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Voodoo Dolls 2: Ritual

Reviewed by A Canadian

Research conducted in Canada has confirmed there is only one sure-fire cure for the January blahs: a good Lisa movie. Here is my assessment of Voodoo Dolls 2: Ritual.

Title: Voodoo Dolls 2: Ritual

Stars: Lisa Kinkaid, Rick Masters and Jon O'Brien

Director: Rick Masters

Running time: 65 minutes

The terrific Voodoo Dolls 2: Ritual delivers a rich menu of ZFX specialties -- whippings, electric shocks, clothespin tortures, bondage and gags -- but what puts this one over the top is the sex. Gorgeous Lisa Kinkaid, the sole female star of the film, gets taken in a number of positions and her (simulated) fucking scenes are outstanding, making this an above-average ZFX production.

The story is about a hot young go-go dancer, named Stevi Simmons (Kinkaid), who is renting a back cottage from a father-and-son combo. Unfortunately, her new landlords have a dark secret -- the father is a 300-year-old shaman, and he and his son love seeing young women tortured. The movie begins with highlights from the first Voodoo Dolls, where Stevi was abused in various ways, including one scene where she was tied spreadeagled on a bed and violated by a well-endowed teddy bear.

Voodoo Dolls 2 picks up the story structure from the first movie -- basically, Stevi is under the spell of the shaman (Masters) and the movie jumps to various hallucinations, where Stevi is being tortured by the shaman's son, Archibald (O'Brien). The shaman's hallucinations are supposed to drain the life-force from his victims through terror, which sustains the shaman's own life.

It may sound confusing, but nonetheless the movie has a wealth of bondage and torture scenes, and many are first rate.

We start with Stevi and the shaman father, a guy with a light blue-ish face who wears dark gloves that almost look like claws. Stevi is in a voodoo spell, and she performs a topless go-go dance for the shaman, who is sitting on a black couch in his living room. Stevi is wearing a skirt, panties, and white shoes with thick heels, and gives a slinky, sexy dance. The shaman enjoys it -- he lifts Stevi's skirt and feels up her body, including a grab at her big boobs and running his fingers along the crotch area of her panties.

Next, the movie returns to a shaman-induced hallucination in a cottage from the first Voodoo Dolls movie. Stevi is naked (except for the shoes) and in a squatting position on the floor, bound to a wood stud behind her. Her wrists are tied above her head to the stud, leather straps bind her waist and neck to the stud, and there are ropes tying her ankles to her legs. There are also ropes tied around her chest area, above and below her tits in order to squeeze them out.

The villain in this scene is Archibald and he ignores Stevi's desperate pleas to be set free. Instead, Archibald uses a ripped cloth with a large knot to gag Stevi's mouth, and he then proceeds to feel up her tits and stroke her pussy. Archibald attaches some clothespins to Stevi's nipples and to her pussy, and then brings out a battery and some vibrating eggs, and ties the apparatus to Stevi's body so that the eggs vibrate against the clothespins on her pussy. This causes Stevi so much pain she eventually passes out.

The movie jumps back next to the shaman, and he and a topless Stevi are sitting on the leather couch. The shaman uses his voodoo powers to force Stevi to French kiss him -- a full-tongue smooch that allows the shaman to transfer an insect of some sort from his mouth into Stevi's throat. This magic insect now in Stevi's throat can cut off her air supply, at the shaman's command, thus giving the shaman even more power over her.

Another quick cut back to the hallucination in the cottage, with Archibald marching a naked Stevi over to a green couch. Stevi's hands are cuffed behind her back, and she is thrown onto the couch, with Archibald jumping on top and gagging Stevi with a straight black gag. Archibald spanks Stevi's ass, then picks her up and walks her over to a camping cooler, making her stand on the cooler so he can cuff her hands to the ceiling rafters.

Using cables that are linked to a nearby car battery, Archibald starts zapping Stevi, causing her to step off the cooler and shake to the electric jolts as she dangles in the air. Stevi squeals and rattles and jerks her head back in pain. When the electric-shock treatment is done, Archibald ties Stevi's right leg to the roof and leaves her hanging there, struggling.

Next, it's back to Stevi and the shaman on the leather couch, where the shaman (who speaks in a deep, slow-motion voice) explains the whole insect in the throat power thing to Stevi, who is gasping and choaking as her air supply is restricted. The shaman then strips off Stevi's skirt and panties.

A quick jump back to the hallucination in the cottage, where a naked Stevi is now hogtied on the green couch. Ropes have been used to tie her hands to her feet, while a black band has tied her feet together, and another black band has bound her arms just above the elbows. There is a black gag in Stevi's mouth and she squirms about, trying to break free. Archibald shows up with two steel-wire mousetraps, which he attaches to Stevi's nipples. The hogtied Stevi is then left alone to wiggle about on the couch, with the mousetraps remaining firmly clamped to her nipples.

The movie jumps back to Stevi and the shaman on the leather couch in the living room -- and this is where things really get good.

The shaman wants to spank Stevi, so he has her drop to all fours in front of him and raise her ass in the air. Stevi wants to resist, issuing a defiant and throaty "no," but the shaman uses the insect in her throat to start choaking her -- forcing Stevi to meekly say 'yes', she'll submit (an inspiring moment). The shaman delivers some solid slaps to Stevi's nice, round butt. I'm not normally into spanking scenes, but I found this one very effective, as Stevi yelps in pain with each slap. During this scene, the shaman also feels up Stevi's boobs, and stuffs Stevi's panties into her mouth.

The shaman then sits back on the couch and forces the naked Stevi to sit in his lap, with her back pressed solidly against the shaman's body and her head (with the panties still in her mouth) bent back and rested beside the shaman's head. Stevi's luscious body is in full display here in what looks like the greatest lap dance ever caught on film. The shaman forces Stevi to spread her legs wide open, and his gloved right hand rubs her pussy.

The shaman removes the panties from Stevi's mouth and rips them open to create a gag, which he uses to gag her mouth. He then moves Stevi to one side and starts sucking on her left tit, applying some serious tongue action and suction to her tender nipple.

With Stevi still gagged, the shaman lays her out on her stomach on the couch, with her feet bound together and her hands cuffed behind her back. The shaman, who is fully dressed, rapes Stevi doggie style in this simulated fuck scene. The action is is shown from two different angles, including one showing Stevi from the front, and Stevi's breasts bounce around as her body gets rammed.

Archibald arrives on the scene and scolds his father. But Archibald has a voodoo doll strung around his neck, meaning it's the shaman who calls the shots, and the shaman has his own ideas. Before you can say Shazam, a dazed and spellbound Archibald is lying on his back (fully dressed) on the leather couch and Stevi is riding him cowgirl style in the first of four simulated couplings by the pair. Without a doubt, these sex scenes are the highlight of Voodoo Dolls 2.

Naked and still gagged, lovely Stevi rocks away on Archibald, egged on by the shaman, who is sitting in a nearby chair and stroking two voodoo dolls to keep Stevi and Archibald in heat. Not that they need much help. With her slender body arched back, Stevi delivers an enthusiastic show, panting and moaning and often throwing her head back in full ecstasy.

"Archie, ungag the bitch," the shaman says. "I want to hear her scream."

A capital idea. The gag is taken out of Stevi's mouth, and the shaman goes up to Stevi and pushes her forward, so that she continues to ride Archibald cowgirl style but her body is now leaning forward, against Archibald's chest. The shaman tells them to go "harder, faster," and he coaches Archibald to play with Stevi's ample breasts. "Archie, her nipples demand attention. She wishes you to touch them," the shaman says. "Pull them. Don't be a sissy."

The pair are next seen in the missionary position on the black couch. The nearby shaman coaches Archibald to pound Stevi harder -- "Shove your cock in it all the way, Archibald" -- and Stevi lets out some loud moans as Archibald drives into her. Fully engaged, Stevi often uses her arms and legs to grip Archibald in a tight embrace, at one point grabbing his ass to help him thrust harder. At other times, Stevi's hands are clasping the couch, her dug-in fingers almost tearing the leather off the couch as the drilling continues.

In their final position, the still fully dressed Archibald is seated upright in the couch, and nude Stevi is on his lap, facing away from him (a lap dance look again). This scene is arguably the best of the bunch, with Stevi grinding on Archie's groin like there's no tomorrow. Her hair flails about as she throws her head around in excitement, and her panting and moaning is amazing. The scene is shot from different angles, including some frontal closeups of her pretty face, bouncing boobs and yummy waist (with the ever-present belly ring), and there are some nice closeup shots of Archibald's hands grabbing Stevi's hooters. Even better, there is one closeup moment where Stevi releases a loud groan that is just heavenly.

As the participants are nearing their climax, the thrusting grows intense, and some of Stevi's moans are loud enough to wake the neighbors. My favorite moment is when Stevi lets out a loud whimper that is totally sexy.

Once completed, Stevi and Archibald are collapsed together on the couch, with Stevi gasping for air, but the shaman is far from done. "The fun is over," the shaman says. "Things are going to get a little rough."

Sure enough, we next see the shaman with his hand clasped over Stevi's mouth, leading the naked beauty to a dressing-room type setup, with a mirror and all kinds of toys (wigs, voodoo dolls, etc.). After a brief scene where the shaman fondles Stevi's tits and pussy, the shaman makes Stevi lean back on the floor, her hands cuffed behind her back, and the shaman orders Stevi to spread her legs. A green thunderbolt then shoots into Stevi's pussy, and she is taken by unseen "gods." The quivering Stevi lets out some loud and wonderful moans as she gets fucked by her invisible gods.

The shaman grabs a voodoo doll and sticks it in Stevi's mouth, and then rubs the voodoo doll against Stevi's pussy, adding even more thrills down there, and more loud moans. When it's all done, Stevi is left lying on the floor, with an almost blissful look on her comely visage.

More voodoo stuff follows -- the shaman finger paints a red cross on the front of Stevi's naked body, followed by a scene where Archibald forces Stevi to kneel before the shaman, who is sitting in a chair propped up by a wooden pallet.

Soon, we find Stevi chained to a makeshift wooden cross, with her back to the cross and her hands chained out to the sides. The shaman ties a red ball gag into Stevi's mouth, and then spanks her ass. The shaman grabs a bullwhip and starts whipping Stevi's back and ass, producing more loud yelps (despite the gag) from the victim, and leaving red whip marks on her body.

In the final torture scene, Stevi is chained to the makeshift cross facing away from the cross, in a crucifixion position, except her feet are chained to the sides so that her legs are spread apart. The shaman removes the ball gag from Stevi's mouth, and starts shoving a huge skin-colored butt plug into her mouth. The shaman then puts a smal black plug into her mouth, taping it in with strips of red duct tape. Meanwhile, Archibald takes the huge, skin-colored plug, and forces it into Stevi's pussy, producing some sexy writhing and some loud squeals and soft whimpers, along with drops of glistening sweat on Stevi's fantastic body.

In the end, Archibald removes the tape and plug from Stevi's mouth, and she convinces him to kiss her. Her kisses move down to his chest area, and then her mouth yanks the voodoo doll off Archibald. This causes Archibald to come out of his trance, and as he starts freeing Stevi, she awakens from what was all apparently just a dream. But she still has some red marks on her back, leaving viewers to wonder...was it all a nightmare, or was it real?

I could quibble over a few details, such as O'Brien hamming it up a bit too much during some parts of the sex scenes. But overall, this is a tremendous movie, showcasing the phenomenal Lisa Kinkaid at her absolute best. If you're OK with the fact the sex is simulated, and if you like Lisa, then this is a must-see movie.

My Grade: A


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