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Attackers JBD-160: Lady Attackers from Hell 3

Reviewed by A Canadian

Title: Lady Attackers from Hell 3: Abduction and Torture (JBD-160)

Starring: Maki Mizusawa, Tazuna Ichikawa and Azusa Nagasawa

Directed by: Kai

Running time: One hour and 40 minutes

This sequel to 2012's best film, Lady Attackers from Hell 2: Mission and BDSM, doesn't achieve the same level of greatness. Still, Lady Attackers from Hell 3: Abduction and Torture -- about two female soldiers who try to free some sex slaves -- has fine moments and is worth seeing.

The two soldiers -- Maki Mizusawa and Yu Kawakami -- are sent to rescue abducted young women imprisoned in a Slave Island-like operation, although only Maki gets inside the criminal hideout. Pretty Yu (the star of the previous film) doesn't have any GIMP scenes in this flick.

The movie begins with the sex-slave ring abducting two new victims: Tazuna Ichikawa and Azusa Nagasawa. Tazuna is nabbed by villains in a van while she is walking outside in the evening. Azusa is captured in an apartment. A villain punches Azusa in the gut, knocking her out, and carries Azusa away on his shoulder.

Inside the criminal operation, naked women are grouped together in cage cells, a la Bloodsucking Freaks. New arrivals Azusa and Tazuna -- now naked -- are each taken to their own cells and locked away like animals.

Three villains waste no time introducing Tazuna to her new career. Naked Tazuna, whose arms are bound behind her back by ropes, is marched into a room in a warehouse that has a number of wooden tables. She is laid down on her back on one of the tables. Two guys hold Tazuna in place while the third guy fondles the young captive's boobs, tweaks her nipples, and then sucks on Tazuna's huge melons.

As Tazuna remains pinned on the table, the rapist fingers and licks Tazuna's pussy. Tazuna is then forced to kneel on the floor and blow the rapist. The rapist grabs Tazuna's head for some rapid face-fucking. He also forces Tazuna take all of his dick in some serious deep-throat action, which makes sobbing Tazuna hack whenever her head is freed.

Two villains move Tazuna back onto the table and the rapist taps her in the missionary position. This scene is well done -- it's just too bad Tazuna isn't more attractive. She has great tits but her face isn't much to write about. She ain't necessarily ugly, but definitely disappointing for a Japanese porn star.

The villains bind Tazuna in a standing position, with her wrists tied in front to a wooden stake and her spread legs tied at the ankles to a wooden pole. Tazuna cries and wails as the rapist proceeds to nail her. The rapist finishes by cumming on Tazuna's ass, as Tazuna sobs.

Female soldier Maki arrives on the scene to rescue the sex slaves. And -- like any good JAV heroine -- she is quickly captured at gunpoint.

The villain forces Maki to strip off her gear until she's completely naked. The criminal grabs Maki by her hair and pushes her into a cell, shoving her down on the floor beside a kneeling Tazuna.

The movie's best scene comes next. Tazuna, Azusa and Maki are each bound arms over head to the ceiling. A villain arrives and turns each woman around, so that their butts are facing the camera. The villain proceeds to use a flogger on the ladies, gently touching each woman with the lashes a few times and then letting each lady have it with some harsh whippings.

The villain continues to toy with the women, alternating between gentle taps from the lashes followed by punishing cracks of the flogger, mostly to the victims' asses. The scene includes nice closeups of each woman yelping in pain. This is also the only GIMP scene for lovely and large-breasted Azusa (in the middle).

Once the floggings end, the villain completes the humiliation by fondling each of the ladies' stinging pink butts. This part includes closeups of each victim looking shattered.

Tazuna and Maki continue to be misused. The two naked ladies, with their arms firmly bound behind their backs by ropes, are marched by three men into another part of the warehouse and ordered to kneel on the floor. A villain walks behind Maki, grabs the top of Maki's head, and forces a nose clip up her nostrils. A string tied to the nose clip is tightly run along the top of Maki's head and tied to the ropes binding her arms.

In a moment inspired by the Cinemagic films, a villain grabs each lady's head and positions the women face to face, and then directs Tazuna to lick Maki's exposed nostrils. Maki squeals as her nostrils are tongued. However, due to some, uh -- "technical difficulties" -- there is no vidcap to illustrate this part.

The women are required to blow two of the villains. This includes some intense deep-throat moments. Maki, who still has the nose clip tugging at her nostrils, also has to lick her violator's balls.

Next, the two guys who got blown turn their backsides to the women and the ladies have to toss some salad. Maki, whose bound hands are clenched in fists, does a particularly great job grunting and squirming in disgust -- you almost believe she really doesn't like licking ass.

The action moves to a nearby couch. Tazuna, seated on the couch, gets fingered and has her pussy eaten by one guy, while Maki rides another guy seated on the couch. Maki is moved into a standing position and is fucked by one guy while another guy gets sucked.

A villain forces a clamp inside Tazuna's mouth and pries her mouth open. The villain runs a finger inside Tazuna's mouth, then moves Tazuna to a kneeling position on the floor and puts his dick in her mouth. Meanwhile, a villain fucks Maki against the couch. When the guy nailing Maki is ready to cum, he withdraws and goes over to Tazuna to shoot into her open mouth.

A second guy rapes Maki against the couch in a scene that includes some great closeups of pretty Maki's face as she is violated. When the villain is ready to pop, he also heads over to Tazuna and cums in her mouth.

The final scene of the movie gets into some electro-shock action. Tazuna and Maki are bound by ropes to some metal pipes. Tazuna is bound so that her arms and legs are spread, while Maki's arms are spread but her legs are tied together. A villain attaches electric cables to each woman's nipples. The villain cranks the dial on a control box to apply shocks to Tazuna and then to Maki.

The movie uses some sort of animation technique to enhance the violent shaking as the volts hit each screaming woman. In Tazuna's case, the shocks ultimately make her pee. The film ends with the two ladies passed out and a notice that the story is "to be continued" in Lady Attackers from Hell 4, which will include rape scenes featuring Yu and Azusa and some hot-wax tortures.

My grade: B

This film would have earned a higher grade if a more comely actress had been cast in Tazuna's role. Nonetheless, the movie has its moments -- especially the flogging scene -- and Maki Mizusawa's performance is particularly strong. It may not win many year-end awards but Lady Attackers from Hell 3: Abduction and Torture is still recommended viewing.

My Grade: B

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