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December 2012

Name: Dr Yuya
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New Girls of War movie is out at Ringdivas!

Why am I excited about it? Well it's not entirely that I feel Ringdivas is by any means a perfect heroine peril company, other than Jenah Hex I actually feel many of their movies left a whole lot to be desired, Jenah Hex itself only leaving a little. But I also see that they're an American company trying to do roughly what Giga and Zen do, and so far doing it better than any other American companies I know of and improving on themselves every time. They also already even in their early stages can hardly be beat in terms of production values or attractive models.

I see it as counter to my thinking to not support them, seeing their capabilities and potential as a company.

Saturday, December 1st 2012 - 12:57:06 AM

Name: YikYakker
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Mystery Western Gangbang Scene: I'd like to tell you all what movie this scene is from, but damned if I know. Probably from the late '60s to late '70s, because as geezers like myself often say on this forum, "They don't make 'em like this anymore."

A quintet of dastardly villains ties up a preacher and they all take turns raping his traveling companion (Wife? Sister?). They start out with some nice face-slapping and clothes-ripping. There's a lot of whooping and hollering and after the boss villain does her first he says to his buddies, "She's still bucking." Yeah, these guys are nasty.

The actress does a nice job, going through a number of different reactions, from crying to praying to catatonic. See the Homepage URL for the video clip.

Can anyone identify the movie and/or the actress?

Saturday, December 1st 2012 - 10:33:31 AM

Name: MAV
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@DrYuya and others interested in Ringdivas Girls of War Heroine Peril

I just saw the movie and posted a brief mini-review at the Heroine Movies blog at the bottom of the linked thread. Superhot Cali Danger is tortured in bra and panties for 2/3 of the 45min if not longer, but there are some "minuses".

I agree with yuya that i hope they become the Zen of the US. Now they gotta build a GIGA label with nudity and more graphic content.

Saturday, December 1st 2012 - 11:35:47 AM

Name: Ralphus
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MAV: I've never seen a RingDivas production, but based on your past reviews, and this new trailer (above), I think it's finally time we give this company some exposure. RingDivas contacted me and they've started an online TV network focused on Girls in Peril. Their network is planning to feature several seasonal shows with episodes focused on the genre, but with a larger budget, like a Hollywood production. I like the idea and I especially like the concept of torturing super-sexy Cali Danger as their premiere episode. In the near future, we'll be showcasing some high-res pics of Cali being bound and tortured. I think you guys will like them.


Bill K: Looks like Travis Lee spoiled the surprise, but yeah, looks like Amy Hesketh does indeed make an appearance at the end of Le Marquis de la Croix, stretched on the rack. I expect we'll have a review posted before long.


Anybody still check out the ZFX Clip of the Week? I try to go there every week, but I might have missed a time or two. Anyway, a nice little teaser from High Strung this week, starring big-breasted cutie Brandi Dukes, another of the "one and done" ZFX models that I wished could have become a regular. She was NICE!

Saturday, December 1st 2012 - 12:27:53 PM

Name: mr bush

Rick- ZFX

Travis asked about ZFX talk, looking at their movies, at the time having bush was normal which I love. Rick did you ever consider doing something with a model's bush to torture or humiliate her? Like pulling some pubes or shaving her onscreen against her will?

Saturday, December 1st 2012 - 02:28:59 PM

Name: John Galt

Dr Yuya and MAV: Thanks for the tip on RingDivas and the excellent Girls of War trailer. It reinforced my suspicion that AOH bondage and abuse (and very likely GIMP in general) without nudity just isn't as much of a thrill for me personally. I have to wonder, MAV, if they are even interested in incorporating nudity and graphic content into their productions, or if they will simply exploit the bikini-or-underwear-clad woman for all it's worth. The production values do look sensational, though, and the actresses are hot and sexy.

I appreciate the heads-up that there was no nudity in this feature, saving me the annoyance of spending money to find out. I don't mind spending money to support GIMP producers, but this one would have left me dissatisfied overall, and resentful that I wasted my money. If they lose that self-imposed "R" rating and do something that gives JAV a run for its money, I'm ready to show some meaningful support.

* * * * *

YikYakker: I remember that movie, and I was tempted to say it was A Dirty Western, but the more I thought about it, the more I doubted it. That movie had the three kidnapped girls taken and abused and and the mother raped and strung up AOH in the barn. I think you're right that it was a mid-to-late-70s movie, though. I watched it as a rental video, and I seem to remember going into "the back room" where all the "adult videos" were displayed to find it. Ah, those were the days.

* * * * *

Ralphus: Sad to see the pictures from the astonishing Le Marquis de la Croix come to an end. The RingDivas Cali pics are going to be bikini-clad, though, right? *sigh* Oh well.

Saturday, December 1st 2012 - 02:52:21 PM

Name: Elkcreek
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YikYakker, The movie you shared photos from was "Jessi's Girls" a rape and revenge western from the 70's, kind of a Hannie Caulder with nudity. The victim (and only one) was Sondrie Currie. She also appeared in one other slightly notable gimp 70's flick called Police Woman where she was beaten up twice, but there was no rape in that one, some great stomach punching though.

Saturday, December 1st 2012 - 06:52:56 PM

Name: Ralphus
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John Galt wrote:

The RingDivas Cali pics are going to be bikini-clad, though, right? *sigh* Oh well.

Geez, what a Debbie Downer. You haven't even seen them yet. Cali looks amazing in those pics. I mean, I totally understand where you're coming from, and you're certainly not alone in your thinking, but I don't think nudity is essential when it comes to GIMP entertainment. I like looking at naked women as much as any warm-blooded guy out there. Nudity always helps a scene visually, and it certainly makes the situation more humiliating for the victim most of the time.

But for me, the key is DISTRESS. It's fear. It's pain. It's suffering. I don't need to see nipples; I know they're there underneath. Every woman has them, and you know what? Most of them look very similar.

Start with a pretty woman and with the right use of ropes and/or gags, if you can put her in a dangerous situation, you can make a scene work. Think about those old Men's Magazine covers. Some of them are nearly a hundred years old, but they've stood the test of time. Seemingly everyone still loves them today. And with the exception of the later manipulated versions of the originals, they didn't have nudity, either.

What they did have was beautiful women in bondage about to suffer atrocities at the hands of evil Nazi's, Japs, bikers, you name it, and it was the fear, dread and horror on the victim's faces that made them incredibly sexy and hot. Damsels in distress is a winning formula. A naked damsel in distress is hot, but I argue that if she's in the exact same position with torn clothing barely hanging off her or only clad in her underwear, that's just as hot if not hotter.

Okay, let's drag out the colored font again and dust off a question we've covered before in the past, but it's worth asking again because we always have new readers and new opinions.

Everybody likes seeing naked women in bondage, but how important is nudity in your GIMP entertainment? Is it essential that a woman show skin for it to a be a worthwhile scene/movie for you? Or do you think a scene can still be worthwhile and exciting even if there's no nudity?

And a follow-up question: If nudity isn't the most important aspect of the fetish for you, what is?

Honestly, I can't imagine that anyone reading this poll wouldn't want to answer this time. It all goes to the heart of why we're here. The reason we're a good forum is because we have people here who give their opinions, so this is your opportunity to have your side represented. We want to hear from you!

Saturday, December 1st 2012 - 09:56:10 PM

Name: Bill K.

My answer the poll question is, it is much more erotic to me to see a scantily clothed large shapely breasted damsel bound at the stake waiting to be burnt or burning at the stake than a totally nude stripclub pole dancer.

Now as far as rape and torture such as whipping I have to I say totally nude to get that erotic effect I would need for that kind of torture. To me it really comes down to the type of gimp torture. Bill K.

Saturday, December 1st 2012 - 11:35:32 PM

Name: Dr Yuya

On the nudity thing...let me stress I'm NOT wanting to get into exceptions here and there but something I've seen as a general trend in the industry as a whole is that companies that typically offer more "soft" productions with little or no nudity as a whole seem to get better looking actresses in their movies. See Giga and Zen themselves for perhaps no better example of this. Strange but true I think that even when an actress has committed herself to be in a film that will feature her hung upside down and repeatedly tasered in her no nos there's concerns by producers or the actress about degrading somehow an aspect the production or themselves by including nudity.

It's strange behavior being in a fetish industry but it's there. I honestly get why it's there in Hollywood, that's a different game entirely that's played with a mass public that doesn't always change easily. But when you're in an industry that already caters to fans who have a sexual fantasy but not doing nudity I think something got off track somewhere.

All that said, things are how they are. Even if I don't completely understand the logic behind it as I said there's generally better looking models doing the no nudity stuff. If the trade off I have to pay to see a gorgeous model get tortured versus an above average one is the gorgeous one will be in her underwear, I'm willing to make such a trade myself.

Sunday, December 2nd 2012 - 12:25:24 AM

Name: Bill K.

Follow up to my poll answer is in the inquisition dungeon torture the gimp would be stripped totally nude which is historically correct, right? Has far as any kind of torture why would any bad guys torture the gimp with their clothes on?

Dr Yuya I don't agree what you're saying that attractive better looking women don't do nude bondage, torture, gimp type movies for there are lots of very sexy attractive women like Amy and Mila that do nude gimp but I guess if you are using Victoria's Secret supermodels and some big name movie and TV stars as examples you are right but I see that most big name movie and TV stars and lots of successful models are equal attractive looking to Amy and Mila.

Also It takes a different mindset to do nude gimp type movies and most women can not do it and I believe it has nothing to do with their being a sexually attractive "10" or not. How many actress would do what Amy did in Maleficarum? I say very few could or would. Bill K.

Sunday, December 2nd 2012 - 01:54:57 AM

Name: Dr Yuya

@ Bill K: Me not wanting to get into exceptions to my "rule"...most CERTAINLY means me not wanting to be put on the spot about one of the truths/falsehoods of my rule due to the worst potential exceptions to bring up on this board. I'm not touching this no sir :)

Speaking of that, and somewhat off subject but now not it's not I guess...anyone have any news on when Dead but Dreaming is going to be released? I seem to remember hearing December at some point, which is here! But I think I'm getting excited for nothing because I just don't see it happening that soon after they just released a movie for some reason. Ever since I heard it was going to have the public whipping, perhaps my favorite single fetish thing ever, I have been super excited for it.

Sunday, December 2nd 2012 - 02:44:05 AM

Name: Bman
E-mail address:

Naked 100%

Sunday, December 2nd 2012 - 08:25:53 AM

Name: John Galt

Ralphus: I was fully aware that I was being a Debbie Downer when I wrote that. Just in a bad mood, I guess. But that doesn't change the veracity of my observation, apparently. I don't like every Daily Picture and there have been entire sequences that haven't done much for me. But we GIMPers are a varied lot and I'm sure the upcoming RingDivas clothed suspended torture images will look... nice.

Since my snarky comment started the poll, it seems repetitious to say it, but I want that element of nudity. The models who are unwilling to do nude fetish, no matter how gorgeous, are not really providing what I want to see. I will reluctantly agree with Dr Yuya that I will happily watch a gorgeous model being tortured only in her underwear, but I won't pay for it.

Red Feline and Pachamama are getting it right. RingDivas might get there or they might not. Someone at RingDivas needs to have a vision, a passion, or at least a business plan. If they choose specific models and let the models dictate what they will or will not do, maybe more not. If the producers don't care one way or the other, then very likely not. Who knows.

To address the follow-up question, a decently realistic portrayal of pain, fear, suffering and terror are also essential for a great torture fetish scene. All while naked, of course. And inventive bondage and torture methods are also big pluses.

* * * * *

Bman: The soul of brevity. I can appreciate that.

Sunday, December 2nd 2012 - 08:32:48 AM

Name: Badger

Poll Question

Yep. A no-brainer for me. Some degree of nudity is an absolute must. It is what I come to see. But beyond the raw visual titillation, there is the "control" element that is critical. Nudity is embarrassing to the victim in a non-consensual circumstance. Without it, there goes the credibility.

On another subject, I happened on a movie titled "Chained" (2012) at Redbox last week. This one stars Vincent D'Onofrio and is not to be confused with a 2011 movie of the same name that was pretty awful. That said, I could not remember if this one has been noted on the forum. If not, I would be happy to put together a quick review. Hint: It is about a guy who kidnaps, assaults and murders young women -- almost entirely off-camera. I considered it to be a decent movie, with very little in the way of memorable scenes in the traditional GIMP sense of the word. Much is left to the imagination, such as in "Megan is Missing".

Sunday, December 2nd 2012 - 09:04:00 AM

Name: A Canadian

The poll question: Nudity is preferred but it's not essential (I hope that is consistent with however I have responded to this question in the past).

As for the Girls of War stuff, I ordered one of the movies a few years ago that starred SoCal Val. It was pretty good but didn't have as much variety as I might have liked. The production values were certainly first-rate.

Sunday, December 2nd 2012 - 10:01:02 AM

Name: D. Santorum
Homepage URL:

Totally agree with the Canadian. That is, nudity is preferred, but not essential. There have been many mainstream GIMP scenes on TV and in movies that have gotten a rise out of me. But it's undeniable that the degree of my "rise" is inversely proportional to the amount of clothing the woman is wearing.

I remember looking at that RingDivas site some time ago, I was only mildly intrigued at the time. But the trailer showing the gal in the red bikini about to be tortured has seriously grabbed my attention.

Sunday, December 2nd 2012 - 11:58:16 AM

Name: theancient one
E-mail address:

I like to see the girls naked at the time of torture but I also enjoy seeing them brought in, stripped or made to strip and then secured in their restraints. In the case of heroines, it bugs me that they always have boots on in their pics or scenes since taking their boots or shoes off makes them feel a lot more vulnerable, a girl's feet are very sensitive and expressive, and I have a foot fetish in the case of pretty girls.

Sunday, December 2nd 2012 - 12:05:01 PM

Name: MAV
Homepage URL:

Poll question:For me the torture/peril is what's most important, but I also don't want the girl in a big overcoat. So while naked is good, especially how guys like Rick, John, and Max do it, the field expands a lot when non-nude is included. Sometimes a certain model has "it" for me and I'm more than fine with bra and panties or a bikini for AOH torture (my Relic Raider and Cali Danger customs are prime examples). With that said, my customs have been going the nudity route lately (Seductivestudios and Cali Logan) and I expect that to continue. I agree with Yuya that for some producers like Zen/GIGA, the quality of models is models is much higher for non nude.

Sunday, December 2nd 2012 - 01:01:44 PM

Name: Galahad
E-mail address:

Undoubtedly, Amy looks uncannily like Sofie Grabol in 'The Killing'. Which should be a source of great satisfaction to Amy. If she looks as hot as SG when she is 44, (SG's current age: I believe that A. is now 33), she will be sensational. And do any of us doubt it?!

In the latest episode of 'The Killing III' shown on British television, SG is partially shown naked for a ridiculously, and frustratingly, short time. She reveals a most delightful tight, athletic body.

Back to the gym, extensively, I am afraid Amy!

Sunday, December 2nd 2012 - 01:48:21 PM

Name: Max Stout

POLL QUESTION: The Holy Grail for me is partial clothing (but with the right parts exposed). Total nudity can sometimes give me a vague sense of being consensual. But it often depends on the production. For example, the classic nude rack scenes in Poor Cecily are so well done I wouldn't have it any other way. On the other hand, the Cali Danger scene has my preference of partial clothing but there's something too protective about that bra. You should be able to see some hint what what's underneath. As always - it's a delicate balance.

Sunday, December 2nd 2012 - 02:31:44 PM

Name: Thomas Chaser
E-mail address:

Poll Question - "how important is nudity in a GIMP scene?"

My answer is: pretty damn important.

To me, non-consensual nudity is the expression of helplessness. Being stripped of clothing is to be stripped of protection. It is to be stripped of modesty. It is to be stripped of status. Humans are the only animals that go to the trouble to make and wear clothing. When the evil doer strips the victim of her clothes, he's reducing her to the status of an animal, of a piece of property. He's saying, "Look at this power I have over you. You are helpless to stop me. I am in total control over your body and your fate." If you're going to sell a scene where the bad guy is terrorizing the good girl, then nudity is necessary. It is critical to the evocation in the viewer that the victim is, indeed, helpless. Otherwise, the evil guy comes off as being not so evil after all, and what fun is that?

Sunday, December 2nd 2012 - 02:42:32 PM

Name: YikYakker

Elkcreek: Thanks for identifying the source of the Mystery Western Gangbang Scene as Jessi's Girls and the actress portraying the victim as Sondra Currie.

It's interesting that Sondra Currie has had a successful acting career since doing that scene, something many of her contemporary GIMPettes were not able to do.

You also mentioned one of her previous movies, Policewomen (1974). This one is available on Netflix Streaming. The bad news is that although the Celebrity Nudity Database ( lists three nude scenes in the movie, Netflix Streaming (or their source) deftly removed each one of them, according to one of the reviewers. As a result, I removed the movie from my queue.

Which brings us to the poll question...


Poll question: Several folks have weighed in, and I generally agree with these points:

A Canadian: Nudity is preferred but it's not essential.

D. Santorum: There have been many mainstream GIMP scenes on TV and in movies that have gotten a rise out of me. But it's undeniable that the degree of my "rise" is inversely proportional to the amount of clothing the woman is wearing.

Badger: ...beyond the raw visual titillation, there is the "control" element that is critical. Nudity is embarrassing to the victim in a non-consensual circumstance.

I have often spoken in favor of depictions in which the victim is partly clothed (topless in blue jeans, yes!) or hardly clothed (like the girls in shredded garments on the covers of men's action magazines). That's a matter of savoring what is set before me on the table, which often represents one step in a larger GIMP "process" that one anticipates will (or would, in fantasy) end in nudity.

At the same time, nudity does carry a strong logical advantage that often helps the credibility of the scene. Think about Catherine Oxenberg suspended above the monster pit wearing bra and panties in Lair of the White Worm. Now think about Raquel Merono suspended above the monster pit wearing her birthday suit in Dagon. Which one makes more sense? Why would a monster want to consume a girl's underwear when he can have the same dish without the dressing?

Sunday, December 2nd 2012 - 03:45:05 PM

Name: YikYakker

Forgot about the second part of the Poll Question...

What's most important to me is the performance. It has to be convincing. The reason that nudity or partial nudity adds to the persuasiveness of the performance is that a girl in merciless peril has got to look like she is (or has been) going through a rough time. It just doesn't seem believable to me that a captured girl would have all of her clothing intact. Some guy is going to rip it, take it off, or force her to do it. Why? Well, why not?

Sunday, December 2nd 2012 - 03:53:56 PM

Name: RingDivas
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Hello to all. My name is Dezco and I work for (RDTV)

We are a new online TV Network that will be focusing our efforts on creating our vision which is to produce Big Budget Hollywood looking films/shows that focus on Girls in Peril.

Ralphus informed us that there was some discussion on the boards heating up about Girls of War and we wanted to post. We don't usually post on boards but this one seems to have exceptional feedback with constructive criticism as apposed to foul language and irrational outbursts.

We first would like to say thank you for all of the support on Girls of War! The first episode has done exceptionally well and it's great fuel and motivation for us to work on the next episode and future projects surrounding this genre.

On the topic of nudity in our shows and films we definitely are not apposed to it. If any of you have followed our previous films we featured quite a bit of nudity in our Jenah Hex film which I believe is closer to this type of genre then GOW (Girls of War). But we won't be paint brushing nudity all over our productions.

Some will feature nudity when it makes sense and some won't. We do understand that there are fans who can't go without it and we surely do respect and understand that stance.

So we hope that answers your questions and we ask that you e-mail us feedback. We are not afraid to say that we are newer to this genre of film but we are very passionate about our work and very open to constructive criticism. Bottom line is if we can film it and it makes sense and enough people want to see it then we will.

Well I'll not waste anymore of your time and end this with a thank you for the support guys! Very much appreciated.


Sunday, December 2nd 2012 - 04:15:00 PM

Name: John Galt

RingDivas: Dezco, it was great of you to post. I think I speak for many GIMPers when I say the idea of an online TV network dedicated to GIMP is exciting. It sounds like you have a definite vision going forward, and as long as you don't specifically not paintbrush nudity all over your stuff, you'll no doubt find a large audience here. Was that enough negatives in one sentence? Okay: As long as you have some nudity you'll appeal to more folks here than if you have none at all. Dr Yuya also mentioned the Jenah Hex production, so maybe I need to check that out.

I am of the opinion that nudity almost always makes sense, but that's me. The current poll is revealing that it is not a make-or-break point for several GIMPers, so there you go. I will be interested to see where you take the RingDivas online TV network.

Sunday, December 2nd 2012 - 05:20:57 PM

Name: Fritz

Poll: Let me answer the follow-up question first. Many elements contribute to my enjoyment of a GIMP scene. Some of these include:

  • Type of peril
  • Attractiveness of victim
  • Captivity and restraint
  • Length of scene
  • Credibility
  • Outcome
  • Setting
  • And yes, nudity

I can't say any of these attributes always is more important than the others any more than I can say a particular ingredient invariably makes for a good recipe. It is the combination of all these characteristics (and more) which matters. All else being equal, I prefer a GIMP scene with bondage, but I have many favorites in which the victim is unrestrained. The lack of this one element can be compensated by the quality and quantity of the remaining ones.

So as long as the combined ingredients make for a delicious whole, I'm happy. But if too much is missing or not to my preference, I'll pass. For instance, an untied, unattractive woman being forcibly stimulated in a pink bedroom will not appeal to me even if she is nude and the scene goes on for a half hour. On the other hand, if the victim is a goddess and the setting is a dungeon, I might be more inclined to watch.

With that in mind, it's easy for me to answer the main poll question. For me, nudity is not essential to an enjoyable GIMP scene so long as the other ingredients take up the slack. I believe if a beautiful victim is naked, she serves two purposes: she adds some spice and sexiness, and she is rendered more vulnerable and helpless. Both these aims can be accomplished by means which do not require nudity. There are many ways for a heroine to be alluring and defenseless without removing all her clothes.

In fact, as with any recipe, I believe adding too much of an ingredient actually can be detrimental to the result. In my view, if the nudity in a GIMP scene is inappropriate (the victim perpetually is unclothed for no reason) or if it reveals details we'd rather not see (sasquatch grooming), I'd rather watch the PG version.

Sunday, December 2nd 2012 - 08:01:24 PM

Name: Thomas Chaser
E-mail address:

Here is my unashamed review of Le Marquis de la Croix.

The movie opens with a Caucasian tourist (Amy Hesketh) following a tour book to a small museum, where she arrives just in time to hear the tour guide begin his speech to an older man (Jac Avila) and a young woman (Mila Joya). As the tour guide describes the history of the building, the tourist imagines the man, the woman, and the tour guide as characters in the story.

A wealthy nobleman was imprisoned for crimes (against morality? The Church?) but because he was wealthy, he could buy female convicts that were delivered to him from time to time so that he could a) exact the women's punishments, and b) satisfy the nobleman's darkest desires of pain and torture. We see the curly-haired prostitute (Joya) who the nobleman (Avila) taunts with an apple. If she wants it, she has to beg for it on her hands and knees. As she crawls towards him, her hands and ankles locked securely in heavy shackles, he grabs her head and forces her to perform fellatio on him. When she is finished, he throws her onto the floor and shoves the apple into her mouth as she weeps.

Next, he drags her over to a pillar, where she is made to face it and her arms are locked above her head. He then rips her dress down to her ass and whips her. Then, he turns her around, rips the dress off of her front, and whips her some more. Eventually her entire dress is whipped off of her body and she is then forced to suffer the strappado position (hands behind back and then her arms are cranked upwards painfully behind her). She is then whipped some more. When she is about to pass out, he drags her over to the rack, where she is stretched until her body shuts down and she is left unconscious on the bench. He goes to his desk and writes his thoughts and feelings, and we are treated to his innermost thoughts via narration. Sometimes it's good to be a wealthy nobleman.

After she regains consciousness, a rope is tied around her wrists and her ankles, still locked in heavy iron shackles, are untied from the rack's bench. She is then pulled to the middle of the room where she is hoisted up, arms overhead, and whipped again. During the whipping, he pauses and taunts her, "Perhaps you would prefer the guillotine?" and she shakes her head "no". She would prefer to be whipped, so she is.

After an extended whipping, she's taken down and nailed to the crosspiece, which is then hoisted up via rope, taking her with it. She's made to stand on a block of wood, to which her feet are nailed. The nobleman caresses her face tenderly as she begins to slip into unconsciousness, her eyes telling a tale of pain and exhaustion as she struggles in her modified crucifixion position. The nobleman then goes to his book and records his thoughts and feelings about how great it is to make her suffer and how noble she was to endure it all. As she's about to expire, he goes over to her and, finally, gives her some wine squeezed from his handkerchief. Symbolically, this is her accepting the blood of Christ, which is great since she's being crucified.

She dies.

We then return to the tour guide concluding his tour. The man and woman move off, but the tourist girl returns to examine the artifacts in detail. The tour guide, seeing he still has a customer, returns with a tray and offers her some tea. She asks some questions, he explains that everything is real, and she has her "Oh, really?" moment. Then, she feels dizzy. The closing scene is her, stretched out on the rack naked, screaming in terror. Is the tour guide a maniac or is she just dreaming? We are left to wonder.

Time for some criticisms and comments.

First, the whipping sound effect is ill-timed with the thump of the whip and the action on-screen. What we see, what we hear, and then what we hear again are so far off that it's almost comical. Whoever did the sound editing should be put through the whipping and the rack! Again!

Second, Mila in "Maleficarum" had more material to work with than she does here, which is a shame because, although she makes a great Damsel-in-Distress, it would have been nice to see first how she came to be under arrest. In other words, more character development would have been nice. Was she a good girl caught in a conspiracy? Did she catch the eye of a wicked duke? Or was she truly someone to spit on? As an actress, Mila can say more with her expressions and vocalizations than most people can with words. It's a shame she's limited to the two-dimensional character in this film. That aside, she has little to work with, but does a fantastic job of expressing, fear, pain, and acceptance of her inevitable fate.

Third, why is the nobleman speaking English but the victim only speaks Spanish, yet understands the nobleman's English perfectly? Why doesn't he just speak in Spanish so she can understand his taunts easier?

Fourth, the lighting in this film is very good. The camera work is good as well. Also, there's not nearly as much blood as in some of the other Red Feline productions (other than when Mila's character is being nailed to the crossbar and the block of wood). Viewers of "Maleficarum" will recognize the set location (which is great), sans the smokey haze (which was not so great).

Fifth, Mila has a body built for abuse. She looks good dry, she looks good covered in sweat. She moans well, she trembles well, she emotes well. Certainly, she has breasts and nipples worthy of an Oscar in their own right, if "Best Body for a Racking" were to be a category. If you like women with dark, exotic eyes and thick ringlets of dark hair, she's your girl. And did I mention she's hot?

Sixth, I'm not an Amy Hesketh - Actress, fan. Her best work is behind the camera, in production assistance, as prop master, or as a victim. As long as she doesn't have to speak, she's fine. There's just something about her vocal intonation that's about as dynamic as Bob Newhart, except he could tell a joke and, no matter how bad it was, make it funny. I think her real strength is in movie-making, not in movie-acting. In "Maleficarum", she was great as the handmaid/foreign noblewoman because she could play a mousy character. So, it's good in this film that she plays the foreign tourist and leaves the acting to Mila.

Overall, this film isn't sure what it is, but I can tell you what it isn't. It isn't porn, because you can get better realism from Max Coxxx. What I think this film is, is an experiment to see if a porn concept can be turned into something artistic without being artsy. The original "Marquis de Sade" books made that cross-over. So did "Story of O" and "9 1/2 Weeks". This film goes in that direction. There's nothing sexually graphic, but definitely emotionally graphic. It's worth a watch or three.

Since I'm feeling generous with ideas, here's one for the Red Feline crew to consider.

A military junta (remember those? They were all the rage back in the 70's) sweeps into power and arrests two young college students suspected of subversion - a raven-haired local girl and her foreign roommate. The two women are put through various interrogations by a seedy military officer, with escalating tortures. The women profess to not know anything, no matter how severe the pain of their interrogation. The real plot in this concept isn't the relationship of the girls, it's the interplay between the torturer and his victim(s). There's an intimacy there that can be explored if you give the torturer a flaw (maybe he's a loving father, or a former priest, or joined the military out of patriotism and sincerely believes he is doing his patriotic duty; maybe as he's questioning the girls, he reveals more of himself and begins to question himself as much as he's questioning their sense of patriotism), and certainly there's the conflict between the victim's spirit and her body. To continue my story idea - the local girl dies after hanging from a cross. Her roommate is then deported. As she is waiting for her plane, she receives a phone call from a "Mr. Avila". She replies, "Yes, Uncle. I'm almost on the plane. Tell Mama to make spaghetti." We then see Mr. Avila, sitting in a government office. He tells two agents, "She's about to board. Have her papers for Italy ready. She wants to go on another mission immediately."

FIN. Submit for the Oscars.

Sunday, December 2nd 2012 - 08:08:52 PM

Name: John Galt

Thomas Chaser: Thank you for the thoughtful and descriptive review of Le Marquis de la Croix. Illustrations were not really necessary as we've been seeing excellent pictures for the last week or so. Maybe Ralphus can insert a few in post-production. He has quite a few great ones. Too bad about the sound sync issues. It's interesting to hear you describe the movie as not porn but not artsy. That sounds like a perfect balancing act, especially given the subject and content. I'm not sure I would have been as concerned with the Mila character's backstory, but your point is valid. Outstanding review!

Sunday, December 2nd 2012 - 08:53:42 PM

Name: A Canadian

Thomas Chaser: Thanks for the excellent, no-punches-pulled review of Le Marquis de la Croix.

The part that caught my attention was your comment on Amy Hesketh's acting skills. I haven't seen a Red Feline film since the days when Amy was Jane, and the films I saw didn't have much (if anything) in the way of dialogue. So I can't really comment on her ability to deliver her lines. But I bet you will get some feedback on that point.

Sunday, December 2nd 2012 - 08:55:07 PM

Name: MAV

@thomaschaser-thanks for the Marquis de la Croix review. I was wondering someone was gonna post one. A long Mila AOH whipping scene may be enough for me to buy when my laptop is back.

Dezco-good seeing you here. Best of luck with the peril genre. Having actresses/models like Cali Danger and Sayuri is half the battle.

Sunday, December 2nd 2012 - 08:57:14 PM

Name: elkcreek
E-mail address:


I think it depends on the venue and actress. An AOH torture scene with Natalie Portman or Rachel Bilson would have me in heaven with a bra and panties. But when Giga or Attackers leaves the stomach or face covered with one of their torture/rape victims I'm throwing stuff at the TV screen.

A good actress can sell it, and if she's a known actress I've seen in other movies or TV shows and I'm familiar with her work, nudity is not near as much of deal breaker. I love the rape scene in the I Spit On Your Grave remake because Sara Butler is HOT, she sells it, and her character is developed. So in most cases on mainstream stuff, nudity is not as important to me.

OTOH. In a porn flick, whether Japanese AV or American, you don't make as much of a connection to the actress. And in most cases they aren't as good. When they don't give me nudity, it definitely costs them a few points in my reviews.

As far as Ring Divas, glad to see you guys here. I have one question for you. Why the high cost on customs? You'll have a high cost, time consuming production like Girls of War and the 45 min. DVD is $24.99. But TROD, a production PAID FOR by the custom orderer you charge $39.99 for a 16 minute movie. I would own several of your customs if they were priced even CLOSE to the comparable competition. I ordered a Sarayus Gand destruction custom along with the New Girls of War Saturday, but I cringe at the thought of dropping $39.99 for 18 minutes of video.

Sunday, December 2nd 2012 - 11:47:19 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Thomas Chaser: Wow, what a great review. I like that you gave us a description and offered up your opinions about what worked and what didn't. That's exactly the way I try to review movies.

I'm actually shocked to read about the sound effects problems. Really? That's kind of astonishing that they would be that careless. I haven't seen the film yet, but that's the kind of problem that really bugs me. I recently added a film to the Whipping Scenes Database called Torture Me, Kiss Me that featured what would have been a really good whipping scene with 2 attractive women, but it had the same problem with the whipping sounds out of sync. The difference there is that film was a low budget cheapie that looked like it was cranked out in a week, and this movie was made by the guys who made Maleficarum, one of the best films of its kind ever made.

As far as Amy's acting, I've only seen her "act" in 3 films, but she was playing a victim in all three of them. If you're trying to separate her as an actress as opposed to playing a victim onscreen, I can't say that I've seen her in that type of role. As a victim, she's as good as they come. In her real life interviews, she's also very appealing. And need I remind you that she was also nominated as Best Actress in a recent film festival, for a role that was non-GIMP. So I'm not sure I'm with you there. But it's your review, your opinion, and you're entitled to it.

Speaking of which, you need one more thing before I can add your excellent review to the Reviews section...a letter grade. A, B, C, D or F. All new reviews are required to have one. And if you would like caps added, like John Galt suggested, e-mail me and I'll see if I can work with you on that. It's not required, though.

Monday, December 3rd 2012 - 12:18:07 AM

Name: Bill K.

I apologize to Dr Yuya for after reading his post more carefully he was only expressing his personal observation opinion and not saying it's a fact that the more attractive actress don't do nude gimp, so I was wrong and should not have said (posted) anything at all about his post.

The poll question I vote for (find it every important) would be total nudity for rape, any kind of torture and any execution with bats, the only exception because the witch will be nude when her clothes burn off anyways. Sort of a fiery erotic striptease. Bill K.

Monday, December 3rd 2012 - 12:38:15 AM

Name: Renzo Novatore

I actually recently watched both "Marquis de la Croix" and "Maleficarum" (curiousity finally got the better of me) and I agree with most of the below review's points. Amy Hesketh isn't that great at reading her lines. She's pretty good at crying/screaming etc though. Just not delivering lines when not under duress. She delivers them flat.

RF's productions are definitely not "porn", either, IMO, unless you consider the naked female form to be inherently pornographic or obscene. Anything remotely sexual is handled pretty awkwardly, like MDLC's insinuated oral sex scene, or Malificarium's lesbian scenes. What RF does is kind of like...extremely off-Broadway stage plays, haha. That's what their productions remind me of. But the good news is that MDLC is pretty much an entire movie of non-stop retro torment. Malificarium interrupted the torture for those interviews or whatever, which I wasn't particularly interested in. I especially liked the scene when Mila Joya has to crawl around on the floor (while shackled) to eat a paltry serving of bread. Food/drink is actually a pretty big theme in that movie. Joya is a decent enough actress, too.

In Malificarium's favor, I actually thought that the burning at the stake scene was pretty good. You had to stretch your disbelief/use your imagination a bit to make it convincing, but I was expecting it to be a terrible effect, but I thought that it was OK. I remember Reine Margot saying that they were thinking about another "burn the witch" movie, and I support that measure...with some different actresses this time, though, obviously.

In regards to the poll question, I like nudity in bondage. I think it kind of compounds the humiliation of being tied up or chained or whatever (although obviously not in a scene of consensual bondage). But for me the bondage itself is more important.

Monday, December 3rd 2012 - 02:05:32 AM

Name: Matt

Poll Q: Nudity? Absolutely! Whatever prison clothes they wear after being thrown into the cells following the interrogation is one thing, but in the actual interrogation and torture? The POW who's stripped of her uniform or flight suit, the captured spy being forced out of her civilian clothes, and then things get going. Humiliation, degredation, and then intense pain usually follow. Nude during the interrogation session or sessions, then give them whatever prison outfit (if any) when finished.

Monday, December 3rd 2012 - 02:27:18 AM

Name: petelobo

Re: the Poll question

So you have a girl to torture, maybe an interrogator or just have fun with, why the hell would you ever decide to leave her clothed (out of "respect" for her feelings?) Sure, it's great to see a girl writhing...with her breasts all closed up in a bra? How about whipping her with the most sensitive areas protected by cloth? Why do producers leave girls clothed in torture scenes? a) the model won't get naked (obviously we're talking about consensual); b) there is a physical flaw (stretch marks, roll of fat, etc) that has to be covered for aesthetic purposes (really saggy breasts that need a bra under them to hold them up); c) the producer is trying to adhere to a set of rules for a rating (e.g. men's mag covers in the 60's).

Personally, I don't care who the actress is (big names). Seeing Cameron Diaz tortured in bra and panties is a yawn for me--because it just ain't real. I'd rather see some woman completely naked and not obviously faking (either the torturer or the victim). Finding a Mila in a film that strips her (I'm okay with her clothes being whipped off as long as they end up OFF!) is a treasure. Finding a mainstream actress or a diva rubbed in oil being "tortured" in a bikini...yawn. The girl can look great. The responses can be wonderful acting. But the illusion is destroyed by the disconnect between what (I believe) ANY torturer in charge would do (get her clothes off) and what happens in the "story". I find myself fast forwarding through the "good" parts and increasingly getting irritated as I ask myself, "why, if you have that model and want to tell that story, do you waste it?" Strip 'em!

Monday, December 3rd 2012 - 03:14:50 AM

Name: petelobo

Red Feline has pretty much always tried to have a story line to hang their torture scenes on, and they have had absolutely astonishing victims for a long time. I'm a big fan of whipping, and they do that very well with actresses who sell the scenes and (most the time) without excessive "blood". I really would love to see them add more electro torture to their films. I believe AgentX, which had a relatively brief scene with Jane/Amy, is their only foray into that area. I'd love to see Mila with clamps on her nipples selling a torture scene with electricity. Granted it's hard to do (apparently, given the rarity of good ones), but it would be stunning! Not talking about TENS pads or vibrators.

The bad stuff, like Cabra Cega (where the wimps took over from the gimps at the critical point after the nice build up). I've seen some of Max Coxx's videos which do a pretty good job of this with very good-looking actresses and without the "special visual effects". Hopefully RF will produce something a little more recent in its time so they can do electro without having to tie Mila to a lightning rod and wait for a storm...

Monday, December 3rd 2012 - 03:26:14 AM

Name: Thomas Chaser
E-mail address:

Re: "Torture Me, Kiss Me" (1970) can you upload clips of those whipping scenes? I'll compare them to the ones in "Marquis de la Croix". Maybe I'm just being too harsh in my criticism of the sound.

There are already plenty of stills from MDLC, but I'll use a few of those to highlight the key points in the story.

One more thing: I would LOVE to see "Eric the Torturer" do an over-the-top scene with his character where he sneers and growls and snarls at his victims. If you've ever seen "Poor Cecily", think of the the shirtless guy with the patch over his eye and watch how he chews up his character with sneers and growls and walking around like Mr. Hyde. It's funny but it works within the context of that movie. I'd love to see Red Feline try a sex-satire like that.

Monday, December 3rd 2012 - 07:30:32 AM

Name: BP
Homepage URL:


Must be a bunch of kids in this group that don't remember the MAMCovers. Such torture the poor maidens went through and their ripped clothes just barely covered their nudity. Even if someone erases the clothes doing a manip of the covers they just removed the parts a real life torturer would rip off.

Nudity without a bit of clothes is just a bunch of nakedness. Even when movies show the girl naked getting tortured they let them take the rags back to the cell so the unwrapping starts again.

When I would go to the strip bar the removal of the clothes was the best part. They didn't expect a dollar tip till they were naked. Now you go to these places and they come out bare butt naked and it cost you a few more stripper singles.

Monday, December 3rd 2012 - 08:37:22 AM

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Monday, December 3rd 2012 - 11:30:02 AM

Name: theancientone
E-mail address:

BP: I well remember those magazines and their covers - in younger days I had a large collection of them - I don't know what happened to them. Not only were the covers very good but the stories were well written. My own writing style, I believe, was very much inspired by those stories.

GOR: I have all of John Norman's Gor books and he did change his style somewhat after the first seven because of the grief he got from the feminists (Satan's servants on Earth in my view) and his change in publishers. His very best book for me was the seventh one, "Slave Girl of Gor".

Monday, December 3rd 2012 - 11:53:48 AM

Name: elkcreek
E-mail address:

The early Gor books were great, I even liked some of the "period romance" novels in my early days that had whipping or rape scenes. I guess you take Gimp where you can get it.

As far as the poll, as much as I enjoy seeing Azumi Mizishimi, Reira Hamasaki, Amy Hesketh, or Rico Tachabana nude hanging AOH, who here wouldn't prefer to see Mila Kunis, Scarlet Johansson, Lyndsey Fonseca, or Kate Upton hanging AOH clothed in bra and panties in a long torture scene? Personally for me it's a no brainer.

OTOH Cameron Diaz I could care less about. :)

I suspect for me it's the RARITY of those actresses/models appearing in any kind of Gimp whatsoever that makes the thought of seeing it so appealing. And the reality is, I have a vivid imagination, put them in a bra and panties and my mind will take care of the rest. And the reality is even though the scenario isn't as realistic they sell it better so it's more realistic. The quality of the actress and her ability to sell it is gold. That's why I keep coming back to 70's mainstream gimp like Fair Game w/ Cassandra Delaney or Rape Squad with Jo Ann Harris.

Those girls were hot, not covered in tats, they never acted like they enjoyed it (a big turn off) and they sold it. When a girl takes off her clothes all the time the scenario of the embarrassment loses its allure. But when a girl rarely shows a lot of skin, those scenes are much more believable even IF they are only stripped to their bra and panties. Plus the big thing, they were RARE, even in the 70's, not many actresses took those roles. The ones that did and could pull it off create the ultimate fantasy for me.

OTOH, if Mila Kunis wants to go thru hours of nude Nazi interrogation/rape in a four part remake of Ilsa I'm certainly in.

Monday, December 3rd 2012 - 03:31:32 PM

Name: Joanne

To Webmistress at

Hi Dezco, I've just watched the Girls of War video and I must congratulate you to a fantastic movie! The long interrogation scene really made it for me. When will you release the next movie in this series?

I also understand that you want customer feedback and ok, here it comes: fantastic footage, gorgeous female actors and also very good acting, very realistic! I also like that it's a slow pace in the movie, it makes it soo much more exciting! I also liked the punching and the hair pulling part. And I also love it when the cattle prod and other electric tortures are the main event in a movie. So continue please!!! :-)

Requests from me and a bit of criticism: full frontal nudity is a must if I shall buy one of your movies again. So much more exciting to watch these gorgeous models being interrogated then! At the best, the interrogation can begin with the panties on but then they should be lowered and, finally, be cut of with a pair of scissors or with a knife. Also, why not add some face slapping when you are already manhandling the girl so roughly? And let the girl be frightened, let her beg to her tormentors, snivel and beg... Only to be laughed at.

It's also very exciting when the torturer caresses the girl's face lovingly, or other parts of her body, even her sex, lovingly, and also let the torturer wipe her face with a small cloth so that the tears and mucus will be cleaned off... Before they begin to hurt her again, and again, and again... All the time the girl being carefully watched by the torturer, staring into her eyes, very close face to face or even chin to chin... Uhm, got carried away there... :-) But you know what I mean I guess. :-)

Oh, and BTW, there is nothing wrong with the classical military junta-setting. There is no need for sci-fi or artistic twists, really. It's the interrogation in itself that is the beauty of it all, not the "plot". And, pleeeease, show some natural bush; shaved is so boring when it comes to nudity.

I have several ideas to send you if you like to have ideas for movies. Please let me know in that case.

Regards from a fan named Joanne

Monday, December 3rd 2012 - 07:17:39 PM

Name: RingDivas
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:


Thank you for the great feedback that you've provided us. We definitely love hearing positive feedback about what we are doing right as well as feedback as to what we can change. They are all much appreciated!

@Joanne: We are very happy to hear that you enjoyed the episode. We are actually working now on the production of the second episode as well as working on another series in parallel. So your comments and suggestions are definitely appreciated and again we are ecstatic that you enjoyed it.

@elkcreek: Thanks for saying that you were happy to see us on the boards. We are happy to find a community that provides valuable constructive criticism to help improve our productions. As far as pricing discussions there is a specific reason why we price our content the way that we do. We generally have $9.99 downloads as well as $14.99, $19.99. $24.99 and our premium $39.99 content. I could go into detail about the reasons for pricing but I'd prefer not to bore the crap out of the rest of the board and take up space with this info as it is quite lengthy and has nothing to do with GIMP. Our GIMP related content will always be 30-45+ minutes in length at $24.99. Safe to say that we price the content the way we do for a reason giving a lot of range to people so that they all can find something that fits their budget. If you aren't looking to pay as much for a custom download we definitely have other options going as cheap as $9.99.

Thanks again to everyone for the feedback!


Monday, December 3rd 2012 - 08:30:54 PM

Name: Rick
Homepage URL:

Greetings All,

In answer to Ralphus' poll, I like nudity or at least partial nudity. Is it a deal breaker? Not totally. A scene can be enjoyed with no nudity, but it's not going to ever rise (no pun intended) to the level of a scene where some skin is shown in my book. Nudity makes it so much sweeter. There is the element of humiliation, something forbidden. Nudity makes the emotions stronger. Plus, who doesn't like to see a present unwrapped? I at least like to see tits. =)

Mr Bush: Travis asked about ZFX talk, looking at their movies, at the time having bush was normal which I love. Rick did you ever consider doing something with a model's bush to torture or humiliate her? Like pulling some pubes or shaving her onscreen against her will?

I have contemplated it and I have done scenes where a girls bush was pulled en mass, but I never focused on that or did a plucking scene. Shaving is a fetish I haven't really explored either.

Ralphus: Thanks for the shout out dude!

I hope everyone's having a great holiday season!


Monday, December 3rd 2012 - 09:14:31 PM

Name: Scribbler
Homepage URL:

Nudity is better than no nudity. Scantily clad (especially stripped from clothed to scantily clad) can be pretty darn hot, especially if the actress is pretty darn hot. Next would come a tight miniskirt dress with decent amount of cleavage. A big baggy top and baggy pants that never come off will never be worthwhile GIMP.

So thumbs up for nudity!

And yet, one thing I really don't like (maybe it's been mentioned before and I missed it) is when the girl is nude from the get go. Movie starts, and girl victim is already completely nude. Much prefer if the girl is completely clothed when the movie starts. Then, as the scene progresses, clothes come off (and not all at once, nor all that must savor the stripping!).

Monday, December 3rd 2012 - 11:28:22 PM

Name: KingDiocletian
E-mail address:

On the nudity/ non-nudity issue. For me the issue is realism and as many have already pointed out, why would interrogators not strip their victims? Or if you're flogging someone, why risk clothing getting in the way?

I can accept that at times social mores would have prevented full nudity - eg a lot of public floggings would have been topless rather than fully naked. But the stripping and consequent humiliation is half the fun for me. Take this clip from Stalin 2, which for me is the best thing in the film:

Extending the stripping, or returning clothes and removing them again, can be part of an interrogator's game as in Stripsearch. In my story The Scapegoat, I hesitated for a long time whether the victim should wear a shift to carry her cross, being stripped only for the scourging, perhaps even being clothed again to carry the cross outside the town. but in the end decided to go with the humiliation of carrying the beam naked. But there is something appealing about showing the victim the means of their punishment and then having them strip for it.

So, yes to nudity in context, and stripping part of the process. (But as many have said, if an actress I find particularly attractive wanted to do a GIMP scene clothed, I'd be straight there.)

Tuesday, December 4th 2012 - 03:04:17 AM

Name: Sympazero
E-mail address:

I think some of us are being a little ungallant (beat 'em and torture 'em but let's be kind), I think Amy is a very capable actress, and an increasingly talented director. Her interviews are equally impressive - smart lady. That's my two cents.

Tuesday, December 4th 2012 - 03:55:24 AM

Name: Thomas Chaser
E-mail address:

Hahaha! I had to laugh at today's pic of Amy Hesketh and the caption "This is what we do to girls who can't act!" Love it!

Ok, my rating for "Marquis de la Croix" is a "A-", with points deducted for the ill-timed sound effects in the whipping scene and lack of character development prior to the introduction of the prostitute. Maybe I'm just expecting too much after the wonderful "Maleficarum", but the plot to MDLC doesn't really speak of the characters involved. Yes, the plot twist at the end is nice, but not really enough to warrant an "A+".

If Jac/Amy were to go back and re-edit the film, I'd a) fix the sound effects (possibly remove some of the dubbed "whacks" to give a variety of tone to the impacts) and b) add a line of dialogue when Amy The Tourist first enters the museum, so that Mila, as the tourist, calls Jac, as the male tourist, "Father", because otherwise their age differences are so great that it's difficult to believe that they're lovers on holiday. That way, when in the dream Mila The Prostitute performs fellatio, there's that extra "Oh! That's disgusting!" emotional impact, because you've already established that she's his daughter.

And Ralphus, no clip of "Torture Me, Kiss Me"?


Tuesday, December 4th 2012 - 07:06:47 AM

Name: Thomas Chaser
E-mail address:

Joanne wrote: "Requests from me and a bit of criticism: full frontal nudity is a must if I shall buy one of your movies again. So much more exciting to watch these gorgeous models being interrogated then! At the best, the interrogation can begin with the panties on but then they should be lowered and, finally, be cut of with a pair of scissors or with a knife. Also, why not add some face slapping when you are already manhandling the girl so roughly? And let the girl be frightened, let her beg to her tormentors, snivel and beg... Only to be laughed at.

It's also very exciting when the torturer caresses the girl's face lovingly, or other parts of her body, even her sex, lovingly, and also let the torturer wipe her face with a small cloth so that the tears and mucus will be cleaned off... Before they begin to hurt her again, and again, and again... All the time the girl being carefully watched by the torturer, staring into her eyes, very close face to face or even chin to chin..."

I'm going to agree with Joanne on this point. From a dramatic perspective, it shows a "forced" level of intimacy on the torturer's part, where she's forcing herself upon the victim. Even better is how she shows tenderness and concern, and then inflicts pain - very much a Jungian "Duality of Man" ability reflective of her madness. Is the torturer's concern sincere? Is she saying, "I don't want to hurt you. Please don't make me. I have a duty to make you talk, but I don't want to see you suffer. Won't you please tell me what I want to know?" In this case, the conflict between protagonist/antagonist would be on the antagonist, to see if she can handle hurting another human being before suffering her own mental breakdown.

On the other hand, if she's simply doing it as a way to convince the victim that, somehow, she's brought all this pain and agony on herself, then that's another psychological angle at play that makes the torturer a sadistic madwoman (not that there's anything wrong with that).

The slow stripping should be part of the interrogation. "Look, I can remove your clothing at will and you can't stop me. Tell me what I want to know or I will slowly strip you, and then the real fun will begin." In the classical interrogation methodology, the victim was always threatened first and given a chance to confess before actually being tortured. Something like this should be integral to any good interrogation scene, whether by RingDivas, ZFX, Red Feline, or Max Coxxx.


Tuesday, December 4th 2012 - 07:21:09 AM

Name: danny
E-mail address:

Downloaded RD's Girls of War yesterday and I must say it is nice to see something original for a change. Inquisition films and the likes have all been done before and get tiresome after a bit. So well done for coming up with something new and inventive.

Tuesday, December 4th 2012 - 08:31:55 AM

Name: DHT


Tuesday, December 4th 2012 - 08:50:43 AM

Name: YikYakker

Thomas Chaser: Very comprehensive review of Le Marquis de la Croix. I enjoyed reading it and thought you made some interesting points about the movie.

I've been working on my own review of the movie, but as one of the resident slow-pokes on the board, I have not finished yet. As my former (ex-) boss used to say, "Are you ever going to get done with that?" Yes, I will, and soon.

In the meantime, I'd like to address a few points that are not likely to appear in my review:

~ I did not experience the same dissynchrony (yes, that is a word) with the whipping sounds that you spoke of. That may be because a) I obtained the download version instead of the DVD (?); or b) I have some sort of aphasia condition that compensates for such anomalies; or c) I was too busy focusing on Mila's luscious flesh and was simply not paying attention.

~ I want to emphasize that Amy's primary roles in the movie were director and co-producer (with Jac). Her role as a cast member was small but not insignificant - her character provided the viewer with an entree to the story and of course, the abrupt ending. The thought never occurred to me that her performance was somehow a flaw that made the movie less than what it should have been.

Having said that, I will agree with Thomas Chaser that Mila is scrumptious in this movie and that the film makes excellent use of her.

The rest I will save for the review.

Tuesday, December 4th 2012 - 10:29:30 AM

Name: A Canadian

Ralphus wrote:

This is what we do to women who can't act.

Now, that's funny.

Tuesday, December 4th 2012 - 06:11:10 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Thomas Chaser: Okay, I've now uploaded your review of Le Marquis de la Croix to the Reviews section, along with some vidcaps you sent to me. Congratulations on your first ever GIMP review and welcome to the club. The direct link for your review is in my Homepage URL above.


I have the whipping scene from Torture Me, Kiss Me but it's on a DVD. I don't know how to transfer it from that medium into an online clip except through YouTube, and I'm definitely not going to upload it there, especially since I'm on their Shit List. I'm still relatively inexperienced when it comes to doing technical stuff like that. Anybody know an easy way to convert a DVD into a media that can be played or uploaded online?


PKF Studios: Extinguished Cheerleaders looks like a lot of fun! I bought both volumes and I'll check them out soon. Good to see you guys come up with a pure GIMP-type movie, even though, as always, it ultimately ends in death. Nothing wrong with that. I mean, what else are you gonna do when you're done with 'em? Turn 'em loose? Yeah, right.


DHT: That clip was really cool, too bad the artist didn't do more with it.

Tuesday, December 4th 2012 - 09:39:15 PM

Name: John Galt

I must say, I agree that the caption for today's daily picture is the funniest one in a long time. I was kind of surprised to see it, Ralphus, seeing as how you gave Travis Lee some (good natured) grief for spoiling Amy's appearance at the end of the movie. So now I'm wondering whether you were upset because Travis scooped your upcoming picture, or did you run the picture because the Amy appearance was already revealed?

Tuesday, December 4th 2012 - 09:58:04 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

John Galt wrote:

So now I'm wondering whether you were upset because Travis scooped your upcoming picture, or did you run the picture because the Amy appearance was already revealed?

Naw, neither one. I always intended to run the Amy rack pics; I was just surprised it took so long into the promotion for anyone to mention she has a GIMP scene in the movie.

As far as the caption, I was poking fun at the people who said Amy isn't a good actress. As stated before, I don't agree with that assertion. I was just trying to be funny. I actually thought the pop-up captions were funnier, though.

Tuesday, December 4th 2012 - 10:25:53 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

BTW, in case some of you can't read the pop-up captions, which I've heard is the case sometimes, the caption for the first picture is "That's crazy, I can act. Just tie me up and take off my clothes".

And for the second one it's "Let's see Lindsay Lohan do this".

Tuesday, December 4th 2012 - 10:32:49 PM

Name: A Canadian

I forgot to post this article from yesterday's National Post, which describes how the Internet has pretty much made Canada Customs' border hassles irrelevant.

Tuesday, December 4th 2012 - 10:34:57 PM

Name: Bill K.

I found this site:

that has a lot of gimp artwork sites, some I never heard of. Anyways it may be gimp worthy. Bill K.

Tuesday, December 4th 2012 - 10:39:49 PM

Name: Bill K.

Looks like Amy is giving an Oscar winning performance in today's picture to me has she screams on the rack. Like see Meryl Streep top that. Thank you Ralphus for the today series pictures of the "Le Marquis de la Croix". Bill K.

Wednesday, December 5th 2012 - 01:25:38 AM

Name: Lynn
E-mail address:

If we are talking about a "GIMP" worthy film, total nudity is essential. (with the caveat that: there is an exception to every rule including this one.) There are of course very effective tortures that don't require any nudity (breaking the victim's fingers one by one...) but I do not consider that "GIMP", just pure bloody brutality. What kind of exposure is necessary to make the scene realistic and how it happens, is of course dependent on the specifics of the scenario, but as numerous people who posted before me pointed out, for a "normal" (i.e. not a prostitute by profession) woman, nudity in front of person(s) not of her choice, is a psychological torture in and of itself. Admittedly, it's fairly mild and so would logically be used as an "introduction"; but to NOT have the female stripped in this situation would not be logical. And for me, that will totally spoil the film.

As for "big name" actresses not being willing to be seen nude, that is of course a reality - with many causes, only one being the actress's own attitude. There are any number of religious organizations of various denominations and faiths and conservative political groups which regularly organize boycotts, protest demonstrations, etc. against anyone who violates their version of morality and while controversy can be a short-term box-office boost, in the long run, being on any large, well funded organizations shit-list will hurt her career.

That said, I am disappointed in the lack of "creative photography" in movies that need it. A character (played by a big-name actress) who is being "tortured" while wearing a bikini simply looks lame. On the other hand, the same scene but with the victim seen through bars, two of which, due to camera angle, conveniently cover the zones that would be covered by her bra and panties (which she could even actually be wearing for her modesty during the filming) could look very good.

If we are talking about a mainstream film, where this is necessary so as not to interfere with distribution, very good "nude" torture scenes can be filmed without the victim's nipples or bush (which in most countries is the legal definition of shown nudity) ever being shown. Why is this almost never done?

Wednesday, December 5th 2012 - 08:37:08 AM

Name: Mr. 0

Oh, absolutely. Complete nudity is, without a doubt, the most important part of any GIMP scene for me. It is practically the most essential part of any GIMP scene I enjoy.

Nudity is what symbolizes physical and vulnerability the most. It is what differs the victims from the torturers. It is what separates the masters from the slavegirls. With full nudity, comes complete control over the dignity of the victims. With full nudity, the victim, willingly or unwillingly, must reveal every inch of her body to be seen, used, and exposed. Her dignity is no more, as it should be for any GIMP victim.

Without complete nudity, I won't even bother reviewing or watching a certain scene, because I can still sense an amount of fight, the dignity, in whatever clothings that remain intact. Even if I do watch it, my enjoyment is lessened over the fact the torturers didn't go all out to demolish their victim.

About actresses who did full nudity in torture, I'm fully aware it's almost a norm anyway in real bondage movie productions so I'm not gonna bother commenting that. But when it comes to mainstream, I do admit very few A-list actresses were willing to go full frontal for torture/strip search scene, one that directly comes to mind is of course Maggie Gyllenhaal in Strip Search. Other than that, usually we have to expect B-list actresses to shred their garments so they can be tortured, like Raquel Merono or Debra McCabe. Though I don't see the problem, cause many B-list actresses often have more beautiful body than the A-list ones and sell their torment better than their VIP counterparts.

Wednesday, December 5th 2012 - 10:50:09 AM

Name: Amy Hesketh
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Homepage URL:

HTML Online Editor Sample

Ralphus - Thank you for the amazing promo of Le Marquis de la Croix! It's been a great ride and I've been lurking here when I could to see all of the comments. I haven't been able to respond because I'm in NYC for a bit and I just got a new computer a couple of days ago. Getting used to the new machine is complicated after having the same one for 7 years.

Thomas Chaser - Thank you for the review of Le Marquis de la Croix and as the director, I'm very glad you enjoyed the movie so much! The review is comprehensive and I believe will help others make a decision about watching the movie. Margot will see about getting it linked in IMDB.

I'm confused about the synching issue of the whipping in Le Marquis. When we edit a movie we have the timecode of the image and the timecode of the sound, we match those and then, if effects are needed, their timecode is matched with the others. Perhaps what you're perceiving is a delay, caused by echo? Not sure. I've seen the movie on a bunch of different devices and did not notice an issue.

Thanks to all who posted for the discussion, comments and feedback with Le Marquis and Maleficarum. As I've said many times, I really love the community here and all of the differing opinions, it's what separates the GIMP from any other site out there.

FYI, Le Marquis is now up on IMDB Right Here! C. Dean Andersson has written a review of Le Marquis (he loved it) and will be putting it up there soon, so stay tuned for that.

I see that there has been some discussion about my acting here. Interesting. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. The compartmentalization between dialogue and action is something I don't agree with. The physical, emotional, and dialogue are all part of the same role for me. My "delivery" of the lines in Maleficarum is how Jac wanted them to be. I was told to make my character feel as though she is not trying to draw undue attention to herself. The drama comes later as the tortures increase. It's a movie that is based in realism, so my character had to be realistic, rather than over-acted or too dramatic or campy. All of those things can be good in a different style of film.

As Thomas Chaser mentioned that he would like to see Eric Calancha (the torturer in Maleficarum) do a scene a la Jack Palance in a future movie. It could happen if we make a campier movie. Barbazul (Bluebeard) is campier than Maleficarum. It has a touch of humor, and the performances are different because they're shown from the perspective of two characters.

In Le Marquis de la Croix, my character is a tourist, so I acted like a tourist, a real tourist. My character is not dramatic in any way until Eric puts me on the rack.

Those of you who like my acting and whatnot, thanks for the kind words. Liking something or someone is subjective. Quite obviously Thomas Chaser likes Mila great deal, which is great as far as I'm concerned, because she has a lead role in Barbazul and other movies of ours. It's been gratifying to cultivate Mila as an actress and see her fanbase grow. We'll be seeing much more from her in the future!

The Gor books are some of my favorites of the genre, I haven't read all of them, they're on my list. I wonder if they're available as ebooks anywhere.

The poll - That's a tough one for me as sometimes a scene can be very exciting with clothing on, depending on how it's built. However, when a scene has a something happening in which, logically, a woman's clothing should be gone and it remains, the movie loses me. Unless a psycho killer has some weird aversion to taking his victim's clothing off, he's going to rip them off or remove said clothing. It's human nature.

I think Margot (excuse me, Reine Margot) will be posting later today or tomorrow. We left her with a lot to deal with so she hasn't had much time.

Wednesday, December 5th 2012 - 03:17:31 PM

Name: theancientone
E-mail address:

Amy Hesketh: The Gor books are available as ebooks from Amazon, I believe. I got several for my Kobo reader.

Wednesday, December 5th 2012 - 04:46:51 PM

Name: Amy Hesketh
Homepage URL:

Cool, thanks theancientone! So many to choose from. I think I already have #7, have to check the bookshelf when I'm back in the South. Recommendations are welcome. :)

Wednesday, December 5th 2012 - 06:31:10 PM

Name: Bill K.

Amy, my favorite John Norman book was "Time Slave" which was not Gor but was the same kind of gimp peril but a different storyline:

It was about a modern day well educated woman kidnapped and sent back in time completely nude to the Caveman days. The book is about her surviving all sorts of bad stuff by Cavemen men and women like rape, whippings, burning torture, etc and I will not give away the ending.

I believe it would make a great gimp Red Feline type movie. Check it out. Bill K.

Wednesday, December 5th 2012 - 08:45:39 PM

Name: John Galt

Just a heads-up for Netflix Streaming folks. The Teacher, starring the breathtakingly sexy Angel Tompkins in a hot but generally frustrating rape scene, is available for instant viewing. Angel Thompkins is nude a lot early in the film, and she gets nailed by Dennis the Menace Jay North. She gets "raped" by Anthony James, who I always thought looked like the evil spawn of Martin Landau. I reviewed the movie here. I did not rate it highly as a GIMP vehicle, but if you feel like an stroll down memory lane with a side of naked Angel Tompkins, here's your chance.

Wednesday, December 5th 2012 - 09:00:26 PM

Name: Thomas Chaser
E-mail address:

Amy Hesketh wrote -

"I'm confused about the synching issue of the whipping in Le Marquis. When we edit a movie we have the timecode of the image and the timecode of the sound, we match those and then, if effects are needed, their timecode is matched with the others. Perhaps what you're perceiving is a delay, caused by echo?"

I hadn't thought of that, but you may be right. You were filming in a confined space with poor/great acoustics (depending on what you're going for), so I very well may have been hearing strike-effect...echo. The microphone picked up every little sound, including Jac asking Mila in Spanish "Are you ok?" when she's chained to the pillar. I didn't mention it in my review because it's barely audible and I use headphones, so most people probably wouldn't notice it unless they were listening for it.

Interesting you mention the "GOR" novels. I never got into the whole cultural universe he created, but I did find some of the torture scenes very well written.


Wednesday, December 5th 2012 - 11:12:42 PM

Name: Thomas Chaser
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

There are a lot of straight-up BDSM porn sites out there, but since this forum is entitled "Girls In Merciless Peril", I'm only going to concern myself with films that, at some level, have a plot or a theme to them. One of those "Porn With A Plot" sites is run by the folks of Diseno Media, based in Europe (I suspect Germany, Austria, or possibly the Czech Republic. I didn't investigate too deep because, quite honestly, I don't really care). They have a number of different "themes" to some of their film clips, but for this review I'm only going to focus on one - "The Spanking Machine" - and of that one theme, I'm going to review Celine2, which I consider one of the better movies they offer.

The general concept is that the judiciary committee has ruled that, to ease prison overcrowding, female prisoners may volunteer to accept corporal punishment in lieu of serving time. In order to verify that every prisoner is treated equally, a whipping machine has been constructed which will deliver the strokes to the helpless young women rather than have a prison guard do it. If a girl agrees to be whipped, she is brought into the whipping room, where a male and female guard administer her punishment.

This isn't always explained in every film, which is why I'm taking the time to explain it now. In this particular film, the male and female "guards" are simply dressed in civilian clothing, so you can make up whatever backstory you want. You could probably imagine that this is the filming of a "How To" documentary by two experts demonstrating the effect of corporal punishment on the human body, or even an online class in crime and punishment with the victim being a grad student volunteer, if that works for you. Hey, live like you wanna live, baby.

In Celine2 our helpless prisoner is brought into the room dressed in a light, flowery robe with chrome shackles around her wrists and ankles. The camera pans down and we see that she's wearing fashionable sandals as well. After she is unchained, she is instructed to remove her robe, which reveals that she's wearing a stylish bra and panty set underneath. Apparently the prisoners in this stalag are permitted at least a few personal items (or bondage documentaries pay well, or grad students have a lot of credit card debt to work off, whichever way you want to go with this).

After she removes her bra, revealing two very nice breasts capped by flawless nipples, her arms are spread and she is cuffed to a T-frame. She's obviously nervous and trying to hide it, which makes the dramatic build-up in this one far and above other "Spanking Machine" flicks. The male guard picks up the whip - in this case a length of surgical tubing attached to a stiff rod - and gives it a test stroke, making a very audible WOOSH which causes our poor prisoner/model/volunteer have a very involuntarily shudder as she anticipates how that tubing is going to feel against her soft, tender skin.

The male guard/host/professor then attaches the rod to the machine's throwing arm. The female guard, operating the controls, gives the whip a few test swings, causing our helpless victim to jump every time it swings, even though it isn't contacting her body (yet). Satisfied that the engine is working, the male guard goes about checking the placement of the machine for distance and impact points of the strike. More nervousness, more trying to suppress her fear.

The male guard circles her like a shark, rubbing his hands in anticipation as she draws on her strength to endure the abuse she is about to suffer. She straightens her head and resolves to face her pain bravely as the guard takes his place off to the side to supervise the machine's operation.

Finally, everything is ready.

The first strike comes at that 3:39 mark of a 10:19-long clip, so you can see you get a good portion of dramatic build-up here.

From there on out, it's whip...pause...whip...pause, so she has plenty of time to feel the pain of each blow. Each strike raises a welt because, as I mentioned, the machine gives each stroke consistently and when a whip hits fair skin like her's, things turn an angry red quickly.

Celine has a perfect body for a breast whipping, and her natural breasts bounce and tremble the way you would expect them to. The fact that she's very fair skinned makes the welts stand out that much more. You just know its gotta hurt when she catches one on the nipple.

It also helps that she has some of the best expressions during her torment.

She also does the "Oh!" "Ah!" "Oh-oh-oh" reactions that I like, without begging or crying. She knows she's there to simply endure her proscribed number of lashes and then she'll be released. She just has to endure them first.

Finally, her punishment is over. But before she's released, the female guard wipes her wounds with antiseptic (which I know hurts like hell). She's uncuffed and, once her hands are free, she gently pats at her tenderized breasts, checking to see how much it would hurt to wear a bra. She decides to go straight to the robe. Once she's hastily dressed, she's cuffed again and led off the stage and out of the camera's view.


Overall, this is one of the best films offered under the "Spanking Machine" banner because of the performance of Celine. She (probably) wasn't acting, as everything comes off as being very, very real. If you need to show an actress how to emote a whipping scene, this should be the first one you pull out. The dramatic build-up alone is worth the money. Seven minutes of whipping is a bonus.

The fact that Celine is an almost perfect model for this form of torture/punishment pushes it over the top (or at least it did for me). I'm normally not a fan of only partial nudity, but in this case it actually makes the scene hotter. I'm also not normally a fan of tattoos, but in this case, having a bit of ink peeking out from under some very skimpy panties works with the overall vibe. She's the girl-next-door bad girl, or the bad girl BDSM model, or the good girl grad student testing an edgy lifestyle before settling into the corporate world. You can imagine her any way you want. Granted, Celine "performs" in other Diseno Media productions, including a "Spanking Server" piece in full nudity, but this has to be her finest example.

Their newer offerings come in HD with better resolution, but the resolution quality on this one is just fine. There's no staircasing (the zig-zag you get on angled lines) and image clarity is excellent. Prices vary on each piece and this one will probably be discounted once their HD library is built up a bit more.

You can get this clip at:

My grade: A+

Thursday, December 6th 2012 - 12:04:25 AM

Name: John Galt

Thomas Chaser: That was a very nice review of Celine2. I find myself ambivalent concerning the "spanking machine" concept. On the one hand, I enjoy a tormentor who likes his work, and varies the punishment according to his own perverse excitement. On the other hand, I like the idea of an impersonal but relentless machine inflicting punishment. This situation seems too controlled, though, and it doesn't help that that control is by design to "make it fair." So I'm conflicted.

I will say that the model is very attractive, has a body made to be whipped, and shows the welts very nicely. Still not a fan of tattoos, even teasingly showing above panties that I would prefer were not there to begin with. *sigh*

All in all, while the clip looks like it has a lot going for it, I'll stick with wicked men or women grinning wickedly and laughing maniacally as they whip their victims mercilessly. Thanks for the great review though, and especially the excellent pictures Celine.

* * * * *

With Ralphus' assistance, I have added better pictures to the review of The Teacher. Check them out. Angel Tompkins is so hot.

Thursday, December 6th 2012 - 12:30:42 AM

Name: Reine Margot
Homepage URL:

A December post before the end of the world or the end of the year, which ever comes first.

The year is ending and what a year it was. So much happened that it feels more like a decade than a year. We began 2012 shooting Dead But Dreaming and we're ending the year preparing its release. In between we had the theatrical release of Maleficarum, with all its polemic, the theatrical release of Barbazul and the release of the much talk about Le Marquis de la Croix. That's a good record, I think.

We definitely took a different direction when we made Maleficarum all those two years ago and now it looks that this new way of doing things is the way we're going to be working. We're making films that have all the GIMP you all love but they also have good plots, big production values, and all of that which is now expected from us. It is tricky, however.

We can no longer afford to lower our standards and soon we'll see the demand for more production values, better special visual FX, etc. And that's our drama now. How to keep up with what we're doing and the way we're doing it. Dead But Dreaming will be a test of that. It's more elaborate than Maleficarum, it has great production values, amazing GIMP, great acting, particularly Amy, who carries the film. But this film was expensive to make, considering our low budgets, so it has to recover its investment for us to continue making more of this kind of film unless, of course, some people jump on board with hard money. We do have a lot of soft money, hard money is what comes hard to us.

So, let's see what went on since my previous November post.

We released Le Marquis de la Croix, a film that didn't have the build up that Maleficarum had. I think Maleficarum was a film that began to be promoted before we even thought of making it, by its very nature, I think. So for Le Marquis de la Croix to make an impression it had some very big shoes to fill. We weren't expecting to do that. We just wanted to release the film and see how far it goes.

Well, it's doing better than we expected and it's causing its own stir. This is good. The reviews are very positive and we're finding that Mila has now a good and solid fan base.

As you all know, Le Marquis de la Croix was not intended to be a vehicle for Amy's acting pursuits. In fact she limited her role and made it as innocuous as possible. The main attraction of this film is Mila and her relationship to Le Marquis, who happens to be a very intriguing character.

A lot is being said about this new release, in this forum and elsewhere. To our surprise Le Marquis made it to the IMDB database, which we didn't really expect since the film did not get a theatrical release or enough reviews to meet the standards that IMDB established to admit a film in its lists.

And the reviews are not bad either. Described as "astonishing" and Mila as "scrumptious", Le Marquis de la Croix is making its way into the hearts and minds of our fans while generating discussions on its many virtues and unclear flaws.

Thomas Chaser's unashamed review of Le Marquis de la Croix. mentions "whipping sound effect" as "ill-timed", while many other people do not mention that. Have any of you had the experience of watching a TV movie or series that suddenly goes out of synch? I have. I also noticed that some DVDs play differently in different machines and when you add to that a sound system the problem becomes more noticeable.

Sometimes, not all the time, a disc goes out of synch. Why? I don't know the technical issues involved with that, but I belief it is because there's a delay, sometimes. What causes it? I don't know.

I'm not saying that this is the problem that our esteemed reviewer found. It could be that the version he has is flawed in that respect. I see the film and I don't see that problem. We find sometimes, when we're editing, that the recording speed does not exactly match that of the image, it's a frame or two off, but it's so hard to be sure of that. When working in film, celluloid, it's easy to get the frame rate on the right spot. It's not the same with digital.

We also have NTSC versions and PAL versions of the movie, which have a different frame rate.

When we do sound post-production, each lash on the flesh is worked individually, I could imagine that a few of them could be off by a frame or two, but all of them? It can only mean that the entire sound track is off by a few frames but that is something that we would notice with every viewing. I'm certain that this synch problem is not on the HD master of the film.

So, where does the problem becomes evident? I can only speculate.

Another issue raised by our first reviewer in this forum deals with Mila's "material to work with". How she came to be arrested, etc. The particulars of her arrest is told by Le Marquis himself and it was decided, early on, that this movie was going to concentrate on the ordeals of the Gypsy girl at the hands of Le Marquis and from his point of view, thus, the story behind was not necessary.

A similar comment came up during the screening of Maleficarum at the film festival in Sucre. One person questioned the script, saying that Jac should've written about the witches in more detail, their backgrounds, what they did, how they did it, etc, and this gentleman began to tell stories of what witches did or didn't do back then, he mentioned that he wrote a book about it. Jac's response was simple. There are millions of ways of telling a story and he told the story one way. That's true in this case as well. We could have made a story of Mila, her family, friends and lovers to develop her character, but what Amy wanted was to show her as she's presented to Le Marquis, who does not know anything about the woman and wonders whether she's innocent or guilty of the crimes she's accused of.

The number of plots or subplots are endless. So the focus of the story is in what happens to her. How she looks good dry, she looks good covered in sweat. She moans well, she trembles well, she emotes well. Certainly, she has breasts and nipples worthy of an Oscar in their own right, if "Best Body for a Racking" were to be a category. If you like women with dark, exotic eyes and thick ringlets of dark hair, she's your girl. And did I mention she's hot?

Since Thomas is a doubter of Amy's acting talents and does prefer Mila, I can only say that virtue is in the eyes of the beholder. Amy has a really good range in her acting, she will be displaying more of her thespian attributes in films to come. In Le Marquis de la Croix she's simply a tourist with a lot of imagination or bad luck. I do appreciate the reviewer's take on how the tourist identifies the people around her with the characters in the story. That's a detail Jac wasn't certain people would get since nothing is pointing to it in an obvious way... in fact, that's Jac's style, he wants people to figure things out, to use their imagination to fill in the blanks.

I remember the first time we showed the mini series where Camille made her debut. Way back then people commented on the acting. Why? because most of the movies people see in this Andean country are foreign, the actors have accents or speak languages that are not similar to how people talk in these parts. Thus it's normal that people confuse "acting" with what they were taught in grammar school or see in Bolivian theaters and television. There's a lot of over acting there, lots of characters that are more like caricatures. Really, a lot of that goes on, and most Bolivian films reflect that, so when a Bolivian film comes out and actors simply act naturally, with normal intonation, without declamation, without exaggerated poses, unnatural emphasis, with every day talk, people see them as normal and have the feeling that they are not acting.

At the same time, they are impressed with the realism. One person went as far as to say to Jac that he wasn't acting in the miniseries, that he was playing himself. That was a tribute to his acting.

One lesson that I think I learned from Jac and he learned from some acting teacher is that if you see two people arguing and you notice that they are acting, it's not good. If you see two people arguing and you intervene, they are doing a good job. Good acting is when you don't notice the acting.

Amy plays her characters as she sees them in the context of their situation, time, mood, etc. In the case of Maleficarum, she's a scared lady. She's a Protestant in a Catholic world, she's an Anglo in a Spanish world, she's a lone woman in a patriarchal world. Thus she's afraid of breathing too loud. She tries to be invisible. That's what Jac wanted her to do. Be invisible. That's what she does.

In Le Marquis de la Croix, she's a tourist, full of wonderment, seeking the strange spots of a city and encountering a strange couple, with age differences yes, but other than that, normal, and a tour guide who is gentle, polite,a common person as common as they come. She doesn't have to make an effort in anything, there's nothing to fear, nothing to convey, except what a normal tourist would convey.

In Barbazul, however, she has the chance to develop her character a lot more. Her arch is a lot wider, she can play more with her emotions, she goes from self confident to terrified and beyond. And she's directing those scenes, so, her job is harder in that film.

One more thing I need to clear out. Amy is not a production assistant. She's a producer, director, script writer, actress, art designer and sometimes a dress maker and prop builder, to say that she does a good job as a production assistant is oversimplifying her amazing work and talents. No one calls Jac an assistant director, right? What nobody knows is that Jac makes a really good breakfast, the best cappuccino in New York, according to the director of the Amiens film festival, and it's the best dishwasher in our side of the planet.

Le Marquis de la Croix is very sure of what it is. It's not an experiment, it's simply a movie inspired by the Marquis de Sade writings. It is not porn, that's clear, but it's GIMPY, really gimpy and totally hot.

Mila does a great job expressing her emotions throughout the movie and that is something that came as a bit of a surprise to us. She began her acting the year we shot those three movies, Maleficarum, Barbazul and Le Marquis de la Croix. She acts in all three, so, she developed her skills rather fast. In the new movies she's even better, with a wider range and with very clever ways of bringing out her character.

Le Marquis speaks mostly English because we wanted to make the movie English friendly. To be true to the times and epoch, he should've spoken in French, but Jac does not have the skills to deliver his lines like a French man would. So, Amy thought that an accented Marquis would do better. Zinga understands Le Marquis, but she prefers to speak back in Spanish because she's from the land of Quevedo and Cervantes. She does, however, speak a few words in English.

Renzo Novatore says that he especially liked the scene when Mila Joya has to crawl around on the floor (while shackled) to eat a paltry serving of bread, a scene that came out pretty well, I believe. People in general appreciate the photography, the lighting, the set itself. We're now totally dedicated to produce in this fashion, making our life a bit harder because it takes a lot of money and effort to produce like this. But it's worth it. We're reaching farther and we're happier with our work. We were happy before, we're happier now, knowing that there's always room for improvement and there's nothing better than making things better and better all the time.

Going back to Thomas, he mentions in a later post that if Jac/Amy were to go back and re-edit the film, to fix the sound effects and add a line of dialogue where Mila calls Jac "father". Well, the sound, if it needs fixing, can be fixed. The addition of lines after the fact implies going back to the past and re-shooting the scene, something no one does. I go back to my previous comment about how a story can be told in a million ways. I'm sure every viewer has an idea or two about how to do a scene that's already there. What viewers, as individuals, would love to see in such a scene. I can say with certainty that every one that saw the film has one particular idea or two. Some may even have a fixation with the age difference and the father figure portion of the protagonists portrayal.

Unfortunately those sought out "improvements" on the story will never happen. It doesn't happen with the films I watch, when there's one particular scene that I would've made differently and it will never happen with the Tower of London, where we're frustrated because the whipping scene at the pillory is off camera and the rack scene is too short and the lady's clothing is never ripped off her body.

Life is unfair, I guess.

YikYakker comes to the rescue to say that he enjoyed reading the review of Le Marquis de la Croix and that he did not experience the same dissynchrony (yes, that is a word) with the whipping sounds and that Mila is scrumptious in this movie and that the film makes excellent use of her. We're waiting for his review, almost holding our breath, which we can't do for far too long.

One thing I can say is that Mila is very happy with the reviews, I had to explain to her, the best I could, what the word scrumptious means. There's a word and an expression that gets close to the meaning. The word is Delicia, which means delicious, and the expression is De Chuparse Los Dedos, something like "good enough to lick your fingers"... Delicia is also a proper name, and it happens to be Mila's middle name. She thinks that it is cool.

Le Marquis is not the only subject I wanted to discuss on this post. Maleficarum has broken a new record, there are two more records to break and Maleficarum will become the all time record breaking film for us. The new record is huge in our books. It all has to do with numbers, and this one is high.

We compare it with our best seller, Red Feline On The Cross and how that film did in a week, month, year, number of viewers... so far Maleficarum has gone beyond what Red Feline on the Cross did in most of its distribution life. Our first Red Feline release still holds the best seller title in two categories and it remains to be seen if Maleficarum will ever match that or surpass it. Red Feline on the Cross still sells well, so it continues to add to its numbers. But Maleficarum is trailing it closer and closer. The gap is narrowing, that's for sure.

Dr Yuya asks when Dead but Dreaming is going to be released but there's no official word for that yet. The film is in post production and at this point I'm not ready to predict a release date. It will certainly be early next year, most likely at the end of February, at least that's the intention of the powers that be.

With Jac and Amy up north, facing the icy weather of New York and Maine, although I heard is not as icy as they expected it to be, only Jac knows what is going on between him and the film. I know he has some things to fix in Maleficarum and Barbazul, for their wider release, so, it depends on the progress of those two projects.

There's something else concerning Dead But Dreaming. We're upgrading our editing software which comes with new possibilities for the quality of the images. We'll set new parameters with this up and coming movie. It was shot with new lenses, which enhanced the capabilities of our HD cameras and Amy returned from New York with new lights when she was there for the CineKink festival, so Dead But Dreaming has a lot more production values, way more.

Amy and Jac are very busy in New York and they will spend the holidays up in the far northern territories of Maine. They acquired new computers, some extra equipment, a new sound recorder, they are checking lights, and more. Meanwhile, our crew in Bolivia has practically gone on vacation. Our very busy Associate Producer and actor known as the Inquisitor is on holiday in the south of Bolivia and soon he'll be in Argentina visiting relatives, he's half Argentinean. Mila is taking English lessons and pole dancing to strengthen her arms and legs for future mistreatment, our favorite torturer is also taking English lessons and dedicating his time to his family... and I'm off to the Eastern front.

We're all going to be a bit out of the loop until the beginning of next year, when we'll all be back in town to begin the new year.

However, Jac will begin the year in New York where a special screening of Krik Krak Tales of a Nightmare and Martyr will be held at the Spectacle, a fairly new art movie house in Brooklyn. He'll be in attendance for a Q&A for both films. That presentation will not be a double feature, each film will be shown at a different time on January 4th.

And so I come to the end of this post which could've gone for a while more. I hope to be posting before the holidays, with news of the release of Barbazul and Dead But Dreaming, but if I don't I'd like to wish you all the best of the holiday season and an amazing new year. We're very, very happy to be part of this forum and we hope to be doing what we're doing for a long time to come.

A bien tot!.

I'll have more exciting news soon. Until then!

Reine Margot

Thursday, December 6th 2012 - 02:52:19 PM

Name: A Canadian

Thomas Chaser: Nice work on the review of Celine2. I don't know that a whipping machine is quite to my liking but there's no arguing that Celine is very attractive. And it's not every day a film gets an A+ grade. Thanks for putting the review together.

Thursday, December 6th 2012 - 05:43:45 PM

Name: sympazero
E-mail address:

Let's suppose for a moment the writer is a film technician with decades of experience - suppose he has sound-edited 100s of films of all kinds: commercials, industrials, docs, features, name it?

By that premise, some input vis-à-vis sound effects: First, let's dispose of the old canard that you can't detect anything out-of-synch by just one or two frames. Nonsense. An experienced sound editor can detect an effect out-of-synch by half a frame (that's 1/48th of a second in film, 1/60th of a second in video.)

Let's take the word of filmmaker Amy that the master DVD seems to be perfectly in synch - no doubt it is. What we're really talking about here is something entirely different, the perception of synchronization and how the brain processes it.

Stay with me. It isn't enough to achieve perfect synch between image and sound effect, they also have to correspond logically - it has to be the right, appropriate sound effect for the given image.

Example: If the whipper swings his weapon weakly, makes a so-so weak-looking contact on the whippee, but the accompanying sound effect is a loud juicy CRACK! - then the filmmaker has lost his/her audience. (That's exaggerated for effect, but you get the idea.) What's perceived as out-of-synch, is mostly out-of-logic.

The compact between filmmaker and audience demands the filmmaker should avoid elements that interfere with the audience's suspension of disbelief - a mismatch of picture and sound is such an interference. It may only be perceived on a way-deep subconscious level, but these mismatches have a cumulative effect, and sooner or later the audience switches off. Much as I admire the superb photography, direction, and yes even the acting in the Red Feline series, they don't work for me ('work' in the sense of permitting suspension of disbelief).

At times it seems as if only one single whip strike sound effect was used throughout the entire RF canon - I know that's an exaggeration, but not that much of one.

This, folks, is the dead elephant in the living room that we all pretend not to notice: this is a drama, fiction, the whipping is simulated (brilliantly for the most part) but the sound effects are real and can never fully match. But they can be improved.

Still with me? The nuts and bolts of sound editing whip strikes is to have available at least 20 different whip-strike effects of incremental volume and force. Which effect is matched to which visual is an enormously painstaking, time-consuming and no doubt costly process.

But the result is worth it.

Pardon the pedantry, but I do like the Jac & Amy shows and if I can contribute an idea to improve them, I'm a happy camper. I thank you.

Thursday, December 6th 2012 - 05:59:14 PM

Name: MAV

Today's Cali Danger picture: if the camera angle had stayed that way (wrists to waist) throughout that specific torture scene instead of the odd close ups, the entire GOW movie would've been 2x as good, even if it's not the AOH y'all know I prefer.

@skullchaser-I'll post a review once my GIMP machine that has Last Jog is back from the shop (reminder to all to back up your GIMPage just in case unlike me).

Friday, December 7th 2012 - 03:09:20 AM

Name: Thor

New whipping scene from the Italian TV Movie "Santa Barbara"

Very nice

Friday, December 7th 2012 - 09:34:35 AM

Name: Osouk
Homepage URL:

For me, the most important part of a scene is how realistic it looks. I like interrogation scenes, so I want the babe to appear to be in real pain, and terrified of what is going to happen. Begging for mercy is always nice!

As a result, nudity is not necessarily essential to make a good scene. I really like Irreversible, for example, which has no nudity in it - at least not in the rape scene. Mainstream films often have good production values, and good acting, which can sell a scene to me.

On the other hand, I don't like scenes where the babe would obviously have been stripped naked by the bad guys and hasn't been. If other factors don't take over, then it's never going to work for me.

So on balance, nudity is not essential, but is nice.

A scene I've always liked, but has no nudity, is in the URL above.

Friday, December 7th 2012 - 09:59:10 AM

Name: Thomas Chaser

I read Margot's post with great interest. I hope I didn't upset the apple cart. Overall I enjoyed LMDLC and hope to see more from that studio because there aren't many that are that brave to push the boundaries of cinema. Only BoundHeat has the same level of production values in the risque-ier films. Kudos to the team for their efforts and dedication.

Friday, December 7th 2012 - 11:50:41 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Thomas Chaser: Thanks for another really nice review. It was fun to read, and of course the stills added to the overall text. Unlike the others, I kind of like the idea of a "spanking machine". Face it, slaves need discipline and while it's fun to dish it out, sometimes you have to give your arm a rest. So why not tie her to the post and crank up the machine and let it do the work? In fact, you could set it on "intermediate" and have it flog her several times throughout the day, prolong her punishment for hours and have her wondering when she's going to get smacked next. That way she won't be able to take a breather knowing she'll be feeling that sharp lash across her tits at any time. An excellent idea.

The direct link to your latest review in my Homepage URL above.

Friday, December 7th 2012 - 12:08:01 PM

Name: MaX CoXXX
Homepage URL:

Skullchaser Looks like your a big fan of Crux. You even picked a Crux pose whipping video to review. Very good by the by.

Girls of War looks hot!

Everybody likes seeing naked women in bondage, but how important is nudity in your GIMP entertainment? Is it essential that a woman show skin for it to a be a worthwhile scene/movie for you? Or do you think a scene can still be worthwhile and exciting even if there's no nudity?

Nudity is #1 for me. Strip away everything & then inflect pain on their bare skin. Clothes give females dignity. A GIMP should have no avenue for dignity.

Hey MAV ya how about a review of last jog? Or...



Also Starring MaX CoXXX

Some bloggers went digging around in some old business that should have been let to die. The blogger gets raped, Tazered, Hawgtied forced to suck cock & finally strangled to death.

Fetish Elements: (HC) STRANGLING, RAPE, Electrocution, Face slaping, Gag, HOM, Forced BJ, Forced Orgasm, Nipple Twisting, Body Views.


First 100 members $10 a month for life! This is a great deal! Don't take my word for it. READ THE 1st REVIEW


Good Hunting


Friday, December 7th 2012 - 04:02:28 PM

Name: Greg

New whipping scene from the Italian TV Movie "Santa Barbara" Thanks for the link Thor, but is it me or them? I dont seem able to copy you tube clips as I used to. The little option box to download doesn't appear now. Any one else have the same problem?

Friday, December 7th 2012 - 06:42:06 PM

Name: Thomas Chaser
E-mail address:

@Greg: "New whipping scene from the Italian TV Movie "Santa Barbara" Thanks for the link Thor, but is it me or them? I dont seem able to copy you tube clips as I used to. The little option box to download doesn't appear now. Any one else have the same problem?"

The "Download" box appears just fine for me. To be honest, I've seen better mainstream whippings that actually involve more realism (and nudity). See "Requiem Por Granada".

@Max Coxxx: I have my moods. I'll get on a crux kick for a week or so, then move on to something else, like naked gladiatrix or Nazi sexploitation or electro-play or anything with a rack scene in it. It's good to change up the flavor of ice cream from time to time.

Saturday, December 8th 2012 - 12:36:47 AM

Name: TGG

In regard to the daily question, nudity in GIMP is very important to me. I like seeing a girl's skin quivering and rippling as she suffers her ordeal. If the GIMP isn't at least partially nude, then she isn't a GIMP, she's just an actress.

On another subject, anyone ever suffer from the curse of ever changing tastes? When I first became aware of my interest in GIMP, back in the mid 1990s, the genre I favored most heavily was believe it or not simple British style spanking. I enjoyed watching the girls get their rumps reddened by being spanked, caned, paddled, and strapped. After a while, the spanking genre started to become too familiar and boring. My tastes shifted to traditional bondage, like what is produced by Bon-Vue Enterprises, HOM, and even Rick Masters and ZFX.

Bondage held my interest for several years, but like spanking before it, it too eventually became too familiar, stale, and boring. JAV-rape took over as my primary interest, and while JAV is still at the top of the mountain, believe or not, spanking has started climbing back up the slopes. For the last few hours, I have been checking out some spanking themed sites and watching some preview trailers to gauge just how strong my interest in this genre currently is. I have often found myself chuckling and even giggling like a little kid as I read the background stories and watch the trailers.

To Amy and the other girls in our community... Have you ever been spanked?

Saturday, December 8th 2012 - 12:57:48 AM

Name: wananchi

Hi, all, first post here.

On the question of nudity: Are we talking about a good, realistic scene, or just cheap BDSM? If the former, realism is paramount. Therefore, nudity depends on the setting. Ridiculously unrealistic clothing will only go to the detriment of the scene (I am thinking about the fake "prisoner's uniforms" in "The Bloody Judge", for instance, a well-cherished movie).

In a medieval setting, the victim would most probably wear civilian clothes (remember the usual underwear was a full length gown, hardly arousing) until they get torn off by the torture, most of whose methods (another topic: most are ridiculously unrealistic, owing too much to BDSM) required little tearing of flesh, therefore there would be little nudity.

On the other side, in a modern setting more nudity would be allowed and even mandatory (now I am thinking in the nowadays "popular" scene of interrogated women hanging from the wrists, in full clothing; the first thing an interrogator would do is have his subject bare-breasted, not because he would sexually assault or even humiliate her, but because those are ample, sensitive parts of the body he would need to work upon. Think the scene in "Charlie's Angels" or even the central scene in that new movie "Girls of War" -absurd clothing again, detrimental of otherwise a good-intentioned scene).

There is a lot to talk on these topics.


Saturday, December 8th 2012 - 07:17:13 AM

Name: John Galt

Quentin Tarantino, to my way of thinking, holds the record for most movies that could have awesome GIMP but always fail miserably. Guess he's just not a GIMPer. But it sounds like whipping fans may get a treat in his latest epic, Django Unchained. A HuffPost article mentions Kerry Washington does a whipping scene "that was incredibly tough for her to film." So there's that to look forward to. I'm betting she will be fully clothed, but who knows.

Saturday, December 8th 2012 - 12:09:38 PM

Name: mr bush

As per Max, clothes give females dignity....but you have to show how that is taken away, do you rip it off? Or do you force them to do it themselves? Watching the dignity disappear and embarrassment develop is great, even embarrassing looks of them only clad in their underwear. But ultimately, they have to be naked. And the bondage added at this point means they cannot hide their charms.

In the end naked, but how they get there is important also.

Saturday, December 8th 2012 - 01:50:07 PM

Name: Willie J
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

First post for me too. Must be something about the nudity/non-nudity issue that stirs we lurkers into action.

While the term GIMP is a good catch-all for the general fantasy that excites us, obviously each of us has slightly (maybe in some cases very) different preferences as to what excites us most. In my case flogging is the general preference. Within that context, excitement is elevated by AOH, institutionalized and/or public CP, size (of breasts, i.e. bigger=better) and, perhaps ultimately, whipping of the breasts. In that kind of scenario (whether back or front is the target), I find that if the victim is stripped only to the waist, this enhances the whole effect by focusing and clarifying the depiction of the idea that is being portrayed. Stripped to the waist signifies that this is not about general titillation, nor about humiliation (though there is always some of that in the background). It signals a serious punishment, focused on a specific area of the body for the sole purpose of inflicting pain upon a helpless (young) woman. It indicates a certain formality, gravity and inevitability.

The sequence in 'Requiem por Granada' (episode 3 at about 28 min), referenced by Thomas Chaser a few posts ago, portrays some of these aspects well. That scene pushes many of my buttons and is more exciting to me because the girl is stripped only to the waist. As it happens if, additionally, she was (more) buxom and was facing the lash, my ecstasy would know no bounds. But those are other topics.

Saturday, December 8th 2012 - 04:50:55 PM

Name: Eda

I've been away for awhile, and came back to find some posts to which I feel a need to respond.

One woman plays a major role (unmatched by anyone except the one man with whom she works) in bringing to the screen, and a big step closer to mainstream acceptance, the exact types of GIMP motion pictures that the men of this forum have wet dreamed about since they reached puberty. In so doing, she has provided her talents as producer, director, actress, jill-of-all-trades and female face-of-the-GIMP world. And, for all of that, what has been her reward? Criticism of her acting in a minor role that she played in her last film. I never liked Meryl Streep in roles in which she spoke with an accent, but I'm not going to question her acting talent.

Amy, you and Margot are much too kind and professional to say more in response to this unjustified criticism than that each of us is entitled to our opinion. But I'm not so kind and therefore not so limited in my response. Amy, I think that you're a very good actress. But far beyond that, I think that it's unfortunate that anyone chooses to ignore all that you and Jac (and others with Red Feline, but you and Jac in particular) have done to bring first class GIMP-themed motion pictures to the brink of public recognition and acceptance. Keep it up !! I for one (and I'm sure that I speak for many) am very proud of all of your hard work and very pleased by its success.

Saturday, December 8th 2012 - 07:09:44 PM

Name: Thomas Chaser
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

"Amazon Warriors" is a German website dedicated to the "Sword and Sandal" (or more appropriately "Schwert und Sandale") genre of Fantasy science fiction action film clips, done in the style of the old '40s and '50s low-budget B-films (whether or not this is intentional is unknown to me, but it's fun to see the genre continue on). The story arc is that there are two tribes of Amazonian warrior women who are at war, but the complete story isn't told in just one film but rather in "episodes" lasting for about eight to ten minutes. Many of the films deal with the woman battling each other with swords, pikes, and short bows while clad in nothing but loincloths and leather gauntlets. Gladiatrix battles are a recurring plot line, with two women going at it with the gladius (short sword) and parma (small, round shield) and the occasional broadsword (after all, this is made in Germany and they do love their broadswords). Other than the queen, all of the warriors are topless, which is just the way you would expect female warriors to be, right?

In this episode, Forgive Me, the queen of the jungle amazons has been captured by the queen of the city amazons. That's where the movie begins - no backstory, no explanation. But then, in these types of films, do we really need one?

I'm going to start off with a complaint. First, if you're going to tie someone up, it's best to do a thorough job of it, particularly if you know your victim is trained in hand-to-hand combat. Apparently, the city queen (or rather the producer) didn't think of this.

I'm pretty sure most women could get out of this in five seconds.

It's a shame they did such a lousy job with the bondage part, because the music is suitably "jungle action-ish" and the sets are very well done. The captured jungle queen is quite lovely as well, and you can hardly tell her breasts are implants. Her best attributes, though, are her abs - fit and feminine without being overly muscular.

Ok, moving on.

The city queen is reclining on her dais, admiring the abs of her prisoner, when she decides to have a spot of fun.

They trade insults, which are in (German?) with English subtitles. My eyes read "Bite me!" but my ears hear "Lick me!" I'm gonna go with my ears in this case. The city queen replies "Suit yourself" but before she gets started on licking her prize, she decides to get a gladius out of her hope chest and carve herself up some jungle queen spare ribs for a quick snack.

The jungle queen isn't too keen on that idea and defends herself as best a martial-arts trained captive jungle queen can, which involves a really good kick to the city queen's face. The sound effects here are good, and the city queen does a fair job acting like she's really being hit (think "professional wrestling" and you'll have a pretty good idea of what I'm talking about) and there's even a spurt of blood from the city queen's mouth. Naturally, since the jungle queen hasn't figured out that she could probably get her hands loose, the fight doesn't last long and the city queen wins.

I know what you're thinking, because I thought it, too. The city queen is going to cut that loincloth right off the jungle queen and give her a dose of her final humiliation, right? Because that's what you do with a prisoner with fetching abs; you humiliate her so that you can crow about how superior you are and how helpless she is. That's what evil queens do. Or at least, that's what I'd do if I were an evil queen.

Instead, the city queen decides to go straight to the knife torture and slowly begins cutting away at the jungle queen's flesh.

Let's have another look at those abs before they're bloodied, shall we?

This goes on for a while, torturing our GIMP jungle queen with the sword-tip before the first incision is made. To the city queen's credit, she doesn't off the jungle queen right away. Like a true B-movie evil person, she takes her time, and uses the jungle queen's tummy as a convenient canvas for some blood-art. More insults are traded, and finally the jungle queen dares the city queen to go ahead and kill her. The city queen, not waiting for the "double dog dare ya", goes ahead and stabs her, right in those abs.

But the jungle queen doesn't die right away. The city queen didn't hit anything vital, so the jungle queen manages to hang on by doing the "woman in labor" rapid-breathing trick, which must be some sort of naturalistic healing thing. It's a good thing the jungle queen uses her ninja powers, because one of her warriors is on her way to the rescue.

Will the jungle queen hold on long enough to be saved? How long can a person bleed internally anyway, before they finally expire? Do the jungle amazons possess supernatural powers to defy the Grim Reaper? Are they Jedi masters?

The city queen decides she isn't going to take any chances, and stabs her prisoner again, this time right in the heart. The jungle queen cries out in pain, then coughs, chokes, sputters a bit, and we see the life slowly drain from her body.

Time is running out for our hero.

The jungle warrior, following her queen's blood trail, finds a clue that her jungle queen is being held prisoner inside the castle walls, so she kicks down the gate, charges in, and attacks the city queen.

Why use one arrow, when you can use three?

Ok, important safety tip here, fellows. When you come upon someone impaled with something? DO NOT PULL IT OUT! The object will act as a clotting tool and keep the blood from spilling into places it shouldn't spill, like abdominal cavities or out onto the ground. Apparently the jungle warrior is trained to kill and not to save lives, because the first thing she does is reach for the sword lodged in her queen's heart and pull it out. She sets her queen on the floor, gives a tearful good-bye, and walks out the door. Cue the dramatic music, give a few camera pans of the dead queen's torso, and call it a day.

If you're just looking for ten minutes of light-hearted escapism, this is for you. If you're into the whole sword and sandal barbarian Amazon jungle girl gladiator thing, this is worth a look. The clips are a bit pricey for what you get, but what you get are some first-rate sets with some second-rate models doing third-rate acting. But, the formula must be working because there are over 120 of these clips on the site.

Red Feline has better acting, Bound Heat has better models, and RingDivas has more athletic-looking girls. In the grand scheme of things, this studio is better than eighty percent of the other stuff out there and at least they're trying to tell a story. In my corner of the world, eighty percent will earn you a B-minus. If the clips were longer or had better bondage or more "peril", I'd give Amazon Warrior a higher score, but as it is, it's worth a B-.

Sunday, December 9th 2012 - 12:43:22 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Thor wrote:

New whipping scene from the Italian TV Movie "Santa Barbara"...Very nice.

Ah, indeed, that was very nice. Since I don't speak Italian, I couldn't tell why they were whipping her, but it might have been because she was TOO FRICKIN' BEAUTIFUL! Hey, when you look like that, you don't really need any other reason. I did a search for this Vanessa Hessler and discovered I already had pictures of her on my hard drive without even knowing who she was. Apparently she's a model and part-time actress best known for dating one of Muammar Gaddafi's sons. There, that's a good reason! Whip her again!

I added a description, video link and caps to Santa Barbara in the "Whipping Scenes From Television" section of the Whipping Database (Homepage URL above). If you look in there, you'll also see a video link to the whipping scene in Requiem por Granada which has also been mentioned here a few times recently.


TGG asked:

...anyone ever suffer from the curse of ever changing tastes?

Yeah, although in my case, it's more like my tastes are becoming more refined. I've been collecting scenes since the mid-1980s and not everything I have in my collection still "does it" for me. I think it's because I'm less accepting of mediocrity now than I used to be. Of course, the really good ones still stand up.

Never gotten into spanking, though. A guy from a spanking website asked me to review a couple of his shows some years ago and the lack of bondage bothered me. Nearly all spanking vids I've seen don't have any, while the great majority of whipping scenes do. That's probably the difference for me.


Wananchi and Willie J: Welcome to the forum, and very nice first posts, both of you. I like the idea of just exposing the breasts of the victim, even while leaving the rest of her clothed, so that the bad guy can go to work on torturing those creamy mounds of flesh. There's something uniquely feminine about breasts, which makes them my favorite body part to abuse.


John Galt: Django Unchained was discussed on the board earlier this year. Apparently Tarantino is going all out on the nudity, according to the initial reports we got. I agree his GIMP track record so far is abysmal, but he's at least stretching and trying to do something different this time. At any rate, it looks like it will be an entertaining movie.


Thomas Chaser: Another fine review, quite entertaining to read how you described the action. I've never even heard of the company at all but it's good there's apparently someone out there that caters to nearly every fetish. If they've made over 100 of these shows, they must have an audience. I'll check out the rest of their site when I have some time.

Here's the link for your latest review:

Sunday, December 9th 2012 - 01:13:43 AM

Name: Insomniac

It may be time to start getting excited about Django Unchained. I'm reading some promising things about how it pushes the R rating and how there is nudity "but not the kind you want" (the kind we want!). Tarantino has also apparently promised nudity from Washington on the Howard Stern show.

For those who didn't read my earlier heads up on this movie, the script calls for the whipping, forced stripping, and raping of Washington's character.

I've also been itching to do another review, but I haven't been able to find anything worthy of mentioning for a while now. Compliance was the last big one and Ralphus did the honors on that one.

Sunday, December 9th 2012 - 05:13:38 AM

Name: kingdiocletian
E-mail address:

Thanks for the Santa Barbara clip. Pretty good for something mainstream - beautiful girl, lovely smooth back, decent cowering and sense of helplessness, flogger putting in some effort, realistic marks. I prefer this to Granada purely because there's more muscle in the lashing - I thought Granada was a bit desultory on that score.

Obviously ideally we'd keep going with more than the 13 lashes we see so she's actually howling rather than just flinching and there's real blood, and ideally we'd see her at least topless, and ideally the pillar wouldn't be wobbling around when she jerks. In fact, ideally it would go on with the torture the 'historical' St Barbara underwent in which she was burned with torches and suffered for several nights before being beheaded. But still, it's up there with Hispania for me.

Sunday, December 9th 2012 - 06:06:26 AM

Name: A Canadian

Thomas Chaser: Nice work on the review of Forgive Me. Based on the details in the review and the caps, I suspect a B- grade is more than fair.

Sunday, December 9th 2012 - 09:14:09 AM

Name: Thomas Chaser
E-mail address:

TGG wrote: "On another subject, anyone ever suffer from the curse of ever changing tastes?"

I have. I think it helps keep the imagination fresh. As a writer, it also helps me get story ideas. Back in my early days, I used to write short stories around clips I'd come across. Sometimes it made for good reading, sometimes not so much, but it was always fun to do (and I should note, I've never been able to "get off" on my own stuff, which is probably why I end up reading other writers' materials). I'd get on a crux kick for a week, then check out some whipping, then over to interrogation, then pole-dancing, then rack scenes, then public humiliation, then back to crux... just a variety of different genres. There are some that never appealed to me, of course. I tend to keep within the same "channels". Apparently I'm not the only one with changing tastes, because even on this forum you'll find links to rack scenes, whipping, and electro-play, three distinct genres that tie in together under the GIMP banner if given the right backstory.

Sunday, December 9th 2012 - 10:16:55 AM

Name: Thomas Chaser
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A Canadian wrote: "Nice work on the review of 'Forgive Me'. Based on the details in the review and the caps, I suspect a B- grade is more than fair."

I did give some credit on originality. While the jungle girl Amazon idea isn't new, there just aren't many adult-entertainment studios out there that are willing to do B-movie genre stuff. I can name three sources of Inquisition-style materials right off the bat (Red Feline,, and the old before it went dark, not to mention the numerous mainstream films listed on this site). I would have thought that with the commercial success of the TV show "Spartacus" that we'd see more copycat adult gladiator/Roman centurion sites, but alas, not (or maybe I just haven't come across them yet). Period stuff is expensive to do, and unless you're willing to invest in costumes, sets, and props, you better be willing to risk a long haul to get your money back or hope for one good film that will earn enough in sales to recoup your costs.

I think RingDivas is probably in the best position to start a serial-themed jungle girl series with ZFX close behind. RingDivas just needs to turn the corner on adult topless nudity (no need to go full-frontal just yet) because they already have the slick production values to make a mainstream-quality film/film-series. ZFX isn't afraid of nudity, but the post-production isn't anywhere near as glossy as RingDivas. Ideally, I'd like to see a studio that's not afraid of an "R" rating put out a period costume film that brings something borrowed/something new to the GIMP concept, and do it with the goal of mainstream sales. I think a jungle girl film would be a step in that direction.

Sunday, December 9th 2012 - 10:59:23 AM

Name: wananchi

Mr. Chaser, you seem to have a knowledge on ancient and medieval edged weapons. Your comments on gladius and broadswords are spot on.


Sunday, December 9th 2012 - 04:00:09 PM

Name: MAV

@Chaser-tx for the mini review of that Amazon Warriors clip. I dont have that one but it is on my radar bc of the AOH with that buxom topless hottie. Amazon Warriors has hot models but they focus more on swords/knives/arrows and the deaths vs bondage/torture which is a bummer.

Sunday, December 9th 2012 - 10:16:02 PM

Name: Thomas Chaser
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MAV wrote: "tx for the mini review of that Amazon Warriors clip. I dont have that one but it is on my radar bc of the AOH with that buxom topless hottie. Amazon Warriors has hot models but they focus more on swords/knives/arrows and the deaths vs bondage/torture which is a bummer."

I'm working on a review of another one of their clips. If you like AOH, you may like this other clip better (called "Doomed"). I haven't posted it because I don't want to flood the board. Send me an email and I'll send you my rough draft and some screenshots.

Monday, December 10th 2012 - 06:50:06 AM

Name: wananchi

Hi all,

In view of the many electroshock torture scenes that are there to be seen, I would like to forewarn producers that, if you are actually holding the subject of an electric discharge with your bare (uninsulated) hands, you are prone to receive the discharge too.


Monday, December 10th 2012 - 08:54:25 AM

Name: Darkroom
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Homepage URL:

Nudity is essential in my opinion. It increases the victim's vulnerability, shame and helplessness. Plus, it's just more fun!

Monday, December 10th 2012 - 11:29:55 AM

Name: Fritz

Wananchi wrote:

In view of the many electroshock torture scenes that are there to be seen, I would like to forewarn producers that, if you are actually holding the subject of an electric discharge with your bare (uninsulated) hands, you are prone to receive the discharge too.

For years this bothered me too. But since posting the same complaint in July, I have since learned the electrical current administered by a TaserTM like the one being used on Cali Danger is not transferred to those touching the recipient of the shocks. I'm not sure why this is so, but no less an authority than John M. has pointed out on the PKF forum that the little beasties are designed to hurt the GIMP, not the GIMPer - perhaps to keep the torture from getting in the way of groping the victim. Now that's what I call thoughtful engineering.

Still, I prefer hands-off electro scenes, if for no other reason than the shocks seem so much more powerful if the interrogator is wary of getting too close to his subject. And I imagine once the voltage is increased to more lethal levels, his fear of touching the recipient would be justified.

John also debunks the myth of the blue flash supposedly made at the point of contact between victim and power source. Yet again, I say truth be damned. The visuals - not to mention the accompanying sound effects, which probably aren't real either - add so much to a scene which would seem pretty mundane without them. If big-budget, mainstream films can get away with loud, fiery explosions in outer space, I say GIMP fantasies should be entitled to the same suspension of reality for the sake of greater impact.

Monday, December 10th 2012 - 07:35:15 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Fritz: Gotta agree with you regarding the effects in electro-shock scenes. Obviously I'm a fan since I put together an entire database of scenes that include them. Whether or not it's "realistic" or not, I'm pretty much spoiled by hearing the electronic "bug zapper" audio effect and seeing the animated lighting bolts when a lady victim gets shocked. Of course, I've also seen effects so badly overdone to the point where it can actually ruin a scene if it looks too cartoonish.

Check out this shot from an admittedly low budget film called Slaughtered:

I mean, what the hell? I get the effects coming from her breasts, but what's with the glowing eyes and mouth? That's just stupid.

Among the modern adult filmmakers, I love the way Rick Masters of ZFX does it. Check out Kelly McKay being zapped in The Jackbooth Job, which I think is the first movie I ever saw ZFX do this effect (correct me if I'm wrong, Rick). The electric arc you see between the electrodes is only visible for a split second and was obviously added later in post-production.

It's subtle, but still noticeable, and it definitely improved the illusion. Honestly, it's so good, it makes his earlier scenes where he doesn't do it pale by comparison. Adding effects later is, from what I understand, time-consuming and a pain in the ass, but it sure does make a scene better.

I should also mention that I love it when a filmmaker adds smoke to an electro scene. Again, it's contradictory to what I said before about realism, but the whole "shock her til she literally fries" symbolism totally does it for me. Notice the smoke escaping from Elaine Payton's pussy after being zapped in South of the Border 6, a wonderful effect that I've mentioned here many times.

Or in mainstream films, Kristen Harris in Wrong Turn 4 gets electro-shock torture where some inbred freaks crank up the machine full-force, so much so that thick smoke literally pours from her head by the end of the scene, probably not realistic but still one hell of an effect.

I guess when it boils down to it, these are fantasy films. As long as it ultimately makes you believe the fantasy that a woman is really being electrified, it's all good.

Tuesday, December 11th 2012 - 12:36:50 PM

Name: Thor

I am not a fan of religious film, not at all! But after seeing "Santa Barbara" I did some research. So I found the trailer for this amateur film. The title is "Barbara, the Courage of Faith". At 2:45 we can see a whipping scene, unfortunately it's just a trailer, so the scene is very brief. I'll try to find the whole movie!!

Tuesday, December 11th 2012 - 02:16:02 PM

Name: Rick
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Greetings All,

Ralphus: When I re-mastered the VHS catalog to DVD, I think most of the movies with stun gun use have the effect added. I just recently looked at Witchunt and it was used, that's from 1995. It's an easy effect, but time consuming. It does help sell the scene. I'm not sure when the first time I used it was, I don't think it was as late as Jackbooth Job. I kind of thought it was Whiplash but, I could be wrong on that. Most movies were done retroactively during the DVD mastering process.

Elaine Payton really played her electro scene to the hilt in South of the Border 6. Glad you enjoyed =)


Tuesday, December 11th 2012 - 09:28:38 PM

Name: Bill K.

Ralphus and Gimpers what do you think of Kink's Wired Pussy videos? Good, bad or don't care?

I have a video of 4 naked hand bound high Wired Pussy gimps, if you consider it merciless peril, with electric leads attached to their pussies and one by one being shocked for real then they make real gagged squeal screams of pain and drooling crying noises.

Would that be Gimp worthy to put into the electric shock database here which I will download / give it to the Gimp database or because it's consensual, even if it's real erotically painfully shocking it's a no go here? Bill K.

Wednesday, December 12th 2012 - 01:16:48 AM

Name: petelobo


Thanks for the nude electro images in your post. I had sort of hunkered down for an (apparently) long series of pics of the day from the swimsuit edition. After the lovely stretch of Mila photos (intended), actually nude and bushy, with lots of full body shots, I was spoiled. So your ZFX electro post was a breath of fresh air.

Kelly McKay in SOB and Jackbooth Job among others was also among the great ZFX models at selling an electro scene, had a fabulous body and also appeared with excellent "sweat" effects as opposed to the oiled-up look. One of the more rarely used electro elements Gary Roberts has used to nice effect in some of his images is loss of bladder control.

I've looked back through my compilations and note not a single segment from GLOW, and I am pretty confident that Cali, who certainly looks like a great candidate for "real" gimp, won't make it either all dressed up. A chacun son gout...

Wednesday, December 12th 2012 - 02:32:50 AM

Name: Scribbler
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Re: Django Unchained: Kerry Washington on Leno tonight (Wednesday Dec 12).

Re: daily pics: RingDiva: Seems like a lot of close-up shots. Is that how it was mainly shot, or is there a good amount of further back, showing lots-of-body shots as well?

Wednesday, December 12th 2012 - 04:49:42 AM

Name: Thomas Chaser
E-mail address:

Bill K. wrote - "I have a video of 4 naked hand bound high Wired Pussy gimps, if you consider it merciless peril, with electric leads attached to their pussies and one by one being shocked for real then they make real gagged squeal screams of pain and drooling crying noises."

Well, I'm sold! But if you want my expert opinion, you'll have to send me the video. :)

Wednesday, December 12th 2012 - 06:43:57 AM

Name: Darkroom
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Homepage URL:

Rick: Elaine Payton was one of my favorite ZFX models, along with Victoria Vixen... And who was that giant-breasted model you shot with a time or two? She was a real Score model... She was hot, especially getting aggressed and contorted in that pink leotard...

Bill K: In my humble opinion, just about anything Kink is doing these days is pretty lame. They seem to have passed their glory days. Matt left for Infernal Restraints/Hardtied, which now seem to be making a comeback in old Insex style... Good stuff.

And for anyone who cares, I've got a new movie coming out soon. It includes a nice electro scene, and my old go-to favorite past-time: tightly tied tits.

Wednesday, December 12th 2012 - 11:04:59 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Rick: Good to hear you updated the shocking effects on many of your earlier works. All the more reason for us old timer ZFX fans to update our collections on this new-fangled DVD format.


Bill K: There's 2 things I don't like about Wired Pussy: First off, it's all-girl action, which I don't generally care for. There's always exceptions, but for the most part women can't dish it out as well as a man. For you feminists out there who ask what men are good for? I'll tell you what we're good for...torturing women!

And the second, and by far the biggest debit with that company, they're 100% consensual. Bleah! Whatever edge they might have in their inventive tortures is instantly taken away. Plus, like most if not all of Kink's offshoots, the ultimate goal is for the "victim" to orgasm. Give me a break! Kink may be the biggest bondage company out there, but they're also the reason why 95% of bondage entertainment sucks today.

Let me quote the great John Blakemore, who put it perfectly in my interview with him a few years back:

...Make a goddamned movie that men want to see. And that means they want to see kidnapping, torture and rape. That's what they want to see. They don't wanna see the girl cumming...The whole point of this sort of fantasy is to punish these prick-teasing, good-looking honeys, not to let them have a good time.


As far as their stuff being included in the Electro-Shock Database, no. That database and all the other databases are for mainstream movies and TV shows only, or as close to mainstream as possible. If we included Wired Pussy, we'd have to include ZFX and a slew of other bondage companies and the databases would be a hundred times larger (not to mention 100 times more work). Could you imagine including every whipping scene from bondage movies in the whipping database?


Darkroom wrote:

And for anyone who cares, I've got a new movie coming out soon. It includes a nice electro scene, and my old go-to favorite past-time: tightly tied tits.

Well, I definitely care. Keep us updated as it gets close to premiere time and I'll try to give you a nice showcase at the top of the site.

Wednesday, December 12th 2012 - 12:18:35 PM

Name: YikYakker

John Blakemore [as quoted by Ralphus]: Make a goddamned movie that men want to see. And that means they want to see kidnapping, torture and rape.

Sometimes in life, a great truth can be simply stated.

But given the poll responses, we ought to make one addition - kidnapping, stripping, torture and rape.

Wednesday, December 12th 2012 - 06:15:35 PM

Name: Bill K.

Point taken guys. I also think consensual is lame but in this one Kink Wired Pussy clip they are really being shocked and in pain and look like it. They are not acting.

I'm not shocked that Ralphus and Gimpers short circuited and blew a fuse (spark chaser humor) over my offer of giving a movie clip here.

The reason I brought up this Kink clip was due to the lame previously posted pictures of really bad special effects of gimps being shocked and remembered this clip I had and I thought, now that's how a gimp being shock tortured should look and act like.

It's only a 10 minutes 74.5 mb wmv clip so if anyone wants to see what I am talking about I'd be happy to upload it to you if I can.

Again I find non consensual well acted electric shock movie scenes much more erotic but what it should look like is the question. Bill K.

Wednesday, December 12th 2012 - 07:50:19 PM

Name: Jesse Custer

OMG what has Google done? Safe search now mandatory in the U.S.

This might be a good time to discuss life without the corporate giant... other search engine options, alternative browsers to Chrome, and so on.

Sad day for freedom. We let them get too big, now they determine what is "safe" for us to search for. Pure censorship, right there.

Wednesday, December 12th 2012 - 08:03:21 PM

Name: Thomas Chaser
E-mail address:

Bill K. offered - "It's only a 10 minutes 74.5 mb wmv clip so if anyone wants to see what I am talking about I'd be happy to upload it to you if I can."

Me! Me! Oh! Right here! Maybe we can talk a trade.

Wednesday, December 12th 2012 - 08:19:22 PM

Name: John Galt

Jesse Custer: If I'm reading the on-line community complaints properly, this seems to be primarily in the Google Images search engine. Google released a statement saying they changed the algorithm for default search results. I just now searched for "breasts" and got mostly clothed decolletage images. Then I searched for "bare breasts" and got pictures of bare breasts. I would consider it censorship if I did not get bare breasts. I also did a search for "naked sex" and got a pop-up that warned me the images might be explicit, but when I clicked continue, I got my naked sex images.

They made it so that you need to be more specific (one might even say explicit) in your search terms. I can't say I find that objectionable. I haven't done any extensive research, so I can't claim that you can find a picture of anything at all now, but I can't assume you ever could before, either. In any event, I personally never used a Google search to find adult-oriented images in the first place.

I also did not see the "safe search" setting automatically selected in my preferences, although I had the option of selecting it if I wanted to. I also think that is a reasonable safeguard. I think this is being blown kind of far out of proportion. My two cents.

Wednesday, December 12th 2012 - 08:59:17 PM

Name: Bill K.

Thomas Chaser: I'd be happy to download it to your address and your entertaining gimp informative posts have been a good enough trade for me. But I am a fiery peril / dungeon type of gimp fan for the most part, so if you got any clip like that's ok for a trade.

But keep in mind I never downloaded a movie (large mb item) to anywhere or anybody on www so I'm not sure how it's done.

You know guys, the only reason I got that Kink Wired Pussy movie was to use the pictures to make bats manips and a possible future bats gif. with. It was really about how the gimps were bound and looked and not what actually was being done to them.

It's time for my favorite show Criminal Minds and the only Gimp worthy TV show in my opinion on USA prime time TV. Let me know Thomas how to download the clip to you. Bill K.

Wednesday, December 12th 2012 - 09:51:38 PM

Name: Fritz

Bill K.: Even if an actress in a video is enduring real electric shocks and reacting accordingly, I have to agree with Ralphus that it will register squat on my GIMP meter if it's depicted as a consensual scene. It's no different than those geek-show clips in which drugged-up pain sluts have nails hammered into their breasts or are whipped until blood is drawn. Obviously, there's a big market for this sort of thing - not to mention a surprisingly large contingent of RL masochists willing to show off their stamina - but as GIMP entertainment, it's not for me.

* * * * *

Ralphus: That shot from Slaughtered is priceless, but for all the wrong reasons. Is it taken from the 2010 Australian film or from the US no-budget tommyrot released in 2008? I saw the latter, but don't recall this scene at all - and something like this would be hard to miss. Perhaps it was so um... shocking that my mind immediately erased it from my memory to preserve my sanity.

Speaking of bad - actually more like profoundly atrocious - electro-shock scenes, I will for the first time ever share a clip from a custom I had produced many years ago. This video features what is most probably the worst electrocution ever filmed. The producer, who for reasons beyond my comprehension is still in business, decided not to use the sound effects I so helpfully provided. Instead, he figured he'd save some bucks by skipping post-work altogether, adding his own remarkably authentic foley FX live while shooting, acting and directing all at the same time. Impressive. Click on the image to download / watch the short 24MB clip...

I cannot watch this video without cracking up, at least until I remember I spent several hundred dollars to have it made. Despite starring the incredible Tanya Danielle, it was one of the cheapest customs I ever commissioned. It also remains a first-rate example of the adage "you get what you pay for."

The first GIMP fetish clip which I recall employed reasonably good electro effects (with visuals) was released by WAVE in the mid 1990's. An improved version of this Tina Krause short found its way onto Snuff Perversions: Bizarre Cases of Death, released in 1999. ZFX and the now barely watchable Kaye Milton clips were around at the time, but post production visuals were a rarity. I recall the enhanced WAVE video also had some smoke effects, so I think this one is the original version. Again, click on the image link...

Next up is an excerpt from one of the best electrocution scenes I have, though some will disagree because of the decidedly cheesy GIGA ingredients. This title (Online Heroine Public Execution - Iron Lady) is one of GIGA's less goofy flicks. In fact, it's easy to forget the victim is supposed to be a superheroine as she has no special powers other than a singular ability to endure an incredible amount of abuse. I've been working on a review of this film for a long time, but progress has been slow. In the meantime, here's a brief clip from the climactic electro scene...

Finally, I was surprised that one of the better mainstream electro-torture scenes is missing from the electro-shock database. It's from Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS, and no, it's not the infamous wired dildo scene which is already listed. Later in the movie, there's a brief segment in which Ilsa and her two blonde flunkies fry the hapless Maria Marx, who by this point is markedly worse for wear. She goes on to endure several more brutal punishments, so it's easy to overlook this one scene among so many others. But Maria most likely didn't forget it, at least not until she finally expired. Gotta love Ilsa's enthusiasm: "More... more! Make the bitch feel it!"...

Thursday, December 13th 2012 - 12:15:31 AM

Name: Bill K.

When a person is truly being electrocuted they are frozen and unable to move or shake, rattle and/or drool. Boring! But if you use a current control device or electric shock device and connect the wire clamps in all the right places, then you can let the torture fun began. It's got to look right to sell to me on an electric shock torture scene.

If you're actually shocking an actress like they are doing in the Kink Wired Pussy clip (be it a low safe voltage) in a real gimp worthy shock torture movie scene then you'll get a better believeable performance from that actress and scene. Wouldn't it look right if she were really being shocked? Bill K.

Thursday, December 13th 2012 - 02:20:25 AM

Name: TGG

Ralphus recently wrote:

Never gotten into spanking, though. A guy from a spanking website asked me to review a couple of his shows some years ago and the lack of bondage bothered me. Nearly all spanking vids I've seen don't have any, while the great majority of whipping scenes do. That's probably the difference for me.

I've been thinking about that lately. Judging from what I have seen in recent spanking videos and what I remember of the ones I have seen before, spanking for the most part isn't about bondage. From what I have seen so far, the overriding theme shared by all of them is discipline. The girls aren't being GIMPs for the sake of being GIMPs, nobody is tormenting them because of perceived misbehavior, no villain is tormenting them because said villain feels like they deserve it or simply wants to torment them for no reason other than his personal enjoyment.

In practically every spanking video, the plot goes as follows. GIMP gets caught doing something that warrants punishment, GIMP is confronted about her misbehavior; GIMP receives stern discipline, whether it is just a spanking or a spanking followed by additional discipline with a strap, paddle, and/or cane. The roles played by girls who appear in spanking videos run the gambit from schoolgirls, to secretaries, to ranch/farm workers, to housewives.

The misbehavior they get punished for runs the gambit from housewives being caught cheating on their husbands, spending too much money, or neglecting their duties when it comes to caring for and properly disciplining their own daughters. Secretaries and ranch/farm workers are often disciplined for slacking off on the job. Schoolgirls often face punishment from both their parents and school disciplinarians for any of a variety of reasons. There are too many to list here, but the basics reasons used most often are failing in their schoolwork, committing infringement of school rules, etc.

If you watch a spanking video expecting bondage, torment, etc, you will undoubtedly be disappointed. If you view the girls in the video as girls who have done something wrong and are being disciplined for it, you may enjoy the video more. Watching spanking videos rarely gives me a hard-on, but I still find that I enjoy them nonetheless.


Thursday, December 13th 2012 - 03:38:50 AM

Name: BP
Homepage URL:

Spanking - I agree for the most part the spanking is without bondage other than don't you dare move or women over the knee and held down by the free arm.

I do like this Lupus site. You can see quite a bit of restraint tables or bound to a bench. You will see shoe spanking caning or birching on those girls.

Thursday, December 13th 2012 - 06:38:17 AM

Name: Roald
Homepage URL:

Hey friends,

the first 50 movies with 1630 pics are upload - i post in alphabetical order and in moment you can find movies with A and B in group.

greets Roald

Thursday, December 13th 2012 - 06:41:59 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Fritz: Omigod, that was horrible! I'm talking about, of course, that sample you posted of your Tanya custom. Did I actually hear him say the word "buzz" when he was doing the sound effects? You've got to be kidding; that was just disgraceful. What's even worse is that he had the audacity to charge you for that. And he's still in business? You'd be doing us a disservice if you don't divulge his name, at least his company.

That Tina Krause clip from Snuff Perversions you posted is different from the video clip we have in the Electro-Shock Database. For one thing, your clip appears to be in slow motion, which makes the "lightning" special effect look doubly fake. Download our clip and compare the two. When I bought the original videotape it didn't have the effects added, as you can see from the caps I made from it.

And yes, the picture from Slaughtered is from the piece-of-shit 2008 version. Here's the rest of the caps from the database page: Slaughtered (2008)

I'm going to try to find my copy of Ilsa and update the database; thanks for the tip.


TGG: I hear what you're saying about spanking vids, which is exactly the reason I don't care for the whole concept. The girl misbehaves somehow and has to be punished. That part is okay; it gives you justification to do the deed (as if you needed a reason!). But if she's going to willingly bend over and allow herself to be spanked, or paddled, or whatever, that takes away the fun.

It's her choice to be spanked, even if she doesn't like it. But presumably, it would also be her choice to hop down or run away if she doesn't like having her ass beaten.

Granted, I've never seen that happen, but by being tied down first, that's never going to be an option. In fact, if she wants to struggle and try to get away, futilely trying to move her sexy little body to avoid the blows, that's even better. See the difference? Bondage makes everything better because it takes away her choice. It all goes down to the consensual or nonconsensual aspect, which is often the difference between a scene working or not working for me.

Thursday, December 13th 2012 - 12:29:36 PM

Name: Elaine
E-mail address:

I was thinking about the latest poll question, and trying to find a reason to say that nudity was not the most important thing in a GIMP scene (other than something GIMPy going on, of course). I honestly couldn't think of a good reason. Nudity IS important, if not absolutely mandatory. In addition to having the more interesting bits of a GIMPette available for exploitation, there's also the question of mood. Nudity is necessary for emphasizing the victim's loss of dignity and power, and control over her fate. It really does work that way, at least in my experience it does.

Of course, starting with the victim clothed and then stripping her can be a lot of fun, too.


Thursday, December 13th 2012 - 01:01:14 PM

Name: Bob
E-mail address:

Seems like I'm really quite different from the rest of the responders to the poll; I actually don't really enjoy full nudity in gimp scenes. What I enjoy is the peril and the realism. The girl has to actually seem like she's suffering.

And in case there's confusion, it's not just that I don't care if there's nudity, I actually prefer some amount of clothing, although preferably minimal and form-hugging. Guess I'm a deviant even with other deviants :D

Thursday, December 13th 2012 - 06:44:54 PM

Name: BP


How will her panties be removed? Cut Free? Pulled up or to the side? Or ripped off pulled into her crotch like an atomic wedgie? The only thing left should be the panties waistband terribly stretched. Maybe some scraps hanging from out of her butt crack.

Friday, December 14th 2012 - 07:59:33 AM

Name: Dusty
E-mail address:

Without nudity bondage is boring.

Friday, December 14th 2012 - 08:13:24 AM

Name: Daniel
E-mail address:

How about some photos showing "Amy's" (Jane's) beginnings until present? I believe we have a "diamond in the rough" so to speak with Amy!

Friday, December 14th 2012 - 12:47:43 PM

Name: John Galt

Daniel: I would suggest that Amy is pretty well-polished and fully faceted in diamond terms. Just my opinion. But there are any number of Red Feline features you can buy to see Amy's earlier work. Or did you mean Daily Pictures of Amy from previous movies?

* * * * *

Bob: While lots of folks have said nudity isn't an all-important aspect of GIMP (the fools), I believe you might be the first one to express a dislike for it. So you get my vote for Really Quite Different GIMPer of the Year. It's a crowded field, though, and there are still a couple of weeks until 2013, so you might get bumped.

* * * * *

BP: You're not going to like how this Daily Picture photo series turns out. Try to focus on the peril and realism.

Friday, December 14th 2012 - 02:40:09 PM

Name: A Canadian

Daniel wrote:

How about some photos showing "Amy's" (Jane's) beginnings until present? I believe we have a "diamond in the rough" so to speak with Amy!

In the Notable Guests section, there's a photo (copied below) of Amy (then known as Jane von Detlefson) from 2009. Since Amy/Jane first made her appearance on this forum in 2009, I would guess that is one of her earlier photos.

It's never been clear to me how a person is able to scout a location while tied to a tree. But it's an attractive photo, all the same.

Friday, December 14th 2012 - 05:17:38 PM

Name: Bill K.

Ralphus says in today's picture, "I hope the blood doesn't rush to her head too quickly." I'm more worried about her losing her lunch and I'm hoping more that her breasts fall out of her bra.

Sorry Victoria's Secret (clothed) gimp fans. Naked breasts are better. And also she doesn't need her push up bra any more for now she's got gravity. Right? Bill K.

Friday, December 14th 2012 - 05:34:21 PM

Name: Thos. Merchant
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Homepage URL:

Nudity is important, but for me, the most important thing is: there must be nothing she can do to keep her captor from doing what he (or she) wills. This means that the bondage must be tight and REAL and liberally applied. It also means she *must* be gagged and be bound so that she remains so (No simple "hands bound in front". I consider that weak.). The GIMP's object to to be so arousing in her plight that her captor lets her live so that she may continue to arouse him/her more.

Thos. Merchant

Friday, December 14th 2012 - 06:43:06 PM

Name: Nightposter
Homepage URL:

Nudity is not important, in fact sometimes clothing is preferred. In some of the movies I have watched, the "action" is so dark that being nude makes me ask "who the f--- is that?"

I'm a uniform fan, so stripping the victim out of her uniform makes her just another victim, but leaving some part of the uniform on (a bit of torn shirt with her badge, or shoulder patch) make it much more interesting.

Saturday, December 15th 2012 - 12:44:23 AM

Name: Rick
Homepage URL:

Greetings All,

Been a lot of Taser talk here lately and I just wanted share a cool video with you I "discovered" on YouTube. Maybe everyone has seen this, I don't know.

Destinee Gets Tased

This chick Destinee is smoking hot or at least extremely cute. I like cute, who doesn't? She's a self defense enthusiast you might say. In the interest of experiencing a Taser first hand, she let's herself be Tased, which is quite entertaining to watch, albeit brief. She has her friend shoot her with it. One probe goes in the belly low, the other in the lower tit, lol. She's fully clothed, this is YouTube after all. Still pretty good. She tenses up completely. It's kinda hot in a strange way. She looks flustered after and you can tell she got stimmed but good. Not that big a deal, but I thought you might dig it.

In the Shameless Plug Dept....

Rolling out South of the Border 7 clips this weekend!


Full movie can be had HERE

Hope everyone has a good one.


Saturday, December 15th 2012 - 01:05:45 AM

Name: BP


Well...that was like watching the old 'ABC Movie of the Week' or to update it for cable, 'The Lifetime Movie'. Do the two have a civil union and adopt homeless kids?

I guess we don't have to worry about the end of the world December 21st. Ralphus ending a picture series like that will kill it off earlier.

Saturday, December 15th 2012 - 03:24:59 AM

Name: Eda
E-mail address: asiangirl342333@yahoo.con

Regarding the nudity question: For me, the most important thing about an interrogation scene is whether it is presented in a "realistic" manner. After all, our fantasies work more powerfully if we can convince ourselves that they are not actually fantasies, but are real, and the less that suggests that they are not real, the more likely we are to be able to convince ourselves that they are.

In nearly most situations involving interrogation, it is not realistic to believe that the interrogators would not strip (and likely completely strip) their subject for the reasons others have already expressed: to make the subject feel as helpless as possible -- physically, emotionally, psychologically -- and thereby increase the likelihood that the subject will talk. This requires removing anything that offers her even the slightest protection. This removal might be done gradually, to make the subject feel more and more helpless, and to understand that the process will continue unless answers are provided.

Or it can be done immediately at the beginning of the interrogation, either by forcing her to do it herself or by the interrogators doing it to her. It can be done before she revives from bring rendered unconscious, so that her total helplessness fills her at once, when she revives to find herself completely naked and tightly restrained. She might be blindfolded and only gradually realize she is totally naked. It can be done violently or dispassionately. Scraps of cloth may be left that later are removed through the torture process (whipped off, for example) or otherwise. But in what circumstances would interrogatories realistically choose to leave on the subject's clothes for the entire interrogation process? And would they still leave on her clothes even after she talks and they need nothing further from her?

The juxtaposition today of the vidclips from Girls of War and South of the Border 7 perfectly illustrates my point, I think. In GOW, a stunning woman undergoes classic GIMP tortures, but the failure of her captors to remove her bra and panties makes for me what could have been a fabulous film a yawner and a waste, because it is totally unrealistic that they would not strip her completely. Even removing her bra while leaving her panties might have saved the film to a large degree. But, as presented, every scene screams: "I'm not real, because the model didn't want to show her breasts or pussy." Compare this with the vidcaps from SOB7. Which looks more like a real GIMP session?

Are there exceptions to the nudity requirement for me? Yes, a few. For example, in ticking clock situations, where information must be acquired quickly, speed is more important than total helplessness, so the lack of total nudity is offset by the need to ramp up the torture more quickly. The recent electro-torture of Tina Krause works for me even with her skirt on, shirt open, assuming that the interrogator required information from her quickly. A capture and fast execution, whether by hanging or firing squad, also works for me regardless of nudity because there are reasons (usually relating to time) why clothes are left on.

Finally, as to the different ways of stripping a subject (mentioned above), variety is the spice. My favorite method is usually the one that I haven't seen as recently as others.

Saturday, December 15th 2012 - 10:09:37 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Good to see this "nudity vs. no nudity" poll question still has legs even 2 weeks after it was first posted. I kind of figured it would get people talking. I haven't kept track of what "side" is leading, but we've had good comments from both perspectives.

Nightposter wrote:

I'm a uniform fan, so stripping the victim out of her uniform makes her just another victim, but leaving some part of the uniform on (a bit of torn shirt with her badge, or shoulder patch) make it much more interesting.

Right, same would go for cheerleaders, etc. Without her uniform (or torn remnants of it), she's no longer a cheerleader, she's just another naked woman. That's important for people who are more into the fetishistic aspects of the whole scenario.

And on the same subject, I'll go along with Bob's comments about peril and realism being more important than nudity. It's actually quite similar to my contention that fear, pain and suffering (read DISTRESS) are the key to a scene for me. So if Bob is nominated for the Really Quite Different GIMPer of the Year, there would be a dogfight among the 2 of us for the top spot. Or maybe a 3-way battle with us and Nightposter. Or quite possibly, a thousand-way battle along with others who share the same opinion.


Eda wrote:

In GOW, a stunning woman undergoes classic GIMP tortures, but the failure of her captors to remove her bra and panties makes for me what could have been a fabulous film a yawner and a waste, because it is totally unrealistic that they would not strip her completely. Even removing her bra while leaving her panties might have saved the film to a large degree. But, as presented, every scene screams: "I'm not real, because the model didn't want to show her breasts or pussy."

Ouch! Touche! But have you seen the movie? Because I have. I thought it was an enjoyable watch, but like MAV noted, it did have its weaknesses. IMO, they weren't really attributable to the lack of nudity as opposed to the lack of threatening dialogue and the direction focusing in less on the bondage aspect and instead giving us tight shots for the majority of the film. Cali was gorgeous, she suffered well, and yeah, some bare tits and pussy would have helped, but some better bondage would have helped a lot more.


BP: Ha! I hardly think posting daily pics that don't have nudity will help speed along the end of the world, but I can assure you the series starting tonight will have tits o' plenty, along with all kinds of feminine bare skin. And these caps will be of the highest quality because I made them myself.


Rick: I liked the Destinee video, thanks for sharing. That video reminded me of a video I saw online, even before the days of YouTube, where a cute girl participated in a report where she got tased on camera. I wish I could still find it, but apparently no one saved it and uploaded it to YouTube. There's just something so hot about a pretty girl being shocked, and in this video, you heard her groan in pain and just tense up; she would have fallen straight back if it weren't the men on each side of her grabbing her before it happened. I must have watched that video a half dozen times just to see her reaction.

BTW, that clip from South of the Border 7 is IMO one of the best individual scenes you ever filmed. Elaine Payton gave it her all, and this scene, along with her electro scene in SOB-6, are both outstanding.

Saturday, December 15th 2012 - 01:23:29 PM

Name: Ralphus
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Homepage URL:

Almost forgot. Speaking of electro torture, check out the Electro-Shock Database for a brand new entry, and this one is damn good. It's from a Korean TV miniseries called Vampire Prosecutor 2, in which an Asian cutie gets strapped to a chair, gagged and wired up for fun in an excellent shocking scene. I loved this one. Description, pictures and a video clip (but no nudity, so put it back in your pants, Spanky).

Saturday, December 15th 2012 - 01:51:32 PM

Name: John Galt

Ralphus: Although I thought I was clear in my post, I based my Really Quite Different GIMPer of the Year nomination based on Bob's admission: I actually really don't enjoy full nudity in gimp scenes. I still think that makes him quite an unusual GIMPer, but if you are also averse to nudity in GIMP scenes, consider yourself nominated as well.

* * * * *

Rick: That was a humorous taser video. Thanks for posting it. I liked that they pre-positioned the camera on her belly and thighs early so that she would fall into frame. Too bad she didn't remove the electrodes on camera as well.

And thanks for the pictures of the right way to suspend a female victim upside down and torture her. Heh.

* * * * *

Eda: Your statement I'm not real, because the model didn't want to show her breasts or pussy kind of resonated with me. I frequently wonder whether GIMP flicks with clothed victims indicates that the model has more say in the production than the producer. One of my pet peeves is actresses insisting on playing "adult" roles, such as a stripper, but insisting on a no-nudity clause. Why filmmakers don't just find another actress who can act and be nude--all at the same time--is a mystery to me. Pussy filmmakers. There are too many hot women to choose from to use the wrong one in a specific production. That should be Casting 101, right?

I'm not saying every scene always calls for nudity, but what villain would hang a hot chick upside down in her underwear when he could hang her upside down naked? Why take the time to only undress her halfway? If that's the difference between what a real villain would do and what a model will allow, I submit that is a bad casting choice.

Saturday, December 15th 2012 - 03:44:46 PM

Name: Bill K.

Rick, your ZFX video clips in which some of the naked gimps are wearing only garter belts and nylon stocking is a great erotic good call to me. And I consider them still completely naked, so they're still in our poll vote naked so to speak.

May I ask you, do customers ask (demand) for gimps to wear nylon stockings or do the actress gimps want to wear them for some vanity sexy reason? I am just curious what decides when in each of your gimp movies / clips if the gimps are wearing nylon stocking and or garter belts or not? Bill K.

Saturday, December 15th 2012 - 09:29:21 PM

Name: Fritz

Ralphus: I should have checked the electro-shock database for that Tina Krause clip, but because I don't think of it as mainstream, I didn't expect to find it there. My (online) version is the complete scene at normal speed, just like the one linked to in the DB, but it does include the visual effects. That slow-motion teaser is a post-credits outtake. I thought I'd pulled the clip from the Snuff Perversions DVD, but if that's your source as well, I'm not so sure now. Yes, I agree the scene is flawed, but I like the "lightning" even if it is fake, and I prefer the slow motion because it better demonstrates the two stars of the show are anything but.

As for that Tanya Danielle custom, I ordered it through what appears to be her own fetish production company. She supposedly caters to all sorts of interests, but unless your peril fantasies are limited to tickling and bondage, stay away. I won't name the guy who fronts the business side, but suffice it to say his initials are M.R. and he knows absolutely nothing about GIMP. On the other hand, if you are partial to feet, fur and falsies, you might find something to like there.

Saturday, December 15th 2012 - 09:48:50 PM

Name: Fritz

Girls of War: I have several other Ring Divas videos, so I kind of knew what to expect from this film. Still, I did have higher hopes for it, especially knowing that in the default version (spoiler - well, maybe not) Cali Danger's character doesn't survive. Death scenes are unusual in RD productions, so I really was expecting to like GOW more than its predecessors.

Yet after seeing it, I have to confess I had the same one-word reaction to this admittedly very professionally done film: bland. For the most part, GOW is technically superior to other videos catering to our GIMP fetish. In fact, the lighting, editing, photography, music and effects, are on par with a lot of mainstream output. Even the acting, usually the weakest element in these vids, is almost passable. But to me, it seemed like those involved with this production really don't understand GIMP fantasies. They might know a thing or two about shooting cheesecake - maybe even femme-fight videos - but this supposed capture-and-interrogation scene looks like it is targeting folks who think the Playboy channel is risqué and subversive.

First off, leaving the victim garbed in a red, Victoria's Secret ensemble throughout is unrealistic on more than one level. How many RL soldier girls wear the Valentine's Day special on their missions? And as others on this board have already pointed out, why in blazes would her captors take off Cali's uniform but not her underwear? The bondage is meh at best, and the only thing even slightly innovative about the torture scenes is hanging the heroine upside-down. This is a 45 minute video, but Cali suffers nothing other than an interminable barrage of mostly lame pummeling and electric shocks. And by the end of it, she sports nary a bruise, scratch or drop of blood.

Oh right, I forgot... there is a brief shot wherein a black-masked minion improvises by pinching (ungagged) Cali's nose for a few seconds (why?), and there's that horrifying part where a cat-suited fetish queen tries to break Cali by rubbing oil all over her body. Still, I dunno... those scenes seemed to be lacking a little bit of - what is it called again? - oh yeah... credibility.

And then there is that outstanding death scene at the climax. Although Cali is still in perfect shape and has not confessed to a single thing, her tormentors inexplicably and wordlessly agree to kill her. Suddenly, four (?) hands are at our heroine's throat and Cali asphyxiates in less than fifteen seconds. One wonders how a woman with such a healthy set of, um... lungs can run out of air so fast.

Of course, the whole film doesn't make a lick of sense anyway. In an overlong, ten minute intro, there's some blah-blah-blah about a rogue mercenary group, secret codes and biological weapons. Once Cali is caught, she exchanges some tough-chick repartee with the Catwoman wannabe, but aside from a brief bit of prattle about "Venus" the focus of the interrogation is pretty nebulous. The black-masked guards never say a word. Instead, they come across like a troupe of misogynistic mimes who will happily beat up a half-clad babe so long as they don't have to show their faces.

GOW is a film which fails not for lack of money or competent talent, but because its creators try to pass off a few isolated GIMP elements (punches, tasers, sexy victim, dominatrix villain) as a complete and satisfying GIMP experience. That's too bad, because in the end, it could have been much, much better. Eda's astute comparison between GOW and SOTB7 makes this clear. GOW seems artificial, unconvincing and half-baked - peril for posers. SOTB7 is the real deal; nasty and believable - peril for pervs.

I had intended to post this only to express my disappointment with Girls of War, but it's turned into sort of a review - much shorter than my others, which should please Ralphus. And if there's enough here to count as such, I suppose I'll have to pony up a grade. Hmmmm... I can't discount GOW's generous production values, and although Cali is overdressed, she makes for a very fetching heroine. But I also can't ignore the wasted potential here, and the faux intentions of the producers ring hollow, so I'll settle on a very bland C+.

* * * * *

This doesn't have much bearing on my comments about Girls of War, but did anyone else notice how well it mimics the well-established formula of the Japanese superheroine videos released by Zen and GIGA? In GOW, there's a drawn-out intro in which the heroine fights her enemies and seems to get the upper hand. The battle moves into an abandoned warehouse and soon the star is overpowered, captured and tied up. She is beaten and shocked, but the tortures are mostly bloodless. There is a contingent of giggling henchmen wearing masks. There is a cartoonish villainess in a B&D get-up. There's even a Debbie-downer ending in which the heroine perishes. The lack of nudity in GOW makes it seem more like a Zen video than the harder-edged GIGA material, but anyone familiar with the (massive) output of these JAV producers will likely recognize a lot of familiar tropes.

Saturday, December 15th 2012 - 09:52:46 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

John Galt wrote:

Although I thought I was clear in my post, I based my Really Quite Different GIMPer of the Year nomination based on Bob's admission: I actually really don't enjoy full nudity in gimp scenes.

No, you made yourself clear, you just quoted a different passage of Bob's post to make your point, just as I did. But since you're dwelling on that one sentence in his post, let's explore that.

What he wrote was: I actually really don't enjoy full nudity in gimp scenes.

Again, let me go back to my contention that women often look sexier with some amount of clothing, especially if it's skimpy or torn. Full nudity can often seem out of place; not in every scene, but in some.

It's not a great example, but compare these 2 images from men's magazine covers. One is the original, one is manipulated to remove the clothing. I contend that even though the woman is naked in one pic, she actually looks sexier wearing a tattered bra and panties. She looks more like a victim.

Clearly, this is a subjective argument, and others may feel just the opposite. But let's also look at what else he said. He's not against nudity per se, he just doesn't like full nudity. He said it's not just that I don't care if there's nudity, I actually prefer some amount of clothing, although preferably minimal and form-hugging.

Well, here's an example of nudity with a bit of clothing. This was Suzy Sexton's attire throughout ZFX's Bitter Sweet Persuasion. Topless with a torn blouse. And in my mind, nothing could look sexier.

What's ironic about the attire is that Suzy actually is covered with some particularly nasty tattoos, so Rick had her wear the blouse to cover them up. And it ultimately turned out to be a brilliant move, because I think she looks better this way than if she wore nothing at all.

Moving on.

You also wrote:

One of my pet peeves is actresses insisting on playing "adult" roles, such as a stripper, but insisting on a no-nudity clause. Why filmmakers don't just find another actress who can act and be nude--all at the same time--is a mystery to me. Pussy filmmakers. There are too many hot women to choose from to use the wrong one in a specific production. That should be Casting 101, right?

Okay, on this one, we're in complete agreement. Particularly a certain actress who's played both a stripper and a prostitute in mainstream roles but still refuses to strip. Not to mention I'm positive she had something to do with the nude bondage whipping scene being removed in The Killer Inside Me. After all, it was in the original script. Then she gets cast and it suddenly disappears.

Yeah, she's good as hell, as a matter of fact. But I've lost respect for her big time. I'm glad I dumped the bitch when I did.

BTW, isn't this ironic? For those of you clamoring to actually see her naked, word is that nude pictures were stolen from her cell phone and leaked to the Internet. But here's the kicker: she's about 14 months pregnant, so she looks like she has an enormous beer gut. Gross.

Jessica Alba Nude Cellphone Photos

Saturday, December 15th 2012 - 11:34:42 PM

Name: petelobo

Today's Pic of the Day (post GOW)


(continue through to end of full hallelujah chorus with orchestration and Mormon Tabernacle Choir)

Sunday, December 16th 2012 - 03:20:23 AM

Name: Bob
E-mail address:

Right, I think Ralphus understands where I'm coming from. Naked, attractive women look pretty much the same (not counting the face, of course). It's clothing that gives women identity and sets different gimp situations apart from each other. As he said, a cheerleader without a uniform is really no longer a cheerleader, and that takes something away for me.

I think another reason why I'm not a big fan of full nudity (and this might also sound a bit odd) is that I don't enjoy overly sexualized scenes in general. For instance, all the scenes with vibrators and whatnot seen in mainstream pornos do nothing for me. I like my gimp scenes focused on the suffering and not sex. If there's sex or sexual actions for the purpose of suffering, that's fine, but it's a question of emphasis. And I think that unnecessary nudity, stripping the victim for the sake of stripping switches the emphasis a little.

Sunday, December 16th 2012 - 08:58:09 AM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

petelobo wrote:

Today's Pic of the Day (post GOW)


(continue through to end of full hallelujah chorus with orchestration and Mormon Tabernacle Choir)

The woman in the photo is the great Yu Kawakami, an award-winning JAV star who should be on every GIMPer's radar.

From what I can tell, Yu does it all. For example, check out this trailer (right click and save) for CMN-091, a Cinemagic title from earlier this year that Video Mayhem may wish to pick up at some point.

Yu also appeared in Cinemagic's CMC-082, which received an enthusiastic A from John Galt. And she is the star of Attackers' JBD-157, which I plan to review in the coming weeks.

Sunday, December 16th 2012 - 09:13:17 AM

Name: Badger


" Naked, attractive women look pretty much the same "

Wow. That really froze me in my tracks. I really think the opposite. To me, clothes DO NOT make the woman. Attractive, naked female bodies are like snowflakes -- no two are alike (though I have had a few of each melt on my tongue).

Of course, that adage has never been proven so we need to do more research. In the meantime, Ralphus, feel free to keep making your point. I had forgotten how perfect Suzy Sexton was in Bitter Sweet Persuasion. AOH, cloth gag and open blouse. Now all I need is the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

Sunday, December 16th 2012 - 11:11:45 AM

Name: John Galt

Bob: You and I are just just going to have to absolutely agree to disagree. I zoomed in on your latest phrase, "unnecessary nudity," a contradiction in terms if ever I heard one. I will be over here with Badger, melting snowflakes on my tongue.

* * * * *

Ralphus: Yes, you did quote a different passage, but that wasn't the passage eliciting my nomination for Really Quite Different GIMPer of the Year. Bob also said, The girl has to actually seem like she's suffering. That doesn't qualify Bob for anything different among us GIMPers. Someone who likes it when the girl does not look like she's suffering would get my nomination in that case. I'll bet that you also believe in such a thing as "unnecessary nudity."

* * * * *

A Canadian: I am anxiously awaiting your review of JBD-157. I am very curious about whether or not you liked it, and how it compared with, say, CMC-082, which, as you pointed out previously, featured the same hot babes.

Sunday, December 16th 2012 - 04:15:46 PM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

To make up for my prolonged absence, here's a fun video for y'all.

Lot's of girls getting punched -- mostly in the belly. No nudity, and I'm not sure how long it will be up anyway. Enjoy while you can.

Monday, December 17th 2012 - 01:27:31 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Fritz: Thanks for sharing your comments about Girls of War with the forum. As I was reading it, I was hoping you would end up giving it a grade because there was enough information mixed with opinion that it certainly merited review status. I added it to the Reviews section in my Homepage URL above. And since I had so many caps easily available, I added a few to your text to spice it up a bit. I doubt you'll mind, but if you want to make any changes, let me know.

Basically, I'm in agreement with much of what you wrote. My grade would be in the B- to C+ range, so we're not far off in our assessments. However, with this being my first RingDivas movie, I have high hopes for them in the future. There was a lot about this film that I was a very professional, high quality production and the victim was quite attractive and gave a strong performance. I wish they had shot it differently, emphasizing the way she was tied, and had stronger villains than the mute, masked guards who were rather robotic and boring. And I hope next time they deliver on the violence more, giving us better sound effects on the stomach punches and actually show the victim bruised up. Oh, and I think I heard a few people asking for nudity...

You commented that it you felt that those involved with this production really don't understand GIMP fantasies. Maybe that's true now, but with Dezco checking out our forum and asking for feedback from the fans, I think they truly do want to improve and they'll take our suggestions to heart. Based on this movie, I think they have the ingredients to deliver a top notch GIMP film, they just need to add those important extra elements.

Monday, December 17th 2012 - 01:28:18 AM

Name: Eda
E-mail address:

To Ralphus: I owe you an apology. Or, at least, a partial apology. I had not watched Girls of War when I made my comments, but had relied on the vidcaps. I have now seen it.

While I think that the opening third is not very good, the middle third is excellent, and the fact that Cali retains her underwear does not, to my surprise, detract from it (which is why I must apologize to you). Mostly, I think that the partial clothing works because the focus of her interrogation is on pain, not sex, and she portrays suffering quite well.

The final third, however, falls back down again, I think. It is simply more repetition of the middle third, without much variety of any sort, and the (spoiler) death scene is quite poor. What the final scene needed was escalation in the nature and degree of the torture, which would have been assisted at that point by the removal then of her underwear (bra at least). Combining that with a much better death scene (electrotorture had been used throughout -- wouldn't that have been a preferred end? Almost anything else than what was done would have been better) would have made the film very good. As it is, I give the first third and final third a C- and the middle third an A-, for an overall grade of B-/C+, the same as yours.

I hope you will accept my apology.

Monday, December 17th 2012 - 03:07:30 AM

Name: petelobo

I'm with Bob all the way here: Of course naked attractive women all look the same. So do all trees and all dogs (unless they are wearing sweaters) and all flowers and all mountains and all birds. Breasts are absolutely alike once you take off the bra, and pussies (well, maybe you could differentiate between shaved/unshaved), bellies, legs, differences. Torture them all in burkas, I say (no offense intended to Muslims...)! THEN you can see the differences!

Monday, December 17th 2012 - 04:38:37 AM

Name: Sloth

Yep, this poll does seem to still have legs after this length of time so I'll chime in - as our host gnome stated with his reference to the mag cover I must fall in there - the tattered, shredded, misplaced clothing is always appealing in my book - think of it as a promise of things to come - so no, nudity is not essential - and the follow up is the important slice of the experience is the bondage, torment and torture done well - which would you want to view, a Blakemore production with the victim in panties and partially clad as was almost always the case or a full nudity production by Bill Zebub - okay, sorry, not a fair question but you get the idea.

Fritz - nice review partner - just love happy endings with the victim offed.

A Canadian - I too will be looking forward to your upcoming review.

Feeling a need to watch a really depressing flick so off to view "The Nightcomers" - be viewing from the archives but it was posted in its entirety on YouTube - they must like this guy better than they like Ralphus.

Stay well all

Monday, December 17th 2012 - 09:12:13 AM

Name: Flintstone

Re Poll: If you're not going to get her naked after tying her up, what is the point? Planning on playing a board game with her? Maybe watch some TV? Come on, this is the fantasy of most men, even if a lot won't ever admit it. Women are some of the most beautiful things on earth, and you are fantasizing about appeciating them your way. They have to be naked or mostly that way or the fantasy doesn't work, at least for me.

Monday, December 17th 2012 - 11:59:42 AM

Name: A Canadian

Fritz: I somehow missed the point on Sunday that your comments about Girls of War were part of an official review. Sorry for the oversight.

I'm not a big RingDivas guy. Although the company has great production values and hot women, the stuff I have seen in the past didn't really do the trick for me. Much of what you wrote in your review summed up my general feeling about the RingDivas productions.

Thanks for taking the time to put the review together.

Monday, December 17th 2012 - 05:42:38 PM

Name: Bill K.

I love the Gimp's swollen big breast nipples in today's picture. Why no titty clamps? Bill K.

Monday, December 17th 2012 - 08:46:02 PM

Name: BP

RE: Picture of the Day

This looks like a good makeup for the Victoria's Secret pics.

I can tell this has plot written all over it. They have taken the time to show her naked but are being discreet on the censorship. So often they put a big censoring thingy over the naughty bits that they might as well be clothed. Funny thing, vagina and penis are too naughty to see and must be censored away but the butthole is fine to show.

Would a gag like that be considered clothing?

Tuesday, December 18th 2012 - 12:31:12 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Eda: You have nothing to apologize to me over. It's just easier to give an accurate review of a movie if you've seen it first, obviously. And yeah, you make a good point that since the movie is about torture as opposed to sex, that leaving her in her underwear wasn't an egregious directorial choice. Although like most everyone else, I prefer to see pretty women tied up nude if given a choice. I like your idea of elevating the climax by stripping her at the end, though, that would have been better.


BP wrote:

Funny thing, vagina and penis are too naughty to see and must be censored away but the butthole is fine to show.

Yeah, I'll never understand Japanese censorship. Butts are okay, boobs are okay but genitalia is forbidden. All I know is that the reason certain things are banned the way they are in Japan is because of us. It happened after World War II, some sort of treaty we had them sign, and that's been the law ever since.

Tuesday, December 18th 2012 - 02:12:48 AM

Name: Darkroom
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Nice gag and nips. Nice stretch. Good series so far. Now for some tears.

Tuesday, December 18th 2012 - 10:34:23 AM

Name: John Galt

So I was perusing Mr Skin, just checking up on new nude scenes, when I stumbled across a movie titled 12/12/12 with an actress I had never heard of named Sara Malakul Lane. I decided to see if she had done any other movies and noted that this is her first nude scene. But then I happened to glance at the little bitty stills and saw rope. Which perked me right up. So I hovered my mouse to get a description and saw this: Sara is topless, gagged and tied down on an altar while a crazed Druid rubs an oily substance all over her. How did I not hear about this movie? You can check it out at its Mr Skin page. Has anyone seen this? The wow scene is at the 1 minute and 8 second mark, which makes me wonder if the flick is all downhill from there.

Warning: It looks like maybe it has some, you know, unnecessary nudity, so it may not be to everyone's taste....

Tuesday, December 18th 2012 - 05:54:15 PM

Name: Rick
Homepage URL:

Greetings All,

Ralphus wrote: I liked the Destinee video, thanks for sharing. That video reminded me of a video I saw online, even before the days of YouTube, where a cute girl participated in a report where she got tased on camera.

I figured you and the Gimp readers might appreciate it more than the gun nerds than she is primarily targeting. There are a few girl tase vids on YT . I find it interesting how women react. There is this one with Latoya Jackson and another blonde hottie getting tased and they both let out quite a moan. Latoya seems like she's ready to light up a cigarette after lol. You need to go about 3/4 of the way through to see the girls get it.

Latoya Jackson Taser Scene

Ralphus wrote:BTW, that clip from South of the Border 7 is IMO one of the best individual scenes you ever filmed. Elaine Payton gave it her all, and this scene, along with her electro scene in SOB-6, are both outstanding.

Thanks dude. Elaine Payton really delivered in that scene and in every scene. In level of difficulty, that position is up there. Upside down with legs spread. She knows how to play the part. The SOB series was really a big series for me and I didn't want to have the last shows suck, so I was really trying to do something that was special. I was hoping she was up to the task and I was not disappointed.

Ralphus wrote: Again, let me go back to my contention that women often look sexier with some amount of clothing, especially if it's skimpy or torn. Full nudity can often seem out of place; .....

I agree with you on the torn and skimpy clothes, but eventually the boobs need to come out. Sometimes I don't take the shirt completely off for pure aesthetics, but the boobs are uncovered. There are also more practical reasons like not being able to remove a shirt completely because of bound arms. Why untie, when you can just yank it or cut it out of the way?

Ralphus wrote: What's ironic about the attire is that Suzy actually is covered with some particularly nasty tattoos, so Rick had her wear the blouse to cover them up. And it ultimately turned out to be a brilliant move, because I think she looks better this way than if she wore nothing at all.

Yeah, that cap is from Bitter Sweet Persuasion. After Travis Lee cut the shirt and bra off Suzi Sexton it seemed like the right move. It looked impromptu and accomplished what I needed it too. In a movie, reality is comprised of what you are shown, not what actually is.

This is from Dark Offering. Again, I didn't remove her top completely . Technically not nude, but all the parts are still exposed. I don't necessarily want completely nude.

If anyone is interested in checking out either of these movies you can go here for Bitter Sweet Persuasion and here for Dark Offering.

Bill K. wrote: Rick, your ZFX video clips in which some of the naked gimps are wearing only garter belts and nylon stocking is a great erotic good call to me. And I consider them still completely naked, so they're still in our poll vote naked so to speak.

I like the look of garters and stockings too and have used from time to time. As long as the crotch, ass and boobs are exposed, they are naked enough.

Sloth wrote: which would you want to view, a Blakemore production with the victim in panties and partially clad as was almost always the case or a full nudity production by Bill Zebub - okay, sorry, not a fair question but you get the idea.

There might be instances where a nude scene that sucks would be out shined by a non nude scene that was well executed. I still think any scene is better with more nudity.

Blakemore did do lots of stuff with panties on, but it still hit the right spot. That said, I still prefer his fully nude movies and scenes like the Erotic Perversion series.

Yesterday's POD: Bill K. is right, those teats were screaming for clamps or possibly a milking machine. The scourge of pixelation is the only thing that I don't like about Japanese bondage.


Tuesday, December 18th 2012 - 11:29:20 PM

Name: Bill K.

Looking for more big swollen tits pictures I found this:

which is from this:

site which is extreme tit torture or is it? For have not seen but that one clip. Gimp worthy or not? Bill K.

Wednesday, December 19th 2012 - 01:40:37 AM

Name: Renzo Novatore


"Yeah, I'll never understand Japanese censorship. Butts are okay, boobs are okay but genitalia is forbidden. All I know is that the reason certain things are banned the way they are in Japan is because of us. It happened after World War II, some sort of treaty we had them sign, and that's been the law ever since."

Japanese censorship is pretty weird, in that some of the most fucked up and degrading shit I've ever seen on film has been from Japan...but yet they "tastefully" edit out genitals.

Like videos from Japan in which some chick eats a bunch of bugs, shits, then eats her own shit (complete with undigested bugs squirming around in it) but at least you won't be subjected to the horror of an uncensored labia. Weird.

Interestingly enough, I read a book on Japan once and the author noted that, if you look at Japanese artistic erotica from centuries ago, the women are extremely active participants in the scenes. It was only after Japan's increasing encounters with the West that the Japanese female was seen as more and more of a passive, submissive figure.

(your sociological observation of the day)

Wednesday, December 19th 2012 - 03:00:08 AM

Name: Darkroom
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Bill K: I saw a 15-minute stretch of that video a while back. It blew my mind. Fantastic. I have not had any luck locating the entire video, which I believe includes the application of an electric wand to those leaking, swollen tits. The 15-minute version I found ends just as he's pulling out the fiendish device. Good stuff indeed and a Gimp fan favorite!

Wednesday, December 19th 2012 - 10:21:33 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:,2657/

Renzo Novatore wrote:

Like videos from Japan in which some chick eats a bunch of bugs, shits, then eats her own shit (complete with undigested bugs squirming around in it) ...

Omigod! I've certainly sampled my share of Japanese weird shit but I've never seen anything like that. That reminds me of a story that the satirical online newspaper The Onion did about Japanese porn a while back. I've linked it in my Homepage URL. It's funny stuff; my favorite part is when they rattle off all the types of films they make and they all include rape of some kind. Check it out.

Wednesday, December 19th 2012 - 12:06:01 PM

Name: John Galt

Rick: Ooh. My favorite part of Dark Offering was the upside down legs spread suspension scene. Originally I was miffed that that damn shirt never came completely off, but I loved the movie anyway. I can't say that keeping it on her, even though it didn't cover up anything of consequence, added anything for me personally. If I had been one of those guys, I would have removed it because (1) I like complete nudity, and (2) I wouldn't see any use in partially undressing her. But it was your movie to make and it was a great one.

* * * * *

Well, I notice no one commented in 12-12-12, so I tracked it down and watched it. I was not totally disappointed. Here is my review.

12/12/12 (2012)

This is a satanic cult-sacrifice-satan spawn type movie that has nothing to distinguish it from similar B-movie fare. However, it does have some GIMP bits that are worth mentioning.

Immediately after the titles run, at a little over 1 minute in, we see a woman naked (except for thong panties) on top of an altar. She is cloth gagged. She has a rope across her throat, across her thighs, and across her ankles, with her hands at her sides. It is very sloppy bondage, and she could easily escape but she does not. She just whimpers and cries and feebly struggles as a robed man pours oil on her body. It could be old motor oil; it is black and viscous. He smears it over her breasts and stomach.


He raises a knife above his head and plunges it into her belly, then twists and jerks it around a little as she twitches, writhes and cries. Sadly, she does not scream like you would imagine she might, nor does blood gush out as you might expect with an abdominal wound. *sigh* Then he pulls it out and holds it above her as blood drips down onto her mangled stomach. The scene last for about a minute and a half. All in all, not a bad sacrifice scene mainly because it lingers as he twists the knife inside her.


There is a credit for "Sacrifice Girl" played by Bonnie Grinberg. The Mr Skin website seems to think this sacrifice girl is Sara Malakul Lane. However, Sara Malakul Lane plays Veronica, the main character, so I think Mr Skin was confused.

There's a birthing scene at the 3:30 minute mark. No nudity, but lots of screaming. Well, I say no nudity but we do get quick close-ups of what I'm sure is supposed to be Veronica's vagina being stretched open from inside as the baby tries unsuccessfully to crown. Honestly, the childbirth scene is filmed like a torture scene, complete with struggling, screaming, writhing, sweating, arching, wild-eyed looks of excruciating agony... you get the idea. It goes on for two and a half minutes before they decide to perform a caesarian.


So then we see Veronica looking frightened and her grotesquely distended belly. She watches trepidatiously as the doctor uses a scalpel to cut her open. She screams because she is fully conscious and maybe they forgot to give her a local anesthesia. The incision is made, then the baby reaches out a blue hand, climbs out, and rips the throat out of the doctor and nurse. It's enough to put you off of childbirth.

At the 35:20 minute mark, in a dream sequence, Veronica's dead husband shows up next to her on the couch, pushes her down, pulls off her pants, rips open her shirt, and although unfortunately she is wearing a bra there is a quick nipple view as he hikes up her leg and rapes her. It is a fast but brutal scene lasting 30 seconds.


At 1 hour, 10:25 minutes, Veronica is tied to a chair and cloth gagged, fully clothed. Her shirt is ripped open to expose her breasts, for no apparent reason, unless the guy just wants to demonstrate his dominance over her and make her feel even more powerless by virtue of being exposed and vulnerable. Which is enough of a reason for me. She is threatened with a knife. The head guy hand gags her, but she bites the hand that gags her. Another guy grabs her from behind and threatens to cut her throat. The head guy threatens to stab her. She slips out of her rope bonds and escapes.


That's it for GIMP. The movie sputters to an inconclusive conclusion. Overall, the movie is predictable and features incredible overacting on nearly everyone's part. The monster effects and other special effects range from ho-hum to pathetic.

SUMMARY: The initial sacrifice scene is decent. It loses points for sloppy bondage and no blood-curdling screaming and/or thrashing at the point of stabbing, but it gains points for a jumpy, erratic edit of the stabbing and aftermath as the guy twists the knife inside the victim's belly. Plus, it is a nice long scene. The rape scene is quick but brutal. Not enough nudity, but plenty of struggling and screaming. The final tied-in-the-chair scene is long but unsatisfactory. The shirt ripping to expose the breasts is a nice touch, but there is no pay-off.

I'll give the GIMP bits a C+. Worth watching, but only for the sacrifice scene and the rape scene. You might want to employ the fast-forward button to move rapidly between those two parts.

This is available at

Wednesday, December 19th 2012 - 08:48:46 PM

Name: Thomas Chaser
E-mail address:

John Galt wrote: "Well, I notice no one commented in 12-12-12, so I tracked it down and watched it. I was not totally disappointed. Here is my review."

Thanks for the warning! I generally stay away from "human sacrifice" films because a) they usually aren't very scary, and b) they usually aren't very sexy and c) they're usually just back-handed stabs at Catholicism (not that there's anything necessarily wrong with that).

Wednesday, December 19th 2012 - 10:53:41 PM

Name: A Canadian

John Galt: Thanks for the review of 12-12-12. That was a great read and the caps are first-rate. That said, I feel quite comfortable saying that is not my kind of movie. I'll be giving it a miss.

Wednesday, December 19th 2012 - 10:57:06 PM

Name: Thomas Chaser
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Film Review: Doomed

I went through puberty watching old movies on television, usually on Saturdays or late at night. That's when those old RKO movies with scantily-clad (for the time) women dressed as harem girls, jungle warriors, and Amazons usually were on. That probably shaped a lot of my early sexual fantasies, so, if nothing else, I can blame it on the mainstream titillation that my parents watched that I wasn't supposed to. That said, I do have a certain fondness for sites that try to incorporate that idea, and is just such a site.

"Amazon Warriors" is a German website dedicated to the "Sword and Sandal" (or more appropriately "Schwert und Sandale") genre of Fantasy science fiction action film clips. Many of the films deal with the woman battling each other with swords, pikes, and short bows while clad in nothing but loincloths and leather gauntlets. There are also Gladiatrix battles, with two women going at it with the gladius (short sword) and parma (small, round shield) and trident. Most of the warriors are topless, which is just the way you would expect female Amazon warriors to be, right? After all, every jungle tribe I've seen on National Geographic has been pretty scantily clad, so it makes sense that, in the traditional sense, the Amazon warriors would be, too.

This installment opens with Melena and Askara (Melena is in the harness on the left) sitting in a corner of the Amazon fortress parade court, their bodies still bearing the grime and gore of battle, awaiting their fate as prisoners. Their hands are chained - chained! - which is always a nice touch in a GIMP bondage scene because you don't see that very often.

The city queen's executioner, Himmelswelt, enters the courtyard and informs the two prisoners that the queen has decreed that they should be executed. The two warriors laugh at this, which seems to piss off Himmelswelt. She roughly grabs Askara by the hair and pulls her over to the blood-covered execution pole, where a rope is clipped onto the chains around her wrists and she is bound arms-over-head.

Melena, forced to watch as her friend is prepared for execution, cries out, "What! You wanna slaughter us like cattle!" to which Himmelswelt simply smiles and struts over to the executioner's stand, where a bow and a quiver of arrows sit waiting to do their duty.

Askara looks at her friend, her eyes saying, "Avenge me, sister!" Then, she gathers her courage to face the inevitable. She taunts her executioner, who promptly places an arrow into the helpless captive's tummy.

Such a waste of a beautiful body

But she doesn't die right away. Though her pain is great, she manages to taunt her executioner some more, and gets another arrow into her body, this time in her shoulder. Himmelswelt obviously enjoys tormenting her victim, because at that range she could've had a clean shot through Askara's heart. As the helpless captive hangs from the chains from her wrists, twisting with pain, Himmelswelt finishes her off with a knife thrust through the ribs and into the aortic chamber.

Lowering the dead Amazon, Himmelswelt unties the lifeless body and goes over and grabs Melena and pulls her by the hair over to the execution pole. Melena, growling, demands to die like a warrior, with her hands free. For some reason, Himmelswelt thinks this is a good idea, and unties the prisoner's hands.

Ok, so, wait a minute here. You're alone with a prisoner who you know is trained in combat, and you're going to take the chance that she might knock you out, kill you, and escape? Apparently there's some sort of warrior code at work, because it doesn't make any sense to me. Then again, I'm not an Amazon Warrior, so what do I know? Besides, it looks like Melena is in rough shape after that battle anyway, and Himmelswelt could've taken her two out of three falls, so why fight the inevitable. Anyway, Melena keeps to her word and stands by the execution pole, offering her body to her executioner.

Come and get me!

She is rewarded with an arrow to her sternum, which apparently misses her heart because she is still capable of taunting Himmelswelt, asking her if that's the best she can do.

Here is her reply:

And once again she fails to make the kill-shot, hitting Melena in the chest. So, apparently, Melena was right, but what a terrible way to win an argument! Melena, smiling, slumps to the ground, her body supported by the pole. Himmelswelt, now that she's warmed up with some practice shots, finishes Melena off with an arrow through the forehead.

She pulls out her knife to give Melena the coup de grâce, but it isn't necessary. She's very much dead. Her work finished, Himmelswelt struts over to the stand, gives her victims one last leering snarl (or snarling leer), then goes back into the castle to punch out for the day.

Let the bodies hit the floor... and hope the other girl doesn't let loose with a death-fart!

As I said in my review for Forgive Me, also by this studio, if you're just looking for seven minutes of light-hearted escapism, this is for you. If you're into the whole sword and sandal barbarian Amazon jungle girl gladiator thing, you'll find at least twelve movies you absolutely have to have. I'm not really into the whole Amazon warrior thing other than scantily-clad models being put through the ringer, and this movie fits that bill. Like good poetry, I keep going back to enjoy it again.

The models do a good job of acting the part (particularly Askara, who carries her role with just her facial expressions), the costumes are absolutely B-movie Sci-Fi perfect, and I'm pretty sure if I was a hot-looking 18-28 year-old German model, I'd probably sign up for something like this. It's sexy, it's campy, it's fun, and that makes for good entertainment.

This is one of the earlier clips, when the studio was transitioning to better cameras, so the image clarity isn't exactly HD, but it's good. Back in the day (2010), this would have been cutting edge. There's some bad editing where the "flow" jumps in a scene at the beginning, and there's a continuity issue when Askara gets her second arrow, but everything else works fine.

The reason why you'll ignore those flaws is because the two victims are quite fetchingly attractive, and even though Himmelswelt looks like she's on her way to a Berlin bondage club gathering, it doesn't really detract much from the overall feel of the clip because she plays such a great evil guard. Really, she does a good job of being a female Darth Vader and in that respect the odd hair color kind of works in her favor because it makes her look "science fictiony". The girls do try to act their parts and do a fair job of it, and the sets are nice and the props are good. The special effects aren't bad, though I did notice that when the girls are hit with an arrow, they're already bleeding from their wounds. To be realistic, the blood should have come later. But, if you just go with the action you won't really notice it.

Also worth noting is that none of the girls have tan lines, which makes this a bit more enjoyable for me because it helps with my suspension of disbelief. The actresses play their roles serious, and that really helps with my enjoyment. I want to watch a sword and sandal flick that takes itself seriously, and this one does a good job of that. They really put forth the effort in this film despite the budget limits.

Overall, this did a fair job of keeping me entertained. I liked it the first time through, and I've watched it several times since I got it. Like reading Robert Frost poetry, you have to think about it, then go back through it again to appreciate the art. I'd really like to see the studio do this script again, using better cameras, and perhaps some more dramatic build-up before the girls get executed, such as Himmelswelt saying, "You have a beautiful body. It's a shame to destroy it", as if the girls had a choice to turn "pleasure slave" to save their lives. It certainly would have upped the drama. Oh well. If you're into fantasy, you won't be disappointed.

Rating: B- for mere mortals; A for enthusiasts

Askara about to get slaughtered like cattle.

Wednesday, December 19th 2012 - 11:35:46 PM

Name: John Galt

Thomas Chaser: Personally, I never saw the attraction of the sword and sandal movies when I was younger, and the appeal still eludes me. I only broke down and watched a Sinbad movie because Jane Seymour was in it and almost had a nude scene. And it had some nice Ray Harryhausen stop-motion animation. Anyway, thanks for the nice review of Doomed. I am not an Amazon fan (warrior women, not bookseller), and in my jaded opinion none of the subject Amazons in this production were very attractive, but the AOH bondage was great and I always appreciate well-done AOH bondage. Your illustrations were enjoyable as well.

On the subject of the poll vis-a-vis this movie, I will admit that complete nudity would not have improved this video. But then again, it was not a torture scene, it was an execution scene. That context makes a difference to me. I will also opine that if there had not been at least topless nudity, it would have been a total waste of time. I don't think many GIMPers will disagree with that.

Thursday, December 20th 2012 - 07:45:05 AM

Name: Badger

John Galt:

Thanks for the review of 12/12/12. It came up as a new listing in my local Redbox a couple of weeks ago. Can't beat the price at $1.27. I have completed an in-depth cost benefit analysis and have decided to give it a try.

Thursday, December 20th 2012 - 11:17:00 AM

Name: mr bush

cmc-088 Does anyone know where this film can be downloaded from, naturally a legit pay site. The pictures appear to be good aoh action.

Thursday, December 20th 2012 - 03:00:09 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

mr. bush wrote:

cmc-088: Does anyone know where this film can be downloaded from, naturally a legit pay site. The pictures appear to be good aoh action.

You should be able to download it from the website.

I am registered on that site but have never actually downloaded anything. However, if you (or another GIMPer) do decide to give it a try, I would like to know how it worked out for you. There are a few titles I am thinking of downloading at some point.


Thomas Chaser: I feel a little bit like Scrooge in my lack of enthusiasm about some of the movies that have been reviewed here lately. All the same, I prefer to celebrate GIMPmas in my own way -- and that won't include watching Doomed.

I do appreciate the fine work on the review and the caps, and thank you for the review.

Thursday, December 20th 2012 - 04:00:34 PM

Name: Bill K.

The world is coming to a fiery end tomorrow 12/21/12 so all bats loving ladies be sure to have yourself bound to a stake (clothing is optional) at midnight just in case the Mayans are right. Be sure to take pictures and or a video of you bound to a stake just in the remote unlikely case the Mayans are wrong and post here and or at Stakedamsels forum.

Seriously are there any gimp worthy events and or gimp movies happening tomorrow to mark the end of world as we know it? Bill K.

Thursday, December 20th 2012 - 09:22:15 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

John Galt: Regarding Suzi Sexton in Dark Offering, I know you think you would have preferred complete nudity, but Rick had a legitimate reason for keeping her shirt on. As mentioned before, she's got some especially disgusting tattoos that mar her girl-next-door wholesomeness and likely would have negatively affected your enjoyment of the film.

Here's a cap from a film she shot with Travis Lee, a year before she filmed her 2 movies with Rick:

Yuck, huh? She's also got an even nastier one up along the side of her leg. Travis told me he and Rick put makeup on it to cover that one up. Better solution than having her wear pants, don't you think? As far as the ugly back tattoo, Rick just kept her shirt on in both that film and in Bitter Sweet Persuasion, which were shot on back to back days. I think it was a smart move.

Thanks for the review of 12/12/12. It looks like a worthwhile rent, and it's good to see some bare boobage for once in a mainstream film. The caps put me over the edge. I also liked your line "she bites the hand that gags her", funny stuff.

The direct link for your latest review is in my Homepage URL above.


Thomas Chaser: Really nice review again; I like how you give us your honest and often humorous perspective of the goings-on whenever you tackle a new movie. I'm not so much into the sword and sandal type of movies, but this company looks like they at least try to recreate the atmosphere of those old films. The fact they do it with nudity is a definite plus. Looking forward to your next review.

And the link for Doomed is here:


Bill K: Good try. I think the best way for you to procure new BATS pics is to go out and grab yourself a victim and do it yourself. I'll help if you want, since I know a deserted area in the woods we could take her. I'll bring the rope and the matches. You have a hi-def camera?

Thursday, December 20th 2012 - 11:12:01 PM

Name: Bill K.

"Go out and grab yourself a victim and do it yourself." Easier said than done Ralphus. Sure, give me the hard part, catching the bats lady victim. I have as much chance of winning the Powerball lottery as finding (grabbing) a willing lady bats victim for a bats reenactment and or photo shoot fun.

But like they say, "you can't win if you don't buy a ticket". Who knows maybe Amy will bite my last 12/21/12 post bats bait. Of course I'll also have to win the Powerball too for Amy to take my bait. Bill K.

Friday, December 21st 2012 - 01:27:26 AM

Name: weewilly

Nudity is essential in a great GIMP scene. It heightens a lady's sense of helplessness, vulnerability, and lack of control. (And it looks good too!)

A great scene doesn't have to start with a nude lady, but she's got to get there real soon.

I certainly won't pass up a scene with a lady wearing street clothes, lingerie, a bikini, or just topless, But for my money (literally and figuratively), she better get her clothes off. And she should be barefoot as well.

Friday, December 21st 2012 - 10:12:50 AM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

I have several videos from Olaf aka Nuclear Winter aka Titania aka Amazon Warriors. If you're into death fetish, these are worth getting. I find most of the women VERY hot, and they take a LONG time to to die, moaning beautifully as they do. I have a bit of some in my Favorite Videos at Dark Fetish Network -- see link.

Friday, December 21st 2012 - 01:39:48 PM

Name: Scribbler
Homepage URL:

Was browsing Amazon DVDs and this came up...

Salem Witch Trials featuring Kirstie Alley (2008)

Not my kind of movie (tho I'm a fan of Kirstie when she was young and hot!), but I thought it might be of interest to some other GIMPers. And the DVD version's only $4.

Friday, December 21st 2012 - 03:40:28 PM

Name: A Canadian

mr bush: I took the plunge and checked out the dmm site for myself. I can confirm that it works fine for those of us outside of Japan.

In my case, I am finally going to see CMC-082. I consider this to be background research for my upcoming review of Attackers JBD-157.

Friday, December 21st 2012 - 05:19:28 PM

Name: Bill K.

Scribbler, unfortunately there was no bats executions and or any fiery tortures I recall of in Salem Witch Trials. Hollywood may have added bats in that movie and or Kirstie Alley is using it launch a new burn off fat weight loss business or maybe the new perfume "Burnt Kirstie".

I'll check with the guys at the Stakedamsels forum and of course Ralphus would know too but I'm thinking it's a bats wash out. Thank you for being it to Gimp attention. Bill K.

Friday, December 21st 2012 - 06:05:43 PM

Name: marathonmann

At first to the poll question: I think that nudity is very important but not the most important. I like it when a hot nude girl really suffers. So a good realistic looking whipping or caning is great for me. Rape or bondage are not important, but the victim shouldn't like her punishment. So there are not many scenes in mainstream movies that are really good. The Whore (Alexandra Neldel), Rani (Mylène Jampanoï and others) or Hispania, la leyenda (Ana de Armas and others) are really nice.

From spanking sites I like some movies from Lupus or the Mood Universe. And some Japanese movies also have nice scenes. I found JBD-157 last night and was just watching it. At minute 54 I made a break to post this. Until now it looks really good.

What I really find exiting in such Japanese films are beatings with a thick long cane on the back.

I often visit celeb forums where people post pics and videos of celebrities, often sexy and nude ones but not really torture scenes. But sometimes you get a hint that something interesting could be there.

1 scene you may find interesting is from Hold Your Breath (2012). Lisa Younger is topless tied to a tree, with ropes and a wire. And there is a cable from the wire to the battery of a car. So she gets some electricity. But that is not the reason why she died in that scene.

Another one is the series American Horror Story (2012 - 2013). There could be canings of Lily Rabe and Lizzie Brocheré in the first 2 episodes of the second season. And maybe more. But I only found these 2 scenes. I hope someone of you know more about this series.

Friday, December 21st 2012 - 08:55:42 PM

Name: Bill K.

"Hold Your Breath (2012). Lisa Younger is topless tied to a tree." I imagine electro shock fans and me would want to know more about that scene. The pictures of the distressed beaten bloody scared Lisa look real enough and did she die a gimp death?

Thank you marathonmann, great post. Bill K.

Friday, December 21st 2012 - 09:19:07 PM

Name: Bill K.

An added note on "Hold Your Breath" - the way the battery cable's + and - are hooked up to the wires makes no common sense. It will not work, it will just short out the battery and do nothing to Lisa.

I hope the acting in the electro shock torture scene makes it looks more real. What are the prop guys thinking for hooking up wires that way? It would have been just as easy to tie / hook up wires to Lisa correctly so I don't get it. Bill K.

Saturday, December 22nd 2012 - 12:48:48 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Salem Witch Trials: I have not seen this film, but don't be duped by the impressive box cover, because if the movie follows the real-life events, there were no burnings at the stake in Salem. The trailer on YouTube didn't show any burning, although there is a mass hanging, if you're into that sort of thing.

Isn't it fascinating, though, how many times the marketing department use BATS imagery to sell their movie? I've seen it countless times on box covers, movies can bet if there's a woman tied to a stake in the movie, they'll make sure you see it. It's certainly no accident. Sex sells, bondage sells, and if you add fire, the combination is irresistible. A woman tied up, surrounded by's a very provocative image, and they know it. Way back before the Internet, that was how I put together my first BATS compilation tape, mostly from just looking at video boxes to find out what movies had scenes.


marathonmann: Count me as someone else who would like to know more about Hold Your Breath. It looks like another new scene to add to the Electro-Shock Database, but it's a movie that's too hot for Netflix, since they refuse to carry it, even for streaming. Can you give us a more thorough description and maybe more caps? If you can help, drop me an e-mail.

Saturday, December 22nd 2012 - 01:16:19 AM

Name: Bill K.

Here the trailer:

for Hold Your Breath that shows no gimp tortures but implies there are. Bill K.

Saturday, December 22nd 2012 - 02:19:27 AM

Name: Lynn
E-mail address:

Here is another 2 cents from me about the nudity issue. While I have not seen any of the videos in question, going just by the vidcaps, I would say that while some of the scenes with the semi-dressed victims (sorry - SUBJECTS) look effective, ALL of them would have looked even more impressive if the subject had been completely nude.

Granted there can be other considerations, as was explained about the one model and her tattoos and fully agree with the directors "solution" in that case. But if all other things are equal having the subject of the interrogation/punishment completely nude is more impressive and (almost always) more realistic.

I might add that for me completely nude means BAREFOOT too. A consideration that eliminates my interest in most ZFX productions.

Saturday, December 22nd 2012 - 06:38:08 AM

Name: Eda
E-mail address:

Wishing Ralphus, Scribbler and all fellow GIMPers a merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year filled with exciting but safe GIMP play within whatever personal limits you may set (but right up to the edge of those limits !!)

Saturday, December 22nd 2012 - 12:04:43 PM

Name: A Canadian

Eda wrote:

Wishing Ralphus, Scribbler and all fellow GIMPers a merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year filled with exciting but safe GIMP play within whatever personal limits you may set (but right up to the edge of those limits !!)

I wonder if I should feel guilty that I still haven't started my Christmas shopping?

Saturday, December 22nd 2012 - 01:12:38 PM

Name: John Galt

A Canadian: Yeah, I was waiting until today because if the Mayan Apocalypse had come to pass I would have felt bad about wasting money on presents. You know? So don't feel bad. It's possible a lot of... um, cautious types might be scrambling right now.

Eda: That was a very nice holiday sentiment that I doubt I will ever see in a Hallmark card. Too bad.

Saturday, December 22nd 2012 - 02:44:43 PM

Name: marathonmann


Some of you asked for more information about Hold Your Breath. So here is what I know.

After I found the nude scenes in the other forum I tried to download the whole film from the internet. But unfortunately the download stopped before it was completed. So I can watch 1:07:26 hours of the movie but can't make a video of that scene. So I have to describe it with words and some caps:

After he knocked Lisa out in the car he bound her to the tree. He removed her right eye and then went to the car and started the motor. Lisa began to scream and moved her feet nervously. He engaged the reverse gear and the car started very slowly to drive backward. That pulled at the rope and the wires and cut her body into two pieces.

Saturday, December 22nd 2012 - 07:41:02 PM

Name: John Galt

marathonmann: It was my interpretation that, despite the nonsensical jumper cable wiring methodology, once the guy started the car she was being shocked by the battery current. If you listen, you can hear the crackling/buzzing sound effect. Unfortunately, it seems the electric shock was just making her uncomfortable. It was kind of a dud as an electro-shock scene.

I thought the entire sequence was one long screw-up. What I was waiting for was for her arms to be pulled tight over her head in kind of a vertical rack situation. As you can see from the excellent pictures you posted, her arms never get fully extended, her legs never straighten, and her feet never leave the ground. I'm not sure what force, exactly, cut her in half. It was a nicely done special effect, but if it had come at the end of a better (or possibly just logical) build-up, it would have been awesome. But thanks for the excellent images.

Saturday, December 22nd 2012 - 08:37:16 PM

Name: Bill K.

Marathonmann, thanks for reply and suppose if steel wires were large enough gauge they could cut through her like that, at least through skin, guts and muscles, but I fail to see what if anything the battery hook up was for.

Electrocuting someone while they're being cut in half is about as overkill as you can get. Do all the gimp torture and killing involve mutilation? I will pass on "Hold Your Breath" if so. For it is one kind of gimp torture peril I do not enjoy. Bill K.

Saturday, December 22nd 2012 - 11:35:32 PM

Name: A Canadian

marathonmann wrote:

After he knocked Lisa out in the car he bound her to the tree. He removed her right eye....

Ugh. The Cyclops look doesn't appeal to me. They lost me at this point, regardless of whether the electro-shock scene works or not.

Sunday, December 23rd 2012 - 02:27:46 AM

Name: Badger

A Canadian :

Ugh. The Cyclops look doesn't appeal to me. They lost me at this point, regardless of whether the electro-shock scene works or not.

I am with Canadian. Of course, in the broadest sense of the word, eye gouging, amputations and other forms of extreme disfigurement meet the definition of GIMP. And I know there are those who would question the distinction between these types of malice on one hand and BATS, whippings and electro-shock on the other. But for me there is something about having body parts removed that makes me lose my interest, of course, unless it is preceded by some of the fun stuff. Unfortunately, this type of torture porn seems to be proliferating. It might make for an interesting future forum question as to whether this appeals to many --- how many closet mangle-heads there are lurking in our midst?

Sunday, December 23rd 2012 - 03:03:15 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

marathonmann: Thanks for the update on Hold Your Breath and all the nice caps. I've been able to get enough info on the film to add a new entry to the Electro-Shock Database. The picture page is in my Homepage URL.


Badger wrote:

Of course, in the broadest sense of the word, eye gouging, amputations and other forms of extreme disfigurement meet the definition of GIMP. And I know there are those who would question the distinction between these types of malice on one hand and BATS, whippings and electro-shock on the other.

I know, right? But to me, it's a big distinction. If you torture her by whipping, she'll get marked up, but her skin will eventually heal. Shock her with electricity and you can hurt her very badly, but it won't leave any outside physical damage at all. You can burn her with a hot poker and leave a few permanent marks on her otherwise pristine skin, but it's so much fun hurting her that way that it's worth it, and besides, she'll learn better that way. The idea is not to kill her, but to make her suffer over and over, to use her body as a sex and torture toy until you're finally done with her.

BATS would be an exception. If carried out to its end, she's a crispy critter and that's no fun at all, but the anticipation...the fear she'll be feeling before the flames hit makes the experience hard to resist. Save that treatment for last when you've done all raping and torturing she can take and you want to move on to another victim.

But as for the other stuff you mentioned, once the girl is permanently disfigured, it stops being fun. I had a wise friend once who perfectly crystallized the formula, saying that the key is DISTRESS, not mutilation. A woman with an eye plucked out or a limb removed is now damaged goods. She might even lose the will to live because if she were to ever escape or be turned loose, she could never be her old beautiful self again. And I would lose my desire to have fun with her if she were disfigured. What can you with her then except kill her? And killing her isn't why I wanted her in the first place.

I think most torture porn goes too far. They're more concerned with coming up with creative ways for their victims to die, rather than finding ways to make them to suffer and LIVE. Torture is more fun when it's not fatal. This latest movie that Marathonmann brought up is a perfect example. The electric shock concept is great, but from what I understand, that was played down while the main focus was having her be cut in half. What a waste. A beautiful naked girl like that could have been used several times. What good is she when she's dismembered?

A better use of the wire bondage would be make it barbed wire and tie her to the tree very tightly, with the barbs sticking into her skin so that even the slightest movement cuts her painfully. And then don't kill her, but maybe whip her some and make it so that she's forced to move slightly as the whip strikes down onto her body. That way, she suffers from the blows of the whip and from her own painful barbed wire bondage. Now isn't that a more exciting predicament than killing her? And this way she be tortured again some other way later in the movie.

Damn it, I should be writing the scripts to these films!

Monday, December 24th 2012 - 01:45:22 AM

Name: A Canadian

Just in time for Christmas, there is some good news from the courts.

I mentioned back in 2010 the case of Remy Couture, a Quebec special effects artist who was charged with "corrupting morals" under Canada's obscenity laws. Couture had posted works on his website that "depicts gruesome murders, torture, sexual abuse, assaults and necrophilia -- all with young female victims."

On the weekend, Couture was informed that he was found not guilty. That's a step in the right direction.

Monday, December 24th 2012 - 02:36:12 PM

Name: YikYakker

Sorry folks, I've been in major lurk mode for several days and have been neglecting my GIMP duties. A serious case of real-life distractions has kept me from the forum, but this is a good time to take a breather and catch up on things...

Today's Tits: I don't mind when they're tied up like least they're not purple. Yet.


A Canadian: Thanks for sharing the article about Remy Couture. What a shame that he had to put up such a fight for his art.


Ralphus: You've made an excellent point. If producers can't find GIMP babes without tattoos, they should devise ways to strategically hide the graffiti from view, while keeping the unsullied goodies visible at all times.

Nice job by Rick.


Thomas Chaser: I've got a fondness for amazon/gladiator/sword-and-sandal fantasies, so I appreciate your calling them to our attention in your review of Doomed. Can't say I like that slicked-back red hair look, though...seems out of place. But I may check out that site for more goodies.


John Galt: Thanks for the review of 12-12-12. I do like satanic-sacrifice scenes, so I may check this one out.


Last year, Santa forgot to bring me one of the things I requested.

So this year, I asked for two.


To all who are celebrating this week, I hope you enjoy your holidays and your GIMP hunts!

Monday, December 24th 2012 - 08:54:10 PM

Name: Bill K.

"Shock her with electricity and you can hurt her very badly, but it won't leave any outside physical damage at all" Ralphus said.

It really depends on if a household 115VAC or a car 12V DC or a shock torture device is used. Ralphus, if you are using any method that's hurting her very badly, how can you not leave burnt marks on the skin or cause serious internal damage?

Of course I'm not sure what you actually meant by "Shock her with electricity and you can hurt her very badly" for surely that would leave burn marks on her.

Maybe "You can with a safe electric shock device very painfully hurt her without any damage" is what you meant? Bill K.

Monday, December 24th 2012 - 10:15:02 PM

Name: Rick
Homepage URL:

Greetings All,

I hope everyone is having a great Xmas and Holiday season.

Mutilation: I tell you, I'm with Ralphus on this issue. When I see a movie, I don't really want to see a girls eye out, amputations etc. For me it ruins the beauty of the girl and thus makes me not want to even look at her any more. I guess I'm looking for more erotic and sexualized action rather than just seeing how much damage can be done. Stabbing is the same deal, bleeding girls to me are just a buzzkill.

Then again, some things like whipping welts and even some blood and bruises don't bother me. I don't mind seeing a girl killed in a movie, in a slasher film it's a given, but I need it to be in a way that doesn't involve copious blood, guts, dismemberment etc. to be turned on by it. Otherwise, it's about as erotic to me as gutting a deer.

Ironically, I think a lot of this over the top mutilation in movies is due to popular opinion/censorship which dictates you can dismember and kill a girl graphically, but screwing her in frowned upon...bizarre, but that's the status quo. People are less offended by missing body parts than sex acts. Puritanical to the core us Americans.

Ralphus wrote: Regarding Suzi Sexton in Dark Offering, I know you think you would have preferred complete nudity, but Rick had a legitimate reason for keeping her shirt on. As mentioned before, she's got some especially disgusting tattoos that mar her girl-next-door wholesomeness and likely would have negatively affected your enjoyment of the film.

I find it hard to buy a tattooed girl as a business woman that was the focus in Bitter Sweet Persuasion or as a virgin sacrifice as was the case in Dark Offering, at least in my minds eye, it doesn't work. I think it would have definitely hurt the believability of the movie. Suzi Sexton's body and face were very wholesome and she did a very nice job. Tats are a pain to cover but they usually don't fit in with the type of girl I like to portray.

A lot of the women attracted to performing BDSM movies are alternative life stylers and tats are part of the scene. I wish it wasn't that way, but it is, so I try to work with it the best I can.

John Galt wrote: Ooh. My favorite part of Dark Offering was the upside down legs spread suspension scene. Originally I was miffed that that damn shirt never came completely off, but I loved the movie anyway.

Thanks man, I'm glad you liked Dark Offering, despite leaving some clothes on. In this case it was necessary. I'm not sure on your feelings about tats, for me they generally don't work. I could have taken her shoes and sock off I think, but it just didn't happen. I like that look of a girl in shoes and socks sometimes, maybe it doesn't work for some.

Lynn wrote: I might add that for me completely nude means BAREFOOT too. A consideration that eliminates my interest in most ZFX productions.

I have actually done a lot of fully nude barefoot scenes, but I don't focus much on the feet. For some people that is a very important aspect, for me it's really not. Sometimes I like to see a girl in shoes or socks or nylons. I have done it many different ways, I like to mix it up. That said, I've probably done more fully nude barefoot scenes than you think. Here are a couple of them, there are probably hundreds.

I hope Santa treats everyone right! Happy Holidays to You All!


Monday, December 24th 2012 - 11:28:43 PM

Name: A Canadian

Merry Christmas, everyone.

Tuesday, December 25th 2012 - 01:12:39 AM

Name: Vince

I don't think nudity is always necessary for a GIMP scene, but usually it helps a great deal.

However, I can be aroused if a fully clothed woman is in sexual peril and her nemesis forcefully touches her privates parts. For example, Travis Lee putting his finger inside Holly Weston's clit and forcefully masturbating her in the classic "Night Prowler 2".

Wednesday, December 26th 2012 - 02:07:59 AM

Name: John Galt

Thanks, A Canadian, and Happy Boxing Day!

Wednesday, December 26th 2012 - 08:12:51 AM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

One of Canada's newspapers, the National Post, has an editorial today on the Remy Couture ruling and why the ruling favoring freedom of expression was a good thing for the country.

Wednesday, December 26th 2012 - 09:28:38 AM

Name: John Galt

A Canadian: That was a very interesting editorial. The author almost managed to hide his condescension and disdain, but ultimately failed when he said, in so many words, that even sick and immoral people have freedom of expression. I think I could make a strong case condemning, en masse, Christians, Jews and Muslims for their historical and, sadly, on-going suppression and persecution of women in ways that make one-off video productions pale in comparison. I'm pretty sure that kind of church-endorsed and encouraged psychological and often physical violence is carefully ignored in the author's definition of what is "moral." It is encouraging that the Canadian court did its job. And how about those on-line comments under the editorial? Talk about crazy hateful people.

Wednesday, December 26th 2012 - 10:16:35 AM

Name: Darkroom
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:


Loving today's pic!


Wednesday, December 26th 2012 - 11:41:14 AM

Name: A Canadian

John Galt wrote:

The author almost managed to hide his condescension and disdain, but ultimately failed when he said, in so many words, that even sick and immoral people have freedom of expression.

That's OK with me.

I'm not seeking anyone's approval. The politicians and opinion leaders may very well think that I'm vile and immoral (actually, they may be on to something).

But as long as they're prepared to leave me alone and let me watch my GIMP movies in peace, I'm fine with that.

Wednesday, December 26th 2012 - 05:20:16 PM

Name: wananchi

Hi all,

I am also with Ralphus and Rick re mutilation and killing. Once there is mutilation, it stops being fun. Once the GIMP is killed, it also stops being meaningful. Many movies place too strong an emphasis in these actions. "Torture" is radically different from "inflicting a painful death".

I would like to add that, to be completely meaningful, it should have "a reason", otherwise it is only "abuse". Opposite to many BDSM-loving persons in the forum, I think that once the girl starts sobbing and begging "let me go", fun also stops. The GIMP should be actively resisting torture; that's why the "interrogation" scenario, as opposite to the "abuse" or the "execution" scenarios, is the one I like best. In such scenario, for instance, gags, though much loved by BDSM people, are out of place (hey, you want the subject to "talk", not to prevent her from doing so!)

Some reminder of the main reason for torture should be always present in the scenes (like a piece of cloth; very acutely has someone here said that "a completely nude cheerleader stops being such"; that's why Cali in Victoria Secret style underwear spoils the scene, much more than because she's not nude) A second addition: "interrogation by torture" has little to do with "humiliation", however cherished it is to BDSM people.

Season greetings to all!


Wednesday, December 26th 2012 - 06:38:56 PM

Name: John Galt

A Canadian: I understand your point, but I am not quite ready to capitulate to those who would sanctimoniously decree what is and is not moral, and under what circumstances. I firmly believe that there is a substantial difference between what someone does and what someone enjoys as entertainment. I think that a person who kidnaps, rapes and tortures hot young women in Real Life is a vile and immoral monster. Watching that in a movie is entertainment, albeit not for everyone.

A taste for the bizarre or outrageous is in our nature as humans. Historical examples abound of "normal" people gathering to watch gladiatorial fights-to-the-death, or public executions, or even participating in stonings or tormenting unfortunates locked into public stocks. I suspect there are those who consider themselves quite pious and moral who were entranced by the abominable (I would say execrable) movie, Passion of the Christ.

Horror movies and slasher movies in which buckets of blood and pounds of gore erupt in vivid technicolor are quite popular. I am not a fan of that genre, personally, but that does not mean I think that those who enjoy watching those movies are closet murderers or serial killers who would enjoy doing that to people in Real Life. It is escapism, and to label it in a pejorative manner is wrong.

My concern is that agreeing with those who are allowed to label your predilections as immoral or vile will give them a perceived superior position from which to keep trying to curb your personal enjoyment of such entertainment. And so I guess I do care about what people say when those opinions can lead to darker actions. And there are fewer actions darker than those committed by "pious" and "moral" people in the name of their god, or their warped view of morality.

But that's just me.

Wednesday, December 26th 2012 - 06:51:15 PM

Name: John Galt

I just noticed that Wife To Be Sacrificed is available on Netflix Streaming. It still is not in the GIMP Movie Reviews Database--a situation that I might just remedy if I have some time this week. But it has been discussed on occasion on the forum in the past. A pedophile who kidnaps his ex-wife and humiliates, tortures and rapes her in some inventive ways. The pedophile part is a bit creepy for my taste, but the scenes with his ex-wife are exceptional. You can read about it at IMDB and Mr Skin.

Wednesday, December 26th 2012 - 07:59:22 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Bill K wriote:

Ralphus, if you are using any (electric shock) method that's hurting her very badly, how can you not leave burnt marks on the skin or cause serious internal damage?

There's a lot of electric shock methods that will not leave burn marks on the woman's skin. Personally, I've used a handheld muscle stimulator with the electro pads pulled off with just the bare wires exposed. I've taped them to a woman's nipples and adjusted the current up and down on the control panel. It causes her a LOT of pain but won't leave physical marks.


Well, I took one for the team and went down to see Django Unchained this afternoon. Initial reports of Tarantino going all out on the nudity with Kerry Washington are NOT true. Yes, she's technically nude in the film...for about 5 seconds, laying in a metal "hot box" and you don't see anything except maybe a fleeting glimpse of a nipple, and that's something you'd have to wait for DVD to hit your freeze frame.

There is a whipping scene (clothed) with Kerry, tied with her arms outstretched and given a few lashes. Then over an hour later, her outfit is opened up in the back so they can show off her bare back with some nice whip marks on it. But again, it's her back only, no boobage. She also has a small brand applied to her face in a brief shot that lasted about 2 seconds.

That's about it. Originally we heard naked whipping, naked on an auction black, raped several times...none of those occurred in the film.

Another black girl gets tied to a tree and is about to be whipped, but the guy is stopped before a blow is even delivered. No nudity there, either. At least Tarantino is consistent, as with every other movie he's ever done. Face it, the man's not one of us.

On the plus side, it was quite an entertaining film...long, but entertaining. Likeable characters, great performances all around, a good sense of humor and lots of bloodbath violence at the end, if you're into that sort of thing. My biggest argument against Tarantino's often clever dialogue is that he liberally uses the "mother fucker" line way too often. This was supposedly set before the Civil War and yet everybody talks with a 21st Century potty mouth, which I somehow doubt was as prevalent then as it's used today, at or least used in today's movies.

Wednesday, December 26th 2012 - 08:30:06 PM

Name: A Canadian

Ralphus: Thanks, motherfucker, for the report on Django Unchained.

I had been toying with the idea of going to see it but somehow I suspected it wouldn't be GIMP-worthy. As for its value from a non-GIMP perspective, I'm tempted to wait for the DVD. I don't have much interest in long movies these days (Tarantino tested my patience with Kill Bill, Vol. 2).


Sticking with mainstream films, the other day I picked up a Blu-Ray copy of the original Straw Dogs.

Holy crap -- no wonder GIMPers like that film so much.

I had seen it before but I had always suspected the version I saw must have been edited. I didn't seem to share the fond memories others had of Susan George's rape scene.

Now I know the version I originally saw was edited. Most of the rape scene in the Blu-Ray version was new to me. I quite enjoyed it.

Wednesday, December 26th 2012 - 08:57:00 PM

Name: John Galt

Ralphus: I also appreciate your summary of Django Unchained. Despite the hopeful reports that Tarantino was going to finally provide some GIMP, I didn't really believe he would, and so I am not in the least surprised that as a GIMP flick it is a bust. What's even worse is that it could have had some juicy GIMP bits, but just... failed. I'm beginning to wonder if Tarantino understands the attraction of sex, or even likes sex. Even when he does a rape scene, like in Kill Bill Part One, it was strangely unappealing.

Wednesday, December 26th 2012 - 09:57:44 PM

Name: InterrogationMaster
Homepage URL:

Just came across a potentially promising teaser for the upcoming live-action short film based on the video game Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It shows an insanely attractive woman being held captive in what appears to be a futuristic research facility. She is tearfully repeating to her captors that her hero will come to rescue her. While I generally prefer strong-willed women in interrogation scenarios over such damsels in distress, I have to admit that this teaser left me eagerly waiting for more. I'm really hoping that the sweat and tears are an indication that she undergoes some torture sessions while the hero rescues her but that remains to be seen. Anyways, check it out. :)

Wednesday, December 26th 2012 - 11:14:28 PM

Name: Bill K.

Thank you Ralphus for answering my shocking question. I've got to say now I know almost nothing about erotic electric shock devices and methods. Do you know if there are any web sites for erotic electro shock methods and devices? Bill K.

Thursday, December 27th 2012 - 01:05:34 AM

Name: Renzo Novatore

"And how about those on-line comments under the editorial? Talk about crazy hateful people."

I read that second comment a couple of times, and I'm still not entirely sure what the author was saying...

Thursday, December 27th 2012 - 04:44:50 AM

Name: A Canadian

Renzo Novatore wrote:

I read that second comment a couple of times, and I'm still not entirely sure what the author was saying...

It was a little bizarre.

Thursday, December 27th 2012 - 08:07:33 AM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Here is my promised review of Attackers JBD-157. Be sure to check the links for some bonus caps that didn't make it into the main body of the review.

Title: Lady Attackers From Hell 2: Mission and BDSM (JBD-157)

Starring: Yu Kawakami, Maki Mizusawa and Yumi Kazama

Directed by: Kai

Running time: One hour and 50 minutes

Lady Attackers From Hell 2: Mission and BDSM lives up to the hype. While not perfect, it is the best Attackers movie since Slave Island 11 back in 2007

The film -- about two call girls who have been trained as soldiers to infiltrate a crime ring (hey, it could happen) -- has excellent production values and a solid mix of torture and rape. Among the only things missing are a good whipping scene and a forced stripping.

The cover art lists five JAV stars but only three have sexually explicit scenes. The primary star is Yu Kawakami, an award-winning JAV performer who has appeared in countless GIMP films. A petite, pretty woman with natural breasts and great nipples, Yu is terrific in this feature.

As is clear from the title, the movie is a sequel to Lady Attackers from Hell: Training and Discipline. This second film in the series begins in a swanky penthouse suite, where drug lord Don Mahler is hooking up with Yu, the call girl he met in his gambling room.

Not realizing Yu is his enemy, Don confesses he's having erectile difficulties. He accepts what appears to be a performance-enhancing drug from Yu and the two get busy missionary-style on a couch. As Don is about to climax, his heart gives out -- he falls back on the couch, and cum squirts out of his stiff shaft (we'll see this kind of 'final shot' again).

Yu and fellow call girl Maki Mizusawa -- who was also infiltrating the crime ring -- escape into the nearby woods dressed in army fatigues. The pair get into shootouts with some criminals, also dressed in fatigues, who are on the hunt for them.

At one point, Yu is captured by a machine-gun toting guy who has some naughty ideas. He forces Yu to strip off some of her gear. The villain handcuffs Yu's gloved wrists in front of her and removes her helmet. Yu is forced onto her back in the dirty woods and her attacker pulls her pants and panties down to her knees. The villain forces Yu's legs up into the air and he licks her pussy, as squirming Yu gasps and groans.

The villain puts his dick into Yu, as Yu pleads for him to stop. Yu squeals and gasps as she is raped and there are some nice close-ups on her pretty face as she groans and grits her teeth.

Yu looks horrified as the rapist announces he's going to cum. But just as the villain is ready to pop, Maki arrives and loops a rope around the villain's neck. Maki hoists the fiend to his feet, and cum shoots out of the rapist's dick (I warned you we would see this again) as the villain is choked to death.

Our heroines escape through the woods. The two ladies get separated and each runs into trouble. Within a matter of minutes (in movie time), Yu is captured again at gunpoint. As for Maki, she sneaks into a warehouse, strips off her clothes and uses water from a canteen to wash herself. She is caught by a villain but naked Maki seduces and kills the guy -- as the villain is trying to lick her pussy, Maki spins around and snaps the villain's neck between her legs.

The action moves to a dark room in the villains' hideout that has a big red chair and some nearby electro-shock apparatus. The new drug lord, Lee Connor, is in the room. Also in the room is female villain Yumi Kazama and some criminal warriors in army fatigues. Recaptured Yu is pushed into the room by a guy who's holding her arms. Yu is now naked, with her hands cuffed behind her back. As naked Yu stands in front of Lee, the mobster grabs Yu's hair and threatens her. The criminals taunt Yu and Lee motions for Yu to be strapped into the red chair.

Yu is next seen bound in the chair, with her arms and legs spread apart. Helpless Yu squirms and protests as a villain connects electric cables to the metal bands on her arms and legs and to the large band around her head.

Gasping Yu looks and sounds genuinely terrified as she is being wired up. The highlight is when a cable is clamped to a band around Yu's left arm and frightened Yu lets out an authentic-sounding squeal.

A villain flicks the switch on a control box that activates the lights on the band around Yu's head. The villain then cranks up a dial -- a loud buzz is heard as Yu's body jolts up from the chair, shaking, and Yu screams in pain.

When the charge is stopped, Yu lands back in the chair, panting. A second charge makes her body arch again, with Yu shaking and screaming. When the shocking is stopped a second time, Yu lands back in the chair, gasping and sweating. Yumi tries to make Yu confess information but Yu refuses. The shocks continue to be applied until Yu's eyes roll into the back of her head and she passes out.

This is followed by a brief scene of Maki making her way through the forest, and then it's back to Yu, who is in another predicament.

With ropes binding her legs and feet together and tightly binding her arms behind her back, Yu is hanging upside down from the ceiling, tied to a chain. Below her head is a large bluerium filled with cold water. Yu is surrounded by three criminals, including one guy holding the other end of the chain.

Yu cries out as the villains begin lowering her into the tank. Once her head is submerged, Yu thrashes around like a fish on dry land. Water splashes out of the bluerium as Yu's body twists and squirms, until a villain pulls the chain and lifts Yu out of the tank.

The villains continue to dunk Yu in and out of the bluerium and Yu does an amazing job gasping and squirming. Adding to the fun, this scene is shot from a number of unique angles, including wider shots of Yu's full body being lowered into the water and some wonderful close-up shots of Yu's head submerged in the tank. The various angles are effective and keep the action exciting as Yu is dunked numerous times.

Without a doubt, the dunking torture is the movie's crowning achievement. Ultimately, Yu passes out and the villains leave her dangling above the bluerium.

Out in the woods, Maki is engaged in gunfire with the criminals. But Maki is soon captured, with criminals pointing three machine guns at Maki's head.

As threatening music plays in the background, the camera pans along the ground to reveal Maki's discarded machine gun, some of her gear, and her helmet. The camera pans to a nearby tree, where two green bamboo poles are leaning against the tree. As the camera pans up, we see an unconscious Maki firmly tied to the poles by ropes. Maki is upside down with her arms tied behind her back. Her top has been opened to reveal her tits, and her pants and panties are down (up?) to her knees.

Maki awakens as one of the guys pries open her mouth so another guy can stick in his dick. Maki is forced to blow the one guy as the men feel her up.

This scene would have been stronger if the men had threatened Maki with their guns, or if Maki had struggled more. Nonetheless, Maki does some nice grunting as she is forced to blow each of the villains and looks particularly disgusted whenever a dick is removed from her mouth. As with the previous dunking scene, the action is shown from a number of angles, which is a real plus.

At two different times, a criminal cums in Maki's mouth. In each case, Maki spits out the cum, which streams down her face as Maki coughs and gasps for air.

The third violator never gets to cum as he and the two other fiends are picked off by a sniper who rescues Maki. The sniper is Sanae Momoi, who looks pretty hot -- too bad nothing happens to Sanae in this movie (hers is one of the non-sex roles).

Meanwhile, things aren't getting any better for Yu, who remains a prisoner in the criminals' hideout. Still naked, Yu is bound spread-eagled to a rather cheap-looking bed, with her arms and legs firmly tied to the bed posts. Female villain Yumi Kazama appears and expresses a desire to get to know Yu more intimately.

Yumi, who is dressed in a green cutoff top (that doesn't fully cover her jumbo boobies) and camouflage-design pants, gets on the bed and starts caressing Yu's body and fondling Yu's breasts. As Yu squirms and protests, Yumi strokes Yu's pussy with her hand. Yumi gets a massager vibrator and uses the vibrator on Yu's tits and on Yu's private area.

Yu's responses to the vibrator are a bit too much. Some of her cries make her sound like someone in pain, rather than a woman being pleasured. That said, Yu has some nice ecstasy-face close-ups and her little body rattles with conviction when she climaxes.

Yumi remains hot for Yu. Leaning over the top part of the bed, Yumi grabs Yu's head and forces kisses on Yu. Yumi also licks Yu's face and neck. Yumi moves down to suck Yu's tits and she tugs on Yu's firm left nipple with her teeth.

Straddling Yu, Yumi removes her top and leans down to smother Yu with her huge breasts. Yumi threatens Yu and forces Yu to suck on those big melons. After she removes the rest of her clothes, Yumi sits on Yu's face and forces Yu to lick her pussy.

Forced lesbianism is probably an acquired taste and Yumi's molestation of Yu may not work for everyone (some of it works for me). It should also be noted that Yumi Kazama is nothing like the young waifs you often see in Japanese porn. The curvaceous 33 year old -- whose star status is due to the rising popularity of MILF porn in Japan -- is lovely but definitely full figured.

The movie wraps up with crime lord Lee Connor violating Yu. It starts with Yu standing naked in a room filled with criminals, including Lee and Yumi. Ropes have been used to bind Yu's arms behind her back and the ropes also run above and below her breasts. Lee taunts Yu and proceeds to feel up her body. Yu groans and squeals as Lee fondles her breasts and squeezes her nipples.

Lee makes Yu bend forward in a bowing position. Lee spanks Yu's ass a few times, and then crouches down behind Yu and puts his face between her legs to eat Yu's pussy. Yu lets out some loud groans as her pussy is licked.

Yu is placed in a sitting position on the couch and Lee stands in front of Yu and drops his undies. Yu is forced to blow Lee, with Lee grabbing the back of her head with both hands to help drive his point home, so to speak. There's a nice moment where Lee slaps the back of Yu's head and orders Yu to work her tongue along his shaft.

The blow job ends with Yu gagging on Lee's cock. As drool hangs from Yu's mouth, Lee kneels close to her and lets her know he's going to fuck her. Yu is moved into a missionary position on the couch and Lee nails her, with Yu moaning and panting as she is banged.

Yu is moved into a standing position, leaning forward against the back of the couch. Lee pumps Yu in that position and there are some nice close-ups of Yu looking shattered as she is violated. Lee finishes by cumming in Yu's pussy, and cum seeps out of Yu's snatch after Lee has withdrawn.

Maki and some other soldiers arrive on the scene to rescue Yu. A shootout follows and Yu is led to safety. The movie concludes with a trailer for Lady Attackers from Hell 3, which will include a whipping scene with three naked women tied arms over head and an electro-shock scene featuring two naked women tied AOH.

My grade: A

Lady Attackers From Hell 2: Mission and BDSM draws much of its influence from other Japanese porn producers, specifically CineMagic and FA Pro, and the inspirations are used to great effect. The final result is superior to most of what gets released these days. Yu Kawakami is outstanding in the lead role. Although it has some flaws, Lady Attackers From Hell 2: Mission and BDSM is a first-rate feature production that is highly recommended.

Thursday, December 27th 2012 - 09:28:43 AM

Name: John Galt

A Canadian: Thanks for the excellent review of JBD-157. I was personally a little disappointed in the upside down dunking scene; not because I've ever seen it done better but probably because my expectations were unreasonably high. I wanted more choking, coughing, sputtering and thrashing. The electro scene was nice, and you perfectly captured it with your pictures. The tied-to-the-bed spread-eagle scene was very well done as well, although if it had been a guy molesting her I might have enjoyed it more. But it was still exceptionally hot. The upside down forced blow job scene suffered a bit from too many clothes, but it was good.

I'm not sure how I feel about those two dying ejaculations, but I will say they were very well done.

I agree with your grade. I thought it was an outstanding JAV production. Thanks for a terrific review!

Thursday, December 27th 2012 - 02:53:22 PM

Name: A Canadian

John Galt wrote:

I was personally a little disappointed in the upside down dunking scene; not because I've ever seen it done better but probably because my expectations were unreasonably high.

Yeah, it's always a good idea not to set your expectations too high.

In this case, I was fortunate. I had seen the first movie in the series and was disappointed. It had some good scenes -- a whipping, hot-wax tortures -- but the action was pretty much consensual. The tortures were part of the basic training to become soldiers. The tortures were unwelcome but not really non-consensual.

So I watched the second film with my expectations in check. I was fortunate that the film surpassed my expectations.

Friday, December 28th 2012 - 12:34:55 AM

Name: danny
E-mail address:

The JBD-157 electro torture scene looks good. Does anyone have a WORKING download link here? I loved the one from the CMC flick and would like to see this one.

Friday, December 28th 2012 - 12:42:26 AM

Name: A Canadian

danny: If you're looking for a legitimate download source, you can arrange to download the movie from the dmm website in Japan. It's a little pricey, though -- the cost is about $29 U.S. The price will come down if you wait a few months.

Friday, December 28th 2012 - 12:57:16 AM

Name: MAV
Homepage URL:

A Canadian: thanks for the JBD-157 review. Due to my AOH snobism, it sounds like the next movie (#3) will be more up my alley. Any way you can post that preview or some stills as well?

Friday, December 28th 2012 - 01:39:22 AM

Name: A Canadian

MAV: I'm not sure when the third movie is being released (it's not part of Attackers' upcoming movies for January).

If it's among the February titles, the trailer should be available online in about a week or so. I will post a link to the trailer as soon as I see it.

Friday, December 28th 2012 - 01:57:57 AM

Name: A Canadian

MAV: Sorry, I should have read your post a bit more carefully before I responded. I can certainly lift some caps from the trailer.

I will arrange with Ralphus to get links for the caps and will post them in the coming days.

Friday, December 28th 2012 - 02:00:41 AM

Name: A Canadian

Here are links to caps from the trailer for Lady Attackers from Hell 3. On closer examination, it's possible the AOH snobs would refer to the electro-shock scenes as arms above head, rather than AOH.

As I mentioned, I will post the trailer as soon as I see it online.

Friday, December 28th 2012 - 08:50:06 AM

Name: Flintstone

to A Canadian: Thanks for the outstanding review! I would probably be more interested if some of the other women shown on the cover were involved in being captured instead of just primarily Yu, but still a better GIMP movie than usually comes our way. Great effort on your part and well done!

Friday, December 28th 2012 - 09:59:19 AM

Name: MAV

Thanks A Canadian! I will prefer the whipping scene to the electro scene since in that upcoming Attackers movie since I like it more when the girl's wrists are tied together.

Friday, December 28th 2012 - 11:15:47 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

A Canadian: Thanks, my friend, for another outstanding review. I recently saw Lady Attackers 2 (the actual title in the movie credits is An Infernal LADY ATTACKERS 2 Mission & BDSM...whew, that's a mouthful) and I agree, it's the best thing I've seen Attackers put out in years. It reminded me very much of the excellent prisoner of war movies that FA-Pro sometimes produces, which is a winning formula to follow. Particularly the electric shock torture segment, which is probably what they are most famous for. And likewise, I agree that the upside-down dunking scene was the best of many standout scenes in this one, although there were many that stood out for me. Even the girl-girl spread-eagled rape scene worked for me, although I would have left out the vibrator.

It's very good news that Attackers appears to be getting their act back together, for this one series at least. And the previews for Part 3 look quite promising as well.

The direct link for your latest review is in my Homepage URL above.

Friday, December 28th 2012 - 11:21:51 AM

Name: Bill K.

Question in Lady Attackers from Hell 3. "On closer examination, it's possible the AOH snobs would refer to the electro-shock scenes as arms above head, rather than AOH." Do they use real painful electric shocking devices or is it acting?

I always want to see the arms tied below the shoulders because it makes smaller A and B cup breasts bigger and not flattened out. Bill K.

Friday, December 28th 2012 - 12:32:12 PM

Name: A Canadian

Bill K. wrote:

Do they use real painful electric shocking devices or is it acting?

It's acting.

The closing credits for Lady Attackers from Hell 2 include some blooper scenes that confirm that nobody was hurt in the making of the movie. One of the bloopers is from the film's electro-shock scene and it shows Yu and Yumi laughing after Yumi has flubbed one of her lines.

Friday, December 28th 2012 - 01:31:43 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Remarkably, another year has flown by, which means it's time for the annual Year in Review.

I say 'break out the bubbly' as I'm in an unusually celebratory mood. In my estimation, 2012 was a damn good year.

I mostly watch Japanese porn and that worked out very well this past year. For whatever reason -- Japan's struggling economy, and/or changing attitudes -- the biggest names in Japan's adult cinema are all making GIMP flicks.

A-list superstars such as Rio (pictured below), Akiho Yoshizawa, Yuma Asami, Jessica Kizaki, Yuna Shiina, Haruki Sato and many others showed up in films with GIMP themes, usually with an emphasis on rape and humiliation. Granted, the quality of those movies varied, but most contained at least a few worthwhile scenes featuring incredibly hot women.

And then there were the unexpected gems -- stars and movies found by chance that made quite an impression. There were more than a few discoveries in 2012 that made the hunt for GIMP worthwhile. Even Attackers, which I had pretty much written off, bounced back at the end of 2012 with its strongest film in years.

There was much to enjoy. Here's the final tally:

I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and all the best for 2013.

Friday, December 28th 2012 - 09:14:57 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

A Canadian: As always, great list. And now for the 8th year in a row, here's my list of this year's GIMP Best and Worsts and Ralphus Awards.

Drumroll please...

Best GIMP Movie of the Year: Attackers JB-157: Lady Attackers 2 Easily the best thing I've seen from Attackers in years, with at least 5 standout scenes, including several rapes, electric shock torture and an upside-down dunking.

BTW, for the first time in 8 years, both Canadian and I picked the same movie for this honor. Maybe he should get an award for finally coming around!

Best Mainstream Movie of the Year: Red White & Blue Okay, technically this came out on DVD in 2011, but I'm not going to hold that against it just because it took so long for Netflix to finally send it to me. A totally original and fascinating thriller that will keep you guessing til the end. And oh yeah, also contains plenty of GIMP. Definitely seek this one out.

The Bill Zebub Award for the Worst Movie of the Year: The Bunny Game Despite a plot featuring lots of naked bondage and torture, this pretentious arsty-fartsy piece of crap was loud, annoying, poorly edited and a huge waste of time. Even worse, the clueless filmmaker thought it was a good idea to SHAVE THE VICTIM'S HEAD, which made her look like a Buddhist monk with tits.

Best Mainstream Performance: Dreama Walker, Compliance This beautiful young actress blew me away playing a worker who becomes the victim of a cruel phone prank where a caller, posing as a cop, forces her to strip naked and perform humiliating sexual acts in the back room of a fast food restaurant. An amazing story made all the more incredible because it was based on true events.

Best Torture Scene of the Year: The amazing upside-down whipping scene from Cinemagic's CMC-088. And my cat liked it, too.

Best Rape Scene: Can't Wait: GIMP Cut We didn't hear a lot about this overlooked gem on the board, but this MaX CoXXX production featured an outstanding segment where a cutie named Zia is bound, gagged, suspended and raped by Max. It's gotta be GIMP-worthy, it even has GIMP as part of the title!

Best YouTube Find: A complete episode of the Mexican TV show Mujeres Asesinas (Killer Women) features a rather grisly tale of a lady who kidnaps a cute young woman, and then proceeds to tie her up, gag her, and then torture her in creative ways before burning her alive in a trash dumpster. WAY darker and more explicit than anything that could possibly be allowed in the United States.

Best New Feature: The Electro-Shock Database We had a much smaller version of this years ago, but this new database is now jam-packed with close to 200 entries, with nearly 100 video links and over 2000 vidcaps. It's easily the most comprehensive database of its kind devoted to torturing women with electric shock. And don't you think the Internet needed a resource like that?

Best Poll: Personally, my favorite poll this year concerned whether enjoying sadistic entertainment made one a sadist, but the poll that brought seemingly everybody out was:

"How important is nudity in your GIMP entertainment?"

We've had over 40 different people weigh in on this issue since December 1, and we're still getting many interesting responses nearly a month later, so obviously this is an issue that people care enough about to sound off. The consensus? I haven't officially kept track, but it seems about split right down the middle between those that gotta have nudity and those who say it's not essential. And the debate rages on...

Biggest Surprise of the Year: We had a poll as to what should be the subject of our next database, and not only did Rape not win in a landslide as I predicted, it actually lost out to...Red Hot Iron Torture. What? Who would have thought that an underdog niche fetish like that would actually beat Man's Favorite Sport?

Most Eagerly Awaited Film of Next Year: I Spit on Your Grave 2 A few years back, the 2010 remake of the trash classic won this award, and yeah, it turned out to be decent but not nearly as explicit as the first film. So why get excited now? Well, according to the initial reports, the lead character is raped, tortured, kidnapped to a foreign country, then buried alive and left to die. Oh, and did I mention the victim is played by British hottie Jemma Dallender? No problem with the casting, at least.

Censorship Doesn't Have to Make Sense Award: to the Cinemateca theatre in Bolivia, which was to host the world theatrical premiere of Maleficarum, but then chickened out. The reason they gave? Banned for "explicit language". Excuse me? There was NO bad language at all in the movie. No doubt the guys at the Cinemateca were too uncomfortable watching realistic portrayals of naked women tortured, raped, roasted on a spit and burned at the stake, so they caved. Pussies.

Censorship Has Its Benefits Award: to Maleficarum After being banned, the publicity it generated caused 4 other theaters in 3 cities to snatch it up, where it played alongside major Hollywood releases like The Avengers. And by the end of the year, it was close to becoming the most successful film ever made by the gang at Red Feline/Pacamama Films.

Worst Suggestion For a Database for the Site: A database devoted to...Tickling. No seriously, someone asked for one. Twice. Sorry, but if I've got a girl tied up, tickling wouldn't even make my Top 100 list of things to do to her.

Best Retro Blast of the Year: ZFX's completely refurbished website now features thousands of vidcaps of every ZFX movie, with even more caps from every ZFX performer, plus a weekly clip from a different ZFX video every week. Lots of great memories can be revisited there.

Whoa, Take It Easy Award: to Margot, not exactly known for her brevity, who made a post on August 25 that was so enormously long that Dreambook wouldn't even accept it all, even after I tried to manually add the remainder after it got cut off. This is the first time in over 13 years that particular phenomenon has occurred. So John Galt, Fritz, and Mr. 0 - you can finally stop trying, guys, it's been done.


And to all my fellow GIMPers: have a great year filled with tied-up babes in 2013.

Friday, December 28th 2012 - 09:15:57 PM

Name: John Galt

A Canadian and Ralphus: Thanks, guys, for the always entertaining and informative year end reviews. The illustrations were outstanding as well. I recall Cinemagic CMC-082 kind of swooping in at the end of the year last year and garnering praise and awards. Looks like Attackers JBD-157 did the trick this year. An excellent choice with which I concur.

Friday, December 28th 2012 - 10:43:23 PM

Name: MaX CoXXX
Homepage URL:


Quick thanks to Ralphus! You rock man! I'll be back tomorrow with plenty of fresh rape update action!

Good Hunting


Saturday, December 29th 2012 - 12:42:39 AM

Name: Darkroom
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Heck, if this new Attackers flick is good enough for both Ralphus and A Canadian, then I should likely consider it. Thanks for the work, guys.

Just out of a curiosity, what would you say is the roughest, cruelest, nastiest and most unforgiving Japanese movie you fellas have seen, like ever?

Saturday, December 29th 2012 - 10:52:10 AM

Name: Thomas Chaser
E-mail address:

Wow, I can't believe I missed out on a Red Hot Iron Torture as a poll question. It makes a great finale to any GIMP scene. Sure, there's the obligatory stripping, threatening, and almost-mandatory whipping and slapping, but to really finish a scene you need either strangling or red hot iron branding until she passes out to wrap things up. Then, of course, you (a) throw her in a hole to die or (b) leave her there while you make good your escape or (c) realize that you have a pretty good thing going and revive her to do it all over again. I'm surprised irons aren't used more often. It worked well in "Poor Cecily".

Saturday, December 29th 2012 - 12:30:17 PM

Name: JohnM
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:



Saturday, December 29th 2012 - 02:14:40 PM

Name: Badger

The Ralphus Awards and the Year in Review by Canadian are awesome, as always. They remind me of the big burst at the end of a fireworks display. And there are so many ideas to follow up on, they will be the gift that keeps on giving.

Thanks to both of you and Happy New Year to all.

Saturday, December 29th 2012 - 02:33:32 PM

Name: MaX CoXXX
Homepage URL:


Thanks again Ralphus!

Although I do not support a tickling database on GIMP... Tickling is a great way to test bondage without marking the model before the pain begins. And they really hate it. But no, I vote no tickling database on GIMP...

Hey Fella's Been a couple busy weeks so I have a bunch of new "GIMP" worthily videos for you all.



Side note about Tegan Mohr. She is amazing & tattoo free! Keep your eyes on that one.

Also starring Ivy, MaX CoXXX & zander

Wedding night for a couple Lezbos. Well A couple good ol boys don't think thats how things are supposed to work. So they bust in , bind & rape the lezbos. When one of the attackers has to leave the other attacker hand strangles the extra lezbo. Aint greedy Then he goes back to raping the other. Once he gets off. He strangles her also.

Fetish Elements: (HC) Strangling X 2, Rape, Bondage, Lezbo, POV, Catch & Release , HOM, Cum Shot, Body Views.




When Mr camera guy hears no one knows where Alisha is. It's on like Donkey Kong. Brutal ASS RAPE, Graphic brutal ASSHOLE RAPE. But before the ASS RAPE. Alisha is drugged fingered, bound AOH, Tazered, whipped bloody, slapped & punched tell her guts are raw. Then he forces his cock down her throat, tazers, rapes & punches her while slapping her in the face some more. All of this goes on & on & on & on & some more stuff...... Then he tricks her into a one last cock suck, blows wad on face & proceeds to put a SLIPNOT around her long ass neck & makes it longer.





Also Starring BROCK

A mad man has been watching a young co-ed on a campus. Tonight he has broken into her flat & is lying in wait. So young, so innocent. It is a ripped away in an instant when the needle goes into her neck. The tape comes out. She is molested, her close are cut off. She fight as best as her tiny drugged body can. The mass enormous cock is rammed in her mouth. He takes her from behind. He just takes & takes, Choking & fucking her tell her blows his wad in her face. Then he strangles her to death & leaves to find the next victim.

Fetish Elements: (HC) STRANGLING, RAPE, Tape Gag, HOM, Huge Cock Tiny Girl, Teen, Drugging, Forced BJ, Nipple Twisting, Knife.


$10 a month for life!


Good Hunting


Saturday, December 29th 2012 - 04:42:28 PM

Name: John Galt

Max Coxxx: It is always fun to see new posts from you! They are so visually stimulating. Hey, is it just me or is down?

Thanks for the previews of some very GIMP-worthy looking videos. Tegan Mohr sounds like she might be worth a look, and the Lezbo Wedding Night shoot looks intriguing, with plenty of bondage and rape before strangulation. (If there has to be strangulation, that is always my preferred order.) I might just make that one a holiday treat for myself. By the way, what do members of get access to for their membership? I see that $10 a month for life offer is still on the table....

Saturday, December 29th 2012 - 05:43:19 PM

Name: MaX CoXXX
Homepage URL:

John Galt:Thank you I enjoy yours also! DIRTY DEEDS is up! Was never down as far as I know.

About MaX The 1st 100 members get full access & will only have to pay $10 a month. All members after 100 will be $25. MaX is all my billable BDSM content in order of production. Right now it updates everyday for the next month & a 1/2. I may keep up the daily update indefinitely. There are no download restrictions & you can stream to what ever your device.

There is also a little trick I just learned. If a female is having a fantasy about being raped & she appears to like it from the perspective of her thinking she likes it while the images she is imagining are a total rape scene. So as I move forward with new productions I am going to put up bound rape scenes. They still wont be "as" hardcore as my death stuff but it will be hot & I can get all those hot young porn stars to do it. Hell Ya!



Saturday, December 29th 2012 - 06:33:14 PM

Name: Mike

Hello, could someone please describe the scenes in further detail from Django Unchained? Was Broomhilda in the stocks while she was whipped like in the trailer, or was she tied with rope and standing? Was she awakened with water and whipped more? Could you see the whip hitting her back?


Saturday, December 29th 2012 - 10:27:54 PM

Name: Rick
Homepage URL:

Greetings All,

Ralphus: Thanks for award! I'm glad you liked the site update. I have some further plans for it in the coming year with more free stuff and more content as well.

On a different note, I was sorry to read there was a lack of serious GIMP in Django Unchained. I'm not surprised. Tarantino often seems to go more for the homo erotic stuff ala Pulp Fiction. I thought his strangling scene with Diane Kruger in Inglorious Bastards had potential. That's one of those non-nude scenes that was quite nice, yet it would be better with some tits. Oh well. Still, I love his movies, despite some GIMP failings, because they are violent, raw and thus, interesting.

A Canadian: Thanks for the Year in Review shout out and I'm glad to hear you like the Clip of the Week!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!


Saturday, December 29th 2012 - 11:50:12 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Darkroom wrote:

Just out of a curiosity, what would you say is the roughest, cruelest, nastiest and most unforgiving Japanese movie you fellas have seen, like ever?

Since I'm one of GIMP-land's lightweights, I should probably defer to Ralphus and others on this one. I know what I like in Japanese porn but I can't say I go looking for films that meet that exact criteria.

One older film that might fit the bill was Attackers JBD-079, which was released back in 2005. Ralphus always liked that one more than I did, although I did recommend it back in the day when I reviewed it.

I suspect someone looking for the nastiest Japanese film ever might want to check out the CineMagic titles. For example, here is the trailer for CMN-091, a film with Yu Kawakami (star of Lady Attackers from Hell 2) that looks like it is pretty harsh. I haven't seen it but the trailer suggests it could be a contender.

Saturday, December 29th 2012 - 11:51:40 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Mike: In Django Unchained, Broomhilda was tied standing with her arms apart during her only whipping scene, and you don't see her back being whipped; it's shot from the front. I believe she's in stocks later on in the movie, that's where she gets her face branded, but it's real brief.


Darkroom asked:

Just out of a curiosity, what would you say is the roughest, cruelest, nastiest and most unforgiving Japanese movie you fellas have seen, like ever?

I have 2, but one is apparently out of print (I bought it on VHS). It went under several titles, but at the time The Candles Room website carried it under the title Punish. I also saw it listed somewhere as Heavy Torment Breast Suspension. I still have the tape somewhere in my collection under a third different title.

All I can find right now are these 5 tiny caps, along with my original review. The buy link there is broken; I'm pretty sure they stopped selling it after the market for VHS faded out.

The other one Canadian already mentioned; it's Attackers JB-79 with Randa Mai dishing out unbelievably harsh torture to a young cutie. As a matter of fact, this was the very first Ralphus Award winner for Best Movie back in 2005. Canadian gave it only a B, but he's more of a Rape Guy. I'm a Torture Guy and they don't come any rougher than this one. It's an easy A from me.

As I was making caps for my post it occurred to me to go ahead and add caps to Canadian's review, since it was written back in the days before we did that and he's asked me to upgrade a number of his older reviews recently. Canadian, I hope you don't mind; it's probably something you were planning on doing yourself in the future. But if there's any issues or anything you need changed, drop me an e-mail and I can accommodate you.

Here's a few that didn't make the cut. Check out the defeated look on her face as the movie ends. They put that girl though total hell; there's no doubt in my mind she was really suffering during that shoot.

Sunday, December 30th 2012 - 02:51:00 AM

Name: bleumune

Ralphus said: Biggest Surprise of the Year: We had a poll as to what should be the subject of our next database, and not only did Rape not win in a landslide as I predicted, it actually lost out to...Red Hot Iron Torture. What? Who would have thought that an underdog niche fetish like that would actually beat Man's Favorite Sport?

Speaking of which, Ralphus, is there any kind of an ETA on that "Red Hot Iron Torture"? Not that I don't appreciate everything you do here, but that photo you posted was rather hot . . . and, yes, sigh, pun intended. I can't help myself, it seems . . .

Sunday, December 30th 2012 - 03:57:16 AM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Ralphus wrote:

As I was making caps for my post it occurred to me to go ahead and add caps to Canadian's review, since it was written back in the days before we did that and he's asked me to upgrade a number of his older reviews recently. Canadian, I hope you don't mind; it's probably something you were planning on doing yourself in the future.

Actually, I hadn't thought of it until I looked at the review yesterday in response to Darkroom's question. I did think that was a review that would be enhanced by caps. Thanks for adding them, Ralphus. Those caps look terrific.

I'm pretty much done adding caps to my older reviews. There are maybe one or two more films that might get capped at some point, but for the most part the reviews I most wanted to see upgraded have been upgraded.

Well...that's certainly true for the reviews written by me. I can think of a few reviews written by others that I would like to see upgraded, such as the reviews of South of the Border 5 (which would have received a higher grade if it had been reviewed by a "rape guy" like me) and Ballista 2.

One final note: The source at the bottom of the Attackers JBD-079 review needs to be updated as the website no longer exists. The film can be found at


Ralphus: Great work on this year's Ralphus Awards. I have one question for you and/or your cat -- apart from the whipping scene, is CMC-088 any good? Some parts in the trailer look a bit silly but the film could still be worthwhile.

As for the Lady Attackers films, I do hope they will become part of a continuing series beyond the third film. Looking down the road, I suspect we will also see a "best of" re-release of highlights. Normally, I don't care too much for "best of" packages but a re-release of highlights from this series could be quite good.

Sunday, December 30th 2012 - 08:43:38 AM

Name: Mike

Thanks Ralphus!

Sunday, December 30th 2012 - 08:45:47 AM

Name: John Galt

Well, I always follow through on my threats, so here is a review of Wife To be Sacrificed, one of the classic GIMP "Pink" flicks from the 70s which is inexplicably missing a review in the Movie Reviews Database. This movie and the two 70s-era Flower and Snake movies make a great GIMP "Pink" trifecta if you are ever on the mood for a GIMP "Pink" Movie Marathon.

* * * * *

Wife To Be Sacrificed (1974)

This classic GIMP flick is a must-see for aficionados. It stars Naomi Tani, who was so outstanding in Flower and Snake, as Akiko, the estranged wife of pedophile Kunisada, whom he kidnaps, humiliates, tortures and rapes over the course of the entire movie. I will concentrate on the GIMP bits, of which there are many.

Pedophile Kunisada is admiring the pre-teen object of his affections (not a little disturbing to contemplate) when he catches sight of his ex-wife. He abandons the little girl and kidnaps his ex-wife, then takes her to an isolated house in the woods.

8:30 minutes. Akiko makes Kunisada promise to let her go if she submits to him. He agrees. He sucks her nipple, ties her wrists with a sash, and rapes her with a large white candle. The scene lasts for 3-1/2 minutes. As you probably guessed, he does not let her go.

Wife To Be Sacrificed

13:00 minutes. There are two humiliation scenes next. One where Akiko has her hands bound behind her back and she is tethered to the wall and must fall forward to eat out of dishes on the floor. Then she struggles to arrange herself to pee in a large bowl, but stops when Kunisada walks back in to watch. She begs for him to let her go to the bathroom. He leads her out and watches as she pees and defecates, to her shame and embarrassment.

17:30 minutes. A naked Akiko, wearing a noose around her neck, bathes herself. She uses a knife to cut her noose and slice Kunisada, then flees the house naked only to be quickly recaptured.

Wife To Be Sacrificed

Kunisada binds and gags her.

Wife To Be Sacrificed

21:00 minutes. Kunisada removes the gag, ties her wrists and ankles to a bamboo pole, and pulls her feet up into the air.

Wife To Be Sacrificed

He spends a couple minutes dripping hot wax onto her crotch and belly as she cries out and struggles. We only see the wax on her belly since this is a "Pink" film and not an explicit JAV production. Even so, it is an exceptional hot wax torture scene. She finally passes out.

Wife To Be Sacrificed

28:30 minutes. While Kunisada goes to her house to retrieve some clothes, he leaves Akiko tightly bound and gagged. Not tightly enough, however, since she manages to free herself.

Wife To Be Sacrificed

Akiko flees the house, only to run into two depraved hunters. In a 3 minute sequence, they chase her down, cut off the ropes binding her, and rape her.

Wife To Be Sacrificed

Kunisada returns to find her naked and spreadeagled on the forest floor, unconscious. He bathes her in a stream, then takes her back to the house.

Wife To Be Sacrificed

31:30 minutes. Kunisada dresses Akiko in a white wedding kimono, ties her hands behind her back, and hoists her into the air. He ties a rope around one of her thighs and pulls it up and apart to expose her crotch. Then he foams up her crotch and shaves her smooth, warning her not to move or her will cut her. He cuts the inside of her thigh anyway, probably on purpose.

Wife To Be Sacrificed

Once he has her shaved, Kunisada lowers Akiko and lays her back onto a box, opens her kimono to suck her breasts, then fucks her. The entire suspension-shaving-rape scene runs 6-1/2 minutes.

Wife To Be Sacrificed

It is at this point, sadly, that we begin to realize that Akiko is starting to enjoy her abuse.

43:00 minutes. Fortunately, Kunisada happens upon two young lovers (Kaoru and Kiyoshi) who overdosed in some "Romeo and Juliet" scenario. Kunisada focuses on Kaoru (Terumi Azuma), of course. He opens her dress to expose her breasts, runs his hands up under her dress, pulls her panties down and off, lifts her dress up higher and rapes her. Then he brings her back to the house. That makes Akiko jealous. Kaoru's boyfriend, Kiyoshi, stumbles into the house and collapses.

Wife To Be Sacrificed

Kunisada ties Kiyoshi sitting on the floor in a spectator position. He ties Kaoru standing bent over, wearing only panties.

Wife To Be Sacrificed

52:00 minutes. Kunisada pulls down Kaoru's panties and injects a significant volume of enema into her. He instructs Akiko to tend to the girl, and she holds a bag up behind Kaoru as she struggles and cries and finally releases her bowels, all while Kiyoshi helplessly watches.

Wife To Be Sacrificed

Then Kunisada instructs Akiko to service Kiyoshi while he cleans up Kaoru. Akiko lowers herself onto Kiyoshi and fucks him.

Wife To Be Sacrificed

Meanwhile, Kunisada lays Kaoru on the floor and fucks her.

Wife To Be Sacrificed

58:00 minutes. Akiko is bound on her back atop some rocks. Kunisada walks up. Akiko begs him, "Please hit me," and Kunisada proceeds to whip her.

Wife To Be Sacrificed

Back in the house, the two young lovers are bound standing, sniping at each other. Kunisada's goal was to destroy their love, which apparently he has done, so her releases them. Kunisada leads Akiko on a leash to a cave and they have sex. When they return, the two lovers have tied themselves together and strangled each other with rope. Kunisada is disappointed.

Wife To Be Sacrificed

In the final scene, the police have followed Kunisada's pre-teen lover to the house, and they walk in to find the dead bound lovers and a tightly bound Akiko, who tells them not to untie her. Meanwhile, Kunisada runs into the girl and they walk off, hand in hand. Kind of a yuck ending.

Wife To Be Sacrificed

SUMMARY: Wife To Be Sacrificed deserves a top spot on every GIMPer's Favorite Movies list. It is one long torture, humiliation and rape adventure, with two attractive female victims. Kidnapping, rape, humiliation, bondage and suspension bondage, gang-bang, forced crotch shaving, enema, and whipping are all well represented. The only things I did not like were the pedophile angle and that Akiko began to enjoy her tribulations. But if you enjoy watching a woman broken and turned submissive, I suppose that last part is not a complete negative.

This is definitely an A movie. Required viewing for all GIMPophiles.

The DVD is available from for the outrageous price of $87.00. Screw that. It is also available on Netflix Streaming right now.

Sunday, December 30th 2012 - 03:09:00 PM

Name: John Galt

I see that there is a remake in the works for Evil Dead, due out in April 2013. I reviewed the original Evil Dead, and contended that its vine rape scene was a nice GIMP bit. So I am interested to see if they repeat that scene in the remake, and if so, whether they make it better (I hope) or worse (which is far more likely). Horror movie makers used to understand GIMP, but somewhere along the way they all lost their way. Or just became pussies. Anyway, here's the Red Band Trailer for the new Evil Dead. There is a quick shot near the end that looks like horny vines are making a move, but it's hard to tell. Guess we'll see.

Sunday, December 30th 2012 - 04:25:57 PM

Name: A Canadian

John Galt: Nice work on the review of Wife to be Sacrificed and the generous helping of caps.

I'd like to tell you I'm going to check this one out but the price on amazon is outside of my budget and I don't subscribe to Netflix. Even if I did subscribe to Netflix, it probably wouldn't matter, as Netflix in Canada has a pretty thin range of titles and probably doesn't carry this movie.

So I'll look for it at some of the local stores that carry Japanese films but I doubt I'll ever see it.

Sunday, December 30th 2012 - 09:25:45 PM

Name: Fritz

As we're just over a day away from 2013, let me wish everyone here a Happy New Year, preferably one in which many new and exciting GIMP moments await. And thanks to Ralphus and A Canadian for their always welcome wrap-ups of the best of 2012. I'd also like to add my personal congratulations to Margot for bringing Dreambook to its knees. Those of us who tried and failed salute you.

* * * * *

Darkroom wrote:

Just out of a curiosity, what would you say is the roughest, cruelest, nastiest and most unforgiving Japanese movie you fellas have seen, like ever?

Unlike A Canadian, I don't shy away from the heavy stuff, so my selection here is considerably more extreme than anything available from Attackers, CineMagic or even FA Pro. Of the JAV titles I've seen, the nastiest were released by Zeus, a subsidiary of the GIGA/Zen conglomerate. And of the Zeus videos I've bought, the OTT champ is a heart-warming little romp called Sadi-Scream, Volume 4.

The title and cover art should give you an idea of what to expect, but in case someone cares about the details, here's a brief synopsis with a few screen caps (provided as links so as not to offend the more easily offended). The story is simple. A gangster's moll (played by the lovely Sakura Sakurada) cheats on her mob boss lover with a kid who has been stalking her. She is caught in the act by the psychotic hoodlum and pays the price for her disloyalty.

Sakura is strung up AOH and pummeled relentlessly by one of the boss' goons until she is bruised and bloody. She is forced to watch as the kid she fucked is beheaded while kneeling at her feet. In comparison to what's in store for the girl, the boy gets off rather easily. Our heroine is cut down and forced onto her back, legs spread and arms cuffed overhead to a bed frame. The mob boss threatens his (presumably former) girlfriend with a knife, first cutting her breasts then moving in close for some impromptu genital mutilation. In between the slicing and dicing, he amuses himself with some creative raping and apparent cannibalism.

Miraculously, Sakura survives much of this abuse, though she clearly is in bad need of a transfusion by this point. But then her jealous lover brings out his Katana and things get really grim. He uses the sword to amputate Sakura's hand then stuffs it in her mouth as a gag while he continues to rape and mutilate her until... well, until there isn't much left to rape and mutilate.

At one point I thought about writing a critical review of this Oscar contender for the board, but given the sentiments of most folks around here, I suspect its appeal is somewhat limited. That said, Darkroom specifically mentioned "rough", "cruel", "nasty" and "unforgiving", so I suppose I had no choice but to put this delightful entry forward for his consideration.

* * * * *

Somewhat apropos of my reply to Darkroom, Badger wrote:

But for me there is something about having body parts removed that makes me lose my interest, of course, unless it is preceded by some of the fun stuff. Unfortunately, this type of torture porn seems to be proliferating. It might make for an interesting future forum question as to whether this appeals to many --- how many closet mangle-heads there are lurking in our midst?

Well, I wouldn't say I'm a "mangle-head" (what the hell is that, anyway?), but as some may have guessed, I have a strong enough stomach to enjoy some relatively extreme GIMP action. Of course, such uber-violence should be necessary to the plot ... none of that gratuitous stuff for me. Oh maybe just a little... you know, to balance the gratuitous nudity.

It's funny how GIMPers, a community not known for accepting the boundaries of "decent society", still have their own personal limits. Some don't care for blood or marks; some draw the line at removal of body parts; a few might accept bisection, but can't handle what seems to be the biggest deal breaker of all: eye gouging. And then there is that most brutal and repugnant of all tortures: tickling.

Personally, I don't need blood 'n guts, but if done well, it makes for a good heavyweight scene. In customs, I often request extreme action because it works with the kind of scripts I write. And frankly, it's not as common as some people think, torture porn notwithstanding. Still, the vast majority of my GIMP collection is comparatively tame, and some of my favorite scenes are completely bloodless.

Yes, there are GIMP elements that turn me off, but unlike others, I have no problem with the kind of mayhem marathonmann posted in his Hold Your Breath preview. In fact, I'm looking forward to watching it. If that makes me a mangle-head, so be it. There... now I'm out of the closet.

Sunday, December 30th 2012 - 09:34:05 PM

Name: John Galt

The image hosting site I was using went down for good recently, prompting me to move (slowly but surely) the pictures I posted in my older reviews to Ralphus to host. Should have done that to begin with, but hindsight is always 20/20. The reason I'm mentioning it is because I created an animated GIF for my review of Powershotz's Aubrey and Tatum... Can't Get It In, and I was very proud of it, but the site I was using wouldn't let me host a GIF. Go figure. I was able to host it with Ralphus, though, and it is now included in my review. The GIF documents the crucial few seconds when Aubrey initially penetrates Tatum using either too large a strap-on or too little lubricant. It's kind of cool, if you like that sort of thing. One of my (many) favorite Powershotz clips. Check it out here.

* * * * *

Thought I would slip in one more review before the end of 2012, for the reading and illustration-viewing enjoyment of any GIMPers who will be celebrating New Years in a more sedentary style. This is an older movie--well, from 2011, anyway--but I just recently saw a clip of an incredible hot wax torture scene featured in it and decided to track it down and watch it. It was not an easy thing to do, but if you get the opportunity, it turns out it actually has two stand-out scenes, in my opinion. Coincidentally, when Darkroom asked about the nastiest JAV movie, A Canadian responded with CMN-091, which is a later movie in this same series--Volume 4, I think. If you like rough stomach punching, and think of it as a nasty torment, then CMN-080 might interest you as well. It still doesn't hold a candle to Fritz's blood and disfigurement extravaganza, for any of you "mangle-heads" out there. And I don't mean that in a pejorative way.

* * * * *

Slave Woman Warrior, Vol 2 (Cinemagic CMN-080)

This is the second in the Slave Warrior Woman series, which also goes by the title IMPULSE Trap Warrior Woman of Seirei Chapter 2. A couple of the later volumes star Yu Kawakami, but this one stars Kaoru Natsuki.

Kaoru breaks into the bad guys' lair and is subsequently tasered into unconsciousness. When she wakes up, she is tied AOH, still fully clothed in her black latex catsuit and black mask. She is subjected to a boring interrogation. Then she is brutally struck on her abdomen repeatedly using a nightstick. The blows are vicious, and she frequently vomits after each hit. Between strikes, she is jabbed painfully using the end of the nightstick. If you enjoy harsh stomach punching, then this is a quality 4-minute beating.


Next, Kaoru's arms are lowered a little bit and she is flogged. Then the seat of her pantsuit is ripped enough to reveal one bare butt cheek and she is flogged there. After that, Kaoru is lowered onto her hands and knees, and while one man stands on one of her hands, the other man repeatedly smashes a brick down onto her other hand. Ouch. At the end, Kaoru holds up her bruised and trembling hand to reveal the damage.


Once again, Kaoru is standing, this time with her hands fastened behind her back and wearing a boot fetishist's dream come true--black spike heeled boots that keep her feet on her toes.


Then a noose is slipped around her neck and she is choked in various ways and for various lengths of time for the next 9 minutes. There are lots of close-ups of Kaoru's face, throat and chest showing a nice glistening of sweat throughout the scene. Finally, Kaoru is made to sit in a chair with a light in her face and is interrogated more and eventually choked into unconsciousness using the noose.


In the next scene, Kaoru is told to remove her mask. Yes, we are over 41 minutes into this video and Kaoru is still fully clothed (except for one butt cheek) and masked. Her hands are fastened together with leather cuffs in front of her. She is made to raise her hands up behind her head and hold them there. Her tormentor gropes her, licks her underarms (which grosses her out about as much as it did me), then reaches inside her top and mauls her breasts. Half past the 45 minute mark, the guy finally opens her catsuit to reveal her breasts, pinches and pulls at her nipples, tears open the bottom of her catsuit to reveal her latex panties, then slips his hand down her panties and mauls her there as well. Then he cuts her panties off and finger fucks her. This entire scene would have played better if Kaoru weren't just obligingly keeping her hands held up behind her head.


Kaoru is forced onto her knees and she and we both endure 6-1/2 minutes of talking, face mashing and forced cock smelling before she is finally forced to suck the guy's cock. It is a fairly good forced oral sex scene, with lots of choking, gasping, spitting and drooling. Her hands are fastened together in the leather cuffs in front of her, which is unfortunate, but she keeps them down and out of sight so it is easy to pretend they are actually realistically restrained. She is pushed down on her hands and knees, her pantsuit and panties are ripped completely away, and she is fucked from behind.

Then she is pushed down onto her back, with the other guy holding her arms down over her head (which is nice) and fucked in that position. When the guy comes, it is on her face, and she is forced at gunpoint to swallow it.


Next there is a boring interlude with Kaoru and another gal in a quasi-drugged kind-of bondage lesbian kissing and masturbation scene. It is a skippable 11 minutes.

The two women are once again standing, wearing their black masks, hands bound behind their backs, and subjected to intense nose-hookery. It is a "torture" I just do not get, and it is another skippable 11 minutes in my book.

We are about an hour and a half into the video when Kaoru is bound sitting back on a toilet in the middle of the floor. Her arms are tied up behind her head and her legs are frog-tied apart. Her breasts are tightly bound as we watch. This is followed by nipple pinching and pulling, then pussy fingering.


Next, a gag with a funnel is attached to Kaoru's mouth and one of her tormentors urinates into the funnel, forcing Kaoru to drink it. He also stands between her legs and urinates on her belly, then forces her to lick the urine off his hand.


The piece de resistance of this video, and the scene that got my attention, begins with Kaoru bound on the floor, spread-eagled. She is wearing black calf-high boots and a strange gold-lame panty-loincloth thing, but otherwise gloriously naked.


In what has to be the most depraved torment I have ever witnessed in all my JAV viewing experience, she is made to endure (gasp) forced toothbrushing, using an electric toothbrush. Oh, the humanity! He also uses the toothbrush on one of her nipples before he gets down to business. (Yes, it was kind of a WTF torture.)


Kaoru's panty-loincloth thing is pulled down and she is roughly finger fucked until she is gasping and trembling. The panty-loincloth is moved back into place (a major disappointment to me personally) and a large--and I mean large--pan of melted wax is brought in and set down next to the helpless girl. The two guys then proceed to ladle the hot wax onto her naked body while she screams and struggles.


The wax dries almost immediately, coating nearly every inch of her visible skin except for her face, although there are splashes of wax on her neck and in her hair. Now this is what you call hot wax torture!


As Kaoru lays on the floor, coated in wax, one of the guys places a gun up against her temple and the scene abruptly ends with "To be continued...."

SUMMARY: A very attractive Kaoru Natsuki is tasered unconscious and subjected to a first-rate AOH belly-punching type beating, complete with vomiting. She is flogged, one of her hands is pounded with a brick, she is choked with a noose, groped, finger fucked, forced to suck cock, fucked from behind doggy-style and then fucked on the floor on her back, made to swallow semen, nose-hook tortured, made to swallow urine, peed on, forced to have her teeth briefly brushed, finger-fucked spread-eagled on the floor, then splashed with ladles of hot wax until her naked spread-eagled body is covered. Oh yeah, there was a ho-hum lesbian kissing and masturbation bit in there as well.

The two stand-out scenes are the initial brutal and extended abdominal beating with the nightstick and the final hot wax torture. I don't think I've seen quite as effective a "stomach punching" bit as this one, and her vomiting as a result was a nice touch. I have never seen a better hot wax torture scene. Kaoru's response as that first ladle full of hot wax splashes down onto the tender flesh of her inner thigh was massively satisfying. Everything in between these two scenes was decent, but nothing remarkable.

I really liked the first and last scenes, and would rate them the best of each type I've seen in recent memory. But the movie overall I would have to grade a hopeful B.

This is available at the DMM website.

Monday, December 31st 2012 - 10:28:27 AM

Name: A Canadian

Fritz: Sakura Sakurada has certainly had an interesting career (I believe she is retired now), including a film with a woman that was credited as her mother, and a movie with a dog. Sadly, she only appeared in non-sex roles when she showed up in some of the Slave Island movies.

I've always found her quite hot -- but that doesn't mean I'll be rushing out to get a copy of Sadi-Scream, Volume 4.

Monday, December 31st 2012 - 11:02:54 AM

Name: Darkroom
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Canadian, while a good rape roughie is a sure winner, I'd have to side with Ralphus on my taste for the darker side of bondage. A good, non-concentual story with some tight ties and harsh treatment can't be beat, especially if the 'victim' is outnumbered and overwhelmed.

Insex had a few winners in this catagory back in the day, but the Japanese films seem to explore it more often. I'm going to make a list of my own Top 10 and see how it stacks up to the scrutiny of this forum.

Monday, December 31st 2012 - 12:29:41 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

bleumune asked:

Ralphus, is there any kind of an ETA on that "Red Hot Iron Torture"?

The last 3 years we've celebrated our anniversary on March 29 by bringing back restored versions of our other 3 databases (Whipping, Rack and Electro-Shock). Those were a bit different in that I already had someone else's framework to work with, whereas with Red Hot Irons I'm building something completely new from the ground up. It will be very difficult, but not impossible, to have a brand new database created by that date, but that's my goal. And again, I'll sound out the bell that if anyone wants to help me out with caps, video clips or even titles I can seek out, it would be most appreciated. It might make the difference in getting done in time or not.


A Canadian asked:

I have one question for you and/or your cat -- apart from the whipping scene, is CMC-088 any good? Some parts in the trailer look a bit silly but the film could still be worthwhile.

Yes, this was the movie where my cat sat and watched the action along with me for a good half an hour, and I probably corrupted her for life.

The answer is there's a LOT of good stuff in it, if you haven't been able to tell from the caps I've been running. There's also an excellent candle wax torture scene where a beautiful spread-eagled Japanese woman is suffering for a long time that I haven't even capped yet. There's some stuff I didn't care for, but at 3 hours long, I'm sure you'll find plenty of scenes that turn your crank.


John Galt: Thanks for reviewing Wife To Be Sacrificed for the forum. If I recall, that's one of Amy Hesketh's favorite movies, so if she ever comes back here to see us, she'll be pleased. I've seen the film; it's a good movie but wildly overrated IMO. A lot of mainstream film critics call it THE classic Japanese film, probably because they've never seen any other Japanese bondage film in their lives. For someone like me who's seen hundreds, there are a dozens that I like better, and are more explicit in their GIMP action. I consider it a bondage "chick flick", mainly because the woman gets off on the abuse her lover dishes out, a la something like "50 Shades of Grey". In fact, I liked the original Flower and Snake with Naomi Tani more than this one. If you ever decide to review it, I'd be curious how you compare them.

The direct link for your review is in my Homepage URL above.


As for your review of Slave Woman Warrior, Vol. 2, now, that's more like it. Forced piss drinking is hot, I love the funnel gag. The hot wax scene looks cool, too, although it's not all that unusual. A lot of the Attackers films used the buckets full of hot wax thing, covering them in molten wax.

Personally, I prefer the excruciatingly slow drip drip drip on a bound woman's skin, so she can suffer with every drop. I also like it when they drip wax on the woman's face, which you don't see that often but it's definitely a turn-on.

Here's your link for your other review:


Fritz: I always knew you were a mangle-head; I know you're not the only one, but you're probably the most vocal around here. If you give me a grade, I can probably add Sadi-Scream Volume 4 into the Reviews section.


Lastly, with the help of A Canadian, I've been able to spruce up my original review of ZFX's South of the Border 5 with some dandy new vidcaps for the first time. Check them out.

Monday, December 31st 2012 - 03:24:03 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

John Galt: Thank you for the excellent work on the review of Slave Woman Warrior, Volume 2 (CMN-080). I want to particularly commend you on your caps, and specifically, the image of Kaoru being hanged.

I tried to capture an image from that scene the other day for my Year in Review but couldn't get an image that worked. You are either more skilled and/or more patient when it comes to capping.

CMN-080 is a film that GIMPers should consider tracking down. In my Year in Review, I listed Kaoru's performance among the noteworthy ones of the year in the honorable mentions section, although I had the star identified as Tsubaki Katoh (It's the same actress. She apparently goes by both names. I'm not sure if one is more current). I thought she was strong and I agree with the 'B' grade for the film, although not exactly for the same reasons as John Galt.

I definitely agree the beating with the night stick was one of the highlights. I suspect the AOH fans will be very interested in this scene. I also thought the scene where Kaoru was being flogged was quite good.

I was less impressed with the hanging scene. The problem, in my view, was the villain never tightened the noose around Kaoru's neck -- the rope underneath her chin was applied more like a helmet strap than a noose, which I thought weakened the effect. And the part where the villain had Kaoru bending her knees while he was lowering the rope was just odd.

I felt the best part of the film was the forced blow-job scene. While it wasn't helpful that Kaoru's hands were cuffed in the front, it should be noted she was performing the blow job at gunpoint and the scene was clearly non-consensual.

The part where a second villain pointed a gun at Kaoru's head and forced her to smile and say how much she was enjoying giving the blow job (I assume she said something like that) was excellent. And Kaoru's choking and gagging were convincing.

I pretty much agreed with the rest of the assessment of the film. The hot-wax scene didn't do quite so much for me, although it was certainly well executed. It wasn't so much my thing, though.

I might quibble with one point in the review's summary. While Kaoru/Tsubaki is cute and has a nice body, I don't know that I would go so far as to call her "very attractive." She was sufficiently attractive to get the job done (and to earn an "honorable mention" from me) but she's not in the same league as someone like Akiho Yoshizawa.

Finally, for the benefit of any sticklers for accuracy, I should note that I knew CMN-080 was actually released in 2011. I felt it was legit to include it in my 2012 Year in Review because the film was just recently added to the selection of titles available from Video Mayhem. Anyone who wants to see the trailer in full screen might want to use this link (be sure to adjust the image to 1500kbps to get the best quality).


I know I covered this the other day at the end of the Year in Review, but best wishes to all for a Happy New Year. I'm assuming Eda's guidelines for the holidays are still in effect.

Monday, December 31st 2012 - 07:40:19 PM

Name: John Galt

A Canadian: Thanks! Glad you liked the review. Coming from one of THE forum JAV aficionados, that counts as high praise. I did note that it was a fairly good forced blowjob scene, and I almost added it as a stand-out scene, but the long boring lead-up to it put me off a bit. Her choking and spitting made it a lot of fun to watch. As for that hanging image, you got me there. I stole it from the DMM website where I found the video. There are a few good stills from the video, and originally I used several of them in my review, but decided to do my own caps for the rest of the scenes instead. It is noteworthy that there is a disclaimer on the DMM website below the pictures: The picture is only for reference. May differ from the actual product image. So maybe that exact shot wasn't in the movie.

Monday, December 31st 2012 - 08:20:17 PM

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