A Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril) Movie Review

Slave Island 11

(aka Attackers RB-90)

Reviewed by A Canadian

Title: Slave Island 11

Stars: Luna Akatsuki, Rin Hayakawa, Rion Morishita and Riku Shiina

Directed by: Nagira

Running time: Three hours and 15 minutes

Although there are always various stars, it's not unusual for a Slave Island movie to shine the spotlight on one woman in particular, and that's certainly true in Slave Island 11, the penultimate film in Attackers' recently completed series. Beautiful Luna Akatsuki is the principal star here, and her phenomenal performance makes Slave Island 11 a terrific viewing experience.

Brown-haired Luna Akatsuki (also known as Runa Akatsuki) is the total package. Her attractive face might best be described as alluring, particularly her gorgeous eyes and soft lips. Luna's small body is slender and quite fine, and she's got a great set of tits. Rounding things out, Luna is a wonderful actress -- her performance seems real, beautifully combining eroticism and credible raw emotion.

In Slave Island 11, Luna plays a detective who goes to Slave Island to arrest the villains who have been kidnapping young women and forcing them to become sex slaves. Unfortunately (for Luna), the tables are turned, and Luna becomes the next captive.

First hour

We first see Luna sneaking into the Slave Island lair, wearing a black short-sleeve jacket, black blouse and a short black skirt. She is carrying a gun and plans to arrest the villains who run the slavery ring. But one fiend sneaks up on her, points a gun to her head and captures her. Luna is next 'seen' hidden inside a potato sack, which is being dragged by a villain into a dark prison-like cell. The villain unties the sack and pulls it off Luna, who is passed out. The villain strips off Luna's black wardrobe, along with her white bra and white panties, and lifts the nude cutie to a standing position, tying her arms over her head to a chain that hangs from above.

Stark naked Luna awakens, assesses her predicament, and has some flashbacks where she recalls how she got this assignment. Two villains arrive who verbally threaten her, and feel up the squirming beauty's tits and pussy. The villains unhook Luna's wrists from the chain, lower her arms and cuff her hands behind her back. Luna fights and struggles valiantly as one villain tries to force her to squat down on the floor, and she protests loudly when she sees the other villain drop his pants. Eventually, the fiends get Luna on her knees, parked in front of the villain who removed his trousers.

As the pant-less guy stands in front of Luna, the villains insist Luna suck the guy's dick, but she won't do it. She keeps jerking her pretty face from side to side, trying to get away from his prick. The frustrated villains rough Luna up a bit, throwing her to the floor and then jerking her back onto her knees. But, still, she won't blow the guy. The villains hold Luna in a kneeling position, with her face in the guy's crotch, yet Luna keeps her mouth closed as the villain runs his member against her lips and teeth. Lovely Luna's defiance is really hot. She looks truly pitiful and helpless as she scowls at the guy who wants to be sucked, and there are some wonderful closeups of her anguished face. Luna holds out and never takes the dick in her mouth.

The villains reposition Luna so she is on all fours. She kicks her legs about and fights, but one villain manages to get his cock inside her kitty. As the second guy helps restrain her body, Luna cries and protests as she is violated. After a few minutes, the villains change positions and the other guy rapes Luna doggie style. Luna's crying gets louder as she gets plundered.

The villains roll Luna onto her back, and one villain starts raping her in the missionary position. Luna is still crying, and shakes her head back and forth, pleading with the fiend to stop. At one point, there is a look of horror on Luna's beautiful face, most likely because she has learned the villains like to get their slaves pregnant. As her sexy body gets pumped, the sobbing Luna begs the rapist to stop, crying out, "yamatei, yamatei" (don't, don't!) -- a plea he ignores. The villain climaxes inside Luna, and then the other guy comes back for more. Luna lets out a loud groan of agony as this guy enters her again. This guy nails her pretty well in the mish position, and also finishes inside her, with some cum seeping out afterward.

Luna is next seen lying on her back on the floor of a small cell, her hands cuffed behind her naked body. There is a blue ball gag in her mouth, and ropes have been used to tie a buzzing vibrator into her pussy. A female villain, Maya, enters the cell, and removes Luna's ball gag. Maya then puts a leash on Luna, and makes Luna walk like a dog on all fours, with the vibrator still tied in her pussy. Luna is walked through the halls of Slave Island, where she sees her "roommates" in different cells, sucking and fucking different villains. One of the captives, Rion Morishita, gives a particularly meaningful blow job that ends with the guy cumming in her mouth.

Still on all fours, Luna is walked into a large cell, where the three other naked women -- Rion, Rin Hayakawa and Riku Shiina -- are now standing near a wall, chained arms over head. A male villain is taking turns rubbing a vibrator against the ladies' breasts and pussies. The villains try to force Luna to lick young Riku's ass, but Luna refuses, so Luna gets a hard slap to the face from Maya. Luna then watches in shock as Rin is released from her chain, drops to her knees, and willingly agrees to blow a male villain.

Luna is then chained near the wall, and a male villain removes the vibrator (yes, it was still there) and lifts Luna's right leg, so that Riku (who is untied from her chain) can crouch in front and lick Luna's pussy. At this point, there's a lot of competing action happening. Luna cries out as her bushy beaver gets tongued by Riku. Meanwhile, to her left, Rion (who is still chained arms over head) is squirming as a male villain runs a vibrator in and out of her pussy. And on the floor space in front of them, Rin continues to blow the male villain. The guy getting sucked finishes by cumming in Rin's mouth.

Luna is next seen in the cell alone, still chained arms over head. A guy is working her kitty over with a vibrator, and sexy Luna squirms and squeals as the vibrator pleasures her pussy. A couple of short scenes follow. In the first one, Luna is kneeling in front of a wall mirror that has a dildo attached to it, and a villain makes Luna suck the dildo. Next, Luna is crouched over a mirror on the floor, with a dildo sticking up from it. A male villain whips Luna's back, forcing Luna to squat down and ride the dildo.

Second hour

Naked Luna is lying on the floor of a small cell, her hands cuffed behind her back and a vibrator once again tied into her pussy. There is a bit gag in her mouth. A male villain enters the cell and forces Luna -- whose resistance is broken -- to suck him. The villain grabs Luna's hair and he rams his cock back and forth in her mouth. Luna gags and grunts as she takes the cock, while down below the vibrator buzzes in her pussy. Luna's eyes cast an angry glare at the villain when he announces he's going to cum in her mouth. Still, Luna keeps sucking, and she sounds like she might choke when the jism is shot down her throat. After Luna pulls away, there is utter contempt in her eyes. Luna lets a drool of cum fall out of her mouth, and the villain re-attaches the bit gag in her mouth and leaves.

Luna is in the same position, cuffed, with the bit gag in her mouth and the vibrator in her pussy, when a second villain arrives. He moves Luna into a doggie-type position, unties the vibrator, and then bangs Luna doggie-style. Still gagged, Luna's face is flat against the floor, and she lets out muffled cries and moans as the fiend drills her. When the villain is done, he reties the vibrator in Luna's pussy, as Luna whimpers, and then leaves.

Luna gets a third visitor, and it's clear a daytime routine has been established. Visitor number three removes Luna's bit gag and has Luna suck his cock. Mr. Three fucks Luna's face, and he grabs her head with both hands when it is his time to blast her tonsils. Once done, there's a nice closeup of Luna's face as the villain puts the bit gag back and leaves. A fourth guy shows up, removes the vibrator, and Luna gets fucked once again in the doggie position. Mr. Four holds both of Luna's cuffed hands firmly behind her back, so he can pound her with extra gusto. He finishes and leaves, and Luna is left lying on the floor, sobbing to herself.

Meanwhile, Rion receives a visit from two people, a businessman and a new villainess, Mirei. Rion, who is attractive and has huge, natural jugs, is forced to blow the businessman. As he gets sucked, the businessman takes a call on his cell phone. Next, Rion is moved into a doggie position, and a pregnancy test device is placed in her mouth. Rion, whose hands are cuffed behind her back, is forced to dip the pregnancy device into a bowl of her own piss, while the businessman fucks her. In the end, the pregnancy test comes up negative, so Mirei slaps Rion's face.

Rion is next seen in a flashback to her first day at Slave Island. She is in a dress, blouse and sweater, with her hands cuffed behind her back, and a villain is stripping off her clothes and preparing to rape her. Rion is quite effective in this scene, crying and flailing about as the villain peels off her dress and panties. At one point, Rion is flat on her back, and the villain chokes her, forcing her to French kiss him. The villain makes Rion suck him, and then he nails her doggie style, with her blouse and bra still dangling from her body. The villain finishes by nailing Rion in the missionary position, and the crying beauty's big boobs jiggle around as she gets porked. The flashback ends with the villain cumming in Rion's pussy, and some cum seeping out after.

Back in the present, Rion is forced to blow another guy, while the villainess Mirei crouches beside Rion, feeling up Rion's tits and body.

The villainess Mirei is next pictured with Rin, and Rin is kneeling in front of the wall mirror with the big dildo on it. Rin is putting up some resistance to sucking the dildo, so Mirei spanks her ass until she does it. That is followed by another scene with Rion, where villainess Mirei makes Rion squat down on the dildo on the floor mirror. Rion's hands are cuffed behind her back, and Mirei spanks Rion's ass, to make Rion properly ride the dildo.

Villainess Mirei is next seen sitting in a chair, wearing a purple dress, and with her bare legs exposed. Two of the naked captives, Rion and Rin, are both kneeling in front of Mirei, with their hands cuffed behind their backs. Mirei stretches out her right leg, and makes Rin suck her toes while Rion licks the top of Mirei's foot.

The movie then gets into some serious lesbianism, with the same trio -- Rion, Rin, and the villainess Mirei. Villainess Mirei is pretty much naked now, except for some clear stockings and a garter belt. She is standing, while Rion and Rin kneel in front of her, their hands still cuffed behind their backs. Mirei, an older actress who's attractive in a MILF way, makes the two young slaves suck on her ample breasts and lick her pussy. Mirei also makes Rion and Rin French kiss each other. Both Rion and Rin are quite pretty, and their kisses are passionate, so this scene is pretty hot. At one point, Mirei lies on her back on a black gym mat, and has Rion and Rin further suck her body, and smooch each other. Mirei ultimately positions Rion and Rin on the mat so they can 69 each other.

Third hour

Rion is on her knees again, her hands cuffed behind her back. Villainess Mirei applies some pink lipstick to Rion's lips, and then Rion is required to blow a male villain. After, the male villain nails Rion doggie style.

The next sequence -- a gang rape of detective Luna -- is one of my favorites. It begins with Luna on all fours on a gym mat. Her ankles and wrists are cuffed to links in the mat, so she is pinned helplessly on all fours, with her legs nicely spread. A rope from the roof is tied around her mid-section, keeping her trapped in a doggie position. Two villains arrive, crouching down beside her and feeling her up. One villain starts raping Luna doggie style, spanking her ass for added measure. Meanwhile, the action moves to a nearby scene, where an almost robotic Rion is on her knees, hands cuffed behind her, and she starts sucking a standing male villain. There are some close ups of Rion delivering her calm and quiet blow job, while Luna (being raped) is heard sobbing and whimpering in the background. The blow job finishes with another deep-in-mouth shot -- Rion lets some cum dribble out of her mouth, then appears to ask the villain if she can lick the cum off his dick.

The action moves back to Luna, whose body is starting to glisten. She is still crying loudly as she is violated. The rapist climaxes inside her, and leaves Luna with her head down, sobbing into her right arm.

But beautiful Luna's ordeal is far from over. Four guys kneel down around Luna (still on all fours, with her wrists and ankles still cuffed to the gym mat) and the villains start running their hands all over her nice body, massaging her back and fondling her big tits. Luna lifts her head and there's hate in her eyes, as she realizes she's going to be gang raped. Helpless, Luna puts up what little fight she can, shaking her head to try to stop one guy from running his fingers through her hair. A new rapist enters Luna, and Luna lifts her head with a grimace on her face. Then her head drops, her right hand slaps the mat, and she is wailing again as she gets fucked, while various other guys run their hands over her back, her boobs, her arms, and in her hair. The second rapist climaxes inside her, and Luna's sobs take a desperate tone. Two more guys take turns raping Luna, and there is a wonderful side-angle shot of Luna's slender body being violated, her fists clenched as she gets drilled. The third and fourth guys also climax inside her, and Luna is finally left gasping for air, as one villain taunts her and strokes her hair. Meanwhile, some cum seeps out of her pussy.

A businessman steps into a cell and undoes his fly, so that a kneeling Rion can blow him while villainess Mirei watches. Mirei fondles Rion's big tits as Rion softly slurps on the businessman's dick. Rion, whose hands are cuffed behind her back, is then moved into a doggie position so the businessman can fuck her. Rion's cans jiggle about as she gets screwed, and her face is on the floor, as she lets out some soft moans and grunts. The businessman climaxes inside her, and then a truly housebroken Rion gets back on her knees and gently asks the businessman if she can suck him some more.

The action moves back to Luna inside another cell. A male villain who is naked from the waist down is lying on the floor, and Luna, whose hands are cuffed behind her, is riding the guy in a reverse cowgirl position. Luna has virtually no resistance at this point -- she pants and moans and wiggles about, like a perfect fuck toy, and the villain fondles her great breasts as he dinks her. The pleased villain sits up and kisses Luna's back, then moves her into a seated position facing him (he is also seated) and he porks her in this position. Luna is then moved into a doggie position, and her sense of shame returns -- she starts softly crying as she is being fucked.

The movie jumps to another jail cell, where Rin is on her knees, her hands cuffed behind her, and she is quietly sucking a man standing in front of her. This leads to a flashback about Rin's first day at Slave Island. A villain has her pinned on the floor. Rin is wearing a pink skirt and a white blouse, which has already been ripped open to reveal a white bra. Her hands are cuffed behind her. The villain licks Rin's face and sucks on her tits, then moves Rin into a kneeling position and forces her to blow him. Rin puts up a bit of a struggle, but ultimately takes the cock, and the villain grabs Rin's head with both hands as he fucks her face. The guy then nails Rin in the missionary position, with her legs wrapped over his shoulders. The movie jumps back to the present, where Rin finishes sucking the first guy, and a second man appears. A perfect slave, Rin asks if she can also blow him (no surprise, he accepts). Rin provides some nice, long, deep throat action, and the guy shows his gratitude by cumming deep into her mouth. After Rin has pulled away, some cum dribbles out of her mouth.

The heroine Luna is laying in a cell, with a vibrator tied in her pussy again, a blue ball gag in her mouth, and her hands cuffed behind her. A villain enters and makes her sit on her knees. He removes the gag and vibrator and has Luna blow him. The villain finishes by cumming deep in Luna's mouth. The villain then issues a command to Luna, and Luna complies -- a broken Luna quietly asks if she can lick the cum off the villain's dick. Once Luna has cleaned the villain's knob, a dog bowl of food is placed in front of her, and she bows down to eat like a mutt.

How badly broken is detective Luna? This badly -- Luna is walked like a dog into a cell where the other three women are tied arms over head, with bit gags in their mouths, and Luna is ordered to lick each woman. Not just the pussies; Luna also has to rim their asses. As the villainess Maya holds on to the leash attached to Luna's collar, Luna willingly munches the rugs and tosses the salads of Riku, Rion, and Rin, and this includes Luna burying her pretty face into each woman's butt cheeks. Luna makes some wonderful lapping and slurping noises as her tongue goes up each bung hole.

Riku and Luna are next seen squatting on some dildos attached to a mirror on the floor. The two young beauties are facing each other as they ride the dildos, while a male villain and the villainess Maya watch them. The villains force Riku and Luna to kiss while they ride the rubber dongs. The ladies are reluctant, but eventually get into it, swapping tongues.

Luna -- who arrived at Slave Island hoping to rescue its captives -- has now become a perfect sex slave. She is seen lying alone in a cell, her hands cuffed behind her back, when a male villain and a businessman walk in. Luna gets up on her knees and immediately asks the businessman if she can suck him. The guy pulls his dick out of his pants and Luna goes to work, giving him a passionate blow job that makes him moan with pleasure. When it's time for him to cum, Luna deep throats him as he shoots his load down her throat. Luna swallows the cum, licks her lips, and then politely asks the man if she can lick the cum off his dick.

The two men leave, and another male villain shows up with another businessman. Again, Luna asks the businessman if she can suck him. Luna blows this second guy with an equal level of passion. On the male villain's orders, Luna stands up, bends over, and presents her pussy to the businessman, so he can fuck her in a standing position while the villain watches. Luna writhes and moans as she gets nailed, and the guy climaxes inside her. Luna then drops to her knees, and sucks the remaining drops of cum out of him. Luna lets out a few soft moans as she sucks him. She then plants a few little kisses on the head of his dick, and thanks the businessman for doing her.

And it continues. A third businessman arrives, Luna stands and bends over for him, and he dinks her. As the guy screws her, there is a brief flashback to Luna's life as a detective, when wholesome-looking Luna was in a bar talking to her boss. Back to her new reality: the businessman cums inside Luna, and after he withdraws, a glob of cum seeps out of her pussy and drops to the floor. Luna kneels down and politely asks businessman number three if she can suck the last drops from his dick.


Luna is lying on the floor when she spots a cell phone one of her violators left behind. Though she is still cuffed, she manages to grab the phone and start dialing to call her boss in the police force. But unbeknown to Luna, she was being watched. The phone is taken away and the villains decide to get rid of her. As Luna sits, sobbing, with her hands still cuffed behind her, the villains cover her up in the potato sack. A villain then carries our heroine away; she will never be seen again.

My grade: A+

Slave Island 11 is more than three hours of pure evil -- from the cum-in-mouth blow jobs to the rapes to the lipstick loving and the forced rimming, this movie is amazing. Leading star Luna Akatsuki is a beautiful and convincing victim, and it is awesome seeing her sexy body violated and her dignity shattered in so many excellent scenes. Slave Island 11 is very highly recommended.

My Grade: A+

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