Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril)


By Ed

Part Three

The Major's next toy was one he had been looking forward to playing with ever since he first saw her naked: Liv Lindeland. She had been taken in a raid on the cell of the Norwegian resistance and possessed all of the finest characteristics of Norse loveliness. Framed by a crown of straight pale, pale straw-blonde hair, her face held a demur quiet beauty and her eyes were the rich dark blue color of the northern seas of her homeland.

Freya Kraus led her to Heinrich in his office one evening. With her hands cuffed behind her back, she stood tall and proud before him and he was amused to see that she actually had a look of almost regal disdain on her face. Knowing the many means of punishment at his disposal, he wasn't worried in the slightest by this paltry show of defiance; indeed, he was pleased by it as it would add to his pleasure to break the wench's haughty demeanor and would make his inevitable rape all the more enjoyable.

With that delightful thought in mind, Schmidt let his gaze slowly wander down her body. She wore a simple blue dress that complemented her lovely eyes. Still examining her form, he allowed his malevolent gaze to linger on her chest. The breasts beneath the dress top were obviously unfettered by a bra, pushing the bulges prominently against the thin fabric and gently swaying with every breath, nipples prominent. He looked down her form, noting the slim waist and and fine calves. Even barefoot, she was tall for a woman, 5' 7” or 8”. At 22 years of age, she was in the full flush of young womanhood.

“I understand you speak German, Fraulein. That is good, as I speak no Norwegian. You know why you are here, don't you? It says in your file that you were a part of the Milorg, the Resistance in Trondheim and took part in numerous acts of deliberate sabotage against the Reich. Surely you must have realized that there would be consequences if you were caught. Well, caught you were and it is my job to see to the consequences during your imprisonment--”

“Yes, I knew that you Germans would punish me if you took me, but I am proud of what I've done and would do it again, regardless of whatever discomfort you plan for me!”

“Whatever discomfort we plan for you? Discomfort! Yes, Liebling, you can well count on some discomfort. First, however, I must be sure that you haven't hidden any weapons. Sergeant, please assist with the search and help this saboteur undress! And you be careful with her dress, will you? We don't want her to have to go to her cell naked when the search is over.” Freya glanced over at him with a little knowing smile.

Liv had been expecting something like this and was not extremely alarmed when the Aryan woman came up behind her, unlocked the manacles, and immediately started undoing the buttons in back. Heinrich leaned back and cupped his chin with his left hand watching the scene before him with interest. When the last one had been opened, Kraus almost politely slid the dress off her shoulders and down the slim arms. A moment later and the beautiful Liv Lindeland was naked to the waist. The man caught only a quick glance at her tits before the arms were free and she modestly crossed them over her chest. “Now, now, Miss Lindeland, don't be bashful. I have to be absolutely certain that you aren't hiding anything. Arms down at your sides now.” Reluctantly, the lovely blonde did as she was told. At first hesitant to be exposed this way in front of a man, she slowly yet deliberately regained her poise and stood up regally under his attention. The Major leaned forward on his desk, entranced. This young woman's bare breasts were spectacular! Just beneath her collarbones, they swept out in arrogant perfection. Of a size where they should droop pendulously, at least a 36C he estimated, instead they protruded from her torso with scarcely any sag, like a pair of haughty cones. Their skin was a luminous alabaster white, so delicate that a faint tracery of bluish veins were visible beneath. Perched on the outermost curves rested a pair of large, just barely oblong aureoles a delightful apricot-pink color. At their centers sat two pert teats the size of pencil erasers, swelling even firmer as the cool office air discovered them. Poised above her slim waist, trembling gently with each breath, and enhanced by her elegant dignity, Liv's breathtaking turrets presented a vision of erotic feminine splendor. As a lover of fine female breasts, Heinrich felt his sex filling deliciously at the sight and anticipation of watching them under his lash.

Freya's completion of the Norwegian's disrobing was almost anticlimactic. Undoing the cloth belt just above Lindeland's hips, the Nazi simply removed her hands and let the blue dress fall to the floor. The Sergeant had earlier made the preparation of denying the girl her panties, so she now stood completely nude in the office. In her pride, she didn't even make the effort of hiding her sex, allowing him clear view of her wispy golden patch. He admired the sight she presented radiantly nude under the bright lights. One shapely leg was set slightly before the other with its weight on the ball of her foot, an unconscious positioning that enhanced the sleek muscular definition of calf and thigh. He took a final moment to admire her nude form, but a moment only as he was eager to discover if her flesh felt as exquisite as it looked.

Heinrich made his way quickly to her. Unlike most of the other young women he interviewed this way, the haughty Norwegian beauty didn't drop her eyes under his close examination. His hands immediately went to her tits, first cupping them to test their heft. Very fine, he thought, well-fleshed enough to take a lot of punishment. But what really entranced him was their unbelievable softness. He always felt that a young girl's naked titties had the softest touch of any part of her body, but Liv's possessed the silkiest feel of any he had ever had under his control. Their delicate cream complexion was a perfect complement to their lovely shape, delicately rounded yet haughty in their thrust. Next his fingertips found her nipples, caressing the broad disks and fondling her prominent teats. Looking into her azure eyes, he gave them a sudden pinch. Despite her attempt at rigid control, he saw the quick widening there and knew that her titty tips would be as deliciously sensitive as he could desire. Still, he saw some stubbornness, even a certain arrogance, in her gaze. Excellent. It was much more enjoyable torturing the ones with spirit!

“Sergeant, it seems that our guest is not overly concerned by her predicament. Take her around and show her our facilities. Cuff her again, but otherwise leave her as she is. I believe the tour will make more of an impression if she is naked.” Freya pulled Liv's hands behind her back and quickly relocked the handcuffs about her wrists. Then grabbing one upper arm, she led the young blonde out of the office.

The first stop was the guards' bunk room in the basement. Four soldiers were amusing themselves with one of the condemned. The men were all naked below the waist, wearing only undershirts or uniform tunics. They held a variety of whips. Their plaything was a petite, although well-fleshed young woman with short, light brown hair. After being stripped, they had locked her into a simple apparatus: a steel collar with a pair of bars angled slightly back from her neck. Circular shackles at the ends held her wrists two feet out on either side, their position forcing her shoulders backward. Liv saw a slim black band pressed into the hair behind her head, but couldn't guess its purpose. A rope was tied to the back of the collar and up through a ceiling ring, but at the moment it was slack.

The girl was down on her knees in front of one of the guards who was holding her head and moving it back and forth against his loins. Her back was covered with angry scarlet welts, many leaking blood. A moment later Lindeland saw the man throw his head back and groan loudly, crushing the pixie's head against his groin. After holding there for a brief while, he pushed her roughly to the floor, exposing his still swollen sex, shiny with saliva and dripping with its own juices.

Liv gasped on horror, but not just from the brutal sexual assault. The front of the girl's body showed even more signs of abuse than her back, especially on the plump naked tits. Now she could also see the reason for the band behind the captive's head: It held a grotesque metal framework over her face that held a steel ring in place behind her teeth. “That's right, spy,” Freya commented beside her. “A little something to hold her jaws apart. The bitch threatened to rip off any prick stuck inside her, so we couldn't take a chance of her doing that with her teeth, especially to a brave soldier of the Reich.”

The guards converged around the girl and immediately began flailing her again. Her naked body writhed wildly on the tile as the lashes curled over her flesh again and again, striking from every direction. Her crotch was not spared as Liv saw several strokes sought out the vulnerable labia. Denied even the pitiful release of screaming, the only sounds she could make were ghastly inchoate grunts. To the Norwegian, the scene was loathsome. As bad as the savage beating was, the sight of the guards' obvious arousal wobbling between their legs sickened her. She knew from stories in the Resistance that she would likely face painful interrogation and rape if captured, but the reality of what she was seeing, brutal torment as sexual foreplay was beyond any imagining. After at least thirty lashes had savaged the writhing nude body on the floor, two of the guards grabbed the wretch's neck and wrist frame and hauled her to her feet while a third pulled the collar rope taut. She wobbled there for a moment and then the flogging began again to the soldiers' raucous laughter. One lowered his rat-tail whip to the floor then snapped it up between the girl's dancing thighs to explode with a loud wet crack against her vulnerable sex. “I'm next!” he cried. “My Schwanz is getting hard as iron and I can't wait to stick it into the slut's mouth!” The woman beside Lindeland took hold of one arm and pulled her out through the door, leaving the captive to her fate. “Let's go now, Heure. Herr Major wanted you to see our facilities and there is still much to see.”

They went down a passage to a large iron door that screeched as the woman pushed it open, shoving her prisoner inside where she was greeted by a wail of inhuman agony. The new room was dimly lit, the light flickering and it took a moment for her eyes to adjust. When they did she took an involuntary step back into the sergeant. No, it wasn't possible! Not in this day and time. But there was no denying what she saw in front of her: A fully furnished torture chamber out of the Dark Ages! There was the Rack, a pillory and other restraining devices. There was the spiked chair she had read about from the Inquisition and several braziers with glowing coals and rods sticking out. Nor were they alone in the lurid room. Near one wall some unfortunate was perched naked atop a cruelly ridged metal sawhorse, heavy weights chained to her ankles. The spiked chair was occupied as well, and she saw that this was the source of the dreadful screams she had heard. Two men were there. One, wearing the uniform of a general officer in the Wehrmacht, was just sitting in a fancy chair, watching. The other was the most massive and brutal looking man she had ever seen. Completely naked, he stood on the far side of the spiked chair sporting a huge erection and holding a large mallet. “Come,” Freya said, leading her charge closer.

Liv couldn't believe her eyes looking at the metal chair. Every upper surface of the ancient device was covered with short sharp spikes. The unfortunate girl was secured to it by leather straps at neck, wrists, elbows, ankles, and knees. A separate metal band crossed her breasts at the level of her nipples. Blood oozed down from where the spikes pierced the skin. And the horror didn't stop there, not even close. She wore a grotesque iron helmet with holes for the eyes, nostrils, and mouth. There were short baffling extensions protruding from the eye holes. Freya led the Norwegian around to the front. She snapped a crisp Nazi salute to the seated man, but he ignored it.

Now Liv saw the other, more hideous, refinements to the medieval instrument. The seat wasn't a solid plate, but rather a crosshatching of spiked metal bands that left the flesh between them exposed. A bowl of glowing red coals was placed on the floor beneath her. It was small and far enough away that only shimmering waves of heat roiled up to slowly roast her buttocks, thighs, and sex. Even as Liv watched a droplet fell into the bowl. There was a sharp hiss, then a brief yellow flame flashed up. It took a moment for her to recognize what it was, then she felt a hard knot in her gut. The poor girl's bottom must have cooked enough that drops of fat from her bottom were oozing out to fall into the dark red embers. Yet there was, unbelievably, worse. The final addition was a framework of narrow flat iron bars bolted to her legs from the knees to the floor. Several wooden wedges stuck out between the bars at varying intervals. There was more bright red blood pooling on the stone floor from where she had pressed her feet on the spikes in a futile attempt to lift her groin up away from the ghastly heat. While Liv watched, the brute stuck another wedge between the iron at the wretch's knees, raised his mallet, and brought it down to drive the wood deeply into the gap. A ghastly wail of inhuman suffering burst from the helmet and she saw fresh blood start flowing from just below the joints.

“It was called the Spanish Boot by the Inquisitors. Those wedges force the bars together and crushes the bone between. The agony is beyond belief. Of course, it permanently crippled the accused and so was usually the last part of the Question before she was burned alive. The condemned witch had to be carried or made to drag herself to the post—it was quite impossible to walk to it with crushed legs. The helmet was a later addition, devised just to cause even more pain after the woman's confession. The nose and mouth holes are so she can breathe, but those other projections are eye gougers. The tops are screwed to push a small piece of iron to the back of the eye socket while the bottom extensions are cupped to catch the orbs when they popped out. The old texts wrote that lightly tapping the screws afterward was even more painful than the gouging itself. It's remarkable how ingenious those priests were in their persecution of heresy and witchcraft. That man with the hammer is Corporal Vogel, our Head Executioner. He usually works only here in the dungeon and always naked. He enjoys it that way and it seems to increase the victims' horror.

“Herr General,” Freya snapped another salute to the seated man. This time he turned in the chair and waved a small response. Lindeland saw his pale, arctic-blue eyes examine her nude body slowly from head to feet and she felt a chill run up her spine. His gaze held no more passion than if he was looking at a cut of meat. Then he returned his attention to the girl seated on the torture chair.

“Herr General Meyer comes to the Schloss every month. He just sits and watches while one of the condemned prisoners is tortured to death—never shows any emotion, just sits and watches. Only once when he had his chosen victim flayed, every inch of skin from neck to knees peeled as you would a grape, then doused with alcohol and lit on fire did I even see a slight gleam of perspiration. A few long hours and he is finished with them—doesn't even take one to fuck afterward . . .” She shook her head in wonder. “The Major is a more patient and focused man—and a much more lusty one—as you will find out. He feels that a quick death by torture is a premature waste of his pretty female prisoners. Now come along. There's one more stop on your little tour.”

After climbing some stairs, they entered another room. This one was as far removed in atmosphere as could be from the dank, torch-lit medieval chamber; everywhere there was the shiny gleam of stainless steel enclosed by white-painted walls. Even so, its purpose was obvious and no less chilling in its stark clinical appearance. “Welcome to the Laboratory, spy. Here we experiment with more modern methods of punishment. Ah, here's an example.”

Liv was pushed over to where another prisoner was suffering. Like the other victims she had seen, this one was utterly nude for her punishment. Every step of the tour had served to increase her own terror at being naked and helpless in the hands of these Nazi fiends, doubtless their intention. This girl looked to be in her late teens, small, yet nicely-fleshed with short black hair. A narrow strap around her head held a small rubber ball in her mouth. Perched high on her chest sat two pertly thrusting breasts, not overly large, but still nicely shaped and eye-catching on her petite frame. She had a cute face, but it was now contorted with pain and tears streaked down her cheeks above the gag. The girl was mounted atop a sharply-ridged steel sawhorse, ankles bound wide apart. Her wrists were tied out to the sides, holding the arms loosely just about level with her shoulders so all of her weight centered on the metal wedge between her thighs. The young woman's body was shiny with sweat. A soldier stood at her side in front of a large box with dials and glowing lights. Thick wires led from it to the back of the angled frame.

Freya went up to him, dragging Liv along. “Herr Feldwebel, I see Major Schmidt agreed with my recommendation that we keep you. It seems you have come up with something new here. Why don't you explain it to me—and this Resistance Heure with me. It looks interesting.”

Jawohl, Fraulein Sergeant. Another damned Frenchy. Name's Martine, I think, not that it matters. First I placed her a couple of inches above the frame—just like the wooden horse in the Dungeon. The ropes tied to her ankles I fed into motorized pulleys to either side. As her legs slowly pulled apart, her slit gradually settled down on the edge. The ones holding her wrists out keep her torso erect, but no matter how much she tries, she can't quite reach her body and there isn't enough leverage to pull herself off the ridge. Lowering her slowly is important. That way I was able to carefully position her sex lips exactly how I wanted them. You can't see them now, but there are several needles mounted on separate copper bands—stainless steel is a poor conductor, as you know—across the top and insulated from the others. They alternate positive and negative—they're thin and there's six of each spanning the entire area from abdomen to ass. I added a slight elevation to the saddle front and back to make sure every millimeter stays in contact with her flesh no matter how much she squirms. I even added one final electrode specially placed to pierce the bitch's Kitzler. The needles are fairly short, just long enough to penetrate the outermost bit of flesh where the most nerve endings are. She's getting a brief rest now, but for the past half hour I've been shocking her labia every few minutes—see how plump and angry they are now? She rode my steed just like an American cowboy breaking a wild horse, which, of course, just made her crotch hurt even more from the edge splitting it up the middle. The original does that well, certainly—after all, it's been around for a long time with good reason—but my version doesn't take hours or even days to take full effect. I also have something in store for her pretty titties. I can't ignore such tender beauties and the way this one's stick out, they fairly beg for special attention.”

He picked up a couple of alligator clips attached to wires and held them up for Freya's examination. “I decided against electrode needles for her paps. They're fine, but I wanted to really focus the electricity, focus it on the most nerve filled part of the nipples, the very tips. See, the jaws are insulated from each other, so once they're attached, the current only flows across the tiny gap between them. Let me show you. Ok, Frenchy, let's get on to the next bit.”

He draped the wires over the front of the steel horse, then lifted his hands to Martine's thrusting bare breasts. One after the other, he held them firm with one hand and plucked at the teats with the fingers of the other. They were already erect from her ordeal, but the cruel pinching made them even harder and fuller. Once they were swollen to his satisfaction, he took up the clips and carefully attached them to the tender female berries, the little jaws biting into the flesh to hold them firm. “Now watch,” he said.

Turning back to the black box, he adjusted the controls, then pushed a button. Immediately the girl's body tensed and a muffled whine ripped past the gag. She fought madly, desperately, trying to reach the electrode clips to get them off her nipples, but the cords stopped her hands when they were still a foot away. Franz and Freya both laughed at her frenzied efforts and the way they made her distended titties jiggle. “I tied her wrists for just this effect. She can get her hands close to her nipples, but no matter how hard she tries, she just can't reach them to remove the clips.” He released the button and the sweat-shiny girl sagged back, chest heaving as she gasped for air. “Didn't like that, did you, bitch? Let's add a little more juice.”

“MMMMMPPPPPPHHHHHHHH! HMMMMMMHHHH! HMMMHHHH!” The links holding the cords to the side posts tinkled as her arms fought against them, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't reach the clips bouncing at her nipples. The agony was excruciating as the current surged through her aching teats. Even more sensitive and packed with nerve endings than the surrounding aureoles, the electricity ripped across the fleshy bud in an endless surge. The shocks to her groin had been terrible, but they were all but forgotten while the electrodes tortured her swollen teats. After a seeming eternity—but only several seconds—he released the button once more. Readjusting the dials, he placed one finger over a different button and pressed it down. A new light flashed red and the girl's naked body reacted instantly, hips bucking violently atop the steel horse. After another brief interval, he released it and the spasms subsided.

“I went back to her genitals for that one,” the Feldwebel commented. “For the moment, I'll limit my application to either nipples or cunt at any one time. I don't want to take the chance that any current crosses her heart and stops it before I'm ready to finish her punishment. Later on, after she has suffered more, I'll treat both areas at the same time.” He stepped over to where Liv stood, stunned by the fiendish scientific torture, and reached out a hand to cup one soft white breast. She jerked back, but Freya held her firm. Karl found the large nipple and fondled it, teasing the dainty tip. “I think this one will respond nicely to the electricity. Can I have her?”

“Not just yet, Herr Feldwebel, not just yet,” the woman chuckled. “The Major will want to sample her flesh first. But I will tell him of your request. After your good and inventive work here, he might let you have a go at her after he is done. Well, we have to be going now. He's will want to see her again now that the introductory tour is complete. Come girl.”

Heinrich was half sitting on his desk, smoking a cigarette when they returned. Freya shoved Liv down to her knees. He pushed off the desk and reached down to lift her chin, looking into her face. She tried to twist her head away, but he could now see fear in those lovely blue eyes. “Still proud, I see, but now you have some idea of what you face. We will see how much defiance you hold onto when I subject your soft white skin and flesh to the interrogation. I must confess that I'm looking forward to introducing you to the pain more than I have in quite a while. I'll let you think about it tonight.

“That will do for now, Sergeant. Let her dress and take her away. Bring her to the Lounge Room in the morning and we will see if she has anything to tell us about the price of espionage against the Reich. Have the Gorham bitch there, as well.”

* * * * *

After his breakfast the next day, the Major made his way to the Lounge, that innocent looking room, so comfortably appointed, yet the scene of so many horrors. As he had ordered, pretty Pamela Gorham had been delivered already and was waiting for him, wearing only a floor-length, flowing skirt. An Englishwoman, she was another of his pleasure girls willing to do anything, however vile she found it, to please him and avoid the savage torments she had seen inflicted on other unfortunates. She was also one of his favorite female types: short, light-brown hair framed a cute oval face with hazel eyes. Naked to the waist, she sported demure round titties large for her petite size and made even more prominent by her slim back. “Come, girl, you will assist me to get ready. My playmate will soon be here.”

Fifteen minutes later, there was a knock on the door. “Come,” he said. It opened and Freya came in pushing lovely Liv Lindeland before her, wearing the same thin blue dress as the day before. The flaxen-haired beauty looked around the room confused by what she saw. Expecting some stark interrogation chamber, instead she was standing in a luxurious sitting room. It was even carpeted. The only incongruous note was in the form of the man waiting for her.

Heinrich was standing patiently with a small, topless girl at his side. Now Liv began to realize what she faced this morning. Beneath the short military tunic, the man was wearing black leather chaps like American cowboys wore, tight tapered columns covering his legs from hips to boots held on by a belt around his waist, but his were altered in a way no cowboy would. No, his had a uniquely lewd aspect to them as they only covered the legs—there was no crotch so his heavy sex was totally exposed.

“Strip her, Sergeant, and take her to the punishment chair.”

Freya grinned and quickly pulled the dress off Liv's shoulders and husked it down. Unlike the previous nights slow disrobing, this was rough, ripping the garment apart to leave her naked in an instant, Before Liv knew what was happening, the woman led her over to what looked like a normal chair. Freya left her stand there. It took just a moment to remove the cushions and back until all that remained were two steel planks a couple of feet long set on posts that angled down from front to back. Freya then spun her around and down onto the bars and quickly secured the girl's legs at thigh and knee with leather straps. “Arms in front now,” Kraus barked. When she complied, they were overlaid and bound together at wrist and elbow. While afraid of being totally nude before this evil looking woman and the obscenely displayed man, she held on to her dignity and dropped her arms down to rest over her stomach. She was very aware that this left her prominent titties exposed to the man's avid gaze, but pretended that it didn't matter to her. Well experienced in these things, Schmidt saw through the act. Soon enough, he thought, soon enough you will understand why you should fear being naked in my hands girl. Liv's apprehension increased when Freya tied cords about her overlaid arms at the elbows and passed the ends up and through a steel ring set into the ceiling above her head.

Heinrich came and stood right in front of her and she couldn't help but look at the rising growth between his thighs and her blue eyes grew wide, a development he noted with pleasure.

“Now Liebling,” he said to her, “you were with those renegade resistance fighters in Trondheim, neh? And you killed German soldiers engaged in liberating Norway, neh? Neh? There is no use denying it. Even so, the Reich is prepared to be lenient with you. All you have to do is tell me the name of the Resistance leader in Trondheim and where your cell hides out and I will free you, let you get dressed, and see that you spend the rest of the war in a comfortable internment camp. Come now, why suffer any disagreeable treatment? It's so easy. Just a name and a location. Come, I'm waiting.”

“Never,” she hissed. “Liberation, hah! You Nazis came into Norway to enslave us! You think a little bit of discomfort will make me betray my country?! I will tell you nothing, nothing!”

“'A little bit of discomfort'? Again? Oh, Miss Lindeland, you have no idea, just no idea at all. Very well, you just tell me what I want to know when you are ready. Let's get started then, shall we? Freya, bring me the tit strap, the enhanced one, and the rod, then take the rope, if you please. Pamela, my sweeting, you know what I want. Make good use of that lovely mouth of yours while I work. Now hoist her up, Sergeant!”

The cruel Nazi woman tugged on the rope ends jerking Liv's arms up until they were at a level with her eyes. This exposed her large bare breasts for his full attention. From the first time he had seen and fondled the girl's delectably soft chest gourds, he had planned on binding her this way for the torture to come. He reached for them again. Perfectly rounded and plump, they filled his hands with firm, resilient flesh and the skin thrilled his fingertips with its silky smoothness. At their tips they were capped with broad, delicately pink hued aureoles almost an inch and a half across surrounding slightly darker teats. Tits as generous and shaped like hers would no doubt flatten out to the sides were she to be splayed out on her back. This binding would not only present them in the most erotically stimulating way, but would also leave them free to jiggle and bounce lasciviously to the flogging. Moving to her right, he took the strap from his sergeant. She set the rod down at his feet and stepped back. He gave the black lash a few trial sweeps through the air in front of her. He preferred to start with this tool on breasts he wanted to savor repeatedly. Unlike the thin leather whips that could rip the flesh, the elastic rubber strap would impart a bitter sting without breaking the fragile surface. This was the intensified version which had several holes drilled through it near the end. Not only would it fly faster through the air and so increase the force of every blow, but the holes would cause small painful blood blisters to rise up on the delicate skin. As soon as he placed himself with feet set, pretty Pam Gorham knelt before his spread legs. She reached up and gripped the base of his penis to steady it, then began to kiss and lick the swelling glans as he drew back his arm and took aim.

WHISSSSSSSSSWACKT! The first stroke flew in a horizontal arc to burst across Liv's belly, just catching the ribs. “UHHNNN,” she grunted. This was another of his ploys; to let her feel the incredible sting the rubber could deliver and then imagine how it would hurt when it found a place even more sensitive. Soon enough, he thought again.

WHISSSSSSSLAPPT! WHISSSSSSSSWACCCCKKK! Two more punished her stomach and then he looked higher. He leaned over and contemplated the area. Five inch-wide reddening weals crossed her flesh and he could just see the first tiny blebs rising in the middle of each one. He usually spent more time on the anticipation lashes, but the Norwegian's bare breasts were just too inviting to delay any longer. WHISSSSSSSSWACCCCCKKKTT! The black rubber strap found the tits for the first time, full across the upper slopes. “HUUUHHHHNNNN!” Liv grunted at the bitter new pain.

Heinrich employed a slow rhythm, about 10 seconds between strokes to allow the beautiful blonde time to fully appreciate the pain of each one. At every lash the full under curves would bulge out and then wobble wildly on her chest. Each stroke was rewarded with a grunt of pain. Meanwhile, the cute topless girl kneeling before him continued her salacious fellatio, running her small pointed tongue up the now rigid shaft, paying special attention to the tumid glans. While most of the time it was enough to simply enjoy watching the various punishments attacking his female captives, he experienced a particularly sadistic delight in inflicting the torture himself. By now some fifteen lashes had sought out the ripe globes and the diabolical beating had flushed the upper slopes a brightening scarlet from collarbones to the upper edges of her broad areolae. “Higher now, Sergeant.”

Freya obediently hauled on the ropes and Liv Lindeland's arms were drawn up until they were just over her head. As her arms lifted, the beautiful bare breasts rose higher on her torso, keeping most of their thrusting shape, but now better exposing their delicate nipples and tender under curves to the pitiless black whip. Already her nude torso was sheened with a film of perspiration from the pain.

Heinrich wasted no time once she was in her new position on the steel planks. WHISSSSSSSSSSSPLACKKT! WHISSSSSSSWACCKKK! A crisp slash to the undersides that lifted the tits up and set them cavorting wildly on her chest, then as soon as they had settled, a vicious horizontal crack that found her poised naked nipples for the first time, cruelly flattening the flinty teats; no hesitation, no build-up for anticipation, just a savage attack while the girl was strong and alert enough to fully respond to the burning sensation of the rubber striking her presented nipples.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!” This first exclamation of suffering slipped uncontrollably from her throat. After the previous flogging of the upper slopes, Liv had known that the pain would be worse on the more sensitive lower contours and nipples, but nothing prepared her for the hideous stinging agony of this new attack to her titty tips.

“A little bit of discomfort, you said? I told you that you had no idea, didn't I? And it's just started, Miss Lindeland.” He thrust his hips forward as if aiming his tumescent penis at her. “As you can see, I find this kind of interrogation quite enjoyable. Now are you going to answer my questions and tell me what I want to know?”

Tears ran from the girl's wide turquoise eyes and her nude body was vibrating in pain, but she was able to muster her courage again with some difficulty. “N-N-Never! Never!” She got out between gasps. “I'll never tell you! I won't betray Norway!”

Although he didn't show it, Schmidt was happy with the blonde's resolve. She had no way of knowing that it only added to his delight. He had participated in many duels between whip and will and ultimately the whip always won. Always. This way she would last longer. He was always disgusted by the ones who broke after just a few minutes of suffering, screaming and wailing then quickly sagging in their bonds. He inevitably got his full measure of pain out of them, of course, reviving them over and over with ice water, smelling salts, even injections to reawaken them for the continuation of the torment. Eventually, their loud inchoate screams and frenzied contortions became sufficiently arousing to satisfy his lusts, especially after four or five revivals. And, of course, the the application of more vigorous tactics; victims like that irritated him so he found little reason to spare their flesh from any lacerating atrocity. He wasn't squeamish about blood and, after all, there were always more where they came from. The rare ones like this Norwegian were treats to be savored. “As you wish, Liebling.”

WHISSSSCRACCCKKKTTT! “AAAAAAHHHHH!” WHISSSPLATT! “AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!” He went back to a slow rhythm, allowing long seconds between each lash and every one sought out the delicately formed and supremely sensitive under curves and middles to fiendishly kiss the helpless nipples. He often added a little extra reach so the tapered ends of the whip bit into her delicate left underarm. While not as painful as the tits, the bitter sting there added considerably to her agony.

Five strokes, ten strokes, the pitiless black rubber caressed the girl's shuddering bared chest melons mercilessly. Both were flushed a bright scarlet and now adorned with half a dozen rising brick-red blisters. Five more savaged her tits and nipples before her resolve finally cracked.


The Major dropped the rubber strap. “There now, that wasn't so hard, was it? Had you only been this reasonable at the beginning you would have spared yourself all that pain. There, there now. Rest. Catch your breath, it's all over now. Sergeant, lower her arms a bit. Pamela, you wait here.” He stepped up close to Liv, his rigid phallus wobbling obscenely. Freya lowered the young woman's arms, but only as far as before, to the level of her face. Still exposed, the lush tits jiggled to every quick heaving gulp of air. He placed one hand on the near shoulder while the other settled gently over her right globe. Even this light contact drew a fresh gasp of pain from her. He felt a sweet pang of erotic pleasure in his penis at the touch. The once silken, milk-white skin of her tits was now an angry red, well-striped with hard weals where the edges of the strap had bitten, and radiating with heat. His fingertips caressed the surface, relishing the fiery warmth and the bumpy feel of the hard blood blisters scattered over the surface. Yes, he thought, even this light fondling was almost unendurable to her and it was almost time for the big surprise.

He released the swelling globe and went back to where the cute English girl knelt waiting. “Sergeant! Can't you see that Fraulein Lindeland is weak from her ordeal? A glass of schnapps! Quickly now!”

Heinrich waited patiently while the girl drank down the glass of liquor his noncom held to her lips. All the while, pretty Pamela Gorham continued her delicious tongue and mouth masturbation, keeping him hard yet holding his orgasm at bay, a skill painfully learned.

Her composure somewhat returned, the straw-haired beauty looked over at him and leaned forward, extending her bound arms toward him. “I've done what you wanted. You've made me a traitor. I told you what you wanted to know. Please! You can untie me now! Please, let me go now! You promised! I've told you what you wanted to know, now let me go!”

“Yes, you told me what I wanted to know and I know I promised to stop if you did. There's only one little problem, however. You see, the Gestapo caught Herr Kajanus two days ago and he couldn't wait to tell them where to find his Resistance cell after just a few minutes with electrodes clipped on his balls, far faster than you took to break. It just proves that women can take much more pain than men, I guess. No, my dear, I already knew everything I asked you to give me. So you see, you weren't sent all this way for any interrogation—they could have done that in Trondheim and as much as I am glad that they did send you to me, the judgment of the Reich must come first. No, you were sent here for punishment as an enemy of the German army! I'm afraid that your suffering isn't over, after all. In fact, it has only just begun. Freya, I'll take that rod now.”

Liv's beautiful blue eyes only stared at the urbane Nazi in numb panic while he spoke. Her fevered mind just couldn't believe or accept his words. Arve taken and broken so easily. All her friends, gone! And horribly worse, her suffering wasn't over! Still bound the same way, this monster was going to continue the torture of her poor aching breasts and any hope of mercy was futile considering the rampant erection twitching up from his groin. She knew that her nude body had a sexually arousing effect on men. The few times she had allowed one to see and touch her that way, they had responded the same way as this officer did. Only she never imagined that he wanted more than simple rape, that he actually took even greater pleasure from causing hideous agony to her hypersensitive bare breasts, breasts that already throbbed with ghastly pain.

Heinrich now held up his new instrument, a three-foot long black rod about a quarter inch across. “Yes, Miss Lindeland, I have selected something different for the next part of your ordeal. See, it's just a long slim bar of steel encased in thin rubber. The steel keeps it fairly stiff while the rubber helps make it quite supple, excellent for accurate aiming. And the effect! I believe you thought that the strap was the worst implement possible and from your response to it I'm sure it was quite painful, but I can safely tell you from past experience that the belt is nowhere near as vicious as this little toy. Its kisses will provide those nice plump titties of yours with even more intolerable agony than you can imagine. It has the added benefit of not tearing your flesh unless I really want it to and that won't happen today. You see, not only did I lie to you about the questioning aspect of this afternoon's festivities, but I'm afraid that I may have misled you about your future with me. I told you that you were sent here for punishment for your crimes against the Reich and that much was true, but this little episode will not be all of it. Oh dear me no. After I finish today, you will be taken to the infirmary and cared for as though you were my own dear child. Then, in a week or two, after you're healthy and your lovely skin is back to its silken and creamy perfection again, I will have you taken to another room, stripped naked so all of your sensitive female body will be available for torture once more, and tied down so that you're helpless to do anything to prevent it. I will select some different way to make you suffer until you faint from the pain. Then a few weeks later, it will happen again, and maybe again. You'll never know when I will tire of you and have the session continue to your screaming death. But relax, my pretty. I won't torture you to death today. No, your splendid turrets have me enchanted and they simply respond too well to my attentions to squander them so soon. Well, you seem to have recovered enough to continue. But first, Pamela, my sweet, your touch is marvelous, but I don't think I will be needing you for this next bit. Go get the candle and a long needle. Use your imagination down between the bint's thighs. That should liven her up a bit more.”

The beautiful and curvaceous young Norwegian was only able to sit on the beams in dumb horror. This inhuman ghoul spoke about the deliberate and protracted torment of her naked body as if he was discussing the weather and in seconds it would begin again! And not only back to her poor helpless breasts which still ached terribly from the strapping, but now the little topless bitch was going to hurt her sensitive cunny, exposed and defenseless at the apex of the planks. Those loathsome thoughts were interrupted suddenly as the steel cane came whistling across to strike both of her helpless female gourds a finger's width above the broad nipples! HISSSSSSSSSSSSSCRACK!

“HAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! HAAAAAHHHHHEEEEAAAHHH! OH, GOD, GOD PLEASE DON'T HURT ME ANY MORE! MY TITS, MY TITS, OH DEAR GOD THEY HURT! THEY HURT ME SO!” God damn the monster! He was right. Perhaps it was because of her previous tit strapping, but the demonic black rod DID hurt worse than the belt. Instead of transferring its energy across a wide strip, it seemed to strike harder and left a more bitter narrow sting.

Like before, Schmidt went back to his old rhythm, long seconds between strokes to let her feel the full pain of each and allow her titties to wobble back into position for the next. Two, three, four, every hissing cut drew fresh wails from the luscious girl. Then Liv Lindeland felt a new sensation between her legs and suddenly her pudenda was lanced with a searing fire. With all her attention focused on her chest, she had forgotten about Pamela. . . When Gorham had arrived, Heinrich had given her a long session of “training” and she was terrified of coming under his personal care again. She didn't like doing it, but anything was better than more training. So she had taken the three-inch needle, held it in the candle flame until it glowed red, lifted it up to the the plump labial lips hanging between the steel planks, and then stabbed it quickly in and out of the succulent flesh! The captive blonde lunged up against her bonds, but the leather at upper thighs and knees held her firm and her shriek rose in volume and pitch.

“Hah, didn't like that, did you? Hard for you to know what hurts more, neh? It doesn't matter to me. I enjoy torturing a girl's tits and yours are simply splendid, so it's back to your tits now,” he chortled. He proceeded to administered six more timed strokes, while cute Pam Gorham lanced the tender pink vulva two more times. As a girl herself, she knew well how much the red-hot lancet must hurt and she also knew the most sensitive places to burn. Heinrich held his arm. “Okay Sergeant, haul those arms up again. I've waited long enough to treat the rest of her mounds to the rod!”

Freya pulled on the ropes and Liv's overlaid arms rose up over her head again, drawing the protruding mounds higher on her upper torso and revealing the sensitive under curves and nipples perfectly for the rod. His eyes slitted as he took aim. HISSSSSSSSSSSCRACKT! A vicious uppercut lifted both crimson hillocks and set them dancing wildly on her rib cage. Schmidt immediately followed with a finely judged horizontal stroke to perfectly bisect them right at the edge of the areola. HISSSSSSSSSSSCRAACCCCKKT! SCRACCCCCKKKKKKTTTTTTT! Again the cruel metal cane carved the delicate globes bottom and center into a fresh waltz of suffering.

Stroke followed stroke, every one relentlessly punishing Liv's lower and middle curves, now offered perfectly to the rod by the lift of her forearms. Soon one of the lashes found a couple of slightly separated blisters causing the aching blebs to burst apart, spraying a fine mist of bloody liquid into the air. Almost immediately after, pretty Pamela lanced her bulging nude genital lips again. By now they had taken half a dozen searing punctures by the glowing needle, every tiny hole quickly puffing up in fierce irritation, As the red-hot steel immediately cauterized the flesh, there was no bleeding, but the pain it caused was almost beyond endurance. In utter misery, the blonde wished that she would pass out, even die, and so be free of the hellish agony, but her body was simply too young and vital.

The erotic thrill the Major felt from the fiendish flogging was steadily accelerating his level of arousal. The sight of Liv's sweat-shiny female form writhing under the rod had his hard male staff throbbing with carnal delight. Viscous droplets of clear fluid oozed constantly from the little glans slit, flying away with every wobble as they appeared. The concentrated force of the supple black whip left hard welts of dark red, purpling at points wherever they crossed. A few more of the painful boils had burst leaving numerous bloody streams running down the jiggling lower curves. Only the narrow band across their very middles was free of the rigid plum weals, a condition he was ready to remedy now. HISSSSSSSSSCRACKT! Full across the center of the poised summits, finally attacking her florid nude nipples.

“EEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAHHHH! OH DEAR GOD, NOT THERE, PLEASE OH PLEASE NOT THERE, NOT THERE!” Barely heard beneath the wails there was another faint sizzle from her loins and the screams ripped out again. “OH YOU EVIL BITCH! STOPIT, STOPIT, STOPIT! AH, IT BURNS!”

Again the rod savaged her tender aureoles, splitting a few aching blisters there in a splash of scarlet mist. Again. And again. And yet again the whippy rod kissed the tops and bottoms of the shrieking girl's paps. There came another barely audible sizzle beneath her and the frantic convulsions threw her limbs against the unyielding bonds. Raw scream after scream ripped from her mouth. Pam had finally stepped up her genital assault, spearing the glowing red thorn into the dainty pink bud of her clitoris!

For Heinrich, it was time. There was no conscious decision, just the peaking of arousal from his delightful play. The nipples were the most sensitive parts of the breasts and the teats, packed with nerve endings, were the most sensitive parts of the nipples, so he now went after them to the exclusion of anywhere else. He no longer used the earlier drawn out rhythm, instead slashing the bloated titty tips rapidly. Almost every lash found the flinty tips and flattened them. More of the taut blisters burst, most on the delicate aureoles, but one actually on the very tip of the right teat with a puff of scarlet. The entire expanse of her upper chest was now glistening with the bloody fluid.

He felt the exhilarating tension rising inexorably in his loins and gave himself fully to the exquisite sensations. With each fresh nipple lash, they built strongly at the base and suddenly surged uncontrollably through his rigid penis. The orgasm was as powerful as any he had known as spurt after spurt of hot liquid semen erupted from his hard red glans. Heinrich dropped the slick black rod and went rigid as the powerful ejaculations went on. While coming into the wet sucking mouth of one of his slaves was superb, climaxing without a touch from the sheer sadistic joy of torturing a beautiful nude girl had a unique sexual euphoria all its own.

Finally the exquisite molten surges died down, although his penis remained semi-erect and twitching from the intense sensation of his orgasm. Pam Gorham abandoned her skewer and scurried over to him, taking his organ deep into her mouth to suck the last dribbles from it. She had painfully come to know his desires and understood that unhesitatingly indulging them was the only way to avoid her own further suffering.

Freya released the rope ends and Liv's arms dropped limply to her lap. Her head drooped forward and down and the sweat-matted straw hair hung over her swollen blood-spattered breasts. Despite the prolonged and hideous whipping, she was still conscious. Waves of heartbreaking agony flowed through her body and her chest heaved spasmodically as she fought to get air into her lungs. The Nazi woman left her overlaid arms tied, but released the leather straps holding her legs to the steel beams. Liv immediately fell over to the carpeted floor in a heap. Freya used a boot to push her over on her back. Exhausted by the hideous tit and genital torture, the girl just lay there, chest rising and falling rapidly. After the long vicious beating, both of her bare breasts were painfully swollen and covered with a heavy pattern of red and purple welts. Both were still liberally studded with hard, mulberry-colored blisters, although a fair number had burst under the hideous caresses of the rod and still oozed crimson.

Heinrich was well pleased with this session. Some form of physical stimulation was usually required, but just the thrill of his torture of Liv's proud soft titties had given him a powerful orgasm and they really weren't even that badly damaged. The rubber-coated rod never sliced the skin open and though still trickling blood, all that came from the burst pustules left by the strap holes and would heal completely. As painful as the lancing burns on her sex lips were, no real harm had been done there, either. She would remain in considerable misery for quite a while, but after a week or so her strong young body would return to its original sensuous shape and creamy-skinned beauty. He found himself already contemplating the girl's next ordeal and knew that she would be doing the same thing throughout her recovery and right up until he sent for her again and her fears became loathsome reality once more.

* * * * *

The next day, the Major went on an inspection of his domain, something he did every two or three days. While his personal sessions occupied much of his time and energy, there were still quite a few other activities going on in the Schloss that needed to be done properly. The majority of his prisoners were women sent to him for punishment and subsequent execution for actual crimes against Germany. The condemned were generally women adjudged traitors or spies who had yielded all of their pertinent information. For such as these, the Nazis had determined that simple killing was too good for them and decreed a painful and lingering death in Austria. The only thing that set the ones here apart from the majority of other such prisoners was their gender, age, and appearance. Due to his powerful connections and the unique facilities he had assembled, he received only females, young but not too young, and pretty, very pretty. His connections saw to this because the Schloss Folter had earned a reputation among suitably inclined senior military and Party staffers as a great place for short getaways; the facilities assured them that suitable instruments and accommodations were available to indulge their perverted desires. For the Nazi elite, with power came pleasure. Even with his relatively high standards, however, there was still a surplus of women to be “processed.” As he still had to see that the sentences were correctly carried out in any event, he had tailored his military complement of guards from among the most vicious sociopaths the SS, Abwehr, and Gestapo could provide. For such as these, transfer to Austria was a dream come true and threat of being transferred away enough motivation to keep such a crew in line. As always during these inspections, he was wearing his specially made black leather pants. After all, he reasoned, you never knew when an opportunity for some pleasurable diversion might arise and his castle presented many opportunities. He first stopped in the Utility Room. Aptly named, it was a large space with little decoration or character, save one of general dread. Here various devices could be set up that didn't fit into the theme of the Medieval Chamber or the Laboratory. With the exception of the electrodes, the Utility Room was ideal for the employment of some of the machines he and his subordinates had perverted from their original purpose to the dark ones of the Schloss. A couple of them were in use now, he saw.

The first was employed on an attractive young brunette. Her arms were at full stretch in front of her and tied at the wrists to a five-foot high post. In back, her legs were secured with wide leather strips to the tops of additional shorter steel columns at the thighs and calves out to either side. These columns were bolted to the floor and held the girl's lower torso steady. Secured as she was, her legs formed a straight line at a painful right angle to her torso as if she was doing a horizontal split. As with every other girl undergoing punishment, she was nude, although she was suspended face down so her breasts dangled towards the floor. At the juncture of her stretched thighs, the ripe fig of her vulva was gaping wide and vulnerable. Heinrich noted with approval that it had been completely shaved, the plump labial lips completely exposed and vulnerable. One of his lesbian wardresses, Ilsa Kramer, had set up a wickedly simple device. An electrically powered spinner was mounted behind her on a level with her loins. Four arms, each ending with a pair of broad rubber flaps a foot long were evenly mounted around the rotating steel drum. When the motor was engaged, the straps whirled around to slap viciously against her cute round buttocks, with about a one second interval between each slap, every one announced by a loud moist SMACK! The rubber flails had been going for a while already and both shaking ass cheeks had flushed an angry crimson color. She was jerking and weeping under the incessant motorized spanking.

Schmidt walked up to stand to the right side of her quivering naked torso. “I like the way you have stretched her legs out, Ilsa. The strain on her muscles must be quite distressing.”

Ach, ja, Herr Major. It took a couple of the guards to pull them far enough apart to reach the far posts. I promised them a shot at her kootzle when I was finished. I just put one of your adages to work not to ignore the slightest refinement to increase their suffering.” He reached out a hand to find the brunette's bouncing right breast, squeezing it and nodding with approval.

“How long has the machine been kissing those sweet cheeks of hers?”

“Only about ten minutes now, Herr Major, but enough to paint them a nice red, and see? the first blisters are already starting to bloom!”

Heinrich continued fondling the girl's soft chest melon, pinching its teat into a full, painful erection. “Turn up the speed a bit, Fraulein Kramer. I think this little bint can take it. She looks strong enough.”

Ja, Herr Major, as you command,” she responded, going to the machine and dialing up a small control on it. The four spokes immediately sped up until the rubber flaps were striking her flesh twice as fast, now two every second. Turning up the speed not only increased the quantity of lashes, but also added to their velocity and so the force of each.

Heinrich could feel the effect of the increased speed directly as an increased tension in her naked young body and a rising pitch in her cries of pain. More blisters rose up across the straining tender flesh and a few of the earlier ones burst under the whirling straps, adding a brighter wet red to the ruddy buttocks. She fought harder against the cuffs holding her wrists, but there was to be no escape. He waited a few minutes until the inevitable came about and her desperate pleas became loud panicked wails.


“Alright, Ilsa, you heard her. I quite agree. Those pretty cheeks have surely taken enough of a beating. Turn off the machine and, oh yes, replace those flaps, if you please. Those are stained.” The wardress nodded and a smile came over her face, understanding what he had in mind. She immediately turned off the machine, then started removing the double straps from the spokes.

He continued to caress the quivering tit with his right hand and stroked her dark brown hair with the other. “There, there, girl, there, there. You see, we're not monsters. That poor bottom of yours really has taken a fearful pounding, but it's over now. Yes, we won't hurt you there any more today.”

The wails became less strident as she regained her breath. “Oh, thank you, thank you, sir! It's so sore, I just couldn't take any more. But please, since the beating is over, can't you release me now? Please, my legs are cramping the way they're pulled so far apart. Won't you let me go now?”

Heinrich saw that the wardress had finished her work on the dreadful torture machine, so it was time to drop his bombshell on the pretty brunette. He looked to Ilsa with meaning. The Nazi harpy flipped a switch and then turned up the control. The man moved back a little, releasing the breast. He cupped and lifted her chin so he could see the tear-streaked face better, but said nothing, just looking into her eyes. In a moment, he saw a confused expression come over her as she felt a sudden breeze against the delicate skin of her sex. While he had been comforting and reassuring her, the wardress had replaced the twin rubber flaps with single narrower ones positioned in the middle. The switch she hit changed the direction of the device's rotation, too, so that it now turned upward instead of down. The electric motor started turning slowly, the straps gradually accelerating, but not yet finding any female flesh. Their close upward passage was creating the draft she felt on her moist pink sex lips. She looked into the man's eyes with dawning comprehension as she saw the cold ruthless cruelty in them. Oh no, she thought in fear. Oh no, No, NO! He couldn't really plan to torture her most private parts of all! Not with that hellish machine! Then came the first brush of the rubber over the pink genital flesh. She started to panic and tore frantically against the cuffs. The spokes gradually sped up and the flexible straps started striking her slit in earnest. Another half minute and the sounds of the atrocious beating rose in volume, loud moist smacks about a second apart. And as the noise grew, so did the pain.

WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAPT! Again and again, the rubber flaps kissed the girl's plump pink labia. Her leg muscles strained fiercely against the leather keeping her limbs so widely splayed and he could see the pert bloodied buttocks clench to every wet slap. It took less than a minute for the squeals to begin again and her pleas to become frantic and inchoate, the only recognizable words “NO” and “PLEASE.” WHAPT! WHAPT! WHAPPT! WHAPP! WHAPPT! Watching the wench's maddened struggles, he had to reach into the front of his black leather pants to rearrange his swelling penis. Even after all his time here, the sight of a pretty young girl being tortured still excited him.

He gave it another few minutes and nodded to Ilsa who immediately turned up the speed of the rotation again. The splayed girl's thrashing convulsions increased, tits jumping wildly, and her young female body was now shiny with sweat that flew into the air about her. WHAP! WHAPP! WHAPT! WHAPP! WHAPPT! WHAPP! WHAPPT! WHAPPT! The quick and relentless lashes had bloated her sex lips and turned the once dainty pink vulva a brilliant scarlet. He chuckled at the sight. It looked like some small animal, skinned alive and twitching. After some twenty more strokes, the nerve-filled skin finally cracked it open so bright red blood sprayed from her groin and the sweeping ends of the rubber straps. The girl lasted through another full minute of the savage genital torture and then her nude body gave a last shrieking spasm and she drooped senseless from the steel posts.

The wardress turned off the power and the devilish machine slowed to a stop. There was no reason to continue if the traitorous bitch couldn't feel it. Schmidt looked over at her. “Give her a few minutes, then revive her. An alcohol bath should wake her up pretty well. Then call in the guards who helped you mount her. I imagine that hot gash should make for some good fucking, especially now that the straps have puffed it up so nicely. Perhaps you could also alter her binding a bit, maybe tying her arms up to the ceiling to present her breasts, then moving your machine so the straps can work on them, neh? I'm sure the guards will appreciate how much more energetic that will make her!” Leaving the unconscious bint to Ilsa's care, he turned to where he heard another beating going on.

An older man, naked but for his shiny knee-length boots, was working on a prisoner mounted on the Kneeling Frame. He was using a yard-long, inch-wide hardwood lath to beat her ass. Anja stood behind him. “Hello, Mein Herr,” Schmidt addressed him, “and welcome to the Schloss Folter. Who might you be?”

The man held his arm for a moment and turned to Heinrich. “Karl Rohde, Herr Major, Colonel Karl Rohde. You invited me here. I am Kommandant of the Gestapo Headquarters in Trondheim, Norway. Surely you remember? It was my office that captured Liv Lindeman and then her resistance leader—and the entire cell after he talked. I was the one who remembered your orders and had her sent to you.”

At the sound of the Norwegian girl's name, Heinrich looked off as he remembered the sadistic session he had recently enjoyed with her. “Yes, yes of course. I recently spent a most enjoyable afternoon with her. Yes, most enjoyable.” His eyes focused again and he glanced down at the Gestapo man's groin. Sprouting up there was a hard, oily erection. “I see that you have gotten fully into the spirit of the castle, Colonel!”

“That is very true, Herr Major. It has been a very pleasant couple of days. I shall be sorry to return to that boring northern backwater. But who knows, perhaps I will be lucky and arrest another nice one for you. They're scattered around, but there are still some fine young women in Norway, fair-skinned blondes like your document specified and well formed, very well formed. I happened to stumble upon Miss Lindeland, she was guilty, after all, but if I, uh, read between the lines you wrote, guilt is not a necessary requirement for your consideration. With the prospect of another weekend 'vacation' in the Austrian Alps, I do believe that I could locate one or two more acceptable candidates,” he finished with a laugh.

“Good, good,” Heinrich replied, “And you are quite correct. While punishing a genuine enemy of the Reich is always to be desired, if the girl is 'suitable', mere doubt as to her innocence is quite sufficient.

“Now, tell me about this wench.”

Karl Rohde turned back to his toy. “I chose this one from your pool of those sentenced to eventual death. She possessed certain features that appealed to me. Your sergeant said her name was Samantha Fox, another of those cursed British bitches. I don't know what she did to condemn her and I really don't care, but I knew I wanted her as soon as I saw her standing in that line at attention—quite a stimulating method to choose, I must say! Scarcely 18 and just look at her! Not very tall, but with shoulders back, stomach in, and of course, chest stuck out, well, height doesn't really matter too much, does it? Well, after your sergeant escorted her here, I put the lifting bra on her—you have a marvelous selection of interesting resources here, by the way—and I had her mounted on this delightful frame. We tied her up as you see and then I undressed myself. Fraulein Jaeger was quite right in suggesting that I be exposed as well during the torture. It adds immeasurably to the pleasure. I decided to gag her before I started. There was nothing she could say to save her and I thought that her screams this close up would hurt my ears.”

The Major walked around Samantha, examining her predicament. The Kneeling Frame was similar to some of the other devices in its simplicity; two flat, widely-angled chrome steel planks at waist height. As its name described, the unfortunate was made to kneel on top of them and her legs strapped tight at knees and ankles. They couldn't be seen, but he knew that there were several small rounded spikes under the knees, a small manifestation of his policy to employ every little refinement to increase a victim's suffering. The lifting bra was a cruel variation of a nursing brassiere; a black leather harness that constricted a woman's titties all around with a slightly wider bottom to push them up and out. It worked best on females with an ample chest development and pretty Samantha Fox certainly qualified there. A leather strap was buckled around her forehead and connected to a collar about her neck, holding her head high. The two bra straps over her shoulders were then tied up to a ring in the ceiling, keeping her entire torso upright. Next her arms were bound to her sides with a belt tight below her ribs and over them at her elbows. Finally, her wrists were tied down to another ring in the floor beneath her widely spread knees. This clever binding had the obviously intentional effect of forcing her bare breasts to bulge and protrude straight out into the room, the wide pink nipples aiming forward. Strolling behind her, he saw that the well-rounded ass cheeks were already well striped with ruddy weals from her current beating. He then saw a small pool and spatters on the tile floor under her. He looked up curiously at Mueller.

“I wanted her Kootzle nice and slick for my Schwanz, so I squirted some boiling oil up inside her vagina before I started beating her.” Now Heinrich understood the look of anguish she wore. She had a cute, heart-shaped face with lovely blue-green eyes, but the face was streaked with tears and the wide open eyes displayed more misery than a simple spanking would indicate. A cupful of hot oil injected up inside her would certainly explain the present grimace. It would not only scald the tender inner membranes, but also cause a rash of internal blisters, and as it ran out, it would still be hot enough to hideously sensitize the plump labial lips and clit. He mentally gave the Gestapo man credit for ingenuity. Not only did the oil create ferocious sexual pain in its own right, but also lubricated her for the inevitable torture rape and would make it almost intolerable from the friction.

“Very nice, Herr Rohde, I commend your foresight, but don't let me keep you from your game. Pray continue.”

Jawohl, Herr Major,” he said with a smile and returned to beating Sam's ass with the yard-long wooden lath. Every blow made a satisfyingly loud smacking sound and drew muffled cries from under the gag. Immediately following each stroke, the muscles of her nude young body tensed furiously against her bonds, but they were much too tight. Kurt maintained the pounding until the blonde's rounded buttocks were covered with hard red welts then he went around to her front. He undid the wrist cords and then asked Sergeant Jaeger to assist him. She grabbed one lower arm and tugged it out while he pulled the other apart to Samantha's side. Moving in close between her yawning thighs, he gripped his rigid penis with his free hand, positioned the glans between her hairless lips, then viciously rammed it up to the hilt into her blistered slit.

“MMMMMMMPPPPPHHHHHHHHH!” came from the gag. More grunts followed as the brute pumped his prick slowly in and out of her. The pain she had suffered when he had inserted the large glass syringe into her sex and flooded it with the hot oil had been hellish, but now his loathsome rape reaggravated the burned genital nerves unbearably. For the man, the sensations were exquisitely erotic. The scalded inner membranes enveloped him deliciously and he could even feel the hard nubs of the vaginal blisters sliding over the taut skin of his shaft. After several strokes however, he pulled out of her before he came. He had more salacious play in mind for the lovely girl and didn't want his enjoyment to end too soon.

It took Anja only a moment to retie Samantha Fox's wrists and haul the rope down again to the floor ring. Her lovely turquoise eyes grew huge when she saw the Gestapo man take up a position to her right front, holding the evil strip of wood once more. Before he started, he reached out one hand to roughly fondle her large, jutting bare breasts, confirming in the young girl's mind the horrid ordeal she now faced. She was aware of how prominent her breasts had grown and knew that their their current constriction in the open leather bra could only mean something very bad for them. He pinched and tugged on her delicate teats until they rose and filled into a turgid erection. Now standing in front of her, she was repulsed to see his rigid oily prick sticking up hard and arrogant between his legs. Looking up she saw his eyes glittering with sadistic lust.

Heinrich watched avidly as Kurt drew back his arm, taking aim at his new target. Now it was getting to the part Schmidt particularly relished, the fiendish flogging of a well-endowed young woman's poised naked titties. The Gestapo man wasted no time, sweeping the stiff mahogany lath across the globes with measured, punishing strokes. A sharp crack announced each slash and the mewling moans of pain escaped the gag again. The combined effect of the constricting leather bra and the binding of her upper arms forced the naked tits to jut proudly straight out from her chest. Even so, the power of the cruel slapping blows was enough to indent the tender globes and set them quivering. Kurt addressed his lashes to every inch of flesh presented by the front of her chest, upper curves, lower curves, and especially the projecting pink nipples. The stinging agony afflicting them was unbelievable, insane in its fiery intensity. They had started developing when she was barely into her teens and were embarrassingly large by the time she was fifteen. She had always been a beautiful child with her cute face and long blonde hair, but after they grew the boys clustered about her like bees to a flower. She had allowed one particularly persuasive one to talk her into letting him unbutton her shirt and finally remove the brassiere and expose them to him. She remembered how he had caressed them almost reverently and she had been surprised by the way her naked nipples puckered up under his touch, the teats tingling and swelling against his fingers as if they had a will of their own. And then there was the bewildering moist warmth between her legs the innocent petting seemed to inspire. She was also secretly satisfied by the way their sight and touch had made the fascinating sausage between his legs stand up hard and quivering. By the time she turned 17, they had enlarged to almost their present size and haughty outward thrust. And with their growth had come a commensurately heightened sensitivity. It was the marvelous sensual delight she felt by having them exposed and fondled that made her to willingly give up her virginity to that same boy and the resultant orgasm had shaken her. Now her soft breasts were lewdly exposed and helplessly bound by these brutal Nazi's who were inflicting such terrible pain on them and she was shocked by the obvious way that pain was arousing her male tormentor.

Kurt pounded Samantha's jutting naked tits for close to five minutes, his rigid erection dancing happily from his loins. He had been pumping his arm more rapidly and now the entire front curves of both protruding mounds were covered by overlaid reddening bands that contrasted nicely with the cream white skin around them. He had seen to it that the broad disks of her aureoles took more than their share of the beating and both once peach circlets had puffed up and turned a darker pink hue. Rohde only stopped because he wanted to fuck her some more, so the wrist cords were undone and her forearms yanked apart again so he could more easily push his prick up inside her vagina once more. After guiding the bloated head between her slick labia, his right hand returned to Sam's left gourd as he thrust his hips forward to bury his flesh. Compressed by the leather uplift bra, it pushed against his hand, firm and resilient. The feeling of her whip-warmed skin under his fingers was exciting. He let his embedded penis glide in and out of her sex with slow deliberate strokes as before. After a few minutes, as he felt the sensations begin to rise out of control, he withdrew again. No, he thought, not yet, not just yet.

Samantha's wrists were quickly rebound while he took up the hardwood lath once more and addressed her proffered bare titties. She saw him with the hellish lath and knew his intent. Her tear-streaked face and mewling moans begged piteously to be spared more breast torture, but there was only a gleeful determination in his eyes.

“What else do you plan for the wench, Herr Kommandant?” Heinrich asked.

“Oh, nothing elaborate. You can see how much she hates having her sweet Busen whipped. She must be supremely sensitive there. No, I thought that I would just keep beating their tender front until I got her nipples to bleed. Then I'll fuck her all the way. You're more experienced than I in these matters. How many more do you think it will take? I am getting rather eager for release.”

The Major moved up close to the kneeling blonde. He played with jutting gourds a bit, then fondled Sam's aureoles and swollen teats, pinching them with deliberate appraisal. “Well, you know, as sensitive as they certainly are, a woman can take a surprising amount of punishment on her nipples, especially a healthy young female like this. Let's see, they've taken, what, almost a hundred now? Hmm.” He caressed them again. “Yes, they're certainly swollen and no doubt aching intensely, but that instrument you selected is too flat to tear the skin easily, so it will take quite a few more lashes with it to achieve the result you want. Yes, I think I can safely say that they should take one, possibly even two hundred more before those nubbins bloat up enough to crack under the spanking. And, of course, the pain you cause to the surrounding tissue will be excruciating, yet she'll still be capable of taking hours of more stringent play afterward if you wish to continue with them. But why limit yourself? The Schloss is quite well stocked with instruments designed for use between a girl's thighs and your hot oil treatment there won't ruin her genitals in the least; indeed, it will simply add immensely to her suffering. Perhaps some electrodes. Until you try it, you won't believe how much you can make a lusty young woman dance when some electricity teases her nips and genitals! You just go ahead and enjoy yourself. Fuck her whenever you like. There are also plenty of pretty toys here, so you can eat a fine dinner, rest up a bit, then choose another to play with.”

Ja, I know this, in my head, you understand? But here,” he tapped his chest, “here it is hard to believe after the need for so much self-control in Trondheim. As an example to the men, yes?”

”Of course. That's understood. Any good officer should be as conscientious. But we are not in Trondheim now, neh? You did both me and the Reich a great service when you captured the Lindeland bitch, so forget the bonds of duty and have fun!”

Ja. JA! A few more with this tool, I think.” He grinned. “Perhaps if I put a little more oomph into it, I can make those Brustwarzen bleed in less than a hundred!”

Heinrich clapped the man on the shoulder. “Now that's an attitude worthy of a German officer!” As he turned and made his way to the door, he heard the sharp crack of the lath striking breast flesh once more.

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