show it? Damn, if most of her sessions were like this one, not only was the Rough Room not hell for her, it was nearly heaven.

Kat had no idea how long she was asleep in her stretched position on the rack, but she was startled awake by the creaking of the door to the room. She tried to ask who it was, but the garbled sounds from her throat reminded her that she was still gagged. She heard footsteps approach, and then felt the black hood once again slid over her face and tied at her neck. A few seconds later a man climbed on top of her, and, without much difficulty, slid his penis deeply inside her. She couldn't tell if it belonged to Marko or Fedir or someone else.

Even though Gleb had said that Marko would bring only one other person, if this was a third person it was still within the house rules. She started to moan to indicate her displeasure, thinking that the scene called for that. To her disappointment, her new – or repeat – rapist finished with her as quickly as the first two had, climbed off her and walked out of the room. The door slammed behind him, leaving her gagged and hooded. She hoped she wouldn't be left like this too long, as it was hard for her to breathe with the hood over her face.

To Kat's relief, after about 15 minutes she again heard the door open and footsteps cross the room. She felt her limbs uncuffed from the rack. She wanted to sit up, but realized that she needed a few minutes to recover her strength. Before she could, she felt the hood pulled off her face. "I guess getting to see the victim naked is one of the benefits I get when a client has me release her when he finishes early." Gleb stared at Kat's naked body before handing her the robe he was carrying. Kat wondered if another benefit to Gleb was being able to fuck the captives before he released them.

"He liked you a lot." Gleb added, nodding in the direction of a small table near the door. On it, Kat could see a large wad of bills. For a few hours work and a few lashes of the whip. Nearly heaven? Perhaps even heaven itself. Her body didn't ache nearly as much as it had just a few minutes earlier.

3. Second Client

Kat's session with Marko and Fedir had been so short and mild that Kat thought about working the very next night, but finally decided to wait until the night after to make certain she was completed healed from her minor injuries, mostly from the strain on her shoulders. So the second night after her first session in the Rough Room, Kat met her second client. Well, 'met' was not exactly the right word. Gleb didn't tell her the name of her second client or anything about him or his kinks, but only instructed her to show up at the room at 6 o'clock and take off her clothes, after which he would cuff her in the manner that the client had requested. Another perk for Gleb, she thought -- sometimes he finished the scene himself and sometimes he started it, which he never needed to do in any of the conventional rooms.

Kat found Gleb waiting for her in the Rough Room, nearly leering in anticipation. She wasn't sure why he should be so excited. Hadn't he seen her stretched naked just two nights earlier? And she was now quite certain that he had been the one who fucked her at the end of her first scene, since Marko or Fedir would have revealed himself to her had either returned, while Gleb would have wanted to hide from her the fact that he had been the one to take advantage of her on Marko's dime. Well, on far more than just his dime.

Kat ignored Gleb's prying eyes. There was no point in asking him for privacy. She stripped as he had instructed and walked to where Gleb was waiting for her. He cuffed her wrists together overhead to a chain hanging from the rafters. He secured her legs shoulder width apart to cuffs attached to chains embedded in the floor. After checking to make certain that Kat was securely shackled, Gleb slipped a blindfold over her eyes. At least a blindfold, unlike a hood, didn't interfere with her breathing. She then felt him place something on her head – a tiara, she wondered? -- and bracelets on her wrists before she heard him leave the room.

Kat waited. For a long time she waited. Her shoulders, still sensitive from being stretched in her first session, began to ache again. Her wrists were cuffed together so high over her head that her elbows were straight and she needed to stand on her toes to touch the floor.

After what seemed like hours, she heard the door open. Her ears by now were growing accustomed to hearing footsteps cross the floor while her vision was blocked, and they sounded to her like the footsteps of only one person.

Without warning, she felt a hard punch to her stomach, forcing all the air out of her lungs. Fuck, she thought, was punching her all of her clients' primary thrill? She gasped and coughed, unable to double over to replenish her air supply. Her chest heaved, gasping for a full minute. Just as she was beginning to breathe normally again, a second punch to her midsection sent her coughing and gasping once more, this time to the point of nearly passing out. Again, it took Kat a full minute to recover. This time she tried to prepare herself for a third blow.

Instead, she heard the voice of an older man. "Did you really think that I would not track you down, Wonder Woman?" Ah, it was indeed a tiara that Gleb had placed on her head – no doubt Wonder Woman's gold one with a red star. And, if she remembered correctly, although she was no expert in the Wonder Woman character, the bracelets on her wrists must be Wonder Woman's silver bracelets. She thought she would have looked pretty hot in that red outfit with the blue stripe that Wonder Woman wore, but the guy had started her in the nude because he apparently didn't want to spring for the cost of a new outfit each time he played his scene, and she had no doubt that this was a scene he played over and over. Not that she was going to judge anyone's personal fetishes. Especially not someone who was paying her what he was to indulge in them.

"When I escape, you will face justice, I guarantee it." Kat guessed that might be something that Wonder Woman might say.

She heard the man laugh. Either he had enjoyed her line, or he was a good actor. "When you escape? I had my henchman tie you, and you know you lose your powers when you are bound by a man. I also made sure that he crossed your silver bracelets, which also leaves you powerless. So you are doubly weakened. You will never gain the strength you need to escape. And no one will find you here in my underground lair to rescue you. No, the question is not when you escape, which will be never. The question is how I should fuck you the first of the many times that I will fuck you before I give you to my animals." For a second Kat's stomach turnedestiality would not leave marks that would violate The Rule shuddered involuntarily before remembering that a different house rule forbade bestiality. She had not thought the possibility would ever come up. Who was this prick anyway, she wondered, who would even mention it? Then she chuckled to herself. Of course she wondered who this prick was – after all, she was Wonder Woman!

Relieved, Kat resumed her role-play mentality. She pulled on the cuffs holding her wrists and pretended to realize that she was indeed weak. "You … bastard. Show your face to me! I want to see who has defeated me!" Her admission of defeat should boost his fragile ego, she thought.

The man laughed again. "No. You do not need to see my face. But I think you have a right to know who has defeated you." The man's voice was filled with triumph. "I am Janus. That's right. The two-faced god. Because, while I may look physically weak, my mind makes me strong, as you have no doubt learned. But what is this?" he suddenly screamed. He twisted off her emerald ring. "This is not something I have ever seen Wonder Woman wear!" Kat realized that she had forgotten to take off her two rings. "And what about this one?" Janus twisted off her red ring. He stared at them both for a second before putting them in his pocket.

Kat thought fast, fearing that he might suddenly storm out of the room complaining that the scene was no longer authentic because she had worn the rings, which ruined its authenticity for him. "Those rings gave me even more power, but they still were not enough to defeat you! Or prevent you from defeating me!" Time for another mental note – she wanted those rings back. Not their value or replacements for them. No, she wanted those specific rings. They had tremendous personal value to her. And if she did not get them back, this wimp would feel the true wrath of Wonder Woman.

But for now, she knew, she had to keep in character. As in her first session, as she imagined it would be in all of her sessions, she wasn't sure whether her captor wanted more resistance or more submission. She figured generally choosing more resistance could never be the entirely wrong decision, since it would lengthen the play and allow her captor to inflict more pain on her. And, in this play, it would be more realistic for Wonder Woman to accept her defeat and submission slowly. "But you are not all powerful and you are not as smart as you think!" she finally decided to add.

"Oh, I am not?" His hands grabbed the side of her face. "Which of us is chained naked and helpless in the other's dungeon?" She said nothing. "I asked you a question!"

"I … am the one naked and helpless in your dungeon."

"So who is the smarter … and the stronger?"

"You are," she replied meekly.

"And you will never forget that for as long as I allow you to live!"

She heard a cranking noise and realized that he was lowering the chain that held her crossed and cuffed wrists until she was on her knees with her wrists chained in front of her. She felt him move behind her. The only question in her mind was how he was going to take her. She hoped it would be vaginally, but she doubted it. He did not need to put her in this position if that was his intent. She didn't strongly dislike anal intercourse. She just didn't particularly like it, either. But she knew that, in the Rough Room, it was not going to be an uncommon experience.

Her fear was realized a few seconds later as he tried, without immediate success, to push himself into her anus. When he finally got the tip of his penis past her sphincter, she screamed in pain. Didn't the jerk know to use lubrication? Then she remembered where she was and that this was likely to be nothing more than a 2 on a scale of 10 of the pain she could be forced to suffer. Still, she imagined that he appreciated her screams.

"What … do you think … now … my captive …. Wonder Woman?!" He sounded out of breath already. He certainly would not last long, she hoped. He reached below her horizontal body and squeezed her hanging breasts. "Janus owns you! He fucking owns you! Say it! Say it!"

"Janus fucking owns me!" Kat screamed, making sure to say exactly what he directed her to say.

"And you know who Janus is?!"

"No. Who is Janus?!" As she felt his paunchy stomach press against her buttocks, she could feel that he had thrust himself inside her as deeply as he could.

"He produces all the nuclear bomb triggers for four countries! That makes him the most powerful man on earth!"

Kat wondered at his choice of roles to assert his power. But what difference did it make to her? As long as it – and she – made him happy. She felt his shaft soften and realized that he must have spewed himself into her, although she could not really feel it. But a few seconds later she heard the cranking sound again, and felt her wrists raised to their original position, crossed above her head with her toes stretching to touch the floor and her shoulders aching.

"Who owns you, bitch Wonder Woman?" He was nearly screaming at her.

"Janus owns me!" She shouted back at him. "Janus the powerful!" A nice addition of her own, she thought.

"And don't you forget it!" Another hard punch to her stomach again knocked all the wind out of her. She heard the footsteps and then the door creak open and slam shut. The only sound in the Rough Room was the rasping in her lungs as she struggled to suck in as much oxygen as she could.

Thirty minutes later the door opened. Kat heard the footsteps of a single person. She tried to prepare herself for another blow to her stomach, since that was what seemed to turn on this Janus character. Instead, Kat felt her chained wrists and ankles released from their cuffs. She pulled off the blindfold and saw Gleb smiling at her, holding a robe, which she quickly put on.

"He's finished?"

"Yes. Another short session and not too violent from the looks of you."

She looked at the table near the door and was relieved to see her two rings on it. She walked over to the table and slipped them both back on. But the rings were the only thing on the table. No tip. The prick. Well, he admitted that he was two-faced. And he had taken less than two of the 12 hours he could have taken, so he still had paid the highest hourly fee she had ever received, even without a tip. And he hadn't roughed her up very much. Another good session overall, she thought, even without any added money for her efforts.

"You should know, though," Gleb continued, "that not all your sessions will be this short or easy. I have you booked for the night after tomorrow for a real session with a client who tips very well. But he will probably take the full 12 hours and bring three other men with him. The maximum on both time and number. So, even though tonight was easy for you, I don't want you to work tomorrow. That's right. Even though I am the man who makes money when you work the Rough Room, I don't want you to work it tomorrow. You will need to rest and prepare yourself. Consider it an investment in the future. If you do well the night after tomorrow, it will pay dividends and you will thank me."

"So I will then see what this room is really about? OK. I will make sure that I am ready for my first real test."

"Oh, you can never be sure you will be ready. You can only hope."

"Only one way to find out." Kat could feel her heart pounding. In two nights she would finally face the real terrors of the Rough Room. "But before you go, are you allowed to tell me who the Wonder Woman guy was?"

"You should not let your curiosity get the better of you. Who the client is should never be important to you." Gleb grinned slowly. "But that was the Russian Minister of Defense."

Kat loved that Gleb was so proud of his clientele that he couldn't keep his mouth shut. Knowing who her clients were – first a successful businessman and next a high government official – made her work in the Rough Room so much more rewarding and exciting. Maybe she had as much a thing for powerful and important men as the Defense Minister had for powerful 'wonder' women.

4. Third Client - The Set Up and Treatment of the First "Spy"

Two nights later Kat met Gleb in the wardrobe room at 5 p.m., as she had been instructed.

"This client – you must call him ‘the Colonel' – has given me the scene that he wants to play." Gleb handed her several sheets of paper. "He will play a Russian military commander with three officers under his command. The maximum four, as I warned you. On the chair he has left for you a beautiful red gown with matching underwear and heels, garter and stockings, and a diamond pendant, earrings and bracelets. Kat was grateful that, for her first 'real' session, she could dress so stunningly without jeopardizing her own clothes. "Take a few minutes to read the scene he wants to play to make sure that you know what he wants. It is very important that you get it right."

Kat skimmed the pages. She was to play one of two Ukrainian spies captured by 'the Colonel' and his men and taken to the Rough Room's dungeon for questioning. It was not all that different, really, from her first scene with Marko. A traitor in one. A spy in the other. Both facing interrogation and torture. More interesting to her than playing a super-heroine. Except Gleb had warned that this scene would be much more intense than her scene with Marko, and would take the full 12 hours and involve four men. As well as a second captive. She was curious about that, since, obviously, none of the women who worked in the house had volunteered to work the Rough Room or it would not have been vacant for so long. "Is the General really a member of the military?" Kat asked.

"You know that curiosity killed the Kat." Gleb shook his head, but again could not restrain his own need to feel important. "But yes, he is the general charged with controlling the Ukrainian uprising." Very interesting, Kat thought. And Gleb had a way with words, didn't he? The "Ukrainian uprising"? 'Uprising' in their own country to expel its Russian invaders?

The phrase made Gleb sound like a Russian sympathizer, which she doubted was the case. The Russian relaxation of the laws against prostitution had hurt his business. On the other hand, most of his clients for the Rough Room – at least the three she knew about -- were Russian, since they were the only ones who could afford the prices that he charged to use the room. So that might give Gleb mixed feelings about the Russians. But she knew that she needed to put those kinds of thoughts out of her mind, and focus her energies on the upcoming scene -- the upcoming very long scene with the maximum number of players.

"You should know that, since we are not busy in the middle of the week, the Colonel has rented the entire house for the 12 hours, including three other women," Gleb explained. Kat realized, that meant that the Colonel was spending a lot of money on the evening, which added to her pressure to perform well under circumstances she could only imagine. It also meant that there would be more than four players, even though the house rules limited the number who could 'enjoy' her to four. She hoped at least one of those might be a woman. She could never understand why so many people ruled out half of the population as potential sex partners. But three other women? The script referred only to one other woman -- the second spy.

"Who are the three other women?" Kat asked.

"Well," Gleb responded," one will be the other spy, but none of the three yet know which one. They will learn that during the play. And none of them wants to play that role. Each agreed to the scene for the extra pay, figuring that the odds were that she would not be the one chosen and therefore not have to do anything for the added pay. Of course, all three will be incredibly nervous while they wait to learn which of them the odds will not favor." He gave Kat a few seconds to let the inventiveness of the situation sink in before continuing. "OK. Dress and wait here until 6:30. Then go to the bar." Gleb gave her a peck on the cheek and left her alone in the wardrobe room to put on the clothes and jewelry that the Colonel had provided, surprised that Gleb had not found an excuse to remain in the wardrobe room while she changed clothes.

Kat stripped. The red lace bra and panties the Colonel had provided were not really any nicer than her own, but the General – oops, the Colonel, she must not make that mistake! -- had also included a red garter belt and stockings. The red gown was elegant and sophisticated, down just below her knee, low cut but not too low cut. And the jewelry, well, she had no idea what it was worth, but it certainly looked real and expensive and made the clothes absolutely pop. All of the clothes, including her heels, were exactly the right size. Then she remembered that she had filled out for Gleb an information sheet that included her height, weight and measurements. He had obviously passed this on to the Colonel. It was a shame, she thought, that she would be allowed to wear these beautiful clothes in front of only eight people and only for a short time before they were stripped off her in the Rough Room.

Kat glanced at the clock on the wall of the wardrobe room – the Colonel had not provided her a watch, no doubt because he did not want her to know how much time remained at any point during the play. Six p.m. In 30 minutes, she would find out what her job as Rough Room captive really required of her. She reviewed the script again to be sure she knew it.

When the clock ticked to 6:28, Kat walked down the hall to the bar, took a deep breath and entered. The entire cast was there. The three women wore expensive dresses of different colors, no doubt so that the Colonel and his men could distinguish them, at least for as long as they were allowed to wear them. Two of the women – Green Dress and Yellow Dress – were draped all over two of the Colonel's men on the dance floor. It was obvious to Kat that the Colonel was the man seated at the bar with rows of medals across his chest. He, the fourth officer and the fourth woman – Blue Dress – were chatting. Gleb was standing behind the bar.

"So, Ekaterina, you have decided to join us, I see." The Colonel chided her amiably as he saw her enter the room. Gleb had promised him that the woman that he had found for the Rough Room was attractive, and as he watched her approach the bar, the Colonel could not disagree with Gleb's assessment.

Kat wondered if the other women knew that she would be playing one of the two spies, or if they instead thought that their own chances of playing a spy were two out of four rather than one out of three. But would they still have volunteered with those poorer odds? Or maybe they had been told that another woman had already been chosen to play one of the spies, so that her chances would be only one in three. Kat smiled inside that all this would be psychologically interesting for a college class, but was quite unimportant for an interrogation role play. Well, certainly unimportant to her, since she already knew her role. But actually quite important to the other three.

"It seems you haven't missed me," Kat nodded toward Blue Dress as she approached the Colonel. Seeing the Colonel's interest in Kat, Blue Dress turned her attention to the fourth officer, realizing that she had lost the prize of the group's leader. "So what has been keeping you busy?" Kat sat on the bar stool next to the Colonel and crossed her legs seductively.

"Usual boring military planning," the Colonel replied. She looked as good to him up close as she did walking in.

"At least that is what you say you do. You claim to be a powerful Colonel, and you do have a lot of medals," she rubbed her hand across the medals on his chest, "but how do I know that you are really a powerful military officer, which is my favorite aphrodisiac?"

"I didn't think that it mattered to you whether I had military power. I thought you only cared about another kind of power that you know I have." The Colonel smiled broadly, took her by the elbow and led her to a far corner of the room out of earshot of the others. "What did you find out?" he whispered. Yes, she looked good, but now he wanted to see how well she could play the scene.

Grateful that she had read the script carefully, Kat was prepared. "Have any guesses?" Kat wanted to be sure to let the Colonel choose the other "spy," since he might have a preference among the Three Dresses. Whatever he said his suspicion was, she would confirm that he had been correct.

"I don't. I am relying on you," the Colonel replied. Her first test, he thought. Let's see if she passes it.

Kat was taken aback for a second, but then realized that the Colonel was forcing her to choose which of the Three Dresses would be joining her in the Rough Room as a suspected spy. That would not endear her to the chosen one, but, given that she just worked the Rough Room, while the Three Dresses worked the "conventional" rooms, she would not have to deal with the woman she chose, so it didn't really matter what any of them thought of her.

Kat glanced around the room. All Three Dresses were more buxom than she was, a quality more necessary, she imagined, for a 'conventional' prostitute who did not offer the kinks that Kat offered. A blonde, a brunette and a redhead. How thoughtful of Gleb to give the Colonel a choice of hair color, even if not a choice of chest size. She quickly ruled out dark-haired Yellow Dress as the second spy, figuring that the Colonel probably did not want both spies to be dark haired. If the Colonel had a thing for redheads, he might favor Green Dress over Kat. Of course, if he favored blondes, he might favor Blue Dress over her. But Blue Dress had been all over the Colonel when Kat had entered the bar. That gave her a ready response to the Colonel's question.

"She's the one in the blue dress, which – I'm sorry to burst your bubble – is why she was all over you a few minutes ago, hoping to get you into bed and have you let your guard down." With that, Blue Dress's fate for the next 12 hours was sealed. Kat stared back at her, still seated at the bar laughing at whatever the officer with her was saying, unaware that she had lost her bet that she would not be chosen as the second spy. Unaware of the fate that awaited her.

The Colonel nodded to Kat, then looked across the room at Gleb, who was staring at him. The Colonel nodded his head toward Blue Dress. Gleb nodded back. The Colonel walked Kat back to the bar, signaling the other two officers and their dance partners to join them. So far, so good, the Colonel thought. This Kat seems willing to take responsibility that she could not have anticipated would be required of her.

"A toast to a wonderful evening," the Colonel declared. Gleb handed a glass of champagne to each of the eight. "And to a united Russia!" They all raised their glasses and downed their champagne. "Shall we dance?"

The Colonel took Kat's hand and led Yellow Dress and Green Dress and their former partners back to the dance floor, the fourth officer following them with Blue Dress. Four sets of bodies held their partners close as Gleb put Frank Sinatra's 'My Way' on the bar's old fashioned juke box. Kat smiled to herself that there, in Kiev, the Russians were setting up their interrogation scene by dancing to a quintessential American classic. She wondered if the title had any special meaning to the Colonel. Whether it did, Kat knew that, for the next 12 hours, the Colonel would be in charge and would certainly do things "his way."

After a minute, the Colonel signaled the officer dancing with Yellow Dress to leave with her. Kat wasn't sure if the officer was pleased or disappointed to take Yellow Dress back to a 'conventional' room, although Yellow Dress was definitely relieved when she realized that she had not been chosen to play the second spy. A few seconds later, the Colonel nodded to the officer dancing with Green Dress. Kat figured that, as the second officer left with Green Dress, Blue Dress must have realized that she, Blue Dress, was the one who had been chosen to join Kat in the Rough Room, although she would not yet know, and might never learn, that Kat and not the Colonel had been the one selecting her for that role.

Kat expected to hear Blue Dress scream her objection as soon as she figured out that she had been the one chose. But Kat was wrong. She glanced at the officer dancing with Blue Dress. After a few seconds, he bent down and lifted her over his shoulder, holding the backs of her knees. As he walked with Blue Dress slung over his shoulder, her body bouncing with each step, Kat could see that she was not playing a scene. No, she was unconscious. Gleb had drugged Blue Dress's drink with something that worked fast. So, for starters, the game was going to be played with real drugs. Drugs that left no visible marks on the body.

"Now, my dear Ekaterina," the Colonel turned to follow the officer carrying Blue Dress, "shall we find out what this Ukrainian spy can tell us about her country's plans to throw out its saviors?" It was time, he thought, for Kat's next test.

The Preparation

When the four reached the dungeon, the Colonel turned to Kat. "How would you suggest we start?"

Kat was beginning to understand that she was going to be forced to play a far more active role in the scene than she expected. First, she had been forced to choose the second victim. Now she would be forced to choose how her victim was to be interrogated. She wasn't going to like this aspect of her role in the play any more than she would like her later role, when the Colonel turned his attentions to her, although her dislike at this stage would be psychological, not physical. Still, she hadn't thought to prepare herself for this, as nothing in the script indicated it would be her responsibility. Yet she did feel a slight twinge of excitement between her legs at the thought of experiencing something new.

"Well," Kat stalled, thinking how she could answer the question to the Colonel's satisfaction, "I think she should be put in a position before she awakens that will make her realize the terrible predicament she is in when she comes to. Naked and chained. So that when she opens her eyes, she knows that she is utterly helpless and that resistance is futile."

"Tell the Major what to do with her to achieve that," the Colonel ordered. So the other officer was 'the Major,' Kat understood.

"String her up over there." Kat pointed to an open area where a leather collar hung from a chain descending from the rafters. The Major carried the unconscious woman under it and took her down from his shoulder as he and Kat held her upright. The Major secured the collar around her neck, enough to keep her head in place, but not enough to interfere with her breathing. He walked over to the closest wall and turned the handle that adjusted the height of the chain holding the collar. He raised Blue Dress until she stood upright, her head no longer able to slump as the collar moved just under her chin.

"Do you want to strip her or should I?" Kat looked at the Major, knowing that she needn't ask the Colonel, as he would simply turn the matter back over to her. Maybe the Colonel would like that she recognized that she was to take charge.

Rather than answering in words, the Major wrapped his hands around Blue Dress's neck and unclasped her necklace, then unhooked her dress behind her neck. Slowly he pulled the dress down by its sleeves until, once over her hips, he let it fall to the floor at her feet. Kat noticed the matching blue bra, panties and garter, nearly identical to her own. The only difference besides the color was that, while Kat filled her red bra nicely, her breasts were not, like Blue Dress's, overflowing it. Kat was amazed that the bra's single front clasp was strong enough to withstand popping open on its own.

The Major saved the bra's overworked clasp further strain and unhooked it, then slid the bra down and let it fall to the floor next to the blue dress. He stepped back to admire Blue Dress's full D cup breasts now freed from confinement. The Major massaged her small dark nipples, causing Blue Dress to stir as Gleb's drug began to wear off.

Noticing this, the Major pulled a knife from his waist band and cut the sides of Blue Dress's panties, revealing that she was completely shaved. Two more slashes freed the garter from her waist. The Major pulled her stockings down, removed her heels and stockings, and then her bracelets. He picked up her clothes and jewelry and put them on a nearby chair. Blue Dress, naked, stood on her tiptoes with her neck collar fastened under her chin.

"Is she now ready for her interrogation?" the Colonel asked Kat. So far, he thought, Kat had performed admirably and he was enjoying it – perhaps even more so knowing, as she did, that the tables would eventually be turned on her. Oh yes, he thought, how they would be turned!

Kat tried to put herself into the situation. "No. She needs to be cuffed and blindfolded."

"You didn't say blindfolded before," the Colonel noted. "In fact, you said that she should see her situation when she opens her eyes. Have you changed your mind about that?"

Kat hesitated. This Colonel was very sharp, obviously paying attention to her every word and action. "I guess … well, I guess I have. Feeling her restraints and gradually realizing that she is naked, but not being able to see her exact plight and not knowing who else is in the room should help build up her terror. And then, when the blindfold is removed and she sees that her worst fears are realized, her terror will build more. Yes, I have changed my mind."

Kat was satisfied with her new decision. And the Colonel nodded his approval, enjoying Kat's explanation how she would build her captive's terror. Both knew that some variations on Blue Dress's tortures would later be used on Kat herself. But only the Colonel had the superior knowledge of what would actually happen to Kat when her turn came, while Kat herself could only imagine. And by having Kat first focus her attention on torturing Blue Dress, rather than on her own upcoming ordeal, Kat likely would not be as prepared when her time came.

To fulfill Kat's instructions, the Major moved to a table behind the collared Blue Dress and picked up a pair of handcuffs and a cloth blindfold. He snapped her wrists into the cuffs behind her back and slipped the blindfold over her eyes. Then he forced her ankles farther apart and secured them to cuffs held by chains in the floor.

"So is it now finally time to begin her interrogation?" the Colonel again asked Kat.

Kat stared at the woman. "Still no."

"What more does she need?" The Colonel had been surprised by Kat's answer, thinking that it was indeed time.

"She needs to feel some immediate pain to go with her nakedness and restraint. That will tell her instantly upon her full awakening that she is totally helpless and has no choice but to cooperate if she is to have any hope of receiving mercy." Kat was confident in her response. The Colonel was impressed. It seemed that Kat was really getting into the scene.

"Why don't you handle that yourself, instead of having the Major do all the work for you?"

Kat walked to the table behind Blue Dress and picked up a set of nipple clamps, with which she had experimented a number of times and knew how painful they could be. Kat tightened a clamp onto each of Blue Dress's nipples, eliciting a groan of pain that revealed that she was slowly coming to. Kat slid them up more, further tightening them, and Blue Dress's groan of pain became a loud grunt. Rather than leaving the chain holding the two clamps together hanging down in front of the woman's chest, Kat pushed Blue Dress's head down and looped the chain around her neck. Now, when Blue Dress raised her head, either on her own or when someone pulled her hair back, the chain would pull the clamps to stretch her nipples even further. When her head was twisted, the chain would further stretch the nipple on the side to which her head turned.

Yes, she had done good work on this, Kat thought. The Colonel's prisoner was now naked, blindfolded and collared by her neck. Her wrists were cuffed behind her back and she was wearing painful nipple clamps that added to her pain whenever her head was moved in any direction. Maybe, with a little practice, Kat could become a proficient captor as well as a sexy captive. That way she could work the room many nights without suffering any pain herself. She could also then learn which important businessmen and government officials had the opposite proclivities of the clients she was now servicing.

The grunts of pain from Blue Dress increased. Kat expected that she might get a good preview from Blue Dress's interrogation of what she would later face from the Colonel and the Major. Kat gave a slight laugh. Why was she still thinking of this woman as "Blue Dress," when she was no longer wearing her blue dress … or anything else?

B. The Interrogation

As the woman regained consciousness, she tested the cuffs holding her wrists behind her back and tried to close her ankles. She twisted her body and immediately felt the pain from the nipple clamps sharply increase. Kat guessed that she was trying to determine if she was wearing any clothes, and, when she felt no cloth against her skin anywhere on her body, would realize that she was not. When she started to raise her head, she yelped in pain, courtesy of Kat's insidious nipple torture. She quickly lowered her head to her chest to try to reduce it.

"Is anybody there?" Blue Dress shouted. "What is going on? Is anybody there?"

The Colonel shook his head at the Major and Kat, indicating that they were to say nothing.

"I know someone is here! Reveal yourself! Why are you doing this to me?!"

The trio remained silent. Kat wondered if Blue Dress, having actually been drugged and now just coming to, remembered that she was playing a scene or thought that what was happening to her was real.

Blue Dress pulled on the cuffs holding her wrists and on those holding her ankles apart. Kat could see she was becoming both very frustrated and very frightened. Her body soon began to glisten with sweat. After another few minutes, the Colonel rose from his chair and approached the woman. He stood close to her.

"I can feel your breath!" Blue Dress screamed in his direction. "Say something! Tell me what is happening!"

The Colonel moved his hand between her legs and inserted his middle finger into her. She startled and gasped. "No! No! Stop it!" She tried to clamp her muscles tight to force his finger out of her, but could not. After a few more seconds, the Colonel removed his finger and wiped it across her stomach."

"Wet. Very wet. You are obviously excited." The Colonel's first words sent his captive's stomach muscles quivering uncontrollably.

Kat watched, knowing that the wetness was certainly from fear, not excitement.

"Who are you?" Why was this woman making demands, Kat wondered? She definitely was not in a position to make any.

"You are not the one asking the questions. You are the one answering them," the Colonel's words were even and unemotional. Hmm, Kat thought. That was the exact line Marko used on her earlier that week. Perhaps there would not be as much variety in the play in this room as she had thought – or feared. Hadn't she once heard that there were only a dozen or so basic plots in all literature? She probably would work her way through all of those in her first few weeks in the room.

"And the first question for you to answer is ‘what is your name?'" The Colonel's question brought Kat back to the scene.

"Who wants to know?"

The Colonel promptly grabbed the captive's head between his hands and turned her head to the right, sending a wave of pain through her right nipple. He released her head and she quickly turned it back to reduce the pain. "You forgot the first rule so soon? I just told you -- I ask the questions and you answer them. Do you understand that?"

The woman hesitated. The Colonel again grabbed her head and turned it to the left this time. Again she screamed as the clamp stretched her left nipple. "Yes. Yes. I understand."

"Good. And I trust that you realize that we have not even begun to administer pain to you. Do you understand that?"

Kat could see the woman's attitude change. "Yes," Blue Dress whispered in resignation.

"Now, I am going to turn your questioning over to my assistant, Ekaterina, who is an expert in these sorts of things, so I suggest you fully cooperate with her. Because, if you do not …." The Colonel nodded to the Major, now standing in front of the captive with a short-tailed whip in his hands. The Major pulled his arm back and lashed it across her stomach with full force. Not expecting such a blow, Blue Dress's body jolted as she screamed. "That was just a reminder," the Colonel warned.

Kat took the Major's place in front of the captive. So she was to be in charge of the questioning. She had never thought of doing anything like this before, but hoped her efforts would prove satisfactory to the Colonel, figuring that her bonus would depend on it.

"What is your name?" Kat decided that repeating the Colonel's first question was wise, since the woman had not answered it.

"Larisa. Larisa Belovna."

"A very pretty name, Miss Belovna. Or is it Mrs.?"


"So, Miss Belovna, or perhaps I shall call you Larisa, since I expect we soon will be close friends, how old are you?"


"And where were you born?"

"Here in Kiev."

"Now see how easy all this is? I ask a question. You give a truthful answer. And no pain comes to you." Kat could see that Larisa was still wincing from the Major's whipping and the tightened nipple clamps. Kat wondered what she must be thinking to find herself in this position. Both as part of the scene and in real life, knowing that she never wanted to be the one chosen as the second spy. "Now the questions get harder, though. Who do you work for?"

"I'm an assistant for the Minister of Finance."

So, Kat knew, her captive had at least regained her mental state to the degree needed to recognize that she was in a role play and to come up with an appropriate response. "Sounds like an important position."

"I try to make it sound important, but I'm really just his secretary. Please, can't you unchain me? I could answer your questions a lot better if you did." Larisa's face was etched with pain.

"Oh, you are doing just fine, just fine," Kat responded. "And your present position gives you incentive to continue to be truthful with us. So, as the assistant to the Minister of Finance," Kat intentionally referred to the more important-sounding characterization of Larisa's job, "I bet you come into contact with many important people and a lot of sensitive and confidential information, don't you?"

Kat could see that Larisa did not know how to answer the question. "I … well … I am sure that the Minister does, and I guess … well, I guess that I come into some contact like that, but I never think about it that way. I just do what the Minister tells me to do, that's all."

"That was a clever answer, Larisa. Very clever," Kat stepped to the side. "But I don't like clever answers. I like the truth." The Major's lash came down hard across Larisa's breasts, causing her body to jolt forward and stretching her nipples until her body was pulled back by the neck collar. Larisa yelped in pain and tried to shake her body to reduce the sting, but succeeded only in providing the Major and the Colonel with a show of her wriggling breasts, their nipples still squeezed tightly by the clamps.

"Shall we try that answer again, Larisa? I really hate it when the Major is forced to inflict that kind of pain on you. And it will get worse with every untruthful answer. Much worse."

‘Yes! Yes! I'm sure that some of the information that crosses my desk is sensitive! But I don't concentrate on specifics or details." Larisa did not even wait for Kat to repeat the question, her entire body continuing to shake in obvious terror.

"You know, my dear Larisa. That really is not a much different answer than your last one," Kat shook her head.

"No! No! It is the truth. I'm trying to tell you the truth!"

"Well, I think you need a short break to reconsider whether you are going to cooperate with us or not because right now, you haven't convinced me that are."

"Yes, yes. I need a break." Larisa panted, praying for any respite in her questioning and torture.

"And during your break, the Major is going to bring you some pleasure to encourage you to tell the truth." While this was not written into the script, Kat was quite sure that the Major would have no objection. And, while he was not the one who had reserved the room, it could not hurt to make sure that he enjoyed the scene.

Larisa knew instantly what Kat meant and screamed at the top of her lungs. "No! No! Please. I'm telling the truth, I am!"

"Then just consider it a reward," Kat responded.

C. The Rape -- 1

This time when Kat stepped to the side, Larisa could see the Major standing in front of her, the fly of his uniform unzipped and his already engorged penis sticking out of his pants. He stepped up to her.

"Now I would suggest that, in your passion, you remember not to throw your head back or you will pull off your nipples," he reminded her as he unchained her legs and raised them around him, forcing her collar to press hard against her chin. He moved his face next to hers, knowing that she could not pull away from him. He ran his mouth and tongue along her cheek as he spread her legs wider and pushed himself into her. "So wet already. I knew you liked me." Her body lifted entirely off the floor, Larisa tensed, not sure what would happen if he dropped her. Kat watched in fascination as the Major held himself inside Larisa, grinding his hips against hers. Kat licked her lips imagining that the Major was making love to her. She knew that her time would come and thought that, if he fucked her like he was fucking Larisa, she would really enjoy it.

Kat saw that the Colonel was not even paying attention to the Major, but staring at his cell phone. As he was the one paying for the room, he could do what he wished for these 12 hours. But, my lord, Kat thought, was this the best use of the time for which he was paying so much?

She turned back to the Major, who was still taking things slowly with Larisa. Kat could imagine the conflict within her. Her body had to be feeling some excitement and pleasure – it seemed physically impossible that it could not. But her mind was no doubt horrified at her situation, particularly since this kind of kink abhorred her. And while it was not really Kat's favorite either, Kat had at least volunteered for the Rough Room knowing that this was the of treatment she would be forced to endure in return for the benefits the room offered. In stark contrast, Larisa had agreed to the scene knowing that the odds favored that she would not be forced to participate this way. Kat wasn't even sure that Larisa knew how much more money she would make. So it was possible that, when she found out after it all was over, she would not condemn Kat for picking her as the second spy, but would thank her profusely. But, more likely, she would still damn her to hell. With all of those competing factors, Kat expected that a battle must be raging inside Larisa's mind as well as her body.

When Kat's attention returned to the Major, she was astonished that his movements remained slow, gentle and methodic. Damn, Kat could count on one hand the number of her lovers who were this deliberate and considerate of their partners. She hoped that her anticipated encounter with the Major later in the play would be like his present encounter with Larisa. She would just have to wait and see.

"You think he will soften up this Ukrainian spy?" The Colonel's question brought Kat out of her imagination of making love with the Major. An interesting juxtaposition, she thought. The Colonel had been wondering how soft the Major might make his captive at the same time that Kat had been wondering how hard she might make the Major.

"It might," Kat answered the Colonel's actual question, "but not for the reason you think. Rather, this spy is going to talk in return for your promise that you will order the Major to fuck her like this every day. He does have some stamina, doesn't he?"

"A requirement for an officer to become part of my interrogation unit," the Colonel chuckled. Kat liked the sound of that. She hoped all of his officers were as good as the Major. "I will have to take a break from this interrogation shortly," the Colonel continued. "While I am gone, you are next as soon as the Major finishes with her." Kat wanted those words to mean that she was next with the Major, but she knew the Colonel meant that she was to be next to take Larisa. "But remember that while the Major has been fucking her mostly for his own pleasure, as a reward for his loyal service to me, your violation of the spy is expected to move her interrogation to the next level. So do not be so kind to her as he has been. And, although I will be gone, the Major will report to me how you did, and I expect a good report."

Kat walked to the table holding the wide array of devices available to the room's interrogators. She instinctively closed her legs when she saw a metal dildo with small spikes jutting out of its sides. That looked very painful, she thought. No, she couldn't do that to this poor woman, even if she disappointed the Major. Instead, Kat selected a hard black rubber dildo a bit thicker and longer than any prick wielded by any of her male lovers … or, with only a few exceptions, any worn by her female lovers.

Holding her selection, she saw the Colonel smile at her as she returned to her captive. Yes, he was learning more about Kat with every decision she made. So far, she had shown her intelligence and willingness to play the scene as realistically as it could be played, even if her decisions were pretty much what he expected. Although Kat's attaching the nipple clamps in a way that added to Larisa's pain with movement of her head in any direction had surprised him. He liked that.

"Ah. Sadistic, but not absolutely brutal," the Colonel opined on seeing the dildo that Kat had selected. "Why don't you try it on before I go? Believe it or not, the Major is going to be finished soon."

Behind her Kat heard the Major's loud grunting and Larisa's screams – whether of pleasure or pain or a combination she could not tell -- as the Major thrust himself into her over and over again. Kat finally decided that Larisa's body had prevailed over her mind and allowed her to enjoy, to a degree, her encounter with the Major, whose body always prevailed over his mind. Kat wondered if Larisa was really climaxing – she didn't think that, under the circumstances, Larisa would have the presence of mind to fake it.

Being paid a lot of money to orgasm could never be a bad thing, Kat thought as she watched the Major pull out of Larisa and move her legs back to the floor, securing her ankles again to the floor cuffs. Larisa's knees buckled before her legs steadied. Her body was bathed in sweat and she was breathing hard. Not that Kat really expected anything else. At the moment, Kat wished that she had been the first spy. he hoped that when her turn came, she would not have to fake an orgasm.

D. The Rape -- 2

"I have some important work to attend to for an hour or so," the Colonel advised the Major as the Major zipped his fly, a wide grin on his face.

"But it is your turn." The Major seemed surprised. "I'm finished in case you hadn't noticed."

"We have plenty of time for me and the others. No, Kat is going to take the next turn while I am gone." The Major noticed that Kat was holding the large dildo. Larisa saw it at the same time and screamed, shaking her head. Whatever pleasure sex with the Major had given her quickly evaporated as she stared at the dildo's size.

"Go ahead, Kat," the Colonel ordered. "I can stay for the first few minutes." Hell, the Colonel thought, I might as well see this woman naked before I go. In fact, had the work he needed to do just been part of the play, he would not have left at all, as he was very much enjoying the way Kat played.

But, unfortunately, the work was real. He hoped it would not take more than an hour, and he knew there should still be plenty of time to see Kat naked and writhing in pain, and for him to fuck her if he felt like it. He laughed to himself. He couldn't imagine not feeling like it. It would just have to be at the right time.

Kat figured that the Colonel had decided to stay for a few more minutes because, to strap on the dildo properly, she had to remove her dress. Thinking how to do it to the best effect, she walked over to the Colonel and turned her back to him. "Could you undo the clasp?" She bent her knees so that the Colonel could reach the clasp at the top of her dress without rising from his chair. After he undid it, she took a few steps away from him, turned, and slid the red dress down over her hips to the floor as seductively as she could, trying but failing to give her strip tease at least a modicum of subtlety. When the dress reached her ankles, she kicked it into the Colonel's face.

She thought about removing her bra as well, but decided that she did not want a comparison between the size of her chest and Larisa's D cup bosom. But the strap-on was attached to a pair of rubber panties, so Kat needed to remove her own, as well as her garter and stockings.

She first took off her necklace and bracelets, then slipped off her heels, unfastened her stockings from the garter belt, and slid them off her legs. She took her time. After removing the garter and stockings, she stood in front of the men in her bra and panties. Holding the dildo in her left hand, she slid her panties to the floor, revealing that, like Larisa, was completely shaved. She put her discarded clothes and jewelry on the chair next to the Colonel. She slipped on the dildo straps and locked the dildo in place before turning to face Larisa, who continued to shake her head.

"Please, no. No. Please," Larisa pleaded with Kat. "It is too big. I'm not that big. That will destroy me. It will rip me apart. Please, no!"

Kat forced herself to laugh. "Your mouth says no, no, no, but I think your pussy is saying yes, yes, yes," she chided. "You are already soaked so this will not be difficult or painful for you. In fact, there could be no better time for you to experience this great pleasure than right now!" Kat walked up to Larisa, who tried helplessly to twist her body away and close her legs. "You are going to thank me in a few minutes," Kat cooed at Larisa as she jammed the dildo into her still dripping pussy.

It entered easily and Kat looked at Larisa's face to see if it might really be too large for her, since she couldn't tell exactly if it filled her and pressed against her cervix. When she decided it was safe, she thrust it fully into her. This time Larisa's scream was not one of pleasure, but of a combination of pain, humiliation and a desire to elicit sympathy for herself. Kat slowly moved the dildo out until only its tip remained inside Larisa, and then just as slowly pushed it back inside her, repeating the motion over and over, staring into Larisa's face, expecting to see pleasure in it, but, to her surprise, seeing that Larisa was not enjoying Kat's efforts at all.

The Colonel seemed to grow bored of this lesbian encounter and, without a word, rose from his chair and left the room. To Kat's surprise, a minute later, the Major announced that he too needed to leave, but would return for the torture session that would ensure that Larisa told all she knew. Suddenly, Kat and Larisa were alone in the room.

"They're gone, you can stop now!" Larisa screamed at Kat. Kat pulled the dildo out of her.

"I thought you might enjoy it."

"I'm not a fucking lesbian. I hate it. I hate it." Larisa was blunt. "I know you can't let me down, because we don't know when they will return, but you don't have to keep doing that!"

"All right. All right," Kat agreed.

"Why did you have to pick me?" Larisa complained. "I hate this room. I'd heard about it and vowed I would never go in it."

"Then why did you volunteer for this scene?"

"I didn't think I would be the one chosen for this. And did you know Gleb agreed to pay all three of us the same rate as the Rough Room, even the two who weren't chosen? Just for taking the chance. That's why I did it – a two out of three chance to get a week's pay for doing nothing more than a normal night's I work. But no, you had to pick me. So for the same pay the others are getting, I've already been whipped and raped. And they say they haven't even started. We aren't even close to halfway. That means there are at least six more hours to go. I don't think I can take this." Larisa started to sob.

"Actually, I think there are closer to eight hours left." Kat knew this information was not what Larisa wanted to hear, but she thought she should be truthful with her. "But, look, for a lot of the remaining time they are going to focus on me."

"Oh? How do you know they won't focus on both of us?"

"I don't know. But Gleb gave me that impression. That you would be the focus in the beginning, and then it would all be on me."

"Can you at least take off these clamps? They are tearing off my nipples!"

"You know I can't do that. When they return, they have to find you as they left you." Kat walked over to the winch holding Larisa's neck collar in place and turned it a few clicks to allow her to lower her head to her chest to relieve some of the pain on her stretched nipples. "I don't think they will notice that, but, when they come back, I think you should have your head slumped to your chest. I will tell them that you passed out after I raped you and stuck a second dildo up your ass. Let me also gag you for effect. I will tell them that I couldn't stand your screams anymore. The worse they think I've treated you, the easier they may go on you and the sooner they may turn to me. OK?"

Larisa hesitated, but had no better thoughts. "OK."

"Good." Kat returned to the table behind Larisa, picked up a smaller, but still good size dildo. "Get ready."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, I have to do to you what I'm going to tell them I did to you. They could easily check." Kat rubbed the second dildo against Larisa's anus and then slowly pushed it in.

Larisa screamed. "No! You are worse than they are! You said …." Larisa was totally unprepared for this new violation and continued to scream as Kat slowly pushed it in and then slowly removed it. It was only inside her for a minute, and only for a few inches, but that was enough for Larisa to add a string of epithets directed at Kat.

"OK. Now the gag." Kat chose a black rubber gag with a dildo just large enough to keep Larisa's mouth open and force her tongue down.

"Why one like that? Why not a simple …?" But Kat forced the chosen gag into Larisa's mouth before she could finish her sentence, locking it in place by tightening the strap behind her neck.

"Talk to me," Kat ordered. "Let's make sure it works."


"Perfect. OK. Just drop your head to your chest as soon as you hear the door begin to open."

"Uuuggddmfffckkk." Larisa obviously was not pleased that Kat had continued to work on her after the men had left.

"Stop whining. Nothing has been done to you outside the rules."

E. The Torture

Kat took off her strap-on dildo and dressed, figuring that the Colonel would probably want to start with her clothed rather than three-quarters naked. But she saw no reason to put the necklace or bracelets back – they had helped the Colonel form his initial impression of her and had thus served their purpose.

Kat was surprised that the men remained out of the room for such a long time -- well over an hour -- leaving Kat and Larisa alone. She wondered if they might be enjoying themselves in the house's conventional rooms with Yellow Dress and Green Dress. But why pay so much for the Rough Room if they were instead going to use the conventional rooms?

Kat looked over at Larisa, whose head was slumped against her chest as Kat had suggested. "Good. Yes. That's how they should find you," she complimented Larisa. But it was not because she had listened to Kat that Larisa's head was slumped to her chest. It was slumped because her ordeal had exhausted her and she had passed out.

When the Colonel and the Major finally returned, they were accompanied by the other two officers who had been in the bar, one a captain and the other a lieutenant. The two women they had left with – Yellow Dress and Green Dress -- were not with them. At least the men were of different ranks, Kat thought, which would make them easier to distinguish. And she would want to distinguish them since when her turn came, it was obvious that she would have to service all four of them. She hoped that the Captain and the Lieutenant might prove to have "major" – by which she meant "Major" – sexual prowess.

The Major approached the slumped Larisa, while the Colonel took a seat on one side of a small table. "You loosened her neck collar?" He turned to Kat. Her thought that he wouldn't notice was obviously incorrect.

"Yes, Major. After I raped her repeatedly with that huge dildo, I left it in her while I sodomized her with a second dildo. As she continued to scream, her eyes rolled to the back of her head, and I thought she was having a seizure. I loosened the neck collar because I thought it might help her get more air. She has been slumped like that for a long time, but her pulse seems strong." She looked to the Colonel to see if she were going to be reprimanded or punished for her action. After a few seconds, the Colonel nodded his approval.

As the Captain and the Lieutenant sat on either side of the Colonel, the Major pulled the gag out of Larisa's mouth and held smelling salts under her nose. Larisa startled awake, screaming "Nooo!" as consciousness brought her back to the realization of her situation.

"While we were gone, Miss Belovna," the Major held his face close to hers, his voice barely audible to the others in the room, "we learned important information from another captured Ukrainian spy – your contact, in fact. So all we need is for you to confirm what she told us by answering our questions the same way that she did. If you do, she will be spared. Otherwise, we will not be certain that she told us the truth and she will face further interrogation and very dire consequences. So both of your fates are in your hands. Do you understand?"

Larisa nodded. Kat sensed that she was just tired of the scene and wanted to end, so she would tell the officers whatever she thought they wanted to hear. Unfortunately for her, in this game, unlike in a real scene, the officers could decide whether what she told them was true, and, if they wanted to extend their scene with her, they would simply tell her that she was lying to them or that her information did not match the information her contact had provided. There was nothing she could do about it -- since there was no truth or falsity in a fictional scene, there was no sure way to confess.

"We know you seduced your boss in the supply room, and while he slept after your lovemaking, you stole from his pocket the key to the small safe in his office where he kept confidential papers. You passed those papers on to your contact. She has told us what was in those papers, although we have not yet recovered them from her. So why don't you tell us what was in them so we can be sure we have the right information?"

Kat could see that Larisa was confused. Her hesitation worked well for the Major. "Not interested in cooperating, I see. A mistake, I assure you." The Major placed the dildo gag back in Larisa's mouth. "As punishment, you have lost your ability to answer our question until we decide to remove your gag and let you speak. When we do, I have a feeling you will have changed your mind."

Larisa let out a stream of unintelligible sounds as the Captain and the Lieutenant moved behind her. The Lieutenant returned to her sight holding a whip, the Captain a glowing red iron that ended in the shape of the letter C. Larisa screamed as loud as she could through the gag. Kat's mouth opened wide – using that iron on her would be far beyond the Rule.

The Lieutenant lashed Larisa hard three times in quick succession -- across her upper thighs, her stomach and her breasts. Larisa howled in pain, as red stripes crossed the front of her body. Kat thought the men were on the edge of what he Rule allowed, as those marks could take a week to heal. She looked at Larisa's face, which was contorted in pain. It was clear that, through the gag, Larisa had screamed her throat raw as she suffered more pain than she imagined she would have to endure, even in the Rough Room. Was the Lieutenant finished with her, Kat wondered? If he was...

The Captain held the hot iron inches from Larisa's face so that she could feel its heat. Larisa became hysterical. Kat could see that the Lieutenant's whipping had already crossed the line in Larisa's mind, but this? This would be so far beyond he Rule -- it would cause scarring that might never heal.

"I could use this right here on your tits," the Captain stroked the underside of Larisa's left breast with his free hand. "Or just above your pussy." Larisa was pulling frantically with all her strength against the cuffs holding her wrists behind her back. "Or I could even jam this right into you." The Captain moved the iron a few inches in front of her pussy. Larisa appeared to be choking on her saliva that could not escape through the rubber gag. "But you are lucky, at least for now. I am just going to mark your back and ass to show that you belong to me. The C stands for Captain." Larisa shook her head back and forth, unconcerned about the added stretch to her nipples when the threatened burning was so far beyond he Rule. that she was thinking of he Rule as she struggled helplessly.

The Captain and Lieutenant moved behind Larisa. "First your back," the Captain told her. Larisa felt the iron jam into her back. The gurgling raspy sounds from her throat grew even more hideous. So terrified was she from the way the officers had set up the situation, and from not knowing how much pain a hot iron caused, she was unaware that what had been jammed into her back was not the fiery iron held by the Captain, but one of the same shape held by the Lieutenant that was only slightly hot to the touch. One that left no more than a moderate mark on her back that was easily within The Rule.

Kat made a mental note of the switch. Showing the victim a far more terrifying torture than the one actually inflicted did not violate The Rule, which addressed only physical marks on the body, not psychological abuses of the mind. Now that was a large loophole, Kat realized, in the protections provided the victim in the Rough Room.

After Larisa's head slumped to her chest, the Major lifted her chin. She slowly opened her eyes and stared into his. He removed the gag. "Now, Ms. Larisa, what information was in the papers that you stole from your boss?"

"The government plans against the rebels." Kat was amazed that under the circumstances Larisa could offer an answer so appropriate and coherent to the game, even if she had been preparing it while the men had been out of the room. Great incentive can produce wonders.

"What about them?"

"How many men the government was sending against them and where."

"And what was the name of your contact to whom you gave the papers? The one we captured who told us everything."

"Elena," Larisa offered.

The Major looked toward the Colonel. "The answer to both questions is correct," the Colonel confirmed. Kat could hear a deep sigh of relief escape Larisa's lips.

"Which means ….?" The Major asked.

"That we do not need to torture these two spies, Elena and Larisa, further. After all, we are not barbarians. Let her down."

The muscles in Larisa's body relaxed. The Major released her from the neck collar and her ankle cuffs. He removed the clamps from Larisa's now white nipples, and massaged them to bring blood back into them. With her hands still cuffed behind her back, the Captain and Lieutenant dragged her in front of the Colonel. Larisa raised her head and looked at the Colonel. "Take her out of here," the Colonel instructed. "You may both have her. And after you have had her, give her to the enlisted men in the barracks. But not more than ten." He turned to Larisa. "I am feeling kind today."

Larisa shook her head violently. "No. No. You can't. Four. The rules say four." Kat realized that Larisa took the Colonel's words literally, but Kat knew that it had to be just a part of the scene, as the Colonel had so far stayed meticulously within all of the house's rules. Sure, she might have to service the Captain and Lieutenant, and possibly the Colonel, but that would be all.

Her breaking character, though, did not sit well with the Colonel. "And Major," the Colonel turned away from his captive, disgusted, "after she has finished servicing the enlisted men, she is of no further use to us, so have her taken out in the courtyard and shot along with the other one who is equally expendable now."

Larisa's eyes widened. "What? No. No. I told you what you wanted to know! I told you! You can't do that! You can't!" Larisa was still pleading for her life as the Captain and the Lieutenant dragged her out of the room with the Major following. Kat was amazed. She thought that Larisa was either the best scene player ever, or that she had lost her mind to the point that she did not remember that she was only playing a scene.

Either way, although she hated the room with a passion, Larisa had given the Colonel and his men everything that they were paying for, including terror beyond what they likely had ever induced in any captive with whom they had played before. Kudos to Larisa, Kat thought. Kat had made a good choice picking her as the second spy. But now, she knew, the Colonel's attention was soon going to turn to her.

5. Third Client - The Set Up and Treatment of the Second "Spy"

"You did fine work, Kat," the Colonel complimented her, motioning her to sit in a chair near his. "We learned what we needed from that spy and from her contact. Both will face the same fate. That deserves a toast." Kat saw that the Colonel had brought a bottle of champagne with him when he had returned. He retrieved two glasses from the cabinet above the table holding the torture devices. He poured a glass for each of them, and she remembered that the drink Gleb had poured Larisa had been drugged. Kat expected hers would be as well. She didn't really want or need to be knocked out, but this was the Colonel's play and there was nothing she could do about it since drugging was within the house's rules.

"To continued success!" the Colonel toasted.

"To the Colonel's brilliance." Kat raised her glass, and they both drank. Kat smiled, waiting for the drug she knew must be in her drink to take effect. She hoped she would not wake up with a splitting headache from it.

"What would you say about becoming a member of my interrogation team?" the Colonel continued. "We could use a woman's touch."

She wondered why he was bothering with small talk when she would be unconscious in a few seconds. But she played along. "If you think that I could be of assistance." Kat was surprised that she felt no immediate ill effects from the champagne. "I would be honored. What would my role be?"

"Just like today." The Colonel leaned forward. "The Ukrainians have organized strong guerilla forces. Several of our own spies have infiltrated them. While they must obviously be very careful, they do manage to get information out to us regarding their movements and the structure and names of their leadership, supporters and spies who have infiltrated us. With this information, we are able to capture some of their followers. A soldier. A spy. A civilian supporter. A messenger. When we do, we need to get as much information out of them as we can, sometimes quickly. You seem to have a talent for this. And you saw how successful we can be. We disposed of two of their spies today." The Colonel looked at his watch. "Well, maybe not yet, but I bet they both are wishing at this very moment that we already had."

The Colonel's talk excited Kat. She liked powerful men. Even men who just played powerful men. But "the Colonel," she remembered, was a General in the Russian Army. He might now just be playing a powerful man, but he really was one. It was also apparent to her by now – at least to the extent anything was apparent to her in this scene – that he had not drugged her drink, which meant that he wanted her conscious. Did that mean that she was also wrong about his intentions for the rest of the scene? Might he intend to have her interrogate Yellow Dress and Green Dress as well? Did he get off on having a woman torture other women? Especially other women who were not into bondage and torture and did not like it? Maybe he thought that, because Kat worked the Rough Room, she was a masochist and had decided that it would be more exciting for him to turn the tables on her and the other three women in the scene and have the one he believed was a masochist torture the ones that he believed were not.

Kat stood up and turned to face the seated Colonel. "Does this mean that we are going to be friends as well as colleagues?" She made her meaning obvious, remembering that the Colonel had not participated in Larisa's violation, so, unless he had been playing with the other Dresses while he was gone, he might now be up for a straightforward sexual encounter.

The Colonel's smile answered her question even before he spoke. "Isn't it a bit early to know for sure? I mean, how well do we really know each other?"

"Why don't we find out?" Kat reached around her neck and unhooked the clasp on her dress, then slowly pulled it down over her hips as she had done the first time she removed it. She slipped off her heels, and, wearing only her bra and panties, straddled the Colonel's seated figure, wrapped her arms around his neck, and kissed him passionately. She could feel his penis stir under her. Obviously the reason he hadn't fucked Larisa wasn't because he didn't like women.

The Colonel wrapped his arms around Kat's waist. Neither broke off the kiss as the Colonel unclasped her bra. Her breasts tumbled out and she slid the bra off her shoulders, allowing it to drop on the floor.

Kat's breasts were not as large as Larisa's, but they were natural, well-shaped and more than adequately sized to please the Colonel, especially since Larisa was no longer around to allow the Colonel to make a direct comparison. The Colonel held her breasts in his hands and moved his mouth over them. When he inhaled her right nipple, Kat's intake of breath was audible. The Colonel moved his hands down to his pants and wriggled from under Kat enough to unzip his fly and pull out his penis. He moved the thin cloth of Kat's panties to the side and slipped into her already wet pussy. Moving his mouth back to Kat's cheek, he whispered, "Seems like you were expecting me."

"No, just hoping," Kat widened her legs to make sure that the Colonel's penis was fully inside her. After a few minutes, she heard the Colonel begin to groan. He was not the Major, she realized. No, he was at least 20 years older than the Major and did not have close to the Major's endurance. But the experience was pleasurable enough, although she would have to fake an orgasm.

As the Colonel stood up, holding her tightly with her legs wrapped around him, bouncing her with each thrust, Kat allowed her practiced response to build as the Colonel pumped harder and faster. When she felt him hold his final thrust inside her, she screamed loudly and then gasped for breath, "Yes, now. Now, yes, now, cum with me at the same time, yes." The lack of sweat on her body would give away her deception, if the Colonel noticed. But men were generally clueless, wanting to believe that they had fully satisfied their woman with no interest in looking for obvious clues they had not.

The Colonel slowly sat down in the chair, his limp penis still inside her but no longer useful. He was breathing hard and his body was sweating. Men really could not fake orgasm, could they? Kat gradually 'recovered' her own breath. "That was wonderful, especially for a first time. I think that means we are going to be friends, doesn't it?"

"I don't know," the Colonel teased her. "I think we need a few more times to be sure." Kat kissed him gently on the mouth. "And maybe we need to learn a lot more about each other," he continued. He wondered how much she knew about him. He certainly had learned a lot about her in the last several hours, including how she handled unexpected situations such as being put in charge of Larisa's interrogation.

"Yes, maybe we do," she returned his smile and leaned her body toward him so that her breasts were nearly in his face, her eyes focused on his. She wondered if the Colonel knew that Gleb had loose lips and had revealed his true occupation to her.

A. The Interrogation and Torture -- 1

It was then that Kat felt a small prick – a mosquito bite, she thought – on her right buttock. Still staring into the Colonel's eyes, she swatted at it and was startled when her hand struck … a hand. The Colonel's hands, she could see and feel, were wrapped around her neck. She turned to see … the Major holding a syringe. "Wha….?" Whatever he had injected into her was as powerful as the drug that Gleb had put in Larisa's drink. Kat's body fell forward toward the Colonel's before she could finish the first word of her question.

"How was she?" The Major asked, as the Captain and Lieutenant pulled the unconscious Kat off the Colonel.

"Pretty good, except I get so tired of the fake orgasm routine. It's a real turn off. Why can't a woman just react naturally? If I don't bring her to orgasm every time, that's OK. I'm secure enough in my manhood to survive that."

The Captain and Lieutenant deposited Kat, face up, on the room's rack and secured her ankles and wrists to cuffs at its four corners, the wrist cuffs attached to the rack's roller bar, which the Lieutenant turned until Kat's body was fully spread-eagled and stretched. The Colonel nodded his approval, his eyes darting over Kat's body, naked except for the panties that the Colonel had not bothered to remove during their intercourse. The Lieutenant reached into his belt and pulled out a small knife. With two slashes, he cut them off and put them in his pocket. Completely shaved like a newborn babe, the Colonel thought. Well, she certainly was as helpless as one.

"A blindfold will add to her feeling of hopelessness," the Major suggested.

"No," the Colonel replied. "I am more interested in her feeling of fear. I want her to stare down her naked body and imagine what we can do to it. And what we will do to it."

The drug that the Major had injected into Kat was more powerful than the drug Gleb had given Larisa, as Kat did not stir for a long time. But maybe that also was because she didn't have painful clamps crushing her nipples to help bring her back to consciousness.

After some time, Kat began to pull at her cuffed limbs and then opened her eyes to confirm her situation. She lifted her head and stared down her naked body, helplessly stretched and spread-eagled on the rack. She saw the four leering men standing over her. It took her a minute to remember – yes, four was the maximum number the rules permitted, and Gleb had told her that the Colonel would use the maximum. And, although she did not know for how long she had been unconscious, she was sure that many of the 12 hours remained. There were no marks yet on her body, and only one of the four men had fucked her. Well, actually, she had fucked him. Nothing more had yet been done to her than was done every day in the conventional rooms, except for the drugging. These first hours may have been utterly terrifying for Larisa, but for Kat they had been easy albeit uncomfortable during the time she was forced to torture he fellow spy. Now the hard part would begin. The painful part. Now she was going to earn her pay.

"Welcome back to the living, Ekaterina," the Major looked down at her from the side of the rack, still surrounded by all four men. "As you might have expected, we have a few things that we want to talk with you about."

Well, Major, Kat thought, if I don't tell you what you want to hear, I hope you are going to fuck me the same way you fucked Larisa. Exactly the same way.

"We could have done that over coffee," Kat sneered. Larisa had folded early. She would not. She would give the Colonel what he had paid for.

"Yes," the Major responded. "I debated -- coffeehouse or dungeon? So I flipped a coin. You see the result. I am sure you know how this device works." The Lieutenant cranked the handle, which made two loud clicks. Kat felt her wrists pulled higher until her body was completely taut. She knew that one or two more clicks would not be pleasant for her. "Of course, we can do much more than simply pull your shoulders out of their sockets." The Major started to caress Kat's naked body, moving his hands from her breasts to her stomach and down between her legs. "We can also whip you, brand you, shock you, cut you, impale you, choke you, fuck you and so many other you will not enjoy if you don't cooperate with us."

"Fuck you."

"Yes, Miss Shevshenko. I included that. Let me tell you what we already know from your fellow spies, Miss Belovna and Miss Kolazar, may they now rest in peace, as they definitely were not in peace these last several hours. We know from them that you too are a Ukrainian spy, though you tried to fool us by participating so actively in Larisa's interrogation, rape and torture. We admit that you had us fooled until Miss Kolazar told us the truth about you. And then Miss Belovna, trying so futilely to save herself, confirmed Miss Kolazar's information."

"Lies! All lies! They said whatever they thought you wanted to hear hoping to avoid more torture!"

"I can see where you might think that, but no. We didn't just take their word. We required corroboration. So we forced Miss Kolazar to take us to where she had hidden the papers that Miss Belovna had given her after you had stolen them and given them to Miss Belovna. She had put them in a small locker at the Kiev airport, where the insurgents were to pick them up. But we got there before the rebels for whom they were intended. And do you know what those documents revealed?"

"You are lying to me!" Kat pulled on the bonds holding her, pretending that she knew that she had been betrayed.

"Are we?" The Captain handed the Major a sheet of paper. "Do you know what this is?" the Major flashed the page briefly in front of her, but Kat could only see that it had writing on it. "It is the first page of the papers that had a dozen pages of classified documents attached to it. And do you know what it says?" The Major read aloud from it. "'From SD's files. E.' Do you care to confirm for us who SD is? Who E is? And whose writing it is?"

Kat knew there was no need for her to answer. She remembered the script. Her boss was Sergei Davidovka.

"Fuck you, like I said!"

"And, like I said, that will come in due course, along with the other things I listed, if you refuse to cooperate with us."

Kat felt a strain on her shoulders a heard another click. She let out a loud groan as her body was pulled tight enough to cause pain in her shoulders. Her eyes darted to the Captain, who had rolled over a table on which he had placed a small generator.

"Let's start with this, and see if your mouth continues to demand that we fuck you," the Major glared at Kat as the Captain pulled wires from the generator. The wires ended in ugly looking alligator clips. Kat closed her eyes, knowing where the clips were going. She bit her lip as the clips crushed her nipples. When she opened her eyes, she could see that they had drawn droplets of blood. Kat watched the Captain put his hand on the generator's dial.

"Just give it a small test," the Major instructed. The Captain turned the dial an inch. Kat's body instantly jolted upward. She suppressed a scream, but grunted loudly through clenched teeth as her body's rise stretched her limbs even more, adding to the pain in her shoulders and pulling on her wrists, hips, knees and ankles. The Captain turned the dial back, and Kat's body fell back onto the rack's board. Even from the short and relatively minor shock, she felt her heart race as she struggled for breath.

"That, my spy, was a 1 on a scale to 10, and lasted for just a few seconds. Imagine full power for 30 seconds. If you want to save yourself from finding out, perhaps you have some things that you wish to tell us?" The Major's voice was surprisingly emotionless. Kat thought that he would have been a little aroused by her plight.

Unable even to imagine how painful a shock at full power would be, Kat wanted to confess quickly, like Larisa had done, but she knew that the scene called for more defiance on her part, as well as the officers' administration of more pain to her body. A lot more pain. After all, the shock had just been a 1. "You can't scare me!" she screamed.

"I am not trying to scare you," the Major answered. "I am just trying to get us to work together for the good of the motherland."

The Captain needed no further instruction from the Major. He turned the dial again, and Kat's body leaped even further off the rack. She bit her lip hard, but it was not enough to stop herself from screaming.

The Captain waited a full five seconds before moving the generator's dial back. Kat's body, soaked in sweat, crashed hard onto the rack's board, her lungs gasping for air. She thought that her heart was going to burst out of her heaving chest.

"That was a 2. For five seconds. Still just a start, but look at you," the Major feigned sympathy. "Kat still have your tongue?" He laughed.

For 20 seconds Kat sucked as much oxygen as she could into her lungs. Just as she was again able to speak, however, the Captain turned the dial. Her screams filled the room as her body again rose off the board. She was sure that her stretched shoulders were going to separate. She had no idea how long the current surged through her. She didn't even feel her body crashing back down. With unfocused eyes, she saw close to her the face of one of the officers. She blinked hard – it was the Colonel's face.

"That was a 5. Why are you putting yourself through this?" he asked. But he knew. It was because she was doing all she could to give him his money's worth. At least that had to be it, since he doubted that she was feeling in character given the amount of pain she was being forced to endure. He admired her for that. Foolish, but admirable, he thought.

Why? Kat also was thinking to herself. Because I fucking agreed to it in return for a lot of money, so I am giving the bastard what he wants. Not that I really have much choice. Aloud she answered, "I'm not putting myself through anything. You are, you bastard!" She saw the Colonel look toward the Captain. "Nooo!" Kat screamed. "No more!"

"Well, that is all up to you, dear Ekaterina," the voice this time was the Major's, who had replaced the Colonel standing over her. "What if we start with a few very easy questions and we see what happens? What do you say to that?"

Kat nodded eagerly. Anything to delay another shock, she thought. What terrified Kat most was that as long as these shocks did not kill her – and she was sure that the men knew exactly how much they could administer without killing her – they would not leave any severe marks on her body and so were well within The Rule. She had thought when she agreed to work the Rough Room that the extent to which her body was marked would correlate pretty closely to how much pain she would have to endure, so that the house's limits on how much she could be marked would also restrict how much she could be made to suffer. Now she realized that she was absolutely wrong in that thought.

No, there were types of torture – these electric shocks being one of them -- that caused orders of magnitude greater pain than the extent to which they marked her body. For the first time, Kat had severe reservations whether the much greater pay promised her was worth the extreme pain that she was being forced to endure and could be forced to endure for the many more hours left in the Colonel's session.

"What is your full name?"

"Ekaterina Shevshenko."

"You are Ukrainian?"


"You work as a spy for the Ukrainian guerillas?"

Kat figured she had two choices. She could provide all the information she had and hope to avoid more shocks. But that was not a satisfactory option. It would not give the Colonel all that he paid for, as he certainly expected that she would provide more resistance, and that might substantially reduce or eliminate entirely any bonus he might give her. It might even mean that he would not ask for her again. Even worse, as she had realized when Larisa was undergoing the torture, spilling her guts now in no way guaranteed that her torture would stop. No, the Colonel could claim that whatever she told him was not true. Or he could torture her not for information or a confession, but simply as punishment for being a spy guilty of treason against the Russian government.

But Kat's second option – continuing to resist -- was no better, as she would then be forced to suffer greater and longer shocks, something that now truly terrified her, and, after the officers tired of that torture, other additional painful tortures as well. Finally, she made the only decision she felt she could make. She had agreed to work the Rough Room, and she could not get a reputation that she did not give her clients all they were paying her for. That might deprive her of the many easy sessions, like her first two, that had generated easy money for her without requiring her to undergo severe pain.

"What? No. No!" Kat's body shivered, knowing what was soon likely to come.

"You oppose the Russian involvement?"

"No! The Ukraine and Russia are sister countries. They are working together here in Kiev."

The Major paused. Kat prayed that he would not nod toward the Captain, whose hand remained on the generator's dial.

"Do you know a woman named Elena Kolazar?"

Kat paused, not sure how to answer the question. "I heard that name in the questioning of Larisa earlier today and in your earlier questioning of me. I had not heard her name before today." Yes, she thought. She had to admit that much, but could deny more. That was a good answer for the role play.

"Oh, Miss Shevshenko. That is not true. And I warned you what happens when you are not truthful too, didn't I?"

Kat looked desperately toward the Captain, expecting his hand to be turning the generator's dial. But he was not there. No, he was standing on the other side of her holding up one of the dildos from the table. The metal one with the small spikes that she had decided would be too rough to use on Larisa. And now she saw what she had failed to notice on her earlier examination, that it had a long wire attached to the end of its scrotum.

B. The Interrogation and Torture -- 2

"NNooo! That's barbaric!" Kat screamed as the Captain position the dildo between her spread legs.

"I'm so glad you realize that," the Major responded, his voice still low and even. "Did you think we were playing games?! That you could get away with giving us an answer that we know is false?"

"Wait! Wait!" To her surprise, the Captain stopped with the dildo inches away from her.

"You have something more to tell us?" the Major asked.

Kat tried to remember the question to which her answer had been untruthful, but the threat of those spikes – small as they were -- made it hard for her to think of anything else. So far, the Colonel and his men had stayed well within the house's rules. Surely they would not violate them. And they must know exactly how far they could go. She took a deep breath. She had no control over what they did to her and she knew it. They were the ones who decided if her answers were truthful or not, since there was no absolute truth in this game. It would play out as they chose.

"Ask me the last question again!" Kat screamed, not just trying to buy herself some more time, but trying to remember where in the scene they were.

"Really, Ekaterina," the Major smiled. "Have you forgotten your lies so soon?"

The Captain jammed the dildo halfway into Kat, who felt the spikes against the walls of her pussy. Painful, yes, but not as painful as she imagined they might be. God, a lot of pain could be inflicted that could heal in seven days. Seven days seemed a lot longer to her now than ever before. Obviously, while there were short weeks, there also were very long ones. The Captain pushed the dildo the rest of the way into her.

"God no!" Fuck, Kat thought, could this really heal within the time required by The Rule? It did not feel to her like it could. No, she could feel every spike pressing against her.

"Complaining about a large and firm lover doesn't seem like you. I thought that I was giving you what every woman craves. Especially a large and firm lover who can maintain an erection for eternity. Even if he is a bit, shall we say, rough around the edges."

"You bastard! You are a fucking bastard!" Kat screamed. She wanted to break character and question whether this latest violation was really within he Rule, but she knew she could not. When Larisa had broken character, the Colonel had not been at all happy.

"Now would a ‘fucking bastard' remind you of the lie you just told? The answer that got you into this situation was your denial that you knew Elena Kolazar. Your claim that you first heard her name today. That was a lie, wasn't it?"

"No. That is the truth. She was Larisa's contact, remember? I had no connection with her."

"I see," the Major grinned. "So your contacts were with other rebels then?"

"What? I didn't say that!" But Kat realized that her answer had suggested that. She suddenly felt a surge of electricity through the dildo inside her and another across her chest. This was not like any pain she had ever experienced, far greater than the earlier shocks the Captain had administered to her. And this time he had added a place that was far more sensitive.

Her mind whirled in pain and her body arched and shook. She knew she must be screaming but she was trying hard to divorce her mind from her body. Again she had no idea how long the shock lasted before her stretched body crashed back to the rack's wooden surface. She gasped desperately for air, her chest heaving and wheezing, her mouth wide open to gulp in every last ounce of oxygen she could. Four of her five senses -- sight, sound, taste and smell -- abandoned her as her entire being focused on her body's fifth sense -- the sense of pain. Pure pain.

"Now let me ask again." How could the Major's voice still be so calm, she thought? "Did you know Elena Kolazar before today?"

Kat knew that at this point she could not be criticized for beginning her confession.

"Yes! I had met her!" Still gasping for breath, Kat could barely get the words out. "My other answer was a lie!"

"There now. That wasn't so hard, was it? And you had met her as part of your work for the rebels?"

Kat's chest continued to heave. "Yes," she offered meekly.

The Colonel took over the questioning. "So you are guilty of treason?" Yes, he expected that, in a real life scenario, this would be about the point where the spy would break, so that Kat viewed the scene the same way did not bother him. No, it impressed him. She was a good player. She really did get her whole mind and body into the scene. He could not really ask for more, could he? Well, perhaps not reasonably, but he still could push her to her limits, and probably beyond them. Gleb's house rules were so … flexible when you really thought about them.

"No. It is not treason to try to save your country."

"So you are innocent of spying against the Russian government?"

Kat decided that a Ukrainian spy in her situation would have some pride, even after being defeated. "No," she answered softly in as defiant a tone as she could. "Just unsuccessful."

The Colonel looked to the Major. "So now she has confirmed who she is. And that she is as guilty as the first two. Find out by whatever means necessary everything she knows about the rebels. Then we will decide whether she should meet the same fate as her two comrades. And, unless one of us can think of a reason that she should not, I imagine that she will. It is so dangerous to keep enemy spies alive after they have told all they know and no longer have any value."

Kat started to sob in real fear. The scene had gotten so painful for her. Yet these men were going to start a new phase of questioning. She had learned earlier that seven days was a long period of time. Now she was learning that twelve hours also could be an eternity. Exhausted and terrified, her mind shut down.

C. The Interrogation and Torture – 3

Kat did not know how long she had been unconscious. When she came to, she was no longer on the rack, but was squatting in the room's small cage. She was no longer cuffed. She could see the Lieutenant seated at a chair next to a table, the only other person in the room. She could also see that the brazier holding the coals and hot irons was glowing red. But she remembered how they had only pretended to use the heated iron on Larisa. As horrible as Kat's punishments had so far been, she was sure that could not be one of them. The Lieutenant glanced over at her and, without a word, he rose and left the room. Kat wondered how close to the 12 hours the scene now was. There could not be more than three or four hours left, she thought. Or at least hoped.

After 15 minutes, the Lieutenant returned with the Captain.

"Where is the big brass," Kat chided them. "Am I not worth their time anymore?"

The Captain ignored her. "You can see that we have given you a break from your torture. To avoid further torture, all you have to do is tell us the truth. Are you prepared to do that?"

"I guess you will have to ask your questions so we can find out," Kat hissed back at them. At least for the moment she was safe, if uncomfortable, in the cage.

"How many rebels are there?" the Captain began.

"I couldn't possibly know that. There are thousands. Beyond that, I don't know."

"Where are their main bases?"

"Throughout the country. They work in small bands." Kat's rest had emboldened her.

"What is the name of the rebel leader?"

"There is more than one."

"What are their names?"

"The Loyal Citizens of the Ukraine!" she declared proudly with defiance.

The Captain nodded to the Lieutenant, who walked across the room to the devices and returned holding several sets of cuffs and chains in his right hand and an electric prod in his left. He tossed two of the sets of cuffs and chains into the cage.

"Cuff your ankles and then cuff your wrists behind your back." Kat stared at the electric prod he was holding. Remembering the pain from the electric shocks she had already suffered, she obeyed. "Now move to the front of the cage." Again, she obeyed, shuffling forward with her cuffed ankles. "You have refused to cooperate with us," the Captain told her, "and so have forfeited the right to our leniency. We will only ask you further questions after you have had a chance to reconsider your attitude."

The Lieutenant opened the cage door and pulled Kat out of the enclosure. He led her slowly to the water tank. The Captain held her under her arms as the Lieutenant secured the cuffs holding her ankles to a chain hanging from the rafters above the tank. Then he moved to the handle controlling the height of the chains and cranked it until the Captain released Kat, leaving her hanging by her ankles above the tank.

Kat looked down into the water, and up to her chained ankles. Her body began to shiver. The two things that had terrified her about the electric shocks were that they were extremely painful and made it difficult for her to get air into her lungs. This water torture, she knew, would provide the same terrors, magnified by the fact that the men would no doubt prove to be just as expert with the water tank as they had demonstrated with her shock torture. They would submerge her to the point where she was certain she would die before pulling her up at the very last second. She knew that she would have to take the deepest breath she could before she was dropped into the water or else the men might misjudge and accidentally drown her. Why on earth had she agreed to work this Rough Room? What amount of money was possibly worth putting herself through this horrific torture? And what more was still to come after this? Time seemed to be standing still for her with hours of torture yet to come.

"Open your mouth," the Lieutenant ordered. When Kat obeyed, he took the panties that he had removed earlier and thrust them between her jaws. He covered her lips with a strip of black tape to secure the panties gag in place and to make sure that water did not enter her mouth.

"As we said, we don't need to hear any more of your lies," the Captain explained. "No, you will be allowed to talk again only when you have convinced us that you are prepared to tell us the truth."

The Lieutenant walked over to the handle controlling the chain holding Kat's cuffed ankles and began to crank it. Slowly, her body descended toward the water below. With the tape over her mouth, Kat took as large a breath as she could through her nose just before her head went underwater. She tried not to squirm to save her energy. She began as slowly as she could to release her breath, figuring – but not really knowing – that was a better strategy than just holding her breath until she had no more. Either way, when her breath was gone, her lungs were going to demand a huge breath of air, and if her head remained submerged, that breath would fill her lungs with water and drown her.

With her body and mind tense with anxiety, Kat realized that she was running out of air more quickly than she anticipated. She feared it would be sooner than her captors judged as well. She prayed they were watching her air bubbles rise to the surface of the water, and would know when she needed to be pulled up. Damn, she thought, could anyone be so experienced as to know exactly when she needed to be pulled out of the water? How often could these men have played such a scene? Even if they were soldiers in their real lives, as the Colonel was, did they actually have enough experience with their captives to have this precise information? For her own sake, as horrible a thought as it was, she hoped they had -- she did not want to be their guinea pig.

Just as Kat despaired for her life and her body began to spasm uncontrollably, the Lieutenant cranked the handle and raised her out of the water. She sucked in air through her nose, which was not as effective as she could have through her mouth had it not been taped shut. As her lungs struggled to replenish her air supply, her wide open eyes stared at the Captain. After a minute, she had recovered enough to try to protest through her gagged mouth.

"It seems you didn't like that," the Captain said smugly, tearing the tape off her mouth and allowing her to spit out her panties.

"What do you think, you god damned mother fucker?!" she screamed at him, pulling helplessly on the cuffs securing her wrists behind her back, then sucking in more air through her mouth. "What the fuck do you think?!" Kat didn't consider whether her objections were in or out of character -- she just wanted these men to know that they had gone too far for her.

"What I think," the Captain responded, "is that you are still showing the same uncooperative attitude you showed before." Kat felt her body again lowered toward the tank.

"No, goddamn you!" But she knew she couldn't say more. She needed to take her breath.

This time she could at least inhale through her mouth, but that changed little. Her heart was still pounding out of her chest and her entire body tense with fear, leaving her unable to hold her breath even as long as she had the first time. As she ran out of air, she was once again certain that she had taken her last breath and prayed to her Maker for salvation in her next life. Yet once again, just as all hope left her, the Lieutenant pulled her out of the water. She opened her mouth wide and thought her chest would explode as she tried to expand it beyond its limit to get as much air into her lungs as possible. When she finally had filled her lungs and her chest stopped heaving, she started to sob uncontrollably.

"What's the matter, Ekaterina? Is something bothering you?" The Major's voice still remained free of emotion.

Kat nodded as she continued to sob. "Please. Please. Not again. Please." Her stomach muscles quivered, making her voice shake. "I can't take anymore of this."

"Well, it seems that your attitude is finally starting to adjust. Perhaps one more time will complete that transformation."

"Nooo! I beg you! No! I can't! I can't!" An added horror crossed Kat's mind. Like her earlier electric torture, this water torture would leave no lasting marks on her body, and so was completely within The Rule. Kat felt her body lowered again as she continued to sob and scream. This time her face hit the water before she remembered to take a deep breath, leaving her with no air at all. Kat knew she must be doomed. But the prescient Lieutenant somehow knew to pull her up immediately. Kat's interspersed sobs and screams were more frantic than ever her muscles twitched and her body shook.

D. The Interrogation and Torture -- 4

"I'm not completely sure, dear Kat," the Captain offered, "but since I am so kind to you, I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt. One false word and down you go again. What do you have to say?"

Kat's sobs continued as she nodded her head. "Thank you," she offered quietly.

"What is the name of the rebel leader?"

"Peter. And I don't know his last name, I swear!" Kat responded nervously.

"And where are his headquarters?"

"Uman. They are in Uman. Now please, please. Let me down! I'm telling the truth!" Kat was glad she had thought about these questions and her answers while she had been reading the script in the wardrobe room before the play had started.

The Lieutenant looked over to the Captain. "That makes sense," he nodded. Uman was about 100 miles south of Kiev toward the heart of the Ukraine. "Where in Uman?"

"I don't know exactly. I don't know! I've never been there!" Kat screamed in desperation, praying that the Lieutenant would not again lower her into the water. She was even more helpless than it appeared, if that were possible, as she could not control how the officers played the scene. They could pretend that her information was accurate or not. If she were really their captive, rather than playing a scene, she would be telling them truthfully everything they wanted to know. But her script did not indicate what the truthful answers were to the questions they now asked her.

"How large is his force in Uman?"

"About 2,000. I think about 2,000." It sounded like a good number to Kat.

‘Her information is consistent with what the other two told us," the Captain offered. "Our men are checking on it his already. Let's put her back in the cage until we know if this is the truth."

Relief poured over Kat. At least she would get a respite. And it had to be nearing 12 hours by now. It just had to be, although she had no sense of time at all.

The Lieutenant lowered Kat to the floor, the Captain guiding her body to the side of the water tank. He unhooked her from the chain above the water tank, leaving her ankles and wrists cuffed as she knelt on the floor. The Captain picked up a ring gag from the device table and returned to Kat. She knew its purpose.

"Open your mouth." Kat instantly obeyed. He slid the gag under her teeth and locked it in place at the back of her neck.

"Before we put you back in your cage, I suggest you make every effort to make me very happy," he told her, pulling his pants and shorts down to his hips. Kat closed her eyes, and felt him push his penis into her mouth. The ring gag made it difficult to use her teeth and lips on him, but he was not going to take any chances that her cooperative attitude might be feigned. She could still use her tongue, and she desperately did her best to lick under and around his shaft, hoping that she could do enough to please him, even if she could not do her absolute best under the circumstances. She felt his penis enlarge until it filled her mouth, so she knew that she was having at least some success. She started to choke when he pushed down into her throat, and cursed that she could not control her gag reflex.

In a few minutes she could feel him spew his hot liquid into her mouth and down her throat. It burned her insides. She wanted to expel at least some of it, but with his penis filling her mouth, she had to accept it all. She wondered if he had cum too soon to maximize his pleasure, or if the fact that he had cum so quickly indicated that he had been satisfied.

As he pulled his penis out of her mouth, the last spurt of his ejaculation sprayed her face, which seemed to please both the Captain and the Lieutenant, who was intently watching the scene. A naked woman bound, humiliated and tortured to the point of hysteria. They were getting their money's worth indeed. Or at least the Colonel's money's worth.

Near the point of complete breakdown, Kat thought theirs was the better end of the bargain. No matter what bonus they might leave her, she was not getting paid enough. She wondered if she dared continue working in the Rough Room. Sure, so many of the sessions would be easy money for her. But if others were going to be like this, they were just too terrifying and painful despite The Rule. And certainly Gleb would not let her pick and choose her customers. Not if it meant that she would reject the tougher scenes, especially if the tougher scenes involved Gleb's best clients, like the Colonel. Kat wished she had taken more time to think about her decision when Gleb had first asked her if she was positive that she wanted to work the Rough Room. But given all the factors – the money, the clientele, the power and the intrigue – she would have accepted the risks, even knowing that the scenes would likely be more difficult than she imagined -- or could imagine.

6. The Spy

The Colonel returned with the Major to find Kat still on her knees, the Captain standing over her, his cum wet on her face. Hmm, the Colonel thought, I am sorry that I missed this. She played so tough for so long, but now she has broken at last. And I missed it.

"I see you have been enjoying yourself, Captain." The Colonel greeted his officer. "I assume that you would not be doing so without having obtained from this spy the information that we wanted." Kat turned in the direction of his voice and saw that, accompanying the two officers, were Gleb, Yellow Dress and Green Dress. Yellow Dress and Green Dress seemed to look at her with curiosity and revulsion, but also with a touch of admiration.

"Put her over there." The Colonel nodded to the cross. The Captain quickly dragged Kat to it, and with the Lieutenant's assistance uncuffed her wrists and ankles, lifted her to secure her wrists to the horizontal bar, and then cuffed her ankles together near the base of the vertical bar.

Kat could see that her body was given some potentially painful support from a small wooden wedge just below her pussy. As she lost her strength and her body sagged, this small protrusion would stop her body from sinking farther at the expense of causing pain to her pussy as it was forced to bear the weight of her entire body pressing down on it. Kat found herself in a crucified position on a cross, her only minor solace that her wrists and ankles were secured to it with ropes, not nails.

Kat looked out at the seven others in the room, all of whom had played a greater or lesser role in the scene. All were staring at her naked and helpless body. Kat's hope evaporated that the 12 hours were up and that her questioning was over. She also realized that fewer than half of the seven others had so far used her sexually, so the Colonel was still well within the rules. He obviously knew exactly how to go to the limits of the house rules without violating them – although, as Kat had learned, those limits were not as she had originally thought, but, instead, were well beyond her own.

Although Kat had been sure that one of the officers would now resume her questioning, it was Yellow Dress who moved forward to caress her naked body.

"This one is beautiful," Yellow Dress cooed. "What a shame that she is a spy. Is she to suffer the same fate as the other spies?" Kat's heart skipped a beat hearing Yellow Dress's reference to her fate, but thought if they now were going to play out her execution, the scene would at least be over soon. Unless any of them were into role-play necrophilia – but, while the thought of that made her feel queasy, at least it would not be painful. And it would not really be necrophilia, since she would only be playing dead.

"She is," the Colonel replied. "But first we must be certain that she has told us everything she knows." The Colonel wanted to see how truly broken Kat was.

Kat pleaded, "I have told you everything! I have. Everything!" If she were going to suffer the same fate as the other two, she would be 'shot' and the play would end. At least that is what she hoped would happen, provided that the Colonel accepted for purposes of the play that she had already told him everything that she knew.

"Actually, Madame Spy," the Colonel broke into a wide grin, "I do not think that is true. You see, we have learned that, in fact, you know much more than you have claimed." He waited for her reaction.

"Nooo!" Kat screamed, nearly crazed by the possibility that the Colonel intended more torture before her execution. She so hated this Rough Room now. She prayed that whatever the Colonel had in mind would not be as brutal or terrifying as the electro and water tortures had been that she had just undergone. But, of course, she also knew that tortures generally had a way of becoming more and more brutal as a scene progressed.

"In fact," it was clear the Colonel was taking over her interrogation, "you have engaged in your spying and treason even while you have been in this room, have you not?"

Kat did not understand what the Colonel was asking, but her heart raced in fear of whatever it might be. The Colonel walked up to Kat, reached up to her cuffed hands and slid the ruby ring off the middle finger of her left hand. He handed it to Yellow Dress. Kat's eyes followed closely. "Paulina, examine that ring and tell me what you find." Paulina held the ring in the palm of her left hand and turned it in several directions with her right hand. Kat pulled at the ropes holding her limbs to the cross. "Is there anything unusual about it?"

"Yes. The ruby pops open when you push underneath it."

"And what do you see?"

"I can't tell."

The Colonel took the ring from her. Kat continued to stare at him, horrified as she begun to understand what was happening.

"What I see is a micro-camera that can take video through the ruby's red stone. Isn't that what it is, Miss Shevshenko?" For the first time, the Colonel's voice filled with anger.

"I don't know what you are talking about. The ring is from my grandmother!" Kat protested.

"Actually the ring was made by the rebel's tech wizard, the one they call Samson. We have seen his work before. It is excellent, but it contains certain features that identify it as his work. Just as if he had signed it as his creation. So you got this ring from Samson, did you not?"

Kat screamed at the Colonel. "I told you! My grandmother gave me that ring! I don't know what you're talking about! I've never met anyone named Samson!"

"Perhaps you haven't met him. But it is his work and you got it from the rebels. Ekaterina, you have set up this ng to send video of our encounter today to your rebel leader in Uman or wherever he is, so that he could identify me and my key men here and send a squad to assassinate us, isn't that right?"

Kat's continued her hopeless efforts to free herself from the cross, sweat covering her body, but knew that it was pointless to continue her denials, so she said nothing.

"And we both know what we will find in the emerald ring, do we not?" The Colonel removed the emerald ring from the middle finger of her right hand. "This one will contain a microphone made by Samson, am I right? So that your rebel friends can synch the video and the sound of everything that has happened in this room for the last 12 hours."

"Why would I want to send anyone videos of my nakedness, torture and humiliation?"

The Colonel was ready with his answer. "Because that is the assignment you either were given by your rebel leader or more likely volunteered for. And, as you said earlier, it is not treason to try to save your country from its Russian oppressors, is it? You did not volunteer to work this Rough Room because of the money it paid, did you? No, your superiors in the rebel organization had learned that important Russian soldiers and officials and businessmen frequented it and wanted to identify which did, and what their particular kinks were, so that they could kill or blackmail them." The Colonel tossed the emerald ring to Paulina. "Why don't you confirm that I am correct about this emerald ring, Paulina?"

"Another small device under the stone," Paulina exclaimed.

"Yes," the Colonel nearly gloated. "You know, Ekaterina, when Gleb told me that a new woman had volunteered for the Rough Room and asked me if I wanted an appointment, I asked him for a description of her, knowing the possibility always existed that she might be a Ukrainian spy trying to take advantage of a compromising situation." The Colonel glanced back at Gleb, seated in a far corner of the room. Gleb slowly nodded. "When he described the two rings that you told him you always wore, I knew they sounded like rings that might have been made by Samson. If they were, of course, it meant that the woman wearing them was a spy. So we set up the scene today, and when I saw your rings, I knew they were Samson's and that you were a spy. Not just a woman playing a spy, but a real live spy for the rebels."

The Colonel looked at Kat, who was staring blankly back at him, tied to a cross, naked, helpless, broken and humiliated. Even worse, she was no longer just a part of the Colonel's role play scene, but was a captive of the General of the Russian Army in charge of its operations in the Ukraine. A captive caught red-handed spying on him in order to assist rebel efforts to kill or blackmail him and his officers.

The Colonel – now resuming his role as the General – smiled. "So we proceeded to have our 12 hours of fun with you, as there was no reason to postpone our play after I made certain of the effectiveness of the scrambling device that I placed just outside the door. That allowed your signals to be transmitted to your rebel friends only as garbled images and sounds. So they would know that you were playing your games in the Rough Room, but would not know anything more. They might think that there just was an innocent electronic glitch with the rings' transmission. But, more likely, as it has been 12 hours and you surely told them that you would report to them as soon as your session was finished, and the glitch applied to both of your rings, they know that you are in trouble and that they are helpless to assist you. So they have no choice but to consider you expendable. As we now do, also."

Again, the General waited to see Kat's reaction, but her head was slumped and she obviously was not going to look him in the eye. Oh, he could force her to look at him, but there was no point. She was as broken as any spy could be. His only surprise was that she hadn't yet pissed herself in fear. "So now, my pretty spy Ekaterina, it is time to confess your actual treason, since it is foolish for you to continue to deny it." The Colonel looked at his watch. "Because, with our 12 hours of play time expired, we all have to return to reality. So there is no more game playing. And the house rules, as you know, only applied to the game."

"Twelve hours is all you get," Kat screamed at him, trying to ignore what he was saying to her. "Tell him, Gleb. Twelve hours. I gave him 12 hours. So his time is up and he must let me go!"

Gleb slowly walked up to her from the far corner of the room. "Yes, the 12 hours are up. The Colonel complied with all the house rules. But, as he said, those rules expired with the game. Now he has resumed his status as the General in charge of the Kiev district. And now it is he, not I, who sets the rules." Kat began to shake uncontrollably. "But, even if I did still control the rules, I would not help you. You violated my trust. You did not volunteer to service the Rough Room for the reasons you said – the good pay and the excitement that it offered. No, you volunteered because you were sent to spy on my clients. And, by doing so, you endangered my reputation with the Russian government, who could shut down my business. Fortunately, the General knows I was not complicit in your scheme. But you have forfeited my sympathy and the protection of my rules." Gleb returned to the far corner of the room, torn between his desire to watch and his desire to leave.

"This is all crazy," Kat screamed, her eyes darting around to the others in the room. "I was playing a game, just like all of you were playing. That's all I was doing!"

"So are you going to shoot her?" Paulina asked evilly. "Like you shot the other two spies."

"Paulina," the General chided her gently, having difficulty believing that her brain failed to comprehend that until then they had been engaged in a role play, not real life, "no one has been shot. Larisa is in the bar, waiting for us to return and pay her for her excellent play. And Elena was a fantasy character needed for the scene. No, it is only this one who was really spying on us, even while she pretended to be playing a spy in our game. And my decision as to her fate is an easy one."

"Gleb," Kat screamed, spotting him standing at the far corner of the room. Yes, he had made clear to her his view of the situation, but she was desperate. "You can't believe him! It will cost you a lot of money that I can make you in this room!"

She left unsaid that, if she was released, she would run as far as she could away from this room and never return. Her arms were exhausted from holding up her body, which slid down onto the protruding wedge below her. She struggled to lift herself up to gain more air in her lungs. Ignoring her pleas, the others in the room continued to stare at her naked body, as over and over she pulled herself up off the wedge to gasp for air, only to slide back on it when she no longer had the strength to hold herself up. She was caught in an insidious cycle of pain and exhaustion.


After watching her for several minutes, the General responded to Kat's supposed concern over Gleb's financial condition.

"Actually, Miss Shevshenko, since your concerns about Gleb's financial condition are so honorable, I want to assure you that he is going to come out of this just fine financially. You see, you are actually more valuable working for him in, shall we say, another room than the one in his house. In a different kind of Rough Room." The General opened the door to the room. Two men wearing long flowing tunics and head scarves entered, one carrying a large briefcase that he placed on a nearby chair.

"She is over there," the General pointed at Kat, as if the men would not have known which one in the room they were looking for without his assistance. "Your sheik and I have already agreed to the price, and he requires only your confirmation that I have represented the merchandise fairly to him."

"What are you doing?!" Kat screamed as the two men walked up to her. "I'm not merchandise!" She looked desperately at the General, her eyes and mouth open wide.

"I made some arrangements while I was gone," the General answered. "Some very lucrative financial arrangements for both my government and for Gleb. The sheik is a very wealthy and a very generous man who always pays top dollar for quality merchandise. Let us say that the sheik has decided to buy out your contract with Gleb at a handsome profit for him. You didn't think that I would have left the pleasure of your torture for just any reason, I hope." The General looked at the two men. "You may examine her in any manner you like to confirm that she is everything that I said she was."

"Yes," the taller of the two replied, his hands prodding and probing Kat's body, testing the firmness of her breasts and the tightness of her pussy.

"Get your filthy hands off me!" she screamed at him.

The Tall Man turned to the General. "The sheik loves them feisty, so he will love her spirit." He moved behind her and examined her ass and back before reaching around to squeeze her breasts with both hands. "And her body is firm, very firm. Another big plus for him."

"Gleb, I beg you! You're not like them! You can't let them do this to me!" Gleb stared back at her without a word, then walked to the side of the room and turned the handle holding the chains securing Kat's wrists. He raised her body just enough that she did not have to hold herself up under her own power. While Kat was grateful that this eliminated her struggle for air, she knew that Gleb had not done it out of mercy for her.

The Tall Man reached around Kat's head and thrust a cloth deep into her throat. The Shorter Man, still standing in front of her, taped her mouth shut with a strip of black tape. Then he ran a rope across the tape and secured its ends to her raised arms so that she could not move her head.

"We test them sexually in two ways," the Tall Man explained to the General, "and, if she passes both of these tests, we will complete the sale." The General was pleased that the sheik would like Kat's feisty demeanor, that Kat would have no say as to whether she passed these tests and that therefore she would have no ability to sabotage the test results. No, the tests depended solely on aspects of her physical attributes and charms, and he had no doubt she would easily pass. There was no way the sheik was going to back out of this deal claiming that Kat was not all that the General had promised him. No, the sheik would be most pleased. And would likely want to do more business with the General in the future. The General smirked, hoping that the rebels' other female spies were as beautiful as this one.

Kat could feel the Tall Man rub cream between her buttocks and then push the end of a small tube into her anus and squirt cream into it. At least he was more considerate than the Minister of Defense had been to her when she was Wonder Woman. No, she was being prepared properly, but under the circumstances that was of little consolation to her.

"You see," Tall Man continued, "a lot of the sheik's friends prefer this way." He put the tube down, unzipped his pants, and rubbed his penis between her buttocks. The General could see Kat's entire body shaking franticly. He wanted to feel some sympathy for her. After all, she had been a good role player. But then she did have an easy role to play. A captured Ukrainian spy playing, well, a captured Ukrainian spy. Not really much of a stretch for her, was it? And she was a spy aiding the enemy in its efforts to force the Russians out, or, worse, to kill its officers. No, she deserved and would receive no sympathy from him.

The Tall Man slowly pushed himself deeply into her anus, much more deeply than the Minister of Defense had been able to do. Kat screamed through the gag and then started to sob, totally broken, her eyes glancing around the room at each of the faces staring coldly back at her. All but Green Dress, whose face was buried in her hands. Her one sympathizer, Kat thought, was the person in the room with the least amount of power to help her. Her eyes darted to Paulina, who seemed to be savoring every moment of Kat's pain, terror and humiliation. The bitch! Kat wished she would have chosen her as the second spy. And then to the Major, his arms folded across his chest, licking his lips. No, this certainly was not how she had envisioned the two of them when she had dreamed the Major would pleasure her in the same way he had pleasured Larisa.

After a series of increasingly loud grunts and quickening thrusts, Tall Man pulled himself out of Kat, wiped himself off, and put his penis back in his pants. Giving Kat only a second's respite, the Short Man moved directly in front of Kat and jabbed a needle into her thigh.

"Now for the second test," the Tall Man explained, "which is fucking her while she is unconscious. Sometimes the sheik likes passivity, which is hard to test before a slave's training has been completed." He watched as Kat's eyes grew wide and glazed. The Short Man untied the rope from her arms, allowing her head to fall to her chest as her mind lost consciousness. He unfastened her legs from the cuffs in the floor and her wrists from the chain hanging from the rafters, then gently laid her face up on the stone floor before climbing on top of her.

"Does anyone ever fail this test?" the General asked.

"Not this or any other test," the Tall Man laughed. "The sheik has so many women that he never remembers how he got any of them or who any of them were before they became his slaves. If they don't please him, he puts them to work in the fields. So no, we never get in trouble for approving a woman he later decides he doesn't like. And, of course, we approve them all because the more he has, the more there are for those of us down the line. Since we certainly will do more business together in the future, I assume that our secrets are safe with you." The Tall Man saw that the Short Man was now pumping himself in and out of the unconscious Kat's pussy. "I can see that we will be leaving in just a few minutes." The Tall Man picked up his briefcase from the chair and handed it to the General. "Care to open it and check?"

"No need," the General replied.

"No, there is no need," the Tall Man responded. "But remember what that old American president once said – trust, but verify." He clicked the briefcase open, making sure that only the General could see that it was filled with stacks of $100 bills. "All grouped neatly into packets of $20,000," the Tall Man advised the General softly. Yes, the General thought, it definitely seemed to contain the amount the sheik had agreed to pay -- $700,000. The Tall Man clicked the briefcase closed and handed it to the General. It had been a good day, the General thought. A really good day. A beautiful enemy spy captured and sold for a large sum of money. But only after she had been forced to suffer tremendous sexual abuse and physical torture. And, perhaps even worse, immense psychological and mental torture. Yes, he really did like this Rough Room.

The General saw that the Short Man had finished Kat's second test, and walked over to the glowing brazier. The Tall Man lifted the now stirring Kat to her feet and held her under her shoulders in a full-nelson position, her arms raised in the air. Instead of selecting one of the already heated irons in the brazier, the Short Man pulled an iron out from under his tunic and jammed it into the burning coals, just as Kat regained full consciousness. She had no strength left to struggle free from the Tall Man's grasp.

"You can't do that! You can't let him do that!" Kat's throat was raspy now, unable to rise above a pained whisper... "That's not within the house rules!" Her eyes darted around the room. Yellow Dress and the officers stared at the scene in fascination. Green Dress's face remained buried in her hands, obviously fearing that it was not safe for her to leave the room, but hoping the others were too involved in the scene to see her own reaction to Kat's plight.

The Short Man removed the iron from the coals, its glowing metal end reading "POTS." "This is the sheik's mark," he explained. "It means ‘Property of the Sheik.'" He moved directly in front of Kat, who stared down at it as he jammed it into her just above her public bone. The stench of burned flesh immediately filled the air. Kat screamed in horror and pain as the letters were branded into her. Then the Short Man handed the iron to the Tall Man, who pressed it into the middle of her back.

Kat's eyes were now wide and glassy. Her open mouth, tongue visible, emitted gurgling sounds that barely increased when the Short Man branded her with the sheik's "POTS" mark just under her neck and above her breasts. Her eyes closed and her head slumped to her chest.

"Since all slaves are kept naked from the waist up at all time, everyone in the kingdom who sees her, whether from the front or the back, will know that she is the Property Of The Sheik," explained the Short Man. To make sure that she remained unconscious for the entire trip to the sheik's waiting plane, he plunged a second needle into her buttocks while the Tall Man pulled a black hood over her head and secured it at her neck. The two men then dragged Kat's limp body face down out of the room. The ugly "POTS" brand across her back, matching the two on her front side, was still smoking.

"I'm afraid that her sessions are no longer going to be limited to 12 hours or to four men." The General stated the obvious to the others after the men had left the room with the Sheik's new slave. "No, the Sheik has no such rules nor any rules about marks healing within any period of time. I think that dear Ekaterina is going to miss the Rough Room. And is going to remember it not as the Rough Room, but as the Quite Mild Room."

The General looked around the room. "Now why don't we all join Larisa in the bar and enjoy reliving the play. You all were terrific, I thought, including the spy Ekaterina. Yes, it was one of the best scenes ever in my opinion. I didn't even feel guilty going through it all without letting her know that we were aware of her actual treachery from the very beginning – that we knew she was not only playing a spy, but that she was a real one."

Back in the bar, the General sat at a table with Green Dress, Paulina and Larisa. He took out a $20,000 packet of $100 bills from the briefcase, put it on the table, and divided it into four piles. "One pile is your bonus." He nodded at Paulina and Green Dress. "And two piles are your bonus," he looked at Larisa, "for playing the second spy so well. And since there is no reason to pay Ekaterina, who no longer has any use for money, I included what she was to be paid in your bonuses."

The General rose. "I hope that we can all play again sometime, and that there will be no need for any added drama after the play has concluded." The General picked up the briefcase, and left the bar.

None of the three women could believe the large sums the General had given them. Gleb approached them and sat in the empty chair that the General had vacated.

"As you all know," he began, "the prior occupant of the Rough Room had to leave rather abruptly and will no longer be using it. So we once again have an opening there. You can see that it pays very well and might also involve some very large bonuses. Are any of you interested in becoming its new occupant? In fact, the three of you could take turns and work there just one or two nights a week for a lot more than you are making now. What do you say?"

Green Dress quickly shook her head. "No. I never want to see that room again." She got up and left the bar.

"And what about you two?"

Paulina and Larisa looked at each other before Paulina spoke for both of them.

"Give us a few days to think about it."


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