A Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril) Movie Review

HBAD-186: New Teacher Gets Violated

Reviewed by A Canadian

Here's another movie that explores the public humiliation theme (along with some rape).

Title: New Teacher Gets Violated (HBAD-186)

Starring: Ichika Kuroki

Produced by: Hibino

Running time: Two hours

Bondage hardliners may not care for this one -- there isn't a rope or a pair of handcuffs in the entire thing. But New Teacher Gets Violated is a terrific GIMP movie for fans of sexual assault and public humiliation.

Pretty Ichika Kuroki plays the young teacher, and she's great. She's a strong actress whose portrayals of anguish and shame are convincing and very arousing.

The storyline is straight-forward and fun. Ichika is trying to teach English to a class of young men. Unfortunately, the class is mostly made up of under-achievers who are only interested in Ichika's womanly charms. They're especially taken with Ichika's short, tight skirts and her booty -- they practically drool when Ichika is writing on the blackboard or bending over a student's desk.

As Ichika is walking through the classroom teaching a lesson, the leader of the hoods lifts the back of Ichika's skirt to get a better peak at the goods. Outraged, Ichika orders the offender to stay after school.

After class, Ichika enters the classroom to speak to the guy in detention. She discovers he's there with a friend and the clowns are reading magazines and lounging in their chairs. Frustrated, Ichika tries to lecture them. But the hoods are hot for teacher. They stand up and tell Ichika they want closer student-teacher relations.

They block Ichika from leaving the room, and then grab her and maul her. The villains pin Ichika against the blackboard and one guy threatens to jab her with a poisoned pen. With Ichika pinned and threatened, the lead villain forces kisses on Ichika and lifts Ichika's skirt so he can rub her pussy area (covered by panties and nylons).

Ichika breaks free and tries to flee. But two more guys enter the classroom and block her, with one guy forcing her onto the floor. Ichika stands up and makes another attempt to flee but she is surrounded by all four villains. One guy grabs Ichika from behind and holds her as the lead hood removes Ichika's jacket.

As the villains restrain Ichika, the leader sticks his hand in her blouse to play with her tits, and he again rubs her pussy area. The leader also forces more kisses on Ichika.

The lead hood uses scissors to cut open Ichika's blouse and to cut off her bra. Ichika pleads with the villains to stop as the leader cuts one bra strap, then the other, and then cuts open the front of the bra. The leader dangles the remains of the bra in front of Ichika's face as Ichika softly curses him.

The villains continue restraining Ichika as the leader tweaks the teacher's nipples and fondles Ichika's small breasts. Ichika begs the villains to stop but the hoods aren't listening. As Ichika continues to be restrained, the lead hoodlum leans down and sucks on struggling Ichika's left tit.

Ichika panics when she sees the lead villain unzip his fly. She breaks free and runs to the back of the class but she is still trapped. Three of the guys grab Ichika and force her down on the floor. The three villains pin Ichika face down on the floor. The lead villain joins in, pulling down Ichika's nylons and pushing her panties to the side so he can play with Ichika's ass and finger her pussy.

The fiends turn Ichika over and pin her on her back. The lead guy crawls on top of Ichika, sucks Ichika's tits, and forces kisses on her. The lead hood rips off Ichika's nylons and pulls off her panties, so he can lick the trapped beauty's pussy and finger her. Ichika struggles to break free but she is firmly pinned and helpless. The lead hoodlum mounts Ichika as the teacher cries out in anguish.

After some quality time pumping Ichika, the rapist stands up and two other villains force Ichika to kneel in front of him and blow him. Ichika is forced to give some deep-throat action to her violator.

The villains move Ichika to a desk and force her to lean forward across the desk, to be raped in a standing position. Once again, Ichika is firmly restrained by two villains while the leader of the hoodlums nails Ichika (the fourth guy in the room isn't seen at this point -- we'll get back to him shortly).

The lead hoodlum finishes by cumming on Ichika's ass. The villains then slowly march out of the classroom as distraught Ichika gathers her clothes and kneels against a chair to sob.

In the teacher's lounge, Ichika is confronted by the fourth guy from her rape, who disappeared off-screen. In fact, he was taking pictures of the action. The guy shows Ichika a cell-phone picture of her being violated over the desk. He then forces Ichika to let him have his own kinky way with her.

This guy, who's a bit gawky, is more perverted than his buddies. Rather than the old in-out, he prefers to rub his groin against women. He pushes Ichika up against a filing cabinet and, standing behind her, rubs his clothed crotch area against her clothed behind. The perv pulls down Ichika's nylons -- which Ichika tries to stop -- drops his own pants, and rubs his dick inside Ichika's panties and against her butt. The guy pulls off Ichika's panties (again, Ichika tries to fight it) and rubs his dick against her butt cheeks, her ass crack and against (but not inside) her pussy lips. Clearly enjoying himself, the guy pants like a dog in heat as he molests Ichika.

The gawky pervert turns Ichika around to face him. He rubs his dick against her pussy lips while forcing kisses on her, including some tongue dipping. Ichika is then forced to drop to her knees and suck the perv, and the guy finishes by cumming in her mouth.

Back in the classroom, Ichika makes another attempt to teach the class. But the hoods prefer show and tell. Specifically, they want Ichika to do a strip tease. To make matters worse, the few good students in the class back the hoods' demand to see some skin.

To press their case, the students show Ichika their cell-phone pictures of her being raped. Ichika still resists, so the hoods up the ante. They bring in a hostage, an older teacher who is a friend of Ichika's, and threaten to hurt the older teacher.

Ichika cries out for the students to stop threatening the older teacher. Reluctantly, Ichika announces she'll do a burlesque number.

At the front of the class, nine desks have been sealed together with duct tape to create a mock stripper stage. Ichika uses a chair to climb up to the "stage," where she makes her way to the center.

With Ichika's students assembled in front, it's showtime.

Ichika does some of her best acting here. She fidgets and tries to cover herself with her arms, looking embarrassed and disgraced as the lead hoodlum orders her to strip off each item of clothing.

The best moment occurs after Ichika removes her bra. She covers her breasts with her right arm and takes a deep breath before lowering her arm to show her boobies. The viewer can see Ichika's torment as her self-worth dissolves.

Standing naked before her students, Ichika is told the show ain't over. She is ordered to put her shoes back on (she removed them while stripping) and get down on all fours, like a dog. Ichika looks shocked and struggles with the command. But with her older friend still being threatened, she makes her way down to her hands and knees.

Ichika is ordered to do a lap around the stage on all fours. She is then told to position herself -- on all fours -- to show her pussy and butt to the audience. Adding to the entertainment, Ichika is ordered to sway her ass side to side in a slow and sexy way.

Ichika is asked to leave the stage and sit in a chair, where three students gather around her and start feeling her up. Whimpering Ichika tries to wave their hands away, but a guy holding the older teacher threatens to punch the older lady in the head. Forced to comply, Ichika lets the guys play with her tits and stroke her body and legs.

The guys pry open Ichika's legs, with Ichika protesting, and the lead hood orders Ichika to use her hands to spread her pussy lips. Ichika quietly pleads for the humiliation to stop, but complies. The lead guy kneels in front of Ichika and leans in to lick her pussy and finger her, while the others watch. Ichika squirms and struggles but ultimately climaxes.

The fiends keep Ichika's legs open and bring a vibrator into the scene. They force the older hostage-teacher to use the vibrator on Ichika. As the students keep Ichika's legs spread and feel her up, the vibrator works its magic and brings Ichika to another orgasm.

Ichika is yanked out of the chair and forced to kneel on the floor. Two guys approach, drop their pants, and Ichika is forced to blow them. Ichika is then moved into a doggie position and is forced to blow one guy while the other guy rubs his dick against her ass. One guy cums on her ass while the other cums in her mouth. The students leave and the scene ends with the older teacher using a paper towel to wipe cum off Ichika's chin, as the two teachers softly cry.

In the movie's final segment, Ichika and the older teacher are confronted about the improper activities taking place in Ichika's classroom. This leads to Ichika being forced to suck and fuck a school administrator who has a lube that apparently makes Ichika horny. The final segment didn't do much for me.

My grade: A

This movie has more than its share of great moments. While the final segment doesn't work, the first 90 minutes are solid, with strong rape scenes and some excellent depictions of public shaming. In fact, some highlights didn't get capped (eg., Ichika's clothes being cut off with scissors) because there was too much to choose from. Pretty Ichika is excellent as the victim. For fans of this type of film, New Teacher Gets Violated is highly recommended.

My Grade: A


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