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December 2013

Name: Arcas
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More GIMPage with my gal, Alana. I titled this one "Fatal Retraction", for obvious reasons if you examine the situation. I've always been a sucker for death trap devices. It probably goes back to my TV Batgirl roots.

Sunday, December 1st 2013 - 05:03:26 PM

Name: A Canadian

The daily pictures of cannibalism are reminding me of another famous quote from one of Toronto's mayors.

Sunday, December 1st 2013 - 05:41:02 PM

Name: YikYakker

Olalla project: Count me in. I see this as an investment in the future of GIMP flicks made to suit my tastes. For me, Amy and her colleagues have always done their best to deliver the goods - and I'm a better person for it. ;)

In a more general sense, I like the idea of fans investing in the future of entertainment they like. It's like planting seeds and watching them grow.

I just wish the total raised so far for this movie was closer to the ultimate goal. Just visitied the campaign site and it says there are 6 hours to go.

Gosh...whipping, crucifixion and burning. Folks, this could be one of the greatest GIMP scenes of all time.


Remember when you could get detective magazines with a GIMP scene on the cover for a mere 10 cents?

No, I don't either. Way before my time.

But I do like these images recently posted by our friend Covers.

Here's another interesting one:

I like that she's bound with wrists behind the back and forced to kneel on the floor next to the radiator. It looks like she was complaining about the heat so they tore some of her clothing off (at least, to the degree that could be shown back in those days).

Back when I was a kid, we thought the idea of tapping out Morse code to signal for help was pretty cool. We spent a summer trying to learn all the letters (just in case) and never had the opportunity to use it. We forgot it all, and so has everyone else in the world. Pretty lame.

Here's what I don't get about this scenario: Who's going to hear the tapping? If the bad guys are nearby, say in the next room, they'll know what's going on. And if they aren't nearby, she's better off just shouting for help, because the GIMPers neglected to gag her.

Oh well, it's just an excuse to show a babe in deshabille, which is OK I guess.


Arcas: Thanks again for your creative contributions. Now this is real GIMP art.

Especially the one with the Doberman. Bare fangs and bare babes. An exhilirating combination.

Sunday, December 1st 2013 - 10:18:49 PM

Name: MAV
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Thanks elkcreek for the AOH heads up on Nikita!

For those of you who haven't checked in on my DFN AOH group, new pics and clips were posted in the past few weeks. One group member just posted a couple of clips including one from a Mexican TV series "Cartel de los Sapos" where a chick is strung up in lingerie and cigarette burned.

Also, I posted a preview of my upcoming custom with H3eroineL3gends:

Sunday, December 1st 2013 - 11:29:50 PM

Name: TRG

Since YikYakker brought up detective magazine covers, this site,

might be of interest. It features a calendar for the month, with each day a different cover. You get 31 covers in December. Unfortunately, there is no archive of previous months.

Monday, December 2nd 2013 - 12:54:58 AM

Name: Mike Reiser
E-mail address:

Hi Ralphus;

Re today's animated gif: The film is Bad Biology.


Monday, December 2nd 2013 - 01:10:05 AM

Name: Gabriela Atar

Arcas, I have always admired your work. I too was inspired by Batgirl perils. But I imagined myself on the receiving end.

I love your "Fatal Retraction" pic. I've been in a position where I had to stay up on my toes. If I couldn't stay up, I got a harder pinch on my nipples from clover clamps. Bad, but not as bad as the fate the girl in the picture is trying to avoid. Bet the muscles in her legs are on fire.

Great work, Arcas.


Monday, December 2nd 2013 - 02:57:40 AM

Name: Gabriela Atar

Re: The Arcas pic "Fatal Retraction".

After I posted about that picture, I looked more closely at it. Is that a device that is slowly pulling away the posts she is standing on?

Monday, December 2nd 2013 - 10:29:16 AM

Name: Badger

RE: Today's pic

Something tells me that Crawling Dicks Attacking is in for a shorter run than Bugs. But then, I've learned never to underestimate Ralphus.

Monday, December 2nd 2013 - 11:21:17 AM

Name: Arcas
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Gabriela Atar: Yes indeed! That device on the outside of the column is a retraction motor. This feature drives the image title, making it a nasty lil' death trap device.

Monday, December 2nd 2013 - 12:48:51 PM

Name: Gabriela Atar

Arcas, your imagination is deliciously wicked and diabolical! I love it!

Glad I'm not her.

Monday, December 2nd 2013 - 01:23:16 PM

Name: Bill K.

To counter attack Ralphus' crawling dick (today's Gif) we have a crawling vagina with a tentacle to suck in the dick and the whole body:

Well, it's the closest I can find to a crawling attack vagina movie. Add computer image editing and "poof" A crawling Vagina.

Movie had one Crawling Gimp scene I could not find.

The scene was brief and can't remember what it looked like. Bill K.

Monday, December 2nd 2013 - 02:00:56 PM

Name: Bill K.

A crawling one eyed vagina:

Continued from previous post. Bill K.

Monday, December 2nd 2013 - 02:10:05 PM

Name: YikYakker

How about...

Attack of the Crab Monsters?

Monday, December 2nd 2013 - 05:52:04 PM

Name: Willie
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Arcas - I have to say that your digital art is quite spectacular. I am registered on ArtofDarkness and have been a fan of your work for sometime. I have recently taken to dabbling in the digital medium using DAZ 3D, but your illustrations are so skillful that I am ashamed to post anything of my own. It does take time to create a good image and I don't have a whole lot of that to spare. I did upload a few rather tame efforts, depicting my own personal fantasy, on my deviantART page (williej999), which nobody has yet viewed nor commented upon. However, I remain unbowed, inspired by your masterpieces and will continue to persevere until I have reached some basic level of competence

Your devoted novice,


Monday, December 2nd 2013 - 07:38:55 PM

Name: Daniel
E-mail address:

Two comments.

1. I think we need to see more of the girl who is attacked by the crawling dick.
2. Scrolling down and seeing the different pictures posted today, I think Turkey should be banned at Thanksgiving!

Monday, December 2nd 2013 - 08:17:32 PM

Name: YikYakker

Today's GIF: So, anybody know if Bad Biology has any other choice scenes?

Monday, December 2nd 2013 - 09:36:56 PM

Name: Bill K.

Today's gif picture says "I'm enjoying consensual sex" unlike the poor burning cooking alive gimp picture below.

This marks the first bats from the P.T. site which is strange considering the many witch dungeon tortures Minos has done. Bill K.

Tuesday, December 3rd 2013 - 01:22:56 AM

Name: Ralphus
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Bill K: That's not technically a BATS artwork, since there's no stake. That's more like a "roasted over an open fire" scenario. I would have thought you, of all people, would know the difference.

I think we can both agree, though, that that's an AWESOME picture! I love everything about it. Think he should lower the chain? Personally, I think he should raise her up higher. The fire is big enough that she'll be feeling plenty of heat and smoke from even a few feet higher, and she'll kick and struggle even longer that way, which will prolong her suffering.

I love Minos' work. He's really the master at the deathtrap scenarios.

Tuesday, December 3rd 2013 - 01:44:59 AM

Name: BP

Re: The Arcas pic "Fatal Retraction".

I'm thinking that a 'Death Trap' is one where the death comes when the victim gives up. The fun there would be that sooner or later her leg muscles will give out and that starts the death. I thought that was a rotator motor that made it turn. You did such a great job why ruin the fun by a retracting post?

Hope this don't start one of Ralphus's polls.

Tuesday, December 3rd 2013 - 09:09:44 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

BP wrote:

I'm thinking that a 'Death Trap' is one where the death comes when the victim gives up. The fun there would be that sooner or later her leg muscles will give out and that starts the death.

On that aspect, I agree with you. It's my favorite part of bondage per se, in that the restrictions eventually become so uncomfortable and painful that the body's screaming need for relief will end up hurting her more. In the case of Arcas' scenario, the girl is perched uncomfortably on her tiptoes, which has got to hurt after a while. But if she moves her feet, she'll not only hurt herself, but strangle and die because of the rope around her neck. It's a very precarious position, one that will eventually kill her because she has no other way out.

The question is, when will it happen? How long can she hold out? A few hours? A few minutes? Presumably, she is in control of her own fate. If she can hang on, she'll get to live for an indefinite period of time.

But the great thing about villains is we like a stacked deck. After teasing the victim with hopes that she might stay alive, they'll employ something like the retracting motor which will slowly pull away the posts that are supporting her. Watching her futilely struggle until she eventually strangles is a sadistic thrill. It's like taking away any slim hope she may have and telling her, "I control whether you live or die, bitch!"

The only problem with the deathtrap premise in movies is that it rarely ever gets a decent payoff. It's ultimately just a big tease, foreplay without an orgasm. Way too often it results in a last-minute rescue, or an escape. The damsel is never ever run over by the train. She never falls into the fiery pit that she was dangling over. The spikes never penetrate her. Well, not really never, because I know WAVE Productions actually does deathtraps that result in death, although they just don't do it very well. I know a number of companies on NicheClips do death, but do any of them employ deathtrap scenarios? I don't know enough about them to say.

For the record, I would welcome a follow up to Arcas' artwork, if he's game for it. Just because we don't get it enough in movies is no reason why it can't happen in art.

Tuesday, December 3rd 2013 - 12:25:47 PM

Name: Badger

Can't see counting today's pic in the same "Dicks Attack" family as the one of the member (dis-member?) scampering down the hall. If we did, this particular series could go on forever. I even recognize the dick holder in today's pic as James Deen. (Gosh. Now I'm recognizing the male porn stars; time to start getting out more).

Speaking of Mr. Deen (probably not his real name), where did he pop up recently but in the Mainstream Redbox offering: LoveLace where he played our heroine's well endowed wife beater.

Loving all of the artwork, including eyes in vaginas and perverted crabs. I'm thinking it's like what we would see out of Dali's twisted twin.

Tuesday, December 3rd 2013 - 12:35:02 PM

Name: Accountse
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Willie: Who can resist a challenge like yours "I did upload a few rather tame efforts, depicting my own personal fantasy, on my deviantART page (williej999), which nobody has yet viewed nor commented upon".

There! Now you have it, the very first comment. Check in and see for yourself!

For you who are not members of deviantART I can reveal that IMHO, who have not contributed at all, Willies work is just fine. So good, actually, that I asked for a continued serial :)

Tuesday, December 3rd 2013 - 02:48:50 PM

Name: Bill K.

Here is Minos' bats that not a bats.

The question is when is a bats not a bats? Witch burnings (bats) were done by many different methods in which one was hanging a witch over a bonfire to cook instead of a stake was used often which Minos method shows. In the SD forum this hanging method is still referred to as a bats. I call any method of burning a witch alive with an open flame Bats. Tied between two trees and burnt like the American Indian method is bats. Spit roast style over open flames is Bats. Tied to a wagon wheel and burnt alive is bats.

This is just how I see what is a Bats. Bill K.

Tuesday, December 3rd 2013 - 03:02:32 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Bill K: You can call it whatever you want, but it doesn't mean you're correct. The acronym BATS stands for Burning At The Stake...the key word being "stake". There are other forms of execution or torture by burning. Would you call locking someone in a burning house, BATS? After all, you claim any method of burning her alive with an open flame should be called the same thing. I contend they are definitely different.

Likewise, burning at the stake is definitely NOT the same as roasting and shouldn't be labeled the same way. Some of the other examples you mentioned are variations of BATS...close, but still not quite the same thing.

I'll use this post as an excuse to post a picture of a true BATS...I'm always looking for an excuse, after all :)

This is cropped off the cover of a kids comic book, circa 1948. And thanks to our friend Covers for supplying me with the image.

BTW, I never would have guessed that her brother Firebrand was mad just by looking at him, would you?

Tuesday, December 3rd 2013 - 03:58:33 PM

Name: Bill K.

Say Ralphus that Firebrand guy is me but that's not my sister. I have to repost that bats at SD forum for Firehot to do his drawing magic to make more erotic.

My evil plan worked! LOL I got Ralphus to post a bats. It no big deal Ralphus you know what I meant when I called Minos' artwork bats because I know it's not bats. No stake! Witch burning or roasting I should have said. Bill K.

Tuesday, December 3rd 2013 - 06:32:18 PM

Name: Flintstone

Today's Pic: I'm curious, who is the model in the scene? I think that I've seen her before but can't place her. She is certainly attractive and in a nice position...

Tuesday, December 3rd 2013 - 08:09:54 PM

Name: YikYakker

At a bus stop the other day I saw a dude who looked just like Firebrand.

Except he was wearing a hat made out of aluminum foil with a makeshift antenna sticking out of it.


Below is a picture that begs the question: Why is the damsel wearing nothing but a torn dress while the the "hero" is comfortably clad in a fur coat and boots?

Answer: Because she looks better that way.

Also, notice how one of the monster's tentacles is heading straight for her left breast. *heh-heh* That sneaky bastard.

BTW, Covers is looking for a better scan of this pic, if anyone out there happens to have one.

Tuesday, December 3rd 2013 - 09:29:31 PM

Name: YikYakker

Speaking of death traps, there was a very nice one in the movie Blood Relic

The flick featured a couple of "faux" GIMP scenes - perils that turned out not to be what they seemed. But the real payoff involved the scene where the killer snatches the GIMP away from her co-workers in an abandoned air base. She is bound in such a way that if someone opens the door to the room where she is being held, a pulley mechanism tightens a wire noose around her neck. When her co-workers go looking for her, they inadvertently yank open the door, sealing her fate.

Good scene in an otherwise routine killer-thriller.

Tuesday, December 3rd 2013 - 10:09:03 PM

Name: Bill K.

Found this site tonight.

Don't know what to make of it or if it's GIMP worthy. Anybody know anything about it? Again forgive me if it's been posted before here. Bill K.

Tuesday, December 3rd 2013 - 11:06:29 PM

Name: Darkroom
E-mail address:

Hopefully today's pic isn't an example of art imitating life. No wonder he's so angry! She probably laughed at him.

Wednesday, December 4th 2013 - 10:19:20 AM

Name: Bill K.

Hey! Firebrand is my burn the witch at the stake kind of guy. And his hair and beard look like flames. That witch that claims to be his sister is a doppelganger witch taken the form of his sister. He's a hero to truth, justice and witch burning way.

On a serious note, in today's picture the bound gimp with swollen nipples and the "please rape me" look doesn't appear to be too concerned about the dirty bum appearance of her rapist, which I wouldn't mine being also. I'll just have Firebrand, the other me, burn her at the stake afterwards. Bill K.

Wednesday, December 4th 2013 - 12:57:43 PM

Name: A Canadian

If you ask me, I think Firebrand looks Scottish, while the guy in today's pic looks more like the movie versions of Fagin.

Wednesday, December 4th 2013 - 02:00:28 PM

Name: Arcas
Homepage URL:

Hokay, I feel like I gotta chime in on the "death trap thang", especially in light of BP's comments. First let me say that I sorta agree - in principle. It can be powerful when the victim's fate is tied to their own endurance. But at the same time there a long tradition of the automated death trap - the one that's inevitable unless the calvary comes over the hill in the nick of time. That's things like lumber mill buzz saw or being tied to the train tracks.

Personally I'm OK with either type, but that's just me. But I thinks there an important caveat to be made about the "single image" of a death trap versus watching a movie or reading a story. With a single image the threat has to be made visually obvious - both in what it is and how will be used/applied. Stories of a even short movie provide more flexibility in defining these things, in building tension, and providing context.

I could have just left those foot support poles as static and hoped that maybe one out of 30 viewers would see the retraction motor and say, "Ah! Devious!" And of course I could have just left the retraction motors out and made it an endurance test. But she's only digital so her endurance is unlimited (that's my excuse and I'm stickin' to it!).

In any case it's not my first death trap piece and it's not my last. I grew up on Honey West, Emma Peele, Batgirl, and Speed Racer's Trixie, so the perilous death traps were hammered into my DNA at a young age. When they're well done (and it IS a challenge!), I find them exquisite.

Wednesday, December 4th 2013 - 02:28:28 PM

Name: Bill K.

Personally I love Arcas' deathtraps and no need or want to see them sprung on gimps because the actual death part of the deathtraps is not nearly as erotic to me. Especially if deathtrap ends with blood and gore mutilations.

I feel the same for bmovievillian's deathtraps which have the same theme but totally different look to them too. Bill K.

Wednesday, December 4th 2013 - 04:03:51 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

A Canadian wrote:

If you ask me, I think Firebrand looks Scottish, while the guy in today's pic looks more like the movie versions of Fagin.

Ah, Fagin! I think you may be onto something. I used to think Bill Sikes was the villain in that movie but it was actually that lovable old scoundrel Fagin who would go around stripping and tying up women, like here in the picture where he's about to put the moves on Nancy. And in full view of the kids, too.

Apparently picking pockets wasn't the only thing he would teach them. Oh well, they've got to learn it from somewhere. All right everyone, sing along:

You've got to strip-a-lassie or two, boys,
You've got to strip-a-lassie or two.


Okay, enough of this silliness.

Firebrand Bill K asked about the CHINAKUNBANG site. Actually, someone posted about them here 2 or 3 weeks ago and I checked out the site then. I dig Chinese tortures, particularly tiger bench torture, which seems to be pretty much exclusive to that area of the world. I ordered one of their downloads, Tiger Bench Torture, which is basically 18 minutes of a young cutie tied to a tiger bench and subjected to various torments, like whipping, having her feet nailed and finishing with a pretty cool branding scene, which was the best part.

Production values were decent, although I could have done without the wall-to-wall intrusive music over the visuals. Only 4 bucks, which is very cheap compared to other fetish downloads.

One thing you will not find in this video or anything else from this site, and this might be a deal-breaker for nudity. Unlike the Japanese, the Chinese apparently must have some laws about showing skin, although they obviously seem to have no problems with violence, go figure.

Wednesday, December 4th 2013 - 05:04:54 PM

Name: Bill K.

Actually Ralphus, what really got my attention at the CHINACUMBANG site was picture of a bats scene. I was looking for new bats on web and came across a bats picture which took me to that site. Posted it at SD forum:

It looks like it could be a good clothed bats video but could find it at that site. Just the picture? Bill K.

Wednesday, December 4th 2013 - 06:46:49 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Now, I've got that song from Oliver! in my head. In any event, here's my latest review.

Title: Special Armored Unit Gun Saver (GOMK-66)

Starring: Miki Sunohara

Produced by: Giga

Running time: 81 minutes

Sultry Japanese porn star Miki Sunohara, who starred in Superheroine in Grave Danger, Vol. 47, is back in this Giga flick about a scantily clad agent who is beaten and defiled. While the overall film is hit and miss, there are some strong moments that make it worth a look.

The story is about agent Miki trying to bust a criminal organization of aliens (this is a Giga flick, after all) that's selling drugs.

Unfortunately for Miki, her partner (and lover) and her boss have both sold out to the criminals. Just as she's ready to make an arrest, Miki is betrayed and a gangster knocks her out by clubbing her head with a gun.

The captured heroine is awakened to find herself handcuffed and bound arms over head to the ceiling. She is surrounded by two menacing-looking alien gangsters.

The two gangsters make Miki pay for intruding on their business. They throw solid punches to Miki's face, belly and back in a beating scene that lasts a good, long time. The villains also kick Miki, and swing punches with enough force to occasionally jolt Miki off the ground.

Miki's battering is witnessed by an audience, of sorts. In a nearby cage, four older guys and an alien of indeterminate age get horny as they watch Miki the human punching bag being knocked about.

And there is plenty to keep the watchers enthralled. The scene has terrific sound effects and Miki's acting is perfect. As a nice touch, a couple of shots to Miki's face force her to spit up drool.

When the beatings are finally done, Miki's former partner plots to help Miki get more intimate with her audience. The fiend feels up Miki's body and tries to force kisses on her, and then asks the guys in the cage if they would like to have some fun.

Naturally, Miki is resisting, but the villains have just the thing to break her will. While Miki is held by the villains, one of the aliens injects a green liquid drug into Miki's butt. The drug quickly turns Miki into a total nympho.

The most immediate impact is on Miki's pussy. Sweating Miki dances about and rubs her legs together as her pussy is fully aroused. Meanwhile, the villains release the four older dudes and the alien from the cage, and they respond to Miki's twitches with their own dark plans.

The old dudes (and the alien) start groping Miki's body. They run their hands over her waist and tits, and between her thighs, exciting her already hot vagina.

The guys also take turns briefly sucking on Miki's tits, with one shaggy-bearded old feller looking like he's won the lottery as he moves in to lick Miki's nipple.

As the attackers continue to paw Miki's slender body, various guys stroke her clothed pussy. The men also kiss her butt and lick her thighs. Helpless Miki pleads with them to stop but the drug forces her to remain stimulated.

The molesters release Miki from the cuffs and move her down to the floor, where they continue to grope her and suck on her tits. They take turns forcing kisses on Miki and remove her bottom attire to allow them to fingerbang her. The perverts also suck on Miki's toes and lick her pussy and anus.

Miki is forced to kneel in front of a standing oldster to give him a blow job. Despite the drugs, Miki is still a bit hesitant, so the old guy delivers a poorly executed slap to her face (poorly executed in that you can see he didn't hit her). Miki cries softly but moves in to suck the guy, as some other dudes fondle her breasts.

The sequence ends with Miki in a doggie position, getting nailed by the old guy she blew while the others watch. Nothing special. The elderly rapist finishes by cumming inside Miki.

The final part of the movie is a bit odd. In a lab area, Miki (fully dressed again, so to speak, in her skimpy attire) is standing against a back wall, while her former partner works with a pudgy computer nerd on a laptop. The former partner motions for Miki to join them and he offers up Miki as a plaything for the nerd.

It's not really clear if Miki is still under the influence of the drugs (it doesn't appear so), is simply broken, or whatever. In any case, after some hesitation, she acquiesces and invites the nerd to join her on a ratty-looking couch.

The nerd is allowed to feel up Miki and make out with her. He then strips off her clothes and has his way with her. It's a strange scene, and only borderline GIMP (if that), but surprisingly hot.

The movie finishes when the nerd does, with the guy climaxing inside Miki.

My grade: B+

Special Armored Unit Gun Saver could have been better but it has still earned a good grade. The scene with the two aliens beating Miki is excellent, and the part where Miki is bound arms over head as the old guys molest her is also quite strong. Add in the fact that JAV star Miki Sunohara is really sexy and you have a film that is definitely recommended.

Wednesday, December 4th 2013 - 06:50:00 PM

Name: YikYakker

A Canadian: Thanks for the detailed review of Special Armored Unit Gun Saver.

Miki looks splendid, as do your caps.

Usually I get off on scenes depicted a woman being stripped and molested by a group of guys. But it seems to take a bit of the edge off if she's been drugged into wanting it. That gives me some pause.


I know you have all been on the edges of your seats waiting for the announcement of who will play Wonder Woman in an upcoming Superman/Batman film. So here she is....Gal Gadot.


Well, she's a former Miss Israel and played a role in the most recent Fast and Furious edition. I haven't seen the movie, and know nothing else about her.

She does have a cute, exotic look. But physically, she seems too fragile to play a super-strong Amazon convincingly. But that's just my immediate impression.

She also somewhat resembles Tsianina Joelson, a tough, fitness-babe who played an actual Amazon queen in the Xena and engaged in a lot of hand-to-hand combat on the show.

I always thought Tsianina should be considered for the WW role, but I guess the matter is settled.

Wednesday, December 4th 2013 - 09:34:26 PM

Name: Bill K.

Wonder Woman should of course be played by Summer Glau :

The one and only super kick ass woman ever. Well, I think so. Bill K.

Thursday, December 5th 2013 - 12:16:27 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

A Canadian: Thanks for a fun review of another Giga flick. The first part of the movie had me quite interested. AOH bondage, hung up and beaten like a punching that's entertainment. I definitely like seeing women helpless and beaten up. It's a bit disappointing that they didn't strip her until afterwards, though. And that's the point where I would likely have a problem with the plot. She's given a drug that turns her into a nympho? In other words, she's saying no but acting like she's still wanting it? I dunno. Like YikYakker noted, that would take a bit of the edge off for me.

I've added your latest review to the Reviews section at my Homepage URL above.


New Wonder Woman announced: Number one, I think this is marginal news to bondage fans. Yeah, Wonder Woman got tied up a lot in her comic books, and a few times on the TV show, but this is a one and done movie. What are her chances for a scene in this film? I would say not very good.

Number two, Gal Gadot's a damn good-looking babe, but her tits are too small for the role. Whoever heard of a small-chested Wonder Woman? That's a curious choice. I'd rather see her cast in I Spit On Your Grave 3.

Thursday, December 5th 2013 - 10:36:01 AM

Name: Arcas
Homepage URL:

Organ donation can be a noble thing... when it's done by choice! But in Erika's case she's not exactly volunteering... This is one of my Spy Girls series from when I thought I should diversify models and make a stable of spy girls to feature. Since then I've reverted to my tiny-minded self and restricted subjects to my original "Cassie Blaine" character.

Not really sure this is a "death trap"... more like just "evil doing" and/or an interrogation with a hell of an incentive to talk.

Thursday, December 5th 2013 - 01:41:44 PM

Name: Bill K.

Arcas, I like the roughed up, bruised, hair a mess gimps in your newer previously posted artwork here. That Spy Girl has not a single mark on her but you did say it's artwork you did in the past, so I'm just asking please for you to stay with the "I've just been kidnapped, beaten up, bruised, likely raped" gimp look to your gimp artworks.

Also I did say "I love your deathtraps" in an earlier post, but I didn't mean that all of your next terrific gimp artworks need have a deathtraps. Do your own thing. Bill K.

Thursday, December 5th 2013 - 03:20:47 PM

Name: Arcas
Homepage URL:

BILL K: Yeah, I know you didn't mean all my stuff was death traps. I'm just on a death trap theme... at least for the next five minutes until I get distracted by something else. I don't always do the roughed up look... some folks like it, some don't... sometimes I remember to do it, sometimes I don't. I can say that this is a much older work... for what it's worth.

I do have a few more Spy Girl pieces in the queue and waiting to be posted, but I suspect many of them are also of the "just out of the bath tub" variety of skin tones.

Thursday, December 5th 2013 - 04:34:33 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Ralphus and YikYakker: Thanks for the feedback on my review.

I take your point about the scenes after Miki has been drugged. I found it wasn't an issue when she was still bound AOH. After she was released, I would agree that things got a fair bit less exciting. That kind of plot twist -- where the heroine is drugged or put under a spell -- is fairly typical in the Giga films. Which leads to my next point....


In my view, the hottest woman to ever don the Wonder Woman outfit is Japanese porn star Yui Hatano. She has appeared as "Wonder Lady" in a few Giga flicks, including the fairly recent film, Wonder Lady vs. American Monsters 2.

I've seen it but didn't bother to review it because the best scenes in the film are ones where Yui isn't bound but is instead forced to commit sex acts due to some sort of magic spell that is repeatedly used to overpower her.

I figured there's probably a limited audience in GIMP Land for that type of thing (maybe only me). In any event, the trailer is available online for people who have registered with Giga. You can also check this YouTube link, which has some of the non-sex scenes.

Thursday, December 5th 2013 - 08:45:40 PM

Name: A Canadian

Oops -- I should clarify my previous post about Wonder Lady vs. American Monsters 2. In fact, there aren't any scenes in the movie where she is bound (when I said the "best" scenes are the ones where she is under a spell but not bound, I was thinking in comparison to other scenes where she is overpowered. She isn't bound in any of them).

Thursday, December 5th 2013 - 08:58:32 PM

Name: Bill K.

Why doesn't Wonder Women dress like Lara Croft:

Simple, functional, sexy and doesn't scream to the bad guys "I'm a super hero." Don't for the life of me get why Wonder Women wears that god awful looking mismatched colorful costume for? Just had to said that. You can now go back to regular Gimp talk. Bill K.

Friday, December 6th 2013 - 01:26:42 AM

Name: Scribbler
Homepage URL:

I don't do much 3D. Seem to periodically try it again once in awhile, while doing it get reminded how hard it is for me!, and then forget about it for a while, until next time.

This time wasn't so bad though. Maybe I'll do a few more later on.

Anyway, Merry Xmas.

Friday, December 6th 2013 - 01:34:23 AM

Name: Bill K.

Today's picture is hypnotic in that it's hard to pull yours eyes away and scroll down the page. Who's that gimp? Doesn't anybody know? I'm thinking that's her natural breasts by the way they hang and jiggle. Right or wrong? Bill K.

Friday, December 6th 2013 - 02:43:13 PM

Name: YikYakker

Today's GIF: Yeah they look like naturals, not bolt-ons.

'Course, what do I know? Never slapped any around like that. Wonder what it feels like? Especially after the first 500 hits.

Friday, December 6th 2013 - 07:49:35 PM

Name: A Canadian

I'm confident today's funbags are natural.

Friday, December 6th 2013 - 07:55:30 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Oh yeah, I can assure you her tits are real. And after you watch what they did to them, you can also assume they were real sore. The entire video that the animated gif was taken from can be found here:

Some major breast abuse goin' on here. This is proof that the Japanese don't fool around when it comes to torturing their women. The guy's punching and twisting her boobies like they were two big handfuls of Silly Putty. I almost felt sorry for her. Almost.

BTW, what happened to the rest of the pervs? It seems like we only get the same 5 people posting anymore. I know the rest of you are out there; this forum averages about 1900 hits every day.

Lurkers, stop lurking! You think your opinions don't matter? Seen any good movies or videos lately? Surely you have something to say. Right?

This is your forum too, so let's hear from you.

Saturday, December 7th 2013 - 12:07:15 AM

Name: mr bush

Ralphus in response:

"This is your forum too, so let's hear from you"

I would like to see Amy in something other than an AOH whipping scene which mostly what she has been cast as in most recent films. Things like modern day dress/ situations, other tortures/ rapes/ humiliations etc. The girl can act, I just have a hard time relating to the older stuff. She can do ie: espionage , drug deals gone bad, interrogations, you name it.

Saturday, December 7th 2013 - 01:27:44 PM

Name: Arcas
Homepage URL:

Ralphus sez:

BTW, what happened to the rest of the pervs?

Maybe I scared 'em all off with my 3D art??? ;) Or maybe people have just become allergic to replying in HTML? Hey - look at it this way, it results in a better signal to noise ratio!

Ralphus goes on to sez:

Oh yeah, I can assure you her tits are real. And after you watch what they did to them, you can also assume they were real sore.

Oohhhhh yeeeeeaaaah. Impressively brutal stuff!

On that note, here's something new(ish) to look at - more Spy Girl stuff.

Saturday, December 7th 2013 - 02:49:27 PM

Name: Daniel
E-mail address:

Another 2 cents worth.

I am in agreement with Mr. Bush that we need to see Amy branch out a bit. I feel Amy loves her history and her whippings. However, maybe we are not all history buffs.

Eda Chang has posted short stories that would do well adapted to film media. A 'victim' and maybe a couple of bad folks. I prefer a victim and myself only.

Saturday, December 7th 2013 - 07:21:17 PM

Name: Eda
E-mail address:

With Ralphus' permission, I propose the following new poll: Why does your favorite GIMP find herself in peril? Is it because she is a:

Rebel Soldier?
Drug Runner?
Amazon/Medieval warrior?
Mafia member's girlfriend?
Innocent victim?
Woman from/in the Future?

I believe that awhile back there was a poll that simply offered the choices of a witch or a spy, so I think this poll is more complete.

My thought is to use the poll to cast the main victim of my next story.

Saturday, December 7th 2013 - 08:02:26 PM

Name: brainmaster

Ha Eda! Did you deliberately leave out "slutty cock teaser asking for it" on purpose?

Saturday, December 7th 2013 - 08:17:25 PM

Name: Arcas
Homepage URL:

And now.... to Ralphus' annoyance, my latest piece of pixel pushing w/ a nose ring. And no.... the nose ring was NOT her choice. Nor is it a fashion accessory.

As to Eda's poll... at the risk of being a dullard and spoiled sport I'm gonna have to go with "spy".

Saturday, December 7th 2013 - 08:29:35 PM

Name: Daniel
E-mail address:

The strong willed "Amazon"!

Saturday, December 7th 2013 - 08:33:05 PM

Name: brainmaster

Damn Arcus, you are cranking them out!

Ok Eda, so after 10 minutes of careful consideration I settled on "Rich spoiled slutty cock teaser who uses her sex power to manipulate men, all the while looking down on them". However, you could just put slutty cock teaser in front of most of your categories and they work for me. Maybe not amazons.

Saturday, December 7th 2013 - 08:43:21 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Arcas: Now, you know I'm one of your biggest fans, right? So keep that in mind when I say, as I told you via e-mail, I just don't get the nose ring thing. Even after you explained it wasn't her own personal fashion accessory, I still don't like it. So the bad guy ties her up and...what, pierces her nose? Why, so he can get her into ponygirl gear afterward? All he succeeded in doing was making her look "punky".

Wouldn't have been my choice, although every other aspect of her treatment I approve of...the breast torture, the spiked dildo, the bruises. And the Spy Girls artwork is hot stuff. You're still the best, dude.


Eda's poll question: Yeah, let's make it official. And I really do like the "Slutty cock teaser asking for it" option. I'll add it after "Innocent victim" unless Eda has any objections.

Why does your favorite GIMP find herself in peril? Is it because she is a:
Rebel Soldier?
Drug Runner?
Amazon/Medieval warrior?
Mafia member's girlfriend?
Innocent victim?
Slutty cock teaser asking for it?
Woman from/in the Future?

Your answer will decide the victim in Eda Chang's next story.

I'll officially cast my vote: Innocent victim. To me, there's really no bad choice, but the pretty, innocent ones are my favorites.

Your turn, guys. And remember, this one counts. The winner of this poll will ultimately be the loser because she'll find herself at the hands of Eda's evil imagination. And you can make it happen. Step up and VOTE!

Saturday, December 7th 2013 - 10:54:08 PM

Name: Scribbler
Homepage URL:

I'm going to vote "other?"

Now if with this vote, I need to specify who "other," I will specify "bondage stories author Eda." :)

I don't think I need to specify who I think the villains should be, do I?! One of them is quite short if that helps.

Saturday, December 7th 2013 - 11:11:28 PM

Name: Eda

Brainmaster, I did include your choice in my list. "Rich spoiled slutty cock teaser who uses her sex power to manipulate men, all the while looking down on them" is listed right there under "Innocent Victim."

Saturday, December 7th 2013 - 11:16:43 PM

Name: Eda

Oh, I see that Ralphus added it specifically, apparently not agreeing with my assessment.

Saturday, December 7th 2013 - 11:18:17 PM

Name: Bill K.

"Slutty cock teaser asking for it"...I have to ask are we talking in Eda's poll an occupation only, because "Slutty cock teaser asking for it" is not an occupation but a personality in which every pick from "Spy" to "Other" could fall under. I would go with "Witch," which is my favorite but instead I am going with "Other," which to me is Diva, Movie and TV stars or Victoria's Secret supermodels because they are the truly the "Slutty cock teasers asking for it," for real.

Love Arcas' new post. The nose ring is a statement saying, "I own you, Cow". She looks like that's what's happening to her. Bill K.

Saturday, December 7th 2013 - 11:57:28 PM

Name: brainmaster

Hmm...I don't know if rich spoiled slutty cock teaser asking for it can be referred to as innocent because deep down inside, she knows she's got it coming. Now innocent victim would be like a nice conservative Chinese girl who has always been taught that to be with a man outside marriage would cause unbearable shame to herself and family. However, deep inside she is like a volcano ready to explode with sexual tension, but the only way it can happen is if it's taken from her forcefully and painfully. Perhaps she could be worked into a story as a daughter of a guy who has information the villain needs. She gets tortured and used in front of him to make him talk.

Sunday, December 8th 2013 - 12:53:20 AM

Name: Howie

Holy SHIT, Arcas. I think that is you're best work in a while. And that's saying a LOT. LOVE the bloody mark on her hip, and she looks amazing in that pose. I also really dig the picture being taken on the phone. It's cool how the lighting is different on the phones display. The nose ring doesn't bother me, as it's not something permanent anyhow, and I'm SURE it will be put to VERY good use. Also, LOVE the needle work! (^_^) Seriously man, EXCELLENT work on this one! Just outstanding!

For the poll, all of them work for me, because as long as each scenario has a hot victim who ends up totally nude and used every way imaginable against her will, I'm a satisfied customer, but if I had to choose only one set up, it would be Innocent victim.


Sunday, December 8th 2013 - 01:21:05 AM

Name: A Canadian

The poll question: The additional options make no difference to me. My vote continues to be for ... Spy!

I support my vote with images of some of my favorite spies: Rio, Jyuri Wakabayashi and Ren Miyamura. Hopefully, these images help inspire both the voting process and the details in Eda's upcoming story.

Sunday, December 8th 2013 - 01:28:02 AM

Name: sock puppet

I innocent victim accused of being a spy!

Sunday, December 8th 2013 - 01:37:47 AM

Name: Matt

RE: Poll Question....Easy: My GIMP (or GIMPS) are in a perilous situation because they're POWs. Spies run a good second, but I prefer POWs.

Sunday, December 8th 2013 - 02:41:30 AM

Name: manadangas
E-mail address:

POLL QUESTION: I vote "Others": A reporter lost in the jungle

Sunday, December 8th 2013 - 05:05:15 AM

Name: arrakur
E-mail address:

Arcas: Your artwork is truely enjoyable. I am all for those twisted, fiendish devices. This preference goes back to my early teenage years when I was spellbinded by the drawings of Demulatto. Not that my imagination was less warped before. But they delivered just like your artwork does. Thank you.

Poll question: Very hard choice for me between my two favorites. I am a huge fan of that "Amazon"-theme. To this day the movie "Barbarian Queen" is a favorite of mine. The main attraction for me, I think, is the sense of comfortable rightiousness I feel when seeing such a heroine raped and tortured because my twisted mind says: "Well she went against the bad guys, thought herself so she can show how tough she really is."

The second favorite is the "cock-teasing bitch who was asking for it". Here also is that sense of rightiousness that makes the gimp-fantasy so...comfortable. Moreso than the heroine braving perils and suffering for it. Such a bitch never did anything for anyone so she really deserves to be raped and tortured. Show her what it feels like to be manipulated, abused and looked down on...with interests. In that regard, my taste differs from yours, Ralphus. In the end, I am a bleeding heart by nature. And if the victim is "too innocent", then my enjoyment of her gimp-treatment is somewhat diminished.

So, for the Poll question "cock-teasing slut" it is.

Sunday, December 8th 2013 - 06:57:23 AM

Name: Badger

An innocent victim -- perhaps in front of her father.

Sunday, December 8th 2013 - 08:51:21 AM

Name: Flintstone

Re poll: My favorites would be a superheroine or amazon, a strong woman who feels she doesn't need help but finds herself in a helpless position where she has no control over what's being done with her and to her. For a long period of time. Constantly. Hehehe...

Sunday, December 8th 2013 - 09:08:39 AM

Name: Bman
E-mail address:

Spy….. they got information….we want to see it extracted.

Sunday, December 8th 2013 - 09:25:51 AM

Name: TRG

Regarding the poll, my favorite GIMP is either a woman who is kidnapped, or one who enters into a scenario consensually, but finds herself in way over her head. Safeword? Are you kidding? Her pleas? A tight gag will stop that nonsense.

Sunday, December 8th 2013 - 11:50:55 AM

Name: Alice
E-mail address:

My answer for your Poll is: an innocent victim. Next to it would be the slave (also innocent victim...) and the woman from the future (again, she should be innocent ;)). BTW, why there's not 'prisoner' among the answers?

Sunday, December 8th 2013 - 12:24:50 PM

Name: Daniel
E-mail address:

I agree with "Scribbler"! The reason I did not put "author of short stories posted to GIMP" is because I was try to stay in the 'list'! Oh, that tropical island with Eda and her creative mind!

Sunday, December 8th 2013 - 12:31:55 PM

Name: elkcreek
E-mail address:

Well for me, on the poll, I'm going with Canadian. SPY, I like innocent victim, and rebel soldier too. But the cool thing about a spy is there is a REASON to torture and to keep them alive for longer periods of time. Although most of my favorite pics haven't been spies, I do love Industrial Spy with Jyuri Wakabashi, sadly this was about the only decent thing she appeared in.

Did anyone get any caps or a video file from Lyndsy Fonseca's AOH bondage in Nikita? It wasn't a great scene, but it was still LYNDSY FONSECA with her AOH, delicious stuff no doubt.

Sunday, December 8th 2013 - 02:01:32 PM

Name: MAV
Homepage URL:

Poll question: For me no doubt I prefer spy or rebel soldier because I love interrogation scenarios. Occasionally a captured superheroine could work as well. All prefereably AOH of course;>

@Elkcreek-im sure screencaps of Lyndsy Fonseca AOH will be out soon. She's attractive and all but the outfit wasnt as revealing as it could've been, and more than anything, sucks she wasn't tortured.

Sunday, December 8th 2013 - 03:09:37 PM

Name: Dr Yuya

Superheroines...but specifically Amazon/Warrior types. Exception for "sailor soldier" type Japanese superheroines...just not as big on that look.

Spys are good to, but as people have said here their tortures are often "interrogation based". Switching the subject some...above anything else I prefer pure punishment to interrogation or even "torturing her until she joins our side" (one of the few problems I have with most Giga/Zen stuff). I don't know...I think giving her something the villain needs provides her with a small level of power that I'd rather not see.

Why I particularly loved Dead But Dreaming and Female Combatant Story R whipping scenes. None of that "tell me what I need to know" business...just straight up punishment for getting on the villains bad side.

Sunday, December 8th 2013 - 03:33:29 PM

Name: El Wananchi

Hi all,

As can be thoroughly assessed by looking at my stories, I prefer the "interrogation" scenario, with the virtual exclusion of any other, therefore my preferred GIMP will always be a "spy, rebel soldier, assassin" or similar, with a sideshow for "mafia girlfriend". All those characters may have, or possibly be assumed to have, some useful information worth the "interrogation" scenario. The usual BDSM "innocent victim" I shun off; it really does not look at all exciting to me.

Maybe I am a sentimental being, but for me, as soon as the GIMP becomes a babbling, sobbing broken creature asking to be allowed to go home the fun is over (for many among the esteemed readership it begins!)

Even so, in my stories I try to describe the GIMP character with some background attributes that, though probably irrelevant to the scene, may help "humanize" her a bit.

El Wananchi

Sunday, December 8th 2013 - 04:55:16 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

LYNDSY FONSECA CAPS! Get 'em while they're still fresh.

CW's website (linked above) has the episode for streaming. The AOH scene starts around 19 minutes or so, then continues later.

I'm with the others, it was a damn shame she wasn't tortured. Perfect opportunity. I mean, this is Lyndsy Fonseca, what were they thinking? And isn't the show about to end for good soon? They're running out of time to torture her again.

Of course, the show did give us at least 4 electro torture scenes, with the lovely Lyndsy the victim in 3 of them. All 4 are in the Electro-Shock Database, if you want to relive pleasant memories, or begin some new ones.

Sunday, December 8th 2013 - 05:46:31 PM

Name: Hofrax
E-mail address:

Regarding the poll, I'd definitely go with amazon warrior or superheroine. There's nothing better than seeing a strong, beautiful, warrior goddess being tortured into whimpering submissiveness. I also prefer it when the heroine is tortured for punishment rather than information, and the ultimate is when the heroine is to be tortured to death. The sheer hopelessness of the situation; the fact that our heroine is powerless to stop the torture; and as penalty for going up against the villain and losing, she is to meet her demise in the most painful and humiliating manner possible.

Sunday, December 8th 2013 - 06:45:11 PM

Name: Arcas
Homepage URL:

BILL K: Yeah, you totally got the intent of the nose ring. If only they HADN'T become fashion accessories, my intended use might be more obvious. Think Pichard, for instance.

HOWIE: Now that's a measure of art success!! Thanks, man.

ARRAKUR: Glad ya like! Demulatto briefly got into 3D a few years back, if I recall, but it seemed a kind of dead end for him.

About the poll, I answered "spy", but part of the reason is that she IS an empowered victim. She has something the baddie wants and it becomes a test of wills. For me that's somehow more potent than a doe-eyed victim who gets easily subjugated. I find it sexy when the victim resists and tries to fight back. Not that I want her to succeed, mind you.... but it's hot when they try.

And now more misadventure with the rather shapely Emma Rose....

Sunday, December 8th 2013 - 07:41:01 PM

Name: Bill K.

Today's picture of the innocent girl somewhat resembles Emma Rose. The ploy to sway Gimpers to vote "Innocent girl" instead of "Spy," the vote leader so far, is a good call.

Arcas, is Emma Rose a spy or an innocent girl? Terrific looking peril of Emma Rose but what is with that weird mask the bad guy is wearing? Bill K.

Monday, December 9th 2013 - 01:14:27 AM

Name: Matt

The one thing about having a POW or two as victims: it's not just the military information one is seeking; there's also the propaganda statements as well. If they submit to the military information, then one has to obtain the statements-and if they refuse, then things can start up all over again....

Monday, December 9th 2013 - 02:46:40 AM

Name: charles
E-mail address:

a Spy , or a resistant female , in interrogatory or a witch !... love feet torture !

Monday, December 9th 2013 - 03:00:18 AM

Name: Osouk

I think El Wananchi pretty much summed up my thoughts exactly. There has to be interrogation involved - just torturing a girl for no particular reason doesn't do it for me. What could be better than having someone at your mercy who has to stop you getting the information she has - the consequences will be dire. Maybe her friends and family will end up suffering the way she is.

You both know it's hopeless, she's going to have to tell you eventually, there will no mercy, no end until she does. Just long days of humiliation, rape and torture until she finally begs to tell you everything she knows.

And once she's reduced to a broken shell and you've rung out every bit of information you can from her, she begs and pleads as she realises you're not going to stop, you're going to carry on, and she has nothing left to give you to try and end it.

Sorry, got a bit carried away - where was I? Oh yes, the poll. Spy or rebel soldier would be good, drug runner or mafia girlfriend would also do it. Decisions, decisions.

On balance I think I'd have to go for rebel soldier.

Monday, December 9th 2013 - 04:39:41 AM

Name: BP



Professional Dominatrix, she has an entire Dungeon to torture some poor person and the person captures her and has their way with her. Amazing how soon some ball buster becomes a quivering mass of tears and fears.

Monday, December 9th 2013 - 08:08:57 AM

Name: Sloth

I notice our friend A Canadian responded to the poll question with "Spy" - I feel like Claude Rains in "Casablanca" commenting "there's gambling in Casablanca? - I'm shocked".

My vote goes for "witch" that in my mind equals "innocent victim" so much as I hate to I must throw in with our host gnome.

Stay well all

Monday, December 9th 2013 - 08:17:04 AM

Name: Badger

Today's pic

Holy Cow, Ralphus. Perhaps the least provocative pic in the history of the forum as far as GIMP goes..... and it sets my mind racing. Isn't fantasy great?

Monday, December 9th 2013 - 10:15:28 AM

Name: Daniel
E-mail address:

Today's picture....... If one cannot trust the Girl to part her hair correctly, how can we trust she is innocent? :)

Monday, December 9th 2013 - 11:39:31 AM

Name: accountse

Poll question: Innocent victim! Can there be a more perilous situation than being the victim to somebody who does it only for the fun? The more she begs and pleads the more she will suffer.

And when he (or she) had their way with her they leave her, still tied up, to suffer even more while they themselves go to sleep, eat or whatever to regain strength for more assault. But she is not allowed any rest and the wait itself is more torture, working for itself since it will be strenuous and all she can do is think and worry about what is next to come.

The Lyndsy Fonseca caps Ralphus brought us yesterday are an excellent example of what to do with an innocent victim between the assaults: Leave her tied up with thin rope or in handcuffs standing, AOH, blindfolded and barefoot for an unknown time and in total uncertainty. What a story for Eda to develop further!

To clarify, this is written before I have watched the episode of the pics and I know that Nikita is not matching my innocent victim, but these lines are about what was brought to my imagine by the first images, when it´s clearly possible that she has been standing alone in the dark for a LONG time...

Monday, December 9th 2013 - 12:26:59 PM

Name: Fritz

Poll: I guess there's a lot at stake here (settle down Bill K. – it's not that kind of stake). As the background debate between the interrogation gang and the punishment folks attests, choice of victim will have a big impact on a story's genre and the events in the narrative. For instance, you won't find too many cowgirls in a medieval dungeon. And when was the last time you read about a cheerleader interrogated for, well… anything? BTW, both those popular GIMP archetypes are MIA on the list (praise be) as is the RL celebrity victim (ditto). In any case, if the results of this survey influence what Eda writes next, aren't we also voting for the type of story it will be? Choose carefully then.

As for the poll, I'm going to be one of those troublemakers who asks questions instead of just selecting a response from the damn list. First off, why is there only one main victim? Wouldn't a story involving a witch and an Amazon warrior as co-GIMPs be exciting? And as already mentioned, why not cast a single heroine who wears several hats? Eda could have lots of fun writing about a slutty, cock teasing rebel spy on an assassination mission. Finally, what about the many “others” who are oft-chosen victims, but will be overlooked here because they aren't specifically mentioned? Supermodels? Strippers? Babysitters? Harem girls? Mad scientists' assistants? Women named Pauline? Dog walkers? Distaff physicists? Just to name a few.

Okay, enough griping about the poll. I know it's not easy running these things, so I'll play what was dealt. I do like variety, so I'm fine with just about anything on the list – except innocent victims (because, like Arcas, I prefer an empowered GIMP who resists her captors and is at least partially responsible for her plight) and superheroines (sorry Dr Yuya, but they're just plain silly).

I know Eda will expect me to vote for spy or rebel soldier, but I'll surprise her and cast my ballot for woman from the future. I know it's a losing proposition, but WFTF hasn't received much love so far, and I think she could drive a really fascinating and original story; even more so if she happens to be an assassin as well – kind of a failed female terminator without the geeky cyborg innards. WFTF could wreak havoc against some superfluous GIMPs at the outset, but she gets caught and suffers the consequences when she refuses to reveal anything about her origins. Isn't that more interesting than yet another innocent rape victim tormented by a generic psychopath?

* * * * *

arrakur wrote:

This preference goes back to my early teenage years when I was spellbinded by the drawings of Demulatto.

Sadly, on another board I read that the legendary deMulloto, who was well known to anyone familiar with GIMP paperbacks in the 1980's, is near death. I'd heard he had been ill for some time, but apparently things have taken a turn for the worse. He was doing some CGI stuff as recently as a few years ago, but I fear we likely have seen the last of his work.

Monday, December 9th 2013 - 03:08:26 PM

Name: redlion
E-mail address:


Monday, December 9th 2013 - 03:51:25 PM

Name: Scribbler
Homepage URL:

Minka Kelly plays a woman cop from the future. See her captured by bad guys tonight on Almost Human TV show (FOX).

Monday, December 9th 2013 - 04:10:04 PM

Name: kds7474
E-mail address:

I like the innocent victim rape. ;)

Monday, December 9th 2013 - 06:14:16 PM

Name: Bill K.

Ok. How about an "innocent woman" who is also a witch, caught and tortured as a spy, but who's really is a Termination Assassin from the future who was drug runner slave before robots caught her and turned her into a Slutty cock teasing Victoria's Secret model asking for it and in the end is burned at the stake? The End. Bill K.

Monday, December 9th 2013 - 08:43:55 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Amazing...2 days after me publicly lamenting about a lack of posts and now all of a sudden everybody is chiming in on the poll question. I guess we needed a good topic to bring the people out. Good call, Eda!

Several of you have brought up today's fake motivational poster featuring the innocent girl. I like all the varying comments pro and con about whether the victim should be innocent, but it Accountse's post that I most agree with.

Look at the girl in the picture. She's sweet, wholesome-looking, innocent. Unlike all the other choices in the poll, such as Spy, Mafia girlfriend or especially Slutty cock teaser asking for it, she hasn't done anything at all to deserve the GIMP treatment. Her only "crime" is being a pretty girl. And that's the key. The psycho chose to abduct, rape and torture her simply because she was cute. For her, that's gotta be the scariest situation of all. It's not like she could have done anything to prevent it. She's pretty, and therefore always potentially a target. And this time, he got her.

Fritz may lament that it's been done too many times in the past, but it's a winning formula that works on both levels, as a female reader putting yourself in the place of the victim, and as a male reader, living out your fantasy when you catch a glimpse of the pretty girl next door.

I was re-watching The Jackbooth Job from ZFX last night. Why that movie works...and why ZFX has been a successful bondage company for many because of the casting. Kelly McKay is drop-dead gorgeous, but still a nice girl who doesn't deserve the harsh treatment she ends up getting from Travis Lee. And Amber Bliss is slim, pretty, perhaps not the babe that Kelly is but still attractive. The important thing in this film and nearly all of ZFX's other movies is that none of these girls are "asking for it". It's their perceived innocence that makes them appealing victims. They don't need professions that would cause the bad guys to go after them. I don't know any spies or gangster molls I want to attack. But that cute girl across the street? That's my ideal victim.

Monday, December 9th 2013 - 08:49:45 PM

Name: A Canadian

Ralphus wrote:

And Amber Bliss is slim, pretty, perhaps not the babe that Kelly is but still attractive.

Only from a significant distance. She does have natural breasts, so I guess that counts.

Monday, December 9th 2013 - 10:18:34 PM

Name: TRG

I don't know why so many of you think today's girl is so sweet and innocent. Lots of girls just like her volunteered to be in Blakemore's one-reelers. She could easily be as perverted as you are.

Monday, December 9th 2013 - 10:41:53 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

A Canadian: I always thought you were too rough on Amber. I agree she's not conventionally pretty, but she does have natural breasts, as well as a slim figure, no tattoos and that long red hair. Plus she plays a victim very well. That counts for a lot.

I went back and looked at your original review. You gave the film a C+, whereas my grade was B+. We both agreed Amber's scenes were better than Kelly's. You didn't find Amber attractive, and on that basis, I think your review was fair. I'm the same way; if the girl doesn't do it for me, I have a hard time liking the movie.

Monday, December 9th 2013 - 11:12:27 PM

Name: Arcas
Homepage URL:

Years ago, in my testosterone-flooded teens, I ran across a crime paperback book cover with a mob boss tying a girl to a plane prop. I've yet to find that cover again (though I've been pointed to a couple that share the theme) so I have to live off the dusty memory. This is my homage to that memorable illo. Man... they just don't make paperback covers like they used to!....

Monday, December 9th 2013 - 11:27:14 PM

Name: MrAnthony

For me: I vote superheroine. But ultimately, for me, it helps if the GIMP victim has power, so I like captured cops, captured/overpowered detectives, powerful business women, attorneys, wily spies, etc. Innocent victims are lower on my mental list. Even in a movie like "I Spit on Your Grave," the victim is actually an independent author who acts powerful and proud. A superheroine is the ultimate expression of power/pride, so GIMPage seems more powerful and effective and erotic.

Tuesday, December 10th 2013 - 12:56:35 AM

Name: King Diocletian

I like the spy/soldier/witch scenarios, but my favourite remains the innocent victim. Although that's not quite right. I want there to be a reason for the torture/punishment, NOT just a random pretty girl suffering at the hands of a stranger.

If you look at my three stories

- in The Scapegoat, the victim is a virtuous woman who's selected as the scapegoat because she's turned down the advances of a landowner and annoyed others with her virtue. And she's a Roman, which turns the mob against her.

- in The Martyrdom of St Catherine, she's a Christian and has rejected the emperor.

- and in Miss Berkeley's Voyage, she's gets into trouble first by rejecting an officer, and then because, for the best of reasons, she's broken the rules. The sailors and prisoners then revel in her punishment and shame for reasons of class.

So I guess it's about innocence and virtue being overcome and that turnaround of those used to having power/authority being rendered helpless at the hands of those previously below her. Even with spies/soldiers/witches, I want them somehow to be 'good'.

Tuesday, December 10th 2013 - 02:58:56 AM

Name: Matt

Re: today's pic: She's not a POW, but a "suspected subversive" would be more appropriate. The Argentine military in those days didn't fool around with anyone suspected of being involved with leftist groups-peaceful or otherwise. Good artwork, though, and kudos to the artist.

Tuesday, December 10th 2013 - 03:02:23 AM

Name: Frog

Those bastards during the Dirty War did not deal with such things as tickle torture. They were into cattle prods, electric torture to the genitals, water boarding, etc. The art is good, though.

Tuesday, December 10th 2013 - 06:26:29 AM

Name: accountse

Ralphus: Thanks for the support of my yesterday post in your yesterday post! I forgot to mention a very important detail, that the girl of your motivational poster is fitting perfectly in my scenario. I am much more appealed of a look like hers than the look of somebody with a hardened, professional attitude.

Tuesday, December 10th 2013 - 07:13:34 AM

Name: mr bush

the gimp

But that cute girl across the street? That's my ideal victim.

hit the nail on the head. Something in a real world that we can relate to.

Tuesday, December 10th 2013 - 12:44:09 PM

Name: John P Boogerd
E-mail address:

I am so happy to see a tickle torture scenario in the daily pic - tickle torture on a young woman is in fact very effective and results in information within ten or fifteen minutes especially when applied by a male torturer since a woman's feet are particularly sensitive. And remember, if God didn't want girls to be tickled, he wouldn't have made them ticklish.

Ideal tickle victim for me would be the innocent victim and I can think of many scenarios in this regard.

Tuesday, December 10th 2013 - 12:45:03 PM

Name: D. Santorum

I've enjoyed GIMP fantasies concerning several of the poll choices, especially the innocent victim, the drug runner, the slave, and the Mafia member's girlfriend. But I'd have to say my favorite is Other - the woman who knowingly puts her herself in the GIMP situation, due to her own masochistic desires.

I'm not talking about consensual scenarios here, because in these fantasies she gets much more than she bargained for. That is, her suffering is much more humiliating and agonizing than she ever expected it would be. And there is no safe word that will make it all end.

The way it plays out in my head is that she commits some crime (drug smuggling, shoplifting, whatever) for which she knows the standard punishment is a flogging. Her sexual excitement is piqued upon being arrested, sentenced, being led to the whipping post, etc. But once the punishment actually begins, she realizes she has made a terrible, painful mistake.

There is also the nosy but beautiful journalist who is investigating alleged sexual abuse and torture of female prisoners. She excitedly enters the prison undercover as a prisoner, determined to experience whatever degradation and pain the warden cares to dish out. Of course, the degradation and pain go far beyond anything she's ever fantasized about.

Tuesday, December 10th 2013 - 03:53:25 PM

Name: Blakemore

Somebody said the problem with this site is just keeping up with shit! I'm the worst because boys and girls, I was already past the point of no return when the fucking internet was invented! As much as I love what I can see here...(internet)..."computers" aren't part of my thought patterns or habits. That said, please let me tell everyone that all of you have given infinitely more meaning to my life's work than I would have EVER known, were it not for DAN HAWKE...Sgt. Major...Ralphus and this "Forum". GIMP has shown me what I really DID accomplish and how influential that work of love has been to everyone. So...THANK YOU!

Category: Information.
Looking back at the review of Punished 6...that sequence where Toni Stern is strung-up upside-down, naked, superimposed over the sequence of her clothed? Yeah, that was a major fuck-up! Having my balls functioning as brains because I couldn't wait to fuck her...I DOUBLE-EXPOSED that 100 ft. of film purely by mistake.

Category: Question:
The end of Punished 4 has Toni Stern in the chair again with her legs pulled-up and spread. Now the copy of that film that I have shows in vivid detail...globs of real cum gushing out of her pussy as she contracts her vaginal muscles...(which were like a hot, wet vice!) So how come we don't see stills of THAT and why isn't that in the copy of Punished 4 someone wrote about, saying it was a shame that they didn't see "what was in between"...? Can somebody "fix" this inconsistency and at least post a few stills of that woman's cunt gushing cum? PLEASE!!!

The poll:
In the beginning, my work was a reflection, mainly of my fantasies but became a reflection of the reality of my private life as I learned more about how to "pick" the ones I could force to like being hurt.

Then...after having been married to Danielle for over 30 years...I had to learn some very difficult lessons about the workings of the mind of a drop-dead-gorgeous woman whose brain-chemistry is to say the least "unusual". Whatever it is...once she is bound and begins to feel pain...her brain goes into a state of "Cognitive Dissonance" that I guess has to be seen to be believed. All I can tell you is that she feels pain as PAIN!!!...while simultaneously being sexually aroused to the point of orgasm. Without the pain...she can't have THOSE KINDS of orgasms...which she FEARS AND HATES! (Told you it don't make sense!)

So...MY CHOICE of "victims" are young beauties like Danielle who are masters of the art of maliciously and viciously "COCK-TEASING" men. She, and many like her...have gone to great lengths to create and maintain incredibly "erotic" when Danielle had her breasts augmented to Double-E with the implants beneath the musculature of her chest, so huge needles could be agonizingly and quite sadistically skewered THROUGH them without puncturing the implants...(even though she has never admitted THAT...when she KNEW such huge and perfectly shaped, "gravity-defying" breasts would make her a target sadistic men would desperately WANT to torture!)

Therefore...I vote for the "INNOCENT" girl, who loves flaunting her body...who's entire world is turned upside-down when to her horror...she discovers that being tortured not only can...but WILL make her slut's pussy respond with orgasm BECAUSE she is in AGONY!

This kind of conspicuously sexy young woman finds herself in a "low-life" foreign country where she is having a blast making cocks hard just because she can...when she is arrested by the local "unwashed" police who have MISTAKEN her for someone else...and torture her without mercy until they discover the whereabouts of the young woman they were really after...and tell her so...but they don't stop torturing her, just because she's such an incredibly beautiful and "well-built" bitch they can keep on tormenting and raping until she becomes nothing but a "Torture-and-Fuck-Me-Toy"...they can hang from huge hooks skewered through her bound breasts and fuck with a steel cock heated red hot.

Don't git killed'er caught...and "Arcas"?...You sure we ain't related?

Tuesday, December 10th 2013 - 06:36:59 PM

Name: Bill K.

Of all the choices in the poll, the actress that played most of them would be Summer Glau. She has a young innocent woman appearance and demeanor and has also played terminator assassin or ninja type warrior roles. She could fit in and act in any of the poll choices easily I think. Anybody else have any other actresses you think could also do this innocent to killer type acting? Just added debate to the poll question. Bill K.

Tuesday, December 10th 2013 - 07:43:47 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Alright, here's the latest poll updates for Eda's upcoming story. This was a chore tallying up because some of you listed 2 choices. But after the first 3 days of voting, here's what you guys have chosen.

Why does your favorite GIMP find herself in peril? Is it because she is a:
Spy? 8 votes
Rebel Soldier? 4 votes
Drug Runner? 0 votes
Witch? 2 votes
Slave? 0 votes
Assassin? 0 votes
Superheroine? 4 votes
Amazon/Medieval warrior? 4 votes
Mafia member's girlfriend? 0 votes
Innocent victim? 10 votes
Slutty cock teaser asking for it? 2 votes
Woman from/in the Future? 1 vote
5 votes

So there you go. Quite an impressive turnout so far. If you haven't voted yet, you know what to do.


Arcas: I believe I read on another forum that this is NOT the cover you saw years ago, but it's the only one I know of that pictures that scenario. I would love to see the crime paperback that you're thinking of. Nonetheless, this is one of my favorites.

From what I understand from talking to our comic book expert Covers, the cover is a tease and no such bondage occurs inside the issue. And I like yours better anyway, the nudity improves it.


Bill K: You're aware, I'm sure, that Summer Glau had a near BATS scene years ago on the TV show "Firefly"? This was back when she was young and cute, and it had all the elements except the idiots never lit the fire. Talk about a big tease!

Most actresses get only a handful of bondage scenes in their career, and a much, much smaller percentage get an actual BATS opportunity. And if they do, they'll likely only get one. So I'm afraid your dream of seeing her burned at the stake on film has come and gone.


The 2 caps I made of Amber Bliss from ZFX's The Jackbooth Job last night inspired me to get to work and update my original review with a full set of vidcaps this time. I would say it's definitely better having the pictures to go along with the text. The direct link is in my Homepage URL above.

Tuesday, December 10th 2013 - 08:39:34 PM

Name: YikYakker

I'm already tired of shoveling snow.

Good thing I've got a dungeon babe handy to take care of it for me.


GIMP Poll: many great scenarios and GIMP types to choose from. You trying to make ol' Mr. Wishy-Washy crazy?

I'm going to make this easy. I've recently seen Barbarian Queen and Barbarian Queen 2 (for the umpteenth time) and downloaded every image I could find of Tsianina Joelson (Varia the Amazon in Xena: Warrior Princess) so I'm in an Amazon/medieval warrior state of mind.

That's my vote.

I grew up on Sword and Sandal epics and I like the primitive nature of it all. And how about that dangling metal hand with the pointed finger that kept tormenting Lana Clarkson's tit while she was on the rack? Damn, that's got to be agonizing. Ingeniously simple.

Of course, Eda Chang has the imagination and writing skills to avoid being locked into any one GIMP type or scenario. Why can't a story about a captured Amazon also include an appearance by a woman from the future? Maybe a female rebel soldier who goes back in time and tries to rescue the Amazon, only to find herself captured and tortured as well? The possibilities are endless.

However the poll turns out, I'm sure it will be great fun and great reading.


Speaking of, weren't Amy and Eda collaborating on a story idea? Did that ever happen? Or was that already announced while I was out taking a wizz?

Tuesday, December 10th 2013 - 10:32:43 PM

Name: Bill K.

"Summer Glau had a near BATS scene years ago on the TV show "Firefly"?"

Yes Ralphus I sure do know, she also was in "Dollhouse" and other short lived action TV shows is why I say she could play most of those poll choices.

Speaking of "Dollhouse" and the poll choices, that show had the brainwashed dolls playing just about every character on the poll list in one episode or the other. There were a lot of good gimp scenes in that show. Too bad it was short lived, too. Bill K.

Tuesday, December 10th 2013 - 11:43:29 PM

Name: mothbrad

Great poll!

I'm going to frustrate Ralphus further by mangling the options, but hopefully finish with something he can tally. So here goes.

A bunch of the options are ones that I would group together, because they lead to my favourite scenarios, which are interrogation scenes - spy, soldier, witch, etc. I enjoy them when they are either actually what their captors think they are, or when they're innocent victims of a misunderstanding. Writers such as our own Osouk, Eda, Kristen and Dagon and many others have made up great scenarios using this set-up.

I enjoy Superheroine scenarios, but not erotically. Don't ask why, but I like the superheroine to kick ass, and that doesn't fit in the same part of my brain as the 'GIMP' part.

I'm not interested in the 'cock teaser' type, because I don't like GIMP scenarios that are done for revenge or out of hatred. Or to be more precise, as before, I don't find them erotic, but might find them enjoyable in other ways.

I've never thought of the 'woman from the future' scenario, but it sounds interesting - does anyone have any stories or films including this?

So, to try to pick one for the sake of the poll, and looking at it for the type of GIMP herself, rather than the setting, I'm going to go for 'Innocent'.

Wednesday, December 11th 2013 - 12:12:06 AM

Name: TRG

Blakemore: The end of Punished 4 has Toni Stern in the chair again with her legs pulled-up and spread. Now the copy of that film that I have shows in vivid detail...globs of real cum gushing out of her pussy as she contracts her vaginal muscles...(which were like a hot, wet vice!) So how come we don't see stills of THAT and why isn't that in the copy of Punished 4 someone wrote about, saying it was a shame that they didn't see "what was in between"...?

In my copy of Punished 6, the last bit of the Toni Stern episode shows close-ups of each ankle tied to the spreader bar, and of her face tilted backward with an expression like something really pleasant is happening to her. It doesn’t show anything of what’s going on in the middle. Someone else will have to fill in that gap.

Wednesday, December 11th 2013 - 12:52:04 AM

Name: Matt

One thing to note about having POWs as the GIMPs: it's not jus the initial interrogation for military information and a propaganda statement: there's hauling them in for violations of prison rules-like failing to show proper respect to guards and officers, discovery of POWs' communications from cell to cell and cell block to cell block, discovery of escape plots, further demands for propaganda statements ("war crimes" confessions, apologies, etc), and actual punishment of recaptured escapees. There's plenty of opportunities for GIMPs to be POWs.

Wednesday, December 11th 2013 - 02:47:26 AM

Name: Rack 'Em Up

Greetings, GIMPers!

Wow, lots of great choices for the poll. I have always preferred a "strong" victim, so I would choose spy/captured soldier/rebel soldier. A story with a defiant woman who learns that she can be physically & psychologically "broken" is my preference. I suppose the superheroine could fit into that category, but the market is flooded with SO MANY superheroine stories out there already, so it doesn't have the same effect for me.

Mothbrad: I'm sure there are stories and films with "women in the future", but I can't name any at the moment. If I EVER get around to finishing my story, it has a plot similar to that. I guess I will have to find the time to finish that.

Take care all!

Wednesday, December 11th 2013 - 02:48:16 AM

Name: El Wananchi

Hi, Mothbrad,

The "woman from the future" plot was fashionable with old European cartoons or "fumetti". Usually "time travel researchers" which fell in the hands of the Inquisition, TMK. I usually shun from "standard" Inquisition scenarios, which are too close to the "innocent victim" ones (now, if the GIMP is a REAL witch... well, things may change -humm, a story line?); but these have some interest.

El Wananchi

Wednesday, December 11th 2013 - 07:03:57 AM

Name: Arcas
Homepage URL:

BLAKEMORE: Daddy? Is that you?

I like your suggested plot, even if I am a bit more partial to the spy type scenarios. No promises, but be careful what you wish for (heh-heh-heh). Have you ever considered popping out a few fiction short stories? I'm sure your fans would gobble 'em up!!

RALPHUS: Zow… is this the most responded to poll ever? If not I can't imagine what'd top it? This one really brought everyone outta the woodwork! So…when's Eda get started on the story?!?!? And yeah… that's not the right pic, but it's the right theme. The pulp pics I found were mostly from this era… WW2 and just post. The book I saw was probably circa '75.

EVERYONE: Are you enjoying my posts of images both new and old or is it getting stale? I don't want to spam the forum with works, but if folks beyond Ralphus, Howie, and Blakemore are diggin' 'em, I'll continue to let the pixel faucet drip here.

Wednesday, December 11th 2013 - 12:29:37 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Arcas wrote:

Zow… is this the most responded to poll ever? If not I can't imagine what'd top it? This one really brought everyone outta the woodwork!

Probably not the most responded to ever, but it's still early. We had a poll earlier this year about shooting women that really brought 'em out...I would say 35 to 40 people chimed in, most of them anti-shooting. We had one a few years back on the best way to gag a woman that just kept going and going. Some polls have "legs" and that was one of them. In the end, the two best choices...ball gag and tape gag, had exactly the same number of votes.

Eda wants me to run this poll another week, so we'll stop this one on December 18, a week before Christmas.

Wednesday, December 11th 2013 - 12:59:02 PM

Name: Bill K.

One last comment from me on poll choices is "Innocent victim" and "Slutty cock teaser asking for it" are not occupations. These two choices can fit any one or all the other choices. So if "Innocent victim" wins then every choice wins because all the other choices can be and usually are innocent victims. So can I change my vote to "Innocent victim" from "other"? If so, I now vote "Innocent victim". That way I and everyone else wins. Am I right or wrong? Bill K.

Wednesday, December 11th 2013 - 02:10:31 PM

Name: Darkroom
E-mail address:

My vote... Innocent Victim, hands down!

Lol on John Boogerd's wisdom posted here yesterday; "If God didn't want girls to be tickled, he wouldn't have made them ticklish."

Here's to that...

Wednesday, December 11th 2013 - 03:04:48 PM

Name: brainmaster

So reading the various posts on the current poll, I think I see a theme in tastes which divides between 2 camps. One camp, the one I'm in, is the type of victim which is more possible, closer to real life, while the other camp is more into what you might see in entertainment fantasy type stuff. We see slutty cock teasers all the time who are asking for it. This is the primary form of power women embrace in real life to which us men are susceptible to. We aren't likely going to ever encounter the types of spies, soldiers, amazons, super heroines like we see in TV and movies. I think some of us find it hard to find these types of characters erotic as they are too far from reality and are more politically correct statements which break down under real life pressure.

Now that I think of it, how much fun would it be to take a female character who is trying to live out these PC notions and finds herself quickly at the mercy of men in the real world who will show her what it's really about?

Blakemore, you need to get that story idea produced into a movie.

Wednesday, December 11th 2013 - 03:49:10 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Bill K: You're right on one aspect that an innocent victim, currently leading the poll, is an attribute and not an occupation. But a spy is certainly not innocent...she went into her job knowing she'll likely get involved with criminals. A rebel soldier isn't innocent...she volunteered to fight in a freakin' war! Drug runner...the very opposite of innocent, she's involved in illegal activities. A witch...a real one as opposed to a falsely accused involved in black magic and not even close to being an innocent victim.

Go down the list. With the possible exception of "Slave" or "Woman from the future", none have attributes that could easily be construed as being the same as an innocent victim. And seeing as those two choices have exactly one vote between them, they aren't going to win anyway.

Wednesday, December 11th 2013 - 03:51:42 PM

Name: Blakemore

Arcas: How could we spend a lifetime thinking about the same things and not know each other? It just ain't fair!

Hey guys, I would LOVE to relate stories of abduction, torture and rape...(based by the way, on REAL experiences)...AND / OR...actual shooting scripts for movies made the way I have finally learned to make them so that there's ejaculate on the fuckin' ceiling! Somebody just tell me when and where to send it. All I want is a personal copy of the end result.

Remember...the truth really IS stranger than fiction (but it CAN be dangerous, so the thrill has to outweigh the risk!)

Stay hard and healthy!

Wednesday, December 11th 2013 - 06:05:50 PM

Name: Bill K.

Counter point well taken Ralphus but as you know a majority of the witches executed (any method) were not witches and were innocent victims. The number of "innocent victims" arrested in countries like Iran for spying are in the hundreds a year. I agree if the choice were just guilty known spies or the other choices were guilty known for sure then I take back my statement. I was wrong but I still want to change my vote to "innocent victim" because now I believe they are, regardless what they do, just "innocent victims" and none of the other choices. Bill K.

Wednesday, December 11th 2013 - 06:26:35 PM

Name: brainmaster

With Blakemore's offer to get involved in making some movies, we should have a discussion about making this possible. Of course I would want Blakemore to create and direct the production. I'm sure we could come up with the funds. We could have a talent search where we allow women who are so inclined to to present their resumes here. We could vote on them like a star search.

Wednesday, December 11th 2013 - 06:30:59 PM

Name: Dr Yuya

Realism vs Fantasy seems to be (kind of) the topic now. Weighing in on my side is the age old argument I'm sure all have heard before.

That being I don't NEED realism in my fiction to be happy. In fact I WANT to get away from reality as I feel it's rather boring.

Taking a step back and looking, we're likely having the same debate within our smaller BDSM world people have on message boards for Star Wars and Lord of the Rings when people ask them why they like something so clearly unrealistic and nerdy. It's in a way the clash of two modes of thinking that has DEFINED social groupings for a whole lot more than the BDSM world for some time. No big deal really.

I personally can't fathom how anyone would find comic heroes like Wonder Woman (or attractive actresses who play her) and that suit unattractive and not in serious need of perilous situations. Going further away from mainstream though, I can't believe there's people that don't like animated heroines and all the possibilities they bring to the table. As literally anything can be done to them without anyone getting hurt, I see them as perfect specimens in a way (though their capabilities have never fully been utilized IMO, not even by Japanese Hentai productions). While I see it this way, other stop at "they aren't real" and can't go further. Simply different ways of looking at it is all.

Wednesday, December 11th 2013 - 09:37:25 PM

Name: MAV
Homepage URL:

Speaking of tortured heroines, for those that are ok with PG-13 fare, Heroinemovies just released "Weapon Alpha" which includes a long AOH beating and whipping scene. Done fairly well IMO. You can see more at the link but here's a screencap mini-collage I made for my AOH group:

Wednesday, December 11th 2013 - 09:54:41 PM

Name: Matt

Today's pic: Okay, who's likely to be the worse captors? Angry locals or European mercs? Toss-up either way.

Thursday, December 12th 2013 - 03:08:27 AM

Name: jep
E-mail address:

vote spy

Thursday, December 12th 2013 - 03:19:35 AM

Name: A Canadian

Ralphus wrote:

Drug runner...the very opposite of innocent, she's involved in illegal activities.

Well, fine. But as our mayor likes to say, there's no reason to get all judgmental about these things.

Thursday, December 12th 2013 - 07:49:37 AM

Name: Osouk

Arcas - I'm absolutely enjoying the pictures you're posting. As far as I'm concerned you can post several a day!

Thursday, December 12th 2013 - 08:04:56 AM

Name: Dr Yuya


Wow, dat whipping scene! I wasn't expecting much from the movie based on caps and words said about it in promotion on the site. I was partially right...since I'm still not overly big on the actress (great face and everything...but mine are bigger than hers if you catch my drift). But it was still much better than I was expecting...nice recommendation.

Thursday, December 12th 2013 - 01:32:07 PM

Name: A Canadian

I checked the trailer for Weapon Alpha after I read Dr. Yuya's post. Wow, that film looks great. It's now on my must-see list.

Thursday, December 12th 2013 - 05:51:53 PM

Name: Arcas
Homepage URL:

BLAKEMORE WROTE: "This kind of conspicuously sexy young woman finds herself in a "low-life" foreign country where she is having a blast making cocks hard just because she can...when she is arrested by the local "unwashed" police who have MISTAKEN her for someone else...and torture her without mercy until they discover the whereabouts of the young woman they were really after...and tell her so...but they don't stop torturing her, just because she's such an incredibly beautiful and "well-built" bitch they can keep on tormenting and raping until she becomes nothing but a "Torture-and-Fuck-Me-Toy"...they can hang from huge hooks skewered through her bound breasts and fuck with a steel cock heated red hot".

Well I'm a sucker for evocative sadistic text, so when I read Blakemore's description, the scene formed in my brain and demanded release. So... here it is. I'm sure it's not everyone's cup of tea, but... well, when you put big ass hooks through a generous pair of titties and suspend 'em, it just ain't gonna be a clean proposition.

As long as Blakemore approves, I'm happy. It was his trip to Fantasy Island - and JB, consider it a thank you for your GENEROUS volume of inspiration from decades back. The stuff is still powerful today. That says a lot!

Thursday, December 12th 2013 - 06:34:26 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Arcas: Jesus, man! Fucking brilliant. I'm sure your "dad" will be pleased. That even looks like Blakemore himself applying the iron.

Yeah, like you said, this particular rendering will not be to everyone's tastes, but I think it's hot. That's about as brutal as you can get. The only time I ever saw anything close to that was in the film Make Them Die Slowly where the natives hung that girl up by her tits, but they weren't tied up like tight balloons like this one, and of course, the smoking red hot phallus up her snatch is the finishing touch. Fantastic!

You know, of course, that Blakemore will be so turned on he'll end up attacking his wife right afterward. And Mrs. Blakemore will never know why, since he's not supposed to be going on the Internet.


Quick poll update: "Innocent victim" appears to be pulling away, now leading "Spy" by a count of 13-9. Nothing else is close, it looks like a 2 woman race at this point.

Thursday, December 12th 2013 - 07:17:04 PM

Name: YikYakker

Today's Pic: I like the way she's kicking up dust. I find frantic resistance amusing, even if it is futile.

Thursday, December 12th 2013 - 11:32:53 PM

Name: brainmaster

Holy freaking crap Arcas!

Thursday, December 12th 2013 - 11:41:28 PM

Name: Bill K.

Arcas, that is a brutal and beyond merciless but terrific artwork. Mutilation torture is not my favorite but I get the bad guy is torturing her to death so it works for me. Bill K.

Friday, December 13th 2013 - 12:40:59 AM

Name: Matt

Today's pic: That looks a lot like a Stasi interrogation from the bad old days of the Cold War. The uniform's very similar to the Stasi, and the guard in the background has an AK rifle. The Stasi did have ways of making people talk. Learned from both the Gestapo and the KGB.

Friday, December 13th 2013 - 02:22:04 AM

Name: Bill K.

Today's picture looks more like, "Ve haf vays of making you cum" than talk to me. That interrogator should take lessons from Arcas's in-terror-gator. Bill K.

Friday, December 13th 2013 - 06:17:58 PM

Name: Esso
Homepage URL:

Ralphus has posted four more Marquis stories in the More Gimp Fiction section. They are short and star Kiana Tom, Sarah Michelle Geller and Elle McPherson as spies tortured to death. So I guess not surprisingly I vote for Spy in the current poll, although Rebel Soldier, Witch or any other GIMP being tortured under interrogation works just as well.

Friday, December 13th 2013 - 06:21:24 PM

Name: Blakemore

Arcas...okay I exaggerated when I said there'd be cum on the ceiling...(only made it up a couple of feet, but then I ain’t 40 anymore either)...but I could almost hear the wicked “HISSSSSS” something really hot makes when it slides into a really WET cunt. *(Too bad we can't get Karen Arthur to write about it!)

Okay’s time for me to tell you about something virtually nobody has ever heard of that is serious stuff...NOT some fantasy I came up with out of wishful thinking. There IS a record of what I'm about to tell you, but...(my State Senator told my attorney)...the details of this “atrocity” are in a “Classified” section of the Archives of The Library of Congress, where only those with a “need to know”, who also have the proper “credentials”, can even APPLY for permission to read the files. No shit.

At the onset of World War I, a French Herbalist/Chemist...(that’s a “pharmacist” to us)...developed a “proprietary” blend of extracts from wild Siberian and European thistle, that when injected into “soft” or “fatty” tissue...(of for instance, a severe belly wound) caused immediate and profound swelling as to apply sufficient pressure to keep the man from bleeding to death, but it was temporary.

“Big Pharma” was already alive and well in 1918...and since they couldn't synthesize the man’s concoction and get rich off it...they made it “go away”, even though it could have saved the lives of thousands of men.

When Adolph took total power in 1933, one of the first things he did was to appoint Dr. Joseph Goebbels “Minister of Propaganda and Education”...who in turn was influential in establishing what came to be know as “The Gestapo”. By actual coincidence, around 1940, an important woman within the Gestapo who had an agenda of her own to hide the fact that she was a lesbian...had also been a nurse during World War I...and SHE KNEW ABOUT the “magic-juice” the French Chemist had developed. So...being a good Nazi, she suggested that this “substance” might be useful as a tool...or “method” to be utilized during the interrogation of young women.

According to the transcripts of the Nuremberg Doctor’s Trials...(held separate from and after the “War Crimes Trials”)...sometime during the month of June in 1941, this “serum” was used on an 19 year old French girl suspected of aiding the French Resistance movement...and VIOLA! It caused her breasts to not only swell to gigantic proportions...they became so sensitive that any pressure put on them caused unbearable pain. Not only also prevented any bleeding when her breasts were cut or stabbed.

Please bear with me...and “fast-forward" to the morning in October of 2009, that CNN’s medical Guru, Dr. Sanjay Gupta...came on the air with a report about a fantastic “NEW DISCOVERY” by a certain pharmaceutical company...that would revolutionize the way examinations for breast cancer were made. He was correctly assuming everyone knows that the breast has to be painfully “squashed” or “flattened” to get a good mammogram...BUT...when a few “cc’s” of this wonderful new pharmaceutical that had been developed from EXTRACTS OF WILD SIBERIAN AND EUROPEAN injected into a woman’s breasts, it causes them to swell as much as 3 cup sizes within around 30 minutes. Ergo...a much more accurate mammogram can be made without having to crush the breast so much! He added however, that women choosing this method of examination “might” want to schedule a period of from 12 to 18 hours of “seclusion”, because bras and clothing wouldn't fit until the swelling naturally subsided.

I cursed and wanted to throw something at the fucking TV! “New”...MY ASS! There wasn't a Goddamn thing “new” about it other than some smart fucker finally figured out how to synthesize the now 100 year old discovery of a Frenchman who just you have the right to do I know this?

In 1936 my mother’s 1st cousin was the first FEMALE ever admitted to a very prestigious “Technical Institute” ...who graduated far above anyone else in her class with a degree in what we would today call, “Logistics”, and in 1941 she was assigned as the “Personal Assistant” to General George C. Marshall, Chief of Staff. Now those much younger than I am, need to understand that during the 1940’s and well into the early 1950’s, the “media” was under total control of...(mainly)...Allied Intelligence. You youngsters also must know that the all-pervasive “morality” of America meant that when the Nazi death camps were discovered, it was not only okay...but incredibly useful to tell the world about it. However...THIS “little atrocity”...was of such a SEXUAL nature, no Intelligence Officer wanted anything to do with it for fear that his career would be tainted by something so “titillating”. Therefore, “Allied Intelligence” kept bumping responsibility for prosecuting those who actually used this stuff on thousands of girls and young women...up the chain of command.

The end result was that General Marshall assigned Mom’s cousin the task of quietly making it all just “go away”...which she did, but not until SHE had acquired the formula and sufficient contacts to have a supply of the stuff herself. I KNOW about all this because my mother...her cousin and even my sister...USED THIS STUFF again and again for “temporary cosmetic” purposes from 1947 until they were into their 60’s!

Oh come now...surely none of you just assumed I came by my desire to torture and rape beautiful young women out of thin air all by myself...because the fact is, my desires came with the DNA I got from Mom and her cousin, all three of whom were what we now call “submissive”...but that’s a history that I probably shouldn't talk about even now. A final note to a way too long post please...this isn't bull-shit people, because I don't fuck around with the truth when in involves MY OWN be well, stay healthy and hard.

J. Blakemore

Friday, December 13th 2013 - 07:50:39 PM

Name: Gog
Homepage URL:

GIMP Poll: "Other". A 6' tall MILF, Butch Dyke w/nose ring & tatoos.

Joking! Though a lot of the possible choices can be entertaining, I still think I need to go for the "Innocent" GIMP.


And I just re-watched "Malificarum" and was thinking....since they probably still have that spit rack....and probably not make use of it very much, if at all, I was thinking another good use of it could be for a good water torture. Spin and dunk poor Amy. Maybe as a CIA agent captured by terrorists. Similar to a "Spy" scenario. Maybe throw in some waterboarding as an appetizer to the spin and dunk and yum! :-)


And since I chose the “Innocent” GIMP, thought I'd give a ever so brief photo review w/ exactly such a GIMP.

Photo review of PKF's Watching the Schoolgirl. Starring the delectable Veronika Radke as the GIMP.

The video opens w/Veronika in the process of getting dressed while being spied upon by a masked intruder.

After finished dressing, the peeper pounces and renders Veronika unconscious via a chloroform soaked rag.

The perp now ties Veronika's ankles together and binds her wrists behind her back. A cloth gag finishes the bindings. Then after regaining consciousness, she's forced to suck off the perp with the threat of killing her if she doesn't oblige.

She's then re-gagged and now raped.

The rape continues as Veronika now gets it from behind. She's then cloro'd again, and the rest of her disheveled clothing removed. Upon regaining consciousness, Veronika discovers that it's not only a rape, but that she's going to pay the ultimate price, as the perp strangles the poor girl to death.

The video is pretty much a formulaic intrusion/rape scenario. No torture here. Just an intrusion for sexual purposes. And certain things aren't necessarily to my liking (such as the clothing), but been wanting to get a video w/Veronika for a while (And this one was the first w/Veronika in any kind of bondage. Wish John M. or Maxx would get her in a serious tied & tortured video. :-), so won't grade for that, but rather for how well it comes across.

I'll pretty much let the pictures tell the story on this one, but will say, with the above comments, I'm sure you can tell that Veronika really rings my bell. A real beauty that's all natural and has no tats. Tied and gagged for much of the video. Doing a nice job overall.

Veronika's acting was pretty well done with a couple of exceptions here and there (such as when the perp loosens his grip on the rope as he strangles her....she's still gasping). And as far as the storyline.....I guess I'm just too logical (and I know it's probably a custom video script), but why would one break in to rape a girl.....and wait till she gets dressed first (she was totally nude to start the video). Makes no sense to me.

My grade: B

Friday, December 13th 2013 - 09:30:03 PM

Name: YikYakker

The Innocent: Oh yeah, an innocent babe can be worked into just about any scenario: kidnapped for ransom, case of mistaken identity, wrong place at the wrong time, etc. I do like them a bit athletic though. When I was growing up, movie damsels were always helpless, crying, paralyzed with fear...and that was even before anything happened to them. Yeah, it was OK but I've grown to like the more forceful, resistant women who put up a fight, but end up losing anyway.

Here's my idea of an innocent victim: a physically fit but charming girl with a cute smile and and sense of confidence (or naivete) about her. You've probably seen this Australian track star on YouTube.

Michelle Jenneke warms up

She could play an athlete who gets kidnapped before the big meet and....


Speaking of innocent ones...

Gog: Thanks for the review of Watching the Schoolgirl. Mmmm...Veronika Radke looks eyes and raven hair - my favorite combination. Those eyes - a guy could get lost in them.

I agree it seems illogical for the attacker to wait until the the girl has put her clothes on. I think it would have been better in reverse - start with the girl fully clothed, and then have the perp tear her clothing off, bit by bit.

Nicely done caps too.


Today's Pic: This is what I'm talking about. Look at those abs. My, my. I dig this much more than the purple-tied-up-tits-girl-on-meathooks. Not being's just that too much blood and gore distracts me. WTF, we all have different tastes.

Friday, December 13th 2013 - 10:37:09 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Ah, Michelle Jenneke! The babe who became an Internet sensation merely by being cute and dancing while she warmed up for a track meet. I knew exactly what that video was before I even clicked on it. I could watch her smile and shake that ponytail all day long. In fact, I'll just leave this animated gif up here and let the rest of you enjoy her, too.

I think you hit on why America loves...Gawd, what am I saying...the whole world loves sweet and innocent girls. And there's a likely reason why "innocent victim" continues to lead this current poll by a decent margin. Even for disgusting pervs and sick fucks like us, we're still drawn to the kind of girls we were attracted to in school, even if our fantasy intentions are less than honorable and sometimes even dangerous. When we were growing up and getting our male hormones and thinking about sex for the first time, this is probably the type of girl we fell in love with, or fantasized about. And she's still the kind of girl that still appeals to a majority of us. The cute, pretty ones with the smooth complexion and long hair. A wiggle in her walk and a giggle in her talk. Lord! Makes the world go round! Oh baby, that's what I like!

With that in mind, I think I can solve the supposedly illogical question as to why the bad guy in Watching the Schoolgirl attacked his lovely victim while she was wearing her school uniform rather than grabbing her beforehand while she was already naked. To me, it's simple. Naked, she's just another nude young woman. But if she's got that prim and proper schoolgirl costume on, she's a schoolgirl! I guarantee that's why the guy wrote the custom like that. It's not a rape and strangle movie, it's a rape and strangle a Catholic Schoolgirl movie! The guy who wrote the custom probably has a fetish for schoolgirls.

Gog: Very nice review, and even though there's no torture, I will consider a purchase of this film. I've said it before, but it's always true...the most important aspect of these movies is CASTING. I'd never heard of Veronika Radke before, but she's a real cutie. Exactly the type of victim I like to see doing anything, but especially being tied up and abused. I just wish PKF and so many of these companies didn't always have to do the strangling thing. If she's gotta be snuffed, I could think of so many more...painful ways to do the trick. Strangling scenes that take longer than a few minutes bore me.

The direct link for your latest review is in my Homepage URL above.

Friday, December 13th 2013 - 11:58:48 PM

Name: Howie

Ha ha! Wholly Shit, Arcas! I bet that one doesn't even go up at AOD. Knocked it out of the park on that one my friend. (-_^)


Saturday, December 14th 2013 - 01:05:37 AM

Name: Matt

Just remember, guys, it wasn't just the Stasi or the Gestapo. The Stalin-era NKVD had some bosses who were sexual predators-and Laverenti Beria was the most infamous-along with some of his lackeys. Though his predecessor, Ezhov, was also notorious for arresting young women in order to rape them, and when he arrested his old boss, Yagoda, he found 3,000 or so porn pictures and eleven porn movies in Yagoda's dacha. All three, along with many of their lieutenants, met the same end: they were shot.

Saturday, December 14th 2013 - 01:38:25 AM

Name: A Canadian

Gog: Nice work on the review of Watching the Schoolgirl. As innocent victims go, Veronika is definitely appealing. Thanks for putting the review together.

Saturday, December 14th 2013 - 03:45:34 PM

Name: Bill K.

The "Watching the Schoolgirl" review post was good but I may be only the gimper to say that schoolgirl type gimp movies don't appeal to me at all. That schoolgirl uniform is more like what Catholic or other religious high school girls would wear which implies she could be less than 18 years old but of course the storyline I'm sure says she's an adult.

That rapist could be Ted Bundy, since raping and killing high school (younger than 18 years old) girls was his M.O. That scene is repeated in real life of rapes and murders of young women every day which to me is mundane and not erotic.

I like Blakemore's movies and methods of rape and torture ideas. I love Arcas' twisted torture gimp artworks. Give me torture and rape of a spy or witch or of any kind of gimp to a mundane schoolgirl rape and strangling any day. Bill K.

Saturday, December 14th 2013 - 04:35:56 PM

Name: Bill K.

This new Sir Steven grilled witch,

is reminiscent of Arcas without the blood posted artwork. Bill K.

Sunday, December 15th 2013 - 06:18:41 PM

Name: YikYakker

Today's Pic: Back when I was in college there was a fellow student who used to work summers as a "carnie."

He never told me it was this much fun.

Sunday, December 15th 2013 - 09:21:50 PM

Name: A Canadian

As part of the get-out-the-vote effort, here are a few more spy images to help encourage any stragglers to do their democratic duty (and to vote the right way).

Akiho Yoshizawa:

Yuma Asami:

Rio (again):

Let Eda know that you care about this story and you want things to go for the best. Vote Spy!

Sunday, December 15th 2013 - 09:50:35 PM

Name: Bill K.

Boo spy, vote "Innocent victim" because they're scream puffs and more fun to torture and rape than a trained hardened spy. Jennifer Garner ( Sydney Bristow ) was kicking bad guy asses while she was 8 months pregnant. No fun they fight back.:-( . Bill K.

Monday, December 16th 2013 - 12:11:46 AM

Name: Bill K.

I posted that "I may be only the Gimper to say that schoolgirl type gimp movies don't appeal to me at all." I like to change (edit) that too "school girls type movies don't appeal to me at all" erase the "may be only the Gimper to say that" part, please Ralphus. Sorry Gimpers It implies that almost all Gimpers like schoolgirl type movies which was stupid insulting and incorrect thing for me to said. My bad. Bill K.

Monday, December 16th 2013 - 01:35:28 AM

Name: Lynn


Monday, December 16th 2013 - 06:27:19 AM

Name: brainmaster

Spy only works for me if it turns out that she was merely a closet scream puff the entire time trying to fool everyone with her hard ass bratitude. And that is what interrogation is for. Who cares what they have to say?

Monday, December 16th 2013 - 06:20:41 PM

Name: Fritz

Arcas: Thanks so much for the amazing Blakemore homage. That picture is heavyweight heaven (for those who may recall a poll from way back when).

* * * * *

On Saturday, Bill K. wrote:

Give me torture and rape of a spy or witch or of any kind of gimp to a mundane schoolgirl rape and strangling any day.

Two days later, Bill K. also wrote:

Boo spy, vote "Innocent victim" because they're scream puffs and more fun to torture and rape than a trained hardened spy.

Bill, you seem to be one conflicted dude. One minute you're knocking schoolgirl GIMP films; the next you're stumping for innocent victim. What's more innocent than a schoolgirl? Isn't a schoolgirl the very archetype of innocence? What am I missing here?

* * * * *

Not that it may matter at this point, but personally, I'm with Saturday Bill, not Monday Bill. Innocence is so overrated. And boring. And it's really bugging me that innocent victim is hanging on to the lead. So I'm changing my vote to spy. Are we allowed to do that? Looks like woman from the future is nothing but a spoiled ballot anyway, so I'm throwing my support to a victim that at least has a slight chance of crushing all that damned innocence.

* * * * *

brainmaster: “closet scream puff”? I'll bet that's the first time those three words appeared together.

Monday, December 16th 2013 - 10:23:19 PM

Name: Bill K.

Fritz, I wasn't considering schoolgirls as "innocent victims" in that post for I was just saying schoolgirl gimps in general are not erotic to me even though I know they're the most "innocent victims" you could have. Adult gimp "innocent victims" are scream puffs and my erotic thing.

I still say that schoolgirl rape and strangling is mundane and I just worded posted it wrong and it has no bearing to me on the poll question. Sometimes I don't say what I mean or mean what I say. I wish I could have a do over of that Saturday post or delete it completely. Bad Post! Bill K.

Tuesday, December 17th 2013 - 12:19:05 AM

Name: A Canadian

Fritz wrote:

I'm changing my vote to spy. Are we allowed to do that?

Seems perfectly legit to me.

Tuesday, December 17th 2013 - 10:11:34 AM

Name: elkcreek
E-mail address:

So where does today's photo come from? Me like

Tuesday, December 17th 2013 - 12:54:52 PM

Name: Dr Yuya

I'd change my vote away from Amazon/superheroine to spy as well...only because it's much better than the current winner IMO.

But somehow, speaking objectively, this all seems dreadfully unfair. Whichever one was meant to win should probably just win.

Tuesday, December 17th 2013 - 05:12:35 PM

Name: A Canadian

Dr. Yuya wrote:

But somehow, speaking objectively, this all seems dreadfully unfair. Whichever one was meant to win should probably just win.

I can't speak for Judge Eda but I think it's completely fair.

This isn't like some election where politicians with more or less the same views on most matters try to sound different through angry rhetoric. This is important. Artists look to this board for guidance.

I'm old enough to remember the days when a young filmmaker named Bill Zebub used to visit the forum. He had potential (not a lot, perhaps, but some). He received plenty of great advice and could have evolved into a noteworthy producer.

But did he listen? No, he did not. Instead, he simply followed his own instincts and went on to become a complete laughingstock. (Antfarm Dickhole -- yeah, that's a movie I want to see.)

Eda is our friend and her stories have been an invaluable addition to the forum. She deserves our best advice. Which means we should use whatever means possible to move votes into the Spy! category.

Tuesday, December 17th 2013 - 05:57:44 PM

Name: YikYakker

How about a story in which an "innocent woman" is mistaken for a spy, and suitably subjected to a lot of interrogation, abuse and punishment for "lying" about her innocence, and then the real spy goes in to try to rescue her, only to find herself taken captive and subjected to even worse treatment.

Tuesday, December 17th 2013 - 06:26:33 PM

Name: Arcas
Homepage URL:

RALPHUS: Hey, I love today's pic o' the day! Tasty stuff, my friend. But then how could one NOT like a tortured, cute Asian, hm? I ask ya!!? I'm glad you've been charged up about my Blakemore Files series. It's been fun to work on... and, at least for now, it's been "GIMP Exclusive Content". Maybe when it's all done (after X number of images) I'll think about posting it elsewhere.

BTW, that Michelle Jenneke has been DAMNED distracting for a number of days now. She might not be my preferred body type, but I just can't seem to tear my eyes away?! *bounce-smile-bounce-smile-bounce-smile....*

BILL K: I'm glad that you could get into that first Blakemore image, even if it went beyond your usual comfort zone. It kinda pushed mine. It's often (for me) more fun to illustrate the "imminent potential" of such brutality, but sometimes I just find the need to dive in and take off the kid gloves.

HOWIE: Thankyousir! Yeah, this one won't be on AoD... at least not for now. The site would certainly allow it, but I wanted to offer up something special for the GIMP crew.

A CANADIAN: Yuma Asami...mmmmmmm! Thanks for that lil' spy blitz! On a related note, can I vote for "spy" again? The whole "scream puff" thing is too much just like kicking a cat. While I don't expect the victim to have a FAIR fight, I delight in her trying.

FRITZ: Happy to oblige! Blakemore's preferences are certainly within my own wheelhouse.

And now.... on the with show. The latest in my "Blakemore Files" series, inspired by the works and dreams of John Blakemore...which happily synch with my own sadistic inclinations. So we now join Emma Rose at the receiving end of Digital JB's agonizing creative torment.

I should note that as a series it has little continuity - read: wounds inflicted in once image are not carrying over. Consider it... a temporally fractured torture fantasy, if you need to rationalize such things.

Tuesday, December 17th 2013 - 06:45:57 PM

Name: Bill K.

Foul! No fair changing votes to "Spy". Of course I changed mine to "innocent victim" and I'd feel bad if my anti "spy" silly talk caused this turnaround vote for "Spy". And I made up the term "scream puff" out of the blue to describe "innocent victim" to persuade people to vote "innocent victim" which has appeared to have backfired.

Arcas, I enjoy bats and spit roasted gimps so your Blakemore artwork is far from being beyond my usual comfort zone. The spikes under her heels are a great touch and it's the imaginative torture devices and methods I like the most about your artwork. Please keep creating them. Bill K.

Tuesday, December 17th 2013 - 07:45:59 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Hi gang,

I'm back (and you probably didn't even know I was away).

On Saturday I had major issues with my dinosaur of a computer and finally made the long overdue decision to get it replaced. Up until now, I've been monitoring the site and updating the pictures with my teeny tiny iPhone. Fortunately, I had uploaded a few files to my space beforehand so I would have enough pictures to cover me while I was sans computer.

So now I'm back and suffering through the nightmare of Windows 8.1. Anybody else think it's the most backwards "innovation" yet? No "My Files", no "My Computer", no easy way to access's like I have to learn to drive again and the steering wheel is now on the other side, or not even there at all. I'm majorly confused and frustrated just trying to do routine tasks. Take me back to the horse and buggy days, at least I knew how to handle those. Progress sucks, especially to an oldster set in his ways.

But enough about my problems. With the latest desperation attempts by some members to switch their votes, here's the latest poll update:

Why does your favorite GIMP find herself in peril? Is it because she is a:
Innocent victim 14 votes
Spy 12 votes


Dr Yuya wrote:

But somehow, speaking objectively, this all seems dreadfully unfair. Whichever one was meant to win should probably just win.

Well, I think it's fair. People change their alliances all the time. In the most recent Presidential election, if you were following what the Republicans were doing, there must have been 6 or 7 candidates who were the frontrunners at one time or another, even certified idiots like Michele Bachmann and Newt Gingrich or a sexual predator like Herman Cain. It wasn't until people realized they had no chance of winning that they changed their vote to Romney, who lost anyway. I'm not trying to compare the "Spy" option to Mitt Romney (heaven forbid), I'm just saying it wasn't the first choice for a lot of you.

Like Brainmaster noted, the site seems almost evenly split between 2 camps, those who prefer the more realistic "Innocent victim" choice, one we can identify with, as opposed to those who like fantasy entertainment characters like a spy. Frankly, I'll bet Eda is likely surprised "Innocent victim" has so much support. She probably figured since "Spy" trounced "Witch" the last time we did a poll like this, that she would be writing another spy story, with seemingly the group's approval. Face it, Eda writes spy stories. To do otherwise would be like asking Alfred Hitchcock to direct a screwball comedy.

At any rate, whichever side comes out on top (you have til tomorrow at midnight to vote), we all win. I already feel sorry for the victim in the upcoming story, because I know Eda will make sure she suffers quite badly. And that's just the way it should be.


Arcas: The Blakemore just gotta love this series so far. As if the skewers through her tits weren't severe enough, she's about to get her nether regions shocked with an electric cattle prod. I wonder what this poor woman did to deserve this? Aw, who cares, she's a woman, that's a good enough reason for me!

Tuesday, December 17th 2013 - 08:00:56 PM

Name: Blakemore

Arcus...another one right out of my evil mind! Please keep up your fantastic work. Someday I may violate my own rules of secrecy and tell all you wonderfully perverted souls about MY OWN MOTHER'S unwilling participation in the Nazi's film-production "unit"...(cranking-out sync-sound 16mm films of absolutely GORGEOUS young women being tortured and raped, from 1936 to the day in the spring of 1945 when a squad of ordinary G.I.s came upon the Chateau/Castle in southeastern France where this had been going on. The "BIG-DEAL" about all this was that because the Gestapo-trained "Scouts" were so good and "selecting" girls that met a detailed "profile"...and the Bastards torturing these girls were so good at THAT...they could make most of them orgasm FROM HURTING THEM. All of which PROVED how sub-human" these non-Aryan Sluts really were.

With everyone involved dead and gone...(and I don't intend to be "teasing" now)...I will tell you that from 1936 until 1940, MY MOTHER was THE MOST FAMOUS "actress" in dangerously close to illegal films...that featured her being abducted, tortured and raped.

In 1939 she ignored her Aunt's warnings to get the hell out of Germany and that led to HER being tricked into the hands of the head of the "Torture Films" unit, because seeing HER...this big breasted-drop-dead-gorgeous AMERICAN SLUT having orgasms and begging for cock as she was tortured would also show the Nazi Magnates of Industry and the SS that AMERICANS were just as weak and worthless as hot young women from any of the other ethnic-origins and were therefore not a threat to the The Third Reich. (Hummm? Seems the Japs thought the same thing.)

Anyway...thank you all for allowing me to" "vent" about things that have nothing to do with this forum which is supposed to be about "films of GIMP"! But wait...Mom WAS a GIMP for REAL! And was only because a very high ranking SS Officer was in fuckin' love with her, that she survived and was able to leave Germany the summer of 1940. (That man happened to be the father of my half sister..."Sassy", which was short of "Sassy-Ass".

New Blakemore poll: How many votes are there for me to write in detail about THIS historical story about my mother?

Stay hard and healthy!

Tuesday, December 17th 2013 - 08:09:12 PM

Name: Howie

Good lord, Ralphus! PLEASE let us know what movie the Pic of the day is from. Jesus Buttfucking Christ, that's a HOT pic!

@ Arcas - Yet another wonderful effort sir! :-)


Tuesday, December 17th 2013 - 10:30:49 PM

Name: Howie

Ralphus, also just wanted to let you know, you'll eventually get used to the Windows 8 layout. I wasn't crazy about it at first either, but I've actually come to appreciate some of it either. Don't love everything, but don't hate it nearly as much as I did when I first started using it.

Also, there is a My Computer function, it's just not called that anymore. There should be an icon of a folder on your task bar, that does the exact same thing My Computer did on older versions of Windows. Hope that helps.

Also, I'm gonna ask again, because I'm not kidding.... WHAT MOVIE IS THE PIC OF THE DAY FROM???? Seriously... (^_^)


Tuesday, December 17th 2013 - 10:39:14 PM

Name: Howie

Have I ever mentioned I hate the HTML and lack of an edit function for our posts? Ya. Probably a hundred times. Just figured I'd mention it again. Shows how much I enjoy this site that I slog through this crap to post here...


Tuesday, December 17th 2013 - 10:43:08 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Elkcreek and Howie: Sorry guys, I don't know what movie it was taken from. This was from a guy that makes photo montages for Boilerplant's group. I've posted a lot of his stuff here in the past. I'll contact him and see if he knows what the source was.

Tuesday, December 17th 2013 - 10:45:12 PM

Name: TRG

Ralphus: So now I'm back and suffering through the nightmare of Windows 8.1.

You should have bought an iMac.

Wednesday, December 18th 2013 - 12:29:58 AM

Name: Bill K.

Ralphus, Windows 8.1 was designed to enhance the use of touch screen computers which I take it your new computer is. Makes the mouse obsolete and changes the look and how to access everything. I stayed with windows 7 and wanted nothing to do with windows 8.1 when the Best Buy salesman showed it to me.

I don't believe you can get windows 7 anymore so you must be reprogramed to obey use Microsoft's new windows 8.1 commands. Failure to do so means you're a biological imperfection and must be sterilized. No pressure, good luck. Bill K.

Wednesday, December 18th 2013 - 01:17:25 AM

Name: Matt

Re: today's pic. I see the penalties for disobeying guards or staff in that facility are....severe.

Ralphus: I'm surprised you didn't try the refurbished laptop route. You can still get refurbished laptops with Win 7, and my personal machine is one such device. In five months, I've had no issues at all, and I strongly recommend a refurbished model if you want to avoid the Vista recurrence known as Windows 8 (in any incarnation).

Wednesday, December 18th 2013 - 01:35:28 AM

Name: Rick
Homepage URL:

Greetings All,

The Poll: I would probably go innocent victim, but I will say a slutty chick or a cock tease has its appeal too. In truth, I care less about the role of the woman and more about the quality of the woman. If she is an amazing beauty that appeals to my tastes and plays the submissive role well, I am in. But, at the end of the day, innocent is probably better than jaded and encompasses more scenarios, so innocent it is.

Ralphus: 8.1 is a mess but it can be set up more like a Windows 7 machine by making alias' on the desktop of all those folders that used to be accessible from the start menu like your programs folder etc. First you have to find the hard drive. It's still in there...somewhere...There is also an option in the menus somewhere to allow you to mount certain things like the control panel icon.

Basically, they want to turn your computer into a touch screen smart phone. I think it's a step backwards too, but time will tell if they are visionaries or morons. There are some good tutorials on Youtube. It will make sense eventually, it's just not very efficient IMHO.


Wednesday, December 18th 2013 - 02:11:26 AM

Name: El Wananchi

Hi, all, esteemed readership,

This might very well be the end of a promisory career of a writer of perverted stories (myself) but I couldn't resist my own nature, so I apply to the tolerance of the esteemed readership (!)

Besides, I was itching for writing something on the following lines, barely restraining myself; but Mr. Blakemore threw the gauntlet (see his posting about a "poll"...)

Well, Mr. Blakemore, and only because you asked, let me tell you this, in the most correct way I can manage.

The stories you have exposed in your last two posts are simply unbelievable and lack the slightest coherence and credibility. Your "Mom 1st cousin" and advanced student in the US in 1940, later part of the inner circle of a highest ranking US officer (Marshall nonetheless!!), but your "Mom" a sort of porn actress and sex-slave of a (almost equally) high ranking SS (SS? Gestapo? Not the same, my friend...) in Germany in 1936? "Survived... to leave Germany in 1940"? Survived what? At that time, I mean, no big persecution had even begun in Germany... Why "leave Germany in 1940"?

So, Mr. Blakemore, having probably the honor of being the first to answer to your... "poll"... I would say: Keep your stories to yourself. I wish you had had that kind of wild imagination when you made your films, which I personally find... intensely boring (pun intended), and stop trying to be the main character in this so far fairly democratic forum. I fully understand most of the readership considers you something of a legend; stand to your reputation, you do not need to overact for that.

No offense intended. I hope no one feels so.

El Wananchi

Wednesday, December 18th 2013 - 05:15:17 AM

Name: Falstaff

Spy - an innocent who was forced into spying, yet must not yield to interrogation no matter what she is forced to suffer due to consequences that will befall her younger sister who is a prisoner of the people she is spying for. All the people in this scenario are evil, except the poor "innocent - virginal" spy and her sister - think North Koreans and Russians.

Wednesday, December 18th 2013 - 07:37:58 AM

Name: esso
E-mail address:

Mr. Wanachi

My tolerance does not extend to ignorance when expressed in a public forum. I refer to your statement "Survived... to leave Germany in 1940"? Survived what? At that time, I mean, no big persecution had even begun in Germany... Why "leave Germany in 1940"?

Although I cannot speak to the persecution of porn actresses et .al., to say "no big persecution had even begun" is a greater perversion than any thing I have read here, unless of course, persecution of the Jews does not count.

1933- first anti-Jewish laws passed. 1935- German Jews stripped of their citizenship 1938- Kristallnacht- see below for first two paragraphs from Wikipedia.

Kristallnacht (German pronunciation: [kʁɪsˈtalnaχt]; English: "Crystal Night"), also referred to as the Night of Broken Glass, or Reichskristallnacht [ˌʁaɪçs.kʁɪsˈtalnaχt], Pogromnacht [poˈɡʁoːmnaχt] ( listen), and November pogrom [noˈvɛmbɐpoɡʁoːmə] ( listen), was a pogrom (a series of coordinated attacks) against Jews throughout Nazi Germany and parts of Austria on 9–10 November 1938, carried out by SA paramilitary forces and non-Jewish civilians. German authorities looked on without intervening.[1] The name Kristallnacht comes from the shards of broken glass that littered the streets after Jewish-owned stores, buildings, and synagogues had their windows smashed.[2]

At least 91 Jews were killed in the attacks, and 30,000 were arrested and incarcerated in concentration camps.[2] Jewish homes, hospitals, and schools were ransacked, as the attackers demolished buildings with sledgehammers.[3] Over 1,000 synagogues were burned (95 in Vienna alone) and over 7,000 Jewish businesses destroyed or damaged.[4][5] Martin Gilbert writes that no event in the history of German Jews between 1933 and 1945 was so widely reported as it was happening, and the accounts from the foreign journalists working in Germany sent shock waves around the world.[3] The Times wrote at the time: "No foreign propagandist bent upon blackening Germany before the world could outdo the tale of burnings and beatings, of blackguardly assaults on defenseless and innocent people, which disgraced that country yesterday."

By the way those concentration camps were built starting in 1933 and not only for Jews but for intellectuals, Communists, homosexuals and other enemies of the state.

And let us not forget the invasion of Poland in 1939 when 20,000 civilians were executed by the Germans after the "war" was over.

I could go on but why bother. BTW, this has nothing to do with my feelings about Mr. Blakemore's story which does not appeal to me. Perhaps because of the intrusion of truth into fantasy, or the consensual nature of at least the initial part of the story.

Wednesday, December 18th 2013 - 07:50:07 AM

Name: pcv

Ralphus: Along the lines of your issues with Windows 8.1, I am reminded of the old joke about Bill Gates having lunch with the CEO of General Motors. Gates bragged that if Microsoft ran GM, all cars would get 150 mph and cost less than $1,000 to build. "Yes," replied the CEO of GM, "But if Microsoft ran General Motors we would all have to re-learn how to drive every three years...."

Wednesday, December 18th 2013 - 08:11:17 AM

Name: Daniel
E-mail address:

I purchased a laptop (off lease) from Tiger Direct. Also, Dell has some they are offering (off lease)$200+. Great little machine I received!

Wednesday, December 18th 2013 - 01:08:14 PM

Name: Brainmaster

Damn Arcas! The spikes under the heals are brilliant! The possibilities are just endless.

Wednesday, December 18th 2013 - 03:18:49 PM

Name: Arcas
Homepage URL:

Well it's that time again... time to check in on Emma Rose and her unfortunate predicament in the prison of a nameless Central American country. And as you can see, while things are "different", they certainly aren't "better" for her.

Wednesday, December 18th 2013 - 07:22:34 PM

Name: TRG

I just got an e-mail message from Karen Arthur. I had one of those split-second, “Holy Crap, there is a God!” reactions, but the subject line revealed this Ms. Arthur is from the local university, so, no. Man. So close, yet so far.

Wednesday, December 18th 2013 - 07:25:20 PM

Name: A Canadian

TRG wrote:

I just got an e-mail message from Karen Arthur. I had one of those split-second, “Holy Crap, there is a God!” reactions, but the subject line revealed this Ms. Arthur is from the local university, so, no. Man. So close, yet so far.

I've heard the real Karen Arthur is trying to contact some GIMP members to get them to vote for Spy!, or to change their vote to Spy!

That could just be a rumor, though.

Wednesday, December 18th 2013 - 08:37:28 PM

Name: Blakemore

To: “El Wananchi”. If I have offended your sense of what can and can NOT be true...I apologize, but since some of us have experienced things that are not part of the body of historical or “public” knowledge...all I can say is that this is your problem, not mine.

You have the right to call me a liar...but instead of cloaking your feelings with your intellectually superior command of the English language, why not just say it? (As if the opinion of someone who finds the work I did between 1971 and 1987 to be “BORING”...means anything to me or the thousands of individuals who obviously disagree with your also obviously superior assessment.)

I can not find that I made any reference that the Gestapo and SS were in any way the same or that there was no persecution and murder of anyone that did not fulfill the requirements necessary to stay alive...(as defined by the Nazi Party)...where THAT came from, I don't know.

Your disdain of my use of the term “survived”...(in reference to my mother’s horrifying experience)...baffles me, since “survived” is the only word my pea-brain could come up with, because if the SS Officer had NOT intervened, she would have probably been killed, Have you never heard of “The Good Old Boy” networks that have been in existence “forever”, that prove it is not what you know...but WHO you know, especially at a time when thousands of people were fleeing Germany because they could see what was coming? (My mother was YOUNG...”high on herself” and so naive as to border on being just plain stupid!)

In order to “prove” the truth of my statement that my 2nd cousin graduated from...etc. and was the personal assistant to General Marshall, I would have to reveal her name and the name of that institution, neither of which I am about to do just to satisfy YOUR...(or any one else’s)...skepticism or disbelief...because YOU think I'm a liar.

As for your...(again obvious)...feeling that you are so intellectually superior to most of us that you implied I am an ego-maniac who thinks I am a “Legend”? I challenge you to show me one word I have ever posted that would indicate I am anything other than humbled and grateful for the honor so many have shown Mr. Wananchi...IN PLAIN ENGLISH...the bottom line is, I don't give a damn what YOU think. Sir.

Cheers for “Arcas”!


Wednesday, December 18th 2013 - 09:00:54 PM

Name: Blakemore

ARCAS...Wow!!!...I love it! I see you were not only perhaps inspired by what I sent you, but your addition of the torture to her pussy is wonderful! I know tastes in breast size are as different as all of us are different...BUT...please consider doing one of a girl having, let's say a pair Triple-D's...(augmented so they defy gravity)...bound around the base so they're almost spherical and swollen to the point she thinks they're going to split open. I trust your imagination to come up with what's being done to them.

Thanks for all your work...Blakemore

Wednesday, December 18th 2013 - 09:24:03 PM

Name: Bill K.

Arcas, I'm thinking Emma Rose is a Cylon model like number 6 or 8 that keeps coming back to live in new body to be tortured and killed over and over again or at least her breasts and pussy take a licking but keep coming back for more. It actually desensitizes my feelings for Emma's brutal torture knowing she's coming back again and again. Please keep torturing her but maybe you could roast her breasts and nuts over an open fire. Bill K.

Wednesday, December 18th 2013 - 10:00:39 PM

Name: Howie

Ha ha! OUCH! LOVE the skewered breast meat! This series is EXCELLENT, Arcas!


Wednesday, December 18th 2013 - 11:22:41 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Bill K wrote:

Please keep torturing her but maybe you could roast her breasts and nuts over an open fire.

Hate to tell you this, buddy, but women don't have nuts. You were right about the breasts part, though.

But hey, to make you feel better:

Ding Dong! It's past twelve o'clock which means Eda's poll is officially over with Innocent Victim beating Spy, 15-12. I don't wish to gloat but I'm very happy. And thanks to everyone who participated in this recent poll question. It was hotly contested all the way and IMO, the right girl won. Now it's up to Eda to work her magic.


Arcas: Another masterful work, thank you. A hot cigarette burned into tender titflesh is my idea of fine entertainment. He needs to do it several times to make sure she really feels it. In both breasts. Over and over. Sizzle sizzle!

Thursday, December 19th 2013 - 12:26:44 AM

Name: TRG

Today's Pic: The mind reels. Also, she doesn't look too scared. Did she volunteer for this?

Thursday, December 19th 2013 - 12:58:39 AM

Name: Falstaff

The nightly pics that are posted here appeal to a wide variety of tastes, you can take them or leave them, the Thursday Night torture session posted today is one of the reasons I check this site out every night - to get a better pic of a poor GIMP suspended AOH would be almost impossible.

Re: Blakemores posts, where reality stops and fantasy possibly begins who knows - I just enjoy his posts. One question I do have is with the spiked dildos, how do you avoid possible dangerous infection, and how do you not leave horrible scars when skewering breasts? Regardless, fact or embellished fantasy, what he certifiably did is truly legend, and his posts are always interesting, thought provoking, and truly entertaining, Blakemore, Margot and Amy, what more can anyone ask for?

Thursday, December 19th 2013 - 01:46:28 AM

Name: Bill K.

I beg to differ Ralphus, for you posted a picture a week or so back showing a bulleye target on gimp's pussy and sign saying "$50 to bust a nut" which meant the women's ovaries which were called nuts at one time in the past. That why I said "breasts and nuts (ovaries) over an open fire". Nuts was slang for ovaries.

No one called them that for long long time any more. Bill K.

Thursday, December 19th 2013 - 01:56:15 AM

Name: nia

Re: Thursday's pic

Oh wow! I know I need to be punished for getting that ugly tat on my left ankle. I deserve to be raped and whipped, but I'm not sure what sex/torture is.

Hopefully it's more sex than torture. Oh well, it doesn't matter, just as long as I'm looking as fresh as this by next Thursday.

Thursday, December 19th 2013 - 09:07:34 AM

Name: Bill K.

I feel a need to clarify what I meant when I said "you could roast her breasts and nuts over an open fire." It was a poor attempt to play on the holiday song lyric "Chestnuts roasting on a open fire." It didn't make sense I know to just about every Gimper.

So Arcas I ask now. How about breasts and vagina and buttocks roasting over an open fire and forget about the nuts thing. Bill K.

Thursday, December 19th 2013 - 02:34:48 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Nia wrote:

Oh wow! I know I need to be punished for getting that ugly tat on my left ankle.

A tattoo?! Yes, I would say you definitely need to be punished for that!

I deserve to be raped and whipped, but I'm not sure what sex/torture is.

If you don't know what sex/torture is and you hang around here, I'm afraid we'll have to punish you on principle alone. That's in addition to the punishment you earned for marking up your body in the first place.

Help me out, guys. What would be a suitable punishment for Nia for her transgressions? And don't go easy on the bitch.

Thursday, December 19th 2013 - 03:51:03 PM

Thursday, December 19th 2013 - 04:26:46 PM

Name: El Wananchi

Mr. Esso,

First of all, from Mr. Blakemore narrative it transpires that his ancestor was not a Jew. She wouldn't be working as late as 1940 in the movie industry, even underground. Besides, Kristallnacht, however tragic, was an act of sudden violence, not a "persecution". For the real start of the real persecutions, and the building of the concentration camps, I can recommend you a book called "The origins of the final solution", from a research written under the auspices of Wiesenthal Foundation. Poland, I think has nothing to do with Mr. Blakemore story. I would think twice before calling someone "ignorant". But I see you share with me the "non appeal" for the story... read it carefully and it doesn't pass the "reality check".

Mr. Blakemore, it is obvious that you do not give a damn for what someone like me thinks, I wouldn't have expected otherwise and it is fine with me. As per the examples, I think every single of your posts goes a long way into a self-congratulating mode, which of course is not bad in itself; as per posting barely credible stories, it neither is; but you should not get angry at the half-smiles when someone sees the threads behind. Just go on, many more still enjoy them.

All with proper respect and without offence.

El Wananchi

Thursday, December 19th 2013 - 04:47:52 PM

Name: A Canadian

Ralphus wrote:

A tattoo?! Yes, I would say you definitely need to be punished for that!


The GIMP statutes normally call for this type of offence to be punished through a combination of whippings, stun-gun torture and a gang rape.

Thursday, December 19th 2013 - 05:43:36 PM

Name: A Canadian

Oh, and assuming Nia lives in a climate that gets quite cold at this time of year, she should be tied naked to a tree and left for a significant period of time to freeze in the outdoors. We'll see how attractive that tattoo looks on blue skin.

Thursday, December 19th 2013 - 05:46:07 PM

Name: Badger

Before today's pic slips into the archives, and the pic Hall of Fame...... I see a MILF whose hair is rarely let to hang down these days and who will be a couple of days late picking up Brittany from soccer practice.

Thursday, December 19th 2013 - 07:45:35 PM

Name: YikYakker

Thursday Night Pic: Falstaff, I am in complete agreement with you - about this pic, that is. GIMPage in its finest, purest simplicity.

Hmmm. No football game on tonight? So much the better.


A Canadian: Like this?

Thursday, December 19th 2013 - 10:58:47 PM

Name: Bill K

Today's picture: Quick, build a large lighter fluid soaked pile of firewood under her and set it on fire before she catches a cold and freezes to death. Bill K.

Friday, December 20th 2013 - 12:40:26 AM

Name: Matt

Re: Nia's torture....May I suggest a throwback to the days of the Hanoi Hilton? The rope torture, followed by a severe beating with a bamboo stick on the back and buttocks. After that, the use of a whip on her breasts, stomach, back, and buttocks, and the application of a bamboo stick on her feet. Then to be followed (if there had been female POWs in North Vietnam) by a gang rape. If she refuses to confess her criminality in getting said tattoo, then the whole process repeats.....Until she agrees to sign the confession detailing her "Crime."

Friday, December 20th 2013 - 01:39:28 AM

Name: Becky

Hi everyone, I know I missed the end of the voting period but I guess it doesn't much matter because I would have voted for the victim that ended up winning. Sorry I haven't been back sooner but I've been out camping for a couple of weeks and didn't have computer access.

I do have a suggestion though which might interest people. I was chatting with a friend of mine who incidentally was the person who told me about this forum in the first place. I was telling him how I like to think about what people would do to me if they tied me up and could do whatever they wanted. Anyway, I asked him if he thought people on here might want to talk about it and he said that he thought you all might. So what I thought what I could do to make it interesting for you as well as me and I thought, suppose that you have kidnapped me and am holding me captive against my will in a location of your choosing for fortnight’s period. The person who comes up with the most inventive/painful/uncomfortable way of treating me for the fortnight period I can do something special for… like chatting online if they'd like or something else they would prefer. Don't know if anyone is interested but I'd love it if you'd give me your thoughts or ideas : )

Oh, and briefly back to the poll, I completely agree with Ralphus and others who say the innocent victim is the most realistic. I am very shy myself and it’s so much more fun for me to imagine myself in the place of innocent girl than one all dressed in leather, high heels and stuff. Looking forward to your story Eda : )

Friday, December 20th 2013 - 05:48:04 AM

Name: nia

Re: Friday's pic Yes, it's cold where I am, but really? That tie job? By the time you bent down to pick up that bucket of water I would have the time to slip out of that and fire a well placed kick to your brain sack.

I don't contribute a lot, but I read this forum every day and I know you guys don't go those phony tie jobs, gags, hands in front, etc.

Friday, December 20th 2013 - 07:37:06 AM

Name: Sloth

Ralphus - three days ago I watched an absolutely wretched film titled "Marilyn: Alive and Behind Bars" - quite possibly the most absurd premise in the history of cinema and I'm sure by the title one can figure it out - as unlikely a source as it may seem, it does contain a contribution to the Electro Shock Data Base - near the end a blonde chick in her hospital smock is shown strapped to a gurney and wheeled into the phoniest "lab" setting ever and gets hooked up for treatment by the evil female doctor - it's short but done okay I guess in a low rent sorta way - regrettably she is rescued by John Phillip Law of all people and runs off into the night - I tried to post this earlier but I just now stopped laughing long enough to pull myself together for a coherent post.

Stay well all

Friday, December 20th 2013 - 08:33:58 AM

Name: A Canadian

I guess we have made further progress in helping Eda shape her story, now that we know the victim's name will likely be Becky.

Friday, December 20th 2013 - 04:34:55 PM

Name: Blakemore

To Nia: While everyone contemplates what your punishment should be...I have a very serious question. How can I determine which of who knows how many ways there are to torment and torture you to use...when I do not know what you LOOK like? (We males are sexually aroused as much or more by what we SEE...than anything else.) (That's why erotic dancers wear spike heels and any girl knows she needs to keep her toes "pointed".)

For instance...if you have very large, super-firm breasts...those beautiful things would merit a great deal of special attention. If the gap between your upper thighs is unusually wide and filled across with a very plump pussy...? I'm sure you get the idea, so please give us a detailed description of your body and maybe a hint or two about what you are the most afraid of.

No female is "generic" you have to be treated as an individual. Give us these answers and Darling...between us, we WILL come up with a scenario that will give you nightmares you'll awake from, drowning in your own pussy's juice.

Love ya!

Mr. Falstaff: Thanks for a serious question because forcing a helpless young woman to "sink-down" on a spiked dildo IS serious...just as serious as skewering 12 or 14-inch long needles through her breasts...but both make a girl squirm, struggle and try to scream so erotically it's addictive. better know what one is doing before actually doing either.

Spiked dildos: Preferably made of a cast metal with a fairly low melting point or...(today)...a very hard "composite" that can withstand the high temperature required for sterilization in an autoclave or pressure-cooker. You can make your torture-dildo one by sculpting it from clay, using the tips of hails or "cones" of clay to make the spikes...then make a 2-part plaster mold which is filled with molten aluminum or copper.

(The 1-1/2 inch spiked wooden dowel I used on the girl in what I think was the best of the films I made for European distribution...had been soaked in alcohol and coated with fresh Aloe gel right out of the plant and when we "cut", her pussy was "irrigated" with saline and peroxide until it stopped bleeding. After that...hell we were just as described, I made one that could be sterilized. Sadistic Fuckers like me are lucky in that like the human mouth after dental surgery...the human vaginal canal HEALS very rapidly but it doesn't hurt to keep a small supply of antibiotics in the fridge just in case).

Needles: Again, sterilize them and keep them in a sterile package until you use them and clean the girl's breasts with alcohol before you start. As for scars? First of all, make your needles yourself from stainless-steel rod...(so they can be sterilized under pressure in your autoclave or regular pressure-cooker)...and sharpened with a beveled tip. It has been my experience that needles up to 3/32nds of an inch in diameter do NOT leave anything on her breasts other than what looks like a very tiny freckle you have to know where to look to even see it. Personally, I like to use needles 1/8th inch diameter because they "look so horrible" and have more of a psychological effect but yes, they will leave a very small "tell-tale" sign, but not really a discernible "scar" IF THE WOUNDS ARE THOROUGHLY CLEANED...(after her ordeal ends)...with peroxide and any good surgical scrubbing solution and kept covered until healed-over.

I am NOT bragging Goddammit...but I've skewered lots of big tits and following the "rules" stated, I have NEVER had a girl get infected.

PLEASE NOTE: If the girl has had breast augmentation...(and these are by far the best to "skewer" because they are so nice and firm)...DO NOT shove the needle through her breast MORE THAN 5 INCHES BACK OF HER NIPPLES OR YOU MIGHT PUNCTURE THE IMPLANT.

This is why I'm hooked on big breasts that are the result of good augmentation because when bound around the base, these young women's breasts swell into a huge, SUPER-FIRM spherical shape, and look like they're just begging to be tortured by having big needles stuck through them...AND... if her augmentation was done using the procedure where her "implants" are beneath the musculature...HOT-DAMN! You can skewer those babies ANYWHERE you want.

The bottom line: Of course it HURTS, but this kind of torture has infinitely more of a PSYCHOLOGICAL effect than it does physically, because it's the very IDEA of it that is so terrifying to a girl in love with her beautiful big tits! Good hunting!

Old Man Blakemore

Friday, December 20th 2013 - 05:02:02 PM

Name: Blakemore

Being Friday night lets hope everyone is out having a good I plan on in just a few minutes...but I forgot to tell anyone interested a couple of things to keep in mind if you have the chance to cross the line between just fantasizing and actually getting to DO IT...skewering breasts that is.

I have no explanation for this, but I've found that if the helpless girl is forced to look at herself in one or more mirrors...and she's whipped...squeezed...or what victim was almost willing to help me hurt her. For instance, while you're telling her to relish how beautiful and sexy the girl in the mirrors, tell her to make "that" girl arch her breasts up and out to be whipped or do it so she can watch while "that OTHER girl" shove her tits out toward the lit cigarette because she deserves it...AND...wants to know what it will feel like to be tortured so erotically! (Sexy torture!)

If serious skewering of her breasts is going to happen...spend at least 30 minutes in smacking her breasts, NOT whipping them...with something like a ping-pong paddle or better still, a piece of leather that shape that's 1/4-inch thick...again and again and again...alternating the smacking with firmly "manipulating" her breasts by massaging and squeezing to make them hyper-sensitive.

While this "sensitizing" is going on...tease and taunt her by pricking the tip of a needle into her nipples and various places on her breasts and hold one positioned "across" a breast so she can see what it will look like once it's skewered in one side and out the know...fuck with her mind because THAT is where the real torture takes place.

Don't get so hot yourself that you forget to FORCE her watch "THAT OTHER GORGEOUS BITCH" in the mirror...get what she not only DESERVES just because she's so fucking beautiful...but what she secretly WANTS!

Go for it...I'm pretty sure you will find that if you have her strung-up at hip-height...(so you can have your cock buried inside her with both hands free)...her pussy will involuntarily clamp-down on your cock like a hot, wet vice each time you slide a big needle through one of her precious breasts. (Some of them even orgasm...but who gives a damn if she doesn't when your cock is filling her-up!


Friday, December 20th 2013 - 08:39:03 PM

Name: Bill K.

Today's picture: Ralphus, is there a front view of the heavily roped gimp? Bill K.

Saturday, December 21st 2013 - 12:18:21 AM

Name: nia

Re: Saturday's Pic

It looks like you took down all my clothesline! Now I won't have any clean clothes to wear. Guess I won't need any, huh?

I actually don't go for those complicated ties. They take too long and I get bored. The guy seems more interested in his ropework than me.

It's an honor to be acknowledged by Mr. Blakemore. When I found my husband's porn collection, most of it was pics that you'd done. That's what got us going in this GIMPy game we play.

As for my pic, you can read my profile on DFN, where I'm just Nia or nia316, I'm not sure how they post it.

Saturday, December 21st 2013 - 08:41:57 AM

Name: Brainmaster

Hi Nia:: What was your initial reaction when you discovered your husband's Blakemore collection?

Saturday, December 21st 2013 - 09:38:10 AM

Name: Roman Nowicki
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

A quick Seasons Greetings from Teraz Films. And as its the season of giving, we are offering Gimpers a special 15% discount on all orders over $5 (offer ends New Years Eve)

Coupon code is GIMPXMAS (Code can be used multiple times)

Saturday, December 21st 2013 - 04:32:56 PM

Name: Bill K.

Teraz Films, Hooker in Hell "Petrol for the Prostitute!" and Kingdom of the Rats "Now Mona, we're going to burn you alive!" implies there are fiery peril scenes in them. Mr. Roman Nowicki may I ask is it true or a tease for fiery peril is my thing. Thank you, Bill K.

Saturday, December 21st 2013 - 06:47:09 PM

Name: Gog

Anybody seen?

Saturday, December 21st 2013 - 08:58:57 PM

Name: Bill K.

Here a list of "One 7 Movies" movies:

which I never heard of. The description of the plot to "In Hell" doesn't say what type Gimp action is in it. This CAV distributor site is interesting to look through, though. Bill K.

Saturday, December 21st 2013 - 09:26:34 PM

Name: Fritz

Arcas: Thanks for another render in the Blakemore series. These just keep getting better!

* * * * *

Gog: Any film starring Olga Karlatos is at least 25 years old. She retired in the mid 1980's after two decades working the Greek and Italian exploitation circuit. She's the unfortunate GIMP who gets her eyeball pierced in a memorable scene from Zombie Flesh Eaters (1979). I suspect In Hell is a re-titled and probably poorly dubbed translation of one of Olga's lesser known pictures. The title sounds familiar, and I may have seen this as a $1 rental on VHS long ago – but I obviously don't remember a thing about it, which likely means I thought it was crap. I would exercise extreme caution before investing in this one.

* * * * *

Bill K.: I'm surprised you haven't come across the Teraz site before, as it does feature several videos which include burning scenes (usually at the climax).

I'm not a BATS aficionado, so I'm not the best judge of whether the Teraz material would, um… light your fire, but I can say the effects used are quite convincing, though the actual conflagrations are not as long as the ones in Maleficarum or even DGITH. There's lots of atmosphere and build-up, and the victims are hot in more ways than one. But if you are expecting to see a GIMP writhe for five minutes consumed by flames, you may be disappointed. Still, you do see the fire set and the victim's body erupt into a gas-fueled inferno – which seems to be enough for many of you pyromaniacs.

Teraz films in which GIMPs go up in smoke include:

  • Hooker in Hell
  • Kingdom of the Rats
  • Santa's Little Slut
  • Fantom Intruder Part 2

There may be others, but these are four I found to be quite enjoyable. Teraz prices are reasonable, and if you join the Teraz Club, you get a lot of extra preview material and a discount on every purchase. Not everyone is into the Teraz style (cough)Ralphus(cough) which is quite different than that of other fetish film producers, but if you like the preview images, you'll probably like the vids.

Saturday, December 21st 2013 - 11:24:42 PM

Name: Bill K.

Now here we go Gimpers:

from same site the most violent Gimp ever made. Then below it:

the most violent Gimp movie ever made. Right sure thing? Have any Gimpers ever heard of any these movies from this CAV site? Bill K.

Saturday, December 21st 2013 - 11:48:21 PM

Name: Bill K.

Thank you, Fritz for the information on Teraz and the prices are very reasonable. I'll check it out after the holidays for sure.

This CAV distributor site appears to be rip off resale of old movies at very high prices. Amazon I'm sure has the same movies at a much lower cost. I'm not going to bother to look through the CAV site anymore. Forget about it. Bill K.

Sunday, December 22nd 2013 - 12:17:35 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Bill K: I wrote a review of Teraz's Fantom Intruder Part 2 last year, if you want to check out more details. It's in my Homepage URL above. I enjoyed it.

Nowicki certainly has his own distinctive style. It's easy to tell it's a Teraz movie just from the way it's filmed and the overall look of his productions. In that respect, he is an auteur of the bondage community, combining extreme bondage with erotic horror. I wish he would abandon, or at least tone down, the surrealistic aspect of his work, but the extreme content is there and he does get some very sexy women to work for him. I'm grateful for the discount; there's a few titles I'm interested in. I would advise you not to wait until after the holidays since the GIMP discount special only runs through New Year's Eve.

BTW, that Cannibal Ferox movie you linked is the actual title of the movie better known as Make Them Die Slowly, the film I referenced the other day as the film where they hung the woman up by her tits.

Sunday, December 22nd 2013 - 12:53:32 AM

Name: Howie

@ Roman Nowicki - Thanks for the Promo offer. It worked with me. I just singed up for a 6-month membership using the code, however I still haven't been e-mailed a Username & Password for the members area. Kind of disappointing, because I'm ready to spend some cash in there brother. (^_-)

Regardless, I'm a HUGE fan of your work going all the way back to Fantom Killer 1.


Sunday, December 22nd 2013 - 01:35:52 AM

Name: Howie

Just got the Password & Username, so I'm a happy camper. Thanks again Roman! Now, off to spend some cash on gorgeous women being being artfully murdered in the nude. Yay! (Now there's a sentence you don't get to type very often.)(^_^)


Sunday, December 22nd 2013 - 01:46:42 AM

Name: Bill K.

Thanks Ralphus, I remember the pictures for sure. This site is like Playboy magazine to me. I look at and remember the pictures of Gimps and naked hot babes but I forget what was written about them. Visiting the Teraz's menu I didn't recognize any of the pictures so I didn't remember "Fantom Intruder Part 2" but I remember the pictures posted here. It's the price of being an absent minded old Gimper and right after Xmas I will buy Teraz's movie. It's a great deal for sure. Bill K.

Sunday, December 22nd 2013 - 02:38:56 AM

Name: Roman Nowicki
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:


As for the log in and download passwords... because some unscrupulous people have been trying to download files with bad credit cards (again and again)- we had to add a download code (the code is always on show in the Teraz Club members area). However the same people tried to then join the members area with faulty credit cards (to get the DL code). So, for the moment the Teraz Login code is sent a few minutes later (though sometimes can be a bit longer - depends on time of day). The simple code can then be used for future downloads. Unfortunately because of a few bad apples...

The codes are simple to use and if there are any problems you can just email us. All problems are always resolved.

Sunday, December 22nd 2013 - 05:33:02 AM

Name: Howie
Homepage URL:

Ha ha, you beat me to the post Roman. (^_^) I was just coming here to praise how helpful you were in getting my order placed.

Trust me everyone, it's worth it. Use the GIMPXMAS code Roman was so generous to give us in here to join the members area, and I PROMISE you're gonna find a TON of great stuff. Here's everything I just ordered:

Ally Angels Xmas Nightmare [Photos]
Bad Day For Veronika
Brutal Treatment of a Captive Female Pt1
Brutal Treatment of a Captive Female Pt2
Fantom Intruder Pt 2
Fantom Kiler Strikes Again
Game Over
Interrogation of a Rebel Spy Pt1
Interrogation of a Rebel Spy Pt2
Kingdom of the Rats
Kristi and the Time Machine
Pussy Hunt
Santa's Little Slut
The Dog Walker
The Interrogation of Stella Diamond
The Pussy Strangler
Tortured Twins Part 1
Tortured Twins Part 2

Another reason it's worth it to join the members club is that each one of those films above have extra scenes and behind the scenes footage that you have to pay extra for if you're just buying the movie as a Non-member, but if you're a member, they can be downloaded for free after you've downloaded the main film, so that another 3 to 4 bucks per movie you save. I'm downloading the first flick right now, and cant WAIT to start working my way through these. I'll be sure and post some reviews as I go.

Again, Thanks a ton Roman!


Sunday, December 22nd 2013 - 06:10:24 AM

Name: MAV
Homepage URL:


As we near the end of 2013, I'm sure a lot of us are thinking what the best GIMP of the year was. Here's my picks for best AOH (more detail on why at the link above):

Best new producers-Heroine Legends AKA The Superheroines. At least 6 AOH torture scenes this year and 2 more shot for release in early 2014.

Best commercial scene: 2-way tie: Cali Logan in "Interrogation Tactics" and Candle Boxxx in "Not Going to Tell You Anything"

Best mainstream scene: Lim Soo-Hyang in "Iris 2"

Best actress/performer: with at least 2 scenes this year, Candle Boxxx in "Not Going to Tell You Anything", and "Aim for My Belly"

I would've attached a photo of each but didn't want to take up too much space so just added links.

Sunday, December 22nd 2013 - 11:54:45 AM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Howie: That is quite the order. When are you ever going to find any time to review any of them?


MAV: Thanks for sharing your year-end list of the best AOH scenes from 2013. I still have to check out your Candle Boxxx custom, Not Going to Tell You Anything. It's currently listed as the No. 1 video on her site.

Sunday, December 22nd 2013 - 04:49:42 PM

Name: Eda
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

I promised to write a story based on the recently closed poll about your favorite type of GIMP victims: "innocent" and "spy." [Yes, victims, plural -- I am aware of no rule that says that a story can have only one victim. Or two. Or ... well, you get the idea.]

I have kept my promise, and Ralphus has just posted my new story GUILT AND INNOCENCE, set in Buenos Aires, Argentina. [I didn't give the story a year, but think "during the time of the junta."] I hope you enjoy it, and, as always, I would appreciate your feedback, either publicly in the forum (but no spoilers, please !!) or privately to my email.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.

Sunday, December 22nd 2013 - 09:44:27 PM

Name: Bill K.

Gimp stories of Innocent victims (scream puffs) and Spies can go together but I'm thinking the torture methods for each should and would be totally different, that is if the torturer is not trying to get information out of the spy. Spies and traitors are very often the same thing too and I imagine very different more painful methods of torture await someone that's a traitorous spy. Bill K.

Monday, December 23rd 2013 - 01:19:05 AM

Name: Matt

Today's pic: the Romans branded their slaves for the most part, so the torturer with the branding irons is not unusual. Some were large, some small, but they did indicate who the owner was, if the slave ever escaped and was later recaptured.

Monday, December 23rd 2013 - 01:20:39 AM

Name: danny
E-mail address:

hi, there was a spanish crime drama (think it was spanish anyway)which had a really good gimp scene in it, where a woman was caught by a lunatic and tied naked to a table. the man is whistling throughout the scene. she gets a bit of knife torture before she is rescued. i can't find it anywhere! anyone tell me the shows name with this limited info? thanks.

Monday, December 23rd 2013 - 10:20:38 AM

Name: MAV
Homepage URL:

GIMPers, here is my review of my latest AOH custom, Cyrus Aftermath:

The clip opens up with an unconscious sweat-toned Celestia hanging AOH in a ridiculously hot black bikini top and leather shorts outfit. The villain Tony wakes her up with a strong bellypunch.

Some campy dialogue takes part for a couple of minutes to explain what Tony wants to know while giving him an opportunity to rub his finger down Celestia's sweat-toned body. He then shows her a bunch of torture instruments before settling on a short cat-o-nine to start the interrogation.

The 3 minute whipping scene that follows is AMAZING due to Celestia's writhing/moaning in her hot outfit as the villain's intense lashes (including a couple of jumping lashes for increased intensity) to her belly, back, ass, and even one to her face and crotch, change the clip to a serious tone which I prefer. I don't know how they did the stunt whipping since the cat o nine seems to really hit her but her reactions and the sound effects are GREAT.

The tortured Celestia says she will tell Tony what he wants to know and when he approaches her, she goes Mike Tyson on him and bites his ear. Tony pulls away and backslaps her for her trouble. He's had enough so he goes for the strongest torture instrument, the vexor which is like a taser. For the next 2 minutes, he proceeds to taser her in the stomach/sides, arms, hips, back, and even one to her crotch. He then gives her a really long zap to her back which almost makes Celestia pass out.

He picks up her slumped head with the taser to ask her if she's gonna fess up but she stays defiant and spits in his face. As he's about to go for the killshot, Celestia headbutts him, then delivers a couple of flying kicks while still bound which sends him reeling backward while she gets herself free. An entertaining fight scene for the next 3 minutes occurs for those of you GIMPers who like that.

Pluses: Celestia (played by Asian hottie Kristin Ige) looks superhot throughout in her outfit and acts out peril well, especially in the intense AOH whipping scene which is worth the price of admission in my book. The villain turns on the intensity for the torture scenes which is always good IMO. Camera work, lighting, and sound effects are great for the scenes.

Minuses: The campy dialogue at the beginning, that Celestia is not tortured the whole time, and that she couldn't be nude.

Overall I give this movie an A- since the actress is superhot, wears a revealing outfit, is tortured mercilessly, has good reactions. This would be an A in my book if she was nude or if we had more than ~6 minutes of actual torture even though she's bound for ~12 minutes.

Monday, December 23rd 2013 - 12:50:08 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

MAV: Excellent work on the review of Cyrus Aftermath. Celestia certainly is hot. Given that she is also a good actress, I'm not surprised that a clip with no nudity would still get such a high grade.

So, if I had to choose, which should my first pick -- the Celestia custom or the one with Candleboxxx?


Eda: Thanks for posting your story. I can't wait to read it.

Given that the poll only wrapped up the other day, I'm thinking you must be a pretty quick writer. Either that, or at least one of the reviewers on this forum is a really slow writer. Whatever the case, it will be interesting to see how things turned out.

Monday, December 23rd 2013 - 05:01:40 PM

Name: Arcas
Homepage URL:

Just a brief post.... I've got a headcold and it's left me with the intellectual focus of a lobotomized gnat, at the moment. So... a new work, with my recent muse. No active peril.... but plenty of implied imminent nastiness.

Monday, December 23rd 2013 - 05:51:29 PM

Name: Bill K.

Your "plenty of implied imminent nastiness" is great, Arcas. Nothing wrong with leaving the viewer with their own erotic imagination to what happens to the Gimp next.

This very low budget "Joan of Ark" :

maybe interesting to Ralphus and maybe Amy of Maleficarum because the Joan of Arc looks little like Amy but she should take screaming and acting lessons from Amy. Bill K.

Monday, December 23rd 2013 - 06:18:35 PM

Name: MAV
Homepage URL:

@A Canadian-If you're more of a bellypunching fan, I'd get the Candle Boxx clip. If you're more into hot Asians or whipping/electro scenes, I'd get the Celestia one.

Monday, December 23rd 2013 - 07:55:25 PM

Name: Eda
E-mail address:

Canadian, I confess that I was working on the story at least a week before the poll ended, when it was obvious which two choices were going to receive the most votes.

Monday, December 23rd 2013 - 09:24:25 PM

Name: Dr Yuya

Speaking of "2013 Awards"...could I recommend some whipping scenes that really worked for me this year? I think I'm one of the big(ger) fans around here and am quite qualified but of course I'll save the actual nominations for those in charge. I can really only provide scenes from heroine movies save for one. Still, from that selection there were surprisingly a lot. And more surprisingly there were a lot from "Heroine", which has always been a good site but one I've often written off in terms of their whipping scenes.

Anyway, here's a couple of mine with a reference image and link.

Dead but Dreaming


I'll start with the big dog...the only non "heroine" movie on here (though it could be easily debated this to is a heroine movie) and one most would probably expect to win such an award. True I touted heroinemovies just a second ago but that doesn't mean other consistent companies didn't deliver as well. A relatively big budget and mainstream film with a nude and rather long public whipping scene...what's not to like?

Superheroine In Grave Danger Vol.47 Galaxy Special Agent Caliber

crazy giga title

I know it's not technically a "whipping" but a "caning"...but seriously if it's not considered in something it'd be unfair I think, and I doubt there will be enough other categories for a great scene like this to have a this is the best place for it IMO. Another good offering from the Giga/Zen camp, but oddly the only one I know of that was worth this category this year. I'm hoping the current trend of Giga and Zen being a little off their games comes to an end next year.

Heroine Legends Cyrus Aftermath

cyrus aftermath

Well...I'm about to watch right now. I'm taking the word of some people here and what I saw in the trailer. Hope I'm not making a mistake.

SHW- The Gatecrashers


This might have flown under the radar of even some of you heroine fans. Given the company that did it has never really done a good scene like this before and seems more focused on straight up sexual tortures and "fake wrestling" action that makes sense. But now you have my approval, this scene is actually good! True she's not really bound to anything that should prevent her from running and that's a definite demerit but seriously everything else about this scene was surprisingly spot on for me.

Weapon Alpha

weapon alpha

See...a lot of heroine movies right? This one was well choreographed I think, and the heroine has a great face. Just still...dem' boobs I'm not too sure about. I only wanted one title from teh actual site itself listed here, so i chose this in favor of the Wonderful Girl sequel.

Superior Girl- Doomsday Chapter 1

weapon alpha

Honestly just barely got a pass from me because the actresses involved were so damn smoking hot here.

Anyway what does everyone think? I honestly don't mean to just sell sell sell heroine movies but I didn't see much else out there this year from other companies that was notable. Wish I had so to give my list more diversity. But either way, surely other people can come up with some other nominees for best whipping scene that I forgot?

Monday, December 23rd 2013 - 10:42:37 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Dr. Yuya: I haven't seen the other titles you mentioned, but I certainly agree that the caning scene in Superheroine in Grave Danger, Vol. 47 was one of the highlights of the year.

Actually, I liked a number of the scenes in that film, including the part where the heroine gets fingered. The star of the movie, Miki Sunohara, is one sexy lady.

For those who want to learn more, check out my review from August.


On the superheroine front, another film that is definitely worth seeing is Superior Lady. It's a Giga movie that was released in 2011. Although it was shot in Japan, the movie is in English and features now-retired U. S. porn star Briana Blair.

Briana's super hot and a great victim -- the best American GIMP actress since Lisa Kinkaid.

I plan to review Superior Lady in the near future. For now, let's just say the whipping and electro-shock scenes are outstanding.

Tuesday, December 24th 2013 - 12:05:47 AM

Name: Daniel
E-mail address:

Merry Christmas everyone!
Lets have a very Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 24th 2013 - 11:28:51 AM

Name: Fritz

Eda:   Thanks for your latest story. You have my comments. I hope all those who participated in the very active poll to elect the GIMP, or as it turns out, one of the GIMPs, will be as vocal in telling us how well you met their expectations. Even though I cast my ballot for spy, I was very pleased with the end result. Great work! I think other spy voters will agree. And of course, the gloating innocent victim winners get to have their kicks as well. Too bad you couldn't work in a woman from the future (oops… sorry – I suppose that's a bit of a spoiler).

*  *  *  *  *

Howie:   That's quite an order. I think you just made Roman's Christmas a lot merrier. Once you get through that mound of videos and write those reviews, I'd be most curious to read your thoughts about Interrogation of a Rebel Spy. Why? It's a custom Roman produced for me last year. As a rule, I don't review anything in which I had a hand, but I'm always eager to know what others think of it.

Tuesday, December 24th 2013 - 01:27:50 PM

Name: Howie

@ Fritz - Haven't gotten to either of those two yet, but they both looked FANTASTIC in the promo material. I'll be glad to post my thoughts after I've seen them.


Tuesday, December 24th 2013 - 02:54:33 PM

Name: cmf

Hey Ralphus,
How can I share a couple of stories I got a long time ago?
They're very well written, with fantasy aspects, Sapphic love, brutal male domination and rape, and of course, torture! I'm sure some of your readers have seen these stories before, but I don't notice them listed in your stories section.
BTW, any of the gimp situations work for me, Well, maybe not so much the innocent victim. As long as the captive female is busty, and naked! Or at least gets stripped naked before her torture.

Tuesday, December 24th 2013 - 04:08:34 PM

Name: Blakemore

Hi there all...especially cmf: Hey Man, it's good to know somebody else likes GIMP with big firm tits! (The bigger they are, the more there is "of them", and hence...more wicked possibilities for turning her precious big tits "against them"!

Does ANYONE remember the series of movies from the 1960's (I think) the "Hercules" films where there was the almost obligatory scenes of a GIMP? They were "clothed" of course but some of the "torture" scenes were not bad.

Again, does anyone recall and know where to find a series of movies like "Devil's Island for Women"...and others like that where it was like the plot was manufactured expressly to provide "excuses" for torturing gorgeous young things. I specifically recall one where a huge snake was suspended above a barely clad GIMP stretched on a rack...another had a girl straddling an inclined blade on a "dolly" with wheels. Of course we didn't get to see her being sliced in half from her pussy up but you got the idea. What the hell happened to these films? Hell...I SAW them in the filthy theaters near the river in St. Louis.

I have to tell you that those movies had a tremendous influence in the way I tried to "structure" the films I made.

Instead of wishing you all a Merry Christmas...let's ALL send every ounce of "The Force" we can spare to the young men and women in that fucking "NO-WIN" war our politicians have gotten them into on OUR behalf. They need it...I know.


Tuesday, December 24th 2013 - 05:13:06 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

MAV: Boy, you crank out the customs, don't you? I'm not familiar with this production company...Heroine Legends? Your new custom is being promoted right on the front page of their website. Are they like RingDivas in that they do AOH torture but no nudity? That appears to be the case, looking at their other offerings. They do have some nice-looking women working for them.

The link for your latest review is in my Homepage URL above; great job, thanks.


Arcas: Let me be the first that possible? congratulate you on another great artwork. I love it. The victim looks properly marked up and bruised, her titties are tied up...and that toluene is awfully flammable. It would be a shame if anything else happens to her. *evil laugh*


Bill K: That Joan of Ark (that really is how they spelled it) had possibilities, but it was all over way too quickly. Was that the whole production? 3 and a half minutes? It was more like a trailer.


CMF: Send any stories to me via e-mail and I'll see if I can get them added for you.


Blakemore: Do you mean Women of Devil's Island? I haven't seen it but the IMDB implies it's a women's prison movie. More than any other genre I can think of, the WIP film was invented for the very purpose of showing women victimized...I really can't think of any other reason why someone would want to see a movie like that. They're still being made from time to time but the heyday of the WIP film was probably in the 1970s and 80s. Once drive-ins started to close, the genre started to fade.

Tuesday, December 24th 2013 - 06:00:18 PM

Name: Reine Margot
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Happy Holidays to ALL! ... and some good tidings.

This might very well be my last post of the year. I was preparing a long post but the holidays jumped on me and on top of that we received some amazing good news. So, here we go.

2013 has been a year with a lot of good and plenty of suck. On the personal part we had some terrible events. But of that I will tell more when I write about the year that was. Amy has, however, a very good post on her blog, read it here.

Today I want to talk about this very day. A holiday. And I want to wish you all a very merry Xmass and a portentous New Year. May all your GIMP wishes come true and if we have a hand of making those wishes a reality, we hope we fulfill that wish.

The year ends for us with a bang! And a big bang it is!

The Beverly Hills Outlook best of the year awards are out and we're big winners!

Barbazul has TWO GOLD:

Film of the Year!

Best Sound Design by Jac Avila


Best Actor for Jac too!

Dead But Dreaming has 9 awards! 5 GOLD!:


Jac Producer of the Year,

Amy, Producer of the Year,

Amy Costume design of the year,

Brad Original Score of the Year.

One SILVER for Cinematographer of the Year!


Jac as Editor of the Year

Jac for Screenplay of the Year!

Isn't that amazing?

Le Marquis de la Croix, that sadistic movie has 8 awards!


Director of the Year for Amy,

Performers of the Year Mila and Jac,

Art Director of the Year for Amy

Performance Company of the Year for Decadent Cinema!



Best Production Design for Amy.


Jac for his work in designing the sound. That award has a mention for Amy as well.

So.... Are those good tidings or what?!! Mainstream magazine believes in what we do! Big Time!

Ok, we have a lot to celebrate for as the year ends and we're encouraged for the work to come. We're certainly growing. Yes?

I'm preparing more to post soon. I'll go in details about the awards. I just need to leave this one big award for one deserving lady.

Golden Amy Hesketh Actress of the Year

for her magnificent acting job in Dead But Dreaming.

By the way, we have a DVD sale in our DVD store. All our Red Feline titles have a 20% discount!

So... Merry Xmas to you all and I'll be back with the New Year!

I'll have more exciting news soon. Until then!

Reine Margot

Tuesday, December 24th 2013 - 06:15:42 PM

Name: Bill K.

Joan of Ark? I didn't notice they misspelled it and 3 and a half minutes and no sound too. I did say very low budget but the bats scene, as short as it was, was better and longer than a lot of big budget Bats type movies I've seen and better than a lot of TV bats too.

That scene could be in Ohio along the Ohio River if you get my drift. But still Western European filmmakers create these gimp type movies for the fun of it. Here in USA, the actors and actresses actually require getting paid big bucks to do anything. Maybe we'll win the lottery for Christmas. Bill K.

Tuesday, December 24th 2013 - 06:44:20 PM

Name: TRG

Today's pic. . . and then turn those doohickies on, shove them up where they belong, and leave them there for a good long time.

Wednesday, December 25th 2013 - 02:03:34 AM

Name: Fritz

That Olalla Promo:   Assuming the kids, Cousin Itt and Thing have been replaced by imposters from SA central casting, is this film some kind of Bolivian remake of The Addams Family? Da-da-da-da snap snap…

*  *  *  *  *

Happy holidays all.

Wednesday, December 25th 2013 - 04:12:56 AM

Name: A L Fielden

A Merry Christmas to everyone.

Thanks for the lovely presents, and in particular the recent classy offerings from Arcas and Eda Chang, which I'm really enjoying.

Here's to a new year with less real-life conflict and persecution.

Wednesday, December 25th 2013 - 05:12:58 AM

Name: A Canadian

Best wishes to everyone for a Merry Christmas.

Wednesday, December 25th 2013 - 07:57:36 AM

Name: Howie

Merry Christmas. Let's hope you all see something today that makes a certain part grow ten times, like today's picture. (^_^)


Wednesday, December 25th 2013 - 08:04:29 AM

Name: Roman Nowicki
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Feliĉan Kristnaskon from Teraz Films (yes that's Happy Xmas in Esperanto)

PS: Use code GIMPXMAS to get 15% off all orders until end of the year! And until then we wish you Bonan Novjaron!

Wednesday, December 25th 2013 - 10:01:24 AM

Name: Daniel
E-mail address:

Fritz, thank you for being the one to bring up the "Addams Family" look-a-likes! If Amy was not in it (doing what she does best) I'm afraid I would have to pass on it!

Wednesday, December 25th 2013 - 01:05:48 PM

Name: Matt

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas! And best wishes for a Happy New Year.

Thursday, December 26th 2013 - 02:26:34 AM

Name: A Canadian

Fritz wrote:

Assuming the kids, Cousin Itt and Thing have been replaced by imposters from SA central casting, is this film some kind of Bolivian remake of The Addams Family? Da-da-da-da snap snap…

Looks like it. It's nice to see that Uncle Fester has slimmed down.

Thursday, December 26th 2013 - 08:17:04 AM

Name: Brent Billionaire
E-mail address:

Dankon for the 15% Teraz Films voucher Roman - got me some nice festive savings. Does this mean we will be seeing the first Esperanto GIMP film in 2014? Looking forward to some hot - erotika hororo!

Thursday, December 26th 2013 - 09:29:40 AM

Name: MaX CoXXX
Homepage URL:

Hey Fellas,

Roman Nowicki: Great photo. Very profound.

Pussy Burn was shot over 2 years ago right after we shot a different pussy burning custom. The effects are so complicated that it took hiring a effects editor & buying a 12 core Mac to get it done.

I wrote the story line off some conversations going on at the time on GIMP. Cheyenne Jewel did very very good. The suspension was a CAT5 & she flops herself around like crazy!

Hope you all enjoy!!!

Thursday, December 26th 2013 - 12:44:52 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:


Our friend Max Coxxx told me about a new release he just debuted at his Dirty Deeds site called Pussy Burn. What's it about? Pussy roasting, of course! So how could a pyro like me possibly say no?

Well, actually, I have to admit I was a bit leery when I discovered this was shot by John Marshall of PKF years ago but he didn't want to edit it. I normally love Marshall's work, but he did a similar pussy roasting vid 3 years ago called Tortured Soldier that I reviewed and was very disappointed in it. The flame effect looked fake, he didn't add any smoke and I wasn't buying the illusion. I publicly told John on the forum that his movie was no good. Who knows, maybe I was the reason he never got around to editing this one. That's what I get for being honest. Way to crush his spirit, huh?

But Max told me he had a new editor now for the footage and to give this one a try. And he was right. This time they really pull it off.

This is a pretty simple storyline. Max hires a new bondage model, Cheyenne Jewel, to come in and act in a scene where she's to be suspended over a fire that will burn her pussy. But it's all play-acting, he assures her. The fire will be added digitally later; she just has to act like she's really burning. "Sure, sounds easy," she tells him.

The first 2/3 of the 21 minute video involves Max preparing Cheyenne for the big payoff. I hadn't really seen Cheyenne Jewel before but she's a slim, pretty model with a small, perky titties. She does have a nasty back tattoo but thankfully it's only glimpsed for about 5 seconds while she's undressing. Otherwise, her body is pristine and she projects a pleasant, girl next door quality.

Max hoists her off the ground, puts in her in a tight suspended spread-eagle and starts up the camera, pretending to light the fire between her legs. Cheyenne gives a half-hearted acting effort while her pussy is supposed to be burning, saying things like "Oh. Oh help me. This is burning my pussy. Oh, this sucks." Meanwhile, Max is going crazy over her bad acting. It's laugh-out loud hilarious comedy.

Exasperated, Max tells her he knows a way to really make her act. He leaves and comes back with a huge-ass propane tank, which he mounts between her legs and ignites. Immediately, violent blue flames shoot from the tank, and Cheyenne screams her head off as her pussy gets roasted. She whips her body violently as plumes of smoke shoot from her pussy and inner thighs. It's a wonderfully effective illusion, totally believable and a big turn-on. Max just laughs while Cheyenne writhes in pain and her pussy and upper legs are reddened by the fire.

After a couple minutes of agonizing suffering, the gas runs out and the flames stop. But she's still screaming from the pain afterward. "Now, that's some fucking good acting!" Max shouts at her. "That's what I wanted!" And he takes out a gun and shoots her through the head.

The death fetish crowd is then treated to a couple minutes of her lifeless body with blood dripping down from it. Me, I would preferred a burning to death, but these death fetish movies all seemingly end with either a shooting or a strangling. Oh well.

The reason this video works is twofold: the first being the fine performance by the very appealing Cheyenne Jewel. Her rapport with Max is very natural, and she pulls off both the "bad actress" and the "screaming victim" parts with a flair.

The second reason this works is because the special digital effects look real. Whereas the phony Tortured Soldier decided not to add any smoke and ruined the fantasy, this time I could believe what I was watching. It's exactly what I wanted to see in the other film and didn't.

Burning fetish fans will likely be pleased by Max's effort here. It's a lot of fun and a nice little piece of entertainment.

My grade: B+

Thursday, December 26th 2013 - 03:54:05 PM

Name: Bill K.

"Pussy Burn" looks terrific and I will buy soon but may I ask MaX CoXXX or Ralphus please, is it available in the DVD format anywhere? Play on big scream sound and big screen TV is much more enjoyable than my little PC computer screen. If not I will still buy and which vendor is best? Thank You, Bill K.

Thursday, December 26th 2013 - 05:47:37 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Ralphus: Nice work on the review of Pussy Burn. That was a fun assessment of what looks like a fun movie for the fans. The burning and death fetishes aren't among my interests but I can see how the film would appeal to the enthusiasts.


Bill K.'s comments about DVD discs for the big screen reminded me of something. I have found a source we might want to consider adding to the database listing of places where people can buy bondage films.

Specifically, the Heroine DVD site might be of interest to some folks here. It's based in China and sells DVD copies of Giga movies.

Please note: The DVDs aren't burned versions of the original discs. Rather, they are DVDs that have been made from downloaded files. Nonetheless, I ordered a title from them and the quality of the film was excellent.

It's a little risky for some of us in uptight countries to order from such a source but so far my experience has been good. I bought a film from them in December and placed a second order the other day. We'll see if that gets through Customs, as well.

Thursday, December 26th 2013 - 06:08:17 PM

Name: Cisco

Ralphus - I almost completely agree with your review of "Pussy Burn" by PKF. I originally contracted for the "Tortured Soldier" custom video and was disappointed. But "Pussy Burn" is terrific. That's what I wanted in "Tortured Soldier". With "Pussy Burn" the story is a little weak and I agree that I would have liked the victim to be burned to death, instead of shot. But the actress, Cheyenne, was fantastic and the special effects were great. The only difference I have with your review is I would have given it a solid A. How come you didn't give it an A?

Thursday, December 26th 2013 - 07:59:00 PM

Name: Bill K.

To burn to death in "Pussy Burn" is not going to happen because people who burn to death do so by their lungs collapsing and suffocating or they go into shock which was a possible outcome for Cheyenne Jewel, but not likely being they stopped the burning before she dies.

It's the fiery torture method and not the death that appeals to me. Wonder if the Dirty Deeds guys gave thought to a pubic bush fire and making that movie? Why no bush fire?

None of these comments is going affect me buying the movie soon. Bill K.

Thursday, December 26th 2013 - 08:32:43 PM

Name: elkcreek
E-mail address:

Canadian, I've been ordering from Heroine DVD for years. Sad to say his shipments from China arrive at my door quicker in MI quicker than orders from Video Mayhem or Ring Divas. In other words he provides excellent service. I've had no issue with Customs, but when it comes to intellectual property the US is a bit more of a free country than CA. (In Canada Phil Robertson would have been prosecuted unless he was a Muslim, then if a Christian quoted him he would be prosecuted) :( Simply speaking when it comes to speech Canada (and apparently the UK) have a much less rigorous notion of it than the US.

I've also had some success on the Adult side of eBay. If you search "Heroine" there is one vendor there that has a huge Jap AV selection cheap. His eBay store is shut down til New Years though.

Thursday, December 26th 2013 - 08:34:59 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Cisco wrote:

The only difference I have with your review is I would have given it a solid A. How come you didn't give it an A?

I didn't give Pussy Burn a solid A for the reasons you mentioned, i.e., the storyline and the ending. If Pussy Burn had a narrative story like Tortured Soldier, where the actress was playing a character, I would have preferred that to a bondage model basically playing herself and the director goes nutzoid on her. It was a simple one-note concept as opposed to the more involved plot with rapes thrown in like in the other movie. And yeah, if she had to die, why not burn her some more instead of taking the cheap way out by shooting her?

Don't get me wrong, though. Obviously I liked this video a lot for what it was. And I didn't realize until after I read Max's post just how complicated it was to do the burning effects. All I know is that they looked realistic as hell and Cheyenne Jewel really sold me with her performance. I guess it takes a lot of time and expense to do some effects, but as a consumer, I'm glad some producers do make the effort. It all comes down to making it look believable and hammering the fantasy home.

Thursday, December 26th 2013 - 09:06:19 PM

Name: MaX CoXXX
Homepage URL:

Great review Ralphus! If I had got grades that good in school.... ;)

Bill K, No DVD's but we can do a higher resolution download if your internet is fast.

Cisco, Really glad you liked it. It's really all about the model. Your custom is what inspired this video. Kinda how I was going to try to get yours more in line ;)

Bill K(2), Hahahaha. I have a girl right now with a bush.....

Glad we finally got it done & it looks good. When we are shooting company productions that have heavy effects, we cut story time down a bunch. We were just lucky to get Cheyenne! She is awesome!


Thursday, December 26th 2013 - 09:52:26 PM

Name: Covers

On December 9, Arcas posted a fantastic piece of art with a DiD tied to an airplane propeller. He mentioned that he "ran across a crime paperback book cover with a mob boss tying a girl to a plane prop."

I'm taking a few days vacation and took a shot at finding Arcas' cover. This was the only propeller cover I found in my paperback bondage cover folder, and it doesn't fit the description very well.

Arcas, do you remember whether the paperback was in English or a foreign language? Could it have been a pulp or a man's adventure magazine?


Friday, December 27th 2013 - 11:33:52 AM

Name: A Canadian

elkcreek: Thanks for the tip about eBay. I took a look and the only sellers I could find don't ship to Canada (it figures). Nonetheless, I'll keep eBay in mind for the future.

Friday, December 27th 2013 - 12:16:02 PM

Name: mr bush


You need to find a model with a bush for Bill K and myself and reshoot. Supposedly Bush is coming back!
Besides, with bush showing you can add to the torture, pull it out with tweezer, twist it, tug on it, shave it on screen and more.

Friday, December 27th 2013 - 12:40:49 PM

Name: Arcas
Homepage URL:

COVERS: Holy crap - THAT'S IT! When I looked at it, my memory snapped into place. I'm sure it's a case of my imagination had embellished the memory over time by including antagonists, but yeah - I'm 98% sure that this was the cover.... and the time period seems right (mid-70's). Thanks so much for digging it up! What an awesome holiday present!

Friday, December 27th 2013 - 01:06:49 PM

Name: Arcas
Homepage URL:

In a strange fit of holiday cheer, I gave Emma Rose five seconds to catch her breath and pose for a seasonal portrait. But no worries, she'll be back to work before you know it!

I hope you're all having a great holiday and my wishes in advance for a Happy New Year. I have no idea why it took me this bloody long to discover this forum, but you've been a fun lot 'a deviants to digitally hang out with.

Friday, December 27th 2013 - 02:22:59 PM

Name: Bill K.

I didn't even recognize Emma Rose without the scars, messed up hair and terrified in great pain look on her face. Is she a random digital computer creation I take and not modeled after any real person?

But she could also be any "Innocent victim" soccer mom or 10th grade math teacher, my first crush. Definitely not a spy. Too cute and doesn't have that Sydney Bristow look to her. Bill K.

Friday, December 27th 2013 - 05:59:02 PM

Name: Bill K.

MaX of Dirty Deeds, please may I ask do I have any way of ordering buying "Pussy Burn" other than through Marshman Media or Nicheclips or other "jump through hoops have to buy membership to a pay site"? One where I just give them or you my credit card number, pay only the price of the movie you posted and my e-mail address and they download the movie to my e-mail address? I'll wait until you answer to buy "Pussy Burn" which I'm going to still buy, I just I don't know how or from where yet. Thank you, Bill K.

Friday, December 27th 2013 - 10:03:28 PM

Name: Bill K.

Here is Firehot's improved version of the Firebrand bats comic drawing artwork that was posted here on December 3rd at 4 PM:

For Gimpers into erotic drawing manipulations, Firehot does excellent work. Bill K.

Friday, December 27th 2013 - 10:42:46 PM

Name: Arcas
Homepage URL:

BILL K: Emma Rose isn't really supposed to be anyone... exactly. I crafted her with Mishmish and our goal was to use Insex's 912 as a seed and grow a unique character from there. So.... she's "912ish" at best, but again, she's meant to be a unique character unto herself.

Saturday, December 28th 2013 - 12:18:12 AM

Name: MaX CoXXX
Homepage URL:

Bill K: The black bomb banner purchase option is the simplest.

Saturday, December 28th 2013 - 01:10:19 AM

Name: Bill K.

Thank you MaX I will give black bomb a try Saturday night. Bill K.

Saturday, December 28th 2013 - 02:03:01 AM

Name: Brent Billionaire

"Maryjane Tonight at Angels Twelve"

Nice cover - shame about the book! A review says: "This is a combination spy thriller and police procedural...With shades of gray among both the good and the bad guys" (But not 50 Shades of gray though :-) You can get a new copy on Amazon for $700!! Bargain...

Would still like to see Peril and bondage films aspire to the visual quality and tease of those great old pulp covers

Saturday, December 28th 2013 - 05:57:09 AM

Name: BP

Damm Ralphus; Check your Emails more. I sent you that Maryjane cover long time ago after Arcas posted his.

Saturday, December 28th 2013 - 06:33:36 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

BP: You know how many e-mails I currently have in my mailbox from you, "Boilerplant"? 3388! And that is not a joke. Your damn group was so overwhelming before the bastards shut it down that I was always swimming 6 months behind just trying to keep my head above water. You know, there is a term called "too much of a good thing" which applies to you; keep that in mind when your new group starts up. Like a blind follower I signed up for that, too. Gotta get my fix, even if it's months after everyone else does :)

Saturday, December 28th 2013 - 10:49:26 AM

Name: Daniel
E-mail address:

WoW! Cheyenne Jewel is GREAT! I prefer smaller breasted women! Nice, nice body! Imagine if she grew her BUSH back. Thank you for the introduction to Pussy Burn!

Saturday, December 28th 2013 - 01:12:57 PM

Name: Dr Yuya
Homepage URL:

In my homepage above I've linked to one of the best chapters of a mainstream manga work EVER IMO. Thought some here might appreciate it.

Saturday, December 28th 2013 - 02:15:37 PM

Name: Dr Yuya
Homepage URL:

Sorry for last clarify as surely most of you have no interest in reading the whole chapter. Pages 13-18 and then pages 26 till pretty much the end are the good parts.

Saturday, December 28th 2013 - 03:17:11 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

I finally got a chance to read Eda's latest story, Guilt and Innocence. I think it is one of her best stories yet.

I won't give away any details but it's safe to say it covers many GIMP interests and is very entertaining. I'm not sure the ending worked for me, but that's a minor quibble.

Saturday, December 28th 2013 - 09:54:51 PM

Name: Bill K.

Downloaded and watched "Pussy Burn." Terrific gimp burning cooking pussy movie. I enjoyed it very much and hope to see more fiery peril, like perhaps a spit roast so the whole body especially the breasts are roasted from Dirty Deeds but in any case please think full bush fire next time.

I think the only thing missing in Cheyenne's very good acting were crying tears and more sweat would have helped the illusion that she was really being cooked. Otherwise this is as real as it gets as a pussy cooking movie. Well done! Thank you. Bill K.

Sunday, December 29th 2013 - 12:38:09 AM

Name: MAV
Homepage URL:

Couldn't help but get another Candle Boxxx AOH torture custom since she was so awesome in the last one. I think this one is better! Coming soon to a C4S store near you, this time with more stretching and bellypunching, along with a mix of hair-pulling, baton-hitting, backslapping, nipple-twisting, knee-bashing, whipping/paddling, choking, and tasering.

Sunday, December 29th 2013 - 03:15:17 AM

Name: Covers

Arcas: I'm very pleased that I could find your long lost cover. You've posted so many great pieces on this board that you deserve some payback. It's been my experience in searching for people's long remembered covers that the details are usually far different than they remember.

Dr Yuya: Thanks for posting the link to fairy tail 365. Great stuff there!


Sunday, December 29th 2013 - 09:07:15 AM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

So, here we are once again. It's time for the annual Year in Review.

Overall, 2013 was a pretty good year. Not spectacular. But not disappointing, either. There was enough decent material to keep a GIMPer contented. If a year can be given a grade, 2013 gets a B.

Last year at this time, the near-miraculous happened ... Ralphus and I picked the same film as best picture of 2012, the second Lady Attackers from Hell flick (Lady Attackers from Hell 2: Mission and BDSM). At that point, it looked like the Attackers company in Japan had found a winning formula that could appeal to almost all GIMPers, from the mangle-heads to the lightweights.

But it didn't last. As far as I can tell, the Lady Attackers from Hell films, including LAFH 2, didn't sell all that well in Japan. The series stopped after just four films, an almost unheard-of event for an Attackers series. The company has now gone back to an older formula, recently releasing the first film from "Season 3" of the Slave Island series that began in 2005. I'm not sure resuscitating that series will work, but we'll see.

Meanwhile, the search for quality GIMP continues. While my own entertainment budget focuses on Japanese porn, it looks like good stuff is being produced all over the place, including the custom vids bankrolled by GIMPers like MAV. Companies such as Pachamama Films and Teraz Films continue to have their devoted fans. And it appears Heroine Movies is a site that deserves more attention.

So much to choose from....

On the mainstream front, I Spit on Your Grave 2 definitely pushed the limits in a sanitized world more accustomed to Tarantino/Rodriguez films with strippers who don't undress. ISOYG 2 had an attractive star and a rich menu of delights: bondage, rape, electro-shocks, beatings, pissing on the victim, the victim buried alive, and -- remarkably -- actual nudity. I'm not sure it was all that erotic, though. Call me sick, but I was most turned on by the heroine when she was exacting her revenge.

While there is much I haven't seen, I remain duty-bound to cobble together a year-end list. Here's my roundup of the highs, the lows, and everything in-between from my travels in GIMP Land in 2013.

  • Best picture: The Ground of a Foreign Country - Group Assault (HTMS-026).

  • Best actress: Miki Sunohara in Superheroine in Grave Danger, Vol. 47 (THZ-47) and Special Armored Unit Gun Saver (GOMK-66).

  • Honorable mentions:

  • Best blackmail scenario: Saucy Brit Ava Dalush gets a bumpy ride in the Fake Taxi.

  • Best find: Renzo Novatore discovered Slave Island 7 this year. Let's hope he's also had a chance to see Slave Island 11.

  • Meanwhile ... Has YikYakker finally watched A Clockwork Orange?

  • Best ad: Ford had a much better idea for the Kardashians.

  • Worst costume: Sexy little Kotomi Asakura looks like something out of a bad acid trip in Unjust Execution Heroine.

  • Least impartial review: Bloodsucking Freaks gets an A- from Sardu.

  • Blurred lines: Blakemore said in October that men who fantasize about torturing and raping women would actually do it if there was no risk.

  • Blurred vision: In spite of everything you've heard about our uptight obscenity laws, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford convinced the world that Canadians still like a good party.

  • Floppy discs: I'm guessing Dreambook played a part in the launch of a new website called (Don't blame me if the link doesn't work. I don't write code).

  • Best apparition: Howie returns from parts unknown after something like a seven-year absence.

  • Lynda Carter or Lindsay Wagner: Lindsay Wagner (still).

  • Bugs or anything else: Anything else.

  • Betty or Veronica: Both (I'm taking Eda's approach).

  • Mainstream star I would most like to see in GIMP: Emily Ratajkowski from the Blurred Lines video.

  • Hottest victim in my dreams: Becky.

  • Best unsubstantiated rumor of 2013: That Nia will make her film debut in Freezing Her Nuts Off, an outdoors romp with an anatomically confused title that will be shot in the Great White North.

I have to start determining which libations to take to the Toronto mayor's New Year's levee. Best wishes to everyone for a Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 29th 2013 - 10:00:33 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

A Canadian: As always, great list. And now for the 9th year in a row, here's my list of this year's GIMP Best and Worsts and Ralphus Awards.

Drumroll please...

Best GIMP Movie of the Year: I Spit On Your Grave 2 Last year this film won the award for Most Eagerly Awaited Film of Next Year and I have to say even my expectations were exceeded by this modern-day GIMP classic. Not only was it much better than the remake, it even topped the original 1978 trash classic with wall-to-wall scenes of rape, torture and degradation that lasted nearly an hour. And even better, the film's success and name recognition even has the director talking about turning this into a franchise, a la Friday the 13th, etc. Can you imagine a new rape-revenge ISOYG film every year? But any future renditions will have a hard time topping this one.

Best Mainstream Performance: Jemma Dallender, I Spit On Your Grave 2 This drop dead gorgeous model-turned-actress not only pulled off a flawless American accent (She's British, listen to her talk when she's interviewed on YouTube) but she also gave a very brave turn by appearing semi or fully nude in several scenes where she's raped, pissed on, beaten, shocked and buried alive.

The Bill Zebub Award for the Worst Movie of the Year: Maniac Yet another in the line of slick Hollywood remakes of GIMP films that eliminate the reason to remake it in the first place. The classic bed tie with the beautiful Abigail Clayton is instead "re-imagined" this time with a matronly 50-ish year old woman, easily the most homely of the victims in this version. And that's the only bondage here, so it's basically a waste of time.

Best Torture Scene: The incredible hot wax scene in Cinemagic's CMV-046, exclusively available through Video Mayhem. A dried-up old bitch uses a blow torch to quickly melt a candle, completely covering our lovely victim nearly head to toe in candle wax in just 5 scream-filled minutes. I've seen blow torches used to melt candles before but never to the degree of this scene.

Best Whipping Scene: Dead But Dreaming The grand setpiece of this bizarro vampire film by Pachamama Films is a GIMP scene of the first order, where a fully nude Amy Hesketh is tied to a whipping post and given 36 lashes, all of them onscreen, in a public square. But then Amy is no stranger to receiving awards lately, is she?

Best Rape Scene: I Spit On Your Grave 2 Poor Jemma Dallender suffers multiple rapes in this film, but it's the initial rape scene, where she's attacked, bound, gagged and penetrated from behind at knifepoint, that goes on and on and starts her descent into a hellish nightmare.

Best Electro Torture Scene: I Spit On Your Grave 2 Starting to sense a pattern here? Actually, this was a close race between blonde cutie Elisabeth Harnois' forced ECT scene in Riddle, but Jemma has to take the award again for her excruciatingly long (and entertaining) treatment at the hands of an electro-obsessed sadist. He shocks her multiple times with a cattle prod, including in the pussy to warm her up for yet another rape.

Best Film Nobody Saw: Omnivores Well, hardly anyone...I found a copy, but it isn't easily available. This kinky and entertaining Spanish film about a restaurant that serves up human flesh features 3 AOH suspension scenes with naked women, soon to become the main course for a privileged group of cannibal diners. Seek this one out...and be sure and watch it all the way through to its inventive twist ending.

Biggest Disappointment: Attackers decided to end their highly successful Lady Attackers from Hell series, which combined bondage, rape and war atrocities, after only 4 movies, one of which was the best film of last year. And what are they going to do instead? They're reviving their tired old Slave Island series once again...zzzzzz... Come on, guys! You were finally doing something new and exciting for the first time in years. Do we really need to go back again? We get it. They're slaves. And they're on this island. Enough already.

Most Eagerly Awaited Film of Next Year: Olalla Yes, it's another vampire movie. Again. Not my favorite genre. But here's the good news. The film promises to end with our own Amy Hesketh chained to a cross by a gang of angry villagers and whipped, then culminates with a spectacular burning at the stake finale. Over 50 outsiders contributed over $7000 to help make the scene a reality, including me. So let's hope it turns into a worthwhile investment.

Best YouTube Find: Another close race, but the winner is ABE, posted by DHT in August. A fantastic sci-fi short about a robot who ties up and tape gags a scantily clad woman and does...exactly what he's been programmed to do.

Best New Feature: The Hot Iron Database While the addition of the Kirsten Smart page to our stories section was a close runner-up, I'm awfully proud of this new database, the only one of our four databases to be created totally from scratch, and believed to be the only one of its type on the net. It's jam-packed with over 100 entries, over 1000 vidcaps, and dozens of video clips. Face it, that's a whole lot of scorched female flesh!

Best Poll: We had some real good ones again this year, including our most lopsided poll ever, which concerned shooting women (30-3 against). We also covered our views on important stuff like tying up or holding down in rape scenes, and whether women need a mouth-opening gag for forced oral (If there's any doubt, some female posters threatened to bite us, which should be impetus enough to invest in a jaw spreader ASAP). But the question that gathered the most attention concerned the prospective victim for Eda Chang's new story:

Why does your favorite GIMP find herself in peril? Is it because she is a:

...which led to a number of choices, and ultimately came down to a battle between Spy vs. Innocent Victim. The Innocent fans gathered more votes, but Eda included both victims when she wrote it.

Most Generous Contribution: Artist Silvio Dante graciously donated his final, 30 panel previously unpublished story to the GIMP for free after being inducted into our Notable Guests section. While his overly harsh, brutal, and mean-spirited work clearly wasn't for everyone, it was a rare treat for the rest of us.

Best Ad Campaign: The Indian branch of the Ford Motor Company leaked a series of 3 humorous ads for the Ford Figo, including this one featuring the Kardashian sisters bound and gagged in the trunk of a car driven by Paris Hilton. They immediately ran into heat, had to apologize and were threatened with legal action by the sisters, which makes me want to hate them even more. But give Ford major kudos for coming up with an ad that's both awesome and hilarious at the same time. I had never heard of a Ford Figo before, but this makes me want to run out and buy one right now.

Video Most Deserving of Becoming a YouTube Sensation: I Wanna Rape, also posted by DHT this past September. Simply freakin' hilarious!

Best New Celebrity Poster: Arcas Not only did this acclaimed artist become a regular poster, he also treated the board to several of his newest outstanding artworks, including a series inspired by John Blakemore, which was posted here exclusively.

The "Come Back, We Hardly Knew Ye" Award: To John Galt, the first person to ever win this award twice. Our longtime friend and incredibly prolific reviewer suddenly disappeared in late February without warning and never came back.

The "Old Friends Are Still The Best" Award: To Howie, one of our original posters from the year the site opened (1999!) who decided he had been away too long and is now a regular poster once more. You just can't keep a good GIMPer down.

Bravest Admission Award: To our own Bill K, who publicly announced on the forum that his true identity is actually Firebrand, a man whose hair and beard look like flames and who tried to burn his own sister at the stake. Hey, I wasn't surprised, were you?

2 Words That Strike Fear Into The Hearts of A Canadian and YikYakker: Bug Week, which was such a success we might have one every year, or every month, or every frickin' week, depending on how evil I'm feeling.

And to all my fellow GIMPers: have a great year filled with tied-up babes in 2014.

Sunday, December 29th 2013 - 10:01:58 AM

Name: Cheyenne Jewel
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Hi everyone,

The burn shoot w/ Max & John was so much fun and took a lot of strength to pull off. It was shot over 2 years ago. I would love to do more like this. I had a blast. Thank you to everyone who left kind comments. Happy New Year.


Sunday, December 29th 2013 - 11:15:47 AM

Name: Arcas
Homepage URL:

Wow man, whatta cool surprise! It's the best award I never knew existed until now!!

Seriously - I do appreciate the nod. It means a lot. I'm glad I've been able to enrich the GIMP Experience ™ a little bit these last few months. And thank YOU again, for hosting my work and maintaining the community!

I gotta admit, though... I am kinda jealous of Bill K's Firebrand award. That one was the PEACH! If only I still had enough hair to stand up like that....

Sunday, December 29th 2013 - 02:52:36 PM

Name: Bill K.

"I am kinda jealous of Bill K's Firebrand award." Gee, no one has ever been jealous of anything I've done or said ever. Keep in mind my sister looks nothing like Firebrand's sister and me being Firebrand is erotic "bats in the belfry" wishful thinking so there's really nothing to be jealous about. Arcas. I'm just bats nuts.

I believe Arcas finding and joining the GIMP is the best thing to happen this year 2013 at the GIMP and I pretty much agree with everything Ralphus said. Bug Week was fun but I think every bug gimp movie and artwork was posted then, so I think we are safe from another "Bug Week" unless Ralphus can dig up new bugs from his backyard so to speak. "Raid" kills them dead. Bill K.

Sunday, December 29th 2013 - 08:46:10 PM

Name: Billl K.

In my previous post I may have misread what Arcas meant by "I am kinda jealous of Bill K's Firebrand award" and it was about lack of hair and that I share Arcas jealousness of Firebrand red fire hair for don't have red hair period or a lot of hair either, which is mostly gray now :-(. Bill K.

Monday, December 30th 2013 - 12:24:05 AM

Name: Dr Yuya

Covers, no problem on the Fairy Tail scans of Erzas AOH torture/whipping.

Honestly given this particular manga is published in a weekly shonen magazine in Japan (read- a mag mean for young adults and teenagers) it's no wonder the country as a whole produces the kind of material that generally speaking trumps stuff in anywhere else. It reminded me a little of the Taarna sequence in Heavy Metal, in that it's undoubted going to contribute to a whole new generation of pervs growing up.

Monday, December 30th 2013 - 01:36:43 PM

Name: Amy Hesketh
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

I am honored to receive two Ralphus Awards this year!!! 2013 has been a mixed bag of good and bad for me, so it's nice to have the year go out on a high point! Now, I just need a bigger mantle.

We have a huge amount planned for next year, among them, the big scene in Olalla, which is made possible thanks to the huge amount of support here, and a movie based on de Sade's Justine (starring yours truly in a big whipping/rape scene), among other nasty delights. I'm sure Margot will fill everyone in with the details as things progress.

We saw a location last week that works very nicely for some scenes for Justine. And we're signing the contract for the location for Olalla at the beginning of the year. 

I've been completely remiss in posting here this year as I've had a lot of personal issues, and too much work for one person. Excuses, excuses. At least I haven't been slacking on making GIMP films. And I'll keep them coming in 2014! 

Monday, December 30th 2013 - 03:29:34 PM

Name: Don
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Followed a link from a fan over at dA commenting on some of my bondage art.

Been enjoying women in bondage since I was quite young.

Wife used to dress up (heels, corset, garters, hose) and I would tie and clamp her breast and make love to her.

Took many videos too.

It was great fun and super erotic.

Go check out my original art.

My moniker is dcolb121 if you want to search for more.

Monday, December 30th 2013 - 04:09:31 PM

Name: Silvio Dante

A pleasant surprise to see my name among the year-end recognitions on the Gimp website. I am currently making a few illustrations for one of this site's readers. Is it possible they will be part of a story he wishes to post here?

Best regards to all in the new year.

Monday, December 30th 2013 - 05:41:14 PM

Name: Howie

What an epic post that was Ralphus, and that I Wanna Rape video was hilarious. (^_-)


Tuesday, December 31st 2013 - 12:36:58 AM

Name: Howie
Homepage URL:

About a month back someone asked why they don't make Poser models that look like movie stars, and I mentioned that they do, and that there's a Jennifer Lawrence look alike on Renerosity right now, but was too lazy to look it up at the time. I came across it again tonight, and linked to it above for those interested.


Tuesday, December 31st 2013 - 01:15:57 AM

Name: Reine Margot
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

End of the Year, end of an era, the beginning of a new brave GIMPY world.

As I said before, 2013 ends with a bang, a Gold, Silver, Bronze Bang! We made headlines in this part of the world and we're ready for more... a lot more. Maybe not Gold, maybe not Silver, maybe not Bronze but GIMP galore. Red, shiny red Gimp.

We're at the end of our end of year break, if you can call this time of script writing, location searching, casting, a break. Yes it is a break when you consider that we're not working all day in one project. But it is the end of the year and we're looking back at the good, the bad and the ugly, just like everyone else.

We saw a lot of bad indeed. The loss of very close people like Amy's dad past February. We lost a good friend and ally, who gave money to Jac for his miniseries, he was a poet and Jac's uncle. We also lost Jac's cousin, a very dear friend, and two of his elderly aunts who were like a mother to him and made him feel like a kid. They were in their 90's. One of our actors in Maleficarum lost his young mother... and so on. So we mourn those we lost.

There was the ugly side as well, when things were not perfect, when we hit hard times, we had a lot of those in our personal lives. Too long to go into details, but we faced illness, accidents, an assault that could've been lethal, long relationships that ended, forced changes in some, all of that and maybe more happened too. We survived and we go on.

On the good side... well, we have our amazing work to show for. We're proud of what we did so far, all of it, and very happy with what we're doing. The path we decided to take a few years ago proved to be the right one. We hope to stay on this path for the duration.

Below.. how the press reacts to our awards.

We're laying out the plans for next year and we have lot ahead.

We'll complete the shooting of Olalla after the rainy season, that means sometime after February.

Next week Jac will be in Potosi closing the deal with the people at the location, signing contracts, etc. That's when the date of production for the fiery scene will be set. It was impossible to do it before the holidays, like we planned. The hacienda was busy with weddings, end of year parties, etc. January and February are not the best, first because part of January is taken by the DAKAR competition which will pass near Potosi and all lodging is taken.

February is terrible, too much rain. March and April are the most likely months we're looking into. The scene needs to have everything in place to work well. We have a very tight budget and one day delay during shooting can hurt us a lot.

So we'll have to wait a bit before we see Amy burning at the stake.

We have time in our hands!

A lot of will be used to work on the post of Olalla, and a lot of it to do something else, like a new movie.

Amy and Jac were walking one afternoon and Jac happened to see a place that was exhibiting some photographs. He peeked inside and the place peeked his interest.

The award winning producers went in.

It's a big, big basement under the Symphony Space. Excellent for a location. They talked to the people in charge and agreed to discuss the possibility of renting it.

As it happened with Olalla before, finding the location simply set the schedule for a new production.

This particular location is perfect for a story Jac is very, very busy working on. We have some funds that were going to be put into Dead But Dreaming 2, but those funds are reserved for one particular scene. A very complicated scene that Jac was in some way forcing it into the script for DBD2. He also thought it could work in a Maleficarum 2 scenario. But then he had a moment of inspiration. An Epiphany, as he calls it.

For many years he was thinking of adapting one of his favorite books for a film. And Eureka! The scene is perfect for that concept and the location is perfect for that film. And the film is De Sade's Justine!.

So... that's how we will begin the year, it seems, shooting Justine and editing Olalla. Later in the year, not much later, we will be shooting the rest of Olalla and two or three more films. One is already getting some financing, it's a Jungle Girl meets Indi Jones movie. Another movie is the second part of Dead But Dreaming. Erix has his own script ready to go where our all suffering Amy finally gets to kick some ass.

Amy the Heskinator has another script as well. I think that's enough for one year, don't you think?

Ralphus: Best Whipping Scene: Dead But Dreaming The grand setpiece of this bizarro vampire film by Pachamama Films is a GIMP scene of the first order, where a fully nude Amy Hesketh is tied to a whipping post and given 36 lashes, all of them onscreen, in a public square. But then Amy is no stranger to receiving awards lately, is she?

We are honored by this new award. That scene was paid for by none other than our well esteemed D Santorum, as you all know. So he deserves the award as well. Amy pull it off beautifully, of course, suffering in the process. 36 lashes multiplied by as many takes as it was necessary to have all the angles. It took three days to shoot the scene. Is she ready for more? I think if she gets more GOLD she might be.

Most Eagerly Awaited Film of Next Year: Olalla Yes, it's another vampire movie. Again. Not my favorite genre. But here's the good news. The film promises to end with our own Amy Hesketh chained to a cross by a gang of angry villagers and whipped, then culminates with a spectacular burning at the stake finale. Over 50 outsiders contributed over $7000 to help make the scene a reality, including me. So let's hope it turns into a worthwhile investment.

Olalla is a very special film. It has a lot of GIMP, a lot of KINK and a lot of HUMOR, dark humor. It's a very entertaining movie and very sexy. It's not out to please everybody, but a lot of people will be truly pleased. It's different, perhaps a lot different than most movies.

Before Amy goes through her fiery experience in the movie, she goes through a lot of nasty and naughty things.

Best New Feature: The Hot Iron Database Face it, that's a whole lot of scorched female flesh!

I was very happy to see Maleficarum's scene in The Hot Iron Database award. Well... you can say that that scene in particular is unforgettable. More of that is yet to come.

Fritz: That Olalla Promo: Assuming the kids, Cousin Itt and Thing have been replaced by imposters from SA central casting, is this film some kind of Bolivian remake of The Addams Family? Da-da-da-da snap snap…

It's funny to see that everyone that sees that picture associates it with the Addams Family. Even the cast, when they saw it, they made that connection. But no. Olalla is not a remake of the Addams Family, it's bases on Robert Louis Stevenson's novel of the same title. But the characters are a sinister, dark and somewhat funny bunch.

In Olalla Jac plays Felipe, an incestuous uncle to his very sexy nieces Olalla (Amy) and Ophelia (Mila). He's not only incestuous, but also very, very kinky. However, as far as Olalla is concerned, uncle Felipe only wants to teach her a lesson because she was very, very naughty.

The other niece, Ophelia, is well behaved. She knows what she wants and when she wants it. Uncle Felipe is only happy to oblige.

That's it for today. we wish you all a happy, GIMPY NEW YEAR!

And to celebrate we lowered all our prices in our Red Feline movies forever!

I'll have more exciting news soon. Until then!

Reine Margot

Tuesday, December 31st 2013 - 05:57:25 PM

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