Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril)


By Coolbrez

Chapter 1: The grab

The girl was gorgeous, long black hair, great figure. We had been watching her for weeks. She had been all over Larnaca, but her favorite hangout seemed to be Margarita on the beach. She was leaving early tonight, and we were ready.

The drug we had slipped into her drink would make her tipsy, but not enough to knock her out. As she left the bar, she walked up Evathias Pieridou to hail a cab as she had done several times before. The Les Palmiers was around the corner and cabs came and went all day and night. We had several people outside the hotel to take up any stray cabs that pulled in, and make sure that she got into ours. The drug had fogged her mind, so she was not aware of the strange odor in the back of the cab. The gas knocked her out in seconds. We drove around several blocks and came right back to the same hotel. If anyone had seen her get into the car, they would have also seen her leave.

Pulling up in the back, we eased her arms around our necks and helped her into the hotel. If we were seen, she looked like she had drank too much. No one noticed. We went into the elevator and up to the room. Once inside, we stripped her down and worked on securing her for transport. First came the ball gag, in case she woke up early. Then leather cuffs were locked on her wrists and ankles. We then stretched her out on the bed and fastened her to the four corners, drawing the cords tight to the cuffs, taking out any slack. Next came the mask.

Now we could relax, the hardest part was done. I picked up a burner phone and called the overseas number. "Everything is going as planned, The cargo will arrive in a couple of days." I went through her bag. The ID said Emily Smith. We checked on her breathing. Slow and steady. Good. We took turns watching her as the other slept.

Morning came, and our little friend was starting to awaken. "MMMPH". "What's that you say? I can't quite make it out." She started thrashing, but tied as tight as she was, there was not much movement. "If you can keep still, I will let you sit up." I walked over and undid one of her arms and waited. She tried to slap me, but I backed away. "If you don't settle down, you can stay tied. The mask stays on." After a couple of minutes of struggling, she finally gave up. I walked over to the other arm tie. "Are you done now?" A quick nod told me yes, but I knew from experience that she was just waiting for a chance to get away. I undid the other arm and stood back. She tried to jump up, but forgot her feet were still tied, and fell back on the bed. "If you can behave, you can have breakfast." Reluctantly, she nodded. I reached over and loosened the gag. "If you make any noise, I will make you regret it." I removed the gag and waited. "Who are you? What do you want?" "All of your questions will be answered shortly. Right now, you need to eat." I handed her the oatmeal that we had prepared before she awoke. It was laced with a strong laxative. I brought over some strong coffee. She drank several cups. It probably helped with the hangover. The drugs sometimes did that. "What do ..." I slapped her face. "I told you no questions."

"I need to use the bathroom."

"Soon." I lied. The laxative and oatmeal fiber were working overtime, and the coffee hadn't helped. The people who had ordered her up did not want her marked, but there were a lot of things that could be done without marks. The transporting was my favorite. It hadn't taken very long for the knock out drops in the coffee to take effect, and she fell back on the bed. Now it was time for the fun to begin.

I undid the leg ties as my partner brought in a large travel trunk. I stood upright at about 4 feet high. He swung the top open. I carried her over to the trunk. Inside, about half way up, was a seat with 2 inflatable dildos. Folding her legs behind her, I eased her inside. Her knees fit onto pads on the bottom, her legs behind. I guided the dildos in place and strapped her waist tightly to the board. Her arms slid into sleeves behind her back, bent at the elbow, wrist to elbow. I locked them in place, and then ran the straps over her shoulders, forcing her back against the rear wall. This pushed her chest out. I swung the panel out of the door. It had 2 small holes in it, resembling a set of stocks. I placed her ample chest in the holes and closed the board, locking them inside.

Just for fun, I placed zip ties on them as well, and pulled them tight. Next came the clover clamps and nipple weights. The clamps tightened up with every pull. 8 oz. per side was enough to be very uncomfortable, but left no real damage. I inserted the mouth gag, and pumped it up.

I held a stimulant under her nose and forced her awake. "MMMMPH." "I bet you need a bathroom urgently about now." She shook her head vigorously. "Sorry, it's not going to happen any time soon." I laughed as I reached over and began to pump up the dildo in her ass. She moaned loudly. I did the same with the one in her pussy. Then I put both pumps under her ass. Bouncing around doing transport should be quite an experience.

"We wouldn't want you to wet yourself." I bent over and applied the crazy glue, sealing her shut. It would be removed later. We can't have people wondering why our trunk is leaking. The last part of the packing was the best. The board holding her tits ran from top to bottom of the case, so they were the only thing visible at this point. I inserted a breathing tube into the mouth gag, then pulled a cord inside the trunk. The inside filled with expanding foam, locking her body in place. I pinched her tits and pulled on the clamps for a few minutes to see her reaction. The foam had done its job, again. This one was not moving until we let her out.

The stomach pressure was sure to begin cramping shortly, and her bladder protested. It would only get worse as she bounced on those dildo pumps. I smiled just thinking about it. We ordered a cart from the front desk, and when it arrived, we loaded the trunk on it and took it down to the car. After locking it in the trunk, we checked out.

It was a short drive to the marina. We took the trunk down the pier and loaded it into a boat we had chartered. It would be a short hop across the basin to Tartus. We eased out into the harbor, not wanting to get stopped for making a wake, but once we reached open water, I took off. I deliberately turned into each wave I could find, making the boat bounce. I got hard thinking about how tight those dildos must be by now. I gave the controls over to my partner and went back to the trunk. I opened the lid and smiled. Her tits were bulging out of the stocks and had turned a nice shade of purple. I tugged on the nipple clamps and heard a low moan.

Chapter 2: The Trunk

The hotel room was the last thing she remembered; before her tits were forced forward, then were squeezed into two holes and tied tightly (at least that was her best guess). She had no way of knowing that the box had been filled with foam, just that she could not move at all. Her chest ached, and now her holes were being filled with dildos that kept getting larger. The pressure was intense, pushing against her bladder as well. Her stomach was cramping, but nothing she did seemed to help. Her mouth was filled with something else that got bigger until it could not go any larger. Her jaw ached, her bowels protested, her bladder in agony. She sat in darkness and cried. No sound came out of her packed mouth except a muffled "mmmmm".

She could not determine time, but eventually, the container she was in started to move. First it was lifted, and then it seemed to be rolling. She felt the elevator start down. If only she hadn't gone out alone last night (or was it last night, she had no sense of time). The elevator stopped and she felt herself moving again. This time the box was turned sideways, which caused great discomfort in her chest, but eased somewhat in her belly. This felt like a car ride. She hoped it would be over soon.

When the movement stopped, she felt herself being lifted again, and then turned back upright. The box was put down roughly, and she slammed onto the seat with the bulbs, causing the inflatable pumps to squeeze more air into the dildos. She screamed in protest, but no sound came out.

She felt herself being lowered onto something moving (a boat maybe? Are they taking me away from here?) She had heard about people being kidnapped, but did not think anything like that could happen in a city like this. There had to be police watching. They must be seeing this. She did not know that she was being moved in broad daylight, in a busy marina and no one thought about it at all. It looked like any other normal day at port, people coming and going, minding their own business. She would find out later that dozens of girls had been taken out of here the exact same way.

She was right about the boat; she could feel the movement as it got underway. A few minutes later, the boat lurched upwards, only to land with a hard slap on the water. The pumps inflated again. A few minutes later, it happened again. She could hardly breathe, the pain was so intense. Twice more they grew. The next time she bounced, there was no more room for the dildos to inflate. She was packed solid.

She had no idea how long they had been traveling, as she finally passed out from the pain and discomfort. When she came to, she felt herself being lifted and tilted. (Feels like a hand truck) she thought. She would have been right.


I helped move the trunk onto the lorry, and secured it in place. Only a few miles to go and then I can unpack my precious cargo. The transporting was so much fun that I would almost do it for nothing, but the money made it that much sweeter. These oil sheiks had it to burn and paid whatever it took to get what they wanted. Another 2 days at most, and I could collect another huge payment. Life was good.

The ride out of town was uneventful. I knew who to pay off at the docks when we landed and would not be bothered with an inspection of my "luggage". I wished that I could stop and play with her right now, but that would have to wait. My cock was as hard as steel just thinking about those plugs and the nipple clamps that had to be driving her insane.

We pulled into the warehouse a couple of hours later, after driving over some poorly maintained roads. Lots of potholes and bounces, although at this point, I knew it probably didn't matter much anymore. She had to be pumped to capacity. I shut the doors and turned on the overhead lights. Nothing unusual here, we kept this warehouse rented out for local storage, and it was kept clean from the local authorities. The only object that might seem out of place was an old wash vat, the kind used for dipping parts into for cleaning. It was filled with a special solution just for our use.

We lowered the trunk off of the lorry, and then opened the lid. It was chilly inside and her nipples immediately perked to attention. That must have hurt, as I heard her muffled scream. I pulled on the clamps for good measure. Her tits were a lovely shade of purple. I knew they would be on fire when I removed the bands.I opened the stocks and removed her breasts from the holes. The trunk had sides that folded down to make it easy to get them out. I pulled the webbed sling over to the foam block and secured it inside. Hoisting it into the air, I dragged it along the track until it was over the tank, and then lowered her in. The mixture was designed to dissolve the foam but not hurt the skin. It only took a few minutes until the foam was gone. Her arms were still tied behind her to the upright and the seat with the dildoes was attached to it. I pulled her from the tank and dragged the harness over to a floor drain. This would be messy. I released the pressure in her pussy and could feel her relief. I pumped it up about half way just to play with her. She screamed and shook her head violently. I yanked on her nipple clamps. This time I released both valves and let them drain out completely and then yanked them both out. She nearly exploded. I waited until she stopped squirming before hitting her with a cold blast from the hose. She still had not been able to relieve her bladder. I opened the solvent. I knew this would sting, but I didn't think she would mind. I had to hold her as my partner applied the solution. She bucked like crazy, but when the stream started, it washed away all of the pain.

Before letting her down, I attached wrist and ankle cuffs, locking them in place. Chains were let down from the track above and fastened to her arms, and then her legs were chained to the floor. I pulled the chains tight, because I knew she would go off like a bucking bronco on this next part.

When I had her tightly secured, I cut off one of the zip ties. As the blood rushed back, it must have felt like her tits were on fire. She screamed into the mouth gag and thrashed about. When she finally settled down, I cut the other one. I thought she would pull her arms out of their sockets. Eventually, the pain subsided, and I took off her blindfold. She started pleading with me through her panic stricken eyes, as I picked up the chain to the nipple clamps. I yanked hard on the chain, pulling both clamps off at the same time. I so love my job.


The last thing I remember was bouncing along the water, my stomach bloated and in immense pain. My bladder ached, my bowels were cramping, and I could not move so much as a toe or finger. When the motion stopped, I remember being lifted, then being moved in a loud vehicle, probably a truck. The road was rough, I bounced around constantly. Thankfully, the pumps could not get any bigger. It was a long ride. We finally stopped. I could only guess as to where. More noise, then I could feel the box being lowered. Someone is taking that horrible board off of my tits. Untie me now, I scream in my head. It does no good. Aahhh. Someone pulled my nipple clamps. Twisting them back and forth. I cannot move. Finally they stop. I feel myself being lifted again, and then moving, now down. Warm, water? The foam begins to fall off, but I am still strapped to this seat and the dildos. My arms are numb behind me. My legs feel like they have disappeared.

Up and out of the water, moving again. My legs are released at last, but I cannot move them yet. I feel the dildo in my pussy going down. Can it be? Someone is pumping it back up again. NOOO. I shake my head violently. Finally it stops. Then deflates again. Now my ass. Both are ripped violently out of me. There is no holding back, no shame. I empty 2 days' worth of pent up pressure. I try to pee, but cannot. It hurts. I am grabbed around the waist. Something stings my crotch. Burning, but I am finally able to pee. The sting goes away. A blast of cold water hits me to wash away the mess. I don't care. I can hardly feel it right now.

My legs are pulled down and some kind of cuff is locked on. I feel them do the same to my arms. It is good to finally be free of that box, but my limbs scream in protest as they are moved. I feel myself stretched out in a giant X. The chains are pulling my tight. These guys don't want me to get away. They must not know I could not walk right now if I had to.

I feel a hand on my right breast. They have long since gone numb. He is pulling on the zip tie. I hear a snip. Aarrrggghhh. The blood rushes back in. It's like having your leg fall asleep and moving it, only 10 times worse. I thrash about as much as the chains will let me. It feels like I have daggers stuck through my tit. My world is on fire. It takes several minutes before the pain subsides.

I feel hands on my left breast. I forgot about it during the pain. I know what is coming now. I steady myself. It does no good. This one hurts as much as before. I pull so hard, I am afraid I might dislocate my arms. Finally it dies down.

My blindfold is removed. I am drenched in sweat. My body shivers even though it must be 90 degrees in here. My nipples are hard. My God. I forgot about my nipples. I see a big smile on his face as he grabs the chain between my nipple clamps and yanks hard. They both pop off. I faint.

Chapter 3: The Road

I watch as her body goes limp. I walk over and pinch a nipple, the pain has her instantly awake. I twist and pull first one, then the other. Her face grimaces, her eyes could melt steel. I reach between her legs to find she is sopping wet. This one seems to enjoy the pain. Interesting. I slap her tits back and forth, harder each time. I ease the pressure on the mouth gag. I want to hear her scream. Reaching down, I grab her by the clit and pull her forward, pinching and twisting. I get my wish. She lets out a howl that is barely heard past the gag.

"You may be wondering why you are here. I provide a very unique service for a select group of wealthy clients. They have enough money to buy anything they wish, and several of them like young female playthings to torture. You were chosen from pictures that I provided. I promise you, what I have done so far is child's play compared to what is to come."

My partner and I change trucks for the next portion of the journey. This one is a closed box truck with a sling set up in the middle. The webbing is elastic and gives slightly as we toss you face down on top of it, her head faces the door. Your arms and legs are anchored to the four corners, and a strap goes tight around your waist. We hoist you up near the top of the box.

"You might think this feels relaxing, let me explain it to you. There is a rubber mat on the floor of the truck. I am placing a metal plate on top of it. The plate is connected to an electrical charge; the other end of the cable is attached to these dildos I am inserting. That will not hurt you. There must be a completed circuit for the electricity to flow. That is where these come in."

I hold up several small chains with alligator clips attached to the ends. I tug at your nipple, and then attach the first clamp. It bites down with a wicked grip. You scream out. "We wouldn't want them coming off early, now would we?"

I snap on the other one. Running my hand up your leg, I open you up and stroke your clit to life. "Mustn't forget this one" I snicker. The pain is intense. "The chains that you see are all about an inch from the floor. They will complete the circuit if they touch the plate. The road is quite bumpy; you should have a great time."

Just to show you how it works, I push down on your ass, causing the chain on your clit to make contact. A sharp electrical charge runs through from your clit to your pussy. You writhe around, causing the harness to sway. This makes the tit chains lightly brush the floor. You scream through the gag. When you finally stop moving, I close the door and we climb into the cab.

The road out of town is well paved. A set of railroad tracks brings a groan from the back of the truck. She must have liked that.

Twenty minutes out of town the pavement ends. The road is graded smooth, with the occasional pot hole. I aim for all of them. Each one elicits a yell from the back. A particularly large hole sends the truck bouncing, and the webbing is going up and down like a yoyo. Each downward swing sends 3 sharp electrical shocks through the chains, some ending in her pussy and some in her ass. She is screaming almost constantly now. The pain from the alligator clips forgotten, the shocks have taken over.

We are now about an hour out of town. Nothing to see but desert in any direction. I pull over and jump down from the cab. Opening the back doors, I see her drenched in sweat, hanging limply, exhausted. I remove the gag and offer up some much needed water. "You need to drink; we can't have you dying from thirst." I help you down the first bottle, then the second. "This should help keep you awake." I remove the alligator clips one at a time and change the angle, then reattach them. They bite into fresh skin causing you to yell loudly. "Go ahead. We are miles from anyone. Scream all you like."

When you finally stop, I bring you a third bottle. I leave out the gag. "Out here you can make all the noise that you like, and you will." I closed the doors and went back to the cab. "Three bottles. This will be fun" I said to my partner. We sat in the cab waiting. There is a sliding panel from the cab into the cargo area. We sat watching her pussy on display. It did not take very long. The urge to pee came quickly. She had no shame now, and let it trickle out. She had no way of knowing that the urine was running down the chain and onto the floor. Water is such a good conductor of electricity that it did not even wait until it hit the plate. The sparks jumped upward and this time followed the stream jolting her from the inside. This caused her bladder to contract, sending even more liquid out. The jolts caused her to bounce even more. She was getting sparked on both tits and all three holes. She screamed until she was hoarse. She finally passed out from the overload.

"See how much fun". I smacked my partner on the arm. Her body twitched for nearly a minute before hanging limply. I let her rest for a moment before I reached through the open panel to grab the chain between her legs. I yanked on her clit. She awoke immediately. "No time for sleeping now." I dropped the chain and slapped her ass. The rest of the ride was uneventful. I did have to stop several times to pull her clit to keep her alert. Tough job, but somebody has to do it.


I awoke to find myself hanging from chains, my legs cruelly pulled wide apart and anchored to the floor. That bastard was twisting my nipples. They hurt. Now he is slapping them. I wish this would stop. He's putting his stinking hand between my legs. Why am I wet? He just twisted my clit. Stop!! I scream but no sound comes out, just a muffled "Mmmmppphh".

Now he's saying something about being sold for torture? I fight the chains, but they are too tight. They leave me hanging and finally walk away. They're coming back, this can't be good. I feel the chains loosen and they lower me to the ground. I am dragged over to another truck in the warehouse. I am tossed onto a net? I struggle, but I am too worn out from the trip here to offer much of a fight. Soon they have my arms and legs anchored to the four corners. Now I am being lifted. WTF.

I feel his dirty hands sliding up my leg, opening my pussy. It feels like a dildo. I hope it is not the inflatable that caused me so much pain before. Now my ass is being plugged. What is he saying about electricity? He's pulling on my tits. He is showing me alligator clips with chains. I can only guess where they are going. OW! They are really strong. I squirm away, but it does no good. He gets the other tit. I saw three. I start moving in earnest. His partner grabs my legs and I feel my clit being pulled. Aaahhh!! That one is killing me.

He stands back, and then pushes down on my ass. The chains touch the floor. Sparks fly up the chains traveling through my tits and clit to exit through the dildos. I jump at the pain. The more I move, the more the chains bounce to the floor. I finally try to stop moving and the shocks end.

The doors close. I hear the cab door open. The engine roars to life. Moving now. I must hold still. The chains end an inch or so above the floor. Just lie still. The truck crosses some tracks which send me bouncing. Zap to my left tit. I arch my back. This forces my stomach down and my clit takes a jolt. I scream. The gag kills the sound.

The road has been smooth, probably paved. I can hear a difference now. Sounds like gravel. OW. The truck must have hit a pothole. Aaahh! I think this bastard is aiming for them. Three, four, five. My body is a constant fire. I am drenched in sweat which makes the current jump all over my body.

I feel the truck slowing down. It comes to a stop. A few moments later the doors open. My gag is removed. He is offering me water. Probably drugged. I am so thirty I drink it anyway. Two bottles. He grabs my right breast and removes the alligator clip. Blood rushed back in, causing great pain. He has taken off the other one. I am writhing now and my clit takes several jolts before I can stop moving. Now the clit clip. I twist and turn knowing that I cannot be zapped. Ouch! The bastard has snapped one back on my nipple, on a different spot. The pain starts again. He pulls my other nip and fastens the clip. Those alligator clips are harder than any I have used in the past. I know what's next but can do nothing about it. Must hold still.

I am offered a third bottle. I drink it down, not knowing when I might get another chance. The doors close behind him. I am in the dark once more. The cab door opens but we are not moving. I see light coming in from behind. Me. I hope they get a good look.

It did not take long for nature to take its course. The urge to pee was overwhelming. I hoped I could spray them through the panel. I let loose. INTENSE PAIN shot through me, all the way to my bladder. My tits and all of my openings were getting zapped at the same time. I could not stop moving. Finally I passed out.

I awoke to severe pain in my clit. I drifted in and out of consciousness until we finally stopped.

Chapter 4: The Arrival

Several hours later, through the hot desert sun, we arrived at the palace. Every trip out here was like the first. We drive through the dust and sand until the road winds over and around a small mountain. On the other side is this magnificent oasis of lush greenery. The palace sits amid palm trees and desert flowers. The gardens perfectly manicured. As we approach the gates, we are met with armed guards. They know who we are and wave us through.

Deliveries are usually around back and we were no exception. I followed the drive to the rear and parked. Climbing down, we walked to the back to open the doors. She was out again. After turned off the current, I doused her with a bottle of water. She slowly came around. I waited for her to become fully awake before removing all of the clips. She did not like that at all, screaming and trying to tear her way out of the straps. After lowering the sling to the floor, I fastened cuffs above her elbows. I undid one arm, and then twisted it behind her back, fastening the wrist to the opposite arm cuff. My partner repeated the process with the other arm. Dragging her forward, I attached a short chain between her ankle cuffs and placed her on the ground.

Abdul was the keeper of the slaves. He came over to greet us. At 6'2'' he was an imposing figure. It looked like he spent all day working out. Muscles upon muscles. Looking her up and down, turning her around. Her folded arms made her chest more prominent than it already was. He pinched a nipple, and then slid his hand between her legs. She tried to twist away, but he easily held her with one hand. She spit in his face. A rapid backhand knocked her to the ground.

"You will learn respect. Give her an hour on the horse."

"You must be more careful". I whispered. " I have seen him leave girls there all day in the hot sun."

We dragged her through the yard, kicking and screaming. There was a large pedestal sitting in the middle, surrounded by benches. Apparently set up for whoever wished to stay and watch. On the pedestal was a life sized stone figure of a horse. What made this one unusual was the saddle. Not really a saddle, but a wedge of stone, about 2 feet long where the saddle would normally sit. It was only an inch wide at the top of the wedge. Abdul picked her up like a sack of flowers and placed her on top of the wedge. We grabbed both of her legs to hold her in place.

"20 pounds" he said. I knew from previous visits she would soon be regretting her behavior. Abdul held her in place as we attached a 20 pound weight to each ankle cuff. To keep her from falling off, ropes were tied to her arms in back and her tits were tightly tied with ropes fastened to the horse's head.

She spit again. Abdul undid the riding crop from his belt and cracked it across her tits. "2 hours. Would you like to try for 3?"

My partner and I joined Abdul on a bench in the shade, as naked serving maidens brought forth food and drinks. It didn't take very long for her to figure out she should have kept her mouth shut. The sun was scorching. It made the stone heat up, radiating through her very core. Her pussy must have hurt badly. She rocked to try and relieve the pain, but only succeeded in pinching her clit on the hot rock. A glance at her tits told me they were going to ache for a long time after this. They had turned a dark shade of purple. Damn, those ropes were tight. I could not imagine what hurt more, her tits or her crotch. And those extra 40 pounds didn't help either; although there was a stack of 100 pounds or more sitting on the side. I guess it could have been worse.


I awoke to cold water being thrown over me. I had no idea as to how long I had been out. I yelled as the clips were once again taken off my tits and clit. I hoped it was the last time. I was being lowered to the floor of the truck. I felt cuffs being fastened to my upper arms. My right arm was taken loose, only to be bent behind and fastened to this new cuff; then my left. I was lying on my sore tits. I got dragged across the hot metal plate to the end of the truck. Someone was attaching a chain to my ankle cuffs now. I had several hands on me as I was dragged out of the truck and stood up in the hot sand. A huge black man approached, naked to the waist, with a riding crop on his belt.

He reached up and twisted my nipple before sticking his fingers in me. I should have known better. I spit in his face. The next thing I knew, I was lying in the sand. My face hurt. My head was still ringing as they lifted me up and starting dragging me across the sand. What was he saying about a horse? When we reached the courtyard, I saw it. A full sized stone figurine. Only it looked funny. Where the saddle was supposed to be was a long sharp triangle. And I was going to be sitting on it!! I struggled but to no avail. Abdul lifted me up himself and threw my leg over the top. Bastard and his partner held my legs while sandbags were tied to my cuffs. This sharp edge would cut me in two!

Abdul approached me with a coil of rope in his hand. He tied my breasts separately, pulling the rope so tight I could hardly breathe. He then pulled me forward to tie them off on the horses head. A rope from behind arched my shoulders back and was tied to the tail. My pussy now sat on as hot stone ridge, as my back was arched pushing my tits high into the air. Abdul approached me to check the ropes. I spit at him again. Not a good idea. He took off the riding crop from his belt and proceeded to strike me across my upturned tits. And he said 2 hours! I was not sure I would live through one.

The three of them sat in the shade on one of the benches, as naked young women served them food and drinks. Oh, how I could use a cold drink or some food. I hadn't eaten in 2 days. Those bastards sat there discussing me like I wasn't even there. The sun beat on me relentlessly. I was covered in sweat. The sandflies must have liked it as they were biting me everywhere.

I glanced down at my chest and knew I would be in trouble later. My breasts had turned a deep purple color. I knew they would sting for quite a while when they were unwrapped. Or if? I did not know what to expect. I cannot tell you which hurt more, my crotch or my chest; I just wish I had kept my mouth shut. I closed my eyes and waited for it to end.

Chapter 5: The indoctrination

The 2 hours passed quickly for us, probably not so for her. We talked about old times, other slaves, what might be in store for this one.

"The Prince has been working on a very special device. She will be the first to try it. I am sure you will find it interesting. Come, stay the night and watch the unveiling tomorrow."

How could I turn it down? There was a palace full of beautiful naked women, ready to take care of my every need; and tomorrow promised to be even more exciting. When the time expired, Abdul arose and walked over to the exhausted girl.

"Care to spit now?"

"No sir," I whispered.

"My favorite part" Abdul said as he winked at us. He reached up and cut the ropes behind, then the ones in front; leaving the girl to balance for herself on her sore crotch. Then he cut the rope binding her right tit. We could have used earplugs. She shook her chest back and forth, as the blood returned. A thousand pins and needles must have been flowing through her. As she rocked, she must have crushed her clit several times from the screams she let out.

It took several minutes for her to settle down. Then he went over and cut the ropes on the other side. She did not like that at all. This show went on for several more minutes. Abdul walked over to feel her chest, squeezing and twisting, trying to get her to act up. He would love to watch her for another hour or two. She had enough sense not to react other than a low moan. He pinched her nipples, run his hands up her legs and then crushed her clit into the stone. She let out a howl but did not move.

"First lesson: I am in charge you will do anything and everything I tell you with no questions or hesitation. This is but a small taste of what can lie ahead if you disobey."

He reached down and cut the ropes for the sandbags on her ankles. She collapsed forward against the horse head. He picked her up in one arm and dropped her on the ground.

"Take her over to the blacksmith and get her collared."

We grabbed her arm and have walked, half dragged her to a building across the courtyard. Smoke rose through the chimney. The inside was hot enough to be a sauna. The blacksmith was stoking an oven with sparks flying out of it. He was even larger than Abdul.

"Well, so this is the fresh meat. We have been waiting for her. Has she given you any trouble?"

"Nothing a couple of hours on the horse didn't cure" I replied. "Danced like a bug on a hot plate". I thought that was an apt description considering her last ordeal.

"The Prince has something special planned for this one, I need to do limbs and neck".

He was removing a thin silver collar from the fire while he talked. Dipping it in a water bucket caused it to sputter. He waited for it to cool, and then fit it around her neck. She tried to pull away, but I held her fast. After a couple of fittings he took it to the bench to complete working on it. When he was happy with the results, he brought it over. Engraved on the outside it read "property of Prince Garrick # 422".

"From now on, you have no name. You will be called and reply only to your number. Do you understand 422?"

She hung her head down and started to cry. He pulled her hair back and asked again. She nodded. The smithy placed the collar around her neck. I asked him about the construction, as there appeared to be no place for a lock.

"These are designed with an internal fastener, no lock needed. Once closed, the only way to remove it is to cut it off".

I admired the artful design. When it clicked shut, there was no seam to be seen. Only 4 small rings around the outside distinguished it from a fine piece of jewelry. We spent the rest of the afternoon getting the wrist and ankle bands installed.

The smithy made a call and Abdul appeared shortly thereafter. He checked the cuffs and collar.

"Beautiful work, as always", he smiled. Abdul attached a small chain to the front of 422's collar and led her outside.

"I will take her to be prepared. I shall meet you at the feast".

Abdul walked off quickly, pulling the chained property behind him. She almost had to run to keep up with his long stride. My partner and I spent the rest of the afternoon admiring the scenery and getting drunk. Naked serving maidens kept us supplied.

Dinner at the palace was always spectacular. The Prince liked to throw these parties whenever we brought a new girl. Who was I to argue? As the sun went down, we headed to the banquet hall. Entering the hall, it was hard not to see 422. She was on a platform in the center of the room, still naked; but it was obvious that she had been cleaned and fed. Her arms hung from chains above, and her legs were chained to the floor in a giant X. She wore a blindfold. There was a ball gag in her mouth. She had been freshly shaved; and as we grew nearer, perfumed as well. I knew from past visits that her preparations had also included an enema. No reason to spoil a good meal. There were several spotlights on her body, illuminating every detail. This would be the first time the Prince would see her. It had to be a good impression.

Prince Garrick entered the room and all conversation stopped. He was dressed in full regal garb. He was an imposing figure. Abdul walked slightly behind him.

"Your majesty, I present 422", he said with a flourish. The Prince walked around his new property, feeling every inch of her tightly stretched body. The Prince stepped onto the platform and removed the blindfold.

He whispered, "You have such beautiful eyes. It will be exciting to watch them in pain tomorrow. You shall be the first to try out my new device." All 422 could do was shake in her chains and wonder.

All night, people came up to admire 422, but no one dare to touch her. They knew the Prince's wrath.

When the dinner was completed, the evening became a hall of debauchery, as slaves were brought it to service the guests. Finally, the night drew to a close and we drifted off to bed. I do not know what had happened to 422 that night. The next time we saw her was the following morning.


The sun was burning me everywhere. How do they live in such heat? This damn horse must have fried my pussy by now; I can hardly feel it anymore. I wish I could faint; I am drifting, but no such luck. How much longer must I sit here and suffer? Abdul is approaching. I need to hold my temper. He has asked me something. I whisper "No sir" through cracked lips. It must have been the right thing to say. He has cut the ropes behind me. Now he has cut the front ones. I slip forward. Not a good idea. I have managed to crush my clit under me. I lean back once again. That hurt.

He has his hands on my chest now, mauling me. I can do nothing to stop him. He finally cuts the rope on my right breast. I'm on fire. It feels like hundreds of sharp needles have just been stabbed into my chest. I scream and scream. I thrash about, again crushing myself. I do not care at this point. Make it stop. I hear laughter. I hope they die soon. Finally, the pain subsides. I am able to catch my breath.

Abdul squeezes my right breast hard, and then reaches for my left. I just now realize he has not cut that rope yet. The pain returns yet again. This one feels worse than before. He is pinching and twisting my nipples, as if that will help. I feel the pain subsiding. Abdul takes his large thumb and grinds my clit into the stone. I scream again. I feel the weights drop from my ankles. I am lifted off the horse and dropped on the ground.

Strong arms lift me. I can hardly stand. They want me to walk. I stumble along, getting dragged more than walking. We cross the yard into a very hot building. I see steam rising from a large furnace. I collapse on the floor. The man at the furnace brings over a shiny piece of metal. It looks like a collar. He wraps in around my neck several times, on and off. He says something about my name and 422. I sit crying as I hear it lock around my neck. Several hours go by, and I am fitted with wrist and ankle cuffs the same way.

Abdul appears when they are done. He stands me up, attaching a chain to the front of my new collar. I am led outside. I have to run to keep up. I am taken to a room full of naked and semi naked women. He clips the chain to a hook high on the wall and walks out. The chain is removed from my neck and for the first time, I am treated with kindness. As the afternoon wears on, I am bathed, shaved and fed. I did not much care for the enema. I am chained to a bed and told to nap. I have no trouble following that order.

All too soon, I am awakened and my hands are tied behind me and I am led into a large dining room. We cross the floor onto a raised platform. Chains hang from the ceiling. I can only guess what those are for. My feet are chained first. When my arms are released, they are immediately locked onto the chains from above. I hear someone cranking. The chains are drawing my legs apart; so tight. I cannot move them. I hear the chains overhead next. My arms go out and up. I am spread in a giant X. Someone forces a ball gag into my mouth. I shake my head as they go back to the cranks and turn another 2 notches. My limbs must surely come out if they continue. They tug on the chains one at a time, and crank my legs once more. I have never felt this vulnerable. Spotlight come on, lighting me on all sides. I feel a blindfold from behind. All is darkness. All I can do is sway and ache.

I do not know how long I have been here. I hear noises around me. It sounds like they might be setting up a dinner. My body is covered in sweat, and my muscles have stretched somewhat. It has eased the pain.

More time has passed. It has become quite noisy. I feel my body being wiped clean. It smells like roses. Then my chains rattle. I shake my head violently, but it does not help. I hear the cranks as my arms and legs are again drawn tight. I am shaking now.

All the noise suddenly stops. I can hear Abdul introducing me like I am a piece of meat. Strange hands are all over me; in me. The mask is removed. I am staring into the face of someone important, royalty maybe. He is whispering something to me about being tortured tomorrow! Isn't this enough? I am left to hang for the rest of the evening while a party goes on around me. Several people come over to look at me, but no one touches me. I am finally let down; lead away and chained back to my bed. I immediately fall asleep.

Chapter 6: The device

The morning found 422 dreading the day ahead. The Prince, so she had been told later, had said something about her being the first to try out his torture device. No one was able to tell her anything about it; or if they knew, no one would say. She was given no food this morning, only fruit juices. They happened to be delicious and she drank until the hunger went away. Abdul came for her shortly after. Snapping the chain on her neck, he led her back outside. The tent she had seen yesterday had been taken down. This device she feared must have been hidden underneath it. She could see a large tarp still covering something large. Next to it stood a huge wooden cross. 422 was backed up to the cross. Her arms and legs were loosely fastened to the arms of the cross. Abdul went to the tarp and came back with a strange looking object. It was a board with two large hollow metal dildos. He showed it to 422 before greasing it up and sliding it inside her. It had adjustable anchors on the board and he raised it up until she was slightly off her heels. It locked in back to the frame.

The chains were not needed as there were 5 or 6 small straps on each limb that held her in place. Two went around her stomach, one under and one over her chest. There were straps above and below her knees; her elbows the same. Her head had been strapped in place as well. When he was done, the only thing that 422 could move was her fingers and toes. The gag came next.

What happened next shocked her. Abdul had placed wide clamps to her lips and tied them back to expose her pussy. He then flicked her clit to attention. She could not see what was happening, but she could definitely feel the string as it was drawn tight around her clit. For the first time this morning she felt pain. It was not good and the day had not even begun. When Abdul came up to her chest, 422 could see that it was not string, but fine silk thread. Silk is known for its strength. She cried out as he wrapped it around her nipples and tied each one off. It felt like the thread would cut right through her.

Going back to the tarp, Abdul returned with a metal cauldron and several other parts. He set the cauldron below the cross and out of her sight. He then clapped his hands. A servant appeared and was sent away to summon the Prince.

My partner and I followed the Prince and several dozen other people out to the field where 422 stood waiting. The Prince inspected the cross, giving a hard yank on the three cords. Her nipples pulled away from her body and one of the cords pulled off.

"Abdul, they need to be tighter," he ordered. Abdul cut the first cords off. When he re-tied them, he pulled so hard I thought she might pass out from the pain. He did the same to her clit.

Prince Garrick gave a nod and the tarp was taken away. Underneath stood a strange looking wall, filled with what looked like clear marbles. Abdul took the silk cords one at a time and drew them to the wall. Each one had an anchor point on this wall. Handles on the back wound each cord tight until her nipples and clit were taught from her body.

The Prince picked up a pole from below the cross.

"What you see here has taken my engineers several months to build, and this lucky creature shall have the pleasure of the maiden voyage. This metal pole is hollow with a tiny hole at one end. It will slide into the dildos already in place."

He handed the pole to Abdul, who then slid it into one of the dildos. He picked up the other and followed suit.

"The other end sits in an ordinary cauldron of water with a touch of ginger oil. The wall you see before you is filled with crystals that have been precisely positioned." When a cloth was removed from the back of the wall, the area of the cross and the ground around it filled with little streaks of light.

"As the sun passes through the sky, each of these light beams will move with it. When 2 of them cross, it will make a hot spot until they pass. Some of them are going to cross with three and four. And I will let your imagination run wild as to where the five beams will strike. These will only last for a few minutes as the sun is moving across the sky, but there are enough crystals to keep it interesting".

"Oh, and what of the pot you ask? There are 5 beams concentrated on the cauldron most of the day. The water inside will eventually boil. It is designed to send the pressure up those tubes, raising them as it goes. It should be quite hot at that point. When it reaches a stopping point, the pressure upward will build; forcing our lovely victim to make a decision. She can rise up on her toes to let the pressure escape through the small hole on the top. Doing this will release a burst of steam and ginger oil into her body. If she decides not to do this, the pressure will eventually become high enough that she cannot get off of the poles and must suffer the rest of the day with both scalding rods keeping her on her toes until I let her go. Abdul, the blindfold. We wouldn't want to spoil her fun."

Abdul tied the blindfold in place and "accidentally" pulled on a nipple cord as he did. A yell came from behind the gag.

The audience broke into applause. Chairs were being set up for those who wanted to stay and watch. Many would come and go throughout the day. The Prince and I took chairs a few feet away to enjoy the festivities. The beams had been designed to start on the pot as it took water a while to boil. There were twenty or so light beams playing across her body. We watched as the first pair crossed on her thigh. She started squirming under the heat. One pair had made its way across her lower chest, and she moaned in response. They only lasted a minute or so. They were happening more rapidly now. We watched as 2 beams crossed her stomach. It was joined a moment later by another beam, making the first three. She struggled against the straps, but they were not giving much. A few moments later, it was a 2 again, then gone.

"I designed this in stages. Watch, it's about the right time."

Just as the Prince had say, three beams were converging onto both nipples at the same time from different directions.

"She won't feel these until they cross" he snickered. The beams crossed at almost the same moment. Her chest shook, but the cords held fast. For over a minute, she felt like someone had held a candle to her nipples. Loud moans came from beneath the gag. As we watched the beams across her chest, another 3 beam had made its way toward her clit. "Damn. It's late. Need to have that fixed." When it hit, the cross shook.

In the meantime, the water had been slowly heating in the cauldron. We could see that the poles had risen about 2 inches. Another scream, as three more beams crossed her arm. We sat and talked, watching the lights. Every few minutes, 2 or 3 beams would cross for a few moments. The poles continued to rise.

"I had this engineered so that the multiple beams would occur in the afternoon sun when it is at its hottest, the water should be boiling by then also." I felt my pants getting tight. I could have had any number of slaves take care of the problem, but I wished to hold off until things got "heated up" sort of speak. We sat in the shade and had lunch. The Prince motioned for water to be brought to 422. She greedily drank it down. She had been pouring sweat all morning. Her body glistened. She would have a nice tan when finished.

It was about 12:30 when the first 4 happened. A pair of 2 beam trails followed across her thighs, moving upward from both sides. When they reached her lips, she had a sense of what was to follow. She tried to shake free but could not. The twin beams kept moving upward until they joined across the bottom of her pussy. She screamed through the mask loud enough to be heard. The 4 beam trail continued upward. No amount of shaking could stop it. The 4 beams converged directly on her extended bud, held so tightly in place. She fought so hard that it might have torn her clit clean off if she could have turned away. Instead, it just burned. To get away from the lights, she pushed way up on her toes, which released the steam and ginger oil mixture that had been building below. A burst of pressure blew out both of her holes, except now her insides burned as well. The Prince was smiling.

"It worked just like it was planned. I must remember to reward the engineer." The 4 had split back to a pair of 2s and were moving in opposite directions. Another set of 3s were making their way across her chest. Several red spots covered her body; many on her chest and thighs. Her nipples and clit had darkened considerably. As the day wore on, she had been hit with dozens of hot spots. Every 20 minutes or so, she had to rise up to release a blast of ginger oil into her pussy and tortured ass.

At 3:30, the Prince sent for everyone to join him. "I have set the finale for 4 o'clock, when the sun is at its peak. Watch and enjoy". Several of the guests had slaves with them. Men and women both had their pants off and were being serviced. The Prince had four lovely ladies attending him. He offered me one. I obliged.

Just as a great fireworks show builds to a climax, he had outdone himself with this one. For the next 30 minutes, we watched as 2 beam trails popped up all over her body to converge as 4s, each time getting closer to the tied tidbits. Every 2 or 3 minutes, a 4 beam trail would hit a bud. She had to rise off the pole almost every 5 minutes now. As the clock approached four, a dozen 3 beam trails starting crossing her body. They came in from all directions. At 4 o'clock, a small vial of pepper sauce poured into the cauldron. It took only a few minutes before she had to rise up again. This time though, the pepper sauce caused her to jump up, which let the poles rise to their maximum height. An audible click could be heard as they locked in place. She was now forced to stay perched on her toes as the hot poles held her in place. Her chest was now covered in 3s and 4s moving towards their targets. She was impaled and immobile, as the 5 beam trails showed up and found all three tender bits. The cords had been tied to the wall to keep them centered regardless as to which way she turned. She felt as if someone had placed her chest and pussy on a hot grill. As the 5s hit her clit and nipples, she fainted.

Chapter 7: The finale

The morning came way too early. I was still aching from spending the night in chains. At least nothing more had happened. I was worried about the "torture device" the Prince had mentioned night. I had tried talking to some of the other servants, but none of them would say a word. Either they did not know about it, or were afraid to say.

I was taken down for breakfast. There was nothing but fruit juices. I drank them greedily trying to stop the hunger. I was washed and perfumed. My wrist cuffs were locked behind me and a short chain connected my ankles. A chain was fastened to my collar. I was led outside where the neck chain was attached to a hook high on the wall.

I stood sweating in the early morning sun, worried about what was to come. I didn't have to wait long. Abdul showed up a short time later. He took the chain off the wall and led me away. As we crossed the courtyard, I noticed the tent was missing that we had passed yesterday. This must have been the torture device the Prince had talked about. I saw a large wooden frame, two boards standing upright in the shape of an X. There was a tarp covering something else near it. I was being led to the cross.

I saw that it had several straps hanging from the arms of the cross. Somehow, I knew they were to hold me in place. I did not know what for. I wish I didn't have to find out. Abdul pushed my back against the frame and attached my cuffs to some hanging chains. They were not very tight. I soon found out that they did not have to be. He walked over to the tarp and came back with a pot, some poles and other items I was sure I would live to regret. He held up two hollow dildos attached to a seat. I watched as he before greased them. They were not overly large but rather wide. I grunted as he slid them into place. Somehow, they locked onto the back of the frame. I could not see the pot or other items.

He proceeded to fasten strap after strap over my legs, then my arms. One across my stomach was followed by a strap under and over my chest. None of them were constricting by themselves; but there were so many that I could not move very much. I then felt Abdul's rough hands below as he clamped something on my lips and tied them open. What he did next I could not see, but it hurt like hell. He then stood up and showed me some silk thread before he tied a strand around my left nipple. He pulled it tight and I winced at the pain. He must have been waiting for me to scream; for when he tied my right nipple, he pulled much harder, I gave him his wish. I assumed there was one on my clit as well. He told me they were silk and very hard to break.

In a few moments, the Prince and several guests came out to where I was secured. He came up to me and yanked on each of the silk threads. The one on my nipple came off. He instructed Abdul to do them over and make them tighter. Thanks asshole. This time they all caused screams when he pulled them tight. The Prince seemed pleased. The Prince was addressing the crowd. I saw the tarp being removed and stared at a wall full of marbles! I then felt what those poles were for as Abdul shoved them inside me. Now I know why the tubes were hollow. I was focused on the sight of this wall and the poles being inserted. I should have paid more attention to what the Prince had said.

What I did catch was him saying I could get a blast of hot ginger water up my holes, or I could get impaled by two hot poles for the day. Some choice. At least the blast should be short. I still did not understand all of the marbles. I would shortly. Abdul then came over and grabbed the three silk threads, taking them to the wall. There were anchor points for each thread. He went around the back and appeared to be turning a small crank. I was right. I watched as my right nipple string went taut, and then pulled away from my chest. When I yelled out, he stopped. He did the same with the other two strings. Coming over to the frame, supposedly to recheck the straps; he "accidentally" plucked my nipple cord. I yelled again. I saw the Prince go behind the wall and give each crank another turn. I was screaming now. Finally, the pain was bearable and I settled down.

The Prince and his guests had taken seats in front to watch me suffer. How nice. The bastard and his partner was there as well. Someone removed a cloth from the back of the wall. I could see now that they were not marbles, but instead small lenses. When the sunlight shone through them, they lit up like a disco ball. They filled the area around me with little streams of sunlight. They lit up little points of light all over my body.

I felt a warm spot on my thigh, then another on my stomach. I felt one under my breast. The one on my stomach just got hot for a moment. I watched in fascination as several spots were now moving slowly across each breast. There were at least 3 on each side moving across towards my nipples. They took about 10 minutes to reach my areolas. My nipples were getting warm. I now realized that the heat came from the joining of the beams. I had used a magnifying lens as a kid to ignite paper. I knew how hot a focused sunbeam could be and I now had three of them approaching each nipple! I panicked as I now knew the diabolical nature of this device. I tried to squirm out of the light, but my nipples were drawn so tight that it did no good. The three beams converged on both nipples at almost the same moment. It felt like I had stuck them in a flame. I was feeling burning heat all around both nipples. I yelled out and shook. A moment later I felt another approaching my clit. I could move up and down a bit. It only delayed the inevitable. My tender bits were being toasted. It lasted only a minute or so, but felt like forever. I watched as the Prince and his guests dined and laughed. At times, someone would approach me to take a closer look. There were many half naked men and women being serviced by the young slave girls. The burning beams continued every few minutes, hitting various parts of my body.

The Prince had been checking his watch every so often and he now drew everyone's attention to me. I did not know what was happening, but somehow knew I would not like it. I was right. I felt two mild hot spots moving up my pussy on either side. They were getting closer together. I did not need anyone to tell me where they would end up. When they hit my clit, I went berserk. This was by far the hottest beam I had felt so far. I struggled to get away but my clit was too tied tight. If I could have, I might have ripped it off to get away at this point. I did stand on my toes for a moment to escape the heat. I had forgotten about the pipes. When I rose up, I released some inner valve that allowed a burst of hot ginger spray to coat both my holes. I now burned on the inside as well. I quickly settled back down, only to have my clit back in the fire. I repeated this action several times before the beams finally separated. I had screamed myself hoarse.

Someone offered me water as I saw the guests applauding. Glad I could be so entertaining assholes. The afternoon sun was hotter than the morning and I remember being burned several more times as the day wore on. I had to rise up off the poles every 15 minutes or so. Late in the day, I saw the Prince gather everyone and said something about a finale at 4 o'clock. I could not wait. I knew I was to be the finale. I started to feel more frequent hot spots now, and they were mostly the strong ones. My tits had been struck so many times that my poor nipples had blistered in several spots. Several people were now checking the time. They did not have to. I had several very hot beams trailing across my tits from four different directions and I could feel several more converging on my pussy. I knew what the finale was going to be; me being burned at the stake.

A very hot spot struck my clit from below. It caught me by surprise. I jumped as high as I could on my toes. I heard a loud click. The blast from below now had some new ingredient. It burned like pepper. I struggles against the spray, but I could not get the poles to go back down. I was forced to stay high on my toes. I did not have much strength left in them . My legs shook. I had risen up about 2 inches which had taken my clit out of the beam. It had now caught up with me and all I could do was suffer through it. I had several beams cross my nipples at the same time. I felt like I had lain down on a hot grill. The last thing I remember was the crowd on their feet giving me a standing ovation before I blacked out.

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