Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril)


By Ed

Part one

Major Schmidt was sitting behind his desk when he heard a knock on his door. “Eingeben,” he said, “enter.” Then he leaned back and watched as Sergeant Anja Jaeger came in pushing a small young woman before her. “Valerie Kerr, Herr Major. Her ship was torpedoed in the Channel and her lifeboat drifted to Normandie. She was captured by a Feldwebel Karl Lukas as a spy and taken to the local Gestapo Kommandant, who also remembered your bounty after he had her stripped. They wait to hear from you.”

Barely 5' 1', she couldn't have been more than 20 years old. As was standard, her wrists were bound behind her back. Dressed in a modest blue skirt and white blouse, the girl had long blonde hair and a cute oval face, but Heinrich was focused on her upper torso. “What is this, Anja, a joke? You know my preferences and yet you bring me this small-breasted wench!”

Jaeger smiled back. “Jawohl, Herr Major, I know your likes and dislikes, but I think that this little bint may please you despite how she looks at first glance. Watch.”

The Sergeant reached around the trembling girl and grabbed the front of her blouse and then powerfully ripped it apart and down, leaving her clad only in her bra. Then the Sergeant's knife sliced through the straps at shoulder and back, allowing the fragile white cups to fall, baring her to the waist. “Stop! What are you doing? Oh, this isn't right before a man,” she cried out with a decidedly British accent.

Schmidt gazed at her for a moment and then stood up behind the desk. Walking slowly around it, he approached the blonde. Reaching down the front of his trousers arrange something there. “Gott im Himmel,” he exclaimed, “Are they real?”

“Ach, ja,” Anja chuckled. “They are most real, Herr Major.” Heinrich came up close and stared down at the exposed chest before him. While not overly large, the bare breasts were quite adequate given the girl's petite size and perfectly shaped like two half-pears. It was the nipples, however, that fully captured his attention. A delectable rose pink color, they contrasted nicely against the typically English peaches and cream skin. And what nipples! The entire aureole rose up as a prominent mound well away from the surrounding skin. The teats in their centers started rising up slightly from her fear.

“The English call them 'puffies', Herr Major,” the Nazi guard said. “Somewhat rare, but apparently there are enough of them for their own name.”

“Puffies, eh? Those Brits have such a droll way with words. Still, the name is appropriate—they do puff out quite nicely, don't they, and fairly beg for special and imaginative play. I must get a feel of them!” He lifted his hands and reached out toward her.

Seeing his intent, the blonde girl tried to back away, but Sergeant Jaeger held her firmly in place. Heinrich Schmidt's fingers lightly caressed the rosy protrusions, gently pressing to explore their resiliency. Yes, he thought, marvelously spongy. He could already tell that they would respond wonderfully to the lash or red-hot needles.

At the first tentative touch, Valerie gasped and started writhing in the powerful arms that held her. “Please, oh please, don't touch me there!” she blubbered. “Please! I'm just a poor girl whose ship sunk. I'm no spy! Please, I beg you, let me put my blouse back on!”

The Nazi officer just laughed. “Nein, Liebchen, not just yet. I must explore them better first.” He moved his fingertips to the barely budding teats, gently pinching and rolling them into full turgid erection. His efforts were rewarded with even more frantic squirming from the cute blonde. “You know, Jaeger, I think that these puffy nipples are unusually responsive as well as unusually shaped. What do you say, Miss Kerr? Are they as sensitive as they appear from your reaction to a simple fondling?” He gave the now erect tips a slightly harder pinch.

“Please, yer 'onor, I'm not a spy, I'm not I'm not I'm not! I don't want to be here in this place. Please let me go!”

Heinrich pinched the nubbins harder still. “Answer my question, Fraulein!,” he said more loudly. “Are they very sensitive or not!” He slowly twisted his fingertips cruelly.

“Yes! YES!” Valerie squealed. “Yes, they're extremely sensitive. You can't know! Please stop hurting me there! I'll do anything you want only don't hurt me there!”

Schmidt chuckled again as he released the titty tips. “Hurt?” he asked with a smile. “This little bit of play? Ach, my dear, you simply have no idea, no idea at all about what faces you. You are now a prisoner of the Schloss Folter. That's Torture Castle in your language. I know you're not a spy. The soldier who captured you and the officer who sent you here knew it, too. I'll tell you a little secret. I have orders out across Europe for all Gestapo offices to keep vigilant for fresh women who meet certain criteria: They must be beautiful and the right age—no older than 25 and not less than 16—children don't appeal to me. Then, and most importantly, they must have truly lovely busen; I especially enjoy having a pair of striking breasts for the games I play here in the Schloss. Not so large that they droop or sag, but large enough to take a lot of abuse and still perfectly shaped. Or, of course, if they are unique enough in some way to please me. Any German officer who finds a female who meets my standards is rewarded with a weekend here in the castle where they can indulge their most vile and vicious sexual fantasies with the most beautiful young women. Anja, notify the Kommandant, and the Feldwebel also, I think, that they have done well. Fraulein Kerr is something special.”

His eyes grew flinty with lust as he looked into Valerie's large terrified blue eyes. “So while your breasts are a bit small for my taste, their size is adequate and their shape is pleasing. Ordinarily you would not have been accepted, but your nipples are certainly unique enough to please me. And they do please me! Why my Schwanz is already like iron just from the sight and touch of them.

“Let me tell you what you can expect here. As you might expect, with a name like Schloss Folter, this is a place of torture. Every possible refinement is employed to inflict the most agonizing torments on our female prisoners. And as I find such delightful activities intensely stimulating, you can expect your body to be used to satisfy every carnal desire I wish. As I especially relish torturing the bare breasts of young women, I tend to focus my best and most imaginative efforts on them. While here at the Schloss we deal exclusively with females, it may surprise you to know that I rarely torture their kootzles myself—but don't feel relieved just yet; I have two female sergeants who savor the pain they can wring from them, and I particularly enjoy fucking a soft cunt that has just been beaten or burned, so you have that to look forward to. I bet your slit is nicely tight and tender, as well.

“For you, though, I have something in mind to make the best use of those uniquely appealing and sensitive paps. I plan to concentrate all of my imagination and efforts just on them. Nothing but prolonged and agonizing nipple torture and often during a good fucking. They will be flogged with special whips, pierced by glowing hot needles, and pinched slowly over and over with pliers, but I have something especially imaginative to start. You will find it suitably unique and equally excruciating, but I guarantee it won't damage your delightful paps for later activities.”

A look of utter and absolute horror had twisted Valerie's face while the Nazi calmly outlined the frightful ordeal that awaited her. She still remembered his lewd fondling and the pain she felt when he tweaked her teats and realized now that that was only the slightest discomfort that would be inflicted there. Under that cruelty she had admitted to them being very responsive, but only she knew just how fearfully sensitive they really were. The few times she went without a bra, they would soon ache almost painfully from the feel of the fabric sliding over them. At such times, she would become aware of a moist warmth suffusing her lower belly and sex. Often she would reach up under her skirt and massage the lips with her fingers through her panties. She was always amazed at how hot and wet her thin cotton undies got, as well as the warm glow of forbidden pleasure that flowed through her body. And now this German monster was planning on subjecting them to the most evil and sadistic abuse possible. She knew that she wouldn't be able to endure it, but she was a helpless captive in his hands.

“Anja, hold her still for me.”

The powerful guard tightened her grip on Valerie Kerr's arms so that she could barely move. Schmidt went to his desk and brought back a steel ruler. He carefully pressed it against one aureole, pressing it flat to measure the diameter. Grinning again, he looked up at his sergeant. “Take her away now, Jaeger. Put her in one of the cells and allow her to dress again. You know how terrified they get every time they're bared afresh. I want her well cared for, strong and healthy for the next time we meet.”

Still shivering with terror, the pretty blonde was turned and shoved out of the office to whatever horrors awaited her.

* * * * *

First thing the next morning, Major Schmidt had his two female sergeants bring Caitlin MacAskill to him in his office, hands cuffed behind her back. She had been on vacation on the Cote D'Azur when France fell to the Germans. Hiding for months, she was finally betrayed to the Vichy government. Before the corrupt French Commandant could have his way with her, the resident Gestapo Officer saw her and instantly thought of the bounty offered by the well-connected Major in his Schloss near Berchtresgaden, the Fuhrer's retreat. He also knew that it was a favorite weekend spot of Heinrich Himmler, his boss and the Major's uncle and this could be a good opportunity to enhance his career in addition to the already legendary pleasures of the flesh he could expect if she was accepted. She was on the next plane to Austria.

Now she was left standing alone in front of a man sitting behind a large desk. He looked to be in his mid-twenties. His cap of short, unruly straw-blond hair contrasted sharply against the coal black tunic of the dreaded SS. She saw that he had a rugged masculine face. For a moment she thought he was handsome until her gaze reached his eyes. They were the icy blue of arctic ice, and like ice they sent a chill up her spine.

For a while, he said nothing, just slowly looked her over from head to foot. Born in the Scottish Highlands, her head was crowned with bright auburn hair that cascaded down to her shoulders and the front of her French peasant shirt bulged out appealingly. Her eyes were a beautiful sea green that contrasted nicely with the dark red tresses. Fine, slim, but nicely muscled legs showed beneath the hem of her simple skirt. A slow smile crept over his face. She was just 17 and looked strong, a combination that promised hours of arousing sport. There was an idea he had been thinking about and decided that Caitlin MacAskill would be a perfect candidate for it.

Anja and Freya started moving towards the Scot to begin her disrobing, but Heinrich waved them back. “Not with this one, ladies. I have something else in mind for her. Sergeant Kraus, the handcuffs, please.”

The statuesque woman had a puzzled look on her face, but she did as ordered. Having the captives forcibly peeled of their clothes for the inspection and torture was standard procedure. Once the steel shackles had been removed, MacAskill brought her arms in front of her and massaged her wrists. She looked around the room, but there was no way out before the two uniformed women would be on her, so she looked back towards the patiently sitting man.

“Welcome to my home and workshop, my dear. I can promise you a most interesting and stimulating time while you are my guest. Yes, we shall have such fun together, you and I. But first things first,” he said.


As the meaning of his cold command penetrated her mind, her pretty sea-green eyes opened wide. “No,” she gasped, “you can't mean that. Ach, no! Not that! Not in front of you!”

The Nazi Officer's eyes grew steely, his voice cold. “Yes, I mean it and yes, in front of me and do it now! Or do you want my ladies to hurt you?”

The young redhead turned back to look at the two women, but saw no pity there. Knowing that resistance was useless and that this man would probably rape her, she slowly reached up to unlace the ties below her throat. Once they were undone, her hands gripped the hem of her blouse and tugged it up and over her head. Caitlin dropped it to the floor, then reached behind her to undo the back of her skirt. As it popped open, she released it allowing it to fall in a puddle at her feet. Now she stood before the desk clad in only bra and panties. Heinrich was amused to see that both were fringed with fine white lace. She must have gone shopping while on the Cote. She looked at him, pleading with her eyes, but he just waved a hand. The rest of it, the gesture said.

Resigned to her fate, she slid her fingers under her waistband and slowly pushed the panties down to the floor. Interesting, Schmidt thought. She exposes her kootzle before her tits. Without knowing it, she had just answered a question. The bint is more worried about her udders than her sex. That indicated a deep concern for them and promised exceptional sensitivity there. Good, good, he thought. His new idea would be perfect for the Highland lass. Her hands tried to cover her loins, but his hand gestured again. She moved them, now exposing the notch to his gaze. Heinrich leaned forward to get a better look. At the top of her sleek thighs nestled a patch of fine copper hairs that he found appealing. He decided not to have them completely shaved as he usually did, just the lips. The delicate bush would add to the pleasure of fucking her.

Reaching up behind her to the back of the bra, she tried one more time, begging with her eyes. The Major merely nodded his head, his meaning clear. Caitlin's hands were trembling as they undid the hooks, then she dipped her shoulders to drop the bra and now stood gloriously nude before the three Nazis.

Heinrich came from behind the desk and then lazily walked around the quivering girl. Her waist was slender, the hips sleek. In back, she had two taut half moons beneath a delightful pair of deep sacral dimples. Eager, yet savoring the moment, he came around to her front. The side of the left mound came into view first, a sweet sweeping curve outward. Now in front, his eyes devoured the sight of the auburn beauty's upper torso. A fine taut belly gave way to a deep, well-defined rib cage which made a perfect frame for the lovely bare breasts. High-perched on her chest, they both swept forward proudly without a hint of sag. The nipples at their furthest tips were capped with large areolae of a coral-pink hue just slightly darker than the creamy skin mounting them. Barely darker still were the dainty teats in their very centers pointing out into the room. Schmidt felt his penis twitching joyfully in his uniform pants. There was a fine sprinkling of pale freckles across their upper curves to match the ones decorating her upper cheeks, nose, and shoulders. Caitlin MacAskill's hands fluttered uncontrollably at her sides under his close inspection.

“Now raise your arms up over your head, Fraulein. All the way as if trying to touch the ceiling.” The girl's arms went slowly up to full reach. Heinrich kept his eyes on the jutting nude breasts. They rose up on her chest and only lost a little of their delightful forward thrust. Patient no longer, he brought his hands up to the beautiful tits, marveling at their delicate firmness. Caitlin started bringing her hands down to cover them from him, but a sharp grunt from him raised them again. He caressed the quivering turrets as a lover would, relishing their remarkable softness. He cupped them, lifting to test their heft and then languorously rubbed the teats back and forth with his thumbs. He was pleased to see the globes explode in a field of dainty goosebumps and the tips stiffened up harder under his intimate touch. From past experience, he knew that indicated the extreme sensitivity he enjoyed so much, and then there was the intense shame she obviously felt having her flesh naked and fondled by a man.

“Let me tell you what is going to happen, Miss MacAskill. Soon--”

“I know. Soon you're going to rape me, right?”

He chuckled. “Clever girl. Of course, I'm going to rape you, often and hard. But that will come later. No, first I am going to play with you in my own special way.” He gave the protruding tits a last lingering caress, then gestured to the two sergeants. Immediately they grabbed the girl's arms and hauled them up behind her back, immobilizing her.

“Now I'll tell you just what my play involves. I'm going to torture you, also often and hard. You will be completely nude so I have access to the most sensitive and intimate parts of your lovely body. Normally, you would be tightly bound for every excruciating session, but I have somewhat other plans for you, plans you will come to hate.

“I'll tell you something else. The main reason you are here and not pleasuring some French garrison is that the Gestapo in France know that I give rewards for a certain vigilance. They send young women to me that meet certain standards and in turn I give them something they want. One of those requirements is fine pale skin. Your red hair is a bonus as that usually bespeaks an even more exquisitely milky color, and yours certainly bears that out. The reason I desire such pale flesh is that it shows the marks of torture, especially the lash, so much better. I happen to enjoy whipping a beautiful naked girl and the parts of that girl I particularly enjoy flogging are her bared breasts. Oh, yes, Miss MacAskill, I am going to beat your lovely white titties. I have some special lashes made just for that delightful task. I know yours are superbly sensitive, so my attentions with them will be especially harrowing.

“So that's what you face in the very near future, but first I have to make you ready for the special refinement I have in mind for you. Anja, Freya, take our Scottish guest down to the Medieval Chamber and mount her on the Spanish Horse. Legs out, but be careful. I want her to feel maximum pain with minimal damage. I don't want her to bleed, not yet. Now go.”

With a short squeak of horror, she was quickly dragged out of the room. Major Schmidt was smiling as he returned to his desk. This was going to be interesting, he thought.

* * * * *

In addition to the captive girls imprisoned solely for punishment and execution, the Major also kept three or four of his acquisitions solely for his pleasure. These were girls chosen for their beauty that he trained through painful trial and even more painful error to use any and every part of their bodies to keep him suitably stimulated on those times when he chose to sit back and watch the agonizing play inflicted by his various underlings. Given his preferences, they learned how to use their mouths, hands, and breasts to fondle and tease his penis, maintaining his erection until he was finally ready for them to bring him to a shuddering orgasm. Failure to delay his release until he was ready invariably sent them to at least a day's worth of grueling “retraining.” Repeated failures to adequately please him, or if he just grew tired of them, would see them consigned to the ranks of those in the Schloss already condemned to death. Then he would simply select a new pleasure wench from the steady supply he enjoyed.

To make them desperate to bring delight to his sex right from the beginning, they were often forced to watch during the torment of their sisters in pain. Not content that that would motivate them sufficiently, he also saw to it that each one would suffer a few sessions of agony with him designed to hurt intensely while not shredding either body or mind. Then he offered them a way to escape that horror. One of his favorite activities was a slow and prolonged session of oral sex while watching some sadistic play and he didn't want to take any chance that his pleasure girls see him as responsible for anything except saving them from the torments of hell. Occasionally he would have one assist in his play and she would discover a taste for inflicting agonizing sexual suffering herself, becoming wet and aroused. Heinrich would sometimes indulge her newly discovered predilections and was even occasionally surprised by the savagery and ingenuity displayed as she worked on one of her sisters. As a girl herself, she would have a natural grasp of what would cause excruciating agony to other females, usually focused on their sex organs: the breasts and genitals. A couple of the early ones actually taught him to more fully appreciate the potential for pain on sides, underarms, and inner thighs. When they inevitably fell from his favor, the disbelieving horror of what now waited for them never failed to amuse him to the point of laughter. He often saw to it that they would feel some of the same techniques that they had so gleefully applied, sometimes even allowing the earlier victim to get her revenge on the miserable wretch and unless she had some absolutely unique attributes, he released all restrictions on bodily damage and the blood would soon be flying.

Today was the first day of DeDe Lind's pleasure training. She was a very cute young girl with light honey blonde hair cut short to the bottom of her heart-shaped face. Just yesterday she had received the Major's hideous introductory speech and now her instruction would begin. A member of the new American OSS, he thought that she would have been a tough nut to crack, but the Abwer was able to get the names of her secret cell of clandestine wireless operators just by stripping her, slapping her around, and threatening her with more serious interrogation. The Abwer Colonel was glad she cracked so easily—aware of the Schloss Folter and its exciting rewards, he thought that the spy might be eminently acceptable--and it did not take damaged goods.

Major Heinrich Schmidt did find DeDe acceptable. Once stripped down by his sergeants, his examination of her naked body revealed a petite and delectable young body. Her appearance presented an interesting variation to the usual. While most of her body was a sandy beige color, there were patches surrounding her loins and chest, where the bra and panties would be worn, of a delightfully lighter hue. Her skin there was the creamy porcelain white color he preferred. He had heard of this, but never seen it so attractively displayed; why this little slut dressed so scantily and then laid out in the sun where anyone could see her! He had seen tanned women before, of course, but they had obviously been wearing swim suits that only exposed their arms, legs, and neck. He found DeDe's version surprisingly stimulating. To add to his delight, she possessed a truly stunning pair of breasts. Sitting high and proud on a deep ribcage, they were larger than her slim frame would have predicted and a perfect pear shape without a hint of sag. What set her into the range of the exceptional were her nipples. Two pert blush-pink rosettes, they sat completely on the sloping upper curves, the erect reddish teats pointing more up than out. Their configuration exposed an unusual amount of soft under curve, a particularly tender area that he well knew how to exploit in the gruesome chambers below.

As he often did, he chose the medieval room in the basement of the Schloss. When his uncle Heinrich Himmler granted him the post of Special Executioner for the Gestapo, he had toured several castles in the Austrian Alps. This one, Schloss Prielau soon to be renamed the Schloss Folter, looked like a large Bavarian mansion set away in the woods, but what sold him was when he saw the deep basement. There he had found a genuine torture chamber with stone walls and even ornate sconces set into them for the torches. Built in the 1600's, the ancient instruments of the German Inquisition were gone, although perfectly usable iron rings still adorned places on the floor and low-set ceiling. One of the first things he did was commission the re-creation of some of the barbaric instruments used by the priests and their secular minions to extract confessions from their screaming captives. When he was done, it looked just like it did over 300 years ago, right down to the flickering torch lighting. While he still enjoyed his sessions in the Laboratory, the Lounge, and the Utility Room, his favorite playroom was this chamber he had first restored. There was something erotically stimulating about its ancient simplicity. Built for only one purpose, the pitiless infliction of hideous torments on helpless victims, whenever he entered it, he felt an almost atavistic stirring at the sight of the cruel iron and wood devices. Every time, he could see in his mind the image of lovely young women, nude and sweat-shiny in the garish dancing torchlight writhing and screaming as the cruel priests of the Inquisition asked their questions.

The heavy iron door at the front of the chamber creaked open (he had deliberately left the hinges only partially oiled to maintain the menacing sound) and the comely young blonde was led in by Freya Kraus and Anja Jaeger dressed in nothing but a thin cotton bra and panties. The Major was wearing one of his favorite outfits: a short uniform tunic over a pair of shiny black leather pants with a separate pouch snapped over the groin. Kneeling at his feet sat another totally disrobed young woman hanging on his leg, Alice Baaker, taken by the Gestapo in Utrecht. And then there was the atmosphere; despite being regularly hosed down, the lurid torture room still possessed the vile miasma of unspeakable suffering and death.

Sergeant Kraus went immediately to the work at hand, cutting the brassiere from her shoulders and then husking the flimsy white shorts down to leave the cringing girl utterly naked in the grotesque medieval chamber. Often he had her stripping done this way, brutal and fast, other times he would disrobe them himself, like a lover, or even have them strip themselves for the torture; whatever he thought would inspire the most terror. Now Lind's breasts and loins gleamed white against the tanned skin of her stomach. Just before, Freya had taken DeDe to the Laboratory to watch the prolonged, agonizing death of a woman by electricity. She had shivered in horror as all of the unfortunate's most tender parts felt jolts from the savage current. When she finally died, her face in a rictus of unutterable suffering, there was a nauseating odor of burnt flesh in the sterile room. DeDe had been numb with fear, but at least she still had her undergarments on then to provide some meager covering. Now she did not have even that and the illusion of protection was gone.

“Ladies, show Miss Lind the horror may await her if she's a bad girl. Let her see what little Corinne Bisset has earned herself. She was a spy, but after she told everything she knew, we had no further use for her, so I gave her to Corporal Vogel for execution. Of course, as an enemy of the Third Reich, she earned the kind of death that will teach her the error of her acts.”

Each noncom gripping an arm, they turned DeDe around to face the middle of the chamber. She gasped in horror. A naked brunette was bound in a most diabolical way. Completely suspended off the floor, her legs were held out behind her secured to two chains. Her slim waist was locked into a broad leather belt to an iron post set in the floor, Corinne's wrists were locked into the plain crosspiece of a pillory which was also dangling from chains, although her neck and head were free. But is was the extra treatment being applied to her helpless upper torso that made DeDe's blood run cold. On a short stand, a wide basin of hot coals was positioned a couple of feet below her hanging bare breasts. Lovely Corinne Bisset was frantic, her entire body writhing like a demented thing, making the dangling tits sway side to side. Her torso was bathed in sweat as the searing heat wafted up and caressed her vulnerable chest. Droplets fell from the pendant tits to burst into small puffs of steam as they hit the burning embers. Already, DeDe Lind could see that the soft white globes were blushing red from the fiendish attack. Cruelly gagged, all Bisset could do was make pitiful mewling sounds to announce her agony.

“My corporal secured her as you see and started her ordeal. It takes a while to properly prepare her for the final phase of her sentence, so Vogel took a little time for lunch before finishing. Like anything in this place, as bad as it may look now, it can always get worse.

”Ah, now you will see what I mean. I think I hear Corporal Vogel coming now. I had a very hard time getting him transferred from SS headquarters in Paris. He was remarkably efficient at getting information out of those criminals assigned to him. It was said that the mere sight of him was often sufficient to get them to talk. See what you think, Miss Lind.”

There was the soft sound of footsteps coming down the stairs at the back of the chamber. In a moment Corporal Horst Vogel entered into the torchlight. DeDe gasped in shock at the sight he presented and took an involuntary step back. Major Schmidt just smiled; he had seen this kind of reaction before.

By any standard, the corporal made a terrifying sight. The word massive may have been invented with him in mind. A few inches over six feet, he must have weighed 250 pounds and none of them fat. Incredibly powerful, every part of him bulged with muscle that fairly glistened in the flickering yellow light. After a moment for the entire image to strike the audience, two other aspects were obvious. First, Vogel was completely naked, and then he sported a monumental erection thrusting up from his groin. The phallus was long and had an impressive girth. To young DeDe, it looked hard as iron. As he moved, it swung side to side before him.

He turned toward the officer and snapped to attention. His right arm went up and out stiffly. “Heil Hitler!”

Heinrich returned the salute with a lazy arm lift. “Good to see you, Horst. You look well, as always.” The hulking giant glanced over at Corinne Bisset's writhing sweat-sheened form and smiled. “Danke, Herr Major. I hope you will enjoy this as much as I.”

While pretty DeDe watched, Horst went over to the hanging girl and started immediately to add to her suffering. He slid a fat steel rod into the glowing embers slowly roasting her dangling tits, then picked a pair of alligator clips off a nearby table. Lengths of metal wire hung from each. He casually reached down, cupped each aching globe and attached a clip to each pain-hardened teat in turn, letting the wire ends drop into the coals. By then the rod was ready. Though not yet glowing, the iron bar was hot enough for his purpose. Moving around behind Corinne, he blew the incandescent ashes away. Then, from between her twitching legs, he languorously dragged the rod up against her delicate labial lips a couple of times front to back. At each kiss of the hot metal to her most sensitive feminine flesh, her body would seize up hard against her bonds, making the chains jingle. Finally he dipped a few fingers in a bowl of oil on the table and anointed his rigid penis while he went back between the brunette's thighs. Without preliminaries, he positioned his oil-slick glans into the the just seared vulva and then rammed it into her vagina to the hilt! Another frenzied jerk against the waist belt stated her reaction to this latest outrage. It felt like she was being split up the middle and her seared genitals hurt atrociously.

The pretty blonde standing at Schmidt's side couldn't believe her eyes. That she would probably be raped in this ghastly castle, she knew, but that would be an act of simple, if coarse sex, nothing more. But this . . . ? Never had she ever imagined that men would get sexually aroused by the infliction of torture on helpless girls! Raping a girl after watching her nude body writhing under the torment was one thing, but raping her during?! Heinrich saw her disbelieving look. “Now you begin to see, eh, Miss Lind? If a man, or woman, for that matter, has the right mindset, the activities you see going on here can can have an intensely erotic effect. As you may guess, I have the right mindset. Now let's begin. Anja, Freya, secure Miss Lind to the Whipping Frame,” he commanded.

The Nazi women dragged the protesting girl back to unassuming device. Like almost all of the instruments of the Inquisition, the design was simple; nothing more than a three-foot high wooden post with a pair of thick iron bars projecting from it in a slightly downward angled V. At the end of each arm of the bars were leather belts with buckles. The two sergeants were strong and had little trouble lifting DeDe up on the bars where the belts were fastened over the top of her knees and snugged tight. While Anja pulled her arms back and tied them to the a ring set in the top of the post, Freya attached ropes to her ankles, bent them back along the bottoms of the bars, and secured them tightly. A last cord looped around her neck, was passed down through the ring, and tied off, forcing her head back and arching her spine. The position had the desired effect of forcing the lovely girl's splendid bare breasts out and up from her now taut and heaving rib cage, presenting them insistently for the coming torture.

The Major strolled over to her front. First staring lasciviously at her heaving chest, he then reached up with both hands to gently fondle the proud jutting globes. His fingertips found the dainty nubs on her rose petal nipples and delicately pinched and rolled them into full erection. Down below, the horizontal angle of the bars held her knees a full yard apart to expose her gaping labia. He left her tits for a moment to stroke the resilient flesh between her straining thighs and then slyly insert one finger inside her to test the tightness there. The helplessly displayed young woman babbled incoherently in fear, her squeaking voice a combination of fear and desperate pleading during the man's intimate play.

He stepped back a bit and gestured to the naked girl who had moved with him to the floor at his feet. Obediently, she rose to her knees and reached for the pouch on the front of his pants. Her slim fingers got busy and popped open the snaps that held the shiny leather flap to the pants. In seconds, it fell aside allowing his already hardening penis to spring free between his legs. With her head pulled back, DeDe Lind couldn't see the rod of flesh jerking up as it filled with blood. He began caressing the arrogant mounds again, relishing the erotic ripples of pleasure he always felt from being exposed during a session of female torture, and the incredibly cute young bint before him promised exceptional sport with her suffering. The kneeling wench took his shaft in hand and started to lick around the glans.

“No, Alice! Not with your mouth! The last time I allowed you that honor I distinctly felt your teeth a couple of times. Stand up here and use your hands first. You know how I like it.”

Alice surely did, having learned through a very painful course of study. Now she reached shyly around to loosely grasp the rod and lightly stroke up and down the shaft. She worked slowly and carefully; if he climaxed before he was ready, he would take his irritation out on her flesh.

Heinrich gave DeDe a last gentle touch enjoying the feel of the delicate white under curves and tweaking the fear hardened teats into full hardness. With his hands still cupping the mounds, he looked down into the terrified azure eyes. “I told you that you would see what might happen if you were disobedient, didn't I? Poor Corinne over there is one example and then you got to watch Paula Scheidler's ordeal under the electrodes, as well. You probably think that's enough to convince you to do anything I want. Sorry, but it's not. No, first you have to really feel what the torment is like before I can be sure you fully understand. This next bit is just an introduction; nothing serious, just a minor tit spanking to teach you your place. Sergeants, prepare her!”

“No, oh no, please! I beg you, spare me this evil treatment! Please, PLEASE, don't hurt my titties! Please, I can't stand pain and they're so tender, so tender. I implore you, don't hurt me there!”

“Sorry, my dear, but a bit of suffering now is a necessary part of your training. And as for sparing these soft delicate globes, they are just too pretty and responsive to ignore. And as an added consideration, while you can't see my prick, you can take my word that it's hard and throbbing at the delightful prospect. As you will come to know, there is nothing I enjoy more than the sight of a splendid pair of soft white breasts dancing under the lash—unless it's flogging a pair myself! But not today.” He moved out of the way, but still stayed close. “I want to see how strong you are and how much you really want to avoid the really serious pain. Ladies, ten minutes to begin with. If she screams, add five minutes until she stops. I want her to feel each one, but no permanent damage, neh?”

The sergeants nodded and went over to a cabinet near the wall. Each removed a long flogging device. Anja showed hers to the cute blond, lifting it up in front of her terrified sapphire eyes. It was a foot-long oak rod that ended with three feet of inch-wide black rubber. “Herr Major designed this himself. The rubber is just stiff enough to allow excellent placement accuracy and won't break the skin even after repeated strokes. There's another variation that has holes punched along its length that makes it fly through the air faster, but it causes blisters and Herr Major doesn't want your busen damaged this early. Don't you worry, though. Since this is your first time, I'm sure you will still find its kisses suitably agonizing.” She slid her fingers slyly up and back over the girl's delicate slit. The day before, Freya had shaved it the way Heinrich liked for most of his prisoners: the plump pudenda was completely denuded of hair up to the mons. DeDe squirmed in shame at the salacious touch. “It's too bad we can't give you any attention down here, Schatzi, but today we have to be content just lashing your fine titties. And remember, if you start screaming your ordeal will just go on longer. Ready?” She chuckled and went to her side in the front of the tautly bound American.

Heinrich stood directly in front just beyond the range of the whips so he could get the best view of the coming play. He had young Alice kneel at his feet to maintain her dainty genital fondling. When he was ready, he looked at his watch. “All right, ladies, let's get started.”

They nodded and Anja started, drawing back her left arm and taking aim. The arm swept forward to bring the supple rubber strap across the upper slopes of both exquisite globes with a loud WHAPPP! They flattened down, then started a delightful jiggling on her chest. A high pitched whine escaped her throat as she only just managed to keep a desperate shriek from escaping her mouth. Oh dear god, the pain, the pain! Without warning, Freya attacked DeDe's poised tits from the other side, a hair's-breadth beneath the first stroke. The two tender gourds quivered and bounced wildly in response. Alice felt his rigid penis twitch up in her hand from the sadistic pleasure he felt watching the lurid scene before him. Gripping the shaft tightly, she milked a large drop of fluid out of the tiny slit at its tip, drawing a brief moan of delight as he felt the hot precum excite the nerve endings lining the inside of the urethra.

WHAPPT! SPLAT! Two more bitter lashes struck from below to punish the silky white under curves and setting the the globes into a wild dance of ferocious agony. CRACK! SWACKT! Again to the quivering under curves straight across the mounds just below the rosy aureoles. Two more punished the upswept orbs just where they met the heaving rib cage then a couple more found the upper slopes once more. CRACKK! SPLATT! Back to the bottoms, on the outermost bulges. Again a pair of quick strokes found the globes. And again. And again. DeDe Lind's breaths came in loud rapid gasps as she struggled to endure the fiendish bare breast torture. It felt as though her tender hillocks had been steeped in boiling oil. She wanted desperately to scream, to somehow release some of the fiery pain, but could barely control the urge with the thought that to do so would only prolong her suffering.

Major Schmidt held up a hand. Leaving Alice behind, he went right up to the securely perched young blonde, his turgid phallus wobbling obscenely with each step. His eyes drank in the sight the lovely girl presented. Both trembling pears were now decorated by broad weals starting to flush red from the blows. Darker crimson lines indicated where the edges of the rubber belts had landed and overlapped. The girl's shivering nude body was now covered with a fine sheen of perspiration. He lifted a hand and lightly traced one of the swelling red lines with a fingernail drawing a fresh mewl of pain from her. He smiled. As he had intended, the majority of the lashes had caressed the undersides of the titties. He well knew that they were supremely sensitive and second only to the crinkled nipples in responsiveness. He moved closer so he could look down into her face. Schmidt felt a delicious pang in his penis when his taut glans rubbed up against the slick outer labia.

“So, Fraulein,” he purred. “You have stood up rather well under your ordeal. Not one scream, although I'm sure your lovely busen must be hurting terribly right now.”

DeDe stared up at him with pleading blue eyes. “Please, oh please,” she begged between strained breaths. “I implore you, please stop beating my poor breasts! It hurts, it hurts me so! I'll do anything if you will just make those bitches stop hurting my breasts, anything you want!”

“You hear that, ladies? This little bint called you bitches! She might be somewhat justified after the way you have mistreated her chest, but I'm sure that she just doesn't comprehend the restraint you are showing her. After all, you haven't broken the skin and it's such fine delicate skin.

“No, Liebling, what you have felt so far is as a lover's caress compared to what is possible down here. You'll see that better in a while, but for now, I must continue your training. You say that you will do anything I want if I stop, but I have to be sure of that, you see? Some of the things I will want you to do may offend your girlish sensitivities and I want to know that you will be completely obedient, like young Alice here, when the time comes. Anyway, you still have at least five more minutes to go and my sergeants have ignored these superb paps of yours.” He gave DeDe's delicate nipples a last lingering touch, then turned to the women and pointed at them to indicate their next target. He then made his way back to the cringing Alice, standing above her again to make his hard penis available to her continued ministrations. The kneeling girl saw that another heavy drop of clear fluid had beaded from its tip. She grasped the shaft, raised her mouth, and licked the droplet away with her small pointed tongue. At the touch, Heinrich glanced down for a moment, then returned his gaze to the trembling naked blonde helpless on the Torture Frame.

Anja and Freya took aim again. As before, left-handed Anja Jaeger struck first. The black rubber strap rose high and then fell with a shortened stroke to strike DeDe's poised left nipple with a loud, moist slap. Then Freya struck, targeting the right pap with ruthless efficiency. After a scant moment, another pair of blows struck, again each one targeting just one nipple with the tip of the strap. They took aim again.

Heinrich felt his stiff phallus twitch up with pleasure. There were very few things he loved more than watching the brutal flogging of a cute young woman on her luscious nude breasts while another naked young beauty masturbated him slowly with cunning fingers or mouth. The bitter strokes continued to slap wetly across DeDe's bouncing pink nipples. The burning pain in the tender disks grew more and more with each lash until it became impossible to endure any longer. Her will broken, she lost her control at last and the first scream ripped from her mouth. The perched young body jerked frantically as shriek after shriek of unbearable suffering burst out into the torchlit chamber, bouncing off the stone walls. Schmidt felt his passion rising too quickly at the sound of the screams and stepped back out of Alice's fingers. He had plans for what promised to be a memorable climax and they didn't include spurting onto Alice's clumsy hands.

The two brutal sergeants had stopped their cruel efforts when the wailing started, but it was now time to finish DeDe's training. From past experience, they knew what the Major wanted and how to get it. They left the cute young blonde alone while the screams subsided to pitiful sobs, although her her taut rib cage continued heaving spasmodically, the lovely bare breasts quivering lasciviously on her chest. Both were now well striped with raised inch-wide welts, the entire surface of the once milky gourds now swollen and flushed a dull red, her nude body gleaming with sweat.

When they judged that she had recovered enough, Anja went back over to her so she could look into the suffering blue eyes. “I know you hurt, girl, those pretty titties must be throbbing horribly, but you didn't get the full ten minutes with the whips and those squeals earned them five more.”

Her eyes took on the look of panic. “Wha-wha-what do you mean? It's not over? IT'S NOT OVER!? Oh, please no, oh no,” her head swung side to side in desperate negation. “Please, please, you don't know, you can't know how much it hurts me. You're women like me, how can you do this?”

“You're only half right, girly. It's true that we're women, but we do know how much it hurts. We've seen many many young wenches like you getting their tits flogged and I can tell you that what you've felt so far is nothing, nothing compared to what we can and will do to you! You skin is not ripped, you're not bleeding; why, we didn't even stick red hot needles into those proud teats of yours! Now stop complaining, it's time to resume!”

Her perched nude body started shaking in terror as her brain tried to absorb the horror of Anja's words, but there wasn't time. The Nazi fiend returned to her place and drew back her arm.

CRACKT! SPLATT! WHAPPT! WHAPPT! The dreadful rubber straps flew incessantly through the air, slapping wetly against the already enreddened flesh. No longer focusing on the tender nipples, they only made sure that every stroke found some spot on the heaving bare breasts. The frantic squeals started immediately.

The Major waited until a dozen more lashes had punished the aching tits, then stepped forward. “Halt, HALT!” he cried. “Can't you see that this poor girl has suffered enough? Stop beating her breasts immediately!” He went up to the agonized beauty and rubbed her shoulders as if to comfort her. Then he untied the rope around her neck, relieving the strain on her arched back. He put his left arm around her shoulders and began to gently fondle her right breast with the other. DeDe moaned at the touch, the tits still painfully sensitive. He had never lost his turgid erection throughout the sadistic torture of these most prominent organs of her sex and it strained up even harder at this intimate petting. The delicate skin was hot to his touch and he could feel the pain radiating from the tender and abused female flesh.

He looked into her tear-streaked eyes. “You want the agony here to stop, don't you?” DeDe Lind's straw-haired head bobbed vigorously. “Very well then, I will have it stopped, but you must do something for me for that kindness. I want you to beg me to fuck you now. Just ask me nicely and I will take you off this brutal frame.”

The blonde didn't even hesitate. “Yes, oh yes! I'll do it, I'll do it! Fuck me! Fuck me now, anything you want, only don't let those women continue whipping my poor breasts. I beg you, take me now and stop the torture!”

Heinrich looked meaningfully at the cringing Alice who scurried over to anoint his rigid penis with oil from swollen root to head. He moved up close between Lind's still bound and spread thighs. Alice took his dick and aimed the purple glans up between DeDe's soft labial lips. Heinrich gripped the girl's hips and slowly inserted the greasy shaft deep into her sex. The feeling as her rippling inner walls gripped him was exquisite. He brought his hands up, cupping the lovely naked globes, his thumbs gently rubbing the pain-hardened teats side to side. He stared at her cute face as he started a languorous hip pumping, in and out of her fleshy gash from corona to scrotum. He was highly excited by the erotic sensations filling his prick. It felt as if the girl's inner muscles were milking him with each thrust. The pumping slowly became more vigorous, speeding up with each passing moment until he felt the climax imminent. When it hit, he rammed his sex fiercely up to the hilt inside her and felt the hot liquid spurting from the head and he groaned with the marvelous sensations flooding through his spasming penis. He hugged DeDe's chest to his, feeling her hot beaten tits squash against him while the delicious ejaculation went on and on. After a bit, he started pumping again, but slower and slower now, savoring the delicious feeling of her vagina's sweet suction until he finally withdrew. He returned to his chair then and gave a signal to the sergeants. While they released the girl from the hideously effective frame, Alice went to him and bathed his organ with warm wet cloths, cleaning it of the oil and secretions. When she had finished, he had his women guide the wobbling DeDe Lind to him, lowering her to kneel between his legs on the floor and shoving Alice aside.

“We're almost done with your training today,” he said to the pretty American. “No more pain for you right now, but I want to be absolutely certain you understand what can happen if ever you disappoint me. Look there,” he commanded.

The cute blonde lifted her head and looked where he pointed. The brute had finished his rape of the suspended Corinne Bisset during her breast beating, but DeDe could see that his huge naked penis was still rising up hard and proud from his crotch. He had been waiting for the Major to complete Lind's tit flogging before he proceeded. After pulling his meaty shaft out of her, Horst had removed the clips from the girl's dangling nipple tips. The wires hanging into the coals during her vicious rape had transmitted the blistering heat directly to the teats, so he had to put on a glove. There was no reason to hurt his fingertips, after all. Seeing that the rest of her titties had also turned a nice cherry red from the slow roasting, he had then slid the brazier from under them, but the sharp, fiery pain was still there. Now that Corporal Vogel saw that the Major was ready for the next part, he got busy.

First, he unfastened the chain from the pillory top, but left the heavy board holding her wrists. Next the waist strap was undone and the supporting pillar moved, releasing her body except for the ankle chains. These he hauled up until she hung from the ceiling, outstretched arms a foot off the floor. As a final touch, he undid the cuff from her left ankle so that she now dangled only from the metal link around the right. Her sweat-shiny nude form twisted slowly around. Every time her front swung toward Heinrich's chair, DeDe could see how the vivid scarlet breasts contrasted with the rest of her pale skin and shivered in reaction. Even though her own aching chest melons still throbbed from their recent strapping, she felt pity for the swaying brunette. While her beating had been horrible, she thought that the chest broiling must surely be worse—and it was obvious that Corinne's ordeal wasn't over.

Schmidt felt the blonde's agitation and instinctively understood its origin. The vision before her was a ghastly one: a sweat-shiny nude girl hanging by one leg in the lurid medieval chamber with the hulking naked Nazi staring at her with an evil gaze. He was now holding a different whip with six long strands. She was confused when she saw them shining in the torchlight. As if reading her mind, Heinrich commented, “They're made from a copper alloy. By themselves they impart a wicked sting, but there is another quality they have that you will see soon. Ah yes, my corporal is ready to begin.” He then leaned forward and started idly fondling DeDe's whip-streaked tits, but his eyes were fixed on the dangling Corinne.

Horst went right to work. His powerful right arm pulled back shaking out the metal threads and then swept them forward to slash across the brunette's taut concave belly. A wild shriek of pain ripped from her throat and her naked body jerked from the single chains suspending it from the ceiling. She lifted her arms to her waist, trying to protect her form, but the plank holding her wrists was just too heavy to keep them there for long. Her frantic efforts had the additional effect of swinging her around and presenting her back to the beast's attention. Another lash flew through the air and the metal strands spread to attack the girl's lumbar region from dimples to buttocks.

The cruel flogging went on without pause, striking whatever part of her body that faced the lash. Horst was scourging her from neck to knees, so it wasn't long before the whip spread its cruel fingers over her enreddened bare breasts. Dangling upside down as she was, the tits drooped a bit down toward her face, making their under curves especially vulnerable. After their demonic roasting over the hot coals, the pain there was fiendishly intense. Corinne's strident wails of suffering ripped through the chamber to the relentless flogging. Occasionally her free leg would kick out away from her hips and expose the gash between them. At such times, Corporal Vogel would sweep his whip vertically down to viciously punish the wench's seared sex lips drawing especially loud ragged screams from her. He wasn't holding back and a number of his lashes sliced the tender skin causing several bright red runnels of blood to stream down her torso.

Heinrich watched the lovely young girl's lascivious contortions and his bared penis had grown up hard and erect again from the crotch of his leather pants. Time now to move to the final level of the brunette's punishment. “Ho there, Corporal, the bint is bleeding a little much for my taste. I do believe it's time you cauterized some of those tears in her flesh.”

Horst merely looked over at him and smiled. Then he turned to his side and deliberately draped the ends of the whip into the still shimmering embers in the brazier. The whimpering young wench was too consumed with her misery to notice, but DeDe wasn't. Oh dear Lord, she thought, they couldn't, wouldn't do that. No, it was just too monstrous. Her own breast beating had been awful and the whipping of that poor girl's roasted body savage, but what she suspected next was simply bestial. No one could be that inhuman!

They could and were, of course, here in the Schloss Folter. Heinrich felt her shiver of horror through the hand petting the cute blonde's plump right titty and his prick gave a quick twitch of pleasure in anticipation of the action to come. After a few minutes, Horst lifted his instrument from the coals and gave it a quick shake, scattering several incandescent ashes free. DeDe was numbed to see how the copper alloy strands glowed red from the fierce internal heat.

Vogel struck before they could cool down. Corinne's quivering form was turned away at the moment so the shimmering metal strings swept viciously across the tops of her thighs where they joined the rounded cheeks. Unlike the cold flogging, he waited a moment before jerking the cat away, so that it could cling to the sensitive skin there. For an instant, all in the chamber could hear the sharp hiss of frying meat and then the ear-splitting squeals of an animal in agony echoed through the chamber.

Heating the whip made for an additional refinement to the new torment: after each hideous stroke, it took a few minutes in the coals for the whip to get hot enough for the next one and all the while Corinne’s nude body convulsed in accumulated pain from the previous burning strokes. The shrieks went on and on and it was hard to believe that such strident sounds could come from such a small thing. Hanging head down as she was, even the ferocious pain she was suffering wouldn't provide her the merciful release of unconsciousness. In between her agonized wails, the girl was loudly pleading for them to kill her, just let her die and end the suffering.

Heinrich grabbed DeDe's shoulders and turned her around so that she faced the turgid shaft between his legs. “As you can see, I'm ready again for some fun. You will take me in your mouth and suck until I come. I expect you to make good use of your tongue while you are doing it and you better not lose a drop when I climax, or I will have to punish you again. I hadn't planned on anything as extreme as Miss Bisset's ordeal for you so soon, but perhaps a pleasant afternoon with my corporal . . .?” he mused.

The idea of being in that hulking monster's hands on her was enough to make the pretty blonde quickly overcome her revulsion. She gripped the man's rampant penis at the base and immediately took the head into her mouth. He groaned with pleasure at the feel of her little pointed tongue licking around his swollen glans and laving against the exquisitely sensitive frenulum just below its underside. While she played with his sex, he leaned back, legs spread wide, and watched the erotic scene play out in front of him.

As before, Horst spared no part of the dangling wench, the glowing strands seeking out her most delicate and private female flesh. The Major felt delicious waves of sadistic sensations ripple through his penis every time the red-hot metal lash embraced Corinne's helpless naked breasts, sizzling against the luscious nipples. Unlike other floggings, the wire whip didn't leave the usual bright scarlet welts behind. By leaving the hot copper in contact with the skin, the thin lines were the darker rust color of burns. These now curled around her entire nude body, mostly horizontal but for several that spread down over her abdomen and upper ass from when he swept the strands down across the genital lips gaping open between her legs. Incredibly, the agony was so severe that the lovely brunette still had enough energy to writhe lasciviously from her ankle chain, although the desperate screams were now inchoate and she was no longer able to express her earlier pleas for death.

The cute little blonde kneeling between Schmidt's legs had only been fellating him a short while, but he was eager to come and Corinne was almost finished. DeDe was taking his shaft in and out of her mouth as if her throat was a vagina and sucking for all she was worth, so he just relaxed his control and let the orgasm happen. His eyes slitted and he groaned with pleasure as the exquisite spasms rippled through his cock for the second time and the hot cream ejaculated into the girl's vacuuming mouth. The erotic contractions went on for almost a minute before he relaxed back into the chair. Terrified of displeasing him, Lind maintained her efforts, suckling his penis even after it started to soften. He pushed her head off, stood, then walked over to the hanging brunette, gesturing Horst to stop the fiendish whipping.

Bisset's shapely nude body was covered with the brick-red streaks by now and she was only able to tremble in misery from the chain. Blood ran down her calf from the ankle, grim testimony to her frenzied attempts to escape the hideous torture. He had the grotesque soldier unfasten the chain from the wall and drop her to the floor. She lay there in a crumpled mound, shivering and whimpering piteously. Horst pushed at her with one foot, but there was little response.

“I think you have ruined her for any decent sport, Corporal,” he said, then returned to his chair. “I know you don't mind fucking a wench so weakened after one of your sessions, but I fear that her cunt is so badly burned that it might be too abrasive to fully enjoy the play.” He suddenly grabbed Alice Baaker by the nape of her neck and threw her to the stone floor in front of Horst. “Here, take this one. I told her not to use her mouth, but she did anyway when she licked the tip. I'm tired of her disobedience. Besides,” he smiled down at DeDe Lind cringing at his feet, “I already have a replacement.”

Alice looked up at the brutal man grinning down at her and the massive rigid phallus pointing toward her. Her blood chilled in sudden panic.


* * * * *

On this morning, Major Schmidt made his way to the Lounge room. Today he planned on trying out his new brainchild of torture, born by the inspiration of Valerie Kerr's arrogant puffy nipples.

Freya Kraus brought the pretty wench in to face him. She wore a long white shirt that reached half way down her thighs. It was deliberately flimsy and small even for her frame, so he could easily make out the pinkish bulges that made her nipples so appealing. He knew she wore nothing underneath. He could have had all the victims kept and delivered to him and their punishments naked, of course, but he understood that constant nudity could become mundane, especially when all of their fellow captives were nude, as well. Having garments to wear gave the young women a temporary feeling of some tenuous security and dramatically increased their terror when they were stripped in front of the instruments of their torture. It was a technique the Inquisition had used to good effect.

The pretty blonde girl stood shaking in fear before him. Her forearms had been laid on top of themselves behind her and then bound at wrists and elbows. Had he ordered them tied up overhead, the position would have pulled her tits up high. As Valerie was not overly endowed there, the mounds would lose the dainty half-pear shape he so enjoyed. This binding, however, would present them perfectly for what he had in mind. He nodded to Sgt Kraus who gripped the thin shirt and husked it violently down and apart, buttons flying. The few shreds that remained were quickly torn away and discarded, leaving Valerie bare as a worm before the two Nazis. She instinctively tried to bring her arms around and bend her body forward to somehow hide the exposed organs of her sex, but it was futile the way she was bound.

Heinrich now began to get ready for the afternoon's activities. There was a long armless reclining chair near one wall flanked by a pair of tables. Some equipment already sat waiting on one of them. The other held an ashtray, a glass, and bottle of wine. He removed his trousers and underwear and carefully folded them. He then sat back in the chair and gestured to the sergeant. She took Valerie's right arm roughly and dragged her over to the lounge chair. The girl could see the man smiling and she couldn't ignore the fat pink snake between his legs growing longer and thicker in little jumps.

Freya started binding her for the punishment. First her legs were pulled apart and secured to rings set in the floor so that she now stood directly above the Major's loins. Then cords were looped beneath both underarms and tied loosely to similar rings on the ceiling. Finally, a last rope went around her waist to tug her hips down until they stopped a couple of inches above his lower waist. Now the shoulder cords held her upper torso upright. In this position, her body was helplessly displayed, but she was still able to squirm a bit. For Heinrich, the most important aspect for the play to come was that her proud puffy nipples sat poised and vulnerable right before his eyes. The sight aroused him further, so he reached down and pulled it up on top of his belly.

“I told you that I had something imaginative for those succulent paps of yours and the equipment for it was just finished yesterday. Look.” He reached over to the right hand table and picked up a short glass tube perhaps two inches long with a thin rubber hose attached to the back. About an inch and a half in diameter, the front was open and she could just see a ring of shiny copper around the rim. He pressed it against one nipple and smiled again. “A perfect fit, Miss Kerr. I had it made specially for you; it's why I measured your nipples when you arrived.” He lifted up to her eyes. “Now look down the tube, my pretty. What do you see?” Valerie peered at the bottom of the glass and gasped in horror. There, sticking up, was an inch-long needle set in the very middle. “That's right, Miss Kerr. I made them for your proud pink nipples. This box at my side has three dials. One controls a vacuum pump. When I turn it on, it will draw them up into the tube, stretching them further and further into into it. That will be uncomfortable enough, when they are fully distended, the needle will pierce about a quarter inch into your sensitive teats. More pain, but that's nowhere near the end of this little game, ach, no. These other two dials control the voltage and current. That's right, each of these glass devices is an electrode! When I turn the dials and the needle pierces your nipple tip, the electricity will flow in from the base and then out through the teat. In between times, I will release the vacuum to give the paps a chance to recover while I adjust the voltage and current for the next time. I had them made out of clear glass so I could see them being sucked in to their limits. And, oh, by the way, while your naked nipples are being tortured, my prick will be deep inside you. Your response to the demonic jolts will serve to slowly bring me the most exquisite sexual pleasure. Ah, see, I am almost fully hard already just from the thought of what I am going to do to your aureoles.”

“You can't mean that. Oh, it's vile, vile. What kind of monster are you to think up such a fiendish device just to hurt me. Please, don't put those things on my poor nipples. PLEASE! They're so sensitive, I just can't stand pain there, I can't, I can't! I beg you. I'll do anything you want, I'll even let you have your way with me, only don't put those things on my nipples!,” her pleas ended in a desperate rising wail.

“You hear that, Sergeant? This little bint will let me fuck her if I don't hurt her titty tips. No, Miss Kerr, I will not spare them the torment and I will fuck you anyway. You see, your sexual suffering is the most powerful aphrodisiac for me. I like nothing more than to stick my prick up inside one of my victims, torture her bare breasts unmercifully, and let her frenzied struggles to endure the pain bring me to a rousing climax.”

The girl's pleas and the anticipation of torturing her protruding pink nipples had brought him to his fullest erection. Now it rose up from his loins and nestled up against her soft labial lips. Valerie moaned in shame at that most intimate touch. Like all the women in the Schloss, her external genitals had been shaved, leaving only a small patch of honey-colored curls over her pubic mound.

Freya, some oil, if you please.” The large Nazi woman went to him, squirted some clear oil on her fingers, and then reached down to coat the length of his rigid shaft. Adding some more oil, she next rubbed it over the lovely blonde's pudenda. She was well versed in this man's predilections and had no reservations about rendering her assistance in any way. In fact, she was happy to help. After all, he made it possible for her to indulge her own perverted desires on his young female prisoners. A confirmed bisexual, like Anja, she relished the infliction of pain as much as he did, although she preferred attacking their cunts to his love of the tits.

Now the hypersensitive underside of his tumescent prick slid smoothly against her sex in a most lascivious way. His eyes slitted from the erotic sensation. It was time to begin.

He turned the first dial slightly to the right. A barely noticeable chugging sound came on as the pump came on. Then he dipped the open end of one tube into a shallow dish of liquid. It was a sodium and potassium combination he had infused into a syrupy substance. It not only made the seal between glass and flesh more airtight, but also was an excellent conductor so it maximized the flow of electricity. For this first application, however, he didn't plan on engaging the current.

Once the fluid had coated the circumference of the opening, he positioned it over her left pap and pressed it against her. The blonde instantly felt the tube take hold and attach itself to her flesh. Then the other found her right dome. Her azure eyes looked down where she saw the two obscene devices clinging to her breasts like glass leeches. Heinrich turned the dial a little further and the suction grew stronger making the nipple extend slightly inside. So far the sensations were not too bad, it almost felt like having a boy suckling on them, but the sheer terror of having her achingly sensitive naked nipples trapped inside these malevolent instruments of pain made her squirm in her bonds, causing her oil-slick gash to caress Major Schmidt's rigid penis deliciously. Eager to see more, he cranked the control yet higher.

The first feelings of discomfort started with this new development. Her delicate flesh had now been tugged about half an inch further into the tube. She could feel the teats start filling with blood at the rising pressure, a fact Heinrich had been counting on. The vacuum was increased again and the sensations in her nipples became more uncomfortable. Another increase pulled the tender flesh almost a full inch into the glass, now just shy of the needle-sharp sting. Through the devilish contrivances, he could see the cones blushing a darker rose color. The pain had been growing steadily with each further insertion and was now a throbbing ache. The teats were now fully turgid and seemed to be reaching toward the electrode tip. He turned the dial one last time and watched avidly as they extended even more until the needles just pierced their flesh.

Lovely Valerie let out a hissing whine of suffering. The fierce suction on her puffy nipples had added to their already extreme responsiveness, giving the nerve filled teats an unimaginable hypersensitivity. The addition of the cruelly atrocious penetration created a fierce burning agony in the swollen teats. The sharp pain was such that she couldn't control the lascivious grinding of her lips over the man's twitching sex, a most delectable kind of masturbation.

Schmidt left her this way for a minute and then turned the control gradually back to the left. The fiercely irritated paps moved slowly back down the glass cylinders until they reached the bases and then fell off with a moist plop.

The Major motioned Freya over and they both looked at the nude papilla. The two nipples had bloated into a pair of proud reddish-pink cones ending in hard scarlet nubs. A tiny droplet of bright blood enhanced both tips. Heinrich reached out for them and gave the right one a quick snap with one fingernail, drawing a sharp gasp of pain.

He gave Valerie a couple of minutes to catch her breath and the nipples to lose some of the florid coloration. “Ah, that's better, isn't it, my dear? You know what that means, don't you? That's right, it's time to continue and this time with the electricity.”

“Oh, No, no. Please don't do this to me! Please, please, oh it hurts, it hurts me so.”

Heinrich didn't bother to reply to her. Now that she had felt the first minor treatment, her imagination was now running wild with her fear of what an active electrode would feel like. Well, it was time, but first. . . .

“Freya, a hand here. You know what I need.” The woman nodded and moved behind the standing girl, put her hands on her waist, and lifted her the few inches the rope allowed. Heinrich used the new height to reposition the head of his penis between the oil slick pudenda and inserted it up into her vagina. Once inside, Freya lowered the girl on it. Now the man was buried to the balls inside the tight warm cunt. Valerie Kerr moaned in shame at the vile penetration of her sex. She tried to lift herself off the loathsome penetration, but the waist cord only allowed her to rise a couple of inches up the shaft. Helpless to avoid it, she settled back down, unaware that the motion nicely duplicated the action of loving copulation, but a fact the man had planned on.

Heinrich turned the first dial, dipped the cylinders unto the conducting syrup, and again pressed the openings against the bases of the girls puffy nipples. Instantly, the glass tubes gripped and started pulling the flesh inside. Heinrich didn't delay as much this time, turning up the vacuum, only stopping when the turgid teats were a few millimeters from the needles. Now he turned the other two dials up to the first notch. “Here we go, piglet. This is going to hurt.”

The vacuum went up again. Schmidt watched avidly as the electrodes lanced half an inch into the titty tips again. Valerie's blue eyes opened wide in shock at the new sensation. Both misshaped nipples had suddenly started tingling uncomfortably as the electricity flowed from base to teat.

The pretty blonde's body reacted to the gnawing pain. Her nude young form stiffened and rose up on the Major's shaft while the spongy inner walls gripped it salaciously. Another notch increased the voltage raising the pain level a bit. After a moment, the current went up as well, and the contractions inside her sped up, increasing the man's pleasure.

Heinrich had developed a fair control over his orgasms, but the combined thrills of seeing the distended reddish nipples filling the glass, his knowledge of how the rippling current tormented nerve filled female flesh, and the delicious feelings flowing through his oiled penis made him realize that the sensations were leading him to the brink sooner than he wanted, so he quickly dialed down the suction, allowing the painful circuit to break and the tubes to pop free from her breasts. Her torso was heaving from the treatment, breathing deeply and rapidly, rib cage rising until the rib bones stood out plainly against the skin, her taut belly sucking in and out.

Twice more Heinrich sucked the paps into the glass tubes, always increasing the intensity of the electricity, but still keeping it below the halfway point. Each time, Valerie Kerr wailed, cried, and begged him to stop, to have mercy on her, but he was pitiless in his sadistic desires. Each time, he allowed his arousal to settle back from climax and the girl's paps to recover as best they could, although by now they were bloated to almost half again their original size, the teats swollen to the size of bright red currants, even when free of the tubes.

He thought up a little refinement to the demonic ordeal for the next bit. He raised the electricity controls up to the three-quarter setting, turned on the vacuum, and replaced the cylinders over her titty tips. The discolored flesh moved gradually deeper into the glass, stopping just short of the electrodes. Schmidt moved his hips a bit, re-positioning his erection for maximum penetration, then reached out for the vacuum control. A slight turn drew the teats onto the waiting needles and Valerie shrieked out at the fierce agony. This time the Major left the probes embedded for several seconds only before dialing the suction back just enough to clear her flesh, but not for long. He waited just a moment, then increased it until her aching teats were pierced again and the current flowed through them once more.

Time and again, the dial rotated. He watched the nipples move back and forth within the transparent tubes with glee. At every fresh perforation, Valerie's screams ripped through the room anew. The suction alone was painful, but nothing compared to the rippling agony caused by the electric jolts. She wasn't aware of the way her hips were moving up and down above the man's loins, but he was. At every twitch against the short ropes around her waist, her body jerked up. The effect was just as if she was riding him just like an enthusiastic lover. He kept up this new variety of sadistic torment for another ten minutes. When he finally stopped and the cylinders popped away from her chest, her cries had turned into pitiful whimpers and she gasped for breath—an effort that served to set the two lovely bare breasts heaving erotically before his eyes.

The Major felt himself approaching orgasm more with each session of the ghastly nude nipple torture and decided that he would finish with the next jolting. He turned the electricity dials far to the right, but not quite all the way. The highest setting would ravage the paps, burning the flesh viciously from the inside and possibly causing them to burst apart, something he didn't want to do just yet. He was still entranced by their unique shape, especially after the treatment and he had more torments in mind for Valerie's protruding bulbs.

Heinrich renewed the liquid conductor fluid and attached the cylinders a last time to the tips of her bare breasts. So swollen were the aureoles that a ring of their scarlet skin showed around the edges of the glass. He slowly increased the suction so they were drawn inexorably toward the electrodes.

“Oh god, god please stop doing this to me,” the blonde cried, her body quivering uncontrollably and gleaming with sweat. “Please, please, PLEASE, don't do this to me again! Please, you've hurt me so much already. I just can't stand any more! They hurt, they hurt! Please stop hurting my breasts!” she wailed. In vain.

Heinrich waited until the tips were near the electrodes and then turned the dial swiftly higher. The ruddy flesh closed the interval quickly and a clearly visible spark arced across the gap until the needles stabbed deeply into the hypersensitive roseate teats! Valerie's head snapped back, her body rigid.

“HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAHH! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! IT BURNS! IT BURNS, IT BURNS, IT BURNS!” The lovely blonde continued screaming dementedly while her nude body jumped in a paroxysm of unutterable agony, sweat bursting from her pores. The voltage was high, but it was the increased current that wrung the most agony from her. The electricity ripped into the tender flesh, a high frequency ripple surging from base to tip. The pain was monstrous, the current remorseless as it raged through the protruding naked nipples.

The excruciating sexual torture had her body convulsing like a thing possessed. The uncontrollable spasms had her leaping to the limits of her bonds, causing the spongy inner walls to tighten about his shaft even as her hips bucked up and down on him. The sensations he felt as her vaginal muscles gripped his embedded penis were exquisitely intense. Rapturous with sadistic ecstasy, his eyes were riveted to the heaving breasts in front of his eyes. The glass cylinders leaped wildly at her contortions, but continued clinging to the nipple flesh like living parts of her. Heinrich felt the luscious erotic surge rise and rise and rise until he gave himself to it totally and felt himself plunging over the cliff. The orgasm was almost painful in its intensity, Ferocious spasms of sadistic pleasure burst from his throbbing shaft and flowed through his body. His face grimaced from the indescribable delight when his hot semen ejaculated powerfully from the swollen glans. Valerie's inner muscular convulsions seemed to be milking his rigid penis with machine-like power and the waves of his climax rose until he closed his eyes and his body vibrated along with the blonde's sweating form. Meanwhile the savage voltage relentlessly raged through her nipples, relentlessly attacking the densely packed nerves. Insane screams ripped from her very soul, filling the room. To Heinrich, they just added to his enjoyment. Valerie's maddened spasms of agony grew even more frenzied until her nervous system finally overloaded and her sweat soaked nude body jerked one last time and she hung limply from the armpit ropes, still twitching to the shocks.

Heinrich allowed a few moments for the last lubricious pangs of pleasure to diminish. Finally, he reached over and turned off the electricity, not wanting to do any permanent damage to her lovely nipples and teats. Their response to the torture was simply too exciting to spare from more ordeals. The vacuum came next until the tubes fell off her breasts. Both nipples were now hideously swollen, hard brick-red cones bulging out from the trembling, still creamy globes. Both bloated teats oozed bright red blood from their recent piercing. Major Schmidt remained inside the young blonde's vagina until his embedded penis finally softened. At a gesture from him, Freya untied the rope and lifted the limp girl's hips again so the man could slide his dick out of her. Utterly content, he lit a cigarette and took a sip of wine while Kraus finished undoing Valerie's bonds and laid her on the floor.

“Well, that was a memorable fuck, Sergeant. Take her back down to her room and give her what care she may need. I will give her time enough to recover fully before her next ordeal. I'm in no hurry and, after all, there are plenty of other pretty young wenches to keep me amused in the meantime.”

Freya nodded. “Allow me to congratulate you on the ingenuity of your idea for torturing the bitch's nipples, Sir. Never have I seen a girl suffer as much without ruining them.” She lifted the moaning girl carried her limp body from the plush room. Watching the beautiful wench's fiendish ordeal had aroused her, too. Her gash soaking wet, she resolved to select a couple of females from the condemned group; one to torment between her thighs while the other licked her own slit to orgasm. It would be a perfect end to an exceptional day.

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