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Name: JohnM
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Sardu said:

JohnM: I can't understand why you would use digital effects to simulate stun gun effects. A more realistic and economical manner would be to go to Radio Shack, and for about $10 in parts you can build a great simulator.

Just use a bright LED placed centerwise that flashes very quickly. On camera it will look just like the electrical flash from a real stun gun. Even giving you a flash when it touches her skin! Very sexy. You could then add the sound effect in post production.

That would be cool for a play or a student projects, but the translation on the camera is not bright enough to give the appropriate flare and surface reflection. Typically, I am shooting under 1000-1500 watts of lighting, which, sadly, blows out most lighting effects making them look quite unimpresive. In addition, once the skin is touched, there would be no translucency. After reviewing actual stun gun demonstrations, looking at the way my studio stun gun works (it is a real one), I opted for the effect that would be a cross between realism and visual impact.

Thanks, JohnM

Friday, January 1st 2010 - 01:39:09 AM

Name: jhlipton
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Brutus: It sure as hell beats that lousy sweater I got this year. What the hell am I gonna do with that?

Cut it into strips and tie the wife up with it?


Master Detective: how do people feel about Dolcett theme?

I like the hangings; don't care for the gynophagia.


don't count YouTied out yet.

Hopefully I'll have some Giga clips by then.


Canadian: Best actress of 2009: Emi Harukaze

Sometimes I worry about you, son. I think you mean Emi Harukaze!

Thanks to you and Ralphus for your year-end reviews.

Friday, January 1st 2010 - 02:32:14 AM

Name: Sardu

John, not to contradict your expertise here, but I don't think you understand how bright these new LED's are. The candlepower of even a small one can reach as much as 10 to 20 THOUSAND! It's like a tiny welding torch. I'm a DJ, and I've moved over to LED spots and lighting effects and I can put on a light show with LED arrays that blows away traditional light effects because of how fast they recover, and the ridiculously low wattage requirement.

I can assure you, your 1000 - 1500 watt lighting pales in comparison to the brightness of this tiny LED... aren't you shooting on video? The LED will show up no matter how bright your lights are, because it's a different type of light and the aperture on the lens "sees" it differently. Just like the LED light of a remote control shows up on a video camera, but you can't physically see the light yourself.

Friday, January 1st 2010 - 03:03:50 AM

Name: Scheer
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jhlipton: I recently came accross this jav film, CC-142, called 'Human Sandbag' which has stomach punches and kicking.

Friday, January 1st 2010 - 04:26:32 AM

Name: Mr.?
Homepage URL: was the best of 09.

Friday, January 1st 2010 - 05:12:10 AM

Name: YikYakker

Today's pic: Huh, I've been looking for a place with a good Chasm of Doom in the basement. -----

Ralphus wrote [about The Sadistic Baron Von Klaus]: One of the reviews I read also mentioned "an extended nude/S&M sequence where a shapely woman is stripped, whipped and accosted with a hot poker in a kinky torture chamber". Huh? Did we miss something?

OK, I guess I am as guilty of being terse with my description of the scene as this reviewer was, but I don't want anyone to feel cheated so please indulge me while I address each of these points:

"an extended nude/S&M sequence" ~ from the time von Klaus brings the girl into the dungeon to the time he kills her, 5 minutes elapse. About half of that time is spent talking, kissing, groping, some implied, off-screen muff-munching, and a lot of smiling on the part of the girl. In other words, for 2-1/2 minutes, a good time was being had by all.

"a shapely woman is stripped" ~ yes, shapely, as I said, damn near-perfect, and we see a lot of her, but the panties stayed on.

"whipped" ~ he delivers 10 lashes, half of them shown as a cutaway from the girl to the villain. It was a good whipping scene, brief but mean. I think it's mentioned in the WSIMD.

"accosted with a hot poker" ~ OK on this one, I'm busted. The villain had several long instruments set in a wrought-iron container (sort of like a large umbrella stand). Some of these were flat, some pointy, some curved. They were embedded in some ashy-looking material, which, in hindsight, were most likely hot embers, but in black-and-white film, I couldn't tell. There was a fireplace nearby, but no objects were put into it or taken out of it. Anyway, the piece he pulled out for stabbing her looked like a long curved blade to me, so that's what I called it. I'll have to look up the word "accosted", but as I mentioned in my review, the killing is implied, not shown. In any case, the piano-playing is so loud that it drowns out any sizzling, screaming or gurgling sounds that would have indicated what was going on. I think the girl is screaming "Ludwig, Ludwig" (for some reason, there are no subtitles at this point) but I can't tell if she wants him to stop or to keep going. That's my main beef about the scene.

Aside from the whipping, the best part was the hoisting of the girl off the ground, to display her magnificent bod. Anyone interested in this scene for a compilation should FF to about the 1:14 mark.

Friday, January 1st 2010 - 05:13:29 AM

Name: A Canadian

Mr.? wrote: was the best of 09.

Well... YouTied was only active for one week in 2009, and that was in the first week of January.

In 2008, I ranked YouTied as the best new website in my year-end review, which is in the December 2008 archive. But I don't think YouTied belongs on the 2009 list, based on just that one week.

That's my two cents.

It was interesting to hear that YouTied might return this year (for those who are hungover, "this year" refers to 2010). I would certainly like to see YouTied come back.

Friday, January 1st 2010 - 06:35:02 AM

Name: Alan
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Sorry to read that Lisa Kinkaid has retired. So to Lisa I say I was a fan and wish you the best in 2010 and beyond.


Friday, January 1st 2010 - 09:48:43 AM

Name: Jeff Gord
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Happy New Year gimpers

Sorry to say it, but I think YouTied missed the boat.

Now that Fetlife is allowing posting of vids I think the potential YouTied's moved over there

Here's hoping that 2010 is a bit better than the last clusterfuck year



Friday, January 1st 2010 - 09:51:26 AM

Name: Per
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About the stun gun effects... I looked at the screencap Ralphus posted below from Goon Squad and it does appear a bit weird. I haven't tried a real stun gun, but the way I understand it, you have two set of electrodes: The "business" ones at the very tip of the gun that connects to the victims body. Then you have another pair of electrodes inside these. This extra pair is closer together and due to that smaller gap of air, a spark will flash between them when you trigger the stun gun in the air. The reason for this is to be able to use it to scare off someone, since they will see it's the real deal. When you actually use it on the body, the current will flow between the "real" electrodes and pass through the body. Since this will consume all the current, there is not enough power left to trigger the spark at the air gap between the smaller electrodes. Which is logical, since you want all the current through the body, not wasted in the air.

Therefore, when the stun gun is actually used on a body, no flash will appear. If anyone is more familiar with stun guns then I am, please correct me, but this is the way I understand it!

Friday, January 1st 2010 - 10:08:44 AM

Name: Ralphus
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Buckeye wrote:

Sorry if this has already been discussed but who is the artist doing all these latest peril images and where can I see more of their work?

To my knowledge, they've all been from different artists. Most of them, I don't know who the artist is. The most recent New Year's pic is from a particular favorite of mine, Minos. He does excellent work. I'll run some more of his stuff in the days to come.


Mr? wrote: was the best of 09.

And we now have our first contender for Silliest Comment of the Year :) YouTied was offline for 358 days out of 365 last year. Sorry, doesn't qualify.

I would like to think that it will be back, but I'm also a realist. I know MasterDetective's intention, but he's also been saying that for over a year. If it comes back (and that's a big IF) I doubt it will still be free like before. Maybe he could do like Fetlife does, charging $5 a month for access. It's pocket change for us, although I doubt that would cover his bandwidth costs. The only reason YouTube is still around is because Google has deep pockets. That's a site that lost tens of millions of dollars last year.

Friday, January 1st 2010 - 12:53:15 PM

Name: Badger

Wow. I am surprised (and perhaps a bit envious) of the handful of Gimpers who are displaying the awesome power of wishful thinking. Surprised that Lisa Kinkaid has retired?? Guys! Her next decade will start with a "4", and I'm sure she does not want one of those "older women" tags nailed to her work. Would you be surprised if Macaulay Culkin were to announce there would be no more "Home Alone" movies?!

And as for "You Tied", I miss it too. But, in the words of Dylan -- I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now.

Happy New Year Ralphus and all fellow Gimpers. It's crazy out here, and we help keep each other sane.

Friday, January 1st 2010 - 01:18:31 PM

Name: DHT

Yeah, and moreover, there have been maybe three movies featuring Lisa released in the past eight years. Weren't they all with old footage? Didnt you guys ALREADY consider her retired? I know I have.

I didn't trust those movies to have any contemporary footage anyway, after the South of the Border debacle, where Rick spread one session of Lisa footage over the last three videos, and released them on a yearly basis.

Friday, January 1st 2010 - 04:57:07 PM

Name: A Canadian
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DHT wrote:

Yeah, and moreover, there have been maybe three movies featuring Lisa released in the past eight years.

By my count, it's a little more than that.

If I'm right, the Lisa movies released from 2002 to 2009 were Ballista 3, South of the Border 6, South of the Border 7, The Dirty Dreams of Lisa Kinkaid, The Apartment, and Goon Squad 2.

Still, it is certainly true that all of the footage for those movies had been shot by the end of 2003, except for some of the storyline stuff for Goon Squad 2, which was shot last year.

So, yes, we could agree that Lisa had moved pretty close to 'retirement' status in recent years, even though the official announcement was only made in 2009.

Friday, January 1st 2010 - 05:50:18 PM

Name: Dr Yuya


You're probably right about the real stun gun effects, in truth there most likely wouldn't be any sparks.

Most whippings probably wouldn't produce clean red lines right away, and the end result of an extensive whipping would give the victim a more "weltish" and overall swollen look that's honestly far from a turn on.

Punching somebody in the face repeatedly or continuously laying into them with a billy club? Forget about it, they'd be out teeth and other parts if hit hard enough.

That why I always wonder why everyone, not just here but in most other fictional mediums, wants things MORE realistic when it's 1. already more of what we get every boring day and 2. honestly rarely better at what it's trying to achieve than more fictitious works.

Friday, January 1st 2010 - 09:02:50 PM

Name: Dr Yuya

And another thing of note,

It looks like Girls of War 3 is now up at ringdivas! Since nobody who cares probably knew it would be up so fast that makes it likely I'll be the first to see it as I'm downloading it right now!

Friday, January 1st 2010 - 10:19:12 PM

Name: MAV
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Dr. Yuya,

I'm not home for a couple of days so I for one definitely wanna know what you think of Girls of War 3. The preview pics looks as good as the trailer.

Friday, January 1st 2010 - 10:44:31 PM

Name: Master MaX
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Check out my BDSM site MaX CoXXX

Let me know what you think.

Friday, January 1st 2010 - 11:10:08 PM

Name: JohnM
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Per said: Therefore, when the stun gun is actually used on a body, no flash will appear.

That pretty much sums it up. However, I found over time that the audience wants to see something different.

Knowing that there is no flash when the stun gun is touching, I at first, did nothing but sound effects. Then, later, I added some flashed right before and right after the stun gun was applied and removed.

And, in the 15 or so years I have been doing it, no one has every said anything. So, I just assumed they felt it was ok. Then when Ralphus mentioned he did not believe the effect and he is well seasoned at watching this sort of content, I decided to go Hollywood. I figured I would be ok, since the recent sponge shocking I did sold really well and I got lots of positive comments on it. The effect were completely "holly-wooded" up. But, I am learning that if real looks boring, error on the side of making it look cool.

Interestingly enough, it is similar in the fantasy fetish world. Mouth open, tongue out, eyes wide is what is expected, however, in reality, it is completely opposite. :-)


Friday, January 1st 2010 - 11:46:36 PM

Name: YikYakker

On the subject of Realism: I go along with what JohnM has said - that realism is not necessarily what the audience finds entertaining. I think one of the problems with discussions of this kind (which we have had before and will surely have again) is the use of the term realistic. Perhaps a better word to describe what we are after is convincing. The goal is to get the viewers to suspend disbelief, the better to become engaged (i.e. entertained) by what is going on. This has as much to do with the performance of the actors and actresses as it does with the props and special effects; they have to "sell" the scene. Another factor is the expectations of the audience - what are they ready to believe? It's a very fine art, and I give a lot of credit to anyone who can make a scene truly convincing.

Saturday, January 2nd 2010 - 05:14:44 AM

Name: A Canadian

YikYakker wrote:

Perhaps a better word to describe what we are after is convincing.

I agree. The word I tend to use is credible.

For example, if I'm watching a rape scene, I want it to be credible. Not realistic, as in looking like a real rape. Who wants to see that? But credible -- the woman must look like she is in a helpless situation (preferably bound in some way) and it should look like the woman is being violated against her will, rather than looking like a vanilla sex scene with a lot of crying.

I think some of the erotic charge of a good rape scene comes from the victim's helplessness. That's why the rape scenes in the mainstream Ginger movies are sexy as hell, even though they don't look the least bit realistic. The victims are bound and are credibly helpless.

Saturday, January 2nd 2010 - 06:00:12 AM

Name: Buckeye
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Ralphus wrote:

To my knowledge, they've all been from different artists. Most of them, I don't know who the artist is. The most recent New Year's pic is from a particular favorite of mine, Minos. He does excellent work. I'll run some more of his stuff in the days to come.

Great, thanks for that. Any idea where he has a gallery or a website? Thanks again.

Also, while I have your attention. I've gotten a bunch of new members to my site. Several said they saw it mentioned in the forum here. What did I miss? I trust you only said nice things about it? ;-)

Saturday, January 2nd 2010 - 08:56:20 AM

Name: Scot
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A Canadian wrote: I think some of the erotic charge of a good rape scene comes from the victim's helplessness. That's why the rape scenes in the mainstream Ginger movies are sexy as hell, even though they don't look the least bit realistic.

I quite agree, although when star Cheri Caffaro was the victim, the fact that she was gorgeous certainly didn't hurt. (see link)

YikYakker wrote: The goal is to get the viewers to suspend disbelief, the better to become engaged (i.e. entertained) by what is going on.

Or in the case of GIMP scenes, perhaps the word should be “engorged”!

Saturday, January 2nd 2010 - 11:10:41 AM

Name: Dr Yuya


Well, saw Girls of War 3. I'll say I did like it and it's my favorite out of all the Girls of War videos or any other videos made by Ring Divas. I wasn't overly surprised by it though and got pretty much what was expected. Just like the other GoW movies the physically fit, sweaty victim is punched and billy clubbed in the stomach and back multiple times by a goon who STILL IMO spends too much time laughing and "preparing" to deliver a beat down rather than actually doing it.

But again, it's what I expected and knew what I was paying for. True I would like it if Ring Divas would "fix" their torturer goon but it's still worth the price to see such a sexy victim getting put through what she's put through. And the victim in this one is IMO the best looking and the budget for this GoW seems a little higher than previous installments. So yeah if you liked the previous GoW movies then this is more of the same with improvements so you'll probably like it as well.

Saturday, January 2nd 2010 - 07:35:02 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

JohnM wrote:

And, in the 15 or so years I have been doing it, no one has every said anything. So, I just assumed they felt it was ok. Then when Ralphus mentioned he did not believe the effect and he is well seasoned at watching this sort of content, I decided to go Hollywood.

Well, I'm glad I could have a positive effect on your work. Really, if no one complained about the stun gun effect (or lack thereof) in Hogtie Killer 3, they were probably just being polite. Politeness isn't one of my better attributes, especially when it comes to fetish material. I tend to be a little more blunt about things that displease me, because face it, it's my money and my erection, two things that are pretty important to me :)

The way the scene was filmed, you could see the front of the stun gun and it was obvious to anyone with a pair of eyes that it wasn't turned on. This could have been solved easily by just turning the gun away from the camera so that we only see the back of it as it touches the skin, and of course, if you hear the buzz, the illusion is complete. You used that method in a few of the other movies I bought and it worked then. As far as "going Hollywood", good for you. Like Rick mentioned, it takes longer but it helps to sell the scene and that's the important thing.

BTW, I saw the sponge shocking scene in Special Birthday and I loved the scene. I just saw that one a few days ago. I've had 5 winners out of 6 from PKF and that's a very good track record. I'll be ordering more. I also like that Lexxi girl, she's a good actress with a great body, although I didn't even realize until the end that she was the same one who was in The Good Murders. The different hair color fooled me.


Buckeye wrote:

I've gotten a bunch of new members to my site. Several said they saw it mentioned in the forum here. What did I miss? I trust you only said nice things about it? ;-)

You got me! I have no idea why you have all those new members. I don't recall saying anything. Our hits have skyrocketed here lately as well, and I haven't done any advertising. Maybe we have a guardian angel somewhere who's putting in the good word for us. More hits and more members is always a good thing.

Saturday, January 2nd 2010 - 08:14:50 PM

Name: Shade

Ralphus: Sorry it took me so long to get back to ya... it's been a hectic last few days. :) A few things...

1) Wow. I've been looking for this movie for FIFTEEN YEARS. And just like that... pow... you find it. Thanks! I bookmarked IMDB. that's a great site. I went ahead to Hot Movies to check it out (I know, I know, pay on demand sites are a rip-off... but they're a great way to preview something), but the scene wasn't there! ARRGGHH! It's always possible that it's just Hotmovies that removed the scene because of its violence... but there's also a chance that it's been removed altogether. There's also a weird chance that it was only in the R-rated version to begin with. I'll just have to risk it, because I'm going to buy it anyways. At least now I know the name(s) of the movie. I recognized every scene and the actress and actor (I had completely forgotten about the time machine angle). That IS it. So thank-you.

2) Most Disturbing Trend? Yeah, times are disturbing. EVERYONE is mellowing their stuff out. That's why I like Baby Entertainment so much. There stuff is actually getting MORE potent. It's their OLD stuff that's weak.

3) Rob Black/Extreme Associates case. Scary. Very Scary. It's a shame the ACLU turned into jello ten years ago. I'm STILL weeping for Max Hardcore.

4) More from Minos!

5) The pic that you used for your banner links... what's that from? Looks like late 70's or early 80's.

6) How about the link to purchase extreme videos and DVD's? Is that Gauge?


A Canadian: Slave Island 11, the best movie of the last decade, huh? It's THAT good? Dang. I gotta check that one out. By any chance does anyone have a review up?

And yeah, I LOVE the Ginger series! GREAT movies!


Badger: Just because a woman is in her 40's doesn't mean that she isn't hot anymore. Just look at Nina Hartley! (Not to be argumentative or anything.)


Yik Yakker: Yeah. Convincing is definitely the word.


MAV: GREAT link to Girls of War III! Thanks! I'm gonna HAVE to check that one out!

And great find on youtube! Creepy and gripping like nothing else! You sure are good at finding clothed torture that's better than most nude stuff!


LINKS: These links, though I'm pretty sure they're safe, should be entered with caution. I don't know what kind of spyware or cookies are on these sites. I don't worry about it too much because I have great protection and do weekly sweeps on my computer.

Here are few links for electro torture buffs:

Asian girl getting electrocuted and raped here.

2nd Asian getting electrocuted and raped here.

And here are some "war prisoner" links:

Asian girl raped here.

2nd Asian raped here.

3rd: here.

4th: here.

5th: here.

BTW, if anyone knows where any of these are from feel free to share...

Saturday, January 2nd 2010 - 10:27:56 PM

Name: YikYakker

Shade: Great links to those Asian clips. That first one was the one I referred to during our discussion about the appropriate reaction to electro torture, but the one I had seen was shorter. It did not include the preliminary slathering of lotion on the girl's body (which, now that I've seen it, is kind of disappointing, because I originally thought it was perspiration and it looks like she enjoyed it a bit too much...but a decent scene nonetheless). I'm starting to dip my toe into the whole Asian genre (great, just when they are starting to go soft on us).


Anyone seen a flick called Ninja She-Devil? The only GIMP scene in it involves a girl who is wrist-tied behind the back with the rope attached to the ceiling (red-robed girl in the picture underneath the words "First Edition"). It's a decent scene in which the villain has a metal claw-like device attached to his wrist, which he uses to first tear the robe off her right shoulder exposing her breast, and then raking it. Next he puts his hand under her robe, in the general area of her crotch, and does the same. The actress, who I think is named Yuma Asami, is very cute and shows nice reactions...just watching her made me want to grab her, take her home and play with her. Any of you Nipponophiles seen her in anything else with better GIMPage?

Sunday, January 3rd 2010 - 07:23:59 AM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Shade: Here is my review from 2007 of Slave Island 11. It's not necessarily a quick read (the movie is more than three hours long) but it will certainly give you a good idea what kind of activity takes place on Slave Island.

Sunday, January 3rd 2010 - 07:39:04 AM

Name: A Canadian

Dr. Yuya: Thanks for the information about Girls of War III. I might rent this one in the near future, as that Destiny Dumon is hot and it does sound like this film is worth seeing, even if the villain is a bit of a disappointment. Like you, I know what I'll be getting if I rent this, although I get the sense I may have liked SoCal Val (the star of the first one) more than you did.

Sunday, January 3rd 2010 - 07:45:07 AM

Name: Badger

Shade: "Just because a woman is in her 40's doesn't mean that she isn't hot anymore. Just look at Nina Hartley! (Not to be argumentative or anything.)"

I wholeheartedly agree. That was not a rap at older women in peril at all. I am just a bit surprised at the surprise when a GIMP rock star like Lisa Kinkaid decides it maybe time to hang up her ball gag and retire while she's still on top. So to speak.

Sunday, January 3rd 2010 - 08:52:03 AM

Name: LTL

I really like Today’s Pic! I think more than anything else I like the attractiveness of the poser figure’s face more so than the set-up though.

The set-up does make me curious though: Of how much interest is a breast torture scene where the torture consists of needles or pins?

I’m kinda on the fence on this for two reasons. 1~ I’ve never seen a needle torture with an attractive victim….other than maybe Elise Graves (she can look pretty nice at times, then other times just kinda so-so). She’s got one done by Bound & Abused called "Elise Nipple Piercing". I didn’t pick it up since I really didn’t like the overall content of the clip.

And 2 ~ because there’s really nothing that happens to the victims after the insertion of the needles. There’s no rape. There’s no more torture, as any accidental bumping of the needles could cause injury. That’s kinda it.

So on the fence maybe due to the fact that I’ve never seen a good one that didn’t look consensual (holding really still while the needles are inserted, lack of protest or fear, etc.).

How ’bout you guys?

= = = = = = =

Question for JohnM: Since you’re doing FX’s with electro scenes, are you planning any other effects such as maybe a red-hot poker or cigarette burns as just a couple to mention that come to mind? I have no idea how labor intensive they would be to do but think they could provide for some interesting viewing in torture/revenge scenarios.

I know I’m probably your least favorite poster. But at the same time, unless maybe jhlipton mentioned PKF previously (lurked in & out for a while), I do believe I may have been the first to have brought up PKF here (and also the first reviews, along with jlipton).

= = = = =

Speaking of electro as of late, anyone familiar with the quality of Gruntfilms? They have a clip called Secret Agent Eectrocution on sale for $5.00 right now.

= = = = = = =

Ralphus wrote: ~ Politeness isn't one of my better attributes…

And previously: Demonic? Is that a nice thing to say? Actually, I looked it up. "A person or thing regarded as evil, cruel, etc." Well, yeah, that's sorta me, but only with women. I've never attacked, tied up, tortured or raped anyone of my own sex. So at best, I'm only half demonic.

I’m not surprised. All ya gotta do is look at that movie Ralphus made early in his career….tells the whole story.

Sunday, January 3rd 2010 - 08:57:44 AM

Name: Sardu

LTL: For some wonderful breast torture with pins you can't beat the old 8mm reels from HOM's "Erotic Perversions" series. There are several lovely ladies that get that and much more.

One of the reels ends with one of the lovely ladies naked, struggling beautifully, on tip toes being pulled up with fish hooks through the nips.

They just don't make 'em like that anymore.

Sunday, January 3rd 2010 - 09:28:18 AM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

LTL wrote:

So on the fence maybe due to the fact that I’ve never seen a good one that didn’t look consensual (holding really still while the needles are inserted, lack of protest or fear, etc.).

You might want to check out the film Attackers JBD-077. In that one, the victim -- Anjyu -- is tied securely to some jail cell bars, and villain Randa Mai jabs some acupuncture needles through her nipples. For those who like this sort of thing, it definitely doesn't look consensual. Here is my review of the movie, from 2005.


Lisa Kinkaid's retirement: I say this every year and 2010 isn't goint to be any different -- I still think Rick should release a "Best of Lisa Kinkaid" compilation movie. There are so many exceptional Lisa moments that could help make this an oustanding DVD. Plus, there are many entertaining Lisa outtakes that could also be included. The challenge, I suspect, would be deciding what to leave out.

The GIMP community could even help support this project. When our sorta-demonic moderator has finished transcribing his long-winded interviews, he may consider running a poll that asks everyone to list their favorite Lisa scenes. I know which ones I would choose.

Sunday, January 3rd 2010 - 09:38:38 AM

Name: Brutus

Ralphus and A Canadian: Your year-end lists, once again, were highly entertaining and informative. Thanks.


YouTied: I can't think of any way YouTied can return unless MasterDetective starts charging fees. I do hope it comes back in one form or another.


Realism: I agree that convincing is the apt word in describing the performance. If the actress can convince me she's in pain and wants desperately to escape, it works for me. It doesn't matter if there are sparks or not in the electro scene. Realistic is probably the better term for the bondage involved. There's nothing worse than an actress pretending she can't escape from loose bonds.


Shade: Nice links. Now that's what I'm talking about. Great reactions on the part of the victims.


A Canadian: Favorite Lisa Kinkaid moment? For me, it was when she was dangled upside down, legs spread wide and ballgagged in "Ms. Ballista," with the evil Pornogra (Penelope Pace) masturbating at her nemesis's predicament. And then the fun begins.

Sunday, January 3rd 2010 - 05:34:05 PM

Name: A Canadian

FYI. In his post about that movie, Ninja She-Devil, YikYakker mentioned the scene with Yuma Asami. In fact, the site in Japan has released its top results for the second half of 2009, and Yuma Asami is the top video actress. I also noticed on that site that Yuma has shot one of those molester-bus movies that Scheer likes. Let's hope we see Yuma moving even further into GIMP territory in 2010.

Sunday, January 3rd 2010 - 08:42:24 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Shade: Great post, loved all the video links! You asked about where they came from. I don't have specific titles, but check Video Mayhem for the "FA" series of movies from Japan. That company specializes in women's prison and war type settings; pretty much all the ones I've seen are loaded with bondage rape and some of them have electro like you showed in the clips. In fact, also check out my December 29, 2008 post when 2 of them won Ralphus Awards for being the best of the year.

Regarding the Mata Hari scene that was missing from Irresistible; it's indeed possible it was cut from the X-rated version. A lot of those Golden Age adult titles originally had bondage and/or rape scenes that were later excised when they were released on DVD. That was fallout from the Meese Commission which scared off a lot of adult companies. Your best bet would be to try to track down the R-rated version, which may be available on VHS somewhere. With the added info, you can just search for the title and an actor from the film and see if you can locate it.

The banner links picture gets asked about a lot. That's the beautiful Constance Money in Barbara Broadcast, another Golden Ager that is now missing a bondage rape scene from later versions.

And you're right, that's Gauge from the classic bondage rape film, After School Surprise. Both that and Barbara Broadcast have reviews in our Reviews section. Lots of great info there that's a few clicks away.


Brutus: I think you're misremembering the Lisa scene, because that was the one that jumped into my mind first, too. Except she's not hanging upside-down. This the scene you're talking about?


LTL: Needle and pin torture? I'm the same way you are in that most of the victims are often ugly, although there have been some films where it's a real turn-on. Canadian beat me to it but the Japanese film Attackers JB-77 has an awesome scene. Using needles as a torture device, rather than a session where pain freaks see how much they can endure, can be quite effective. A little bit goes a long way, though. When there's multiple needles, that just starts to get gross.

The Omen box cover: Yeah, it pisses me off that Gregory Peck got top billing in that movie. Oh, but he's a name, they told me. He can open movies, they would say. It doesn't matter that I steal the show in every film I appear in. Supporting actors don't get any respect. Makes me want to torture a helpless girl or two. Again.

Sunday, January 3rd 2010 - 10:22:09 PM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:

YikYakker: I'm starting to dip my toe into the whole Asian genre (great, just when they are starting to go soft on us).

Check out the Giga films at, especially the "Hard Heroine Suppression" series. Nothing soft with these guys! There's also a thread on that shows box-covers and preview vid-caps of their movies.

Monday, January 4th 2010 - 12:03:26 AM

Name: MAV
Homepage URL:

Finally saw Girls of War 3 from Ringdivas and figured I'd give a mini-review.

Compared to the other Ringdivas Heroine Torture movies, there are pluses and minuses to this one. The biggest plus by far is Destiny Dumon. This chick is buxom, statuesque, and in great shape. She is also wearing a very skimpy bra/panty set.

What didn't improve? For one, the acting. Destiny does a decent job but her reactions took a while to develop and are probably best in the third clip (where I don't like her position). The sound effects also worsened for blows (stomping the ground to simulate punch or baton impact) and weren't great til late in the second clip. I also agree with other reviews (see link above) that the villain gets too much screen time. I'd rather see the heroine's facial expressions as she's taunted than the villain's face and part of her body.

Overall, this movie is visually stunning but the acting/effects did not improve from the other ringdivas movies. In case you guys are interested, the three parts of this movie are as follows:

clip 1 - front view AOH torture (punches, baton)
clip 2 - back view AOH torture (punches, baton)
clip 3 - brief arms behind slap and gunplay scene; longer arms at sides on table scene (punches, baton)

I'd recommend clip 1 since you get to see the best of Destiny's body. Overall, I give this one a B.

Monday, January 4th 2010 - 12:07:39 AM

Name: Mr.?

Shade; thanx for the link to slut load. best link since youtied. like I was the best thing in 09.1 week into 2009 ..what ever.don´t bore me with hair splitting.

Monday, January 4th 2010 - 02:49:15 AM

Name: LTL

Sardu & A Canadian about needle torture.

Wow, I never realized HOM ever did that. And never have gotten back to any Japanese stuff (after my initial plunge that ended with girls that looked 10 years old) but Attacker #77 looks interesting. Plus a dunking scene to boot.

Ralphus wrote: It doesn't matter that I steal the show in every film I appear in. Supporting actors don't get any respect.

Well I though you did an awesome job! Not only in that one but Gimp Fiction as well.

Still from Gimp Fiction.

BTW, it’s amazing what they can do with CGI and elevator shoes these days ;-)

Monday, January 4th 2010 - 06:21:53 AM

Name: YikYakker
Homepage URL:

A while back a few of us pervs were discussing a “death-trap” GIMP scene in which a girl is inadvertently strangled by her rescuers as they opened a door to save her. I checked out Blood Relic and my review appears below.


Blood Relic (2005)

This is a very ordinary slasher flick with a standout “death-trap” GIMP set up that will not quickly be forgotten by the viewer. The movie follows a conventional slasher formula: A group of mixed-gender young people are trapped in an isolated place (an abandoned air base where they work restoring it to an aviation museum), besieged by a masked killer who is propelled by a mystical force (the titular relic) to off them one-by-one as they naturally fail to stick together for protection. All the stock characters are here, among them Whiny Chick Rachel (Kelly Ray), Virginal Good Girl Terri (Jennifer Lauren Grant), Busty Babe Alison (Caitlin Sabins) and her Prankster Boyfriend Max. Before the killing starts, all of the women get naked except of course Terri, who refuses to join in a strip poker game, and Debbie Rochon (looking a bit matronly here in a figure-hiding outfit but still the prettiest), who wins the game but nevertheless flashes a tit for the losers.

Alison and Max like to spice up their sexual liaisons with role-playing. Alison is searching for Max when she is confronted by a guy in a flight suit with identity-hiding oxygen mask and one of those cool, curved warrior knives. Without speaking, he gets his “point” across that he wants her to undress. Then he runs the blade sloooooowly over her body, and gropes her tits. Something’s not quite right, though – Alison doesn’t seem as terrified as she originally was. *spoiler* Turns out it’s really Max in disguise, who castigates Alison for stepping out of character.*end spoiler* Still, I liked this scene for the tactile use of knife against bare skin.

Later, at about the 1:09 mark, Rachel is grabbed from behind and dragged through a heavy steel door that slams shut. As her friends struggle to open it, they are unaware that the door has been rigged with a wire that slowly chokes naked, bound and gagged Rachel with every pull. This is a clever set-up and the scene drips with tension. You see very few mainstream movies these days that will push the GIMPage this far. It is the best aspect of an otherwise dull movie. And I was getting a little tired of Rachel anyway.

Terri, whose main contribution to the movie up to this point has been her scintillating crystal-blue eyes, is the next candidate for a death-trap. She is discovered, fully-clothed, with her ankles chained to the floor and her arms tied overhead, connected to a winch that pulls her up and down. A timer governs the mechanism, and a motion detector prevents Terri’s rescuers from approaching her. But if they don’t intervene she’ll be doomed for sure. This method is a kind of technological update of the old witch torture that had the victim suspended from the ceiling by her wrists with a millstone tied to her feet. Nice idea that would have worked better if Terri hadn’t been fully-dressed. *spoiler* Turns out it is a gimmick, and Terri was not in any real danger *end spoiler*. Things hurtle to a conclusion with a few twists and turns that most veteran viewers of slashers would have probably anticipated anyway.

Movie pluses: Lotsa female nudity and one great GIMP scene.

Movie minuses: Too much cheesy dialog, bad acting and cliché-driven plot developments and not enough real GIMPage.

My grade: C+. But I hope every GIMPer who has the opportunity rents this film to encourage mainstream movie-makers to deliver more and better female torture in their products.

Monday, January 4th 2010 - 06:54:29 AM

Name: YikYakker

I forgot to say thanks to Ralphus and Hank for the pics in my Blood Relic review.

Monday, January 4th 2010 - 06:57:22 AM

Name: robert
E-mail address:

hi everyone- is anyone else here aware that they are making a remake of the howling? i hope they redo the bdsm scene too. take care. robert

Monday, January 4th 2010 - 01:44:06 PM

Name: Brutus

Ralphus wrote: I think you're misremembering the Lisa scene ...

Yep. I dunno why I wrote that she was upside-down. Must have lost too many brain cells celebrating the New Year. (I think I now have 50 left.)


YikYakker: Thanks for the review. I had only seen the GIMP scenes from "Blood Relic" but not the entire movie. It's maddening that they had a bunch of actresses willing to get naked, but only delivered in one GIMP scene. Such a waste.


MAV: Destiny Dumon certainly is hot, but it sounds like "Girls of War 3" lacks the "punch" for my tastes.


robert: A remake of "The Howling," you say? I'm not sure if they can improve on that rape scene shown in the booth, unless they extend it. I thought it was perfect for the situation, with the grainy images and the snuff-like quality. The way things are going these days, the remake will likely have a guy being tortured instead.


Needle tit torture: One big problem I have is that in many of the scenes I've viewed the breasts are bound so tightly that they become purple, and IMHO, unattractive. Add to that the trickle of blood from the needles and you have images that are a total turn-off for me.

Monday, January 4th 2010 - 04:34:47 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

YikYakker: Thanks for the review of Blood Relic. I would like to see that movie, just for the one scene with Kelly Ray. I don't think I've seen this movie available for rent but I'll certainly take a closer look at my local store.


MAV: Well, I guess Girls of War 3 didn't live up to its expectations. I may have to reconsider my plans to view it.


Brutus: You had me fooled. When I read your comments, I was struggling because I couldn't remember any scene in Miss Ballista that had Lisa suspended upsidedown. But I figured it was my memory that was the problem. I do remember the scene where Lisa had to eat out of the dog bowl, if that means anything.


LTL: Rest assured, I have seen two movies that starred Anjyu and she definitely looks like she's over the age of 18.

Monday, January 4th 2010 - 05:31:40 PM

Name: Shade
Homepage URL:

Glad everyone enjoyed my links! For those that are further interested...

The suspended table rapes can be found on FA#1410 here, at VideoMayhem.

You can also see some pictures from the dvd and a trailer here.

As for the electro torture scenes, at least one can be found on FA#1243. I don't think VideoMayhem has it yet, but the dvd cover and some pics (no trailer, damn it!) can be found here.


VM: Speaking of which... I will be buying FA#1410 ASAP! If, by any chance, you want to start carrying FA#1243, make no mistake, I WILL be buying it!

And thanks again for starting to carry Baby Entertainment dvd's on your site.


Ralphus: Thanks for suggesting the FA dvd's on VideoMayhem. After searching through them, sure enough, I found one. See above.

Also, thanks for posting the full sized picture of Constance Monet! She is downright gorgeous! Looks like I'm on the hunt for TWO missing scenes now.

And one of your best daily pics ever! Congrats to Minos!


A Canadian: Thanks for the link to the review of Slave Island 11! Now that I know how to get to the reviews I'll definitely be reading more of them!


YikYakker: That type of warrior knife, I believe it's called a kukri.


jhlipton: Thanks for the link to Akiba-web. It looks like they got some good stuff. There's plenty of rape and light torture, but from what I saw there may not be enough bondage/rape for me. I'll definitely be looking through more of them, though!

Tuesday, January 5th 2010 - 03:30:01 AM

Name: Sloth
E-mail address:

Mornin All

Good to be back with you sick twisted perverts - looks like I have a few weeks of chat to catch up on - this new computer network system has caused all manner of difficulty - still can't even install Adobe Flash Player - guess I'll have to make that dreaded phone call and speak with ol' Rasneesh.

Over the holidays received a package of about forty flicks from an overseas online pal - looks like a nice mix of Japanese, Euro and North American stuff - hopefully I'll find a few worth commentary by this humble poster.

Noticed the chat concerning the use of stun guns - great items for disabling the victim, not so good for extended torment - still, makes for a nice fantasy.

Ralphus - will be looking forward to that Blakemore interview - hope the transcribing goes fast and well.

And a Happy New Year of bondage and torment to all.

Tuesday, January 5th 2010 - 07:37:11 AM

Name: YikYakker
Homepage URL:

I have not seen Cannibal Curse (1987) and frankly don’t know if there is anything GIMP-worthy in it, but I mention it for three reasons: 1) it includes Asian cannibal dwarfs (yes!); it’s out on DVD as a two-fer; and 3) it stars Maria Isabel Lopez, former Miss Philippines and main hottie of a movie I have seen, the incredibly mind-boggling Silip: Daughters of Eve (1985). I started to compose a few comments about the latter film but instead it turned into a full-blown review, which you’ll find at the end of my post. Suffice it to say that the lovely Ms. Lopez demonstrated that she had no qualms about getting naked or tied up on screen, which makes her our kind of girl.


A Canadian wrote: Thanks for the review of Blood Relic...I don't think I've seen this movie available for rent but I'll certainly take a closer look at my local store.

Or you can do what I did...get it from Amazon for 98 cents + shipping. But hurry! Supplies are limited! ;)

Also thanks for the info about the award-winning and painfully beautiful Yuma Asami. I too hope to see more of her this year.


Silip - Daughters of Eve should be somewhere on a list of the Most Whack Movies Ever Made. It’s a kind of throwback to the anything-goes, non-PC period of the late 60’s-early 70’s, featuring loads of female and male nudity (including full monties), sex, violence, inexplicable behavior and really bad production values. Some critics say that the acting is superb, but you could never tell from the atrociously-dubbed English version that I watched. It’s unrated, but comes this close to earning an X. It also has a noteworthy and climactic GIMP scene.

Story in a nutshell: The exquisite Tania (Maria Isabel Lopez) lives in a tiny, primitive seaside village on the Phillipine island of Ilano, where the chief products seems to be sand and buffalo meat. She is horny and secretly lusts after Simon, the local stud who apparently has no shirts to wear. She is also a traditional Catholic, the local schoolteacher and religious leader. She sometimes goes into spiritual ecstasy/uncontrollable fits of horniness, to which the befuddled children respond by throwing sand on her as she rolls around on the ground. Her childhood friend Selda returns after fleeing the stifling island environment for the bustling metropolis of Manila, where she has learned how to be aggressively seductive and “liberated.” Although she has her boyfriend Ronald in tow, the conservative villagers forbid the two to stay in the same shack. Selda sets about luring Simon away from his equally-lascivious girlfriend and engaging the children in sex education. Long story short, village life quickly goes into a downward spiral. Men slap their women around, the women engage in catfights, Tania freaks out and is relieved of her schoolteacher duties. Villagers are appalled at the turn of events and wonder WTF is going on. (A mystical amulet may be involved, I couldn’t tell) Eventually, Tania and Selda reconcile and celebrate their rekindled friendship by lolling around on the beach in their birthday suits.

Unbeknownst to them, a naked Simon accidentally kills a horny young schoolgirl whose only crime was being overly curious about his enormous wang. In retaliation, the younger children who are the only witnesses, gang up on Simon, take turns stabbing him, and finally sever his head with an axe.

In the maniacal final act the villagers, egged on by Simon’s jealous girlfriend, decide that Tania and Selda are responsible for the killings and everything else that has gone wrong. They band together and march to the shore, chase the naked pair along the beach and around the island, pelting them with rocks. Finally captured, the girls are tied (still starkers) arms outstretched on the floor of a grass hut (however, their feet are not bound, dammit), where they scream and cry and await their fate. Meanwhile a bunch of village males who are standing guard outside the hut awaiting the deliberations of the other villagers realize that they have a golden opportunity here. So they get plastered on some apparently home-made brew, doff their clothing and pile into the hut for a major gang-bang party. The rest of the villagers decide that Tania and Selda must die, approach the hut with torches, chase the rapists out, and set fire to the grass shelter. The final conflagration, and screams and struggles of the young women, close out the movie.

Hell, I don’t know what kind of grade to give this mess, so I’ll settle for a C.

I think everyone should see this movie, just for the helluvit. It may help assure you of your own sanity. Try to get a non-dubbed version, with subtitles or without. Or turn the sound off. Doesn’t matter, the plot is secondary to what’s visible on-screen. Best way to view it is to invite over any non-PC friends you still have left, provide plenty of brewskis, and popcorn to throw at the screen (the non-buttery kind that doesn’t leave stains).

Tuesday, January 5th 2010 - 07:50:52 AM

Name: JohnM
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Homepage URL:

Question for JohnM: Since you're doing FX's with electro scenes, are you planning any other effects such as maybe a red-hot poker or cigarette burns as just a couple to mention that come to mind? I have no idea how labor intensive they would be to do but think they could provide for some interesting viewing in torture/revenge scenarios.

I can do anything really. It is just a matter of figuring out the effects process. On a recent one, I ignited a girls belly button for about 500 frames. It took about 3 hours of work and no one will care--but, I had fun. :-) Poker would be possible. The hardest part is smoke. The reason is if I motion track it, the wisp of smoke just moves unnaturally. I need to figure out how to bend and distort it with the body movements and airflow. Live effects are always the, blood, etc. But fire, spark and glowy effects are best digital.

Funny, though, I was just talking to a well known bondage expert who was at my studio yesterday, and he told me that a lot of the sites where the women dominate the men--use real stun guns. :-) OUCH!!!

I know I'm probably your least favorite poster. But at the same time, unless maybe jhlipton mentioned PKF previously (lurked in & out for a while), I do believe I may have been the first to have brought up PKF here (and also the first reviews, along with jlipton).

Not at all. As long as criticism is constructive and phrased with the mindset that you are talking to a real person rather then pixels on a screen, I quite enjoy it. Most of the changes I make come out of suggestions. I am a really tiny company. I listen to everyone. I just shot a DID scenario yesterday just with some Gimpers in mind. Also, feel free to email me with thoughts and ideas anytime.


Tuesday, January 5th 2010 - 09:08:35 AM

Name: Sardu

John M: To make a smoke effect use dry ice... just a small amount creates quite a bit... With minimal efforts you can create realistic looking smoke, which you can then enhance digitally, and add the fire afterwords.

Lets say you want to create the ol' hot poker to the pussy effect. You need a small amount of dry ice in a sealed container, with a small plastic tube and a valve. These can be found cheaply in the fish section of a pet store. A small tube is ran behind the model to the spot where you want the poke to touch. When the poker touches have an assistant release the valve. With the right timing you can get the smoke to appear right as the poker touches. Then just add the hissing and a little glow to the poker and it would be very realistic.

We used just this effect in a "torture section" of a haunted house I was in many years ago... and we just acted it out with a repeating audio track for the screams and hissing noise. Even without real fire it was pretty convincing. I'm sure with digital enhancement it would look cool.

Tuesday, January 5th 2010 - 09:47:01 AM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

YikYakker: Thanks for putting in the effort to try to make sense out of Silip - Daughters of Eve. I'm not religious, so I think I got lost somewhere along the way. But I know what I do believe in and here's what I need to ask: Do we actually get to see any of the gangbang that takes place near the end, or is it just implied? Any further details will be much appreciated.

Tuesday, January 5th 2010 - 06:20:21 PM

Name: YikYakker

A Canadian wrote: Thanks for putting in the effort to try to make sense out of Silip - Daughters of Eve...Do we actually get to see any of the gangbang that takes place near the end, or is it just implied? Any further details will be much appreciated.

You get to see everything short of actual penetration that would warrant an X rating. Guys enter the hut with their wangs hanging out. They get on top of the girls and start humping away. Nothing is implied. The scene goes on for several minutes. Yes, I know - pretty stunning isn't it?

Don't bother trying to understand the religious angle. When I started out watching this movie, I experienced frustration at the poor dubbing and wondered where this was all going. But when I was finished, I thought to myself: Wow - I can't believe anyone will ever make a mainstream movie like this again. Maybe that's why somebody is trying to sell it on Amazon for $150.

Tuesday, January 5th 2010 - 07:42:09 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

YikYakker wrote:

You get to see everything short of actual penetration that would warrant an X rating. Guys enter the hut with their wangs hanging out. They get on top of the girls and start humping away. Nothing is implied. The scene goes on for several minutes.

OK, I'm sold. Time to start looking for a copy of Silip - Daughters of Eve. Thanks for the additional information.

Tuesday, January 5th 2010 - 08:07:53 PM

Name: Master MaX
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

I know this forum is more for really hardcore BDSM. I kind of prefer the really hardcore stuff myself. Most of my models are new & evolving. I work them as hard as I think they can take it then push a bit more. To them it's extreme. To you it's??? [Let me know what you think] (

I am also the #1 male necro porn actor in the world. I work for John, he posts here. PKF rocks! & if you really want to see a intense bound rape scene with real belt strikes & face slaps [Reality Kidnapping]( It's one HELL of a rape!!! Samantha Jo is a "tie me up & beat me" type of girl who just loves to be forced.

Wednesday, January 6th 2010 - 12:25:05 AM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:

re Blood Relic: I have a clip of the nude hanging that's been referred to. Anyone that wants a copy, e-mail me (put Blood Relic in the Subject line) at the address above, and I'll send a copy.

It's 15.5 Meg (so I'll probably use YouSendIt) and about 1:40 in length.

Wednesday, January 6th 2010 - 01:46:13 AM

Name: YikYakker
Homepage URL:

If you follow this link and scroll down to the November 15 2007 entry (about a third of the way down the page) you'll find thumbnail previews of clips from Silip: Daughters of Eve. You have to join to download the clips but it might be a suitable alternative to buying the DVD or spending a lot of time trying to find a rental copy.

A thumbnail of the scene with the two women tied to the floor of the hut (Sarsi Emmanuelle and Maria Isabel Lopez) awaiting their inevitable gangbanging and incineration appears around the middle of the group, in the left column.

There is also a minor bondage scene that I left out of my review, in which Simon gags and ties his girlfriend (Myra Manibog) to a post to keep her from fighting with Selda (Sarsi Emmanuelle), with whom she has just caught him boinking. Yeah, Simon really had it good until he "lost his head".

Wednesday, January 6th 2010 - 08:04:18 AM

Name: LTL

Yik Yakker ~ Thanks for 2 very entertaining reviews (and beneficial too by using Silip - Daughters of Eve to gauge ones own sanity :-)

= = = = = =

Master MaX ~ I don’t know if anyone else has had this problem but every time I click on your link your logo flashes for a nano-second then ends up with a white screen.

BTW, Lucky bastard….getting to molest Samantha Jo like that ;-)

= = == = = =

JohnM wrote: ~ Most of the changes I make come out of suggestions. I am a really tiny company. I listen to everyone. I just shot a DID scenario yesterday just with some Gimpers in mind. Also, feel free to email me with thoughts and ideas anytime.

I’ve got one idea that you might find of interest that’s really low-tech. And just like the acting involved in electro-scenes, all this involves is acting.


After the infliction of shallow cut wounds or scrape wounds, the addition of salt at this point makes a very effective (and low-tech) torture.

Again though, it all revolves around the actress being able to sell the scene. Lexxi immediately comes to mind as she’s been very convincing in everything I’ve seen her in. But if you can get a hold of a screamer….all that much better.

= = = = =

MAV ~ Thanks to you also for the Ring Diva’s Girls of War 3 review. I must say that the preview clip looked very impressive. However the lack of nudity makes it of limited interest for me.

Mainstream is one thing but a fetish clip is another story if the nudity is missing……..But that’s just me of course.

= = = = =

Ring Divas reminded me of a fantasy scenario I’ve always wanted to see. Years ago as a kid I got to see a wrestling event (ICW or ECW…can’t remember) where one of the main features was a 20 woman Battle-Royal. The rules were changed slightly for this event as in addition to the traditional way of being eliminated by being thrown over the top, in this event you could also be eliminated by having all your clothing ripped off. Well of course, as soon as any of the participants got stripped to bra and panties they would conveniently be eliminated by other means (Damn it Jim!).

I still enjoyed it though as being an asphyx enthusiast, there were a few instances where the ripped off pantyhose were used to strangle a few of the contestants.

Anyway, after having had seen that I always had a fantasy scenario I’ve always wanted to see.

The scenario would involve the mis-timing of the choreographed moves going awry. One of the girls would eventually get pissed off by the punches that should have been pulled, actually connecting. After one too many, the girl loses it and starts to wail on the other. Everyone of course thinks that this is part of the act and no one does anything.

Anyway, to get to the climatic scene, the offending girl gets tied up on the outside of the ropes (arms out to the sides and folded in the ropes….I think you know what I mean) so she’s facing the audience. She then gets the tights pulled off of her which are then used to strangle her to unconsciousness (again, everyone still thinks this is part of the act). Unconscious now, and before anyone can do anything about it, she gets stripped naked, humiliating her as she is left tied in the ropes with her feet dangling outside of the ring.

It’d be cool if anyone is able to CGI an entire arena of people.

Wednesday, January 6th 2010 - 12:33:32 PM

Name: Jane von Detlefson
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

I'd like to thank A Canadian and Ralphus for the wonderful GIMP awards I received at the year's end! Having my work recognized on this forum was the best present ever, right alongside the whip I got for Christmas.

I'm traveling again this weekend to NYC. Oh, and I forgot to mention a somewhat GIMPy movie I saw while in NYC before the holidays: Antichrist, by Lars von Trier. While it was disturbing enough for me to enjoy myself (two people walked out of the IFC Center theater halfway through my viewing, which is normally a signal that things are getting good), it did not have much GIMP. Frankly, I was expecting more GIMP, and Lars just didn't dish it up this time. So, what GIMP is there?...*SPOILER* Right at the end Willem Dafoe strangles Charlotte Gainsbourg. We see this in a close-up very effectively and see and hear the crunch as he crushes her windpipe with his bare hands. *END SPOIlER* Everything else leading up to this will be disappointing to most GIMPers as it involves Charlotte going bananas and doing nasty things to Willem Dafoe. But in a way, this makes it worth it when he *SPOILER* kills her in the end in such a hands-on nasty way. *END SPOILER* All in all, it's an amazing movie, but I was hoping for something at least as good as Dogville in terms of GIMP or at the very least implied GIMP.

Wednesday, January 6th 2010 - 01:10:02 PM

Name: JohnM
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

LTL--Max's link works for me, but the direct link to what he is selling is here:

Max--where's my cut--you bastard. :-)

LTL--I like the salt idea. When I was first reading it I was like "ouch, that is going to hurt, what can I use to fake it"...then I remembered, the wound is fake--duh!!!. So, I guess I can just use real salt. :-) I am going to try that next torture scenario. That is a great idea and you are right--except for the silicone wound application, very low-tech.


Wednesday, January 6th 2010 - 02:56:59 PM

Name: Brutus

YikYakker: Nicely written review of "Silip - Daughters of Eve." I believe you made sense out of a nonsensical movie. But I think I might need something stronger than brewskies and popcorn to make it through to the titillating GIMP scene at the end :-)


Master MaX: I had the same problem that LTL experienced. After the logo flashes for a nanosecond, all your site entrance information gets pushed way to the right. It's simply a matter of scrolling right to get to the entrance, but the white screen has the look of a broken link.

To them it's extreme. To you it's??? [Let me know what you think]

Well, I prefer harsher flogging than what appears on your site. As for forced orgasms, the scene only works for me if the actress can convince me that she doesn't want it and struggles mightily and angrily to prevent herself from cumming. Judging by the dearth of convincing scenes in this category (with the exception of the Japanese films), it must be tough finding actresses who can pull this off.

I also noticed the lack of gags in your clips. As anyone who regularly reads this forum knows, I am a gag snob, and a convincing gag is essential for my enjoyment of a woman in distress.

But I like your ropework, especially the Missy suspension.

Wednesday, January 6th 2010 - 03:44:33 PM

Name: YikYakker

LTL: I like your idea about the use of salt. I haven't viewed a good "rubbing salt in the wounds" scene in a long while.

But you said you went to this wrestling/stripping match when you were a "kid". I hope you meant that term figuratively and were not relaying the story of how your mind got corrupted as a minor. ;-) --------

Here's another low-tech idea: lemon juice. Back in the day, when YouTied was flourishing, there was a posted clip of a movie with an Asian heroine who gets her back whipped to get some info out of her her friends, who are standing watching. Then one of the perps very dramatically pulls out a lemon and squeezes it slowly, letting the juice run into the wounds. The view is from the front, so we can see the tortured girls face. The actress did a great job of letting us know that the stinging begins slowly, then escalates as the juice sinks in. Her cry of pain starts out as a kind of whimper, like that of a kitten, and rises in volume and intensity. Very nice scene, but I'll be damned if I can remember what movie it's from. Somebody out there probably does.

Wednesday, January 6th 2010 - 03:50:01 PM

Name: LTL

Master MaX I checked out your site. I liked some of the suspensions and such, but honestly for my taste, a little too much “Master/Slave-ish.”

Missy looked pretty hot though!

= = = = =

jhlipton ~ Thanks for offering up the Blood Relic clip to everyone.

I’d like to see it. And thanks in advance! (ya got my e-mail)

= = = = =

Yik Yakker wrote: ~ But you said you went to this wrestling/stripping match when you were a "kid". I hope you meant that term figuratively and were not relaying the story of how your mind got corrupted as a minor. ;-)

Na….I was born a pervert ;-)

= = = =

Jane von Detlefson ----{--@ (that’s a rose you idiots….no not you Jane ;-) reminded me of something when she thanked A Canadian & Ralphus for the Gimp award.

I wanted to ask Ralphus what he was thinking when his moment (winning the Controversy, Thy Name Is Ralphus Award ) was interrupted by Kanye West?

For those not present, Kanye West rudely interrupts Ralphus during his acceptance speech. “Sorry ta innarrupt….I let ya finish inna moement…..But Bill Zebub had one of the greatest videos of awl taime!

You looked kinda pissed off Ralphus.

Wednesday, January 6th 2010 - 04:14:51 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Jane von Detlefson: I remember being curious about Antichrist last year after the Toronto Star reported the film was voted "the most mysognistic movie" at the Cannes Film Festival. It's too bad the film fails to deliver the goods when it comes to GIMP scenes. Frankly, the one GIMP moment that is in the film doesn't appeal to me.


LTL: I might have bought your story about Kanye West crashing the Ralphus Awards, if it hadn't been for the part where you quote Kanye saying, "Bill Zebub had one of the greatest videos of awl taime!"

Sorry, but no one gets that drunk.

Wednesday, January 6th 2010 - 05:10:12 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Hello, my fellow GIMPers.

Sorry I've been away for a few days. Well, not really away, I've just been super busy working on the Blakemore Interview and haven't had the time to post. All this began back in early November when I talked to the man for the first time, and thus began the long arduous task of transcribing hours of tape into a written manuscript. Then Scribbler got involved and we've spent several hours over the past 2 weeks putting it all together for you. And now, finally, we have something to show for our efforts. And personally, I think this may be the coolest feature we've ever had on this site.

Check out the link above for Blakemore Speaks.

I appreciate everybody's patience, because this took a long time to finish. Thanks to all those who helped out with questions I could ask Blakemore, and also to Sgt Major for setting up the thing to begin with. A big thanks to Scribbler, since I couldn't have put this together and made it look as professional without him. And especially thanks to Blakemore himself for taking a chance and letting a complete stranger interview him and share his story with the public. It was really a privilege talking to him; he's turned into a friend and our conversations have continued on a regular basis. We talk on the phone nearly every week. He's everything you would expect from a Living Legend, but on top of that, he's really a great guy.

I hope you all enjoy the interview, and feedback is always appreciated.

Thursday, January 7th 2010 - 01:04:02 AM

Name: TARL
Homepage URL:

hello ralphus and gimper´s

i check the moviedatabase and miss under "japanese" the second part of "flower and snake".

the movie is better than part one (my opinion), has bondage, torture and rape elements. if you interested in check out the round 60 screens in my group and edit the database.

best regards TARL

Thursday, January 7th 2010 - 02:06:07 AM

Name: TARL

sry - forgot my post. the movie is under the alternativ-title in databaselist.

Thursday, January 7th 2010 - 02:52:53 AM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Ralphus and Scribbler: Congratulations on a great-looking addition to the forum. It's obvious that a lot of effort went into getting this right and I'm looking forward to reading the interview.

Thursday, January 7th 2010 - 03:43:36 AM

Name: Brutus

Ralphus and Scribbler: WOW! Fantastic job on Blakemore Speaks. It's visually appealing and the interview flows very smoothly. There some fascinating stuff in there, especially the fact that Blakemore doesn't possess any of his work. I'll comment more on the interview later as there's quite a bit to take in. For now, I think I'll watch some footage of Rene Baker and more appreciate the suffering that bitch is going through :-)

Again, great job guys.

Thursday, January 7th 2010 - 05:59:09 AM

Name: Darkroom
E-mail address:

Ralphus... Awesome job on Blackmore Speaks. I can't wait to give it a closer look. I wonder how many Gimpers came of age watching his work and have it engrained in their heads--a measure to which all GIMP films will forever be compared?

Thursday, January 7th 2010 - 07:59:11 AM

Name: LTL

Ralphus & Scribbler ~ Awesome, awesome job on the Blakemore interview!

Very informative, enlightening, and visually appealing with all the stills from “the good old days”, as some like to call them, of Gimpdom.

= == == =

A Canadian wrote: ~ I might have bought your story about Kanye West crashing the Ralphus Awards, if it hadn't been for the part where you quote Kanye saying, "Bill Zebub had one of the greatest videos of awl taime!" Sorry, but no one gets that drunk.

Hey, its not without reason that even the president called Kanye a jackass ya know;-)

Thursday, January 7th 2010 - 08:02:22 AM

Name: Sloth
E-mail address:

Mornin All

Ralphus - wow, it's gonna take days to get through that interview considering I keep getting distracted by the photos and box covers - nice job man, a lot of work there.

Going through the latest shipment have found several items of interest and the problem will be trying to figure out what the original title is - some Japanese the way they were meant to be.

And it may just be me but I find that while viewing some of the harsh, low rent Euro efforts one can quite literally detect the smell of urine and feces emanating from the shooting locale coming through your viewing screen - in this latest batch the Germans seem to be the main culprits - these folks seem far more a threat than H1N1.

Stay Well All

Thursday, January 7th 2010 - 10:13:41 AM

Name: Sardu

Ralphus, my friend, what a feather in your cap with "Blakemore Speaks"!!

I started reading and I couldn't stop. Great job... and you asked all the questions I wanted to ask too... go figure.

Really an interesting fellow. I am curious as to why he can't get on the internet... that has got me puzzled.

His comments on cunnilingus had me laughing out loud... not only for their frankness, but for how true it is. That has been my entry way to a threesomes for years now. Eat a girl with a "girlfriend" and she will tell her... the friend will get curious, and walla... The three of you are together, and you will get called upon to demonstrate your skills.

The fact that most men SUCK at this amazes me. Its a very useful skill to have... lol.

Thanks for this Ralphus, the Classic HOM pics and movies have fascinated me for most of my life... to hear the stories behind the movies is a real thrill. Dang... I sound like such a fanboy.

Thursday, January 7th 2010 - 01:00:00 PM

Name: mothbrad

Ralphus, a quick note of massive thanks for the interview. I have to head to work now, but it looks incredible, and the first few pages (that I've read so far) are wild. Thanks again!

Thursday, January 7th 2010 - 01:08:12 PM

Name: charlieg
E-mail address:


You have brought me out of lurk mode with the Blakemore interview, very interesting and exciting. You were able to get answers to several questions I have had for many years, along with so much more great background on the man. Now we'll be waiting for the Rene Baker and Georgia Van Helsing interviews.

Thanks much,


Thursday, January 7th 2010 - 02:39:58 PM

Name: A Canadian

LTL wrote:

Hey, its not without reason that even the president called Kanye a jackass ya know.

Fine, but the fact is that wasn't the real controversy at the Ralphus Awards.

As I said at the time, the most controversial moment was the awarding of the Least Eagerly Awaited DVD Release of Next Year, which went to Jessica Alba and her film, The Killer Inside Me. Who can forget Ralphus saying the film was "likely going to be a disappointment, GIMP-wise."

Harsh words, indeed, and we're now starting to see the fallout. According to a press report, Jessica looks like she hasn't slept in a week.

Thursday, January 7th 2010 - 07:38:32 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Trying to get caught up:

MAV and YikYakker: Great job, guys, for your recent reviews. Here's the direct links:

Girls of War III (Heroine Torture) by MAV

Blood Relic by Yik Yakker

Silip: Daughters of Eve by Yik Yakker

The Reviews section is really filling up. I've said it before, but it's true. We have the best group of reviewers in cyberspace all congregating at our little site. With hundreds of reviews now, we're one of the best resources on the web for pervs. Keep it up, guys.


JohnM: If you're seriously considering attempting a hot poker to the pussy illusion, I fully support your efforts, and you'll be guaranteed at least one sale because I'll be whipping out the green for sure. I agree the smoke effect is the most challenging, but Sardu's idea sounds like it would work. Rick Masters at ZFX did a nice burning illusion in Goon Squad when he burned Amber Bliss's pussy with a cigarette. Not sure what method he used but there was some good smoke there.


A Canadian: Boy, you'll grab any excuse to stick another pic of Jessica Alba on the forum. She looks like she hasn't slept in a week? Yeah, avoiding getting tied up in movies that call for bondage apparently takes a lot out of you.

Thursday, January 7th 2010 - 08:55:53 PM

Name: Sloth
E-mail address:

Mornin All

Finished reading the Blakemore interview - I certainly hope he will get a chance to view his own productions at long last and possibly comment on them to our host gnome - from the tone he seems like the type of guy I would have pictured doing that stuff.

I found his take on Rene Baker very interesting - I guess she was simply playing herself in "Bittersweet Revenge".

Sardu - I too was laughing on the cunnilingus take - as an aside do you recall the late comedian Sam Kinison doing a bit on that during one of his routines? - something about he had studied under "oriental lick masters" and his advice was to hum the "ABC's" song and lick the alphabet on the lady - sounds like words of wisdom to me.

Stay Well All

Friday, January 8th 2010 - 06:45:59 AM

Name: elkcreek
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Wow, I'll definitely have to check out the interview. Here's a quick mainstream mini review.

The movie is called Ghost Machine. The plot is basically that the ghost of a female torture victim has gotten in to the cyber world of an army training simulator. Anyway Rachael Taylor ( the very hot Aussie from Transformers and Bottle Shock is our Gimp. She is one of the soldiers in training and goes into the simulator to find this ghost.

The first gimp scene is the intro of the movie when the original victim is taken back to the torture room and hung AOH strappado style (tied behind her back). She is dressed in heavy clothing and the scene is done in the Blair Witch style of filming. There is no gimp value in this scene.

The next scene has Rachael taking a shower when she is approached by a commander (evidently the torturer of the original victim) while she is in the shower. She pushes him away and he follows her to her locker, grabs her, and pushes her against the row lockers. She has grabbed a knife from her locker and pushes him away. The scene isn't real special but Rachael looks very inviting wearing nothing but a towel or the sleep shirt she changes into. This isn't a classic gimp scene but I did find it to be a enjoyable.

The next scene of interest has Rachael in a set of army fatigues with a T-shirt looking for one of her comrades whose been attacked by the ghost in the simulator. She finds him tied up strappado style, beaten, and she lowers him down to the floor. At this point the ghost attacks her and whips a chain at her which instantly hoists her up strappado style. With the T-shirt top on she is immediately gasping in pain. I have never seen a strappado style victim before but it looked quit painful and she looked very vulnerable. I can't imagine how you could fake this position. The torture itself that occurs is "imaginary" and not worth much but the scene is quite long about 5 minutes with Rachael gasping and groaning very convincingly. The power browns out and seemingly deactivates the ghost temporarily. And Rachael falls to the ground. Even this scene is quite convincing as Rachael rolls over and gets up slowly still wincing in pain.

Like I said I've never scene any realistic simulations of strappado before and I found it quite convincing. While the scene wasn't a classic gimp scene it was quite impressive. I'm going to give it a gimp value of B+. If she would have been stomach punched, slapped, whipped, or even undressed it would have been an exceptional scene. Actual strappado with the girl's weight not supported by anything is far more vulnerable then even AOH and really sold the Gimp aspect. Can anyone here think of any other good strappado scenes? It's definitely worth a rental. I got mine from Netflix.

Friday, January 8th 2010 - 07:32:51 AM

Name: LTL

Ralphus: Regarding the Blakemore interview, I found it interesting that he became known by a name that he knows not from whence it came.

Also was curious if he had any kind of distinctive voice? For some reason, after reading the interview, and seeing him in the stills, I picture him as having a gravely voice.

= = = = = =

Elkcreek: Thanks for another review of a movie I have never heard of before.

= = = = = =

A Canadian wrote: As I said at the time, the most controversial moment was the awarding of the Least Eagerly Awaited DVD Release of Next Year, which went to Jessica Alba and her film, The Killer Inside Me. Who can forget Ralphus saying the film was "likely going to be a disappointment, GIMP-wise." Harsh words, indeed, and we're now starting to see the fallout. According to a press report, Jessica looks like she hasn't slept in a week.

I hear ya. I’ve even heard that Jessica Alba had to go to a few psychotherapy sessions after hearing about (or reading since she’s posted here before) Ralphus’ words.

Jessica Alba looking dejected after leaving the therapist’s office.

Rumor even has it that she needed “time to rest” after those comments.

Friday, January 8th 2010 - 09:07:50 AM

Name: Sardu

Sloth: the ABC's? Hmmm... I remember something like that. Kinison was a classic comedian. Loved him. My technique is a bit different, and requires a bit of imagination and "role-play, which is why GIMPERs eat pussy better then other guys... as a group we're a pretty imaginative lot to begin with... and role-play comes naturally to us. So, here's:

Sardu's hot tips and tricks to Orgasmic Cunnilingus.

You have to get in touch with your feminine side and pretend you've got a pussy, and then do to her what you'd like done to yourself. In addition, if you can watch your girl masturbate herself to orgasm you'll have the key to eye rolling toe curling sex for her in the palm of your hands... er, tongue.

Pay close attention to where and how she touches her clit and the mimic those motions with your tongue when you eat her!

If you ever have the opportunity, watch another girl eat pussy. Watch how she approaches... she takes her time, teases, and gently plays with it, both with fingers and tongue. It's very informative.

... Finally, here's the best tip of all... ask your lady what she wants. I've found my girl likes me to put the tip of my finger in while I eat... gently!

The other night, I got my lady a set of anal beads... not too big... rubbed the pussy and anus down with lube, and as I was eating her began inserting the beads. She went crazy... and just as she reached orgasm I began pulling them out... she squirted cum right in my mouth! I thought she'd never stop cumming... she bucked and screamed. It was pretty intense, and she was in tears by the end of it. THEN I turned her over and fucked her pretty hard... which she enjoyed and came again quite quickly.

You give a woman that many intense orgasms in a row, they will do ANYTHING you want them to for the most part. LOL.

Friday, January 8th 2010 - 11:00:33 AM

Name: YikYakker

elkcreek: Enjoyed your review of Ghost Machine. That's a movie that I've had on my watch-list for awhile; I may move it up a few notches.

Some of the more notable strappado scenes that come to mind include the lengthy strappado-rape in Robotrix and a combination strappado-whipping scene in a Nazi film the name of which escapes me at the moment. Also, Natalie Portman gets to "stretch" her acting talent in a recent movie (again, I'm blanking on the name) in which she is accused of being a witch. In fact, most movies with a witch-hunt theme will have at least one scene with this technique being used.

Friday, January 8th 2010 - 11:30:29 AM

Name: YikYakker

Sorry to hear that Jessica Alba is doing poorly. I think the best solution is a few hours on YikYakker's torture rack. It won't cure what ails her, but she'll feel so much better when I've stopped.

Friday, January 8th 2010 - 11:34:10 AM

Name: elkcreek
E-mail address:

Yik Yaker, I recall the scene in Robotrix, and as I remember her legs were tied too (spread) supporting her body weight. What made this scene so intriguing is that Taylor's entire body weight was supported by her arms exactly like the medieval torture. She gasped and moaned in agony the entire time. The scene you're thinking of with Natalie Portman is Goya's Ghosts. That scene didn't have the same effect to me, even though I have a major man crush on Ms. Portman. I don't know why, maybe it was the obvious cutaways, maybe the way it was filmed with her in the background with the exception of the face shots. Rumor has it that a body double was used for the scene and it was very brief.

I love Ms. Portman and quickly purchased V and Closer for their obvious display of Ms. Portman's assets but unfortunately with the exception of a brief rape scene in Cold Mountain she hasn't done anything that was even gimp mentionable.

Watching the scene, I came to realize why strappado appeals to me so much. First, it is obviously not only a painful position, but extremely vulnerable. Someone tied AOH (my previous favorite) can still kick and fight back. Remember the AOH electro torture in La Femme Nikita? She was still able to resist with some success. I don't see any way a victim could offer any thing but token resistance (if that) hung strappado. Second, One of the obvious difficulties is it's hard to breathe (you can't take deep breaths). Much like the result after a stomach punch, the victim is struggling to breathe, and fighting the pain. If anyone can recall any other scenes of this nature I'd love to hear about it.

Friday, January 8th 2010 - 04:21:51 PM

Name: A Canadian

elkcreek: Thanks for the review of Ghost Machine. Strappado isn't something I go looking for, so I'm not sure this film would do much for me. If it had included nudity, that would have been an entirely different matter....


Sex advice from Sam Kinison: Well, at a time when people were willing to listen to Dr. Ruth, I guess anything was possible. I don't know, though. I think it would be tough to take tips from a guy that you just know screamed louder than his women during fornication.

Friday, January 8th 2010 - 08:23:43 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Elkcreek: Thanks very much for your review of Ghost Machine. Wow, strappado torture? Despite YikYakker's contention that most movies with a witch-hunt theme have this technique being used, I've rarely ever seen it done in movies, at least not true strappado. Real strappado is where the victim has her arms tied off behind her and actually suspended. The danger in doing it is that the victim can easily have her arms dislocated by hanging in that position.

In Robotrix she certainly had the arms tied off behind her, but she definitely wasn't suspended by them. As mentioned, Goya's Ghosts used a body double for Natalie Portman (one of those Cirque du Soleil gymnasts, I believe). That and some foreign black and white medieval film whose name escapes me are the only times I've seen it done in movies. I did see an amazingly limber model perform the stunt in an unknown bondage film, so it is possible to do without injury. I'm sure it was faked in the film you reviewed, but I'd definitely like to see how they pulled it off, especially since Rachael Taylor is such a babe.

I put it in my Netflix queue. Thanks for letting us know about it.

The direct link to your review is in my Homepage URL above.


LTL wrote:

Ralphus: Regarding the Blakemore interview, I found it interesting that he became known by a name that he knows not from whence it came.

Yeah, I'm in the same camp as Scribbler who thinks it's more historically accurate to have him go by the name "Jason Whitman", since that was what he appeared as in some of his films. For instance, I had never even heard the name "John Blakemore" up until a few years ago. Whitman, I knew. John Blakemore was supposedly a photo editor with HOM and definitely not the one who made all those movies, but somehow his name got interchanged with Whitman's and it stuck.

Still, during the interview, Blakemore himself says he couldn't care less about the names, so why should we? He prefers Blakemore and if it's good enough for him, that's good enough for me. They are all phony names, anyway. It's the man's work that's important, not the name.

Also was curious if he had any kind of distinctive voice? For some reason, after reading the interview, and seeing him in the stills, I picture him as having a gravely voice.

Omigod, I guess you've never actually seen one of the classic films he did for HOM or Cal-Star. He's always had a very distinctive Southern-twinged gravely voice, that's one of his trademarks. When I saw the new footage he shot with Sgt Major, I could tell it was him in the first few seconds, even though he was wearing a mask. That voice was unmistakable.

Friday, January 8th 2010 - 10:01:48 PM

Name: Scot
E-mail address:

A Canadian wrote: . . . at a time when people were willing to listen to Dr. Ruth, I guess anything was possible. . . I think it would be tough to take tips from a guy that you just know screamed louder than his women during fornication.

LOL! Frankly, I think it would be even tougher to take sex advice from a German midget who last had sex during the Lyndon Johnson administration.

Friday, January 8th 2010 - 10:14:00 PM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:

Without being rude, I'll just say that my reaction to the interview can be summed up by noting that the interviewee comments on "flat feet" (vs heels) is fairly close to one of his shots with a model with flat feet. I'm sure you can extrapolate from there.

Saturday, January 9th 2010 - 03:12:55 AM

Name: LTL

Ralphus wrote: ~ Omigod, I guess you've never actually seen one of the classic films he did for HOM or Cal-Star.

No, I’ve never seen any of his feature length movies. I’ve seen a few of the Bondage Classics compilations with musical soundtrack instead of dialog.

Having said that, I also thought it bizarre that Blakemore didn’t get to see most, if not all, of his own film works.

Saturday, January 9th 2010 - 07:46:26 AM

Name: YikYakker
Homepage URL:

Back in December a few folks called our attention to a movie called Run! Bitch Run! which looked promising. Well I've seen it and my review can be found below.


elkcreek: Uh, pardon my stupidity on the strappado thing. You and Ralphus are quite correct - in a real scene - not the illusory kind - the girl is hoisted off the floor.


Finally finished reading the Blakemore interview. A belated thanks to Ralphus, Scribbler and everyone else involved in making this happen. It is a fascinating read. Sadly, I missed out on these works during the 70s and 80s because my access to materials was more limited back then. I had to settle for vanilla porn and whatever satisfaction I could derive from drive-in fare. It's sad that Blakemore himself has been deprived of viewing so much of his own work. I hope a solution to that dilemma can be found.


Run! Bitch Run!

This flick aspires to emulate the old grindhouse/drive-in revenge exploitation movies from days of yore. Retro music, retro cars, sleazy characters, murder, (simulated) sex, rape and retribution propel the story. It boasts good production values, a capable cast and a very mean-spirited tone. Although some reviewers analogize it with the classic I Spit on Your Grave, it falls far short of that “illustrious” standard because of WGOs (Wasted GIMP Opportunities). And don't believe this promotional poster. You won't find the scene in the movie.

The GIMPettes: Rebecca (hot brunette Christina DeRosa) and Catherine (relative newcomer Cheryl Lyone) are Catholic schoolgirls on a road trip mission to raise money for their parochial school by hawking Bibles door-to-door. Yeah I know – it’s lame, but you just have to roll with it. Catherine is uptight, virginal and wears her hair in a hideous bun on top of her head. Rebecca craves fun and adventure; we get our first view of her as she steps out of a shower naked in the fleabag motel they're staying in.

The Set-Up: The girls head out in their ’60s-era Ford Wagon for the dusty, low-life infested hamlet of Mosely, which the slimy motel manager assured them “could use a good dousing of the Lord.” Inadvertently, they knock on the door of a whore house just as a murder is taking place. As the only witnesses, they are captured by a particularly unholy trio: vicious coke-head prostitute Marla (“I'm not a whore, I'm a companion”); her sociopathic pimp Lobo, who is soooo nice to his girls (“I'll slap you so hard the Queen will wake up with a headache!”); and Lobo’s stuttering, dim-bulb lackey Clint (gotta be a joke in there somewhere).

The GIMPage: Clint pins Rebecca to the floor, tears open her shirt, cuts open her bra to reveal luscious breasts and then turns her over on her stomach. From the sounds in the background, we can infer that he is raping her, but nothing is shown. Marla takes off her own panties and ties Catherine’s wrists in front of her. Unfortunately, a game of Russian roulette with Marla’s gun results in Rebecca’s quick exit from the movie. The trio take Catherine out to an isolated wilderness location and set her loose taunting, “Run, bitch run!”, hence the movie title. I was hoping for a protracted survival saga here, akin to Naked Fear. But Lobo catches up to Catherine in short order, pins her against a fallen tree, and takes her from behind while she is still clothed. All we see here are the heads and shoulders of both characters, although Catherine’s facial expressions and screaming are very effective.

Next, it’s Clint’s turn to chase Catherine down, but he is given a knife to finish the job. Dumb as he is, Clint at least knows to kneel on her while she’s on the ground and remove or cut off all of her clothing. Wow…Cheryl Lyone is quite a spectacle without that schoolgirl uniform on. Sadly, Clint relents when he sees Catherine gazing at her rosary and praying. Arrgh. Catherine flees, but falls down an embankment and hits her head on some rocks, knocking her unconscious. Believing her dead, Clint takes her clothes back to Lobo and reports that the deed is done. Catherine regains consciousness and wanders naked through the forest, finally losing that @#$%& bun hairdo. She finds a road, and her rescue is implied. In the next scene, she is recovering in a hospital.

Catherine steals a nurse’s uniform (hence the movie posters showing her thus clad), sneaks out of the hospital, retrieves her car and embarks on her campaign of revenge. Her methods aren't as elaborate and grisly as those of Camille Keaton in ISOYG, with one exception. Those who have an urge to see a man’s anus skewered several times with a machete might be interested. The tagline for ISOYG was “No jury would convict her!” But Catherine comes to a different conclusion, so this movie has a unique ending.

Movie plusses: Nudity, clothes-ripping and cutting, and a hard-nosed script that evokes a bygone era of film-making. There is absolutely nothing redemptive about any character in this movie, ‘cept maybe poor dead Rebecca.

Movie minuses: Christina DeRosa’s role was too brief. No bondage, no gags…and numerous other violations of the GIMP Handbook

I'd like to give this a better grade because of the cast, the excellent production values and the cool dialog. But the WGOs just can't be forgiven.

My grade: C-

Saturday, January 9th 2010 - 07:56:59 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

jhlipton wrote:

Without being rude, I'll just say that my reaction to the interview can be summed up by noting that the interviewee comments on "flat feet" (vs heels) is fairly close to one of his shots with a model with flat feet. I'm sure you can extrapolate from there.

Interesting. I'm assuming you're referring to the picture from Tourist Trap (with Rene Baker tied AOH...with her feet in high heels, incidentally)? What, because the other woman is tied while laying on her back and not wearing shoes, that's some sort of "gotcha" clue? What exactly is your point?

In the interview, Blakemore stated he had his women stand either on tiptoes on in high heels to accentuate the curves of her body. I think it's a little different in this case because the model is flat on her back, she's not standing. However, you might want to make note that he still has her tied with her leg stretched up and her toes pointed...just like he mentions. Show me a pic...any pic from his photo shoots where a woman is standing flat footed and we'll go from there. else does your "point" (of which there really is no point) sum up the interview, in your mind? Do tell. I'd love to hear this.

Saturday, January 9th 2010 - 08:06:31 AM

Name: Sardu
Homepage URL:

Yik Yakker: OMG... I swear I just logged on to post a review on Run Bitch Run, and you beat me to it. I agree with you about the WGO's here... especially the quick exit of Rebbecca. However, Cheryl Lyons transformation from nerdy girl to naked hottie is something special.

I you are a Grindhouse fan this movie does a good job of evoking the feel of those movies. I expected a real "spoof" from the title, and it's not. While it doesn't quite reach the level of ISOYG, or "Last House on the Left" it comes pretty close.

The Rape scenes are pretty intense... and there are THREE of them in this movie. The final one, where Cathrine gets all her clothes cut off with a knife is worth the price of the rental IMHO. Then to see her wandering through the woods completely naked? BONUS!

I liked the directness of the revenge scenes... nice and bloody. The ending of the movie was a little unsatisfying, but logical considering what she's been through. I'd have to come close to your grade however, and give it a C+... no rope bondage or ties here. Very disappointing, but nude peril is always high on my list, which somewhat redeems it... and Cheryl looks so good naked. Yummy.

Saturday, January 9th 2010 - 08:38:36 AM

Name: Badger

Yik Yakker: An excellent review of "Run Bitch Run" and Sardu -- a good follow-up. No doubt about it, the WGO's made be clench my teeth so many times that I ended up with a headache. Still, the movie had remarkably high quality production values and the acting was better than I have seen in a long time in a movie of this type.

I am always curious when I see a movie such as this [all too rarely] hit the market these days as to what the return on the investment is. The title itself may make some people shy away from bringing it to the counter. Relative to the other mainstream stuff being made now, I would give it a "B", if only to encourage more of the same (but with fewer WGO's).

Saturday, January 9th 2010 - 09:25:13 AM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

YikYakker: Thanks for the well-written review of Run! Bitch Run!. Despite it's missed opportunities, I might still check this movie out. I like movies with a true GIMP spirit, even if the real action happens off-screen.

Too bad the one guy got hit with a case of Catholic guilt, or whatever it was. I have a feeling that the completion of the deed in that scene would have made a huge difference in the overall grade.

Saturday, January 9th 2010 - 09:31:11 AM

Name: Yarble

So I was watching Voodoo Dolls 2 last night on zfxvod (and props to the Canadian for his review) and realized that this was probably the best that Lisa Kinkaid ever looked (and I'm a fan of all her work). Everything about her body was incredible.

This of course, got me thinking as to whether there is any catalog of the "timing" of the various models of ZFX. We all know that Rick uses footage from various years in his various movies and that the release date does not necessarily equate with the footage date.

Have any of you pervs (meant in the nicest sense) have put together a spreadsheet?

At a minimum, I think I need to go back and figure out what movies have contemporaneously footage from the VD2 era.

Saturday, January 9th 2010 - 09:44:11 AM

Name: YikYakker

Sardu: LOL...sorry for pre-empting your intended review of Run! Bitch Run!. I had a feeling that might happen because there was a lot of interest in this movie. But your additional comments, as well as those of Canadian and Badger, are welcome and valuable.

Grading a movie, as those of you who have submitted reviews can attest, is always dicey. I'm always torn between raising expectations too high (especially for those of you with very discriminating tastes and high standards) or unfairly downgrading a movie that does have something to offer. That's why I find detailed descriptions from those who have seen the movie more valuable than the grade itself.

A Canadian wrote: Too bad the one guy got hit with a case of Catholic guilt, or whatever it was. I have a feeling that the completion of the deed in that scene would have made a huge difference in the overall grade.

Absolutely. Words can't convey how vulnerable and inviting Cheryl Lyone looked in that position. I think it also would have made her transformation into an avenging angel more effective. BTW, this is what she looks like when given the opportunity to "let her hair down." She's an unconventional beauty, but it would be great to see more of her in the future. I'm no judge of talent, but I found her performance very affecting.

Saturday, January 9th 2010 - 11:08:22 AM

Name: Mr.?
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Hey Ralphus...the Blakemore interview was well done. I find that whole dark alley of the porn biz interesting. Even more interesting was how small the Bond biz was considering millions of men were buying it.

Saturday, January 9th 2010 - 11:23:32 AM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:

YikYakker: Clint (gotta be a joke in there somewhere)

Try it this way: "C LI N T". Get it? Great review -- thanks!


Based just on that photo, I can believe it. Hotness!

I guess we can always pretend there's a "missing scene" where Clint rapes her, then cleans her up so she looks like she did when he found her...


Ralphus: What exactly is your point?

I'm not bringing this into the forum, so I'll reply via e-mail.

Saturday, January 9th 2010 - 12:25:11 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:>Voodoo Dolls 2: Ritual

Yarble: I can help you a little bit in your quest to determine movies that were shot around the same time as Voodoo Dolls 2: Ritual. Both Voodoo Dolls movies were shot in 1995 over a two-day period. According to Rick, the films were the second and third shoots that Lisa did for ZFX.

Here is what Rick said about the shoot in some comments posted a few years ago:

Back in the heady days of 1995, I'm sure Lisa was wondering most of the time if I was crazy, stupid or just plain dangerous, but after shooting part of Beyond Driven 2 and 3 and being no worse for the wear, I guess she figured she would hang with it. And hang she did. I think the garage scene where shes hung off the rafters and shocked might be her first suspension scene, and it was a pretty tuff one. That position is not easy. Plus it was pretty frosty that morning to be hanging nude in a garage! She was a real trooper though and did a great job on this.

Some of the other ZFX movies shot in 1995 include the Beyond Driven series, the first three Blunt Trauma movies, Witch Hunt, Subject 9, The Art of Darkness, Hitchiker, The Incubus, Disciplz of Pain, War Pigs 1 and 2, Phanticide Peepshow 1 and 2, and Mincemeat Pie.

I hope that information is helpful. I do, of course, need to add the qualifier that I think Lisa looked terrific in all of her movies, from her earliest work in 1995 to some of the storyline stuff she shot in 2008 for last year's Goon Squad 2.

Saturday, January 9th 2010 - 02:16:44 PM

Name: Ralphus
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Homepage URL:

After reading jhlipton's comments about the Blakemore interview via e-mail, I've come to the just can't please everybody. I hope the rest of you appreciated the interview. It was a lot of work, but I feel like it was worth it. Obviously, not everybody thinks that, but I hope most of you do.


YikYakker: Buddy, great job on reviewing Run! Bitch Run! for the forum. Very entertaining read. Sounds like the movie had its heart in the right place, but I dunno, how hard would it have been to actually tie one of the girls up? Hands in front doesn't count; that's totally worthless in my opinion. At least this one had actual nudity and rape scenes, even if they sound somewhat tainted. I'll put this in my Netflix queue and take a look.

The direct link to your review is in my Homepage URL above.


Yarble: I wanted to update A Canadian's information. If you're just looking specifically for Lisa movies from that era, obviously she's not in all those films. Off that list that he posted, she's in The Art of Darkness (in a dominant role, just to warn you), The Incubus, War Pigs 2 and Mincemeat Pie (along with Mincemeat Pie 2: Doer).

Saturday, January 9th 2010 - 03:10:42 PM

Name: Brutus

YikYakker: Great review of "Run! Bitch! Run!" I had feared that the movie would lack bondage based on the trailer. That non-bondage pic you provided of Cheryl Lyone made, in the words of Blakemore, my dick harder than Chinese algebra. Too bad she wasn't used better in the film.


elkcreek: I never heard of "Ghost Machine" until your fine review. Sounds like it's worth a look. I love the strappado position as well, especially for whipping sequences, but I cannot recall any good scenes in mainstream films.


Sardu: Thanks for the cunnilingus tips. I've never tried the Sam Kinison alphabet method. Hell, I'm so lazy I'd probably only get to the letter D. I've also found that the Figure 8 routine around the clitty is a reliable method for people like me who are lazy and don't want to think too much. But it is true. Satisfying the woman orally certainly loosens them up for what you really want.

Saturday, January 9th 2010 - 04:03:30 PM

Name: sgtmajor
Homepage URL:


I was going to remain silent on this one but am unable to do so. First of, the interview was fucking well done. The time needed to do so is quite intense and takes away from one's daily needs. As you well understand Mr. Blakemore can talk as good as he torments, hell who am I kidding, I have never met a person who talks as much. The very fact that you were able to keep him to task is nothing short of amazing.

Let's start this in order, Dan Hawke gave me Blakemore's phone number, without Dan's intervention and kindness none of this shit could have happened and we would all have been left to wonder and guess whatever became of him. Maybe there are some who would rather romance of unknown as opposed to simply accepting things as they have actually turned out.

After two years of talking to John on the phone, I poneyed up the cash to bring him in to shoot with the next model I could find for the experience. The weekend was not only very costly, it was an ungodly amount of work mixed with stress and more work. After the shoot I had to convince some people that were very justified in their skeptical caution that this was not a marketing play.

That is where you come in, I set this interview up for you knowing that you were going to need a shitload of tape and time to bring this interview to light. What did you stand to gain from this effort...nothing in terms of compensation. I at least someday will sell my footage to try to recover some of the costs associated with the shoot. You on the other hand have in your own way put just as much effort into this with only the thanks of bondage lovers as a reward for your efforts. It chaps my ass that someone is going to bitch about splitting hairs with a smug attitude.

You did a fuck of a service to the bondage world and set the record straight on several issues that would have simply gone unanswered. THANK YOU.

Saturday, January 9th 2010 - 06:33:00 PM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:

sgt major: It chaps my ass that someone is going to bitch about splitting hairs with a smug attitude.

I trust that's not directed at me. I tried to put an opinion politely if obliquely, since I didn't see any point in forcing my opinion. I still don't.

I agree that Ralphus did a heck of a job, and I complement him on his hard work. If my opinion of the words of Blakemore are not the same as the rest of the forum -- for that I make no apology, nor see why I should.

Saturday, January 9th 2010 - 10:40:56 PM

Name: Liquor in the front, poker in the rear

The Blakemore interview is fantastic, utterly fascinating.

Thanks for all the work, Ralphus.

Liquor in the front, poker in the rear

Saturday, January 9th 2010 - 11:45:21 PM

Name: Master MaX
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I'm shooting a scene tomorrow with a hot red headed 20 year old who is down to get played with very heavily. I got 3 new canes & put duct tape handles on them. I also have these suspension cuffs I got from China off eBay that sucked ass. So I modified them & now they're ready for service. I have a few things in mind for this girl but I'd like to offer up the possibility of taking suggestions. My BDSM site makes shit. So I ask for market research. What do you want to see me do to this chick? Or better, what would you pay to see me do to this chick?

The first clip should be up by Tuesday from tomorrow's scene.

Good hunting

Sunday, January 10th 2010 - 01:45:36 AM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

jhlipton wrote:

If my opinion of the words of Blakemore are not the same as the rest of the forum -- for that I make no apology, nor see why I should.

That's very true.

I don't know what was in the e-mail that was sent to Ralphus. But I'm guessing jhlipton thinks Blakemore was blowing some hot air during the interview. Maybe buried in there somewhere (or perhaps it was stated more explicitly in the e-mail) is the suggestion that Ralphus should have pushed back a bit when he was questioning Blakemore.

Whatever the case, I think we need to keep things in perspective.

We do recognize that Ralphus and Scribbler put a lot of work into bringing the Blakemore interview to the forum. As Sgt. Major said, they weren't being paid for their efforts, and everyone -- including jhlipton -- appreciates the hours that went into it.

If jhlipton disagrees with what Blakemore said, and maybe even with the direction the interview went, that's his right. In my view, that's not a criticism of the effort put into this project.

Heck, I've only skimmed the interview at this point, but I know I disagree with at least one thing Blakemore said. I'll probably come back to that issue at some point, once I've had a chance to read the interview in full.

Anyway, that's my two cents.

Sunday, January 10th 2010 - 06:15:27 AM

Name: Badger

It seems to me that whether jhlipton may or may not have been implying something that may or may not have been interpreted by Ralphus as a knock on his interview of Blakemore is simply so much splitting of hairs and not worth expending any energy on. The interview was fantastic and a joy to read. Can't tell from reading it whether I would enjoy sitting down with Blakemore for a beer or not (probably not, but that hasn't stood in the way of my enjoying the work of Bob Dylan) but since he hasn't, what the hell difference does it make?

Ralphus: Trust that for every compliment about the interview that is posted, there are probably 30 more among the lurkers.

Sunday, January 10th 2010 - 08:21:03 AM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:

A Canadian: If jhlipton disagrees with what Blakemore said, and maybe even with the direction the interview went, that's his right. In my view, that's not a criticism of the effort put into this project.

Exactly right.

Sunday, January 10th 2010 - 10:37:20 AM

Name: Jack Knight
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Homepage URL:

This site is a great service and I really appreciate it being here. Keep up the good work!

Cactus Jack

Sunday, January 10th 2010 - 11:39:01 AM

Name: Falstaff

Ralphus, just checked out the Blakemore interview, the transcript and the pictures, all I can say is thank you for the time and effort that went into that - the insight into the HOM era was incredible. I never knew so much of his "work" was real, and not just special effects, it has increased my appreciation of what he did and what his models actually experienced. Fantastic job!!

Sunday, January 10th 2010 - 02:29:50 PM

Name: Vladi the Wizard
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Think that this may be my first posting here, though I have stopped by from time to time to read all the interesting posts.

My comments here are to comment on the "Blakemore Speaks" interview.

Over all, great job! I grew up on HOM, and this guy has been my IDOL!! To do what he did and who he did it to, was absolutely fantastic! It is a degree of bondage that we very rarely see today, in regards to male dominating female bondage.

I absolutely agree with him about models with tattoos (to jump a bit .. going with what sticks in mind here). These days I see great images, which are then completely ruined by these huge ugly tattoos. Not talking little teddy bears on a hip or a rose on an ankle, but huge pieces of 'art' that cover 5-10 (or more) percentage of the skin.

It was very interesting to hear that one of my favorite models, Rene Baker, was a total bitch! Of course, every person has their own personality, and with the number of models that went through the HOM stables, I am sure that there were a large number of different personality types from angels to demonesses. However, it never made any difference (in my view) to the enjoyment that we had of the loops or the movies.

In regards to the comments about flat-footed v high heeled, I would have to say that I agree. But, I fail to see the point in pointing out one example in TONS of images, in hours and hours and hours of movies and loops, and years in the business. Would it make any bit of difference to his (Mr Blakemore's) influence on the bondage community and industry if he did have a few images where the model was 'flat footed', even though he did not personally approve of it?? This is material that is 25-30 years old, for gosh sakes! *shakes head*

Perhaps there will be call for a second interview to pick up on some points that fans would like to see expanded. Anyway, great to see that he is back in business with the Sgt Major!

Sunday, January 10th 2010 - 04:55:41 PM

Name: LTL

Yik Yakker ~ Thanks for the review of Run Bitch Run. Looks like some real hotties. Too bad there were, as you put it, “violations of the GIMP Handbook”.

Maybe they'll turn up in another flick that'll be violation-less ;-)

= = = = =

Gimpers & Gimpettes

Welcome to the 2010 season premier of…
Which One Has The Gimp? Special….
Messin’ with the Babysitter Edition.

Your terrorized babysitter choices include:
The House of the Devil
Babysitter Wanted
When A Stranger Calls

Your first guess, When a Stranger Calls? EEECK….no Gimpage. Just an average movie where a psycho breaks into an isolated house to terrorize the babysitter. Too bad to since it stars a very cute Camilla Belle as the babysitter.

When A Stranger Calls trailer.

Those of you who guessed Babysitter Wanted…very good! See mini review following for details.

With Babysitter Wanted as a correct answer, those of you who guessed The House of the Devil must be thinking that you guessed wrong. On the contrary….also a correct answer. I thought we'd start the new 2010 season on a positive note so I stacked the deck in your favor with this edition.

= = = = =

Mainstream mini review of Babysitter Wanted

Babysitter Wanted
Babysitter Wanted Trailer

Angie (played by Sarah Thompson) is a very cute, wholesome looking all-American college student. After settling in at the dorm and with her classes, she replies to an ad for a babysitting job so she can earn some extra cash. The residence is way out in the country and after meeting with the parents, she is accepted to be the babysitter for little Sam. The first time to sit for Sam isn't until Friday however, so she returns to campus and settles back into her routine until then. During this time she gets the feeling as though she’s being stalked.

Friday arrives and her car breaks down, so she gets a ride from a guy she meet at school. She arrives and little Sam is already asleep as the parents show her where the emergency numbers are and such. She is also shown the fridge in case Sam should wake and be hungry. She is made aware that Sam has a special diet and should only be feed from Tupperware containers in the fridge that are marked with Sam’s name on them. The parents leave, and as you may have guessed, someone breaks into the house.

Gimp wise Babysitter Wanted starts off with a bang literally and figuratively. The opening title segment shows a girl tied with her hands behind her back and tightly cleave-gagged. She’s lying on a table dressed only in a bra and panties. There are line drawings all over her body similar to what you would see from a livestock diagram (cuts of meat, loin, shoulder cut, etc.). The segment comes to an abrupt end with an implied bashing to the forehead using a ball-peen hammer.

Later on Angie is captured, gagged, hands tied behind her back, and has her ankles tied together. She is sitting on the ground and is also noosed to help keep her in place. She spends a short while struggling to try and free herself until another victim, who has been drugged, is brought in. Angie is forced to watch as the victim is stripped to bra and panties, then hung upside-down by her ankles. Bad part is that before she is hung, she is killed with a hammer blow to the forehead.

Now it’s Angie’s turn to be slaughtered. Right before the hammer falls, the cops show up in response to Angie’s call to them earlier in the evening. This allows for additional time to try and free herself from her bonds. Will she find rescue? Or is this a momentary reprieve to her ultimate demise?

I thought I had this film pegged from the start, thinking it was a stalker flick like When a Stranger Calls, or some sort of serial killer cannibal movie like Wrong Turn or something. It fooled me as it took a couple of twists and turns here and there. For example, and to not give too much plot away, the babysitter should have been safe, meaning that the job was legitimate and that Angie ended up the way she ends up basically because of sh*t happening. It kinda reminded me somewhat of The Hamiltons a little …but without the vampire thing they had going.

Entertainment value: I liked this movie more than I thought I would. Really wasn't bad at all. Overall I'd give it a B-

Gimp value: Opening scene was pretty good and then a long stretch of Sarah Thompson struggling. Though no nudity (bra and panties only for 2 of the victims and fully clothed for Sarah), I'd give it a C+

= = = = = =

Mini mainstream movie review of The House of the Devil

The House of the Devil
The House of the Devil trailer

Describing the beginning of this movie it would be very similar to Babysitter Wanted. Samantha a college student (played by Jocelin Donahue) takes a babysitting job for man who lives way out in the country. When she arrives he confesses he doesn't have a child but really needed someone to stay with his elderly mother, explaining that he wasn't getting any responses for elderly care and that he was desperate to find someone. He explains that she would not have to worry about anything medical so in essence it would be just like sitting for a child. She agrees to $400.00 for a night (damn…I want me a babysitting job!) of about 4 hours or so. Then as you may have guessed, creepy stuff starts to happen.

A fair Gimp scene as Jocelin is cleave gagged and tied spread on the floor with her arms out to the side and her legs slightly spread. She’s wearing only a shirt and panties as she gets tormented (more psychological than anything else) while lying over a pentagram. She then gets a pentagram drawn in blood (not hers) on her stomach, followed by the placing of a goat’s skull on top of it. Then there is another sort of symbol drawn in blood on her forehead, followed by the skull being held in front of her face as blood pours through it (I like the old-fashioned facials better myself ;-). As this happens she freaks and is able to pull one of her arms loose (didn't read the bondage 101 manual again) and eventually escapes.

As entertainment: Slightly above average horror fare but with an ending I didn't see coming. C+

Gimp wise: Descent gagged and spread tie in panties. C+

Sunday, January 10th 2010 - 06:11:49 PM

Name: Brutus

LTL: Thanks for the reviews. I agree with your assessments of "Babysitter Wanted," both for entertainment and GIMP value. I didn't like the quick deaths with the hammer, but what the hell. I had also read about "The House of the Devil." I didn't think there would be much in there for me, but you proved me wrong.


The Blakemore controversy: First off, I think everyone has a right to express his or her opinion, even if dissenting.

I don't know exactly what the specific problem jhlipton had with the interview. I'll admit that some of Blakemore's words did make me cringe a bit, and he would probably not be the ideal dinner guest when my in-laws are around. Still, I thought he made a very interesting interviewee who provided a ton of information about himself and the business.

I also think that the point of the interview wasn't to get everyone to like him. It was to unravel some of the mysteries behind the guy and gain some insight into a man who made some of best bondage movies ever. And I think the interview achieved that goal.

As for the direction of the interview, we must remember that Ralphus is the de facto leader of us perverts. He's not Larry King. And besides, a lot of the questions he asked Blakemore were submitted by the posters here. I think Ralphus did an admirable job of getting in as many of those questions as possible.


Master Max: This is not a knock against your site or anyone else's for that matter, but there are so many BDSM sites these days seem to be clones of My problem with these sites is that while the action may be hot, it gets repetitive without any real characters or plotline. Even something as simple as a short introductory scene in which we understand why the woman is being tortured, such as the woman being a snooty bitch or a thief caught in the act, would be preferable.

I realize there are financial and legal reasons why producers can't do the things I like to see or develop storylines for the action. Yet I must say that the plethora of consensual bondage action on the Net has lost my interest.

Sunday, January 10th 2010 - 06:45:25 PM

Name: B

Ralphus & Scribbler -- thanks for the time and effort you obviously put into the Blakemore interview. This is not the sort of thing that will find its way on to Wikipedia for posterity.

I was really surprized to learn that Blakemore did not actually see the movies he made, but passed them onto his film producers.

I'm skeptical about the Indian who could lick his own eyebrows, 'tho. Maybe somebody from Kiss, but not an Indian. (grin)

If you're up for another project, I suggest that you ask Blakemore to put you in contact with others (Sharon Montgomery who lives near him) for their own interview.

Or, maybe a bit more on point for this forum, how about an interview with some of the modern filmmakers -- Rick Masters and/or his models (e.g., Penelope Pace) and/or Steve Powers, Silverback, Dan Hawke, Sgt Major, etc.?

It would be way more interesting/entertaining than the usual fare of reviews of poorly done.

Sunday, January 10th 2010 - 07:14:28 PM

Name: Liquor in the front, poker in the rear

I thought a handful of Blakemore's comments were cringe-worthy, too, but hey, we're all different with different tastes. Getting an insight into his mind was fascinating.

Two of his comments have really stuck with me. The first was the idea that once his engagement with HOM ended he just wiped his hands and assumed, "Well, that was that" and moved on in his life. It's interesting that somebody could wander in and out of the "scene" so casually like that, but again, those were less connected times, no Internet or what have you.

The comment that really made me think was about the type of woman he said he correctly guessed would be interested in exposure on film, the ones who in real life made an extra effort to get male attention. It intuitively makes sense. It made me think about the women I know and which ones are more man-pleasing (in what they do with their physical appearance, how they interact with men...) I think he's right - if I were to try to cast a porn, it would make sense to approach that kind of friend.

Heck, I've come across three women I can think of whose Gimp-vertising was so blatant looking back on it it seems like a no-brainer they might be the type Blakemore is talking about. One I knew - she used to attach the corners of her bookbag and hold it together with a pair of handcuffs. Another (a secretary in a high-powered formal office - I don't know how long she lasted there) I knew only casually - she used to wear black leather miniskirts and belly shirts and had a pair of handcuffs dangling off her skirt as an accessory. The final one, a stranger - I just drove past her on the road the other day. You know how people hang things from their rear-view mirror as a decoration, little crystals or dolphins or whatever? You guessed it - she had a pair of dangling handcuffs in her window hanging from the rear view mirror. She looked very cute, too. You just know if it was Blakemore, he'd have turned his car around and started up a conversation eventually with that one.

Any other examples of Gimp-vertising you have seen?

Liquor in the front, poker in the rear

Sunday, January 10th 2010 - 10:18:15 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Glad most of you seem to be pleased with the Blakemore interview. Like it was mentioned before, I didn't get paid for this, but it was my pleasure bringing it to you. The feedback and thanks I've gotten so far is payment enough for me. Please keep it up, I'm enjoying hearing what you have to say.


Vladi the Wizard: Good to see you posting here. I recognize your site from the Bondage Awards (2 straight second-place finishes to the Luvbights for Best Free Website). I noticed your age, 48. It seems like the "older" ones among us (I count myself in that category) are a bit more excited about the interview than some of the younger crowd. I think the reason why is we grew up with HOM. Back when I was coming of age in the late 70s and early 80s, that was all there was, really. Oh, there was soft stuff like Harmony or Sally Roberts videos, but even then, I didn't care about that.

Once I saw my first HOM mag, I thought Yes! This is the kind of stuff I was looking for. Stringent bondage, stuff that looked painful. Women hung upside down or hanging by their wrists. Breast bondage. Bare wires taped to the nipples. Women who looked like they were suffering. I'll tell you, it was a real coming of age for me. I had never seen anything like this. I paid $160 for my first 2 bondage videotapes back then, 2 of HOM's Bondage Classics. And I didn't even realize at the time that all this stuff was being made by one guy. One guy who's had a huge influence on nearly every bondage filmmaker working today.

As far as Blakemore's comments being cringe-worthy, well, I wasn't bothered by them. I guess it was because I agreed so much with what he had to say. It's no surprise that a man who did that type of work is not exactly PC, but I actually think that's refreshing. He's very open and unapologetic about the way he feels and what he's done in his life. One thing that I'm surprised no one has brought up yet is this statement:

Again, the principle involved here, whether people want to talk about it in nice company or not, it doesn't matter. The simple fact of the matter is that in the Western world for the last 2000 years, if you take a young man that's full of testosterone...or an older man that's full of testosterone...and you put him in a situation where he has the place, the equipment and the ability to do anything to a gorgeous young woman that he wants to, with absolutely no repercussions of any kind, he will torture her and rape her. That's the core of what this is about.

Of course, we don't live in a world without rules, and none of us was born without a conscience, but I think he's right. I'm sure no one here wants to admit it, but when we fanaticize, that's exactly what we think about. It doesn't mean we would act on it. But do I believe it's part of our genetic makeup? In some men more than others, but yes, certainly.


LTL: My favorite show, Which One Has The Gimp? is back! Thanks for the info. I had never heard of the two films that are actually GIMP-worthy, in fact, Babysitter Wanted isn't even on DVD in the US. Where did you see it?

Check the Reviews section under Mainstream for your links.


B: I don't anticipate doing any more interviews. I'd love to interview Masters for the forum but he's a very private person and I know that would never happen. Besides, he's a semi-regular here already and he's been open over the years filling us in with his take on things. It's not like nobody has ever heard from him for 20 years.

One guy I would love to interview would be Jess Franco, although this really isn't the proper venue for him since he's an exploitation director and we're mainly about bondage videos. Still, that's a guy who clearly loves naked women in bondage, since he's built his career around it.

Oh and you wrote: It would be way more interesting/entertaining than the usual fare of reviews of poorly done.

Dude, am I reading this right? It almost sounds like you're dissing our reviewers. I just posted the other day that we have the best group of reviewers in cyberspace here. Our reviewers work hard and by and large, their reviews are well-written. It sure doesn't help when they read a comment like that from someone who, correct me if I'm wrong, has never taken the time to review a movie here, am I right? I'd really like to see you do better. Care to give it a shot?


Liquor in the front, poker in the rear: I once worked with a girl who had handcuffs hanging from her rear-view mirror. I asked her why she had them and she didn't answer me, she just smiled.

Sunday, January 10th 2010 - 11:56:00 PM

Name: DHT

Did you guys know that Maiwenn, the girl in HIGH TENSION who spends most of the movie chained up with a rubber bit in her mouth, was also the blue singing woman from 5TH ELEMENT? I didn't, until yesterday.

Monday, January 11th 2010 - 04:45:45 AM

Name: YikYakker

My tendency with first-person interviews is to just take the subject’s words at face value. Whether I agree or disagree is not the criterion for judging the interview. The job of the interviewer is to bring out the guy’s perspectives and present them in an organized fashion, which is what Ralphus accomplished. Those perspectives are then food for later thought and discussion. Regarding Blakemore’s statement:

The simple fact of the matter is that in the Western world for the last 2000 years, if you take a young man...or an older man...and you put him in a situation where he has the place, the equipment and the ability to do anything to a gorgeous young woman that he wants to, with absolutely no repercussions of any kind, he will torture her and rape her.

Some of the questions/thoughts that come to mind upon reading this are:

~ Why just the Western world? I think we’ve seen more than enough evidence coming from Asian videos that fascination with torture/rape is not exclusively a Western phenomenon.

~ Why just 2,000 years? I’m sure this goes back much further.

~ This is a purely hypothetical situation, and we should be careful about assuming that every male would react in the same way to it. It’s just my opinion, but I think each gender entertains fantasies about the other (assuming a heterosexual orientation) that involves some aspect of control. That is, we would like some way of ensuring that the other person fulfills our fantasies. I don’t think it’s fair to generalize that the fantasies of all men are exactly the same, or that they would act upon them to the same degree. Torture and rape are the ultimate means of male control, but not every man is going to go that far. Otherwise, we would be saying “We are not pervs. All men are like us, but we are just more honest about it.” That strikes me as a rationalization for uncommon thoughts and behaviors, an illusion of consensus.

But I would be interested in hearing what others have to say about this.

Monday, January 11th 2010 - 06:02:47 AM

Name: Sloth
E-mail address:

Mornin All

Sardu - man, with that kind of attention to detail on oral satisfaction we may have to refer to you as the "occidental lick master".

elkcreek, YikYakker and LTL - hey, thanks for the heads up on those flicks - ANY decent strappado scene is an instant stiffy - had "Babysitter Wanted" on the radar for some time and sounds worth a view.

Liquor Poker - you may find this an interesting add-on to the Gimp Advertising thing - I don't think it's any big secret around here what I did for a living for most of my adult life - as such, I was the one wearing the advertising handcuffs on my belt - I can't tell you the number of times I would be approached out of the blue by an incredible variety of chicks wanting to try them on to see how they felt - never would do that there and then but would tell them if they wanted to try contact me off duty - easily half of them would call or come over within a day or two - probably why cuffs are among my least favorite means of restraint as it was just too easy - led to some rather interesting encounters - and yes, I know, I'm a moron for leaving that gig.

Ralphus - unlike some nothing in the Blakemore interview made me cringe - exactly the type of guy I would love to have a beer with at a local honky tonk - of course, Brutus is correct on not having him for dinner with the in-laws but then Brutus would probabaly be well advised not to have any of this band of sick twisted perverts over for a fish and goose soiree :)

Also, after reading the post by B concerning reviews I think I read it completely differently than you - don't know which of us is correct but my read was he would find such interviews more entertaining than reviews of poorly done movies, not that the reviews themselves were poorly done - hope I'm right on this one.

And now off to track down some more Blakemore works.

Stay Well All

Monday, January 11th 2010 - 06:35:48 AM

Name: B

Ralphus --

Oh and you wrote: It would be way more interesting/entertaining than the usual fare of reviews of poorly done.

Oooopps. I left out a critical word -- films. The reviews and reviewers are great, but there's a dearth of good films, IMHO. Many are older or if newer follow a very predictable, and alas, unexciting formula.

Monday, January 11th 2010 - 06:45:37 AM

Name: Sardu

Ralphus: "I also agree with Blakemore's statement"

"Again, the principle involved here, whether people want to talk about it in nice company or not, it doesn't matter. The simple fact of the matter is that in the Western world for the last 2000 years, if you take a young man that's full of testosterone...or an older man that's full of testosterone...and you put him in a situation where he has the place, the equipment and the ability to do anything to a gorgeous young woman that he wants to, with absolutely no repercussions of any kind, he will torture her and rape her. That's the core of what this is about."

As a student of history this is an unequivocally true statement. Modern history shows this to be true. We can look at Bosnia and see that when the rules were lifted and people could do whatever they wanted the torture and rape of woman occurred in an unprecedented scale. I've read many stories of how next door neighbors... men had had been friends for YEARS with the family participated in the rape and torture wives and young daughters. The women couldn't believe that these men, whom they had considered friends would perpetrate such horrid crimes against them. Even the men, upon reflection, later couldn't come to terms with the acts of rape and torture they committed.

In Rowanda, 90% of the women there have been the victim of some type of sexual assault, and almost 70% of the births are the result of rape.

I don't think Blakemore's statement is all that shocking, and applaud him for his bluntness and acceptance of the truth. What does this say about our society? I don't know. As a father of two daughters, I think it goes without saying I fear for them, and am quite blunt on how careful they should be about their personal saftey... but in today's America can we really say we are not on the edge of a civil breakdown similar to what happened in Bosnia?

As much as I enjoy my little fetish, I am acutely aware of the truthfulness of Blakemore's words... and I'm not ashamed to admit if frightens me a bit.

Monday, January 11th 2010 - 12:10:58 PM

Name: LTL

Ralphus wrote: Babysitter Wanted isn't even on DVD in the US. Where did you see it?

I got a hold of a used UK DVD (I have a region-free player).

Monday, January 11th 2010 - 04:31:58 PM

Name: Badger

If Blakemore's point is that there would be more rape and torture of women were it not for the repercussions men would face, my response is a resounding “DUH”. That's would be true of murder, robbery and jaywalking as well. But it seems, rather, that he is suggesting that ALL of us would rape and torture if we only had the chance to get away with it. To that I say, “Speak for yourself Mr. Blakemore”.

Certainly, there was rampant rape in Bosnia. But there was also genocide which, if left unchecked would have left the entire society in ruin and before long there would have been no one left alive to rape and no one left to commit rape. But I refuse to believe that each and every heterosexual male in Bosnia would have chosen to commit rape even if it was certain he wouldn't get caught.

As an agnostic, I have had discussions with Christian friends who argue that faith in God makes people try to do good or, at least, feel guilty for doing wrong. To those friends I say, if that it what it takes for you – please – go to church more often. I choose instead to rely on my own moral compass. It has worked quite well for me.

I may be wrong, but my sense is that the large majority of the contributors to this forum have a great appreciation of and admiration for women. We just like.... well.... we know what we like. If there is anyone in the room who is only here because rape and torture are illegal, then I would suggest that this forum is even more valuable to you than it is to me.

Monday, January 11th 2010 - 05:09:26 PM

Name: A Canadian

LTL: Thanks for the reviews of the babysitter-themed movies. When this website was started nearly 11 years ago, I doubt anyone thought we would someday be playing Which one has the GIMP? Yet here we are.

I don't know that either of those movies appeal to me, although I have to think there are some parents that would expect a babysitter movie called The House of the Devil to have their children in it.

Monday, January 11th 2010 - 05:26:33 PM

Name: YikYakker

LTL: Thanks, man. Now I know how to get a cute college girl to come over. Just put out an ad for a babysitter.

I had to laugh about the picture of the girl hung up on the meat hook with the "cut choices" marked on her. Reminded me of my grandfather's butcher shop.

Monday, January 11th 2010 - 06:16:09 PM

Name: Scot
E-mail address:

Badger wrote: I have had discussions with Christian friends who argue that faith in God makes people try to do good or, at least, feel guilty for doing wrong.

That may well be true for many people of faith. It's equally true that religion has served as a justification for torture, murder, war, persecution, and enduring hatred for thousands of years. (Can anyone say "Inquisition"?) The fanatic who truly believes he's carrying out God's holy will is the one who hijacks airplanes and crashes them into buildings, or blows up abortion clinics.

Morality is a cultural construct. For the common good, we all agree to abide by certain rules and constraints as a condition of living in civilized society. The atheist or agnostic who recognizes that fact is just as likely, if not more so, to be a decent human being as the person whose moral sense comes from faith in God.

Badger also wrote: I may be wrong, but my sense is that the large majority of the contributors to this forum have a great appreciation of and admiration for women. We just like.... well.... we know what we like.

Amen and hallelujah to that! Personally, I adore and respect women. I just happen to enjoy seeing them tied up, stripped and flogged.

And sweaty.

Monday, January 11th 2010 - 08:58:52 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

B: Thanks for the clarification on your post. I could tell it was a rather curious statement that didn't quite make sense the way it was written. Obviously, one word can make all the difference.


Over on the Chadscans group, one of our posters, Coz, brought up a statement in the Blakemore interview that might need clarifying. When I was asking Blakemore about the bug scene in The Escape, and he said the victim in that movie was his all-time favorite model. Then I asked him if he meant the girl having the bugs put on her and he said yes. Coz thought she was an odd choice for his favorite model and thought Blakemore might have been confused.

Well, actually, it was me that was confused. I hadn't seen that film for years and the only scene that came to mind was the bug scene. So when he said the victim, I was thinking of the girl tied down and receiving the bug torture. Well, that occurs much later in the film after the victim has turned the tables on the other 2 girls. The actual victim of the movie, however, and the one I'm sure he's referring to, is most likely Karen Arthur. Scribbler and I talked over putting in a clarification in there but ultimately decided against it because I really wasn't sure. But I would bet on it being her. The fact that he never really knew a lot of their actual stage names make it harder to confirm.

Monday, January 11th 2010 - 09:22:01 PM

Name: Scribbler
Homepage URL:

Re: Blakemore Speaks! (I'll be calling him Whitman.)

Yeah, Karen Arthur was a smoking hot model Whitman used a lot. She must be who he was thinking of as his favorite in the Escape movie (one he's recalling from making it over twenty years ago, not from seeing any of its footage any time recent).

I thought it was a good interview, and long. Great that Ralphus got so many GIMPer questions asked. Bummer there couldn't be follow ups from the original questioners, cause often when reading a question and answer, new questions arise. Ralphus did a good job with follow ups though, but I'm guessing a number of us would've had additional ones. (Yes, I know I passed up on the opportunity to do the interview, and am OK with that.)

If there's a future interview with more specifics, I think Whitman first needs to be advanced photos and DVDs of models and films. It'll help him remember stuff I'm sure, jog his memory about various shoots and particulars he hasn't thought about in years. Some of the earlier models who never got HOM model names would be easier to talk about if he had their pictures.

For a 2-day shoot on a sync sound movie, the girls got $250. How times have changed!

The way he got good-looking women, non-models, around his area to model for him doing harsh bondage work, and work so well at it is pretty remarkable. I wonder if his model procuring methods would work today. I don't see why not. Maybe he should try!

That is just abhorrent. Standing flat-footed... I like high-heels and pointed feet, but I don't mind flat-footed. Also like boots. Like variety.

He probably doesn't know, but that Red Hot B&D 8mm loop with the fire between the legs scene was released with the scene included. It wasn't cut out then. I saw it back in the day, in a loop player at an adult store. It's when the Bondage Classic (videotape) version came out that it was not shown, tho I don't know if HOM/Lyndon cut it for censoring reasons, or because the projector was having a nightmare playing the film; can see it skipping a lot in the BC version.

As big a fan as I am of Whitman and his work, he definitely pioneered a style of bondage film and photos that is likely my favorite, I feel I have to say I didn't buy everything said in the interview. A lot I did, but not all. Still a good read.

Tuesday, January 12th 2010 - 01:45:03 AM

Name: YikYakker

Badger: You've said exactly what I was thinking, and said it much better than I could. I wholly agree with what you've written.

I would just add that the Blakemore Hypothesis pushes us very close to that line between fantasy and reality, and I'm sure we don't want to go there.

Yeah, we guys want to do a lot of things to our fantasies. But in a real situation, I trust that all of us, faced with the opportunity to commit torture and rape, would say, "No way."

Tuesday, January 12th 2010 - 04:14:17 AM

Name: Brutus

Blakemore said: The simple fact of the matter is that in the Western world for the last 2000 years, if you take a young man that's full of testosterone...or an older man that's full of testosterone...and you put him in a situation where he has the place, the equipment and the ability to do anything to a gorgeous young woman that he wants to, with absolutely no repercussions of any kind, he will torture her and rape her.

That's quite a strong statement about human nature. I can't say that I agree with it, though. If Blakemore was talking about "legal" repercussions, I don't think that the threat of imprisonment is the main reason why men in a civilized society aren't going around raping and torturing women at will. I know humans are capable of the worst atrocities but I'd like to think there are more decent people than evil ones, especially under normal conditions.

Times of war are different. However, rapes and torture of women during those periods are not about some pervert fulfilling his fantasies. Those acts are more likely tactics to devastate and break the morale of the enemy. There's also the psychological effect on men during times of catastrophe, who feel impotent to do anything about the miserable situation surrounding them. They often resort to violence against a weaker victim to give themselves some feeling that they are in control. This is often seen after major earthquakes, when the number of rapes increases. It's not necessarily about testosterone.

Ralphus wrote: I think he's right. I'm sure no one here wants to admit it, but when we fantasize, that's exactly what we think about. It doesn't mean we would act on it.

Although Blakemore was talking about ZFX movies and what viewers want, I think he was suggesting that all men would act on their primal urges if given the opportunity. I think most men, including the GIMPers here, would not cross the line between fantasy and reality, even with immunity. At least I would hope not.


Sloth wrote: Brutus would probably be well advised not to have any of this band of sick twisted perverts over for a fish and goose soiree :)

I disagree with that advice. Gabriela Atar and Jane von Detlefson are always welcome at my house :-)


Liquor in the front, poker in the rear asked: Any other examples of Gimp-vertising you have seen?

A few times I've seen mini-handcuffs as accessories on purses and cellphones. Some other obvious signs are sexy shoes like this. I sometimes see leather cuffs like these in public that always bring a smile to my face. Unfortunately, I have not seen any woman wearing a T-shirt like this.

Tuesday, January 12th 2010 - 08:04:45 AM

Name: Sardu
Homepage URL:

Yik Yakker: I share your view in hopes of making correct choices... and I don't think any of us sitting in our safe homes, going to our safe jobs in our safe communities think that we would act that way.

I would only point out the Milgram experiment, conducted in 1961, which studied the effects of authoritarian ability to overcome an individual's moral stance. The results of that experiment, and others like it have revealed that when pressed, we as a species can have our morals stripped from us with ease.

Being personally aware of this, and with a healthy distrust of authority, I'd like to think that I would stand up and make the correct choices even to the detriment of my own personal safety, but the fact remains that none of us truly know what we would do until we are actually put in that situation.

In Bosnia, the rape and torture of women was encouraged by those in authority... who said it was the follower's MORAL OBLIGATION to rape and torture the infidel!! We are not talking about people who "would have done it anyway", but normal, everyday people... friends, next door neighbors, etc. What happened is frightening on two levels... one, for the very acts themselves, and two, for who became the perpetrators.

The repercussions here have been devastating not only to the victims, but also the VICTIMIZERS, who in retrospect understand how they allowed themselves to be manipulated either by religious fervor, or fear of the personal safety of themselves or their family into committing atrocities!

This is indeed interesting intellectually, but not true GIMP discussion, so I will leave it hear. I only got into this in regards to Blakemore's comments. I now return to the fun of GIMP. Thank you for your patience. ;)

Tuesday, January 12th 2010 - 08:15:25 AM

Name: Sloth
E-mail address:

Mornin All

Brutus - as usual, I stand corrected on the guest list and seating arrangements.

So what with the Blakemore interview and all the connected chat, let's get to it. Today we will examine a Blakemore film, Violence Volume 2 starring The Man himself, Rene Baker and Georgia Van Helsing. Run time is 39 minutes. I have no idea where to obtain a copy as mine was obtained in a swap. As it ends rather abruptly I am making an assumption that this is all there is.

We open with Rene bound in a standing spread-eagle. She wears a white bra and panties, garter belt and hose and has open toed high heels. She is being questioned about money missing from a company by Blakemore who is wearing a black hood. She denies knowledge. He removes her bra and mauls her boobs. Georgia is shoved into the work shop wearing a black top and panties, wrists are strapped behind and has heels on. He applies rope to her wrists and runs it to a crotch cord. She is ordered to drink some type of aphrodisiac/truth serum. She refuses so Rene gets a couple of nipple twisters.

Rene has been retied AOH with panties removed and is straddling a metal slat with nails protruding toward her snatch as Georgia kneels pleading for mercy for Rene. She is ordered to remove her panties which is no small feat considering her restraints. Those panties are then stuffed in Rene's mouth and held in place with rope. He gives a few cat lashes and Georgia agrees to drink the serum to stop her friend's suffering.

Both ladies are now retied. Rene is still gagged, prone with her wrists in front then wrapped around her neck with another cord from the wrists through her crotch to a waist wrap, ankles crossed and tied. Georgia is standing arms overhead straddling a shaft with a metallic studded dildo atop. Rene fondles her as she attempts to do herself on the shaft. Both receive a cat lashing. Blakemore removes the dildo as she begs him to put it back. He releases her, straps her wrists behind and forces her to dig her heels into Rene's boobs. Georgia then kneels and gives him a blow job. He departs after telling them what torments to expect next day and orders his unseen henchman to retie them for the night.

Sudden cut to a still gagged Rene bound wrists behind, prone with one leg elevated and tied off. Georgia is sitting bound much the same and is able to get close enough to lick Rene's pussy.

It seems to be the next day as Rene is standing bound wrists in front with a crotch rope, arms are wrapped and legs spread and secure. Georgia is standing bound wrists behind and mounted on her dildo again. Blakemore pokes Georgia's nipple with a needle to show her it's sharp then goes to town on Rene's boobs embedding several needles in each. Georgia gets one nipple pierced. The needles are removed from Rene and he uses a knife to perform a nipplectomy on her.

Both have been retied and gagged. Rene is standing spread-eagle with gauze held in place with tape where her nipples once resided. Georgia is standing AOH, one leg elevated to the side and secure. A special bra has been prepared for Georgia with spikes driven through. Oddly, she has trouble remaining still as it is fitted for her. Once on, her leg is released so she can squirm a bit more. Similarly, Rene's panties have been rigged the same way for her with much the same result.

Once again both retied. Georgia on a work bench with arms to the side, legs elevated and spread. Rene sits on a box at her crotch, wrists bound behind and ankles tied. Both are gagged. Our intrepid hero inserts a dildo into Georgia's pussy then goes to work with those needles on her pussy lips, effectively sealing it shut. And that is where this copy ends.

Movie Pluses - hey, some pretty grim stuff here all very well done - as always natural ladies with no tats or piercings - well, other than those administered by our hero - tight ties and good ladies so what's not to like.

Movie Minuses - as with most of these the lighting and sound are marginal at best though I had no trouble making out the action - little too much chick/chick action but I can live with that.

The Verdict - a very nice view that stands the test of time well.

My Grade - B+

Tuesday, January 12th 2010 - 09:59:23 AM

Name: YikYakker

Sardu: I hate to beat a dead horse, but this can't go without a response.

The results of [the Milgram] experiment, and others like it have revealed that when pressed, we as a species can have our morals stripped from us with ease.

It also proved that, when pressed, experimenters like Milgram and his colleagues can stand by and watch it happen without doing anything about it.

But what in the wide world of sports does that have to do with the Blakemore Hypothesis? He's talking about a situation where a man is not pressed to do anything. He simply walks into a situation where he is given complete freedom to do what he wants. This has no relevance to Bosnia or Rawanda or the Rape of Nanking (note: non-Western, non-Christian atrocity] or any similar situation. Sure, none of us can say that we wouldn't go along with something if a gun was pointed at us. But that's not what Blakemore is talking about, and we should let it go at that.

Tuesday, January 12th 2010 - 10:48:54 AM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Sloth: Thanks once again for another fine review. I see you've expanded your reach -- rather than just reviewing movies that are difficult for Canadians to find, you're now reviewing movies that are difficult for everyone to find. I guess that's fair, in its own way.

Assuming I were able to find this mysterious movie, I don't know that I would enjoy the way it jumps right into things. I'm not a big plot guy, necessarily, but I do like a bit of a set-up for the action. Nonetheless, it was fun to read about this film, particularly as this is likely the closest I'll ever get to knowing anything about the movie's content.

Tuesday, January 12th 2010 - 04:52:11 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Scribbler wrote:

He probably doesn't know, but that Red Hot B&D 8mm loop with the fire between the legs scene was released with the scene included. It wasn't cut out then. I saw it back in the day, in a loop player at an adult store. It's when the Bondage Classic (videotape) version came out that it was not shown, tho I don't know if HOM/Lyndon cut it for censoring reasons, or because the projector was having a nightmare playing the film; can see it skipping a lot in the BC version.

Oh yeah, he knows the original loop had the fire between the legs scene. The Bondage Classics 15 videotape came out in the late 1980s, after the Meese Report effectively stymied quite a few bondage companies and forced them to censor their own work (and history basically repeated itself 12 years later after Bush took over...funny how these things always seem to happen whenever the Republicans gain control of the White House, isn't it?). During that time, bondage entertainment pretty much sucked until ZFX emerged in the early 90s to save the day.

And yeah, you're right, the film skipped in the projector on the videotape version, but I guarantee you the movie was not cut for that reason. I happen to have a very rare VHS copy of the original loop. I made a composite print to send to Blakemore of the better quality (but edited) BC version combined with the missing footage from the original loop. There are actually 2 scenes cut out. One is a scene of Blakemore carving up a chunk of wood into a makeshift dildo, which he then uses to molest the bound woman's pussy.

And then there's the scene with the fire blazing between her legs, and he takes a burning stick and threatens to burn her tit with it. At the end, there's a tracking shot where the camera pans up from her tied and spread ankles, where the fire is, and moves up to her pussy. The Bondage Classics version removes the first part of the pan and begins with the shot already on her pussy, intentionally removing all traces of the fire (and also now making the title "Red Hot B&D" totally misleading).

I had seen the promo still in one of my HOM mags of the girl spread out with the wood piled between her legs and read the teaser text that read "her cruel captor starts a fire between her legs". That got me excited even thinking about it back then, so when I heard it was going to finally come out on videotape, I rushed to the adult bookstore and rented it on the first day. Naturally, I was incredibly furious when I realized the entire scene had been censored. And today, it's virtually impossible to find unless you can still locate the original 8mm loop, and who knows if any even survived after all these years? Consider yourself lucky you saw the unedited version in the adult bookstore back then. Another gem lost to today's generation.


Sloth: Another fine review of Violence Vol. 2, my friend. Once again, you've reviewed one I saw and I totally agree with your grade. That was a pretty rough movie, especially for the time it was made. I got mine years ago from Threat Theatre, but it wasn't under that same title. And in searching for the film online, I came up empty. Part of the problem is that it has a generic title which makes finding it on Google very difficult. I had to put "Currently Unavailable" in the buy link on your review (link above).

Surely one of the several hundred pervs who read this board know where one can get a copy of the movie, right? It may be under an alternate title. Any help, guys?

Tuesday, January 12th 2010 - 10:29:59 PM

Name: Sardu

Yik Yakker: No one was ACTUALLY shocked in the experiment, the people were tricked into thinking that they were. The whole point of the thing was to see how far someone would go... to try and understand what happened with the Nazis and the holocaust.

What does this have to do with Blakemore's statement?? I thought that much was blatantly obvious, but I will connect the dots for you. It shows that the potential for sadism lurks within normal, common, everyday people. People who would go through their life, and never commit one act of violence, COULD do so under the right circumstances... As Blakemore stated. While his statements were isolated to a single circumstance, on the whole its a reflection of the human condition.

When I was a younger man, I use to hold the rather naive position that people on the whole were basically good. Life experience has certainly changed that position to a more realistic view that people are basically self serving, and given the opportunity will revert to their base desires. I used the experiment, Bosnia, and Rowanda to show real life examples of this view point in action.

No offense to you Yik Yakker, but when shown the evidence of man's cruelty to man... to deny Blakemore's assertions is to simply to ignore facts, and live in denial.

Certainly, believing such things about your species is a painful realization, and living in denial is perhaps a more livable position and better for one's personal happiness, for what is the likelihood that one will ever face such choices? If I believed that our current society was a stable one, perhaps I would allow myself to live in denial too... but I don't, and I have loved ones to protect if things go south. Thus, IMHO, acceptance is one of vigilance.

Bottom line, IMHO, Blakemore has the balls to state out loud what most people lack the courage to even consider. I only offer real life examples as to the truth to his words. How one interprets that is very telling.

Tuesday, January 12th 2010 - 10:51:09 PM

Name: Vladi the Wizard
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Where does one find those Violence videos, by Blakemore?? Never have seen them referenced anywhere but here.

Thank you.

Wednesday, January 13th 2010 - 12:13:50 AM

Name: petelobo

Sardu, the universe is as you believe it to be. If it makes you feel wiser or less naive to believe that an experiment in which people were told forcefully they must continue to do something--and even then, 35-40% refused--proves something, then there's no arguing that point. Even the Bosnian (et. al.) rapes and murders were not carried out by everyone who "could". There is certainly a darkness within each of us, but in most there is also a light.You can choose to build your world view around whichever.

I personally have stood against the mob on several occasions--and found it backed off quite quickly. I take advantage of every opportunity to experience the sensation of raping and torturing (though not killing), but I fully believe that, if the rules were off, and if I could perform those acts with impunity, no matter how much testosterone I have, I would not do it with a totally unwilling partner. Fantasy allows me to experience and express the drives; a recognition that other people are human as well keeps me from giving myself over to them.

Wednesday, January 13th 2010 - 12:54:30 AM

Name: DHT

YikYakker: In the Milgram experiment, the person on the table was pretending to be shocked. There was nothing for the experimenters to intervene in. Your point is valid, but more for something like the Stanford Prison experiment, where the experimenter, Stanford, became absorbed in the role play and joined in.

I love the Milgram experiment, because it made the participants, all of whom thought they were good, strong willed people, confront their own suggestibility and its inherent danger.

For the board: Has anyone here had a custom video made by FaythOnFire? I'm interested in having some work done, but they aren't answering my e-mails.

Wednesday, January 13th 2010 - 03:52:11 AM

Name: DHT

My bad, the guy's name wan't Stanford, it was Zimbardo.

Wednesday, January 13th 2010 - 03:53:19 AM

Name: YikYakker

petelobo: Very nicely stated and I congratulate you on your wisdom.


Sardu No one was ACTUALLY shocked in the experiment, the people were tricked into thinking that they were. The whole point of the thing was to see how far someone would go... to try and understand what happened with the Nazis and the holocaust.

Man, I know all about the Milgram experiment and the Zimbardo studies...we discussed them in graduate school and I incorporated them into lessons for my own students later. I'm tired of hearing people for decades bringing this up any time they want to support some lame-ass theory. Have you taken the trouble to follow any of the debate about what those experiments mean or do not mean? I don't need a pompous lecture about it.

Doesn't it bother you at all that the subjects were "tricked" as you say? That the experimenters wanted to "see how far people would go?" Do you really believe that one contrived experiment with a limited group of people tells us everything we need to know about the darkness of human nature?

Sure we humans are capable of doing abominable things. We are also capable of doing brave and honest things. In all the situations you mention, and even now with the disaster in Haiti, there are inevitably going to be stories of people who rise above their animalistic tendencies and do the right thing.

Why should readers of a forum on fantasy bondage be concerned about this? Because if we endorse the Blakemore's idea that we are all closet torturers and rapists who will -- not might, will -- respond the same way, whether the opportunity occurred in an environment of war, social upheaval, or disaster, or if we were face-to-face with a helpless, bound woman in an unrestricted situation with complete freedom to do what we want, then we might as well wave the white flag now and shut the place down. There's a thundering herd of PC-police headed our way. Thanks a lot, Blakemore.

Connect those dots.

Wednesday, January 13th 2010 - 04:15:28 AM

Name: LTL

Sloth ~ Thanks for the review of Violence Volume 2.

BTW I really like today’s pic. Noosed to help restrain are always a plus in my book.

======== ==========

Just a couple of ramble thoughts having to do with TV program preview commercials. I don’t watch a lot of TV but I keep seeing these two back to back preview spots for Mercy & SVU (I think it’s SUV). The first one really doesn’t have anything to do with anything, but damn Michelle Trachtenberg is looking fine! (now in Mercy)

The SVU commercial makes me wonder a bit though. Most commercials are basically teasers to get viewer to tune in. For years and years I’ve seen a great amount of DID spots, some showing girls tied up, so I know the marketers know that showing previews in that way will get people to want to watch.

So now I see this preview that shows the female lead of SVU going “Get on your knees worm. I want you to lick my boot. LICK IT!”

First thought is the clip sickens me. The last thing I’d ever want to watch! But then I start to wonder…..are there that many people like that out there that a preview would actually be made in this way to draw those viewers? Could this be the second sign of the apocalypse?

Wednesday, January 13th 2010 - 07:01:29 AM

Name: YikYakker

DHT: Yes, you are correct about the Stanford Prison study and the fact that in the Milgram experiment, people were only pretending to be shocked (unbeknownst to the "shockers"). Just a few follow-up points:

Part of the controversy over the experimenters themselves involves to what extent they were willing to allow the participants to go, without proper concern for the mental mental well-being of the shockers, even though no one was actually being hurt physically.

Most universities today have strict ethical guidelines about "human subject research." Panels are set up to review proposed experiments and approve them for further action.

In general, experiments do not "prove" anything. They are used to test assumptions or provide findings for further study. It is pseudo-science to take the results of any such experiment and use them to generate some grand conclusions about human nature. By the same token, experiments do not "disprove" anything, but may call other findings into question. The science of human nature works in bits and pieces, with a lot of discussion and debate.

Wednesday, January 13th 2010 - 07:48:47 AM

Name: Sloth
E-mail address:

Mornin All

Scribbler - after having finished with the Blakemore interview I finally took a look at the header for it - I assume that is at least partially your design and execution - very nice job.

A Canadian - thanks for the kind words - I know I strive to find new and innovative ways to annoy, offend and disappoint fellow Gimpers and think I do an admirable job :) - your point on the set up is well taken but is more than made up for by the constant violent action and creative techniques, for the day, that are used.

Vladi the Wizard - I say this with much hesitation as I and a number of other Gimpers had bad experiences with the service but you might check - that guy at one time had a large selection of Blakemore/Whitman compilations - don't know if he still does and then don't know if the "Violence" series is on any of them - just keep a caveat emptor approach should you do.

LTL - yes, love the noose as additional restraint and I go a step further and enjoy the actual hanging if it follows - have always found that terribly arousing - no idea where I got that unless I'm the long lost illegitimate offspring of Dolcett.

Sardu - YikYakker - "Apocalypse Now" - something like "because in every man there is that struggle between good and evil, right and wrong, light and dark. With Walter Kurtz that battle is over and the darkside has won"

Stay Well All

Wednesday, January 13th 2010 - 09:27:05 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

All this talk about the Milgram experiment made me read up a bit more on it. See, now if they were to embellish it and instead of hearing a man in the other room screaming while being shocked, why not make it a female voice instead? To me, that would be more telling. Every time you push the button, you're increasing her pain and making her suffer more.

Let's try our own experiment. Anyone here go to the link above and select any of the 3 simulated activities above. And I'd be willing to bet that 100% of you will shock her to the fullest extent until she passes out. And then most of you will wait until she recovers and then do it again. And what does this prove?

Heh, heh, we're all perverts and sick fucks! Class dismissed.

Wednesday, January 13th 2010 - 09:55:26 AM

Name: Sardu

This is the last I'm going to say on this. Psychology NEVER proves anything. It is a study of science based completely on theory. There are no FACTS, so to state that the Milgram experiment "proves nothing" is to state the obvious. No psychological experiment ever performed ever PROVED anything.

That's not to say we can come to conclusions based on those results. I was going to bring up the Stanford experiment as well, since it is unlikely the Milgram experiment can ever be repeated.

No offense intended to anyone here.

Wednesday, January 13th 2010 - 01:27:35 PM

Name: jisjunior
E-mail address:

tank you.

Wednesday, January 13th 2010 - 02:21:51 PM

Name: YikYakker

LTL:Yeah, Michelle Trachtenberg's big blue eyes lift my soul...and other things.

Haven't seen the commercials you spoke of, but I'll be looking for them now.


Sloth wrote: "Apocalypse Now" - something like 'because in every man there is that struggle between good and evil, right and wrong, light and dark. With Walter Kurtz that battle is over and the dark side has won'

Nice quote. I guess we can be glad that lots of people have made the choice not to go over to the dark side, or the world would definitely be "apocalypse now".

Wednesday, January 13th 2010 - 03:32:30 PM

Name: Vladi the Wizard
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Thank you, Sloth. Am familiar with that site, and have ordered from it before. Haven't seen anything of that particular title or word in the title with HOM material. Am wondering, though, if this could be the 'Extreme Loops' and/or the 'EP Loops' offered there (same material with different name).

Wednesday, January 13th 2010 - 05:12:33 PM

Name: mothbrad

Yep, the Milgram experiment was about the exact opposite of what Blakemore was saying - Milgram is suggesting that people will follow orders, even to do something against their true nature. A large part of the controversy behind the study is that it seems to 'excuse' those on the ground during real atrocities, and justify the Nuremberg 'I was only following orders' defence.

In fascist states, when they're looking for people to do the dirty work, they actively weed out the sadists - they don't want people who get off on torture (in other words, follow their lusts), they want people who follow orders. There's a big difference between doing something in a computer game, or watching a fantasy movie, and doing it in real life.

Wednesday, January 13th 2010 - 11:18:07 PM

Name: Scribbler
Homepage URL:

Sloth - Thanks. Yes, the header graphix is my design and execution, with final approval by Ralphus.

Vladi - I looked at the site. The 'Extreme Loops' don't sound like Whitman loops. The 'EP Loops' do sound like the Erotic Perversion loops (Whitman productions). If that video contains all 9 EP loops, might be a good deal. Not the same material as the 'Violence' films, but similar. As far as finding the 'Violence' vids no longer being published, I refer you to the chadscans yahoo group.

Milgram experiments - I think I saw William Shatner in the movie version!

petelobo - +1. Only fantasy and roleplay acting out for me. Forcing myself on a girl against her will for real, not a chance. Even if guaranteed no repercussions.

Thursday, January 14th 2010 - 12:06:10 AM

Name: Scheer
Homepage URL:

Interesting that William Shatner was also at the Nurnberg trials.

Thursday, January 14th 2010 - 03:54:29 AM

Name: lord kaya
E-mail address:


Thursday, January 14th 2010 - 04:59:16 AM

Name: YikYakker

mothbrad: That's an interesting insight on the Milgram experiment.

Another implication of the experiment addressed a view widely-held by citizens of Cold War America at the time (1961) that WWII atrocities were a 'European' phenomenon - that it could never happen here. The experiment revealed that the same processes at work in fascist states could be replicated among Americans.

Thursday, January 14th 2010 - 07:12:47 AM

Name: Vladi the Wizard
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Thanks Scribbler.

Yes, I 'mis-spoke' regarding the 'Extreme Loops'. Did order the 'EP Loops', which is the Erotic Preversion series. Is that the same as, or different from the 'Violence' series (same tho under different naming?).

Thursday, January 14th 2010 - 08:12:49 AM

Name: Scot
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Scribbler wrote: Milgram experiments - I think I saw William Shatner in the movie version!

The 1975 TV-movie The Tenth Level was a fictionalized drama based on the Milgram obedience experiments, in much the same way Inherit the Wind was based on the Scopes Monkey Trial. The Tenth Level has never been released to home video, and copies of it are hard to come by.

Scheer wrote: Interesting that William Shatner was also at the Nurnberg trials.

Don't you know the Shatman is EVERYWHERE? He sees us all! Shatner is God!

Thursday, January 14th 2010 - 04:48:21 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Sloth wrote:

"Apocalypse Now" - something like "because in every man there is that struggle between good and evil, right and wrong, light and dark. With Walter Kurtz that battle is over and the darkside has won".

Actually, the full quote was, "Because there's a conflict in every human heart. Between the rational and irrational. Between good and evil. And good does not always triumph. Sometimes, the dark side overcomes what Lincoln called 'the better angels of our nature'."

You know, Apocalypse Now must be one of the most quotable movies of the 20th century ... "I love the smell of napalm in the morning," "Charlie don't surf," "Terminate ... with extreme prejudice," "Never get out of the boat," etc.

Thursday, January 14th 2010 - 05:08:51 PM

Name: LTL

Apocalypse Now quotes: ~ Here’s one that works for the forum.

Disneyland? Fuck, man, this is better than Disneyland!

Thursday, January 14th 2010 - 05:18:33 PM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:

Ralphus: And what does this prove?

That we know that animated characters aren't real?

Thursday, January 14th 2010 - 11:08:11 PM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:

The Awawa site could be used for an interesting experiment. Subject (perhaps from a site like this) are given a web-site where there is a "woman" tied and wired. The subjects are measured on what kind of shocks, and how many they give to the woman, and tallies are done based on how life-like the pictures and sounds are.

Thursday, January 14th 2010 - 11:12:55 PM

Name: Sloth
E-mail address:

Mornin All

A Canadian - thanks for getting that quote right - memory does not serve me as well as it once did - and yes, such a quotable work - and for the record I do love the smell of napalm in the morning.

LTL - ditto on the Disneyland quote applying to the forum - think the only cast of characters that would come close to this bunch would be Warner Bros. Looney Tunes.

Vladi the Wizard - I believe Scribbler is correct on the "EP" loops being the Blakemore/Whitman efforts - as an addition to that keep in mind there is no audio track on those, merely a music background track - that never bothered me as I still find them immensely entertaining - just be aware of that before you pull the trigger.

Stay Well All

Friday, January 15th 2010 - 06:16:16 AM

Name: Mancow
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Hello. My name is Mancow Muller, Chicago based radio talk show host. I read the post from Scot that ended "Shatner is God". Please be aware that in the same way that Pat Riley holds the copyright on the term "threepeat" I hold the copyright on that particular quote.

I do not mind at all that the quote is used here as this forum is doing God's work but would ask that I be cited as the author. Ratings man, it's all about ratings.

And if I may allow me to invite all of you to tune in to the January 21 show when we will be discussing the BDSM world with special attention paid to the movie "Bloodsucking Freaks".


Friday, January 15th 2010 - 06:37:35 AM

Name: YikYakker
Homepage URL:

Mancow Muller - if that is in fact his real name - did not provide a correct link to the copyright office. It's in my URL.

Friday, January 15th 2010 - 09:16:07 AM

Name: Paul

Sorry to have to use this forum again to reach Larry at Video Mayhem, but once again, I can't get an email response, and he seems to respond much faster when I post here. Larry, I asked for a replacement DVD for the one you said was lost in the fire. It's now been two months since my original order. Can you please send out the replacement (RBD-179) that I requested a few days ago?

Friday, January 15th 2010 - 01:14:09 PM

Name: Scribbler

Pat Riley holds the copyright on the term "threepeat"

Just to clarify, copyright law does not provide any way to copyright a quote (or slogan or name or title). A quote (slogan, name, etc.) can be trademarked. Naturally, more info can be found via google.

Riley owns the trademark for "three-peat." Anyone can say or write the word "three-peat." What they can't do is sell product, like T-shirts, with 'three-peat' written on them.

the Erotic Preversion series. Is that the same as, or different from the 'Violence' series (same tho under different naming?).

The 'Violence' movies are different Whitman movies than the 'Erotic Perversion' movies.

The EPs, like Sloth says, are silent films, actually 9 silent 8mm loops released overseas (not in the states) late 70s, or very early 80s.

Violence 1 has two silent movies, the first has the brunette with huge fake boobs getting skewers through them, and the second features Rene Baker. Violence 2 was recently reviewed by Sloth (see movie reviews). Violence 3 has two movies, with sound, one with Laurie Sands, and one with Donna Parks (Donna Parks also appeared in 2 of the EPs).

Friday, January 15th 2010 - 03:13:36 PM

Name: Badger

Mancow Muller: Of "waterboarding is so OK that I'll have it done to myself" fame. I would say "Mancow is a Right-wing Crackpot" but that's probably already been trademarked.

Since it's all about ratings, sorry Man___, I'm busy on the 21st.

Friday, January 15th 2010 - 04:36:54 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Sloth wrote:

A Canadian - thanks for getting that quote right - memory does not serve me as well as it once did - and yes, such a quotable work - and for the record I do love the smell of napalm in the morning.

I won't pretend that I quoted that speech from memory.

Actually, it's too bad that when Apocalypse Now Redux was released, Coppola didn't include some of the deleted footage that was reportedly cut from that scene. This time, I am going from memory, but my understanding is the original dialogue went something like this:

Col. Lucas: Now, he's crossed into Cambodia with his Montagnard army of his that worship the man, like a god, and follow every order however ridiculous.

For example, he'll have his men capture a woman, strip her clothes off, and tie her so she's hanging upside-down from a tree. Then, his men will whip her mercilessly. And then they'll untie the woman, pin her down on the ground, and gang rape her.

Gen. Corman: Very obviously, he has gone insane.

Willard: Yes, sir. Very much so, sir. Obviously insane. Um... you said he's in Cambodia, right?

Friday, January 15th 2010 - 06:11:41 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Paul wrote:

Can you please send out the replacement (RBD-179) that I requested a few days ago?

Once the disc does arrive, I would love to read a review of that movie -- even a quick yea or nay would be helpful.

Friday, January 15th 2010 - 07:08:41 PM

Name: DHT
E-mail address:

1. How the FCK can someone copyright a quote?

2. Speaking of Video Mayhem, I tried to order from them 2 times, ten years apart, and was let down both times. Once because I got a tape full of static, and once because although he has an online ordering g.u.i. that was fully functioning and pretended to process my order, he wasn't taking online orders. Screw that guy. The only other time anyone mishandled an online order of mine was Aaron James. So, Larry is right up there with Aaron James. "bitch on the street" is what my high school girlfriend used to say.

3. Anyone have a custom video done that they'd like to tell others about? I'd like to hear about your experience if so. I have had three done, all of which I'm happy with, 2 of which were absolutely awesome.

Saturday, January 16th 2010 - 03:41:25 AM

Name: LTL

Paul wrote: ~ Sorry to have to use this forum again to reach Larry at Video Mayhem, but once again, I can't get an email response, and he seems to respond much faster when I post here.

That’s because Ralphus, being an Oscar winner and all, has lots of pull with people of influence & fame. Here’s a pic of him with Ricardo Montalban.

= = = = = = =

A Canadian’s Apocalypse Now quotes: ~ Very obviously, he has gone insane.

That’s funny, that’s just what I hear when I talk to my buddies about A Canadian ;-)

Saturday, January 16th 2010 - 06:26:14 AM

Name: VM
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Regarding RB#179: That is coming with the new titles. They were shipped out 2 days late to me. They arrived Weds afternoon in US customs and have sat there every since.

Saturday, January 16th 2010 - 06:49:09 AM

Name: A Canadian

DHT wrote:

How the FCK can someone copyright a quote?

DHT, meet Paris Hilton.

Saturday, January 16th 2010 - 09:28:17 AM

Name: Paul

To Larry at VM: Thanks for responding - though why you couldn't have the courtesy to simply respond to my emails is beyond me. My order of two months remains only partially filled, and you offer no attempt at restitution, or even an apology for things being screwed up. Doesn't sound like you want to remain in business for very long.

Saturday, January 16th 2010 - 10:17:18 AM

Name: Dr Yuya

Well, I did the Video Mayhem thing before as well, seemed like more often than not they'd not send my orders in a timely manner or at all and give no explanation for it. I also remember distinctly getting a Giga movie from them that was incomplete.

From time to time I posted here and got an excuse that at least SOUNDED like the blame wasn't the sites, just as the current one does. Possibly it's all true, but that's some serious coincidence and why no updates to the customer about the serious problems in their order status unless they come to this site and post a message?

It also doesn't fix that their site has a shoddy search function (I'm most certain that putting Giga or heroine in that search DOESN'T give me every Giga or heroine related movie on that site) and layout to display their titles. Why not break things out by category and type rather than monthly updates which mean absolutely nothing? And of course there's the deal breaker of them not taking credit cards, and forcing their customers to deal with them with other means of payment when they're already shady enough.

This leads me to my final thought, which is WHY the sites so popular here, and why the owner only seems to respond to questions on this forum and nowhere else. Maybe the owner only really cares about doing decent business with people who post here and getting good recommendations on this forum. I kind of recall not even getting my first order from that site until I actually made a post here complaining about how my order was late. Makes me wonder what happens to all the customers who never post here.

Saturday, January 16th 2010 - 12:59:22 PM

Name: TGG

I have to agree with Dr. Yuya and those who feel like Video Mayhem is no longer what it used to be. I have been ordering videos from Video Mayhem since around mid 2001. I used to be able to place an order on the Sunday of a given week and have my order arrive by the Friday of that same week.

The last time I ordered something from Video Mayhem was close to a year ago, and that time it took a little bit over two weeks for my order to arrive. I initially E-mailed VM asking about the order, and had not recieved a reply after three to four days later. I eventually ended up asking for help in contacting VM here on this board.

Sorry Larry, but the way things are going now, I feel like I may never order anything from Video Mayhem again.

TGG: The GIMPer with a heart...

Saturday, January 16th 2010 - 02:49:21 PM

Name: YikYakker
Homepage URL:

Head of the Family gave us campy horror, mutants and frequently-naked Jacqueline Lovell almost getting burned at the stake in a well-done GIMP scene. The film’s ending left open the possibility of a sequel.

Hideous! is not a sequel. It does have mutants (small ones, newly-hatched from glass jars) and Jacqueline Lovell as Sheila, a different character in a different story altogether. It’s disappointing for many reasons, but mainly because it has no GIMP scenes.

So it’s not a total loss, I’m going to describe what happens in the movie, and add in what should have happened from a GIMPer’s perspective. You can use your imagination to play along and script your own movie. Who knows, maybe one of us will come up with something bankable.


Napoleon Lazar, a collector of “medical oddities” who is willing to pay $650,000 for a mutant embryo fished out of a sewage plant;

~ his rival, wealthy Dr. Lorca, who already has a large collection of glass-jarred “goobers” in his castle;

~ Lorca’s slinky hired gun Sheila (Lovell) who spends the whole movie in (and out of) a skimpy black leather mini-skirt and matching open vest, held in place by the miracle known as double-sided tape;

~ Belinda Yost (Tracie May), foxy/mature supplier for both Lazar and Lorca;

~ Elvina (Rhonda Griffin), Belinda’s ditzy receptionist and spy for Lorca; and

~ beefy, hard-nosed PI Kantor, who is called in when Lazar’s recent purchase is stolen.

Scenes: Sheila (Lovell), wearing nothing but her skirt and a gorilla mask, ambushes Lazar on a snowy private road and robs him of his latest prize. She handcuffs his wrists behind a tree and leaves for Lorca’s castle. What should have happened: Lazar turns the tables on Sheila, handcuffs her wrists behind a tree, and takes cell-phone pics to submit to his favorite snow bondage site.

Kantor brings everyone together in Lorca’s castle to settle their disagreements. When four part-human mutants escape from their jars, Sheila seals off the castle doors and windows to prevent anyone (or anything) from escaping. But the four little critters decide to fight for their freedom.

While Elvina sleeps, one crawls under the covers and starts licking her right breast. She panics, runs from the room, and steps into a trip-wire the mutants have set up. She takes a header over a balcony and lands on a water-filled glass vase, which shatters, severing her neck. As Elvina panics and flees from the room, the mutants snag her wrists and ankles with wire. They strip her and dangle her upside-down from the balcony. One of them uses a water-filled bucket to re-enact the inverted dunking scene from Agent X (starring Jane von Detlefson!).

When Belinda tries to capture one of the mutants, she ends up getting her ass covered with porcupine-like quills. Lazar turns her over his knees and uses pliers to extract the quills one at a time. Belinda gets into the rhythm of it and starts to like it. Lazar ties Belinda in an inverted Y, plucks each of the quills from her ass one by one, and reinserts them in the most sensitive places in the front of her body. Belinda does not like it one bit.

Waving a card containing the secret code word that unlocks the castle doors and windows, Sheila lures the mutants toward a trap-door that opens into an acid pit. The mutants tie Sheila up and dangle her above the acid pit, threatening to lower her in if she doesn’t give them the code that unlocks the castle doors and windows.

My grade for the actual movie: D+. It’s dull, over-acted, and without Lovell there would be absolutely no reason to watch it.

My grade for the movie with GIMP-worthy script changes: a solid A!

Saturday, January 16th 2010 - 03:59:00 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Boy, it looks like it's Pick On Video Mayhem Day at the GIMP. I had completely forgotten to mark my calendar, too. Good thing I got here in time.

I'm not making any excuses for Video Mayhem. Even though it's a one-man operation, he's still got the easiest job in the world. If I were running that company, I would do it a lot differently, and I've told him that before. Delays in shipping I can understand from time to time, especially lately now that he's discovering more of his stock was destroyed by the fire. Not answering e-mails, though, is inexcusable. And occasionally I've run into the same problems as some of the people who posted, with orders delivered later than expected and no e-mail follow-up.

But here's the thing...even when he screws up, Larry has always come through for me and made up for it. Always. There's never been a time when I felt ripped off. Never a time when I paid for something and didn't get product back in return. In fact, he's sometimes thrown in extra product to make up for any mistakes. If the customer's not satisfied, he'll make it right. That's the experience I've had with Larry. You don't survive in this business for over 10 years if you're a rip-off artist. I trust the company and I trust the man because I know him personally.

And I also think he needs to get his act together because even one upset customer is too many.

Saturday, January 16th 2010 - 05:20:17 PM

Name: Eonius
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Ralphus knows that I'm an HOM aficionado and asked me if I wanted to post a few words about the Blakemore interview. It's tough for me to say just a few words about anything, especially anything related to HOM, but I'll give it a try.

First, my HOM credentials. I co-moderate the Yahoo group Chadscans that was started by Memfan in 2001 as a place to share and discuss all things HOM. Close to all the movies they made are posted there or are in my rapidshare folder as well as all the Chad collection and other scans by Charles D. and others. And it's all free, but if it will make you feel better I'll find a way that you can put quarters into the machine.

I had a ladyfriend many years ago who owned a porn store in Vancouver and she made trips once or twice a year to visit HOM people like Mike, plus Bill and Debbie Majors in L.A.. She spent about ten grand cash per trip and then we got them up here and sold them under the table. Not because they were pornographic, but because they hadn't been classified by the provincial film board. She got busted twice for that. She recouped her investment by selling copies of the boxed videotapes to trusted customers who had made their selections from reviews that I had written and typed up. My reviews were a big hit and people envied my 'job, but watching and reviewing fifty movies as quick as I could so that people could read them and start ordering wasn't as much fun as they thought, but it wasn't too bad either. Incidentally, that was an example of video piracy in it's early form, but oddly the L.A. people knew what she was doing and they weren't concerned at all about it.

And that's how I got to see almost every movie, and many mags, and commit almost every frame to memory. Years later I converted them to digital and shared them with fans on the net who shared anything I didn't have with me. I know this board frowns upon such activities but that's a brief background about how I became qualified to speak about this subject and one reason why I haven't participated on this board. Now I better start talking about the interview because we all want to know what really went on...

I'll address him in first person, hope Mr. Blakemore doesn't mind. Some of my questions may seem accusatory and I apologize, but some of your answers are begging for more questions to be asked. One other important thing is that I hope Ralphus can carefully listen to some of the sound movies and then tell us if his voice on the screen was the same as the telephone voice, that would make us all feel better if he could validate the voices and get rid of nagging doubts as to whether he's the real deal or not. I could lip-synch every word in every movie so I'm confident that I could tell for certain, and I'm a bit concerned that Ralphus hasn't seen, or heard, all of them. But I value his opinion so if he says it's the same voice then it's fine with me. These are some random questions and comments, I have more that I'll save for another time, this post is looking pretty long already.

I've just been looking at one of the best Bondage Classics, #6, and like all the loops your understanding of and extensive use of symmetry tickles the right spot in my brain. You use the model like paint on the canvas and draw a big X right in the middle with her and shoot the whole scene head on, and that's one reason why I was always impressed that you were really making a 'film' and not a porn loop. You kept your close-up, weird angle shots brief, unlike many Japanese movies where we never even see the complete model from head to toe, and showed the beauty of women in positions that we just don't see in ordinary life. That's one reason why I respect you as an artist.

However, many times in just the first three loops I see you being filmed by a handheld camera. We see your boots climbing the stairs from a camera looking backwards. I've seen people put the camera on a pole so that they can shoot themselves walking, did you ever do anything like that? But that wouldn't explain why we also see an apparently hand-held camera showing you through openings in the machinery, or the hand-held close-ups that show both you and the model in the scene plus the camera on a tripod set back to take in the whole scene head on. I'm sorry, but I can't see how you can do that with just one camera. One of the biggest questions I have is how much film was shot and is all the unseen film sitting in a drawer or was it destroyed, and if there's more than one camera going I would think that there would have to be more film shot than the ten minute loop shows.

Most of us were hoping that we could find reels of unseen hidden treasures somewhere, although you say it's doubtful. But you sent, or hand-delivered, all the film to HOM and they edited it there or even out of country, so you won't know how much was really edited out of your original film until you saw it would you? So after you've seen them we should be able to clear that issue up for certain I hope. I'm mostly talking about the sound movies here, your in-camera editing of loops is another question.

I've studied what I've thought was the great editing and camera work and many times I've thought I counted two cameras and sometimes three shooting at the same time, the audio (when there was any) and the model's movements from three different views at the same point in time would seem to prove that. So I'm really surprised that you say there was only you and the model doing the loops. Some edits are just a few seconds, so when you were by yourself did you wind up the camera, move the camera to a different view for a few seconds, then move the camera somewhere else again and then shoot a still and then rig the model into another position and so on? And only shoot a total of 15 minutes of film and do the whole thing in 2 hours? How much time would you spend rigging? Your 30 second wind-up camera is intriguing but it baffles me how you could do all that.

So I've thought that if there were two or three cameras they wouldn't be just turned on for just a few seconds and then turned off, the film must have kept running. So that's why when I see all those quick edits I think that there must have been miles more film than the heavily edited final cuts show. And that's why I keep hoping that there's still some unseen film somewhere!

In The Experiment you are seen on screen with the cinematographer who was acting too, who was running the camera(s) then? Sometimes there were three men on camera, same with Tourist Trap and two at a time in Caught. I wrote HOM a couple of times and got replies from Barbara and Moni Bertucci. I can't remember what they were about but they seemed nice and I seem to remember that Moni did PR work and also hair/makeup/wardrobe for the shoots. Add the sound man, three models, three cameras and maybe more people and I pictured a reasonable sized bunch of people on the set. That's more reasons why I was surprised that you didn't know you were popular, and again raises the question of how much film was shot and by how many cameras. Sorry to harp on that issue but I feel it's important.

You said "No, hell, a lot of times the best stuff I ever did wound up on the editing room floor". So is there or is there not any unseen film around somewhere?

Did the model do her own hair/makeup and the all-important pedicure by herself, or did she go to the local hairdresser before the shoot. And how would you choose what model was going to be in what shoot? Why were there very few one-time models, and why did the same ones keep coming back? Did Barbara or Moni in LA have anything to do with casting? I see that many models wore the same shoes more than once, so I guess they were her own. Who bought the stockings, or the dresses that got ripped? Did you have an expense budget? I know that $125 a day was the average rate for a model back then but that wasn't a lot of money to buy their own wardrobes.

The Victim seemed to be the start of the tamer trend after the Tourist Trap era, but it stars two well-used models from earlier days, Linda Meyers and Lana Ryan. And they both look to be in even better shape than they used to be! Are they gymnasts or some kind of athletes? How did they stay in such great shape? Were there injuries like dislocated shoulders? Your models all looked like they were very fit, and they all had great legs too! It's amazing that Sharon Montgomery is still doing physically demanding work, aren't the models at least 50 now?

Why weren't many models named, or have their names changed in different mags/movies and why didn't you know many names even though you spent many hours with them? And it's also amazing that you never saw the finished product of your work.

You said "Of course, this goes without saying; it's common sense: no guns, no threat of death" but there were lots of guns and threats, Tourist Trap for example.

The model in the Experiment who said the ham sandwich line wasn't Dixie. She hasn't been in any of the sound movies that I've seen.

I've posted the scans of the magazines of the movies Punished 1 and 2. Are they the ones you did when you put the camera down and shot stills?

The Indian that nobody thought could talk in your group therapy sessions is right out of Who Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest with Jack Nicholson.

Did you carry lighting gear around with you for 'targets of opportunity'?

It wasn't until after filming The Experiment that Barbara asked for your name. You had been doing this for several years at that point, what were you being called before? There had been plenty of magazines published before that movie was made, and I thought that the Whitman/Blakemore name had already been used in some of them. In fact, I remember one magazine spread featuring your wife Patti Whitman, she's in some chadscans.

I've heard that the all the models were gay or bisexual, is that true?

Barbara did know what name to put on your cheque though didn't she? As a former photographer I know that you can get paid a flat fee to hand over your film and never see it again, but you said you were only in LA a couple of times so how did all your film get there and how did you get paid? Didn't you print any of the still photos yourself before you gave away the negatives? You also said you handed the film to Barbara, did you give her enough for lots of loops or just one at a time? When/if you saw her would she show or give you copies of the finished product, like magazines? Would she discuss the business with you, like that they were selling well?

The loop period was really rough, the Classics a bit less, same with the sound movies and by the time you shot Cheri and the Pirates it got downright boring, for me anyway. Why did you stop shooting in your studio/warehouse, and start using mostly different models and with tamer bondage? Usually you had a bound woman on-screen for maybe 90% of the film, but later it became more 50/50, how come? If it was because of political/legal pressure then wouldn't you have understood how popular you had become?

Most of us are surprised that you aren't aware of your popularity. This wasn't a one-time shoot, this lasted several years. After the Erotic Perversion loops made a stir in the peepshow business did Barbara ask you to shoot more and is that why you made the Punished or Bondage Classics series? And weren't the sound movies made because the other ones were popular and HOM expected to make money from them? Couldn't you negotiate more money because you got more popular? I guess not if you didn't know that you were popular. Were you paid for one shoot at a time or were you on some kind of salary?. After you did a whole lot of mags and vids over the years, did your pay go up after HOM saw the demand rise? Were they shot on evenings or weekends while you had a full-time job. Can I ask if you were paid well?

You said you weren't in L.A. much. Does that mean that all the models came from ordinary jobs in the strictly religious city/town where you live? Is that why many women in the sound movies seemed to share the same Southern drawl? And some models looked similar to others, were they related? And are religious settlements in the desert better places to find bondage models than in LA?

You say you used targets of opportunity to shoot in one answer but also said you had a block-long building that you used in another answer.Did you stop using those 'targets' after HOM had made you enough money to get such a big place? Were you doing other kinds of photography/film in that studio? Tourist Trap looks like it was shot in a military compound, was that your building? Did people in the neighborhood get nervous when a bunch of people carrying guns and wearing army fatigues moved in for a couple of days?

You are seen pussy-whipping Dixie in Bondage Classics 6, although you say that you could never do that. She had panties and crotchrope on, was that why?

When the cinematographer first started surfing on the computer why didn't he do what the rest of us did and try to find HOM stuff? Especially since he made them himself.

If it was a 2 day sound movie shoot where did people stay overnight? Did the models and you go to your homes and the L.A. people go to hotels?

This is a sensitive question but we all want to know. Was there any partying going on? What about drug use? A number of shoots show or talk about drugs and syringes. Were drugs supplied to some models or did they pay for them out of their $125 a day fee? Did models keep returning because of the drugs or because they loved BD? Inquiring minds want to know the down and dirty on that but I can understand if you don't want to give it.

I wish you success with your new film but I really wasn't interested in hearing you talk about it in length, or about your views on cunnilingus either. When someone apparently comes back from the dead you don't want to hear him talk about the weather, you want to know what really happened when you were 'alive'. I only wanted to hear you unravel the mysteries of 'the old days'.

Back to the unseen film question, in Tourist Trap 1 there's some very short shots of a model bound in a standing position who drinks the love potion and one of the dommes plays with her. Her total screen time was about 2 minutes and some edits were 3 seconds. Was she paid the $125 a day for just that? I have to think that there is lots we haven't seen, but I also have to think that sadly lots of film was just thrown out and it's not sitting in a box.

You say you really did burn models but also say that you caused no permanent damage. So the burns weren't permanent? It's still hard to believe that the spiked dildo was for real. Didn't their pussies get torn up and require medical attention, and wasn't screwing them similar to throwing a hot dog down a hallway? It's amazing that you say Rene's pussy was still really tight considering what she went through.

Sorry if all those questions sound disjointed or irrelevant but I've been trying to put all the questions I've had for thirty years into a short post and my brain is getting tired so it's time for me to shut up. One last thing though...THANK YOU!!!

Saturday, January 16th 2010 - 05:28:20 PM

Name: VM
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Homepage URL: http:/

Paul- be sending RB#179 along with Shark#388

Saturday, January 16th 2010 - 06:16:51 PM

Name: Ralphus
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Homepage URL:

Eonius: Welcome to the forum and I'm glad you could make it over here. I know you're one of the biggest HOM fans in the world and that you've been touting the Blakemore interview on your group. But good lord, man! You're not kidding about it being tough for you to post a few words, are you? You must have been writing this post for a week.

Next time, remember, brevity can be your friend. I'm not a fan of super-long posts because if they get too long, some people's eyes glaze over and decide it's not worth tackling. And this post was...well, it was a shade long. Just a bit :) The good thing is there's a lot of interesting questions and comments in there.

And really, it's unfortunate you didn't post this back in October when I posted on your group that I was collecting questions to ask Blakemore for the upcoming interview. A lot of your fellow members came to the board and contributed their questions and I asked as many as I could when I did the interview in November. If I had had these then, I could have asked him directly. The actual interview is over, at least on my side.

The good thing, though, is that I talked to this afternoon and told him the interview is posted and for him to check it out. He doesn't have access to the Internet but he does have some friends that do and he knows our website URL. He's eager to read the interview and the check out the feedback on the forum. It's possible, just possible, that he might be able to answer some of your questions directly in a post to the forum. We'll have to see what happens.

There's one thing I can answer for you right now. I haven't seen all the HOM sound films, but I've seen enough of them to recognize the voice. Plus I saw the raw footage to his new movie and I saw him with the mask off. I can vouch that it is indeed the same guy, no imposter. He looked the same, just a bit grayer, plus he had the tattoo. It's him.

The Indian in the group session he mentioned, yeah, that sounds like straight out of "Cuckoo's Nest", one of my favorite movies. I thought the same thing. It's a good thing Blakemore didn't mention getting a lobotomy and having the Chief try to smother him with a pillow, because then I might be a little suspicious.

Thanks for the great job you do running Chadscans, and anyone who loves the old HOM classics and hasn't joined yet, what are you waiting for? It's a great group.

Saturday, January 16th 2010 - 06:32:51 PM

Name: A Canadian
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YikYakker: Thanks for taking the time to give us an idea of what a remake of Hideous! might look like. And let there be no doubt, this movie should be re-shot (and the person behind the original should simply be shot).

Seriously, what the hell were they thinking? A woman wearing nothing but a skirt and a gorilla mask? That sounds like something out of a Bill Zebub movie.

Saturday, January 16th 2010 - 07:31:25 PM

Name: Vladi the Wizard
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Thanks, Sloth.

I really don't have problems with the music soundtrack versus the 'talkies' in HOM movies. I have a batch of both, from the great Tourist Trap (2 is better then 1 by far, IMO), to a number of the Classic series.

Granted, the music on the EP is a bit different from 'normal' on the later (??) productions of the Classic loop complilations.

Saturday, January 16th 2010 - 08:37:18 PM

Name: LTL

Yik Yakker Thanks for the take on Hideous!

I can see it now……..Yik Yakker’s Film Works!

= = = = = =

It’s Time For Another………
Which One Has The Gimp?
Special At The Cinemaplex Editon

Your cinema choice are:

The Lovely Bones

Daybreakers? Other than a very brief boobage scene where victims are strapped and collared to blood harvesting machines, no Gimpage here.

An OK film where Vampires are now the dominant life form on earth with humans on the brink of extinction with less than 5% of the population left. An amount that’ll last the Vampires about a month before they themselves start to mutate into Nosferatu looking creatures instead of more human-like as they are now. Time is running out as a Vampire scientist searches for a blood substitute to save both themselves and bring back the human race from the brink.

Daybreakers trailer

The Lovely Bones? Nope, wrong again. Fair drama/supernatural/fantasy flick about 14 year old Susie Salmon (played by Saoirse Ronan) who becomes victim to a serial killer. The movie then spends a good amount of time around her stuck between here and her eternity. Not bad overall but I only rate it as fair due to the ending being a bit unsatisfying. That and how Susie’s father & sister knew who the killer was. I know not everything needs to necessarily be laid out for you…and that things can be emotive, especially since this is a supernatural flick, but how they knew who it was, was a bit of a stretch IMO.

The Lovely Bones trailer

Giallo? Correct answer!

= = = = = =

Mini mainstream review of Giallo

Giallo trailer

Giallo is about a serial killer who targets very attractive women. The word Giallo is a clue to the killers identity which a victim utters as her dying words.

The main story surrounds the sister of a runway model (played by Elsa Pataky) and an American detective in Italy trying to find the killer before it’s too late.

As far Gimpage, there are basically two main victims that have a fair amount of screen time. The first is a Japanese girl (played by Valentina Izumi) who gets kidnapped and taken to the killer’s lair. She is bound barefoot in a dress with her hands behind her back and ankles tied together. During the scene there is also some shots of her predecessor who is tied to a table but is already dead.

Later the model is kidnapped and brought to the same location where she too is bound barefoot wearing a dress and has her ankles tied together. The killer obviously didn’t read the Gimp manual however as her hands are tied in front of her. This ends up causing some discomfort to the killer later as she escapes for a short while before being recaptured.

Both victims are tortured in various manners such as the cutting off of one of the girls fingers, cutting through the lip of the other, injections into the tongue and above the eye, etc.

Entertainment wise I wasn’t too impressed with the acting all around. The movie (acting wise) had the feel of a sixties or seventies Euro-Horror flick. Also don’t know about…or what to expect from Argento as it seems either there’s nudity galore or none at all. I did like the dramatic orchestral soundtrack though, half expecting that some Dimmu Borgir was going to follow. Grade, an average C

Gimp wise, two attractive victims (some snippets of others). No nudity but the dress attire was made appealing as the legs were bared for the most part up to the hip. Grade a C+

= = = = =

BTW, the Dimmu Borgir music video has a snippet of a BATS scene for BATS fans.

Saturday, January 16th 2010 - 09:10:29 PM

Name: Dan Hawke
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Homepage URL:


You have roused me from my torpor.

Ralphus was right. Brevity, man. From someone who has also been accused of its opposite. And probably will be again after this.

I skimmed your post and only read parts of it in detail. At first you came off challenging, but later on the tone was, well, a lot more geeky. I suspect you are about my age or just a bit younger.

In the interests of those who want to skim this post, follow the title lines, like the one below.


I bought my first HOM mag in 1971 or 72. I was too young, but my persistence wore the clerks down. I used to walk about four miles to the nearest porn store to grab some HOM mags in my corrupt youth. I made a day of it, shopping enough other shit to excuse the effort.

I was actively consuming the mags when Whitman (he's OK with Blakemore, I am NOT!!! - yay Scribbler!) when his first photo sets started appearing. I had some of the pre-Whitman Knotty and Bound to Please mags. When the first few photo spreads began to appear it changed my world.

I also bought an 8mm projector and hid it in my folk's house, big pain in the ass. I used to buy the loops and pull the projector out of a pile of boxes and watch them on a canvas I had from a painting set given me for my 16th birthday.

I was married by the time "Bittersweet Revenge" appeared (I owned one of the very early VHS machines - it was about $800 -- in 70's dollars). I bought that first released tape from HOM via mail. It cost $99! I still have the tape in it's original packaging! That was the first time he was ever credited, that I saw, as Jason or Jeremy Whitman.

I don't have them anymore, but I owned every 8mm loop at one point or another. I don't have them any longer. Some I traded back to the shop at a ruinous exchange rate for titles I wanted still more. I still have four or five of them. I saw every video ever released of Whitman's stuff at the time they were released -- on 8mm, on VHS.


Look, to Eonius and to all who think only they can ID this man's voice; first I think I have established my bonafides as a Whitman watcher/listener.

Let me tell you. You can't be possibly be more skeptical than I, a modern bondage producer who was contacted indirectly by a friend of Whitman. Believe me, I got lots of strange emails back when I started - near the time of Hogtied and just a year or so after the start of the legendary Insex.

But I was too curious, so I gave out my phone number! There was a vibe to the email I had received, so I took a risk.

I knew who it was as soon as I answered the phone and heard him say "Helloooooo, Da-ahn" in that unmistakable southern drawl of a smoker's gravely voice. Had no doubt it was him, then or since.

So for you of little faith listen up. I was told I was full of shit when he first emerged and I commented on here (perhaps someone who cares will look it up). But I didn't have time to dispel doubts on a message board, I was busy with life and work. So I just said fuck it.

Sarge also thought I was full of shit when I mentioned it to him, but he was too polite and he liked me too much to say so. But one phone call from our man and he knew, he just knew. Never doubted it since. And he has seen the man, in the flesh! Shaken his hands. Put his fingers in the wounds or some such thing...

Er, pardon any blasphemy...

So now there is Ralphus who has repeatedly spoken to the man. No doubt there either!

I submit to you: If you don't believe it is really Whitman (oh I do wish he gave a shit -- Blakemore to you 'all). I submit you never will. I suppose Ralphus could collect everyone's phone # so Whitman can call each of you personally and attempt to convince you. But why should he bother?


Simple. He created it.

I have just released by 82nd DH video and have two other lines (mostly a marketing ploy) -- I have all of my stuff, in raw form, in final form and some states between. I have never looked at any video I've released for non-business reasons. You make it -- you don't watch it the same way or for the same reason ever again. And frankly, back when I was still a bit of a fanboy producer -- I thought my shit was pretty hot!

But I watch Whitman vids. To this very f-ing day. That stuff had a profound effect on me -- when I was very young. And I still watch those loops (I've reacquired them all, in one form or another, digitally, many I converted myself). I could tell you much more, much greater detail about his work than I can my own. I could wax rhapsodically about pd's stuff, too, for that matter. And I have, on this board, in the past.

Somewhere, someone knows my stuff, much, much better than I do myself.

Whitman looked to be in his mid twenties to early thirties when he produced this stuff, starting in the early 70's. Let's say 25 in 1972. Do the math.

I submit to you that if he knew his material as well as you do, Eonius, that would be very, very strong indication that he was a total fraud. Not the other way around.

I have spoken with him many times, and I still do occasionally. I previously heard mostly everything covered in the interview. Some a time or two already!

I think his recollections of something he did forty years ago, at a time when it was really dangerous to get caught doing it, ring pretty damn true to me.

And to someone from the prehistoric pre-internet days, I have no problem understanding how he could close the book on that chapter and never look back.

He wasn't making the stuff to squirrel away like some rabid fan-boy. You and I did that -- which was appropriate accounting for our approximate age and the revolutionary nature of his work, especially at the time it was actually being done.

He got a check, man. He thought about it no more. Probably grateful to have some editing work taken out of his hands.

And when HOM was sold he lost his contact in the biz. There might be a thousand sites today, but there was two major bondage companies, Tao and HOM, and a few other minor companies. And you contacted them via a letter. In an envelope. With a stamp. And you hoped your name was being added to a list for doing so.

Folks who bought HOM started producing a lot of their own, much lamer stuff. He may have had some contact with them after the sale -- or he may not have. He probably doesn't really recall.

Is it possible that memory has embellished some of his anecdotes? I suppose. I know what it does to my own memories. Hate to think how shopworn my stories will be 15-20 years from now. "I tell ya, sonny, I discovered that cute little Tyler Scot on a stool at the local ice cream shop." Some of that sentence is actually true, too.

But the gist of the interview is probably pretty close to the mark. And let me tell ya, unless one of the old models reappears we aren't gonna get any closer to those days when he was pioneering a type of erotic photography/filmography that was to change the lives of those who saw it back in the day.

Believe him, don't believe him. Believe what he says, or discount it. He is who is! He'll still be himself tomorrow. Unlike Peter Pan he doesn't need anyone to believe anything to make it real.

Let's chat about this again when we're all in our seventies, shall we. By then we'll recall making Whitman's stuff ourselves, and trying to tell some Nurse's aide about it while we mush our carrots.


Eonius, the chick with so little footage in Tourist Trap was Georgia Van Helsing, in a wig. Shot in a long shot. She might have just been hanging out that day -- seeing how our hero and her were buds.


One last personal note. I briefly corresponded with Charles D. Is he still with us? Is he well? I got the feeling he was approximately not my age.

Much like Whitman himself.

Finally to deflect any perceived tone to my own missive (humor is hard to put across in writing), I too want to welcome Eonius to the board. And hope he will return from time to time. Man, sounds like u could bring some interesting perspective to the board.

Anyone still reading? Oi! Get a life, willya?


PS: To writer's of esp. long posts. Shorter paragraphs -- punchier presentation. Sentence variety also a good tool. Also, proof read really long posts. I made about 50 changes while proofreading this post -- mostly just for clarity, but I expanded on a few points.

Those who write a sentence or two, don't worry, we'll figure it out.

Saturday, January 16th 2010 - 11:22:32 PM

Name: Eonius
E-mail address:

Wow, and I was worried about me talking too much! Thanks Dan, that was truly brilliant writing and insight, and a lot more punchy and easier to read too. And thank you for all your contributions to the history of this artform!

But I did get carried away there though, sorry about that! I got into it like a school project, it gave my brain something better to focus on and I quite enjoyed it! Plus I thought it might be a one-time post so I wanted to squeeze a lot in. I guess I too should get a life, rambling on and on like this...

Sunday, January 17th 2010 - 01:10:23 AM

Name: Master MaX
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:


I took all the emails to heart & produced some more "intense" content. Thank you all for your suggestions.

I produce content for 2 sites. Dirty Deeds hosted by niche clips being the second & most profitable. I have been producing scenes that can be edited to stock both stores. My first full blown BDSM scene is currently #4 on NC. Very excited about the response "Rockin BDSM Strangle" is getting. It's success opens the door for more BDSM content to be produced. Always nice to take a risk & see it do well.

Feel free to drop me a line with any more suggestions you may have.

Good Hunting

Sunday, January 17th 2010 - 01:34:35 AM

Name: Sardu

LTL: Let me thank you for you reviews! The "Threefer" review format is both amusing and informative, and the number of links, and pics you pack it with is amazing! That takes some serious effort, and I for one wanted to let you know your work is greatly appreciated.

I for one, look forward to the next installment!

Sunday, January 17th 2010 - 06:14:16 AM

Name: A Canadian

LTL: Thanks for the entertaining review of Giallo. I saw the trailer for The Lovely Bones in the theatre the other day, so I knew that wasn't the film that "has the GIMP". Not that Giallo sounds all that much better.


Dan Hawke wrote:

I think his recollections of something he did forty years ago, at a time when it was really dangerous to get caught doing it, ring pretty damn true to me.

I have no dog in this hunt but I agree with Dan Hawke's point. Memory is a funny thing, and if Blakemore hasn't been revisiting his materials, I would expect his recollections about some events would likely be faulty.

Sunday, January 17th 2010 - 06:46:31 AM

Name: YikYakker

A Canadian wrote: ...I agree with Dan Hawke's point. Memory is a funny thing, and if Blakemore hasn't been revisiting his materials, I would expect his recollections about some events would likely be faulty.

I can relate to that. Whenever I revisit work or papers that I did back in the '70s, it's as if a totally different person wrote them.

That's why I think it's great that you guys -- Ralphus, Dan, Blakemore/Whitman, et al -- have set a lot of your remembrances down in writing. It beats relying on brain cells.


LTL: Another fine game of Which One Has the GIMP. I appreciate your sifting through this stuff to find what's worth looking at. Seems that with Giallo, they tried to evoke the '70s-'80s Eurohorror feel but fell a bit short. But they also didn't have actresses of Edwige Fenech's caliber to help them pull it off. Still, I like the idea of barefoot ankle ties, that's always a nice touch.

Sunday, January 17th 2010 - 09:45:33 AM

Name: eeeteee

Damn Dan ... you took the words right out of my mouth ... I can relate to all you have said back in the 70s/80s ... including the 8mm loops, $850 VHS top loaders, my equivalent local Kearny St. Cinema in SF that focused on both 16mm and coin-operated BDSM material as well as super expense rentals with the porn store next door for new/used HOM mags, pre-HOM material and the Whitman introduction, and paying $100 for Bondage Classics #1 (which wasn't even a real copy), even correspondence with CharlesD, etc .

You are spot on that this happened over 40 years ago and at his age, the details could be a little sketchy (anyone sit in on a murder trial jury will know that even after 5 years, the details can get lost) ... but he provided quite a bit of surprising details, considering he has been totally isolated and disconnected from the genre.

Personnally ... I still refer to him as Whitman or Cole ...rather than Blakemore too ... Since the name Blakemore seemed to be related to the post Whitman Lyndon era. If three people can confirm that distinctive smoker's voice with a southern accent ... that is good enough for me.

OMFG! ... Ralphus ... just finished reading your postscript interview with d'man! ...awesome work dude! ... trans-scribing something that long must have taken a chunk of time.

Man ... you need to start a computer drive fund for him in the forum, drive over to his house, bring the internet to him ... and drive by and say hello to his neighbor Sharon/Kelly (she probably isn't aware that she has a big fan base too) ... LOL. Wow, this is indeed the man ... no doubt about it ... nice, smart, and seasoned.

Catching up on the postings ... some of which I see a few nit picking on aspects of what Whitman said ... utterly ridiculous ... Whitman is an artist ... plain and simple ... and he knows his media as well as his subject to a T (and A for that matter). He got that totally right when it comes down to it ... in my 250+ mag collection ... the HOMs stand alone as the sexiest shot sets ... he did accentuate his models with his aforementioned philosophy of wet crouch ropes, knowledge, and experience ... and I think that greatly enhanced to quality of his work. I don't see any point in naysayers complaining at all about the details of what he said in the interview ...

This is historical knowledge that only one man can provide to shed light on the mysterious world of HOM (the business, the players, the photo shoots, the 16mm loops, the models, the philosophy that technique that he single-handedly recreated and made his own trademark to go with the era of the times) ... was utterly fascinating. His knowledge was self-taught, including all the safety aspects ... I always wondered how HOM did the editing on the 16mm loops, since it was so nicely realized, and it turns out that he did most of it in camera ... now that is serious planning and scripting ... This is actually book worthy material.

From what I remember, there were 3 published Punished mags shot from the loop shoots released by CalStar along with shoot versions of all of the sound-synch production mags for Bizarre TriStar and CalStar. Highlights made it into other publications.

Damn ... Kelly Long (aka Sharon Montgomery?), Karen Arthur, Dixie, Lana, etc ... he had them all!!!! ... what a stud!

It is interesting about him mentioning fear of the Feds and the Meese Commission back than ... I remember the Feds knocking on my door (YIKES) back in the early 80's collecting evidence against Fantasy Fotos (a great HOM-like outfit that advertised in Tao publications to have harder action shots, great models, and even did custom shot sets to your preferences ... they were also the content suppliers to the Golden Ram productions ... e.g., classics like Sadistic Sweethearts, Bound and Abused, etc...).

The Feds said they had a case related to them using underage models and wanted to confiscate all orders after getting the info from their records with no repercussions from the buyers. And, sadly, this was their demise as well ... and they had such potential ... some of their photos survived in Tao mag productions as well as non confiscated ones that made it back onto the web in for form of the joy series.

I'm still picking myself off the floor ...


Sunday, January 17th 2010 - 11:51:22 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

YikYakker: I'm a little late, but thanks for the humorous review of Hideous! It's pretty clear that I prefer your idea of how to write a movie to the bozos who made this one. You've got the gorgeous Jacqueline Lovell, no stranger to bondage, obviously, since she used to be an actual bondage actress. She should be tied up in every movie! If she's not, sorry, that's just a waste of talent.

The direct link to your review is in my Homepage URL above.


LTL: You must be living in a big city to see all three of those movies at the cinemaplex. The only one of those three playing in my backwards city is The Lovely Bones and it's at an art theater. I had never even heard of the other two, but I did guess which one had the Gimp just by seeing Dario Argento's name on the movie poster. He has a pretty good track record for having bondage scenes in his films. Heck, he even cast his own daughter Asia in one of his films to play the lead role of a woman who gets tied up and raped. "Thanks, Daddy!"

The direct link to your review is here:


Dan Hawke: Great to see you back here posting. You're one of my favorite posters because you always have a lot to say, and it's all very interesting stuff. Thanks again for getting the ball rolling and making it possible for Blakemore to be rediscovered by a new generation of fans.

Sunday, January 17th 2010 - 08:36:22 PM

Name: Brutus

OK, it's taken me several hours but I'm now up to speed on the conversation of the past few days. And I really have nothing much to add but to say thanks for all the reviews as well as the long posts with great insight, history and good questions for Mr. Blakemore. A long post is better than no post at all.

Monday, January 18th 2010 - 06:22:09 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

LTL: I forget to mention this neat bit of trivia after you posted the Fantasy Island pic of me on Saturday. Were you aware that Hervé Villechaize was originally going to play Ralphus in Bloodsucking Freaks but he wanted too much money? True story. Joel Reed said forget it and I got the part.

Wouldn't it be pretty wild if Villechaize had taken that role and I was the one cast in "Fantasy Island" instead? I can tell you the fantasies on that island would be a lot more explicit, if I had anything to do with it.

Monday, January 18th 2010 - 11:14:34 PM

Name: Eonius
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

"You talkin' to me?" But seriously Brutus, I appreciate that you took the time to wade through my overzealous ramblings. There's some good words there, just too many at once. Maybe Blakemore/Whitman can get re-connected with people from those old days and answer my questions someday. His Facebook page would certainly be interesting eh?

And welcome to everyone joining the chadscans group. Have a look around and grab whatever you want, most posts there are shorter!

Monday, January 18th 2010 - 11:45:48 PM

Name: Sloth
E-mail address:

Mornin All

A Canadian - man, now that was dialogue that would have put everything in proper perspective - what a scene that would have been had the PBR crew abducted the playmates from the USO show and taken them to Cambodia - the facist-like Brando and the real life lefty loon Sheen tormenting them, all the while being filmed by the stoner celebphile Dennis Hopper as "This Is the End" plays in the background - Coppola could have offended just about everyone with that.

YikYakker - speaking of Edwige - back in the 70's she was in a small Italian comedy in which she spends about five minutes bound and gagged on a bed in a villa - it's played for comic effect but damn did she look hot - sorry don't remember the title.

Dan Hawke - well stated - he had a job, that opportunity closed and he went on to other endeavors - quite natural that many recollections may be faulty but so what - simply makes things more interesting.

This is a once in a lifetime experience for me - agreeing with Ralphus I mean - concerning the Blakemore interview - we have Ralphus, Dan Hawke and SgtMajor, three credible Gimps in good standing, attesting that it is Blakemore - that case should be closed - second concerning VideoMayhem - I too have had some difficulty with orders over the years but Larry always made good on them and threw in something extra for for the trouble - when I contrast that with a number of online vendors who adopt a somewhat cavalier atitude toward their service and your money I prefer doing business with one I know will deliver - and yeah, he should answer every email on a timely basis but things come up when you are a one man operation.

Stay Well All

Tuesday, January 19th 2010 - 07:12:59 AM

Name: LTL

Ralphus wrote: ~ I forget to mention this neat bit of trivia after you posted the Fantasy Island pic of me on Saturday. Were you aware that Hervé Villechaize was originally going to play Ralphus in Bloodsucking Freaks but he wanted too much money? True story. Joel Reed said forget it and I got the part. Wouldn't it be pretty wild if Villechaize had taken that role and I was the one cast in "Fantasy Island" instead? I can tell you the fantasies on that island would be a lot more explicit, if I had anything to do with it.

No, I didn’t know that. That would have been interesting had your two roles been reversed… I’m sure at some point Fantasy Island would have morphed into a bit more of Gimp Island. Who knows, you might have even been able to jump into a canoe and island hop over to Gilligan’s place to really show the girls over there what it would be like to get tied up by natives.

- - - - - - -- --- ---- -----

Sardu ~ Thanks for the kind words. It’s appreciated! I try and make the mainstream reviews as fun and informative as possible without giving too much plot away, thereby to not ruin it for anyone wanting to see the movie.

Tuesday, January 19th 2010 - 08:32:06 AM

Name: Brutus

Dammit. Screw Hervé Villechaize. If Ralphus was Tattoo, he could have made my childhood TV dreams come true by binding and torturing the likes of Charo and Barbi Benton. Those gorgeous mouths were just made for a nice over-sized ballgag mmmmphing while being bull-whipped. "Ze pain, Boss. Ze pain!"


Eonis wrote: But seriously Brutus, I appreciate that you took the time to wade through my overzealous ramblings.

Seriously, I enjoyed your post. You had good questions that I would personally like answers to, and you stayed on topic. As for ramblings, many, if not all, of my reviews for this site are filled with nonsensical ramblings. I thank Ralphus and everyone else for their patience.

BTW, I was a member of the Chadscans group a long while back but under a different name. I think I might rejoin because there's quite a bit to learn about the good old HOM days.


As for Video Mayhem, I've placed about only 4 orders (but none since the credit card fiasco) and have had no problems. I do see complaints every so often on this site, and like others I think that Larry should respond to those e-mails no matter how busy he is. Yet I do believe he is a stand-up guy who is not trying to rip off anyone.

Tuesday, January 19th 2010 - 09:18:34 AM

Name: Rick
Homepage URL:

Greetings All,

Ralphus: Great interview piece. I hope Blakemore (Whitman) will get to read it. Certainly he is a genius in this genre and it all makes sense that he has a degree in film, his lighting and composition are phenomenal. It would be great to see some of his artwork.

I can really relate to a lot of the things he said. When he was talking about shooting clocks I chuckled out loud, I have done my share of clock shots and various cutaways. Like he said, sometimes you don't get what you need to have something to cut to.

He mentioned he collected junk to use as backdrops. This is something I noticed about his films and the mundane items he uses in his backgrounds makes them interesting and add authenticity to the scenes. Clean barren rooms don't lend themselves well to this genre. It is one of the things that makes his movies stand out. His sets are really great.

Being that he was shooting on film, he couldn't even look at his own work, making it even more amazing that he was so successful at what he did. I would guess getting adult film developed back in the year took some connections, not many labs would handle that kind of material. Obviously, digital cameras and video tape cameras solved this dilemma along with giving the ability to instantly see what you just shot.

Still, film has a great look to it that is hard to match, even for modern digital HD cameras. I was surprised he shot on 16 mm, I thought he probably used 8 mm and later super 8 for the features with sound.

Never being able to see if you got a film in the can or what it looked like would be maddening, but probably explains Whitman's disconnect with his own work. It sounds like he lives in a conservative part of the country, so it may have been impossible for him see his own work without traveling elsewhere. His lack of involvement in the post production and inability to see his own finished work is most likely why he is sketchy on some of the stage names of various actresses.

Anyway, it was great to hear his recollections, interesting stuff to be sure. He was a big influence on me and I'm sure, many others.


Tuesday, January 19th 2010 - 05:49:32 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Rick: Excellent post, thanks for stopping by and commenting on the interview. I'm glad you liked it. Blakemore himself told me he was going to check out the interview and the forum this week, so hopefully he'll get to read a post from a filmmaker whom he really inspired.

I can definitely see a lot of Blakemore's influence in your own work. particularly the settings. Like I've mentioned before, one of the things that attracted me to ZFX in the first place was the fact that they weren't being filmed in some brightly lit artificial-looking dungeon setting with painted bricks on the wall like I used to see in B&D Pleasures movies. Your films have always had a gritty look to them, like they were shot in some dank warehouse, a bit unclean and seedy, which is the exact type of "underground" feeling I got from the HOM material. That was part of what gave those loops their atmosphere, that and the tight, uncomfortable ropework, of course.

I can recall several instances where you duplicated some of the strenuous bondage positions that I originally saw in the HOM loops. One that I recognized immediately when I saw it was when you tied up Kelly McKay's breasts in Underland 2 and had her tied in a very similar fashion to HOM's Rope Burn, one of my all-time favorite loops.

Speaking of Kelly McKay, I just recently took another look recently at The Jackbooth Job and remembered the mannequin you had as part of the background setting and recalled that HOM did the same thing in their loop Caught, Tied and Fettered. I could easily come up with more examples but those are just 2 quick ones right there.

You already mentioned how the "South of the Border" series was clearly based on Tourist Trap (which I recalled in the interview), and then there's the more obvious examples, such naming the ZFX movies after HOM loops like Forced Entry and High Strung, as well as Bitter Sweet Persuasion (clearly an homage to Whitman's Bittersweet Revenge).

Tuesday, January 19th 2010 - 10:54:39 PM

Name: Sloth
E-mail address:

Mornin All

hmmmmm.....I think I see today's header being a HOM Punished effort.

So, boys and girls, return with us now to those thrilling days of old as Blakemore/Whitman rides again. Because today we will examine Punished 3. This is a Cal Star film from 1985. Run time is one hour and it consists of six segments. Our villain appears in some form or fashion in all but one segment.

Again, my copy was obtained in an online trade so no availability info.

We open with a brunette sitting in a seedy cellar doing lines of coke. A couple of bondage mags lay on her table. She pages through them as our villain makes his stealthy approach from down the hall. She is set upon and quickly overpowered. He binds her wrists behind/waist strap combo with elbows tightly cinched. She stands in a corner as her panties are removed and her boobs get a workover. A wine bottle goes up her pussy.

She is retied kneeling on a table, upper body bent back, wrists behind and cleave gagged. Villain has her attached to a crotch rope/pulley set up which he manipulates to her dismay. On the same table she is retied wrists behind laying face up, legs elevated and spread. She gets a good fondling and her pussy licked. End

Segment two begins with a hooded villain escorting a bound and cleave gagged brunette into some other seedy cellar. She is forced to sit while he ties off one leg to overhead pipes and frog ties the other. She struggles while he's away. Upon return she gets fondled until he places her on a shipping palette bound in the same fashion as the girl in the first segment. She strains to free her hands to reach the crotch strap.

Now she is bound standing with arms spread and secured, ankles shackled. He divests her of panties and lashes her with the cat. End

Segment three has our villain hustling a bound and gagged blonde nurse into his lair. I can tell she's a nurse from that foppish nurse hat she wears. He mauls her bod as he rearranges her uniform. She is retied AOH, standing with each foot on a paint can. He spreads the cans until only her toes retain a grip then diddles her pussy. Out comes the cat for a lashing to boobs and pussy. She falls off the cans and is left suspended as she receives more lashes. He then suspends her by the ankles with hands left free and lashes her more. The tape gag still in place. End

Segment four has a brunette standing in a cellar. She has a metal collar chained overhead. As her hands are free she fondles herself. Enter what is either some dude in drag or a bull dyke dressed and made up to resemble Dee Snyder during his Twisted Sister days. Our damsel is retied AOH, ankles and thighs strapped together. Dee uses scissors to shred her outfit and gives her a fondling. Retied to a column wrists behind, neck, waist and ankles strapped and bit gagged. Nipple clamps are attached and she gets lashed.

Now retied on a table doggie position, breasts poised above a spike studded slat. As she is lashed her boobs get mauled by the spikes. Again she is retied AOH, ankles secured to opposing columns, legs spread wide and feet off the ground. She has a crotch/waist strap combo and gets another series of lashes. End

Segment five has a hooded villain making a phone call. He writes a memo that says "Vickie Collins....American....Bitch!". Blonde enters and they have a confrontation. He finds a handgun and some silly weed in her purse and orders her to handcuff herself wrists behind. Her ankles are secured to floor O-rings, her top is pulled down and she gets lashed.

She is retied AOH, bit gagged, facing a spike studded column. He lashes her and her boobs get the spike treatment. He has another spike studded slat that is placed under her pussy and with the lashes her pussy gets the spikes. End

Segment six begins with a brunette shoved into a cellar. Wrists are bound behind to a waist wrap, arms strapped at the elbow. The cellar has a low table with a chair atop. She sits and is roped and shackled to the chair, legs spread wide. Again a spike studded slat is produced and she's forced to sit on it. A molded dildo is attached to the chair seat which she straddles while being lashed. She succumbs to the inevitable and mounts the dildo.

She now gets a new seat strapped to a chair that has a portion of the seat cut out. Under it is a jack with a gigantic dildo mounted atop which is ratcheted up until it slams home. End

Movie Pluses - every single model has a phenomenal natural body - the bondage is strict and the positions alluring - usually lacking in the lighting department, this particular one was very good in that respect.

Movie Minuses - too many abrupt cuts and little or no set-up for any segment.

The Verdict - with six segment you get a bit of everything, some quite good, some not so good and everything in between.

My Grade - B

Stay Well All

Wednesday, January 20th 2010 - 08:36:32 AM

Name: YikYakker
Homepage URL:

(Escape from Women’s) Hell Hole (1978)

I should have known better. Hell Hole is actually Escape from Women’s Hell Hole transferred to DVD and packaged with the alternate title. It’s a Filipino production that is easily surpassed by the stuff that Corman and others cranked out in that part of the world. Of all the women-in-prison flicks I’ve seen (and I’ve seen far too many) this is absolutely the worst.

Oh, it has most of the necessary ingredients: forced labor, shower scenes, whippings, (attempted) rape and the big bust out at the end. Somehow, these folks managed to get through the movie without any nudity. Even the shower scenes were done discreetly to protect the actresses’ modesty. Now really, what’s the point of making a movie like this if you’re going to be squeamish?

Why are these girls captured? The story’s beginning would lead you to believe that good-looking girls are being procured for sexual slavery. So what do they spend their time doing? Collecting rocks from a river.

In the few, brief whipping scenes, the girls are fully clothed and the action is disastrously fake. Can’t somebody rip a woman’s clothes off?

One girl is strapped to a rotating X device so that a guard can demonstrate his knife-tossing skills. The entire scene is shown from behind! Is that a real girl or a dummy? Lame!

What I don’t understand is why this movie was made. It’s too cheesy to be taken seriously and too sanitized to draw any interest from pervs.

Please don’t make the mistake I made. Skip this one.

Movie plusses: A few of the lead actresses are cute.

Movie minuses: Everything else is horribly, horribly wrong.

My grade: F

Wednesday, January 20th 2010 - 04:15:14 PM

Name: Brutus

YikYakker wrote about Hell Hole: Please don’t make the mistake I made. Skip this one.

Excellent advice, but too late for me. I saw this turkey years ago and can only vaguely remember that silly knife-throwing scene. I may have fast-forwarded through the rest of it. It definitely was a huge disappointment.


Sloth: Thanks for the fine review of "Punished 3." I have not seen this one, but I do like the idea of the spike-studded column. One of my personal favorite scenes was Georgia Van Helsing getting similar treatment against a wall covered in those spikes in a different Punished film.


Mainstream film update: I see there's a sequel to "Mark of the Whip" available for pre-order at Asian Cult Cinema.

Also, I want to check out this upcoming school-revenge flick called The Final. It seems like some female victims, including one ballgagged, will get tortured, although I'm sure most of the sadism will focus on the male students.

Wednesday, January 20th 2010 - 04:37:56 PM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:

All the HOM stuff bores me (sorry!). Hopefully, we'll be back onto more interesting (to me) topics soon.

In the meantime, I'm having fun with Giga, Zen and Zeus girl-punching vids!

Thursday, January 21st 2010 - 12:07:04 AM

Name: Sloth
E-mail address:

Mornin All

YikYakker - like Brutus I had the extreme misfortune to view "Hell Hole" - your grade of "F" is probably a bit too kind - the only hell hole in that dog was what the producers put the theater patrons through - and this is why we must review even the worst of the worst, so other Gimpers will not be taken in.

Brutus - "Mark of the Whip" looks like a winner - I have bad kharma coming at me on "The Final" - yeah, the best reserved for the dudes.

jhlipton - man, I'm sorry you're bored by the HOM discussion - forgive some of us oldsters for having a few nostalgic moments - many cut our teeth on these and as such having a chance to hear from the producer himself is, to me, quite a coup for this simple little forum - next month I'll try to line up an interview with legendary Giga producer Hayakawa Matsumoto so you can get your freak on again :)

Stay Well All

Thursday, January 21st 2010 - 06:01:40 AM

Name: LTL

Sloth & Yakker Thanks for your individual reviews. Bummer about Hell Hole. I think that’s the first F review I can recall.

= = = = = = =

And now……without any further adieu, jhlipton now performs……I’m Bored ;-)

Thursday, January 21st 2010 - 06:27:49 AM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Sloth: forgive some of us oldsters for having a few nostalgic moments

Ain't nothin to forgive, dude. Every so often, this forum will go off on a tangent that some of its members are completely not into (I'm sure there are many who are VERY happy that LTL and I, among others, aren't discussing snuff porn any more). So I'll just take a little nap and get back into it somewhere down the line.


LTL: And now……without any further adieu, jhlipton now performs……I’m Bored ;-)

Thanks, but I'm more into the classics (see URL). You could have at least posted the White Stripes version -- Meg is just crying for a bit of GIMPitude!

Thursday, January 21st 2010 - 08:01:57 AM

Name: YikYakker

Today's pic: I've done a lot of hiking in the woods. Why have I never seen something like this?

Thursday, January 21st 2010 - 08:09:02 AM

Name: Mike from Brooklyn

Your hiking in the woods picture reminds me of a joke I once heard.

This guy is telling his friend, what happened to him the other day.

He tells his friend, he was hiking in the woods and came across a naked woman who was tied to a tree.

His friend says: What did you do?

I cut her down and fucked her

You fucked her? His friend asked.

Yeah, I fucked her every way imagined. in her pussy, up her ass.

Did she give you head? His friend asks

No, She didn't he responds

How come? his friend asks

Because I couldn't find her head.

Thursday, January 21st 2010 - 08:35:22 AM

Name: Scot
E-mail address:

LTL: Not that I mean to be anal (you should pardon the expression), but the phrase is "without any further ADO," as in Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing.

Adieu means goodbye in French. Goodbye with a sense of finality, that is, as opposed to au revoir.

Mike from Brooklyn: That is one of the sickest, most tasteless jokes I've ever read. I'm still laughing my head off!

Thursday, January 21st 2010 - 09:03:34 AM

Name: Paul

To Larry at Video Mayhem: Have not received those DVDs yet (RBD-179 and SHK-388). Have they been shipped?

Thursday, January 21st 2010 - 04:19:20 PM

Name: A Canadian

I'm a bit behind on things but I would like to thank Sloth and YikYakker for the reviews.

Regarding the reviews of films such as Hell Hole, I have to say I'm one of those people who is particularly grateful whenever someone reviews a mainstream stinker. In a lot of cases, the only way for me to see some of the mainstream GIMP films is to buy the movie (they're often not available locally for rent), so I really appreciate getting a heads-up about any film that fails to deliver.

As for the Sloth collection of films I'll never see, all I can say is the reviews are still fun to read.

Thursday, January 21st 2010 - 04:39:42 PM

Name: LTL

Scot thanks for the “Ado” correction. Are you sure though….I distinctly remember Bugs Bunny saying “Adieu” (Bugs being the definitive source of all culture you know ;-)

BTW, about being anal….naw, not at all ;-)

= = = = = =

Psssst, psssst, jhlipton…..pssst. Talking low so the others don’t hear…..but were you aware that the “bored” video you put up contains the line “It’s a gay romantic fling”? [scratching head] I think I would have stuck to the Ig one. ;-)

Thursday, January 21st 2010 - 04:39:45 PM

Name: A Canadian

LTL: See if this works better for you.

Thursday, January 21st 2010 - 06:03:44 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Mike from Brooklyn: As long as we're doing jokes along that same subject, here's one I can contribute.

So this man is deep out in the middle of the woods when he hears a cry for help. Upon investigating, he discovers this beautiful naked woman tied to a tree.

"Oh my God, thank heavens you're here, I don't know what I would have done without you coming along," she tells him.

"It's all right, you're gonna be okay, lady, he replies. "Tell me what happened."

"Well, this morning my husband came home from work early and he caught me with my boyfriend. And he shot him. Then he beat me up and ripped off my clothes and threw me out. And then this motorcycle gang came along and one of them had a sidecar and they forced me in it, and dragged me way out here and tied me up like this. All 17 of those brutes raped me and left me out here all alone to die!"

"Aw gee, lady," said the man, unbuckling his belt and taking off his pants. "This looks like this just ain't gonna be your day".

Thursday, January 21st 2010 - 08:01:11 PM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:

Ralphus: And just to bore jhlipton some more, here's more HOM stuff

I... I feel so honored.... I... just don't know what to say.... You like me, you really like me!

(I don't know quite why, but she just doesn't appeal to me, even as a strangle victim. There's just something "off".)


LTL: were you aware that the “bored” video you put up contains the line “It’s a gay romantic fling”? [scratching head] I think I would have stuck to the Ig one. ;-)

You post an Iggy Pop video, then talk to me about gay??!!!! I Doan Tink So!

Thursday, January 21st 2010 - 09:32:24 PM

Name: Stickdaddy
Homepage URL:

Try Many great GIMP DVD's

Thursday, January 21st 2010 - 10:58:50 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Paul: I'm gonna tell you this once, and expect that it will stick. Please do not use this site in place of e-mail to try to contact Video Mayhem. I know you've said he responds faster when you post here but I really don't care. That's not what this forum is for, and this has been going on far too long. I happen to know your latest order was shipped and I expect the next time you post here will be to join in the discussions, and not to use it to air any personal beefs you may have with Larry. Any problems with that, feel free to e-mail me. And I will respond to you via e-mail.


jhlipton wrote:

All the HOM stuff bores me (sorry!).

You don't have to apologize, but realize without what Whitman did with HOM, there would likely be no "snuff porn", as you call it, or at least the sub-fetishes of the genre would have been slower to evolve. Basically, this is the guy who started it all, influenced nearly everyone working in the bondage field today, and I have no doubt if he were working now, he'd be doing incredible work and pushing the envelope even further. He was limited by the political climate of the era he was working in, but his work still stands the test of time even now. I don't think it's boring at all.


Sloth: Great review of Punished 3. Sounds like worthwhile Blakemore/Whitman action. I'm assuming this is a silent film, like the other Punished series? That's my only problem with those old films; the bondage is great, they're just limited by the fact that not a lot of movies back then had live sound. Sound is as important as the visuals, in my book. I'm not saying a film can't be great without it, but it certainly helps having it there.

The direct link to your review is in my Homepage URL above.


YikYakker: Thanks for the review. Guess what? I'm gonna take the alternate point of view on Hell Hole and say it's really not that bad. Oh, it's no GIMP classic, and I agree with what you said about how it should have been much better, but F?

I took a look at my edited highlights. I have 8 minutes of bondage highlights, actually pretty decent for a mainstream movie. I liked the scene where she's spun on the X-frame and the guy uses her for target practice by throwing knives at her. Yeah, part of it was shot from behind and it was probably a dummy, but hey, how else you gonna film it when he's throwing real knifes up there? I don't think a real actress is going to agree to film that scene from the front and have a guy chuck knives at her while she's spinning around.

I also liked the scene where the 2 Cheech and Chong lookalikes were raising and lowering that chick up and down into a big hole in the ground, and then one of them presses the ignition button on his transmitter and there's a big explosion of smoke while she's suspended inside the hole. "Up in smoke!", one of them laughs, as she's pulled out all covered in black soot. Hey, I thought it was cool.

How about the finale where the prisoners take over and the Dragon lady villainous gets tied to the X-frame and they set the place on fire? A flaming section of the building falls down right in front of her and she's tied there and can't get loose.

I'm just saying any movie that gets an F would most likely have no highlights at all, and yet I found multiple scenes to keep. Looks like I'm in the minority here, but I think it's not too bad, worth at least a rental.

And your link is here:

Friday, January 22nd 2010 - 12:24:33 AM

Name: Mr?

hey Ralphus..the daily pix have been quite good.

Friday, January 22nd 2010 - 03:05:42 AM

Name: A Canadian

jhlipton wrote:

You post an Iggy Pop video, then talk to me about gay??!!!! I Doan Tink So!

Yeah, LTL, what are you thinking?

Friday, January 22nd 2010 - 03:57:34 AM

Name: DHT

Friday, January 22nd 2010 - 06:05:57 AM

Name: LTL

jhlipton wrote: ~ You post an Iggy Pop video, then talk to me about gay??!!!! I Doan Tink So!

Followed by A Canadian ~Yeah, LTL, what are you thinking?

Yeah A Canadian [Mr. contribute a shirtless Iggy music video from north of the border all while continuing to train for the Olympic Canadian National Ice Curling Team….exhale], what was I thinking? ;-)

Friday, January 22nd 2010 - 08:12:11 AM

Name: Jim
Homepage URL:

Hey all!

I was wondering if anyone here has ordered a custom video from I am interested in having one done, as I have a request that I haven't seen done yet, but they are looking for $800 from me to do the custom video.

Couldn't I simply give them my suggestion, then they make, then I simply pay normal cost for a video, not $800? So my question to all you guys is do you think it's worth it?

Friday, January 22nd 2010 - 09:53:07 AM

Name: TGG

Hey Ralphus, I have a suggestion for the daily picture. One theme that has been prominent in many of the E-books that I've read is to have the girl running (naked) for her life while the book's villian and some of his cronies hunt her like prey.

If you can dig up an image that potrays such a scene, I think that it would make a great daily picture!

Friday, January 22nd 2010 - 11:25:58 AM

Name: YikYakker

Regarding the review of Hell Hole,

Sloth wrote: …your grade of "F" is probably a bit too kind

and Ralphus wrote: …any movie that gets an F would most likely have no highlights at all, and yet I found multiple scenes to keep.

See, there’s no pleasing this crowd! :-)

But seriously, Ralphus, your dissent is appreciated and valued. As I’ve said before, it’s important to have more than one perspective on a movie or movie scene.

Just for the record, here’s how I came up with the grade: I asked myself, “Self, is there any part of this movie that you would want to see again?” And Self replied, “No.” Hence the F. On the other hand, Ralphus found a number of scenes he wanted to see again. So it’s all subjective.

Yeah, I guess I’m a relatively tough grader. By comparison, I gave Blitzkrieg: Escape from Stalag 69 a D mostly for some nudity and a rack scene, which, if the gibberish is edited out, is not bad. But I still haven’t watched that movie again.

Then I gave a B to our very own Sweet Jane’s Perils of Jane, Episode 1, and she was stripped and whipped for about an hour. Now that's a movie I like to keep "handy."

So I may be tough, but at least I’m consistent.

But more valuable than the grade, I think, is the information about what the reviewer liked and didn’t like about the various scenes. So I appreciate all viewpoints about movies, even those that have already been reviewed once. It helps in deciding how to spend your time and money.


TGG: : Have you seen Naked Fear? It’s one of my favorites. Danielle DeLuca spends almost the entire movie naked and running through a wilderness area trying to escape a guy who’s “hunting” her. Some good scenes in that one.


DHT: Pretty cool vid. I suppose that’s the kind of thing that the Chinese government would consider information imperialism.


The month of March will feature a remake of 1981’s Clash of the Titans in which designated sacrificial virgin Andromeda is chained to a rock to await a hungry see monster. The trailer promises at least one AOH (non-nude, of course). In this one, Andromeda is played by Gemma Atkinson.

Friday, January 22nd 2010 - 03:55:33 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

LTL: Let's put the insinuations aside, and focus on going to take a steam.

Friday, January 22nd 2010 - 04:41:29 PM

Name: Steve Power
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Here's a my un-biased and humble opinion. Click on the url above.

The clip is unedited footage from camera C. Grade this gals acting. She's 19. New model Penni.

I won't have time to come back and read responses here on the board so if you want a reply email directly

Saturday, January 23rd 2010 - 01:12:52 AM

Name: LTL

A Canadian wrote: ~ Let's put the insinuations aside, and focus on going to take a steam.

Sorry dude. Can’t make it, I’ve got a Cricket match. But I hear Yik Yakker’s free.

= = = = = = = = =

Jim wrote: ~ I was wondering if anyone here has ordered a custom video from I am interested in having one done, as I have a request that I haven't seen done yet, but they are looking for $800 from me to do the custom video…//…So my question to all you guys is do you think it's worth it?

That would depend on what you wanted I suppose. I personally haven’t had any made but Anton seems kinda tame (from what I can remember). I think for $800.00 you could probably get a video w/hardcore somewhere else. Or w/o hardcore a lot less depending on whom you contact.

DHT would be a good person to chime in here as he’s made it known that he’s had a few made.

= = = = = == =

And Now……
Welcome to another……
Which One Has The Gimp?

Today’s possible Gimpage selections are:


Elsewhere? A very, very unfortunate no. Very unfortunate as its about two very HOT!!!! best friends. Anna Kendrick plays the very hot but conservative Sarah, and Tania Raymonde plays the very hot and slutty friend Jillian. About a quarter of the way in Jillian goes missing as Sarah relentlessly tries to find out what happened to her.

Very good movie! Good character development. Not one of those movies where you really don’t get into characters at all…..and you really don’t care anyway. No skin but did I mention that Anna Kendrick & Tania Raymonde star in this?………and how HOT! Anna Kendrick & Tania Raymonde are? ;-)

Elsewhere trailer

Those that guessed Memory? Incorrect Answer, thank you for playing.

Memory is about rare powder used in some sort of South American ritual where the person who is in contact with it is able to draw from the memories of members of their family tree, living or dead. After accidentally coming in contact with the powder Billy Zane starts to see visions of the murders of children.

Fairly original idea IMO, but overall a pretty boring movie I thought. Plus also a wasted opportunity for Tricia Helfer who co-stars.

Memory trailer

Amusement? Ding! Ding!...Correct answer!

= = = == == === =

Mini mainstream movie review of Amusement

Amusement trailer

Amusement is about three childhood girl friends and the strange kid. The three (played by Jessica Lucas, Katheryn Winnick, and Laura Breckenridge) grow up and go on with their lives forgetting about the weird kid after he’s institutionalized. The weird kid however hasn’t forgotten about the three girls.

Gimp wise there are a couple of gagged scenes of two of the girls, one fairly early and another mid-point. The main Gimpage takes place in the last third of the film as again, two of the girls are tied & gagged in a standing spread. Their skin has been ripped open in front (breast to belly) and hooks draw the skin away from the body.

Entertainment wise an average psycho/revenge flick that starts off reminiscent of a Joy Ride road flick, then goes into a When A Stranger Calls babysitter flick in the middle, and then finishing with a Saw-like, large mansion with traps climax. Grade C

Gimp wise a hot looking cast but wasted as no nudity whatsoever. Also the hottest of the bunch (Katheryn Winnick) misses out on all the bound or gagged scenes. Gimp is also a C

Saturday, January 23rd 2010 - 06:01:28 AM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Ralphus: without what Whitman did with HOM, there would likely be no "snuff porn", as you call it, or at least the sub-fetishes of the genre would have been slower to evolve

Maybe yes, maybe no. Most of the snuff producers I know came out of Hitchcock, gaillos (Italian snuff comics) and other sources more than HOM, or other bondage sources. Now, whether a producer like Kink or Insex got their start from HOM is another question, but even there, they may have come from another place. It's hard to say how much of an impact HOM had. Probably more on what you like (sgtmajor, ZFX, et al probably were influenced by HOM) than on what I like.


Jim: Couldn't I simply give them my suggestion, then they make, then I simply pay normal cost for a video, not $800? So my question to all you guys is do you think it's worth it?

It depends on what your "idea" is. From the fact that you haven't seen it done before, it sounds a bit specific. So the producer will have to have money up front, since he won't know how many other buyers will like your "idea". If antonvideos has a forum (the main site doesn't but some of the sub-groups do), float your idea there, so they can judge interest. But in general, unless your idea is fairly general, you have to buy a custom, and $800 is high to average, depending on number of actresses and what they have to do.


TGG: If you can dig up an image that portrays such a scene, I think that it would make a great daily picture!

Rue Morgue used to have a bunch of "Hunt" movies. They still have a few, like the one in the URL.


Canadian: LTL: Let's put the insinuations aside, and focus on going to take a steam.

"Not that there's anything wrong that!"


LTL: Amusement is about three childhood girl friends and the strange kid.

Man, I would love to see Jessica Lucas (see here or here) is someone I'd like to see naked and sweaty, either fucked hard in a love scene (cuz I roll like that) or belly-punched to unconsciousness, tortured, raped and killed. Laura Breckenridge is a cutie-pie, but doesn't press my "vanilla" buttons. She can be raped and tortured along with Jessica. Katheryn Winnick is just meh.


Daily Pic has both KIDNAPPED and KIDNAPPING spelt wrong!

Saturday, January 23rd 2010 - 01:54:09 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

LTL: Thanks for the review of Amusement. Too bad the movie seems to be more gore than GIMP. Another wasted opportunity.

(By the way, you can never be sure how to interpret things on the Internet, but "Ding! Ding!" sounds a little ... well, you know.)


jhlipton wrote:

Jessica Lucas is someone I'd like to see naked and sweaty, either fucked hard in a love scene (cuz I roll like that) or belly-punched to unconsciousness, tortured, raped and killed.

I'm not into the killing scenes but the rest of it sounds good to me. I had never heard of Jessica Lucas prior to today, but I do like those pics of her.

Saturday, January 23rd 2010 - 02:58:15 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Jim: So what specific ideas do you have that are you wanting Anton to produce for you? From what I've seen, they do cast some really beautiful girls, but it mostly looks like the standard "tie 'em up and let 'em squirm" action from them. In other words, they don't appear to be very extreme. If that's what you like, they might film your idea, but if it deviates from their norm, they probably either won't make it or you'll have to cough up the 800 bucks.

If I were doing a custom, I doubt I would go with them. I'd probably pitch my idea to a company like PKF that already makes harder-edged stuff, and since I've seen a bit of their work, I would trust them more. But even then, I would prefer to simply suggest an idea rather than pay that much money. It really depends on how specific you're looking for in terms of details.


LTL: Thanks for bringing us the latest installment of Which One Has The Gimp?. You must have time to watch lots of movies. It's a damn shame that Elsewhere was a zero GIMP-wise, since Anna Kendrick is a major babe and the other chick isn't bad, either. I think we need YikYakker to do another rewrite, but more importantly, we need someone in Hollywood with some pull to make the kind of movie we want to see.

I've seen Amusement; yet another disappointment even though I had high hopes when I saw the adorable Laura Breckenridge get briefly bound and gagged early in the film. Then what? They didn't even get back to her until near the end of the movie, when they had her in the standing spreadeagle with the gore effects coming out of her chest. Even though the gore turned out to be fake, that scene wasn't as much fun as it should have been, and really, nothing particularly torturous happened to her. If the camera had lingered over her and given us a good eyeful, it might have been better. Once again, the filmmaker was more concerned about mutilation instead of distress.

The direct link to your review is in my Homepage URL above.


jhlipton wrote:

Most of the snuff producers I know came out of Hitchcock, gaillos (Italian snuff comics) and other sources more than HOM, or other bondage sources.

You may be right as far as if you're just looking strictly at the "snuff" aspect, where women are simply strangled, hanged, drowned, etc. in scenes that require little or nothing in the way of bondage. Hitchcock had almost no bondage in his movies, but he was famous for filming murders. So if someone got an erection seeing Janet Leigh stabbed in the shower and then later went into movie-making, that's more likely going to be his influence rather than from bondage movies.

Now, whether a producer like Kink or Insex got their start from HOM is another question, but even there, they may have come from another place. It's hard to say how much of an impact HOM had. Probably more on what you like (sgtmajor, ZFX, et al probably were influenced by HOM) than on what I like.

I seriously think if there were no Whitman first, you wouldn't be seeing companies like Insex, Hogtied or Kink putting out work like they do now. I don't have a way to contact PD or any of the other men who run those companies to confirm it, but I would be willing to bet they were all heavily influenced by HOM when they were growing up. We know Rick was, we know SgtMajor was, we know Dan Hawke was. You have to learn from someone, and back then, there really was no one else putting out that kind of work. So it was either HOM or they all grew up in caves and came up with this stuff on their own. I tend to believe the former.

Saturday, January 23rd 2010 - 03:44:53 PM

Name: Jane von Detlefson
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Mmm, trying to catch up on a few weeks worth of GIMP forum is making my eyes tired. I'm going to go rest them by watching "Witches' Hammer". I plan to write a review if it's any good. Fingers crossed.

jhlipton - I wonder if "Kidnaped" is spelled incorrectly for the same reason as "Kiling" (one of my favorite collectables)?

By the way, I'm doing a Q&A in the Red Feline Forum (URL above), if anyone here is interested. All you need to do is ask...

Saturday, January 23rd 2010 - 03:48:11 PM

Name: TGG

YikYakker wrote:

Have you seen Naked Fear? It’s one of my favorites. Danielle DeLuca spends almost the entire movie naked and running through a wilderness area trying to escape a guy who’s “hunting” her. Some good scenes in that one.

I actually took the time to watch Naked Fear at Netflix after you mentioned it. I have to say that I didn't like the movie, it wasn't what I had in mind as far as a "human" hunt scene is concerned. The scenes I was referring to from the E-books often involve the girls being hunted so the hunters can rape them rather than kill them. In scenes where the hunters were armed, it was with stuff like whips and paintball guns, not real live firearms or crossbows.

Call me a softy, call me a wimp, but I don't like seeing the girl harmed or turned into a psychotic killer herself like what happened at the end of Naked Fear.


jhlipton wrote:

Rue Morgue used to have a bunch of "Hunt" movies. They still have a few, like the one in the URL.

Thanks, but no thanks. Again judging by the preview images available, it looks the girls get seriously harmed or killed at the end. Give me a scene where a girl is running for her life and the hunters are only interested in giving her a fucking that she will never forget and I'll be all over it like flies would be all over dung.

PS: I wonder if Steve Power has any videos with hunt scenes of this sort...

TGG: The GIMPer with a heart...

Saturday, January 23rd 2010 - 05:03:44 PM

Name: sgtmajor
Homepage URL:


I can't speak for Rick or Dan or PD for that matter but I can say that I know for a fact the Blakemore or H.O.M. call him what you will did impact most bondage producers who tend to like their bondage on the more strict side (the pun was intended). Blakemore is a dear friend of mine and I can't speak with his authority without his OK, but it seems to me he was more interested in beating and eating pussy than snuffing it out. I love a serial killer flick right up until he kills the hot piece of tight ass he has abducted.

I have learned over the years not to judge people based on differences of kink. Snuff was never on the agenda for H.O.M. It's really fucked up if you think of it, had they simulated the killing and death of sexy young women, they could have claimed creative intent, much the same as the exploitative slasher flicks of the 70's and 80's. Perhaps then they would have saved themselves being in the cross hairs of the conservative witch hunt of the big hair decade.

I fear that history may repeat itself someday soon, but thanks to the net or WWW like minded pervs have banded together, despite our differences in tastes we share strong interests. Maybe we should form a national lobby. My vote is UCBOA or United Cunt Busters Of America, who among us is brave enough to go to Washington? OBTW can someone come up with a better name, my guess is the right may bitch a bit.

Saturday, January 23rd 2010 - 05:48:11 PM

Name: Brutus

LTL: That's twice in a row I got the correct answer for "Which one has the GIMP?" I sort of liked "Amusement" but the GIMP scenes were way too brief. I thought the woman trapped by all those wires inside the bed was a nice touch. But again, it was too short. As always, the movie could have been better.


Someone mentioned Baby Entertainment a month ago. Here's a review of one of their older titles. I think some of the newer ones would be more suited to our tastes.


(Warning: My copy has the digital mosaic crap.)

Any heterosexual male (no offense LTL and A Canadian) familiar with Japanese TV will surely know about the mini-skirt police. They are sexy Japanese women dressed in blue plastic police uniforms with ultra-short skirts. Unfortunately for GIMPers, the women on TV usually just pranced around and gave the occasional panty crotch shot. Hence the need for something like Baby Entertainment's DDGB-017. I think title translated into English is something like "Women's Torture Clinic."

The film stars Mai (I can't translate her full name), a tall slim woman with dyed brownish hair who is billed as one of the former real mini-skirt police on TV. She is interviewed in normal clothes, gives us some ass and crotch shots in the mini-skirt police outfit outdoors, is seen in some foreplay action in red lingerie, is interviewed again in a car, gives more crotch shots, continues the foreplay, talks to the camera again, then ... OK, guys. we get it. She fucking hot.

After a few minutes, which seemed like an eternity, we finally get to the action. Well, almost.

Mai's led into the torture clinic wearing a short skirt, F88017 top and black knee-high boots. Once in the operating room, she stares nervously at the gyno table. Three guys in operating greens, headed by a long-haired dude wearing shades, take her to another room with a bed.

She lies down on the bed, and the long-haired doctor rubs Mai's long legs and eventually lifts her skirt. He then pulls down her white panties, lathers up her pubes and trims her beaver while the others hold her down. She's uncomfortable and resists a bit.

Mai, still fully clothed, is flipped onto her stomach and has her legs and hands tied behind her back in red tape. Doc lifts up her skirt, caresses her ass, and sticks a syringe (maybe containing an aphrodisiac) in her butt. We get the old split-screen that shows her reaction, which is more a look of disgust and confusion, but no real close-up of her butt. The doctors caress her softly and leave her there.

Next, Mai is still fully clothed but on her back on a gyno table, her arms over her head in leather cuffs and her legs taped together. They fondle and rub her, poking her occasionally with their fingers, for way, way too long.

Long-haired doc pulls out a purple mini-vibrator and dangles it over her body, letting it touch once in a while. Her struggle intensifies somewhat when it gets near her pussy. The other guys pull out a red vibrator and a silver vibrator and copy the action of their leader.

One of the doctors, who probably went to art school instead of medical school, uses two paint brushes to rub her face.

With the vibrators really humming now, the medical team finally lifts up Mai's skirt and shirt and use the vibrators on her panty-encased pussy and bra-covered tits.

More caressing follows. And finally, again after way too long, the bra comes off to reveal smallish but OK tits. And those nipples are sensitive. One doctor plays with them as Mai moans and sort of cries in ecstasy.

In a weird cut, Mai's legs have been taped to the adjustable legs extruding from the table and are immediately spread wide. She's still in panties, but we get a camel toe shot, if that's your thing. Doc starts rubbing her pussy while another continues with her nipples. The purple vibrator is used on the outside of the panties. Then he switches to the more powerful silver one while the purple and red ones are used on her nipples.

They cut off the tape and hoist her legs in the stirrups and tape them down, rendering her deliciously helpless and totally vulnerable. Doc fingers her through her panties as another doctor uses the purple vibrator on her nipples. She again squeals in ecstasy. As the fingering process continues, they finally cut away her panties.

One guy, who obviously doesn't get enough at home, takes out a magnifying glass to get a better look, allowing the viewer a close-up of her snatch as they spread her lips apart.

They then lube up her pussy and finger her slowly as she cries out. Now the yellow vibrator is placed on her nipples in between gropings of her titties. They finger her some more as her reaction becomes quite repetitive, which is my polite way of saying "boring."

Once in awhile the doc will show her his finger glistening in her pussy juice. The fingering and vibrator action continue until she cums. They finger her until she reaches another orgasm, this time of the squirting variety, the best reaction by Mai in the entire film.

After more vibrator action and groping, out comes a clear dildo vibrator that's inserted slowly while a smaller one is applied to her clit, She cums again.

One of those big headed vibes is then used to make her cum yet again.

And an even bigger one is applied but it doesn't seem to get the job done. So they return to the smaller one while she's fingered and then she orgasms. The vibrator is turned off and we fade out and in to the second part.

Here we have Mai in the mini-skirt police outfit (complete with cop hat) on her back on a hospital bed, hands handcuffed and tied to the bed-frame above her head. She's sporting a red ballgag. Two guys take turns molesting her. They spread her legs apart to reveal her white panties, then unbutton the uniform, lift her bra and feel and lick her nipples. One guy goes to work on her pussy (and we get a glimpse of one of the cameraman's legs) and yanks up her panties, giving her a wedgie. Again, there's not much reaction from Mai. She simply opens and closes her eyes.

As one guy holds her legs apart, the other guy, whose face is red, licks her panties, Then there's more nipple-licking action. Plus shots of the cameraman.

They start rubbing and fingering her, and she finally makes some noise through the gag, but nothing special. One moron starts licking her ankles, but even this brazen act of insanity can't get the reaction we want from Mai.

Her gag is removed. And lo and behold, we get the exact same noises she made in the first half of the film. The guy licks her pussy again as the moron goes to work on her other ankle.

Her hands are still cuffed but no longer tied to the bed. They force her to stand and bend over as red-faced guy fingers her from behind until she cums. They prop her butt up to give us a spread of her puckered bunghole, which seems to be breathing, or at least doing an impression of Mai's acting abilities.

Finally, she's forced to suck off a guy, although it seems purely consensual. Her cuffs are removed and we get into what quickly degenerates into vanilla porn, with blowjobs, handjobs, missionary, doggy-style, cowgirl, etc. while she remains in the mini-skirt police outfit. She ends ups with spooge on her face and ass.

It's sort of sad to dump (figuratively) on an actress as hot as Mai, but her performance was a huge letdown. Her reactions to the supposed sexual torture she was enduring consisted mainly of giving a stern look on her face and moaning in ecstasy.

The "villains" were methodical and rather boring as well. I think if they were given any semblance of character, they could have made up a bit for Mai's shortcomings.

The production itself wasn't too bad, with good lighting and multiple camera angles. But weird cuts and shots of the cameramen could have been cleaned up.

I got this movie because I think the mini-skirt police outfit is sexy as hell, and would love seeing a hot woman in this costume being mercilessly tortured with whippings, shockings and rape. But this film isn't it.

DDGB-017, like other Baby Entertainment productions, was obviously catered to those who enjoy seeing multiple forced orgasms. And for me who believes that variety adds spice, the vibrator/orgasm action becomes way too dull way too soon.

As the mini-skirt police might say on the street: Move along people. There's nothing to see here.

My grade: C-

Baby Entertainment

Saturday, January 23rd 2010 - 06:06:26 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Brutus: Thanks for the informative and well-written review of BABY ENTERTAINMENT DDGB-017. I have to confess, I hadn't heard of the mini-skirt police, but I believe that's because I'm not familiar with Japanese TV, and not for other reasons.

Moving along quickly ... I have been wondering about the Baby movies. While I enjoy forced vibrator scenes, I have been wondering if the Baby movies are really non-consensual, and the review still leaves me with some doubts. While Mai apparently puts up some resistance in the beginning, it doesn't sound like this is as non-consensual as it should be -- which is essential for me when it comes to forced vibrator scenes. While I may check out one of the newer Baby titles at some point, I remain skeptical.

Saturday, January 23rd 2010 - 06:38:43 PM

Name: azo
E-mail address:

What is the next ZFX movie and when will it be out?

Sunday, January 24th 2010 - 02:31:36 AM

Name: asiangirl342333
E-mail address:

This is my first post to this forum, but I thought that a woman's take on Jane's film AGENT X was in order, given that men sometimes just don't seem to understand.

I loved it !! While most of the male reviewers liked the film, they complain that the parts where Jane was unconscious or where JJ was taking his time preparing her for her next ordeal were too slow.

Isn't that just like men? Men don't seem to understand the psychological aspects of the film. Jane's gradual change from her "fuck you" resistance to her fear and terror that ultimately leads to her uncontrolled sobbing near the end. Those parts were important to the film. The parts where Jane was unconscious were also important. Each time she was revived, it took a moment for her to remember where she was, to realize her helpless situation, which added to the destruction of her ability to resist.

I imagine that, since I think that this was one of the best films I've ever seen in the genre (particularly because of the psychological elements added to the physical torture) and because of Jane's wonderful acting, you will think that I am not generally as critical a person as others who have reviewed the film. I assure you that that is not the case. If fact, there are not many films in this genre that I really enjoy. But this was one of them.

Even if, as is typical, most men don't like so much foreplay !!

Keep up the great forum. It is just about the only one that I have found that is worth reading. [See, I am critical.] And now, at least, I'm not just a lurker.

Sunday, January 24th 2010 - 10:33:10 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Brutus: I ever tell you how much I enjoy reading your reviews? Thanks for giving your humorous take on Baby DDGB-017. I love your last lines: "Move along people. There's nothing to see here." Good stuff, and probably pretty accurate from my point of view, too.

Maybe it's me becoming more selective as I watch more and more of these, but whenever I see the bad guy take out a vibrator to use on a bound woman, my natural inclination is to grab the remote control and hit fast forward. I know we've had this debate here a few years back, but here's my take on vibrators...I don't like 'em. Yeah, I know if you use a vibrator on a woman she can lose control and supposedly that becomes a torture for her, but I prefer more old fashioned torture, something that hurts. Vibrators are designed for pleasure. To watch a 90-minute movie of a girl getting an overdose of pleasure is more like torture for me. If you want to use her pussy for something, rape her. At least that's pleasurable for the guy. The rest is just a waste, in my book.

The direct link to your review is in my Homepage URL above.


Azo: ZFX's next movie will be something completely different, a computer animated film. Rick wrote me last week and said that he hasn't had a chance to work on the project for a while since he has other things going on, but he hopes to get rolling on it soon. No release date but it may be a while.

In the meantime, have you seen his 2 newest films, Goon Squad and Goon Squad 2? If not, definitely check them out.


Asiangirl342333: Wow, very nice to see you posting here. I know you from a few of the groups I subscribe to. In case others don't know her, Asiangirl is an acclaimed writer of erotic stories on the Internet. Glad to see you take the big step out of the dreaded Lurking Closet. We're glad to have you here.

As far as the criticism of Agent X, I was the one who didn't like the initial feistiness of her character, but even I admit it was proper for the character she was playing. Yeah, I'm a guy, and most of us would rather get into the action right away and not worry about foreplay. Women like a gradual buildup to their climax, and if that's the case, I can understand why you liked the film so much.

But I still contend that the unconscious parts (which was between every single scene) slowed the film down and broke the tension that the film was building. It shouldn't take 10 minutes of unconsciousness between scenes for her to realize where she was and what was happening to her. Do it as a dissolve, give her 30 seconds of acting, and then break out the whips. This viewer doesn't want to wait that long to get it going again.

Sunday, January 24th 2010 - 11:52:25 AM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:

Canadian: I had never heard of Jessica Lucas prior to today, but I do like those pics of her.

She is fiiiiiiiine, isn't she?


Ralphus: I seriously think if there were no Whitman first, you wouldn't be seeing companies like Insex, Hogtied or Kink putting out work like they do now.

That's more likely than your original statement. It's too bad Steve Powers doesn't contribute more -- it would be interesting to get his take.

If I ever get to another AdultCon, I'll have to interview all the BDSM producers I can find and see what their influences were. If anyone goes to one of the "FetishCons", that's probably an even better place to ask.


TGG: Give me a scene where a girl is running for her life and the hunters are only interested in giving her a fucking that she will never forget and I'll be all over it like flies would be all over dung.

Sorry about that. I don't have any ideas about what you're looking for, and can't think of any producer who would be interested (unless you paid a whopping fee up front -- I'm sure that if you offered JohnM all costs (including things like an actress not showing up on time) plus a bonus, he would probably do it). You might want to check out the rape threads at the Extreme-Board forum.


sgtmajor: Maybe we should form a national lobby. My vote is UCBOA or United Cunt Busters Of America

No thanks. I may be a misogynistic perv with a snuff fetish, but I will never use the "C-Word". Ever. Any more than I would use the "N-Word" or any equivalent. Sorry.


Brutus: My copy has the digital mosaic crap.

All movies made for sale in Japan HAVE to be digitally censored. You can show pretty much anything else (and I do mean ANYTHING!), but not genitalia. It's totally bizarre!

Nice review. Like Canadian, I prefer forced orgasm to be non-consensual.


AsianGirl: And now, at least, I'm not just a lurker.

And there was much rejoicing! Tell as much as you're comfortable with about your fantasies and desires and we'll do our best to address them. At the very least, don't be a stranger (not that you can get much stranger than Canadian or LTL -- or me!).

Sunday, January 24th 2010 - 12:18:59 PM

Name: Jim

Amusement is just another example of today's Hollywood schlock gore...It is amazing that Hollywood comes up woefully short when showing damsels in peril...

Sunday, January 24th 2010 - 01:43:48 PM

Name: A Canadian

asiangirl342333: Thanks for giving us your perspective on Agent X. Perhaps you're right about the different gender perspectives, as I agree with Ralphus that some of the moments in the movie where Jane was being moved from one torture to the next were dull. It wasn't so much the fact that Jane was unconscious. Instead, I though those drawn-out moments took some of the intensity out of the film.

It is good to get a different perspective, though, particularly from women who enjoy GIMP movies. I hope you will continue to share your views with us.

Sunday, January 24th 2010 - 05:03:38 PM

Name: The Real John Blakemore

Hello and thanks to everybody for the interest and honor that you have shown me. I have to thank my cinematographer for making me aware of my fame in the artform. And a special thanks to Dan Hawke for the courage to respond to an unknown e-mail and to Ralphus and Sergeant Major. I'll have more to say in the very near future.

Sunday, January 24th 2010 - 05:55:11 PM

Name: HCKeys

Holy Crap. It's the real John Blakemore. Pretty cool a guy who didn't even know he was an internet happening until a little while ago is now posting on our little corner of the WWW.

I've enjoyed your work over the years, sir...especially when you tied up Pia Sands..very nice.

Sunday, January 24th 2010 - 07:40:45 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

BTW, I can confirm that it really was Blakemore posting to the board tonight. He told me he wanted to do it, and he called me before he posted so I would know it was him. He had accessed the Internet at his former cinematographer's house and gone to our site on George's laptop. George was showing him what to do and he even typed out the post for him while Blakemore dictated. He told me, "My hands are so big that I can't type on those little keys".

The environment wasn't exactly safe so he didn't have the freedom to spend a lot of time at the site, but he did read the entire interview, and told me on the phone that he loved it. And I thought this was funny: Talking about the Internet, he said, "There's a whole other world out there I don't know about."

Hard to believe that any man today could be so totally oblivious to one of the major advances of this century, but if you don't have the Internet (and he won't...ever), you're obviously missing out on a lot. I wish he could have posted more, but like he said, he'll be back in the near future. Pretty exciting stuff, huh?

Sunday, January 24th 2010 - 08:54:11 PM

Name: JohnM
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Hey guys. Sorry for not posting much. This forum is a very good read and I it every day.

As some of you know, the product line I have been producing for the last 15 years caters to the necro-fetish crowd. But, there is a lot of cross-over. For most of that time, foot-fetish was the main element that I would see cross over and over into this fetish. And, I developed a good "fetish" of the foot myself just by shooting content for so long. In the same vein, all these years I have been integrating bondage elements into my movies. Back in the early days, when I owned RueMorgue, we did a lot of girl chase movies that had Dolcettish elements. While that may be a stretch in content here, it is producing that content originally where I first saw what is known as an inverted suspension.

Back then, I was paranoid about dropping some poor actress on her head, but this fear was quickly alleviated by a person on set named Lew Rubens. I did not know who Lew was at the time or how ingrained he already was then then was to become in the bondage community, but I knew one thing for sure: He was a pretty good rigger.

Perhaps many of you never heard of Lew. You can google him and find, or the work he did for Kink, or a myriad of crazy ties that he has accomplished. It is a privilege that I get to have him come by my studio from time to time and show me technique. I am not a bondage or BDSM feetishist. I create movies and like to make things look certain ways. But, there are some things that just look better when they are done well and in some cases--done for real (with safety in mind of course). So, it is an interesting change for me--this shift, if you will, into a new area. And, with help from people like Lew and my production manager, Max, the real BDSM devotee in my company, that I achieve some product that, well---that you just might find entertaining.

BTW, I quite enjoyed that interview with Blakemore....thought I would mention that. I am looking forward to his comments now that he has ventured onto the forum.

So I should probably catch you up on what I have been working on. My production and Bondage guy Max is running one of my stores called Dirty Deeds: It has some content on it you might find interesting and on topic. Everything still ends in death, but, well, ya know. :-)

I will have some movies coming out soon with some elements you may like including this one:

These are high-definition stills of some test footage against a green screen. But, that is not important. For you breath play lovers, this asphyxia sequence is nice. Also, she maintained that tied position for almost 45 minutes and took some nice lashing as well. :-)

I have also shot several girls in peril setups that include bound and gagged with threatening and forced sex. Again, everything will always end in death, so if that is not your thing, you still might find the content leading up to it of interest.

Well, back to work. I hope everyone had a good Christmas and is having a good year so far.


Sunday, January 24th 2010 - 11:52:05 PM

Name: Sloth
E-mail address:

Mornin All

LTL - got "Amusement" correct also - with a title like that there had to be something Gimp worthy to it - love your contests.

Brutus - good review on a mediocre effort - had never heard of "Baby Entertainment" before you spoke of it - sounds like it should have been played for comedic effect - ankle licking? - I will never understand some of these Japanese obsessions.

Jane - I assume with "Witches' Hammer" you're citing a recent production - in the late 60's there was a Czech production of the same name that featured a few torture sequences and a lengthy BATS scene - for the most part it was a chance for dudes to prance about in foppish Holy Roman Empire garb using church doctrine and civil authority to justify killing innocents - is this effort along those same lines?

asiangirl342333 - nice to have you aboard - as I recall all the reviews on "Agent X" seemed to run in the B-B+ range - that's an awfully high and consistent grade from this band of sick twisted perverts so I don't think we're too far off from you on the assessment - let's just say "Vive le diferance" or however the French spell and pronounce it.

HCKeys - refresh my memory - which Blakemore effort was Pia Sands used in? - I don't recall seeing that one and it would be at the top of my wish list.

TGG - "The Gimper with a heart" has arrived - as has been consistently voiced on this forum, during chatter about rape, torment, torture, mutilation, extreme bondage and every other form of abuse and degradation known, we need to throw in a few warm fuzzies as well :)

The Real John Blakemore - so good to finally hear from you in person - this forum has done a number of reviews on your works - if and when you get a chance take a look - I'd be interested if you think they're fairly rated or if we're all full of crap :)

Stay Well All

Monday, January 25th 2010 - 06:42:01 AM

Name: Dan Hawke
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:


I feel like I must have a magnum opus whenever I post, thus I am hardly here posting. So I'll try to drop in with brief posts as well! Perhaps to the delight of all! (the brevity is the delight - not my scintillating prose!)

Whitmore IS Blakemore in the following.

Whitmore & Pia Sands: I'm pretty sure this was "Greek File", I think our man travelled to CA for a couple of VHS flix and this was one. Not his usual models -- and he's not in every scene. A couple of exceptional scenes in this one. There is a great noose scene with a CA model. I think Pia is a hotel room bondage scene, mild for a flick featuring Whitmore's rigging. Not sure if he was the rigger for that bit, but not 100% sure of who Pia is/was. Try to find and check out.

Unrelated. I like a lot of Elvis Costello's music. A fave is "Pump It Up!". This is classic straight ahead rock n roll tune with a riff as catchy as the one from "Day Tripper". Every time I sing along to the song (which I think is largely about obsession) he's talking about a chick he's hot for and he delivers the urgent lines " wanna torture her, you wanna talk to her, all the things you bought for her, could not get her temperature, PUMP IT UP, until..."

The delivery of the line sounds very sincere. Anyone else ever catch this line?


PS: I see Whitman's vids on every mom&pop fly by night video operation. Does anyone know who (if anyone) owns the right to his old HOM Material? Anyone?

Monday, January 25th 2010 - 09:51:50 AM

Name: LTL

Geeze….look at all these Sunday posts. Doesn’t anybody watch football anymore?

= = = = =

jhlipton I wasn’t totally sure but I kinda thought that Jessica Lucas might ring your bell.

= = = = =

A Canadian wrote: ~ (By the way, you can never be sure how to interpret things on the Internet, but "Ding! Ding!" sounds a little ... well, you know.)

Bagging on my sound effects now? Would Dong! Dong! work better for you? ;-)

= = = =

Ralphus wrote: ~I think we need YikYakker to do another rewrite (of Elsewhere), but more importantly, we need someone in Hollywood with some pull to make the kind of movie we want to see.

I hear ya. It was doubly disappointing to me, being an asphyxionado, as………….SPOILER ALERT………. Tania Raymonde gets asphyxiated with a plastic bag for all of a hundredth of a second in an end reveal segment…………………END SPOILER ALERT

= = = = = =

Brutus~ Thanks for the review of BABY ENTERTAINMENT DDGB-017

The film stars Mai (I can't translate her full name)

We’ll just have to get our resident language guy Scot to translate for us. A multi and cunning-linguist ;-)

= = = = =

asiangirl342333 Welcome & I hope you’ll continue to stay out of lurker mode and continue to contribute. It’s always refreshing to see things from different perspectives (female perspective).

= = = = =

Speaking of different and female perspectives, where’s Gabriela been? I think A Canadian might have freaked the poor girl out at year’s end by the mere mention of using Zebub material as torture.

= = = = =

jhlipton wrote: ~ AsianGirl: And now, at least, I'm not just a lurker. And there was much rejoicing! Tell as much as you're comfortable with about your fantasies and desires and we'll do our best to address them. At the very least, don't be a stranger (not that you can get much stranger than Canadian or LTL -- or me!).

Hey, resent that. Deranged maybe….demented maybe…..but strange? Well….I guess I do kinda resemble that remark. OK, I guess I can live with that ;-)

= = = = = =

JohnM Green screen! Going Hollywood! I am impressed! (since you always describe yourself as being a small company)

= = = =

Dan Hawke wrote: ~" wanna torture her, you wanna talk to her, all the things you bought for her, could not get her temperature, PUMP IT UP, until..." The delivery of the line sounds very sincere. Anyone else ever catch this line?

No, I must admit I never have.

How many of you guys have ever heard Peter Gabriel’s Intruder?


I know something about opening windows and doors
I know how to move quietly to creep across creaky wooden floors
I know where to find precious things in all your cupboards and drawers
Slipping the clippers
Slipping the clippers through the telephone wires
The sense of isolation inspires
Inspires me
I like to feel the suspense when I'm certain you know I am there
I like you lying awake, your baited breath charging the air
I like the touch and the smell of all the pretty dresses you wear
Intruders happy in the dark
Intruder come
Intruder come and leave his mark, leave his mark

= = = = =

Be sure to tune in next time for a special Which One Has The Gimp? WTF episode. Same Gimp channel, airing right after The Gimpsons.

Monday, January 25th 2010 - 10:14:26 AM

Name: E Flynn
E-mail address:

I am sorry I dont have a lot to contribute to the forum but I do read it most days, getting a great deal of information and enjoyment from reading every ones post.

I would like to ask a question.

Todays picture is from Violence 1. We have a great write up about Violence 2, but can anyone tell what the content of Violence 3 is?

Monday, January 25th 2010 - 11:24:19 AM

Name: Badger

LTL: The Gimpsons.....

I knew I shouldn't. My better judgement told me not to. But there I was... clicking on The Gimpsons.

I may be gone for a while. It will take a few days to get that image out of my head. Ralphus, keep the Blakemore shots coming; that may help.

Monday, January 25th 2010 - 11:29:39 AM

Name: Sloth
E-mail address:

Afternoon All

Strange day - have an opportunity for a second post.

E Flynn - concerning "Violence 3" - I do not have the entire work, merely about a ten minute opening segment - starts much as the others, this one features a nurse who gets a needle treatment and that's when my snippet shuts down - she's a blonde with a major league bod and has sound like the others - hope that helps.

Dan Hawke - well, I'm assuming Pia Sands is really scream queen Michelle Bauer - she went by a number of handles throughout the 80's and Pia Sands was one of them.

Stay Well All

Monday, January 25th 2010 - 12:57:45 PM

Name: Dangerous Dave
Homepage URL:

Greeting Gimpers!

I just discovered this forum a little over a week ago and I've been going through a lot of the archived posts, I'm all caught up now and think I can start contributing to the discussions!

I want to start right off with a review of one of my favorite all time Cal-Star movies: Top Secret with Vanessa Del Rio. I could be wrong, but I don't think anyone has reviewed the movie here. Maybe it's not strong enough for a lot of you but for me, back in the day, this really pushed my buttons. So here goes my review:

A quick synopsis: Vanessa Del Rio plays some sort of hired spy. Her job is to get inside this dude's house and steal some sort of file. She was given some sort of transmitter, placed under her fingernail which allows her to be heard by the chick that hired her for the job. She gets into the place and gets tied up a lot, finds she likes it and decides to stay. That's the movie in a nutshell, now here are each scene broken down:

Scene 1: Vanessa is led on a leash in by the main dude's henchman. She is blindfolded and ballgagged. Arms cuffed behind, wearing thigh high boots and some sort of clingy black jump suit. Main dude wants her stripped so the henchman uncuffs her just long enough to strip her down and re cuffs her arms behind. Next she is laid down on her back. The "master dude" spreads her legs and starts feeling her up, he oh so briefly sticks his thumb in her pussy.

Scene 2: A naked slave girl brings out some fur lined cuffs. The cuffs are put on Vanessa's wrists and ankles and she is tied in a standing spreadeagle. She is fondled and flogged (lightly)

Scene 3: A quick scene with Vanessa being given something to drink by the naked slave girl. Vanessa is sitting on a stool with her arms cuffed behind.

Scene 4: Vanessa is standing naked, ballgagged, rubber straps are binding her arms behind her back, and pulled across her boobs. She is blindfolded and ballgagged. The henchman guy teases her by grabbing her and smacking her a bit with a rubber strap.

Scene 5: Slave girl is tied in a standing spread eagle wearing black panties. She is groped by the henchman.

Scene 6: Slave girl is standing topless with arms cuffed behind, henchman is groping her. This is intercut with Vanessa on all fours, leaning over a footstool, her arms and legs each tied to a leg of the footstool. She is wearing a corset and thigh high stockings. The master guy spanks her with his hand, gropes her and tears her stocking off.

Scene 7: (my favorite). Vanessa is standing, her wrists are cuffed behind her back. She is ballgagged, wearing a collar that is attached by a strap that runs down between her boobs to a wide leather belt. The master comes in and cinches the leather belt so that she is forced to bend over. Her cuffed wrists are then attached to a rope hanging from the ceiling. She is now in a strappado. The master potions himself behind her and pulls her panties down. He then takes out his hard dick and strokes it a bit. He gets behind her and starts fuckin her from behind while grabbing her boobs. Now I know that this was probably simulated, but I like to think it wasn't. This was Vanessa Del Rio, porn star after all, and the man showed us his hard dick. The way he was rubbing up against her ass he could have slipped his dick in her. I think he did and this scene always does it for me!

Scene 8: Vanessa is ballgagged, tied AOH, wearing red corset and a red posture collar. The slave girl licks on her boobs and caresses her.

Scene 9: Short scene of Vanessa rolling around on the floor. Ballgagged, nude except for a black corset and stockings. Arms strapped behind her.

Scene 10: Vanessa is tied in naked spread eagle again. Master guy gropes her. This is intercut with a scene of the slave girl tied naked on all fours to a footstool, very similar to the earlier scene with Vanessa.

Scene 11: Vanessa is naked, tied with ropes shibari style. Good breast bondage, master guy gropes her from behind. Vanessa is cleave gagged with a cloth strip.

Scene 12: Vanessa is riding the master guy, "cowgirl style". She is wearing a black corset and black bra, no panties. Arms handcuffed behind, and oh yeah she is ball gagged. Simulated sex here. I think she was sitting to high up on his stomach for them to really be having sex here. This is the last scene and it is intercut with a montage of all of Vanessa's scenes (as if she is reminiscing). And that's how the movie ends.

After that, there is a nice preview of "Bittersweet Revenge", a movie I didn't get to see until I joined Red's Realm some 15 years later, but I always wanted to see the movie based on that preview!

To sum up, this is why I liked "Top Secret" so much. Vanessa gave a great performance, great mmmphing sounds, she was gagged in every scene, and her arms restrained BEHIND HER, or AOH in every scene. And she is naked in every scene. There is good fondling and sex or simulated sex. So many of the other vids I was seeing at this time there wasn't much fondling and no sex of any kind. This was one of the first full length bondage flicks I ever watched and therefore it had a huge impact on me. I'm sure most of you see it as pretty tame, even for its time, but for me, it really got me hard!

I rate it an A for its time and by today's standard, probably a B.

Sorry this was so long but I've never seen a review of this movie here and I felt like I had to do it. I'll be a regular poster from now on.

Monday, January 25th 2010 - 01:05:50 PM

Name: Jane von Detlefson
Homepage URL:

asiangirl342333: Wow, thanks! It's so nice to have my performance understood by a fellow female. JJ also appreciated your take on Agent X as he cultivates female opinion. I would love to read your erotic literature. Where do I find it? I'm already imagining your style as Anaïs Nin of the new milenia.

Sloth - Indeed, the Witches's Hammer I watched was the film from 1969, and a disappointment, not erotic at all in my opinion.

I should mention that I saw Sherlock Holmes (the Robert Downey, Jr. version) yesterday in the theatre and there was a short scene in which Rachel McAdams was suspended in manacles in a slaughterhouse... It gave the movie a bit more flavor. I also recently saw Inglourious Basterds on DVD in which there was a nice scene near the end where Diane Kruger is strangled to death. In my opinion, she gives a very realistic performance.

Monday, January 25th 2010 - 02:01:44 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Dangerous Dave: Welcome to the forum and thanks for getting your GIMP contributions off to a great start with a review.

I have to admit, the storyline in Top Secret seems a little wonky to me, but some of the scenes you described sound pretty good. I think I have seen the Vanessa Del Rio Triple Feature (which includes Top Secret for sale locally at a store that is favored by a couple of us GIMPers who live in Toronto. I'll definitely look to see if I can find this movie.

Monday, January 25th 2010 - 05:13:41 PM

Name: Covers
Homepage URL:

There's a nice quality streaming video of most of the Sherlock Holmes bandsaw scene at

Monday, January 25th 2010 - 07:51:52 PM

Name: asiangirl342333
E-mail address:

Jane von Detlefson: I am flattered and would be honored to send my stories to you or any one else who wishes to read them. Just send an e-mail to, and I will send a list of my 20 or so stories. I will then send you any of the stories that you request. [I prefer sending them privately, rather than posting them, because many are quite long.] Nearly all are in the captured spy/rebel/traitor genre, and all are quite brutal, which may give you a hint as to why I loved Agent X.

Now that I've made clear, though, how much I loved Agent X (and the ending where the word Agent come on and the X is supplied by your body !!), I offer 2 minor "criticisms." First, I had trouble understanding some of the dialogue, perhaps because of the music in the background. And I really wanted to hear every word !! And second, I agree with the men's comments that the opening capture scene was too short and too dark.

[I would have loved: You enter the warehouse, and walk around stealthily in your great outfit, planning to sneak up on an unsuspecting JJ. But JJ is not unsuspecting. He is hiding, watching you through the scope of his tranquilizer rifle. When you get close enough, POP. The dart hits your leg. You look at the dart, then look up and see him laughing. You raise your gun to fire at him, but it is too late. The dart does its work and you collapse.] [Now I expect my usual fee for my re-write. Oh, wait, that's right. My rate is free. I don't want to lose my amateur status.]

Monday, January 25th 2010 - 09:47:59 PM

Name: Matt
E-mail address:

Michelle Bauer and Pia Sands are the same girl; she had at least one other stage name IIRC.

Ralphus, nice job with the interview. Now we know why there was so much use of high heels, even though in many of HOM's productions, they were unnecessary from a realism perspective.

I've torn up Chapter II of the China Beach GIMP fanfic, as I didn't like the way it was developing, though Chapter I is OK. I plan on redoing Chapter II-McMurphy and K.C.'s initial interrogation/torture and initial movement towards North Vietnam in the coming days, as real life permits.

Monday, January 25th 2010 - 09:59:27 PM

Name: Liquor in the front, poker in the rear

Dan Hawke:

Definitely remember that Elvis Costello line. And I well remember when he first came on the scene how he was accused of misogyny because of his lyrics.

Check out these as well:

from "This Year's Girl"

"Still you're hoping that she's well-spoken 'cause she's this year's girl. You want her broken with her mouth wide open 'cause she's this year's girl."

from "Alison"

"Sometimes I wish that I could stop you from talking when I hear the silly things that you say. I think somebody better put out the big light, 'cause I can't stand to see you this way. Alison, I know this world is killing you. Oh, Alison, my aim is true."

from "Watching the Detectives":

"You think you're alone until you realize you're in it. Now fear is here to stay. Love is here for a visit. They call it instant justice when it's past the legal limit. Someone's scratching at the window. I wonder who is it? The detectives come to check if you belong to the parents who are ready to hear the worst about their daughter's disappearance. Though it nearly took a miracle to get you to stay, it only took my little fingers to blow you away."

And the whole song of "You Belong To Me."

Liquor in the front, poker in the rear

Monday, January 25th 2010 - 10:02:29 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Dan Hawke wrote:

Does anyone know who (if anyone) owns the right to his old HOM Material? Anyone?

I believe Lyndon Distributors bought at least part of the old HOM stock; they do sell the old Bondage Classics DVDs on their site. But here's the rub...I don't think they're still in business. Eonius on the Chadscans group said they're not, or at least that's the excuse he gives in order to justify posting all the old Blakemore material on his group. Anyway, I tried to contact Lyndon about ordering some time ago and no one wrote me back. At this point, I'm really not sure who to believe.


Dangerous Dave: Ooooh, watch out, he's Dangerous! Welcome to the forum. You're a brave man for attempting to go through the Guestbook Archives; there are a lot of them, but we keep them because there's a wealth of great past discussions archived in there that's always interesting to read.

And...I believe you are only the third person we've ever had that actually reviewed a movie on his very first post to the forum. And it was a very good review, too. Thanks for taking the time to add to our site. As far as you becoming a regular poster, I would definitely like that. Just curious, how did you discover us? I like to get the word out about our site, but I only have a limited number of venues that I know of to notify like-minded people.

If you haven't already, check out the Reviews section, of which you're now a member. We have lots of reviews of other classic films, too. The direct link to your review is in my Homepage URL above.


LTL: Love the artwork for The Gimpsons. You made my dick too small. Not every part of me is little, you know.


As long as we're talking about song lyrics, here's my contribution. I posted this link here some years ago, but since we always have new readers, here's another look at only the Greatest Music Video of All Time, "White Slavery" by Necro. One look and you'll see why YouTube won't allow this one on their site.

Monday, January 25th 2010 - 11:36:22 PM

Name: Scribbler
Homepage URL:

E Flynn wrote: can anyone tell what the content of Violence 3 is?

I posted this brief info below (january 15), you probably missed it: Violence 3 has two movies, with sound, one with Laurie Sands, and one with Donna Parks (Donna Parks also appeared in 2 of the EPs).

Adding to this, yes Sloth is right, Laurie is dressed initially as a nurse, bound standing, then stripped of nurse uniform, beat with a belt, then penetrated with dildo. Next setup: bound kneeling with her boobs hanging over a board of nails that Whitman then lifts so her boobs rest on the nails. Then dildo used again in this position. Then new position and needles scene.

Donna Parks in black, beat with belt, gets penetrated with dildo attached to electric drill. Gets "drilled;" it turns inside her. Forced to give a BJ, actual, not implied like Bitter Sweet Revenge. Then she gets hooks pushed through her nipples (faked), beat some more, and a couple pushpins into crotch then it ends (my version does anyway).


Dan Hawke wrote: Does anyone know who (if anyone) owns the right to his old HOM Material? Anyone?

[edit: I see Ralphus beat me to it with his post that I didn't see when I wrote this, so here it is anyway!]

Far as I know, Barbara Behr sold HOM to Lyndon, I can only guess the publishing rights to Whitman's material went with it. Lot of reports say Lyndon is not taking or honoring orders anymore. Some say they're out of business. They could be, but it's not for sure confirmed. That they're not honoring orders, replying to email, etc. suggests they might have halted operations, but they could still be a business. Their website is still up.

Don't know if Lyndon sold HOM or rights to HOM material to anyone else.

It should be noted that if Whitman never signed a contract, or agreed verbally, to do his work on a 'work for hire' basis, then he too, as the photographer/cinematographer/director would also be a copyright holder of his material, even if Barbara paid for everything (models, film, his service as photographer and rigger, etc.).

You didn't ask about the Erotic Perversion or Violence series of work. Could be those weren't done under the HOM umbrella, and someone overseas owns the publishing rights, and if Whitman didn't do those under 'work for hire' contract, then he also has author copyright claim to those as well!

And then there's CalStar, Barbara sold that to who knows, and the publishing rights are with CalStar. If not 'work for hire', Whitman would have author copyright claim here to.

I think Pia is a hotel room bondage scene, mild for a flick featuring Whirmore's rigging. Not sure if he was the rigger for that bit, but not 100% sure of who Pia is/was.

Pia Sands/Pia Snow/Michelle Bauer/Michelle McClellan/Kim Bittner: Here's her IMDB page. In "the Greek File," Pia is as you describe, in that hotel room bondage scene. Tied in chair backwards, wearing black corset, messed with by Whitman in a tamer than usual way.

Anyway, the other long post you wrote was great. I hope to respond some to it and to Eonius's huge post as well. Not today, just doing quickies now!


jhlipton wrote: Daily Pic has both KIDNAPPED and KIDNAPPING spelt wrong!

Actually both KIDNAPED and KIDNAPPED are correct spellings. Same with KIDNAPPING and KIDNAPING. I thought the same as you way back when, when I saw the one P spelling, and looked it up in dictionary to double check and found out both spellings were correct.


Dangerous Dave: Thanks for the Top Secret review. Besides the full movie, it was broken up and sold as silent loops as well. I saw one of them in the 80s. Have to admit I didn't care for it then, but I don't even remember why. Maybe it looked too consensual. I'll need to check it out again sometime.


asiangirl342333 and Ralphus: If both are agreeable, we could put up a page of a couple asiangirl342333 stories here at Bring Out the GIMP. Just a thought.


eeeteee wrote From what I remember, there were 3 published Punished mags...

I have the actual mags for 1 and 2. Do you know if you actually saw a 3rd one?

Tuesday, January 26th 2010 - 01:55:24 AM

Name: E Flynn

Thank you Scribbler for your quick reply to my question.

Scribbler do you or Ralphus or anyone have any stills from Violence 3 that can be used as the daily picture?

If so I would love to see a week dedicated to each of the Violence films. ie; 1, 2 and 3.

Is that possible?

Tuesday, January 26th 2010 - 04:06:07 AM

Name: Scheer
Homepage URL:

The link is to images of Baby Entertainment's DDGB-017. Click on the box to see the full box cover. Click on the red 'A Eo' link to see more images.

I've seen a few of these Baby films and most of them involve bondage and then forced, usually squirting, orgasms involving fingers and various machinery. Often near the end the victim will have to give blow jobs and is fucked by one or more assailants, but I think they are usually untied for this. These films are usually located in a dungeon of sorts and rarely have any sort of worthwhile storyline. Some of them involve female assailants too.

They do get a bit repetitive though. If you are not familiar with these films it would be worth trying one by selecting a model to your tastes. Another company that does this sort of thing is Mondo64. Here's a link to some images of these:

Click on the pics for more images.

Thanks for the review of Top Secret, Dangerous Dave, and thanks Ralphus for the Blakemore interview and all the various comments after.

Like many, that era of images was my first taste of the stuff I wanted to see, first with the magazines, and then videos in the 1980s. I discovered ZFX material too at this time. For me though I could only extract a bit of joy from these films. They promised much, perhaps by clever artwork which encouraged me to imagine they contained what I wanted from them, but rarely delivered. Top Secret was a good example. Vanessa del Rio is voluptuous, just as I like, but the scenes that might have delivered for me were way too short (these days I can edit film to my tastes but I couldn't do that then).

Anyway, like for many of us, they still have a place in my pervert history because they helped develop my tastes and taught me stuff I would never have imagined. Pornography is an educational tool, something our law makers seem to miss (evening classes in bondage and rape techniques anyone?).

Tuesday, January 26th 2010 - 06:40:53 AM

Name: Scheer

I should add that Mondo64 films are not censored - they have none of that irritating pixellation.

Tuesday, January 26th 2010 - 06:49:25 AM

Name: LTL

Dangerous Dave Bravo Dude! Initial post with a review…..awesome!

= = = = = =

Badger Sorry man, it is (The Gimpsons) kinda of an ocularly searing image isn’t it.

Maybe in the future I’ll remember to include a “Viewer Discretion Is Advised” warning. ;-)

= = = = = =

Ralphus wrote: ~ Love the artwork for The Gimpsons. You made my dick too small. Not every part of me is little, you know.

I can’t take credit for all of it as I only modified an existing picture with some Gimperage. Besides, there’s no way I would draw your dick. :-)

Tuesday, January 26th 2010 - 07:48:10 AM

Name: Dangerous Dave
Homepage URL:

Ralphus and all, thanks for the welcome. Yeah it was quite a task going through the archived postings. I didn't hit every one of them, but some from every year so I could get a good grasp of things. Some really great discussions that I'm sorry I missed out on.

As for how I found your forum, I can't remember exactly (sorry), but I was somehow led here to the interview with Blakemore, which was really awesome by the way. That was the first thing I read and I just went from there.

In response to a past question: I think we are in a Golden age of porn and bondage now. The internet gives us access to every kind of kink you can think of. AND we can go find the classic stuff as well. I've always said I wish I would have had the internet back in the early 80's when I got started on my quest for Kinky stuff. I would have been so much more a happy gimper back then. Of course I didn't even know what a "gimper" was until last week!

Some of my preferences: Gags: Yes if she's not sucking a cock! I like ballgags, tape, cloth/cleave, rope even. I hate those dental gags, spider gags or "o" ring ones, even though I know those can be used for "forced oral". Blindfolds can be good, but I don't like full hoods or bondage masks that cover up too much of the face. But I will say there was one use of a bondage hood that I thought was excellent in a psychological way. There is an Insex shoot with Lorelei Lee (though she probably used another name with them), where she was knocked out by PD and when she woke up, she was bound on the floor with a hood on. I started to think about how scary that would be to wake up, not knowing what happened to you and not being able to see where the fuck you were. From that perspective, I thought the hood worked. But by and large, hate em!

I love rope bondage, anything where the women's hands are bound behind the back. I love sex with bondage, to me that's the number 1 reason to tie a woman up. Rape scenes are cool, I have to admit to that being a big turn on to me. But I don't like the death stuff or aspyixiation scenes or all the blood stuff. No judgements though, as someone who posted here before said, "you can't argue with a hard dick". And what I've always said is, "Whatever gets your dick hard, you've got to go with it". I'm just glad that what gets me hard is more or less legal! It's going to be fun discussing things with all you perverts like me!

Tuesday, January 26th 2010 - 11:15:04 AM

Name: Dangerous Dave
Homepage URL:

Oh and I know "Dangerous Dave" is kind of silly. But I felt like I had to have some sort of an edge with my name. This forum isn't one for the faint of heart!

Tuesday, January 26th 2010 - 11:23:29 AM

Name: Mr?

A thought...What really surprised me about Lisa Kinkaid´s retirement was that is was totally without fanfare at this very forum. Anyone else?

Tuesday, January 26th 2010 - 11:40:23 AM

Name: Sloth
E-mail address:

Afternoon All

Dan Hawke and Scribbler - hey, thanks for that title on "Greek File" - probably impossible to find but I'll give it a shot.

Dangerous Dan - man, comin on strong and stayin long - I don't recall such a triumphant entrance to the Gimp forum - I regret not having seen "Top Secret" - always on the radar but never got to it - thanks for a fine review.

Mr? - concerning Lisa and her retirement - possibly the reason for no fanfare was that she had not really appeared in any ZFX productions and for that matter, ZFX had not done much so it simply came as "well, suspected as much" - A Canadian has probably remained silent as it is too much for him to bear and it's time to move on to Maria Ozawa.

Stay Well All

Tuesday, January 26th 2010 - 12:47:56 PM

Name: YikYakker

asiangirl342333: Interesting post. Unconsciousness as foreplay, eh? Never thought of it that way. Do you suppose that accounts for the habitual swooning of leading ladies in older horror and sci-fi films? The example that leaps to mind is the scene from the original The Day the Earth Stood Still with the robot carrying the girl in his arms.

I’ve always regarded unconsciousness as the climax of a righteous torture session. The final scene in Perils of Jane, Episode 1 is a terrific example.


Among the movies on my viewing list are:

Pieces (1982) – cheapie slasher flick with Christopher George and his wife-to-be Linda Day

Night of Fear (1972) – dubbed by some as “Australia’s first horror film”

Hitch Hike to Hell (1977) – grindhouse/drive-in fare from Harry Novak

Yes, they are all oldies, but I’m hoping at least one of them serves up some good GIMPage so I can write a review.

I’m open to suggestions and comments.

Tuesday, January 26th 2010 - 02:30:54 PM

Name: Brutus

Wow, quite a bit of activity over past couple of days. Just getting caught up.

First, thanks for the feedback on the Baby Entertainment review.

A Canadian wrote: While Mai apparently puts up some resistance in the beginning, it doesn't sound like this is as non-consensual as it should be ...

I blame that on Mai. She rarely says anything in the film. Even a few more "iyas" (this is disgusting me!) or "yametes" (stop it!) would have helped.

Ralphus wrote: Vibrators are designed for pleasure. To watch a 90-minute movie of a girl getting an overdose of pleasure is more like torture for me.

Knowing your tastes, you would definitely not like this movie.

jhlipton wrote: All movies made for sale in Japan HAVE to be digitally censored.

Although technically true for genitalia, some Japanese producers do not bother with the pixelation since the ban on showing pubic hair was lifted.

Sloth wrote: ankle licking?

That almost ranks as high on the weirdness scale as eyeball licking.


YikYakker: Of your list, I've only seen "Pieces" and cannot recall any GIMP action in it. Or if there was, it certainly wasn't memorable. If you can find the movie called "Bits and Pieces," you'll have a definite winner on your hands. Unfortunately, it was never released on DVD.


The Real John Blakemore: Hope to hear more from you. If you read the comments posted over the past month, you'll see there is quite a big interest in your work and life.


LTL: The Gimpsons? Hilarious!


Dangerous Dave: Welcome and thanks for the excellent review. "Top Secret" was a bit too mild for me, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Great bondage work but not quite intense enough in the torture department.

Some of my preferences: Gags

That's one of the top things on my personal list of priorities. I don't mind the ring gags and the dental ones. As long as they stifle her pleas, it's OK with me.

As for your screen name, there's nothing wrong with it. If you had posted as "Bondage Dave," we might have had a problem. (Those who remember YouTied will understand this.)


asiangirl342333: A belated welcome to you, too. Your posts are very eloquent and I hope to be able to read some of your work. Please stay out of lurker mode.

Tuesday, January 26th 2010 - 04:34:31 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Jessica Alba walks out of 'Killer' screening: Well, the Sundance Film Festival has its first controversy. It's being reported that Jessica Alba walked out of the Sunday night screening of her GIMP-ish film, The Killer Inside Me, because of its depiction of violence towards women.

At first, I thought this might just be a publicity stunt, to try to counter the cynicism from last month when Jessica won her Ralphus Award for most over-hyped film, or whatever it was. However, it appears other people walked out of this film, as well.

For those looking for the commentary on this controversy, here's the feedback so far on Perez Hilton's website.

This controversy raises at least two interesting questions:

  • One: Could it be this film has more GIMP potential than Ralphus predicted?

  • Two: Does Jessica Alba ever read her scripts? Actually, when I think about films such as The Love Guru, perhaps that question isn't so interesting, after all.

I am troubled by the comments in the Star article that The Killer Inside Me might have trouble getting a theatrical release due to its depictions of violence towards women. That's just not fair, says I.


Sloth wrote:

A Canadian has probably remained silent as it is too much for him to bear and it's time to move on to Maria Ozawa.

Au contraire, I have had plenty to say on this subject. In fact, I pontificated on Lisa Kinkaid's retirement (and inserted a big picture of Lisa) in my year-end review last month. Unfortunately, the December archives aren't posted yet, so I can't link to my year-end piece.

My take was that I didn't think the news was particularly bittersweet, as I felt it was time for Lisa to officially retire. She still looks great, of course, but I think she had accomplished everything she could, and Goon Squad 2: Patriot Acts was a disappointment, in my books. As much as we love her, her time was up.

Tuesday, January 26th 2010 - 04:39:26 PM

Name: titus
E-mail address:

Does anybody remember a bondage flick that had 3 or 4 known porn actresses displayed in various forms. The last actress I believe was Buffy Davis. She was in a dungeon scenario (lots of gray) with her AOH. As the actor tormented her a little he began to push her body off balance. She responded by kicking him. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Tuesday, January 26th 2010 - 05:51:45 PM

Name: Dangerous Dave
Homepage URL:


The movie you are describing sounds a little like one of the old Bruce Seven flicks called "Bound for Slavery" (I think). In this movie you had two known porn stars of the time, one was Rene Summers (I think) and the other was a cute little blonde chick whose name escapes me. Anyway, the story of the movie was these two go over to John Stagliano's (later he became The Buttman) he gives the girls a drink to knock them out. When they come to, Rene Summers is bound AOH and she was putting up a good fight and I know she kicked him in the nuts. Later there is a scene of her bound standing in a strappado and John puts nipple clamps on her tits, but she really makes it hard on him with a lot of good struggling. The movie also had another blonde chick in it (can't remember her name) she was in several of the early Bruce Seven flicks at the time. In the movie she helped John molest the two chicks.

Not sure if that's the one you were talking about. It was typical bondage fare at the time. Some (light) floggings, full nudity, nipple clamps. No penetrations of any kind but non-consensual goings on.

Tuesday, January 26th 2010 - 08:11:00 PM

Name: Dangerous Dave

I really should do my research BEFORE I reply. It's all out there on the internet. Anyway: Bound for Slavery starred Rene Summers, Bunnie Bleu (because she needed the money!), Bridgette Royale and John Stag(liano)

Tuesday, January 26th 2010 - 08:50:28 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Dangerous Dave wrote:

As for how I found your forum, I can't remember exactly (sorry), but I was somehow led here to the interview with Blakemore, which was really awesome by the way.

Thank you. He's an awesome guy. We've had conversations that have lasted multiple hours several times, and he's just a real pleasure to talk to. And I couldn't even print half the amazing stories he's told me, since they're not for public consumption. If you liked the interview, just imagine what it's like to talk to the guy every week.

In response to a past question: I think we are in a Golden age of porn and bondage now. The internet gives us access to every kind of kink you can think of. AND we can go find the classic stuff as well.

That's a good point. You have a lot more to choose from, and if you choose to go for the classic stuff, it's usually out there if you look hard enough. I'll contend though, that there's a lot of new stuff out there that totally bores me. Probably at least 90% of what's being churned out today, I have no interest in.


YikYakker: I don't recall much about Hitch Hike to Hell, except that it's usually packaged as a double-feature with Kidnapped Coed, which features a pretty nice bondage rape scene, if I recall. So if you can get both, that might be the better one to check out.


Jessica Alba walks out of "Killer" screening: She may have walked out, but I find it hard to believe that stupid bitch did it because she didn't know that the film was about violence to women. She obviously read the script and knew that her character was going to be treated badly. In fact, she read the script enough to know that alterations were made to remove her bondage scene, probably suggested by her. I think a more likely scenario is this account from a person who was there in the audience:

...people were LAUGHING OUT LOUD at the travesty those two bimbos put together - it's not a comedy but you wouldn't know it - Jessica started squirming when everybody in the theatre started turning around and laughing at her - she was supposed to do a press conference afterward and BAILED - apparently she even demanded the press conference be cancelled because she was worried about the paps swarming her...

I wouldn't worry about the film not getting a theatrical release. It'll be out on DVD before you know it, and it's likely going to be yet another missed opportunity from Jessica Alba, probably her last chance to have made a film that would appeal to our audience.

Tuesday, January 26th 2010 - 09:38:35 PM

Name: DHT

Tuesday, January 26th 2010 - 10:13:48 PM

Name: asiangirl342333
E-mail address:

Scribbler wrote: "asiangirl342333 and Ralphus: If both are agreeable, we could put up a page of a couple asiangirl342333 stories here at Bring Out the GIMP. Just a thought."

While I am willing to post the first few pages of some of my stories, this is Ralphus' forum and therefore Ralphus' decision.

Tuesday, January 26th 2010 - 10:25:52 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

asiangirl342333 wrote:

While I am willing to post the first few pages of some of my stories, this is Ralphus' forum and therefore Ralphus' decision.

It's not my forum, it belongs to everybody. I just moderate it. I wouldn't want a few pages of your stories posted on the actual forum, since that's not really what it's for. But I would be glad to set up a new section on the site that hosts your stories in their entirety. It's up to you if you would want an online showcase. A whole new section of erotic bondage fiction stories sounds like a good idea. What do you guys think?

Tuesday, January 26th 2010 - 10:36:26 PM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:

asiangirl: I sent you a mail with "Stories" as a subject (and the above as the e-mail address). Please send back what you feel comfortable with.

Ralphus: I like the idea of a fiction section. I'd recommend a system of tags like Literotica (rape, whip, BATS, etc), since we all like different things.

Tuesday, January 26th 2010 - 11:29:20 PM

Name: J
E-mail address:

I highly recommend asiangirl's stories. She is an imaginative writer who brings a much needed female perspective. In addition she is one of my oldest "net" acquaintances who knows me under the name of whipmaster.

The quality of forum posts seems to have improved lately. Congrats Ralphus.

Wednesday, January 27th 2010 - 07:05:17 AM

Name: Dangerous Dave
Homepage URL:

Hello Everybody!

For my next review, I wanted to talk about something that I know we all love, that being a bondage rape scene! Specifically, an update from the Hardtied website from 15 Oct 2008 featuring Cherry Torn. The title of this update is simply Cherry Torn pt 1. PD is really not into giving his updates any cute little titles, they all just have the models name and maybe a number. Now I don't know how you all feel about Cherry Torn. I hate her haircut (way too short), She's got some tats down her back, and a pierced belly button. She doesn't have the prettiest face, but she's got a great natural set of boobs, and a good ass, and sometimes, that's enough for me! I know that the websites like Hardtied and all the Kink websites can tend to get repetitive. But in their defense, they are churning out a new update every week, so you know a lot of them are going to be similar in nature. But what I live for is when they do an update with a little storyline in it. Like this one.

So anyway, the simple story of this update is it starts off as an innocent bondage shoot (is there really such a thing?) that quickly turns into more than Cherry bargained for.

The shoot begins with PD and Cherry talking about doing a bondage shoot. Cherry says, "no nudity right"? And PD says, "oh no, just underwear". So they begin, she's wearing a black dress and PD ties her hands behind her with rope, then ties her ankles and knees, and then gags her with one piece of rope. Cherry immediately starts complaining about the ropes being tight, but of course PD doesn't care. He snaps a few photos of her and then he unties her hands just long enough so that she can take off the dress, then he reties her hands. She's sitting in her bra and panties and PD is already getting rougher with her. The looks on Cherry's face are just priceless as she is starting to realize that she may have made a mistake.

So needless to say, the bra doesn't stay on long as PD pulls it up exposing her lovely natural rack. She immediately tries to pull it back down, but no way. She says through her gag, "I thought you said no nudity", and then PD says "don't worry you've still got your panties on"! He takes some more pictures and then he pulls out a taser and threatens her with it. She lets out a scream, and now she knows she's really in for it. PD basically lets her know that she better do what he wants or she's going to get tasered. He makes her remove her panties and then he stuffs her panties in her mouth and cruelly secures them there with some white tape wrapped around her head. From here on PD alternates raping her in various positions and forcing her to suck his cock. He finishes off by tit fucking her and coming on her face.

I can't say enough about what a great performance that Cherry delivers in this scene. Her whimpers are spot on, her crying seems very real, and she even sheds a tear at one point. She never really puts up a fight to stop PD's advances but she doesn't ever look like she is enjoying anything he does to her. He certainly wasn't worried about giving her pleasure! This whole scene was very non-consensual and a great update. I think it may have been this scene that changed my mind about Cherry Torn. Before I never thought too highly of her.

If you follow the address in my homepage URL, that should take you to the correct updates page. Scroll down to the one entitled "Cherry Torn part 1" and check out the pictures. I think this scene alone is worth the cost of a month membership, even if that was all you got for your money, which of course it's not.

So is this scene more likely to do it for you Ralphus, and the rest of the motley crue??

Wednesday, January 27th 2010 - 10:38:20 AM

Name: Brutus

Dangerous Dave: Surprisingly, I think that's the first review here of an Insex/HardTied production. Well done. I think Cherry Torn's face works well with the story of a bondage photo session gone astray. And her tattoos are not too much of a distraction. As for the plot, something even as simple as that makes a world of difference for my personal enjoyment. Also, rape without bondage doesn't really do much for me, so this effort by PD looks good.


Ralphus wrote: A whole new section of erotic bondage fiction stories sounds like a good idea. What do you guys think?

It seems there are a few posters on this forum who have expressed an interest in writing bondage fiction, or who already have. So I like the idea of a new section, as well as jhlipton's suggestion for tags.

Wednesday, January 27th 2010 - 04:14:01 PM

Name: YikYakker

Ralphus wrote: A whole new section of erotic bondage fiction stories sounds like a good idea. What do you guys think?

Oslo used to have a fiction section on the Whipping Scenes website that had some fine stories. I think it would fit in well here if the quality of the writing is good.


J: The quality of forum posts seems to have improved lately.

I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that was meant as a compliment. ;-)

Dangerous Dave: Thanks for your movie reviews and links. You asked our opinion of Cherry so here’s my two cents: I like her sweet face and luscious, natural body. I wonder if the ball-gag and strap-gag is the right look for her face. It seems like tape or a scarf would be better, as either would focus attention on her lovely eyes. Just my opinion.

But I also scrolled down the page and Bailey Brookes caught my eye. I favor long-haired brunettes and I think she looks hot in that picture where she’s kneeling on the floor with her hands behind her back. Can you tell us more about her?


Brutus and Ralphus Thanks for your suggestions about my movie review candidates. I think I’ll put Hitch Hike to Hell on the back burner and look into the two-fer offer with Kidnapped (spelled with 2 p’s!) Co-ed. But I’m a little wary of two-fers because sometimes the good stuff gets lost in the transition from tape to DVD – I’ve been burned that way before. In any case, my vid budget is burned out for this month so it’ll have to wait.

I may have another review to post this weekend but I won’t say what the movie is just yet.


Some random thoughts about the Sundance Festival:

~ Some of the people who attend this event in Aspen are there mainly to be seen and/or heard, i.e., they are attention-seekers concerned about their image

~ Some may leave a movie and go to another one playing at the same time in another theater for the same strategic purpose stated above

~ I wonder if the folks who complained about depictions of real-life (domestic and sexual) violence would react the same way to depictions of fantasy violence (e.g., Hostel 2)

Wednesday, January 27th 2010 - 05:37:47 PM

Name: EroticHorrorFan

wow, so I heard got shut down and the owners arrested? That's too bad. Then again, if anything WAS done without the women's consent, then I agree that it's the right move to shut it down........Although you couldn't tell by looking at it that it was against anyone's consent. Great acting I guess... I checked out one movie a long time ago, and the whippings were too much for me.I enjoy welts but not bloody welts....I enjoy blood if it's not real, but when it's real it's a big turnoff for me...

Wednesday, January 27th 2010 - 06:53:16 PM

Name: A Canadian

Dangerous Dave: Thanks for the entertaining review of Cherry Torn pt 1. Yes, I'm prepared to say this film is more likely to be a crowd pleaser in these parts. While it's a shame about Cherry's tattoos, I agree with Brutus that they're not too much of a distraction, and Cherry is certainly pleasing to look at. Furthermore, it sounds like she's an excellent actress.

One small note: Now that you're becoming a regular reviewer, you might want to humour the little guy who keeps a watch over this place by assigning letter grades to the movies you review.


Erotic bondage fiction: I am prepared to vote in favor of a new section that features stories by asiangirl342333 and others.


Jessica Alba/'Killer' update: Alba's rep is denying that Jessica walked out of the screening of The Killer Inside Me.

Wednesday, January 27th 2010 - 07:53:22 PM

Name: Dangerous Dave

Brutus: I totally agree with you. I can watch scenes of bondage and submission and enjoy them on that level. But if you throw in a little story and reason the chick is getting bound and abused, it just pushes the whole scene over the top for me!

You know a scene that I would like to see portrayed? I've always read that when you are a model going to a shoot with a photographer that you haven't worked with yet, you should always take someone with you. Well in my little scenario, I would have this model bring along a female friend (of course they are both hot!) to a bondage shoot. The photographer ties up the model, and then overpowers her friend and ties her up too. Then after that he would proceed to rape them both. Simple story, easy to execute and several variations could come from it.

Yik Yakker: Let me see what I've got on Bailey Brookes.

Wednesday, January 27th 2010 - 08:10:02 PM

Name: Matt
E-mail address:

A home for fiction would be a plus for this site; a chance for those of us with fiction ideas to post them and get honest feedback. And speaking personally, it'd be nice to have a site where one's fiction work can be posted and archived. If Ralphus goes ahead, then my China Beach GIMP fanfic will have a good home.

Wednesday, January 27th 2010 - 09:51:49 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

EroticHorrorFan: Wow, I had not heard the news that Elite Pain got shut down. What's your source? I did a Google search and also checked AVN's website, nothing there that I saw. But Elite Pain's website is indeed down.

So what exactly have you heard? I can't believe it could have possibly have been because of they were going against their model's consent, could it? More likely an obscenity charge, although in this political climate, I would hope that sort of arrest would have been a thing of the past. I wasn't a fan of Elite Pain's material but they did put the girls through real abuse and I appreciate realism. Hopefully we'll hear more about this story soon.


Dangerous Dave: Nice review, much appreciated. I didn't know PD was filming nonconsensual scenarios on his new site. The old Insex material I liked the best was when he would go with a real storyline and put the girls through the ringer, rather than the usual "See how much you can take" endurance test that was more like Bondage Fear Factor.

That said, I can't say I would check out the Cherry Torn movie. I didn't notice the tats but the pixie haircut was a deal-breaker for me. It all goes back to casting, casting, casting. Bailey Brookes and Madisin, though? I would be more interested in seeing them get abused, particularly if he did a similar storyline.

And yeah, please, give a letter grade for your review so I can add it to the Reviews section for you. A grade instantly crystallizes your opinions into a simple symbol that everyone understands and saves them time in reading the entire review if they are in a hurry.

Wednesday, January 27th 2010 - 10:05:55 PM

Name: Sloth
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Mornin All

Dangerous Dave - hey, thanks for "Cherry Torn" - gotta throw my lot in with Ralphus - Bailey Brookes would seem far more alluring in such a role, but that's just my tastes - pixie hair just takes a bit of the edge off for me.

A place for original fiction stories has to be a good thing - there are several known writers inhabiting our humble forum and I say let's get their work into cyberspace.

Ralphus and Scribbler - love today's header - that was always a fave cover of the "Punished" mags and haven't seen it in years - like a visit from an old friend.

While browsing Asian Cult found this number, "Penance" - from the description sounds like it may have a "House of Whipcord" feel to it - some IMBD reviewer called it "torture porn at it's worst" - that may be a glowing review for a Gimper - but then of late my track record on picking out a winner has been less than stellar.

Stay Well All

Thursday, January 28th 2010 - 05:59:48 AM

Name: erotichorrorfan
Homepage URL:

Hi Ralphus,

Not sure about the source. Originally I heard about it in a BDSM Chat room, the below article is the only source I've really seen. Of course it only takes one person to issue a complaint, even if 99.9% of the BDSM on the site is consensual...

Thursday, January 28th 2010 - 05:01:46 PM

Name: A Canadian

Today's Jessica Alba update: This one's off point, but man, what a bizarre story.

Thursday, January 28th 2010 - 05:15:38 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

erotichorrorfan: Very interesting story, thanks for the link. I've often wondered about some of the movies I've seen, not especially from that company but usually from the Japanese, about whether the girls are 100% aware in advance of what's going to happen to them. I mean, it would be easy to get carried away and go beyond what an actress's limitations are, particularly is she's gagged or can't get free from her restraints. Heck, when they're shouting "No, no, no", who knows if she's acting or really wants the attacker to stop?

Some of the action I've seen from Elite Pain is almost too gory to enjoy, lots of bloody welts and obvious harm inflicted to women's bodies. I can hardly believe that women consent to such intense pain, but obviously some women are into that. Why a vanilla model would sign up for that type of abuse is beyond me. Maybe she didn't realize how harsh it would be, but not everyone into bondage is going to get into real torture.

It just occurred to me that Elite Pain hardly ever used gags in their productions, isn't that right? If that's the case here, it should be fairly easy to prove from the raw footage whether she's saying the safe word and they just ignore it and continue to film. If that's indeed true, they need to be prosecuted. No amount of realistic entertainment is worth really hurting a young woman who doesn't consent to it first.

Thursday, January 28th 2010 - 09:32:21 PM

Name: eeeteee
Homepage URL:

Here's the EP article with the video link for those interested

Friday, January 29th 2010 - 12:06:57 AM

Name: Sloth
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Mornin All

A Canadian - so a Chinese chick wants to look like Jessica huh? - I'll be interested to see the results of that surgery.

There was some interest in obtaining Blakemore's "Violence" series from Vladi the Wizard and E Flynn as I recall and possibly some others - found'em - Vomit Bag Video has all three episodes on one disc - those not familiar with the site will find navigation a tad difficult as it has no search engine, merely pages to scroll down looking at various titles - in this case the title is on page 5 about three quarters of the way down - as far as I can find he only accepts checks and money orders and has a two week turn-a-round time - he also has a Blakemore I have never seen, "The Escape" which I plan to order post haste - good hunting gentlemen.

Stay Well All

Friday, January 29th 2010 - 06:48:26 AM

Name: LTL

The discussion of Elite Pain and Ralphus’ comment of Some of the action I've seen from Elite Pain is almost too gory to enjoy, lots of bloody welts and obvious harm inflicted to women's bodies. I can hardly believe that women consent to such intense pain, but obviously some women are into that. and previous posts from TGG (The Gimper with the heart) makes me curious about something. If you knew someone who was into extreme S&M play (causing welts, drawing blood, etc.), could you go where she wants you to take her?

Viewing as fantasy is one thing, but participation with someone who wants this extreme treatment is something else.

I’ve actually been there as I knew I girl who constantly wanted to be treated “rougher”. I’m not sure how far exactly she wanted to go as I’m sure she got a clue that it was getting close to exceeding my comfort level and pretty much didn’t go past a certain point, but if I was a willing participant no telling (as I had hand ;-).

So how ‘bout you guys? Visual fantasy? Or willing participant (I’m talking extreme) if the girls into it?

= = = = =

If you’re like Michelle Trachtenberg you’ve been suiting on the edge of your seat, hanging around breathlessly anticipating the next installment of Which One Has The Gimp?

Without Further Ado……
Which One Has The Gimp? Special WTF Edition

Each selection will have at least one WTF moment. Can you guess not only the Gimp movie, but what the WTF moments are?

This installment’s choices include:

Beyond Re-Animator
Nine Lives
Embodiment of Evil

For those of you that guessed that Beyond Re-Animator is the one that has the Gimperage, I know why you may have guessed this one. The original Re-Animator had the classic (although not very sound as far as tight bondage goes) scene in which a severed head attempts to eat the pussy of a naked and strapped victim. In this sequel however, about as close to Gimp as you get is when a rat is strapped down and electrocuted. So EECK….wrong answer.

Over the top acting and campiness makes this somewhat entertaining on that level for those who like these types of movies.

The highlight of the movie and the WTF moment is, when a prison warden (reanimated) forces a female reporter (also reanimated and played by Elsa Pataky also in Giallo) to suck his cock. She bites it off instead then spits it out as a rat comes along and rolls away with it. Later the ending credits show the rat and the severed penis in an epic battle as the penis takes on a life of its own.

Beyond Re-Animator trailer

You guessed Nine Lives? Nope, wrong again, no Gimpage. A Rather boring British made supernatural slasher flick starring Paris Hilton.

The WTF moment here is….what’s Paris Hilton doing, not only acting in the movie, but getting top billing at that. The second WTF moment is….what the hell is Paris Hilton famous for in the first place? Actually her acting wasn’t all that bad, but I still think she needs to stick to what she does best ;-)

Nine Lives trailer

Well that leaves only Embodiment of Evil as the correct answer for Which One Has The Gimp?

As far as the WTF moment, the whole movie is pretty much a WTF moment with the highlight being where a naked (full) gets turned on her stomach, injected, and then gets one of her ass cheeks sliced off. This is then handed back to her as she proceeds to eat it. Now if that ain’t WTF, I don’t know what is.

= = = = == = = =

Mini mainstream review of Embodiment of Evil.

Embodiment of Evil aka Encarnación del demonio
Embodiment of Evil trailer

Embodiment of Evil is a Brazilian made horror flick about Coffin Joe (Apparently a recurring character in Brazilian horror movies) who is being released from prison where he has spent the past 40 years. After gaining his freedom he reunites with a group of his followers who’ll pretty much do anything for him. Having not seen the previous installments of the Coffin Joe movies, I suspect that he continues right where he left off, as women are abducted and all kinds of vile and grotesque things happen to them. In this installment however he is also looking for someone to bare him a child.

Gimp wise there is quite a bit here, from good to gross depending on your point of view.

In list form:

An AOH where a naked girl gets dunked in a vat of blood & parts
Another naked girl gets branded on her back
2 other girls are whipped in bra & panties
2 others get their faces shoved in a pot full of bugs
A black woman topless and chained in a spread
And a woman stripped naked and strapped to a table gets some sort of liquid poured over her, then gets a rat shoved up her pussy.

Entertainment wise this is a freak show with lots of nudity (some full), some hot looking women, and gore-a-plenty. There are plenty of WTF moments here. In addition to the naked blonde eating her own butt cheek, there’s also a gutting of a large pig and a naked woman comes out,, a naked torso with guts hanging out and spiders crawling around, sowing of lips & eyes, Coffin Joe and a woman making out under a hanged woman dripping blood, a hook hanging of a guy where the scene looks particularly real (they show it in a greatly detailed segment), and lastly, someone who bares a striking resemblance to Ralphus don’t you think? Are you holding out on us Ralphus? And if so, what’s with the fingernails?

Too bizarre for my tastes, giving it a C-

Gimp wise, hot women, lots of nudity and some good parts….but also some gross parts. So even though there are several segments, some with nudity, all of the segments are fairly brief. For that reason a Grade of C+ at best.

Friday, January 29th 2010 - 10:23:30 AM

Name: Dangerous Dave

LTL: You ask a very good question. How far would you go if you had a partner that wanted you to get extremely rough with her? All depends on what type of play we are talking about. I don't believe I could ever cut someone, even if they wanted me to. And I wouldn't beat someone until I drew blood either. Really inflicting pain is not what does it for me. Now if she wanted to be tied up really tight and in tough, strenuous bondage. I would probably go there!

Friday, January 29th 2010 - 12:38:25 PM

Name: Jane von Detlefson
Homepage URL:

asiangirl342333 - I can't access my email right now because we're upgrading our emails and DVD Store, but I'm going to email you as soon as humanly possible. I can't wait to read your stories!

LTL - Thanks again for an incredibly entertaining segment of "Who Has the GIMP?".

Regarding your question: "If you knew someone who was into extreme S&M play (causing welts, drawing blood, etc.), could you go where she wants you to take her?"

I was talking about this Elite Pain fiasco today with JJ and he had a few interesting points. The main one being that he nearly faints when he sees real blood. Some may find this ironic considering the type of movies we produce. But that's the difference between fantasy and reality.

My perspective obviously comes from the receiving point of view. I can sum it up like this: You can have a million fantasies in one lifetime, but you only have one life. I personally would not like to bear huge scars for the rest of my life in order to fulfill a dark desire (mine or someone else's). The fantasy, however, of being whipped so badly that I'm scarred for life is incredibly hot to me. The reality is not. (I believe I've mentioned the time I had with a former lover who forgot to remove his rings and I ended up with a bleeding split lip when he smacked me on the face. He was really freaked out and I ended up holding frozen peas on my face for the rest of the evening. Bummer.)

Ok, I confess... when I was 16, and mortality had not yet sunk in as a concept, I convinced my boyfriend to play games with me that went a little too far. I do have a few small scars from it. In the moment, it was ecstasy for me, but now I feel like it wasn't worth it and was very, very stupid.

Even if it's consensual and seemingly fulfills a person, is it ever really enough? Does someone stop at scarring their body with whip marks, or does the fantasy branch out into more harmful scenarios?

With so many easy ways to make special effects nowadays, I have no idea why Elite Pain would not make use of these methods instead of hurting women for real.

Friday, January 29th 2010 - 03:28:58 PM

Name: Alan


I viewed some of Elite Pain's movies and they were definitely over the top. The whipping and caning were extremely severe. It's hard for me to believe that the women did not consent to this. However, I agree with you that really hurting these women is not right.

Friday, January 29th 2010 - 03:36:00 PM

Name: A Canadian

LTL: Thanks for the entertaining review of Embodiment of Evil. While it's got some bits that sound interesting, my sense is the movie doesn't have much erotic value, and is probably too gory for my tastes. I think I'll give it a miss.

Friday, January 29th 2010 - 05:01:16 PM

Name: Scot
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

LTL wrote: . . . what the hell is Paris Hilton famous for in the first place? Actually her acting wasn’t all that bad, but I still think she needs to stick to what she does best.

Hilton Hotel heiresses Paris and younger sister Nicky are famous mainly for, well, being famous. And I agree Paris ought to stick to doing what she does best. The girl was born with a silver dick in her mouth, so to speak.

Coffin Joe (Zé do Caixão) is the on-camera alter ego of Brazilian filmmaker José Mojica Marins, who created the character in 1963. He's a cult figure among horror fans (see link above).

Dangerous Dave wrote: LTL: You ask a very good question. How far would you go if you had a partner that wanted you to get extremely rough with her?

Maybe we should get everyone to weigh in on this. Is that a good question for an official GIMP poll?

Friday, January 29th 2010 - 06:25:42 PM

Name: Brutus

Sloth: "The Escape" is a good one, although much of the action is girl/girl. I reviewed it here. It has one of my absolute favorite scenes of any bondage production.


LTL: Excellent installment of "Which one has the GIMP," and a very accurate commentary on Paris Hilton and where her talents lie. I enjoy really bizarre tortures so "Embodiment of Evil" sounds like it's worth a look.

If you knew someone who was into extreme S&M play (causing welts, drawing blood, etc.), could you go where she wants you to take her?

I have caused light welts, but have never drawn blood. I probably wouldn't go that far even if the woman begged for it. About the harshest thing I've done in real life is fulfill a woman's bondage-rape fantasies, which involved ripping her clothes, swats on the ass and other rough play. I think she wanted it even rougher, but I couldn't go that far, not even face slaps.


The Elite Pain case: If the allegations are true, these idiots deserve prison. There's a few questions that need answering. Why go to the trouble of wisely having medical staff on hand to care for the models, but then do something totally stupid, like ignore a safe word? If there were complaints from other women about being victimized by Elite Pain, why did it take so long for the police to take action? Did the producers go too far because the scene was being shown live?

And why would a model, albeit a desperate one, not look into what Elite Pain was all about? I know she says the producers lied to her about what the shoot would involve, and I'm not blaming her, but surely common sense would dictate that you might want to do a bit of investigative work before getting naked in front of strangers.

Friday, January 29th 2010 - 06:48:37 PM

Name: TGG

LTL wrote:

If you knew someone who was into extreme S&M play (causing welts, drawing blood, etc.), could you go where she wants you to take her?

To answer your question LTL... in all honesty, probably not. I'm too much of a wimp and would not have the heart to go to that level of extremity. Plus, I am a bit of a loner by nature and not in a relationship (by choice).

I want to ask if anyone can point me to box cover images for the following Japanese AV titles.

Attackers ATID #005
HODV #20615
IESP #158
Shark #204
Shark #223
Shark #336

I am looking for descent quality, large images. They should be at least 800 pixels wide and free of misc text and/or marks on the images themselves (except for text and marks that are normally part of the images).

TGG: The GIMPer with a heart...

Friday, January 29th 2010 - 07:52:02 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Scot wrote:

Maybe we should get everyone to weigh in on this. Is that a good question for an official GIMP poll?

You got it. We haven't had a poll question for a while and I think this is a good one, even though we've already had quite a few responses on it already. Let me break out the fancy colored font.

Considering what may have happened in the recent Elite Pain story, think about your own life. If you knew someone who was into extreme S&M play (causing welts, drawing blood, etc.), could you go where she wants you to take her?

I can relate a story I had myself with Heather, the girl I met online and who I met up with and tortured and raped on several occasions. There was one time where I had her tied up in a hotel room and I was whipping her with my belt. And I mean I was hitting her HARD. There were marks that were starting to appear on her body and once I saw that, I stopped. The thing is, though, she wanted me to continue and go harder. I was rather shocked that she was clearly getting into it. But I had to stop.

Number one, I didn't want to leave any marks since she was married and she would have a hell of a time explaining it afterward to her husband. But number two, I guess I was just feeling guilty. It just didn't feel right. I'm not sure why. I mean, my dick got really hard when I repeatedly shocked her tits in an earlier session, so apparently I have no problem inflicting pain. Maybe seeing the physical evidence of the marks on her skin told me this was real and someone was getting hurt.

Anyway, let's hear from the rest of you. Lurkers, perfect time to come out.

Friday, January 29th 2010 - 09:29:42 PM

Name: JohnM
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

We built an electric chair and set accents. Here is a short sample.

9MB WMV (right-click, save to hard drive)

You can find the full movie here:



Friday, January 29th 2010 - 10:25:04 PM

Name: Dangerous Dave

I think Jane summed it up perfectly, some fantasies need to stay in your head! I love hearing the "other" point of view, and we can always count on Jane to give it to us.

Friday, January 29th 2010 - 11:35:31 PM

Name: petelobo

I don't know if anyone has mentioned this before, but Elite Pain had a site called, which was audition videos of models who came to seek parts in their stuff. The videos include speaking with the models at some length, asking questions, then having them strip, working them (more or less hard depending on the woman's response) with a variety of items up to and including needles and then finishing with a suggestion that they would or would not be offered a part.

They began unrestrained and then most went on to restrained. On a number of occasions, when the site owner showed a girl something or told her what he was going to do, she would say no, and he would push her teasingly (just try one...) and sometimes they proceeded, but if they said no, he didn't proceed. Some of the girls clearly had very low pain thresholds or got very frightened, and he really throttled back the trial--or even cut it off early. If this was SOP for Elite Pain, then I don't see how anyone got in there without knowing what was going to happen.

Granted not all of the models appeared in the auditions who appeared in the videos--presumably people from the scene didn't need to--but it didn't look like a wild, out-of-control operation. Also granted, some of their stuff was over the top for me--and I definitely get absolutely nothing out of strangling, snuff, hanging, etc--but some parts of some of the videos with some of the models was very very good.

As for the poll question, the first couple times I ever whipped a woman (all my experiences have been with people with whom I had a relationship), I just felt foolish. For all the hundreds of HOM mags and vids I'd seen by those times--years apart--and how much they turned me on--especially the ones that show marking--when I actually had another human being at my "mercy", some part of me short-circuited the response.

My current wife has slowly grown into the whipping games (though she is terrified of being restrained) and it is much more of a turn on to whip her harder and longer than I ever have anyone else. I would love to see marks (we don't have any instruments that serious) on her breasts or inner thighs, where only I would see them, but anything like a serious welt and certainly any drawing of blood would stop me in a heartbeat.

There is a part of me that says, "this is a fantasy" and "this is a game" and "this is real", and what works in one doesn't necessarily work in all of them. The lines between fantasy and game (watching vs. doing) have definitely blurred during the years. And I suppose, if I had consistent access to a partner who liked the game closer to the fantasy, I would go a good deal further (electro-torture for example). But I think the point of physical damage, bleeding, cutting--and especially death (choking, etc.) would always be on the other side of all the lines for me--no matter where the partner hung out.

Friday, January 29th 2010 - 11:58:25 PM

Name: TGG

I'd like to post an update concerning the Japanese AV titles that I mentioned in my previous post. After googling the names of some of them and just looking for sites that carry JAV material, I have managed to find images for them myself.

In case anyone was planning on posting links to any of the titles or their images, it isn't neccessary anymore, but the thought is still apreciated.

TGG: The GIMPer with a heart...

Saturday, January 30th 2010 - 01:34:00 AM

Name: LTL

After I posed the question (what’s too far even if the girl wants it) I really wasn’t specific with my answer. I would say that I would engage in rape/force role play including tight bondage with positions that might be uncomfortable, even painful, but that’s about it really. Other than that maybe the addition of some breath play..…..but I don’t consider that to be painful. Hell, girls are doing it to themselves all of the time. And kids even play what they call the “choking game” for that matter.

= = = = =

Jane von Detlefson ~Thanks, I’m glad you found this installment of Which One Has The Gimp? entertaining. I sometimes wondered, especially with the recent talk of gender differences, if the Gimpettes out there would think it was.

Changing subjects…..every time you choose to share your childhood memories with us Gimpers here, it makes me feel like I missed out when I was a youngster. Again….where were girls like you when I was growing up? It makes me feel like I missed out on all kinds of good and kinky stuff. Missed out on neighborhood girls like you, rainbow parties, the choking game, etc.

Hearing about your recollections brings to mind a scene from a movie of how I picture your young teen years to have been like. I can’t remember the title but it starred Ione Skye as a teen who had this arraignment with a neighbor kid whom she’d have play a sex-craved serial killer to her damsel. The scene in the movie was just a tease for us Gimpers though, as when the guy breaks in, and then in mid role-play, takes off his mask (as he didn’t want to continue. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! That boy should be horse whipped!) and ruins poor Ione’s fantasies (for that session, that is).

= = = = = =

Scot ~ Thanks for the additional info on Coffin Joe. Judging by the titles of some of the older works, it sounds like some may be of Gimperest.

Saturday, January 30th 2010 - 06:03:37 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

LTL: Thanks for the latest edition of Which One Has The Gimp? The Paris Hilton visual joke had me laughing out loud. I've always thought her sister Nicky was the hotter one, anyway. BTW, speaking of hot, here's my favorite Paris picture:

And thanks for the review of Embodiment of Evil. I got a chuckle when I saw the tagline on the box cover. THE MASTER OF HORROR IS BACK. Now, if you asked 100 people "Who is the Master of Horror"?, how many of the them would answer "Why, Coffin Joe, of course!"?

Yeah, I know Coffin Joe has a cult following. I've seen quite a few of his movies, although mostly in fast-forward mode. Something Weird Video put out a lot of his works. The only thing I ever saw from him that was GIMP-worthy was called At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul. (And what will you do at one o'clock, Joe?). Anyway, there was a cool scene in that one where he kills his cheating wife by tying her to a bed, gagging her with tape (nice cotton mouth packing, too) and then has a poisonous spider bite her. I found part of the scene on YouTube, too. But none his subsequent films were memorable in the bondage department, or at least, none that I saw.

The direct link to your review is in my Homepage URL above.


Dangerous Dave: I'm still awaiting your grade for your recent review of Cherry Torn pt 1 so I can put it in the Reviews section for you.


asiangirl342333: Also still awaiting your decision as to whether you want an online showcase for your stories. The rest of the gang seems enthusiastic about the idea. Let me know either here or via e-mail.


Hey, good news on the Blakemore front. I heard from him and he says he has definite plans to post to the forum sometime this weekend. He was sorry the first post was so brief. Like I mentioned, he and George were at George's house and the coast was not exactly clear (i.e. George's wife was downstairs), so he didn't have time to say what he what he really wanted. Kind of hilarious that a 68-year old man has to sneak onto the Internet, isn't it? Kind of like schoolboys checking out dirty magazines that their father has hidden under his mattress. Anyway, hopefully, we'll get a longer taste of what he has to say this time.

Saturday, January 30th 2010 - 08:02:14 AM

Name: Dangerous Dave

Ralphus: I give "Cherry Torn pt 1" a B+, the parts that I really liked were too short for me to give it an A.

Saturday, January 30th 2010 - 08:38:06 AM

Name: Dangerous Dave

Hello Gimpers and damsels! It's time to look at a movie that I know has been mentioned in this forum, but not properly reviewed. I'm talking about the XXX movie Smoker from 1983.

First I would like to mention how I initially heard about this movie. Way back in 1983 I was working at a movie theater in a mall. The theater subscribed to a magazine called "box office", which was a trade mag for movie theater owners. Each issue talked about all sorts of things dealing with running movie theaters. The part that I always liked was the movie reviews. Back then, they even reviewed XXX movies too. So the review for the movie "Smoker" started out something like this: "Smoker" contains all of the things that give porn a bad name, specifically this movie contains scenes of "rape, bondage and torture". Well needless to say, that got my attention quickly! So I knew what movie I would be looking to rent next!

"Smoker" stars John Leslie, Ron Jeremy, Eric Edwards, Sharon Mitchell, Joanna Storm, and two other girls whose names I didn't recognize. All the dudes are well known porn actors. Sharon Mitchell was a very well known porn actress in the 70's and 80's. She wasn't very attractive, with a big nose, short hair, but a nice, tight firm natural body. She was an actress that always gave her all in any scene she did. And she did everything! Girl/girl, boy/girl, anal, bondage. She was one of the few actresses of the day that did straight porn and bondage movies. So during those times just about anything adult you were renting probably had Sharon in it. I always respected her for doing it all.

So here's the basic plot of the movie. Sharon Mitchell plays some sort of revolutionary who wants to "blow stuff up". She says she has no agenda, she just wants to blow up the man. Or something like that. She owns a porn shop and she gets in a case of silver vibrators, and one of them is a bomb. Well, wouldn't you know that one of her employees sells this very special vibrator to a cute blonde girl and Sharon Mitchell and her 2 henchman (Ron Jeremy and Eric Edwards) have to abduct women to get the vibrator back. John Leslie plays some sort of government agent that is hot on the trail of Sharon Mitchell, and guess what, they used to be lovers. So that's the basic setup, now let's get to the individual scenes in the movie.

Scene 1: While the credits roll, Sharon Mitchell is rolling around on the floor with Eric Edwards and they are fucking. She's spouting off about how she wants to blow stuff up, this basically sets up her character.

Scene 2: Our cute blonde victim buys the "bomb vibrator" from Ron Jeremy. She takes it back to her apartment and shows it to her girlfriend. They do a lesbian scene while a dude watches them through a 1 way mirror in the apartment next door. He whacks off.

Scene 3: Blonde girl that bought the vibrator goes back to the store she got it from and gets abducted by Ron Jeremy and Eric Edwards. And here is the first scene with some GIMP material. They take her kicking and screaming down to the basement under the porno store. Sharon Mitchell says "position 5" and so they tie her in a standing spread eagle position. She says stuff like "you can't do this to me" and "Are you guys going to rape me"? Ron Jeremy says, "Hmmm...seems that way". So now Ron is positioned in front and Eric Edwards is in the back and they begin to pull a double penetration on her. What always struck me about this scene is the look on the actress's face, she didn't appear to like what was going on! This is a decent scene, not very long, but notable because I can't think of very many "standing while tied double penetrations" that I've ever seen before or since.

Next, Sharon Mitchell says, "position 6" and they retie her bending over in a strappado position. Sharon is underneath the woman and she's pulling on her pussy lips and she says "I can't waste time beating around the bush"! Ron is still in front and he makes her suck his cock, while Eric is doing her from behind. This goes on for a little bit until they both cum at the same time. This whole scene was kind of played for laughs a bit, with Ron being funny and the joke that Sharon told. It could have been a lot meaner, but it was still Bondage and Sex!

Scene 4: Brunette girlfriend is back in their apartment masturbating in the tub, thinking about getting double teamed by two dudes. After she is done, she places the vibrator in her dresser drawer and leaves. The horny dude next door breaks into the apartment, steals some of her lingerie and the vibrator, which he then uses on himself. This movie even had a little gay solo action.

Scene 5: John Leslie has sex with the Brunette girl in her apartment. After he is done, he gets knocked out by Ron and Eric who show up looking for the vibrator. They ask the girl where it is, she says it's in her dresser, when she can't find it, they tie her arms behind her and roll her up in a carpet and take her to the basement of the porno store.

Scene 6: Next we see the brunette girl tied naked, AOH, her face completely wrapped with an ace bandage, her legs are tied spread and she is being impaled by a knobby dildo. This is a nice scene but not very long. What's weird is they have a sound effect of someone being whipped and a woman sobbing, but it's not clear if that is for psychological effect of the victim or just for us, the viewer.

Scene 7: So now we find out that horny, cross dressing dude next door is married to Joanna Storm. They bring over John Leslie (who was knocked out next door, remember?) and he ends up screwing Joanna Storm right in front of her husband.

Scene 8: John Leslie and horny roommate dude go to the Porno Shop and there they find Sharon Mitchell and overpower and tie her. They then take her kicking and screaming down to the basement. Eric Edwards is passed out drunk and Ron Jeremy hears them coming but doesn't want to take them on so he stays out of sight. When next we see Sharon they have her strung up in a "suspended spread eagle". John Leslie uses the vibrator on his bound victim and at first she resists, but then she gets into it. John rescues both the girls and they leave Sharon their suspended by the ropes. Enter Ron Jeremy and at first he moves to release Sharon, but she starts berating him and calling him names so he decides to take advantage of the situation. He rapes her pussy and mouth, alternating between the two orifices until he cums on her face. And that's the end of "Smoker".

So to sum up, this was a regular XXX movie, made in 1983 that contained two scenes of Sex and Bondage. It's notable just for that. Back in the day I was always looking for images of sex and bondage together. I would scour all the old porn tapes, trying to find the ones that had bondage scenes in them. Their weren't many I could find so having a movie like this was exciting to me. The scenes could have been harsher, but still, it was SEX AND BONDAGE.

I give "Smoker" a B-. The actresses could have been hotter. The best looking one, Joanna Storm, isn't in any of the bondage scenes. It's probably hard to find this movie nowadays, but worth looking for if you can find it.

Saturday, January 30th 2010 - 11:55:02 AM

Name: Badger

Dangerous Dave: Thanks for the excellent review of "Smoker". But it reminds me how frustrating it is for me when I pick a movie for its GIMP value and before getting to the good old-fashioned forced sex there is a bunch of consensual stuff, or masturbation or even a shower scene. I've been known to close my eyes and put my hands over my ears. Don't show me any skin until you are ready to get down to business. "Expensive Tastes" -- a classic to me -- starts with Alex in the shower.

To me, you either have the GIMP gene or you don't. I would be curious whether guys who are turned on by consensual sex (none of whom I suspect are in the room) get anything out of the forced parts

Saturday, January 30th 2010 - 03:05:48 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Dangerous Dave: In fact, there are a couple of copies of Smoker available at

I don't know if the film appeals to me, as the GIMP parts sound a bit too contrived. I'm having a tough time imagining a double-penetration rape, even if the victim is tied up. The scene with the woman tied AOH and tormented with the knobby dildo sounds more to my liking. Nonetheless, there is a demand for the old porn flicks, and one that combines vanilla sex with some GIMP will definitely find an audience.

Saturday, January 30th 2010 - 04:34:06 PM

Name: LTL

Ralphus ~ Thanks for sharing your favorite Paris Hilton picture with us. Prey-tell, I wonder what makes it your favorite? Oh, I know….it must be that you two share the same tag-line “That’s Hot!” ;-)

I’m with you in that I think Nikki is way cuter. Less of a media hound too. Although Miss Priss Paris would make a good candidate for Gimp treatment IMO. With her designer clothes, designer fragrances, designer bags, it’d be fun dirtying her up some.

Also wrote (of Coffin Joe): THE MASTER OF HORROR IS BACK. Now, if you asked 100 people "Who is the Master of Horror"?, how many of the them would answer "Why, Coffin Joe, of course!"?

Well not me that’s for sure, as I’ve never heard of Coffin Joe before this. BTW, thanks for the feedback on some of his older titles being less than Gimp worthy….so I know not to bother.

= = = = =

Dangerous Dave ~ Thanks for the review of Smoker.

Saturday, January 30th 2010 - 05:35:36 PM

Name: The Real John Blakemore

Greetings to all:

I apologize for the delay in responding to all of the comments pertaining to the interview between myself and my friend Ralphus.

Believe me when I say NOT being on the internet is a major hindrance to communication. However, given that the guardians of what we are allowed to see, speak and think, NEVER let go of anyone they judge to be a threat to the moral code THEY have defined, I will never knowingly leave a cyber trail for those bastards to trace back to me. That said, some overdue credits are in order.

We must all thank my cinematographer (and the male star of "The Experiment") for finding Dan's comments about us and told me the astonishing news that I am "known" for my work...which led to the e-mail I sent to Dan who took the chance of responding. So thank you Mr. Hawke and for the gifts of some of your outstanding work. Thank you Dan, for your friendship and generosity.

I also want to thank Dan for understanding that it really is IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to recall details of events and relationships from the distant past to the degree some would like. Sorry, I have C.R.S. (that's "Can't Remember Shit" to those unfamiliar with longeviety).

Dan led me to Sgt. Major, a gracious gentleman and wonderful host who I now count among my few true friends, and he of course led me to "my man", RALPHUS.

This fan put in many, many hours of concentrated work to create a well done body of work out of my mindless (i.e: Attention Deficit Disorder) mental wanderings, so everyone owes him a round of well deserved applause.

Last but certainly not least, after 20 plus years of actually knowing nothing, it is gratifying to know that my efforts actually meant something to so many and evidently still do. But know what? The whole truth is, I was doing something I love to do and was good at, that gave me all the tied up pussy I could handle...and discovered I could also get paid to do it. Now we ALL know, IT JUST DON'T GET NO BETTER THAN THAT!

So...enjoy yourselves, and be responsible for what you do.

Saturday, January 30th 2010 - 05:51:01 PM

Name: Paulus

That Rene Baker picture is nice. I love the leather bindings they used around her neck.

Something about those older style pictures is more raw and exciting than some of the newer stuff.

Saturday, January 30th 2010 - 06:56:03 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

John Blakemore: You're certainly welcome, my friend. The reason the interview was so good was because you gave me lots of great material to work with. You're a fascinating guy who's really lived an amazing life. So all I had to do was ask you the questions and let you talk, then try to put it all together afterward into one package. It was a lot of work but it was my pleasure. I'm glad the rest of the world is finally getting to know the man who was a huge influence on nearly every bondage filmmakers working today. So thank YOU for everything you've done.


Dangerous Dave: Thanks for the trip down Memory lane with your review of Smoker. I used to a have a VHS bootleg of the uncut version but I sold it off years ago to a collector. It was never one of my favorites because of the casting of Sharon Mitchell, who like you mentioned, was a bit challenged in the looks department but was nonetheless one of the first big porno stars of the 1970s and 80s.

Still, the bottom line is we're talking bondage and hardcore sex, so if you have a copy, hang on to it because even though you can still buy the movie on DVD, I have it on authority that the movie was indeed heavily edited before being released on video. According to this discussion site, VCA actually cut the NEGATIVES before releasing their classic films in 1994, which means the original version is likely lost unless you can track down an old VHS version. Even old reliable Alpha Blue doesn't carry it on their site.

Here's some old vidcaps that Hank Hobbs made, though.

The direct link to your review is in my Homepage URL above. I had to put Currently Unavailable in the Buy link.

Also, somewhat belatedly, is the link to your Hardtied Cherry Torn review:

Saturday, January 30th 2010 - 09:52:12 PM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:

POLL: If you knew someone who was into extreme S&M play (causing welts, drawing blood, etc.), could you go where she wants you to take her?

I did know someone like that, and no, I couldn't. (It's funny, but years ago, I knew a girl who wanted to be tied in "symbolic bondage" -- with ribbons. I couldn't do it. Now I can tie my sweetie up with no problem at all. I hadn't thought about that for a while. I still don't think I could hurt someone, though.)


LTL: when a prison warden (reanimated) forces a female reporter (also reanimated and played by Elsa Pataky also in Giallo) to suck his cock.

Dayummmm, she is fyne! Break out the Taser, zap her good, put a wire around her neck and tell her to suck! Her tears will help with lubrication!

Actually her acting wasn’t all that bad

From the few things I've seen her in, she really isn't bad at all. If she hadn't been a Hilton and just been known as a minor star, she would have people thinking much more highly of her.


Badger: I would be curious whether guys who are turned on by consensual sex (none of whom I suspect are in the room) get anything out of the forced parts

I like both consensual and non-consensual, so I'd probably be turned on by both parts.

Sunday, January 31st 2010 - 12:49:13 AM

Name: LTL

petelobo wrote concerning the poll question: ~As for the poll question, the first couple times I ever whipped a woman (all my experiences have been with people with whom I had a relationship), I just felt foolish.

And jhlipton also on the subject: ~I did know someone like that, and no, I couldn't. (It's funny, but years ago, I knew a girl who wanted to be tied in "symbolic bondage" -- with ribbons. I couldn't do it. Now I can tie my sweetie up with no problem at all.

I can’t say for 100% certainty but I think everyone goes through that awkwardness….or awkward feelings the first time, or first few times.

I know for myself that even though I had in my mind everything I wanted to do the first time, when it came time to living my fantasies, it felt funny to me. Luckily I faked my way through it….that, and having a girl who was really into it, that we continued.

The next few times still felt a little strange too though, but it felt a little easier when I started to use blindfolds on her. Then eventually role playing made it easier still. I think it’s the Halloween effect (getting to wear masks to become someone different for a night) of role-playing to help loosen one’s inhibitions. And I’m just taking bondage/rape game-play here, not pain or S&M.

To retouch on the poll question, I think it’s a matter of individuality. Either its in you to want to take your S&M adventurous partner where she wants to go or it’s just not in you to go there…period. If its not in you, role-play, or wearing a mask, or blindfolding your partner isn’t going to work, just like alcohol wont make someone do anything they normally wouldn’t do. Its either there to start with or its not.

= = = = =

Paulus wrote: ~ That Rene Baker picture is nice. I love the leather bindings they used around her neck.

I totally agree! I always liked the addition of noosing (standing) or strapping around the neck (secured to a pole or chair), it adds so much to the visual appeal. Not to mention an added layer of difficulty of escape for the victim. Bondage 101. ;-)

= = = = = =

jhlipton also wrote (of Paris Hilton): ~From the few things I've seen her in, she really isn't bad at all. If she hadn't been a Hilton and just been known as a minor star, she would have people thinking much more highly of her.

Like I said, I thought her acting wasn’t all that bad, but when she gets top billing (in Nine Lives) it brings issues of the movie’s credibility into question more that anything else.

I’m not sure what she was paid for her efforts in the movie, but the fact that she got top billing, it was kinda obvious the producers were after a recognizable name for the movie. If they would have focused more on the story instead of landing (or bedding ;-) Paris, it might have been a better movie.

Sunday, January 31st 2010 - 08:09:55 AM

Name: Brutus

Dangerous Dave: "Smoker" is one of those golden oldies that I never got to see, mainly because I was way underage when it came out. In fact, two of the first XXX bondage images I ever saw were in a magazine that contained "Smoker" stills of Sharon Mitchell strung up and the other actress (I think her name was Troye Lane) being impaled on the dildo. And I always thought Joanna Storm was one of the cuter actresses of that period. Thanks for providing the details of that movie.


John Blakemore said: (My cinematographer) told me the astonishing news that I am "known" for my work.

This begs the question(s): Did you not receive any feedback when you were making these movies? Or did you not really care about how popular they were?

Sunday, January 31st 2010 - 08:18:30 AM

Name: LTL

Oh, and speaking of Paris, I just saw that JohnM’s The Basement has got a clip with the other Paris. For fans of Paris Kennedy (the other white meat Paris), The Reporter at the Basement over at Nicheclips that looks interesting.

Sunday, January 31st 2010 - 08:28:04 AM

Name: YikYakker

Just a quick note to mention that yesterday's episode of "Legend of the Seeker" had Jolene Blalock chained by her wrists, arms outstretched. She was wearing a sleeveless, low-cut red gown and was being tortured for information. The torture method consisted of some sort of metal collar around her neck and a glowing object applied to the side of her head. Since it was an interrogation scenario, there was no gag. She looked very hot.

Later, she was incinerated when a wizard threw a ball of fire at her.

This TV show has had a few GIMP-worthy moments in the past two seasons. Here's hoping for more.

Sunday, January 31st 2010 - 10:15:35 AM

Name: A Canadian

Attackers goes hi-def: I can't imagine it will make any difference to people in the West, at least not at the moment, as the films we buy will continue to be bootleg copies. Nonetheless, I see that Attackers is starting to sell Blu-ray movies.

Sunday, January 31st 2010 - 07:03:39 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

So I just saw Funny Games with Naomi Watts tonight. Whoa, what an unpleasant little movie. I remember in LTL's review that he really liked it, and DHT hated it. I'm not sure at this point what I thought of it, though.

On one hand you had Naomi Watts, who's still hot even at 40, and she gets bound and gagged a few times and humiliated pretty much all the way through. Still, I don't think it was really all that enjoyable, and I'm guessing that was the director's intention. In fact, all the killings and most of the violence was off-camera, so it's certainly not done in an exploitive kind of way, which might have improved it in my book. Exploitation is good. The director's approach drained away any kind of emotion one might have had, so all we're left with is an empty feeling. I suppose we're supposed to root for the villains, but they're not even especially believable as human beings, nor were they particularly scary, either.

And yet, there's also a sense of hopelessness, because you get the feeling there's no way this family is going to win against these guys. Even the cheap trick that the director played on the audience near the end of the film ensured that.

Definitely a mixed review on this one from me. In spite of the actress and the content, this one just wasn't much fun at all.

Sunday, January 31st 2010 - 08:26:02 PM

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