Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril)


By A.L. Fielden

20th February 2019 - Four Seasons Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia

"Thirty lashes. Hard," the girl hissed.

Kim-Sun Park examined again the whip she had given him. He held the black lacquered handle, which fitted his right hand well, and felt the three thongs with his left hand. The black leather thongs were about three feet long and each was made in turn from five thin strips of leather less than an eighth of an inch square. The five thongs were braided together very tightly and knotted about six inches from the end. The remaining six inches were loose and each individual thong split into four thinner slithers that tapered gently to a point. The leather seemed to be fairly soft but the braiding gave each thong some stiffness up to where they were knotted, after which the thinness of the leather allowed it much greater flexibility.

Park wondered where the girl had got the whip. It didn't look new, but also was not too well worn. It seemed to be a strange object for a western girl to bring with her to Indonesia.

He looked back at the girl. She had moved to the nearest of the tall bed posts and stretched her arms upwards to grasp the finial at its top. He noticed that she was stretched so much she was standing on the balls of her dainty feet. She was entirely naked, her lovely young body fully exposed to him. He regarded the girl from head to toe, from her soft dark brown hair which fell just over her shoulders, down the glorious curve of her spine and the toned muscles of her back, past her cute sacral dimples to her wonderful, tight ass, her slim, sexy thighs and stretched calves to her tiny heals and toes. Oh, and of course the swell of her left breast, just visible to him, hugging the bedpost. It looked so smooth, so firm and yet so soft. Just perfect!

Park wondered again about the whip. To him it looked to be a cruel weapon that could really damage the tender flesh of the young girl. But what if he was wrong and no matter how hard he tried it would not hurt her at all. After all, although he had watched many videos of girls being whipping, this was the first time he had ever held a real whip, much less used it. And now he was being asked to whip the most beautiful girl he had ever met! He rubbed his stiff cock through his black trousers.

Park felt the weight of the whip in his right hand. How hard should he hit her? If he hit her too hard, maybe that would be the end of it. That would be awful. And where should he strike first?

Park had to put these thoughts to one side, and so he tentatively pulled back his right arm and swung the whip towards the presented girl. The lashes landed softly across the girl's shoulders. The whip had made not a sound, neither through the air nor on impact, and had left no mark whatever on the girl's smooth skin.

"Hard, I said. That one doesn't count," the girl snarled.

Park felt his face burn as he shook the whip. He pulled back his arm again and this time he swung it as hard as he possibly could towards the girl. The whip whistled through the air and smacked hard into the girl's shoulder blades with a sharp crack. Park watched entranced as the whip fell away and three thin lines started to appear across her pale skin where the whip had landed. The lines thickened and darkened in front of his wide eyes, becoming raised welts within a few seconds. He realised the girl had made not a sound, nor reacted in any way to what he thought must be a dreadfully painful stroke.

Park rubbed his hardening cock through his black trousers and swung the whip again, perhaps even harder than before. The thongs cracked against the girl's back just a few inches below the previous lash. Again, she uttered not a sound as the whip cracked. Park again paused a few seconds to admire the rising welts.

The next half dozen lashes smacked into the girl's back as Park found a regular rhythm to his whipping; each lash striking just below the previous one. The girl made no sound or movement, but kept her firm grip of the bedpost.

As he paused for a moment Park noticed how the first welts were already hardening as the blood under the girl's damaged skin clotted and darkened. He also noticed sweat forming in the girl's left armpit and trickling slowly down her flank to her hip. He wondered if he"d get to see her ruby red blood flowing down her body as well later. Park was in heaven!

Park then realised his own shirt was soaked in sweat and pulled it off, discarding it idly on the floor of the room. While he was at it, he may as well take his trousers, shoes and socks off too. Seconds later he was wearing just his bright red boxers, albeit with his engorged dick sticking out obscenely at the front.

Park took a long gulp from the glass of beer on the dressing table and resumed his methodical whipping of the stretched, sexy girl. Refreshed, his next lash landed with a louder crack just on the girl's slim waist, the thin tails of the whip slicing out of view towards her flat tummy.

Soon Park was lashing the girl's cute ass, delighting as the thongs indented her round ass cheeks, cushioning the impact. Ten times he struck her there as the marks left behind were less obvious than those on the thinner flesh of her back, and he guessed this was a little less painful and damaging for the girl. Nevertheless, the girl's smooth butt cheeks were very painfully reddened and bruised by the time Park finally moved down past them and lashed her tightly stretched thighs. Five more strokes took his whipping down to her knees. Park wondered how many lashes he had given the girl now. He hadn't been counting and wondered if she had. Park's cock was ready to burst and he was desperate to fuck the girl now, but he dared not ask her.

He paused a moment. Maybe he had three or four lashes left. He looked at the girl, still standing on her toes, grasping the bedpost, her face still looking straight ahead, out of his sight between her stretched arms. He noticed she was breathing quite hard, and the outside curve of her left breast, as well as her flank, was now slick with sweat. He looked again at all the welts on her back and thought she must be in awful pain. He took another large gulp of beer and wiped his lips with his sweaty forearm.

He swung the whip hard against her shoulders, this time more diagonally than his earlier strokes. The tapered ends wrapped themselves over the girl's right shoulder between her up-stretched arm and her slim neck. A short, low moan escaped her lips. Park watched as the latest welts rose from her bruised back and looked intently as a number of darker spots formed where the new welts crossed the earlier wounds. The spots grew larger quite quickly until the girl's bright red blood rose to the surface and ran a few inches down her lovely back.

Park smiled and drew back the whip to swing another cracking lash into the girl, again diagonally. This time he had not only aimed at the welts on her back but he had made sure the thin tails had wound round her side towards her hidden right breast. He would find out soon if his aim had been true. The girl had moaned again at this lash and she slightly adjusted her stance, for the first time. He noted more bloody spots forming and trickling slowly down her back now.

Park wondered if he should try an upward lash into her cunt but doubted if he would be able to hit it, with her legs still quite close together. Instead he returned to her slim back, again aiming to strike her right breast with the tails of the whip. No sound from the girl this time, but the compensation of yet more fresh bloody trails decorating her slender body.

Breathing hard, and with his cock almost bursting out of his boxers, Park cracked the whip yet again across the girl's bloody back. Almost as the whip landed the girl loosened her grip of the bedpost and stepped to the side to bend forward over the mattress. Without a word, she spread her legs as wide as possible, exposing her anus and cunt. Park dropped the whip and his boxers and approached the girl. As he got nearer he could see not just the welts and bloody marks on her back, but to his surprise lots of thin, bleeding slashes across her right hip, flank, tummy and even her breast. These were obviously from the thin tails of the whip. "Wow!" he thought, his cock growing ever harder.

Park put these observations behind him in a moment as he concentrated on the girl's spread sex. He ran his fingers along her slit. It was already sopping wet. The girl groaned quite loudly at his touch. Park could wait no longer. He was cumming almost before he could get his cock into her cunt, and quickly thrust deep into her. He grunted loudly, complementing her deep moan, and started pounding her furiously. The girl thrust her hips back into him as he fucked her harder than he had ever fucked before.

Somehow Park managed to keep pounding the girl for more than ten minutes, his hands variously grasping her slim hips, or smearing her welted back with her own blood, or occasionally reaching down to squeeze her whip-ravaged right breast, or her sweaty left tit. The girl raised her torso up from the mattress to allow his hands easy access to her drooping boobs in spite of the pain that his mauling, grasping, pinching fingers must have caused her.

At last, with a guttural grunt Park thrust for one last time and shot his load into her welcoming cunt. With a long groan of ecstasy, he collapsed on top of her before rolling to lie beside her on the bed, a goofy smile spreading across his face.

For a few minutes both Park and the girl lay still, their heavy breathing making the only sounds and movements in the room. Finally the girl stirred, and to Park's pleasant surprise she crawled over to him, grasped his spent cock in her hand and started to stroke it back to life. After a few minutes she leaned over and licked the greasy shaft before sucking his hardening cock until it could stand up on its own again. The girl mounted Park's cock as he squeezed and mauled her presented tits. Park twisted the girl's nipples to greater hardness, relishing her blood and sweat soaked boobs as she rode his cock with vigour. He looked at her face for the first time since he had whipped her and remembered how drop-dead gorgeous she was. She wore little make-up on her pale, freckled cheeks, but her mascara had run a little from her eyes and mixed with the sweat from her forehead. As she bobbed up and down she stared intently into Park's face with her tear-filled, emerald green eyes. To Park she looked like the sexiest girl in the world.

The girl continued riding him energetically and grimaced as Park reached behind her back to search out the bruising welts and find fresh blood to smear on her tits. The girl didn't complain or disturb her rhythmic motions in spite of her obvious pain. This was Utopia, and Park wanted to stay with this girl for ever and do this over and over again.

The girl increased her speed and Park again found himself at orgasm. He spurted his cum into her for the second time as the girl also came to a gasping climax with Park's bloody hands squeezing her breasts ferociously. As Park's cock softened he released her bruised boobs and she slipped off his wet, drooping cock and lay down beside Park on the bed. Within minutes Park was fast asleep.

When Park awoke, the girl was gone.


17th October 2019 - Corporate Head Office of China National Pharmaceutical Group (CNPGC), Beijing, China

Diana had been working on placement in CNPGC for almost a month now. She had been placed there by Manchester University in the United Kingdom as part of her degree course to work on her dissertation on "Increasing International Co-operation of Pharmaceutical Research to meet the Global Challenges of Anti-biotic Resistance".

"Please come and see me at 10.30 this morning," her boss had said to her when she had arrived for work that morning.

Diana knocked politely on the door. As always on this placement, she was dressed conservatively. Today she wore a dark brown trouser suit with a white blouse buttoned to her neck. She wore flat, brown shoes and her long, dark brown hair was neatly tied in a bun at the back of her head. She wore minimal make-up and clear lipstick. In spite of this, Diana looked gorgeous, as she always did, with her petite, slim body and her pretty, freckled face and lovely green eyes.

"Come in." Diana entered the room to find her boss, a woman in her fifties, sat behind her large desk. "Sit down."

"Our Chief Executive Officer, Zhang Wei, would like to offer you a personal induction to our Corporation. He wishes you to spend tomorrow evening with him in his private apartments on the top floor of this building. He says he wishes to give you every assistance with your dissertation; a level of assistance that would not normally be offered to students from foreign countries. In return for this assistance he asks only for your undivided personal attention tomorrow."

Diana looked a little taken aback, but inside she was delighted. The intelligence had been right - Zhang Wei could not resist a pretty new girl arriving at CNPGC. He just had to check her out.

"Exactly what will Mr Zhang expect of me?" asked Diana, feigning her innocence.

"You may be young, but you are not stupid," snarled her boss. "He will make love to you. It is a great privilege for you and an opportunity to gain great insight that will help your dissertation. If you don't want his help, you may as well leave now and return to England!"

"Oh," stuttered Diana. "Well...OK. What do I need to do?"

Her boss passed her a piece of paper. "After work today, go to this address. They will let you choose a dress to wear. Come to work as normal tomorrow, but when you clock off go to elevator six and enter this code. The elevator will take you to Zhang Wei's private apartment. That is all."

Diana left the office, smiling secretly to herself.

The rest of the day passed slowly before Diana took a taxi to the address she had been given. She rang the bell and a short Chinese man opened it, bowed politely to her and let her in.

He motioned Diana towards a large, airy room. There were full-length mirrors around the room, surrounding a clothes rack with six dresses on it.

"Try them all and choose one. The one you have chosen, put at this end," the man said politely. "I return in an hour."

Diana looked at the six dresses hanging on the rail. She smiled. Her intelligence had again been correct. All the dresses were black, very short and almost see-through. It wouldn't really matter which she chose.

Diana examined each of the dresses in more detail, feeling the material and judging how they would fit on her. They were all of the greatest quality she could imagine - the fabrics, the stitch-work and the designs were all top drawer. "Well, he is CEO of a huge corporation," she thought.

Having looked at all the dresses, Diana thought she ought to try them on. She knew she would have to undress to her little black thong to properly judge the dresses and looked about nervously for any sign of hidden cameras or peep-holes. Satisfied as well as she could be on her privacy; she untied her hair, letting it fall past her shoulders, undressed and put on the first little back dress. It was off-the shoulder, tight-fitting and short and she loved it. It really set off her slim figure beautifully and gave just enough support to emphasise her shapely breasts.

Diana took it off again and tried the next dress. This was back-less and almost front-less and left so little to the imagination she may as well have been naked. She loved this one too!

And so it went on, with each dress fitting her perfectly and showing off her curves and her smooth, youthful, pale skin. Diana wished she could have them all. In the end she picked out a short, back-less dress with lacy trim and a deep cleavage. It was a difficult choice, but this dress just seemed to be perfect for her. She placed it back on the rail in the designated place and out her work clothes back on.

Just as she put her shoes on, the short Chinese man returned. He saw that Diana had made her choice, smiled, bowed and led her outside to the street where a taxi was waiting to take her to her rented apartment.

Diana's next day at work was just like all the others. Hours looking at computer files, using translation programs and speaking to other staff in the Corporate HQ. Lunch came and went and soon it was time to go home. But not for Diana, she said goodbye to her colleagues and walked along the corridor to elevator six, which she had never used before. She saw the key-pad in the elevator, having noted that none of the others had one, and entered the code. The elevator sped upwards, passing all the floors usually accessible. Finally it stopped and the doors opened. Diana walked out into a small, empty vestibule with only one door. She opened the door slowly and peered into an inner lobby area. She walked in with some trepidation and looked around.

There were a number of doors leading from this lobby, and one had a notice on it. She walked towards it and read the notice. "Miss Sinclair" it said. She opened the door and entered a large, luxurious dressing room. Hanging in an open wardrobe was the little black dress she had chosen the previous day, accompanied by a pair of black shoes with six-inch heels. She picked one up and admired it. "Beautiful," she thought, "just wonderful quality."

Also in the room was a large dressing table with a few items of simple make-up, a hair dryer and brushes. In an adjoining area she could see a large bath, already filled with warm, bubbly water, and a shower. She went over to the dressing table and found a note. "Be ready at 7 o'clock" it said. She looked at the clock on the wall. She had over an hour to get ready for what promised to be a very interesting and lucrative evening.

Diana undressed, putting her work clothes neatly on the spare hangers in the open wardrobe. She pinned up her long, dark hair and elegantly stepped into the warm, steamy bubble bath. She drank in the sweet herbal aromas as she soaked in the bath, pondering the likely events to come. She would be sure to have an excellent dinner, of course, with Zhang Wei flirting incessantly. She knew him to be 52 years old, slightly rotund and balding. He had a reputation as a ruthless businessman, brokering tough deals and protecting the interests of his organisation very fiercely. However, he was also known for his good company and generosity, and his eye for a pretty, younger woman. There had been many stories of his philandering, and his desire to have sex with very many women, but he was reputed to treat his companions well and reward them handsomely for their time. Diana was quite looking forward to it all, as long as she got the information she wanted for her dissertation, of course.

Diana readied herself in front of the mirror, applying little make-up; mascara and lip gloss. She put on the little black dress and the gorgeous strappy high heels. At seven o'clock precisely she picked up the tiny black jewelled clutch she had brought with her. This contained just a couple of small, but vital items for the evening. Diana opened the door and walked through.

She was greeted by a man she instantly recognised as Zhang Wei. He was exactly as she had expected. He bowed politely with a wide smile, and Diana reciprocated demurely. He took the girl's hand and led her through a different door into a very large apartment where a dinner table was already set up. Diana sat in the large, comfortable chair she was offered and her dinner partner sat opposite her. He smiled throughout as they introduced themselves.

A young Chinese waitress appeared and served them wine - just an exquisite dry white, thought Diana - and then the first course. Zhang and Diana chatted away, talking about many different subjects. Zhang seemed very open about his organisation's research into anti-biotic resistance and how they were looking to develop different ways of fighting infections "for the good of all humanity". Diana listened intently and asked a few questions which she hoped were appropriate. As they completed their fish course, perfect crab and lobster, Zhang Wei talked more of his company's community activities, ensuring they employed local people and provided them with not only a fair salary and equal opportunities, but also how they supported the wider community with sponsored health care, sports and welfare facilities. He seemed particularly keen to emphasise the Corporation's employment of thousands of women and that they had equal pay with the men. Zhang was clearly very proud of what his organisation had been able to achieve.

As their dinner progressed, and the second and third glasses of wine were emptied, Zhang became ever more passionate and animated about the good work of CNPGC, but also the threat of foreign competition, where the elections of more right-wing Governments of the past few years had led to policies that would polarise the world's wealth at the expense of poorer nations and their people. He clearly saw this as a growing threat to the success of his own organisation and the prosperity and wellbeing of his country's people. Diana noticed tiny beads of sweat on Zhang's forehead as he recalled some of the recent words and actions of the US President and the UK Prime Minister.

Diana listened with interest as the two finished their meal with a lovely fruity sorbet. The waitress cleared the dinner table, leaving plenty of wine in a large ice bucket on a side table. Zhang looked at Diana with wide eyes and leaned over the table towards her. Diana took his cue and elegantly raised herself from her chair and walked round the table. She never took her eyes from his until she stood next to him and slowly bent over the table, her pert bottom just a few inches from his grinning face. She wiggled her ass at him and slowly pulled up the hem of her short black dress to reveal her bare bum. She parted her legs as far as she could, revealing her smooth, round ass cheeks, her puckering ass hole and her twitching pink sex lips to his ever more lecherous gaze.

She sighed and wiggled a little more when Zhang initially made no move. For a moment she wondered with dread if she had read him all wrong.

After a few seconds she felt his fingers at her sex, pushing in past her damp lips and soon rubbing her sensitive clit. Diana moaned as the fingers fiddled with her most private parts. She felt her own temperature rising, her face glowing as she pushed her ass just slightly back towards Zhang. His fingers were now deep within her, and then suddenly they were gone!

Diana waited, breathing hard. She felt the head of his cock on her wet lips, slipping slowly up and down the full length of her crack two, three, four times. She moaned louder.

Suddenly his hard cock pushed in with a low grunt and she thrust back hard to meet it. Zhang's hands were grasping her bare hips under her dress as he pounded the girl. Diana marvelled at his energy and stamina as he kept up with a strong rhythm for minute after minute. His hands moved to her soft breasts as she raised her upper body from the table to let them hang. He pulled on her hardening nipples and twisted them between his thumbs and fore-fingers - quite painfully but never cruelly. Then he squeezed the meat of her breasts harder until Diana moaned in a mixture of pain and pleasure. All the while he kept pounding into the nubile, sexy, young girl with the vitality of a man less than half his age.

On and on he went, his balls slapping against her ass cheeks, her inner thighs streaked with their juices, his hands sometimes pulling hard on her girly hips, sometimes gripping her dangling boobs. His pace quickening even more as his climax approached, Zhang roared lustfully as he shot his load into the girl's womb. After half a dozen jerky thrusts his limp cock fell out of the panting girl's sex and he sat down on his chair with a thump.

Diana's head was swimming a little as she tried to bring her own breathing under control. She lay on the table for a while; the dark, polished mahogany felt cool on her hot body. She felt their gooey cum slipping down her thighs to her knees, tickling. "Viagra", she thought.

Eventually Diana felt a hand on her shoulder and looked up to see Zhang smiling down at her. He motioned to her to get up and she rose a little stiffly from the table. Zhang was naked. He gave her a glass of wine and she took a big gulp.

Diana followed Zhang through an archway into another room where a huge king-size bed awaited them. He lay down on the bed and Diana joined him, leaving her little back dress and her wonderful heels behind her.

For the next three hours Zhang and Diana lay on the bed. They talked as they had at dinner, but now Zhang would kiss, touch and feel his pretty young companion at will and every now and then his cock would get hard again and he would fuck the girl energetically in every possible position.

Finally they both fell asleep. A mixture of good food, gorgeous wine and vigorous sex had eventually exhausted them both.


Diana woke to a pitch-dark room. There was not a chink of light, nor the slightest sound. She soon noticed she was alone on the bed, though. She smiled ruefully - this was a very familiar feeling for her. Her head was fuzzy from the wine, her lips and throat were dry and had a horrible taste of stale semen, and her whole body smelt and felt dirty, particularly between her thighs, and she ached all over. The usual places hurt the most, her breasts were quite painful and her nipples felt tender, her pussy was very sore and her ass hole still burned. "Ah, the morning after..." she thought to herself.

With a little remorse she remembered more of the details ... quite a lot of sweet tasting wine, sex at the table...that was good...then they had moved to the bed. She recalled riding his cock and she smiled, but then she remembered him fucking her breasts; sitting on her tummy and squeezing them very hard around his cock, pulling, pinching and twisting her pink nipples until he spurted his cum over her chin, neck and chest. She scowled and then recalled him fucking her throat, really deep-throating her until she almost choked, before filling her mouth with more acrid-tasting sperm. She grimaced and finally recollected being placed on all fours while her host pried apart her smooth round ass cheeks and forced his fingers into her puckered anus before taking her quite brutally, with an energy that belied his years.

"He must have taken some really good pills, but then he is CEO of a huge pharmaceutical company," she thought to herself, with a tear in her eye. "I hope it was all worth it."

She needed a wee, and a glass or two of water, a shower, her clothes and to go home.

Diana stretched over to where she remembered the light switch to be. She clicked it and blinked at the bright light that filled the room. She gasped!

Stood around the room were four uniformed men. Not just that, but they were huge, stern-faced and expressionless. She saw they wore the Corporate Security uniform and quickly tried to gather herself. "Maybe they are just here to see I get home alright," she thought, she hoped. She covered her dirty, naked body with a sheet and got off the bed. "I need to go to the bathroom," she mumbled, trying not to make eye contact with any of the men.

Diana walked towards the door, gathering the sheet around herself. The four security men moved quickly but calmly to block her path, two of the huge Chinese guys came at her from the front and two from behind until the tiny English girl was surrounded by the four men, who were so close to her that they were almost squeezing her slim frame between them.

Diana looked up at the steely face of the man in front of her. His dark eyes frightened her. He seemed bereft of any humanity. She glanced to her right at the next guy, and her heart sank further. He could have been a clone.

The two men behind her then ripped the sheet form her grasp and gripped the top of her arms in vice-like holds. Another opened the door and before she could think Diana was being swiftly marched down a long corridor on the top floor of the Corporate Headquarters, totally naked and with the dirt and stains of last night's sexual encounters visible to anyone - not that there was anyone else in the corridor to see her.

Within a few seconds Diana was pulled through another door into a very different room from the one where she had spent the night. This was a large, brightly lit room that looked to her a little like an operating theatre. The walls and floor were white and spotlessly clean, the floor being of shiny tiles that reflected the bright light. The walls were also white, but consisted of flush doors for fitted cabinets and drawers. The only furniture was a large rectangular stainless steel table bolted to the floor in the centre of the room. It gleamed with polish and could have been brand new. In fact, the whole room could have been new.

Diana's brain was racing as she took this all in as she was marched towards the table. The men holding her arms dragged and pulled the struggling girl to the near edge of the table and bent her over it. "What the fuck are you doing? Let go of me!" screamed the hysterical girl.

Within seconds the strong men had easily secured Diana's slim wrists to stainless steel handcuffs at either side of the table and closed the ratchets tightly around them. Diana found herself in a strangely familiar position, bent over the table with her breasts squashed against the cold, smooth surface and her cute arse offering itself.

"Get off me!" screeched the terrified girl as the men then gripped her ankles and pulled them widely apart. She felt more steel cuffs tighten and her legs were left fastened over a foot above the tiled floor, with her crotch very widely spread and the cool air in the room reminding her of the damp, sticky residue around her sex and her arsehole.

Diana looked over her shoulder as best she could to see the door closing and realised she was now alone in this foreboding room, stretched out and helpless. The bright lights continued to shine down on her stretched body as she looked around the room. There was nothing more of note she could determine that was additional to her first glance as she had been dragged into the room. The only feature she had missed was a large plasma screen on the wall straight ahead of her, and that wasn't on. She put her head back down onto the cold steel table and tried to stay calm. She licked her dry lips and tried not to think about what might happen next. She desperately needed to wee.

Diana waited, and waited. She had no idea how long she waited, alone in this silent room, in the bright light, stretched out obscenely. She wasn't cold, it wasn't dark, but she was dreadfully thirsty and she was terrified. Although she tried not to think about it, her waking nightmares kept returning. Pain, rape, death. Pain, rape, death. Pain, rape, death.

Eventually she could hold out no more. A thin stream of very yellow wee trickled down the inside of her right thigh, following by a gush that squirted directly down from her crotch to the tiled floor below. Diana wrinkled her pretty nose at the pungent stink and sighed. She dropped off into a fitful sleep. Pain, rape, death. Pain, rape, death. Pain, rape, death.

The screen clicked on and the girl woke with a start. She looked up at it and saw herself looking back. It was the photo page of her passport.

"Diana Sinclair, born in Manchester, England on 25th June 1996. A student at Manchester University studying pharmacology." The voice sounded Chinese, but with excellent English pronunciation. It was male.

"You came here to study for your dissertation on "Increasing International Co-operation of Pharmaceutical Research to meet the Global Challenges of Anti-biotic Resistance".

Another passport photo page appeared on the screen. The photo looked just like her.

"Susan Watson, born in Manchester, England on 25th June 1996. This young lady attended a conference in Singapore in June 2018 on internet security. She was a delegate from a British iT company. During that conference she befriended a senior analyst from the Malaysian National Cyber Crime Unit. His organisation was just finishing development of a state-of-the-art new decryption program that they were intending to offer to share with other national cyber crime units around the world to try and reduce dangerous hacking of national systems, such as health care iT systems. It seems Ms Watson had a very intimate encounter in the Malaysian gentleman's hotel room. During the conference this program was stolen and it has since been patented by a company in the United Kingdom who are demanding billions of pounds from much poorer countries for its use. Our biometric facial recognition software shows there is a 96.3% match between you and Ms Watson. Were you at that conference?"

Diana took a moment to take this all in. Her brain needed to get up to speed very quickly indeed.

"No. I've never been to Singapore," she spluttered, eventually.

"Very well," retorted the voice. "You are obviously going to need some encouragement to tell us the truth. You can call him "Oddjob", though I suspect the Bond reference may be lost on someone as young as you."

Diana was confused, but then she saw out of the corner of her eye a man approaching her. He had obviously come into the room very quietly and she wondered how long he had been there. The man grabbed her hair and twisted her neck sharply so she had no choice but to look at his face. He was short, even for a Chinaman, but very stocky. His face, like the security guys earlier, was hard as rock, stern and expressionless. His small eyes were piercing, and deathly cold, and even his thin moustache looked menacing. He looked down at the girl's frightened face, sending huge shivers down her spine.

"Oddjob is highly skilled at encouraging reluctant people to tell him the truth. I would recommend that you start to be honest as soon as possible. Were you at that conference in Singapore?"

Diana was still looking directly at Oddjob's face, her hair twisted in his hand, pulling painfully at her scalp. She hesitated for a few seconds until Oddjob pulled her hair even harder, twisting her neck until she cried out. "No! I've never been to Singapore!"

Oddjob released her hair and Diana's cheek smacked against the table. She noticed she was breathing incredibly fast.

"Mary Yates, born in Manchester, England on 25th June 1996." Diana looked up to see another passport photo page on the screen. It showed a different photo, but again the girl looked just like her. "Mary got a job as a chambermaid at the Palace Hotel in Mumbai in September 2018 just before the hotel hosted an international conference on sustainable energy production. During that conference a number of highly confidential files were stolen from the network of the Pakistani Government Department of Energy. The files were accessed through a Government Minister's laptop while he was attending the conference. The Minister has been reticent about the details but he is known to be attracted to Western girls, particularly if they are slim and have long, dark hair. He was reported as having invited a member of the hotel staff to his room one evening to help him with some private matter. The chambermaid attending to his room while he was there was Ms Yates, whose whereabouts cannot be accounted for during the time of the theft. She quit her job and flew home the next morning. The lost files were leaked to officials of the British Government who then used them as leverage to secure very lucrative trade deals for the UK. Our biometric facial recognition software shows there is a 94.8% match between you and Ms Yates. So, were you working as a chambermaid in that hotel in Mumbai at that time?"

"Oh shit!" thought Diana. "This is awful."

She stared up at the screen and the image of the passport photo. She didn't answer. She didn't know how to answer.

"Was that you?" Louder and a little impatiently this time.

Diana looked over at Oddjob, but he had moved out of view behind her. She wondered fearfully what he was doing, and what he might do next.

"No. I've never been to Mumbai, either," she stated with as much assurance as she could muster.

Diana closed her eyes and waited. Pain, rape, death. Pain, rape, death. Pain, rape, death. This was all she could think about and she lay stretched out, exposed on the stainless steel table.

She felt something at her lips. It was not painful or even harsh. She opened her eyes. Oddjob was by her face with a bottle of some liquid drink with a tube that he was quite persistently trying to get between her lips. Diana was desperately thirsty, but could she trust this drink? After just a second she knew she had nothing to lose and she opened her mouth and sucked vigorously on the tube. The sweet, pleasant drink helped wash the still-present taste of cum from her mouth and throat and in less than two minutes she had emptied the bottle.

Oddjob disappeared from view again and re-emerged pushing a small stainless steel trolley, the same height as the table to which she was cuffed. On top of the trolley was a tray. Oddjob placed the trolley right in front of Diana's head and she craned her neck to see what was on the tray. Her face went white - on the tray was a selection of about twenty razor sharp stainless steel instruments. Some looked like straight, surgical scalpels, some had curved blades, some had serrated edges to the blades and some had hooks and barbs. Also on the tray was a kidney shaped stainless steel bowl.

"What? What are you going to do to me?" screamed Diana. "Let me go, please," she started to sob. "I don't know anything about these other girls. Please let me go."

"Oddjob is going to encourage you to tell the truth. We have many more examples of your work to show you, but until you tell the truth about the two incidents we have already described, Oddjob is going to use these instruments, and his exceptional skills, to encourage you to be truthful about what you know of Susan Watson and Mary Yates. The drink he gave you will help replenish the fluids you will lose while he works on you. I'll check up on you later to see if you are going to tell the truth. Please feel free to scream and plead as much as you like - Oddjob finds it adds to his levels of job satisfaction."

The screen clicked and went blank.

Diana looked around as much as she could so see where Oddjob was and what he was doing. She looked in panic over her right shoulder, and then over her left, but she couldn't see him. She felt her body tense and start to perspire as her fear grew, in spite of the coldness of the stainless steel table on which she was so securely, and humiliatingly, cuffed.

Then she felt his hands on her slim neck, almost gently brushing away her hair from her back so it fell over her left arm. His thick figures slowly massaged her tense shoulders for a few seconds and then moved gradually down her back, feeling the muscles on either side of her stretched spine. Diana could hardly breathe as Oddjob's strong hands pressed her flesh hard on each set of ribs and then lower past her sacral dimples and onto her smooth ass. His thumbs gently parted her ass cheeks to reveal even more clearly her puckered anus and her slit, both still wet and sore from the night before. At last his hands left her ass and checked the tension in her widely spread thighs before finally leaving her body.

Diana breathed again, a long deep sigh as the Chinaman's intimate touching came to an end. She looked up, red-faced as he now stood at the head of the head of table, next to the tray of surgical instruments. His face remained expressionless as he donned a pair of latex gloves, ripped open a package and pulled out a large antiseptic surgical wipe. Moving to her right side he wiped her shoulder blade and then the whole of the right side of her back, from her shoulder to her ass. The wipe felt cool on Diana's skin as she felt his progress with a growing sense of foreboding. Oddjob returned into her sight at the head of the table and discarded the used wipe on the tray. He picked up a scalpel and moved back towards her right.

"Shit!" screamed Diana. "What the fuck are you going to do to me? I've already told you I don't know those other girls. I've never been to Singapore or Mumbai. don't you dare use that thing on me!"

Diana's shouts turned to screams when Oddjob placed his left hand firmly on the centre of Diana's back, at the top of her spine, and slowly, calmly drew the razor-sharp scalpel across her shoulder blade in a horizontal line four or five inches long from a point just a few inches to the right of her backbone. As the first cut was completed Oddjob started the next, just quarter of an inch below and parallel to the first.

"Stop! Stop!" screamed Diana. "You've got to stop! I don't know anything about all this. Shit! You've got to fucking stop now!" She pulled hard at her wrist cuffs, but they gave not a fraction of an inch. She smacked her face against the smooth stainless steel of the table in agony and fear and yelled out hysterically at the impassive Chinaman.

Oddjob made his next cut from the same place as his first, but this time down her back in an almost vertical line a couple of inches to the right of her backbone. As this cut was completed Oddjob started the next, just a quarter of an inch further to the right and parallel to it. The pain was incredible, indescribable to Diana.

Oddjob made further cuts, slowly, deliberately and apparently without any heed to the pain he was causing the screaming English girl, nor to the damage he was causing to the pale, smooth, freckled skin of her beautiful, sexy back.

There were more agonising long cuts, and many, many shorter, sharper cuts. Some were almost vertical, some horizontal across her back, and some were diagonal, and slightly curved. For every cut there was a second, exactly parallel cut just a quarter of an inch away. There seemed to be no pattern, except that all caused the most excruciating pain that Diana could imagine. She screamed loudly at every cut, she pleaded with Oddjob to stop at every brief pause, but he kept on cutting, moving very gradually down the right side of her back, where he had used the antiseptic wipe.

Low on her back Oddjob inscribed two long, parallel horizontal cuts. He then cut two more pairs of long cuts that seemed to curve and bisect each other in places. Finally, accompanied by Diana's exhausted screaming, he added the final two cuts exactly parallel, the second one just a quarter of an inch from the first.

Diana's face was bathed in sweat and tears. Droplets were falling from her cute nose and her quivering chin. Her back was on fire. Oddjob roughly shoved the tube of a drink bottle into her gaping mouth and squeezed the liquid into the back of her red-raw throat. Diana spluttered but swallowed it all.

Removing the tube Oddjob impassively picked up two different instruments from the tray, ensuring that Diana could see them. One had a short, razor-sharp blade that curved to the left, and the other was a pair of long-nosed tweezers. Oddjob returned to her right side and used the new instruments on the cuts nearest her shoulder.

Fresh screams erupted as Oddjob slipped the thin, curved blade into the narrow strip of skin between the two parallel cuts and slowly peeled it away. He used the tweezers to grip the quarter-inch wide strip of skin and pull it away from her flesh as the blade progressed slowly along the parallel cuts. The first sliver of flesh was four or five inches long, from the first pair of cuts that Oddjob had made. The blood from the cuts had clotted but this next procedure re-opened the wounds and the peeling of the flesh added a thousand times to the agony that Diana experienced.

"Oh God! No!" she screamed as her living skin was peeled away. "You can't do this to me!" Stop! Please!"

Oddjob came back into her sight, carrying the thin strip of her skin in his tweezers. She could just about make out the beautiful, pale skin with its pretty freckles in the gory, bloody object that Oddjob held.

He held it up in front of her horrified eyes for a few seconds, allowing a couple of drops of her blood to drip onto the table in front of her, before he placed the strip of flesh in the kidney-shaped bowl and returned to slice away the next strip of the screaming girl's skin from her back.

Oddjob used every different instrument in his tray to cut, slice and strip away the skin from between the dozens of cuts in Diana's back. Each time he showed the gory, grizzly evidence of his labours to the screaming girl until a pool of her blood had gathered on the table and a pile of her skin had filled the kidney-shaped bowl.

Diana was all screamed out. Oddjob thrust the tube of the next drink bottle into her mouth and made her swallow it all. Then he grabbed the exhausted girl by the hair and forced her to look at the big plasma screen. It flicked on.

"Tell me about Susan Watson and Mary Yates. Tell me you used those identities to steal from different organisations."

"I don't know anything...about any of this," Diana answered, her pretty face a mask of pain, her voice husky and weak.

"What you have just experienced is called "scarification". Oddjob is an expert. On your back is now inscribed the word "whore" in Chinese. It will be visible on your back until you die, which may not be long unless you tell me the truth. As you can't see it yourself, this is what it looks like."

The screen flicked to an overhead shot of Diana lying stretched, naked on the stainless steel table. The picture zoomed in on her naked back and she could clearly see four Chinese characters etched in her own blood on her beautiful, pale skin.

"Even you cannot deny the truth of this inscription after last night."

Diana stared open-mouthed at the screen, unable to take her eyes off the image - horrific though it was. "I, I, I don't know anything...I swear. I don't know," whimpered the girl.

"Do you remember the hotel in Jakarta?"

No answer.

"We have spoken with Kim-Sun Park. He was there in February 2019 at a postal services trade conference. He was staying in the Four Seasons Hotel. Do you remember him?"

"I've never been to Jakarta."

"He remembers you well. I've shown him pictures of you at work here and pictures from last night. He had already identified you from the photographs of you wearing clothes, but he was doubly certain when he saw you naked. The name you used then was "Carol Webster". You were a delegate at the conference for a UK-based company that manufactures sorting machines for postal packets. This is the passport you used when you registered for the conference."

On the screen had been shown first a photo of a Malaysian businessman and then a passport photo page. As with both the ones she had been shown earlier, the passport photograph looked just like her.

"Date of birth...Let's guess...25th June 1996. Place of birth...Manchester, England. Do you remember now?" The voice suddenly became much harsher.

Diana was an absolute agony, from her cut and bleeding, and scarified back, and from her acute fear.

"No. No. No. 'I've never been to Jakarta. I've never seen this man," she pleaded with her croaky voice.

"Mr Park says you seduced him with the prospect of some bondage play - a fetish which he thought was very personal and not common knowledge. You must have done your homework on him, just like you did here with Zhang Wei."

"I've never been to Jakarta. I've never seen this man."

"Your denials are getting more tedious. Mr Park's company suffered catastrophic losses when their world-beating designs were stolen from his company's network via his laptop on the evening you spent with him in his hotel room. They missed out on millions of dollars of contracts and had to lay off thousands of workers. Families and communities across Asia were plunged into poverty with no hope of ever regaining decent standards of living. Yours are not victimless crimes, where the only injuries are to corporate bottom lines - no, your whoring and thievery has a huge human price." The voice was growing in urgency, and anger.

"We've examined that little black bag you brought with you last night and it contains very sophisticated spying instruments. You were going to use these to break the encryption of Zwang Wei's organisation's network to access secret, confidential and highly sensitive folders and steal the information in them. Luckily we were aware of your plans and took measures to prevent your nasty little spy-bag from penetrating our firewalls, even though you were obviously very willing to let Zhang Wei penetrate you!"

"I didn't know there was any spy thingy in my bag," wept Diana pitifully. "I'm just here to get information for my dissertation."

"And you were prepared to be fucked by a stranger twice your age all night just for that!" shouted the voice.

"I enjoy having sex. What's wrong with that?" cried the girl.

"Who are you working for? Who gave you the bag?"

"I'm not working for anyone. The bag was a present from the University. I don't know who at the Uni, and I didn't know it was a...a spying thing."

"Who's paying you then? You wouldn't be doing this unless you were getting a lot of money."

"Nobody's paying me. I came here to finish my dissertation. I only have a small bursary and a big student loan. If I can do a really good dissertation I'll get a good qualification and hopefully a well-paid and interesting job."

"You"re still lying." The voice was calmer now. "We had a look round your apartment last night. We found more of these nasty, little bags with spying equipment built in. All different colours. You were clearly very well equipped for your mission."

"They were given to me by the University. They told me they had GPS trackers in case I got lost in a strange country. They told me to have one with me at all times."

"Who gave them to you?"

"I don't know. They were just in the pack of stuff they gave me for the placement here. You've got to believe me!"

"You need some more persuasion. This time I'm going to keep asking the questions until you tell the truth and tell me who is paying you."

Oddjob placed a second stainless steel tray on the little table and Diana looked at it with tear-filled eyes. It contained a selection of long, very thin needles with extremely sharp points.

"No. You can't use them on me!" she shrieked as Oddjob pulled on a fresh pair of latex gloves and picked up one of the needles to show to her. It really was impossibly thin and sharp, very flexible and at least ten inches long.

"Tell me who's paying you."

Oddjob moved to Diana's left side this time and gripped her sweaty shoulder with his left hand. With his right he placed the sharp tip of the needle against her smooth skin near the joint.

"Tell me."

The response a few seconds later from the bound girl was another fearful shriek of pain as the needle entered her skin and was pushed ever so slowly down through the joint between the bones and into her tendons and ligaments. Diana thrashed her head in agony as the needle continued its passage until the bloody point exited the front of her shoulder.

"That was just the first. There are many more to come and even more sensitive places to put them. Admit you have been spying and tell me who is paying you and Oddjob will leave you alone."

"I don't know anything about spying. I don't know who these other girls are and nobody is paying..." Diana's response was cut short by another loud shriek of pain as Oddjob twisted a long, thin needle into her elbow, scraping the bones as it passed agonisingly through the joint.

"In your apartment we found your laptop. There are a number of secret folders on the hard drive that we cannot open, even with our very sophisticated search programs. What's the password and what's in those folders?"

"I don't know," Diana gasped, before fresh screams filled the room as Oddjob pressed the sharp tip of another thin needle through the middle joint of the index finger of her right hand.

"Yes, you do. Tell me."

"I told you, I don't know," cried the girl. "The laptop was in the pack as well. I was only told the log-in password and to make sure I logged onto a Wi-Fi network at least once a week so the Uni would know I was OK."

Oddjob had moved to her left leg and pushed the next, longer needle into her smooth thigh, angling it upwards towards her hip joint.

When her next blood-curdling scream had subsided, Diana continued, "All the stuff was given to me by my tutor, Mrs Johnson. She told me it was standard kit for an overseas placement."

"I don't believe a word of this. Oddjob will carry on until you tell the truth."

And so her torture continued. Diana shook her head in denial; her damp, matted hair flying around her. She screamed her innocence between sobs of pain and cries of agony as Oddjob attacked all her limbs with the hideous needles. Her shoulders, elbows and wrists, and her hips, knees and ankles all sported two or three needles which grated on her bones and pierced her tendons. She pissed herself numerous times when a new wave of agonising pain overcame her shattered senses.

At last Oddjob ran out of needles and Diana was left sobbing, exhausted on the table, her head at last still.

"Do you still deny you have stolen all this information over the past two years and that you intended to steal from CNPGC last night?"

"I've told you. I'm not a thief. I'm just a student trying to do a really good dissertation. You've got to believe me," she sobbed.

"I don't believe you. The evidence is overwhelming. I don't understand why you will not admit it. Once you do so, and you co-operate by telling us about all the other times you've stolen from Asian countries and who your contacts are, then we'll make your time here rather less painful."

There was a pause for several seconds, punctuated only by Diana's heavy breathing and soft sobbing. She looking up at the screen and saw her face looking back at her. Strands of her damp hair clung to her deathly pale features; snotty trails mixed with her sweat and smears of blood from her dry lips. Darker bruises and pink blotches showed where she had slammed her head into the table in her desperate agony and her dull, dark-ringed eyes told of her sheer exhaustion. She struggled to recognise the sexy, vibrant, intelligent girl she was so used to seeing in the mirror.

The screen flickered and then showed:

"That is the Chinese word for "Thief". You are a thief and since to refuse to admit it, Oddjob will now scarify the other side of your back with that word. This time you know just how much it will hurt."

"No!!!! No!!!! No!!!! You can't do this!" screamed Diana in panic as Oddjob placed a fresh tray of gleaming, bright surgical instruments on the table and pulled on another pair of latex gloves. "I've told you the truth!"


25th November 2019 - Westin Plaza Hotel, Singapore

The reception manager smiled and looked at the passport of the young lady at the desk. She was staying for three days for the Pacific Rim Conference on "Cost-effective Laundry Management for the Hotel Trade". Not exactly the most exciting subject, he thought, but there would certainly be a lot of very valuable contracts to vie for, and the Chinese were rumoured to have developed some very innovative ways of reducing their costs while keeping standards high.

More interesting to him was the girl at the desk. Long, dark hair, and very pretty face, smooth, clear, pale skin with some lovely light brown freckles and a slender frame under her smart business attire. She looked as fresh as a daisy after her long flight from London with her easy smile and sparkling, green eyes.

He looked again at her passport photograph. It didn't do full justice to her beauty. "Miss Brown," he said. "Welcome to Singapore. I trust you will enjoy your stay at our hotel. If there's anything at all I can do for you, please just let me know."

"Thank you," she smiled.

"Born on 25th June 1996," he said to himself. "That makes her twenty-three. In Manchester, where my favourite soccer team plays."

He gave her the room key, number 489, and made a mental note. It had a king size bed, maybe a little unusual for single occupancy. He should check her room was completely to her liking a little later, and get himself a ticket to the conference.

The girl turned and walked towards the lift. The reception manager's eyes fixed on her cute ass and he didn't notice the girl's glance across at a group of Chinese executives at the bar...


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