Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril)


By Osouk

Julia Cruz walked into the office. It was large, and opulently furnished. The floor was stripped wood, and the walls were hung with pictures of men in uniform. A big picture of the President hung over the large fireplace. In front of the floor length windows was a large oak desk, and in one corner of the room two plush leather armchairs stood with a low coffee table between them.

Captain Astiz got up from behind the desk and walked round it to greet Julia. He held out his hand, and Julia shook it. He was a tall man, well built, wearing a police uniform. His hair was black and cut short.

"Good morning Ms. Cruz. Nice to meet you. Please sit down."’ He gestured to the armchairs and watched as Julia walked over to one of them. She was probably in her early thirties, and had lush brown hair that cascaded over her shoulders. She obviously looked after herself, as her skin was clear and wrinkle free, and her figure was trim and sporty. She was wearing a smart, dark blue business suit and white blouse. Her black shoes had 3 inch heels. Although maybe a bit older than he would normally go for, she was certainly quite a stunning woman.

Julia sat in the chair. The leather was soft and welcoming. She crossed her legs, and Astiz sat in the other one.

"What can I do for you?"’ He smiled at her.

Julia cleared her throat, and spoke nervously. "Thank you for seeing me, Captain. I was hoping you might be able to help me locate my daughter, who has been missing for over a week."

"Why do you think I can help?"

"Well, I was wondering if she may have been arrested by the security services."

"Is she some kind of terrorist?"

"No, of course not."

"Then why would she be arrested?"

"I thought that, perhaps…well, maybe she had been arrested by mistake."

"So you think we're incompetent?"

"No, of course not, it’s just…." Her voice trailed off. She wasn't sure what to say. She knew that sometimes people were arrested by mistake, but she didn't want to antagonize him by suggesting he was incapable of doing his job. She swallowed again.

"She’s been missing a week, and I'm very worried about her. I'm just trying to cover all possible avenues to find her."

Astiz stared at her for a while, then smiled. "Very well, Ms Cruz, let me take down some details and I'll see what I can do." Julia relaxed, and smiled back at him. "Thank you, Captain."

Astiz got up and went to his desk, returning with a pad and pen. He sat down again.

"OK, so let’s start with your full name."

"Julia Cruz."


"Legal secretary." "Age?"

Julia wasn't sure why he needed this, but didn't want to upset him. "38."

Astiz looked up at her. He was surprised she was so old. "Well I must say you're looking very good for your age. Your daughter’s full name?"

Julia was uncomfortable with the compliment. "Nicola Cruz."

"Her age?"


Astiz looked up at her again. "So you were only 17 when she was born?"

Julia felt her race redden a bit. "Yes, well, it wasn't exactly planned."

That was an understatement. In her final year at high school the coolest boy had suddenly taken an interest in her. They dated for a while, and while she would let him finger her and give him blow jobs she would never agree to full sex – she was a virgin and wanted to wait until she met someone she was in love with – and that certainly wasn't him.

But he was very good at the fingering – making her come every time, often more than once. One night he refused to take her over the edge, bringing her right to the brink then stopping, and doing it over and over until she was so desperate she agreed to do it. She came as soon as he thrust into her, despite the pain, and once more before he finally exploded. They did it another two times that night, each time with him finishing inside her. Contraception was never mentioned.

After that night he wanted nothing more to do with her, and when her period was inevitably late she realized what a mistake she'd made. Her father was furious, and threw her out of the house, and it was several years before he would speak to her again. She'd struggled to bring up her daughter, and had sacrificed everything to give her the best opportunities. Now she was at university and hoping to become a doctor.

"And when did you last see your daughter?"

"Last Friday. She went out with her boyfriend and hasn't come home since."

"Maybe they've eloped together? You know how young people are."

"No, she'd never do that. She’s very happy at university, she'd never leave without telling me."

Astiz looked at her, holding her gaze for a long time. She had dark brown eyes that matched her hair. Eventually she felt too uncomfortable and had to look down.

"OK," he said. "Wait here while I go and make some enquiries."

Julia smiled at him. "Thank you very much. I really appreciate it."

He got up, and left the room. He seemed to be gone a long time, but as she didn't have a watch and there was no clock in the room she couldn't tell how long. She was beginning to wonder if she should get up and go and find somebody, when the door opened and Astiz returned. He sat in the seat opposite her, and put a brown folder that he was carrying onto the table between them. Julia stared at it, but it was plain without any writing. He hadn't had it when he left the room. Maybe he'd found something out?

"Well, Ms Cruz, I'm pleased to tell you I have some information about your daughter."

Julia’s face lit up, but she was still trying to guess if it was good or bad news. He didn't look as if it was bad news.

"Oh thank you," she said. "Do you know where she is?"

Astiz looked at her for a while before speaking. "First we need to decide what this information is worth to you."

Julia looked at his face. It was impassive, and impossible to read. "What do you mean?" she asked.

"Come on Ms Cruz, don't be so stupid. It’s a simple transaction, like buying a cake. I have something you want, and you need to decide what you're willing to pay to get it."

She looked at him trying to understand what he was getting at. "I don't have any money."

Astiz let out a big sigh. "Alright Ms Cruz, I'll make it very easy for you as you seem to be a bit slow. I want you to come over here and suck my cock, and when I come I want you to swallow like a good little girl. And then I'll tell you about your daughter."

Julia’s mouth fell open. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. He was a policeman, surely he couldn't have just said what he did. "No," she said. "That’s disgusting, I'm not doing that."

Astiz stood up. "In that case, goodbye Ms Cruz. But if you walk out of this office I guarantee you will never see your daughter again, nor will you ever know what happened to her."

He started walking towards the door. "Wait!" called Julia in a panic. She couldn't go and not find out what had happened to Nicola. How could she live with herself? It was only a blow job. She'd given plenty of them over the years. What difference would one more make? But the thought filled her with revulsion.

Astiz sat down again. "Have you changed your mind?" he asked.

"How do I know you'll do what you say?"

"You'll have to trust me, I'm afraid. I am a policeman, after all." He smiled at her. He could tell she was revolted by the whole idea, but that just made it more exciting.

They sat in silence for a while. Eventually Julia whispered "OK."

"What? I didn't hear you."

"OK," she said loudly, staring at him, her eyes on fire. "I'll do what you want. But this is only for my daughter. I despise you."

Astiz smiled. "I'm not asking you to marry me, just suck my cock. If you don't do exactly what I say, then your daughter is gone, understand?"

Julia nodded. "Right, get on with it." He leaned back in his chair. Julia swallowed nervously and stood up.

Wait," he said. "I think a slut like you should crawl over here on her hands and knees."

She stared at him. The bastard. Every fiber of her body wanted to run out of the room. But she knew she had to be brave and just do what he wanted. She had to do it for Nicola. Slowly she got to her knees, and then started crawling forwards. Astiz’s smile broadened across his face. Her brown hair was hanging down over her face, and her skirt was pulled tight across her buttocks.

She moved slowly until she was in front of his chair. He was sitting with his legs apart so she was between them. She looked up at him, and if looks could kill….

"Get on with it!" he ordered. She reached forward and he watched as her perfectly manicured hands, with bright red nail polish on, reached out and undid his zip. She pulled his cock free, which was already hard and oozing, and with her eyes closed opened her mouth and put him inside. It was very warm and wet, and he felt her tongue running along the underside.

"Open your eyes and look at me," he ordered and she did so. He looked at her wide eyes, full of disgust, her brown hair waving as her head bobbed back and forward. She certainly knew what she was doing, although he was sure she wasn't giving him her best performance. He reached out and grasped her silky hair, pulling her further onto his cock. She gagged as it hit the back of her throat, but did nothing to stop him. It wasn't long before he was groaning and spurting into her mouth, and she swallowed everything as he'd ordered.

Eventually she sat back, and wiped the back of her hand across her lips. "Crawl back to your seat," Astiz ordered, and he watched her as she did so, putting his cock away and doing his zip up. He could see the outline of her brief panties through her skirt.

Julia sat back down. The taste of his sperm was still in her mouth, and she longed for a drink of water. She was already plotting how she could report him once she had been reunited with her daughter. Astiz was staring at her, a sickening smile on his face. He said nothing. She waited for as long as she could, then said "Where is my daughter?"

"OK, Ms Cruz, I'll tell you. But first I want you to sit on the edge of your seat, spread your legs, and put your hands behind your head."

Julia’s eyes flared in anger. "You bastard, I did what you wanted, now tell me where my daughter is!"

"You're in no position to make demands. I have what you want, if you don't do what I say then you don't get it. Now get into the position I told you to before I lose my patience and throw you out, in which case that’s the last you'll see of your daughter."

Julia couldn't see any option but to do what he said. She couldn't leave without knowing. So she edged forward so she was on the front of the seat, parted her legs and linked her hands behind her head.

"Spread your legs wider, you whore," spat Astiz. She moved them as far apart as she could within the constraints of her skirt. Astiz studied her carefully. Her breasts were pressed against her blouse with her arms upraised, and he could clearly see the outline of her white bra. Her legs were widely parted, and he could see the muscle definition in her thighs. Her panties were pale blue.

He looked at her face, her eyes still shooting out rays of hate.

"That’s much better. Now remember, Ms Cruz, if you don't do what I want, your daughter is gone. So think carefully about that."

"You bastard, you won't get away with this!"

Astiz smiled. "Yes I will, Ms Cruz. I've had many women in your position, some a lot more powerful than you, and I've always got away with it. I assure you that a cheap slut like you is not going to cause me any trouble."

Reaching for the brown file, he pulled out a sheet of paper and held it up. "Make sure you keep your legs open while you look at this," he said, then threw it onto the table in front of her. Julia reached forward and picked it up. It was an A4 photo, very high quality print.

It showed a metal bed frame. There was no mattress on it, just the bare springs. Lying on this bed was a naked woman. She was spread-eagled, her wrists and ankles attached to the frame with leather straps. There were several men standing around the bed, but out of focus so they couldn't be seen clearly.

The girl was screaming, her head turned away from the camera, and her mouth wide open. Her face and jet black hair were covered in sperm, and her breasts had scratches and red marks on them. It was obvious she had been assaulted many times. Although it wasn't possible to identify her positively due to the position of her head, Julia recognized the shape and color of her hair, and the earrings she was wearing that had been an eighteenth birthday gift. It was Nicola.

She felt her stomach churning, and tears leaked from the corners of her eyes as she looked at the photograph. A man was lying on top of her, his trousers round his knees, obviously raping her.

Julia felt her stomach give up, and she leant over and vomited onto the floor. She heaved when there was nothing left to come up, her body shaking with sobs. She heard Astiz’s voice in the distance.

"Get back into position, you cunt, or your daughter will be paying the price."

Slowly she sat up, and positioned herself on the edge of the seat again, legs spread, hands clasped behind her head. "Please don't hurt her, please I beg you," she sobbed . Tears were pouring down her face.

"Shut up and listen. It turns out your daughter’s precious boyfriend has been up to no good. We're questioning her to find out everything we can about his activities."

"No, she’s innocent, how can you do that to her? Please don't hurt her anymore."

"Aren't you pleased you know where your daughter is now? At least you know she’s not been kidnapped by some pervert." Astiz laughed at his joke. "So here’s what’s going to happen. Your daughter’s told us a great deal about her scum boyfriend. Now that you're here you can help us with our enquiries. But remember that if you don't co-operate, your daughter will spend the rest of her days here begging for death. And you will join her. So don't think about lying or refusing to do what you're told."

Julia was sitting with her eyes closed, sobbing. She looked gorgeous, so vulnerable and helpless. Astiz stared at her blue panties, exposed by her spread legs. He could see the outline of her pussy. He licked his lips with anticipation.

"How long has your daughter known her boyfriend?"

"I don't know, a year maybe." She could barely concentrate on what he was saying. The photo of Nicola was lying on the table, all she could think of was what was happening to her at that very moment. "Please, where is she? Please don't hurt her anymore. We haven't done anything."

Astiz sighed and stood up. He walked round to Julia, and without warning grabbed her hair and yanked her from the chair. She screamed at the pull on her scalp, and grabbed his wrist, ending up on the floor at his feet. He let go of her hair, and kicked her hard in the stomach. The breath was driven from her body, and she lay curled up, gasping, unable to get a breath. She thought she might die.

He grabbed her hair again and pulled her to her knees, pushing her hands behind her head again. She knelt still, gasping, sobbing, her cheeks wet with tears.

"I thought you were cleverer than that, Ms Cruz. But it seems you are one of the stupidest cunts I've ever met. All you do is answer my questions, and nothing else. If you fail to do so one more time, I will have every man in this building ass fuck pretty Nicola until she’s incapable of holding her shit in. Do I make myself perfectly clear?"

Julia nodded miserably. There was nothing she could do if she wanted to try and protect Nicola from further abuse. Captain Astiz held all the cards. To emphasize this he spat in her face. She could feel the spittle running down her cheek but was too scared to move and wipe it off.

Astiz pulled a chair over and sat down in front of her. He took a cigarette from the desk and lit it, the smoke drifting upwards as he puffed on it and looked at her. Finally he spoke. "Take off your jacket and undo your blouse."

Julia was now too scared to disobey. She slid the jacket over her arms so it dropped to the floor, pulled the white blouse from her skirt and slowly unbuttoned it with trembling fingers until it gaped open. "Put your hands back," he said, and she did as she was told, clasping them behind her head. The position was humiliating, like being a naughty schoolgirl. Her shoulders were raised, pulling the front of her blouse more open. Astiz stared at her breasts, cupped in a pretty lace trimmed bra. Her breasts were rising and falling as she breathed.

"We know how to deal with enemies of the state here," he said. "There is nothing but pain and suffering for those who are against us. We will wring out every secret that you and your whore daughter have. If you volunteer the information it will be easier for both of us. But it doesn't matter to us if you don't. We will still get it when you are praying for death and will do anything to end the pain. And I do mean anything. You will beg us to work on poor little Nicola instead of you, anything to end your suffering."

Julia stared at him with wide fear filled eyes. "Now, how long has your daughter known her boyfriend?"

"A year."

"Where did she meet him?"

"They're at university together."

"Has he spoken to you about any terrorism acts?"

"No, never, he’s really nice, he would never do anything like that."

Astiz looked at her for a while, and then said "Lift your skirt up."

Julia sobbed more. What could she do to end this? She didn't have any information to give him. She reached down to the hem of her skirt and slowly started pulling it up.

"Please, I don't know anything, please just let us go, we're innocent." She continued to raise her skirt, and Astiz watched as her shapely legs were revealed, then the blue of her panties. She paused. "Keep going, bunch it around your waist."

She pulled it further up until it was gathered at her waist. Her brief panties were now completely exposed, along with her flat stomach above the waistband.

"Put your hands back up and spread your legs." She did as she was told, moving her knees apart. He kept saying wider, until she was having trouble balancing. Her hands were locked behind her head.

Astiz puffed at his cigarette. "Tell me about his friends."

"I never met them."

"He was fucking your daughter for a year and you never met any of his friends? Do you expect me to believe that?"

"It’s the truth, please, you must believe me."

"I don't think you're co-operating with me, Ms Cruz. Is it time to get Nicola’s ass ready for my men?"

"No please!" Large tears were running down her cheeks, her face screwed up in misery. "Please, I don't know, please I'd tell you if I did, please don't hurt her, I'm begging you!"

Astiz got up from his chair and stood in front of her. She looked up at him with pleading eyes. Without warning he brought his foot hard up between her legs. The force of the blow lifted her off her knees, and she clutched her hands across her vagina and fell to the floor. The pain was so great she couldn't even scream, just lay in a ball.

He reached down and grabbed her hair, pulling her upright, before slapping her hard across the face, knocking her back to the floor. She was lying on her side, and he stepped in front of her before slamming his heel down hard on her left breast, trapping it against the floor. This time she did scream, grabbing her breast and rolling onto her back. He grasped one of her ankles, pulled her legs apart, then brought his heel down again onto her crotch.

Julia was left sobbing and moaning on the floor as he went to the desk and picked up the phone. He spoke to someone at the other end, before replacing the receiver and sitting back down in his chair.

"Get back into position you filthy cunt, or you'll suffer a lot worse than that."

She slowly pulled herself to her knees and put her hands behind her head. Her eyes were puffy and red, and there was a red mark on her cheek where he had slapped her. Her blouse and panties had a black mark on them from the heel of his shoe.

Astiz puffed on his cigarette and watched her. Her shoulders were rising and falling as she sobbed. "How many boys have fucked your precious daughter?" he asked.

"I don't know," she answered through sobs.

"Guess. How many boyfriends has she had?"

"Only one serious one."

"Were the other non serious ones filthy traitors as well?"

"I don't know anything, please don't hurt us."

The door behind her opened. She heard footsteps approaching her. She started crying harder. "Please, no, please!"

Two men grasped her arms and started dragging her to towards the door. "NO!"’ she screamed. "NO, PLEASE DON'T!" She didn't know where they were taking her, but she was sure it wasn't going to be good.


"Are you ready to say it yet?" asked Astiz.

"Oh God, please, no more, please don't make me, please I beg you!"

Julia had no idea how long she had been in this room. It could have been days. What she did know was that every second here had been filled with indescribable pain. The men had dragged her here from Astiz’s office, where they had immediately torn her clothes off and strapped her into the frame that was holding her now. She had no idea exactly how she was secured to it, but she did know that every muscle was screaming for relief. Her arms were stretched down behind her, and her legs were doubled up with her ankles secured near her hands. She could touch her feet with her fingers.

Something was pressing into her back, pushing her flat stomach forward. Her back was cramping badly, strained by her position, and her arms and legs were stretched so she could hardly move at all. Her thighs were spread wide apart, giving the five or six men who were in the room an uninterrupted view of her spread open vulva.

Julia couldn't understand how the men had been laughing and joking at her position. She'd heard stories about the things that happened in the basement of the police headquarters, but she'd always imagined the people actually doing these things were under some kind of duress – forced against their will for fear of the consequences. She was horrified that these men were obviously enjoying every minute – they wanted her to suffer, they enjoyed hearing her screaming and begging. And she'd screamed and begged a lot while they did unspeakable things to her body.

They'd beaten her breasts and between her legs with canes, burned her with cigarettes, pierced and crushed her flesh with red hot needles and pliers, and vaginally and anally violated her with horrific objects – bottles, a baseball bat, brushes with sharp bristles.

What they were doing to her now, though, was worse than anything that had gone before. Two small clamps had been placed between her thighs, one on her labia and one on her clitoris. They had many razor sharp teeth, and had been tightened as much as possible to cause the maximum amount of pain. Small trickles of blood leaked from where the sharp teeth had broken the skin.

Each clamp was attached to a wire, and these trailed across the floor to a box on a nearby table. When one of the men turned a handle on this box, Julia’s whole world exploded into white hot agony that speared up into her groin. She jerked against the tight bonds that held her, and inhuman sounds of pain escaped from her mouth. When it ended she slumped against her bonds, gasping and drooling, and begging for it not to happen again, which of course it did. Over and over.

All the time Astiz was next her. He stroked her hair gently, like a lover, and brushed it from her face when her contortions had caused it to fall forward. He kissed her cheeks, and her ears, and her lips, and licked the tears that were rolling down her face. And he constantly whispered into her ear.

"It hurts so much, doesn't it Julia? How can you stand it? You know we can go on forever. If we get tired, there are plenty of other men here who would love to hear you screaming. It will never stop, unless you say it. You know you want to, don't you? Say it and it will be over."

The electricity blasted into her again, she jerked and shrieked, and when it ended she slumped, gasping, drool running from her mouth. She could tell they were turning the current up each time, as the pain was getting worse and worse. Astiz pulled her head back so he could look into her eyes.

"Just say ‘torture Nicola instead of me’ and it will be over. You can rest, lie in a nice comfy bed, we'll give you pain killers. Say it. You want to, you can't go on like this. Say it."

Julia was sobbing, she couldn't think straight, the pain all over her body was unbearable, even when the electricity was off it felt like her genitals were on her fire. Her clitoris was throbbing, making her feel sick. She had long ago emptied the contents of her bladder. What choice did she have? They could do this for as long as they wanted. She couldn't stand any more. She had to say it.

Again the electricity turned her into a screaming, gibbering puppet jerking on the frame. It seemed ten times worse this time, and they kept it on for far longer.

"Oh God please no more!" she gasped when it ended. "Please, I'll do anything, please no more!"

"It can get so much worse, Julia. Just say it."

She wanted to so much. She just wanted it to end. But Nicola was her daughter. How could she wish this on her? Even though she knew it wasn't real, she was being forced to say it. They were going to do it anyway. Astiz was stroking her breasts, gently pulling at her nipples. She could feel his breath in her ear as he continued whispering to her.

"Just say it, Julia. Just say it."

In front of her one of the men appeared, and she watched with horror as he lit a small blowtorch. The flame roared.

"No, please," she whimpered.

Astiz’s hand left her breasts. "Start with her tits," he said and the man stepped forward.

"NO!" she screamed at the top of her voice. "PLEASE, DO IT TO HER INSTEAD, PLEASE!"

Astiz leant forward. "Say it properly, Julia. You know what you have to say."

Before she could speak the electricity was on again, even stronger, and the pain almost made her black out. Her vagina felt like a red hot poker was being repeatedly thrust into it, and her clitoris felt as if it was being ripped off. The waves of pain kept on and on before she slumped back, sobbing and gasping.

"Say it."

She could feel the heat from the blowtorch. "Torture Nicola instead of me," she sobbed.

Astiz smiled. "Say it again, nicely."

Julia was completely broken. She had to do anything to stop the pain. "Please torture Nicola instead of me."


"Please torture Nicola instead of me."

The electricity came on again. "PLEASE, I SAID IT, PLEASE DON'T, YOU PROMISED, PLEASE NO MORE!"

"You need to convince us you mean it. Say it like it’s the thing you want most in the world."

It was the thing she wanted most in the world. "Please, torture Nicola instead of me, please don't hurt me anymore, please torture her, please!"

"Would you like to watch while we make her beg?"

"Oh God, please, I said it, please, I did what you want, please don't!"

But she already knew that they weren't satisfied. She knew they wanted to totally humiliate her. She knew that the electricity was going to come on again, and of course it did. Even worse than before.


Astiz held up a small recording device and showed it to her. He clicked the button, and Julia wailed as she heard herself begging them to torture her beautiful daughter instead of her.


Astiz sat in a chair and crossed his legs. He took a packet of cigarettes from his pocket and lit one. He blew the smoke into the air. It had been a very good day. He'd known as soon as Julia Cruz had walked into his office how things were going to play out. He knew who she was, and he knew they had her daughter. And when he'd seen how gorgeous Julia was, he knew he wanted her.

Not to have sex with, although his cock had been in her several times already – no, what he wanted was to have her begging and pleading for mercy, promising anything to stop the pain. That was what he wanted with any beautiful woman. And his position allowed him to get it very often. But Julia had been different, it was rare to find an attractive girl of Nicola’s age with such a good looking mother, and the chance to have some fun with them together was a unique opportunity.

He took another puff of his cigarette and smiled as he surveyed the scene in front of him. Julia was sitting astride a wooden horse, the sharp top digging agonizingly into her groin. She had been on it for over 3 hours, and Astiz knew the pain between her legs would be unbearable by now. Small ropes had been tied tightly round her big toes, and fastened to rings in the floor, pulling her down hard against the horse. Her arms had been pulled up behind her back, and her thumbs fastened to a collar round her neck. The strain on her shoulders and back was intense, and the collar pulled against her throat making breathing difficult. To prevent her falling forwards or backwards, her hair had been tied to a rope which was attached to the ceiling, and had been pulled tight so the strain on her scalp was intense.

Her mouth had been stuffed with a foul tasting cloth – this had been dipped into a bowl of piss, shit, vomit and cum, which had come from her and Nicola during the last few hours – and then a large black ball gag had been forced between her lips and tightened behind her head. Her jaws were held painfully wide apart. Her breasts were purple and swollen as they had been tied tightly with barbed wire, and blood was trickling from the small cuts that the barbs had made. Her body was glistening under the lights. Some of this was sweat, some of it drool from her gagged mouth, and some of it water that his men frequently splashed onto her body before using a cattle prod to force her to keep her eyes open.

The reason she wanted to close her eyes was so she didn't have to watch what was happening to the delectable Nicola in front of her. Nicola was on her knees, her hands tied behind her back, and a large ring gag in her mouth. Ten of his men were taking turns to fuck her face. That was the perfect description, as they were holding her hair and thrusting brutally into her mouth, passing her from one to the other. She often choked, and at the beginning vomited, but her stomach was now empty. Her face and hair were covered with semen where the men had come on her, and her body was dripping with spit, vomit and cum. They often slapped her face, or crushed her breasts.

Astiz was quite sure Julia was horrified watching her precious daughter being treated this way, but he thought she probably found it preferable to listening to her begging and screaming while his men burned her with cigarettes, shoved cattle prods and other objects up her vagina and anus, beat her with canes and pulled her fingernails out.

He got up and walked over to Julia. Her eyes, wide with fear and red rimmed, followed him. Once next to her, he puffed smoke into her face, causing her to cough, then pressed the glowing tip to her right nipple. She mewled through the gag, and shook, although she wasn't capable of moving much. He ran his fingers over her breasts, feeling the blisters cuts and weals that marked them.

He motioned to two of the men who were waiting their turns for yet another go at Nicola, and they came over.

"Get her down," he ordered.

They quickly untied her hair and toes, and pulled her off the horse. Every movement made her cry in pain and once she was on the floor she could hardly move. One of them grabbed her hair and dragged her across the floor, then pulled her to her knees and positioned her in front of Nicola, who was also on her knees being held by the hair by one of the men.

The two women were sobbing and crying. Julia couldn't believe what was happening. Just a week ago they had been living a normal life, her going to work at the legal office, Nicola going to university. How could these men treat women so badly? What had they done to deserve this? They looked into each others eyes, both filled with pain and suffering. Nicola was almost unrecognizable, one of her eyes swollen, and semen coating every inch of her face.

Astiz crouched down next to her. He was holding something in his hand which he held up so both women could see it. It was obviously a metal dildo, very large, and lined with sharp spikes. The top of it had four particularly long spikes protruding from the end. It was obvious that this was intended to be shoved up a vagina, the spikes along the length tearing into the sensitive flesh, and the spikes on the top piercing the cervix once it was deep enough.

"Now listen carefully, ladies. Julia, you are going to lick every bit of cum from Nicola’s face and swallow it. You're going to do it very carefully. If you don't do it properly, you will watch while we spend an hour ramming this up her cunt. I'm sure you can imagine how it will feel. Then she can watch while we ram it up yours. Then you'll be back here and licking it off again. Do you understand?"

There was silence apart from the breathing and sobbing of the two women.

Astiz grabbed Julia’s hair roughly and shook her head violently. "DO YOU UNDERSTAND, WHORE?" he screamed into her face. She was terrified, and nodded pathetically, more tears running from her eyes. Astiz released her hair, and one of his men undid the gag, then pulled the rag from her mouth. Her jaw was so stiff she could hardly close it, she certainly couldn't talk. The men shuffled the two women forward so that their breasts were touching.

"Come on cunt, get on with it," Astiz ordered. He went back to the chair and watched carefully. The two women were absolutely gorgeous. Julia’s hands were still held up her back, her thumbs blue from lack of blood where the rope tied them to her collar. Her breasts were purple, bulging around the barb wire that was buried in her flesh. Nicola’s hands were tied behind her back, her mouth still held wide by the ring gag. Semen was dripping from her face onto her breasts, then off the tips of her nipples.

He lit another cigarette as the sobbing Julia leant forward, and with her tongue licked some of the cum from Nicola’s cheek. She gagged, but continued, swallowing the foul tasting slime. This was more awful than anything she could imagine, but she knew if she didn't do it Astiz would carry out his threat with the hideous spiked dildo. She had to do anything he said to try and protect Nicola.

It took a long time for all the cum to be cleaned from Nicola’s face. The men had been cheering and whooping as she had done it, and when she was finished Astiz walked over to them again, and removed the large gag from Nicola’s mouth. She also had trouble closing her mouth as it had been held wide open for so long.

"Now you can give your daughter a nice kiss. Not a peck on the cheek, a proper kiss with tongues, like she’s your long lost lover."

The women sobbed and cried. "I'm sorry darling," whispered Julia. She knew there was no choice. They had to just do every obscene thing these men asked them to. And so they kissed each other, as if they were lovers. Then the men grabbed Julia and dragged her over to a table. She was thrown face down onto it, screaming as the barb wire tore into her breasts, and then they all took turns raping and sodomizing her.

Astiz walked over to Nicola. He unzipped his trousers, and thrust himself into her warm wet mouth. "Suck it bitch," he said, and Nicola did, as he puffed at his cigarette. He smiled to himself. He was sure they would both be keen to give him lots of names now – especially Nicola, who must know lots of attractive young girls. And then they would be brought here, to suffer the same fate as these two.

He looked over to the table where Julia was being assaulted. One of the men was forcing a large baton into her vagina, and as she screamed in pain he spurted into her daughter’s mouth.


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