A Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril) Movie Review

Giga GOMK-66: Special Armored Unit Gun Saver

Reviewed by A Canadian

Title: Special Armored Unit Gun Saver (GOMK-66)

Starring: Miki Sunohara

Produced by: Giga

Running time: 81 minutes

Sultry Japanese porn star Miki Sunohara, who starred in Superheroine in Grave Danger, Vol. 47, is back in this Giga flick about a scantily clad agent who is beaten and defiled. While the overall film is hit and miss, there are some strong moments that make it worth a look.

The story is about agent Miki trying to bust a criminal organization of aliens (this is a Giga flick, after all) that's selling drugs.

Unfortunately for Miki, her partner (and lover) and her boss have both sold out to the criminals. Just as she's ready to make an arrest, Miki is betrayed and a gangster knocks her out by clubbing her head with a gun.

The captured heroine is awakened to find herself handcuffed and bound arms over head to the ceiling. She is surrounded by two menacing-looking alien gangsters.

The two gangsters make Miki pay for intruding on their business. They throw solid punches to Miki's face, belly and back in a beating scene that lasts a good, long time. The villains also kick Miki, and swing punches with enough force to occasionally jolt Miki off the ground.

Miki's battering is witnessed by an audience, of sorts. In a nearby cage, four older guys and an alien of indeterminate age get horny as they watch Miki the human punching bag being knocked about.

And there is plenty to keep the watchers enthralled. The scene has terrific sound effects and Miki's acting is perfect. As a nice touch, a couple of shots to Miki's face force her to spit up drool.

When the beatings are finally done, Miki's former partner plots to help Miki get more intimate with her audience. The fiend feels up Miki's body and tries to force kisses on her, and then asks the guys in the cage if they would like to have some fun.

Naturally, Miki is resisting, but the villains have just the thing to break her will. While Miki is held by the villains, one of the aliens injects a green liquid drug into Miki's butt. The drug quickly turns Miki into a total nympho.

The most immediate impact is on Miki's pussy. Sweating Miki dances about and rubs her legs together as her pussy is fully aroused. Meanwhile, the villains release the four older dudes and the alien from the cage, and they respond to Miki's twitches with their own dark plans.

The old dudes (and the alien) start groping Miki's body. They run their hands over her waist and tits, and between her thighs, exciting her already hot vagina.

The guys also take turns briefly sucking on Miki's tits, with one shaggy-bearded old feller looking like he's won the lottery as he moves in to lick Miki's nipple.

As the attackers continue to paw Miki's slender body, various guys stroke her clothed pussy. The men also kiss her butt and lick her thighs. Helpless Miki pleads with them to stop but the drug forces her to remain stimulated.

The molesters release Miki from the cuffs and move her down to the floor, where they continue to grope her and suck on her tits. They take turns forcing kisses on Miki and remove her bottom attire to allow them to fingerbang her. The perverts also suck on Miki's toes and lick her pussy and anus.

Miki is forced to kneel in front of a standing oldster to give him a blow job. Despite the drugs, Miki is still a bit hesitant, so the old guy delivers a poorly executed slap to her face (poorly executed in that you can see he didn't hit her). Miki cries softly but moves in to suck the guy, as some other dudes fondle her breasts.

The sequence ends with Miki in a doggie position, getting nailed by the old guy she blew while the others watch. Nothing special. The elderly rapist finishes by cumming inside Miki.

The final part of the movie is a bit odd. In a lab area, Miki (fully dressed again, so to speak, in her skimpy attire) is standing against a back wall, while her former partner works with a pudgy computer nerd on a laptop. The former partner motions for Miki to join them and he offers up Miki as a plaything for the nerd.

It's not really clear if Miki is still under the influence of the drugs (it doesn't appear so), is simply broken, or whatever. In any case, after some hesitation, she acquiesces and invites the nerd to join her on a ratty-looking couch.

The nerd is allowed to feel up Miki and make out with her. He then strips off her clothes and has his way with her. It's a strange scene, and only borderline GIMP (if that), but surprisingly hot.

The movie finishes when the nerd does, with the guy climaxing inside Miki.

My grade: B+

Special Armored Unit Gun Saver could have been better but it has still earned a good grade. The scene with the two aliens beating Miki is excellent, and the part where Miki is bound arms over head as the old guys molest her is also quite strong. Add in the fact that JAV star Miki Sunohara is really sexy and you have a film that is definitely recommended.

My Grade: B+


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