Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril)


By Navyrotor

When it came, the slap shocked her. It shouldn't have, of course. She had been strapped to the chair for an hour by now, and the tone of the discussion had decidedly gone south. Her denials were clearly not believed, and she feared they knew her real identity. What she knew was valuable, and she couldn't divulge it... the lives of her colleagues were at stake. But the value of that information meant her captors would stop at nothing to get it. She knew that torture was a real possibility.

But other than being restrained, there had been no physical contact yet, except for her forcible capture. It had come unexpectedly, after the subdued questioning. The slap - hard and loud across her face - was incredibly painful, and the first real indication that her situation was headed toward her worst fears.

The slap was followed by fingers lightly drawn across her open, gasping mouth; and a tender caress of her chin; a caress that soon turned to the vise grip of his large hand locked around her tender neck. She struggled to breathe, and she pulled at the ropes that tightly secured her to the steel chair. Her two-piece neoprene wetsuit squeaked against the metal.

"For your denials, sweetheart, your pretty, lying mouth won't be confessing OR lying, for the next hour." Before she could react, he shoved a rag between her pouting lips and brutally wrapped thick black tape around her head, sealing her mouth shut. Her moans were barely discernible.

"You see, my dear, I work in one hour increments. It's more fun for me that way. I get to see you suffer, and beg with your eyes. You get to think about what you will say to me, an hour from now - assuming you can remain conscious for that long."

She braced for the long hour ahead, and tried to regain some composure... that is until the compartment's hatch swung open and Major Cassie came in. Strutted in really. The 6 foot, dark beauty was the enemy's most feared sadist. Her official title was Lead Interrogator, I Corps Elite Unit, Army of the Republic of Serbia. The man who had been working on her stepped aside quickly, in deference to his superior. He was clearly afraid of her and what she was capable of. She looked down at her newest victim with lust and anticipation. Her sadism knew no bounds, and was quickly amped up by this sexy, young prisoner.

A slight rustling of steel implements as Cassie selected her first tool of torture... and the tears streamed down the captive's face, involuntarily shaking her head as her composure began to slip away...

Slapped Into the Abyss - Part II

Twenty minutes had passed, and the young spy was unconscious. Major Cassie had ripped the rubber top off of her victim and spent her time with a simple, metal clamp, savaging her nipples over and over with the equivalent of 25 pounds of force, nearly severing them from her chest, the biting metal edges ravaging her pert tits. Not a word was spoken by the interrogator; not a single question had been asked. This was merely prep work.

"Revive her," said Cassie bluntly, as she backed away and stripped off her own top, revealing an ample chest of her own, now slick with perspiration. A long needle entered the prisoner's neck and exxo-serum entered her system, quickly jerking her awake in the metal chair.

"Welcome back to hell, Miss Banyan.... Oh yes, we know who you are, already. And we know you're from Section 8!" The tape was ripped harshly from her mouth, tearing at her hair, and she spit out the rag, panting heavily as she tried to calm herself down.

— Fuck, Teri thought, if they know I'm from Section, they know what I can reveal. Why have they not asked me anything yet?, she asked herself frantically — Her nipples throbbed and she glanced down to see her bruised chest.

"Look into my eyes, my little spy - nowhere else," barked Cassie. "Call me ‘Major C' and give me the respect I deserve!" She straddled her victim, her long, tight, booted legs wrapping around the chair and came face-to-face with Teri, one hand grasping a nipple, the other grabbing the back of her head. She forced them into a deep kiss, Cassie moaning with pleasure, Teri screaming into the Major's mouth, as her hand pinched and slapped at her red chest. The Major came instantly, bucking her hips and throwing her head back in a moment of indescribable ecstasy. It was her reward for 20 minutes of hard work on her sexy charge.

A minute passed before Cassie stood and surveyed her handiwork, during which she reveled in Teri's scent and her rapid breaths... "You will learn something about me soon enough, young Teri... I'm a special kind of sadist - perhaps one of a kind. You see, not only do I love to see you suffer... I will also fall in love with you... because everything - your tears, your whimpers, your screams... they are a gift that you give to me... and I will love you more and more for it. Our love will be deep, because your suffering will be prolonged and deep. We are just getting started!"

Teri hung her head and sobbed, as the Major's nod signaled her removal from the chair. The Lieutenant then had her hands cuffed tightly behind her back, and she was forced to her knees before her torturer. Her glance up was met with a black boot across her face, and she slumped to the floor, unconscious again.

"Take her to Level 2," said Major Cassie sharply. Two guards glanced at each other knowingly as they hoisted Teri for her trip to the elevator, and 150 feet further down into the rock abyss. They particularly enjoyed Level 2, with its all chrome decor, and the newly installed electrical suite. Of the Major's own design, it meant a prolonged, living hell for its victims, and usually immense sexual gratification for anyone involved with the interrogation.

— Perhaps I'll ask a question of our young intruder... eventually... — thought Cassie, as she closed her smoldering eyes, tasting Teri's tears still fresh on her mouth... and smelling her essence on her skin... the essence of pain and fear.

The abyss was still being defined, she thought. Deeper, darker, hotter, better. She was indeed already falling in love with the Section Eight spy, young Miss Teri Banyan.

Slapped Into the Abyss - Part III

When Teri awoke, she was in total darkness. She shivered, and assessed her situation; and it was not a good one. Strapped again to a chair, this one was clearly not the simple office chair she had started her ordeal in. This was a metal device designed for hard restraint, and the metal bonds that affixed her to it cut sharply into her wrists, thighs and ankles. She sat in the dark for some time, feeling her head throb and shaking from the cold and the anticipation of what was to come.

Suddenly, with a sharp crack, her world became a bright and surreal one of silver and white. There was highly polished chrome and glass everywhere. Directly in front of her, spotlighted from above, was a chrome table, about waist high off the ground. Perfectly flat, its four corners were narrowed out, where metallic bands lay unhinged. Directly over the table, the spotlight was surrounded with dozens of thin, metal chains that appeared to be connected to the ceiling, and were hanging, at varying lengths, over the table. Numerous silver cables also ran from the wall to the base of the table. Teri was momentarily distracted from her plight, as she stared at the device and tried to imagine how the table and its chains were used. It would not be long before she found out…

A door open slowly, and Major Cassie made her entrance… this time in her full dress uniform of the I-Corps, complete with tall boots, holsters and peaked hat. The young spy tried to put on a brave face and looked up as Cassie stood before her, hands on her full hips. But her fear gave her away, as she began to shake slightly, and a light perspiration began to show on her pale, exposed skin. The Major put her hand under her chin and lifted her head roughly. She ran her fingers over her full mouth, and smiled slightly as she looked intently at her hot, young prisoner. "Hello, Teri. Welcome to my new playhouse."

Teri shifted in the metal chair and jerked at her bonds. She looked at her and said with a conviction she didn't feel, "Go to hell. You're the one who's made a mistake – we're about to raid your little operation."

The Major smiled at her and spoke softly. "You, my dear, have no idea how wrong you are. And you have no idea how bad it gets for people who try to infiltrate our operations."

Unfortunately, Teri did know, and she started to breathe in short gasps as the fear began to consume her. Cassie backed away from her prisoner and walked over to the chrome table in front of her, resting gently against it. She ran her hands over the metal bindings as he continued: "This, sweet thing, is one of my favorite new devices. Would you like to experience what it can do?" Teri looked away and tried to hide her fear.

"No?...Well, I think you should give it a chance. After all, you came to learn about my techniques, didn't you? What better way than to get a – how shall I say it – a… feel for how effective my techniques really are." She laughed heartily, then turned to a camera in the corner of the room, giving it a quick nod.

Suddenly, a female guard came into the room, together with another striking woman, similarly dressed in black leather catsuits. Their high-heeled, spiked boots tapped the floor sharply as they strode over to their young victim. They were both armed with sidearms and knives, strapped to their lean thighs, and were all business as they untied Teri from the chair and roughly pulled her to the torture table. Teri struggled fiercely, but the two taller women easily forced her on her back and stretched her arms above her head, clamping the metal bands tightly over her slim wrists. They then did the same for her flailing legs, putting the steel bands restraints over her ankles.

Major Cassie strode quickly to her victim and came face to face with her. She felt the panicked, hot breath of her prisoner on hers face, and breathed in her essence as she became aroused by her plight. "You, my sweet young thing, are about to experience a hell you never thought possible. You might think about giving me some information about what the force knows of my operation. You will talk… if not right away, perhaps in hours, or in days… but you will talk. Do you have anything to say before I begin?"

Teri stuttered in fear, and grasped to recall her training, as limited as it had been in the short time she'd been with Section Eight. She was stunned by the helplessness of the situation as she realized that she really knew nothing that the Major wanted to know. She was so new to the force, and had come here to quickly make an impact… she now knew how flawed that thought had been as she felt the steel bands pulling at her wrists and ankles and saw the ominous chains waiting to do their work, dangling above her helpless body. "I… just…. Please… I don't know anything."

"Oh, my hot young spy… that is such music to my hears… this just means I will have so much more time with you," said the Major, as she caressed her pert, and still aching, breasts and ran her hands over her flat stomach. She then put her hand over her gasping mouth, and said, "You know, as much as I love this pretty mouth of yours, my love, I am going to gag it, I'm afraid. Nothing is better for me than hearing a woman scream when it's, well… forced."

The Major laughed heartily as one of her women strutted over and handed her a length of silver duct tape. She quickly pressed it over her full mouth. Teri's protests came out as soft, muffled cries, and the Major instantly become more aroused as she watched the panic in her eyes.

Slapped Into the Abyss - Part IV

Teri bucked against the metal straps that held her tightly to the cold, steel platform; but her situation was futile, and she knew it, as her efforts led to a clanking sound that only added to her sensation of helplessness. But the Major was not done, and was taking great delight in intensifying the plight and fear of her captive, even before her interrogation began. She reached to the side of the table where a series of buttons and levers protruded ominously. With the flick of a switch, Teri first heard a low hum, and then felt movement in the small of her back. A protrusion was slowly pushing upwards – it was just mere inches, but the effect was intense… she was forced to arch her back, pushing her belly up and stretching her limbs in their steel straps. Teri moaned into her tape gag as her lithe body was forced to its limits in her bondage.

"There, now, Darling… are we comfortable?" the Major said slowly. Teri stared coldly into her deep, brown eyes and tried to show a defiance that she certainly didn't feel. "Hmmm…. We have a strong one here, ladies. This will be quite fun, indeed." She pulled one of her revolvers from its holster, still strapped to her hips, and ran the barrel over her midriff, between her breasts, and up to her chin. She forced her head back with the pistol while she admired her mind-numbing beauty, spread out so helplessly before her lustful gaze. "Look up, my Dear…" she said, as she also looked to the overhead.

"Do you see all of the chains that are above you? You are about to experience a new form of… shall we say, electro-therapy… ? But really it's therapy for me," she said with a wry smile. "If you think you are uncomfortable now, then just wait until you refuse to answer my questions… Now, are you ready to begin?"

Teri shivered and made a whimpering sound, involuntarily. She knew she was exhibiting fear even before her torture had begun and she fought to suppress it. She tried to focus her anger, staring into the Major's eyes and yelling at her as she raised her head. She tried to say "Go to hell!" – but the tape gag did its job quite well. The Major could just make it out, and she replied, "Oh, Teri, my love… hell is what you will be begging for when I'm done with you..."

She then reached for a lever and pulled it down with a jolt that Teri immediately felt – in the form of bursts of low current at her wrist and thigh restraints. It was just painful enough to cause fear, but she was relieved that it wasn't worse. It was, of course, designed for that very effect; to ease the prisoner's mind, before things got worse; much worse. Another lever was activated, and suddenly the chains above Teri's body came alive… Each of the several dozen devices began to lower, slowly – painfully slowly – toward her exposed chest and thighs. Worse still, they were waving slowly back and forth, while humming and arcing with faint blue sparks.

The helpless young spy gasped in panic as she saw the shiny tendrils of metal approaching her tight body. She renewed her struggling and a faint layer of perspiration began to form on her skin. Suddenly, several of the chains found their mark at the same time and their sharp, blue current arced into her, sending rivulets of pain around their mark that were indescribable in their intensity. The dozens of chains alternated, retreating as others found their mark in different locations. Each one dragged across her skin, arcing as it went. Teri tried desperately to move back from the chains, but she was completely stretched and her movements were futile. Her eyes went wide with panic and she began to scream into her gag. The pain came and went at dozens of different points on her exposed skin.

The Major watched with obvious pleasure. Her two tall, striking female guards had moved to her side and had begun to caress and kiss her – and each other. They simultaneously gazed at the sight of their screaming and struggling victim, becoming immensely aroused as the hot, young victim suffered before them. Teri was aware, through her pain, that these were three world class sadists who were more interested in their own perverse gratification than any information that they could extract from her – which intensified her desperation even more.

Slapped Into the Abyss - Part V

The Major pulled herself away from her assistants and activated the levers on the table, bringing Teri's torture to a sudden stop as the metal chains retracted toward the ceiling. She relaxed her limbs as best she could and tried to catch her breath for what she knew was only a temporary respite. "Well, how do you like my device, Teri?" mocked the Major. "You have only begun to feel what it can do, and we are just getting started… So let me ask you, who is the other spy who has infiltrated our operation?" She pulled her gag away, and Teri gasped with temporary relief.

Her tormentor's question caught her by surprise. To her knowledge, there was no other undercover operative, at least not that Section Eight knew about – and that there truly was nothing she could say to stop the interrogation. Desperately, she thought to form an answer, but none came to her. Finally, she blurted out something that she realized, too late, was a huge mistake: "I… I… can't reveal… that. I'm new to Section." Her words came in gasps, and the wavering in her voice betrayed her fear.

"Yes, you are," replied the Major. "And they were foolish to send you in here alone, weren't they? You have two problems now, however. One, I don't believe you; and two, I'm enjoying myself way too much anyway." The laugh that followed was the most awful that Teri had ever heard. The Major again began to caress her lean frame and admired her sexy, frightened face. She was amazed that Section had let a world class beauty like this go it alone.

"Please… no… I can't give you what you want… I… just... mmmmpphhh……" Teri's pleas were again muffled as the gag was forced roughly back over her mouth. She continued to plead with her eyes and with her forced whimpering, but she knew the terror was about to begin anew. This time, however, it was to take a new twist; one that Teri had somehow known was coming: the two women, both tall brunettes, straddled their victim, on their knees, facing each other. They had shed their black catsuits, and now wore only thin, black leather thongs and tall, over-the-knee boots. She could barely breathe with the gag in place, with one of her female captors now covering her face. The other kneeled over her waist and the two began to kiss each other deeply as they ground their hips and thighs onto their tightly bound prisoner.

Out of the corner of her eye, in horror, Teri saw the Major return to the controls. Expecting the metallic chains to drop again, instead she felt a new sensation. The thick, copper colored bands that strapped her upper thighs to the device began to tingle slightly. It was subtle, and not altogether unpleasant. But then she heard an ominous hum, and suddenly a jolt of electricity like she has never thought possible entered her thighs through the bands. The sensation pulsed in both directions, shocking her helpless body with a horrific pain. It repeated at odd intervals, seconds apart, in varying intensity – and the result was terrifying. Teri began to scream uncontrollably and pulled at her restraints.

The two nearly naked women continued to push down on top of her as they embraced each other, now moaning with pleasure from their own sex, and because of the unrelenting plight of their hot captive. The Major watched in obvious delight as she saw tears streaming down Teri's cheeks and drool escaping from the side of her gag. The sounds of her muffled cries, the moaning of her two guards as they kissed, the moist sound of the pussies against their victim, and the crackling of the electricity were immensely pleasing to her, and she turned up the current and frequency on the device.

Teri thought she would go mad and was now having trouble breathing as she gasped for air behind the gag and the thighs of the female guard; and as each jolt was applied the women over her responded by bucking together stronger, and pushing down against her. Just when she thought it couldn't get any worse, she felt a crop being used on her skin, wherever it was exposed. The Major was flogging her with real force, adding to the shock torture being applied by the table. Teri was starting to lose consciousness, and welcomed the thought – just as the whipping and shocks stopped. The women on top of her continued to grind against each other and kiss with urgency. Slowly, they stopped, and climbed down from the device, caressing their victim as they reluctantly walked away. They strutted over to the Major and kissed her, before exiting the room quickly, their boots clicking on the hard floor as they left.

Major Cassie moved to the head of the table and bent down, bringing her face close to her victim's as she once again removed her gag. She roughly pulled it from her lips and kissed her full on her wet, hot mouth, reveling in her delicious aroma – a scent that combined her own essence with that of fear and loathing, and sweat and suffering. Teri's body heaved as she tried to control her breathing and return to some level of sanity, before the next round she knew was coming.

Slapped Into the Abyss - Part VI

When the next round came, Teri Banyan knew it was likely the last one. The young spy from Section Eight was about to be sacrificed and she felt it deep within her. And her feelings were confirmed as Major Cassie explained her next, sadistic move.

Teri was now secured to another of Major Cassie's favorite devices: the Exi-chron. It was a combination, rack, gurney and operating table that looked like it was from a dentist's horror movie. She was secured with steel and Velcro bands at a 45 degree angle, arms over her head, and her skinny, long legs splayed apart, pulled back, and chained at the ankles and calves. Her pelvis was thrust outward, and her pussy was fully exposed.

Cassie threw yet another switch, and a large crystal monitor lowered from the ceiling in front of them. A clip began to play, as the Major's mouth drew into a sinister smile. She stood between the monitor and her victim, staged to watch the clip – but more importantly to witness her reaction when she viewed her future. Cassie had now fully fallen in love with her young spy, as she knew she would – fascinated by her every expression of agony, hate, pain and despair – and she was eager to proceed now to the most fulfilling part… her sacrifice, for Her.

The clip began to play, and it was of a large, phallic, crystal and aluminum dildo, at least 18 inches long and 4 to 5 inches wide. The animation progressed, and the remotely controlled device began to ‘evolve' as its inner workings became apparent. Sharp protrusions appeared along the shaft, turning as they came out, 90 degrees to the length. They were screw-shaped, and arcing, designed to penetrate its victim's inner gash.

Teri's eyes went wide, and she stammered. "No… fuck! NO!!! You can't be serious! You can't put that inside me!"

"Oh, that's not all it does, my love… watch… watch…" said Cassie excitedly, as her hand involuntarily began stroking her own sex, and her breathing quickened.

The tip of the dildo started to change color in the animation. It was turning crimson red from its internal heat element… and just as the screws increased their rotation. The tip would burn its way into the victim's body as it went, with the screws turning and electrifying the path along the way.

The film stopped, and the monitor retracted silently into the overhead. The only sound remaining was the sobbing of the restrained, young spy, and the jerking of her restraints as she shifted in the securing device.

The Major reached under Teri's pelvis and pulled it out… the actual device she has just witnessed in 2D, was now horribly inches from her face, in full 3D. The Major strapped the dildo to her gunbelt, and threw a switch on its side. A second, smooth metallic dildo retracted from the base, away from the victim. Cassie closed her eyes, threw her head back, pushed this end far into her own pussy, and pushed the button that began its rhythmic pulsing/vibration mode. The other end was then aimed at Teri's gap and rammed hard into her with no warning. Cassie had left her victim ungagged… she wanted to hear her full manifestations of her love for her captor as her demise began – and the initial insertion had its intended effect to show absolutely no mercy. Teri's scream was primal. The final switch was then thrown, and Cassie began her slow grinding and pumping as the unit slowly, inexorably began its work.

Teri screamed and pleaded, which only energized her torturer and quickened her breathing and sobs of joy, and prompted her to slap her captive's sweating and swaying tits. The cold, metallic chamber closed in all around her, the probe entered her, and her world exploded in agony as she smelled the breath of Major Cassie, her mouth now covering hers and moaning deeply down her throat. The element reached its peak temperature and exploded inside its victim, as the torturer came in waves of ecstasy on top of her while tasting tears and feeling the final shudders of her dying spy.

She was slapped into the abyss for the last time.

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