Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril)


By Susan Karlson

Carol lay back, legs wide open, the Jewish girl between her thighs lapping at her come-filled cunt as if her life depended on it....which it did, really, because she had very nice shapely breasts and Carol was wondering which would be better, cutting them off with one delicious slice of a machete, or carving them down to the bone in thin slices with a nice sharp blade.....

Inches above Carols' face, a thick glistening cock was making wet farty noises as it slid in an out between the wet swollen lips of a very excited cunt. Ilsa had been lying on top of Carol, kissing her and wriggling her near nude body on top of the young blonde when Karl had reached down and hoisted her up onto her knees, straddled Carol, and pushed his hard shapely cock deep into the welcoming slit of his lover.

The eighteen year old grinned to herself, watching Karl's cock slide in and out of that clinging slot like a well greased piston. Only a few weeks ago, if anyone had told her she would be lying down naked, a girl sucking her cunt, while she cheerfully watched a close up of copulation inches from her face, she would have thought the very idea too ludicrous for words. Her belly quivered, the tongue finding a sensitive spot inside her vulva. The poor slut was working hard, really thrusting her tongue as deep as it would go into Carol's pussy, desperately trying to please the cruel young blonde even though it was the first time in her young life that she had ever done anything so disgusting. Slice them off, bit by bit. Yes, that way it lasted longer and there was more fun......

Greta had taken a couple of very young prisoners outside. Both girls, both too immature to appeal to most of the sadists who liked curvy flesh to desecrate, both able to speak enough German to get by.

“I feel sorry for you two,” Greta had said after ripping the plain grey dresses off both young captives. “You shouldn't be here with all these awful perverts. If I show you a way to get out of here, will you make a run for it and not tell anyone it was me who helped you?"

“Please, yes, anything...but our clothes? We are bare!” the eldest gasped, her black eyes wet with tears but now shining with hope.

“Yes, sorry....but it would look too odd if I let you wear clothes. They will think I am taking you to my quarters to have sex with if you are naked. Don't worry, no one is looking at you.....follow me!”

Greta could feel the awful warped squirm of cruel lust quiver deep in her belly. She led the two girls out of the bunker and into the darkness of night. She took them towards the perimeter fence, fifteen foot high barbed wire, overseen by tall guard houses. In the nearest tower, Corporal Horst tapped his companion on the shoulder.

“Hey, this. It's that woman Greta....she's setting up a couple of nudies. Get the glasses, will you?”

“Hey, they're pretty little things. Seems a fucking waste if you ask me. Mind you, I wouldn't mind giving that SS bitch a good fucking. Look at her tits. She's only got a tiny little skirt on.”

“You wait. She usually finger fucks herself when the action starts. No shame, these SS officers.”

Grinning, both men focused their binoculars on the trio moving along the fence.

Greta found the six foot high gate, entered her code in the lock, and carefully eased it open. “Off you go, girls, make for the woods. You should be able to find an old farmhouse or something to shelter in. Good luck!”

The girls slipped through the gate which Gerta promptly shut and re-locked. They smiled at her, not really able to believe their luck.

“Thank you, really...thank you so much for....”

And then they heard the dogs coming.........

Greta stood with her legs slightly apart, pushing her brief black skirt off her hips and half way down her thighs so she had unimpeded access to her already drooling cunt. Oh, God, this was priceless. The look on their sweet faces, the way their eyes turned from all dewy with thanks to wide open with terror, and then, what? Four, maybe five steps they managed to run before those gorgeous rippling packs of German muscle launched themselves at the white naked girls and knocked them, shrieking, to the ground...........

Two naked little white Jewish bitches. Two German shepherds, two Dobermans. Four sets of very sharp teeth, ripping into writhing screaming girl flesh.........and Greta, her eyes shining with unholy lust, finger fucking her wet pussy to three successive orgasms as she saw the destruction of her innocent little victims, gloating over the sight of jaws clamped to a slim rounded buttock, a violent back and forth shake of the head, and a huge bloody lump of raw meat ripped from the contorting body, an arm, severed at the elbow and discarded by the growling dog as he went in to clamp his teeth right between the wildly kicking legs, a delicious sight for the sadistic wardress as she waited for those grinding molars to chew right through one girl's pubic triangle.

Up in the watchtower, both men had their cocks out, wanking with one hand, trying to keep the binoculars steady with the other, evil smiles on their sweaty faces. They felt no pity for the torn girls, the shrill screams did not upset them, and it was always good for the dogs to get a workout....

Inside, Karl was holding the pretty Jewish girl whose face was smeared with Carols' girl come. It was nice sometimes to actually struggle with an unbound victim, to really have to exert yourself to hold the bitch still while she was being tortured. You could sort of feel her agony more directly like that, and this little bitch was no exception. He had her on her knees, and he had both her arms twisted up behind her back, trying to keep her still enough for young Carol to do the slicing.

The first one had been easy....Carol grabbed the cunt's nipple, jerked it forward, and slashed off the first inch or so of her right tittie, resulting in a lovely spray of claret, a really piercing scream, and a struggle so violent than Karl had to almost break the bitches arms to keep her in position for the other nipple to be sliced off. She was wriggling like an eel, her backside rubbing against his crotch. If he hadn't just shot a load into Ilsa, he would be getting another hard-on. As it was, it felt pretty good, a squirming cow trying so hard to avoid the knife Carol was using to carve off her tits. It was quite funny, really. The blood made the remaining tit flesh so slippery, Carol had a hard time getting a grip on either breast to carve a slice off, so she gave up and just began to stab the blade into the tits then rip it sideways or up and down to quarter the nice ripe globes into bloody flaps.

Karl saw the excitement in the teenagers eyes. They had chosen well with her. She was a natural sadist, all the filth of blood and puss, all the dirt of exploding shit and helplessly squirted jets of piss, none of it put her off. She just loved to cause pain.

He knew, as the last savage cut ripped all semblance of form from the ruptured udders, that the next stroke would be lower down. He knew Carol would want to slash open the bitches belly, and he was right. He grinned as the wriggling bare bottom writhed back even harder into his groin when the knife sank to the hilt low in her stomach, then the upwards jerk, the sudden smell of violated guts, and the choking gurgle as blood erupted from the tortured girls mouth and her wide open eyes bulged just that little bit more as her brain told her she was dying.

He let the still twitching victim fall onto her face in front of the pretty young blonde, winking at her as she let out a sort of shuddering sigh of contentment. He saw the wet slick at the vee of her thighs. The little minx had come again while she was slashing the bitch to hell. He envied women. They could have a whole series of orgasms, one after the other if the conditions were right, whereas his poor balls needed quite a long rest after the first couple of ejaculations before he could come again. But the pleasure from torturing women was still an absolute delight, even if he couldn't exactly squirt his jism out to show how much he liked it......

Teri is 26 years old. She is not quite a virgin, but her experiences with men have been rather unsuccessful despite her attractive features. Throughout the war, she has not had any steady boyfriends, too busy surviving.

Like many attractive girls, her main concern has been to avoid the sort of trouble that happens all too often to any pretty young girl when soldiers are around. But trouble came when she foolishly tried to help another young girl, an old school friend, at a coffee house in Hamburg. Two S.S. men, rather the worse for drink, accused Suki, her dark haired friend, of being a Jewish whore!

Teri sprang to Suki's defense, grabbing the arm of one of the men as he appeared to be about to strike her friend.

This was a serious mistake. To her horror, the soldier drew his Luger and ordered her and Suki out of the coffee shop. There was a rather battered military Mercedes open truck parked nearby, and the SS men made both girls climb into the back of the truck. The man with the gun stayed with them as the other drove off out of town. He stopped by some open fields, and came round to the back of the truck, grinning lasciviously. Though not a bad girl, Teri knew that look.

Suki was hauled out, and again called a Jewish bitch. Then, to Teri's surprise, her friend broke into tears and admitted her Jewish parentage! The men grinned at each other. “Then it's off to the camp for you, slut!” one chuckled, “But before you go, it's our duty to show you what we Germans think of you money-grabbing Kike sluts!”

Teri cried out as the first man kicked her friend on the ankle, making her stumble and fall to the ground. Immediately, the second man joined the game, his heavy boot crashing into Suki's kidneys, making her double up in agony.

“No, please, don't hurt her!” Teri cried, starting to get down from the back of the truck to help her gasping friend.

The first SS man hit her, sending her sprawling on her back on the dirty floor of the truck.

“Aiding an enemy of the Fatherland is a serious matter, cunt!” he shouted. “You're going for a holiday too. Wait your fucking turn, bitch. We'll manage both of you before you go!”

It lasted about an hour, an hour of fear, pain, and disgusting shameful acts no girl should have to endure. The men took both crying girls, raped them, abused them, and finally degraded them completely by urinating on their semi-naked bodies.

Satisfied, they picked both abused victims up, threw them into the truck, tied their wrists and ankles. With their torn clothing, their private parts leaking blood and semen, and their minds numbed by the shock and horror of their experience, the poor captives could do nothing to prevent the inevitable.

No one listened to their protests, they became mere cattle, herded and transported like dumb animals, into the Hell of Ilsa's torture playground.

Suki was somewhere in the room, Teri had seen her dragged screaming towards a group of perverts on the far side of the hall, but they would never see each other again. If she actually could see what was happening to Suki, she would probably have fainted. Watching a naked girl being skinned alive was enough to make any normal person faint.

Because she was pretty, she had been given better clothes than the urine stained rags she had traveled in. She had also been allowed to shower and wash her lovely dark red shoulder length hair.

Now she shook with fear, her large brown eyes wide open with horror as she witnessed the atrocities going on around the torture hall.

Teri had a slightly pudgy nose over full red lips that looked inviting even without lipstick, helped by the whiteness of her nice even teeth. At a modest 5 ft. 5” tall, she had an eye-catching figure due to the impressive swell of her large breasts which contrasted with a slim waist and shapely legs, but it was her hair that drew immediate attention, silky coils shining like glass under the fluorescent lighting, the entirely natural deep dark red hue standing out from the usual mousy shades of brown so many of the captives had.

She had been roped, spread-eagled against the wall, and it was her face and the dark red colour of her silky shoulder length hair that drew two grinning camp guards to her. Behind the two men was a very young girl wearing a short black SS style shirt and nothing else but her shoes. The two men stopped, one each side of the trembling captive. The girl sidled up to the older of the men, reached down, and unbuttoned the fly of his khaki trousers. She slid her hand in with practiced skill and withdrew his semi-erect penis.

“You fancy this one, Father?” she smiled.

“What do you think, Bernice? You know I have a thing for redheads!”

“Will you let me kill her for you, Daddy?”

“Well, Gunter and I will want to pleasure ourselves with the slut before you get to work, but I'm sure your boyfriend won't mind if you actually get to finish her off, eh Gunter?”

The younger man gave a really evil grin. “That's why I love your daughter, Ernst. She's such a brutal little bitch with the inmates. Never fails to surprise me the dirty things she thinks up to make the cunts scream!”

Teri heard what they were saying. She couldn't believe it. The girl was at least ten years younger than her, and was blatantly masturbating her own father as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

“Please, please help me. They just kidnapped me off the street. I'm not a Jew or an enemy of the Fatherland, but they just sent me here....please help me get free. There must be some dreadful mistake, honestly!”

The young girl laughed. “Get free? Don't be so stupid. You're sent here to be killed, and that's what we do, but in a sort of more sexy personal sort of way rather than letting you just get thrown in the gas chambers. My Dad taught me all about how good it is to take a bitch apart, and now I'm going with Gunter it's even better, 'cos he fucks me when I get all hot and sexy when I'm cutting bits off sluts like you. Father never would....he said it was immoral to fuck your own daughter so he'd only suck me off, but fucking with Gunter is just so much better!”

Her eyes wide in a sort of disbelieving amazement, Teri stared down at the girl's hand, confidently wrapped around the short but thick shaft of her fathers manhood, gently jerking fore and aft, each back stroke peeling back his leathery foreskin to reveal the glistening purple dome of his glans which was growing more swollen with every few wanks. What madness was this? A teenage child woman gleefully admitting to enjoying butchering women for sexual sport, unashamed to openly handle her own father's sex, displaying no sign of morality or decency. Around the hall, the screams of suffering echoed. There was a sort of iron smell of blood mixed with a slightly sewerish tang from those who had defecated whilst undergoing awful agonies.

Teri shook her head, almost as if this was some dreadful nightmare from which she would soon awaken. Surely these two men and this childish girl were not seriously thinking of killing her just for their own sick amusement?

She had no way of knowing, of course, that Ernst had been a pig farmer before the war. His wife had died in childbirth, leaving him to bring up Bernice. And, living in the wilds of the forests, without regular female company, Ernst had taken to fucking his piglets. They were surprisingly good sex toys, squealing nicely as he entered their tight little slits, gripping his cock with a delicious clinging action. He had tried not to let his infant daughter see his regular pleasuring of the stock, but shit happens, and she grew up quite used to hearing piglets shriek as her daddy porked the porkers. He didn't exactly do it in front of her, but he gave up trying to pretend, and would say something like “I'm just going down to relieve a bit of tension, love. You all right on your own for an hour or two?”

He didn't know that she frequently sneaked out after him, one busy hand between her legs bringing lovely tingly thrills to her pee place as she peeped in the sty and saw daddies cock drive into a little piglet....

And she was used to watching them being butchered, too, ready for the meat market. They squealed a hell of a lot louder when daddies knife slit their throats.......and young Bernice found that she got that strange sort of private pleasure deep in her belly when she watched the carcasses hanging to drain their blood and being cut into sections for the sausage factory.

She was about twelve or thirteen when she persuaded her daddy to teach her how to kill the pigs, and only then as he watched her happy smiling face while she wielded the knife did he see what a sexy looking little girl his daughter was, and sense that she was getting a very unusual sort of pleasure out of slicing into squealing piggies....a similar sort of pleasure to that which he got forcing his old man into their reluctant sex slots......

So he slipped a hand up her short little skirt one day as she was butchering a sow, and his fingers encountered the soaking gusset of her sensible knickers. A quick sniff, and there was no doubt about it, his little girl was nearly coming like a bitch on heat as she sliced open the squealing piglet.

It was very tempting. She smelled like a woman, she had little perky tits staring to sprout, she had a shapely little body.....but she was a virgin, and she was his

So he taught her how to enjoy having his tongue lapping inside her sweet little pussy, and how to hold his cock and work on it until his seed spurted up into her grinning face, and they quickly learned to play much more evil little games with their livestock when they were due for the sausage works.

Pigs can suffer an awful lot of really disgusting torture before they die.............

Then came the war, the farm was confiscated by the authorities, and Ernst and his little girl were sent to work at the gas ovens.

Within days, they settled in very well, amazed and excited by the casual barbarity with which the endless supply of women were treated. And within days, Gunter was courting the pretty new girl. He was one of Ilsa's trusties, called upon to assist in her nasty little games because whenever he heard a woman screaming or saw a female enduring some disgusting torment, his cock sprang to attention and he was rape ready in seconds.

And he was able to bring father and daughter into the “inner circle” of employees Karl and Ilsa knew could be relied upon not to complain no matter how atrocious the treatment meted out to unfortunate prisoners became. He took her virginity, such as it was, after her first time seeing Ilsa and some other woman flog two Jewish girls to ribbons just for fun.....

And now this unholy trinity looked with lascivious eyes at the trembling redhead spread against the wall, each admiring her and visualizing her body naked and dripping with blood.

Teri shook her head, her gorgeous hair swinging like a shampoo advert. She was sure this could not be real. Little girls could not be depraved sexual predators. It just wasn't possible. Surely she would relent, help an innocent woman escape this madhouse?

“Please help me. I haven't done anything wrong. I was just having a coffee in Hamburg when these soldiers arrested me for nothing.”

“I expect they arrested you because you're a good-looking piece of skirt and they fancied getting between your pretty legs!” Gunter chuckled. “Which sounds a very good idea! Shall we do her here or get her on a bed or something?”

“My girl's got me ready, Son....I'll take her where she is!” Ernst said, and his attentive daughter immediately let go of his straining weapon and jerked Teri's skirt up around her waist so she could grab the top of the plain white panties and tug them down as far as they would go, the parted legs preventing them lowering further than Teri's thighs. But that was far enough to expose the tight curly bush of red pubic curls framing a quite prominent sex slit, the top of the rounded lips showing a little rosebud pucker over the clitoral bud. A really nice shapely cunt asking to be fucked.

Christ, this was better than pig slits, Ernst thought to himself as he bent his knees to position his glowing glans over the lovely target. He felt his daughters fingers lightly guide him between those sweet rounded petals, and he bucked his hips forward with urgent desire to impale this luscious young slut on his erect shaft.

Teri screamed. She could do absolutely nothing to prevent this brutal attack on her body, the cruel ropes holding her legs wide apart to offer her womanhood to the invader. At least he was not too big. Even as his loins collided with her mons veneris, his weapon fully sheathed, there was no real pain other than the horror of the rape itself. He was gripping her hips, humping against her with hard quick strokes, dragging her slightly forward to meet each in-stroke which meant she was slammed back against the wall, her bare bottom grazed by the rough stone-work, as he met her belly full force. The rape by the soldiers had been more painful. Teri tried to clear her mind, concentrate, try to think of clean good things in an effort to rid her mind of the disgust of this terrible degradation, and then she screamed, much louder than ever before, as a pain like something out of Hell exploded on her left foot.....

Bernice smiled up at her father. “She squirm good, Pa?” she asked. She had just smashed a hammer onto Teri's little toe, splattering blood from the tip where the nail had been split and driven deep into the broken bones.

Gunter took his cock out of the unbuttoned fly of his trousers, holding it just behind the ridge of the purplish domed glans, gently, between his thumb and forefinger. He very slowly peeled back the thick wrinkly foreskin, exposing the swelling shiny dome head with its glistening silvery juices oozing from the slit eye. Seeing that almost childish little girl-face drooling happily with cruel lust made him want to wank himself furiously and spurt thick cream into her eagerly receptive mouth, but he also wanted to rape the tender and probably virginal arce of the lovely captive redhead, so wasting seed was not an option. “You luscious little bitch!” he grinned down at his girlfriend. “Making her wriggle good on old Ernsts' cock, eh?”

“Making her scream!” Bernice giggled, and smashed the big toe of the other foot.

It was absolute bliss for her father, of course. Even though his rather short tool did not make an unwilling partner suffer, the inventive attentions of his pretty young daughter made up for any shortcomings. The way this sexy redhead leaped and bucked in absolute agony as Bernice hammered her toes was fucking marvelous, too good, really, as the older man just could not hold back his orgasm any longer and, with a foul curse, he splattered the recesses of the ravished vagina with ropes of thick white semen, clinging to the bucking woman as his penis slowly subsided inside her, ejected in a dribbling wet flow when another shattered toe made her belly contract fiercely, squeezing his spent member from her violated pussy.

Teri collapsed when her bonds were undone, seven of her toes broken and bloody, the pain far too intense for her to be able to stand. The men stripped her and dragged her unceremoniously to a waist high steel bar, hoisting her up and tying her face down bent over the bar, a position which exposed her most delightfully pert bottom cheeks at just the right height to enable an anal fucker to gain perfect access to the dimpled little bud of her rectal eye.

Once again, Bernice eagerly assisted, pulling the now totally naked arce-cheeks apart to widen the shadowy crease and let her eager boyfriend locate the swollen tip of his iron hard penis against the tight and virginal sphincter.

She watched, her eyes sparkling with joyous lust as Gunter hammered repeatedly against the anal entry. A practical girl, Bernice spat on her fingers and did a quick poke to slightly lubricate the clinging orifice. And, quite suddenly, the crinkled eye opened wide and Gunter's thick long sausage broached the never-before entered anus and surged deep inside the wailing beauty.

As her rear virginity was being violated, an even more horrific act was about to happen to Teri's lovely breasts.

Bent over the bar, her long gleaming locks of red hair brushing the floor below, her generous sized breasts looking even larger than usual as gravity and their hanging position elongated their shapeliness, Teri saw the small young girl squat down on the floor beside her. Her short Hitler Youth shirt was all she seemed to be wearing, and Teri saw the girl playing with herself, sliding two fingers in and out of her obviously wet and excited young cunt. She could even smell her, her pussy juice a sharper tang than the musk of an older woman. “Now we got a fun bit!” the child-woman drooled, and showed Teri that she was holding a stainless steel flip top petrol cigarette lighter in her unoccupied hand. “Gunter likes 'em to shake their tails when he fucks them!”

And she flicked the wheel, the lighter bursting into a one inch flickering yellow-blue flame, then she slowly brought it up towards Teri's hanging naked breasts.

Bernice delved her fingers even deeper into her wet cunt, rubbing her thumb over the swollen bud at the top of her slit, the bit that sent those delicious trembly shocks sizzling down to her toes. The woman was going mental, desperately trying to jerk her boobs away from the flame, and obviously not succeeding because Bernice simply followed the shuddering globes, letting the flame lick right on the tip of the left nipple, turning it slowly black with soot and singed skin.

She breathed in the lovely scent of burning woman-flesh. She cried out suddenly, her legs shooting out straight and actually shuddering as the waves of a delicious climax exploded deep in her belly and radiated to all points of her body in repeated shocks of pleasure. She snapped the lighter shut, wriggled under the bent forward body of their victim, sucked the burned and blistered teat tip into her mouth, and chewed it off.....

Gunter, gripping Teri's hips and using them as love handles to jerk her rounded backside tight to his loins with every thrusting lunge into her wondrously clinging tight rectum, knew his unwilling partner was having her tits burned, but even he was shaken when his girlfriend's greedy smile peeped up as she scrambled out for him to see the torn off nipple between her teeth, her face lined with rivulets of fresh breast blood. No man could hold on with erotic symbols quite so depraved to shake forth an orgasm, and Gunter gave one final mighty thrust even deeper into the screaming young woman and held his position, jetting his cream deep inside her in multiple squirts, sure that he could never have a more perfect come than that.

Ernst had waited patiently, enjoying the view, until his future son-in-law backed away from the bent over victim. He nodded appreciatively at the sight of Teri's anal passage, a big open red “O”, still open after Gunter's departure, and suddenly had a nice evil idea. He went over to one of the many burning braziers in which various branding irons were heating, and carried back a red hot coal in a pair of brass tongs. His daughter clapped her hands with glee as she watched him thrust the burning coal deep into Teri's rectum.

They listened to her shrieks until she passed out, then quickly unfastened her and spread her naked body face up on one of the steel frame “beds” which had four winches mounted at the corners to turn it into a very efficient rack. Instead of rope, they bound Teri's wrists and ankles in loops of barbed wire hooked to strong ropes to each winch. Pulling her apart would now be easy, and made even more delicious because her bonds would slice into her extremities and cause her yet more agony.

Apart from her missing nipple (Bernice had cauterized the ragged chewed wound with her lighter) the lovely redhead was still in excellent shape. A good sluice of cold water brought her round so play-time could continue.

Bernice wanted to spoil the redhead's good looks, a matter of jealousy perhaps, and the lovely white even teeth were an obvious target. A victim with teeth could bite, not good if you wanted to force her to suck cock or you liked rubbing your hot little pussy over her mouth....which was something Bernice frequently enjoyed. So the sweet young girl retrieved the hammer with which she had demolished Teri's toes, and set to work happily smashing those pearly teeth out of the terrified woman's mouth.

Meanwhile the men worked the winches to stretch Teri taut, blood oozing from where the barbed wire loops now almost vanished into her ankles and wrists. Punching her in the belly provided excellent sport. Drawn so taut that breathing was becoming a problem, having two men take turns at punching you in the stomach or, for variety, straight in the crease of your genitals, was not a pleasure....except for the men, of course, who found it very rewarding.

Skewering those delightful tits was even better, though. So good, in fact, that both men raped her again, finding her racked body tightened her cunt up incredibly. It was like shagging an under-age virgin!

It was made yet more enjoyable for the greedy sadists because young Bernice took the opportunity to sit astride Teri's face while father and boyfriend raped the gurgling woman, gleefully rubbing herself off on the bloodied toothless mouth right in front of the raping men-folk. They were not only fucking a woman in terrible agony, but could watch Bernice's cunt smearing love juice all over their victim's face.....

Ernst was finished. Still thoroughly enjoying the desecration of Teri's body, he would be unable to raise his manhood for another assault, but Gunter could usually do it three times if the incentive was there, and his evil little girlfriend had a plan of absolute nightmare horror in her mind which would just about guarantee a third climax for Gunter. First, the lovely Teri had to suffer still more bloody acts of cruelty.

Her beautiful breasts were whipped by both men, using barbed wire whips, a savagely destructive weapon but easy to make in a prison. Three strands of barbed wire flailing from a heavy wooden stock. The barbs dug into the flesh and ripped lovely bloody gouges from Teri's creamy udders. Using the club part of the whip slamming down on her lovely tits turned the milk white skin into angry blue mauve welts criss-crossed with the shred lines from the wires.

When the flesh began to lose its shape, the men sliced her breasts off, not all at once, but slowly, slice by slice, true butchers using their skill to make sure the shuddering gurgling creature on the rack endured prolonged agonies.

They watched Bernice carve off Teri's red triangle of pussy hair together with her labia lips, putting that to one side so it could be cured to make a cunt purse later, then helped her slit open Teri's belly and cut out her womb, killing her in the process.

Both men thought that was it, a satisfying kill, but Bernice had something left to give her boyfriend an unforgettable fuck.

Using a saw, the blood-soaked girl gleefully severed Teri's head from her body, a head which, despite having the teeth and jaw badly broken, still looked remarkably glamorous because of the glistening shining coils of dark lustrous red hair. Holding the head by those shining tresses, Bernice fondled Gunter's cock with her usual extreme skill, getting him erect. She then made him thrust his cock into Teri's severed throat, pushing the head firmly on until his blood-soaked phallus came thrusting out of the toothless mouth.

And then, in perhaps the most obscene act even these unholy perverts had ever imagined, she knelt on the floor facing Gunter and took the dome of his cock into her mouth, slowly sucking him off whilst his shaft was caressed by the gullet of the wide eyed dead skull.....................

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