Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril)


By Erodite

She lies on the rock pile, the back of her head just touching the sandy beach while the rest of her body is angled upward. Her knees the high point and turned out, the balls of her feet just touching the hard sand. Her hands rest near her face and she has given up trying to raise the heavy rocks holding them down.

The officer crawls across the beach to her, his uniform torn, bloodied. "They'll be coming soon." He begins to suck on the nearest nipple, long hard tugs that bring out her screams, muffled by the several layers of tape across her face. He runs a hand down over the sunburned body still showing the marks of the hours of whipping from the previous day. Across the stubble of her hair that was burned off. He delves into her sex causing more trembling in her thighs and continues until she is noticeably coming. "I promise I'll come back for you." Then crawls away.

She remains there waiting for the 'them', it doesn't matter who or what but when. Flies and crawling bugs have discovered her as she sweats under the mid-day sun. Thirsty, aching, she tries to doze, but an occasional wave from the sea onto her toes reawakens her.

Yesterday she had been brought to this place, hogtied naked in the back of a pickup, turned over for the guards sitting on the sides to grind their combat boots on her breasts or dip the toes between her sex lips.

And then off loaded onto the broken boards porch of the small shed, to be hung by her wrists as she was whipped from chin to ankles, in long sections followed by a guard pumping into her ass. Then back to the whipping. If she passed out she was awakened with seawater sloshed onto her burning skin.

Left to sway, slivers of the porch in her feet, thru the night. At least not any more entrances until this morning. Placed here and left while the guards went off for their breakfast.

She stopped crying at some point yesterday. What little water she's had today is from the occasional spray from the sea on the nearby rocks. But that was when she was made to build this bed she lies on. Nothing since then. The sun sure seems to be taking its time today.

"Just perfect. Exactly what I wanted to see. Good job. I mean this girl can act, if only I could get that realism out of that sorry bitch I hired for the romantic lead. This is good. The whip scenes are concise, and the close ups of her body are fantastic, and those candy bars she eats look like the turds she's supposedly dropped. Excellent. Well, I've got to get back to the downtown studio. Bring that girl to my office tomorrow, I'm going to sign her up for a five film contract." the executive producer says after viewing the little snippets out of the forty some hours of film.

He departs out of the RV to his car. The second unit director comes up to the 'a film by' director. "What's up?"

"We have to fake the death scene. He's going to make our struggling actress over there the lead in his next big budget flop."

The two look over at the girl lying on the rock pile, her sex clearly visible on the monitor for the long camera angle and the angle looking between her legs down her body. Her face and breasts appear in the third camera's monitor.

"If she hits the big time we'll sell all the outtakes at a premium. Now line up all the guys, that includes the driver if his union wants his name on the credits. Tell them to be ready to drop their pants. We're going to film this Star's award winning performance. I'll even put in a cameo appearance myself."

She groans as a dozen shadows fall across her face. As the tape on her mouth is ripped off she is hoping the money shots won't irritate her eyes.

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