Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril)


By Ed

The next day, Sgt Jaeger entered Heinrich Schmidt's office and saluted. He looked up from his paperwork and said, “Yes, Anja. What is it?” “Just letting you know, Herr Major. Feldwebel Karl Lukas arrived this morning and he's rather eager to get started.”

“Lukas? Feldwebel Lukas? Who is that?”

“He's the one who captured Valerie Kerr, Herr Major, you know, the wench with those puffy nipples you enjoyed so much. He has been looking forward to his weekend's reward.”

“Ach, yes,” he said. “I must see to it that he has an excellent time here. Let him have his pick of the condemned women today and tomorrow. Tell Sergeant Kraus to assist him. Tell her to do whatever he wants to fully enjoy his trip to Schloss Folter!”

And so, early that afternoon, Feldwebel Karl Lukas was in the Utility Room staring at a most intriguing sight. Lined up along one wall stood a dozen young women, all clad in baggy faded green smocks. Freya was there, too. She walked to the front of the women and barked out a command, “All right, you traitorous cows, strip! All the way. I want you naked!”

Resigned to their position, and afraid of the consequences of not obeying this justly feared sergeant, they all started grabbing their hems and pulling the smocks up and over their heads. In a moment, all had completely disrobed.

“There now, Feldwebel Lukas. All of these sluts are available for your pleasure. Here you can indulge your every fantasy with any of these cows. Go ahead, take your pick.” She turned to the row of naked women and barked, “All right, whores, come to attention! Arms down, stomach in, and chest out! Now!”

Some of the women had been trying to make themselves smaller and less conspicuous or cover their tits and genitals from sight, but now came to attention. Karl looked down the line of naked females, enraptured with the sight. He had to bend over in sudden discomfort. He reached down into the front of his trousers, straightened himself, and stood up again, grinning sheepishly at Freya.

“Nothing to be embarrassed about, Herr Feldwebel. Here there is no shame and no embarrassment. You must feel free to forget any inhibitions you may have. Here both players and playthings are usually naked. The players to most fully enjoy themselves and the playthings to make their most private and sensitive parts available for whatever games they might like. I am here to help make your visit memorable. So please, make your selection.” He smiled broadly. Yes, he was going to really have fun here, he thought as he started down the line.

One after another, he stood in front of each one. None would meet his gaze, terrified of being picked. They all knew what being a naked toy in this place meant. They needn't have worried about his eyes—they were riveted on the out thrust chests of the women—but on his final selection. At most of them, he said no and moved on. By the end, there were only three left. Freya noticed that all three possessed fine, large breasts. The man had dismissed those with small or overly large tits. These remaining all had proud jutting turrets capped with nipples in varying shades of pink.

At his request, Freya ordered them to lean over so Lukas could bend down and inspect them. This time, he dismissed one of them for having tits that were too loose. Finally down to two, the Feldwebel went to each and suddenly twisted their nipples. One grunted and stepped back, but the other squealed and slapped his hands away. “This one,” he said.

A look of utter horror contorted her face when she realized it would be her turn for whatever hell the man choose to inflict on her. She stood there crying, her body shivering as the others were led away.

“An excellent choice, Herr Feldwebel. A well-fleshed wench like her can take a lot of punishment. Now,” Freya asked, “what equipment would you like?” As he explained to her his list, she smiled. “You have been thinking about this for a while, haven't you?”

Gott im Himmel, yes! To tell you the truth, I have thought of nothing else since I heard from the Gestapo Kommandant that the commander here had decided to reward me, too. I have a couple of ideas for my two days here and I can't wait to get started on the first one!”

Sgt Kraus had the girl kneel after she had handcuffed her wrists behind her back. She approved of Karl's choice. This one was named Lorrie Menconi, an 18-year old Italian who had rebelled against Mussolini's rule. Her hair was a lush reddish-brown worn in pigtails, a child's look, but it made this obviously ripe and well developed female look like a waif. She could well see why the Feldwebel picked her out. As he seemed to have a preference for fine titties, he certainly chose well. Lorrie's were somewhat larger than usual, but still stood out high and firm with lush round curves beneath. At their tips perched two large reddish-pink disks. Like all the darker-haired girls, her pubic hair had been shaved completely away and, in the case of such backward wenches, the patches under her arms, as well. All things considered, she thought it surprising that the Major hadn't picked her for himself, especially given the sensitivity of her nipples.

She and the Feldwebel shared a bottle of wine while the devices he had requested arrived and were set up. First was a short torture bench with extended limbs for the legs, similar to the one in the dungeon. Next came a padded bench from the Lounge Room. A couple of the common guards set it up to the specifications given by Lukas. Freya looked on with an amused, if somewhat puzzled expression on her face when he got up on the mounted bench and laid back as if judging its height. “Yes,” he said, “this should work just fine. When can we start?”

“There's no better time than the present, is there?” He nodded eager agreement. “Okay then, what would you like me to do?”

Under the Feldwebel's instruction, she hauled the terrified struggling girl to the torture bench. Leaving her wrists cuffed behind her, Kraus sat her on top of it. With the man's help, Lorrie's ankles were secured into strong leather straps at the ends of the two extensions. Her small buttocks hung over the bench's end, but she remained on top due to her binding. Karl told the sergeant what he wanted done next. Freya smiled at the request. The Feldwebel was showing some imagination. Seeing the obvious bulge filling the front of his uniform pants, she said, “Why don't you get more comfortable first? I can see that your Schwanz would like to be free. The Major always prefers being exposed during the torment, he finds it enhances his enjoyment, whether he planned on fucking the victim himself or employing one of his special girls to please him. Come, release your Schwanz to the exquisite pleasures possible. I will disrobe a bit myself to assist you as soon as I take care of this bint.”

The Feldwebel needed no further encouragement. He opened his belt and unbuttoned his fly, tugging the trousers down to his feet. The shoes and socks came next so he could remove them. Now wearing only a pair of bulging under shorts, he grabbed the waist band, hesitated a moment, then yanked them down, exposing his already erect sex to the delights of the torture room. He went over to where Freya stood beside the wide-eyed Lorrie Menconi. The girl couldn't take her gaze away from the wobbling phallus. She had heard whispered stories and knew that this new development would only mean something bad for her.

“There's a little tactic we can employ to make these plump melons even more sensitive. Would you like to try it?” He nodded his head in enthusiastic assent. “Alright, hold her for me. The bitch will likely object to this.”

He gripped her shoulders to hold her steady while, one after the other, Freya looped thin cords tightly about their bases. Once they were bulging off her deep rib cage, she uncuffed the redhead's wrists. Karl and Sergeant Kraus then proceeded to haul her arms back and down, locking them into two additional belts at the top of the bench. Now the lovely wench lay helplessly face up on simple device back, arms and legs fully splayed and available to the cruel instruments hanging on the walls. Down between her yawning thighs, the delicate lips of her labia gaped open, utterly vulnerable for rape, and her tender naked breasts bulged out and away from her chest. The berry-red teats at their tips had grown turgid with blood from the tight binding.

“Now I shall make ready. Why don't you get acquainted with your selection?” she said. Karl scarcely heard her as he stared down at the helpless nude woman laid out before him. Wunderbar, he thought. Such a beautiful lusty young woman and she was all his to do whatever he wanted. His hands were drawn to her exposed young body like they had minds of their own. He started at her belly and caressed her down past the navel and over the prominent pubic mound. Reaching the pudenda, he marveled at the smooth silky feel, then slyly slipped his middle finger over the clitoris and into the quivering slit. Lorrie Menconi's nude form squirmed at the lewd insertion. After a moment it was time to move on and his hands slid back up across the convex belly then higher over the tight rib cage until they found her distended bare breasts. His fingertips slid up over the taut skin of the globes, finally seeking out the nipples and their flinty tips. As he gently fondled the hard teats, Lorrie moaned in shame. The Feldwebel felt his exposed penis twitching with pleasure at the touch, impossibly even harder. He was so focused on fondling the girl's squirming body that he didn't notice the shiny bead of fluid ooze out of the tiny slit of his swollen glans, although the lubricious sensation as it emerged drew a low groan of pleasure.

Freya came up to him then, now naked to the waist. She was almost as tall as him and possessed a lean muscular body, full-fleshed and broad in chest and hips. She was the picture of the stereotypical Aryan blonde. He turned to her, although his hands never left the quivering tits. “You were quite right, Freya,” he said with a husky voice. “It feels much, much nicer this way!” He reached one hand down and slid his fingertips up the shaft, thrilled by the delicious sensation; I've never been harder, he thought. He felt it twitch up against his hand and quickly removed it. It wouldn't do to end this wonderfully intense arousal too soon.

“I think you will find the next play even more delicious than just fondling her. Those tits of hers fairly beg for the torture. Binding them this way not only presents them perfectly for your amusement, but the swelling also makes them hypersensitive to the slightest touch. Why don't we start on her now? How would you like to begin?”

“Those fat titties of hers. While they are as sensitive as you say. I've never seen Bruste look like that. I want to hurt them. I want to hurt them bad,” His voice was husky. “What whips do you have?”

“We have all manner of flogging implements. Thin braided whips, multi-thonged cats, rattan rods and crops, but what I would recommend for a pair of proud, upstanding Busen like hers is one of our special breast straps, inch-wide belts of supple rubber designed by the Major especially for this task. There is a shorter one that should be perfect for you.”

“Yes. Get it, please.”

Sergeant Kraus got one and handed it to him. He gave it a few trial swings and liked the vicious swishing sound it made. Lorrie watched the demonstration with mounting fear. After they made her strip, she had expected that she would be raped. When they bound her face-up on the bench and tied her tits, she knew that she was in for some discomfort. Now seeing the fiendish lash and recognizing the throbbing sensitivity in her feminine gourds, she was terrified that these two Nazi animals meant to hurt her and hurt her badly.

Karl moved down until he stood in the Vee of her legs. He gazed up her splayed naked body, relishing the sight of her inviting pink pudenda and the trembling, hard tipped globes. He saw that the fine porcelain skin was already blushing from the internal pressure. He readied himself for the breast whipping, stepping in close, when Freya touched his arm. “If I might make a suggestion, Herr Feldwebel, permit me to treat those paps before you begin. Rest your masculinity up against those dainty lips while I attend to her. I think you will enjoy this.” He nodded and moved between her straining thighs and pressed his rigid penis up against the succulent vulva, while Freya fetched some items. Standing beside Lorrie, she lifted her hands. In the right she held a long slim needle set into a wood handle. The left held a small torch. At a touch, a bright blue flame erupted from its tip. The beautiful girl stared with horror as Freya placed the end of the needle into the flame, her intention now terrifyingly obvious.

“No, oh no,” she cried. “Not that, oh please don't do that to me! Please, please don't burn me! I beg you, please don't burn me!” Her frantic pleas continued, but they both ignored her, intent on their respective activities: she heating the needle and he rubbing his erection slowly up and back between her genital lips.

In the hissing blue flame, the tip of the needle was quickly glowing red with heat. Then laying the torch on the bench at her side, Freya grabbed Lorrie's right tit and held it tight, now lowering the glowing point toward the pap's middle. In its present turgid state, she could easily see the tiny hole in the center. The woman carefully aimed the radiant steel at it and then stabbed it quickly in and out of the flinty red teat.


Karl felt his penis jump with delight. He could feel the girl's hideous agony by the way her muscles tensed. Her hips rose to the limit of her bonds, a motion that pushed her labia harder against his penis, while the sight of her squirming nude body aroused his sadistic passion to a level he had never believed possible. After a moment to reheat the demonic lancet, Sergeant Kraus attacked the helpless left nubbin in the same way.

Once again the pretty redhead's wails echoed across the diabolical Utility Room and her demented writhing increased in intensity. Freya picked up the torch again and went back to where the Feldwebel was sliding his flesh against the girl. “If you would move aside a moment, I think we can add to this whore's suffering. After all, she does have more than two teats, does she not?”

Karl grinned as he caught her meaning and moved over willingly. Freya heated the needle again and he watched avidly as the woman pitilessly spread the inner and outer lips of her sex with one hand.

Looking down her body, Lorrie saw the reheated lancet and felt the obscene manipulation between her shivering thighs. The shocking realization of what these fiends intended screamed through her brain. Her panicked pleas sputtered almost incoherently from her mouth and then Freya stabbed the glowing needle straight down into the shiny rose petal clit!

This time the girl's insane shrieks actually hurt his ears. Again and again they ripped out of her throat. Sweat burst from her pores, coating her alabaster skin until it gleamed under the lights. No other bit of flesh on a girl's body had as many nerve endings clustered so tightly as the clitoris. The root of a female's sexual responsiveness, the same little berry that provided intense orgasms was now being used to inflict searing agony that threatened to shred her very reason.

The Feldwebel was almost dancing with excitement and he clapped his hands with delight at the sight of her lascivious agitation, his throbbing rod bouncing at his groin. Another droplet of clear fluid emerged from its taut head, larger this time and flew away. Ausgezeichnet! This was even better than he had imagined, and it was just beginning!

Once finished with the fiendish genital piercing, she moved back out of the way. Before he could return to his spot between her thighs, Freya held up a hand. “Time to play the next round of the game, Herr Feldwebel,” the Nordic beauty crooned. “Here, let me make things a little better for you.” She took a small bottle of oil and poured some into her hand, then rubbed it over the girl's pouting sex, lubricating the outer lips and opening to her vagina. She then added some more to her palm and looked to Karl with a question in her eyes. He understood her meaning immediately. He paused a second, then took in the lurid tableau before him; one lovely young woman splayed face-up and naked for torture, tightly bound and utterly helpless to protect herself, while another topless one stood to her side and ready to assist in any hideous play he desired. I've already exposed my prick, he thought, and it does feel marvelous. What the hell! With that, he gave himself totally to his raw sadistic desire and nodded to Freya. She smiled with approval and then reached over to anoint the soldier's rigid prick, coating its length from balls to head. Karl shut his eyes and shivered with pleasure at the oily caress. Despite his resolve, he felt his muscles clench to announce an imminent orgasm, but Freya was too experienced to let that happen. She quickly reached under his scrotum and pressed her fingers firmly against the perineum until she felt the spasm subside. After a moment, he opened his eyes slowly. The woman saw that he was in control again and smiled knowingly at him. “Shall we continue?”

Back up close between her thighs, his glans again nuzzling against her sex, he hefted the belt in his hands. “I'm just about ready to begin, but first, why don't you gag her. Those last screams after you seared her clit hurt my ears.” Freya laughed. “Ja, good idea. The slut really doesn't have anything we need to hear.” It took only a moment to stick a small rubber ball into Lorrie Menconi's mouth and secure it there with a strip of cloth. The girl looked up at the Nazi woman, pleading with her eyes. The burning of her sex had been much, much worse than her wildest fears, and now these demons were taking away even the feeble outlet of screaming to give vent to her pain. And she had no hope that it would end now. No, her suffering would continue and the agony only get worse. “There now,” the Sergeant said. “That should do it. Just one more little refinement. . . .” She passed a final leather belt over her slim waist and fastened it tightly to the bench. Now even her physical reactions to the torment were malevolently restricted. “That's better. While it's fun to bind them just loosely enough that they can dance or squirm, sometimes it's nice to strap them down so tightly that they can't move an inch. There's something especially terrifying of being forced to remain absolutely motionless when the torture is applied. And now, of course, she can't move her kootzle at all to escape your rod. You see the color of those fat tits of hers? That means they're now insanely sensitive to the slightest touch. They will remain that way for perhaps another twenty minutes, growing to an angry red. A little after that they turn purple, which is when they start to get less responsive from lack of fresh blood. When the cords are removed, the new circulation hurts terribly. Then after ten minutes or so, we can tie them up again and start all over!” Karl smiled. This woman thought of everything.

He eased the very tip of his prick between Lorrie's slick labia, only deep enough that the corona, the super sensitive ring at the base of the glans, was inside. The lips seemed to sucking him in as if it wanted him fully inside her vagina. Let's see how eager she is during this next bit, he thought.

The rubber belt he held extended only two feet from its handle, so it was easy to manipulate and aim even in such close proximity to the target. The Feldwebel raised it over his head and then brought the black rubber strap down to strike the bulging right breast with a sharp SMACK! This first stroke hit straight over the outermost curve and flattened the poised pink nipple. The way he had to swing the strap dragged it across the nubbin after the impact, but being smooth rubber it didn't abrade the flesh.

Lorrie's sweat-shiny nude body went stiff, every muscle clenching fiercely. “UUUMMMFFFFF! UUUMMMMMFFF!” Despite her need to scream, only weak pitiful moans could get past the gag. The excruciating agony burst through the entire globe even though it only bit the flinty nipple. The frantic redhead rocked her shoulders from side to side, making the bloated reddish titties pitch back and forth on her chest. For Karl, the reaction to the hideous suffering he liked best was the way the little mouth between her thighs licked and sucked at his glans.

SWACKT! This time the inhuman strap found and punished Lorrie's left nipple to cruelly punish its swollen teat. Just having the nipples whipped would be a withering ordeal for any female and having the bare breasts so tightly bound first would add a demonic level of responsiveness. For poor Lorrie, the pain was made even worse by having her exquisite teats seared by red hot needles before their flogging. The combination raised the agony beyond belief. She raised her head from the bench and looked into his eyes, begging for him to stop, but the sadistic gleam of lust there promised only more and greater pain.

WHACKT! SPLATT! Two quick blows this time excoriated both aching naked nipples in turn. The soldier shoved his rigid erection a couple of inches deeper into her. Lorrie's lower body squirmed salaciously as the burned swollen clitoris reacted to the feel of the man's hard penis gliding against it. CRACKT! SMACCK! Fresh muffled grunts followed each new stroke. SWACCKT! SWACCCK! The wet rubber punished the throbbing paps once more, eliciting more lubricious feelings from his prick. Desperate to relieve the hideous sexual agony, Lorrie started beating the back of her head against the hard wooden bench, trying to knock herself out. Well experienced with the infliction of torture, Freya had been watching for this and swiftly stuck a heavy pad beneath her head. Lorrie wailed into the gag in frustration; there would be no quick escape from the insane agony attacking her bulging naked tits.

He addressed two more stinging lashes to each, then changed his tactic. First he slid his penis all the way into Lorrie's quivering vagina. Freya's earlier lubrication made the passage inside smooth and easy. Once thrust in to the hilt, he delivered three rapid strokes, all to the right globe and bloated nipple. More grunts came from her, but his attention was focused on his rigid penis. He was so deeply embedded that it felt like the spasming vaginal walls were caressing its entire length all at the same time. By now both bare breasts had flushed red, but the area centered across the helpless paps had turned an angry florid scarlet. At their centers the teats rose out full and hard as two ripe currants.

He lashed the titties again, and again, and again. The stunning young woman's head was jerking side to side as she struggled to somehow endure the hideous agony. Lukas, for his part, was struggling to somehow prolong the delightful sadistic arousal as long as possible. At last, he gave in and relaxed. As the waves started to rise uncontrollably, he gave the empurpled naked nipples two more bitter strokes, then dropped the rubber strap, grabbed the girl's hips, and began thrusting vigorously in and out of her cunt. In moments, he crossed the crest. His head arched back in blissful ecstasy as he felt his hot load spurt almost violently into the redhead's vacuuming vagina. Jet after jet of molten semen surged through his spasming rigid penis. After a seeming eternity of sexual pleasure, his ejaculation finally subsided. His head dropped down below his shoulders, supported by the arms holding her hips. Even though it was cool in the room, he was sweating, although nowhere near as much as Lorrie was. Her nude female body was running with it, the hard wooden bed of the torture bench slippery. Her eyes were closed tightly, barely conscious, although she was still breathing quickly through her nose, the taut rib cage and tits heaving every time her lungs filled with air.

When his erection had softened somewhat, he pulled it out of her gash with a lewd wet plop. Weak from her ordeal, Lorrie Menconi felt its withdrawal. Although still wracked with pain, she had done it. She had survived the savage tribulation, it was over! Sweet mother, it was finally over!

Freya untied the ropes compressing the miserable girl's angry purple-red breasts. As the cords came off their bases, the two globes settled back down to their natural shapes, although still swollen from their abuse. Next she removed the gag from her mouth. Lorrie immediately began inhaling great gusts of air in obvious relief. Her discolored naked tits rose and fell impressively to every breath. “Oh, thank you, thank you. It was so bad, so bad, so bad. I never imagined that pain like that could exist! Oh, my poor tits! They hurt so much. They hurt so much.”

The Feldwebel had walked to one of two well padded chairs against one wall and sat down. He removed a washcloth from a bowl of warm water there for the purpose and cleaned himself off. After freeing Menconi's tits, Freya came over with a fine Moselle and poured a couple of glasses for them. Lorrie Menconi was left bound to the bench to recover some of her strength, but she had no way of knowing that her trial was not over. But Lukas and Kraus knew.

Sipping her wine, the Sergeant leaned over to him. She dropped one hand to idly play with his semi-erect penis. “You did very well over there, Herr Feldwebel. When I saw how you reacted to the selection process, how aroused you got, I was afraid you wouldn't last long during the actual play, but you held up—that's a joke—admirably. Since you wanted that other equipment brought here, I assume you have something else in mind.” He nodded, grinning. “That's what I thought. We'll give the whore a while to catch her breath. Not that she'll be very comfortable. Now that those big titties are untied, the blood flow will resume full force. They got somewhat numb there at the end, but when the fresh circulation reaches those angry nerve endings again. . . .”

* * *

It took almost ten minutes before the pitiful groans finally subsided. The tight tit constriction had mercifully provided the plum-colored mounds with some measure of numbness at the end. Once the cords had been removed, fresh oxygenated blood coursed through them again, stimulating the savagely abused nerve endings with an intense pins and needles sensation, then fully reawakening the throbbing agony from their beating. The Feldwebel and the Sergeant weren't in a hurry, however, and simply sat side by side, sipping their wine and discussing the next step of Menconi's ordeal. Freya nodded her approval and complemented him on his ingenuity. “If it works out as you think, I shall mention your idea to the Major. He is always open to new methods of pain and pleasure; their pain, his pleasure, of course, and as your thought makes extensive use of the breasts, I'm sure he'll be interested. Come, we can begin again as soon as you're ready.”

Karl Lukas was a young man, so even after the powerful orgasm he had just enjoyed, his exposed penis was already starting to rise again in anticipation of what was coming next. The buxom redhead didn't put up much of a fight when they unfastened her arms and legs from the bench, hoping that her torment was finally over, but then she felt her wrists being cuffed behind her back and knew that wasn't so.

They shoved her to the other padded bench. While Freya spread her legs wide and tied her ankles hugely apart, the Feldwebel attached a rope to the cuff chain and passed it through a ceiling ring. He yanked it tight, drawing her arms up and painfully straining her shoulders, a variation of the old strappado. Now her naked torso was bent over the bench, her plump enreddened titties dangling down. Karl inspected her, well satisfied with her position. The playground was ready. It was time to begin!

He climbed up onto the padded bench. Once fully prone, he wriggled his hips down until his loins were directly beneath the swaying naked breasts. Now his plan was obvious. He reached down with both hands to play with the hanging gourds, relishing the feel of their hot welted skin. The seared teats were still turgid and hard and a faint gasp came from her gagged mouth when he pinched and rolled them between his fingertips. The fondling and anticipation was intensely erotic and his bared penis grew quickly into a full rigid erection again and the taut glans just brushed the inside contours between Lorrie's pendant bare tits. Ach, ja, he thought, this was going to be fun!

He looked up into her pain-filled eyes. “Let me tell you how this little game is played, bitch. The sergeant is going to work on your ass and cunt any way she wants. As a woman who just loves pretty young girls like you, you can bet that she'll enjoy it and as a female herself, she will know just how to motivate you to your best efforts. Now what you have to do is make me come again using just those nice soft tits of yours. Of course, you will have to work extra hard since I just shot my load in you. Your motivation is that Sergeant Kraus will keep after your bottom until you do. Won't that be fun? Now get to work. Fraulein Freya, anytime you like.”

The Feldwebel leaned back, locking his arms behind his head. The few glasses of wine he'd had given him a nice glow and his dick was hard and eager. Freya started immediately, smacking Lorrie's proffered buttocks with the same short rubber strap that had so recently punished her poor titties. She jerked to the sudden pain and they swept over the man's carefully placed erection. Again and again the supple black belt hit home, now spreading its kisses over her body from lower back to upper thighs. Every stroke created an atrocious stinging across her out thrust flesh and forced her body to jerk lasciviously. Her vigorous reaction had the effect Karl had been hoping for, making her tortured tits sweep across his swollen rod.

The erotic sensations in his rigid penis were even better than he had anticipated. Sometimes the naked breasts bounced side to side, at others they swept up and back over the taut male rod, bouncing it about, but the most exhilarating feelings came when the burned red teats caressed its underside and glans. Their skin was still hot from the earlier flogging adding to his pleasure. Every so often, he would pinch them painfully with his fingertips to pull the meaty gourds together to fuck him with their silky inner contours, then releasing them to continue the frenzied dance of pain over his sex.

Ten minutes of the delightful play passed. After Lorrie's lower body had blushed an angry crimson, Freya switched to a hardwood cane. After the strap sensitized her flesh, the concentrated impacts of the stiff rod inflicted a sharper, more concentrated pain. The Nazi woman was using all of the considerable strength in her arm to beat the girl, raising hard purple welts across the once soft white skin. Soon, the flesh started to crack open where the marks of the cane crossed so now both ass cheeks and rod were painted with bright red blood. Beautiful as she was, the dark-red haired bint was still one of the condemned so ripping the skin open was permitted, even encouraged as it made the suffering more intense.

No longer pulling away in revulsion, Lorrie Menconi was now forcing her throbbing tits down to sexually stimulate the grinning man as much as she could, despite the sharp pain that caused in her shoulder joints. Only by bringing him to a second orgasm could she escape the hellish beating so she was doing her best to make that happen as quickly as possible. She actually found herself wishing that he would remove her gag, not to scream, but so she could take that loathsome thing between his legs in her mouth and suck it to a quicker orgasm.

Freya now stepped up her attack. Taking up a large glass syringe, she filled it with a yellowish liquid. Sticking it deep inside the girl's gaping sex, she depressed the plunger steadily as she withdrew it. The last bit she squirted over Lorrie's plump hairless genital lips and seared clitoris. Then she stood back and waited. It didn't take long before a demented whine came out of the gag and her lovely nude body tensed furiously. A moment later, insane convulsions began that swept her titties faster around and over Lukas' erection.

“What did you do, Sergeant? The bitch seems to have found a new level of energy.”

“Just a little splash of acid to her cunt, Herr Feldwebel. Not full strength, of course. That would corrode her most delicate flesh and make her useless for fucking. No, it's diluted just enough to aggravate and blister. It will heal after a while so she will be able to appreciate the tender attentions of the guards when she is given to them at the end. And not to worry, I was very careful to make sure that none of it will come anywhere near your busy prick and balls.”

Imagining the fiendish genital agony further stimulated his sexual arousal to near breaking point. “More, Sergeant!” he cried. “Hurt her more.” Freya understood what he wanted. He must be ready to climax now. Indeed, even so soon after his last one, she was somewhat surprised that he had lasted so long given the intense sadistic stimulation Lorrie was providing.

This time she chose a short braided leather quirt that ended with a pair of pointed, inch-long strips. Standing directly behind the girl, she started sweeping the vicious little whip up between her straining thighs to kiss the acid-sensitized lips. Freya swept the venomous quirt rapidly up and back with a snap of her wrist so just the supple tips kissed her helpless slit. It took only six strokes before the taut blistered flesh cracked open and bright red genital blood started dropping to the floor. Unbelievably, the fiendish pain rose again from the tearing of her genital flesh and the remaining acid that seeped in to irritate the exposed nerve endings.

Karl guessed what she was doing from the wet smacking sound and the redhead's palsied struggles. He gripped the aching teats again and held the the enreddened bare breasts tightly around his throbbing penis. The girl's frantic motions to escape the hideous genital agony pushed their inner curves rapidly up and back over the shaft. The erotic sensations were exquisite and now he gave himself fully to them.

He kept pulling the nipples together until he felt the waves of pleasure rising from his scrotum and then released them, arms back behind his head, eager to come with just the grazing of her tits to take him over the crest. He could feel his tumescent shaft start jerking up against the jiggling gourds, then the waves turned into rippling vibrations and the exhilaration of climax coursed through his body. He tensed as the first hot jets of semen shot out. So strong was his orgasm that the milky spurts arced all the way to his chest. With every powerful ejaculation, his whole body shivered with sexual ecstasy. Freya maintained her devilish cunt whipping throughout the man's orgasm. The spasms finally subsided and his body dropped back on the cushions, squirming like a puppy in delight.

Despite the unbelievable pain they had ripped from her sex organs, pretty Lorrie Menconi was still conscious and suffering. “Do not move, Herr Feldwebel,” Freya said to him, “I will take care of everything.”

She untied the ropes holding Lorrie's wrists up toward the ceiling. She saw that both shoulders had turned a livid purple-blue from the overstretched muscles and tendons. At the release, Lorrie's palsied torso flopped down over the man's lower body, head on his come-slick chest. But there was to be no end to her ordeal just yet. Sergeant Kraus ripped off the suffocating gag and the redhead's chest started heaving as she sucked in deep gasps of air. Lukas could feel her tortured breasts pushing up and down against his deflating penis and discovered it a most pleasurable form of after-play.

“Stop resting, bitch!” Freya barked. “There's still work to be done. Now get your head up and lick this brave German soldier's body clean, and don't neglect his Schwanz! Hurry up now, or do you want me to touch you up between those sluttish thighs again?”

“No, oh no No NO! I'll do it. I'll do it!” The pretty girl pushed herself up slowly, shoulders aching from their near dislocation. As soon as her pigtailed head was up, she forced down her revulsion and started lapping up the viscous liquid spread over his chest and stomach. It took her almost ten minutes to get all of it and she she had to fight the urge to gag. Only the terror of more sexual pain kept her tongue busy.

The Nazi woman untied her widely spread ankles while Lorrie continued. Then she even lifted the sagging penis and took it into her warm wet mouth to suck it clean. When she was finished, Freya pulled her back and let her collapse to the floor. Her hands fluttered over body as she simultaneously tried to ease the throbbing heat in her titties and vulva, but there was no relief. Finally, Freya set a small bucket of water down beside her. “Clean yourself off, whore. You're sweaty and starting to smell.” The young girl immediately splashed some on her bleeding gash, repeatedly sloshing up more with her hand to try to wash the remaining acid out of her blistered vagina. Freya turned away from her and back to the lounging naked man.

“You were right to advise me to strip for the torture,” he said with a smile. Never have I enjoyed myself more! In fact, I think I'll have another go later this evening! I will need another bint to play with, of course. I don't think this one will be good for much more today. After all, I've only got another day here and I want to make this weekend really memorable.”

Freya nodded with a smile. “You are correct that it will take a while before she heals enough for another session, but she's not permanently damaged. There will be some lasting marks on her ass, but she'll be fine. After a couple of weeks she will be good for another bout of punishment before she's given to the men.” She smiled cruelly. So this stud wants another go tonight and then there's still all day tomorrow. Well, he's young enough and he does display a talent for ingenuity. Who knows, after she describes his idea and performance to the Major, he just might have this one transferred here. He's a nice enough lad and he did display a gift for sadistic punishment without ruining the wench for further sport. Too many of the guests destroyed their wenches within an hour of getting them. Yes, this Feldwebel might just be a good addition to the staff.

* * * * *

This evening Heinrich planned to appropriately introduce Diane Thomas to the dark delights the Schloss had to offer. Another Englishwoman, she had been taken when her transport plane was shot down over the Channel. She was a Second Officer with the WRNS, the Women's Royal Naval Service, or Wrens. By any account, she was a beautiful young woman, 5' 6”, and a ripe 21 years of age. Her sleek skin was that lovely cream color so typical of the English. Her fine hair cascaded down to her shoulders, an appealing shade of blonde with a decided reddish tinge, what the Brits called strawberry blonde and Venetian blonde on the Continent. Her face carried a mature, elegant beauty, perfect delicate features framed by perfectly complementary hair. To complete her loveliness, Diane's eyes were a beautiful light sky-blue. During his inspection of her body after she'd been stripped nude in his office, he had admired her lithe form and feminine curves. As always, one area of her drew most of his attention, the chest. Her upper torso was superb. Narrow hips tapered up into a slim waist and taut concave belly, this rose up sharply to reveal a deep rib cage, and perched upon it rested an exquisite pair of finely formed mounds. Heinrich recalled how his penis had filled at the sight. Diane's stunning bare breasts sat up high and proud on her chest. A 34C cup, they appeared substantially larger due to her narrow back. They were a perfect teardrop shape, full-fleshed, yet with no overlap on the ribs. Resting high on their centers were two broad, delicate pink disks tipped by already erect teats. Diane's lovely breasts and nipples, taken as a whole, projected an almost palpable aura of softness, a quality he soon verified with his hands. Their flesh was resilient and the skin like dry velvet under his fingertips. When touched, the succulent nipples crinkled up around the tips, a good indication of extreme sensitivity, he knew. The rest of her body was equally splendid: sleek muscular calves and thighs rising to a shy quim covered with a sparse patch of fine, strawberry-gold hairs. The feathery inner lips peaked out demurely from between the juicy outer labia. All in all, she displayed the carriage and qualities of a vital young woman in the peak of sexual ripening. It was a body made to stimulate the ardor of men with the deep responsiveness of women. And while it could have been designed for physical sexual pleasure, it was also ideally designed for protracted sadistic torture. . . .

He decided to have her brought to his favorite place, the Medieval Chamber. In keeping with the sordid atmosphere of the Inquisition, he wore a dark floor-length robe. This day he was accompanied by DeDe Lind, the cute American blonde. Unlike the last time he had her, she wasn't naked, but was allowed a thin white skirt sitting low on her hips well below the dainty navel. Above, she was gloriously nude to the waist, her superb milky-white bare breasts jiggling demurely in the flickering torchlight.

Before the main event of the day, he first took DeDe over to where another young woman was suffering. Head drooping, blindfolded and gagged, she was bound in a most bizarre way. Arms overlaid behind her back, she had been made to ride the top of a grotesque device, a big V-shaped ridge of iron set up on four legs set into the stone floor, the aptly named Spanish Horse. From what DeDe Lind could see, she was a lovely girl with rich red hair and a sprinkling of freckles across face, shoulders, and upper chest. With every slow labored breath, the high-perched bare breasts trembled on her rib cage. DeDe was horrified to see that the girl was perched on the frame so that her helpless sex rested directly on the very top of the iron edge. To add to the horror, the redhead's shapely legs had been drawn up and apart to either side, ankles on the level of her hips. This ensured that all of her weight was focused entirely on the ridge splitting her labial lips.

“This is Caitlin MacAskill, Miss Lind. Quite lovely, isn't she?” He cupped the closest boob and pinched its teat, drawing a sharp intake of breath through her button nose. “Splendid breasts, too. I wanted her to offer them to me in a particular way, but she refused, refused! Me! Well, I couldn't have that, so I had her taken back to ride the Horse some more. She'd been on it before my request, but apparently not long enough to convince her to obey me. This time, she will ride it for two full days and revived whenever she lapses into unconsciousness—no sense training a female who isn't aware she's being trained, now is there? Pretty Caitlin is still with us, although her strength does appear to be flagging. Let's wake her up a bit.”

He lifted a short quirt from the wall and swiftly gave the painfully mounted girl three wicked backhand slices across the nicely rounded buttocks. The head snapped up, auburn hair flying, and muffled moans of agony escaped her gag. He replaced the leather lash on its peg. Caitlin's nude body writhed on the cruel frame, the creamy titties heaving. “Perhaps the next time you will be more obedient when I want you to do something, neh?

Heinrich led DeDe over to an ornate high-backed chair. He pulled her down to sit on his lap and held her around the waist with his left arm. Then his right hand came up to gently fondle her silken bare breasts. DeDe shivered at the touch and felt her areolae crinkle. It reminded her, in an aberrant way, of when she had last been with her boyfriend back in Illinois. They had both loved this kind of sensuous petting after he removed her blouse and bra. Now feeling this Nazi sadist indulging in the same kind of sweet play with her tender white tits in a medieval torture chamber filled her with revulsion and fear. She didn't think it was her time again so soon, but couldn't be sure. Then the iron door creaked open and the two sergeants entered holding another girl between them.

The two women wore black leather head masks and short leather skirts. Both had bared themselves to the waist. Lovely Diane was dressed in a long, faded gray cotton smock that hung down to her ankles. The only things keeping it on her body were four laces at shoulders and sides leaving her shapely arms bare. Upon entry, the strawberry blonde looked around her with growing dismay. At her callous interview, the Major had told her plainly of the pain she could expect, but still didn't prepare her for the horrific sight before her; the reality made her blood run cold. Nothing less than a fully functional medieval torture chamber! Over there was a naked girl astride a hideous metal wedge, and back against one wall another one hung spreadeagled, her body covered with bleeding scarlet welts.

Slipping into character, Heinrich set DeDe aside and walked up to the cringing Diane Thomas and put on a grim countenance. “So this is the accused Hexe, the witch. I understand she has refused to confess her heresy. Fortunately, the Inquisition has the means to break her resistance.”

“Wha-Wha-What!? Witch? Witch!? What are you talking about? This is insane! This is 1943! The Inquisition ended centuries ago! There's no such thing as witches!”

Schmidt was having fun. “You see? Even now, this wretch denies her guilt! Strip her and lay her on the rack!”

Still protesting, she was led forcefully to the ancient device of torment. The man was employing the very same tactics used by the German Inquisition centuries before: Show the accused the instrument of interrogation, strip her naked, attach her to the thing, then begin applying the Question. Most confessed well before the final step, but there would be no such escape for the pretty WREN.

So over to the rack she went, struggling all the way. Anja and Freya let her look at it a moment. It was a replica, modified somewhat for the . A twelve-foot long bed of dark stained oak tilted at a 45-degree angle, large spoked wheels on either side at the top controlling a drum holding thick ropes, and ankle straps attached to the broadened bottom. There was even the rectangular gap in the center where spiked rollers could be fitted, but they would not be used today. Hanging from the side were a collection of whips, pincers, and blades while a small brazier of glowing red coals stood on a pedestal nearby. She also saw a small flat leather pad partway toward the top that confused her, but it hardly seemed important at the moment. The rack was such a simple looking device and yet a malevolent aura seemed to surround it.

Now the two female minions went to work, untying the knots at the girl's sides and shoulders. The faded smock fell to Diane's feet and she stood gloriously nude in the torture chamber. Heinrich was standing on the other side of the crude mechanism, the topless DeDe at his side, and he admired again the feminine flawlessness of the strawberry-tressed beauty's naked body. Lithe, elegant, and covered in a sheath of silky alabaster skin, she was a vision of sensual loveliness. As always, he paid the most attention to her swelling bosom: Firm, perfect rain-drop gourds of pearly white flesh, delicately quivering in fear. At their tips perched the pale pink nipples. Heinrich was pleased to see that her enticing teats were already hard in their centers, a condition he especially enjoyed. She was one of those rare young women who were always erect there, although he knew many fiendish methods to enhance their size even more.

The sergeants looked at him and he nodded assent. They immediately lifted Diane Thomas and lifted her, laying her face-up on the wood frame, begging and protesting in vain. The two grimly dressed women were much too powerful and her struggles to escape were useless. Anja knotted the ropes around her wrists while Freya locked her ankles widely apart to the leather cuffs. In a moment, she was loosely yet helplessly bound. She fought against the thick cords and broad straps holding her limbs, trying desperately to climb off the rack, but her binding held her atop the hardwood bed. Her struggles had the consequence of making her lovely nude body squirm lasciviously. Unnoticed by her, the front of the fake inquisitor's robe assumed a decided bulge. Having such a naked beauty exposed in the Torture Chamber was one of his most favorite fantasies come true. Now for the final part of setting the ideal atmosphere and maximizing her terror. “Anja, send for Corporal Vogel.”

She tugged a couple of times on a brocade sash hanging from the ceiling, then stood waiting. It didn't take long. They all heard the soft sounds of footsteps coming down the far stairwell and across the stone floor. Following their gaze, Diane turned her head toward the faint noise. The lovely azure eyes went wide and a chill went down her spine. Approaching her was the most bestial man she had ever seen. He was tall and broad and incredibly muscled, every line in sharp relief. What inspired the greatest fear was that the brute was completely naked and sporting a monstrous erection that wobbled obscenely as he walked toward her. In keeping with the Inquisitorial game his Major wanted to play today, he wore the black leather mask of the executioner: covering his head, the bottom cut away to show his nose and mouth. Two holes showed the bright cruel eyes behind it. When he reached the side of the rack, he stopped and clasped his hands behind his back. Close up, he was even more terrifying, the loathsome tumescent penis more threatening in its sadistic implication. She had expected some pain and probably some sexual abuse—she was not a child—but never had she ever contemplated the possibility of savage torment inspiring vile rape by such a monster. “This is Corporal Horst Vogel, Fraulein,” Schmidt commented dryly to the speechless Diane. “He shall serve as the secular executioner in our little scenario today. You probably didn't know that the priests of the Inquisition rarely subjected the accused to the Question Extraordinary—that's what they called the actual torture—themselves, although a few so inclined probably did and most no doubt were willing enough to avail themselves of the accused female's charms afterward. No, instead they had civil assistants do the heavy work for them, so they needed men like Horst here. Men with no reservations about brutality and the strength to administer it properly. Many of the inquisitors discovered that the application of the Question on naked female victims was intensely . . . ah . . . stimulating, shall we say. We'll never know how many of the priests temporarily put aside their vows of chastity in the face of such temptation. Few men are immune to the arousing sight of a nude young woman suffering extreme torture, even the most pious. As their priestly vows supposedly denied them the pleasures of good women, few could resist the opportunity to rape naked young witches who were helplessly bound and whose agonized writhing inflamed their lust, no doubt justifying it by calling them less than human, even though their kootzles surely felt human enough and it's not as if they had to worry about the witch getting pregnant—the stake took care of that. And, of course, after the priests were done, the executioner would get something more than the few silver Marks of their salary for their effort. As you can see, Minion Vogel is already quite prepared for that. He can get this way whenever he likes. Just the anticipation of playing with a young girl like you with the whips and irons is all he needs to get hard and stay that way, even after multiple . . . um . . . encounters. It's called satyriasis. Well, enough pleasant chat. Vogel, you may begin.”

The Nazi hulk looked down at Diane's naked white form with a lewd grin. It was a demonic little smile and it brought the girl's nudity and vulnerability rushing through her mind and she tried again to wrench her body free, with the same lack of success. Still smiling, Horst reached for one of the wheel spokes and gave it a slight turn. Immediately, she felt the first tug on her wrists.

The corporal turned the wheel slowly, every additional half inch announced by a clack of the ratchets. Gradually, ever so gradually, the gorgeous redhead's arms were drawn up and back. Clack, clack, clack, the wheel turned, the ropes tightened, and Diane's hands were pulled inexorably past her belly, then higher over the taut rib cage. As they rose closer to her head, she tried desperately to hide and protect her heaving naked breasts, terrified that they should be exposed to her captors in this hellish torture chamber, but her hands were drawn slowly past them until they rose to within a foot of the frame's top. Now her slim form was completely splayed out on her back on the rack. Heinrich watched avidly while Horst Vogel worked the wheel around even more, constantly adding to the tension on Diane's naked body. At last he called a halt, but only when she was tight and arched, every muscle of her arms, torso, and legs clearly defined from the devilish strain.

Diane's nude white form was now completely stretched out and helpless, face up on the dark oaken bed. Heinrich had been curious about how her boobs would react to the prone position. With some women, this attitude caused the tits to droop down their sides. This was common with the heavy fleshed ones and while it didn't ease their suffering any, it detracted a bit from his enjoyment. The angling of the rack moderated the effect somewhat, but he needn't have worried. The girl's youth and vitality saw to it that they still thrust up and out proudly. Horst's stretching had her torso taut, belly concave, heaving rib cage sharply defined and prominent—a perfect stage for the arrogant bare breasts. In their centers, the succulent nipples and erect teats lifted with each breath. Down below, the yawning thighs exposed her delicate pink labia beneath the small honey-gold patch of fine hair. Her slit looked to the Major just like a little pleading mouth. He laughed; it was pleading in vain!

Now it was finally time to get a good feel of the girl. He relished the experience of caressing a young woman's skin moments before her agonizing ordeal would begin. Beside the pleasure he derived from the silky feel of creamy soft flesh, he knew that this play only added to the wench's apprehension by confirming to her the utter helplessness of her plight, nude in the hands of sadists intent on inflicting pitiless sexual torture on her. He started with her thighs, gliding his hands over them and felt her muscles tense under his fingertips. Moving up to her notch, his fingers wandered over the velvety lips then teased the dainty pink pearl of her clitoris. This, he well knew, added an intense feeling of shame to the proceedings. Again upward his fingers roamed, caressing the taut stomach and rising over the deep rib cage, feeling each rounded bone in turn. Finally it was the turn of Diane's snowy bare breasts. Almost reverently, his hands fondled the upthrust globes. Incredibly soft and resilient, they would be able to take a lot of punishment. At last his fingertips found the delicate nipples. Achingly responsive to even this gentle touch, he could hardly wait to watch when the corporal turned his dreadful attentions to them. He was amused to see the areolas crinkle around the teat at the touch. Diane moaned in fear. All of the most sensitive parts of her exposed female body were now totally available to whatever horror he chose to wreak on them and she was bound tightly face up on the rack completely helpless to prevent him.

“Yes, Miss Thomas, you are now mounted on the Rack, that most famous of instruments employed by the Inquisition. I'm sure you've heard of it. The idea is simplicity itself; a flat wood table to support you, ropes to hold your wrists and ankles out, and then a capstan at the top to pull on the ropes. It would be used to slowly stretch the suspected heretic's body more and more, until the tendons and ligaments were strained to their limit. Beyond that point, all of the major joints—elbows, shoulders, knees, and hips—would dislocate, popping out of the sockets. They say that the pain is unbelievably excruciating. Occasionally, more strain was added until the limbs were literally torn from the victim. Pretty gruesome, neh? That wasn't all, of course. As agonizing as the stretching certainly was itself, the rack was also an excellent means to hold the victim's body absolutely unprotected and available for any additional torments they chose to inflict, like a good whipping, say, or the kiss of red-hot irons.” The man extended his right arm over Diane's form, stroking his fingertips up and down her body idly. The touch sent an immediate chill through her that Heinrich noted as a field of delightful goosebumps across the skin. “The good priests had other interests, as well. You can be sure that all of the attractive female prisoners were stripped naked and laid out on their backs. Those that obeyed their holy vows against fucking likely still found a most enjoyable sexual outlet from ordering the infliction of fiendish suffering on the accused young witches. I've always been intrigued by that scenario: a pretty young woman naked in a medieval torture chamber—that's why I had this room restored to full working order. That's also why I plan to play-act the Priest and the Accused Witch for your introduction to the pain. I must say I'm eager to get started.”

Diane stared up at him in utter terror. She couldn't believe the way this man could so casually describe the horrors of this dank torchlit chamber with all of its grotesque engines of pain. Then there was his plan to stage a scene from the Inquisition! She had read text books about that hideous institution from centuries ago, but never in her wildest nightmares did she ever imagine that she would one day play one of the central characters in this all too accurate reenactment. Knowing his preferences, the sergeants had moved the Major's ornate chair closer to the rack so he could get a better view of the action to come. Heinrich sat and tugged the topless DeDe down to his feet. He leaned forward, cupped her chin, and gazed straight into her pretty blue eyes. “Here's what we're going to do now, you and I,” he said. “I am going to sit here and enjoy the show and you are going to help me. It will be your job to keep me nice and hard throughout, but you better not make me come too soon. You shall make use of your hands and tits to caress me—you know where. And then when I am ready, you will take me in that sweet little mouth—no, no, don't look at me like that. When you were brought here, you were afraid that you were going to be made to suffer again, weren't you—no, don't deny it. You could have, you know. Very simply with a mere word from me. Would you like it if I gave you naked into Vogel's hands? Yes, you will use your lips and tongue to keep me stimulated and when I tell you, you will take my prick all the way inside and suck on it until it spurts—and you better swallow every drop! I told Lady Thomas there about the corporal's satyr capabilities, and I can assure you that his sadistic lust is as great as mine, so you will do what I say and do it to the best of your ability or Horst gets you. Now open the front of my robe and get to work. Corporal Vogel, begin the Question Extraordinary!”

At these words, Diane's panic peaked. “Please, please, please, don't hurt me!” she cried. “Oh mama, mama, don't hurt me! Let me go, I beg you! Please! I'll do anything you want only don't hurt me!” Then Horst laid a meaty hand on her loins and slid one calloused finger into her gaping quim, confirming her worst fears. “NOOOOOOOO!”

It was now time to resume this scenario's proper historic atmosphere and get into character. “Well now, Hexe!” Heinrich exclaimed. “You are accused of heresy and witchcraft. Do you confess to the charges? Come, what say you? Are you a witch or not!?” “Wha-What are you saying?” Diane's terrified mind came back from her physical predicament to the incongruous words. “A witch? Of course I'm not a witch! There are no witches any more! This is insane. You're all insane! Please just let me go! PLEASE! I don’t want to be naked here!”

“Horst, I grow tired with stubbornness. Prepare the wretch properly for her whipping!” From past experience, the brute knew that the girl's body had become adjusted to the tug of the ropes and, although already nicely exposed, he wanted her utterly helpless and motionless. Taking hold of the spokes again, he drew them back two more clicks of the ratchet until he was satisfied. The new level of tension strained her sinews to their absolute limit, adding an aching pain all its own.

Heinrich addressed her again. “Now Diane, in a few moments my minion is going to flog you. It will hurt a great deal, of course, but I've found that a little pre-whipping preparation first adds to the discomfort considerably, especially on those most tender and private parts of your sex. The easiest and most common method is a few touches with the red hot needles, or a few drops of acid, perhaps, but I have a different idea for you. Sergeant Jaeger, bring the wasps!” The stretched naked girl's head twisted side to side in disbelief. Wasps? Wasps! What could they mean to do with wasps?! She soon found out!

The brute accepted a small metal box and a pair of tweezers from Anja. He popped it open and reached inside. He removed the tweezers and held them up in front of the strawberry-blonde's eyes. She gasped in revulsion. There, angrily wriggling in the jaws, was an angry yellow and black striped insect. The wings had been pulled off first. Horst took up a pair of slim pliers with his other hand and leaned over the captive victim. Anja grabbed Thomas' shoulders to hold her torso even more motionless on the bench. The huge Nazi leaned over and gripped the erect tip of her right breast with the pliers. A little pressure pinched up the flesh even further and he lowered the wasp toward it. With surprising delicacy for such a large man, he positioned the insect above the nubbin. She felt the busy little legs tickle it a moment before it struck. Immediately Diane's nude body jerked sharply and a high-pitched squeal came forth. The insect had been perfectly placed and the pulsating stinger found the tiny hole in the very tip of the teat! The lovely girl squealed loudly over and over at the sudden razor-sharp pain caused by the tiny lance stabbing her sensitive flesh and injecting its venom. Schmidt's eyes glittered at the sight her nude female body made squirming to its puny limit on the ancient device of torture.

Horst wasted no time now, selecting a fresh wasp from the box and positioning it above the other pap. Anja pressed down on the girl's shoulders again, holding Diane down firmly against the stained wood. She shrieked again when the new stinger pierced her left titty tip. Her head rocked side to side in pain and revulsion, so she didn't see the two Nazis move down toward the foot of the rack, so her surprise was complete when she felt the woman's hands grip her hips and push them down. Oh, no, no, no, her mind erupted in panic. They couldn't mean to do that! Not that! But of course he did. The pliers dipped down until the cold jaws closed about her tender clit, making the dainty pink berry bulge. Then came a new wasp and her body went rigid on the oak bed as the furious insect injected its urticating venom into the dainty genital pearl.

While Diane's fiendish preparation was going on, DeDe had started her distasteful task with Heinrich. Kneeling beside his chair, she reached one hesitant hand to the front of his black robe and drew one side then the other apart. It was obvious that the first part of her task was already accomplished as his erect male shaft lifted into view. She reached out one tentative hand and touched it with her small fingertips. She felt it twitch up with pleasure each time he saw the lancinating sting attack the splayed girl's hapless teats and clit. His eyes never left the lurid scene on the rack before him. He so enjoyed having his penis naked and exposed to the delights of the torture chamber, especially with the added delight of having a cute young girl teasing it while he watched the action.

Now Horst made ready for the main course of torment. Looking over the collection of tools hanging from the rack's side, he selected a whip with three supple leather strips. Every stroke with it would create a fearsome stinging pain, but would not break the fine skin. As this was the girl's first taste of the torture, he knew that the Major would want one as beautiful as this unblemished by scars for his later enjoyment. He knew that with this weapon would take only a week or so before her smooth skin returned to its original creamy perfection.

He began immediately with a sharp sweep of the thongs down across Diane Thomas' taut lower belly. A second blow closely followed the first, this time over the tops of her straining thighs. Each stroke began with a whistling hiss that ended with a crisp THWACKT! as the three thin leather strips caressed her soft white curves. The corporal's muscular right arm rose and fell with a steady rhythm, a strike every couple of seconds. Lash followed lash; one dozen, then two. Diane's nude body was writhing lasciviously on the rack under the relentless attack and her splendid alabaster skin now glowed moistly with sweat in the flickering torchlight. A pattern of rising scarlet welts now decorated the girl's slender form from ribs to knees.

Schmidt was exhilarated as he watched the erotic scene just in front of him. DeDe had one small hand holding the base of his rampant penis, drawing the skin tight while the slim fingers of the other slid delicately up and down the shaft. She could feel it twitching with pleasure under her intimate touch. It made her flesh crawl that the man was deriving so much obvious enjoyment from the abominable torture being inflicted on the poor miserable girl, but didn’t dare stop her salacious genital play; anything to spare herself from the pain.

WhissssssSCRACKT! WhisssssSTWACKT! Up and down, Horst worked his whip over the squirming naked body. Now he started adding some demonic little refinements to the beating. Using added reach and a snap of the wrist, he sent the ends of the thongs to seek out the thin sensitive skin of her sides from ribs to hips and the inner thighs from hip to knee. The worst pain came from the ones that found the armpit or flesh just below her sex. This fiendish new flailing brought the first real break of the redhead's strength and she surrendered to the make believe scenario.

“AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRAAAAHHHHHH! Yes, yes! I confess! I confess! Yes, I'm a witch! I'm a witch! Now will you stop this monstrous torture? PLEASE! I CONFESS! I CONFESS! NOW STOP HURTING MEEEEEE!”

Heinrich remained in his chair, but responded to her maddened pleas. “Hold your arm, good executioner! It seems the Hexe has something she wants to say.” When Corporal Vogel stopped, he continued, “Good, very good, you admit to your witchery. And I shall have you removed from the rack and tended to—just as soon as you give me the specifics of your heresy. I want acts, dates, the names of those in your coven! Come, tell me the exact nature of your offenses against the Holy Church and I will spare you. If not . . .”

“I-I-I don't know. I DON'T KNOW! Oh, how can I tell you things I don't know?! Please, have mercy on me. It hurts so! It hurts so . . .”

DeDe had stopped her lissome masturbation when he started talking, but now she lifted one slim hand and returned it to his still hard sex. Diane Thomas had her head turned to look at him during the brief discussion, so she saw this action and the fresh sadistic glint in his eyes. The full horror of her situation came crashing down on her. It didn't matter what she said or did, her suffering would go on and on and only get worse as long as it enhanced his sexual pleasure. Yet she still didn't know how right she was. As painful as it had been so far, the whip had avoided the obvious organs of her sex: her breasts and genitalia, a fact she hadn't noticed under the painful beating so far, but Heinrich hadn't forgotten. No, he had special plans for them, his favorite parts of the female body to torture. The Major gestured to Horst with a hand. Time to move on, it said. Then he looked down at the topless girl at his feet. “That's enough with your fingers, Miss Lind, although I do enjoy it. I think you have a natural talent for pleasing a man. Let's try you with something else. Move between my knees now. Until I tell you to stop, I want you to use those fine soft tits of yours in place of your hands. Use your imagination. You know what will happen if you do poorly.” He leaned back to fully appreciate the next bit.

At the beginning of the flogging, Freya had set up an electric heater with a large pot of water near the head of the rack. The use of a modern appliance in the medieval milieu of the chamber was somewhat incongruous, but temperature control was important for the next bit and, after all, it was the effect that really mattered. Horst wanted the water kept just slightly roiling, hot enough to scald, but not blister.

The bestial Nazi soldier dipped a cup into the simmering liquid and moved it a few inched above the trembling right globe. He tilted it over a bit so the water poured out to splash over the upthrust tit. Diane convulsed on the oaken bench and she squealed in shock and pain. He started by aiming at the angry swollen teat, then moved the stream around until the entire bare breast was wet. Steam rose up from the tender female gourd in the cool chamber air. DeDe had been sliding the velvety skin of her titties up and back against him and felt his phallus twitch up against them at the sudden cry of agony behind her. She quashed the instinct to look, afraid of what she'd see.

Horst gave the lovely strawberry blonde a minute to catch her breath then treated the firm left breast the same way. The scalding of her tits would have been agonizing by itself, but when the hot water splashed over her wasp-stung teats it was absolutely excruciating and fresh squeals ripped from her throat. Even now, struggling fiercely against her immobilizing bonds and consumed by the burning pain in her tits, she didn't foresee what was next for her. He dipped out a third cupful and positioned it above her loins. Then the shrieks rose again as Vogel poured the steaming water over her pubic mound so that it flowed down to scald her genital lips and the venom-bloated clitoris.

Heinrich felt a frisson of lusty delight tingle through his penis from the lascivious scene unfolding in front of him. Both of Diane's heaving tits now flushed the bright red of a bad sunburn, the turgid points sticking up flinty hard from her nipples. A few additional scarlet streaks ran down her sides and rib cage from the steaming water. He then felt an exquisite new sensation come from his rigid penis. Using one hand to hold it steady at the base, DeDe used the other to guide the erect teat of her right pap slowly up and down its underside. Every stroke ended at the hypersensitive tissue delta just below the glans, the frenulum. Ach, ja, he thought, this cute little bint is a natural.

For the corporal, the playground was ready for him to continue. The skin of both bare breasts and labia were scalded an angry red, with just a few tiny blisters scattered about. Her soft female flesh would be hideously sensitive to the slightest touch and soon it would feel much more than that. He gripped the nearest bulb and fondled it coarsely drawing more frantic wails from the young woman's raw throat.

Heinrich decided that it was time now for the grand finale as Corporal Vogel took up the tri-thonged lash again. “Your mouth now, Liebling. You will use your tongue and lips and nothing else, but you are not to take it in any further than the head. Until I tell you, you will focus on it alone. Then, again only when I say, you will take me all the way into your mouth and suck me as your life depended on it, as it does. Start now, if you please, and remember what I told you about swallowing.” He gestured over with one hand. “As you can see, the Whipping Frame is vacant and I enjoyed watching you on it that first day.”

Horst took aim with his whip and brought it whistling down to caress both naked red breasts with a vicious TWACKT! The leather strips spread slightly apart, two bracketing the nipples while the third flattened the enlarged teats.

“HEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRHHHHHHHH! AH! AH! AH! HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Diane's demented screams ripped out with all the power of her lungs and the sweat now ran from her pores. Again and again and again the straps hideously fondled her jutting gourds. The pitiless slashes against the scalded skin of her tits made every nerve ending erupt with excruciating agony. Horst gave several of the strokes the slight extra reach necessary to slap viciously into the tender valley under her left arm. Thomas rubbed her wrists and ankles raw fighting the rope and leather bindings. She even tried to bang her head against the rack bed in an attempt to knock herself senseless, but the leather pad prevented that release; its deliberate purpose. The medieval designers were far too knowledgeable and experienced to permit their victims any easy escape from the protracted sexual torture.

Heinrich's eyes slitted with pleasure. This was truly one of the finest things in life, he thought. This was a scenario that must have played out many times centuries ago; a hulking hooded executioner sweeping his whip down across the fine pale skin of a naked young woman stretched face up on the rack while another sucked the Inquisitor’s cock. Between his spread thighs, his throbbing erect penis was bobbling around to the desperate efforts of DeDe's tongue. She laved it up the shaft, then captured the head just inside her mouth and sucked on it gently. After a moment of this, she released the male rod from her lips and then used the little pointed tip to lick rapidly about the corona, circling the blood-swollen glans and often flicking directly against the frenular delta, that exquisitely sensitive triangle of skin just below it. Heavy droplets of clear viscous fluid dribbled from its tiny slit that she obediently licked away.

Meanwhile, Horst continued the sadistic flogging of Diane's helpless sex organs. Leaving the tits briefly, he swept several quick lashes darting between her straining thighs to punish the heat sensitized labial lips. With her legs spread as widely apart as they were, almost every stroke found and kissed the aching berry-sized red clit. Impossibly, the nude tortured girl's shrieks and frenzied convulsions increased in intensity at this new sexual agony.

After ten more minutes of the relentless beating over the front of her stretched nude body, pretty Diane Thomas was visibly showing signs of weakening. This wouldn't do at all, Heinrich thought. The strawberry blonde's suffering on the rack was delightfully stimulating and he wasn't ready for her to ruin the sport this soon. “Corporal!” he called out. “The bitch looks to be falling asleep. Wake her up so she can fully appreciate the attention you're giving her!”

The brute nodded and set down his whip. He picked up a nearby bucket and threw its contents, dousing the girl's naked form with cold water. Diane tensed on the rack at the sudden shock to her nerves. Cruelly brought back to full awareness, her head rolled back and forth in her misery. The Major leaned back and smiled. Good, now the entertainment could go on as it should. “Continue the torture of her breasts,” he said coldly. “I want to hear some good screams now.”

Taking up his instrument again, Horst resumed the flogging. In obedience to his officer's orders, he concentrated now on Diane's swollen red tits. At least four of every five strokes savaged the very middles of her painfully distended globes. Every time the three leather strips caressed the quivering curves, there was a loud wet smacking sound followed immediately by a ragged wail of inhuman suffering. Each time they were yanked free, the tender flesh jiggled lasciviously on her chest. After another five minutes of the grueling sexual agony afflicting her helpless bare breasts, Heinrich decided to finally end her ordeal.

“Now, Corporal!” Schmidt cried, grabbing DeDe's straw-blonde hair and pulling her mouth down around his prick. Horst heard him and increased the speed of the whipping. His powerful arm rose and fell, rose and fell, inflicting a relentless tattoo of strokes slashing home to the shuddering red tits, now his primary target, although he still addressed an occasional slash down her length to kiss the yawning genital lips and clitoris, a little diversion to keep her sexual agony at its peak. Almost every stroke across Diane’s breasts sought out the girl’s aching nipples, flattening the wasp-stung teats and drawing a constant series of strident inchoate screeches from the girl. The immense rod between the burly soldier's thighs bounced around to his motions, but she no longer noticed it, so consumed was she by her intense suffering.

The cute blonde kneeling between the Major's thighs pumped her head up and down, taking in as much of his swollen penis as she could and sucking on it like a calf on its mother’s tit. Finally, DeDe Lind could feel the sensations rising between his legs and then the shaft started twitching wildly in her mouth and the first heavy spurts shot down her throat.

Almost as if timed to the event, Diane took a last bitter lash across the enreddened naked tits and nipples, gave a final ragged roar, and then slumped against the rack bed, finally senseless as her nervous system overloaded beyond endurance. Heinrich shut his eyes and gave himself fully to the shattering orgasm. Pulse after pulse of erotic pleasure rippled through the shaft as his hot semen ejaculated into DeDe's vacuuming mouth. Its volume and force was such that a small amount escaped from the corner of her lips. She didn't notice, but the Major did and a sly smile crept over his face as she unconsciously licked it away. At last the contractions subsided, but he continued pumping the girl’s head against his crotch until his shaft went completely limp and he pushed her away.

He looked up to Vogel. “Thank you, Corporal. “An excellent job, as always. You see young Francine over there? She's yours. I don't care what you do to her.” Horst glanced back to the buxom young woman spreadeagled to the cold chamber wall and a rare grin broke the harsh stony face. “Thank you, Herr Major. You are too good to me.”

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