Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril)


By Jen1orbit


Celine screamed as another bunch of firecrackers went off under her toes!

"How long is this going to go on?" she wondered to herself.

Since it was the 4th of July, the men that kidnapped her thought it would be appropriate to torment her with various fireworks and videotape the treatment to sell. She was a pretty woman, 5' 6", long brown hair and a very sexy body. She always wore high heels to work and the men had noticed her for a while walking past the abandoned building they called The Clubhouse.

They kept her tied and gagged but since it was the 4th of July no one could hear her screams amidst the noise of fireworks popping and crackling in the area. Her long beautiful toes were now blackened and singed from the gunpowder.

Earlier in the day one of the men stuck sparklers cut in half in between her pretty toes and let them fizzle down while she danced and tried to kick them off. Her heels were showing signs of burns in places as the red hot ashes fell onto them.

In the corner was a box of M-80's worthy of about a quarter of a stick of dynamite each. Those would be for later.

The men didn't want to rush her torture and ruin her lovely young feet completely. One by one they stuck the thin firecrackers in between her toes and lit the fuses with their cigarettes....POP POP POP !!!! Celine could only roll her eyes into the back of her head as the searing heat burned away the skin of her precious tootsies.

She would learn the price for snubbing the leader of the gang a week earlier. Now that she was held and at their mercy he took special delight in using her as a sex toy while torturing her beautiful feet. Smoke rose up from her singed toes and every so often one of the men would jerk off on them, providing a cooling effect of warm milk. Her mind raced in agony as one of them ran a sizzling sparkler over her bound tits and then burned the hair off of her fuzzy pussy. The air smelled like burning hair and gunpowder. And all around the neighborhood you could hear explosions and whoops of excitement as other people celebrated the 4th in their own way. She thought about her husband and how he'd be worried about her. But she knew there was no escape from the tight bonds that held her to the support column in the old abandoned building.

One of the men had an idea and started to crumple up scraps of old newspaper and threw them in a pile around her suffering feet. Then he opened up a few larger fireworks and emptied the gunpowder onto the paper. He threw in some smaller crackers appropriately called Lady Fingers.

Celine could only imagine what was to come next. The gang of men jeered and taunted her as she screamed into her thick gag. Then, without warning the leader threw his cigarette into the pile of paper and gunpowder....It took a few seconds, but then the paper began to glow and fizzle and spark and before the knew it the whole mess was popping and exploding and fizzling while their victim wiggled and tried to free her burning feet. But she could only stand there and suffer like some crazy Joan of Arc.

Big clouds of smoke rose into the air as she threw her head back in agony. The men laughed and decided to give her a rest for a while. They took turns playing with her other parts while the leader got ready for the evening's big send off.

He and another man were busy taping M-80's together to make quite and explosive device. They carefully wound the fuses together and then attached them to another main fuse so they could light it from a safe distance.

In the background Celine moaned and almost passed out from the pain she was in. Her long beautiful toes were now burned and blackened with the searing gunpowder. Her fine pedicure was unrecognizable and the toe ring she wore on her left foot 3rd toe was now irritating her as her burned tootsies swelled out of proportion.

It was getting darker and she knew the towns big fireworks display would be happening soon. That's when the men were planning on setting off the big guns on her feet. She over heard the leader tell the other men that they were "going to blow the bitches feet off during the big town display so no one would notice their explosions ".... Tears ran down her face as she watched the light in the sky diminish through the cracks in the old rotted ceiling.

"Why god, why is this happening to me?" she begged through her gag, but there was no answer.

Just the sound of more fireworks and war whoops from the town that seemed to be alive with perverse pleasure and the smell of gunpowder.

She knew what was in store for herself and could only stand there in horror as the light finally left the sky and it became night. In the background a band played American anthems and she imagined herself sitting in the park on the lawn with her husband waiting for the big show, like they had done every year up until now.

One of them men brought out some kerosene lamps and lit them. Celine could see the row of M-80's and other incendiary devices and tried one more attempt to scream for help. The men just laughed as her muffled wails blended into the music from the park and the booms and pops that seemed to escalate as the night wore on.

Her mind raced with pain and she had no idea where she was anymore. The dirty old warehouse started to spin and the flickering lanterns became a carousel of twirling images. She could see the silhouettes of the men busy wrapping more fireworks in bundles, taping them together and adding their fuses to the main fuse line. It was going to be one helluva send off and she didn't think she could stay awake for much more. The music and noise from the fireworks around the neighborhood started to play in her head like some demented symphony.

After a while she couldn't associate the difference between the smell of her own burnt feet with that of the gunpowder in the air. She could hear the men talking and when the leader looked at his watch and said "we're almost ready"...she passed out for the first time....

...After about 10 minutes of being unconscious Celine began to come back to herself and the terrible situation she was in.

While she was out the men had stacked the explosives all around her blackened feet and wrapped a few mats of firecrackers around her long beautiful legs reaching up to her pussy. Realizing that this wasn't just a bad dream and that she was about to experience extreme pain she screamed again. This time the leader walked over to her and slapped her across her face and told her to shut up. All she could do was whimper into her gag and watch as the men continued to wrap and tape the explosive devices all around her body.

One by one they pushed sparklers into her sore pussy and wound the fuses from the M-80's and other firecrackers around them. She screamed again and threw her head back and forth as they taped little lady-fingers around her nipples, the fuses draping down to the sparklers jutting out of her twat.

The men laughed as they watched their 4th of July torture victim writhe in pain.

It was totally dark now and the flickering kerosene lamps made the men look like eerie demons standing in a circle around her. The sound of fireworks outside escalated as the town readied itself for the Big Event.

She watched in terror as the leader uncoiled a main fuse from a spool and connected it to the mess of firecrackers and explosives that surrounded her. She knew it was going to be painful and the anticipation of it made her want to pass out again. As a little girl she was taught to stand clear of even the smallest firecracker, and now she was wrapped tight with close to a thousand. The realization of what was about to happen to her was almost too much to bear. Celine's once beautiful long toes hurt from the bigger fireworks spaced between each one and fused to the next.

There were two M-80's, one stuffed between each big toe, and four M-80's wrapped tight under her feet. Standing on them caused even more pain.

"It's time", shouted the leader, and the men all stood back.

Some pulled out their cocks and fumbled with them as they watched the tortured woman wiggle and try to kick her way out of the tight wraps that held her to the support column. The music stopped outside and the sound of rogue firecrackers even got quiet. There was someone speaking through a microphone in the background but his words weren't clear. Celine knew that it must be the Mayor welcoming the people from the town, signaling the beginning of the fireworks display.

In the past she remembered sitting on the green lawn with her husband waiting for the Mayor to just shut up, but on this night she prayed he would go on talking forever.

Soon there was applause and the local band started to play again. The National Anthem began as Celine screamed for help into the thick gag.

The leader lit his cigarette and laughed, telling her that "now she was really going to pay for being such a snotty bitch".

As the song reached its end there was silence and then another round of applause and then it began.....BOOOOM...the first firework of the evening hit the sky and lit the clouds above. The report reverberated through the streets and shook the old warehouse. With that, the leader bent down and touched his cigarette to the main fuse to start the private show.

"Nooooooooooooooooooooooo", Ceiling screamed as the glowing red ember from his cigarette set the main fuse sparking....

It hissed and fizzled and finally took off in the direction of the screaming woman.

In the background the town's fireworks were busy thundering away so there was no chance of anyone taking notice of what was about to happen.

Slowly the red snake of fire sizzled its way towards the wiggling charred toes of the victim. It took about a minute and then the fiery glow made its way up over her feet and into the nest of fireworks wrapped around her toes.

Pop - Fizzle - Pop - BOOOOOOM! The first M-80 went off!!!!!

The men cheered as smoke and sparks blew into the air. Celine threw her head back in shock from the pain, her eyes wide like some crazy doll, mouth opened with the gag hanging out of one side of her lips.

Again.... Fizzle - Pop - BOOOOOOM !!!! The 2nd M-80 blew off her other big toe.

And over and over again the explosives ignited, blowing off some of her toes and sending intense and unbelievable pain searing up into her calves. The men were busy jerking off and laughing as the other fuses began to light and the mats of firecrackers wrapped around her legs and thighs started to crackle and go off...

POPPOPPOPPOPPOPITTY - POPPOPPOPPOPOPOPOPITTYPOPOPOPOP - POPOPOPOPOPOP!!!!....Sparks and short bursts of fire burned her beautiful legs as the spider web or gunpowder seared its way up towards her pussy with the sparklers sticking out. The pain was unbearable but there was no way to stop it now, the process had begun.

BangPopBangPopBangPopBangPopBangPopBangPop!!!!....her legs were on fire as the gunpowder burnt its way up.

One by one the sparklers in her twat began to light and fizzle. The hair around her pussy was burning as she just kept staring up at the broken boards in the ceiling.

The glow of the town's fireworks shimmered in different colors overhead. As the sparklers burned down and fizzled out they lit the fuses that took the glowing embers up to her tits and the lady-fingers taped there.

BangPopBangPop-BangPopBangPopBang-PopBangPop!!!!....her nipples blew up and instantly cauterized themselves as each new firecracker seared the flesh on her tits. This seemed to excite most of the men, and they shot their loads on the dirty floor watching the human candle burn in front of them.

The leader was still jerking off, he was waiting for the grand finale and knew it was about to happen. Outside the fireworks were reaching a crescendo, the climax, the end. The long intricate winding of fuse was burnt and used except for a thick strand running from the last set of lady-fingers on her left breast that ran down her back to the stack of M-80's still under her feet.

Within seconds the firecrackers went off and blew away parts of her tits, lighting the thick fuse. He watched as it glowed red and fizzled its way up around her throat and around her neck and down her back. It was only a matter of seconds now, and he jerked his cock in anticipation. Finally, with a round of deafening BOOMS the M-80's under her feet began to explode. BOOOOM - BOOOOM - BOOOM - BOOOM !!!!!!!!!!!!

Mimicking the sound from outside, smoke and fire and toes blew across the warehouse spraying some of the men who were standing too close. The leader shot his load all over the floor as he watched the explosives destroy once and for all the beautiful feet of the woman who had scorned him. The woman he had fantasized about for so long, watching her strut by every day on her way to work in those sexy high heeled shoes.

As the last of the firecrackers popped and went off in a delayed fashion the gang packed up the video equipment and gathered their things and blew out the kerosene lanterns. Celine was pinned to the column in a state of sheer horror and pain. Her eyes still open wide looking up, while the smoke and stink of burning flesh and gunpowder circled her battered body like a cloud. She was slumped a little lower now, not having any feet left to stand on.

One of the men asked what they should do with her, and the leader said they should "leave her there, it wasn't their Clubhouse anymore".

As they exited the warehouse the sound of the town's band could be heard playing American songs as the people left the park. The show was over.

There in the dark of the abandoned warehouse, tied to the column of a middle support was the still living body of Celine. Tortured, burned and punished for her transgressions. Her mind wasn't working anymore, she couldn't think. So she just stood there, suffering...waiting for someone.... anyone to find her there.


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