Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril)

adults only bondage stories



The following stories are works of FICTION and are not to be duplicated in real life. Adults only, please.

ALICE: WHAT HAPPENED TO ALICE AFTER ALICE by Ed: Several days have passed since pretty young Alice Turner failed her test to avoid death in Duke Andressen's torture dungeon, an excruciating topless ordeal, particularly onerous as she wasn't bound, but had to offer her breasts for lash after lash. Locked in a cell until her body recovered, she is given another chance at mercy by using her mouth on the duke while his previous favorite is punished. Failing a second time, she is dragged to a torture room where the duke subjects her, fully nude this time, to a fiendish combination of horse and breast mangle. (Two victims, full body whipping, breasts squeezed between rollers, caned, subjected to hot irons, hot needle nipple burning, and then subjected to a savage breast torture rape. VERY vicious M/f sadism.)

JOLANDA'S ORDEAL by LLL: A young Spanish noblewoman, having become the "queen of pirates", is captured by the cruel governor she refused to marry and subjected to his revenge. Pedro, the governor, has however to act within the boundaries of the law… (humiliation, whipping, crucifixion – sort of). NOTE: I wrote this back in 1998, but hope it can still be of interest today. With some of the illustrations made by Quoom in days long gone.

AGONY IN PINK by The Dark Ranger: A legendary story spoken about in hushed tones since the old days of Usenet newsgroups and the internet of the 90’s. Written and uploaded by an anonymous author known only as "The Dark Ranger" and has been the stuff of legends since. So extreme it was banned in Australia! The pink power ranger is captured and tortured in exquisite detail. This is a extreme story and not for the faint of heart. (Bondage, whipping, electro, hot iron, rape, mutilation and snuff)

AGONY IN PINK 2 - A NEW ENDING by The Dark Ranger: Described by the original author as not so much of a sequel but more of a retelling of the original, Kimberly the pink power ranger is captured and cruelly tortured by another young woman in immersive detail. This is an even more extreme story than the original. (Bondage, whipping, rape, hot irons, electro, needles, fire, forced corpophaglia, cannibalism, disembowlment and snuff)

AGONY IN PINK 3 - AGONY IN YELLOW by The Dark Ranger: The final of the 3 legendary power ranger torture fan fiction series. Also penned by the anonymous "Dark Ranger" in the late 90’s and posted on ancient Usenet newsgroups. These stories have stood the test of time and have been so notorious that they have managed to not be lost to history over 20 years of the internet. That said, this story is about the yellow power ranger Ashley being captured and subjected to increasingly extreme forms of torture by a female protagonist. The detail and imagination of the original author really shine here and this is arguably the most refined of the series. Also extreme and very much not for the faint of heart! (Bondage, whipping, sci-fi electro, rape, forced lesbianism, fire, mutilation, dismemberment)

SOFIA: A PIRATE'S PUNISHMENT by Ed: This is a collaboration between me, Ed as the author, and WillieJ, the illustrator. It concerns Sofia Janszoon, a pirate's daughter captured by a Spanish captain in the time of the Inquisition. Not a corsair herself, she is still sentenced to a cruel punishment for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Bound to a short post, the captain has decreed a savage strapping of her breasts before a small collection of nobles. After that, it gets even worse for her. (Medieval M/f, breast whipping and nipple torture.)

SOPHIE by Osouk: A French journalist is finally arrested. An older story now updated with artwork by GIMP Hall-of-Famer Quoom. (Prison, MM/F, Cigarette Torture, Caning, Nipple Torture, Electro Torture, Psychological Torture, Object Torture, Water Torture, Hetero)

LADY DIANE MONTCALM: CORRECTION IN THE CONVENT by Ed: Following the death of her father, the 3rd Baron of Kent in the Crusades when she was 14, Diane was packed off to the Ursuline convent by her aunt to remove temptation from his unscrupulous brother, now the 4th Baron.  Now a ripe 19-year old, she violated one of the strict rules—an offense that earned her a brutal punishment by the lash.  As her illicit act was sexual in nature, the Mother Superior decreed that her punishment be sexual, as well.  Taken to a basement room, she is made to strip to the waist and tied to a post to suffer the savage beating of her breasts.  (M/f, breast whipping—pretty much nothing but a protracted breast-beating with the strap)

MONSOON (an excerpt) by Wilbur Smith: In this short (1800 word) and somewhat altered excerpt a harem girl is discovered with her lover by the head Omani eunuch, and as punishment she is tied to a torture frame and packets of especially virulent chili pepper in thin rice paper inserted in her vagina and anus. When the chili and her own juices eat through the packets, the powder will be released and she will die a slow and agonizing death. In the book she is rescued, but not here.

HERETIC DAWN SEQUEL by Ed: Sequel to my brutal execution of Dawn Smith story. Watching the tavern maid's brutal ordeal up in the nobles' box, the lovely Ingrid Arundel thought herself immune to such treatment. But the old Viscountess beside her was jealous of the Viscount's young and beautiful ward. And spiteful. Very spiteful. Soon after, Ingrid was delivered to the cruel magistrate who was promised a large bounty to inflict pain and degradation on the beautiful girl. The longer he made her suffer, the more gold he would get. With no time limit, he decides on employing an initial ordeal to embarrass her by entertaining the peasants: tying the young woman behind a tumbril cart, stripping her to the waist, and publicly marching her under the whip. (Medieval, historical torture, M/f, breast whipping, final rape.)

A TALE OF TWO AGENTS by A Viewer: Kate and Jessica were two FBI agents on the fast track but Kate discovered something that she shouldn't have and they're kidnapped by a powerful criminal. Each are subjected to their own horrors before their final fates. (electro, water torture, whipping, stretching, brainwashing, sensory deprivation, rape, asphyxiation)

FOR THE PLEASURE OF MR. SADISTO by Toney Lasher: Mr. Sadisto is tasked with executing three beautiful sisters by hanging them in front of an eager audience. But it’s not just a day of executions. He will brutally torture each of them until they can take no more, until they would rather die by slow hanging than be the unwilling subject of his painful attentions. Hanging out with Mr. Sadisto has never felt so good. (torture, hanging, electro-torture, flaying, whipping, burning, rape)

PAMELA, ACCESSORY AFTER THE FACT by Ed: Pamela Gorham, a cute and busty 19-year old, fled her mundane Iowa existance, but she never thought she would be arrested in Florida. Sent to the infamous Metsimmee Prison for Women, where infractions were punished with the whip. And even if innocent, violations would be created to subject her to punishment. (Topless whipping and final vicious rape.)

CLEANING HOUSE by A Viewer: Josh was a guy who couldn't catch a break in life and that was especially true in love. Pushed too far, he spends a night getting his revenge, taking out his exs one by one. (Bondage, forced nudity, BATS, electro, asphyxiation)

RURITANIAN HORROR SEQUEL: ALEXANDRA by Ed: In this sequel, the newly-crowned King of Ruritania, Vasil Hricko, finally has the ultimate power to revenge himself on a humiliating slight given him years earlier by an arrogant young woman. Now a confirmed sadist, he has her bound to the torture bench and punished for her affront. And for his pleasure. . . (M/f, torture chamber, nipple burning, breast whipping and torture, aroused torturer and final concurrent rape.)

ZOYA'S DISCOVERY by Sir Bryon: A young woman is held in a secret interrogation facility and tormented for the pleasure of a mysterious dark Baron Lord. Through her ordeal, she discovers things about herself she never could have imagined before. (Bondage, Forced Nudity, Domination, Voyeurism, Small Tits, Humiliation, Groping, Slapping, Penetration with Device, Sensory Deprivation, Breast Whipping, Extreme Stimulation, Orgasm Denial, Screenplay Possibilities)

A TRAITOR'S ANGUISH by Kasey H: The Romans have captured a young woman accused of conspiring against the Empire. She is brought to the arena for punishment where she is chained and scourged; but she is not the only one made to suffer that day. (Parts 1 & 2) (whipping, scourging, torture, corporal punishment, historical, MM/F, M/F)

DANCER'S DEMISE by Darkroom: A busty dancer attracted the attention of the wrong men and is forced to divulge the name a pretty accomplice and a crime she didn't commit. (torture, breast torture, nonconsentual, rape, forced).

SHANNON WHIRRY: THE HIGH PRICE OF FAME by Ed: Busty 90's soft-core starlet Shannon Whirry has captured the attention of a perverted billionaire. He has her kidnapped and brought to his private island for his private games. Concentrated sadism with a heavy dose of sex. Not much plot, but a lot of torture. Some genital, but most focused on the breasts, the main reason she was selected. (whipping, hot needles, electro, rape, chemical, more whipping, and absolutely non-consensual)

UNCONQUERED (an excerpt) by Neil H. Swanson: The following is excerpted from the novel Unconquered by Neil H. Swanson published in 1947.  It has been slightly edited.  In this segment the heroine has been captured by Seneca Indians.  She is tied naked by her wrists between two trees and her captors begin to torture her with fire.  She is unfortunately rescued before any real damage can be done to her.  All things considered, a damn good scene.  It was also the inspiration for the story "A Clearing in Hell for the Soft Brides of the Blood Savage" which is reprinted in this website's section "Men's Adventure Magazine Stories."

THE TAKING OF EMILY by Coolbrez: Leaving a bar, a young woman is abducted, taken to a hotel room, stripped and tied to the bed. She is force fed, her holes plugged, and packed into a rather uncomfortable trunk for transporting. What follows is a harrowing story of breast, nipple, and genital torture, shackles, chains, AOH, electrical shocks, riding a stone horse, embarrassment, humiliation, slavery, and an ending you have not seen before.

BETWEEN THE TREES by Thomas Chaser: A man travels to a foreign country with an emerging economy to rent a girl to torture. Little does he know that there's another game being played, and he's the pawn. Starts with a strong horror element, but ends with a twist. If it starts out too strong for you, don't be put off. You'll appreciate the ending. (Bondage, whipping, pear torture)

MISS BERKELEY'S VOYAGE by King Diocletian: Now with illustrations from Kindinov! A beautiful young woman tries to make life better for sailors on a Royal Naval vessel but ends up breaching the law and suffers a terrible punishment. (Humiliation, flogging, M/F).

UPSKIRT by Osouk: A man's obsession with upskirts leads him to an unexpected place. (Interrogation, torture, electro-torture, nipple torture, corporal punishment, rape)

THE DATE FROM HELL PART II by Navyrotor: 1st Lieutenant Kenzie McKnight has just gone through hell in Level 1 of the dreaded Russian 5-SS’ new torture facility, secretly hidden on U.S. soil. The Air Force intelligence officer hasn’t broken, so her innocent, young sister has been abducted in her college dorm and tortured while Kenzie is forced to watch. The ensuing “reunion” of the sexy redheads then takes place in Level 2, where Captain Milo Stradczyk and his assistants subject both girls to unspeakable tortures and sexual perversions. (Interrogation, torture, drowning, electro-torture, nipple torture, corporal punishment, military, gunplay, forced lesbian sex, forced to watch, beating, sister torture, kissing, uniforms, boots, AOH, spread-eagle bondage, kidnapping, abduction)

THE BARONESS by Fritz: Who is The Baroness? A murderous, 18th century pirate queen? A beautiful student participating in a lurid experiment? A hapless spy being interrogated in 1967? A sadistic mail-order bride in colonial Brazil? Or is she a female rebel from the future who may hold the key to a strange multi-dimensional world where nothing is as it seems – a world where the various incarnations of our heroine, whether real or imagined, are governed by sexual torment and unimaginable agony… a world where not even death can set her free? (Features multiple whippings, gang rapes, fish x 3, a few modified BATS scenes, assorted pirate perils including the rarely depicted art of keelhauling, and too much more nastiness to list here. 95% NC with some rough sailing and a few morsels of pseudo-consensual fare.)

POINT OF VIEW by Esso: Four closely related stories each told from a different POV: third person, torturer, witness to torture and victim. Interrogation of underground members. Each victim breaks under torture and leads the inquisitor to the next story. (electro, nail and tooth removal, breast crushing and whipping, rack, pear and more.)

EMINENT DOMAIN by Online_Ratt: A university ecologist hiking in the woods falls into the trap of a redneck determined to protect his land. He wants to know what brought her there and, enjoying having a pretty captive in his clutches, questions her more and more harshly as he transports her towards his lonely homestead — from which she knows she won’t escape. (M/f, outdoors, kidnapping, rape, beating, strict bondage, torture, forced smoking, burning, water sports, strangling, water asphyx, male masturbation)

STATE OF EMERGENCY BOOK 2: THE CAMP by King Diocletian: The four young heroines of the original State of Emergency series begin their sentences in a labor camp, where they must face a brutal regime and the lusts of other prisoners and the guards as well as interrogation and torture. (M+/F, torture, flogging, humiliation, electric shocks, hanging by the wrists, sleep deprivation, rape)

RURITANIAN HORROR by Ed: Savage, brutal, and bloody sadism. Medieval and exclusively hetero. Carpathian Prince Hricko discovers the sexual delights of torturing young women. In this of a possible two parts, one wench is publicly punished while another is sent to the castle's lowest chamber and tortured to death. (Breast whipping; breast, genital, and body torture; rape after and during torture; torture to death; whipping, hot irons, lurid torture chamber—Hell, I like to check every sadistic box.)

DREAM OF STEEL, DREAM OF BLOOD by Lionrobe: During the Spanish civil war, a young anarchist is raped and tortured by a franquist officer. M/w/extreme torture/snuff (breasts tortured, rape, shooting)

CHARLIE'S ANGELS: Angels in Hell by Ed: The televison show in 1978. Jiggle TV. Played by Jaclyn Smith, Kate Jackson, and Cheryl Ladd. Here's what happened to Kelly, Sabrina, and Kris when they took one job too many and got over confident against a Russian white slaver. (Bloody whipping, breast torture, and a protracted electro torture and rape session)

MORITURAE TE SALUTANT by Lionrobe: Original French text translated to English. The story begins the day where Nero initiates the great fire of Rome and blames the devastation on the Christian community. A centurion is in love with Agatha, one of the Christian leaders. He must choose between his duty and his love, while female Christians including Agatha are savagely tortured to death by all means in the arena. What could be your fate when your name is Agatha? (gladiatrix, bestiality, crux scenes, breastrippers, torture contests of female christians)

LIBERTY by King Diocletian: A campaigning journalist in a Latin American dictatorship is arrested by the regime, is stripped, beaten and tortured before her arch-enemy gets his hands on her. Humiliation, strip-search, paddling, caning, flogging, water torture, sleep deprivation, suspension, electric shocks.

A WITCH TRIAL by Lionrobe: Originally written for French speaking people, then translated on cruxforums by members in their mother's tongue (important). Classical medieval story where an innocent wench is interrogated by a couple of sadistic executioners. Based on true events, circa 1570, in France, alleged witches were dragged on a cart while having their breasts ripped by red-hot pliers. Many well known paintings inside. (medieval, interrogation, witchcraft, breastrippers, needles).

THE DATE FROM HELL by Navyrotor: Air Force 1st Lieutenant Kenzie McKnight is on a "play date" with her new boyfriend - acting out a capture and interrogation scene... at least that's what she thinks. In reality, her boyfriend is the most sadistic member of the dreaded Russian 5-SS, which has installed a new torture facility on U.S. soil. The hot, young and fit Kenzie is its first visitor, and her "date" is about to devolve into a horrific nightmare. (military, interrogation, torture, electro-torture, spy, lesbian, whipping, brutal sex, spreadeagle bondage)

DIANA - WHORE AND THIEF by A.L. Fielden: In February 2019 a young Malaysian businessman at a trade conference in Jakarta has a wild night of hard BDSM play and sex in his hotel room with a gorgeous young Western girl. Months later Diana, a student from Manchester, England, is on placement with a giant pharmaceutical company in China. The organisation's CEO, who has a reputation for welcoming pretty female students in a very personal manner, soon invites Diana to an intimate dinner in his private apartment. When she wakes Diana is detained by security guards and accused of spying. Spread naked and exposed in a modern torture room a faceless voice accuses her of spying. Diana denies any involvement even when a stone-faced Chinese torturer starts to work on her beautiful, naked body with brutal, bloody expertise. As the weight of evidence against her grows and her interrogation becomes ever more agonising, will Diana finally admit her guilt and reveal her contacts? (Near future, consensual bloody whipping and sex, bondage, interrogation, cutting, scarification, needles)

IN THE CHURCHYARD by King Diocletian: When the beautiful Lady Agnes is accused of blasphemy, everybody from the surrounding villages turns out to watch her punishment. Stripping, public flogging.

SLAPPED INTO THE ABYSS by Navyrotor: A novice, female spy from Section Eight gets careless and winds up in the hands of the sadistic Major Cassie, Lead Interrogator of the Serbian I-Corps. She meets a horrible, slow demise after sadistic torture and graphic sexual abuse from her lesbian captor. This story includes torture, female-female rape, electro-torture, tit torture, corporal punishment and a unique double-dildo rape/death.

AVIATRIX ABDUCTED by Navyrotor: A female pilot has been shot down over enemy territory, and is in the hands of her sadistic enemy. Her torture takes a bad turn when her copilot is added to the captor's fun. This story includes interrogation, rape and torture (including unique electro and chemical techniques, corporal punishment and burning).

TORTURED NUDES FOR THE DEVIL'S CHARNEL HOUSE by Bleumune: The peasants who passed the house of the Count of Cenara trembled, for they too often heard the faint sounds of suffering humanity from that house--feminine humanity. The terrible screams and bubbling moans from unknown tortured maidens were faint, but they went on for a considerable time. None of them knew who might be next, whose wife or daughter might be picked to entertain the Count. Some of the braver souls muttered of rebellion, of banding together to overthrow the Count and end the nightmare. But only Rodolfo Teschini actually dared to do so. But he failed.

Worse, his wife and daughter had been dragged to the Count's subterranean chamber and would pay for his temerity with their agony...and their lives. (Not for the squeamish! Involves the intense, descriptive torture of an innocent mother and daughter by an insane sadist! Included: Suspension over fire-pit, flogging, rape, Spanish Donkey with spikes, hot irons, pincers, removal of patches of skin, bed of spikes, Lead Sprinkler, impalement, breast press, Witch Chair, roasting on an iron grate over a low fire, torture to death)

AN INSIDE STORY by Esso: A young agent wakes up in a cell bound by chains from a drug induced sleep. She is pretty sure she is to be interrogated but she undergoes torture after torture with no questions being asked. (bondage; sensory deprivation; foot torture – bastinado, bamboo slivers, hot needles; suspension by hair; whipping; caning; piercings; rack; rape; humiliation; interrogation; electro; buried alive)

A POLITICAL ACT by King Diocletian: A beautiful young noblewoman criticises the corrupt local bishop but forces beyond her control lead to her being delivered to the church to takes its revenge. She is birched and humiliated before the mob. (historical, flogging, stocks, humiliation)

ROOM THREE by Esso: Justine, an underground revolutionary, is captured and interrogated under torture to give up the names of others in her group. One of those is a woman who is an agent of the revolutionary group working as a spy at secret police headquarters and who has been assigned to assist in Justine's torture. (M+/F+/f, bondage, whipping, electro torture, pear)

THE SACK OF AQUILEIA by Dagon: Aquileia was taken by the Huns in AD 452 and was so totally destroyed that the city ceased to exist and was never reoccupied. This is the story of the female citizens who were unlucky enough to still be alive when the savage hoards entered the city. (torture, rape, bestiality, execution, branding, flaying, roasting, impalement, disembowelment, sort of historical)

DAMSEL'S DEMISE by Lamentation: In the eighteenth century two pretty young women discover the terrors of pirate slavery. Their gentle and protected lifestyle is rent and rendered as savagely as are their beauteous bodies. Ambushed and captured in the warm climes of the British Bahamas they journey east across the ocean. The girls are raped and tortured to excess as they try to escape and are re-captured. Midway across the ocean three more young women are commandeered from a captured French Frigate. As prisoners they too suffer the horrors of incarceration aboard a ship of depraved buccaneers. (Rape, beating, flogging, mauling, torture, slavery)

A CHANGE OF PLANS by Fritz: During the 2009 Ürümqi riots in Northwest China, Islamic allies of the Uygar rebels capture a beautiful celebrity, the wife of a wealthy industrialist, along with the female soldier assigned to protect her. What begins as a routine kidnapping in which cash should ensure the release of the hostages soon turns into a perilous journey for the two women as they become pawns at the mercy of their brutal captors. This story is twisted in more ways than one, and all but a single character ultimately faces a change of plans. (bondage, interrogation, military, terrorism, beating, rape, electro, whipping, shooting, impalement)

INTO HELL AGAIN by Osouk: It's 11 years since Susanna Martinez was arrested and tortured by the secret police. But the world is a different place now – isn't it? (Group, MM/F, Torture, Caning, Electric, Needles, Waterboarding)

E.S.A: ENGLISH SECRET AGENT by Jav Critic: In the distant future, during what might become World War 3, the British government has been forced to implement an operation called "E.S.A", in which someone deep in debt with them (and with a lot of previous combat experience) will be trained up, taken to Saudi Arabia and given the task of stopping the infamous Ghost, an Islamic terrorist leader. The candidates name is Caroline Walters, an ex-cop, now a lot older. She is still very promising and fit, but when she arrives at her mission, she finds it much more of a daunting and horrifying task than she'd ever imagined possible. (Rape, Bondage, Curvy, Rope, Interracial, Gangbang, Orgy, Latex, Spandex, Secret Investigator, Catsuit, Forced, Mature, Milf, Spanking, Anal, Groping, Maid, Servant, Lingerie, Vibed, Tied, Facial, Humiliation, Toys)

NO ONE LIKES A FROZEN PUSSY by Erodite: Two men try to break a woman, but for what purpose? (Bondage, whipping, and mayhem)

AELIA by King Diocletian: A beautiful rebel leader near Jerusalem is betrayed and captured by the Romans. With the priests also taking their revenge on her, she is raped, beaten and sentenced to flogging and crucifixion. (Rape, caning, humiliation, scourging, crucifixion)

BAIA'S FATE by Ximidon: A young botanist is captured by a tribe of jungle cannibals and slowly boiled alive for their supper. This is a very graphic story and my personal favorite.

THE CHAMPION by Erodite: A pitcher and a batter(ed) play an intense World Series finale. With whipping, weighted body parts, and more whipping.

AGENT ANGIE (A IS FOR AGONY) by Esso: A CIA operative is captured by the Russians and raped, tortured and humiliated even before she is interrogated. (M+F/F, rape, bondage, electro, caning, bastinado, anal by strap-on, acid)

MEGAN'S ASIAN INTERROGATION by Esso: An American agent is captured and tortured by a Chinese interrogator working for the North Koreans. (M+/F, bondage, foot torture, racking, branding, bastinado, whipping, water torture, electro)

TWO AGENTS IN CENTRAL AMERICA by Esso: A DEA agent in Central America is captured by the government which is in league with a drug cartel. Under torture she gives up the name of an undercover operative working inside the cartel. In the second part we see the latter tortured for information and finally left to die staked out in the desert. (M+F/F+ bondage, interrogation, torture including whipping, beating, electro, strappado, burning with cigarettes, gang rape)

THE FIX IS IN by Corvid: At Jack Mallory's gym, he trains boxers. Hannah is no boxer, but she'll serve to prove Jack's genuine contenders have the killer instinct. (Beating, rape, snuff)

JENNIFER by Osouk: A conference away from home leads to an unpleasant meeting. (Kidnap, MMM/F, Rape, Nipple Torture, Electro Torture, Object Torture, Hetero)

GRINNING FOLLY by Corvid: All that appears to stand between the six officers of a 17th century privateer ship and their pursuit of the man who stole their loot is a buxom tavern wench. What shall they do?... Indeed, what shall they not? (Bondage, beating, rape, whipping)

STATE OF EMERGENCY PART 4: THE TEACHING ASSISTANT by King Diocletian: A young teaching assistant makes a terrible mistake when she makes allegations against a priest. She is punished by the school but just as she thinks she's escaped, she finds herself trapped by a conspiracy that has spun out of control. (Caning, humiliation, whipping)

STATE OF EMERGENCY PART 2: THE PHOTOGRAPHER by King Diocletian: A beautiful Australian photographer on assignment overseas is arrested at an anti-government demonstration and is severely beaten as she is interrogated by police desperate for results. (AOH, sleep-deprivation, belly-punching, flogging) | Part 3 | (stress positions, electro)

WHO ARE YOU? by Lamentation: Upon meeting Major Katashi Yamada in 1937 at the reception, young and pretty Chelsea Whitney, a British doctor's wife in Hong Kong at the outbreak of the Pacific war in 1941, was unable to conceal her racism. She offended the Japanese Major and spewed reprehensible statements about the Empire of Japan as well. This story details the repercussions inflicted upon Dr. Whitney's wife and two teenaged daughters for the lack of respect shown to Major Katashi Yamada and his homeland, insults he took very personally. (Home invasion, beating, rape, vaginal torture, more rape, more beating and yes, more rape. Hot coffee poured on young breasts during rape, snuff X3.)

LISA by Osouk: A spy is caught and persuaded to cooperate. (Group MM/F, Torture, Cane, Electrical Torture, Object torture)

OPIUM DEATH SHIP: Sex and Torture on the High Seas by Lamentation: Two young women secretly come aboard a drug smuggling ship with the purpose of stealing the drugs. They are discovered and tortured by the captain and bos'n before being raped by the entire crew. (repeated and intermittent whipping with a tarred rope, punctured with sharpened nails, suspended by the wrist, raped and then raped some more) | part 1 | part 2 |

RIDE THE SWING OF AGONY, MY SWEET by Bleumune: Adapted and expanded from the story of the same name in the Emtee magazine Man’s Story, December, 1967, by Jim McDonald and previously posted in the Men’s Magazine Story section of the GIMP. Gretchen de Brun is helping gather evidence on the activities of ODESSA, the secret Neo-Nazi organization in Germany but is caught as she is trying to smuggle the information out of the castle headquarters. She and a jealous rival are both condemned to be flayed alive, after which she is interrogated with various tools applied to her raw flesh. (Flaying, salting of raw flesh, hot metal, sharp metal surgical tools, death).

SOFT BLONDE TARGETS FOR THE RED'S BAYONETTING BUTCHERS by Lamentation: Two young blonde Russian girls escape the Bolsheviks in 1917 only to find themselves in greater danger in Manchuria in the 1930s and 1940s. They witness atrocious crimes while the Japanese control their city and then are tortured and raped by communists who take control of the city when the Japs are defeated. (persecution, torture, rape, murder, torture, rape, torture and finally rape)

SCARS OF THE WASTELAND by Corvid: In the years after nuclear devastation, some people form bonds to try and rebuild something resembling civilization out of the wreckage; others surrender to their baser instincts and prey upon their fellow survivors. A tiny hamlet of seven young women exemplifies the former; to their misfortune, the raider gang known as the Scars are very much the latter. (Bondage, rape, torture, whipping, belly-punching, snuff)

BOUND NUDES FOR THE DEVIL'S CASTLE by Bleumune: Adapted and expanded from the story of the same name in the Emtee magazine Man's Epic, February, 1966 by Craighton Lamont and previously posted in the Men's Magazine Story section of the GIMP. A band of brigands led by Gaetano Mammone in eighteenth century Italy conducts a reign of terror through the countryside, kidnapping and torturing women for profit and their own enjoyment even as his depredations are covertly covered up by the king because of help Mammone provided during wartime. (Rape, hot needles, roasting alive, flaying, boiling in oil, death)

LUST SLAVES OF HITLER'S WARSAW BUTCHER by Lamentation: From "World of Men" November 1967 comes a story that blends the horrors of WWII Poland with the peculiarity of a romance novel. He gave his brand of slaughter and torture a special name and then set out to snare all the young and innocent in a web of rape, agony and savage murder. (Rape, torture, more rape, more torture, snuff, rescue)

SOFT FLESH FOR SATAN'S BUBBLING CAULDRON by Bleumune: Adapted and expanded from the story of the same name in the Emtee magazine Man's Book, June, 1968, by Creighton Lamont and previously posted in the Men's Magazine Story section of the GIMP. The pirate, El Diablo, operating in the area around Hispanola, captures ships carrying rich loot and sometimes the pampered, aristocratic wives and daughters of important Spanish officials. On such capture brings El Diablo in contact with his sadistic soul mate, Carmen, the personal maid of the daughter of the Spanish Viceroy. Carmen immediately defects to El Diablo and betrays her mistress to cruel torture by being roasted alive. But Carmen and her paramour are eventually brought to justice and brought to the Spanish port of Cadiz, where they are taken to the fortress guarding the harbor and put to death by (what else?) torture. (Roasting alive, whipping, impalement, dungeon torture, breaking on the wheel, death)

BOND MAIDENS OF PASSION FOR THE DEVIL DUTCHMAN by Bleumune: Adapted and expanded from the story of the same name in the Emtee magazine Man's Story, July, 1965, written by Chuck McCarthy and previously posted in the Men's Magazine Story section of the GIMP. After being betrayed by the daughter of a Dutch sea captain, Wilhelm Smuts sets out to take his revenge on the young woman who betrayed him by capturing her and taking her back to the island of the Suluk who rescued him after he was thrown overboard by her father. After she dies, his thirst for revenge is not slaked and he expands his revenge to include all European women in the area plied by the Dutch East India Company. (Rape, whipping, fire torture, flaying, death).

SLUT OF THE RESISTANCE by Lamentation: The first of a three part tale of three teenaged French sisters. The audacious trio do battle with the evil Nazis during the occupation of France in World War II. In this part of the story the middle girl is captured and tortured by the heavy-handed fiends. Will her sisters suffer the same fate? (beating, rape, tortured with pliers, more rape)

BLONDE NUDES FOR THE CULT OF AGONY by Bleumune: Adapted and expanded from the story of the same name in the Emtee magazine World of Men, May, 1963, written by Jim McDonald and previously posted in the Men's Magazine Story section of the GIMP. In the chaos following the end of WWII, Irma Mirau, a former wardress at the Nazi death camp of Belsen, escapes the Allied dragnet and makes her way to the Austrian Tyroll, where she successfully poses as a distant relative of the owner of the castle at Dolsach, who was liquidated at Dachau near the end of the war. Once her ownership is finalized, she restores the torture chamber and sets out to recreate the blood rites held by the Nazis during the war. She pretends to be looking for housekeeping workers, interviewing those who apply until she finds beautiful women who are alone in the world and will not be missed. Once these hopeful employees arrive at the castle, hoping for a new life, they are instead taken down to the restored dungeon and tortured to death in front of an audience of the Nazi faithful, who are willing to pay dearly for the opportunity. (Rack, hot iron, hot needles, roasting alive, death).

RALPHUS ON THE ISLAND OF THE VOODOO DOLLS by Lamentation: A beautiful blonde woman is captured while she is exploring an obscure island. She is caged in a dungeon cell where she is visited by Ralphus a sadistic dwarf. Ralphus uses his strength and knife wielding skill to convince her to go down on him. Later he demonstrates his love making talent, repeatedly. (imprisonment, torture, brutality, rape and more rape)

THUNDERBALL SEQUEL by El Wananchi: As MI6 and CIA scramble to recover a nuke stolen from a downed Vulcan bomber, Agent Bond follows a weak lead to a professional treasure-hunter in Bahamas, Mr. Emilio Largo, a former swimmer athlete. Having already lost a local agent, he manages to penetrate the organization through its boss mistress, Mrs. Domino Vitali, to get the crucial information about the exact moment the nuke, hidden somewhere in the deep, would be brought into his private yacht, the Disco. Unfortunately, the Geiger counter disguised as a camera he provides her with is found, blowing her cover. Mr. Largo needs to know to what extent the governmental secret services are aware of his operation, and also to vent his personal anger at his mistress' betrayal. He knows exactly how. ("spy story", nudity, interrogation, torture)

CARIBBEAN HOLIDAY by Lamentation: Be careful that you don't read and eat spicy food just before bedtime, bad things happen to nice people sometimes. What follows is a case in point. (torture rape sadistic cruelty historical content)

ISLAND INQUISITION by Lamentation: On an Island Nation a ruthless regime contends with political dissent by imprisoning suspected resistance members subjecting them to torture to reveal the names of collaborators. When the daughter of one of the leaders of the opposition is captured she suffers brutally before giving up a name. The girl named is captured and receives more of the same. (beating, whipping, torture, rape, mutilation, snuff)

JOY GIRL ORGY of HITLER'S SS by Lamentation: In a story originally written by Eric Brandon and published in Man's Action Magazine back in June of 1961, a brave Flemish girl is forcibly inducted into an SS brothel during WW2. The brutality she suffers in the hellish hostel provokes her to fight back and to assassinate a depraved Nazi Captain. For her crime she is mercilessly punished. (rape, beating, whipping, torture, snuff)

BRIDEWELL by King Diocletian: A young man in government service visits Bridewell and becomes obsessed with one of the prisoners he sees being flogged there. It turns out he's not the only one. (flogging, humiliation, hard labour)

SAIGON TO BAGHDAD by Lamentation: Three young nurses just arriving in South Vietnam in 1969 run afoul of a sadistic North Vietnamese Colonel who has years of experience capturing and torturing prisoners of war. Then things get much worse. (capture, interrogation, beating, whipping, rape, burning, torture, slavery)

A STAR IS BORN by Erodite: A girl is left to die on a beach. (whipping, buggering, humiliation, sunburns, the usual stuff)

APACHE CAPTIVE by Author Unknown: A story from the early days of the web. A man and his wife are waylaid by an Apache war party, the man is killed and the woman captured. The Apaches have besieged a unit of soldiers and use the woman to try and lure them from their encampment by torturing her and forcing them to listen to her screams of pain, hoping that they will try and rescue her. (bound to wheel and rotated over a fire pit, burning splinters thrust into skin, other fire torture, cactus spines, staked out for red ants, wasp nest in vagina, flaying alive)

SHENANGO by Kishkalwa: A young Indian woman is kidnapped by three white men and used as a slave, and warriors from two villages follow their trail and attack the three men and two women they had joined with as they are about to torture and kill their captive. The two women and one remaining man are brought back to the villages as captives. The two women are slowly tortured to death over a period of days. Although a fictional story, it is based entirely on an actual account that happened in the area where the author lives. Every method of torture that is mentioned in the story was actually used by the Indians in the area, along with many others. And fire, in all of its forms from open flame to heated metal, was one of their favorites. (abduction, whipping, rape, burning, torture, snuff)

VANESSA'S ORDEAL by Elkcreek: A former Disney star bites off more than she can chew while preparing for a part. (Whipping, Electro, Ice torture, and Forced Sex)

COUP by Osouk: Following a coup, interesting opportunities present themselves. (Prison, MM/F, Nipple Torture, Electro Torture, Heated Metal Torture, Object Torture, Hetero)

ALYSSA'S JOURNEY by AEWRITER: Lady Alyssa Longford-Smith is kidnapped right off a London street by agents of the Prince of al-Dakar. They seize her, strip her naked with a leather hood over her head, punish her protests, fondle her, take her to the airport. Later, in al-Dakar, we see her Sexual Training in full force: she's now called "Big-Tits", she's kept naked, beaten by the big black Harem Mistress, orgasmed, and used ferociously by Prince Aziz. They begin to widen her anus for the Prince. She discovers that she wants it! The refined, aristocratic young girl has become a harem animal.(kidnap, enslavement, nudity, whipping, ring-gags, lesbian, harem, forced sex, orgasm)

ELAINE by Esso: A short story relating the interrogation/torture of a young woman strapped to a chair in the torture chamber of a nameless country. (bondage, electro-torture, toe nails, interrogation)

SCHLOSS FOLTER PART 3 by Ed: New victims, new tortures, all with the drawn out detail I like. (Nazi, spiked chair, breast whipping, nipple and genital electrodes, rape and some other sadistic games.)

KIRSTEN'S INTERROGATION by Esso: A young British agent is interrogated by a Gestapo major in France. Although he tortures her quite brutally, he tells her this is just a warm-up until a famous female torturer arrives, who has already broken her partner. (Nazi interrogation, torture, bondage, whipping, suspension, bastinado, nail removal)

SCHLOSS FOLTER PART 2 by Ed: Some sadism play in the Utility Room with another Playboy inspiration, Lorrie Menconi. Then our hero returns to the reconditioned dungeon torture chamber for some rack play with DeDe along for a personal touch. Since Schloss was written long after Annetje (yet before that story's rewrite and post) I have some nipple torture with wasps again in the belief that there is no reason to abandon a good idea to history. (Nazi, whipping, nipple torture, breast torture, genital torture, wasp torture, rack, and rape.)

SCHLOSS FOLTER by Ed: Part One of an episodic Nazi sadism work. This introduces Major Heinrich Schmidt, Nazi sadist, who creates the Schloss Folter (Torture Castle), a punishment/execution facility in a renovated Austrian castle in 1943. In this part, we meet the primary German characters and the action starts with the torture of three victims. FWIW, DeDe Lind was a 1967 Playboy Playmate, an incredibly cute young bit of femininity. (Nazi, nipple electrodes, breast torture, genital torture, hot wire whip, rape)

ANNETJE by Ed: A spoiled young European girl is captured by Arab pirates and sold to an Omani Prince who enjoys playing sadistic games with his female slaves. (Whipping, burning, wasps, breast torture, genital torture, rape, bastinado.)

DAUGHTER by Osouk: A mother and daughter spend some quality time together. (Gang Rape, MM/FF, Torture, Electric Torture, Object Torture)

THE PRISONER by AEWRITER: The further adventures of nude and chained Prisoner Erica in the Women's Special Prison: she meets the Warden for the first time, is inspected and used by him, and learns her special fate. (prison, nudity, chains, humiliation, resistance, punishment, rape, cellar, pregnancy)

IN THE WOMEN'S SPECIAL PRISON by AEWRITER: In the Republic of Roissy, a beautiful foreign visitor named Erica Hawthorne makes a mistake and ends up sentenced to a year in the Republic's prison reserved for unruly females. (prison, nudity, chains, punishment, humiliation, lesbian, orgasm, cells, helpless, riding crop)

SPOILS OF WAR by DarthSaad: When a tall, beautiful Western woman who is also a soldier falls into the hands of a group of young desert fighters, they don't hesitate to take full advantage of their good fortune. (bondage, humiliation, forced sex)

NICOLA by Osouk: Is she brave enough to resist what will happen to her? (MM/F, Psychological Torture, Hetero, Electric Torture, Object Torture)

ARGH! by Erodite: A young woman is kidnapped at a beach party by pirates. (Whipping, humiliation, breast torture)

ISOYG by Erodite: A victim of a small town's abuse is avenged, but is the avenger worse? (Whips, barbed wire, crucifixion, drowning, barbecuing, murder, a little something for everyone)

HERETIC: DAWN by Ed: A story set in 16th century England of a young servant girl falsely accused of heresy. Taking advantage of Bloody Mary's Catholic Inquisition for his own sadistic lusts, the village magistrate subjects her to days of harrowing torture and rape. [Multiple scenes of M/f torture/rape, nudity (of course), a lot of breast torture, Spanish Horse, whipping, hot irons, public punishment, and finally a BATS scene.]

MAVERICK by Erodite: A naked, yoked filly is chased through the western high range country. (Whips, humiliation)

RAWHIDE by Erodite: A lady reporter discovers the real West. (Bondage, nudity, whipping, pissing, forced anal sex)

THE BET by Online_Ratt: At the height of the Dirty War in Chile, soldiers held bets on which could abduct the prettiest girl to rape and torture. In this story, a university girl catches the eye of a solider who thinks she's the key to winning. After abducting and raping her, he tests her pain tolerance in preparation for a torture contest and ponders what will happen to her when the other soldiers arrive. [M/f, non-consensual, kidnapping, bd, rape, nipple torture, asphyxiation, electric torture, implied burning, implied piercing, implied beating, implied bestiality, sadism]

ROBBERY REVENGE by Osouk: A man is lucky enough to have the police on his side after a robbery. (Gang rape, MM/F, Electric Torture, Revenge)

BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WRITE by Erodite: A modern fiction writer discovers she has written something non-fictional: her own torture. (Bondage, breast torture, murder)

MELANIE by Erodite: A hitchhiker discovers new ways to ride. (Bondage, humiliation, whipping)

THE IRANIAN CONNECTION: PART II by El Wananchi: The ruthless but slightly incompetent Iranian agents continue the frantic search for the lost documents giving clues on the bombing of a Jewish social institution at Buenos Aires, creating chaos and mayhem all around the city. Both the Mossad and the MOIS have scrambled into the search. This time, it is the Israelis who have sent a local agent into the Iranian Embassy in the intent to find it. She failed. The Iranians seem to have gained the upper hand obtaining first hand information from her - by the usual means - or it might be what they got is not what they had expected. (spy story, nudity, torture)

A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE GIMP FORUM by Erodite: A walk downtown turns into a life changing event. (Breast and anal torture, hair burning, whipping, choking)

ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT by Osouk: Natasha finds out that being a bad girlfriend can be a big mistake. (Rape, Oral Rape, MM/F, Piss, Torture, Cane, Nipple Torture, Electric Torture, Psychological Torture, Object Torture, Hetero)

ALICE by Ed: Arrested for her father's stupidity, Alice Turner is faced with a cruel ordeal to prove her innocence. After a tour of Duke Andressen's dungeons, how much pain can she willingly endure to keep herself from the even more hideous tortures that await if she fails? (Historical, M/F, Whipping, Breast Torture, Rape)

BILLIE JO by Erodite: The Bugbottom Rodeo Queen discovers that just smiling isn't enough, she has to be roped and ridden too. (Bondage, humiliation, penetration)

MELISSA by Ed: A pretty young Boer servant girl rejects the advances of her employer's son in his absence. Incensed, he contrives a way to get his revenge on her. (M/F, Whipping Post, Revenge, Historical, Whipping and Wooden Horse torture—definitely non-consensual)

CHARLOTTE DUBOIS by Boccaccio: In the 1560's, Spanish minions of the tyrannical Duke of Alba capture a beautiful young prisoner and interrogate her as to the whereabouts of Lamoral, the leader of the rebels in the Low Countries. (Nudity, interrogation, flogging and other punishments)

THE DEEP by El Wananchi: A lost Spanish galleon full of gold and antique artefacts might have been found off Bermuda by a couple of amateur divers and treasure hunters. However, on the site of the ancient wreck lies another, a modern ship with a cargo of ampoules containing the purest morphine for medical use. Which one holds the real treasure? As several gangs scramble for it, the two (innocent?) divers have the edge. Not for long, as Henri Cloche, the leader of a gang of Haitian thugs, kidnaps them to extract some information, in the usual way. (kidnap, abuse, nudity, interrogation, torture)

WRITTEN WITH BOTH HANDS by Arachnophage/ Marian: The princess of a defeated nation is dragged into the torture chamber for what she thinks is interrogation, but in reality her tormentors only want to make her suffer a slow and terrible death. She is stretched on the rack and burned with hot irons until she can take no more and her resolve breaks and she begs to tell all. Unfortunately for her, her torturers have no interest in her information. A very well told tale from the viewpoints of the victim and the torturer that very nicely describes the princess's horror and emotions. (racking, flaying, branding iron, psychological torture, snuff)

A TRAITOR'S INTERROGATION by Bleumune: The Countess Alexandra plotted the overthrow of the King and the demise of his hated Princess in the Royal Torture Chamber. Unfortunately for her, the plot was discovered, and she was the one conducted to the chamber to be ruthlessly interrogated on the dreaded rack by the skillful interrogator and the clever spymaster. She swore that her interrogators would never learn anything from her, but that was before she found herself being stretched far beyond the limits of her strong, young body. (interrogation, torture by stretching on the rack).

THE EVENING'S ENTERTAINMENT by Thomas Chaser: A bounty hunter spends an evening at a private bondage event where two girls face a horrible test of pain and fortitude. Who will be next? (bondage, roasting, heat, arms-over-head)

THE FALL OF PRINCESS KALILA by Dagon: An unfaithful wife of the sultan gets caught by his sister and is publicly executed. (Rape, torture, snuff)

STATE OF EMERGENCY: THE STUDENT by King Diocletian: An American post-grad student attends a demonstration in a foreign country and finds herself arrested, abused, tortured and flogged.

4TH OF JULY by Jen1orbit: An intense story where a woman is kidnapped and forced to endure severe torture with firecrackers, especially to her feet.

THE ISLAND by Mark Evans: An illustrated story about a girl with strange fetishes whose dreams come true after an online encounter. This story brings you through her years of experimentation, frustration and rejection until she finally lives out her wildest dreams. Elements include m/f and f/f electrotorture, belly punching, belly kicking, belly trampling, bondage, suspension, nudity. Photos are original renderings.

PEACE by Kishkalwa: White women are captured by a tribe of Indians and subjected to brutal slow tortures, most of them involving various methods of burning over a period of several days.

THE WEEKEND TORTURE PARTY by Susan Karlson: Extreme torture and snuff, graphic violence.

FEVER DREAM by Mishmish: (Chapter One) This is the story of Emma, whose fantasy cravings eventually led her to explore what it would be like to experience them in real life. She seeks out a service who caters to the needs of those who have unable to explore what the crave. She gets much more than she bargained for. (Rape, torture, suspension, caning, piercing)

CAIRO, NEST OF SPIES by El Wananchi: It is around 1140 AD, and the weak Fatimid Caliphate at Cairo holds precariously facing intrigues and conspiracies. Nur ed-Din, the ruler of Aleppo and the Muslim aspiring strong man against the Crusader States, has little respect for those princelings, but no alternative other than supporting them for the moment. He has sent one of his operatives to infiltrate the household of a powerful magnate suspected of leading a ring of conspirators. Unfortunately, the operative's cover is blown, or maybe it's not so? (fictional history, “spy story”, nudity, rape, torture)

I AM KRYSTAL by Thomas Chaser: A young woman, abducted by a press gang, is subjected to medical experiments before escaping into a winter white-out, where she encounters two hunters who may or may not be on her side. It is a tale of horror, survival, and society. This story involves kidnapping, unnecessary surgery/torture, nudity, rape, bondage, outdoors, and an ending that leaves you wanting more.

A MEDIEVAL TALE OF PAIN AND HORROR by Honorswar26: A young servant in a medieval German village makes the mistake of falling in love and getting pregnant to a nobleman with a very jealous wife. The wife eventually gets her revenge on the young servant and her teenage sister. (rape, branding, burning, snuff, lactation, body modification/mutilation, tit and pussy torture)

THE MERCILESS HENCHMEN by Boccaccio: In a barbaric medieval kingdom, a beautiful blonde princess is enslaved by a cruel tyrant. When she rejects his foul advances, he and his brutal henchmen punish her severely for not submitting to their depraved desires. (Flogging, suspension, torture, rape, subjugation)

THE AUDITION by Osouk: A girl goes for an audition and finds that the process takes her further than she could ever have imagined. Nothing in drama school prepared her for this. (rape, torture, electricity, caning, burning, suspension)

WARRIOR OF THE CHEVAAN by DarthSaad: Her Celtic people defeated by the Romans, a beautiful young Celtic woman trying to help a priestess escape is instead captured herself. Now this proud, strong, and beautiful barbarian defiantly faces unspeakable torment at the hands of the Roman invaders. She is whipped, tortured by whipping, stretching on the rack and with a razor sharp hook and hot oil, and is crucified. Elements: fantasy, magic, Sapphic love, rape, gang rape and torture.

INTERROGATING KIANA by Chez Marquis: Fitness babe Kiana Tom stars as a spy who is captured and brutally interrogated by the Chinese government. (electrocution, hot iron)

ESPIONAGE CHEZ ELLE by Chez Marquis: This is another one rescued and restored from the now-defunct Chez Marquis site. Elle MacPherson and Heather Locklear star in this tale of double agents and brutal interrogation sessions. (electrocution)

THE END OF HOPE by Chez Marquis: This is another one rescued and restored from the now-defunct Chez Marquis site. A gorgeous political prisoner is tortured to death in a secret basement dungeon. (electrocution)

BUFFY SLAIN by Chez Marquis: This is another one rescued and restored from the now-defunct Chez Marquis site. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, AKA Sarah Michelle Gellar, endures the "ling-che," the torture of a thousand cuts.

DESERT DEATH by Chez Marquis: Back in the early days of the Internet, Chez Marquis used to write custom stories involving the torture and snuff of celebrities. In this short story, an Arab sheik smears model Stephanie Seymour's naked body with honey and stakes her out over an anthill.

THE CASE OF THE MURDERED EMIR by El Wananchi: It is year 1150 AD, and the Emir of the strategically sited fortified city and port of Adana, close to Christian-held Antioch, is found dead in his bed, after a night of supposedly healthy body pleasures. An experienced investigator and his team are immediately sent by Nur-ed-Din, Atabeg of Aleppo, to find the culprits and thwart any conspiracy against his rule. However strong the envoy's powers of deduction are, the questioning of witnesses and suspects proves as ruthless as ever. (historical fiction, detective story, nudity, interrogation, torture, execution)

ROME by El Wananchi: It is the year 182 AD and Emperor Commodus, having accessed the throne after the death of his father, Marcus Aurelius, while campaigning in the Danube only two years before, faces the first conspiracy against his rule. The conspirators, a group of members of the Roman Senate and apparently including his sister Lucilla Augusta, were under surveillance by the Emperor's spies. But to expose them publicly he needed the testimony of a witness of weight; a member of the family of the ring leader would be ideal. Of course, such a witness would not be a willing one. (nudity, torture, interrogation)

THE IRANIAN CONNECTION by El Wananchi: Present times. The government of the Iranian Islamic Republic has been following for long a policy of penetration in Latin America, using a classic “stick and carrot” strategy. In those countries where governments were specially reluctant to Iranian friendship, they tried different methods, like in Argentina, where they bombed the Embassy of Israel and a Jewish cultural centre with great loss of life. Unfortunately, some documents concerning the operation got unexpectedly lost, and two special MOIS (the Ministry of Intelligence and Security) agents are sent to Buenos Aires to recover them by whatever means necessary. (spy story, nudity, interrogation, torture)

THUNDERBALL by El Wananchi: It is 1965 and the terrorist organization SPECTRE has acquired two nuclear warheads from a hijacked RAF bomber (a Vulcan), and held the world at ransom as it threatens detonating them at London and New York. Possibly ashamed of having lost the nukes, the British government commands it secret service, the famous MI6, to send its best agents in an all-out effort to recover them. One of the top agents, James Bond, 007, reaches the Bahamas on a flimsy lead, a Mafioso playboy called Emilio Largo, which has made his fortune seeking sunken treasuries and may have the nukes hidden in his luxury catamaran, the "Flying Saucer". There, he is aided by a friendly CIA agent, Felix Leiter, and the local MI6 agent, a girl called Paula Kaplan. As Bond's activities trying to seduce Largo's mistress, Domino, are too conspicuous, Largo send his henchmen to kidnap Paula and extract some information from her, by the usual means.

THE WITCH TRIAL by Dagon: A young delagate from Rome visits a town in Germany and witnesses the interrogation and trial of three accused witches. (torture, rape, beastiality, execution)

HOT DESERT by El Wananchi: After being conquered by Alexander the Great in 323rd BC, Egypt had to endure almost three hundred years of Greek rule, under the Ptolemaic dynasty, only to be conquered by the Romans in 23rd BC. Though the early rulers were unchallenged, by the time of the fourth king, Ptolemy Philopator, the native Egyptians and the desert tribes were beginning to rebel, though at first the Greeks suppressed those rebellions easily. At the same time, the kind of court intrigue so cherished to them developed unchecked. In the midst of this, a princess of the blood is sent to a particularly tough to crack tribal chieftain with an unexpected proposition. (nudity, sex, bondage, torture, historical fiction)

RACHEL AND THE DRUG LORD by Elkcreek: The Young Hart of Dixie star goes on a vacation getaway after a break up and gets more than she bargained for from a Mexican drug lord. (Waterboarding, caning, whipping and rape)

CARA'S ORIENTAL ADVENTURE by A L Fielden: In the first decade of the 21st century British nurse Cara follows her boyfriend east to care for the innocent victims of a brutal and bloody power struggle in an unstable country. One night the local militia call at Cara's hospital and accuse her of aiding a subversive American agent. Cara is taken away and questioned in the most excruciating manner, but she knows nothing and is eventually released. She vows to return to Britain and hopes boyfriend Lee will help her, but he has also disappeared. Then one night a CIA agent appears in her room and persuades Cara to flee with him. Betrayed, Cara finds herself stranded and is picked up again by the militia who make full use of their lovely captive. At last Cara is reunited with her boyfriend Lee and hopes again to return home. But Lee has other plans for Cara; plans that will catapult him to unimaginable levels of power and wealth, but will be desperately painful and humiliating for poor Cara. (Caning, needles, gang rape, beating, whipping, rape, cutting, genital mutilation, gutting, de-breasting).

LOGAN'S RUN PREQUEL by El Wananchi: In the 23rd Century, the human race seems confined to living in The City, a kind of urban paradise ruled by an all-knowing Ordinator, and completely isolated from its surroundings, where people live in an idillic atmosphere of pleasures. But there is a catch: to mantain demographics, live has to end at 30, in a gruelling ritual called The Carrousel, in which a kind of rebirth, called The Renewal, is promised to the chosen few. While most of the population seems to accept the rules, a small band of discontents called The Runners try to organize themselves for a dash to the mythic Outside, hoping to evade their fate. In response, the Ordinator, or She, has established a security corps called the DS, or Sandmen, whose task is disrupting the The Runners' activities by whatever means at hand, including infiltration, assault, killing and torture. (Science Fiction, Interrogation, Torture)

BELLA - THE DEVIL IS IN HER! by A L Fielden: In the medieval countryside sweet ophan Bella makes a meagre living selling herbal remedies in her quiet village. Then one afternoon the Duke's son passes by her tiny cottage on his large, black stallion. A few days later he returns to woo the lovely, young peasant girl, much to the disgust of his proud father. This must be witchcraft! The Duke has poor Bella arrested and calls in the Grand Inquisitor and all his entourage. Not content with just one sexy, young witch to put to the question, the Grand Inquisitor's men are soon rounding up all the most attractive women in the neighbourhood. Confessions and denouncements are painfully extracted from the chained women in the torture chamber beneath the Grand Hall and the condemned witches are then handed back for public burning. All the while a terrified Bella awaits her own fiery fate.(Witchcraft, Inquisition, pricking, rape, rack, vaginal pear, whipping, breast torture, red hot irons, burning at the stake).

ANNA'S WAR by A L Fielden: It's World War II and pretty English linguist Anna finds herself in rural Northern France under German occupation. Recruited by the Resistance she enjoys the thrill of helping Allied pilots escape back to Britain until one stormy night she lands in the hands of a troop of Nazi soldiers. They use and abuse her sexy body with impunity, leaving her with physical and mental scars. Anna survives and resumes her secret nocturnal activities, but the Nazi's are closing in and she has to run for her life. Once again she finds herself held captive, but this time by ruthless, trained Gestapo interrogators desperate to crush the local Resistance movement. (WWII, French Resistance, rape, cutting, burning, consensual sex, gang rape, electro-torture, whipping, breast torture, firing squad).

TORTURE DEATH OF A BIG BREASTED BABE by Fritz: An unapologetically vile and twisted tale in which a hot and busty GIMP is relentlessly tortured to death by a trio of female sadists for no apparent reason other than that she is hot and busty. Her big breasts initially get a lot of unwanted attention from her tormentors, but after they fail to remain attached to their owner's chest, things heat up (in more ways than one) and come to an extremely brutal climax (also in more ways than one). No plot to get in the way of the action and no character development to make you feel sorry for the heroine. Just pure, gratuitous sex and extreme violence – so consider yourself warned. Some linked illustrations by Zerns included!

FUN TIME FOR JODY by Dan Hawke: Haughty College babe Jody is abducted at gunpoint and taken to a private dungeon where she is tortured and raped by two men. (Spread-eagle suspension, flogging, horse torture, forced sex)

THE MARTYRDOM OF ST CATHERINE by King Diocletian: A beautiful noblewoman is flogged, tortured and executed as she refuses to renounce her faith.

MACHINES OF TERROR - VOLUME TWO: THE VANESSA FOX STORY by The Ancient One: Vanessa, a beautiful young copy writer in a top secret industrialresearch facility, finds herself trapped in an unauthorized area with a modern-day version of the guillotine. (female masturbation, bondage, psychological torture, impending execution)

MACHINES OF TERROR – VOLUME ONE: THE SABRINA FOX STORY by The Ancient One: A university student, twenty-one years of age, awakens to find herself being secured to an ominously evil device – a modern day guillotine. (bondage, forced orgasm, impending execution)

THE KEIKO YAMAGUCHI STORY by The Ancient One: A female student is sent by her dean to deliver a special invitation to a wealthy industrialist outside of Tokyo who takes her to be a spy or a trespasser. (bondage, restraints, torture machines, tickling torture)

1000 NAKED BEAUTIES FOR THE MONSTER OF PAIN by Jim: Young beautiful innocent women accused of being witches are sent the dreaded sadistic Inquisitor Herman. The sadist applies the most diabolical tortures to their fettered bodies and delights in their shrieks of pain.

ANNALYNNE MEETS THE NORTH KOREAN GENERAL by Elkcreek: The young 90210 star travels to South Korea to promote a movie and is kidnapped. (torture, rape, whipping and violence)

THE TRIALS OF TALEENA - PART 1 by The Ancient One: A college girl suddenly finds herself in the playroom of a gentleman sexual torture expert who tortures her for hours and returns her to her own bed. (tickle torture, mind games, forced orgasm)

NO MERCY FOR DEBORAH by Ambrose: Another oldie but goodie from Ambrose. More interrogation, more whipping. Not Mr. Chang this time but Mr. Stavros. Still, "A rose by any other name..."

NATALIE AND THE TERRORISTS by Elkcreek: A young star involved in humanitarian work underestimates the danger when in an unstable foreign land. (torture, whipping, water torture, and rape)

SELENA MEETS THE WRECKING CREW by Elkcreek: A young Disney Star is kidnapped, tortured and assaulted by a group of psychotic fans.

COME AND SEE by Lynn: What would you do if a beautiful woman was being tortured to death in front of your eyes and you could do something about it?

INTO HELL by Osouk: A lawyer is arrested and interrogated by the secret police. (interrogation, electric, caning, rape)

THE SCAPEGOAT by King Diocletian: A beautiful Roman is humiliated, scourged and crucified to answer the mob's lust for blood.

DELAWARE, 1841 by Anonymous: A convicted thief pays a terrible price for her crimes, stripped and whipped in the prison yard.

THE ORIGINS OF JESSICA (10 parts) by Green Eyes and BBQChef: Kimberly, a schoolteacher in a Dolcett-like world, is aware that women are eaten. She has a cultural acceptance of that, along with a horror of the reality of it. He helps a friend develop a more efficient method of making women into dinner. In the process of helping her friend she gets closer and closer to the reality of it. The story explores her reactions to life, death, sex, and ultimate surrender. The story is a psychological study in a unique fantasy environment. (Cannibalism, Bondage, Dolcett, Snuff) | part 1 | part 2 |
| part 3 | part 4 | part 5 | part 6 | part 7 | part 8 | part 9 | part 10 |

JAMES SMITH 1755 by Kishkalwa: This story is written like a journal and is based on a true account. James Smith was captured and beaten by the Indians and later witnessed the torture and death of twelve men and three women after Braddocks defeat. After that he is taken deep into Indian territory where he records what happened to him and to other captives not as fortunate as he. I just added a lot more to the account and details to make it more interesting. All methods of torture mentioned in this story were actually used by the Indians in the area where I live.

DARK CHAMBER by Master Wryter: Young Francesca is accused of witchcraft and subjected to the rack & pear.

DARK LOVER by Master Wryter: A man who has met his what he feels is his true love builds a special rack for her for her torment and his pleasure.

THE CELLAR by Master Wryter: Mr. Soames, a rather shy retiring middle aged man has a hobby and delight for young school girls, one of which is now in his basement awaiting his pleasure, the devices laid out on the table beside her.

THE ROOM by Master Wryter: It is a place where legally interrogations take place and the lovely young woman here today will face a test that no female can enjoy.

NIGHT STALK by Master Wryter: He watched her for a day or so, grew to know her moves then paid a late night visit.

DARK CASTLE by Master Wryter: Katherine and her sister are traveling to meet her betrothed, the carriage wheel breaks as dusk falls, the men in dark robes come for them and take them to the dark manor on the hill.

LAST WALK by Master Wryter: He had watched her for the last 2 weeks, every night same time same place, his dark want growing as he did, his mind on her and what he would do once he got her to his room in the barn.

DREAMS SHATTERED by Master Wryter: For Kathy it was her dream job, the one she knew she could do & enjoy so well, and now here she was at the doorway to her new adventure and new dreams...

THE DANCE by Master Wryter: Two sisters are abducted and held under the streets of the city & brutally used, then killed.

SLOW MADNESS by Master Wryter: Sister Marie Tonia had displeased the Mother Superior one to many times, had been pulled up short for her transgressions, but being found by the Mother Superior herself in a state of sexual frenzy, she felt this young novice needed a lesson to correct her vileness.

INTERVIEW by Master Wryter: The ad in the paper had excited her as she knew the position was perfect for her, & as she checked herself out in the full length mirror she knew that if she got the position she could leave her abusive lover and start life fresh. The excitement made her flesh quiver a she stepped out the door.

THINK AGAIN by Master Wryter: Caroline was a practical joker, loved to play silly tricks on her owner until one day she played the the wrong trick at the wrong time.

HARSH CARESS by Master Wryter: Andrea & her younger sister Julie worked in the castles kitchen and had been caught stealing a small amount food for their sick brother, the rules were harsh as they knew, now payment was due.

ACCUSED by Master Wryter: The pretty young girls first meeting wit the ones who will visit upon her the horrors of the chambers below.

AND SO MY PRETTY... by Master Wryter: The battled had see-sawed back and forth for two days and nights until won by the attacking forces, and now came the spoils & pleasures of the battle hard fought and now enjoyed in the castle's torture chamber.

ANTICIPATION by Master Wryter: He had seen her a few times in the early evening waiting for the bus and knew she would give him the dark pleasures he desired.

PENANCE by Master Wryter: She had done the unthinkable, the one thing she was not to do ever, embarrass her Master publicly....and now she would have to pay.

EVENINGS END by Master Wryter: They had met at a function, she striking a cord in him, plucking at his darkness and for that he knew he had to entertain her and fins his pleasure from her.

NEW SUB by Master Wryter: She was a strange girl he had met, strange in her ways yet he could see in her a promise and one that he would enjoy from her.

ORDEAL by Master Wryter: Lady Argus had suspected the young chamber maid of having dalliances with Lord Argus and she would see that it was stopped at all costs.

WAITING by Master Wryter: They would meet once a month, her away from her demeaning husband, he away from his nagging wife, to share in the pleasure that they both understood and knew and could now share as one.

MASTER'S CHOICE by Master Wryter: His favorite had been both foul and rude earlier in the eve and now in the basement of Dark Manor he was correcting her flaws.

I NOW PRONOUNCE YOU... by Master Wryter: Angie was a simple office girl, attractive, sexy, smart but ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time and all over a broken heel.

TIMELESS RELIC by Master Wryter: It was a device that was both feared and loathed by all who saw it, and especially loathed by those who would fall under its cruel caress.

MELINDA'S SECRET by Ambrose: The first of the Mr. Chang stories by Ambrose. From the 90s. Melinda, who works for a goverment agency, is severely whipped by Chang to get secret codes.

BREAKING PAULINA by Ambrose: Mr. Chang is at it again, this time interrogating the leader of an underground movement. He also works on one of her group and forces Paulina to watch while she is tortured. Mr. C is all about whips.

CALF ROPING AND COW RIDING AT THE LONG BRANCH SALOON by Jon Smithie: A feisty Texas Cowgirl challenges the wrong Cowboy at a country bar. (NC/M+/F+/rape, oral, anal/bondage/torture/whipping)

THE GOLDEN GIFT by Lynn: As told by the head of security at a casino: a couple of girls are caught scamming the House and tortured to reveal the names of their accomplices. But, if one asks the questions, one has to be prepared for the answers. (electrical torture)

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