Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril)


By Lamentation

Chapter 1 - The Nightmare Begins

The petite blonde-haired girl dangled by her wrists from a pirate ship yardarm. In her nineteen years, she had lived a glorious life of wealth and leisure. Now all of that was gone. Inches away hung Celeste, her eighteen-year-old lover. As the tiny blonde girl watched, Celeste's auburn hair swept across her face as a knotted whip slashed brutally into her freckled flesh. The small blonde pleaded for her lover in vain as a mist of blood from the redhead's slashed body speckled her face. The honey-haired beauty squeezed her eyes closed as the horror continued. How had this brutality begun? Assailed by her lover's screams her mind searched for an answer…

Pretty blonde tressed Belinda lived with her father on a small island in the British Bahamas. In the early 18th century her father had been a rich merchant in England. More than ten years before her mother had became ill and died shortly thereafter Saddened by his wife's untimely death; Belinda's father sold his business and moved to the Bahamas where he became governor of one of the smaller islands. The blonde girl had grown up on the island. Belinda met copper haired Celeste the year that she arrived on the island. Celeste, the daughter of the island's wealthiest landowner, was a year younger than Belinda. The girls grew up together attending the island school and spending time with each other families.

The youngsters learned about the outside world by reading the books they found in their fathers' libraries. When they were nine and ten years old, they traveled together to England for a summer with Belinda's aunt. The preteen girls saw an Arab Sheik and his entourage while in London. They were fascinated by what they saw. The purchased as many books as they could find that told stories about exotic Arab lands. Back on their island they pretended to be the characters they had read about in erotic Arab plays and dreamed of being carried away by a handsome Arab Prince. The girls' flights of the imagination had them visiting the remarkable places they read about, Baghdad, Morocco, Zanzibar, and the Kasbah.

As they got older, both girls became free spirits. Now in their late teens, the girls spent most of their free time exploring the beaches and coastal lands of their island home. Belinda was only a year older than Celeste but was much more self assured and daring than was her redheaded friend. With few boys or young men on the small island, Belinda's sexual interest became Celeste. In a short period of time, the two young women fell in love. They spent their free time exploring the island and each other with a passionate spirit. This explorer spirit and fearless nature separated the lovers the day Celeste was abducted.

Belinda and Celeste had ventured to the far side of the island early in the morning. They discovered an almost hidden inlet, crescent shaped and covered with the finest white sand either girl had ever seen. Celeste ran up and down the soft beach squealing with delight as the fine granules tickled her bare feet. Belinda's interest was in exploring the rocks and cliff face that enclosed the inlet. She left her russet-haired friend to exhort in the water and sand and ventured up onto the rocks. For some time she could hear her lovers exclamations and chortles before she climbed out of earshot. The little blonde explored and climbed until she reached the uppermost rock outcropping. The sun had risen high into the morning sky and Belinda needed a break from her exploration so she lay down on a large flat stone to rest.

Back down on the beach Celeste's squeals of pleasure became screams of panic as the gang of pirates suddenly appeared on the beach. The rabble of buccaneers quickly surrounded the tall redhead. High up on the cliff edge, Belinda had nearly fallen asleep while reclining on the warm, coastal rocks. The blonde girl awoke suddenly when the muffled cries of her lover were heard. Belinda ran to the edge of the outcropping. Looking down at the beach below, the shocked girl watched helplessly as a dozen pirates tangled Celeste into a large fish net. She heard Celeste's screams and saw her long naked legs flash into the air as she was tossed aboard the brigand's dingy and rowed back to the waiting pirate ship "The Crimson Skull", by the lusty cutthroats.

Belinda was grief stricken; she knew there was no chance of rescuing Celeste in such unfair circumstances. Her father was away from the island on business and was not expected to return for more than a month. Belinda decided to take matters into her own hands. She would find a way to rescue her friend. She rushed back to her home and chartered a fast boat for the seaport town of Kingston. Belinda knew that this was a favorite port of call for the local pirates. She would wait in Kingston for the Crimson Skull to make port. When the pirate ship anchored in the harbor, she would disguise herself and sign on as a cabin boy.

Her plan had been successful so far; Belinda had found her place aboard the Crimson Skull. To make room aboard the pirate ship Belinda had been forced to dispose of the original cabin boy. She had lured him with her girlish charms and a gallon of rum. He lay in a drunken stupor in a Kingston whorehouse. Safely aboard the ship as the replacement cabin boy Belinda carefully made plans to rescue Celeste. Belinda watched the pirates go about their chores as she polished the Captain's sword. For three days since the Crimson Skull set sail out of Kingston harbor the tiny blonde girl succeeded keeping her true identity a secret. The motley pirate crew was beguiled into believing she was a boy and worthy to be the Captain's cabin boy.

Belinda played the part well, her shoulder length golden hair tucked under a stocking cap was an easy disguise coupled with the loose tunic, which hid her pert breasts. The tights of her uniform unfortunately showed off her shapely bottom, a strategically placed balled stocking passed for the male equipment she lacked. She still found she must be on her guard though, only three days out from port Belinda noticed that she was drawing growing attentions from Captain Letchman and several other crewmembers. While pirate laws looked down on buggery, she felt greater comfort in the dagger she kept strapped to her thigh. To be discovered would bring about an unpleasant experience for her and the end of all hope to save beautiful Celeste. many days and nights had Belinda spent with her in naked frolic on the island's deserted beaches, both girls caught up in Sapporo's spell. It had been one such morning when this crew of black dogs had abducted her lover…Celeste. Belinda's mind gently wondered over the memories of Celeste's soft limbs. The smooth warmth of her body and affectionate caress of her lips.

Her natural alertness woke Belinda from her thoughts as Letchman made his way towards her on the deck. "Come 'ere boy" the grizzled Captain hollered down at her. The big man bore down upon the tiny girl as she turned in his direction.

"Aye my Captain, what need have ye?" Belinda spoke in a deep voice.

"Go below and fetch me long saber and scabbard, lad, and be quick about it".

"Aye, aye Cap'n" Belinda responded again in her deepest voice.

The girl darted quickly amidships and hurried down into the Captain's cabin. As she pushed open the heavy door, her eyes immediately caught sight of her dear friend Celeste. The slender girl who sat quietly in the center of a gem encrusted cage jumped to her feet at the sound of the cabin door opening. The pretty, long haired girl rose to her feet and quickly stepped to the back of her cage. Her back pushed tight against the bars of the cage as her wide spaced emerald green eyes stared at the room's intruder. Belinda could see the girl's lower lip tremble, as she stood almost naked in the cell. All that remained of her clothing was a swath of cloth now wrapped tight around her waist and barely extending far enough down to cover her round buttocks. The torn remains of her camisole, which hung open at the front of her heaving breasts, completed the ensemble. One hand tried to hold together the tattered garment on her upper body while the other was backed into her quivering mouth.

Celeste's eyes followed the small figure as he moved around the room. The boy collected the scabbard from the Letchman's desk and turned to leave the room. Then suddenly the small intruder swung around and rushed back to the cage. Celeste gasped and cried out as the boy hastened quickly to the front of the cell. "Celeste don't be afraid, don't you recognize me?" the boy whispered as he pulled off his cap.

Celeste's eye opened wide as she recognized her friend. "Belinda!" the redhead shouted.

The small blonde girl held her finger to her lips to quiet her friend. "Belinda, how did you find me, how did you get here?" the caged girl whispered.

"Celeste, that doesn't matter now, just know that I will find a way to free you," Belinda said as she reached inside the cell to caress her friend's soft cheek. Both women gently stroked each other's face and shoulders as they quietly talked. A tear cascaded down Celeste's cheek as she held tightly to Belinda's hand. The girls had spoken only a moment when the Captain's voice could be heard outside the cabin door.

Belinda had just managed to shove her tawny locks back under her cap when the imposing Pirate burst through the door. "What's keepin' ye," bellowed the Captain as he eyed the two figures close against the cell's bars. "And what are ye doing with me beauteous captive, boy?"

Belinda had no chance to reply before the big man strode into the small room. With one huge hand, he grabbed the saber and scabbard from the blonde girl's grip and then quickly reversed the hand to take a swipe at her cringing body. His knuckles brushed across the front of her tunic bruising the small round globes concealed beneath as Belinda staggered back from the cage and from Letchman. "Yer way too young for somthin' like that there" The man declared, "Now get ye back to yer chores afor I take this saber to yer round bottom!"

With another swipe of the weapon the Captain send the cabin boy scurrying out of the room. A curious look upon the Captain's grizzled face betrayed his thoughts as he tried to analyze what he had felt when he brushed the cabin boys chest. His inquisitiveness passed, as his attentions turned to the cowering girl in the glided cage.

For the third time since she was captured the auburn haired girl was beaten and then raped by Captain Letchman. Dragging the struggling girl out of the cage the huge pirate smacked her face with great sweeping slaps to still her resistance. He was careful not to seriously injure the girl but did bloody her lip with one of his backhanded swipes. Celeste continued to resist his attempts to throw her down onto his bed until the Captain sent his fist into her abdomen with sufficient force to knock the air from her lungs. The girl let out a gasp and collapsed upon the bed writhing about as she tried to regain her breath.

The Captain dropped his large body between her parted thighs, resting the bulging head of his cock against Celeste's pussy lips. Letchman gave an appreciative grunt at the feel of her moist warm slit. The pirate looked down as he pressed himself into the writhing girl, watching intently as he forced the huge penis head into the narrow slit. Celeste's soft labia were spread apart, the velvety flesh of her inner lips stretched open squeezing tight around the thick head of his cock. The Captain grunted as he forced his rigid cock into the slender redhead. He escalated the pressure of the insertion until the massive penis head burst past the tight entrance. Letchman paused there, delighting in the feel of her squirming body wrapped around his giant cock. His lips peeled back from his yellow teeth in an evil grin; he took pleasure from the gyrating movement of Celeste's hips as the girl screamed and wailed in pain. The pirate placed his hands on the girl's upper thighs; gripping tightly the firm smooth flesh, he began shoving himself further into her ravaged hole.

The freckled girl shrieked and screamed, twisting beneath her rapist. Her wildly bucking hips intensified the lusting man's pleasure. Deeper and deeper he pushed, astounded at the tightness of her vagina. Still only half of his massive penis had penetrated into the girl, tightening his grip on her thighs Letchman braced himself and then lunged hard ripping open the narrow chute. "You're tighter than a virgin, little bitch!" he declared triumphantly.

His words were not heard above the helpless girl's shrieks. The Captain continued hammering into the screaming girl until the full length of his 10-inch penis was buried deep inside her young body. Letchman was working hard, his grinning teeth clenched as he began a violent pumping of his cock into Celeste's battered cunt. Relentlessly the lusting pirate lunged into the defenseless girl's slit. Repeatedly Letchman jabbed his heavy cock viciously into her tattered pussy, glorying in the freckled girl's frantic screaming.

The rapidity of his thrusts increased with the power of his strokes as he pounded deep into soft inner membranes. Celeste's fragile body was bruised and jolted as Letchman's groin smashed hard against her. Violently he thrust, then again further still, his hips and buttocks pounding hard and insistently as he rushed toward his climax. The Captain's ragged fingernails dug in cruelly at her thighs, gripping her body even more tightly, then thrusting harder into her shattered womanhood.

Letchman was lost in his sexual thrill lunging in again and again. His ravaging penis pushed far into her body causing the brutalized wench to scream even more stridently with each of his powerful inward thrusts. The Captain's body drew back pulling his engorged cock almost out of the helpless girl. His powerful legs braced and then rammed forward as he bellowed loudly shooting his thick seed into the girl's tender body. Then the pirate slowed his thrusts savoring the wet warmness enveloping his throbbing penis. Letchman remained inside the whimpering girl until his cock softened and then slowly withdrew, grinning proudly at the sight of his shaft coated with blood-smeared juices.

On the boat deck, Belinda seethed in anger as she listened to the cries and shrieks coming from inside the cabin. The tiny blonde vowed to find a way to free her friend and escape the clutches of these sadistic men. Her eyes darted about the deck searching for something that would allow her to sneak into the Captain's cabin. Her pale blue eyes fell upon the three windows that jutted out from the stern of the boat. They hung far out away from the trailing edge of the deck and slanted outward from their base. The middle window was cracked open at the bottom, held in that configuration by a single thick rod at the center of the windowsill. It seemed to the blonde girl that the narrow ledge below the windows would give her the foothold she would require to slip around under that opened window. Tonight, she thought, tonight she would put her plan into practice.

Chapter 2 - Escape and Re-capture

While Belinda had been looking for a way into the Captain's cabin, several members of the crew were watching her. Three of the newest young pirates found themselves intrigued by the new cabin boy. The roundness of his plumpish butt reminded then of the whores who frequented many of the Crimson Skull's ports of call. These men cared not about the antiquated pirate laws, at least not those that disfavored buggery. This young boy was just what they required on the long voyages such as they were currently embarked. The men kept an eye out for the boy to separate himself from the rest of the crew with a plan to overpower the youngster and then have some fun at the pubescent lad's expense. Their vigilance paid off as the sun was replaced in the clear sky by a nearly full moon.

Just before midnight when most of the crew and the Captain were engaged in loud revelries and games of chance beneath decks, the darkly dressed cabin boy crept silently to the topside of the boat. The tiny figure scanned the darkness with wide open, clear eyes. Belinda moved slowly along the deck railing until she reached the stern of the vessel. Carefully the blonde girl lowered herself over the edge of the railing stretching her short legs down the side of the ship until her toes were stopped by the outermost extension of narrow window ledge. With wariness the girl looked back to be certain she had not been seen before she stealthily slid her feet along the tapered projection. In short time the lass had swung around the stern and under the first window so that she was completely out of sight from the deck. She was therefore completely unaware of the three men who had quietly followed her onto the deck.

Two of the pursuing pirates silently dropped over the deck railing on either side of the ship thereby trapping their prey on the ledge between them. The third man went straight to the farthest part of the stern at the deck and took up a position should the cabin boy try to climb back to the deck. From their vantage points the men watched as the cabin boy moved farther along the ledge until he was beneath the middle window. The amazed men observed the boy lift open the window and slide under its lower edge. The tiny body disappeared into the cabin and the window returned to its original propped open position. In silent bewilderment the three men remained in position to see what would come of the boy's strange behavior.

Completely oblivious to her observers Belinda dropped softly into the dark cabin. Very quietly the small girl moved to the cage at the center of the room. Gently she reached for the sleeping Celeste who was curled up at the bottom of the cage. Slipping her hand over the redheaded girl's mouth Belinda whispered Celeste's name. With a start the sleeping girl awoke and tried to pull free from the hand covering her bruised lips. Her gasp was muted and when her eyes focused upon her friend she fell silent. "Do you know where the Captain keeps the key to open the cage door?" whispered Belinda.

"It's in the top drawer of his desk," Celeste murmured as she pointed to the large writing desk in the corner of the cabin.

"Be still while I fetch it," cautioned the blonde as she hurried to the desk.

In the darkness, it took some time for the girl to find the key and then even more time to separate which was the right key to open the cage door from the dozens of keys on the chain. The jingling of the keys and the clicking the lock made when it finally opened seemed loud enough to the girls that they were certain they would be discovered before their escape was complete. They were wrong about the noise as the Captain and crew continued to boisterously play their games. Their escape however was in certain jeopardy as the three young pirates still waited at the stern of the ship.

Five minutes had passed since the small boy had slipped under the open window. The young pirates were about to go below and alert the Captain to the connotations of what they had witnessed when the window again was pushed farther open at the bottom and the boy re-emerged. To the astonishment of the men a second figure followed the boy out of the window. Even in the darkness the slender curves of the auburn haired captive were unmistakable to the men. They quietly held their positions as the two figures retraced Belinda's route back along the ledge. The pirate on the side of the boat where Belinda had started over the rail backed himself around the ship and then up onto the deck. The man on the opposite side of the boat did likewise until soon all three men were crouched in hiding at the point the girls would climb back onto the deck.

The small blonde-haired woman pulled herself back over the railing and reached down to help Celeste onto the deck. The girls scanned the exterior of the ship, their eyes wide in trepidation that they be discovered. No pirates could be seen from the escapees' vantage point and the way seemed clear for them to continue with Belinda's plan. Keeping low the two girls moved across the deck to ship's starboard side where the longboat was lashed to the side of the vessel. This was the same boat that had transported Celeste aboard after her capture on the beach. Belinda thought being adrift at sea in the longboat a better predicament than their current condition. An unknown fate was far better than knowing what was certain to happen to Celeste and was likely to befall Belinda as well should her identity be discovered.

Quickly the girls dropped down into the longboat. Belinda's attention was distracted as she pulled loose the dagger strapped to her thigh and began sawing away at the ropes holding the longboat fast to the ship. Celeste too had turned away from the ship and was scanning the dark waters faintly lit by the moonlight. Neither girl saw or heard the three pirates until the men had jumped down into the longboat. Two of the men leaped onto the nearly naked redhead, wrestling her to the bottom of the boat. She shrieked and lashed out at her assailants with her arms and legs but was quickly subdued. The third man dropped down beside Belinda, grabbing her by the shoulder from behind. The startled girl whirled around and shoved the blade of her dagger where it would do the most good.

Blood gushed from the wound the blonde had inflicted in the pirate's groin. He screamed in pain and released his grip on the girl. Belinda pulled away from the writhing man and rushed to aid her struggling friend. One of the pirates held Celeste's wrists, which were pulled away from her body above her head. The second man straddled the slender girl's body at her thighs thus immobilizing her thrashing legs. The lusting man's hands mauled and explored her exposed breasts.

His pleasure was short lived as Belinda jabbed her dagger into his neck at the shoulder. The blade severed muscle and tendon as it ripped into the pirate's body. More blood splattered the longboat's interior as wounded pirate squealed in pain. Reaching up to his neck the man grabbed the dagger handle, pulling it free from Belinda's grip. He fell to his side sliding off Celeste's body as he tried to escape further punishment. While he was occupied with extracting the blade from his neck Belinda turned her attentions upon the last of the pirates. The remaining man had already released Celeste's wrists, allowing the redhead to pull herself into a sitting position. He was not prepared when Belinda threw herself across the longboat feet first in an attempt to kick him between his legs. Only the swaying of the boat caused by the commotion aboard saved him from a direct hit upon his manhood. Belinda's near miss caught the man high on his thigh, causing him to be thrown off balance and he staggered backward.

Now the lone uninjured pirate faced the two women on somewhat equal terms. He stood his ground as both girls surrounded him and began pummeling him with their fists and feet. Swinging wildly at the women, the pirate was able to land enough punches to keep them from overwhelming him. One swipe of his fist knocked Belinda's stocking cap from her head, setting free her cream-colored hair. The man quickly realized he was fighting two women as the tiny blonde's hair swept into his vision. Still he was receiving more damage than he was inflicting. Celeste had slipped behind him and one of her kicks had landed where Belinda had earlier been unable to connect. His offence became defense as his hands went between his legs to protect himself from more of the same. The girls took full advantage of this condition and using the oars aboard the longboat, they beat the man to the bottom of the boat.

The two women had, at least momentarily, vanquished their attackers. They set about trying to wrestle the wounded and partially unconscious men overboard when they were stopped by the sound of the Captain's gravelly voice. "What 'ave we 'ere?" Letchman bellowed.

The screams of the wounded men had alerted the Captain to the escape and now he stood at the ships railing looking down into the longboat. A dozen of the ship's crew stood alongside the Captain peering down upon the two girls and the carnage they had created.

"Looks as if our cabin boy ain't a boy at all," one of the crew shouted.

"Drag 'em up here," ordered the Captain and all dozen of the pirates eagerly leap to the task of pulling the women back aboard.

Celeste shook in fear; her body now completely naked as the brutal buccaneers manhandled her onto the deck. Belinda put up more of a fight but the tiny girl was no match for the half dozen men who slapped and punched her into submission. Tears poured from her sky blue eyes because of the pain of her appreciation and the fear of what lay ahead for her and the beautiful redhead. The Captain loomed before the tiny girl as she struggled in the grip of several of the men.

"Let's see what we 'ave 'ere," Letchman growled as his hands tore open the front of her tunic. Belinda's pert upturned breasts felt the coolness of the night air just before the Captain's rough hands closed tightly around their softness, bringing a squeal of pain from between her lips.

"Very nice," uttered the Captain. "Now string 'em up boys, let's make 'em pay for what they done".

The helpless captives were hung by their wrists from one of the ship's yardarms. Celeste's long body allowed her toes to scrape against the deck as she swayed with the rolling of the ship. Belinda's feet dangled a full six inches above the deck as she hung from the same arm. Her diminutive body was still partially clothed as her tights still covered her lower body. The blonde's ripped tunic fluttered in the breeze concealing and then uncovering her saucy breasts. The Captain ordered the crew to rest for the night to much grumbling from the men.

Letchman had the wounded pirates attended to; he was pleased that all three men would fully recover. They would have the opportunity to repay the girls for the wounds they had received.

"We'll commence the festivities with the morning sun," instructed the Captain. "We want to see the results of the damage we do in the daylight."

With that the girls were left to swing with the ship's motion for the rest of the night. Long after the pirates left the deck both girls groaned and cried from the discomfort inflicted upon their distended shoulders until exhaustion overcame the pain and they drifted into a stupor that for them was as close as they would come to sleep.

Chapter 3 - Fresh Meat: Three French Captives

Just before the sun emerged above the horizon, the crew of the Crimson Skull was called to the top deck. Many of the bleary eyed sailors expected to be witness to the captive's punishment and they hurried topside. Instead they were advised of the appearance of another ship that was then just a speck on the horizon. Through his spyglass the Captain could make out the markings and colors flown by the ship in the distance.

As was the custom among Pirate ships sailing in these waters, warships were to be strictly avoided. There was no need to challenge a ship of the line for they offered no booty worth the trouble it took to claim a victory over them. There also remained a serious chance that the warship could out-gun the pirate vessel as well. With that condition in mind the Captain had to certain the ship sighted was either a target or a vessel to be avoided. "Steer toward the ship," bellowed Letchman, letting the crew know the ship in the distance was a prize to be taken.

The Captain had seen that the ship was indeed a merchant vessel and a strange one to be found in these waters as well. The ship flew the French flag, which meant most likely that it was enroute back to France with a cargo of riches or carrying supplies to the French colonies in the New World. Not many French vessels plied these waters and no French warships had ever been seen here. This was to be an easy plumb to pick. The pirates ignored the dangling girls in their midst and swiftly brought their ship up to full speed. Within an hour they were within firing range of their prey and they swung their pirate ship around to launch a broadside into the smaller French ship.

The battle was over almost before it began as the first salvo from the pirate ship torn holes into the side of the smaller vessel and smashed the mast and sails to shards and linen. The French ship went dead in the water and the pirates swarmed over the railings and aboard the defenseless ship. A brief pistol and saber battle ended with the French crew either killed or thrown overboard.

As the battle ended the Captain ordered the French vessel searched to discover what treasures lay hidden beneath its decks. Only some foodstuffs and a small amount of gold ornaments were found during the search. The Captain, after unloading the booty worth his trouble was about to scuttle the ship when something of great value was found hidden in one of the stateroom closets.

One of the pirates had discovered the primary reason for the French ship's sailing. The daughter of the Governor of French Guyana and two of her attendants had been sailing back from Guyana to attend school in France. The Governor's daughter was eighteen year old Anna Lisa who was traveling with her attending companions, nineteen year old twins Francine and Felicia. Anna Lisa was a strawberry blonde cutie who stood five foot five in her bare feet. Her hazel eyes flashed as her discoverer dragged her from the closet.

Impressively dressed in a long ornate gown that reached the floor the girl struggled against the pirate as she was pulled to the deck. "More in the closet!" shouted the pirate to his mates as he emerged from the cabin. Four more of the Crimson Skull's crew swarmed to the stateroom. Hidden at the back of the small clothes closet were the other two French girls. Francine and Felicia were as nearly identically dressed, as they were identical twins. They wore simple light frocks that, like their employer covered there bodies from neck to the floor.

These young women were equally small in stature, smaller even than Anna Lisa. Their most interesting feature was their rather oversized bosoms that bulged against the thin material of their dresses. They wore their dark brown hair piled high on their heads, a swirl of curls and intertwined braids that made them appear taller than they actually were. As was their companion the girls were pulled from their hiding place and wrestled to the upper deck. To the sounds of the girls' loud complaints the pirates took turns squeezing the girls' large breasts as they manhandled then onto the deck.

The Captain had the women transferred to his ship and then unceremoniously fired a series of cannon blasts into the French vessel sending it to the bottom of the Caribbean Sea. The crew surrounded the new captives as the Captain inspected his prizes. What great luck had befallen him! When his men had captured Celeste days earlier his intention was to enjoy her for a few weeks and then to sell her to the white slavers in his next port of call. He had been careful not to damage her too much but her escape attempt meant she would be much less valuable after her punishment was administered.

Now that problem had been solved. He could give the redhead and the small blonde to his crew. The sea dogs sexual and blood lusts would be satisfied to the detriment of the two girls. Moreover, he could keep these three French girls for his amusement and later trade them to the white slavers for far more than even the beautiful Celeste would have delivered.

Anna Lisa stood in defiance to her capture. Her back remained straight, her head held high and her pale eyes never left the Captain's as he moved close to probe the beauteous girl. Her shiny dark blonde hair was disheveled and fell loosely down one side of her face. A thick swath of freckles crossed from one cheek over her bridge of a nose and onto the opposite cheek a slight movement of the freckles on one side of her face betrayed a twitch beneath the soft cheek. Her red lips snarled French insults at the pirate who understood not a word of French but could detect the substance of her tirade.

Her arms were tightly held by two of the crew at either side of her body. The Captain ran his huge hands over the curves of her body allowing then to linger on the mounds of her breasts and again as he slid then down her back to the fullness of her round butt. The girl tried to break away from the men who held her and as a reward received a cuff from the Captain's hand administered to one side of her head. The blow was sharp enough to loosen the remainder of her upswept hair, allowing it to fall free to below her quavering shoulders. For an instant the girl was silent, here eyes turned liquid before she regained her composure and re-started her verbal assault. Letchman laughed and moved to the twins writhing in the arms of their captures.

Letchman repeated his exploration technique on both of the dark haired girls. He marveled at the fullness of the short demoiselles' upper bodies. Like their employer the girls snarled in French as they were physically molested. Letchman could not constrain his curiosity and to the great pleasure of the pirates watching he ripped open the top of each girl's frock at the neck pulling the dresses apart until they were split almost to the waist. The Captain's hands slipped beneath the torn material as he fondled the sobbing girls' large exposed globes. At the conclusion of his inspection a noticeable bulge had appeared at his groin.

"Lash 'em to the railing so they'll 'ave a good view of these two," the large man commanded as he motioned toward the two captives still hanging from the yardarm. Quickly the pirates complied with the Captain's order tying ropes tightly around the struggling women's bodies. The more sadistic members of the crew adjusted the ropes so that they dug so deeply into the twin's ample breasts. The girls cried in pain and squirmed about trying to alleviate the discomfort as the heavy ropes abraded their soft flesh. What they were about to witness would cause them to forget about their personal problems.

Chapter 4 - Celeste is Punished

The Captain and the crew of the Crimson Skull turned their attentions upon the two captives they had captured trying to escape in the longboat the night before. The sun was at its full height in the sky as their punishment began. Celeste whimpered from somewhere in a semiconscious state. The sun had given her naked flesh a faint pink hue and any movement made by the ship was causing her excruciating pain in her shoulders and in her partially dislocated wrists.

The tiny blonde strung up beside the redhead was in much better condition. Her lighter body withstood her wrist suspension more efficiently than did her taller and heavier friend. She was also mostly clothed which had protected her from the sun's burning rays. Belinda remained fully conscious throughout the battle with the French ship and had been witness to the French girls' capture and debasement. Her shoulders ached with the movement of the ship and her wrists were numb. As she looked at her bound wrists she could see that both of her hands were in a bad way but could feel none of the pain that was surely hidden there.

Captain Letchman walked to where the girls dangled from the yardarm and with no warning punched his huge fist into each girl. Celeste was stuck by the man's left fist, his blow connecting her side just above her kidney. The redhead awoke from her stupor and wailed in pain as her body swung back and forth in reaction to the punch. The Captain's right fist was then driven into the small blonde girl's face catching Belinda squarely in her left cheek. Her lips parted and she started and then held back a scream as her head reeled from the blow. Almost instantly the bruised outline of the man's knuckles appeared on her face and a trickle of blood oozed from the corner of her mouth. "They're awake now," proclaimed the Captain.

"The punishment for attemptin' escape on the Crimson Skull is one hundred lashes to be applied by knot or switch," Captain Letchman announced.

"No 'uns ever lived long 'nuf to give 'em the full one hundred," Letchman intoned. "So as we "ave reason to keep these two alive, the punishment will be stopped at fifty lashes. "After they been whipped they'll be awarded to the crew as penance for the damage they done."

A cheer erupted from the assembled men when they heard the Captain's judgment. The second mate brought the tools of punishment to the Captain. Letchman stood behind Celeste and raised first one and then the other whip into the air. The crew shouted loudly as the knot was held high, less so when he showed the switch.

"The knot be used here," proclaimed the Captain, dropping that tool at the feet of the slender redhead. Moving behind Belinda the Captain repeated the sequence and found that the crew chose the switch as the punishment for the blonde girl. Throwing down the switch beneath the tiny girl's feet the Captain stepped away from the pair.

The crew had drawn lots to see who would have the pleasure of administering the whipping and now one of the winners stepped forward. He was one of the older men and had plenty of experience in the duty he was about to perform. He took the knot by its long handle and carefully examined the business end of the weapon. The three leather straps that extended from the handle were each tied at their ends in a tight knot (hence the name of the tool). The man inspected each knot carefully noting that two of them had small glass shards laced tightly under the knot. The shards were very small, barely seen unless held close to the eye, but they would be felt every time the tip of the whip stuck flesh. The pirate flipped the whip several times to judge its feel and then stepped in behind the auburn-haired girl.

Celeste swung her head around to watch the man all the while pleading with him to not do this thing. The man paid no heed to her entreaties as he hooked his fingers into her long hair and pulled it to the front of her naked body. Stepping back from the girl, the man let fly with his whip. His first target, the girls round bottom, was marked across both cheeks where the three leather straps struck. Celeste's body danced away for the blow and she screamed in pain.

In quick succession, the man sent the weapon into the girl's body. He stayed with her buttocks until flecks of blood appeared where the lash marks crossed. The whip's knots swirled around her body, tearing tiny wounds into her hips and across her upper thighs. The darker marks left in their wake mimicked the orange freckles that covered most of her body. The crew called out the number of each stroke and when they reached a dozen the man moved his aiming point slowly up the shrieking girl's back.

At the halfway point in her torture the whips thongs had inscribed most of Celeste's back. The knots had wrapped around her thin body to bite into her stomach and the sides of her quavering breasts. Her screams had become hoarse gasps every time the whip exploded into her flesh. Tears flooded from her emerald green eyes and dripped from her trembling chin. For a moment the punishment stopped.

For the first time Celeste could hear the blonde girl hanging close by. Belinda was begging for mercy for her friend. She also was crying but for a different reason. Celeste turned to look at her lover and the two girl's eyes met. Their connection lasted only a moment as the man suddenly was standing before the redhead, blocking her vision. "We're not done yet, Lass," the man announced. "I've saved the best for last." Celeste twisted away from her tormentor as he again rearranged her long hair so that it now trailed far down her back.

"Nooooo!" she screamed as the man stepped back and raised his weapon high above his head.

The girl's eyes blurred as the whip struck the front of her body diagonally from one shoulder to her opposite hip. Her agonizing scream seemed to be neverending as the whip tore into her stomach and breasts again and again. At forty lashes Celeste appeared to swoon. Her body was covered by red snake-like marks that dripped droplets of blood upon the deck below her feet. To revive her, a bucket of brine was thrown on her still form. Celeste awoke with a start and a scream as the salt water found every wound on her body. "Ten to go, M'lady," the whip master intoned and set about finishing the job.

The final applications of the lash were administered to the helpless girl's hips and thighs. Numbers forty-nine and fifty were ferocious upward blows that attacked her womanhood from between her thighs. The girl's shrieks ended as the final stroke fell dead center across her vaginal lips. Celeste's head fell backward so that she seemed to be looking up at the clear blue sky. The girl dangled in silence with only her weakly heaving bosom indicating that she still remained alive. Her torturer was rewarded with resounding cheers from the crew as he stepped away from the blood streaked girl.

Chapter 5 - Belinda Suffers For Her Insolence

Now a second pirate came forward. This man was younger than the first and huge in stature. Belinda's small body seemed that of a small child when the man stood next to her. Her blue eyes pleaded with him for restraint but she could see he had only malevolence on his mind. The blonde girl steeled herself for what was to come even as the man retrieved the switch at her feet. She watched in silence as his gigantic fists gripped the whip at both ends and pulled it into a near circle.

Releasing one end of the tool snapped the whip back straight with a sharp snapping sound that sent shivers down Belinda's spine. The switch was not very long, only about three feet in length and very thin. It was the thinness that did the damage. Made of a strip of hardwood slit along the grain and dried in the summer sun for many days, the switch was an awesome weapon. A snapping blow would cause an instant laceration of flesh. Repeated blows in the same place were used to gouge deep wounds in those unfortunates who where to be punished or tortured. In skilled hands the weapon inflicted minor damage while delivering the maximum amount of pain.

The man about to punish Belinda was very skilled. Belinda's head swiveled about as she tried to follow the man who circled around her body. There was no need to move her hair out of his way as it only just brushed the tops of her thin shoulders. The pirate could pick his spots on the tiny girl's body as he saw fit. He had circled the trembling blonde twice when his voice snapped her from the trance she found herself in.

"Shall I strip 'er with me hands or with me whip?" queried the man.

A dozen pirates answered his question in unison. "Use the whip, Lad, the whip," they sang out.

"Aye mates," the man replied.

From directly behind the girl came a whistling sound and then a sudden snap as the switch bit into Belinda's back. A long slit appeared in the back of her tunic that crossed both of her shoulder blades. Belinda hurled herself away from the pain, simultaneously arching her back and twisting her body to one side. A gasp escaped through her tightly clinched teeth. The girl's gyrations parted her torn tunic at the front and her breasts danced free in the open air.

Belinda had not recovered from the first strike when the whistling sound again signaled another was on the way. She tensed her body just as the switch ripped into her shoulder, tearing apart more of her tunic. A flap of the material fell away from her upper back to where the second split in the shirt intersected the first. A thin red line was plainly visible on her otherwise unblemished skin where the switch had been applied. Belinda's second gasp came through wide opened lips as she found keeping her mouth closed made breathing difficult.

What had begun slowly now picked up pace. The whistle, the snap, and the gasps came in quick succession until Belinda's tunic lay in pieces below her feet. It had taken nine strokes to bare the girl to the waist. Her shoulders and back bore a series of thin wounds that in several places oozed claret droplets. The man leisurely walked around his victim, taking in the beauty of her nakedness. Those vivacious upturned breasts practically begged to be switched but the man would wait until her undressing was complete.

Thus far the defiant girl had only gasped as the switch found its mark. The man was determined to change her faint cries to full blown screams as he denuded her lower body. He chose to stand directly in front of the tiny blonde so she could see the switch coming and he could watch her pale blue eyes cloud in pain as the weapon severed her tight fitting trousers. Belinda swayed slightly as the man raised the switch, her head turned away but her eyes followed the switch as it whistled into her hips. As before, the cloth material was parted where the thin weapon landed. The ripped tights were split along the curve of her hip and the cleave extended halfway down the girl's thigh.

The pain came in waves this time and Belinda had to bite her lower lip to keep from screaming. A second stroke of the switch landed in almost the same spot. This time the waistband of the tights tore apart and peeled away from the girl's waist exposing her upper hip and the deep gash left behind by the whip. Belinda's sharp intake of breath was followed by a faint high pitched plea. "Please…no more," she wailed.

"That's only number eleven me beauty, we're just beginin'," chortled the man. As he said it the man went to work on the girl's opposite hip. Three switch smacks later and Belinda's tattered tights had dropped to just above her dimpled knees. Tears ran down her cheeks as the man whipped at her legs until she had been completely stripped. Twenty-one times the whip had left its mark and still the girl would not cry out or scream.

The crew was astounded at the beauty of the blonde girl's perfect body. Every part of her body flawlessly fit together perfectly. Her tenacious defiance radiated a sensation of impudence. Combining her beauty with her iron will gave her a spirit that had not yet been defeated. The girl's beauty and strength aroused an overwhelming desire among the crew to see her ravaged in the worst possible way. Every man witnessing her punishment wanted to take an active part in her debasement. For the moment that job remained in the hands of the man now swinging his weapon into Belinda's tight round ass.

Again and again the switch sliced into her soft flesh. Her body danced about like a puppet with her legs kicking out wildly every time the weapon slammed into her buttocks, thighs or lower back. At forty lashes Belinda still remained conscious. Blood ran down the backs of her legs from the sliced flesh above. Her grunts and sobs following every strike came in quick succession as the man slammed the switch with increasing rapidity. Still the tormented woman refused to scream.

For a moment the beating stopped. Only the sounds of Belinda's inconsistent breathing and her gentle moaning could be heard on the deck. The huge torturer moved again before the pitiful girl. Her cream-colored hair hung down across her face as her head hung slightly forward in fatigue. Using the tip of the switch, the man tapped the girl's chin and as her head rose he pushed her hair back from her face.

"Get ready for the finale girl," the pirate warned. "I'm expectin' a song along wit yer dance this time."

And with no more warning he snapped the whip into the side of Belinda's breast. The girl's eyes opened wide as did her mouth as the pain in her breasts reached her brain. A garbled choking sound escaped her lips as the brutalized girl fought to keep from screaming. She tried to contort her body away from the man but was unsuccessful and the second lash blasted into the same breast from below. The round mammary bounced upward from the blow and a line of red followed in the whip's wake. Still the girl fought back the scream that lodged in her throat.

The third stroke to the pretty globe landed squarely across the dainty upturned pink nipple, splitting open the tender nub and spraying blood across her chest. That was the one that did the trick. Belinda's scream of pain echoed across the deck. The pirate crew howled with pleasure. The tiny beauty had been broken and soon she would be theirs to plunder.

"Still seven to go, Lass, too bad ye broke so soon," gloated the torturer.

The man went back to his task, continuing to flail away at the screaming and shrieking girl's breasts. He saved the last two lashes for Belinda's nether parts much as Celeste had suffered at the end of her punishment. Lashing the switch upward between the girl's legs the man landed two blows directly onto her exposed labia. As the switch slit open the tenderest flesh on her body the blonde girl's squeal came to a sudden halt, as she could not pull in enough air into her lungs to continue making any sound. Only her throbbing throat muscles showed the effort she continued to make trying to scream. The crew cheered as the torturer stepped away from his victim.

Throughout her ordeal Belinda remained conscious; she gradually regained her breath and whimpered quietly as she dangled loosely from the yardarm. Celeste remained comatose alongside her friend. Letchman then stepped before the tiny blonde. Hanging from the yardarm, her arms were extended above her head.

A nod from the Captain and Belinda's ankles were lashed in a spread-eagled fashion to the deck. The naked blonde girl was fully exposed and completely helpless to any form of attack. The Captain removed the sheath from a weapon he held before quivering girl. In his hand, Letchman held an eighteen-inch long dildo. The shaft was more than three inches in diameter with small serrated spikes jutting from its thick end.

Belinda's eyes widened in fear as the pirate lowered the weapon to between her thighs. The Captain pushed the pointed end of the shaft to the entrance of the blonde tufted vagina. The rough surface of the dildo scraped across the blonde's inner thigh. Belinda tried to twist away from the pain but could move only a few inches. She cried out as Letchman jabbed the shaft at her tender slit. The tiny girl shrieked in agony as the pirate jammed the shaft into her vagina. At first, Letchman's thrusts were superficial, penetrating only an inch or so into the small opening and then rotating the weapon slowly. The serrated edges of the weapon scratched insignificant yet painful abrasions into her tender flesh.

Belinda tried to pull away from the prod, screaming in pain as the shaft abraded her bloodied labia. A few shallow thrusts to tenderize his victim and then the Captain rammed the weapon deep in the helpless girl, shoving the shaft six inches into her lower abdomen. Belinda's squeals of torment became so high pitched that a few of the pirates covered their ears to blot out the girl's screams. Letchman grinned, giving the dangling girl no relief as he twisted and turned the fearsome weapon deep within her flailing body. Fully aroused by the girl's gyrating lithe body Letchman yanked the bloody shaft from her body.

Belinda's shriek of agony was cut short as the Captain loomed before her tear-filled eyes. His pants dropped to the deck exposing his huge jutting penis. Belinda squeezed her eyes tightly shut to blot out the awful sight. The Captain's hands began to maul her lacerated body. Rough fingers crushed blood stained breasts, tweaking the wounded nipples. Belinda screamed and shrieked as the huge man abused her body. Lifting the small girl by her breasts, Letchman centered her groin above his enormous penis.

Then with a vicious thrust he drove his manhood deep into her body. The tiny girl danced on the pirate's shaft as if she was a marionette. Her screams faded to gasps for air as her diaphragm was compressed and Letchman's massive body enveloped her. For several minutes, the huge man thrust and jabbed into the helpless girl. With a final enormous lunge and a cry of his own, the pirate emptied his balls.

Pulling away from the deflowered girl, the Captain took notice of his action. Belinda's thighs were smeared with pinkish spunk that oozed from her wounded womanhood. Her battle to remain stoic had proved un-winnable. She slumped into a semi-conscious state. It had been a very bad day for the captive's aboard the Crimson Skull and it would prove to be an even rougher night.

The Captain had the three French girls taken to his cabin where Anna Lisa and Francine were thrown into the gilded cage. Felicia was taken kicking and screaming to the Captain's bed where she was spread-eagled face up with her wrists and ankles tied tightly to the four bedposts. The Captain then retired to his quarters to sample some French cuisine leaving the crew to deal with the two whipped captives.

Quickly the debauch minded men cut the two women from the yardarm and dragged them below decks. Celeste regained consciousness as dozens of pirates mauled her lithe body. She screamed and twisted wildly as two of the men each grabbed a leg, pulling the thrashing girl onto a table. Celeste's long legs were dangled off the tabletop so that her slit was at the edge of the table. Another pirate dropped his pants; his thick cock bristled between the redhead's legs as he gazed lecherously at the squirming girl spread before him. Wedging himself between her thighs, the pirate shoved the head of his fat cock into Celeste's whip marked cunt, pushing the thick shaft deep into her.

Celeste shrieked with each thrust in and out of her bruised hole. The pirate violently raped the tall redhead, moaning and gasping with pleasure. Two more pirates pinned Celeste's arms to the table top leaning over her naked body to clench her abused breasts with rough fingers kneading and mauling them while the rape continued. Celeste felt like her whole body was on fire. The young girl shrieked and squirmed while the pirates shoved their cocks deep inside her battered body. No sooner than one man would pull out, wiping his cum and blood smeared cock with Celeste's long copper hair, then another man would take his place between the weakening girl's thighs. On and on the assault continued while Celeste weakly cried and wailed with each cock thrust or cruel nipple twist.

Battered as she was, Belinda still showed her defiance; she fought the men as they wrestled her face down onto one of the bunks. Four men held the tiny girl down while a fifth pirate mounted her. With no preliminaries he plunged his hard shaft into Belinda's whip-striped ass, jabbing into the tight hole as if he meant to stab her to death with his cock. Brutally, he raped the small girl's ass, accompanied by his animal-like grunts and by her screams as he churned at her intestines. The pirate rammed her ass mercilessly, enjoying her screams as her restrained body bucked beneath him. Belinda felt certain the rapist was going to kill her, that he would rupture her insides. Instead of a merciful death her pain and humiliation continued.

When the first man satisfied his lust another man took his place inside Belinda's small ass. This man proved to be even more brutal, pistoning his cock into her rectum violently for half a dozen strokes, then pulling completely out of her before brutally shoving it back into the torn hole. Belinda convulsed and tried to contort her body each time the thick penis impaled her. The agony continued as tears streamed from her blue eyes, streaking her pale soft cheeks. Pinned to the bed and helpless, the blonde girl was brutally sodomized by one filthy pirate after another. With each new attacker, Belinda's struggles grew weaker, but the pain never diminished as her attackers continued to abuse her unresisting body.

When the pleasure of raping the torn and loose asshole faded, the semi-conscious girl was turned onto her back. Thick pirate cocks plunged into Belinda's bruised and lacerated slit. While they raped her, the men mauled and chewed the golden girl's upthrust breasts, bringing more pain to the assault and awakening their victim. Belinda screamed hoarsely as her insides were plundered and her soft breasts were ripped to shreds.

Belinda's screams matched Celeste's wails of pain as both were sadistically brutalized. Well into the night both girls were plundered. Before the night ended their battered bodies were repeatedly violated by the lusting pirates. By the morning hours, the unconscious women offered no resistance as the stragglers and repeat offenders ravaged their defenseless bodies at will.

Not until all of the pirates were satiated were the two girls left alone. Belinda's rectum and vagina leaked a river of cum that was smeared down her thighs. Celeste's copper-tufted labia were bruised and swollen, yawning apart as a stream of bloody pink cum oozed from the opening.

Chapter 6 - French Pastry is Plundered

The Crimson Skull's Captain awoke late the next morning. His night had been filled with the pleasures he had extracted from the naked girl lying beside his huge body. His French connection had begun with his exploration of the struggling girl who had been spread-eagled upon his bed as the evening began.

As the evening began, brown-haired Felicia had fought with all her strength as she was dragged into the Captain's cabin. Her cinnamon-colored eyes darted around the small room, soon falling upon the cage that contained her twin sister and the French Guyanian Governor's daughter. Both of the imprisoned girls were railing against their confinement in French while they tried in vain to pry open the cage's gilded door. "Francine merci…" cried the dark haired twin as she was thrown down upon the Captain's large bed.

The rest of her outcry was muffled as three pirates fell across her face and upper body as they tied her wrists to the bedposts, partially smothering her in the process. Felicia's legs kicked wildly in an attempt to free herself from beneath her assailants. Her flailing limbs pushed the hem of her long gown well up on her thighs, exposing her knee-length pantaloons. Once her wrists were secured, the men gathered her feet and attached them to the other two bedposts. With the girls secured, the Captain sent the men from the cabin and viewed his captive prize.

Felicia writhed and twisted about on the bed attempting to break her bonds. Her long hair that had been piled high on her head was now unraveled. It was spread out on the bed around her head like a dark halo. She screamed and writhed while Captain Letchman striped off his clothing and then threw his heavy bulk atop her defenseless body.

Her scream was silenced as all the air was knocked from her lungs by the Captain's weight. The girl's legs thrashed about beneath her attacker as she tried to regain her breath. Letchman's hands were busy ripping away the dark-haired girl's clothing, first baring her massive breasts and then using his knife to slit open the narrow waistband of both the young woman's long skirt and voluptuous pantaloons. Tugging the clothing away from the struggling girl, Letchman soon denuded her curvaceous form.

Felicia continued to writhe beneath her rapist as he centered his member and then viciously drove it deep into her tender body. Her screams echoed about the cabin as the defilement of her body turned to brutal rape. The French girl had tried to close her thighs tight to protect her womanhood but the huge pirate clawed them apart, gouging her slender flanks. It took the Captain a dozen lunges into the helpless girl before he rammed his shaft fully into her torn clit.

Felicia's screams sent shudders of fear into the two girls who huddled together in the nearby jeweled cage. Anna Lisa and Francine held tightly onto each other, weeping along with their battered companion and sister. They screeched and pleaded with Letchman as he had begun his assault upon Felicia. Their voices were ignored. In horror they watched as the naked tethered girl was brutalized before their eyes

The nineteen-year-old girl shrieked in pain as the pirate had his way with her. Letchman's teeth bit deep into the soft flesh of the brutalized girl's breasts, bring more pain and anguish to his victim. For most of an hour the savage man raped and abused the girl until at last he rolled off her ravaged body, wrapped himself in bulky blankets, and fell into a deep sleep.

The brown-haired girl could only weep and moan beside the sleeping man, her bruised body exposed to the cool air. Chilled breezes wafted into the cabin from the open window...the same window left ajar by the tiny blonde girl being assaulted below decks by ship's crew. It was far into the night before the captives fell into a fitful shivering sleep. The Captain snored away beneath his ample covering in utter bliss, dreaming of the ravaging that would soon befall the haughty Anna Lisa and her buxom maid.


A month later, five bruised and disheveled women were sold to Arab white slavers in Zanzibar. Captain Letchman and his crew watched as the battered blonde, her redheaded friend, the French strawberry blonde, and the two buxom maids were chained together. Their new Arab masters manhandled them off the pirate ship and then used whips to drive them away from the dock. The young women's' tear filled eyes glanced back at the Pirate ship as they disappeared forever into the Kasbah.

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