A Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril) Movie Review

Attackers JB-79

Reviewed by A Canadian

Nightmare of Snake Hold (aka Attackers JB-79)

Starring: Mika Siina

Code: JBD-079

I'll apologize for my verbosity up front, but this is going to be (another) long review. This movie -- about a nurse who gets abducted and tortured by two villains -- is just jam-packed with cruelty.

After a brief opening snippet of the torture to come, the movie begins in a hospital room, where a woman is being laid to rest. If I understood the plot correctly, the two hoodlums sitting by her bed actually killed her, and the doctor and nurse who are nearby have the medical information to prove it. The hoodlums quickly take out the doctor -- and then capture the nurse.

We then jump into the action. The next scene is a basement, where an elevator door opens and the two villains drag out the screaming and squirming nurse, Mika Siina. Mika is dressed in a typical white nurse's uniform, with white stockings and a white cap.

Mika Siina is a small, kinda plain-looking woman. She's sorta cute, but nothing special. After briefly throwing her to the floor, the villains tie her with ropes to a big white armless massage chair. Her knees are bound together in front of her, but her ankles are pulled apart and tied around the chair. Her hands are tied behind the chair.

As she continues to cry and protest, she is abused in various ways. At one point, Mika spits on one of the villains, and he responds by spitting in her face. She also takes some hard slaps to the face and at times the villains threaten to strangle her.

The villains attach some clips to her nostrils and use a string to pull her nose up. Once the string pulling on her nose is tied back, and with one villain pulling her head back by her hair, the two villains then start licking Mika's eyeballs (yuck!). One villain then grabs some tweezers and starts yanking out some of her nose hairs (double-yuck!).

Next, they pour some hot Tabasco sauce into her mouth, with her mouth occasionally pried open using a plastic device. They also poured what I think was supposed to be vinegar into her mouth (it looked like water -- maybe it was supposed to be water). Then, one of the villains takes Mika's name tag from her uniform and clips it to her tongue.

Actually, Mika has been fully dressed in her white uniform throughout, although the uniform is becoming off-white as she has been spitting up the Tabasco sauce. However, the full-dress look comes to an end, as they open her uniform and pull down her bra. With her tits now revealed, she receives some brief whippings and Tabasco sauce is poured on her tits.

We then go to a new setting, where one of the villains carries Mika over to a bare mattress on the floor. The villain has used ropes to tie Mika's hands to her ankles. The villain rips off much of her nylons and rips open her panties. He briefly duct tapes her mouth, but then rips the tape off, and does the same thing -- applies strips of tape and then rips them off -- to her tits and pussy.

With her hands still bound to her ankles, Mika is then raped by the villain -- starting in the missionary position, then doggie style, and then back to the missionary position. While she is getting fucked doggie style, her ass also gets a good spanking, making her butt turn bright pink. This is one of the better scenes in the movie, and it ends with a facial.

Next, we find Mika -- now fully nude -- in a standing position, with her hands tied behind her back by some ropes. Her arms are bound to her body by ropes that go above and below her tits, and there is also some rope tying one foot to the other (although her feet are not actually bound together).

One of the villains is also in the room, and Mika receives a brief whipping. He then attaches 18 (!) clothespins to her stomach area and her tits, including her nipples. The villain uses his whip to whack the clothespins off her body -- that's gotta hurt! -- and then continues to give her a harsh whipping. For my money, this is the best scene in the movie. Mika does some great whimpering and crying here, and the whipping is convincing. It's only too bad this scene didn't go longer.

Mika is then bound in various ways. Her feet are tied up to the roof, so that she is bound horizontally in the air, facing the floor. She is then bound vertically on top of a wooden horse, where a large wooden pole is tied to her neck. The villain twists the pole round and round, so that the twisting rope around Mika's neck threatens to strangle her.

Up next, we find Mika tied in a standing position again. Her arms are still tied behind her back, and the rope that ties her to the roof is now tied in front of her. There is no longer any rope tying her feet. She is confronted by both villains. One holds her still by grabbing her hair, while the other guy whips her.

They use some pulleys and ropes to tie her legs and body up in the air, so that she is suspended by ropes in a horizontal position with her back facing the floor. The two villains bring out some candles and drop hot wax on her suspended body, particularly her tits.

She is then returned to a standing position, still tied to the roof by ropes tied to her back, and with her hands still bound behind her. Her left leg is lifted out to the side and tied to the roof. With Mika hopping around on one foot, there is another whipping, and hot wax dropped on her suspended left leg. The villains force Mika to stick out her tongue, and drop some hot wax on her tongue.

Next, the villains re-tie Mika, so that she is suspended in the air again, this time in a hog-tied position. She receives a few more whippings, and is eventually returned to the floor. The movie ends with Mika on the floor, crying, still bound in a hog-tied position.

Overall assessment: Recommended.

The movie is nicely photographed and has pretty much everything you could want -- whippings, spankings, rape, hot wax, rope play. The only thing missing is electric shocks. At almost 90 minutes in length, there is plenty of good, wholesome torture here.

Mika Siina was a convincing victim. If I had any complaints at all, it's only that I wish the victim had been a bit more attractive. Mika didn't do much for me looks wise, and I think that detracted somewhat from my overall enjoyment of the movie.

All the same, there are some effective scenes -- particularly the clothes pins getting whipped off her body -- that everyone should see, and the cost of this movie is certainly right.

My Grade: B


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