Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril)



The prisoner walked up the steep concrete stairs of the Prison tower: one chained bare foot up after the other, going higher, the chains clinking.

Two prison guards—Matrons--accompanied her: big harsh women in pitch-black uniforms. The older grey-haired woman was climbing the steep stairs ahead of her, pulling her along sternly upwards on a chain-leash. The other guard, a fierce black woman, was behind her--holding a riding crop.

The prisoner was totally nude. She always was! They'd kept her that way ever since she was brought to the Prison two weeks ago.


The riding crop of the black Matron snapped down on the prisoner’s angel-white buttocks.


“FASTER, Prisoner Erica!”, she commanded—“You're going to the Warden today!”



The nude girl climbed the steep steps faster.

The fierce black Matron grinned.

A wide collar of black leather was buckled tight around the prisoner's neck today: it kept her chin high. At the back of the collar was a short strap that ended in a steel ring. Erica’s hands were manacled to the steel ring with steel handcuffs, pulling her arms up high behind her back.

It pushed her big tits forward for viewing and inspection.

And it made it difficult for her to keep her balance as her chained bare feet climbed the concrete stairs.

And it hurt.

They'd snapped hard metal nipple-clamps onto her big pink nipples today. The long chain between the clamps was swinging, bouncing on her bare lower belly as she climbed the stairs.

The clamps pinched, they hurt too--and they called embarrassing attention to her big milk-white breasts: beautiful, but too large for her slender frame.

Her reddish-blonde hair was bound tightly into a thick bun at the back of her head today. Erica thought: even my hair is tethered!

They'd inserted a huge O-ring gag of hard black leather into her mouth today. It was a full inch wide and a quarter inch deep, and it turned her mouth into a hugely-open leather O.

Drool from the O was dripping helplessly down her chin and onto her big milk-white tits as she climbed upwards. She couldn't stop it.

Thinking about what she looked like now--as nude and chained and gagged and helplessly drooling she quickly climbed the steep concrete stairs of the Women’s Special Prison towards the Warden’s Office--she blushed.

Her pussy--they'd shaved it totally bare. Her patch of fluffy reddish pubic curls was gone now: her pink lower lips were totally exposed. It had been done to her the first day in the Prison.

The female guards joked about it. They touched her exposed pink lips, they stroked them, caressed them, kissed them, spanked them.

Whipped them.

She would cry out. And the black-uniformed women would laugh.

They hadn't allowed her to bathe, either--not once in the two weeks she'd been here! She was not only nude, and chained, and her mouth an opened and drooling O, but she smelled. She smelled strongly of her body-odor.

The Matrons liked it that way: it was part of the Prison regime of degradation. And sensuality. To make her feel like, smell like, cry out like a naked animal.

It worked: she did.

Her world was reduced now: narrowed to her small concrete cell on the second floor with its frightening array of whips and crops and gags and punishment-hoods on one wall. Narrowed to the filthy stained mattress on which she slept.

Narrowed to her nude body within the cell. To her naked sensations of pleasure and pain. When the female guards whipped her--and they were experts at it--she cried out loudly. And when they made her cum--and they were experts at that too--she cried out more.

That was her world now.

The big grey-haired guard called Matron Marie, who had been with her since the beginning, was climbing the steep stairs ahead of her. Now the big uniformed woman jerked sharply again on naked Erica’s chain-leash:

"HURRY UP Erica!" she ordered, pulling upward--"No dawdling! The Warden is waiting!"

The nude red-haired girl increased the speed of her bare feet going up the stairs: pattering up the steps now, breathing hard through her dripping O-gag.

The sound of her hard breathing, and the clinking of chains, filled the tower.

And so did her smell.

The big uniformed guard climbing behind her--the fierce black woman—raised her leather riding crop high once more: "You heard Matron Marie, girl,” she said—“Go FASTAH!”

And WHT!--Sudeeda snapped the whip down again on Erica's soft white buttocks again.

"UHH!", cried the red-haired girl through her helpless O of a mouth.

A new welt joined the other forty pink welts that already marred Erica’s sweet white buttocks.

The fierce black woman laughed. She loved to punish Erica.

She did it all the time.

The red-haired girl’s nipple-chains and ankle-chains clinked loudly now as she almost trotted up the steep stairs, her hands handcuffed high behind her back, her big white breasts bouncing and swinging.

“FASTAH!”, shouted black Matron Sudeeda:


"UHHH!", cried naked Erica.

At last they came to the top of the stairs, the top of the tower, and the great wooden door of the Warden's office.

Erica’s O-mouthed head was down; she was out of breath; her cinnamon hair was disarrayed from its bun. Her milk-white breasts and white belly were with sweat and drool. And she smelled.

From behind her, Matron Sudeeda now shoved a big black-gloved hand between Erica’s battered ass-cheeks and felt forward to the girl’s bare pussy-lips.

“You WETT!”, declared Sudeeda.--“You cunt wet like a river!” She laughed: “You LIKE diss, eh? I KNOW you do! You like da whip!”

Erica’s sensitive face blushed red.

Big grey-haired Matron Marie knocked twice on the great wooden door. There was an answer, and she swung the door open with a creak.

"Prisoner Erica Hawthorne is here, Warden," she announced. “She is ready for your interrogation."

The Warden of the Women's Special Prison was a large, handsome man with iron-grey hair cut short in a crewcut. He was dressed in a black uniform with high black boots. He was seated at his magnificent desk, doing paper-work.

The crew-cut man looked up now—looked up at the beautiful milk-white and cinnamon-haired girl who stood naked and whipped and smelly between the two black-uniformed female guards, her head down, breathing hard, drool dripping from her O-gag.

He smiled. It was an evil smile.

"All right," he said--"Put her into the Discipline Frame over there." He picked up the leather riding crop that lay on the desk, and pointed with it.

"Yes, Warden Victor," said Matron Marie.

The big grey-haired woman pulled Erica by her chain- leash across the Warden's Office: the naked girl's nipple-chains bounced against her belly; the ankle-chains on her bare feet clinked. Fierce Matron Sudeeda followed.

“HURRY to Discipline Frame”, shouted Sudeeda, and— WHTT! –she snapped her riding crop down on the girl’s white buttocks again.

Erica cried-“UHH!”--and her chained bare feet shuffled quickly along, drool dripping from her O-gag.

At the Discipline Frame, the two guards unbuckled the wide black-leather collar from Erica’s neck, and the chain-leash, and dropped them onto the floor with a dull thud and clank. Then they undid her hands from the steel handcuffs high behind her back. Then they snapped open the big metal clamps from her swollen pink nipples--and Erica gasped with relief.

And then they put her into the heavy steel pillory.

The Frame was made of thick black metal bolted sturdily to the floor. Sudeeda shoved Erica’s red-haired head through the steel circle of the head-harness at the front, and locked her in. Then the two female guards spread the girl’s arms and hands far out to either side, and locked them into the bar that extended from the steel head-frame. Then Sudeeda and Marie pulled Erica’s bare white legs sharply back—back until her naked torso was at a 45-degree angle to the front of the Frame. They unchained her bare feet then--but only to spread them wide and apart, buckling them to heavy steel cuffs that protruded out from the floor in back of the Frame.

The position totally exposed and pulled open the young girl’s bare pussy-lips. Matron Marie, the older guard, couldn't resist, and gave Erica’s sweet pink lips a kiss.

Erica had never felt so vulnerable! Nude and smelly, her head locked forward into the steel pillory, her mouth a drooling O-ring, her arms out wide, her body stretched out at a helpless angle, her bare legs spread wide and her bare feet bound to the floor: the long nipple-chains on her big white breasts swayed; they hurt...

Erica's green eyes stared at the Warden. Drool from her O-gag dripped down her chin. Her tits hurt, her nipples hurt, her hands hurt, her bare pink pussy between her forced-wide legs was so open now, the lips so exposed, so...Wet. She was Wet. She could smell it, mixed along with her sharp body-odor.

She couldn't help it: she was blushing furiously.

“Remove the prisoner’s O-gag now,” ordered Warden Victor—“I'll need to talk to her.”

Matron Marie unbuckled the O-ring gag, and pulled it slowly out of Erica’s stretched-wide mouth. Drool poured from the leather cylinder as she dropped the gag to the floor.

“Th..Thank you…”, naked Erica whispered in relief. The O-ring was so wide,, her drooling…it was awful!

The big grey-haired woman patted Erica on the head.

The Warden now dismissed the two female guards with a wave of his hand. They saluted.

As they turned to go, the fierce black woman named Sudeeda raised her big leather riding crop high once more and--WHT!--snapped it on Erica's sweet white bottom, and then –WHT-WHT!—again. The young red-haired girl cried out.

Sudeeda laughed, and turned and left.

Now Erica was alone, nude and fastened tight and totally opened in the Frame--alone with terrible Warden Victor.

Sitting at his magnificent desk, the Warden opened her file. "Let's see...Erica Hawthorne...Nationality: British. Age: 19. A visitor to our Republic of Roissy. Convicted of shop-lifting June 16. Sentence: One year in the Women's Special Prison."

He looked up at the naked red-haired girl: "We don't get many foreign girls here, Erica. The Republic’s reputation, you know… I think you already see that it was a bad mistake to break our laws.”

“It was only shop-lifting…”, whimpered Erica.

“QUIET!” The Warden continued reading: “Reaction to nudity: good. Reaction to chains: good. Reaction to the whip: very good. Reaction to bare pussy: good... Reaction to mouth penetration: good...Reaction to...Reaction to..."

He closed the file. "Generally an excellent adjustment. But it says here that you have a tendency to talk back. ‘Potty-mouth’, it says!”

The big crew-cut man frowned. “Is that true?”

He stood up now. He came around the desk to stand in front of Erica.

“ANSWER the question! Have you talked back to the guards here?”


“Don't LIE!” The Warden took his big black-leather riding crop from the desk-top and flexed it in his powerful hands. “You have talked back to the guards—even sworn at them. ADMIT it!”

All Erica could do in response was whimper.

“Yes. Two days ago you protested when a brush-gag was strapped into your mouth and you were ordered by Matron Sudeeda to clean the main steps of the Prison with it. I have the report right here! And then,” the big crew-cut man continued, “yesterday you actually REFUSED when Matron Marie commanded you to clean the floor of your cell with your tongue!”

“I wouldn't do that!”, cried naked milk-white Erica: “I couldn't! That’s too degrading!”

“EVERY nude female prisoner here in the Women’s Special Prison learns to clean the floor of her cell with her tongue!”

“I WON'T!”

There was a moment of grim silence in the Warden’s Office.

“That’s why you've been brought to me.” The Warden crossed his muscular arms: “You think you've experienced every discipline we can impose on you here?”

Erica said nothing.

The massive grey-haired man loomed in front of her.

“What HAVEN'T you experienced?”, he demanded. He pointed downwards to his black-uniformed pants.

“C..Cock,” the naked milk-white girl finally whispered: “YOU.”

The man in the black uniform gave an evil laugh.

“That’s right. You remember-- on your first day here, Matron Marie told you I enjoyed using naked prison-girls for my personal pleasure. Mostly blondes. But sometimes redheads--like you. And she also told you I was…insatiable.”

Stretched wide and opened in the Discipline Frame, the naked red-haired girl shuddered. How Matron Marie had laughed when Erica had cried out in fear when told about the Warden’s special tastes!

Victor unzipped his uniform pants. His erection sprang out--colossal and steel-hard, gigantic and utterly commanding. He pointed downward again: “THIS is your new discipline!”

The lovely naked girl bound tight into the heavy steel pillory licked her lips…

“C..Cock,” she whispered again.

“And you think my cock’s going to violate your mouth over and over,” said the Warden—“cum in it again and again, degrade you that way, because you talked back to the guards.”

“Aren't you?” Erica’s wide green eyes stared up at him.

She’s lovely, thought Victor.

“NO. You are too badly-behaved—violation of your mouth would not be enough to truly discipline you. So I've decided that only a SPECIAL discipline of cock will make you sincerely and totally obedient to us here.”

The Warden smiled his evil smile again: “Erica--do you remember, on your first day here, seeing the prisoner Lucie?”


Lucie: a small and delicate blonde girl, nude and enormously-pregnant, her swollen white body covered in whip-marks, her white belly obscenely bloated, her small breasts stiff and distended with milk, their nipples big and darkened. She was being led on a chain-leash across the main entrance hall of the Prison by a fierce black-uniformed Matron…

Lucie’s bare feet had shuffled quickly and obediently along, her engrossed belly swaying, her bloated tits helplessly leaking milk. Lucie was being taken to a long Punishment Session... An enema session!

It was Lucie’s second of the day.

“My Matron knows what’s best for me…”, the blonde girl had whimpered to Erica, her blue eyes haunted…

“Y..Yes, I remember Lucie,” repeated Erica. She shuddered. Matron Marie had informed her, in horrifying detail, how Lucie had become pregnant: the Warden. He'd taken her and taken her. Six or seven times a day…

“It is good that you remember--because soon you will be like her!”

“Wh..What? What do you MEAN?”

La Discipline productive. I have decided THAT is what is best for you. And we start now.”

Erica shouted in horror; her bare toes beat a tattoo on the concrete floor of the office.

“NO!”, she cried.

“YES.” The Warden came around behind her, his enormous cock rampant, ready to violate her helplessly open cunt.

“You smell!”, he commented, inhaling her sharp oniony body-odor: “You really smell!”

“P..Please, please…”, the naked girl in the Discipline Frame whimpered. She was blushing red with shame.

“Don't worry, Erica—your unwashed smell EXCITES me!”

And with that, Victor shoved his massive member right into Erica’s open-wide cunt. His huge cock went in easily—Erica was still wet. Her eyes widened at his size: nine inches in, nine inches…ten! She bit her lip.

Deep in. ALL the way in (it felt like 12 inches now!)—then partly out.

Erica resolved not to react. Maybe THAT would discourage this monster from his hideous plan!

In, then out; in, then out; ALL the way in—then out.

Victor was grunting now--but naked Erica remained silent and held herself still.

The Warden went quicker. Faster. In-and-out, in-and-out, in-and out, in-and-out, in-and-out…

The red-haired British girl gasped once, but then remained still. Her naked milk-white body turned sweaty again under the Warden’s quick huge thrusts, but otherwise the girl didn't respond. She commanded herself to remain rigid and unmoving.

Victor was like a machine now. In-and-out, in-and-out, in-and-out, in-and-out, in-and-out. A machine.

Erica’s bare toes clenched,--12 inches of Victor inside her with each giant thrust! OHH! He was magnificent! OHH!

But she didn't move. Not at all.

After three minutes, five minutes, seven, the Warden began to shout—and thrust himself into the naked red-haired girl even faster.

She gritted her teeth, trying not to react.

And then suddenly the Warden came, CAME, CAME inside of her, SHOOTING into her: SPURT-SPURT-SPURRT! SPURT-SPURT-SPURRT! SPURT-SPURT-SPURRTT!!

Naked Erica wanted to cry out, cry out with pleasure, to stamp her feet—the Warden was so huge, there was so MUCH of him shooting inside of her, and it was so hot! HOT!

But she bit her lips in silence.

After a while, Victor withdrew his massive cock from deep inside of her.

“That was most unsatisfactory,” he frowned. “It was like fucking a motionless—emotionless--statue.”

“You didn't like it?—GOOD!,” cried nude Erica. “That’s what I want! Leave me alone!”

She burst into tears: “I HATE you!”

“Do you actually think it is a good idea not to please me, Erica?”, the crew-cut Warden sternly replied. He zipped up his black pants.

The massive man went back to his desk, and pressed a buzzer. In a minute the great door to his office opened and in marched Matron Marie and Matron Sudeeda.

“This prisoner has not pleased me,” the Warden announced to the two black-uniformed guards. “She is not eager enough!”

“You nott please WARDEN?”, the fierce black guard said to Erica.

“NO, I didn't!”, cried nude Erica proudly.

“You a BAD girl!”


Sudeeda snapped her riding crop again on Erica’s, battered bottom.

“UH!”, shouted the naked young girl bound helplessly in the Discipline Frame.

Some of the Warden’s hot white cum ran down her bare legs.

“She needs the Special Punishment Regime,” declared the Warden.

Big Matron Marie feared what was coming now. “Victor, consider,” she pleaded—“the girl has only been here two weeks, and she is so young!”

The Warden stared at Marie.

He knew she had a soft spot for Erica—the naked British girl always gave such sweet cries when Marie licked and tongued her...

“Do not DEFEND the prisoner!”, he shouted at his wife.

WHACK! He slammed his riding crop hard on the top of the desk.

“Marie, you will report back here at 6 p.m. for a Punishment Session yourself! You will be nude, and you will walk through the Prison nude, for all to see. And then you get ten of the riding-crop on your tits and twenty on the buttocks!”

The big grey-haired woman started to protest--then hung her head. “Yes, Sir…”

Warden Victor now gestured for the two guards to release Erica from the steel pillory. Soon the naked British girl was standing between them, each guard sternly holding a milk-white arm.

“I want this prisoner taken down now to the Punishment Corridor in the Prison basement. She is to be locked in one of the small cages there,” ordered the massive Warden grimly—“Her cell on the second floor is too good for her!”

“Yes, Warden,” the two guards chorused.

“She is to be kept in the cage for five days.”

“Yes, Sir,” said big grey-haired Marie obediently.

“She is to be fed only one meal a day,” said Victor to his wife.

“Yes, Sir,” answered Marie.

“She will wear a steel chastity belt around her waist and between her legs, with a twelve-inch dildo up her cunt at all times.”

“Yes, Warden…”

“And the chastity-belt will have an eight inch Anal Trainer as well.”

At this, naked Erica cried out, and struggled against the two big women holding her arms.

They laughed: “NOW you will see what happens to you when you displease the Warden!”

“At noon each day, Marie, you will give Erica a bowl of prison pudding-- with a large dollop of my cum mixed into it! THAT is what she eats for the next five days.”

Victor turned to Erica, and the man’s dark eyes were fierce: “You will eat my cum every day, day after day. My seed will already be inside of you, Erica, part of you, long before I give you a bun growing in your naked belly! Do you understand?”

The nude red-haired girl standing between the two-black uniformed guards stared at him.

And then she began to whimper and struggle again in the guards’ firm grip.

The Warden laughed. It was an evil laugh.

“The prisoner will be kept in the small cage for 24-hours a day,” he continued. “She will be let out only at 10 a.m. and then six p.m. for a Punishment Session: ten of the bamboo cane to her buttocks and ten to her tits each time! That’s the cane that hurts the most! Then right back into the cage!”

“Yes, Warden,” chorused the guards.

“And—oh, yes,” the Warden said to Matron Marie, “You will let her out of the cage at 2 a.m. in the morning, and release her from the chastity-built for a moment, so she can make her toilets in front of you onto the stone floor of the Corridor. Once a day only.”

“That is a severe regimen,” commented Matron Sudeeda.

“She deserves it!”, said the Warden fiercely. “She has not pleased me! Five days in the small cage! No—make it TEN days!”

He turned to naked Erica and saw tears starting in her wide green eyes.

“Yes. I think that the NEXT time I summon you up here to me, prisoner, you will be VERY eager to give me pleasure!”

Erica turned her lovely head away. “No!”, she whispered.

“Oh, I think yes! And then I will fuck you, girl—six times a day in the Discipline Frame, fuck you and fuck you until my seed gives you a baby in your belly. Yes--soon you will be exactly like nude and hugely-pregnant and obedient Lucie!”

“NEVER!”, cried the naked red-haired girl, struggling in the guards’ stern grip. She stamped a sweet bare foot.

The Warden laughed. “You'll see!”

He gestured to the guards: “Take her away!”

And Matron Sudeeda and Matron Marie, each gripping one of nude Erica’s white arms, marched her quickly across the Warden’s Office and down the steep concrete steps that led from the tower. Her bare feet pattered down the stairs.

Warden Victor strode to the doorway of his office: “Soon you will learn to love me, Erica!”, he declared—“As your belly grows big with me and your tits helplessly swell with milk, you will come to adore what I've done to you!”

The massive crewcut man laughed:

”And THAT—your love for me--THAT will be your greatest degradation!”

The cries and shouts of the nude red-haired girl echoed back up the stairway of the tower.

“Yes”, declared Warden Victor—“NO girl can resist la Discipline reproductive!”

He smiled to himself. He had done this several times before with girls he considered “special”. He slammed the door shut.

Matron Marie and Matron Sudeeda in their black uniforms manhandled shouting and struggling nude Erica down the steep concrete stairs: the stairs that led down to the basement of the Prison, to the grim Corridor of Punishment, to the small cage that awaited her, to the horror of the chastity-built with its huge double dildos—and to her ultimate fate.


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