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Name: The Monk
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Just watched ISOYG2 online, I agree that it's a pretty entertaining piece of work for a mainstream film, and I certainly like the girl.

For me the high point of the film came about 30 minutes in, when she awakes, naked and chained in the basement, to find herself being raped, man that got me hard from the moment of the fade in, seeing her wrists chained and knowing from how she was moving that she was being raped. I loved the shots looking down at her from the rapists point of view, giving the viewer a chance to participate. The setting was perfect, everything I dream of, except my ideal would be to have several other girls naked and chained along with her. Damn her body is perfect, I would be ramming it into her non-stop.

I know it would be too much to hope for, but if only the film could have gone on that way for the next hour (or for the next 24 hours, I'd watch it all and never get bored), just scene after scene of our gorgeous, naked, and frightened victim being raped and tormented, but of course the genre requires that the tables be turned and revenge extracted, I fast forwarded thru the last half hour and then went straight back to the good stuff. Why is there not a single bondage producer today who understands what this film gets right and takes it to the next level?

Wednesday, October 2nd 2013 - 12:57:18 AM

Name: Badger

I watched ISOYG2 last night also and could not agree with The Monk more. Another scene or two of suffering would have been nice. But the movie has extremely high production values.... excellent cinematography, editing, etc.

I am always curious about the money end of movies such as ISOYG2. As it never hit the theaters in this country, it can't be pulling in many dollars in the States. Perhaps the worldwide take justifies the cost of production. We Gimpers can only hope that it --- and Dead But Dreaming --does well and that more well-made Gimp movies might follow.

Wednesday, October 2nd 2013 - 09:17:17 AM

Name: TRG

Punished 5 review coming tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 2nd 2013 - 03:23:19 PM

Name: mothbrad
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I've been a little absent lately, but have been enjoying all the DbD updates and pictures, etc. If someone wants to base a movie, or perhaps a series of movies, on a great story, there's one that particularly grabbed my interest on this very site, via Dagon, called 'The Witch Trial'. I strongly recommend everyone here who is into that era give it a read.

Wednesday, October 2nd 2013 - 09:08:52 PM

Name: TRG

Review: Punished 5

In each episode, the premise is that the model has hired "Matthew Cole: Punishment by Appointment Only" to put herself, wearing only lacy underwear, in strenuous bondage. And bare-breasted. Not to mention getting whipped. And groped. Cole films the experience and gives them a copy when they leave, well-satisfied and probably post-orgasmic.

Episode 1

Georgia van Helsing starts it off. She enters, wearing a white long-sleeved sweater and beige wrap-around skirt. Cole takes care of the finances, then suggests that Georgia should sit on the dildo chair. He also shows her the Penis Pole, a suspended spreader bar, and a St. Andrews cross, all of which she thinks would be just fine. After getting straight to the point by lifting her sweater and feeling up her breasts, Cole shows her the flogger. She wants that, too.

Tied Eiffel Tower, she gets to rub the Penis Pole against her pantied crotch. Her skirt is gone, but the sweater is still on, pulled up over her tits. Cole starts rolling the tape, and Georgia gives that pole, and her pussy, a real workout. A little flogging, front and back, won't hurt. Actually, it does, but that's part of the deal. More, she says. How about some crotch-fondling, too?

Next the eager beaver is put into an inverted spread-eagle, featuring a snug crotch strap. A strap gag over mouth packing completes the tableau. A bit of whipping and a crotch massage are her rewards.

We move on to tied topless and AOH, thighs and ankles securely strapped together, with a rope jammed up between her legs at crotch level for a brief rope ride. That rope cuts pretty deeply into her you-know-what. She gets re-positioned to her knees, still astride the rope, wrists cuffed behind her back. Face aimed at Cole's crotch, her ungagged mouth begging for what's coming next. Get it? Coming next?

Georgia is an eager participant in all this, maybe even too eager. The positions are simple, Georgia's responses are charged. This is one of those "less is more" episodes.

Grade: B

Episode 2

Punished introduces us to everyone's bondage sweetheart, Lori Waverly. She comes to see Cole wearing a trench coat. She takes it off right away, and is dressed only in garters, stockings, and panties. She forks over the fee -- $200!

Cut to her first position, which gets right down to business. She's on a chair, with her ankles tied to the front legs, her arms tied behind her strappado. A rope around the back of her neck bends her over forward. Add on a ball gag, and this girl is in trouble. About all the molesting that can go in is breastal, so Cole pitches in.

Next, still in the chair, she's sitting back, with one leg tied straight out and fastened to a crotch rope that's doing a fine job of cutting her in two. When the leg lowers, the rope wedges harder into the pussy -- one of Blakemore's favorite dirty tricks. More breast molesting. A neck strap keeps her close to the post behind her.

The lucky lass next gets laid face-down on the stretching rack. Leather straps around her neck, chest, and waist keep her upper body glued to the rack. And wouldn't you know, she gets stretched. Cole pulls down her panties to whip her sorry ass. That's probably punishment for wearing her panties underneath her garter. They always go over. He then pulls the crotch panel of her panties aside and beckons the camera to come in for an ultra close-up of Lori's pleasure portal.

Cut to Lori face-up on the rack, her legs tied high and wide. Just to prove that he's a nice guy after all, Cole takes off her gag and caresses her body with a soft feather.

Lori is tied so tightly she doesn't get to react to her bondage. She's reduced to something to put ropes on. She needs a little more freedom to show us her best stuff.

Grade: C

Episode 3

Sharon Montgomery pays the next visit. Showtime. She's dressed in a maroon leotard and maroon wrap-around skirt, which Cole immediately removes. After giving her butt a sample thwack with the whip, he grabs her upper arms from behind and pushes her over to the bondage rigging. I love it when women get handled that way.

Now dressed in a white bustier and stockings, Sharon is tied in a loose vertical spread-eagle. The bustier has been lowered to expose her breasts, which get a heavy dose of fondling. Not to mention her crotch. (Sharon is digging the shit out of this.)

Cole brings up the dildo chair to the platform Sharon is standing on. He pulls down her panties and adjusts her arm attachment points so she can sit right down on the wooden rod, and she does. Sits right down. No hesitation. Her arms get taken down and fastened behind her back. Sharon pretends to struggle. More breast-fondling and nipple-pulling. Out comes the camera, and Sharon hams up her struggling.

Now we're tied to a post, AOH with ankles close together. A dildo stick is attached a rope attached to her wrists. When she pulls her wrists down, the dildo goes up to her pussy. This is a short scene, but it seems that Sharon took what advantage she could of the setup.

The masterpiece comes next. She is tied in a three-point Flying Wallenda, the fourth leg left on the ground. A crotch rope is tied on rather firmly. Her squirming tugs at the rope, digging into and rubbing pretty tightly against her pussy. Man, is she working that rope hard! Scientific close-ups abound. And look at her face. Are we getting lost in the moment?

Watch this episode, or anything else she does, in slow motion. You will notice the little things that make her the master of this genre.

Grade: A

Episode 4

Karen Arthur is next up, wearing a white long-sleeved blouse and what looks like the same maroon wrap-around skirt Montgomery was just wearing. Is there a bondage tag team at work? After taking care of the finances, a curious piece of editing shows Karen putting her skirt back on, getting her videotape, shaking hands with Cole, then leaving.

Anyway, Karen is shown sitting on an empty spool of cable, in only her blouse and panties. Her wrists are handcuffed to a low-lying pipe, and a metal collar around her neck is chained to the wall. Cole enters.

Dissolve to Karen tied AOH to an overhead pipe, ankles handcuffed together, her stunning figure on full display after Cole opens up the front of her blouse. Jesus God. Out comes the flogger and Karen gets a heavy dose of Cole's best. Break to the same pose, but with her ankles tied a few feet apart. The whipping continues. Her panties get scrunched up for a little cunt-busting.

Then begins some pussy-fondling, and breast massaging, and the episode seems to be running out of steam, but Aha! Out come the clover clamps! Attached by a taut string to the overhead pipe, and each with a firm grip on a tender nipple, the poor dear dares not move when the whip strikes. This can't feel good at all. Do-it-yourselfers, I hope you're taking notes.

The clamps come off, and Karen is turned around so we can see her butt get flogged. And, thank you God, Cole pulls down her panties so we can see its magnificence (below). Man, that's just pure. A lot of fondling follows, natch.

In the final pose, Karen is tied with her legs up in the air, ankles together, but her shoulders are still on the ground. A crotch rope gets attached to double her fun, and she is gagged (finally!). Out come the feather, to caress her breasts, and then all over.

Karen Arthur, not wearing too much, getting whipped a lot. I could watch that all day.

Grade: A

Episode 5

Karen Arthur comes in, again, to get stripped, tied up, fondled, and whipped. Geez! Does Matthew Cole have a job, or what?

This time, Karen is wearing a half-sleeved little black dress, a black hat, and a wig you could use as a throw rug. Screw the preliminaries, let's get right to being tied in a vertical spread-eagle, still fully clothed. Cole shows her a little dildo. Up comes the dress to shoulder height so he can fondle her tits and massage her pussy through her red panties with the dildo.

After a dissolve, a leather crotch strap has been securely fastened on. Now if it were me, I would have cranked that dildo up to High and shoved it up inside her before holding it in place the crotch strap. We don't see if that happened here, but by the big smile on Karen's face, and the way she gyrates against her bondage, I'll bet that's exactly what happened. Might have been her idea, too.

Cut to her tied down to the no-seat chair, and gagged, legs tied wide apart. The crotch strap is till working its magic. Much breast-fondling. (Wish.)

Finally, Karen is inverted, wearing only her panties, ankles tied together. A rope strung between to posts threads its way between her legs and pulls down on her pussy. Cole cinches the rope it pretty snugly before he secures it. Her wrist and elbows are strapped behind her back, but not fastened to anything. Here you can see her trim shape better than in any other position. My, oh my.

When Karen leaves, she stands outside the door, slips off her panties and starts fingering herself.

Karen isn't challenged too much by her bondage, but she looks so good in it you don't mind. No whipping in this episode, either. Even though this is all for fun, you wish she was getting hurt some, too.

Grade: B

Overall grade: A

Pluses: This edition doesn't have the high GIMP factor that the other films do. After all, none of these women were "kidnapped" or forced into their bondage. What we see is their beautiful female forms erotically displayed, as they eagerly please themselves, and us, in the bargain. The video succeeds at what it tries to be.

Minuses: The background music. Either the ominous, droning organ, or the weird, spacey electronic stuff. Watch this video with the sound turned off.

Find it at

Thursday, October 3rd 2013 - 11:57:40 AM

Name: Ralphus
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TRG: Thanks for another "Blast From the Past" with your Punished 5 review. Great job as always. The link for your latest is in my Homepage URL above.

This is one I haven't seen, or if I have, it's been years and I don't remember it. I'm an old school bondage fan and remember the days when bondage films, at least the good stuff, were only available on 8MM film and had no sound. You'd have to pay 25 to 30 bucks for a 10 minute Super 8 movie and then rent a projector just to see it. Anybody remember those days?

I came in toward the end of that era and got to see the same material restored to VHS tapes (very expensive ones) and the movies had cheesy music added over top of them. We put up with the limitations of the medium because, hey, it was naked women and they were tied up in strenuous positions and sexually tortured and where else could you see stuff like that? This was the mid-1980s, not so long ago, or at least in my own lifetime.

Fast forward 30 years. Nowadays you can see practically every type of perversion on the Internet. It just takes a few clicks. How time has changed the way we access adult material. And there's so much of it out there.

With that in mind, I wonder how many of our readers are interested in the old HOM and Cal-Star material that Blakemore made and that have been reviewed here over these past several weeks? IMO, these feature some of the best bondage ever put on film, but even I wish they had real sound.

Let's ask the forum and see what you guys think.

What is your opinion of the old silent bondage loops, like those made by Blakemore? If you've seen any, do they "do it" for you, or is the fact that there's only music over the visuals lessen them for you and make them seem too dated?

Let's try to get some responses from the board. Honestly, it's been awfully quiet around here lately, and it's kind of frustrating because we have so many intelligent readers here who have a lot to say, but for some reason or the other, just don't take the time to post. Remember this is a discussion website, and it's only as good as the people who post to it. Your opinion is just as important as anyone else's, so take a few minutes and tell us what you think. We want to hear from YOU.

Thursday, October 3rd 2013 - 08:28:26 PM

Name: Daniel
E-mail address:

Being old enough to have enjoyed the "Blakemore" era, I have to say that they still do IT for me!

Thursday, October 3rd 2013 - 08:51:06 PM

Name: TRG

Regarding the GIMP poll, I go both ways. I like the sound track in the early Punished videos, and I like the voices in Tourist Trap II. It's the visuals that "do it" for me. Sound is not really an issue.


My introduction to Blakemore-style bondage come when I found a video in an independent video store in the late 1980s title Punished 3. It looked pretty decent, so I took it home. About 15 minutes into it, I said to myself, "Jesus God! What is this?" I had found the promised land. But at $90, I couldn't afford to buy a copy.

About five years later, I found a few used HOM magazines in an adult book store, with the lesser-known models in them, in the same style as P3, but I didn't make the connection.

A few years ago, I decided to look for P3 on the Internet, and found it at a now defunct site called There were other Punished videos, too, and things called Bondage Classics, and feature films, all by this outfit called House of Milan. The light went on, and I bought all of it. Best move I ever made, video-wise.

I like the gritty feel of the Blakemore videos, and the lesser sharpness of film rather than video. All that takes the scene a step back from reality and into the fantasy realm. As for the models, goodness gracious, the major ones have no equals to date. My mind bounces off a lot of stuff that's out there today. I feel at home with classic HOM.

Thursday, October 3rd 2013 - 09:34:13 PM

Name: YikYakker

TRG: Thanks for the review of Punished 5.

Generally speaking, if the girl in a bondage flick is having a good time, then I'm not. So I don't know if I'll seek this one out.

Nevertheless, once again you have furnished excellent caps, and with those I can use my imagination to invoke all kinds of non-consensual scenarios, especially with Sharon Montgomery. So I appreciate the effort and the product.


GIMP Poll: Even though I'm an old-timer, I missed the whole HOM-Blakemore scene while it was happening.

However, I've collected a lot of the images over the years and I still find them very compelling (see above post to TRG).


Seems to be a renewed interest in reviving Wonder Woman. (Say it all together with me one time: Again???)

Yeah, I know some of you are really into super-heroine stuff. Myself, I like Wonder Woman because she's cool, dark haired and athletic. Plus she wears skimpy clothing (sometimes). But mainly, I like it when she gets captured and tied up.

Well, here is something called a concept video in which actress Rileah Vanderbilt is imagined in the title role.

Then there is some talk about Gina Carano as the Amazon babe.

All this is, of course, just that: talk. But at least they've got the costume right this time. And I suppose either of these two chicks would be okay for the part. But for my money, she's got to get captured, tied up and tormented. A lot.

Thursday, October 3rd 2013 - 09:37:16 PM

Name: Bill K.

Ten years ago I would have bought and enjoyed Blakemore's Punished type movies but once I saw Maleficarum and Dead But Dreaming and Red Feline's Gimp type movies, I can say I no longer can enjoy any consensual non gimp type movies.

Besides I am crazy for bats and I can't wait for the next Amy bats movie, Olalla. Bill K.

Thursday, October 3rd 2013 - 11:03:37 PM

Name: Arcas
Homepage URL:

Re: Poll Du Jour. I guess I have a hard time calling any of my influences "dated". I'm not sure I'd view the Blakemore loops with the same awe as my original viewings.... but most erotica's like that. It has a shelf life. But the fact that, even today, it still has an edge speaks volumes.

Thursday, October 3rd 2013 - 11:21:03 PM

Name: Dr Yuya

Since I'm being asked...meaning my response is just a response to a question and not me coming in here starting open provocation for no reason...

I hate the old timey stuff...hate it. I don't see the appeal in it and find it about as boring, old and stuffy as the civil war reenactments my dad used to try to get me into when I was a teenager. I'd love to see less of it here in favor of new stuff honestly.

Thursday, October 3rd 2013 - 11:46:52 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Dr Yuya: No one is accusing you of starting open provocation just because you don't like the old stuff. This site isn't a love-in, it's a discussion forum. There are no right or wrong answers. We just want to get your opinions, positive or negative.

That being said, the only thing I control are the pictures at the top of the forum, and it'll likely continue being a mix of old stuff and new stuff, simply because I put stuff up there that appeals to me. Hopefully others will like them, too. I've done old men's magazine covers in the past and they never fail to get positive comments. Not too long ago, we ran of series of old HOM/Blakemore images and they were very well-received. This was followed up with about a month's worth of new Dead But Dreaming promo stuff, which also got good feedback. And we've continued with images of another brand new release, I Spit On Your Grave 2. I don't know if people like them, since we haven't gotten many reactions, but it's still new material.

You might want to stay away from the upcoming series, though.

Friday, October 4th 2013 - 12:30:43 AM


Poll Question - For me it's more a question of access. I actually own a bunch of those old loops, but they're all on VHS, so that's basically like saying I don't own them at all. I don't even watch DVDs anymore at this point. For me, if it's not something I can download onto my computer, then I'm probably just never gonna watch it.

I still enjoy the content, I mean just look at some of those pics in TRG's review. Aside from some CRAZY non-grooming, which was the style in the day, I think they look great.

A gorgeous woman is a gorgeous woman in anytime period, especially when they're strung up and used for squirming and screaming entertainment. (-_^)

Now if I had all the old loops on my PC, sure I bet I'd still hit them up from time to time, but now days the internet makes finding new and exiting material so easy, that seeking out new stuff is almost half the fun. :-)


Friday, October 4th 2013 - 12:46:55 AM


Ha, Bring on that Civil War Torture Porn Ralphus!! (^_^)


Friday, October 4th 2013 - 12:51:24 AM


@ YikYakker - So Wonder Woman is still an issue of contention around these parts? Ha ha, I remember Canadian and myself used to have quite a few debates on the merits of one Lynda Carter back in the day. (^_-)


Friday, October 4th 2013 - 12:58:18 AM

Name: Matt

Poll Q: I'd go with them being dated. Though viewing them for nostalgia's sake, and remembering when they were made, they were the best that could be made at the time. And yes, I have three of the sets on DVD. To use a mainstream analogy: would you want to see the old Hawaii Five-O, or the new one, with more firepower, more of a body count, and Grace Park wearing a bikini (and killing a few people while wearing it)? For me, bring on the new.

Friday, October 4th 2013 - 02:05:20 AM

Name: Captain Kidnap
Homepage URL:

I absolutely love the music on these old loops, for me it contributes immensely to the mood of them.

Friday, October 4th 2013 - 06:13:49 AM

Name: Sloth

Poll question - in the archives I have all the Punished series, probably all but two of the Bondage Classics series and all of Blakemore's "feature length" works like "Tourist Trap", "Curiosity Killed the Kat" etc. and still watch them all on a rotating basis - yes, they are dated but then I listen to "dated" music and still find it enjoyable - the lack of a soundtrack simply adds to the "gritty" feel of the work - besides, the cheesy tacked on music adds to the "sleaze factor" - and Blakemore just came along at the right time - he filled that gap between what Ralphus described as the 8mm and projector rental era and the advent of the web - so call it nostalgia or what you will, this Gimper still gets a stiffy viewing that stuff.

TRG - nicely done review - be pulling that one out for a view shortly - thanks.

mothbrad - so, when does filming begin on this witch hunt epic - any success casting the female leads - please keep in mind I work cheap and would happily portray one of the inquisitors - perhaps Amy could design the dungeon and implements for us - count me in.

Stay well all

Friday, October 4th 2013 - 08:56:09 AM

Name: Badger

Poll Question: It is fun to go back and watch some of the old Blakemore pieces now and then. And given that some otherwise good movies have over the years been diminished by lame dialogue, the over-dubbing of fanciful music can be a fun trip. But. Being plot-obsessed as I am, I have trouble finding many old loops that have solid non-consensuality, Tourist Trap and the outstanding Intrusion being notable exceptions.

Friday, October 4th 2013 - 09:32:34 AM

Name: TRG

Wonder Woman just got mentioned a few times -- Wonder Woman tied up, of course. You might enjoy this picture and discussion of the use of bondage in the strip. Click the photo to enlarge.

Friday, October 4th 2013 - 10:43:26 AM

Name: Darkroom
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

The old silent loops definitely accomplish the task. Aside from the fantastic action, the lack of audio enhances the scene. It lets the imagination run wild, dreaming up the begging, pleading, crying and screaming that would undoubtedly be lacking if there actually was audio.

Friday, October 4th 2013 - 12:05:42 PM

Name: Blakemore

TRG: Thanks "Old Man"...your review was dead-on, but I gotta tell you something! When I made that bunch of films, I was at a dead-slow point where I was so fucking pissed by...and frustrated from all the Goddamn restrictions put on me...I was grasping at fucking straws in trying to do something DIFFERENT!

Just think how much better that scene of Lorie with a rope splitting her tender cunt in half would have been if her pussy was shaved and bare! I would have loved to make her cry on camera by using the rope hanging just off-camera that had about 150 carpet tacks stuck through it...(and glued in)...that I rather sadistically USED on her poor hot pussy shortly after we finished "making a movie".

Why did I do that to the secretary of the company I worked for, and saw every day in her micro-mini skirts and spike heels?

Because she knew how turned-on I was and SAW how hard my cock was...but she didn't want to suck after an hour of trying to scream...crying bug crocodile tears...begging with her eyes and struggling so hard her precious pussy was bleeding...she changed her mind.

Since being introduced to all of has occurred to me that there was very little separation between producing fantasy images on film...and doing the real thing...the really sadistic things that made models like Sharon...Lori...Karen Arthur and others...JUST HATE WHAT I MADE THEM LOVE in my personal life, and I ain't talking about my cock!

Thanks you Sloth, for saying my stuff still does "IT" for ya! (when are you gonna tell us what "IT" is?

Goddamn-it...don't ever have back surgery because after this last one in left leg is fucked up so which one of you wants to come down here and take over getting Danielle "abducted"...tortured and raped? (Hey'em one of the "pictures" of the one of her standing on the deck of that boat in that scandalous bikini!)

Yeah...I talk too much so don't get killed or caught and next time I'll tell you what herbs to take to keep your libido lit-up and your cocks hard! (No shit.)

Friday, October 4th 2013 - 12:59:24 PM

Name: Reine Margot
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Olalla, Dead But Dreaming, Barbazul and ... Maleficarum! Oh.. and Martyr ... and yes, Sirwinakuy

The month of September is gone. It was quite a month indeed. Dead But Dreaming, our new release, doing its rounds around the world, our other films are getting noticed, like Barbazul which was screened Saturday 28th at the Cinemateca with a Q&A and great audience response and it's going to be at the PollyGrind Film Festival in Las Vegas; Maleficarum is breaking records and keeping itself ahead on the best seller position, Martyr was the subject of a conference on Semiotics at a major university and there's going to be a workshop on the subject as well, Olalla is under production and looking really good, and Sirwinakuy is the subject of discussions and new screenings at the Cinemateca.

The transformations we embarked on, in 2010, when we started the production of Barbazul and Maleficarum truly changed everything. The last three years have been so different for us. So full of surprising results. The featured article/interview of Amy at Fangoria is one of those unexpected events as well as her participation in the CineKink festival in three US cities, the amazing reviews of most of our films in The Beverly Hills Outlook, the surprising contact made by celebrated author C Dean Andersson who discovered us at a convention in Texas where Maleficarum was mentioned in glowing terms.

We owe a lot of this to Ralphus who by putting his cash into the production of Maleficarum gave us a huge push forward. It was inspiring, to say the least, encouraging as well, and those funds were the seeds for a new stage in our productions. Others have emulated Ralphus, helping finance Dead But Dreaming (D. Santorum) and Dead But Dreaming 2 (someone who will be credited in due time).

It feels good to have the kind of support that makes our films possible. It feels even better that the films are so well received.

C. Dean Andersson published a comment on Facebook: "Working on a review. Thinking of descriptive phrases. If you've seen it, how about, " Jac Avila's DEAD BUT DREAMING does for Vampire Films what Coppola's APOCALYPSE NOW did for War Movies"...transforms entertaining and traditionally horrific stories into beautiful works of epic art...i.e., DBD is not like any other Vampire Film I've ever seen...and I've seen bunches! And some of the grand and sweeping Bolivian landscape vistas took me back to my favorite Leone western, ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST."

The positive comments on Dead But Dreaming keep coming and now we're convinced that they will not stop reaching us for a long time, both published reviews and private comments. Many write to us that this film deserves a wider audience. We feel the same way. It takes a lot of time and work to reach out into the vast world of film lovers to find those that will follow us. That world is huge and we don't have the financial means to advertise widely, so we count on word of mouth.. or, I should say, in the spreading of the news from person to person and mostly through the internet. That's the basic way available to us, and it's not a bad way. It's actually an awesome way to reach millions, but, as I said, it is hard work.

One film that has some amazing reviews and comments and a future is Barbazul. Once, a long, long time ago, Jac met a Dutch distributor in Las Vegas who was proposing to distribute our Red Feline Productions to stores in Europe. At that meeting they were talking about the films and the distributor mentioned Red Feline on the Cross. Jac said, "...but that's an old film". The distributor replied "No, it is not. Not many people have seen it, so for everyone out there it is a New film". Wise words. Films have staying power. There are many films from the 60s, that perhaps did not have a wide distribution and are just beginning to be seen. They are "new" as far as those people discovering them is concerned.

We envision such destiny for our new productions. We can tell that the word is spreading and so films like Maleficarum, Barbazul, Le Marquis, Sirwinakuy are finding new audiences everyday. Just recently we noticed a surge in sales for Martyr. We're not sure how it happens. It's possible that there are places out there where one of our films is mentioned and suddenly many people buy that one film. The film they buy is a discovery, soon after they might buy the rest of our catalogue.

Dead But Dreaming is too fresh, so we haven't seen anything unusual yet.

Barbazul is getting to a higher place with its participation at the PollyGrind Film Festival in Las Vegas this month. It's a well known festival in the world of cult, horror, independent films. Amy got her interview at Fangoria as a direct result of her participation in the CineKink festival in New York. So she's looking forward to what will come from PollyGrind .

So, Amy is preparing her bags to travel once again this year, but before going she began directing her new film, Olalla. This is her fourth film as a director, but she's also the leading lady in the film. Shooting began two weeks ago and she decided to take a break until her return from the US. But what she accomplished so far looks awesome. It's a different film from what she did before, while having enough GIMP and KINK to satisfy our hard core fans. Someone described the film, based on the fundraising clip, as a Macabre Comedy.

Amy launched her IndieGoGo campaign to raise some of the funds she needs for a fantastic BATS scene. Here's the link. Her goal is to raise 10,000 USD to shoot a large scale scene of Olalla whipped, chained to a cross and burn in from of angry villagers.

There are some great perks for those who would like to contribute to the production of that scene. The plan is to shoot it in November. She explains it better in the pitch video below.

In a recent post, Badger comments: I am always curious about the money end of movies such as ISOYG2. As it never hit the theaters in this country, it can't be pulling in many dollars in the States. Perhaps the worldwide take justifies the cost of production. We Gimpers can only hope that it --- and Dead But Dreaming --does well and that more well-made Gimp movies might follow.

The money end of mainstream GIMP movies IS the critical, sensitive point. To continue making movies, the producers must recover the investment on each case and, if possible, make some money on top of it. There are needs to be met and besides, no one likes to lose money. The bigger the production the more people involved in it. People have to be paid, props have to be built, locations rented or gotten to. For instance, to produce that amazing scene in Olalla we have to travel vast distances to a great location, the great looking Hacienda with open fields around it, not to mention an old church. Just to go location scouting costs a good amount of money.

Then we have to take all the crew, cast, equipment there, lodging and feeding all of them for many days. That's expensive. And on top of it all the crew and cast have to be paid. They have families to feed, expenses to meet as well. It's risky every time.

We never know how a film will do, really. We had no idea if Maleficarum or Dead But Dreaming were going to break even.

In actual real money, hard cash and soft cash, our films never really break even. However it's the hard cash that we have to recover with every release. That's how it works. For a larger film, larger than ours, it can be even harder. We're talking about the difference between a $100,000 movie compared to a $1,000,000 movie. They are both, in fact low budget movies, but it's more difficult to recover 1 million. Hollywood spends more than $100,000,000 in a movie. Our movies are less than 0.1% of that.

The good thing is that we know how to make our NO budget movies look really good. ... Right? And Olalla is looking good.

YikYakker And speaking of pics: I know you really took a few for the team doing this scene, and want to express my appreciation for the effort you put in to produce top-notch GIMPage. Even the guy on the far right in the Napoleon-style hat seems to be averting his gaze. ;) I'd be more like the young fellow standing next to him, taking in every bit of, it.

Top Notch GIMPage is what we are working to produce, and with a flair for the artistic and the dramatic. The two productions in the works, Olalla and DBD 2 (provisional title) are exactly that. Top Notch GIMPage. I'm not at liberty to discuss the new films yet, partly because I don't have the details, but what I can say is that from what I hear in the endless discussions, the scenes will be more complicated, more elaborate than what we did so far in Maleficarum and Dead But Dreaming.

However, GIMPage is just part of those films, even tough it is a big part, the stories are far more complex. Olalla has some amazing characters. It's is a delight to see some of the rushes and how those characters develop. And we already know what the characters are in Dead But Dreaming and many of them will be back in the second part. But what awaits to some of them is truly grandiose.

One thing I can say is that our people are having a lot of fun making these movies.

Bill K. D. Santorum and Gimpers, I don't consider the short quick but well done execution scenes in D.B.D. as torture. I'll correct my post by saying the death scenes are terrific gimp scenes but just not the slow torture scenes I crave.

Well. Jac intentionally made the crucifixion of Aphrodisia (Mila) scene short. There were reasons for it. A lot of the funds went to the great scenes of Moira's (Amy) whipping and execution. Lots of resources went to Nahara's (Vero) sacrifice.. and then there's Asar's and Aphrodisia's erotic scene. The crucifixion scene was an after thought. The film was edited and Jac decided he needed that scene, which was planned for the second part. A larger, more dramatic crucifixion scene needed a lot of screen time and that was not available anymore. Another reason was a dramatic one. A scene to match Amy's intense flogging and execution was not considered. Dead But Dreaming already had its very dramatic, excellent GIMP scene.

The second part will have some long, very dramatic GIMP scenes ... and the third part will have them as well. We don't want to give everything away in one movie. There's just too much in Jac's sick head.

D. Santorum Getting back to production values, one of the most surprising things about Dead But Dreaming is simply the way it looks. (...) The shots being posted here day to day don't fully convey this.
One thing that has always bothered me just a little about Amy and Jac's prior efforts is the rather grainy picture quality. I can agree that this look has a certain charm of its own, and apparently it didn't bother me so much that I was unwilling to pay them to make a scene for me. But still, the concern was there.
But all of this has changed with the new movie. Last night I watched Dead But Dreaming for about the fifth time (I know, I know....I'm kind of obsessed with it), and immediately afterward I watched a few scenes from both Malificarum and Barbazul. Doing this made it obvious to me just how much the picture quality has improved. It's really quite a dramatic difference.
I remember a couple of years ago Amy saying something about their having purchased new equipment for shooting the new movie. This investment has paid off beautifully.

It's been more than ten years since Jac began producing GIMP movies. The very first films, other than his famous documentary on Haiti and the Miniseries, were experimental performances. The very first were done with a VHS camera (the doc. was shot on 16mm and the mini series was shot with an analog 3/4 inch top of the line, at that time, Sony camera) Later, he began using the 3/4 inch camera but without professional lights. When Martyr was shot the equipment was upgraded to digital, so Crux Bride and Red Room were shot with that. Two HD small cameras were acquired and Agent X, Perils Of Jane and other films already had a better look. We used those cameras for Sirwinakuy, which had a theatrical release. It means the look was good enough for a theatrical release.

Amy had some Mmni lights, very old ones, which were available to us for Barbazul, Maleficarum and Le Marquis. They burned out since then. Those movies also had the new top of the line HD camera, but we didn't have enough lenses and lights.

We now have more lenses, Arri lights, kinos. So, things are going to look even better. Dead But Dreaming was the first to be produced with the new lights and lenses, but we did not have the new fancy SOUND equipment, which was used in the crucifixion scene. The dialogues in the 57 BC scenes in DBD were recorded with the new equipment and they are great. There's also a spanking new DOLLY for tracking shots, plus GoPro camera for those hard to shoot scenes, like underwater.

Yes, we do invest in new equipment all the time to get a better, and better look and sound to our movies.

This is the way the SET looks like now, the smiling fellow is the director of cinematography who just loves his new gadgets.

Bill K. Ten years ago I would have bought and enjoyed Blakemore's Punished type movies but once I saw Maleficarum and Dead But Dreaming and Red Feline's Gimp type movies, I can say I no longer can enjoy any consensual non gimp type movies. Besides I am crazy for bats and I can't wait for the next Amy bats movie, Olalla. Bill K.

That's a very nice comment on our work. For one, we feel like we're doing the right thing with our more complex, more engaging, more elaborate GIMP films, in the other hand these movies are setting some kind of bar which we have to surpass with every new production. That's making things hard for ourselves, but it's challenging and exciting.

Wonderful ideas keep flowing back and forth, Amy and Jac and not only those two are visionaries, eager to do more and more extraordinary epics with better means. Bringing those visions to reality is really hard work, and costly too. So, for those who think good things are coming from us, I ask you, politely, to visit Amy's IndieGoGo campaign, share it with friends, and help her make that BATS scene the best ever. Not everyone can be as tremendously generous as Ralphus and D Santorum, but many can sink in less than the cost of a download to help make the scene. There are good perks for those who contribute.

The film is being produced, Amy just wants to make it look a lot, a lot better than her available means. You have the opportunity to be a part of what we plan to be our best GIMP scene yet with your small or big contribution. Isn't that nice? And you also get super cool stuff!

We have a great catalogue now and you owe it to yourself to enjoy it. I do recommend Barbazul and Dead But Dreaming as the ones to get this weekend, if you haven't done so, of course.

Last night the bunch revisited Alien, the old Riddley Scott movie. It was a great thing to do. I suggest you do that too and revisit our old Red Feline movies as well. I think I'm going to sit and watch Sirwinakuy now.

I'll have more exciting news soon. Until then!

Reine Margot

Friday, October 4th 2013 - 01:09:03 PM

Name: urvax
E-mail address:

Got to say the old Blakemore classics still work. Something about the settings and models creates a mood you just don't see anymore.

Friday, October 4th 2013 - 03:34:18 PM


Blakemore classics still work for me. They tend to be realistic in their sets and let your imagination run wild. I love the natural look of the women and their facial expressions which somewhat replace the lack of sound. When a woman sees you looking at her bush instead of her eyes you know she is humiliated.

Friday, October 4th 2013 - 05:55:59 PM

Name: MasterofSuspension

The old Blakemore loops are still great in my mind!

Friday, October 4th 2013 - 08:46:22 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

The poll question: Generally speaking, most of the old stuff I have seen doesn't really do it for me. The women are attractive but I have found a lot of the emphasis is on rope bondage rather than hardcore torture and rape.

I have come across some scenes that really work. For the most part, though, they weren't in the Bondage Classics compilations. Rather, they were in some of the compilation discs released by Alpha Blue Archives. In the scenes that did "it" for me, I didn't find the lack of audio (other than music) to be a problem.


TRG: Nice work on the latest in your Punished reviews. But I have to second what YikYakker said -- if the woman is enjoying herself, I'm not.


HOWIE wrote:

Ha ha, I remember Canadian and myself used to have quite a few debates on the merits of one Lynda Carter back in the day.

I remain a committed Lindsay Wagner guy.

On the Wonder Woman theme, though, I would note that the Japanese company, Giga, often releases titles with a heroine dressed as Wonder Woman. Oops, sorry -- they call her Wonder Lady.

Yui Hatano looks particularly fetching as Wonder Lady in this title. I have my doubts about the film, though.

Friday, October 4th 2013 - 08:56:07 PM

Name: MrAnthony

Love the old bondage loops. Yes, they are dated, but the women in them aren't skanky porn stars like in too many of today's Internet videos. The women in the bondage loops seem much more like clean women who are more sexually unaware. By comparison, most of the women/girls in videos today seem more like fame/money hungry sex fiends with no acting skills or no ability to seem innocent. There's something about the older loops that seems dirtier, yet paradoxically more innocent, that is appealing. It's not as much of a turn on to look at many modern videos and see a tattoo'd tramp, because it just looks like she is someone who consented to whatever GIMP action is taking place.

Saturday, October 5th 2013 - 12:31:47 AM

Name: The Monk
Homepage URL:

I grew up on Blakemore's work, so to speak, since it coincided with my being old enough to enter and browse the racks of the porn shops in town, which also had booths in the back for viewing 8mm loops, soon to be replaced by video.

It didn't take me long to discover that the HOM and later California Star magazines and films were the ones that really did it for me, they were dark and gritty and cruel, and the women were hot. I was fascinated by Rene Baker's breasts. I'm still fascinated by Rene Baker's breasts.

I would spend hours looking at photos of the naked and bound women in the magazines and fantasizing about abducting, raping, and torturing them, just as I would later do with ZFX videos of Alison Parish, Lisa Kinkaid, and Kelly McKay.

I watched the HOM loops when they were later released on VHS and still enjoyed them quite a bit, though by then it was the 90s and I was far more into ZFX, and a few years later this thing on the World Wide Web called INSEX, which was something called a website, if I'm not mistaken.

I don't really look at the Blakemore stuff that often these days, sometimes I'll have a look at my favorite moments from Tourist Trap, Betrayed, or Curiosity Excited The Cat, when I'm feeling nostalgic. Some of the scenes still work for me thanks to the realistic settings and the girls themselves. The fact that the women are often allowed to keep their panties on is something that always bothered me in Blakemore's work and still does, I never want to see a stitch of clothing covering a female captive, get them completely naked and make them suffer, that's what I like to see. I also would have liked to have seen more rape in the feature length videos, I always want to see more women being raped, that's just the kind of guy I am.

Still, it was Blakemore who set the standard for all others in the years to come, the man was a true artist. Does his work still hold up? Well yes, for the most part I'd say it holds up pretty well. I'd like to end by once again mentioning Rene Baker's breasts, god that woman had a beautiful pair of tits.

Saturday, October 5th 2013 - 01:03:18 AM


The Monk said: I never want to see a stitch of clothing covering a female captive, get them completely naked and make them suffer, that's what I like to see.

Amen, Brother. Amen. (-_^)


Saturday, October 5th 2013 - 07:46:56 AM

Name: MAV
Homepage URL:

Hey Ralphus-I know the board is busy but just wanted to make sure you received my email on a review.

Also GIMPers, the attached pic is a still from my latest AOH torture custom. Can also review that short flick when it is publicly released.

Saturday, October 5th 2013 - 10:27:15 AM

Name: brainmaster
E-mail address:

Let's see, what else an I add to what I've said about Blakemore's films? They are dark and forbidden, involuntary, great looking girls in stretched arched strained vulnerable positions which accentuate their beauty and struggle. They make great facial expressions and shock, fear, horror and irresistible arousal.

I understand that in those days doing audio with film was a big challenge. If the sound matches the themes above, then it surely would have been much better than music. However, it's better to imagine the sound with the music than to hear the terrible audio performances in most modern BDSM movies.

Though the torture is usually light, it's easy to imagine what I would do to those girls if I had them in that position. I like the panties and the lack of rape or fucking. In a film I want to see the girls in all their glory struggling. I don't want some guy in there blocking the shot. The panties just accentuated their nakedness soon to come when I would rip their panties from them before torturing their irresistibly wetted pussies.

A number of years ago I got to see some of those European Blakemore loops where he did it completely right with full torture. I love that one where he drags in the captive woman and leaves her in the room, handcuffed behind her, to look around and see all the implements of torture she will soon face. That scene where he puts her over the horse and pushed needles into her tits, with blood oozing out, is priceless.

Saturday, October 5th 2013 - 12:29:40 PM

Name: A Canadian

MAV wrote:

Also GIMPers, the attached pic is a still from my latest AOH torture custom. Can also review that short flick when it is publicly released.

I look forward to the review. Hopefully, it will include larger images.

Saturday, October 5th 2013 - 01:32:49 PM

Name: Daniel
E-mail address:


I would like to thank 'Blakemore' again for providing a media for the Gimpers that allowed us to use our IMAGINATIONS!

I really like Red Feline on the Cross, and the early products from Red Feline. Dark, grainy, as they were.

I guess old age has set in! I kinda think the newer releases are more like "soft porn" with a bondage scene here and there.

Selfish is probably what I am! I want to feel that it is the victim, myself and the instruments of her torturer.

Maleficarum was the last Amy and Jac release for me! I feel that having to fast forward to find a GIMP scene should not be necessary. The current releases from them, I picture being shown in museums and libraries. Just an observation!

Saturday, October 5th 2013 - 01:37:37 PM

Name: A Canadian

Daniel wrote:

The current releases from them, I picture being shown in museums and libraries.

It may be time for me to get my library card renewed.

Saturday, October 5th 2013 - 02:00:52 PM

Name: MAV
Homepage URL:

Here is my review of RingDiva's newest movie, Abducted "Captured Destruction" starring Cali Danger.

The setup takes up the first ~7 minutes and has Cali, wearing a tight belly-revealing T-shirt and short black shorts with boots, getting knocked out while riding in a car. Cali wakes up lying on the floor with her wrists handcuffed to a hook and chain. The creepy captor comes in and pulls a rope tied to the chain to yank Cali up to a standing AOH position and torments her verbally before walking out.

In the next scene, the villain wakes up Cali then chokes her from behind with his hand to semi-unconsciousness. Knowing that Cali's thirsty, he psychologically tortures her by pouring out a bottle of water then letting her down to lick the floor before yanking her back up AOH.

Next scene opens up with the captor waking up Cali and feeding her water from a bottle. Then he takes off her shorts so she's just in panties. The captor then awkwardly gives Cali a DDT before taking a knife out to cut open Cali's shirt leaving her in just a bra.

After some more taunting, the captor starts the real torture on Cali, slapping and punching her in the belly and kidneys while occasionally taunting her with the knife or choking her. He walks out again leaving a pained, pleading Cali still handcuffed AOH.

Next scene opens up with Cali still hanging handcuffed AOH, and the captor feeding her more water. He then provides her some relief from hanging by her cuffed wrists by moving a chair she can kneel on. More taunting ensues, coupled with belly scrapes that make Cali moan in pain as we see a side view of Cali and her fine ass. A phone call comes in and Cali tries to yell but the captor stuffs a rag in her mouth.

After getting off the phone, he gives Cali a the best beating of the clip, full of smacks belly and backpunches, a couple of slaps, and a couple of crotch kicks. He then chokes her until she passes out. The movie ends soon after with Cali escaping.

All in all, this is a decent non-nude GIMP movie since the hot Cali Danger is handcuffed (real cuffs!) AOH for ~30 minutes, only in bra and panties for ~15 of those 30 minutes, and tortured physically for much of that time. There's also psychological torture for those who like that. I'm not as much a fan of the scared girl scenarios, but Cali's hot enough to make me forget that preference. I give this a B+

Saturday, October 5th 2013 - 02:22:15 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

MAV: Nice work on the review of Abducted (Captured Destruction).

It's too bad Cali Danger doesn't get naked but she still looks quite hot in her tight white top, and later in just her bra and panties. She certainly isn't one of those tattooed tramps that Mr Anthony mentioned earlier.

The part where Cali is forced to lick the water off the floor sounds terrific. That is the hallmark of truly great film-making.

Saturday, October 5th 2013 - 07:56:20 PM

Name: kimmie_sub
E-mail address:

I really liked the silent bondage loops, especially those made by Blakemore and they definitely 'do it' for me. It was the combination of how the girls were dressed (partially or in revealing outfits and then undressed), the bondage and sexual torment they suffered in different positions made it so hot! They used to really bring out my damsel-in-distress fantasies.

Saturday, October 5th 2013 - 11:26:40 PM

Name: cmf

I'm with TRG, in that with the old loops, the visuals are enough for me. I just take off the headphones instead of listening to the canned music. Being an old sound engineer, I prefer good realistic audio, though I hate it when the dom insists on talking to the victim non-stop. Give me good ole moans and screams, thank you.

I think part of the appeal, besides the natural beauty of the women Blakemore used, is the lack of tattoos, the general lack of augmentation, and the perceived innocence of the "victims".

Having said that, three of my favorite bdsm stars of today are Kymberly Jane (tattooed, but she has a fantastic natural body, and suffers so well), Iona Grace, and Holly Wood/Wilds (unsure of which stage name she is currently using) (both not tattooed as heavily). I also like Asphyxia Noire, who is tattooed, but is just such a sleek slinky sexy actress that she is quite the turn-on. The rest, I'm sorry to say, don't quite make it for me, but that's okay. Variety is the spice of life.

Sunday, October 6th 2013 - 12:25:40 AM

Name: cmf

Oh, I forgot to say that the additional appeal of the Blakemore loops is the lighting-generally dark and forbidding.

Sunday, October 6th 2013 - 12:30:40 AM

Name: Bill
E-mail address:

My first experiences with gimp movies were the old 8mm HOM movies ordered through the mail. They definitely did it for me.

Later I graduated to VHS and DVD movies. My first VHS was a Vanessa Del Rio bondage flick. I owned films like Tourist Trap and Curiosity Excited the Kat. I still prefer these gimp movies to some of the new stuff. They seemed more real.

Sunday, October 6th 2013 - 07:55:21 AM

Name: ssmith2010
Homepage URL:

Hey, all! Just thought I'd do a quick review of a low-budget horror film you probably weren't aware of called Killing Brooke. Besides being a pretty good flick for low-budget budget horror, it's loaded with GIMP action.

The film starts with the hot Chloe and the even hotter Brooke getting married (any movie that starts with hot lesbians getting married has promise!). After the low-key wedding, they go to a bar where they get roaring drunk and decide to spend their wedding night in a threesome with some guy they just met (turns out Brooke is a little bi!). Problem is, we saw earlier in the film that the guy -- Vance -- is really an insane killer. And while the girls are giving him a ride the next day, he kills Chloe and goes after Brooke.

He chases Brooke through the woods and while running from him, Brooke finds a house and runs in where she is consoled by the occupants of the house -- a man, his wife, and a younger man who is mentally challenged. The guy comes looking for her and they protect Brooke by clubbing him into unconsciousness.

But that's the end of the good news for Brooke. Turns out that the family is a bunch of inbred psycho freaks (YEAH!) and they immediately capture Brooke. The rest of the film involves Brooke being captured and abused by the family, but the psycho-killer Vance is ALSO captured by the family, and all he wants to do is escape so her can kill Brooke. A plot line that I had never seen before and was fun to watch play out.

For GIMP-age, the entire last hour of the film involves Brooke being tied up, terrorized, and tortured. Three sequences in particular stand out -

First, the woman decides that she likes Brooke's nails. So the husband thoughtfully ties Brooke up and pulls out her nails to give to his woman. Brooke does a wonderful job screaming, and in this sequence the woman gets so excited she actually bites off one of Brooke's nails with her teeth. Yuck.

Another sequence is during a dinner, where a bound Brooke is force-fed some green goop. Yuck again.

And a set piece where the family strips Brooke down to her bra and panties, clubs her over the head and ties her AOH to a shower. They beat her with a club, stick a broken lamp on her to shock her, slash her with a box cutter, and then finally pour bleach on her cuts. Only drawback is that for part of this scene, there is a bag over her head.

All in all, a solid B+ film for both GIMP-age and the film itself. There's no nudity, but the lead actress is a woman named Alex Fandel who never acted before and, so far as I can tell, has never acted since and she is extremely naturally pretty and does a wonderful job in the film (she is an awesome screamer, in particular).

Info on the film can be found here which includes some screencaps, links to a Facebook page, and a place to buy.

Sunday, October 6th 2013 - 09:59:32 AM

Name: MAV
Homepage URL:

@A Canadian-not to worry friend, larger pics of my recent AOH custom are coming like this (even though I like another new smaller pic in my DFN profile better):

@ssmith-nice find on Killing Brooke!

Sunday, October 6th 2013 - 11:44:24 AM

Name: A Canadian

ssmith2010: Nice work on the review of Killing Brooke. The trailer suggests the film may be a bit too gory for my tastes but it definitely has lots of stuff that GIMPers like. Thanks for putting the review together.


MAV: That new pic is certainly easier to see. Arguably, it's a bit too big, even for me. And don't get me started on that lady's enhancements.

Sunday, October 6th 2013 - 04:54:20 PM

Name: brainmaster
E-mail address:

Ha MAV: They say a good woman is hard to find. Some say a hard woman is good to find. I say a hard woman is good to torture. Great model.

Sunday, October 6th 2013 - 05:20:26 PM

Name: MAV
Homepage URL:

@brainmaster-thanks for the comment!

@A Canadian-you hoser! ;> The model (Candleboxxx) did a good job on receiving real bellypunches, real whipping, and simulated taser shots (I recommend her!). I forgot you were one of the guys that didn't like "enhancements". Hopefully you liked the AOH custom torturefest with the 2 naturally well-endowed hotties Cali Logan and Niki Lee Young a few months back.

@Ralphus-sorry for hogging the board :P

Sunday, October 6th 2013 - 07:51:47 PM

Name: A Canadian

MAV wrote: Hopefully you liked the AOH custom torturefest with the 2 naturally well-endowed hotties Cali Logan and Niki Lee Young a few months back.

Those two sure did ring my bell.

If you haven't seen it before, be sure to check out my Year in Review from last year, which was posted on Dec. 28. Specifically, check out the bullet point called "Best unsubstantiated rumor of 2012." It was a bit of a play on the film, Hillbilly Hospitality II.

Sunday, October 6th 2013 - 08:49:58 PM

Name: MAV

@A Canadian-I'd be interested to see what Hoser Hospitality script you would put together for Niki Lee Young. IIRC, you are a fan of the JAV BDSM flicks. I don't know if she'd do the crazy bondage positions but everything else may be possible. You should look into it;>

Sunday, October 6th 2013 - 09:18:06 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Catching up on various posts...

Good news for Blakemore: A quick count on the poll question has him up 19-4. I'd call that a veritable landslide!


Margot: That was the most entertaining pitch video I've ever seen! Too damn funny. Even though I think you needed to add subtitles whenever Jac would speak. I'll dig up whatever I can to help contribute to the cause.

C'mon guys, throw in 10 bucks to help burn Amy at the stake. I'd say it's definitely worth it!

BTW, those were hot tied to the bed screen caps. Amy looks good with that dark hair. And I see she's gone back to her natural roots "down below" after dying them for Dead But Dreaming.

But Mila seems to have developed vomit arm syndrome. Please tell me that's a fake tattoo for the movie and not in real life.


MAV: Boy, you sure like hogging the board. I don't mind, it helps make up for all the lurkers who still haven't posted yet.

Kudos for an excellent review of Abducted: Captured Destruction. I know when we had the promo here last year for Girls of War, it got some negative feedback from some posters because Cali Danger didn't take her clothes off. And after Thomas Chaser explained that she'll never do nudity because she knows her family is watching, I think you guys can stop hoping. But you know what? I think she's a DAMN fine-looking babe. I mean, look at this picture and tell me you wouldn't want to watch her being strung up and tortured.

I like nudity as much as any red-blooded perv out there, but I also like to see attractive, wholesome victims and she fits the bill 100% for me. It's all about casting and given a choice, I'd rather see her in her underwear than your typical tattooed bondage model naked.

The direct link for your latest review is in my Homepage URL above.


ssmith2010: Thanks for letting us know about Killing Brooke. I'll agree Alex Fandel is very attractive, even though low-budget horror films don't often set the right tone when it comes to bondage and torture. The 2 YouTube videos on their site didn't exactly knock me out, but what the heck, the DVD is only 10 bucks, pocket change, and likely worth taking a chance on, especially since you gave it a B+. Hey, you were right about I Spit On Your Grave 2, weren't you?

Here's your link:

Sunday, October 6th 2013 - 09:49:43 PM

Name: Scribbler
Homepage URL:

Yep, the best of the old HOM bondage loops "do it" for me. As the song goes, they're among 'My Favorite Things!" My first HOM 8mm loops were film, so no sound other than projector noise. When they added music to VHS versions (and DVD), I'd mute the audio, so really never listened to the music. I can make up sound and dialog in my head!

One problem with the 8mm film to videotape transfers (other than the somewhat blurry quality) was that because regular 8mm played at 16fps, super 8mm at 18fps, and video a bit under 30fps, HOM (and CalStar) sped up the films when transfering, 16fps to 30fps, or 18fps to 30fps, so they play almost twice as fast. I'm talking about the early silent loops, not the talking movies, or some later shorts shot on video. Anyway, I play the old Bondage Classics VHS or DVDs in slo-mo cause to me they look better that way. Normal speed on VHS or DVD is too fast, and kind of goofy looking, or less serious, almost Charlie Chaplin-movie-esque. :)

Monday, October 7th 2013 - 01:08:00 AM

Name: Bill K.

Today's picture you can say the gimp literally got pissed off.

Amy looks so much hotter with black hair in the Olalla pitch tied to bed video scene than her red hair color in Dead But Dreaming. It didn't subtract from her performance in D.B.D. one bit and I did say she looked sexier as a redhead gimp in a post a while back but after seeing her in the Olalla clip I changed my mind. Please Amy keep the black hair look.

I researched Irish history of red color hair and found surprisingly 85% of Irish people had brownish hair and only 15% had reddish hair. That being the case Amy could have kept her original color hair and maybe now that she's a vampire her hair color changes to black. Right? Bill K.

Monday, October 7th 2013 - 01:38:37 AM

Name: SEG
E-mail address:

Yes, the Blakemore films still "do it" for me, just as they always have, from the first time I dropped a quarter in the machine to watch an 8mm loop in the 70s, to when I was buying the VHS tapes at shops in Times Square in the 80s.

Everything about them was (and remains) great-the models, the settings, the rope work, the tortures...everything.

The classics never go out of style.

Monday, October 7th 2013 - 01:42:27 AM

Name: Reine Margot
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Amy in Las Vegas with Barbazul and ...

As of this writing Amy is getting ready for her trip to Las Vegas where she will be meeting people, enjoying the limelight, be present for the screening of her second directorial effort, that grand story of a psychopath that kills his ladies, Barbazul, also known as Bluebeard. She'll be answering some questions in the Q&A and signing a bunch of posters of the movie for those who would like to take one home.

It is a great moment in Amy's career and life. It's not the first time for her in a festival, she was in New York at the CineKink with Sirwinakuy, however this time is a little bit more exciting for many reasons. I'll mention some of them later in this post.

While she's absent, Jac and the crew will be preparing the work ahead. Jac is going location scouting to two cities: Sucre and Potosi, these cities have the best kept colonial buildings and streets in the country. Very little in the way of modern constructions, so the look and the feel is what Amy and Jac are looking for to give the films Olalla and DBD 2 (provisional title) the great scenery those films have to have.

This past weekend we had a celebration of sorts. We celebrated Jac's birthday, we also celebrated Amy's participation in the PollyGrind Underground Film Festival. There was a lot to drink, so people drank and the result was some nasty hangovers.

This should be of interest to you all, a comment in Facebook: "Legend Dyanne Thorne and Amy Hesketh will be attending the PollyGrind Film Festival. If there's a reason to go to Las Vegas next week, that's the one!"

This is how the event is promoted in the festival's page, I took out some of the Special Guests but you can check their page:

The Fourth Annual International
PollyGrind Film Festival
Oct. 9-13

At Theatre 7
1406 S. 3rd St, Las Vegas, NV 89104

Exploitation legend Dyanne Thorne of Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS,
in support of her latest film House of Forbidden Secrets

Controversial actress and filmmaker Amy Hesketh of Sirwinakuy and Maleficarum,
in support of Barbazul, also known as Bluebeard

I don't think I need to say a lot more. Amy is super excited because on the 9th she will meet Ms Thorne. Don't you wish to be there to see that? I hope to have some pictures of such magnificent happening to share in the near future.

Bill K Amy looks so much hotter with black hair in the Olalla pitch tied to bed video scene than her red hair color in Dead But Dreaming. It didn't subtract from her performance in D.B.D. one bit and I did say she looked sexier as a redhead gimp in a post a while back but after seeing her in the Olalla clip I changed my mind. Please Amy keep the black hair look.
I researched Irish history of red color hair and found surprisingly 85% of Irish people had brownish hair and only 15% had reddish hair. That being the case Amy could have kept her original color hair and maybe now that she's a vampire her hair color changes to black. Right?

Amy went back to her darker color of hair for Olalla. I don't know what she will do in the future, but I think she likes it the way it is now. However, I think she needs to go red for the second part of DBD, but who knows, maybe Jac will come up with a reason why her hair went dark, maybe the same reason why her eyes went totally blue.

Ralphus Margot: That was the most entertaining pitch video I've ever seen! Too damn funny. Even though I think you needed to add subtitles whenever Jac would speak.

People find the clip funny, and it was intended that way. The film itself has many funny moments. It's been already described as Macabre Comedy in the David Lynch tradition. Watching the shooting can be a blast. Some of the actors have a hard time keeping a straight face. However, the GIMP moments are not funny at all. You'll have to see the movie to understand what I'm saying.

I'll dig up whatever I can to help contribute to the cause. C'mon guys, throw in 10 bucks to help burn Amy at the stake. I'd say it's definitely worth it!

The IndieGoGo campaign is going well. It's been four days since Amy launched it and it's already past 10% of the goal. That looks good. So... let's do it! let's get this film done with plenty of Gimpy Style!

Ralphus BTW, those were hot tied to the bed screen caps. Amy looks good with that dark hair. And I see she's gone back to her natural roots "down below" after dying them for Dead But Dreaming.

There are at least three long scenes with Amy all tied up to the bed. She's teased, beaten, raped.... too much excitement for one movie... and that's BEFORE the grand scene where she's whipped, crucified and put to the purifying fires. She can't wait to shoot that scene in GRAND style, but she needs a bit of help to make it happen. Right? So... that's what the IndieGoGo campaign is for.

Ralphus But Mila seems to have developed vomit arm syndrome. Please tell me that's a fake tattoo for the movie and not in real life.

All I can say is that Aphrodisia does not have a tattoo in the second part of DBD, which, incidentally, will begin with her turning into a vampire after her crucifixion. And if I'm not mistaken, there will be a longer version of said crucifixion.

Daniel I really like Red Feline on the Cross, and the early products from Red Feline. Dark, grainy, as they were. I guess old age has set in! I kinda think the newer releases are more like "soft porn" with a bondage scene here and there. Selfish is probably what I am! I want to feel that it is the victim, myself and the instruments of her torturer.

Red Feline on The Cross was the result of the earlier 'rehearsal' videos Jac and Camille were working on early in the 90s. The intention was to make a feature film which would have a crucifixion scene. When it was made Jac didn't have the intention of continuing with that. It was, in his mind, a one time deal. The Red Feline site was created and ... Oh Sweet Surprise! ... RFOC was a success in the web and suddenly everything changed. So more movies were produced, like Red Feline Faces The Inquisition series, Seven Days on the Cross ... and others. Then the later works with Amy aka Jane. That was the road taken, and that road was always intended to lead to what was Jac's original intention, to produce larger, fancier movies like Martyr and Dead But Dreaming. That goal was finally achieved, partially at least There's still a long road ahead.

Daniel Maleficarum was the last Amy and Jac release for me! I feel that having to fast forward to find a GIMP scene should not be necessary. The current releases from them, I picture being shown in museums and libraries. Just an observation!

Red Feline on the Cross did go to a museum, but it's banned from libraries where our site, is blocked.

I don't see DBD in museums, but I do see it in festivals of the horror kind. But one thing I can say is that a LOT more people seem to go for larger, fancier movies.

Making those smaller films didn't take less time or effort, maybe they didn't take more money, but the effort, the time, was not that different from what we're doing today. The difference is that all the effort was made by two or three people rather than a large cast and crew. Imagine Jac preparing the set, the lights, the camera, then acting, whipping and doing all the hard work, then changing the angle of the camera... oh well... what can I say?

I think there will be more films like Maleficarum in our near future. In fact there are at least two in development right now with others going around in the creative brains of Amy and Jac. So, do not dismay, we're not giving up on All GIMP All the TIME movies. They might not be dark and grainy, but they will be atmospheric. Our production values won't go backwards.

And talking about Maleficarum. It is our best selling movie, even now, with a new great release. And there are more comments about it, like this one in

By C. Dean Andersson "writer" (Texas, U.S.A.) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Maleficarum (DVD)
Are you brave as Jac Avila? My admiration grows for Jac Avila's filmmaking with each movie of his that I see, but the first I saw was MALEFICARUM. Movies about the horrors of the Inquisition have handled the subject from all sorts of angles, from Ken Russell's "artistic" THE DEVILS to Jess Franco's THE BLOODY JUDGE. But "angles" are not Jac Avila's cup of tea. He goes at the subject straight up the middle, collision course, no turning back, cowards need not apply. Avila based this movie on an historical incident in South America. Hearing a "witness" spout historical "testimony" that to modern ears is obvious nonsense, then thinking the "authorities" cannot possibly take it seriously, THEN seeing the historically accurate results of that testimony--tortures that grow progressively more extreme--drives the point home and then some. Hypocrisy. Injustice. Despair. Young women heroically defying deranged authority. Hopeless Horror perpetrated by so-called Men of God and condoned by their Church. Avila pulls no punches. And remember, this kind of thing historically went on for hundreds of years, for real! Are you as brave as Jac Avila was in making this film? Only one way to find out.

I'm truly sorry I don't have a much, much longer post. I know some of you prefer those massive Epistles from yours truly, but this one had to be done fast. The news are too exciting to make them wait for the kind of inspiration that takes to write another Book Of Margot. So, be happy that at least I have this one. And don't forget, go and get your copy of Dead But Dreaming, Barbazul, Sirwinakuy, Martyr ... and if you want ALL GIMP ALL THE TIME go and get the oldies but goodies. Today's recommendation is Romana Crucifixa Est.

I'll have more exciting news soon. Until then!

Reine Margot

Monday, October 7th 2013 - 02:28:25 PM

Name: Sloth

Blakemore - you know full well what "It" is :)

Reine Margot - so Amy hooks up with "Ilsa She Wolf of the SS" huh - can only imagine that one day we'll see Amy in place of the chick on the block of ice with a noose around her neck - one can dream.

Stay well all

Monday, October 7th 2013 - 03:39:13 PM

Name: jo
E-mail address:


Can you give me a list of ZFX movies with actual penetrations?

Monday, October 7th 2013 - 08:07:06 PM

Name: YikYakker

Today's ISOYG2: Reminds me of that old saying - "It's better to get pissed off than pissed on."

Monday, October 7th 2013 - 11:14:56 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:


Well, I've let this go way, way WAY too long, and we're well past due for an update to our Notable Guests list. It's been over 3 years since we've done one of these, and since we last updated the page, we've had several bondage celebrities of note come and join us here and add to the discussions on this forum. So without further adieu, here's the latest class of bondage producers, actors and artists to be inducted. In alphabetical order:

  • Arcas: No disrespect intended to the myriad of other bondage Poser artists working today, but IMO, this man's work is the gold standard by which all others should be compared. Simply put, he's the best in the business.

  • Bunny Bound: She may look like a cartoon character, but she's a real model who's put into incredibly over-the-top torture situations by the artist Dick Napalm. Her fully illustrated graphic novel "Love Really Hurts", available at her website, is a lot of fun.

  • Margot Chevalier: Also known as Reine Margot, the spokesperson for Red Feline and Pachamama Films, the same one who graces this forum with detailed, cap-filled reports that may take forever to read but are always entertaining as hell, finally gets her just due on this list.

    It seems like Margot's been here forever, so I'm sure many of you are wondering what took so long to include her. The answer is a combination of bad timing and the fact that I often work at turtle-like speed when it comes to doing updates. We last updated the Notable Guests in late September 2010. Margot came along just 2 weeks later, just missing the cut.

  • Silvio Dante: I'm a big fan of this man who has created some of the nastiest and most graphic bondage fantasies ever put to art, formerly for the website Drawing Palace. Spit-roasting, brandings, rape, impalements, disembowelments...nothing is too severe for this talented pen-and-ink artist.

  • Dezco: The man behind RingDivas, a website that produces their own original movies, often showcasing beautiful women tied AOH and beaten, tasered and worse.

  • Michael Goi: This is the man who wrote and directed Megan Is Missing, a fascinating and utterly disturbing film about the dangers of online chatting, along with an interesting subplot about how the media covers missing persons cases. A movie that will shock even the most jaded GIMPers out there.

  • Savage Eye Grafix: An "old-school" artist whose work was featured in the adult newspaper B&D Pleasures back in the 1980s and 90s. The name wasn't familiar to me until I looked at his portfolio and realized I already had a number of his excellent (and very cruel) artworks in my personal collection.

  • Roman Nowicki: There's no denying this Polish director has a huge cult following by combining bondage, horror and full nudity in such films as Mark of the Whip and the Fantom Kiler series for his own company, Teraz Films.

  • Stormrider: This outstanding 3D Poser artist won a lot of fans (and a later Ralphus Award) when I showcased most of his medieval dungeon artworks for a long stretch back in October 2011. Amazingly, to my knowledge, he still hasn't found a website to host his work.

  • Harry Tchinski: Again, not exactly a household name, but this man wrote, produced and directed what was essentially a bondage film masquerading as a low-budget science fiction movie in Spaceship Terror, a film that got reviewed on this site and received a grade of A+.


    In addition to the men and women named here, some other entries have new caps and updated information including Amy Hesketh, who is now correctly listed under her real name.

    A big cyber round of applause for the latest inductees to our site. You've made us a better forum by posting here. Check out my Homepage URL for the latest updated page with bios and photos.

  • Tuesday, October 8th 2013 - 07:42:48 PM

    Name: YikYakker

    Today's ISOYG2: Mmmmm....nice. Dontcha love it when they're all laid out and feeling defeated?


    Reine Margot: That's great news about The Heskinator going to Las Vegas to bask in the glory of her achievements and meet Dyanne Thorne.

    But please prevail upon m'lady to be on her guard. We've seen what that she-wolf can do to a tasty little morsel like Amy.

    Tuesday, October 8th 2013 - 11:56:52 PM

    Name: Toby
    E-mail address:

    I am also a fan of the silent loops. Even before I was of legal age I would scan the ads in the back of bondage magazines to see what was new. (Until I was kicked out of the adult store). I'd always risk it though because I was so infatuated with the story lines. I liked them all, whether it was M/F, F/F or the occasional F/M. I was never able to buy the 8mm loops, but later, when I was finally old enough, I started heading for the Mitchell Brothers theatre and the theaters up near Broadway on Kearney in San Francisco. I did see "Behind the Green Door" and a few others when I was too young, but went regularly after I was old enough.

    Some of the places on Kearney would let you rent a video tape and I'd watch it right there in a private room. That's where I first saw "Tourist Trap." It all seemed so exciting. When the silent loops made it to video I must have spent more money collecting those HOM collections than on food and gas. I'm happy to say I am still addicted.

    And yes, I did see "Bloodsucking Freaks" in a theatre when it first came out. The music never bothered me since I was lost into my own fantasy world.

    Wednesday, October 9th 2013 - 04:20:56 PM

    Name: YikYakker

    Today's ISOYG2: Now there's the look of a babe who is not having fun. But that guy with the cattle prod is awfully well-dressed for a GIMPer. Did anyone here get a dress-code memo? Not me.


    MAV wrote:

    Hopefully you liked the AOH custom torturefest with the 2 naturally well-endowed hotties Cali Logan and Niki Lee Young a few months back.

    These are two damn fine babes. I like the dark-haired look and the sweaty look.

    But in my old age, I sometimes get confused. Cali Logan is the dark-haired one below left, while Niki Lee Young is below right.

    But then you've got Cali Danger, who is also blond, and looks a lot to these bespectacled eyes like Niki Lee Young.

    Oh well, I guess the names don't matter, as long as they get tied up and put through hell.

    Wednesday, October 9th 2013 - 09:05:53 PM

    Name: Dr Yuya

    Speaking on the Ring Divas/Cali Danger stuff. I understand the motivation an actress has to not do nudity. I'm also pretty okay with scenes without nudity...some of the best in my mind have that characteristic (Zen Pictures is most notable for having scenes where I just couldn't have cared less about the nudity aspect).

    But as I understand the motivation I sometimes also feel like I understand the truth of their situation better than they seem to. Not sure about Japan but in America if these actresses really think they're going to fall into some big work later that will ignore their history in bondage productions...well, sorry to say but that's a little crazy. I'm not saying it's impossible...but I'd say adding up all the factors their odds aren't too much better than any normal persons. But hey, it's their choice.

    Wednesday, October 9th 2013 - 10:01:45 PM

    Name: Thomas Chaser
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    MAV - when do you expect that custom to be out? I bought the last custom you ordered up, with Cali Logan and the blonde hottie (whose name I can't remember right off). Belly punches aren't my thing, but tasers and whips can work if done well. You certainly picked a good model, based on the two stills I've seen.

    Wednesday, October 9th 2013 - 11:13:27 PM

    Name: SEG (Savage Eye Grafix)

    Thank you for including me in your listing of "Notable Guests", Ralphus. Being listed in the company of some of the real live legends of the genre is quite an honor and quite humbling for me. Thanks again.

    Wednesday, October 9th 2013 - 11:17:04 PM

    Name: Thomas Chaser
    E-mail address:

    Dr. Yuya, you're spot-on with your analysis. In fact, I'll go even farther and suggest that being willing to do nudity would actually *enhance* their opportunities, particularly when you see episodic television programs like "Spartacus", "Game of Thrones", "The Sopranos", and the like, which aren't afraid to address adult themes in fictional television with intelligent programming and realistic depictions. If you're a young, attractive actress looking to get a good role in a show, you're going to be approached about doing nudity at some point. But hey, Cali Danger's decisions are her own. Maybe she can score a supporting role in a "Saints and Soldiers" movie some day.

    Wednesday, October 9th 2013 - 11:18:41 PM

    Name: Dezco (RingDivas)
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:


    Just found out that I am listed on the Notable Guests list. Thanks guys that's pretty cool. MAV thank you for the positive review on Abducted. I agree that Cali Danger did an amazing job. Oh and yes I also agree that she's ridiculously hot as well. On a separate note. I purchased and watched "I Spit On Your Grave 2" recently. Bluray copy (Yes... I still collect physical media). I also purchased and own the first one but didn't think it was that great of a movie but mostly because of the photography of the film. If you can't already tell from Girls of War Episode 1 I'm a huge fan of movies that look amazing as well as tell a great story.

    Not sure what reviews have gone up for Spit on Your Grave 2 yet but I have to say going into it cold that it was an amazing movie from start to finish. It looked amazing and the story itself was also amazing.

    It's crazy to see Hollywood embracing this sort of film but honestly, after watching the first half which I'm sure every fan of Girls in Peril will enjoy, the second half served as a reason and a justification for filming the first. As a director I can understand getting that crazy if you can justify it by creating a revenge story where everything that was done to this poor little girl was paid back in full with interest. I won't ruin the story but GOD DAMN, I wouldn't have wanted to be the lead villain in the film with the payback he got for anything in the world and I sure as hell thought the girl in this film was a class A hottie. But dammit she fucking went sadistic in the end which definitely had its motivating factors.

    But in the end the thing I loved about the film is that it was beautifully shot and from a directors standpoint I just couldn't fucking believe that they got a film crew to stand around and film the shit they filmed lol. I guess that makes us not as special these days. Although, peril fans should rejoice. I'm sure that if this was allowed to make it out to the shelves of Best Buy and the general audience there will be many more to come.

    Hell maybe we may throw our hats in that arena. :)


    Wednesday, October 9th 2013 - 11:50:32 PM

    Name: Dezco (RingDivas)
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    While I'm here I might as well respond to the post from Dr Yuya referencing RingDivas / Cali Danger. Not sure how I missed it but I happened to see it scrolling down after I posted.

    First and foremost I'll say that I enjoy nudity probably more so then most fans so trust me, I'm all for it and greatly appreciate it in a film when it's available. Especially in the most recent I Spit on Your Grave 2 release. I can also definitely understand your point (Dr. Yuya) and actually agree with 99% of what you're saying. But in reference to my earlier post "Hollywood" is a much more forgiving place when it comes to nudity. Also...

    I can't speak for any other talents that are not under our umbrella but for talents like Cali Danger and her counterparts the case happens to fall into that 1%. We as a company do produce content for a general audience including theater and cable system distribution (non-RingDivas) which is what I'm guessing you're referring to as "big work" and our plans are to continue doing so in the hopes that things will get bigger and better featuring the same talent pool.

    One point that I think you're missing is that most talents that we employ or have come across aren't unwilling to entertain the idea of nudity because they are hoping to become a big movie star. Cali Danger is an exclusive talent with our company (wrestling and film wise) and she does extremely well for herself financially.

    It's not about waiting for "the big bucks" or the next big thing, it's about the simple decision to say "No thanks, I prefer not to go nude." And if I were to guess there are way more talents that make the decision not to go nude simply because of a moral or ethical reason then a I'm holding out to get rich and famous on a legitimate Hollywood movie.

    In the end your analysis does hold true but in my opinion it holds true for a small percentage of the pool of talents that aren't willing to go nude.


    Thursday, October 10th 2013 - 12:08:05 AM

    Name: MAV

    @Yikyakker-Cali Logan and Niki Lee Young are damn fine indeed and GIMPers should be glad they are down to act out nude peril scenes.

    @DrYuya-I agree that nudity isn't necessary for a great torture scene, as I have also enjoyed many a great Zen torture scene. I also enjoy the many non-nude torture scenes that Dezco/Ringdivas put together with their GOW and Sayuri films, but the peril scenes in their Akiren and Jenah Hex movies should not be overlooked given Destiny Dumon's ridiculous body and good peril acting skills. There's a reason why I commissioned 2 AOH torture customs with Ringdivas, including one with Cali Danger.

    @Thomas Chaser-my latest AOH torture custom with Candleboxxx should be out soon I think since she puts out movies pretty constantly. I've mentioned to her and her production team that people have been asking me when it comes out.

    @Dezco-like I mentioned on your board, I hope your next GOW star is Madison. She looks great on the TROD (torture rack of death), but hopefully she's not just tickled next time;>

    Thursday, October 10th 2013 - 12:46:40 AM

    Name: Dezco (RingDivas)
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    And I'm back...

    Ralphus was kind enough to e-mail me about the backstory prompting Dr. Yuya's post and I wanted to respond to his inquiry publicly. This is the post that he sent me and my response. It will be my last post I promise. Not looking to spam the board.

    (Previous poster not sure who) "I can't speak for the others, but I lost interest when I discovered that, no matter how much Cali Danger is tortured, she never gets naked. Further, she never will get naked in any of her pictures because apparently she knows her brother, his platoon, and her family watch her films and she still has hopes of being discovered for mainstream films. "RingDivas" is just a stepping stone for her. Or so she hopes."

    (Ralphus) So...not true?

    (Dezco) Considering that she is already participating in mainstream films (one of which is currently wrapping in a week's time) I would say no, that probably isn't accurate.

    Now that's not to say that she doesn't have any concerns that nudity will hurt her acting career. I'm sure that does play into it. But my point was that most of the times (from what I have seen having dealt with talents for over a decade) is that morality plays way more into a decision of whether or not to go down the path of nudity then fame or success.

    BUT do not confuse that statement with entertaining the idea of nudity FOR fame and success. One has nothing to do with the other. I'd venture to guess that the same percentage of talents that won't entertain nudity may or may not rip their shirts off with ease if they were approached by a Michael Bay or Martin Scorsese. Not that Michael Bay shoots nude films but you get my point.

    In Cali's case my gut in the above situation says no but who the hell am I to even say about how she would react in front of Michael Bay. But when it comes to our relationship and I can say this being that I have a personal relationship with her I can very easily tell you that even if a movie career wasn't in the horizon she wouldn't go nude at this point in her career.

    Maybe that will change in the future. Who knows, she's a girl AND she's a redhead. From being in the know and at this very moment dating a redhead I can tell you that predicting their behavior is about as likely to happen as predicting the weather in 2047.


    Thursday, October 10th 2013 - 01:05:39 AM

    Name: Silvio Dante

    Thank you, Ralphus, for including me in your updated list of notable guests. I read the postings on your website often and see these fictional situations and images have a big following and a long history. And it's a good thing most of these ideas don't go beyond our fevered musings!

    Thursday, October 10th 2013 - 03:56:33 PM

    Name: MR BUSH


    The white bra and panties in that aoh scene is great as I love white on a woman. Which Ringdivas is that from?

    Thursday, October 10th 2013 - 06:14:10 PM

    Name: Reine Margot
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Amy in Las Vegas with Barbazul and ...

    Amy is in Las Vegas and getting ready for the big night on Sunday, but tonight, as of this writing, this ninth day of October, she met Dyanne Thorne and she's about to meet a lot of other people including the legendary producer of those Troma movies.

    This is very close to the big time, I think. It can get bigger, certainly, but for us this is big and for many, many reasons.

    Amy arrived to her hotel very late after a 17 hour journey that took her from La Paz to Lima, to Miami, to Las Vegas. Her hotel room has what real state agents describe as an Urban Landscape, which basically means a parking lot and a mall. She's within walking distance to decent coffee at Starbucks and to Theater 7, where Barbazul will be screened and where all the action takes place.

    Amy is not very fond of Las Vegas, but she is enjoying being there.

    While she enjoys her time up North, we, those who are down south, way down south, still have work to do. We still have to promote our movies, process orders, prepare productions and so on.

    A pause for a promotional video... the Dead But Dreaming trailer

    Sloth Reine Margot - so Amy hooks up with "Ilsa She Wolf of the SS" huh - can only imagine that one day we'll see Amy in place of the chick on the block of ice with a noose around her neck - one can dream.

    Will Amy be in the hands of the SS? It is within the realm of probabilities. We have the tendency to make some dreams a reality. Don't we?

    YikYakker Reine Margot: That's great news about The Heskinator going to Las Vegas to bask in the glory of her achievements and meet Dyanne Thorne.
    But please prevail upon m'lady to be on her guard. We've seen what that she-wolf can do to a tasty little morsel like Amy.

    And there they are, Amy between Dyanne Thorne and her husband Howard Maurer in Las Vegas. Need I say more? A picture speaks a thousand words.

    As you all know, Amy is in Las Vegas to show her second film Barbazul at the PollyGrind Film Festival. But that's not all. She's also there to meet people in the business of cult, horror, underground movies. Apart from meeting Dyanne, she'll be meeting Lloyd Kaufman, the producer from Troma films. There are some reviewers she already met, filmmakers, a few actors and so on. And that's just on her first day.

    The big day for her is her last day in Las Vegas, on Sunday when Barbazul will be on the big screen. Until then, lots of fun for her. I'm sure there's going to be a lot to talk about very soon.

    Amy's IndieGoGo campaign is going fairly well. In the first 5 days 14 people contributed up to 15% of her goal. There are over 50 days left for the campaign, so she hopes more people will be forthcoming with their small or big contributions. Pay a visit, contribute, and if you can't, share it. We'll be grateful ... and so will you.

    The film promises to be a very good one. The initial shooting went very well, she had to stop to attend the festival in Las Vegas and visit her family and friends in the US. She'll be back to pick up where she left off. The new stage of the production will definitely start on October 31st. Our Halloween costume party will be the shooting of a very bloody scene.

    I have a VidCap of the actual movie:

    And do not forget that there's a really good GIMP movie out, our latest, Dead But Dreaming, some festivals are already taking a look at it. Who knows, it might make it to some of them.

    Ralphus OUR LATEST "NOTABLE GUESTS" Margot Chevalier: Also known as Reine Margot, the spokesperson for Red Feline and Pachamama Films, the same one who graces this forum with detailed, cap-filled reports that may take forever to read but are always entertaining as hell, finally gets her just due on this list.

    My special thanks to Ralphus for the appreciation. Even though I am simply the voice of the collective known as Red Feline and my contribution pales in comparison to what those giants do, I do feel nice to be recognized as a Notable Guest. I represent the whole and that's the beginning and the end of my role. I prefer to be simply that invisible voice and not because I'm modest, but rather because I must maintain a personal low profile in this incredibly high profile endeavor.

    So... the attention must remain in what we all do. Our movies. Thank you again.

    This post is extremely short, indeed. That's because of the encounter Amy had in Las Vegas, a big moment. The meeting of those two ladies who give true meaning to GIMP. Dyanne will be present at the screening of Barbazul. And if you want to know what the movie is all about, how about giving it a try? Before Sunday? Well? ... Go get it...

    I'll have more exciting news soon. Until then!

    Reine Margot

    Thursday, October 10th 2013 - 06:53:27 PM

    Name: MAV
    Homepage URL:

    @MR BUSH-the AOH pic is from a "tickle torture" match linked above. Smiles/laughter are a buzzkill for me even as hot as Madison is :/

    Friday, October 11th 2013 - 01:15:42 AM

    Name: Howie

    I'm just gonna pipe up to say, no nudity, no interest from me. If you wanna have'em in clothes for the first scene MAYBE, but I'll be fast forwarding over it. Eventually Get'em naked. Otherwise, I just don't care.


    Friday, October 11th 2013 - 11:02:01 AM

    Name: Daniel
    E-mail address:


    Looking at the picture of Amy in Las Vegas! Two things come to mind.
    1. A 'lamb' to the slaughter.
    2. Treading water in a 'shark' tank.

    Just a personal observation!

    Friday, October 11th 2013 - 11:54:44 AM

    Name: A Canadian

    Reine Margot wrote:

    Apart from meeting Dyanne, she'll be meeting Lloyd Kaufman, the producer from Troma films.

    I wonder if Amy will mention to Lloyd that one of the producers on her big-budget flick from a few years back is named "Ralphus".

    Friday, October 11th 2013 - 06:40:31 PM

    Name: Coastwizard
    E-mail address:

    I've tried everywhere else without success, so I hope that with your extensive coverage you have seen this.

    Trying to identify a movie I once saw. Plot: An attractive brunette girl is a guest (?) in someone's home She is snooping around when she discovers a BDSM magazine on one of the tables. The illustrations are freaking her out when suddenly she is caught by the owners of the home, a man and woman (brother and sister?), who proceed to beat her and kick her to the floor, then make her their captive. In the next scene, she is being tied naked, hands over her head in a dungeon by the same two people. Her androgynous captors are now nearly naked, dressed in barely-there bondage domination gear. The woman (a blonde) is wearing a huge dildo, while the man simply has a huge erection. First they whip their captive, then they penetrate her from in front and behind at the same time.

    Well, that's all I saw of this particular movie. Any ideas? Sounds like it would have been right up your alley.

    Friday, October 11th 2013 - 08:59:56 PM

    Name: Bill K.

    Coastwizard, I can't help you for my knowledge of adult gimp history is very weak. More information is needed so can you remember where and when you saw this movie? Adult theatre, adult book store, rental tape or website? How old was the movie 1970s 80s 90s?

    The plot sounds like it's somewhat erotic to me but I am sure it's very erotic to just about everyone else here so you came to the right place. Bill K.

    Friday, October 11th 2013 - 10:09:47 PM

    Name: MAV
    Homepage URL:

    GIMPers-here is a site for a potentially upcoming GIMPy horror movie. I say potentially because there have been others like this that never got released

    Saturday, October 12th 2013 - 10:54:56 AM

    Name: mr bush

    Vidcap picture of Olalla:

    I love the picture of Amy spreadeagle with the black bush not the dyed color (red, blond) of recent movies. Hope she keeps the natural look.

    Saturday, October 12th 2013 - 02:16:45 PM

    Name: Bill K.

    In retrospect, Amy's hair color in D.B.D. wasn't natural Irish red which we would think we would have seen back in that era and as Mr.Bush pointed out it had blonde (blondish red) in it.

    Women could and did dye color their hair back then so Amy's hair color in D.B.D. is still plausible but now that she's a blood sucking vampire, her hair will go back to Amy's natural color or it could be the hair color of her next meal (victim) or the hair color of the vampire that turned her. I guess it's

    Que sera, sera
    Whatever will be, will be
    The future's not ours to see
    Que sera, sera
    What will be, will be. Doris Day

    Bill K.

    Saturday, October 12th 2013 - 07:07:11 PM

    Name: Fritz

    Poll: I'm another one of those old-timers who first watched the Blakemore loops (and others) on 8mm, before the advent of VHS and Beta. I bought a 1950's era projector at a pawn shop for twenty bucks and acquired about a dozen reels via mail-order. I still have two of them: Forced Entry and 110 Volts of Torture, but the projector disappeared years ago.

    Now that these chestnuts are available on everything from tape to DVD to online downloads, do they still "do it for me"? I have to admit they have a certain nostalgic appeal - and yes, I still watch some of the digital transfers on occasion, so I suppose they do something for me. But whatever it is, it's limited to lightweight GIMP amusement. The actresses are still attractive as ever, but their voluminous coifs (both above and below), the poor image quality, the focus on bondage over peril, and the lack of audio all combine to make me feel I am watching the GIMP equivalent of Mack Sennett shorts. Not that there's anything wrong with that. During their time, these BDSM films were the best you could get.

    One exception is Blakemore's output for the European market, the hard-to-find films on the Erotic Perversions or Gold Star labels. I first saw these in preview booths along 42nd Street (where they actually played as real "loops"). They were intense back in the 1980's and I think they still hold up today. They too were silent, but even the addition of ridiculously inappropriate music tracks couldn't minimize their impact. After all, a twist of the volume control could turn the video back to the silent production it was intended to be.

    Finally, I may have overlooked this if someone else previously posted it, but fans of the Blakemore loops might be interesting in knowing that a very large selection of his work is available at this Clips4Sale store.

    Saturday, October 12th 2013 - 08:37:27 PM

    Name: Reine Margot
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Barbazul in Las Vegas and Olalla in IndieGoGo and ...

    As we all know, the big event for us these days is Amy's visit to Las Vegas to show her increasingly famous film Barbazul, the tale of a man with a blue beard who is in the habit of killing his ladies in different nasty ways.

    The tension grows as the day approaches, we're all anxious to learn of how the film is received and how well she does during the Q&A. The last word from her is that she's having a ball. She's meeting and encountering a lot of talented people and one of those people is a friend from her college days. Small world, as they say.

    In no way this is distracting us from our duties. We're promoting our movies, working on the pre-production of those two new films we're about to produce... one of which already has a third of its production done, and planning ahead for next year. Busy. But our thoughts, our hearts, our emotions are riding hard on Barbazul for the recognition is getting by appearing in an international film festival. It's cool, to say the least.

    Barbazul is one of our "small" films, and by that I mean it is not one of those extremely high selling films like Maleficarum. It's selling, yes, it's gaining its territory, yes, it's getting its audience, yes, but like Sirwinakuy before, it's doing it in a nice, tempered way. It is a film that grows on people. Just like Sirwinakuy. That makes Amy very happy.

    The IndidGoGo campaign for Olalla is going well. The contributions online, those big and small contributions now make over 15% of the goal. We are very pleased with this result so far and we hope it will continue at this rate if not better. We have 50 days to reach our goal, so... here the link.

    mr bush Vidcap picture of Olalla. I love the picture of Amy spread eagle with the black bush not the dyed color (red, blond) of recent movies. Hope she keeps the natural look.

    Amy is very professional and goes for the details. If she has red hair in a movie, she will certainly have a red bush. She returned to her natural color for Olalla, her new movie, but, as I mentioned before, she might go red for the second part of DBD. And here's another vidcap of the same scene. You all have the privilege of being the first to take a peek of what the movie looks like so far, in still pictures, of course, but these are vidcaps from the actual rushes.

    Daniel Looking at the picture of Amy in Las Vegas! Two things come to mind. 1. A 'lamb' to the slaughter .2. Treading water in a 'shark' tank. Just a personal observation!

    Well, Amy's impression is that Dyanne is a very sweet person. She's the one that wanted Amy to be in between her and her actor husband. You probably remember him as the tall, handsome American soldier that eventually shoots Ilsa. Amy told Jac that it would be very interesting to propose to her to work on a movie. He agreed.

    And we must remember the reason Amy is in Las Vegas, she's showing Barbazul tomorrow (Sunday the 13th) at 8 PM at the PollyGrind Film Festival, followed by a Q&A where Amy will answer all those questions and she'll surely be photographed endlessly. The film is arriving to Las Vegas with a nice series of reviews I quote just a part of one of them:

    " This concept is brought to life by the superlative interpretation of Jac Avila in the title role, which imbues a character often sketched as a mere villain with a melancholic countenance. This Bluebeard is haunted, a serial husband with a reusable engagement ring. Rather than simply be portraying a monster, Avila conveys the tragedy of someone who has "hit bottom," and whose sudden proposals mask an out of control control freak. But this understanding in no way minimizes the chilling way he identifies and probes for his victims, whom Hesketh depicts as generally being saved from bad situations, only to land in worse" That's from Charles Lonberger review at The Beverly Hills Outlook.

    There's a very interesting Interview with the Sensational Amy Hesketh by Dean Sills in the UK HORROR SCENE magazine where she answers interesting questions about her acting and directing career. And this brings me to a challenge of sorts. I would like to give you the opportunity to ask a question to her, she will respond from the set of Olalla just before she's set on fire. I will select 10 questions for her to respond. How about that?

    Send your questions to Margot (

    Bill K. In retrospect Amy's hair color in D.B.D. wasn't natural Irish red which would think we would have seen back in that time era and as Mr.Bush pointed out it had blonde (blondish red) in it. Women could and did dye color their hair back then so Amy's hair color in D.B.D. is still plausible but now that means being she a blood sucking vampire now her hair will go back to Amy's natural color or could be the color hair her next meal (victim) has or the color hair of the vampire that turn her. I guess it's Que sera, sera Whatever will be, will be The future's not ours to see Que sera, sera What will be, will be. Doris Day

    Sera lo que debe ser, whatever the film requires, just as it may require for Amy to be suspended spread eagle and be whipped, or that it may require for her to be cut in half, or it may require for her to bite a bunch of boy and girls... Her hair color will be what it will be. Sera lo que sera.

    In case you have forgotten, we have an awfully great movie out there. A film with vampires and GIMP galore. It's title Dead But Dreaming. It has good reviews all around. It looks fantastic, and it promises to stick around for a long time. And it will have a sequel.

    For the next few days I might drop by with a bit of frequency with updates on what's going on with Amy and Barbazul. She'll be very happy if you see the movie she's so proud of... Go get it...

    I'll have more exciting news soon. Until then!

    Reine Margot

    Saturday, October 12th 2013 - 10:38:05 PM

    Name: Coastwizard
    E-mail address:

    Hey Bill K. and anyone else interested!

    Thanks for responding so quickly.

    Well, I saw a segment of this movie on a website that was either dedicated to sex in horror movies or sex in cinema, but its been too long ago for me to remember where. The only details I still remember is that the decor looked 70's, and I believe the film was from the late 70's or early 80's. The girl appeared to be a guest in the home until she was caught snooping around. The man and woman entered just as she found the bondage/bdsm magazine, and I seem to remember is was the man who first grabbed her, threw her down on the floor, and kicked her into submission. The woman was the leader of the two.

    In the next scene, they are bringing the girl into what appears to be a basement dungeon, where they suspend her in the center of the room by her wrists and naked. She is whipped, I seem to remember by the man, while the woman stalks around the room. Then, they both start fondling her, after which they penetrate her from in front and behind in rhythm. At that point, the film segment ended, so I don't know what the outcome was, or if there was some kind of rescue. As I mentioned, the man and woman were very androgynous, wearing brief and stylized domination outfits made of gold chain, and she was so small-chested, she almost looked like a boy.

    Oh, and "Yes" it was very erotic!


    Saturday, October 12th 2013 - 11:16:30 PM

    Name: MrAnthony
    Homepage URL:

    Coastwizard, may I suggest you check out Alpha Blue Archives? They specialize in older adult material, and you may find your movie there.

    Sunday, October 13th 2013 - 01:12:09 AM

    Name: Arcas
    Homepage URL:

    Sorry I've been silent these past weeks, but life's been all kinds of topsy-turvy with deaths in the family, et al. So I'm overdue to give Ralphus a BIG thank you for adding me to the Notable Guest directory! Really - it's an honor and it's been a pretty great experience coming by here and discovering my work was more well known and appreciated than I'd previously thought!

    I've made an arrangement with Ralphus to host images for me so I can post more of my work to the group. I'll try to start that with new stuff... but it's been a few weeks since I crafted anything new. Meanwhile does anyone have any requests of my older work? Maybe something you saw once and couldn't find again? If so, chime in and I'll see if I can scare up the desired work.

    I have a few series creations. One that is sorta/kinda on-going is my "new adventures of 912" - a homage to Insex's memorable model. I'd be happy to post the whole thing here (as it stands) if there's interest? Here's an image from the series so you can get a taste (if you haven't already seen it)...

    Sunday, October 13th 2013 - 02:31:37 PM

    Name: elkcreek
    E-mail address:

    Dezco, first I appreciate you posting here and dealing with some of our abuse. For the record if she's as hot and tat free as Cali G I'm fine with her leaving her bra and panties on. I feel the same way about Empress Sayuri too. And I personally like the fact that unlike Jap gimp where the girls sexy mid-section is covered for as much of the movie as possible while we get endless close ups of pixilated personal parts, "only" a bra and panties is an improvement.

    Now for some constructive criticism. I own all of the R Diva's heroine flicks, just bought Abducted ( hasn't shown up yet) and I like them, but they have some nagging issues. I'd like to offer a few suggestions.

    1) Let the girl suffer, when you hit, shock or abuse her, it's OK to let us see her reactions to the pain, to watch her gasping for air, and see the suffering on her face, sometimes even for a couple of minutes. You guys do a lot of belly punching, if most girls (men for that matter) were really hit in the stomach hard, it would take them a few minutes, not seconds to recover.

    2) As an extension of point one, in realistic interrogations and beating, the victims would occasionally lose consciousness. While I'm not a 20 minutes of no reaction "rag doll" fan, a victim passing out and being revived terrorized with a bucket of cold water is very realistic and would add a lot to your movies.

    3) It also wouldn't hurt to have some "dungeon" sequences, a victim is interrogated or tortured and then thrown in a cold cell and left on a mattress trembling in the fetal position, perhaps even broken and crying. I thought one of the best Girls of War scenes was in Sayuri Blood Chronicles was when Sayuri was hanging AOH, and trembling uncontrollably, fearful of every touch. I know you want most of your characters to be tough. But GIMP should also include some victims who are broken and realize their helplessness.

    4) Mix it up. A girl strapped spread eagle on a table can be a legit torture scene. It's also OK to have a girl strapped face down to take a whipping or caning on her back side. I LOVE stomach punches and be no means am I suggesting you stop them. I'm just saying to try some different stuff, for instance water torture (holding a head underwater is something easily faked and can look realistic with just a bit of acting chops. Sometimes I get the feeling watching your movies that you guys get a bit lazy on your scenarios.

    5) One other thought. A girl victim is a lot less likely to be in fear of a little "girly man" interrogator. Be sure that the antagonizers tower over the victim, keeping them off platforms, and out of heels adds a lot more to the perception of a helpless victim than a girl towering over her interrogator

    In other words, you guys have some great stuff but it can be a lot better with just a bit more effort and thought.

    Sunday, October 13th 2013 - 03:38:48 PM

    Name: Bill K.

    Arcas: I love your artwork that shows fiery hot peril like one you just posted and would like to see more like this one:

    I know Gimpers who are not members of Art of Darkness may not see this here and if you disapprove of me posting your artwork here, I won't anymore. Just let me know. Bill K.

    Sunday, October 13th 2013 - 03:51:04 PM

    Name: Scribbler
    Homepage URL:

    Way back in 2007 I had an electric prod thingy in my Punished Cheerleader flash slides comic (when my site used to have a members area). I'm pretty sure ISOYG 2 got this idea from me :)

    Sunday, October 13th 2013 - 04:11:25 PM

    Name: Arcas
    Homepage URL:

    Ralphus: Oh... and by the way, your qualification of my work, cited down below on this page, was... well, "intimidating"! Now I'm going to have to repeat the mantra "No pressure..." as I work!

    Thanks again!

    Bill K.: Hm. I'll see what I can do. If you're already on AoD you've seen all my recentish works that qualify.

    Sunday, October 13th 2013 - 07:21:11 PM

    Name: YikYakker

    Coastwizard: Now that you've given us some more clues, I think I've seen the movie you're talking about. But I'll be damned if I can remember the name of it.

    However, I'm betting it's in my stash of pics/clips somewhere.

    Gimme a little time, dude; I'll come up with it. Things take longer when you get to be my age. ;)

    Sunday, October 13th 2013 - 10:48:10 PM

    Name: Flintstone

    Arcas, I really enjoy your artwork, well done! I saw the work involving the Xena type character and the trolls, but can't seem to find it recently. Have you done any additional artwork to that story, and if so, where can I find it? Thanks.

    Sunday, October 13th 2013 - 11:38:02 PM

    Name: Louis Grande
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Hi fellow gimpers

    There's a few things to catch up on with this post, but first to the poll!

    There's no hesitation at all for me with this one. I would definitely say that those old loops are some of the best gimpage available and even rivals (& often surpasses) more modern productions, if not in video quality but certainly in inventiveness and sheer erotic nature. They certainly do it for me : )

    Arcas: I would LOVE for you post that whole series. I love all your stuff but when you have your spy girls tortured by a big man in an interrogation chamber... oh boy!

    And now finally onto something a little more personal. As I'm sure some of you are already aware, I operate an online writing-on-demand website where I do custom writing in the gimp-genre at a fixed rate. Well today, I'm pleased to announce the release of my first eBook which originated as a custom from one of the contributors here on the GIMP forum. It's entitled 'White Slave of Kambali' and can be purchased in PDF format for $8.50 through my website:

    A 12 page sample can be downloaded from the page linked above so you can all get an idea of my writing style before you consider purchasing.

    Stay safe all


    Monday, October 14th 2013 - 03:33:03 AM

    Name: petelobo

    Thank god for the end of ISOYG! I've never seen such a well-dressed gimp! Strip her naked (briefly, apparently, AFTER raping her), then dress her back up again and do all the nasty stuff to her. That's mainstream, and if that's as good as it gets, that's why I stick with Pachamama, Elite Pain, etc.

    One question I've been interested in vis-a-vis the various films of Amy and posts from Margot: How many of us have purchased (or even rented) any of them. If a company that is pushing the envelope as they have over the past few years that goes out of its way to cater to and inform us gets few sales from all (?) of us, then no wonder strong gimp in mainstream is so rare.

    Monday, October 14th 2013 - 04:13:18 AM

    Name: Gog

    Today's caption. "Something very special begins tomorrow"

    Ohh, it...."The making of, and behind the scenes of "Dead but Dreaming" through Gog's telephoto lens"? :-)

    Monday, October 14th 2013 - 07:51:37 AM

    Name: Ralphus
    E-mail address:

    petelobo wrote:

    Thank god for the end of ISOYG! I've never seen such a well-dressed gimp! Strip her naked (briefly, apparently, AFTER raping her), then dress her back up again and do all the nasty stuff to her. That's mainstream, and if that's as good as it gets, that's why I stick with Pachamama, Elite Pain, etc.

    Well, let's see. She's attacked while wearing a sheer nightshirt and panties, gets tied up and gagged and has her panties torn off her, so she's PARTIALLY NUDE from the waist down while raped. Then when we see her again, she's FULLY NUDE and raped again, pissed on while FULLY NUDE, is left alone to struggle futilely while FULLY NUDE, has water dumped on her and has drugs forced down her throat while FULLY NUDE, is forced to wear a slinky dress to meet a client, escapes, gets brutally electro-tortured while in the dress, then has it torn off and is again FULLY NUDE when locked in a box and buried alive.

    We're talking an hour of the movie, multiple scenes where she's fully or partially nude. For what it's worth, Mr. gives it 3 out of 4 stars and calls it great nudity. Add to it that Jemma Dallender is strikingly beautiful (she plays a model and is a model in real life) and is tied or chained up in all her GIMP scenes, and yes, that's as good as ANY mainstream movie in recent memory. So go ahead and thank God that your long suffering is about to end.


    So what is the "something very special" that begins tomorrow? Well, it concerns the artist Silvio Dante, one of our recent inductees into our Notable Guests section. When the paysite Drawing terminated business a few years back, Dante had already produced a new 30-panel story for them but it was never published and to this date, has never been seen by the public or posted anywhere on the Internet. Until now. Starting tonight at midnight and running for the next month, Dante has graciously allowed the GIMP to showcase his final unpublished story, "Damsels in Distress".

    For those of you who are fans of Dante's work, this will be a rare treat. It's vintage Dante, which means it's typically harsh and nasty, featuring full nudity, beheading, whipping, rape, fire torture, impalements, needle torture and breast hanging, among other fun things. Trust me, this is great stuff; I can't wait to start running it. You'll want to tune in every day to grab the latest installment, it's a GIMP exclusive.

    Call your friends, wake the neighbors, but whatever you do, don't miss this one!

    Monday, October 14th 2013 - 04:10:20 PM

    Name: Robin Veeder
    E-mail address:

    Normally I lurk and watch. I'm an old friend and contributor to RICK- in his long time gone awesomeness!! I almost had a heart attack today to hear that MASTER SILVIO! - had something up his sleeve!

    HE is the Greatest!!! Cartoon GIMPER of ALL Time!!

    Ralphus! I'm Waiting! - With -Panting! and COPD! - Type- Breath. SILVIO WAS THE ULTIMATE! CARTOON! ARTIST!

    Monday, October 14th 2013 - 06:13:45 PM

    Name: Daniel
    E-mail address:

    I may have stated my answers to the "do it for me" question before, but there is much more to it. During the time when "Blakemore" was HOT, so was the LA Free Press, Pussycat theaters, all the small "nude photo" studios, Darke Brothers.

    Maybe it is not fair to compare what we had then against what is being offered now. Then we had folks who put all they had into whatever 'Adult" venture they were in. Now it seems as though very little "THOUGHT" is given to the venture or its 'audience' (we, us, GIMPERS).

    "Where's the BEEF"?

    Monday, October 14th 2013 - 07:23:20 PM

    Name: Dezco (RingDivas)
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:


    Thank you for the feedback it is much appreciated. First thing is that I would be sure to watch Abducted once you get it and see if it has any resolutions to the issues that you've posed. It is quite different then what we have done in the past. Responses to your feedback below.

    1) Let the girl suffer, when you hit, shock or abuse her, it's OK to let us see her reactions to the pain, to watch her gasping for air, and see the suffering on her face, sometimes even for a couple of minutes. You guys do a lot of belly punching, if most girls (men for that matter) were really hit in the stomach hard, it would take them a few minutes, not seconds to recover.

    Noted we will definitely keep this in mind.

    2) As an extension of point one, in realistic interrogations and beating, the victims would occasionally lose consciousness. While I'm not a 20 minutes of no reaction "rag doll" fan, a victim passing out and being revived terrorized with a bucket of cold water is very realistic and would add a lot to your movies.

    Actually just about all of our films feature loss of consciousness. Its pretty much the M.O. for the Girls of War series going from one setup to the other.

    3) It also wouldn't hurt to have some "dungeon" sequences, a victim is interrogated or tortured and then thrown in a cold cell and left on a mattress trembling in the fetal position, perhaps even broken and crying. I thought one of the best Girls of War scenes was in Sayuri Blood Chronicles was when Sayuri was hanging AOH, and trembling uncontrollably, fearful of every touch. I know you want most of your characters to be tough. But GIMP should also include some victims who are broken and realize their helplessness.

    Hmmmm... dungeon sequences. I think that points more to the subject of the film. If we ever did make a film where a dungeon would make sense we will be sure to keep this suggestion in mind. Although, my personal opinion is there's so much of that style of content already available. Not sure we would go that route.. On featuring the heroine in a broken state, we will be sure to work on that.

    4) Mix it up. A girl strapped spread eagle on a table can be a legit torture scene. It's also OK to have a girl strapped face down to take a whipping or caning on her back side. I LOVE stomach punches and be no means am I suggesting you stop them. I'm just saying to try some different stuff, for instance water torture (holding a head underwater is something easily faked and can look realistic with just a bit of acting chops. Sometimes I get the feeling watching your movies that you guys get a bit lazy on your scenarios.

    Girls of War Episode 1 actually featured very different positions. At least that's what we were going for. We actually got a ton of positive feedback when it came to trying something different in that regard. As far as waterboarding, whipping or caning. We (since Girls of War 3) have selected the methods of destruction via fan feedback. Which is probably the cause for your feedback. We did this extensively on Girls of War Episode 1. As a matter of fact on the product page it listed some of the most common requests. We're up for shooting what you've mentioned but with the time span we are working with we opt to shoot what the general audience is looking to see.

    In all honesty, I can't remember ever having received more then a handle full of requests for waterboarding. And we've been at this for a while. If it "appears" that we are being lazy on our scenarios I would venture to guess it is because we cater to the same general audience we have been catering to for the last ten years. Fans that like wrestling as well as the films featuring talents from our roster. Since they are wrestling fans they aren't that interested in seeing someone sitting there for long without something happening to them. Trust me we get e-mails about matches being too "slow paced". But I do see your point and we will definitely keep it in mind.

    5) One other thought. A girl victim is a lot less likely to be in fear of a little "girly man" interrogator. Be sure that the antagonizers tower over the victim, keeping them off platforms, and out of heels adds a lot more to the perception of a helpless victim than a girl towering over her interrogator In other words, you guys have some great stuff but it can be a lot better with just a bit more effort and thought.

    Noted although Demon Machine is here to stay and he isn't that tall. lol. On a personal note an interrogator that is demented rather than physically impressive looking (from a height standpoint) offers a bit more realism in my eyes. Noted on the platforms.


    Monday, October 14th 2013 - 08:01:41 PM

    Name: A Canadian
    Homepage URL:

    Since this place is going to be heavily visited by GIMPers and their friends and neighbors over the next few days, I figure it's the perfect time to post my latest review.

    Title: The Ground of a Foreign Country - Group Assault (HTMS-026)

    Starring: Arisu Suzuki, Nachi Kurosawa and Sayoko Katagiri

    Produced by: Fa-Pro

    Running time: 95 minutes

    The Japanese porn film, The Ground of a Foreign Country - Group Assault, can be easily reviewed without wasting a lot of words on plot. Simply, it's the story of three female prisoners of war who are each gang raped in segments that are all quite similar. It's no more elaborate than it sounds.

    It is remarkably effective, though. The film depicts violations and humiliations with a gleeful brutishness that really works.

    Arisu Suzuki, Nachi Kurosawa and Sayoko Katagiri (pictured below, in that order) are the three victims. While they would never be mistaken for runway models, they're sufficiently attractive for a film of this nature and each delivers an excellent performance. The mostly older-looking villains are also quite strong.

    The movie starts off with some consensual business that can be easily skipped. At about the 20 minute mark, soldiers on a battlefield are seen marching a number of shabbily dressed women to a prisoners' cell. The prisoners are next seen huddled together in their cell. Some military men enter the cell to check out the women. They select cute and slender Arisu Suzuki (sometimes credited as Alice Suzuki) as their first victim. She is marched out of the cell and taken to another room.

    Arisu is ordered to strip and removes everything except her dirty-looking shoes and socks. Once undressed, she gets fondled by a rather weathered older soldier while five other soldiers watch. Little Arisu looks mortified as the molester plays with her breasts and strokes her pussy.

    One guy dips his hand in a bucket of water and then rubs Arisu's pussy to clean it up. The soldier who was fondling Arisu pulls his dick out of his pants and makes Arisu stroke him. Arisu is then pushed onto her knees to suck the guy's cock. The villain grabs Arisu's head and forces her to swallow all of his large member, which makes Arisu gag and drool.

    Arisu is lifted back to her feet and is forced to provide some make-out sessions with the soldiers. After some tongue tangling with one guy, Arisu is passed along to the next villain, with the receiving soldier grabbing Arisu's head and pressing his face into hers.

    Each guy grabs Arisu's head as he forces kisses on her. As Arisu swaps tongues with one villain after another, various guys fondle her body, including her tits and ass.

    Once the kissing is done, the weathered-looking older guy embraces naked Arisu in a tight hug. He is positively beaming as he caresses Arisu's back and tells her the men are going to gang rape her. Arisu is lifted onto a wooden table with a green blanket on it and is forced to lie on her back as two guys pin down her arms.

    Surrounded by the audience of soldiers, Arisu's legs are spread apart and a villain licks her pussy. Arisu's lips tremble and her back arches as her twat is loudly slurped.

    The guy who was eating Arisu drops his pants and boxers and penetrates Arisu, as Arisu whimpers and gasps. When Arisu is rocking, the furniture's knocking -- the wooden table shakes and creaks as Arisu is pounded. One of the soldiers observing the fun leans close to the action, flashing a large, sinister smile as he watches Arisu get nailed.

    The guy raping Arisu forces kisses on the prisoner and licks her neck and face. He also sucks petite Arisu's small tits.

    After he cums inside Arisu, the grinning rapist gets face to face with Arisu. Arisu grits her teeth and grimaces as the fiend tells her how much he loved riding her.

    A second guy prepares to rape Arisu. He stands to the side of Arisu's head and forces her to suck his dick. With Arisu's arms still being pinned to the table, two soldiers holding Arisu's legs pull them apart so she is in a spread-eagle position as the second guy slams her.

    Rapist No. 2 also ejaculates inside Arisu and a wad of cum seeps out after the villain withdraws.

    Arisu is lifted off the table and made to kneel in front of a third guy, who she is forced to blow. Arisu is then moved back to the table, lying on her stomach, with soldiers holding her arms and legs apart. She gets tapped while lying on her front for a decent period of time. Arisu is then turned onto her back and the third guy finishes his business missionary style, roaring loudly as he climaxes. The spent villain lies on top of Arisu and grabs her head to force her to lock lips with him. After he withdraws, another load of cum oozes from Arisu's pussy.

    Arisu, still naked except for her socks and shoes, is returned to the jail cell, where she is thrown to the floor. Various prisoners help Arisu get back into her clothes as the soldiers select their next victim, pretty Nachi Kurosawa.

    As in the first sequence, Nachi is taken to the other room and ordered to strip. But Nachi ain't your typical malnourished PoW. The curvy cutie with the cherubic face removes layers of clothing to reveal some amazing -- and natural -- J-cup breasts. Once her clothes are doffed, Nachi is forced to spread her legs and a bucket of water is used to clean her pussy. Nachi is then forced to French kiss a solider and stroke his dick.

    Nachi is pushed down to her knees to perform blow jobs on three soldiers. The villains grab Nachi's head and force her to swallow their cocks. Nachi grunts and drools as her mouth is stuffed. One guy holds Nachi's head firmly in place as she is forced to take all of his dick, and Nachi chokes and gasps for air when she is finally released.

    The villains move Nachi onto the table on her hands and knees. A soldier takes Nachi doggie style as the others watch. One guy moves in to plant deep kisses on Nachi as Nachi is getting bonked, while the violator fondles Nachi's huge breasts. The guy slamming Nachi also plants kisses on her.

    The villains get Nachi on her back, arms pinned down, and she is ready for more violations. Two guys take turns raping Nachi missionary style, as their friends keep Nachi's arms pinned to the table. Nachi's jumbo knockers bounce back and forth as she is plowed and Nachi looks credibly distraught.

    Once again, the rapes include the villains licking Nachi's face and neck and one guy forces her to kiss him. The fiends also enjoy fondling Nachi's big boobs.

    One guy decides to get in Nachi's face, so to speak. He drops his drawers and makes Nachi (who is still lying on the table) suck his dick. As Nachi blows the guy, another rapist starts fucking Nachi, causing Nachi to let out some muffled groans from her stuffed mouth.

    A second guy approaches Nachi's face for some mouth action. In his case, though, he alternates between getting his dick sucked and bending down for some slobbering tongue swapping. He goes back and forth a few times between blow jobs and French kisses. When he's done, another guy steps up to Nachi's face and does the same thing.

    The oral action ends but Nachi continues to get violated by one guy and then another. Nachi lets out soft cries as she is pumped. By the time the second guy finishes, Nachi is climaxing and her pussy is madly quivering while the guy comes inside her. The guy withdraws and a load of jizz streams out of Nachi as she continues to tremble, gasping for air.

    The action jumps to a closeup of Nachi's face as she is standing naked with her hair mussed. Different soldiers proceed to take turns making out with Nachi, with each guy grabbing her head as tongues are swapped.

    The soldiers march Nachi back into the prisoners' cell, where the naked beauty is tossed to the floor like used-up trash. The soldiers then select their next victim, Sayoko Katagiri.

    Sayoko is another lady who doesn't quite fit the Schindler's List stereotype. She's a full-figured MILF with enormous boobies and big nipples.

    At this point, the film takes a bit of a detour. Sayoko is taken up some stairs to a new room for some exclusive one-on-one action with one of the soldiers. Sayoko is ordered to strip and squat over a bucket of water to clean her own pussy. The action that follows is typical. The soldier kisses Sayoko and gets a blow job, and ultimately has his way with her missionary style on a bed.

    The one-on-one guy is understandably wowed by Sayoko's fun bags and spends a good deal of time slurping on those huge jugs. He rides Sayoko until he finishes by cumming in her pussy. Sayoko quivers as cum streams out of her vagina.

    A fully dressed Sayoko is brought back to the main violation room by the soldier, who meets up with his five buddies. Sayoko, whose attire includes a coat and scarf, is forced to strip a second time. Her pussy is washed with water from the bucket and Sayoko is laid down on her back on the table, with two guys pinning her arms.

    The violation starts with one guy forcing Sayoko to lean her head back over the edge of the table to swallow his cock. The guy tugs on Sayoko's head and fondles her jugs as Sayoko is royally face-fucked. As he continues to get blown, the villain leans forward to suck on Sayoko's mammoth mammaries. The villain also forces kisses on Sayoko.

    That same guy goes to the other side of the table to penetrate Sayoko, whose arms remain pinned. Sayoko does some nice yelping as the fiend pounds away. The villain lets out a rebel yell when he climaxes. As Sayoko continues to yelp, the rapist leans forward to lick her neck and to enjoy more fondling and sucking of Sayoko's large boobs.

    A second guy drops his pants and undies, spits on Sayoko's pussy, and sticks his cock in Sayoko.

    There's more great yelping from Sayoko as she is nailed. After he finishes, the smiling violator lets Sayoko know he had fun and forces Sayoko to kiss him.

    The first rapist returns for another blow job, once again pulling on Sayoko's head as he fucks her mouth. The deep throat action makes Sayoko gag and cough. When that's done, a third rapist lines up to take Sayoko missionary style. Sayoko's yelps become squeals and her huge tits bounce around as she is drilled.

    After he finishes, the rapist drops forward to suck Sayoko's tits as Sayoko trembles. The villain grabs Sayoko's head, lifts it off the table and pushes his slobbering tongue into her mouth. The rapist withdraws and, once again, a wad of cum flows out of Sayoko's quivering pussy.

    Similar to Nachi's segment, Sayoko's humiliation wraps up with Sayoko being forced to French kiss one soldier after another.

    The movie concludes with each lady -- fully dressed -- being taken to a warehouse-like area for some unhappy endings. One by one, each woman has to kneel down and place her hands behind her head. A soldier shoots each lady in the back of the head. Nachi does a particularly good job shaking with fright just before she is killed.

    My grade: A

    The screenplay may not do much for the GIMP Writers' Group but this is my kind of film. It has great production values without looking glossy -- in fact, the villains and victims have dirt stains on them and look grungy. And the GIMP scenes are credible and sexually charged. There's nothing phony about the rapes (no reverse cowgirls or similar silliness) and there's a healthy emphasis on crushing each woman's dignity as the victims are debased by the lecherous (yet well-endowed) older men.

    The Ground of a Foreign Country - Group Assault is probably an acquired taste but I highly recommend it.

    Monday, October 14th 2013 - 08:56:13 PM

    Name: Howie

    New Silvio Dante Artwork!!!! Hell fucking ya!! Time to dust off my old Drawing Palace folder and get ready to add some new material to it after all these years.

    Absolutely LOVE your artwork Silvio! What a treat!


    Monday, October 14th 2013 - 09:17:37 PM

    Name: Howie

    Also, that's a hell of an offer Arcas. I wish there was something I could request, but I don't know if there's anything you've been generous enough to share on the web that I haven't already added to my Arcas collection. (-_^)


    Monday, October 14th 2013 - 09:21:00 PM

    Name: Bill K.

    Great terrific news about Silvio Dante and I posted at the Stakedamsels forum about this Gimp event. May I or other Gimpers copy and post these new Silvio Dante artworks at other sites Ralphus and Mr. Dante? I want to be sure it's OK before I do. I did post the first picture to the SD forum but no more until get the OK. Bill K.

    Tuesday, October 15th 2013 - 12:36:23 AM

    Name: peter_moriarty

    Poll question: It was the visuals that did it for me and the music was actually a plus vs lame dialogue and "fake" gag sounds. The music makes it more surreal.

    I think a mix might be best though. Well acted lead in and filler scenes with music only capture or torment scenes. Like they did in the movie "Striking Distance" (Little red riding hood").

    That sort of thing.


    Tuesday, October 15th 2013 - 01:44:37 AM

    Name: BP

    Can the Gimpers keep their attention for 30 days???????

    I hope you stay healthy to keep it up.

    Tuesday, October 15th 2013 - 09:15:23 AM

    Name: Cannon
    Homepage URL:

    Been a while... mostly into writing as it's the only medium where you can get EXACTLY what you want. On the poll question... they still do it despite their faults.

    The first time I saw them was on 42nd Street in the early 80's was when the city still didn't allow private viewing booths so you couldn't do anything naughty. It was like being in a pinball arcade, except you had your face in the viewer slot, and a hand in your pocket.

    Thankfully the next time I went back, private booths were installed everywhere, and you could watch a lot of the stuff before you decided whether it was worth purchasing.

    When I first got my own copies on VHS in TO at $90 a tape, I made my own duplicates and re-dubbed the music using tracks from Goblin, the electronic group that scored many of Dario Argento's early horror flics.

    It would be interesting to know how the victims actually sounded during filming? what were they saying, how loud were they screaming? The other thing no "live" sound implies is that the action is NC because they don't dare let the viewer hear what's actually being said while she's be tortured. In some of the later HOM full-length movies, it's the acting and script that lessen the tension.

    One of the other things that makes the HOM loops standout are the stage sets Blackmore and company used to set the mood. Many of the sets were malevolent, which is not the case with much of the stuff done today.

    Thirty days of Dante... thank you for the effort and pics... and for the memory exercise you've given us.

    The above link will take you to a 50 minute Russian film that sees a cute young blonde being captured and interrogated by soldiers. While it's not as intense as a HOM loop, it's very well done with a deserted farm house location and realistic 'acting' by the victim as well as her interrogators. Anybody out there understand Russian?

    Be Well

    Tuesday, October 15th 2013 - 02:05:09 PM

    Name: Elkcreek
    E-mail address:

    Canadian, thanks for the excellent review of the Fapo flick. Sadly while the first girl does it for me, the rest, not so much. As a rule multi girl flicks don't fulfill my personal fantasy needs. I'm probably unique in that regard. Give me one victim, I'm a lot happier.

    Dezco, THANKS much for your reply and consideration of my ideas, three quick notes that may clear up some misunderstanding. What I meant by "dungeon scene" probably could better be explained by a "cell scene". In other words torture the victim for a period then throw her battered, exhausted, body in to a miserable cold cell where she is left shivering and helpless. From what I've seen this works great.

    As far as girls losing consciousness, I realize you have used that before in several of your Heroine Destruction series. But what you haven't done much of is scenes where the girl is immediately revived, either by cold water (from a bucket) or smelling salts. One of the best scenes in ISOYG2 (everyone should watch this flick for mainstream GIMP ideas), is when Jemma is awakened startled when cold water is thrown on her naked body. Cali or Sayuri would look great in a bra and panties experiencing the same thing.

    As far as water torture I was speaking particularly of dunking the victims head in water and holding it under in a tub of some kind. With the victims hands tied behind her back these scenes can be very effective. With a girl emerging coughing and gasping for breath. Waterboarding is an OK idea, but to me covering the face hurts the GIMP value

    For the record, I love that you have added more realistic Electro torture to your list of effects. "Wiring the girl up" has GREAT GIMP value, no doubt. Using electrodes on a girl tied down on a table spread eagle would be a great scene too. The helplessness of the victims in these scenes is a great effect.

    Tuesday, October 15th 2013 - 03:50:13 PM

    Name: Nightposter
    Homepage URL:

    I still have Blakemore photo sets and vids lurking around here somewhere. loved them, especially the Renee Baker sets! My only wish is that the negatives still survive and someday, high quality scans could be made available...

    Tuesday, October 15th 2013 - 05:28:53 PM

    Name: Arcas
    Homepage URL:

    Flintstone: Well I've done a lot of pics with fantasy heroines... and a lot of images with Trolls... but based on your description I'm guessing this might be the image in question?

    Tuesday, October 15th 2013 - 07:19:13 PM

    Name: Scout
    E-mail address:


    What is your opinion of the old silent bondage loops, like those made by Blakemore? If you've seen any, do they "do it" for you, or is the fact that there's only music over the visuals lessen them for you and make them seem too dated?

    I love the old silent bondage loops. The ladies of those old films played the DID better than today's modern ladies.

    Tuesday, October 15th 2013 - 09:40:38 PM

    Name: Tim
    E-mail address:

    My first exposure to bondage videos back in the 70s were those small booths in adult book stores, the ones you feed quarters into and a short movie played on a loop. To see those women come to life after years of static pictures...I was in heaven! And of course they were primarily H.O.M. clips, which started my love affair with Blakemore's work.

    Tuesday, October 15th 2013 - 09:43:26 PM

    Name: Flintstone

    To Arcus: That's a nice one, but the series I'm referring to has an older and younger warrior (seems to be a Xena type relationship), and the older one has to give a BJ to a large troll to keep the younger one off a red hot spanish horse. There is a witch in the story also.

    Tuesday, October 15th 2013 - 10:53:41 PM

    Name: BP

    Is there an archive of Drawing Palace art anywhere?

    You would think someone would have bought them out to post on another pay site.

    I guess if we weren't stealing the stuff so much in the early days of the internet they would have stayed in business.

    You figure Dante had some other art he did and I wouldn't mind finding the original posts of Tim Richards.

    Some of us have retirement income to waste now and then.

    Tuesday, October 15th 2013 - 11:37:16 PM

    Name: Arcas
    Homepage URL:

    Flintstone: I think I know the series that you're talking about, but it's not my art. I don't really have anything that fits that description.

    Tuesday, October 15th 2013 - 11:49:09 PM

    Name: Bill K.

    Today's picture: "To the stake with the sows" - I hope that means what I think it means. "Bats". I know Dante did a lot of fiery peril artwork such as spit roasting and other fiery torture but a traditional medieval type bats I don't recall seeing one. Ralphus or Silvio Dante is that true? Bill K.

    Wednesday, October 16th 2013 - 12:45:35 AM

    Name: Ralphus
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Catching up on a few posts...

    A Canadian: Thank you so much for your comprehensive review of The Ground of a Foreign Country - Group Assault. You came up with quite a few creative terms to describe the girls being raped...nailed, slams, tapped, plowed, rides, drilled...I'll bet your Thesaurus was working overtime for this one. Seriously, great job, and I know the FA-Pro people make about the best rape videos I've ever seen, although my favorite ones are their movies that combine electro-torture along with the rape scenes. I like to have a mix, but I guess none of that this time. Still looks like a worthwhile DVD to check out.

    The direct link for your latest review is in my Homepage URL above.


    Nightposter wrote:

    I still have Blakemore photo sets and vids lurking around here somewhere. loved them, especially the Renee Baker sets! My only wish is that the negatives still survive and someday, high quality scans could be made available...

    Another "Notable Guest" returns! Good to see you here again. As far as the photo sets, we do have the huge Chadscan collection, which were scanned directly off the pages of the magazines. My bigger concern is the quality of the videos, most of which are only available in second or third generation (or worse) VHS prints. I don't know if Cal-Star or HOM still have the masters, or if they are even still around, but some of the copies I've seen are in pretty rough shape. The Erotic Perversions series, which Blakemore acknowledges is his best work, is almost impossible to find in a sharp print. Those still are some of the best and most nastiest bondage ever put on film, which is why preserving that old footage is so important.


    BP wrote:

    Is there an archive of Drawing Palace art anywhere? You would think someone would have bought them out to post on another pay site.

    There's a whole lot fewer bondage artwork sites out there now. Quite a few of the really nasty ones like Torture Drawing and Drawing Palace have closed up shop. The 2 big ones I know of are DoFantasy and BDSMArtwork, both of which we link to. Are there any I'm leaving out?


    Bill K: Sorry, no actual BATS in this series, but you can look forward to at least one panel of some awesome burning torture upcoming. As usual, Dante mixes in quite a good variety of vile and brutal treatments for his female victims in this story. Stay tuned.

    Wednesday, October 16th 2013 - 02:07:51 AM

    Name: dalpass

    What a wealth of material! Arcas and Silvio Dante? YES, please, I say!

    Arcas: Please do post the rest of your series. Kudos for picking 912 as a centerpiece. I am a big fan of her performances (she does not get nearly the credit she deserves), as I am of your work.

    Bill K: Based on Silvio Dante's other works, I would suspect that the 'stakes' in question are not for BATS, but for impalement, and other nasty stuff. Let's see.

    Fritz: You are selling your Poser works short, sir. They are not as easy to find as you think, and they hold their own as against a lot of the work out there. Based on the small sample you provided almost a month ago, it seems your renders are rather interesting. I hope you post more, or let us know where we can find them.

    Poll question: I say the Blakemores are timeless. Much like a classic car, they can never be too dated. They still 'do it'. I have often wondered why no one has thought of re-dubbing them, with voices and sound. That would take them over the top.

    Wednesday, October 16th 2013 - 02:56:11 AM

    Name: Louis Grande
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Hi fellow gimpers,

    This new series looks like it's going to be great. I'm going to have to make a real effort to come on at least once day while the series lasts.


    Wednesday, October 16th 2013 - 03:54:56 AM

    Name: esso
    Homepage URL:


    The artwork you refer to with the two heroines and the troll is done by Killy. I posted that and four other samples here a month(?)or so ago. As I said at the time his work is terrific and not well known. His free web pages can be found at the URL above. The story you refer to is titled Red Ella but don't miss the others.

    Wednesday, October 16th 2013 - 09:06:58 AM

    Name: Lynn
    E-mail address:

    This in response to the comment "Maybe it is not fair to compare what we had then against what is being offered now. Then we had folks who put all they had into whatever 'Adult" venture they were in. Now it seems as though very little "THOUGHT" is given to the venture or its 'audience' (we, us, GIMPERS)."

    The difference between "then" and "now", is the easy technical availability of piracy.

    To make a decent looking film takes a certain amount of investment; now, I believe there are plenty of people who would gladly make that investment; but, at the end of the day, they need to get their investment back. That doesn't happen if at best 10% of the people who see a film actually buy it in some way.

    The alternative is making a film on zero budget; so, skip script writing, skip setting up scenes, skip editing, in fact skip everything involved in Production.

    Now the "director" just gets a room and a couple of porno models and tells them, "Just take your clothes off and do whatever comes 'natural."

    And he tells the cameraman, "Listen, we are paying these overpriced bimbos by the hour, so as soon as they start getting the clothes off turn on the camera and don't turn it off until the hour's up and they start putting their clothes back on."

    And then 'presto', a one hour 'movie' ready for sale. Of course, it's total garbage, but since if even just 25 people actually buy it, the 'investment' is recouped, it worked!

    How to beat that, I really don't know. I just hope for all the best for Pachamama Films, if Amy Hesketh makes it work, all honor to her.

    Wednesday, October 16th 2013 - 09:54:33 AM

    Name: TRG

    My review of Punished 6 is coming tomorrow.

    Wednesday, October 16th 2013 - 10:03:06 AM

    Name: Flintstone

    To esso: You're right, thanks for the help, although I do like Arcas' work also, Killy was what I was looking for. Sad when one's mind is lost like that. :)

    Wednesday, October 16th 2013 - 10:21:01 AM

    Name: Silvio Dante

    Glad to know this comic story, done in the Prince Valiant style, is appreciated. It was produced in 2007, little knowing the end of Drawingpalace was months away.

    What are BATS?

    Silvio Dante

    Wednesday, October 16th 2013 - 04:11:41 PM

    Name: YikYakker

    Silvio Dante: Yes, we do appreciate an entire story told over the course of a month. Thanks for this contribution.

    BATS means "burning at the stake". Bill K. is one of our most avid (if not the most avid) fan of this scenario. But he also enjoys anything that involves "fiery peril."

    As for me, I favor whipping and rack torture.

    Wednesday, October 16th 2013 - 05:12:36 PM

    Name: Ralphus
    E-mail address:

    Silvio Dante: Bats are scary-looking flying mammals with webbed wings who are often seen around Halloween and occasionally suck people's blood.

    No wait, those are "bats".

    BATS is an acronym for Burning At The Stake. Yeah, I know YikYakker already answered you, but I wanted an excuse to post this picture of Rosaleen Young.


    (Bill K isn't the only burning fan around here)

    Wednesday, October 16th 2013 - 05:26:21 PM

    Name: Bill K.

    YikYakker said: "...he also enjoys anything that involves "fiery peril."

    I look at spit roasting over an open fire, which Dante created several terrific great spit roast artworks like that, as horizontal BATS. The witch or any women victims are being tortured and burned alive, dying the same way regardless if it's BATS or a spit roast.

    Sorry about the mix up Mr. Dante, I look forward to all your posted artworks for next 30 days or so regardless if there's fiery peril or not but fiery peril is my main thing.

    You may what to visit:

    for more detailed information if you're curious on anything related to BATS artwork. You'll have to join but it's free and lot of your artwork is there, too. The home page of this site is:

    for general information without joining too. Bill K.

    Wednesday, October 16th 2013 - 08:15:37 PM

    Name: YikYakker

    A Canadian: Thanks for your eloquent review of The Ground of a Foreign Country - Group Assault.

    I think my favorite phrase from the review - whether it comes from your fertile mind or the thesaurus - is gleeful brutishness. Can't get enough of movies, I mean.

    As for the three ladies, I must compliment them on leaving their bodies utterly devoid of tattoos (at least, none that I can see). Seems like it shouldn't be such a big deal, but I've become so weary of seeing beautiful female bodies despoiled by ink.

    But then, I grew up during a time when tattoos were only seen on sailors.

    Wednesday, October 16th 2013 - 09:15:25 PM

    Name: YikYakker

    Ralphus: You don't need an excuse to post a picture of Rosaleen Young. Any old time will do. ;)

    Wednesday, October 16th 2013 - 09:18:00 PM

    Name: Darkroom
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Ralphus and Bill K; the lady on the stake being consumed by fire is a fine sight, but I can think of 101 things I would do to her before lighting the kindling! Dante's work is great, though I dare say, it's too soon for the axe.

    Thursday, October 17th 2013 - 10:31:18 AM

    Name: TRG

    Review: Punished 6

    Episode 1

    Lori Waverly starts it off, wearing a diaphanous, somewhat virginal dress that goes below the knee. She comes across a place where bondage equipment is lying about, and fantasizes about being tied up in it.

    In the first scene, Lori lies down to examine some bondage gear, along with a small dildo, lying next to a post. Cut to her lying on her back, in only her black string bikinis, wearing a triple-strap crotch harness, her wrists cuffed behind her back. Her neck is fastened to the post by a short rope attached to a leather collar. Nice, pillowy tits, there, Lori. What do you want to bet that dildo got turned on and slid up her pussal cavity before the harness got strapped on? No way she's getting out of that one.

    Back in her dress, with that fantasy over, Lori notices a pair of leather wrist cuffs hanging from an overhead pipe. After a nod to her crotch, she strolls over to reach up and grab it with both hands. Dissolve to her in the cuffs, suspended from the pipe, with her thighs and ankles strapped together. Her toes can ba-a-a-rely touch the ground. A bit into her protestations, crotch rope is thrown in for no extra charge. Again, she's only in her black panties. A bit after that, a slight adjustment suspends her calves off the ground -- kind of a vertical Flying Wallenda.

    Recovering from that fantasy, Lori backs up against the post and closes her eyes with a dreamy look on her face. Oh boy, you think, this one's going to be good. But when the scene fades, that's it. Done.

    Lori looks luscious here. She's one of those women who is prettier than she looks at first glance -- a stealth hottie. She dyed her hair black, which looks really good, too. There's a running theme in Blakemore's work, of innocents abducted and abused. Another theme is, innocent on the outside, pervert on the inside. That one's Lori.

    Grade: B

    Episode 2

    I don't know the name of this infrequently used model, so I called her G1 (Girl 1). She has all the goods, except for her unfortunate 1980s hair-do. That was probably the worst decades in history for women's hair styles. Just watch a "Matlock" re-run if you don't believe me.

    She backs into a corner, afraid of someone (us?), wearing a strapless, below-the-knee dress. When she gets Eiffel Towered, guess what's gonna happen to the top of her dress, even with gazongas like that holding it up? It's gravity vs. dress, and Isaac Newton wins. Out pops a bountiful set of mammaries that she is mortified we can see. Just mortified.

    Cut to her in the same position, sans dress. Wowza! If you're not sure what a statuesque body is, look no further. This gal is loaded. And she's a dancer! Her let-me-out-of-here dance is just fabulous.

    Then a crotch rope gets added. What's this? She's trying to bite the rope off? How cute! One of the Blakemore Basic Rules (they always have heels on, they are never barefoot) gets violated, but she stays on her toes the whole time, wiggling that luscious shape in ways you might not have thought a woman's body can wiggle.

    Brief cut to a suspended vertical spread-eagle, quickly followed by an inverted spread-eagle shown in a video montage from two points of view. I don't know if this was intentional, or a mistake in the production of my copy of the video, but it takes two shots that were great in themselves, lays them on top of each other, and ruins both of them. It's especially disappointing when the setup shifts to her being upside down and entirely naked.

    In the final scene, she's lying on the floor, gagged, arms pulled upwards, and her ankles fastened to a post. She's still nude. The camera pans, but avoids her mid-section. Now we're upright again, Eiffel Tower, nude, but not one bush shot. Fade.

    Aside from the montage, this episode was way too short. We have a model who is B-U-I-L-T and knows how to move it, but we don't get enough. Oh, well, we got some.

    Grade: B

    Episode 3

    Karen Arthur lies on a bed in a pink baby doll and matching panties, reading HOM bondage magazines. She seems to be wearing the big black wig that Sharon Montgomery wears a lot. Reveling in her femaleness, Karen stretches her right leg upward to give us a really nice, long-lasting crotch shot -- pantied, but we still say thank you..

    Picking up the theme of Episode 1, Karen fantasizes about being tied up, based on the pictures she sees in the magazines.

    Admiring a model who looks quite like herself ("Private Room" from Strict, Vol. 1, Num. 7), Karen immediately finds herself standing up and wearing only her panties, hands bound in front of her, crotch rope in place, thighs and ankles tied together. A taut noose around her neck keeps her from wiggling around too much. She shortly gets switched to AOH with a crotch rope.

    Back to the bed and the nightie, Karen admires a pictorial titled, "In Training", with Carolyn Clarke (Karen's other stage name). In only her pink panties and heels, she's tied AOH with one leg hiked up about that high, too. She bounces around on the one foot that's on the ground. Relieved from that predicament, her ankles are tied to a post, still AOH, and a thick crotch rope has been added. Finally, she gets put into a vertical FW. Because one leg is on each side of the post, she can't flip herself over.

    Back on the bed, Karen gives us another leg-lifting crotch shot. Thank you very much, Karen. She's looking at a pictorial titled, "The Proof", with Pamela Trenton. That yanks Karen's fantasy back to the panties/heels costume, tied to a swivel chair with a crotch rope running straight up to the ceiling. She spends a good bit of time rubbing her nipples against the rope. Why? Because it feels good. Just look at her face.

    That goes on for a while, and you start drumming our fingers on the table in front of you, but the wait is worth it. Karen gets tied with her hands behind a post, but a crotch rope is pulling her up and away from the post. One part of her body wants to go this way, the other wants to go that way, and her pussy is paying the price. Real simple, real hot.

    Enough fantasizing already! Back on the bed, Karen starts up a ferocious bout of self-pleasuring. Fade.

    As much as I get off on Karen, I don't find this episode to be up to her standard. She is still very pretty, but the downside is we don't get good looks at her amazing figure, and she doesn't seem to be in all that much trouble.

    Grade: B

    Episode 4

    Toni Stern paces in a jail cell, her hands cuffed in front of her, wearing a black long-sleeved top and black mini-skirt. She shrinks from the approach of a Tormentor, who releases her and forces her to remove her skirt and unbutton her top. Fastened AOH, a fine bit of dancing follows.

    Cut now to three quick bondages, dressed in only her underwear. In the first, Toni is tied to a post, some what like Karen Arthur in the previous episode, with straps holding her fast to the post and a crotch rope pulling in the opposite direction. Next, her bra gets unfastened revealing a marvelous pair of tits. Finally, she gets put in more or less the same position, but from sitting in a chair. In all of this, that crotch rope is causing her quite a bit of discomfort. She is definitely not enjoying any of it.

    A Tormentor appears, to stuff a wad of cloth in her mouth, which gets held in place by a leather strap. Her face is tear-streaked. Now for the best bit.

    She's tied standing, arms overhead but apart, ankles free. Her panties fall down as she gyrates, but the kindly Tormentor pulls them back up. Now begins a dance that rivals Sharon Montgomery's rope ride in P1 for its intense eroticism. Her muscular, filled-out body bucks and writhes, hips rotating, crotch thrusting, legs roiling, for 1:42 of sheer wonder. This is what it's all about, folks.

    Back in a chair, ungagged, her legs are fastened high and wide to a spreader bar. Unfortunately, we only see her face and each ankle. The good stuff in the middle is unseen. The look on her face suggests that the stuff in the middle might be getting a reward for her performance, and the pain she put up with. Fade.

    This episode, and her dance, is one of the high points in the Punished series. Toni hasn't gotten the recognition she deserves as one of the top HOM models. I hope this appearance changes that.

    Grade: A+

    Episode 5

    Lori Waverly again, this time really stepping out.

    Lori explores a basement with a flashlight, and comes across a pallet with a pile of rope lying on a folded canvas. She's wearing a long-sleeved blouse and a very short black skirt. She starts fantasizing about being tied up with the rope. Lori gets surprised by someone, and finds herself just as she had imagined, lying on the pallet, her arms tied behind her back, and her ankles tied together. Be careful what you wish for, I guess. This position emphasizes her legs, which are quite shapely, and my, are they long.

    Next, she sits on boxes, her arms tied overhead, and her ankles tied down to a pallet. A rope around her waist ties off behind her to the pallet, and she isn't going anywhere. Did I mention her blouse got unbuttoned? Nice tits! Halfway through this scene, she gets a crotch rope strapped on.

    The scene shifts to Lori standing on the pallet, only in her panties, with a tight crotch rope pulling for all it's worth. A rope around her neck helps keep her balance.

    That's a pretty short scene before we switch to her tied AOH, buck naked, save for her panties, which have slid to mid-thigh and are heading south. Her mouth is gagged with her blouse tied in place by three turns of rope.

    She undulates her panties down to the floor, gingerly steps out of them, and begins her nude let-me-go dance. Not as knee-weakening as Toni's in Episode 4, but we get to appreciate Lori's lovely curves. There is a small irony in this scene, in that a model who will get tied, stripped, whipped, and bare all on camera, has a tan line betraying a modest public one-piece swim suit. I guess it's one thing to be immodest, and another to be improper.

    The final shot shows Lori lying on the pallet, still gagged, still naked, with her knees tied up and widely apart. Lots of potential here, but the camera skips over what we really want to see. Or, the editing skips over it. I'm sure the camera zeroed right in. Only our imagination knows what happened after the filming stopped. Fade.

    The Punished series is full of gorgeous models moving in sensual ways that supercharge your fantasies. They're fantasy models because you know you'll never meet a woman like that, and even if you did, she would never let you do this stuff to her. But Lori is different. You know women like her, you've dated them. She's your girlfriend who said "OK" when you suggested bondage, and found out she likes it. That's why everyone loves Lori. Lori is real.

    Grade: B

    Following the conclusion of Episode 5, there are excerpts from P4 episodes (Blondie, Sharon, Curly).

    Punished 6 has a few good DiD moments, but in general, it doesn't generate a lot of GIMPery. If there had been whipping, this one would have been at the top of the heap. Think Harmony, but with discomfort thrown in, and much prettier models. You should nonetheless have it in your collection. An "OK" Blakemore video is still miles above the rest.

    Overall grade: B

    Pluses: Toni's dance. G1's body; her dancing is pretty hot, too (I wonder if these two girls were professionals?). Lori.

    Minuses: No whipping. No close-ups of cleaved crotches. Was HOM protecting itself from the censors? The background music -- droning organ, and weird electronic stuff. It's not bad for a little while, but after a point it gets tiresome.

    Get it at Search on "punished" and go to page 10 when the screen displays the search results. The version does not offer the Toni Stern episode.

    Thursday, October 17th 2013 - 10:56:17 AM

    Name: A Canadian
    Homepage URL:

    TRG: Nice work once again, this time on the Punished 6 review. It's not hard to see why Episode 4 is the best of the bunch. Thanks for putting the review together.


    Thanks to Elkcreek, Ralphus and YikYakker for the feedback on my latest review. Without a doubt, I may have to consult an urban dictionary before I make another attempt to review a movie with repeated rapes. I do enjoy using the word "tapped," which I picked up from Sloth.

    I'm at an age where I can no longer say with certainty that anything I have written is original. As far as "gleeful brutishness" goes, my sense is the sentiment (if not those exact words) probably came from something Hunter S. Thompson wrote years ago, most likely about Richard Nixon.

    Thursday, October 17th 2013 - 06:01:14 PM

    Name: Bill K.

    Ralphus, I love the new "Click here to burn Amy" advertising gif on Gimp front page. May I ask who created it and maybe you or they could post it Stakedamsels or Pulptoon? Bill K.

    Thursday, October 17th 2013 - 07:14:42 PM

    Name: Bill K.

    Today's picture: So that's the true meaning of handmaiden. Hands on and in the maiden and so what other uses await her? I guessing she soon will not want to be alive. Bill K.

    Friday, October 18th 2013 - 01:33:23 AM

    Name: Coastwizard
    E-mail address:

    Hey YikYakker,

    Thanks for taking the time to respond and for pursuing it for me! Looking forward to hearing the results of your hunt.

    Thanks again!!


    Friday, October 18th 2013 - 10:04:35 AM

    Name: Bunny Bound
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Hi everyone, Bunny here. I must apologies for my lack of posts for the last few months as we have still not recovered from the blow dealt to us by Paypal cancelling on us as our payment provider on the Bunny Bound site. Finding another provider has been incredibly frustrating, especially for Dick, the artist of the Bunny material. It doesn't look like we will be active again until after Christmas, but Dick has told me that there's 'No way in fucking HELL' that he's not going to get the site back up and running. I'm very much looking forward to it too, as we have both worked so hard to create the incredibly unique bondage and severe predicament tortures for it to never be seen by the people it was intended for. Whether it's the grueling hours of photo shoots or the countless hours spent in the studio by Dick, to write and to draw the artwork, it WILL be released someday soon.

    I would like to thank Ralphus from the bottom of my heart for making me a Notable Guest here on the GIMP site! It is an incredible honor that I right now really do not feel worthy of, and I also must apologize for not thanking him sooner. Ralphus, you are truly the best! Thank you again and again! I would also like to thank those of you who have visited the site and have purchased a copy of my first Graphic Novel, 'Bunny Bound, Love Really Hurts,' while it was available...It will be again and so will much more incredible torture stories! The best is yet to come! Thanks a million to everyone! LOVE!

    Friday, October 18th 2013 - 09:15:35 PM

    Name: Ralphus
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Darkroom wrote:

    ...the lady on the stake being consumed by fire is a fine sight, but I can think of 101 things I would do to her before lighting the kindling!

    Well yeah, of course. The nice thing about rape and torture is you can administer them to your victim multiple times, and any variation of such can be fun for you and painful for her. But eventually she'll become too much trouble or you get tired of her or you want to break in a new victim or for whatever reason you just don't want her around anymore...THEN you can burn her at the stake. You save the best for last.


    TRG: Another terrific review of Punished 6. I'm pretty sure I never saw this one, but it was entertaining to read. You must have a lot of fun writing these. Anyone who uses the phrase "pussal cavity" is clearly enjoying his work. I don't know if Blakemore can reveal the name of "G1" (sounds like we're playing Battleship) since a lot of times he only knew the girls by their real names. He sure did cast some beautiful women in his movies, though.

    The direct link to your latest review is in my Homepage URL above.


    And along those same lines, anyone still check out the ZFX Clip of The Week? It's a weekly ritual for me, and this week Rick put up an especially good one. How about Lisa Kinkaid, tied AOH, suspended on one leg and getting whipped? It's from Beyond Driven 2: Evil Man. This is one of those ZFX titles that hasn't get a lot of attention on this forum, but obviously, there's some good stuff in this one.


    Bill K wrote:

    I love the new "Click here to burn Amy" advertising gif on Gimp front page. May I ask who created it and maybe you or they could post it Stakedamsels or Pulptoon?

    It was a group effort. My concept, Margot supplied the vidcaps, my friend Stakedamsels added the flames, and our friend Fritz put the whole thing together, which I understood took multiple hours of work. The plan from the start was always to have it at both our site and at the Stakedamsels forum. I don't know if it's been added there yet, but it would probably get a better response over there, since everyone has the burning fetish on that site. But really, whether you're a burning fan or not, I don't think tossing in 10 bucks to help independent filmmakers reach their goal on a very GIMP-worthy project is too much to ask. They certainly have a good track record, wouldn't you think?

    Friday, October 18th 2013 - 10:06:13 PM

    Name: Bill K.

    Knowing JJ and Amy, Olalla is more just one BATS scene and I'm sure it's chock full of Gimp erotic delights like whippings, raping, painful bondage, more whippings and other surprise tortures too. So Gimpers please give to lovely Amy's Please Burn Me cause because remember she has to be tenderized (whipped and tortured) before she's cooked at the stake. Bill K.

    Saturday, October 19th 2013 - 12:49:35 AM

    Name: Candleheat1001
    E-mail address:

    Is there any way to catch up on previous Dante panels? I missed one.

    Saturday, October 19th 2013 - 09:59:52 AM

    Name: MAV
    Homepage URL:

    For those who were waiting for the release of my AOH torture custom with Candleboxxx, it is officially out at:

    A link to a short preview is at the youtube link above. It's mostly bellypunching but there is some whip and taser action as well.

    Saturday, October 19th 2013 - 12:39:18 PM

    Name: Thomas Chaser
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Giving a shout-out to Max Coxxx for cruxing both Olive and Allie James (two different clips - not at the same time. But that's not a bad idea. Hint, hint). Great stuff! I love Olive's expressions and she has what I call a classic pin-up "look" to her that I love. Watching her struggle on the cross is a real dream.

    I should also mention Allie James takes a 14-minute turn on the cross as well (still photo linked above). She starts out smiling playfully, but it doesn't take long for her to begin "the dance" - the struggle to relieve the strain on her legs by slumping down, then pulling herself up to relieve the strain on her arms. She struggles well! She has a great body for the position, and it's obvious that she's aroused by the scene. Or maybe that's just a side-effect from being hoisted up like that. Either way, she puts on a great show.

    Check out Max Coxxx's studio on Clips4Sale for these two. At 10 minutes for Olive and 14 minutes for Allie James, it's a good half-hour of entertainment for students of GIMPage.


    Saturday, October 19th 2013 - 12:54:16 PM

    Name: A Canadian
    Homepage URL:

    MAV wrote:

    A link to a short preview is at the youtube link above. It's mostly bellypunching but there is some whip and taser action as well.

    It looks like MAV's custom could be a good one. Candle Boxxx is pretty feisty.

    I wonder if Ms. Boxxx knows that it only takes one visit to the forum to make it into the Notable Guests section?

    Saturday, October 19th 2013 - 02:52:45 PM

    Name: El Wananchi
    Homepage URL:

    Esteemed readership,

    Ralphus has honoured me by uploading another story of mine into the appropriate section of this forum.

    "Peplum" movies (i.e. mainly those about old Romans and Greeks; so called because of the short tunic male characters wear) are plenty of "GIMP situation" opportunities, most of them sadly skipped. In this story, I take the plot in the popular "Gladiator" movie, with Emperor Commodus facing a Senatorial conspiracy including his sister, Lucilla Augusta (actually a historical fact). Only that, instead of lamely threatening her with killing his nephew (an action I am sure most of the readership would consider of extremely bad taste) he tries to frame the Senator leader by abducting his daughter, a young Roman lady, and persuading her to bear witness against her father. Of course, when she refuses, he resorts to the usual methods; and then, there is a twist.

    In the story, there are both implicit and explicit torture scenes; I have always found implicit scenes quite suggestive. I have of course dropped the fake character of "Maximus", and drawn "Commodus" rather closer to the character by Joaquin Phoenix than to the historical one, which seems to have been quite of a simpleton relying on favourites (though his proficiency at swordplay looks to have been historical fact).

    I sincerely hope you take the time to read it and find it to your liking.

    El Wananchi

    Saturday, October 19th 2013 - 03:58:15 PM

    Name: Rick
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Greetings All,

    Ralphus: Thanks for the shout out and kind words. I believe that scene is from Lisa Kinkaid's first shoot many long moons ago. She did a fantastic job especially for her first time. It was like 110 degrees in the warehouse and we were all nearly passing out from exertion. She was a serious trooper.

    Poll: I think Blakemore's visual work is superlative and the performers remarkably beautiful and well tied. While sound would be great I suppose, I think they can stand on their own merits. It has an underground feel. I like that feel. I like the look of film. I still think a lot of his material is the stick by which B&D movies are measured. I do like the super 8 or 16 films too though. Bittersweet Revenge and the Tourist Trap movies are among my favorites movies period, but there are several silent loops that are too. The Erotic Perversions series come to mind. Sound does add a lot, no doubt about it, but I can still enjoy them plenty without.

    Silvio Dante: Very nice art, thanks for sharing this with us!

    MAV: That gal is incredibly skinny but I dig it. Looks good, how long can that last on youtube hehe? Let's hope a long time! Do me a favor, shoot me an email if you could, I have a question for you. Link above. =) Hopefully you will see this.


    Saturday, October 19th 2013 - 07:06:40 PM

    Name: Blakemore

    Rick: Thank you for the positive observations! It's sort of "weird" to hear things like...I "cast" some beautiful girls because Jeazzzzus my friend, in the early days I was just busting my ass to find girls who would look good tied that I could talk into giving it a try. Then some of the ones who had come to "love what they hated" brought me others. There can NEVER be enough said about the long-term effects on a girl...and what she's willing to allow to be done to her...of getting the "perk" of having her pussy sucked until her head caves in every time she finishes her "work"!

    Remember what the "Pavlov's Dog" experiments proved. The connection between a helpless girl's brain and her pussy is the same thing but you have to "nurture" it by forcing her to come to associate having her breasts and pussy tormented or even TORTURED with pleasure.

    I don't know who gave "Silver"...(real name Kathy)...the name "Toni Stern". Hell, I didn't know that until I read the reviews and since my lengthy reply to everyone's vote on the "poll" isn't finished yet..."Girl-1" IS Toni Stern.

    All of you should get a "kick" out of knowing WHY her nickname as a dancer was "Silver". Dumb-ass me thought that referred to "silver" as in "silver and gold" and the way I found out differently blew my mind.

    After our 2nd or 3rd shoot, I left her kneeling with her knees tied spread wide...wrists tied in front, pulled toward a ring in the wall and a rope around her neck with which I pulled her head far enough back to choke her. Then I slid into her and started a good slow-deep fucking and when I SLAMMED it in the first time...Holy Shit! She started making "horse" noises...shaking her head to make her hair fly like a horse shakes its mane...and "lofting" with her front "legs". (Lofting: A term to describe how horses will rear off their front legs and then slam their hooves back down with their legs stiff.)

    This was utterly astonishing because I'd never even heard of such a thing but the fact that the more savagely I fucked her, the more she struggled and THAT gave me the incentive to reach for my belt and begin to whip her gorgeous ass AS HARD AS I POSSIBLY COULD...(which I rarely if ever, did on camera.) The result was orgasm after orgasm where all I had to do was just keep my cock in her...(which was like trying to ride a bucking horse...NO SHIT!)

    Thereafter...I ALWAYS left Kathy blindfolded...gagged real good and tied kneeling with her knees tied spread and her wrists pulled up in the air behind her back to hold her torso up...(instead of letting her keep her fists on the floor because that first time her knuckles were a bloody-mess from hitting the floor so hard)...while a rope around her throat kept her head pulled back that I could tighten while screwing her to choke her.

    She was a real fighter which you may be able to discern from the pictures accompanying the review of "Punished 4" of her stretched out with just her ass on the chair and a rope slicing her cunt in half. The really GREAT thing about that was that she fucking fought that rope so damn hard her pussy was bleeding by the time I decided I'd better stop her. (Yes...I'd laid the camera down and was just standing there with her boyfriend watching her go crazy from the pain she couldn't stop from inflicting on herself AND SHE WAS NOT GETTING-OFF ON was pure torture any way you cut it. But..."Silver" was one of my best because of THAT BODY and the "issues" in her own head she brought with her that made her struggle and absolutely hate the way I put her into situations where she couldn't stand the pain...but couldn't stop making it happen.

    Somebody PLEASE show everyone the LAST scene in that film where Toni is sitting on the chair with her legs tied up and spread because THERE ARE GREAT CLOSE-UPS of her pussy gushing-out globs of cum! It's real! I...her boyfriend and 3 guys she didn't know...all fucked her and then I filmed her contracting her vaginal muscles to make it gush out! I never filmed anything like that before...WHY I don't know.

    I will NEVER get over having been forced by circumstances involving a potentially SERIOUS problem with "Law Enforcement" to DESTROY pictures and a gazillion videos of my private a video of Karen Arthur hanging upside down with her legs spread going crazier and crazier as the curling iron in her pussy got hotter and hot that when I pulled it out you could hear the "hisssss!" and another "hisssss" when I shoved it back down into her gushing pussy! Her gagged screams would raise a hard-on on a dead man! Or how about watching "Toni Stern" in heels and seamed stockings straddling VERY SHARP spikes that cut her pussy every time she jerked forward in reaction to being so savagely whipped that she also shoved those gorgeous tits onto equally sharp spikes...that penetrated her breasts nearly an inch deep...because she kept REFUSING to suck a few cocks!

    Possibly the most "arousing" thing I EVER put on video was when we finished filming Ann Bruno in one of the "Punished" series where her big breasts are bound with a wire harness and rope to make them swell like they're about to split open. The last scene is of her back in her cell looking down at her aching breasts. What can I say? I and the camera man were so turned-on by her that we didn't even have to talk about it...we just DID IT.

    He held her...I packed her mouth and secured the gag with several wrappings of stretchy "Ace-Bandage"...dragged her back out and hung the poor terrified girl by her wrists with her legs chained out into a painful "Chinese-Splits" that made her pussy gape open.

    Ann was terrified because even without being told, she knew what was coming and that as agonizing as it would be...she knew the agony or how we were going to torture her would make her orgasm before we fucked her senseless and THAT had her so scared she struggled like we were going to kill her...which gave us even more incentive to DO IT!

    THEN...(damn-it I wish you could see this because nobody can make-up things this hot!)...we started eating her pussy...fingering her and using a dildo to make her orgasm. Good? No, "bad girl"...and I ran the 1st of 2 stainless steel B-B-Q skewers through a breast...and so on. Each time we made her cum...she got "punished" by having to watch and FEEL another skewer go through a breast...until she had 2 through each breast to form an "X" and then shoved 1 horizontally through both because...

    When we took her down I tied a small rope to the skewer between her breasts and tied it above her head to force her to stay on her tiptoes...and took turn whipping her legs and breasts until she turned into nothing but a "beautiful female-thing" in so much pain she was so hot she was about to pass-out and let me tell you a secret. When you have your cock in a girl like Ann...and do something to really hurt her breasts or pussy...HER PUSSY CONTRACTS and squeezes your cock like it trying to milk the cum out or you!

    Yeah...I was and still am "an evil man" to do such things but hey...Ann didn't complain after it was over! I could write a fucking book about nothing but the experiences I had with girls OFF CAMERA, many of which were right out of a girl's nightmares of "The Inquisition" with the exception that I kept them in spike heels and looking incredibly sexy as I tortured the hell out of them just because once I got them so hot they crossed "the point of no return"...I COULD DO ANYTHING to them...AND DID!...(as long as it was nothing that wouldn't eventually heal in a few days or weeks.)

    Okay Ralphus...enough thank you Rick...coming from you, your feelings really mean something, not to imply that the comments of others are any the less gratifying.

    Don't get killed or caught!

    Sunday, October 20th 2013 - 07:07:33 PM

    Name: A Canadian

    Blakemore: You have certainly had a very colorful life, with lots of great stories to share.

    Someone who's a deeper thinker than me will have to explain how western society seems more prudish these days, even though "obscene" materials are easier than ever to acquire.

    Monday, October 21st 2013 - 06:30:57 PM

    Name: Fritz

    El Wananchi: Congrats on your latest story. Despite the enlightenment of Ancient Rome, there was enough brutality and perversion back then to make it an ideal setting for GIMP exploits. Good work. I especially enjoyed the unexpected turn of events at the end.

    * * * * * *

    dalpass: A belated thanks for your kind words, but to be honest, I only dabbled in 3D graphics for a few years - until what was supposed to be an innocuous hobby morphed into a continuous source of time-sucking frustration. I never did get the hang of it, and my overall output was both rudimentary and sparse. Still, I've had a few inquiries of late, so I'm posting some stories and random images at my DFN account over the next few days.

    * * * * * *

    Ralphus: Thank-you so much for that unexpected treat, a "lost" Silvio Dante story. I do hope the many positive comments here will encourage Silvio to come out of retirement and produce new material. His work is sorely missed.

    And finally, a note of clarification... the "multiple hours of work" it took to create that Burn Amy banner was due solely to my complete lack of animation skills, not the complexity of the project. As I keep telling you, Little Guy, you get what you pay for.

    Monday, October 21st 2013 - 07:25:03 PM

    Name: Falstaff

    I am working on a review of Erotic Perversions 1 and have a large number of vid caps but have no idea how to correctly post the caps to the review, any advice would be appreciated

    Tuesday, October 22nd 2013 - 12:22:41 AM

    Name: Thomas Chaser
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    So after watching Mav's "I'm Not Going To Tell You Anything" custom clip, I figured I'd give a quick review for the benefit of others.

    The scene opens in a basement, with Candle bound Arms Over Head, stripped down to thong panties and spiked heels. It's a nice look and she wears it well. She's had some work done to her breasts and lips, but that doesn't detract from enjoyment of the piece. She has nice abs, and in this scene, that's important.

    The reason why its important that she have nice abs is because she's tortured by way of belly-punches from a shorter man with the classic U-shaped baldness pattern. Whether he's the Bad Guy and she's the innocent victim, or he's a Good Guy defending America's freedom by interrogating a beautiful terrorist isn't really important. What is important is that some of the punches, while pulled, really do impact Ms. Candle's trim tummy. That helps the imagination tremendously.

    She squirms during the entire thing, being righteously indignant and stubborn, which gives rise to more belly-punches and squirming. There's not a lot of variation and one screen capture pretty much sums up the piece. There's some groping and brief choking in between punches, and at the five-minute mark the flogger comes out, followed by a taser a minute later. The flogger doesn't leave any marks and the taser is easily faked, so your imagination is really tested at this point. The clip ends with a nice close-up of her tummy as she hangs, exhausted by her abuse, from the ropes around her wrists. Its a nice shot but its obvious from the lack of redness and bruising that the whole thing was faked.

    Its too bad she never loses the panties. Still, if you like a good AOH scene with a beautiful woman, and really like belly-punching, its worth a buy.

    Tuesday, October 22nd 2013 - 07:15:37 AM

    Name: Flintstone

    Today's artwork: OK, that's getting a little gross, not into snuff...

    Tuesday, October 22nd 2013 - 08:56:47 AM

    Name: Ralphus
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Falstaff: I can help you with vidcaps. Drop me an e-mail. I've temporarily taken your incomplete review off the board. In the meantime, if anyone is interested in reviewing a movie for the forum, remember we do have a tutorial in the Reviews section (Homepage URL)


    Flintstone: I knew we would get somebody complaining about this one. I've said before that Dante's work is a bit on the harsh side, and there are certain things he covers that I've not posted in the past simply because they go too far for the sensibilities of certain readers here. I was thinking as I put this put this picture up last night, "Hey, this is the first time I've ever done disembowelment as the daily pic!"

    But you know what? It's only a drawing, guys. No actual toons were killed or injured in the creating of this artwork. And it'll all be over tomorrow, we'll have some nice raping instead.

    Tuesday, October 22nd 2013 - 09:12:16 AM

    Name: CRUXLVR
    E-mail address:

    No. Silent movies don't do it for me. Sound is as important as the physical response, movements, and facial expressions of the person on the receiving end of their cocktail of pain. Take the tomato juice away and you no longer have a Bloody Mary, just vodka. The blend above is what makes BDSM, DID, GIMP, BATS, crucifixion, whippings, and interrogations etc. "work".

    How exciting is a woman who's having an intensely enjoyable orgasm, but using stellar effort to clench her teeth, muffle any noises, and keeping herself from screaming because she feels too awkward, embarrassed and/or ashamed to release any and every noise from her mouth without judgement or consequence? About as exciting as a margarita without tequila!!!

    By the way, that lady I described above, a self avowed "not a screamer", became a convert. What a voice, and could she sing!

    Tuesday, October 22nd 2013 - 01:44:10 PM

    Name: Bill K.

    Today's picture is actually tamed down because of the lack of blood and gore but it's still ugh. Mutilation torture regardless of whether it's art is normally not my thing but it is a large part of Silvio Dante's artwork and he has a way of making it look erotic. I can somewhat get into it because of what it leads to or if it's the ending of a 10 to 20 page picture story which has torture, rape and usually fiery tortures too which I can get into. Bill K.

    Tuesday, October 22nd 2013 - 02:38:53 PM

    Name: Flintstone

    "And it'll all be over tomorrow, we'll have some nice raping instead"... That's the ticket, rape those cartoons!

    Tuesday, October 22nd 2013 - 10:13:23 PM

    Name: Howie

    Just gonna pipe up to say I LOVE the cartoon disembowelment. It's all fantasy folks.


    Tuesday, October 22nd 2013 - 11:42:40 PM

    Name: painman
    E-mail address:

    Not into the gory stuff...marks, welts are fine, a little blood in toons but not realplay

    Wednesday, October 23rd 2013 - 06:44:15 AM

    Name: frog
    E-mail address:

    The silent clips still do it for me. They are silent because that is what the medium allowed Blakemore at the time. Of course, sound is preferable, but some of the films with sound are just duds, because the story is crappy, there is no realism, and the actors are abysmally inept, among other things. So an ancient Blakemore clip still holds its appeal.

    Blakemore was my initiation into serious gimphood, my first initiation were the big studio movies or the Italian movies where there were women in peril, and, of course, the covers of adventure magazines. That is where my fascination with ripped clothes and sweaty bodies comes from. Blakemore, however, created a particular aesthetics. Gone were the bondage scenes with pointy black bras and high-heeled black shoes -although there is some of that in his ouvre- in were the sets that suggested basements or derelict buildings, clothes being ripped off writhing bodies, sometimes sweat and welts, and, above all, the expressions on the faces.

    There was also the insinuation of a storyline, only you had to fill in the script. I wish he could only have done more and stepped outside the conventions of the medium he happened to work in. He would have been great directing an inquisitorial scene with racks, horses, whips, pincers, etc. ZFX followed in his footsteps, in fact, I detect sometimes direct quotations from his film sequences. I could go on, but do not want to hog the space.

    More later.


    Wednesday, October 23rd 2013 - 01:13:07 PM

    Name: Darkroom
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Speaking of silent clips, Blakemore's legacy, and whether the old school of bondage still "does it" for Gimpers (it does it for me), I posted a Blakemore and HOM tribute at my clips4sale store.

    While the actress looked distressed in the shoot, she couldn't act worth a darn, so it left me with no choice but to roll it as a silent loop.

    If Gimpers thinks it works, I have other footage from other shoots I'd consider rendering in similar fasion. Feedback is welcome, as are what Gimpers would like to see in future work. Do share...

    Wednesday, October 23rd 2013 - 05:05:00 PM

    Name: A Canadian

    Thomas Chaser: Thanks for the quick review of the "I'm not going to tell you anything" clip. It will be interesting to learn how MAV's assessment compares to yours.

    Wednesday, October 23rd 2013 - 07:34:57 PM

    Name: Bill K.

    Today's pic: Nothing better than a farmer's daughter's breast milk. I have not seen that kind of sexual assault before and she looks more like a wealthy adult woman than a farmer's daughter which I am not complaining one bit for I'm sure she's lot more erotic looking than a farmer's daughter would be. I'm sure the soldiers will rape and torture her to death after they're finished milking LOL :-) her. Bill K.

    Thursday, October 24th 2013 - 12:42:41 AM

    Name: MrAnthony

    Just a heads-up: Next week's "Criminal Minds" seems to have a witch theme, with branding and burning at the stake featured in the preview, if that's your thing.

    Thursday, October 24th 2013 - 01:05:34 AM

    Name: Bill K.

    The upcoming Criminal Minds has more than bats:

    It also show branding and possible other witch tortures and torments. Looks to have at least a very good pre-bats scene too. Bill K.

    Thursday, October 24th 2013 - 02:16:35 AM

    Name: Hofrax

    Yeah, gore doesn't really do it for me either. To quote Lana Clarkson's torturer in Barbarian Queen: "No fuss, no muss, no bother. No unsightly blood splattered across the room." A sentiment I completely share when it comes to how I like my GIMP-age. I prefer the victims unblemished for the most part, although I'll make an exception for good whip marks.

    Not much into breast-milk in BDSM either. I know some guys are into that, and it is often a separate fetish altogether. It's always kind of weirded me out, though.

    Thursday, October 24th 2013 - 09:26:10 AM

    Name: Ralphus
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    MrAnthony and Bill K: Thanks for the tip on the "Criminal Minds" upcoming episode. For some reason, my slow-ass computer couldn't bring up the link that Bill posted, but I found the video teaser on YouTube:

    If I ever took the time to watch TV on a regular basis, one program I would definitely watch would be that Criminal Minds show. A quick search on Brian's Page lists it as having 65 bondage scenes, including a couple that are listed in our Electro-Shock Database. Yes, it's been on for 9 years, but that's still a very high number of scenes for television. I have no idea if most are on the lame side, which is typical of TV, but if there was ever a show that appears to be made for GIMPers, this is probably the one.

    As far as the potential BATS scene, I only hope they do a better job than "Sleepy Hollow" did a few weeks back. They had a perfect set-up, an attractive babe tied to the stake, and even though it was technically a BATS to its completion, the whole thing flashed by in about 30 seconds. I just don't understand the point of having a scene like that and then rushing through it. I'm thoroughly convinced the producers don't want to offend their audience by lingering over any depiction of torture or suffering. It's awfully frustrating.


    Well, with the weekend approaching, fans of GIMP stories can now take some time to enjoy the latest addition to our site. I've been a big fan of the writing of Kirsten Smart for years, and she has graciously given us permission to host a number of her stories in our GIMP Fiction section. Like our very own Eda Chang, Kirsten is a fantastic writer of stories that are filled with bondage, torture and rape (and in Kirsten's case, even BATS), and I have feel confident in declaring that she's among the very writers on the Internet. Check out any one of her stories and trust me, you'll want to go back and read some more. She's really that good.

    Go to the GIMP Fiction section in my Homepage URL. Old-timey GIMPers are likely already familiar with her work, but the rest of you are in for a treat.

    Thursday, October 24th 2013 - 10:56:56 PM

    Name: YikYakker

    What, ho! Bring on the dancing girls!

    Oops...sorry. That's from a post for a different forum. Let's see...ah, here it is.

    TRG: Belated thanks for keeping the good times rolling with your review of Punished 6. Gawd, these women are beautiful. Terrific natural bodies with no graffiti or metallic objects. Love 'em.


    A Canadian wrote:

    Someone who's a deeper thinker than me will have to explain how western society seems more prudish these days, even though "obscene" materials are easier than ever to acquire.

    Well, "deeper thinker" is a relative term, but I'll take a stab at it.

    Western society seems more prudish these days because the prudes are better organized and more assertive than they were, say, back in the 1970s. They more carefully monitor what's going on, react quickly and unpleasantly, and throw their weight around politically and economically.

    Obscene materials are easier than ever to acquire because other elements of society (entertainment, technology, the internet, etc.) have moved along despite the efforts of the prudes to squash creativity and lascivious fantasies.

    Imagine the Big Prude Machine as a hulking ogre who tries to eliminate a mud puddle by stamping on it, only to create more and more little puddles.

    *Ha-ha* I just got a mental image of that.


    Today's Silvio: Got milk?

    Thursday, October 24th 2013 - 11:33:50 PM

    Name: Bill K.

    Today's Dante whipping picture is more to my liking but that S.I. string bikini swimsuit babe must have gotten caught in a time warp thingy I think. Silvio Dante, your women in distress artwork is very erotic to me and your story is great fun so please don't mind my picking on your clothing timeline miscues. Bill K.

    Friday, October 25th 2013 - 12:56:51 AM

    Name: Silvio Dante

    Sorry about the historical inaccuracy of that girl's outfit. Despite the careful research that goes into each and every one of these stories, errors are made due to the time pressure of deadlines.

    Silvio Dante

    Friday, October 25th 2013 - 02:53:34 AM

    Name: MAV
    Homepage URL:

    For those of you who haven't checked in on cutscenes, there are more gems to be found. Someone posted the whipping scene from Schoolgirl Hitchhikers. Hopefully the lil guys will update the WSIMD for that and the Japanese scene I sent him separately.

    Friday, October 25th 2013 - 03:03:56 AM

    Name: cmf

    re: Blakemore's post:

    Somebody PLEASE show everyone the LAST scene in that film where Toni is sitting on the chair with her legs tied up and spread because THERE ARE GREAT CLOSE-UPS of her pussy gushing-out globs of cum! It's real!

    Yes, my video shows this too and I always thought it was "staged", until now. 3 guys? Whew, that scene is freakin' HOT!

    Friday, October 25th 2013 - 07:58:14 AM

    Name: Gog
    Homepage URL:

    How come I never saw this political commercial before? (See URL)

    I can see it now.....the GIMP Party in 2016. Anyone? Just need to have someone make an updated....and more material targeted commercial catering to the GIMP voter base. :-)

    Friday, October 25th 2013 - 10:34:41 PM

    Name: Blakemore

    To Falstaff:

    Get in touch with Ralphus and he can get us together but it MUST BE VIA TELEPHONE...and I can tell you more about the movies I made for European distribution...than you can imagine.

    In the first place, there WAS NO "Violence" series...I just made them as often as the "Boss" said I could and it was sometime much later that somebody decided to lump 3 or 4 together and call it "Violence 1" or whatever. I'd give my left nut to see a GOOD copy of them because I assure you...most of them were shot on 16mm stock run through a CP-16, which was the state-of-the-art camera then, and looked spectacular...(so was the film shot in my Bolex "wind-up").

    That of little consequence when compared to just how fuckin' RISKY and DANGEROUS it was to even make them. I had to hand-deliver the unprocessed film to the "Boss" in California...who then gave it to someone from Europe to take back with them, where it was developed and edited...which was easy because I "edited" the things in the camera as I shot 'em...more or less...which is a good trick if you're good at keeping a gazillion images in your head when half of your brain is anticipating FUCKING HER BRAINS OUT!

    So...e-mail Mr. Ralphus...

    Now to the honorable "Falstaff"!

    Without telling you enough that the spies will find me...I spent a lot of time with one eye always looking for a good place to shoot where we wouldn't get caught...old abandoned houses, sheds, barns...(as in "The Escape"...and had good luck in that the owners of 2 different furniture stores let me use their warehouses at night...that is until around... hell, I don't know...the late 70's or early 80's when I finally found a place indoors that was dark and dank enough. (Dark and dank because who takes an abducted girl to a "nice" place to torture and rape the cock-teasing bitch?)

    History lesson: I was shooting in a densely wooded area in mid afternoon, when I saw a hunter...(with his 10 year old son)...approaching, before he saw me. I intercepted him and because he'd seen my girl...I told him I was shooting "artistic nudes" and would wait until they were well out of sight before resuming.

    The Son-of-a-Bitch sneaked back and what he saw freaked him out and he beat-feet to a phone somewhere and an hour later I see two dumb-ass cops coming up through the woods like drunks on roller-skates given the noise they were making, so I and the girl just sat down to wait. Holy Shit! When they saw us sitting there the idiots drew their guns!

    The end result was that a news reporter from a local TV station heard the police radio chatter and came to the scene...WHERE HE TOLD THEM "EVERYBODY KNOWS THIS IS A LEGAL AND LEGITIMATE BUSINESS" they took the cuffs off and let it go at that...AFTER they confiscated my Goddamn cameras...when they had NO RIGHT TO DO before the Goddamn Ass-Holes could take my cameras I opened the backs and jerked the film out...(There! You stupid Shit-Heads...develop that!)

    To get them back I had to do paperwork...etc...but 3 weeks later I became the subject of an IRS audit that lasted 6 months...terminating in my attorney's office with the "G-Man" telling me...and I quote..."We get ALL pornographers sooner or later!" the kinds of shit even a little fish like me had happen. I am NOT bragging or asking for applause but you all need to know THOSE WERE THE KINDS OF RISKS we faced all the time...and those same Muther-Fucking-Ass-Holes are still out there busting their pea-brains to figure out how to plunge us back into the "Dark-Ages"! Praise Jeazzzus! The Goddamn world is STILL FLAT!

    Hey! Wait a minute..."Dark Ages"...dungeons...torture chambers...the power to snatch-up the best looking young pussy in the fuckin' county and have at maybe? Naw!

    Oh yeah...the cum was real! Damn! Those were some hot times when I was young enough to absolutely wallow in them!

    Don't git killed'er caught!

    Saturday, October 26th 2013 - 01:21:22 AM

    Name: Blakemore

    Hey everybody! I forgot to mention that I LOVE THE PHOTO ON THE RIGHT that's posted of "Karen Arthur"...because other than being too hot for her own good...that LOOK ON HER FACE that's a cross between defiance and serious pain is just typical of how she would resist doing what I was asking her to do "photography-wise"...until I made whatever it was HURT SO GODDAMN BAD SHE HAD TO DO IT...and in this picture her nipples are about to be ripped off, and believe me...I really got-off on hurting that gorgeous young thing.

    Did I ever mention that I shot the first set of stills of her on her 18th birthday?

    Saturday, October 26th 2013 - 01:30:35 AM

    Name: Blakemore

    To all...another tid-bit...At the beginning of "Tourist Trap" or "Tourist Trap 2"...there's a scene of a guy in a battle jacket and WW 2 steel helmet with his head down like he's sick...THAT is "The" Bob Bishop...extraordinary talent and it's a damn shame they couldn't do anything for pancreatic cancer back then! He was one of a kind.

    Saturday, October 26th 2013 - 01:44:25 AM

    Name: Galahad
    E-mail address:

    Good Evening, Folks.

    Canadian's post a short while ago, and YikYakker's response, give me the opportunity to revisit a subject I addressed a few weeks ago. A contribution that evoked both Ralphus' and YY's incredulity.

    At that time the issue was the response of those who took exception to public images of women being bound and gagged and being, apparently, driven off to who knows what fate. (Painted, stenciled on the back of pick-up trucks). I think that we can assume that nothing pleasant was planned for the woman. And the response of those who are distressed by the fact that, apparently, many young (and perhaps old!) men's thoughts about what to do at a first date is to rape the woman in question.

    To this, Canadian has asked the question why are mainstream entertainments now unwilling to show images of women being abused. Unlike the good-old-days of the 60s and 70s!

    The explanation for the objections to the first two scenarios was that those who were unhappy were being 'Politically Correct'.

    Now, on the authority of Wikipedia, (God forbid that I give the impression that I believe that W. is any significant source of wisdom!, but it is widely referred to), the 'accusation' of being PC is now only derogatory.

    Perhaps it is that those who deal in public images do not wish to offend their audience (would that be the 50% that are women?!), by lingering over any depictions of abuse, torture and suffering? Of women!

    Goodness, gracious me; why should this be unacceptable to women? And men?

    If, on going on a first date, you knew that there was a significant likelihood that your partner had in their mind the desire to rape you, would you be happy?

    Perhaps what has changed is that women's legitimate fears and concerns are being addressed seriously and, hopefully, effectively.

    Saturday, October 26th 2013 - 12:58:58 PM

    Name: Mr Bush

    Blakemore: Very true about your experience with the IRS. I am a CPA and when they want someone, or attack an industry, many times they use the IRS because tax fraud is much easier to prove on many counts. I have encountered this in my professional life many times.

    Saturday, October 26th 2013 - 02:47:51 PM

    Name: Ralphus
    E-mail address:

    Galahad: The reason why the term "Politically Correct" is derogatory is because we've been basically told by the media what is and what isn't acceptable to say, watch or even think, so much so that the whole concept has become ridiculous.

    There are people who want to change the nickname of the Washington Redskins because it is offensive to some Native Americans.

    The Disney classic Song of the South, a wonderful family film, is now banned from circulation because it supposedly portrays African-Americans in a negative light (which is total crap, it's no more offensive than Gone With The Wind).

    They removed the cigarette from Audrey Hepburn's character in Breakfast at Tiffany's when the film was honored on a postage stamp because smoking if offensive to some people.

    In some businesses, you're not allowed to say "Merry Christmas" during the holidays because the term is offensive to non-Christians.

    Need I go on?

    Yes, let's get to the main reason behind this post. The PC environment has now permeated into our entertainment. Damsels in distress have been a staple in the media for longer than you or I have been alive. You can still show a bound and gagged woman in your advertising, but now you'll likely get criticized for it. Since half the population are women, we're not allowed to show them as victims anymore. It's rare that you're going to see a woman raped in a film made in the United States, even more rare that she'll be naked during the scene. You can show all the graphic torture you want in films and long as it's men that are the ones on the receiving end.

    Your presumption that public images showing women being abused will lead to an environment where people think it's okay to rape women on the first date is patently absurd. It's a repeat of that whole right-wing fallacy that porn is the reason why men rape that was preached to us in the days of the Meese Report of the 1980s and during the Bush Gestapo Squad attack on porn during the last administration. Never mind that the facts and the statistics say just the opposite, that rapes have actually gone down during that time, despite the proliferation of violent sexual images available since the advent of the Internet.

    You posted here before saying you are in your late 60s, so obviously, you've been around for a long time. This leads me to one of two conclusions. The first is that you're set in your ways and truly believe that what you're asserting is true. And the second is that you refuse to look at the facts, or else you simply choose to ignore them.

    But honestly, at this point, you're old enough to know better.

    Saturday, October 26th 2013 - 03:05:15 PM

    Name: cmf

    Oops, sorry, just re-read Blakemore's post, re: Punished 6/Toni Stern. It's _five_ guys, not just three!

    And I believe "Girl 1" is also Toni Stern, but without that black "bondage" wig.

    If I'm correct, Sharon Montgomery also wore this wig in her many memorable performances in HOM stills and films.

    Blakemore, please correct me if I've got it wrong.

    Saturday, October 26th 2013 - 03:09:59 PM

    Name: Galahad
    E-mail address:

    My Dear Ralphus.

    I am 68. Whether greater (great?!) age brings greater wisdom I do not know. It does, obviously bring greater experience and a greater ability, perhaps; and a desire; to understand the viewpoints of others.

    Yes, undoubtedly, the search for Political Correctness has lead to some ludicrous and unjust assertions and campaigns.

    But almost all the most fundamental principles of human equality, almost all of the bases underlying human rights, can be travestied and suborned. This does not show the principles to be unsound but demonstrates the ingenuity of the human mind for special pleading.

    There is no point in my continuing to assert that I believe women are understandably concerned about much in this area of interest, nor that I believe that they have a right to be free of fear and doubt in the conduct of their daily lives.

    I would repeat what I wrote earlier. I request that you, and those on this site who think as you do, to ask their women friends how they feel about a culture/cultures/sub-culture/s that, at the least, tolerate themes of violence against women and, in many cases, celebrate that violence.

    It would also be good to have some response from those women who visit this site.

    Saturday, October 26th 2013 - 05:16:48 PM

    Name: YikYakker

    Galahad wrote:

    There is no point in my continuing to assert that I believe women are understandably concerned about much in this area of interest, nor that I believe that they have a right to be free of fear and doubt in the conduct of their daily lives.

    I would repeat what I wrote earlier. I request that you, and those on this site who think as you do, to ask their women friends how they feel about a culture/cultures/sub-culture/s that, at the least, tolerate themes of violence against women and, in many cases, celebrate that violence.

    Sir, the problem with this discussion -- and it has been so since the beginning -- is that you so nonchalantly weave your points between alternately talking about real life violence and fantasy violence, of the type that is depicted here. The fundamental difference between you and I -- and I dare say you and most of the folks who frequent this forum -- is that you fervently believe that there is little or no difference between fantasy and reality. This is not my conclusion; you have asserted this yourself on occasions and the language of your posts reflects that. That's why I can never tell what you are talking about.

    This does not upset me...if that's what you believe, so be it. But it is a fundamental tenet of this site that we who participate here are - and should be - free to generate, wallow in and enjoy images or stories of fantasy violence, so long as no real person is actually getting hurt or killed. Yes, I fully expect that many women would find the images here repulsive. As to whether they should fear these images, or fear those of us who view these images, that is a different matter. Fear of something should be proportional to the risk that it poses in real life. Rape, and date rape in particular, are real. These things actually happen. Women are justifiably wary of men who commit violent acts in real life. They should be reasonably cautious about getting involved with men who are controlling, insensitive and/or prone to violent outbursts. No one here is arguing against these points.

    But -- and I can't emphasize this enough -- nothing that goes on at this site is real. Take a good close look at your computer screen. It's all pixels. It is filled with virtual renderings of drawings, art, film, photos of people who are pretending to be getting hurt, raped or killed. These images disappear as soon as you change to a different site or turn your computer off. Unlike the violence of real life, humans have control over this content. What are we supposed to do -- eliminate everything from anyone's field of vision that someone might find offensive? What is more offensive than the reality of war, desperation and cruel behavior that is depicted on the nightly news? Should women be afraid of any man who watches (shudder) network news?

    It's most insulting when you suggest that we here should take a poll of our female friends and ask them how they feel about themes of violence. Do you think we are idiots? We already know that lots of people - male and female - have no tolerance whatsoever for what is depicted here. We acknowledge that we have very peculiar tastes in movies and art that put us at the margins of society. So do you, if you visit here on a regular basis. That is not the point. The point is that this site is a place where we can indulge fantasies that hurt no one. Personally, I don't care if the vast majority of people view this site - or its denizens - in a negative way. Those people should keep as far away from this content as is humanly possible. At the same time, we are not breaking any laws and the content here should not be criminalized or suppressed by government authorities. Just another fundamental tenet.

    I was trying to come up with something to say that would be appropriate for Free Speech Week.

    So, Sir Galahad, thank you for presenting me with this opportunity.

    Saturday, October 26th 2013 - 07:10:27 PM

    Name: Blakemore

    Okay...I have to weigh-in on the discussion of real vs. fantasy violence.

    The way I see it...and always have, because everything I did was based on the premise that if a man fantasizes about abducting an a gorgeous young women who is incredibly sexy, so he can sexually tease...torment...torture and RAPE her, he WOULD do it if THERE WAS NO WAY IN HELL HE WOULD EVER SUFFER ANY ADVERSE CONSEQUENCES FOR HAVING DONE IT.

    Unknown to me until only a few short years ago, I had no idea what I'd done became "famous"...and in all humility, I believe it was because I made the unthinkable look and feel REAL..(because so much of it WAS real)...and that is why so many men liked it so much.

    There is an old joke that I think will clear the air and it goes as follows: A man asks a pretty girl if she will suck his cock for $250,000.00 and she thinks for a moment and says "Well...sure!" So he then asks her if she'll suck his cock for $5.00, and insulted...she says, "Hell no. What do you think I am...a cheap whore?" He says, "Well my dear, we have already established WHAT you we're just negotiating the price!"

    Another analogy that is NOT a joke by any means because this comes FROM MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE with my wife Danielle...and the DECEPTION we...(or I)...have perpetuated on anywhere from 1 to 8 young men many times, where after convincing them that there is no way we can EVER be caught...(they were as far as they knew)...WILLING to commit the felonies of abduction, torture and rape...and did so with abandon...only to be GREATLY DISAPPOINTED when she was laying there bleeding and exhausted with buckets of cum running out of every hear..."Oh yeah guys...she's my wife and I apologize for having deceived you but if you knew...well, you wouldn't have been as sadistic as she needed you to be."

    These experiences have prompted her to say, "Let me tell you something! When a man THINKS he's raping me...BELIEVE ME, HE IS!"

    My point is...if forming mental images of...and thinking about torture and rape makes your cock hard, I maintain that if you COULD sexually torment and torture a helpless young "beauty" any way you wanted to without any adverse consequences...YOU WOULD!

    Just as I went "way out there" with my "work"...because I was convinced that what I've said was true...I don't mind sharing with all of you that because Danielle is so fucking beautiful and has that outrageous body...for the past at least 15 years, I have had little to no problem in "recruiting" young men to sexually hurt and rape her...(without them knowing she was actually consenting to it by the way she "cock-teased" them) least 100 what does that say about any fucking line between fantasy and reality? I honestly don't know but I think that line is pretty damn flimsy and close to being invisible if the woman looks hot enough and the situation is conducive to taking her by force to torture and rape her.

    That's just a 72 year old "Sadist's" opinion.

    At the end of the day however...we all of us must respect the opinions of mater how much they differ from our own.

    Old Man Blakemore

    Saturday, October 26th 2013 - 10:42:02 PM

    Name: Fritz

    Ralphus: Congratulations on getting the Kirsten Smart story archive online. Given the rather sparse number of comments - zilch until now - regarding this latest site addition, I'm hoping folks are just busy reading Kirsten's impressive array of work before posting. By now, many here know I try to plug the story section when I can because, well... hell... hardly anyone else does. Sure, size-wise it pales in comparison to the movie review repository, but trust me, the quality of the GIMP stories by Kirsten, Eda, Lynn and a smattering of males is better than most of the stuff you can dig up elsewhere on the 'net. Now there's more reason than ever to get comfy in the recliner, grab a brandy, and read the sort of fiction you deserve.

    * * * * * *

    MAV: Thanks for that link to the CutScenes clip from Schoolgirl Hitchhikers. It's amazing how much of this scene was chopped in the version of the film I saw many years ago. I wonder what else was censored. That site is quite the find - loaded with (often cut or extended) scenes from obscure features. It escaped my notice until you posted. Strangely, when I first connected to the Schoolgirl Hitchhikers clip, there was a download button, which when clicked, prompted me to sign up to enable this feature. So I joined (free apparently) and when I returned to the content, the download button had disappeared. Go figure.

    * * * * * *

    dalpass: If you (or others) are still interested, I have now posted several of my 3D graphic stories at my DFN account. More to come.

    Saturday, October 26th 2013 - 11:33:45 PM

    Name: BP

    RE: PC

    Cleveland Indians are sending questionnaires to season ticket holders about changing the mascot from 'Chief Wahoo'.

    What about the Little Rascals? Eeven when the school wasn't segregated, they all sat in the same one room school with Miss Crabtree. Back then when you got married you quit teaching school.

    The Jewish shop keepers didn't care if you said Merry Christmas when buying from their shops. The Jewish department stores in Cleveland sold to the blacks when the white own stores didn't.

    Sunday, October 27th 2013 - 12:19:15 AM

    Name: A Canadian

    Galahad wrote:

    I request that you, and those on this site who think as you do, to ask their women friends how they feel about a culture/cultures/sub-culture/s that, at the least, tolerate themes of violence against women and, in many cases, celebrate that violence.

    It might depend on how you frame the question. Many women I know have enjoyed the Fifty Shades of Grey books (although they say the writing is somewhat trashy).

    Sunday, October 27th 2013 - 09:19:53 AM

    Name: Galahad
    E-mail address:

    My Dear 'Canadian'.

    The heroine (if that is the correct word) of '50 Shades' gave her informed consent.

    My Dear YikYakker.

    It has long been acknowledged that in the exercise of one's right of free speech one should not enter a crowded theatre and shout 'Fire!'

    As you recognise - how could you not? - rape and violence against women is real. You propose/assert that women have nothing to fear from sites such as this because all that is discussed is fantasy, unreal. But how are women to know this? Are you attempting to tell me that there is no cross-over (no possibility of cross-over) between what is featured here and 'real life'?

    The post from Blakemore suggests that this is not just an intellectual, academic question (why is it that the word 'academic', even used by academics, has come to mean 'theoretical, impractical, irrelevant'?), attempting to separate the abstract from the messy and very real violence of the real world.

    I am sorry that you feel that I insult you in suggesting that you poll your women friends about their perceptions of violence against women. But, at the risk of offending you further, I propose again that you (and others) ask their women friends about how often they have suffered violence and/or its threat. And how many of their women friends have suffered violence and the threat of violence.

    Of course, I am aware of my situation in all this. In the couple of years or so that I have been visiting this site and posting, I remember nobody else other than myself who has so whole heartedly endorsed real violence such as that being inflicted on real women in the films of Mood Pictures/Elitepain.

    As for what I have done in my private life, you will have to ask very nicely to learn about that! But always with consent!

    Sunday, October 27th 2013 - 10:57:33 AM

    Name: Daniel
    E-mail address:

    Cruel, is what someone is, when they bring up Miss Crabtree! As young as I was, Miss Crabtree, could 'always' put a tent in my pants!

    To make it worse I had a fourth grade teacher that was a "Miss Crabtree" look alike. Pulling Kathleen's hair at recess would guarantee an after class spanking. Lying across her lap, with her long dress pulled up, receiving my spanks, as I enjoyed her stocking tops, where they met her leg flesh.

    Must have been the starting of my 'fetish' filled life!

    Sunday, October 27th 2013 - 12:51:37 PM

    Name: Ralphus
    E-mail address:

    Ah, just the thing to liven up a sleepy Sunday afternoon! In two separate posts, we've received challenging statements from Galahad and Blakemore, respectively.

    Galahad wrote:

    You propose/assert that women have nothing to fear from sites such as this because all that is discussed is fantasy, unreal. But how are women to know this? Are you attempting to tell me that there is no cross-over (no possibility of cross-over) between what is featured here and 'real life'?

    And Blakemore stated emphatically, as he has before on numerous occasions:

    The way I see it...and always have, because everything I did was based on the premise that if a man fantasizes about abducting an a gorgeous young women who is incredibly sexy, so he can sexually tease...torment...torture and RAPE her, he WOULD do it if THERE WAS NO WAY IN HELL HE WOULD EVER SUFFER ANY ADVERSE CONSEQUENCES FOR HAVING DONE IT.

    Personally, I love arguments like this, because it makes us stop and take a look at ourselves, and our fetishes, from a different point of view. In a way, it almost makes us want to give an excuse for having evil thoughts, saying that it all falls under the blanket of fantasy, and therefore we can safely say it's all acceptable. Is that really the case?

    I recall one of the times Blakemore stated this case, Jon Smithie took him to task saying that was bullshit and he sure wouldn't do it because he's not a sociopath. YikYakker agreed, but no one else chimed in with a dissenting view. Does that mean everyone else agrees with what Blakemore said?

    I think we can tie in both Galahad's and Blakemore's contentions by saying that yes, there's a possibility of a cross-over between the content we enjoy and real-life crime. A lot of the content is based on real incidents, but watching the movies and performing the deed in real life is quite a stretch. Should women fear a site that featured movies where people are graphically murdered because some of the readers might want to re-create such scenes in everyday life? A few might, but that doesn't mean that women should fear dating a man who frequented a website like that. There's always going to be a fringe of any society where a small percentage of people will deviate from everybody else and commit crimes, and it doesn't matter what website they read.

    We all have a dark side, no matter how much we shroud ourselves in a self-righteous mantra that there's NO WAY they would ever commit murder or rape. But let's take Blakemore's hypothesis and explore it further.

    Who hasn't ever wanted to kill his boss? Ever had a bully beat you up in school and you wanted to get revenge, and worse? Ever seen a hot babe and said to yourself, "Man, if I could, I would grab her, rip her clothes off and do bad things to her"? And what stopped you every time? Well, besides a moral sense of decency which I hope we all have, there was the fact that if you did any of those things, you would get thrown in jail.

    But if you take the argument that there's truly no way you would ever get caught, which is, in itself, a fantasy because nothing could EVER guarantee that, THEN would you do it? Again, we're hearkening back to FANTASY. None of us is likely ever going to go so far where our actions evolve into a true crime, but since the whole argument itself has no basis in reality, then yes, Blakemore is absolutely right. Seeing as he's not arguing for real-life crime, but ultimately arguing for real-life crime in a fantasy setting, I see nothing wrong with his statement.

    Okay, that's more than my 2 cents worth, let's hear from the rest of you.

    Sunday, October 27th 2013 - 01:58:47 PM

    Name: Bill K.

    The key difference between real life violence against women and the fantasy violence we enjoy here is eroticism. Real life violence against women which prime time TV shows just about every night on TV is hardly ever erotic.

    Also in the TV news there is always violence against women like that asshole that kidnapped those 3 girls (children) in the Cleveland area and held them and raped them for about 10 years is not erotic but the "Criminal Minds" upcoming episode bats event is erotic.

    Ted Bundy raping and murdering many women was not erotic but the Silvio Dante drawing stories are erotic.

    Real life violence against women is never erotic regardless of how they are raped, tortured or killed. Nothing here is real. It's all erotic fantasy fun. Bill K.

    Sunday, October 27th 2013 - 02:36:37 PM

    Name: TRG

    Lots of posts to comment on.

    Regarding P6, it appears I have a Bowdlerized version, if you can apply that term to a video that goes so far over the Bowdler line. Mine is missing the shots of Toni Stern's pussy leaking semen after the gang-fucking she was awarded after her masterful performance in episode 4. It is also probably missing between-the-legs shots of Lori Waverly in Episode 5, and Toni again in Episode 2 when they are on their back with their legs tied up in the air and wide apart.

    I got completely fooled by wigs. That black wig made Toni look one way, and not wearing it, another. I see around the internet she is commonly misidentified as Sharon Montgomery, or called Sharon Montgomery's cousin. This might be the first time she got confused with herself.

    The name Toni Stern comes from the credit given to her in the film, Master Control.

    To Blakemore's contention that a man would rape and torture a woman if he had absolutely no chance of being caught or punished for it, that tendency lurks in the hard wiring of the vast majority of men. Some feminist said, several decades ago, that all men are rapists. She got it right. We are. Exceedingly few, fortunately, are criminal rapists. We justifiably condemn that crime in the harshest way.

    But what do men think when they see a pretty woman? They want to fuck the snot out of her! Right there on the spot, by force if we could. And women know that! Men were built to take, and women were built to be taken. That's the primal urge of both sexes that we have to tone it down to have a civilized society. But not eliminate.

    The reason this particular sexuality is on the fringe of respectability is that our country is governed by an Abrahamic religion, all three of which seem to be more concerned about who is screwing whom than about spiritual development. And since raw, forceful sex is at the core of our sexual urges, it especially has to be condemned. It speaks to our deepest sexual desires, not the ones designed to have lots of babies and create a thriving community, but the ones that reflect the fact in sex, the man does and the woman is done to. Bondage and pain just makes that dynamic more clear.

    As for taking a poll of our women friends, the poll has already been taken. If women did not want at least fantasize about dominated and raped and pillaged, why the phenomenal success of Fifty Shades of Grey (which, as bondage fiction goes, is pretty tame) and of bodice-ripping romance novels were the heroine is not wooed, but seduced and taken by force?

    Sunday, October 27th 2013 - 03:01:47 PM

    Name: A Canadian

    Galahad wrote:

    The heroine (if that is the correct word) of '50 Shades' gave her informed consent.

    True. And the actresses in the films that get reviewed and discussed on this forum have also given their informed consent.

    The scenarios depicted may not be consensual, but the depictions are not the reality.

    People who take part in BDSM fantasies are creating scenarios where a person appears helpless and, often, is being abused by another person. That's not really the case, of course, so the fantasies (if enacted properly) are harmless. Similarly, the situations depicted in GIMP films are harmless.

    Naturally, you can find people who will take offense. You can find people who will take offense at any erotica, including vanilla porn. I tend to agree with Ralphus that people who complain about "violent porn" are usually more interested in trying to score political points (although I would disagree with Ralphus that this is unique to any one political party).

    We're funny about the way we deal with erotic images. As many have noted, people who have no reservations at all about Hollywood movies where people are killed in numerous ways can suddenly get all antsy when a film shows a bit of skin. I think it has more to do with our bizarre views toward sexuality than any real concern about potential harm to others.

    Sunday, October 27th 2013 - 03:18:08 PM

    Name: brainmaster

    Ok, I want to put my 2 cents worth on this debate about fantasy vs. reality though I don't know what more I can add. I agree with Blakemore in that many healthy heterosexual men have bondage, rape, and torture of women in mind. I've have learned through experience that many women have the fantasy to be bound, raped and tortured. One of the best examples is our own Eda. It does not matter which suppressive moral code, be it religion or political correctness, people have these impulses. So the question is why do some act these out while most watch porn, fantasize, or find voluntary partners?

    The answer is that it varies from person to person. Some hold back for fear of getting in trouble, while others hold back because they understand that what they do to others they do to themselves. Some simply are not in a position to do so but then a war breaks out and they are allowed to completely uncompensate. Some need to get themselves in a position of legal justification, while others don't care about that or the humanity of others. As was stated earlier, for many of us, fantasy simulated torture with an aroused partner is erotic while real violence is not.

    So the question was asked, what would the women in your life think if you asked them. Well I have asked them and most of the responses are not either the religious or PC goody good answer. When I told my girl friends my fantasies, they were most encouraging to play my victim. When I told the woman I married, she soon admitted to me about her fantasies of being tied up and sexually assaulted. When the internet came online, I found no shortage of women with the most violent of victim fantasies looking to find a scoundrel to live them out with. I will admit though that I do have a kind of radar for them and instinct to avoid the other kind of women who want pamper baby sex. Interestingly, I found feminists, career women to be some of the most craving of being made a helpless victim. I equate this to their real life being as such odds to their basic primal sluttedness.

    So to cut my rambling short here, the bottom line is that what we think we should be has pretty much always been a veneer to what we actually are. Under total suppression, sooner of later the veneer breaks down with dire consequences. With no self control, there would be no civilization. So what can you do? Watch porn and play fantasy games.

    Sunday, October 27th 2013 - 04:21:00 PM

    Name: Badger

    I certainly can't let this interesting and spirited discussion slip past without throwing in. It is interesting that both Blakemore and Galahad point out that we are all entitled to our own opinions while at the same time presuming how the rest of us would act if we had a helpless woman at our mercy (Blakemore) and that a forum such as this is necessarily contributing to seriously illegal and anti-social behavior (Galahad).

    Mr. Blakemore, what is most interesting about your presumptuousness is that, unless you have tortured a woman against her will, all of the pain that you have inflicted is on women who chose to be hurt and even got off on it. Sir, if you believe that experience makes you an expert on how you and all of the rest of us would act if we had an innocent lovely at our mercy, you are certainly entitled to that opinion.

    My opinion is that such deductive reasoning is bullshit. Having never inflicted pain on a masochist, I cannot say that it would offend me. It might not. I might see it as an enjoyable service I was offering! But to me, that is a far cry from real rape and torture. To me, one is a fetish, the other a sickness.

    Galahad, there is absolutely no way for anyone to know whether there are any sexual predators in our midst on this forum. There could be, or perhaps not. We hear that violent video games contribute to real violence and that weed leads to stronger substances etc., etc. But on the other hand and at the risk of over-rationalization, it is also possible that forums like this one and the websites that feature fantasy GIMP might offer a healthy outlet for some who might otherwise confuse fantasy with reality with very negative consequences.

    I sincerely hope that anyone who can speak with authority regarding Blakemore's opinion would consider seeking out another forum - and help.

    Sunday, October 27th 2013 - 05:02:12 PM

    Name: Galahad
    E-mail address:

    My Dear Badger.

    I did not assert 'that a forum such as this is necessarily contributing to seriously illegal and anti-social behaviour'.

    I asked how are women supposed to know what are our intentions.

    Sunday, October 27th 2013 - 06:34:37 PM

    Name: bondager45
    E-mail address:

    Those old hom vids were the best. Even today they are second to none. The only thing close was Insex. Barbara Behr captured the moment, the angle shot and the predicament the action was. All those silent videos that matched up to the magazines were perfect. Sound or no sound. I was a student of the mags in the late 70s and early 80's sound wasn't necessary. My imagination took over. Ah yes, the good ole days.

    Sunday, October 27th 2013 - 06:59:29 PM

    Name: Kirsten Smart
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Hi! It's a huge honour to learn that my stories have been shared on this site. :)

    I know it's not everyone's thing, I tend to focus on racks and wrist suspension and electro torture, but then again ... there's a lot of that on this site!

    Anyway please enjoy, and do get in touch with me if you have feedback,!


    Sunday, October 27th 2013 - 07:24:58 PM

    Name: Blakemore

    To my critics: In the last lines of my last post I clearly stated that "I DON'T KNOW"...where that line is...or if it even exists between what one fantasizes about and what one would actually DO if given the chance.

    The whole POINT I was trying to make is that IN THE REAL WORLD...I HAVE "recruited" well dressed, obviously educated men from 19 or 20 to 45 years of age who HAVE been willing to commit the crimes of torture and rape WITHOUT KNOWING Danielle was in fact..."silently consenting" by the scandalous way she was dressed...her wantonly exhibitionist...and overtly "cock-teasing" behavior.

    Over the past years, NONE of them have questioned that the degree to which she resisted being dragged into my van was only enough that she FELT their strength. They never noticed that she didn't try to scream for help until they had her inside the van and gagged. They didn't notice that she didn't "go crazy with terror and struggling" until after she was bound...and then kept them at a sexual panicle by the WAY she struggled...(back arched to shove her big breasts up and out, "sawing" her ankles against the ropes...but with her toe gracefully "pointed").

    Of course SHE was consenting BUT THEY DID NOT KNOW THAT...and once she was in the basement / warehouse or other safely abandoned place...they were MORE THAN WILLING to "go along" with, and then join me in viciously whipping her to make her strip...taking turns skewering 12-inch needles through her double-E breasts...torturing her pussy and fucking her almost to death. I repeat...THEY DID NOT KNOW this was what she craved. (If these young men had known Danielle was my "consenting" wife, there is NO WAY IN HELL they could have kept knowing that out of their mind and therefore their actions reactions. For "IT" to work for Danielle, the men taking...torturing and raping her, HAD to be running on the raw-edge of peaked sexual excitement and ADRENALINE...knowing they "SHOULD NOT" be doing things they had only fantasized about doing to a woman so beautiful who had double-E breasts and a body to match them...especially when she was wearing sheer stockings...high heels and was visually more provocative than any Playboy or Hustler girl ever was!

    I NEVER told the guys I recruited that Danielle was my wife and instead said I'd been watching her for however long and that I had a safe place to take her...and did they want in on it? The reason I told them AFTER it was over was because in THEIR minds...THEIR actions had been brutally and violently illegal. It would have been "criminal" of me to have left them to "sort-out" in their own minds, what they had participated in doing and done to Danielle. To have done so would have put them at risk of maybe having "after-thoughts"...a need to "confess" to what they'd done or caused them some other personal-emotional trauma. Why? Because these were ALL "average nice guys" who were NOT sick bastards who beat and rape women because they have maggots for brains and should simply be shot in the fuckin' head with a 22 cal. "short"...(which is about the cheapest round you can buy!) Theories and philosophies can be argued, cussed and discussed all the damn day and all you have at the end is theories and philosophies that mean nothing without REAL hard data to back them up.

    No...I can't PROVE that what I'm telling you is true...but may I remind you that it was ME who was willing to make the FIRST movies ever made where blood was running from a girl's pussy from a spiked dildo...and it was Me who stuck needles into their breasts...and that I am no longer in the business of making other men's cocks hard and have neither the time nor the inclination to make-up weird shit like this.

    So...I'm telling you...(for the last time) ain't no Goddamn "theory" or "opinion " or "guess"...YOUNG MEN ARE WILLING TO COMMIT ABDUCTION...TORTURE AND RAPE when they feel it's safe for them to do it and never be caught. Oh yeah...I have a lady friend who is a PhD. psychologist and a fuckin' "shrink" to boot...whose "field of expertise" lies in trying to determine WHY men who abduct young women and hold them to torture and rape them...THEN RELEASE THEM perhaps bruised and battered but never seriously injured or maimed...ARE NEVER CAUGHT! What? Oh...did you think those kinds of "crimes" would be plastered all over CNN? Get real! The biggest scandals are "selected" for your viewing pleasure and votes and nothing else. Maniacs like Bundy and the others were HEADLINE MAKERS because they were sick, murdering bastards!

    A man or men who "have their way" with some gorgeous "cunt" and let her go when they're done with punishing her for being so Goddamn drop-dead-beautiful and outrageously sexy and NOT willingly letting any and all of them fuck her...don't even make police reports so how the fuck are you ever going to know about them?

    Who the hell do you think's going to tell you that 7 out of 10 young women who appear in Playboy magazine ARE abducted then held to be tortured and raped for days and then released? Fox or CNN? The only reason I know about this is because a relative introduced me to the director of a huge "Rape Crisis Center"...who has personally counseled some of these girls and what he discovered led him to establish an "off-the-grid" database that has shown this ratio to still be correct as of 2010.

    Guess what? NOT ONE OF THESE GUYS HAS EVER BEEN CAUGHT...mainly because NO PLAYBOY/HUSTLER or PORN STAR told the police jack-shit and never will because it would not only wreck their lives and any would accomplish NOTHING because these gentlemen are CAREFUL.

    Last word? It's easy to talk about this...try living it and THEN tell me about it. Fuck-it. I'm outta here.

    Sunday, October 27th 2013 - 09:59:28 PM

    Name: Badger
    Homepage URL:

    To All:

    God, I love this forum.


    Catching up on some stuff: A few weeks ago, I mentioned a home invasion move where the bad guy cut off the clothes of a house guest. That scene has shown up on . Use the Search Word: "Bastard" (for some reason).

    Also, there was an inquiry about a movie involving an RV and a woman dragged behind it. Sounds a bit like "Ultraviolet"starring Esai Morales and Patricia Healy, with the latter-named being forced in one scene to strip. Haven't seen that movie around for a while. Now I can sleep at night.

    Monday, October 28th 2013 - 09:56:52 AM

    Name: Ralphus
    E-mail address:

    Blakemore wrote:

    Who the hell do you think's going to tell you that 7 out of 10 young women who appear in Playboy magazine ARE abducted then held to be tortured and raped for days and then released?

    Dude! C'mon man. Whose wet dream fantasy is that? Are you really saying that on average, you could randomly choose 10 girls who appeared in Playboy and 7 of them have been abducted, tortured and raped? Like say, any 7 out of these girls below?

    Is it possible your friend was maybe...I dunno...inflating those stats a little bit to turn you on? That's an exciting fantasy, to be sure, but come on now...

    One question...Do you think Hugh Hefner knows?

    Monday, October 28th 2013 - 10:02:10 AM

    Name: brainmaster
    Homepage URL:

    Ok, so we were young and thought we were boy scouts. Then we saw a movie like "The Viking Queen" or a Blakemore film, blew our wads, and knew we weren't. Our self image was devastated but we suck it up because life goes on.

    Monday, October 28th 2013 - 02:35:57 PM

    Name: YikYakker

    Badger wrote:

    I love this site.

    So do I. The problem is keeping up with it. Just as I was about to jump into the discussion about the The Galahad Conundrum and The Blakemore Experiment, the sands shifted a bit and I had to do a bit of rethinking.

    They say that the only thing that is constant is change.

    Well, I will get to the The Blakemore Experiment eventually, but today I would like to address the The Galahad Conundrum.

    The Galahad Conundrum

    Galahad wrote:

    You propose/assert that women have nothing to fear from sites such as this because all that is discussed is fantasy, unreal. But how are women to know this? Are you attempting to tell me that there is no cross-over (no possibility of cross-over) between what is featured here and 'real life'?

    Folks here who've read my posts know all too well that I avoid making such sweeping and absolute statements. (Hell, I have to be tortured and racked just to decide on an answer to a yes/no GIMP poll question.) For the record, here is what I actually said:

    Fear of something should be proportional to the risk that it poses in real life.

    Now, if you were not quite clear on that, the best approach would have been to politely ask me to clarify what I said, which I would gladly do. In fact, I'll do it now, for you and everyone else.

    Analogy: In the field of information technology, there is a concept called "The Black Box." The Black Box represents something unknown " a process, program or set of instructions that has yet to be developed - that connects input data and output data:

    Input -> Black Box -> Output

    Until the IT people sit down and analyze what information is going into the process, and what the expected output is, they do not know what the contents of the Black Box are going to be. We need a similar process to figure out how GIMP content is connected to real life.

    In our (GIMP site) situation, the input is the content of the site, and the output is behavior in real life. The Black Box is the unknown process that connects the two.

    GIMP Content -> Black Box -> Real Life Behavior

    Until we can analyze, and definitively explain, how viewing (or reading) GIMP content translates into real life behavior, the Black Box remains a mystery. No one can say it does exist, and no one can say it does not. The challenge is to identify it - if it exists - and explain it.

    Unfortunately, lots of people assume that violent content - TV, songs, video games, movies - automatically influences or motivates real life violent behavior, but nobody has satisfactorily constructed the Black Box.

    It's not that easy. The process must go through the following steps (using the GIMP site as an example), which I call the Evil GIMP Spawn Paradigm:

    ~ First, we need to determine how many people represent the GIMP audience

    ~ Next, subtract out those who were already violent people before they first observed the GIMP site; the alleged influence for those to be excluded is some unknown malevolent force whose motivation predates the exposure of the audience member to the GIMP

    ~ Calculate how many of the remaining GIMP audience have developed sinister motivations since their exposure to GIMP content

    ~ Subtract out those whose sinister motivations may have been influenced by other malevolent content which is stronger in its power over the individual than the GIMP site alone. This is known as identifying the confounding factors.

    ~ The resulting number is the evil spawn of the GIMP site. They are motivated to act upon the GIMP influences; but the process is not yet finished.

    ~ Some of the evil spawn who are motivated to translate the influence into real-life behavior will fall by the wayside. As with any kind of behavior, there are those who, though motivated, cannot act upon their impulses because of intervening factors: deterrent forces in their real life existences that overpower their rapist fantasies. They end up repressed and frustrated, but do not become real-life rapists.

    ~ Now we are down to those who are motivated and undeterred. These move into the planning phase, a pre-cursor for the actual behavior. They may set up a target (or a place to find a random target) perhaps do some prep work (car, rope, knife, handcuffs, etc.), stalk their victim, etc. At this point, some plans fall through: cops drive by, boyfriend shows up; intended victim leaves town to visit her mother, or fails to show up at work (illness), etc.

    ~ Finally, we are left with the evil spawn who follow through, plan well and implement the atrocity.

    So how many evil GIMP spawn are we left with? Who knows? Until someone does the Black Box analysis, we may never know the answer.

    Frankly, it seems to me that real-life rapists would be too busy to bother visiting this site. But I could be wrong.

    So to get back to the original proposition that I stated:

    Fear of something should be proportional to the risk that it poses in real life.

    This means that women may certainly fear GIMP content because of the potential posed by Evil GIMP Spawn Paradigm. However, we are at a loss to suggest to women how much they should fear the GIMP site because we don't know what the odds are that they will encounter an evil GIMP spawn in real life. Some interesting questions are raised here, however. For example, here at the GIMP site we do not produce content - we get it from other producers, and put it on display. Writers, vid producers, movie-makers, etc.

    So, Galahad, if we are to interview our female friends and ask them what they think about the GIMP site, should we not also ask them what they think about the GIMP content producers, like Jac and Amy, Eda Chang, Max Coxxx, etc.? Just wondering.

    Of course, in fairness, we also have to consider The Badger Paradigm. (Hope you don't mind me naming it after you, dude; you just described it very well.) Some believe that rather than generating real-life perps, sites like this actually prevent or reduce the generation of evil spawn. So to really get at a final number, we need to calculate the net evil spawn, thusly:

    Net Evil Spawn = evil spawn generated - (minus) evil spawn prevented

    I'll reserve what I have to say about the Badger Paradigm for an upcoming post, because this one is already too long. But I do want to acknowledge the recent post from Galahad in which he responded to Badger:

    I did not assert 'that a forum such as this is necessarily contributing to seriously illegal and anti-social behaviour'.

    I asked how are women supposed to know what are our intentions.

    I also intend to address that question separately.

    Thank you all for your attention.

    Monday, October 28th 2013 - 09:13:02 PM

    Name: Badger

    YikYakker: What an awesome post. I am about to read it for the third time, as there is so much there. And, in case I didn't mention it before.....

    I love this forum.

    Monday, October 28th 2013 - 09:28:29 PM

    Name: MAV
    Homepage URL:

    Here's my official review of my AOH torture custom with Candle Boxxx, Not Going To Tell You Anything.

    The clip opens with Candle Boxxx, wearing only a thong and high-heels, struggling her toned curves against the ropes which have her tied AOH. The villain comes in and starts manhandling her, pulling her hair/head back, semi-choking her, and fondling her aggressively asking her to give up information.

    Candle remains defiant and the torture begins after 1-2 minutes with real (non-simulated) bellypunches. You can tell they're real since Candle's toned belly gets redder as the clip goes on. The villain also gets a nice (simulated) backslap in before continuing with the bellypunches.

    After about 4 minutes, the villain breaks out the (commercial-looking) whip and lashes Candle on her breasts, belly, and ass. This scene lasts about a minute.

    The villain continues tormenting Candle before lighting her up with a taser several times in her sides and her crotch, which also lasts for about a minute. The villain then knees her in the crotch, knocking Candle out leaving her dangling by the wrists AOH.

    This was a very streamlined custom but the bang for the buck is definitely worth it, especially since Candle Boxxx looks amazing as her body is ridiculously shaped and toned, and she writhes around to the torture (which includes real bellypunching and real whipping) very well. I give this one an A- only because of the fake looking whip (I prefer a single-tail) and also because the high heels are a bit out of place (my fault for not saying bare feet).

    I recommend reaching out to Candle Boxxx for customs since she's open to GIMP-related content.

    Monday, October 28th 2013 - 09:38:02 PM

    Name: A Canadian

    MAV: Thanks for providing the official review of Not Going To Tell You Anything. As I mentioned the other day, my assessment of Ms. Boxxx is improved after I saw the preview. She's pretty feisty, which I like. I'm glad to hear you got your money's worth.

    By the way, I don't think I could ever order a custom. Even if I got past my known cheapness, I think the whole process would simply confirm that I have no creativity.


    YikYakker: Wow, that was quite the post. Plenty to think about as I call it a night.

    I still think there is something misleading (unintentionally, I'm sure) about some of the points that Galahad has raised.

    It is true that I wouldn't necessarily want my family and friends to know that I frequent this site. But that would be equally true if I visited sites for scat enthusiasts, or sites for guys who get sexually aroused when they're dressed like babies in diapers.

    I suspect most people with interests that are outside of the mainstream are cautious about sharing their secrets (I offer no explanation for Jerry Springer's guests, other than it seems many Americans love the idea of appearing on television). Many members of mainstream society may be too uptight to appreciate that GIMPers only enjoy the situations depicted in GIMP scenes as fantasies. But my squeamishness about inviting them into our world does not in any way mean that I think there are valid reasons for them to have doubts about us.

    Tuesday, October 29th 2013 - 12:50:14 AM

    Name: Leslie Parma
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Love this site.

    Tuesday, October 29th 2013 - 01:39:57 AM

    Name: Osouk
    Homepage URL:

    It's been a while since I posted. There have many interesting comments about how fantasy and reality relate to each other. I can quite understand why people, and in particular women, would be worried about sites such as this, and people such as me viewing them. It appears we get sexual pleasure from women being raped and tortured, which is bound to worry most people if they don't share the same impulses.

    I don't think viewing this kind of material makes people go out and commit crimes. Everybody knows that hurting other people is wrong, so I think people fall into the following categories:

    1) I have no desire to do it at all.

    2) I quite fancy doing it, but I know it's morally wrong, so I'm not going to do it.

    3) I would do it, but I'm too worried about being caught (either by the law or family/friends), so I don't.

    4) I think the chances of getting caught are small so I'm going to risk it.

    5) I don't care about getting caught, I'm just going to do it because it would be worth the risk.

    Obviously this is a bit of a simplification, but hopefully you can get the gist of my idea. I don't agree with Blakemore that everybody would do it if they could get away with it, as a large number of people will fall into 1) and 2) above.

    In my case, I enjoy fairly extreme torture and rape scenarios, preferably interrogation based. I do not want the victim to enjoy it at all - the mere mention of her getting 'a bit wet' turns me off. However, I have absolutely no interest in hurting anyone in real life, and certainly not a completely unwilling and innocent victim.

    This may seem contradictory as in my fantasy world I want the girl to be begging and pleading for mercy that never comes. And I can understand why someone who knows my fantasy world would doubt that I wouldn't want to really hurt someone.

    On a slightly different note, I absolutely agree that the old HOM mags and loops still look good. Like a lot of people here my earliest bondage experiences were from these, and I still like them as the girls look good (no piercings or tats) and genuinely scared. I also like the grimy settings. As I'm into the girls not enjoying it, these usually do it for me.

    And it's great to see Kirsten Smart's stories here. I think they are some of the best I've ever read, and they have influenced my story writing to a large degree (one of which is hosted here, see link above). I wish she'd write a new one every week!

    Excellent site, Ralphus, wish I had time to post more often.

    Tuesday, October 29th 2013 - 06:41:59 AM

    Name: frog

    Dante is one of the best. The torn clothes and the sweat, particularly, also the varied scenarios.

    Tuesday, October 29th 2013 - 07:47:39 AM

    Name: YikYakker

    MAV: Wow, Candle Boxxx in Not Going To Tell You Anything is splendid! I like the expressions on her face as much as I like her toned abs and hips.

    I'm glad that you are pleased with your custom. Thanks for sharing it.


    Osouk: Welcome back. Actually, I think your typology - the five categories of people you described - is not oversimplified and makes an interesting framework for discussion.


    A Canadian: Dude, I think I neglected to express my appreciation for your review of The Ground of a Foreign Country - Group Assault.

    [If your post was near the top when I would have had the opportunity to view it, I may have been distracted by the "Click Here to Burn Amy" banner. I never get tired of looking at that.]

    While the ladies do project an appearance that is somewhat different from those in your typical stable of featured beauties, they seem to do a fine job.


    We still have a bit of unfinished business with the Galahad Conundrum so let's get to it.

    The remaining issue - if I understand it correctly - is: How do you convince women that they have nothing to fear from the GIMP site?

    Well, I'm tempted to say, "You don't!" and slink away. But that would be taking the easy, cowardly way out. So let's see what we can do to address this question.

    Frankly, if I were in a woman's shoes and landed unexpectedly on this site, I might run away as fast as I could. (This would be especially difficult if the woman's shoes were high heels).

    And yet...there are women who not only view this site regularly/frequently, but also post and contribute here. And what a fine group of females they are: Amy Hesketh, Margot, Eda Chang, Bunny Bound, and Kirsten Smart, just to name a few. There may be others among the "lurkers".

    So I might suggest sharing this fact with women to ease their minds a bit. Of course, that could go over about as well as the episode of Married with Children in which Al Bundy and his pals tell their wives that the guys go to the nudie bar to discuss important social and economic issues of the day.

    But at the moment, it's all I got.


    Before we get into the Badger Paradigm - which I promise to do in a future post - I want to share with you all something interesting from the National Crime Victimization Survey, 1994-2010:

    In 2005-10, 78% of sexual violence involved an offender who was a family member, intimate partner, friend, or acquaintance.

    Now consider the YikYakker Proposition:

    Fear of something should be proportional to the risk that it poses in real life.

    This means that the threats of violence that women should fear most are likely to come from those in their immediate circle.

    [An illustrative example was the young Anderson girl who was abducted by her "uncle" - a trusted friend of the family who often provided her with rides to and from school or activities - and taken to a wilderness area in Idaho. Fortunately for the young lady, she was rescued and the "uncle" met his doom.]

    Now, what's interesting about this fact from the survey is that, when you look around the GIMP site, you are more likely to find scenarios that fit into the remaining 22% of cases. These would involve abduction or rape by complete strangers who jump their victims in the night, invade their homes or capture them off the streets, just as some examples. So not only are the events portrayed here pure fantasy; they do not even reflect the majority of scenarios which are threats to women in real life.

    If women should fear those things most which pose the greatest risk in real life, they should really be much more wary of the dangers that are right under their noses.

    This is not some great discovery that I've made. We've known about this pattern for decades.

    Tuesday, October 29th 2013 - 08:20:52 PM

    Name: brainmaster

    The only crap I ever got from women for looking at gimp porn was their jealousy that I was looking at porn gimps tied and tortured instead of themselves tied and tortured. I always had to explain to them that my need to see gimps out matched their capacity to be gimps so it was for their own good health. I let them know that some of those really great ideas I used over the weekend which made her cum her brains out, I got from some good gimp porn.

    Tuesday, October 29th 2013 - 08:41:04 PM

    Name: Ralphus
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    MAV: Thanks for the official review of the new Candle Boxxx movie, Not Going To Tell You Anything. I'll be honest that I've never seen a single video that Candle Boxxx has performed in, but she's still one of my favorite bondage models. I have a crapload of pictures of her on my hard drive. Very cute girl...slim figure, pretty face, no tattoos, and she looks good gagged, too.

    It says on her Clips4Sale site that her customs start at $50, which seems really inexpensive. Definitely worth thinking about. Good to know she does harder stuff like what you ordered in your custom.

    The direct link for your latest is in my Homepage URL above.


    Osouk: Good to see you back here. Excellent post, and I think your categorizing of people regarding real-life GIMP activity is pretty much spot-on. I would contend that a large majority of the readers of this forum are likely in categories 2 and 3. I'm sure there are plenty of 1's out there...probably a majority of the population are 1's...but they probably wouldn't go anywhere near our site. Since our main interests here involve movies with bondage, rape or torture and there's a certain amount of fantasizing that comes while viewing said material, it's a strong bet that everyone here has at least entertained dark thoughts, whether they acted on them or not.


    Speaking of dark thoughts, try, just try, to avoid having some while watching this week's ZFX Clip of the Week. This is one of the great rape scenes in ZFX's arsenal, arguably the very best, with Lisa Kinkaid stripped, gagged, tied to a bed frame and raped in Beyond Driven 3. Someone who's a fan of rape and Lisa Kinkaid really needs to review this one for the board. He doesn't even have to live in the US. Gosh, even if he's Canadian, that would be perfectly fine.

    Tuesday, October 29th 2013 - 09:57:59 PM

    Name: A Canadian
    Homepage URL:

    Ralphus wrote:

    Someone who's a fan of rape and Lisa Kinkaid really needs to review this one for the board. He doesn't even have to live in the US. Gosh, even if he's Canadian, that would be perfectly fine.

    That sounds fine in principle, but where would we ever find someone like that?

    Actually, I have a few films that are on the list to be reviewed but I probably won't get to them until closer to the end of the calendar year. This is the busiest time of the year for me, work-wise. I can watch GIMP films but it's tough to find the time to review them.

    As for Beyond Driven 3, I probably need to see that one again. I was somewhat disappointed the first time I saw it but I think that may have been because my expectations were too high.

    As bizarre as it still sounds, I think Lisa's best rape scene was in Voodoo Dolls -- when she was raped by the teddy bear.

    If you think I'm going to try to explain that one to my female friends, think again.

    Wednesday, October 30th 2013 - 12:28:01 AM

    Name: mothbrad
    Homepage URL:

    A few thoughts about current discussions.

    - It's great to see Kirsten here. I think I've been following her for over a decade, since the old 'Yahoo Clubs' days. Highly recommended for anyone who likes reading as well as viewing.

    - Regarding the discussion at the moment - I've decided that it's possible to have a different morality for fantasy than reality, and for there to be no problem with that. Countless people enjoy violent movies, cheering on the bad guys getting their heads blown off, but they would freak out if they faced it in reality. I think the same can be true with GIMP material. I'm not judging one way or the other, but different people draw the line in different places.

    The problem is, that it's really hard for other people to figure out what goes on in the minds of people who look at this website. The news is so full of scare stories about 'sexual predators', that people overreact and jump to conclusions. My Homepage URL has a sad story about what can happen when this fear gets out of hand - it's important for us to face up to the fact that we're not going to be understood or loved for our interests. We just have to suck it up and move on, and hopefully not give people a reason to think of us as genuinely evil.

    I think it would be great if we could moderate people's fears based on facts and statistics, but we all know this will never happen. If anyone has even a hint of 'deviance', that's enough to condemn them, and fear and loathe them. Women go through so much shit from regular looking guys, it must be comforting for them to be able to have some sort of clear sign that a guy's someone to avoid: "he looks at this website, therefore he's a pervert, therefore he's a potential threat". Even though it's annoying, I can't really blame them.

    Wednesday, October 30th 2013 - 12:39:08 AM

    Name: Leslie Parma
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    Mothbrad is right. Most folks perceive anyone who enjoys GIMP entertainment as a pervert. It's very difficult to defend. Everyone else is out of the closet, but our tastes will always be vilified. There are women as well as men who enjoy GIMP entertainment. And the vast majority of us pay taxes and obey the law. We just like our sex rough.

    Wednesday, October 30th 2013 - 01:46:50 AM

    Name: Fritz

    YikYakker wrote:

    Fear of something should be proportional to the risk that it poses in real life.

    Nice try buddy, but what something should be and what it actually is rarely correspond. For forty years I've known that flying is statistically the safest way to travel. And to this day I'm scared shitless to get on a plane. Women - well, everyone actually - will usually feel comfortable around friends and family and be wary of strangers. It's called human nature, and it trumps data from the National Crime Victimization Survey.

    And even if the odds of being abducted and raped by strangers (as opposed to people a woman knows) are reduced to 22%, that's not very comforting news. Knowing this is hardly going to make a female who stumbles across the GIMP think we are just harmless fetishists who live in a world of pure fantasy. We male GIMPers realize we're harmless because we know what we're about, as do the distaff readers who hang out here. Others, both women and men, will not understand us, and most will be shocked, angered and afraid when they scan our innocent posts, no matter what the real life risks actually may be.

    * * * * * *

    Kirsten: Thanks for stopping by. Long before I began lurking at the GIMP, I had read all your stories, or at least those you had put up at your Yahoo group. I'm glad that you have chosen to share them here as well, but I am also a bit envious of those who may be discovering them for the first time. The 'net is awash with BDSM fiction, and I have collected over 2000 stories since the early 1990's. Of those, less than a hundred are archived in my favorites folder. All of yours are among them. Thank-you.

    * * * * * *

    Osouk: Excellent post. Your distribution covers just about everyone except maybe the extreme psychopaths who don't even consider the risks or consequences of their actions. Also, I wonder if people move between categories throughout their lives. Children and oldsters who have no interest in sex may well fall into Group 1, but it's hard to believe that most folks will never fantasize about sexual violence. I mean, how many of us can claim we've never imagined killing someone who was causing us grief? In the same way, except for the very few who are completely asexual, who hasn't dreamed about forcing themselves on the cute, buxom brunette they share the elevator with every day? or (shudder) the male equivalent of a cute, buxom brunette?

    I'm happy to proclaim I am squarely in Camp 2. And unless Mr. Blakemore knows me better than I know myself, that means his claim that every man is at least a 3 is off the mark. Still, I'm sure most fours and fives were probably threes or maybe even twos at one point. Remember, Ronald Reagan was a snarly Democrat before he found Nancy. Anything is possible.

    Wednesday, October 30th 2013 - 03:01:18 AM

    Name: Lynn
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    How to turn a "B movie" (or even a "D movie") into a cult classic.

    Attached is a film clip - it is obviously of a bdsm game - the 'safe word' device is clearly seen and the dialogue supports that. But, hide the 'fake' stuff and imagine an interrogation that looks like that (nude- waterboarded - 4 minutes long) in a mainstream spy movie.

    Instant cult classic! And... guaranteed financial hit.

    Think about it, writers, directors and producers... (I know you monitor this site, like you monitor all sites that discuss film - or have someone do it for you - its part of your jobs.)

    Wednesday, October 30th 2013 - 06:16:38 AM

    Name: B. (arbara) Snippet


    Ever wonder why Blakemore and Rick Masters made so many great GIMP videos with such gorgeous females? Well, let me tell you, they could tie me up and fuck me anytime. They have the body and persona that attracts submissives.

    Wednesday, October 30th 2013 - 07:49:57 AM

    Name: Daniel
    E-mail address:

    I think you would have a better chance finding a "criminal mind" on Craig's list, than you would on here!

    Wednesday, October 30th 2013 - 01:18:40 PM

    Name: Howie

    Good lord. What is with all this moralizing about the subject matter on this site all of the sudden? If you have an issue with it, what are you doing here in the first place?

    No, I'm not going to go up to ANY of the females in my life and ask them what they think of a site like this. You know why, because I'm not an asshole.

    Of course most of them would get an uncomfortable feeling about it. That's part of the charm of coming here, is being able to air this stuff out, and discuss our "FANTASIES" with other like minded individuals, that is until the moral police decided to invade over the last few weeks.

    Who needs anyone coming in here to try and make us feel like shit about something we obviously all enjoy? And why would any woman enter a site called Bring Out The Girls In Merciless Peril and not already have an expectation of what she was about to read anyhow?

    Have I or would I ever even consider doing any of the acts we enjoy around here to an unwilling participant? Of course not, because again, I'm not an asshole, and if I felt that the other people on this board were the kind of people who would, I wouldn't post here anymore, but they're not, so either realize this place is never going to be PC paradise some of you seem to feel it should be, or just leave.


    Wednesday, October 30th 2013 - 06:46:18 PM

    Name: Howie

    Also, still LOVING the Silvio Dante Artwork. Fabulous work, sir! (Gee, I hope I didn't make anyone uncomfortable by admitting that on a BONDAGE FORUM..........)


    Wednesday, October 30th 2013 - 06:50:05 PM

    Name: Thomas Chaser
    E-mail address:

    I agree with Lynn. Elise Graves is entertaining to watch (despite that horrible lip ring thing she wears from time to time). If a producer wrapped a plot around a scene like that and made an hour-point-five movie, it would be a cult classic. Just look at what Lana Clarkson on a rack being tortured by a needle-claw did for "Barbarian Queen".

    Wednesday, October 30th 2013 - 08:16:26 PM

    Name: YikYakker

    Fritz wrote:

    And even if the odds of being abducted and raped by strangers...are reduced to 22%, that's not very comforting news. Knowing this is hardly going to make a female who stumbles across the GIMP think we are just harmless fetishists who live in a world of pure fantasy.

    I absolutely agree. I hope no one got the wrong impression that I was suggesting these statistics are cause for celebration. They are simply offered to provoke some thought and re-examination of the subject.

    Ever since I started out in life as a teacher, I have had this notion - call it optimism, idealism, foolishness, whatever - that if you put information in front of people, properly presented and explained, it may encourage them to re-think some of their closely-held assumptions. Meh - sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

    This discussion was propelled, in part, by an earlier post of mine - well, let's be accurate and call it a rant - about someone who cherry-picked a few frivilous comments (by men and women both) that offered a rather casual view of rape, and used these comments to push the idea that there exists a "culture of rape" in our society. In the ensuing dialog, we have fortunately moved far beyond that original instigating incident and some pretty interesting views have been expressed.

    One of those is what I've named the Badger Paradigm after our friend, who chimed in to present the view that perhaps this site acts as a deterrent to would-be rapists. He wrote: is also possible that forums like this one and the websites that feature fantasy GIMP might offer a healthy outlet for some who might otherwise confuse fantasy with reality with very negative consequences.

    This statement describes the process known as catharsis, an idea that has been around for quite some time. It was a key part of the original psychoanalytic theories, and the assumption lay behind a lot of pschotherapy approaches.

    Interestingly, the field of psychology has moved away from the notion of catharsis in recent years; I could not even find the word in a modern psychology textbook. It's possible that the whole concept seems so basic that the focus of the field has shifted to other, more exotic topics. While most folks may not be acquainted with the word catharsis, the idea seems to be firmly fixed in everyday conversation and pop psychology.

    I'm not an expert in this area but there is some recent data that may lend support to the Badger Paradigm. This data also comes from the National Crime Victimization Survey, 1994-2010. It shows that over the past several years, there has been a downward trend in the incidence of rape.

    If the proliferation of forums and sites like the GIMP has had a cathartic effect, we would expect to see such a reduction in incidents. Now, this chart does not prove the point; it is more like circumstantial evidence. It serves as a counterpoint to the assertion that the internet is feeding a "culture of rape" that is resulting in increased danger to women.

    I hope this discussion has not been too dry and boring for all of you. For me it has been very thought-provoking and intriguing, but it has also been a lot of work. Throughout it all, there has something that has nagged at me, and that nagging has led me to do a lot of serious reflecting, and that reflecting has brought me to a burning question, and that burning question is...

    Is it really necessary to do all this handwringing over a FANTASY BONDAGE SITE IN WHICH NO REAL PERSON EVER GETS RAPED OR TORTURED OR KILLED?

    Thank you again for your patience and attention.

    Wednesday, October 30th 2013 - 09:56:47 PM

    Name: Howie

    Is it really necessary to do all this handwringing over a FANTASY BONDAGE SITE IN WHICH NO REAL PERSON EVER GETS RAPED OR TORTURED OR KILLED?

    No... No it's not.... Can we stop now?


    Wednesday, October 30th 2013 - 11:09:48 PM

    Name: Badger


    Can we stop now?

    I would certainly be in favor of that. But I consider these types of discussions to be awesomely interesting and thought-provoking, and even..... well.... downright Cathartic. YikYakker: Your research and your postings have been awesome. (I know, easy for me to say.... I've now had a paradigm named after me. After all these years!).

    Every now and then, we slip in the forum into discussions such as this one. Invariably, it is provoked by a comment or two that suggests or implies that the line between our fetishes and real-world anti-social behavior is a bit more blurred than many (such as myself) consider it to me. That was certainly the case here. And as before so many times, the majority of posters step up and make it clear where we stand on that matter. I think an occasional refocusing on what this forum is about is valuable. Yik Yakker and others who have offered up thoughts and ideas make me much more comfortable being here.

    Thursday, October 31st 2013 - 09:50:33 AM

    Name: Dr Yuya

    I see the need for the discussion on whether most posters here have clearly drawn the line between fiction and reality. Established that most have at the very least lends a more comfortable feeling to this site so that I'll want to keep coming back. Even if its just every two years or so it helps.

    Truth be told I wouldn't want it at all if it wasn't for a few incidents or comments every now and then that seem we have a visitor who has or would cross the line if given a chance. The whole "Blakemore Theory" the risk of offending this site and one of its favorite producers, but I really think its indicative of a mindset that's gone too far. Anyone who believes it or has rationalized themselves that yeah they would do horrible and illegal things to a woman without legal reprisal has also gone too far.

    Thursday, October 31st 2013 - 10:13:00 AM

    Name: Howie

    I would certainly be in favor of that. But I consider these types of discussions to be awesomely interesting and thought-provoking, and even..... well.... downright Cathartic.

    Glad someone does, because I don't.

    Here's everything about what the site stands for right on the front page. If anyone reads that and isn't comfortable with it, as I stated before, leave, rather than spending two weeks worrying if we're making people uncomfortable. No one is going to solve the worlds problems by making sure the GIMP messages board is PC enough to suit their tastes.

    PART 1: This site, does NOT, under any circumstances, knowingly promote any violence of any kind toward any living being. Anything mentioned in the Forum is related to fantasy/fetish only, it is only a figment of the contributor's imagination. Scenes from any videos described herein, to the best of the webmaster's knowledge were performed by consenting adults. This site does not concern the so-called "snuff" films, and any advocates of real violence or promoters of films where any degree of actual nonconsent by a performer was present, shall be removed from the discussion immediately.

    PART 2 This site is not commercialy affiliated with ZFX or any other adult video company. However, the people who make or act in the videos, regularly contribute to the forum, so any questions or comments to the videos' creators can be addressed directly.

    PART 3 The webmaster(s) believe that real-life sexual violence is a most horrific crime that should be punished in the most severe manner allowed by the state. This site is intended for those people who either practice safe and consensual sadomasochism or whose sexual fantasies exist solely in their minds. Those who are troubled by their unconventional sexuality must find the safest outlet for it that is possible, and this forum, hopefully, will be of great assistance to them. Nothing that is discussed in this forum is subject to duplication, unless both parties take every avaliable percaution to make their activity 100% safe and 100% consensual.

    Thursday, October 31st 2013 - 10:49:48 AM

    Name: brainmaster

    If the things I say make you feel uncomfortable, and yet you keep listening, maybe you need to feel uncomfortable. WEG.

    Thursday, October 31st 2013 - 12:22:47 PM

    Name: Daniel
    E-mail address:

    I feel that what "Blakemore" stated about 'rape' and 'torture' comes from a person whose business it was to make these things happen on film. If what happened as claimed after the camera stopped really happened it was consensual.

    Seems to me, most, of the 'posters' here, have their "go" and "no go" switches in working order!

    Moving on would be nice!

    Thursday, October 31st 2013 - 12:46:17 PM

    Name: TRG

    Review: Punished 7

    Episode 1

    Lori Waverly finds a trunk full of bondage art and repeats a theme common to earlier Punished videos -- imagining herself bound in the same way that is shown in a picture she is looking at.

    In the first scene, Lori pulls out a pencil drawing of a woman tied to a giant phallus. As Lori opens her wrap-around skirt and begins to play with herself, she imagines herself tied up in the same position, too complicated to describe, so just look at the picture. The cupless bustier she has on is a nice touch. Now she could relax to take the slack out of the collar that is choking her, the crotch rope that is cutting her, and does at one point, but she prefers to strain against them anyway. Atta girl!

    The next drawing she looks at is of a woman tied in a vertical spread-eagle. While admiring that one, she takes a flogger out of the trunk and begins rubbing the handle over her pussy, and then flogging it. Of course, Lori finds herself, in her dreams, tied in a similar position, struggling for all she's worth. Her only problem is that the flogger is on the floor and there is no one around to beat her with it. So, she jerks her entire body as if someone were beating her. It's pretty dramatic, and more easily seen if you speed up the replay of the video. When the scene dissolves back to reality, Lori is still flogging herself between her legs.

    Lori is so worked up now that she does a bunched-panty cunt-busting on herself while looking at the last drawing. Switch to her fantasy, a vertical Flying Wallenda, and she's completely nude. Actually, her knees are on the ground, so it takes a bit of work to get airborne. Switch to a suspended vertical spread-eagle, still nude.

    In the final bit, the little horndog has merged fantasy and reality. Lori, without a stitch on, looks at another drawing and tugs on a crotch rope threaded through a pulley. Tugs hard. Where's a man when you really need one? Fade.

    Lori has a way that is all her own of doing a lot with a little. I could have put up four times as many screen caps, every one of them unique and erotic. To her credit, she has learned her lesson from P5 about wearing her panties on top of her garters, not underneath them.

    Grade: A

    Episode 2

    We start this episode with the torment in progress. I'm not sure who this model is, so we can call her G2. She's tied, ankles and wrists, fully clothed and wearing a ball gag. The fun begins when a Tormentor unbuttons her blouse, revealing what is probably a teddy underneath. Her squirming makes her skirt ride up and her teddy fall open, displaying some delicious breasts.

    She is seen next sitting up, still not understanding that no matter how much she wiggles around, she won't get free. Dissolve to a new position in the Punished series, an overarm tie, and topless. T takes off her skirt to reveal her garters and panties. Since her ankles are spread apart, the invitation for a bit of unopposed crotch-fondling is accepted.

    A crotch rope gets jammed on and cinched up high, cutting in pretty deeply. By leaning forward a bit, she can relax the tension on the rope, though.

    Semi-seated now, panties gone, arms overhead and thighs wide open, a dildo on a jack is positioned underneath her Number One Opening. After a few vain protestations, it gets jacked up inside her. It's not a very big dildo (see Punished 3 for a 3"/50 projectile going up Lana Ryan), so I can't see what her problem with it is.

    Last position, she is strapped down to a bench with her legs tied high and wide to a spreader bar. After affixing a crotch rope (no relaxing away from this one!), her legs gets hoisted up in the air as far as they will go, given her torso is strapped down to the bench. Fade.

    This episode doesn't seem to know what it wants to do or where it's going. The model doesn't appear to be all that put out by her bondage. I guess you could call it roughie bondage lite.

    Grade: C

    Episode 3

    Karen Arthur is handcuffed to a wall by just one hand. The key is hanging just out of her reach. She tries to get it, but can't, and this somehow makes her want to reach under her mini-dress and play with herself. Doesn't take much for some people.

    A Tormentor comes, and plants her in a chair, AOH, with her ankles chained up high and wide. That barely pantied pussy is just begging to have something done to it. That something comes in the form of a dildo. It gets rubbed against her pussy, through her panties, then turned on and slipped inside them resting right on top of her Most Sensitive Spot. Want to watch a woman build up to her orgasm, then have her brain turn into oatmeal? Here you go.

    Wow. She's doesn't get to relax, spending her afterglow chained to the wall, spread-eagle, in just her panties and heels. The unseen Tormentor shows her more chains, which he uses for -- Oh man -- a crotch rope, er, chain. That thing gets hauled up tight and clipped to the ceiling. There's no place Karen can go to get away from this one!

    Back in the chair, Karen fights against an honest crotch ROPE, that can't be any more comfortable than what she just had on. I doubt the expressions on her face are her acting.

    We end with naked Karen, inverted by spread ankles, and hooded, though her hands are free to roam over whatever part of her body needs it, even though here is an elbow strap fixed behind her. That's a lovely pussy she has, by the way, isn't it? Fade.

    Good episode-- diabolical punishment, pretty model, good crotch shots, and a trick to try at home. It looks like she got her dessert first, though.

    Grade: A

    Episode 4

    Toni Stern backs into a corner, no doubt ruing her decision to come inside here in the first place. Oh, well, too late now. She has a key that she needs to hide, but just after she does, she gets caught, no doubt by someone who wants it. So to find out from her where it is she gets stripped to her black garter and stockings, and tied, AOH and ankles together. She claims she doesn't know where the key is. Right.

    However stringent that is, it's not going to work, so a crotch rope gets affixed, a real cutter. No amount of wiggling will get her out of this jam, but she tries anyway. Lots of nice close-ups of her violated nether folds.

    The crotch rope didn't work, so she gets a crotch strap, which cuts her even deeper, since it's hauling her off her feet. Ropes around her thighs and ankles complete the picture. Her arms are still overhead, but tied apart. Now the pressure is really being applied, both physically and psychologically.

    Toni still won't talk, so she gets suspended in an upside-down strappado. The camera gives us first a side view, then a head on view. The way she twists against the rope in both positions gives us a tantalizing display of her lovely figure, but her pain is not enough to make her spill the beans.

    So, back to AOH with a tight crotch rope and that's it. She says, "OK, I'll tell you." She's now unfastened, chastened, and handing the key to the evil Tormentor who wants it. In the end, it might not have been worth the struggle to her, but it sure was to us. Fade.

    While the bondage positions aren't all that new, this episode is different because there's a reason for them besides just having fun with a beautiful, helpless woman. What will it take to make her reveal the key? If one position doesn't work, how about making it even harder, until she breaks? And that's what happens. We can't wait to see what will be done to her next. This is one of the few Punished episodes with that kind of dramatic tension. Add to that Toni's grade A body, and we have a well-conceived and executed display of roughie bondage.

    Grade: A

    Episode 5

    Karen Arthur again, dressed up in her Carolyn Clarke outfit. She hardly ever wears garters and stockings on film, so this is a treat. Going into a seedy office, a bunch of rope is thrown at her, which she feels she has no choice but to pick up and offer back to us so we can tie her up.

    So we do. She's seated on a chair, the top of her bustier pulled down, hands behind tied her back. A harmless pose in which a mouth-watering hunk of thigh points right at us. Let's change things up a bit. Standing up, upper arms pulled into a strappado with a strand of rope being used as a gag. Now that's more like it. Doesn't she look kind of like the creature from Alien?

    Dissolve to her untied, rubbing her wrists, and handed a clipboard to sign something that's on it. She reacts poorly to the request, so it's back in the chair, ball gagged, wrists and ankles tied to the chair. There's a rope between her legs that leads up to a pulley. Every time she says no to signing, she gets launched out of the chair by the crotch rope. This happens four times, and it can't feel good.

    After being released from that torture, Karen is back on the chair rubbing her sore pussy. Here comes the clipboard again, and there goes the clipboard again. No, she ain't signing, so it's AOH, ankles tied together, with a crotch strap attached to a pulley. Just like before, when she says no, she gets hoisted off the ground by the strap, and that happens four or five times, too. All she has to do is sign and it will be over!

    Released again, Karen is on the chair, once more comforting her abraded aperture, which by now has really gotta be sore. She gets another chance to sign. No dice.

    Torture not having had any effect, Tormentor tries another tack. Bare naked now, and tied to the chair, a dildo with lots of little nobs all over it is suspended in front of her. Karen arches her hips out of the chair to try to snare it with her thighs, at the apex of which we see some seriously intimate close-ups. Finally incentivized, she agrees to sign, with a big smile on her face, for in exchange, she gets the dildo for her very own! See? You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Fade.

    Pretty model, nasty cunt-busting, straight to the point. Love it.

    Grade: A

    This chapter of the Punished series is better than it looks at first glance. There's no flogging, and no visible Tormentor, but that doesn't mean the models got a day off. There are plenty of cleaved crotches, two instances of total nudity, rare in HOM footage, and camera angles, points of view that reflect the hand of a film-maker. Except for episode 2, you could hold up any of the episodes to the totality of the Punished corpus and they would be near the top of the heap.

    Overall Grade: A

    Pluses: Intelligently-motivated bondage. The usual supply of beautiful models. A year's supply of close-ups of busted crotches.

    Minuses: Absence of flogging. This isn't a bad thing, it just makes the video less good.

    Get it at Search on "punished". The ones you want are on the first page of returns, labeled Punished 8.

    Thursday, October 31st 2013 - 02:06:48 PM

    Name: Galahad
    E-mail address:

    My Dear YikYakker.

    May I begin by expressing my admiration for the rigorous argument and clarity of your posts. (Although I did think that your 'Black Box' analysis was a teensy, weensy bit abstract!).

    I feel that the initial circumstance that provoked me to take issue with your earlier post has been overlooked.

    As you yourself acknowledge it was, in your 'rant', that you took exception to the ideas expressed by some people who had 'cherry picked a few frivolous comments that offered a rather casual view about rape'. ('Rant'; OED 'use bombastic language; declaim, recite theatrically; preach noisily'. [I also have some difficulties in reconciling 'frivolous' with rape]). You chose to dismiss what I believe are their legitimate concerns as being motivated by a desire to be Politically Correct.

    When a woman/women (or men) heirs (or should that be heiresses!?), to all this express concern/distress at such images/discussions being promoted about women, what is required is our sympathy and understanding.

    Given that it is Halloween, let me digress. Some years, decades, ago there was much concern about films in which young, attractive, half(or more)-naked women were terrorised, chased and stabbed to death (Slasher Movies, of course). Although 'Hollywood' seems to have moved on, these films are still frequently shown on both terrestrial and satellite TV channels. What an interesting juxtaposition of sexual and erotic arousal and pain and death.

    Edgar Allan Poe, 'The death of a beautiful woman is, unquestionably (unquestionably?!) the most poetic topic in the world'. Now, there's a sentiment, a sentiment likely to bring delight into a woman's soul!

    I do not think that ignoring such issues is correct or wise. I believe that it is incumbent upon as to take these concerns seriously, whether we agree or not.

    'I disagree with everything that you say but I will fight to the death to preserve your right to say it.'

    You observe that this is 'A fantasy site in which no real person gets raped, tortured or killed'.

    To travesty John Donne, ' No internet site is an island, entire of itself'.

    We are assailed on all sides by those who would impose, rightly or wrongly, censorship. In Britain, at the moment, the government is exercised; in response, of course, to the electorate; about internet child pornography. The condemnation of one 'perversion' easily leads to the condemnation of all perversions. And who decides what constitutes a 'perversion'?

    As to whether such sites as this lead to an encouragement of real violence or function as an opportunity for 'catharsis', I do not know. My instinct is that if there were any evidence of a link, either way, it would have long since been established. After all, such questions have been asked for decades.

    Now to, by far, the most important subject of this post!

    I now engage with Fritz, who, in the circumstances, I cannot refer to as 'My Dear Fritz'. (Just joking, of course, in case you miss my British sense of humour, [a word that it seems I cannot spell!).

    'Children and 'oldsters', who have no interest in sex, may well fall into this group!' (This group being those that have no desire to 'do it!'; that is to derive sexual pleasure from women being raped and tortured).

    This is the most monstrous example of the most Politically Incorrect 'ageism'!.

    Being 68 I assume that I count as an 'oldster'. Let me assert that age neither neuters nor infantilises. I may not be as virile as I once was, but my passion for 'alternative activities', fetishes and BDSM remains as strong as ever. Indeed, without the messy complications of (such strong) sexual desires, I believe that my (BDSM) appetites may be/are purer and more essential.

    Have fun all, and do not get caught!

    Thursday, October 31st 2013 - 03:07:32 PM

    Name: Blakemore

    Hi to all...

    Item 1:Punished 7...unknown girl is "Georgia van Helsing"...(and don't ask me how she came up with that name!)

    Item 2: In the episode where Lorie Waverly is looking at illustrations of a girl bound...I was the artist. I had a friend who "had a friend" within the Penthouse Corp. or whatever it was named...who said he could get my artwork into the major marketplace, so I did 6 of those "fantasy illustrations"...had lithographs of each one printed using two runs through the black and one 50% grey because that was the only way to hold the incredible detail I put into them. Needless to say my friend's "friend" was full of shit and I was stuck with expensive lithographs...which I eventually sent to the Gentleman who bought H.O.M. from Barbara Dragon, in the hope that he would advertise them because if he did...THEY WOULD SELL.

    However, as far as I know...he didn't and they didn't and I have no idea where they are. I destroyed the few I'd kept back when we had "actionable intelligence"...(from Karen Arthur)...that "Law Enforcement" might be coming to tear our house apart looking for something they already knew didn't exist, that would be an excuse to wreck my home.

    Later alligator...

    Thursday, October 31st 2013 - 08:38:37 PM

    Name: TRG

    Blakemore: Thanks for the info on P7. I should have wondered if the drawings might have been by you. They are absolutely first-rate.

    As for Georgia van Helsing, was she from Georgia? And she liked vampires? That's all I can guess.

    Thursday, October 31st 2013 - 09:25:03 PM

    Name: Ralphus
    E-mail address:
    Homepage URL:

    TRG: Yet another comprehensive, capped-filled review, thanks for taking the time to write that for the forum. After Punished 7, that was it, right? There was no "Punished 8"? At any rate, we really appreciate all the hours of writing and capping to do all 7 volumes, that was quite a feat. I added your final review, with a few minor corrections, to the Classic Adult section of the Reviews page, at my Homepage URL above.


    Fantasy Vs. Reality Debate: Unlike Howie, I thought we had some really interesting posts about it, although the Black Box quantum analysis, or whatever it was, sort of made my head spin and I nearly made me want to rip my afro out. YikYakker used to be a teacher? Ah, that explains a lot. I felt like I was back in school and had this anxious feeling that I hadn't studied.

    At any rate, I do think it's time to wrap this up. What did we learn from all this? That there's nothing wrong with getting turned on by these nasty movies as long as you don't do it in real life. Oh, and don't let your female friends know you read this forum or they'll recognize that you're a sick pervert, which of course, we already knew :)


    Anybody here familiar with a film called 9 Days? Specifically, it's called 9 Days: Whipped, Chained and Tortured by a Psychopath. With a title like that, there's no way Netflix would ever carry it, but Asian Cult Cinema does and it looks interesting:

    It does say 18-year old Danielle is "subjected to a nine day moral cleansing as Virgil tortures her in his basement chamber." From the stills, it looks like there's both bondage and nudity, but it also has a no-name cast and always wonder about these low budget productions.

    And then here's one I saw at a Redbox last week. I was just passing by when this image caught my eye and made me stop and take a look. Was that really an attractive brunette bound and gagged on the box cover? Yes, it was!

    In this age of disgusting political correctness, it was refreshing to see a movie that uses bondage to sell its wares. For a $1.20 rental, I would have snatched it up in a heartbeat, but every day I check the machine, it's rented out. Gee, I wonder why? But I'll keep trying. Anyone know anything about it?

    Thursday, October 31st 2013 - 10:45:49 PM

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