Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril)


By Sir Bryon

Zoya Petranova has been detained at the interrogation center on orders from a mysterious and wealthy Baron Lord. The facility was built years ago at the bequest of the government on land donated by the Baron's estate. Back then, in a shady backroom deal, the land was made available to the government only on the condition that it would grant the Baron unlimited access to the facility, and all its resources, at any time with no questions asked.

When Zoya is brought in, she does not know what she could have possibly done wrong and is visibly nervous and afraid. She is handcuffed, hands behind her back and seated in a chair. After a short time, a female interrogator sits down across the table from her. From afar in his private retreat, the Baron Lord is also watching live through a video feed. It is explained to the girl that through the camera, she is being monitored; and, that instructions will be given as they proceed based on the girl's responses.

The sad truth is that Zoya is a complete innocent. She has only been brought here for the sadistic pleasure of this unknown wealthy Baron. He has seen her around before and has secretly cultivated a dark fixation of having her petite body restrained, stripped nude, and punished mercilessly. As Zoya begins to assess and comprehend her predicament, she grows visibly more apprehensive.

"Nervous about what might await you my pretty?" the interrogator begins. "You have good reason to fear."

Zoya looks around nervously as the interrogator motions outside with her hand. Two guards come into the room and stand Zoya up forcefully. One hand is removed from her handcuff restraint, the cuff is run through a ring in the ceiling and finally secured firmly around her wrist again. With arms now held tightly overhead, her feet are then secured to recessed rings in the floor, legs slightly spread apart.

Zoya, knowing full well it is the Baron who holds her fate, looks first at the camera, then her interrogator and guards, and then back at the camera, pleading. One of the guards draws out his knife and begins slowly cutting at Zoya's clothes while the second guard proceeds ripping them from her tight frame.

"Why are you doing this?!" Zoya pleads, "What have I done?"

"No, my pretty" chimes the interrogator "What will be done to you is the question you should be asking yourself." She signals to the guards to continue.

The guards take their time with each piece of Zoya's clothing, taunting her with the knife and taking much pleasure in her fear and helplessness. First, her tight tank top is removed, revealing her now erect nipples, next her skirt is cut off dropping to the floor, revealing thin white cotton panties underneath. With a few more deft flicks of the knife around Zoya's legs, the panties are shredded, and they too fall gently to the floor.

Zoya is now completely nude, and the camera is instructed to examine her more closely. The lens moves into her embarrassed and tear-streaked face, then drops slowly down, taking a long time on her small pert breasts, zooming closer in as the guard pinches, squeezes and slaps them. Continuing down, the camera examination continues to a neatly trimmed bush, her soft pussy folds exposed underneath to the probing view of the lens.

"I think maybe the Baron will be pleased with you," chides the interrogator as she lands some firm slaps on Zoya's slightly spread ass cheeks and exposed pussy.

Silently, the Baron messages the interrogator to proceed as the interrogator nods with a hand to her ear.

Yanking her hair and twisting her head around, Zoya's gaze is directed to a small locked cabinet behind the desk. The interrogator proceeds across the room to the cabinet, unlocking it with a special key held close around her neck.

Inside, exposed to Zoya's full view, and mounted on a stand, is a waist-sized metal band with a long metal cylindrical object slung inside to a harness. The cylinder is situated so that it protrudes upward ominously into the center of the band. The placement is such that it would place the object completely inside a woman's most sensitive regions when fitted correctly.

Zoya lets out an audible gasp. The interrogator lifts the device from its mount and walks toward Zoya. "We have some new fashion wear we want you to try," the interrogator purrs. "Maybe you won't feel so naked after you put this on?"

The interrogator holds the contraption up close to Zoya's face. "You can see these here on the surface are these various sensors and electrodes," the interrogator begins. "These sensors are for detecting moisture, heat, pressure, and pulse rate." The interrogator pauses to assess Zoya's reaction.

After a moment she continues. "In addition, the cylinder is also coated in electrodes designed to emit a range of temperatures and vibrations, from mild to pleasurable, to very painful." Zoya's breathing starts getting harder. "I would like to especially point out to you these beauties." The interrogator then points to two small electrodes at the base of the cylinder. "These are very small but ever so special," she purrs. "They are high-intensity electrodes. They have been designed so as to rest firmly on the clitoris when the device has been fitted properly." Dryly she adds, "Using the latest phased hyper-loop technology, these electrodes will stimulate very intense sensations on many many multiple levels, all simultaneously."

Zoya tries not to react, but beads of sweat begin glistening on her tightly stretched body, and the fear in her eyes gives her mounting horror away. Laughing, the interrogator taunts her. "You will be in for quite a ride this evening," adding sinisterly "Whichever way it goes."

The interrogator now hands the device to the guards and stands back to relish the captive girl's vulnerability. She seems to take special pleasure watching Zoya wince at the rough treatment the guards display to her exposed and helpless body.

The guards proceed to fit Zoya with the device. One firmly grabbing Zoya's legs to hold her while the other attaches the clasps of the metal band low around her waist. Zoya tries to resist but to no avail as she is tightly restrained and the guards easily force her compliance.

After securing the waistband, one guard holds Zoya firmly from behind, while the other brings down two additional straps strung from pulleys above. He secures them to either side of the metal band around Zoya's waist.

The guard pulls hard up on the straps as Zoya lets out a gasp followed by a soft moan. The cylinder begins to force its way slowly up slipping insidiously into her soft womanly folds. The guard continues, pulling firmly until the cylinder is fully inserted. The two high-intensity electrodes are now resting tightly against either side of her swelling clitoris.

Tears are running down Zoya's face as she realizes there is nothing she can do to stop this most insidious of intrusions into her most sacred of places. Her fear is starting to consume her. Her trembling is visible now, and she fights hard to keep her composure.

"Now pay very close attention Miss Zoya Petranova," the interrogator is now speaking close to Zoya's ear. "This device you are wearing can be the source of great pleasure; or, it can also inflict on you very great pain." She paused a moment for emphasis. "Further, it will also be used to monitor your responses to our little queries and our shall we say hmmm...calibration tests?"

The interrogator grips Zoyas hair, forcefully pulling back her head. "You see," she says coldly, "all of the data collected from our little probe here is sent straight to our friend, the Baron," pointing to the camera lens as she continues. "Not only does he have the live sound and video feed, but he can also see your heart rate, your body temp, even the moistness and squeezings of your tight little pussy! All instantly." The interrogator yanks up on the metal band causing Zoya to cry out in pain. "You will be unable to hide anything!"

The interrogator stares harshly into Zoyas eyes and then with a sneer she adds, "The Baron has complete control over the impulses sent to you through our little love toy here. I am only here to assist with the more basic aspects of our session." Then the interrogator lowers her voice to a whisper. "You will come to fear me I am sure, but hear me on this...the Baron will be your main concern." Pausing for a moment she adds, "We will get to that in due time."

Letting go of Zoya's hair, the interrogator moves around behind her. " I have been instructed to get things started. So... first, we will need to conduct a little calibration test...shall we?"

The interrogator begins to roughly fondle and grope Zoya's taunt body, slapping her pert breasts and ass until they begin to turn rosy pink. All the while Zoya is squirming, and staring achingly at the camera lens, trying to comprehend why this is being done to her. All of it at the Baron's command, and apparently, even at his pleasure. The interrogator narrows her attention on Zoya's pert breasts, focusing on her nipples. Adding to her anxiety, Zoya begins to feel the creep of wetness forming in her soft pussy folds. Never has she been so afraid; but also unexpectedly, a strange tingle and an excitement about what may be in store for her begins creeping in from around the edges.

"WHAT'S THIS! What are we are seeing here?!" booms a digitally distorted voice over the loudspeaker. It is the voice of the Baron Lord himself but masked. "Could it be our little slut angel is a bit excited by the prospects for the night to come?"

Zoya stares stunned at the camera lens. Even though cloaked, she had not heard the Baron's voice up until now. A shiver goes up her spine. The revelation that he knew instantly so much about her body responses was frightening enough; but, more alarming is what he could inflict on her were he not pleased with the performances she gave. Zoya stares transfixed on the camera lens as Lord Baron continues.

"I hope you will find my methods reasonable enough my dear," the Baron's voice sounding contrite. "Although, I do have my peculiarities."

"WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!" Zoya cries, reeling in the realization she can actually talk to the Baron directly.

The Baron Lord pauses thoughtfully then continues. "Your job is to please me with your responses, not to understand what they are. I will decide what level of pleasure or pain you will experience, and where you will experience it. I will be monitoring your responses and further.....," pausing for emphasis, "I will be making any adjustments to our session accordingly. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!"

Zoya bows her head and murmurs almost inaudibly, "Yes."

"First lesson," the Baron snaps. "You will address me as Master, or Lord when you speak to me." Zoya's eyes dart hesitantly up to the camera lens. "Yes My Lord," she squeaks, unable to find any strength in her voice.

"What was that slut whore? I can't hear you!" replies the Baron.

"YES MY LORD!" she barks. A flash of anger sweeps across Zoya's face as she stares defiantly into the lens. She has never before considered herself to be submissive and she is now surprised at the intensity of her response to the Baron's badgering.

"Insolence will be punished, obedience will be rewarded," the Baron continues. "This is your new reality for the immediate future. DO YOU FOLLOW ME?"

"Yes, Master," Zoya replies meekly. She is secretly terrified of the consequences she may already have incurred.

"Good, then let us continue with our session."

The female interrogator who has been standing close by now takes her cue and motions the guards to leave. After they have gone, she walks across the room to an additional metal cabinet situated next to the first. She opens the doors wide. Inside the two lower drawers are an assortment of pincers, clips, and spiked rollers. Various weighted whips, leather crops, and wooden paddles hang on hooks in the back. Hanging near the front is a black leather hood and several blindfolds, collars, and gags. The interrogator pulls a collar and the hood off their hooks. She then browses through her selection of whips. Pausing, she singles out a medium weighted leather crop with a long handle.

The interrogator approaches Zoya with her selections. First, she shows Zoya the leather crop, then places the collar tightly around Zoya's neck, followed by the hood that completely covers her head and face. The hood is drawn tightly around the collar with cords. With that, Zoya is now completely blind to what is going on about her.

Over the speaker, the Baron Lord continues. "I look forward to how we form our conclusions about you as we observe your responses to our queries," the Baron muses. "Now let us begin."

Zoya now is breathing heavily inside her hood. "Earlier, when we performed our little 'calibration test'. You had a pretty strong arousal response. Do you remember?" Zoya could feel her cheeks flush under the hood in anticipation of the coming questions. "Are you sexually aroused when someone punishes you?" the Baron presses.

"NO! Of course not." Zoya protests. "What kind of a sick thing is that to ask?" Also now praying she did not sound too insolent.

Suddenly Zoya is jolted by a sharp blow across her left nipple, followed by the sting of another, and then another. "That is for your insolence," snaps the interrogator. Zoya lets out some quick breaths to regain herself but is jolted again by another blow, this time to the right nipple. Again she feels the sharp bite of the crop and again, this time a bit harder.

Thoughts of what she could have possibly done to deserve this punishment are racing through her mind. But also unexpectedly creeping in from the edges is a strange tingle, followed by a moistening around her labia lips, and a quickening of her pulse. "I am so terrified. But what is this strangeness I am feeling here?"

Suddenly the Baron Lord's voice booms out.

"THAT IS WHAT I THOUGHT! You are such the pretty little pain slut angel!" his distorted voice crackles loudly through the speaker. "You ARE AROUSED! You and I both know it!"

Zoya was terrified and losing control. Worse it also appeared as if the Baron had invaded her thoughts as well. It seemed so bizarre that Lord Baron seemingly, and so instantaneously, could read so much about her, that up until now, she had no idea existed about herself. There was simply no refuge from his gaze or no shelter from his probings.

"I have a suggestion," the Baron continues. "Let's try an exercise to motivate you to understand exactly what it is we are really talking about here."

With that, the cylinder still firmly thrust up between Zoya's soft folds begins to hum softly. Beginning at the base and moving slowly up, Zoya feels a distinct warming of the cylinder still held tightly inside her. Then suddenly, the two specialty electrodes wedged tightly up against her clitoris also jump to life. They start pulsating an ultra low pitched almost guttural sonic frequency, creating an extremely intense vibration between the electrodes. The sensation is perhaps the most excruciating pleasure Zoya has felt before. The sensations explode on to Zoya's tightly cradled clit. She feels herself being drawn in, losing herself in the pulsations with no way to stop.

Zoya is drifting in the darkness of her hooded ecstasy, when again..... WHACK comes a sharp blow of the crop, hard across her soft buttocks. She lets out a muffled cry as the crop continues to bite at her tender cheeks. First one, then another, and then another, increasing in severity and all landing cruelly lower with each blow. This continues for some time.

After a bit, the whipping halts as the interrogator readjusts her position around to Zoya's exposed front side. The beating starts again. The hood over Zoya's head breathes in and out with her muffled screams. With each pass, the crop continues to find its mark, landing sideways across Zoya's left breast, then swishing the other way back across the right. The blows continue rhythmically, alternating swiftly back and forth while Zoya's muffled screams emit a protest to each stroke. Zoya fights to avoid being hit, but the punishment continues on.

Zoya can feel her nipples standing erect and her skin glowing rosy from the blows to her bare breasts. Sweat glistens and bounces off her chest as the crop strikes harder. Sometimes hitting squarely on the nipple, and sometimes on the soft flesh to the sides. Zoya can feel her body heave as the soft flesh of her young taunt breasts bounce. She cries out, but she is absolutely and completely helpless to avoid the force of the crop striking her delicate flesh.

Zoya is now awash in confusion. The device between her legs continues getting hotter and the pulsations on her clitoris are becoming quite exquisite, almost painful with intensity. Simultaneously, the crop punishing her tits is somehow crossing the boundary into fueling her excitement, her desire, and her wanting it not to stop. Zoya is losing herself in the ecstasy of pure sensation.

Wanting to give in, and yet trying also ever so hard to resist, Zoya helplessly finds herself drifting toward an epic orgasm. Rising nearer, she relishes through the pain in her tortured breasts, the ecstasy of the device in her womb and the throbbing pulse around her clitoris. All sensations begin uniting into a singular experience of pain, pleasure, and ecstasy.

Just at the moment, Zoya is ready to give in to the orgasm and finally let go, the device between her legs suddenly shuts down. The whipping stops. Zoya is immediately slapped across the face by the interrogator and then doused with a full bucket of ice cold water.

"Rule number 2," the Baron Lord's voice then crackles over the speaker. "You only cum when I give you permission to cum."

Zoya is shivering and spent. She literally hangs like a rag doll, trying to compose even the smallest bits of strength to stand on her own, but all she can do for now is hang by her wrists, still wanting and in pain.

"What just happened?" she asks herself, "And why do I have these completely strange feelings now?"

Zoyas nipples stiffen at the memory of the crop slapping across her breasts. Her pussy tingles once again, reliving the ecstasy of the pulsating electrode stimulating her throbbing clitoris, still aching for release. Amplifying her fear and anticipation is the penetrating reach of the Baron's gaze and his apparent complete control over her body. Slowly it is dawning to Zoya that the ordeal is far from over. She is just beginning to understand she will have to submit completely in order to survive. The night ahead looks as though it is going to be very long and challenging indeed.

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