Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril)


By Eda Chang

"An hour away. The coming rain may slow them down more."

"You're sure they are that far away?”

“It took me 45 minutes to get back after I spotted them. There is an entire platoon with equipment. Another hour. Yes.”

“All right. I agree. We have to leave.” The man giving the order, the obvious leader of this small band, looked at the four others in the small room, two men and two women. All were dressed in military fatigues and boots, except for one of the women, who wore a long white medical coat. “We're of no use here. We won't even slow them down. Let’s retreat to join our main force. We should have enough soldiers to stop a platoon of government soldiers. Unless there are more behind them.” He looked over to the woman in white. “You know what you have to do first, Jahat. Don't take too long. No more experiments. Just do it and then catch up to us as fast as you can. But we'll be moving fast, so we may not see you until we're all back at the main camp.” The woman in white nodded and left the room.

Outside, she immediately felt the warm humid air. The war had been going on for more than a year now, and, while the rebels had won some early guerilla battles, the Indonesian government troops were now pressing them hard, pushing them back through the bamboo forest. The two one-room wooden houses in which she and the others had operated for the last three months had been behind the rebels’ front lines when they first began to use them. Now they were unprotected, as the main rebel force had retreated at least five miles south, down the one road that ran through the small island.

Her name was not really Jahat, and she had hated it at first when the others began to call her that. It means “the evil one” in Indonesian. And she was not really evil. She was just the one with a year of medical training who was assigned to find ways to encourage captured government soldiers to talk about things like government strength and plans and troop movements. Gradually, however, she began to take pride in her work and her new name. She had even begun to dress like a doctor with her white coat that one of the soldiers had originally given her as a joke.

Now she walked the hundred yards from the house that acted as the group’s headquarters to the second house that acted as her "laboratory." Both houses were partially shielded from the road by the tall bamboo. But not shielded enough that the government troops would not spot them when they arrived. So they had to leave. But first she had one last job to do.

Jahat entered the second house. All was exactly as she had left it an hour earlier when she had been summoned to wait with the others for their scout’s report: a table in the center of the room; two tables against the side wall ... and three bodies hanging by their wrists along the far wall. Two men and one woman. All naked. Their government uniforms on the floor at their feet. All dead. But only after Jahat’s tortures had convinced them to tell all they knew of value to the rebels. All three had talked quickly. As soon as she had brought out the barbed wire. Two loops around the men’s testicles and their memories improved. But she always knew that was where men kept their brains and their memories. Two loops around the woman’s breasts and she would have told Jahat where her family lived had Jahat asked. Jahat was disappointed. She thought that women were stronger than men. But not this one.

Jahat glanced to see that the wires were still wrapped on all three of these soldiers exactly where she had placed them. After they told her all they knew, she didn't bother mutilating them. She just shot each once in the chest. She had no further time for them once they were of no more use to her. Maybe she didn't really deserve the name Jahat after all. But then, time was precious and she couldn't spend any more on those three whimpering soldiers. Because there was one more soldier in the room. Also naked. But not dead. A man.

He was spread-eagled on the tables in the middle of the room, his wrists and ankles cuffed to the table’s corners. He was alive for only one reason. He hadn't talked. He had been captured from a different unit than any of the others. And so likely had other information. But she couldn't be sure. Because he hadn't talked. Which is why his chest and stomach and thighs were covered with cigarette burns. And his nipples were skewered by long thin needles whose ends were attached to a small generator. She was sure that would have loosened his tongue. But it didn't. She had been planning to move her attention to his penis when she was called away. But now she would have no further time with him. He had won. He would die, but he had won. He had told her nothing.

When she turned away from the dead soldiers and to him, his body tensed. And it was a wonderful body. Muscular chest. Flat stomach. He hadn't talked, but at least he was afraid of her. “Well, Yankee.” He hadn't even told her his name and had no identification on him when he was captured. She called him Yankee because the rebels believed that the government was supported by the U.S. It would do. Any name would do. “I have good news for you and bad news for you.” He continued to stare at her.

"First, some of the good news. Your government troops are just an hour or so away, so I will have to leave this place.”

“They will track you down,” he smiled, the first time she had seen him smile. Of course, it was not surprising that he hadn't smiled before. “But that brings me to some of the bad news. You're going to have to join the others.” She nodded toward the three bodies hanging against the wall.

“And you will soon join me,” he spat at her. “Today will be your last day on earth, too.”

“Perhaps. But I don't think so. Still, just in case it is, that brings me to some more good news for you.” Jahat removed her shoes, climbed onto the table and straddled Yankee’s body. Slowly she unbuttoned her coat, revealing that she wore nothing under it. “We're going to have a good time together before you go.” She moved her hands to massage her small firm breasts, then slid them down her slender waist to his penis below her. She began to stroke it. It seemed to her that Yankee made no effort to resist as she felt it harden quickly. “You like my body, I can see. And feel.”

She leaned forward, her chest touching his, then positioned his penis with her right hand, before leaning back and forcing it into her. She was already wet with anticipation. This was the one attractive -- and strong -- captive that she had wanted from the start. She moved her knees farther apart, pushing him even more deeply into her.

Yankee looked up at Jahat, who closed her eyes and let out a moan. He pulled at his bonds, but they held firm. The longer he could hold himself back, he knew, the longer he would live. And the more time he would have to try to find a way to escape his fate. Although that seemed hopeless. Still, she was an attractive woman, even if smaller than he might have preferred. But if beggars couldn't be choosers, well, what could he do. He should at least be a bit grateful. After all, she could have just put one between his eyes and moved on.

He continued to look at her, feeling her warmth around him. She let out another moan. And then an even louder one. He saw her eyes open wider. Then she looked down at him. And her body tumbled down onto his. He could see a long dart sticking out of the middle of her back. And there, standing at the foot of the table, were five government soldiers, one holding a blow gun.

Two of the soldiers immediately pulled Jahat off Yankee, while two others began to release Yankee's limbs from their cuffs.

“She’s dead?” he asked.

“No. Just unconscious,” the fifth soldier answered, as he returned his blow gun to his belt.

"What? Why would you ...?"

"We figured she must be the one they called Jahat. We learned from captured rebels that there was a woman rebel around here who tortured and killed our soldiers. Experimented with different types of tortures on them. And was merciless. We didn't just want to shoot her. Too easy on her. Is this the one?"

"It is." Yankee, his limbs now free, had very carefully removed the needles from his nipples.

"Then she deserves a long and painful death, does she not?"

Yankee nodded in the direction of the three dead soldiers. Two of the arriving soldiers were removing their wrists from their cuffs and setting their bodies down gently on the floor. "There's your answer."

"Get dressed and come outside. You'll enjoy what you'll see."

While one soldier remained with the three dead, the other four soldiers left the house, two of them dragging the still unconscious Jahat, face down, between them.

Yankee found his uniform under the table and slowly dressed. He had been told to strip when he was brought into the room, or he would be stripped, and he had done so himself. A wise decision, as his uniform was still in tact, which it would not have been had his captors done the job for him. He walked out of the house, his former prison. The sky was darkening. It was going to start raining very soon.

He looked down the road. No government troops in sight except for the five men who had rescued him. An advance unit, obviously, that Jahat had not expected to arrive so fast. His good fortune. Her mistake. Her last mistake.

Then he looked down the other side of the road. And saw that the men had cleared some of the bamboo next to it. And, for the second time in the last several days, he smiled.

The men had found two tall bamboo stalks with a new stalk between them that had just started to grow. They had cut a four foot piece of a thinner nearby stalk and tied it horizontally between the two taller stalks about five feet off the ground. They had placed the still unconscious Jahat on her knees in the mud between the two tall stalks and roped her wrists to the horizontal beam over her head. As Yankee watched, they roped her thighs and waist to the two tall stalks. They looped another rope around her breasts and secured it to the horizontal bar between her wrists. Finally, they roped her waist some more and tied the rope to a spike that they had jammed deeply into the soft ground a foot in front of her.

It was now impossible for her to move any part of her body except for her head. And her knees had been forced apart. So that her vagina -- and Yankee could now clearly see the patch of black hair that he had seen just a few minutes earlier on top of his body -- was positioned directly above the new bamboo stalk, which ended about an inch below its target.

Just as the rain started, the sedative from the dart began to wear off and Jahat stirred. Yankee approached her and pulled her white coat wide open to make sure that it shielded no part of the front of her body, but just hung loosely from her shoulders. He then tore two strips from the coat's hem. He wadded up one strip and thrust it deep into Jahat's mouth, then secured it in place with the second strip, which he tied behind her neck. [See Jahat Pic]

Jahat raised her head, her black hair already soaked from the rain, and saw Yankee standing in front of her. She looked quickly up and then down, and realized her fate. She tried to scream at him, but the gag made her protests incomprehensible. Yankee stood and watched her for a minute, his uniform gradually getting soaked as the rain came down harder, but he didn't notice or didn't care. He saw the terror in Jahat's eyes as she again looked down between her legs at the small bamboo shoot. She looked back up to him and her incoherent screams grew louder.

Yankee saw the other soldiers move down the road. "I will catch up with you in a minute," he yelled after them, then turned to Jahat.

"I have good news and bad news for you, Jahat," Yankee began, enjoying the sudden and complete reversal of their roles. She tried to move her body, but could not. "First, some of the good news. It's raining. That means that you will not suffer as much, because bamboo grows faster when it rains."

Jahat was now frantic, straining every muscle in an effort to do something to save herself, but knowing that there was nothing she could do. And that there would be no advance group of rebel soldiers to rescue her, as the government's advance group had rescued Yankee.

"But that brings me to some of the bad news." Jahat's words to him less than 30 minutes ago rung in his ears. "We don't need any information from you. We know that the rebels are down that road and we will find them and annihilate them. So you have nothing to bargain with. Which is why you are gagged."

Jahat's body was practically convulsing, and her breathing was fast and desperate.. Yankee could not tell, because of the rain, whether she was crying. "The Evil One" who had been so ruthless and arrogant and merciless was now facing a terror as horrible as any she had administered. "Jahat, it's just a version of the golden rule. Do unto others ... only better. But that brings me to some more good news for you." Jahat sunk her head to her right breast. "You are going to be the star of a show!! Right here by the side of the road in a clearing as the government soldiers march by. Maybe it's not the role you tried out for, but it's the starring role. And thousands will see you."

Yankee walked up to her. Slowly, she looked up at him. "Since I can't stay to fuck you myself, I am leaving my little friend here to do the job." He glanced down. "But don't worry. He gets very hard. He grows very large. And he can go on for a very, very long time. I'm sure that he will be the best fuck you've ever had. You should like that."

Yankee stepped back, and took a long look at Jahat before turning to run up the road to catch up with the others. The rain continued to fall. Jahat could already begin to feel the shoot below her touch between her legs. And she could hear the sound of many footsteps from a distance down the road in the other direction.


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