Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril)


By Eda Chang

The Beginning

As I entered the classroom, I was surprised to find only five women there. Each was dressed in a t-shirt, running shorts and sneakers. I strode past several tables against the back and side walls, desks in the front half of the room behind which the women sat, and to the front of the room, where I leaned against the front of the teacher’s desk.

"Call me Victor. That is not really my name. And I don't want to know your real names. While we are here, you are Ginger.” I pointed to the woman seated at my far left, an attractive Caucasian with reddish brown hair, a thin body and definitely adequate-sized breasts. “You are Jennifer,” I pointed to the woman seated next to Ginger, also an attractive Caucasian with a thin body, but a bit shorter with dark hair and breasts of similar size to Ginger's. “You are Berta,” I continued, pointing to the woman seated in the middle. This one appeared to be Eastern European, shapelier than the others, with large breasts nearly bursting out of her t-shirt. “You are Tia.” The fourth woman was Asian. On a good day at least, she could fill a B-cup. “And you are Paula.” Paula too was a shapely Caucasian, and came the closest of the group to equaling Berta's endowments. I wondered what each looked like naked, but I knew -- although none of the women yet did -- that I would not have to wait long to find out.

"Now, with those introductions out of the way, let’s proceed. You are all here for the same reason. You responded to a classified ad that I placed in several newspapers offering a well-paid government job to those of you who could pass five tests. You all have now passed the first three.”

“Victor,” the voice was Jennifer’s. “I've only taken two tests.” The others nodded in agreement. “I took an intelligence test and just now I took a fitness test. That’s all.”

"You passed both,” I responded, “which is why you are still here. You will remember that your group started out much larger, but now only the five of you remain.”

“Only the five of us passed both tests?” Tia asked. “There were quite a few who left after the intelligence test, so I know they failed that test. But a lot of the girls who stayed for the fitness test certainly did as well on it as I did, but they're not here either.”

“The fitness test required passing many subparts. Endurance. Agility. And mastery of at least one form of martial arts. So some of the other women may have performed well in some but not all of these areas. And others may have failed the third test.”

I saw the confused looks on the women’s faces. “The third test, I continued, “was physical attractiveness. In case you hadn't noticed, you are all beautiful.”

“That’s not only a sexist comment,” Paula complained, “but I think it’s illegal to hire based on appearance.”

“It is … unless the job requires physical beauty. The Miss America pageant doesn't act illegally by only accepting beautiful women. And this job requires physical beauty.”

“No one has yet told us what the job is,” Ginger reminded me. “When are we going to be told?”

“Now,” I answered. I saw the women look at each other. This obviously was what they had been waiting several hours to hear. “But, before I do, remember the confidentiality oath that you each signed. You cannot share anything I tell you with anyone, not even your immediate family members. If you violate that oath, you will be sent to prison. If that is not acceptable to you, leave now.” I waited a few seconds. None of the women moved.

“Good. Now let me explain. In recent months, we have lost several key undercover operatives around the world. Female operatives.” I saw Ginger mouth the word they all were thinking. “That’s right. Spies. And Paula, to answer your comment, one criterion for a female spy to be as effective as possible is that she be physically attractive. Why is that?”

Paula slowly nodded her agreement. “Because it is much easier for an attractive woman to get what she wants from a man. Just because she is attractive and the man is hoping to get in her pants. Or because it is easier for her to seduce him, if necessary.”

“Correct. So, Berta, tell me what are some of the requirements of a female spy other than intelligence, physical attractiveness and physical fitness?”

“She has to be willing to do things she might find distasteful, like seducing a fat general to gain access to a secure facility or to get him to reveal classified information.”

“That’s right. I mentioned that there were a total of five tests. Are you ready for the final two? I warn you, however, that the first three were the easy ones. These next two will not be easy for you.” I saw them all nod back at me.

“All right. Test four has now begun.” I pressed a buzzer on the teacher’s desk. A few seconds later, ten soldiers entered the room and formed a large circle in its back half.

“You are each to obey everything that I say. I'm sure that is understood. So the first order I give you is to move into the circle of soldiers behind you.”

The women rose from their desks and walked into the circle, then spaced themselves evenly within it without being instructed.

“My next order to each of you is: Remove all of your clothes and toss them out of the circle.”

Before this order had fully registered with any of the women, the soldiers began teasing, cursing and yelling at them. “Yeah, let’s see that bush of yours.” “This one here has the smallest tits, I bet.” “Which one do you want to fuck?”

Ginger reacted first. She crossed her arms, reached down to grab her t-shirt at its waist and pulled it over her head. She kicked off her sneakers and pulled down her shorts and panties in one motion, then tossed all of her clothes outside the circle. “Look at that one move,” one of the soldiers pointed toward her. “She can't wait to get herself naked in front of an army of men. I'll bet she wants to take us all.”

The other four women were not as quick, but soon all five were naked. Tia and Jennifer tried to cover their bodies with their hands. Tia appeared to be shaking. The others stood with their hands at their sides.

“Clasp your hands behind your head,” I ordered each one. All obeyed, although Jennifer more slowly than the others.

“Why have I had you do this as part of this test? Tia?” I asked her because so far she appeared to be the weakest in the group.

“A female spy does not know what she might be required to do for her mission, so she must be prepared to do anything, including things that she normally might find humiliating.”

“Very good. So what do you think that the next part of this test will be?” I asked them all.

None spoke for several seconds. Then Paula answered, her voice shaking noticeably. “What she might be required to do … is engage in sex with unattractive persons. Or with persons of a sex that a spy doesn't prefer. Or in a way that she finds disgusting. In order to get what she needs from him. Or her.”

As she spoke, the ten soldiers paired into five groups, with one standing in front of and one behind each of the five women. When I nodded, each soldier standing behind wrapped his arms around the body of the woman in front of him and reached up to clasp his hands behind her neck, putting her into a full nelson wrestling hold, which forced her arms straight up. At the same time, each soldier standing in front of the women unzipped his pants and moved up between the woman’s legs, grabbing them and holding them up to his sides while he positioned himself to thrust inside her.

With no time to prepare, the women were not ready for such violation and let out loud grunts of pain as the soldiers entered them and began to push deeper into them, then back and forth rhythmically. After two minutes, several began to ejaculate into the women and, within a minute more, all had satisfied themselves and stepped back, letting the women’s legs fall to the floor.

With no further command necessary, the men standing behind the women, still holding them in the helpless full nelson position, marched them to either a table at the back and side of the room or to one of the desks. Each woman was quickly bent over as the soldier holding her unzipped his pants. I had given these soldiers no limitations as to what they could do, and I saw that the ones with Tia and Jennifer had decided to sodomize them. The other three chose the more conventional point of entry, which naturally was far easier on their “partners,” whose bodies were now physically prepared for it. Unlucky Tia and Jennifer, however, were soon again screaming.

The second group of soldiers was also given only three minutes. While the time no doubt sped by for them and for me, it must have seemed much longer to the women they were “entertaining.”

When I noticed that each of the soldiers had moved away from the women, who slowly were moving to stand, I instructed the women to take their seats. I saw a look of hatred toward me from all of them as they obeyed.

“I would tell you that I am sorry, but that would be a lie. This is part of the training needed to become an undercover operative. Anything can happen to you sexually and you have to be prepared to accept it, sometimes without warning. You even have to be prepared to pretend to enjoy it. Paula, what would happen to a spy who resisted her prey’s advances?”

“At best, she would be raped. At worst, she would be suspected of being a spy and then raped and worse.”

“I am pleased to tell you that you have all passed the fourth test.” Had there been a dozen candidates, I might have failed Tia and maybe even Jennifer. But there were only five left and I needed them all. No one was going to fail, even if one or two were not really cut out to be spies. But they didn't need to know that.

“You deserve some rest before the fifth test.” I could hear them murmur, grateful for the temporary reprieve. But their relief was short-lived. “You deserve it. But you won't get it. The fifth test starts now.”

Five of the soldiers approached the women, who were again seated at their desks. Each soldier grabbed the wrists of one of the them, forced them behind the back of her chair and handcuffed them in place after looping the handcuffs around a metal rod in the chair’s back to hold her wrists in place. They cuffed the women’s ankles to the back sides of the chair’s legs, forcing their legs apart. I could see semen still dripping from between Berta’s legs.

The soldiers walked to the back of the room, and, with the women staring intently at them, each picked up a small generator from one of the tables and returned to put it on the desks at which the women, now fully restrained, sat. No one had to explain to any of them what the fifth test involved. They had not yet been tested on their pain tolerance. What they didn't know was how much pain they would be required to endure.

The soldiers attached the clamps at the end of the generator’s wires to each of the women’s nipples and labia. Each grit her teeth at the pain caused by the clamps, knowing that this was nothing compared to the pain soon to come. Each glanced at the others to confirm that the fear she was now feeling was shared by all.

Finally, the soldiers placed a small device, also attached to the generator by a wire, in each woman’s right palm.

“The electric current will be turned on for thirty seconds,” I explained. “After 10 seconds, you may push either of the two buttons on the device in your palm. Since you cannot see them with your hands cuffed behind your back, but only feel them, let me explain the difference. If you push the larger button, the current will go off for the rest of the 30 seconds, but then will resume when the test continues. If you push the smaller button, the current will go off and will not come back on again even when the test continues. Of course, you will not know what is required to pass the test. The test will begin sometime within the next two minutes.”

The soldiers turned the knobs on the generators halfway up, but I held the master on/off switch for them, which I left for the moment in its off position, so no current flowed. I looked from one woman to the next. They all showed some degree of alarm. Who would not? Even if any of them had played with electricity before, they certainly would not have played with it to the degree with which they would now face it. I was sure that they also feared that the surge of electricity might cross their heart and kill them. Of course, I knew we had wired the devices to make sure that it would not, but, again, they did not need to know this.

As they waited, I could see that the women knew that more than two minutes had passed without my activating the current. That, of course, was intentional on my part. Now they had no idea when the pain might start. I waited two more minutes. I wondered if any were beginning to think that the fifth test was just to see how they reacted when they were threatened with pain, rather than when they actually experienced it. If any that thought, she was wrong. I flicked the switch on.

All five women immediately jolted forward as far as the cuffs on their ankles and wrists allowed. Each started to shake her breasts to try to release the clamps on her nipples. Berta’s and Paula’s movements, in particular, created quite a sight. I wondered if these reactions were purely instinctive. I would have thought that the woman would have reacted differently from one another.

After 15 seconds, I noticed that Tia had pushed a button, but I would not know which until the next stage of the test began. Within the next five seconds, I saw that Jennifer, Berta and Paula had also pushed a button. Their bodies fell back into their chairs, bathed in sweat. They gasped for breath, their chests heaving. Ginger lasted the full 30 seconds until the current automatically shut off. Her body too then crashed back to her chair and I noticed that she was breathing even more rapidly than the others. But, as I expected, she had proven to be the strongest in this test, too.

“The next part of this test begins automatically in 45 seconds. This time the current will last for a full minute.” Each woman watched as the soldier in front of her turned the knob on the generator to its three-quarter position.

I saw all the women try to prepare themselves. From this I surmised that the four must each have pushed the larger button, the one that did not end the test, which pleased me.

This proved correct, as soon all five bodies jumped involuntarily from their chairs as the current raced through them. This time, I could hear Tia and Paula cursing. I could not make out Tia’s words, but Paula was screaming: “You won't beat me, you motherfucker.” I smiled.

After fifteen seconds, none had pushed a button. Still none had pushed a button after thirty seconds, even with the greater current. They had learned quickly to increase their pain tolerance. After forty-five seconds, Jennifer pushed a button and then Berta. But Tia, Paula and Ginger lasted the entire minute at the higher current. All three bodies crashed as the current shut off.

“Berta and Jennifer, which button did you push?” I asked.

“The larger,” both yelled back at me. I waited as the soldiers checked their devices to confirm this, and then nodded back to me.

“Excellent. You all have passed the fifth test. Would you like, as a reward, for me to turn it all the way up for one last go for two minutes?” I saw the looks of horror on their faces and laughed to let them know I had not been serious.

And The End

I have to tell you that the greatest risk to a new female spy is not that she lacks intelligence or is physically unfit or is not attractive enough or cannot stand pain or is sexually inhibited. It is none of the things that she can be trained to handle, or at least trained to handle up to a certain point. The greatest risk to her is that she will simply make a mistake. In taking a foolish action. Or trusting an untrustworthy person. Or overacting her role. One mistake. That is all that any female undercover operative ever makes. Because she never gets a chance to make a second mistake.

Here is what I ultimately learned happened to my five recruits.

Two months after training:

Paula was sent to Mexico to assist the government’s fight against the drug cartels, and it had not taken her long to infiltrate one of the smaller ones operating on the country's east side. Its second in command decided that he liked to have her around. She was always eager to fuck him, it seemed. However he wanted it. She never had a headache or wasn't in the mood.

This changed one day when he returned to the warehouse unexpectedly and found her quickly closing what had been a locked drawer in the main office that contained sensitive and confidential contact information, at the same time that a small nail file dropped to the floor. He now knew why she was always ready to screw a guy like him.

First, he hung her by her ankles in a warehouse and whipped her, but not before inserting a hook between her legs that was tied to a cord that he wrapped around her neck. [See Paula 1 pic] With each stroke from the whip across her back, she instinctively stretched her neck backward, pulling the hook deeper into her. She bore the first three lashes bravely, swearing at him that she would never tell him anything. But by the fourth stroke, with her body shaking uncontrollably, she lost her defiance and was simply screaming. And by the ninth stroke, she was begging him to let her answer and to do anything that he asked. He finally stopped after fifteen lashes, after which she told him everything that he wanted to know, to the smallest detail she could remember. He then thrust his penis into her mouth and warned her that her survival depended on how well she satisfied him. After ejaculating deep into her throat, he took her down and dragged her to the warehouse basement.

He chained her, bent at the waist, with her back to the wall and her legs spread out in front of her, and left her there for two days. When he returned, he asked her questions that he was sure that she couldn't answer. When she couldn't, he ball-gagged her and wired her breasts and genitals to a small generator and sent the electric current through her until she was nearly foaming at the mouth. [See Paula 2 pic] It didn't matter to him that she knew nothing more. She was a spy who had tried to destroy his means of livelihood. When he finally grew tired of torturing her after several more hours, he told four of his men that they could do what they wanted with her, as long as he never saw her again. They dragged her away. When they returned eight hours later, she was not with them. He asked no questions.

Eighteen months later, after one of these men was captured by government agents, he told them that, after sexually abusing and torturing her for most of the eight hours they were gone, they cuffed her wrists behind her back, tied weights to her ankles and dumped her naked off a boat into the Gulf of Mexico, ignoring her pleas to them to spare her life.

Three months after training:

Berta was sent to the Ukraine to assist the rebels in their fight against the Russians. She worked as a barmaid at a pub frequented by Russian officials and their staff. One senior Russian official grew suspicious that Berta seemed to be waving her breasts too much in the face of her customers and asking too many strange questions. So he decided to take her in for questioning under circumstances designed to elicit the truth.

He asked her if she wanted him to take her to police headquarters so they could have the excitement of fucking in one of the cells. She accepted. When she willingly entered the cell in the headquarters’ basement, she was surprised to find five other men waiting for her. “I have to fuck all six of you?” she looked at him. “No, you don't have to fuck any of us,” he replied. Worried by his response, Berta tried to recover. “Even if I don't have to, I will. Twice each if you like.”

It was to no avail. He had the men tie her spread-eagled, with her back against the wall, and strip off her barmaid uniform and underclothes. After giving them a chance to admire her body, he had two of the men take turns whipping her front between her neck and thighs, which gave her no time to recover from the last blow before the next one struck. [See Berta 1 pic] He was surprised that she didn't break, but just kept repeating that her only crime was that she was a nymphomaniac and that they all would be happier if he let her have sex with all of them. So he chained her spread-eagled on a table and granted her wish. Although it didn't really seem to bring her the happiness that she promised, it did please his men. [See Berta 2 pic]

When they finished with her, he had them secure her in a heavy wooden chair with a metal seat and metal cuffs on the ends of its arms and front legs to hold her wrists and ankles. He covered her head with a thick leather hood. [See Berta 3 pic] He pushed a glowing brazier filled with hot coals under the metal seat, as flames from the coals darted through the holes in the metal seat and up against Berta’s ass, legs and crotch. This loosened her tongue quickly, and she began screaming answers before he even asked the questions.

After she confessed everything about her mission, he took his time before removing the brazier from under the chair. Then he circled behind her and tightened the strap around her neck that held the hood in place. As she struggled for air, one of his men used pincers in the brazier to pick up a hot coal from it that he rubbed over her large breasts as her chest heaved for air. He was surprised how long her chest continued to heave before it grew still.

Her naked body was tossed in a mass shallow grave with other victims of the Russian military action against the Ukrainians.

Five months after training:

Jennifer was sent to Peru, where several government factions were fighting for control. Like Berta, she was sent to help oust the existing government, but, despite her efforts, it remained in power. Jennifer successfully seduced quite a few government officials, who provided her with useful information in exchange for which she continued to screw them regularly. But when two of these officials were suspected of treason, they revealed her espionage in an unsuccessful effort to save themselves from the gallows.

She fled into mountains before she could get the valuable information that she had acquired – or herself -- out of the country, but she was captured within days. Her captors brought her to a remote outpost where she was forced to perform as a sex slave for government troops. [See Jennifer 1 pic]

Several weeks later, realizing that she might have useful information regarding not only rebel operations, but also the identities of more corrupt government officials, she was brought back to the city for questioning. Like the others, she proved no match for the brutal interrogation methods that her interrogators used on her. [See Jennifer 2 pic]

The information that she provided helped the government rid itself of the traitors in it, and crush the revolution that she had been sent to support, but it did not end the tortures that she was forced to undergo.

More than a year later, a photo purporting to show her being hung by the government in the rebel headquarters was sent anonymously to the state department. [See Jennifer 3 pic] Three serious questions made the authenticity of the photo doubtful: a blindfold prevented identification of the woman's face; the woman's breasts appeared larger than I remembered them; and the skin of the woman in the photo was unmarked.

Jennifer was never again seen, so the authenticity of the photo was never definitively confirmed or disproven. However, all scenarios based on what was known of her situation strongly suggested that her ultimate demise was far more painful for her than the hanging depicted in the questionable photograph.

Nine months after training:

Tia operated effectively in China for nearly nine months, sending back information about China’s nuclear developments. She was ultimately betrayed by a double agent and brought to China’s most infamous dungeon for interrogation.

First, she was suspended upside down, questioned and branded in her back. [See Tia 1 pic] When this failed to force her to talk, she was given merciless electroshock treatment to her breasts and genitals. [See Tia 2 pic] She still refused to talk, chanting over and over during her tortures, “You won't beat me, you motherfucker.”

After two weeks of daily questioning and torture, the Chinese grew frustrated. They threw her into a small cell for several months while they contemplated a prisoner exchange. Ultimately they decided they did not want to release such a strong agent.

Still having learned nothing from her, they marched her naked in front of a firing squad and executed her. [See Tia 3 pic] Video of her execution and disposal of her body in a nearby dirt pit was smuggled to the West a year later. The Chinese were pleased that, during her months in the cell, her wounds had a chance to heal, so it did not appear that she had suffered the abuse that she had in fact suffered.

Sixteen months after training:

Ginger was sent to Syria to support the overthrow of the Hassad government. Like Jennifer, she worked effectively with the rebels, gaining information from inside Damascus from civilian personnel who readily traded it in return for sex with her. She made sure that they knew that they had committed treason and were at her mercy, lest she turn them in. She forced them to continue to supply her with the information that she needed and reported it to her superiors.

After a time, seeing no other way out of his situation, one of the civilians lied to Ginger’s rebel boss that she was actually working for the Hassad government. Ginger was mercilessly interrogated with electro-torture. [See Ginger 1 pic] Although she continued, truthfully, to declare her innocence and loyalty to the rebels, they could not take a chance that she was in fact a double agent. Unable to decide what to do with her, the rebels sold her to a nearby cult that engaged in medieval torture practices.

A defecting member of the cult reported six months later that he had seen a naked Ginger, her hair dyed blonde to disguise her true identity, repeatedly tortured inside the cult’s dungeon. [See Ginger 2, 3 and 4 pics]

Like the information regarding Jennifer, the accuracy of this information regarding Ginger was uncertain. Accurate or not, Ginger was never seen again, and no further stories about her have surfaced, so her exact fate, too, like Jennifer’s, is unknown.

Two years after the initial training:

As I entered the classroom, I was surprised to find only three women there. All were stunningly attractive. “Call me Victor. That is not really my name. And I don't want your real names. We have a need for you about which I shall soon tell you. But first …”


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