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Fantom Intruder Part 2

Reviewed by Ralphus

I recently checked out a PPV download from Roman Nowicki's new Teraz Films website. It's a 6-minute short called Fantom Intruder Part 2. It appears to be an alternate scene from his feature film release Kristi and the Time Machine that was reviewed here by Fritz earlier this year. It's got the same victim (Maria Vaslova) and she's bound in the same position as in the original film, with her wrists tied above her and her legs spread and tied to both sides of a wood-burning stove. She is totally naked, gagged with black tape and, in a nice touch, there's a close-up shot of her bound wrists and we see that she's actually tied that way with barbed wire.

The bad guy (the "Fantom Kiler" from many Teraz productions) taunts her and squeezes her tits and rubs her pussy before preparing to dish out his punishment. He takes a cane and strikes her hard several times across her tits and body. The problem here, though, is that it's plain to see that the cane has been coated with red paint beforehand, so the resulting bloody marks that appear on her body are obviously fake. It's certainly not an uncommon mistake in many whipping scenes, but it still blows the credibility of the illusion.

This segment is edited similarly to the scene in Kristi, but that scene ended with Maria's character about to get a chainsaw between her legs before the scene faded out. In this version, there's an actual payoff, and a fiery one at that. And that's much more satisfying in my book.

The Fantom Kiler tells her he has just the thing to disinfect her wounds...gasoline! He empties the contents of the container all over her body until she's soaked. Then he lights a match and tosses it into the stove between her legs and closes the door of the stove. A second later, intense-looking flames appear inside the stove between her legs. Once again, the realism of the scene is a bit questionable, since I don't know of any wood that ignites that quickly unless it's covered with gasoline, too. Even though the fire isn't totally believable, it's still not a bad-looking effect, and at least there's some smoke added to boost the fantasy. Maria's frantic emoting through her gag helps a lot, too.

The Kiler stands back and continues to berate her, commenting that he sees smoke coming from her pussy. And indeed, the area between her legs does begin to smoke and then catch fire before her entire body erupts into flames. As far as human torch scenes go, it's a far cry from the outstanding burning scene in Don't Go In The House, but it still made me smile in sadistic glee. "Now that's a hot bitch," he exclaims as the film ends, providing the perfect punch line.

Like many of the later Teraz films I've seen, Nowicki doesn't go for total realism and instead seems to prefer a Dali-like impressionistic look to his productions. That's not going to be for everyone's taste, but I definitely enjoyed this particular scene. For those who are into fire torture like I am, it's a worthwhile download, especially considering it's less than 5 dollars.

My Grade: B

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