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December 2008

Name: Billy Pilgram

For you H.O.M. experts ... I have an untested theory.

In a GIMP posting, Sgt Major noted: "I can tell you Renee Baker's name in real life was Debbie and I think he (Blakemore) called Georgia Van Helsing Dotty."

In 1982-1983, Dottie Van Dryk appeared as a model in Harmony Concepts' "Bondage Parade" #7 and #8 along with Pia Sands (Michelle Bauer) who later worked with HOM's Barbara Bauer. There's an obvious overlap between Harmony models and HOM folks.

Georgia Van Helsing starts appearing in 1984.

Same person? I've not seen the mags to make a comparison.

Wednesday, December 3rd 2008 - 07:08:30 PM

Name: A Canadian

Ironman: I checked the trailers for those movies and I didn't see any evidence of bamboo beatings. If there is any hope, it could be in JBD-078 -- the woman is tied to a bamboo pole and is being beaten, but in the closeup scene in the trailer you can't see what she is being beaten with. That would look like the only movie where there might be hope -- I didn't see anything in the others.

Wednesday, December 3rd 2008 - 07:47:49 PM

Name: Scribbler

Brutus: I don't know if Red's still around. I just know of the site and that page listing all those HOM mags for sale. Not bought any from him myself. As his sites still up, I would hope he or someone's running it.

Wednesday, December 3rd 2008 - 09:42:45 PM

Name: fred1738
E-mail address:

"What's more boring for me is when the victim gets into it and starts yelling "Harder! YES! YES!" I know there's legal ramifications involved, but those scenes are one of the reasons why I can't get into many of the sites nowadays featuring penetration."

So true, Those are asinine. The whole point of making the video was to create a seemingly non consensual rape scene. I can understand why people wish to cover their ass. But such protection should be isolated to interviews before and after the scene. After all, it's the well acted struggle from the victim that makes these scenes work. I wonder if these sites realize how many perspective subscribers they are losing because of this.

Wednesday, December 3rd 2008 - 11:41:29 PM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:

stumbled across a mainstream that appears to be "interrogation" oriented at the above link - regrettably, all I know is what appears in the trailer - no nudity can be seen but the concept appears quite nice.

The synopsis mentions "sexual humiliation", so there is hope! She looks like a hottie, and the scenes look intense. Plus, it might be available from NetFlix, so there would be little cost in checking it out.

Thursday, December 4th 2008 - 12:36:22 AM

Name: Sloth
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Mornin All

Brutus and Scribbler - years ago I did some business with Red over at the realm - wildly inconsistent and when my last order hadn't been sent after four months I sent a nasty-gram and got the bucks back - and I got the same story on the illness with surgery and recovery - I had others tell me he suffers grave illness when it's convenient - but then he did send the money back so he's no crook, just leisurely about doing business - and he does have a considerable inventory at reasonable prices.

Billy Pilgrim - your untested theory is quite probably correct - so many crossover companies, so many stage names - hell, Michelle Bauer alone had at least five so why not Georgia and Renee and all the others.

jhlipton - I may take a chance and pull the trigger on this one - little indie with torture and sexual humiliation so what the hell - at the very least maybe some good compilation material - besides, with Lt. Uhuru in it we may get a special guest appearance by William Shatner :).

Got my latest VM order in and will watch "Cut" accompanied by a couple martinis - let you know what I think on this one.

Stay Well All

Thursday, December 4th 2008 - 07:34:58 AM

Name: Brutus

A Canadian: I've seen only three of VM's new selection, so all trailers would be welcome whenever YouTied is up again. However, I am particularly interested in JB-66 because of Ralphus's review. Does the trailer show any of the exploding condom scene? BTW, the trailer for JB-073 is pretty good. It was the reason I bought the movie (albeit with some later regrets).

Sloth wrote: I had others tell me [Red] suffers grave illness when it's convenient ...

Strange way of doing business. But he would be a good source on confirming the Georgia/Dottie theory and other magazine-related mysteries.

Thursday, December 4th 2008 - 03:33:59 PM

Name: A Canadian
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Brutus: The answer to your question about the exploding condom in the JBD-066 trailer is a wishy-washy yes, it's sorta there. You'll understand what I mean when I post the trailer -- safe to say, I wouldn't have known that was what was going on if I hadn't read your question.

I will post the trailers for all of the Attackers JBD classics that Video Mayhem is selling this month, with two exceptions. I won't post the trailer for JBD-077 (unless you really want to see it) as there are plenty of clips from that film already on YouTied. If you want to find them quickly when YouTied returns, do a search for "anjyu", the star of the film. I also won't be posting the trailer for JBD-075. I'm not being difficult -- the reason I won't post that one is that I already posted it about two weeks ago. I'll link to the JBD-075 trailer once YouTied is back.

Thursday, December 4th 2008 - 05:31:11 PM

Name: JoeX

Re Red's Realm, I ordered from him once and after a long, long wait I eventually got a package, only to find out that he had messed up my order. Emails were bounced or ignored and I gave up. So I don't recommend him unless he has something you have to have and can't get anywhere else, in which case you can send him some money and hope for the best. As Brutus says, "strange way to do business".

Joe X

Thursday, December 4th 2008 - 07:01:07 PM

Name: Ralphus
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Just got an e-mail from MasterDetective. Apparently I was correct in my assumption that this was a bandwidth exceeded issue. He said he hopes to have the site back up in the next few days.

Funny thing is, our hits always seem to skyrocket here on the GIMP whenever YouTied goes down. I keep track. We were higher than normal yesterday and way, way higher than that tonight. It's like people are coming back over here to get their perv fix when they can't look at the videos on YouTied. Or maybe they check in here to see why YouTied went down. At any rate, the two sites definitely seem to go hand in hand with a lot of the same people visiting both.


Brutus: You know, I had nearly forgotten I had written up a review for JB-066. That's really an excellent movie and one I strongly recommend. Great that some of these older Attackers are finally getting released on DVD, since from JB-60 on is when they started to get really good. A couple other very good titles are missing, though: JB-68 (the exploding ballgag movie) and JB-72 are ones that Larry said were unavailable. And probably the best of the lot, JB-79, isn't in this latest batch but is apparently coming soon. That was the film I picked as my Best Movie of 2005 when Canadian and I did our year-end retrospectives.

Other new ones I would recommend from this classic list are JB-71 (a rare all-girl Attackers video that actually works...crammed full of torture) and JB-75 featuring Mr. Cool Shades and his sadistic midget buddy tormenting a big busted cutie. I reviewed that one, too, check out my Homepage URL. Both of these would be hard to pass up at only 12 bucks each.

Thursday, December 4th 2008 - 08:25:08 PM

Name: Scribbler

It's not likely that Harmony bondage model Dottie Van Dryk modeled using her real name. Tis in the high 90% chance that it's an alias and her real name is something else. I don't know of very many bondage models who used their real names when bondage modeling. Well, actually I just know Betty Page. There probably are others over the years, but very few.

So if Georgia's real name is Dotty, then the chances of her doing bondage modeling as Dottie is really low. Chances go up if her real name isn't Dotty!

Thursday, December 4th 2008 - 11:58:28 PM

Name: Sloth
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Mornin All

It only took one martini to view "Cut" so my vision was not blurred - that only happens after martini number three - Ralphus, AvF and SG all did reviews so just a few comments as we have been viewing stills from the flick - while not as taken with it as our host gnome, I did find it a very enjoyable view - the concept and execution were quite good and the lead model, Angie Morris, played a convincing victim - it does suffer from the limitations inherent with a no budget indie - sound and picture quality are marginal, the director got a bit cutesy toward the end but these are relatively minor gripes.

I was somewhat surprised no one mentioned what I thought was a highlight in the film - one of the creepy stoner guys plays "this little piggy" with Angie's toes while she holds them over the water bucket - all goes well until he gets to the third piggy which he breaks with a loud snap - and this little piggy gets cracked! :)

The somewhat happy ending gives it a slight downgrade but I'm in the ballpark with Ralphus and would give it a B+ - seems a shame the director/producer went belly-up trying to find distribution - another work with a bit more torture, torment and rape and there was potential.

Anyway, there's my take on it. I obtained my copy from Video Mayhem and got the normal good service.

Stay Well All

Friday, December 5th 2008 - 09:08:59 AM

Name: Dan Hawke
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Hi all:

There are some topics I wanted to respond to.

It seems as if soon all those who doubt that the person Sarge speaks of is the real Whitman will get proof (assuming he appears on camera). However those who have seen his videos know that the man has a very distinctive voice, a gravely, southern drawl. The man I speak with sounds exactly like the guy from the videos. Sarge agrees. I suppose he could be hoaxing the Sarge and myself, but to what end? I haven't met him in person, so I guess it could be a hoax even now, but I would be enormously surprised if that were the case. I myself am 100% convinced he's the real deal.

Editing. I think that porn should be edited in the most basic way possible. This is also true of mainstream flicks. If you're gonna do something fancy, there had better be a damn, DAMN good reason for it. The straight cut, the dissolve, the fade to black are about all I use. Nothing takes you out of the moment like a spinning balloon transition or a screwy video effect. I dabbled in some slow mo early on, but even though it might serve to highlight wax drops hitting a nipple or ass flesh creasing under the impact of a slapper -- it still felt like a gimmick. I pretty much abandoned even that minimal use of visual effects.

A Whitman video, Helpless (which I think was slated to be the first release of the next "Punished" series) had one vignette where overlapping images were used - extensively. A hot two girl scene and it was utterly ruined by that. Thankfully all of the other vignettes were great. Fans know how much I like the horse and there was a great horse scene with a big titted model in the first vignette of Helpless. Ah, if only there could have been a Helpless 2, if not a Helpless 32!

I actually use PIP when I edit my movies. I line up camera 1 footage and camera 2 footage and watch them together. Then I simply pick which image is stronger for that moment of video (although sometimes I may be constrained by someone walking in front of one camera or other technical problem). It is time consuming, but I think it helps make for a stronger product. I have been tempted to keep a PIP scene in from time to time, but editing common sense wins in the end. The KISS rule is especially important for video editing.

Cut: I bought this flick back when Ralphus first touted it. I watched it once (mostly in fast forward mode) and haven't watched it since. I didn't care for it at all -- so I disagree with our humble gnome of a moderator on this one. Your mileage may vary.


Friday, December 5th 2008 - 02:00:22 PM

Name: Ralphus
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Sloth: Thanks for sharing your comments of CUT with the forum. Glad to see you enjoyed it, too. I had forgotten about that scene with the broken toe, so I popped in my DVD and took another look. Yep, they didn't play it up much, but that was a nice sadistic touch. The lead villain, played by Jesse Sorrells, was a very scary mofo indeed, which I thought really added to the intensity of the film. Here's some inside trivia: I exchanged a few e-mails with Jesse when the movie first came out and he told me that Angie Morris was his real-life girlfriend. Typical, huh? All the chicks go for the bad guys.

I added your comments to the Reviews section in my Homepage URL.

BTW, anybody that wants to look at the trailer for CUT again, Video Mayhem has a link on their main page where you can download an even sharper version than the one on YouTied. Under the box cover on the front page, click the link that says "Main Clip".


Dan Hawke: Regarding your comment that you didn't care for CUT, yeah, I remember you were the only one who posted that gave it a flat-out negative review when it came out back in 2003. I'll contend, though, that it's awfully hard to give a fair review to any movie that you watched mostly in fast-forward mode, isn't it? In all my reviews listed in the Reviews section, even the ones I didn't like, I at least took the time to watch the entire film before giving it an actual grade. It's only fair that way. Zipping through a film at high speed hoping to catch scenes that may turn you on is one thing, but by doing that, you also miss out on the dialogue and the performances, which were some of the real strengths of this particular film, for instance. Not dissing your opinion, but I'm guessing the others who reviewed it here actually watched the whole thing, or at least I hope so.

You wrote:

I actually use PIP when I edit my movies. I line up camera 1 footage and camera 2 footage and watch them together. Then I simply pick which image is stronger for that moment of video (although sometimes I may be constrained by someone walking in front of one camera or other technical problem). It is time consuming, but I think it helps make for a stronger product.

Exactly! As an amateur filmmaker myself, I have some experience in editing, and I've done the same thing myself. When editing raw footage, sometimes you want to keep alternate angles, but you have to be wise and go with whatever shot works the best for your final product. I've bought smoking videos (not really relevant here but the principle is the same) where the so-called director gives you the entire segment from one camera angle, then 20 minutes later you'll see the exact same segment again, except it's a different angle shot from the other camera. Instead of doing the difficult thing, which is choosing the best angle for a particular shot, he would just be lazy and fill up the video by using duplicate footage. So a one hour video would ultimately be just a half-hour of original material. And the product you do see is not always the best because there was a lot of crap in there that should have been taken out.

I'm not saying that using split-screen is the exact same concept, but I do contend that you end up with a product that is compromised because even when you do see the shot that works best, you're only seeing half of it on your TV screen. If I want to see a close-up of her face, half the picture shouldn't be blocked out with another angle that doesn't matter as much to the overall product. When I'm watching a film that has split screen, my eyes are only tuned on one image anyway. I mentally block out the least interesting shot. The problem is, I shouldn't have to do that. That's the editor's job to choose what we see. By copping out and giving us both, you end up with a product that's only half as good as it should be. I know there are diverging opinions on this subject, but I'll debate this one until the sun comes down because I know I'm right :)

Friday, December 5th 2008 - 07:10:11 PM

Name: John Galt

Well, I commented on this but I'll follow up. I am not a big fan of special effects in movies, and especially not in porn. I am 100% with Dan Hawke when it comes to crazy transitions and slo-mo. And I absolutely hate listening to a slo-mo cry that comes out as some low-key "waaaaaaAAAUUUuuuuuuugh." At the very least, slo-mos should be seen and not heard. I don't know diddly-squat about editing, so I can't really address the mechanics of the process or the relative ease or complexity of cutting a clip together.

However, in the case of Powershotz clips (which is where this all started), I am a big fan of the split screen when it is used correctly and I get to see some anal or vaginal penetration and the model's reaction and expression as it occurs. I can watch both at the same time and it doubles my pleasure. I suppose that comes from watching enough porn and knowing how it is often faked. You have an established porn star where you watch a large dildo or something stretching her out and sliding in and you hear a cry or moan, but in actuality it was dubbed in later because she has huge objects inserted all the time and it is no big deal. Or you see a strained expression and watch as she makes plaintive cries of pain during, say, an anal violation scene, and actually no anal action is taking place.

Having that split screen where I can tell it is the exact same shot from two different angles reassures me that I am seeing a real scene. And since the Powershotz models are amateurs, it is especially gratifying to see them dealing with real discomfort. So seeing that glass rod with the bulb suddenly pop inside the sphincter muscle in one window and the model's jump and cry of pain or surprise, along with the priceless expression on her face in another window, just works for me.

Now, I will say Steve tends to overdo the split screens (in my opinion, of course). He could probably find a way to keep the image centered better in both windows, and if that proves impossible, just pick one. And sometimes the camera wanders. I'm not sure whether he uses a tripod and the action moves out of shot or whether he has an assistant. If he has an assistant, he or she needs to pay better attention. His use of the split screen is not perfect, and is overdone (in my personal opinion), but there are times when I love them. In fact, they are the reason I am still downloading clips. That, and he has some hot amateur models. And they get fucked in bondage.

So Ralphus, we can agree to disagree on the split screen. When used in moderation and at the opportune moments, I think they can't be beat.

Those dissolves suck, though. (Thanks, Steve, for re-editing the "Hosed" clip without them. One of these days I'm going to have to buy one of the DVD products and see if the dissolves really are better in high-res. The latest Heather Silk DVD might be the one that moves me to do that.)

Friday, December 5th 2008 - 09:15:09 PM

Name: Scribbler

Well, there's split screen and there's split screen!

Split screen as in: here's the raw footage we took from two cams, synced up and displayed in split screen, you the viewer can now make the editing decisions in your head as to what you watch so that we don't have too actually edit the piece, sorry about the bad shots left in, you can just ignore those and watch the good half; is not great moviemaking to me. But it is functional moviemaking from the standpoint of editing time, if editor is in a hurry to get it done, not having to cut, make decisions, it's a great time saver.

Split screen as in: here's seven seconds of split screen here, and another 5 sec here, and 14 sec here, to show coinciding moments that we think look cool this way, but we're only doing this for very special cases, and definitely not including wavering cameras or any other bad shots, and as you can see, we're actually cutting the majority of the footage not split screen like a pro editor would normally do to make a quality movie watching experience, well crafted, well paced, balanced, tight with no extraneous padding (nothing a viewer might feel compelled to fastforward through). Now, that use of split screen would be fine with me, a small part of an otherwise well done bondage porn project.

I'm still mostly on the avoid split screen in porn camp, but I can see a way of using it (minimally) where I'd be OK with it. Or maybe I'm just trying to convince myself to be open-minded about it, but it's not really happening yet! Need more time...I know, I'll go watch 24, they use split screen, and then play some video games with split screen...

Saturday, December 6th 2008 - 03:17:27 AM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Dan Hawke wrote:

Editing. I think that porn should be edited in the most basic way possible. This is also true of mainstream flicks. If you're gonna do something fancy, there had better be a damn, DAMN good reason for it. The straight cut, the dissolve, the fade to black are about all I use. Nothing takes you out of the moment like a spinning balloon transition or a screwy video effect. I dabbled in some slow mo early on, but even though it might serve to highlight wax drops hitting a nipple or ass flesh creasing under the impact of a slapper -- it still felt like a gimmick. I pretty much abandoned even that minimal use of visual effects.

I am in complete agreement with that viewpoint. Just because you can do something in the editing suite doesn't mean you should. Get the basics right -- good bondage and torture, attractive stars, etc. -- and you've done your job.


Here's a bizarre news announcement: Attackers has released another film in the New Slave Island series, but I don't know if it is New Slave Island 4 or some sort of deviation from the regular titles. The cover art for this one looks a bit different than the others. I tried using an English conversion to get a handle on the title but I couldn't understand what the title means. The movie is definitely part of the series but whether this is officially film number 4 is unclear. Hopefully, things will get cleared up when the next New Slave Island movie is released. In any event, this is a Slave Island film and that's usually a good thing.

Saturday, December 6th 2008 - 06:23:48 AM

Name: Dan Hawke
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You are correct that I didn't give CUT a fair chance. I did watch a little bit in the beginning and saw that it was amateurish on many levels, so I didn't want to waste an hour and a half on it.

As you know (read almost any of my past posts) there are stroke movies and real movies. If I'm watching a "real" movie I watch it consecutively, beginning to end. In fact, if I miss 30 seconds from the beginning of a movie, I will pass on it until I can see it all.

A recent film is an illustrative example. I reviewed P2 here recently. In spite of the middle tier name actor/actress in the flick; I considered P2 to be a low budget independent movie. I DVR'd the movie because of its GIMP premise, but thought it might also fit into the "real" movie category. After about 15 minutes the gimp action started. The erotic appeal largely ended when the hot starlet's cuffed hands migrated to the front, not the back. However I found it an interesting low budget effort and watched it through to the end.

Compare this to Foxy Brown, which I suspected would have some GIMP stuff in it. I watched the first 10 minutes or so and found the movie typical 70's blaxploitation cheese, so I ff'd the rest of it -- and was not disappointed -- Pam Grier with her massive teats exposed bound for rape -- just great. There might be many reasons to have watched it all the way through on an intellectual level, but as for enjoying it as a movie watching experience, not so much.

This is why I am not a really big ZFX fan. Too much plot. Porn is for one purpose and one purpose only. And efforts to try and make it something more (though Rick does a pretty admirable job as a very low budget filmmaker) doesn't change the fact that it is basically porn. There are some great moments in his films IMHO, but they are not movies to be watched start to end.

So I think CUT failed as a "good" low budget film -- and was pretty disappointing as porn as well. A double whammy. I give movies between 20 and 40 minutes to show me something interesting enough to watch them consecutively and bail if it doesn't meet that test. To some degree this a function of having less time to waste these days. I'm sure in my teens/early 20's I would have watched Foxy Brown all the way through.

As to PIP and split screen (basically a version of PIP) it can be effective occasionally. I suppose a limited use of it could be good. If Steve wants to show initial penetration with a split screen reaction shot that may be a good decision. However a little goes a long way. A buddy of mine makes spanking vids and uses PIP extensively. In that type of porn, there are only two focuses, the ass and the reaction. Even there though, I think he should limit the use of this editing decision.

John Galt: I do edit and for you to attest that seeing a split screen assures the reaction is genuine is not necessarily true. This sort of thing can be faked. Although on the budgets I (and I suspect Steve) shoot on, the time to film the illusion and the time to effectively edit it into existence are pretty cost prohibitive. But it can be done.

For independent porn producers, the profit is going way, way down. I know that with my reduced return I can't spend the time editing I would like to. DHM02 and DHM03, both more storyline than I usually shoot, earned me no more money than any other vid I've released. In fact, even excluding the shooting expense for these vids -- simply based on editing time, I would have made more money slinging burgers at Micky D's than I earned on my time investment in editing. Throw model/shooting expense back in, and the money made per hour probably drops way below what the average migrant farm worker makes.

The recession in our industry started way before the official recession. Every month I hear of another site going down.

Basically the web has become just like the old film based porn industry. Those with massive resources (the Hogtied family of sites, Fucking Dungeon sites, et al) suck up all available dollars. Small producers survive as best they can on the rest.

In fact some methods of insuring this trend continues are almost immoral. For instance, these players have bought up all the bondage toplists and free picture posts. I can't get my sites listed on any toplists cause they don't want me competing, even though my small return is barely noticeable. Any new pic posts/toplists that become successful, get bought and the little guys are tossed off again.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Small producers struggle to survive. I have been thinking of getting a day job again (if one can be found) because it is just too hard to make a living any more. I work an ever expanding number of hours for an always decreasing return. To the extent you like any of the smaller producers (like myself, Steve, Sarge and others; you need to support them. Site purchases offer the most benefit -- hard goods are nice too, though. If you don't then don't expect to find them around when you go looking for them in the future.


PS: The only reason I am posting is I am house sitting/dog watching for a friend whose home is pretty low tech, thus time to post!

Saturday, December 6th 2008 - 08:10:42 AM

Name: A Canadian

Dan Hawke wrote:

To the extent you like any of the smaller producers (like myself, Steve, Sarge and others), you need to support them. Site purchases offer the most benefit -- hard goods are nice too, though. If you don't then don't expect to find them around when you go looking for them in the future.

Sadly, I think there are plenty of reasons to worry. It seems to me the Internet is creating an entire generation of people who are offended at the idea of paying for anything online. We might think it's just the kids who are that way but I believe growing numbers of people of all ages are moving in that direction. The current state of the economy doesn't help.

Saturday, December 6th 2008 - 10:05:48 AM

Name: John Galt

Dan Hawke: I'm not quite so naive that I think action shown in a split screen cannot still be faked. I appreciate your effort to educate me, but it was unnecessary and not a little bit condescending. Nevertheless, I have high confidence that the effort and expense needed to do so make it both time- and cost-prohibitive for Powershotz videos. When I see a split screen and the action tracks perfectly in both shots, I am fairly sure it is authentic. Steve just doesn't seem to me to be the kind of videographer who would go to the trouble to engineer an elaborate fake. And I can also tell just as easily when the camera angle intentionally obfuscates. There was a Hazel clip where it was supposed to be anal sex that I'm pretty sure it was not, and the camera angle did not clear up any misconceptions. (But it was still a hot clip.)

It is discouraging to hear your first-person account of the state of the industry. I'm not sure I understand the "toplists" mechanism, but I do understand greed, avarice and dog-eat-dog competitiveness. It is what made America great and it is probably what will destroy America as well. I am sure the law of diminishing returns applies to editing. The more of a perfectionist you are, the longer you spend getting the product just right, and the less you "make" per hour of work. But hey! On the plus side, you get to tie up hot naked women and do nasty things to them, right? That has to count for something. Job satisfaction ought to be high, even if profitability is not.

Personally, I usually have one membership going per month in web sites. I am typically not fully satisfied with any single web site enough to stay a member continuously. But I like enough about several of them that I will cycle back once a year to pick up on the things that I really like. I don't know the economics involved (nor do I really care for a tutorial), but $30-$70 per month is an awful lot for maybe 2 or 3 hours of new videos. Steve posts video clips and still images in his members area, but they cycle out quickly and honestly I don't like every single thing he does (abduction scenes are boring) nor every single model he employs, so I don't feel like I get my money's worth going that route. I am a BIG fan of his downloadable clips library, because I can pay for the specific scenes that turn my crank. And I don't have a continuing membership cost involved. And I have to say, as much as no one web site keeps my full attention enough to maintain a membership, Powershotz actually comes closest. But there are so many web sites I haven't checked out yet. My list is long, and sadly I cannot maintain continuing memberships in them all. I just hope my occasional membership dollars help. The bottom line is that, if the business plan is not sustainable on the Internet as it is, you can't blame customers for not ponying up if it fails.

And really, I find it hard to believe you or Sarge or Steve Power or Bill Zebub or Jeff Gord or VM or Rick or Natasha Flade are in it just for the money. In many respects, you have the Dream Jobs of probably every perv on this forum. (Although reading over that list of names, it sounds like a lot of the pervs on this forum do have those Dream Jobs.) But it does take money to live, so I hope the right balance of product and profitability is something you can all nail down. I for one enjoy what you do. But I am used to the networks always canceling my favorite TV shows, so, sadly, great Internet sites coming and going will be business as usual for me. :(

Saturday, December 6th 2008 - 06:15:21 PM

Name: Jeff Gord
E-mail address:
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Re: John Galt

And really, I find it hard to believe you or Sarge or Steve Power or Bill Zebub or Jeff Gord or VM or Rick or Natasha Flade are in it just for the money.

Speaking for myself; - who said I was in it just for the money? I don't remember saying that anywhere.

If I was in it just for the money I would have allowed the movie "ASSCAR 2006 - Kinkonapolis" that we shot in 2006, to go out as it was. It would have sold and we would have made money.

But this was my baby. The whole concept of the movie was a quantum leap away from the normal porn bondage movie. It is a helluva gamble and it will either be received well; - or my personal pocket book is going to take a serious hammering.

My crew thought it was okay. I didn't. In my opinion it was crap at that time for a lot of reasons. Now here we are two years down the line and some $20,000 over budget and we are just about to launch it. So Profit? What the fuck is profit?

It is highly unlikely we will ever make back what it cost to make, but at least it as true to my concept as it was possible to get.

This could well be the next generation of mega clusterfucks like "Waterworld".

Generally speaking at this stage in the life of House of Gord, I am in it for the money because there is no other way to feed my voracious kink and raise the money to build these mega complex machines. I also have to consider that I have staff who have families to feed, and various contractors who need our work.

But it all started out of desperation, and also an idea I had been chewing on for some time. I got really pissed off at bondage magazine producers ripping everyone off by printing new covers to stick on old material and reselling it in plastic sealed bags so that you didn't find out until you got out of the shop.

It was a strange concept. The idea was to give kinks value for money. That idea is still my guiding light today. I have had many arguments with the bean counters over this I can assure you, and I could have been A LOT richer if I hadn't stuck to that original concept.

But what the hell, I have a comfortable living, a beautiful home, and I love what I do and the gals that I get to meet.

Money isn't everything, but it sure as hell helps.


Jeff Gord

Saturday, December 6th 2008 - 07:30:54 PM

Name: Scribbler
Homepage URL:

I've beem sort of following this book at amazon, on and off for a while now...

Detective Magazines

A couple years ago it was mentioned by Taschen (publisher), supposed to come out soon (then), but never did. Now, finally in 2008, it's published. I'm probably going to get it, but not just yet (been spending too much money this month!).

Anyway, I post this as a heads up for others who may be interested in it.

Saturday, December 6th 2008 - 10:24:27 PM

Name: fred1738
E-mail address:

I have a question: is youtied down for everyone or is it just me?


Sunday, December 7th 2008 - 02:42:59 AM

Name: Brutus

fred1738: It's not just you. As far as I know, YouTied is still down because of another bandwidth problem. Also, when you post and get that "software error" message from Dreambook, just ignore it. Your message has gone through, so there's no need to try again, even if your post does not appear right away. (I'm also guilty of a triple post.)


Dan Hawke wrote: " ...these players have bought up all the bondage toplists and free picture posts. I can't get my sites listed on any toplists

I had noticed that some time ago and have since not bothered with those toplists. I'm not sure how it works, but those free pic sites have also become somewhat of a bore, with what seems to be the same pictures from the same sites recycled over and over. Aren't there other venues where you can advertise your products?

This is why I am not a really big ZFX fan. Too much plot.

That's a big reason why I'm a ZFX fan. It's true some people would rather have wall-to-wall porn action, but I like a reason for the action, plus some character development. Different strokes, etc.


John Galt wrote: I am typically not fully satisfied with any single web site enough to stay a member continuously.

Me too. When I had a bit more time on my hands, I was a member of a number of sites, but only for two or three months at the most. I used most of the time to download everything available, and after that, the two or three new clips or picture series in the updates just weren't enough for me to continue. I'm probably not the ideal customer for bondage producers, but I would guess I'm probably typical for that particular business model.

Sunday, December 7th 2008 - 05:46:51 AM

Name: A Canadian

fred1738: It's just you.

I'm kidding. Yes, YouTied has exceeded its bandwidth and is currently down. However, it should be coming back soon.

Sunday, December 7th 2008 - 05:48:38 AM

Name: Dan Hawke
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

John Galt wrote:

I'm not quite so naive that I think action shown in a split screen cannot still be faked. I appreciate your effort to educate me, but it was unnecessary and not a little bit condescending.

I can see where I might have come off that way, but it wasn't my intent. My writing style is a tad pedantic at times. Also I am writing in an open forum, so although the comment was addressed to you, it is always to the entire forum. So for what it's worth, apologies.

As to not staying with a site, I can understand. Even back in the early days of internet porn explosion I would join a site as little as once a year and scarf down everything. I guess the market caught up with me and that's now the norm. Glory days are over I guess. I just want to be in the rotation as well. This is made tough by the big guys who seem to want us all to go under. Oh well...

For what it's worth, I post about 1/2 hour of video a week, Rarely in the low 20 minute range. More often than 20's, I post in the 50 minute range.


Sunday, December 7th 2008 - 06:15:40 AM

Name: John Galt

Jeff Gord wrote:

Speaking for myself; - who said I was in it just for the money? I don't remember saying that anywhere.


Generally speaking at this stage in the life of House of Gord, I am in it for the money because there is no other way to feed my voracious kink and raise the money to build these mega complex machines. I also have to consider that I have staff who have families to feed, and various contractors who need our work.

* * * * *

There! Right there! You said you were in it for the money right there!

But seriously, I didn't actually say you said it, I just opined that I personally didn't think money was the number one motivator. I think everyone understands the need to make a living. But I also think people who love what they do tend to be satisfied making less. As long as it is enough to live on and feed their voracious kink.

You confirmed my suspicion that dedicated producers will spend too much time getting a product "just right," even at the risk (or certainty) of blowing the budget. I for one greatly appreciate seeing a first-class finished product, but whether or not it stands any greater chance of breaking even than a quick-and-dirty thrown-together porn shoot I would not even venture to guess. And I remember those damn plastic-wrapped bondage mags that had recycled photos in them. Grr.

And you know, Waterworld would have been a much better movie if Jeanne Tripplehorn had been naked a lot in it. Her disappointing lack of serious nudity is what I remember most about that movie. And that was after her awesome rough sex scene in Basic Instinct, so I had some high hopes. It's probably too late to get Jeanne Tripplehorn in ASSCAR 2006 - Kinkonapolis (although that would probably guarantee it fame and notoriety), but hopefully all your attention and TLC will pay off.

* * * * *

Brutus wrote:

When I had a bit more time on my hands, I was a member of a number of sites, but only for two or three months at the most. I used most of the time to download everything available, and after that, the two or three new clips or picture series in the updates just weren't enough for me to continue. I'm probably not the ideal customer for bondage producers, but I would guess I'm probably typical for that particular business model.

That business model might need tweaking. I think an ideal situation would be to sell to non-members the individual clips or scenes that are available for free download with the price of a membership. The trick would be to price them right. will sell individual shoots, but one shoot costs almost as much as a month of membership! Where's the sense in that?

I can tell them what to do. If they sell a membership for, say $29.95 per month, and they produce four updates per month, then sell the individual shoots for maybe $9.95 each. Certainly, during your first month, you are going to download everything from the back catalog in which you are interested. Then going forward, you are paying for new shoots. If you don't like every new shoot, for whatever reason, you may not continue your membership. But if you like one, two, or even three of them, then you can purchase those individually for less than a one-month membership.

Personally, I don't care much for the still images. I stopped downloading the image collections long ago, except for a handful of models that I really liked or set-ups that were wickedly inventive. Maybe I am typical, maybe not. If is technologically savvy, they have metrics on what is downloaded and how often. If still picture galleries are popular, they can sell them separately for $4.95. Maybe less. Maybe include them with the video purchase (which is what they do now).

But if the goal is profitability, then it seems to me selling individual shoots for a reasonable price is the second-best profit center (membership being first). They don't have to be mutually exclusive. They should both be attractive alternatives. sells a Sex and Submission membership for $29.95 per month. They will sell you the latest shoot, with Derrick Pierce and Phoenix Marie, for 21.74 "kinks," which translates to $21.73. Why anyone would pay that much for a single shoot when they could buy a one-month membership for less than $10 more and download four updates makes no sense to me. (That does include the pictures, it seems, but as I said, I don't care about the pictures so I don't see the value.) Since I have been a member of Sex and Submission in the past, I have all the back catalog stuff I care about. It might be another year before I cycle back and join up again for a month. But if they sold individual shoots for a reasonable price, I might provide a continuing revenue stream all through the year. What is better for the site? To have me spend maybe $9.95 or $19.90 per month on a couple of shoots I want (for possibly $119.40 over the course of one year for one shoot a month), or $29.95 once a year and download them all at that time?

That sounds like a no-brainer to me. What am I missing? That is not a rhetorical question. Dan, Jeff, Steve, Sarge--I am interested in knowing the flaws in this business model, because I'm a curious kind of guy.

* * * * *

Dan Hawke wrote:

I can see where I might have come off that way, but it wasn't my intent. My writing style is a tad pedantic at times. Also I am writing in an open forum, so although the comment was addressed to you, it is always to the entire forum. So for what it's worth, apologies.

Yes, well, no one has anything on me when it comes to petulance. It's what characterizes my writing style at times. Heh.

Also, is that AJ Khan, of Seduction Cinema fame, in your latest site update?

Sunday, December 7th 2008 - 06:52:45 AM

Name: Jeff Gord
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Morning folks

Whoa! Some interesting points for me this morning before I head out to the workshop.

Re: Dan Hawke

I had noticed that some time ago and have since not bothered with those toplists. I'm not sure how it works, but those free pic sites have also become somewhat of a bore, with what seems to be the same pictures from the same sites recycled over and over. Aren't there other venues where you can advertise your products?

That pretty much sums up our research and that of others who have done the same exercise. No one bothers very much with the so called top lists any more, they have just become meaningless text and banner farms that lead you into a click-through nightmare. And free pics have basically reached saturation point. At one time I was getting anywhere from 100 to 200 free bondage pics a day landing in my in box from so called groups that were in fact affiliates. The result is, I never need to bother to join a rope bondage pay site and in fact I just got burned out on the posted pics and blocked them.

The affiliates have also pretty much shot the golden goose in the foot, if you don't mind the mixed metaphors. They have saturated the net. The days when they actually worked at carefully thought out postings are gone. Most of them (I say most, because some still earn their pay) just dump pics on to a site and sit back to rake in any cash. I know of dozens that have our pics up that lead to other sites because they can't even remember where they got the pics from. Others are actually taking affiliate pics and putting them inside their own pay sites. We have of course pulled out of the affiliate rat race before it bankrupted us. Too many fingers dipping into the honey pot that were not actually producing anything other than problems.


It's true some people would rather have wall-to-wall porn action, but I like a reason for the action, plus some character development. Different strokes, etc.

That is exactly my taste and what I try to produce. Porn for the sake of it is boring. In fact, for me, some of those fleeting bondage bits in major films have ten times the impact of some porn bondage.

Re: Brutus

I'm probably not the ideal customer for bondage producers, but I would guess I'm probably typical for that particular business model.


That business model might need tweaking. I think an ideal situation would be to sell to non-members the individual clips or scenes that are available for free download with the price of a membership. The trick would be to price them right.

I pretty much agree with that assessment, which is why we have our other site That is our streaming site and it is the most cost effective way of giving you what you want. You can buy minutes and use them where ever you want.

Some people bitch that you can't save from streaming sites, but by the same token you don't walk out of a theater with a copy of the film after you pay to watch it.

Or, you can go to www.Clips4sale and purchase the clip which is costed by the minute. I think it is a buck a minute. To be honest I don't know if you can download those clips and keep them. Lydia set that one up.

That sounds like a no-brainer to me. What am I missing? That is not a rhetorical question. Dan, Jeff, Steve, Sarge--I am interested in knowing the flaws in this business model, because I'm a curious kind of guy.

I can't speak for the others named, and how or why they do that. I guess it is about putting out as many options as you can to cater for as many tastes in viewing as you can. Our model is based on a balance between what we think people want by looking at stats, and what we can logically do; bearing in mind the administration costs of doing it. Having said that, I often fuck up the plan by being a pain in the ass and insisting on things that are not financially logical. If Lydia ends up with premature grey hair, I'm to blame. But she looks so cute when she gets those red anger blotches on her neck and I know she would just love to beat the crap out of me with a single tail :-)

Re John Galt wrote:

I am typically not fully satisfied with any single web site enough to stay a member continuously.

That is pretty much the norm I would say, although, having said that, we have a hard core of loyalists who have been with us without a break since 1998 when we started, and before that they bought all my books back to 1992. Thank God for the loyalists. They are the bread and butter that carries websites through tough times. They also enjoy the same rate as the day they started ($15) It is a contract and unless they break it, we will honour it.

Many sites make their content fall off the site after say three months, thus encouraging people to rejoin every three months to ensure that they don't miss anything. I'm not sure if that works or not seeing as we have never tried it. Our theory is that by leaving everything up since we started, it makes us a more attractive purchase for new members checking out where to spend their hard earned bucks.

Personally, I don't care much for the still images. I stopped downloading the image collections long ago, except for a handful of models that I really liked or set-ups that were wickedly inventive. Maybe I am typical, maybe not.

That is also pretty much the view of the data research gurus. Video is King these days. That is the theory. But have reservations about it. We still have a huge amount of still images downloaded every week, and when I eventually gave in to zipped pic downloads I got a lot of emails with the hallelujah theme.. But, we are stepping up video. Often we do the normal video, and then add a bonus, sometimes two bonuses. We are fortunate that we have a massive backlog of unused archived material;- for House of Gord that is. Naked Gord being a late starter does not have so much of course.

Okay workshop time. The heater should have warmed it up by now.



Sunday, December 7th 2008 - 09:22:05 AM

Name: Dan Hawke
E-mail address: dan.hawke@hotmail.coom
Homepage URL:


That is indeed AJ Kahn in my latest update, though I can only credit her as AJ since that is the name she wrote on the release.

I like your idea about offering clips in addition to memberships, but it may be hard to do. Basically getting the billing set up is the thing.

For instance, I have to go to one biller for membership product and another biller (or at least a different billing model) for hard goods. If I want to offer downloadable clips I will have to check with my current biller to see if they will allow that, and if so, what additional fees they might want to charge to support it.

In short the billing comapnies/credit card companies make it very difficult to offer different or creative pricing models. This may not be the case for large profit centers for instance the kink sites because of leverage.

I can tell you that all of the methods of collecting $$$ via charge cards (virtually the only viable web merchandising scheme) is to deal with this shit. From where I sit the billers and card companies seem to want me out of business, crazy but it sure feels that way. I have been very fortunate, last year when my billing company dropped me I lost $2000 or so that they owed me. Why is that lucky? Cause almost every site I know of has been screwed multiple times for more $$$ than that. In fact, all site vendors using a particular vendor (not me this time, thank goodness!) are about to be screwed again.

So in addition to: tough competition, being ripped off constantly by file sharing sites like Rapidshare, etc., foreign sellers of my video product who are usually selling it illegally; I have to fight with billing companies who are supposedly on my side as well.

Why don't I do something about these things? I would have to bring lawsuits in each foreign country or jurisdiction, spend all of my time tracking online content thieves and spend more money than I make in total on legal fees to fight against these things.

Far better to simply fold up shop and say fuck it. Tying up models is its own reward, but not when it means losing your home, your retirement and your mental health.

I plug away at it cause I elected to do this for a living back when things were much better. In all honesty, if I get a good offer of employment I would likely bail on the whole thing. Lord knows I advise anyone thinking of getting into this biz to think again, unless they are independently wealthy and doing it purely for personal pleasure. And I am considered a rather successful mid-tier producer!

That said I will inquire with my current biller (who has been good so far) if they will allow me to offer clips using their cc software. If so I will begin writing PHP code (in my spare time) to make sure that I sync up the customer with the clip (unless they can provide such a thing).

So if I sound frustrated, these are some of the reasons.

House sitting ends today, so back to lurking soon....


Sunday, December 7th 2008 - 09:50:49 AM

Name: Jeff Gord
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:


I hear your pain Dan, believe me I hear your pain.

Been there done that. We are fortunate that we have a merchant account because we have been known right back to 1992, and had a merchant account for the book company.

The rules to get a merchant account now make it almost impossible for any new website because it is virtually impossible to get the required turnover and maintain it for the required period without a merchant account.

It is in my opinion a deliberate Catch 22 situation. However, on the Bank's side, the palookas and crooks did give them a pasting in the early days before they got wise. These crooks ran through hundreds of thousands of dollars in credit card charges for absolute crap sites, and then vanishing before the banks could react when the charge-backs started. That caused the big retention figures now used for most third party billing

But we have had third party billing on some of the sites until we were able to pull them in under the same umbrella.

I don't know if we could survive as we are if we were now third party billing. The profit margins would be just too small for what we do.

As regards to Rapidshare, yes well, the industry itself is partly to blame for that site and others like it. It just needs someone to send a message and take that bunch of assholes down and the rest may start to pay attention.

Trouble is, everyone sits on their asses waiting for someone else to do it for them.

One of these days the adult industry will form some sort of alliance and takes these assholes out with a class action.

Pete at Kink and I have had a go at them in the past, and for a while it all goes quiet. And then it starts again as soon as they think you are not looking.

They need to get legally whacked in their own country by attorneys in that country. It isn't impossible, it just needs a consortium to finance it. I heard talk in Vegas at a meeting with Hollywood types and mainstream porn guys that Rapidshare is pissing them off as well and they are considering joint action. If they go for maybe we can all chip in.

All of our opponents, be it share sites, moralist wankers, or politicians trying to get votes have one thing in common that we don't, they have unity and security of numbers. When is this industry going to get its act together?

I figure that 22 Billion dollars per annum turnover in the US alone makes us a 'respectable' (I say that tongue in cheek) industry that employs a lot of people. Not to mention bringing in cash from abroad.

Back to the main subject of difficulty in billing for complex invoicing of a variety of products. Even with a merchant account it has its problems, but nowhere near that of a third party set up.


Sunday, December 7th 2008 - 10:41:58 AM

Name: Bill
E-mail address:

I have 2 things. First, I don't know how many of you know that Jasmine Sinclair was the victim of an assault. She suffered a broken jaw as well as some other injuries. According to someone that knows her, she is in a lot of pain, but is very upbeat about going back to work once she recovers. She needs all the support we can give her. You can email her at

Second, does any know what the story is with I haven't been able to get onto the site for days.

Sunday, December 7th 2008 - 11:20:16 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Bill: You know, I'm convinced that even though plenty of people visit this forum, it must be that very few people actually read it. I know we've had some long posts lately, but you only have to scroll down to earlier today to get your answer about YouTied. And it's been explained 4 times on the forum so far.

That said, I'm real sorry to hear that about Jasmine Sinclair. I hadn't heard that; what's your source? There's nothing on her site or her MySpace page.

That's a woman who's just too beautiful to be doing bondage modeling. I have lots of pictures of her on my hard drive and I've put her on the site as the daily picture at least once or twice. Someone reviewed her site a while back and said it was very softcore, but I guess that's to be expected from someone like her. Generally, the prettier the model, the less harsh treatment she's willing to undergo for the camera. There are a few exceptions, of course.

BTW, I'm not sure if others have heard, but Bettie Page, a true living legend for bondage fans, suffered a heart attack the other day. She's 85 and has been in ill health and in a nursing home for years. All the major news sources have covered the story. Here's one more.

I certainly hope she gets better soon.

Sunday, December 7th 2008 - 01:12:25 PM

Name: John Galt

Dan Hawke wrote:

That is indeed AJ Kahn in my latest update, though I can only credit her as AJ since that is the name she wrote on the release.

I like your idea about offering clips in addition to memberships, but it may be hard to do. Basically getting the billing set up is the thing.

Okay, well FIRST off just let me say that BestBound just jumped to the top of my list of web sites to join--at least for a month. I am aware of the site, of course, because I linked to it for the first time from this forum. (Plug for the GIMP forum.) But it is at the top of my list specifically for that AJ Kahn shoot.

For anyone who does not know, AJ Kahn was the girl on the rack at the beginning of The Screaming Dead, which I uploaded to YouTied and I would have linked it here but for the current bandwidth problem (Bill). Although Misty Mundae will always be The Seduction Cinema babe for me, AJ is in the Top Five. And seeing her in what I consider an atypical bondage shoot is quite a treat.

I suspected billing would be an issue for selling individual shoots, or actually setting up the single-sales website mechanism. Steve Powers is doing it pretty successfully with his video clips at Powershotz. I have purchased a buttload of them, and the sales go through smoothly. Maybe he knows something. I hope you can set that up because I think it might get you some extra sales. At least from pervs like me.

* * * * *

Ralphus: I hadn't heard about Bettie Page. What a shame. I consider her a Bondage Goddess and wish her well. I have a Bettie Page bio/photograph book autographed by her that is one of my favorite possessions.

Hadn't heard about Jasmine Sinclair, either. That kind of sucks.

Sunday, December 7th 2008 - 02:20:00 PM

Name: VM
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Box covers and descriptions are now up for December 2008 Japanese Update#2. Many older Attacker titles and Shark titles.

Sunday, December 7th 2008 - 02:59:45 PM

Name: Ironman
E-mail address:

Lotsa good information in the last lengthy posts from Jeff, Steve, Dan, etc...I like hearing from the producer's standpoint in that it helps me understand just how the industry operates. It makes me appreciate what you guys do when I see what kind of bullshit you have to deal with.

Here's my input on some of the topics that have been discussed- I agree with John Galt on buying the clips I want when I want them. I would gladly pay 20 bills a pop to get the stuff I crave. I won't pay for streams I can't keep. I always buy a one month membership, download everything, and then not return for at least a year. I quit fooling with toplists a long time ago. They have become the Walmart of the online porn scene.

I also have no interest in stills, except that I regularly visit IMAGEFAP where there is always something interesting to be had. I do enjoy art and stories if they fit my taste. I must say when it comes to video I much prefer buying DVD's as opposed to downloading.

Just wanted to throw in my $.02

Sunday, December 7th 2008 - 07:59:29 PM

Name: DHT

Just kinda scannin' recent topics and wanna add some two cents...

I am sorry to hear about Dan's troubles. It s eye opening though. I have been naive enough to imagine that doing business on the web must be simple, economic, and convenient. But to hear that you guys actually lose thousands of dollars at the drop of a hat is bad news indeed, and I am sorry to hear it.

Y'know, I am sorry to hear about Betty Page too. I read her biography that came out a couple years ago and I think all yas should too, it is pretty surprising.

As far as Jasmine Sinclair goes, again, I wish her as smooth recovery as possible.

On stills, Mr. Galt (whose posts are some damn fine reading) has mentioned that he doesn't prefer them, which prompts me to share that I actually love them. I always have. (by stills I mean actual freeze frames as well as photos taken during filming or just photoshoots). But for some reason still images, whether photos, magazine covers, or publicity pictures are something I really enjoy. What I don't enjoy is the process of downloading them one at a time (who would?).

What pissed me off was how I accidentally damaged my external hard drive and lost thousands of good stills that I'd spent many hours collecting. The thought of getting a membership to (to name an example of a site I love but that does not use zip files) and trying to get all that stuff again is daunting enough to make it seem worth waiting until I can afford to blow way too much money getting the data recovered from my drive.

The stills site that I am a perpetual member of is Ken Scott's All his updates are in zip files, which is convenient, and I have had a lot of fun hunting through them for pictures of my favorites like Kelly Cochran or Eryn Walker.

That was most likely more about stills than anyone could possibly be interested in reading. On a more serious note, I am getting relocated to Japan this year. I have heard that porn is illegal there. Do I have to leave my stuff behind, anyone know? Do I have to stay off the bondage web while I'm there?

Sunday, December 7th 2008 - 10:30:06 PM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:

I'm wondering if Jeff, Steve, Dan, etc have thought about banding together with one billing system (something like or The Progressive Arts Project). Several small producers acting as one have a lot more clout than if they act separately.

Sunday, December 7th 2008 - 11:14:52 PM

Name: Jeff Gord
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Re jhlipton

Nice idea, JH but not really practical with merchant accounts and the inherent differences of bondage sites. The risks of one of the partners doing something, (maybe innocently) to piss off the merchant bank and then losing the account is too high. Most of us walk a tightrope.

I think the general perception of this industry by the public is that we are all rolling in money, surrounded by gorgeous chicks doing the Hefner thing. In reality, most of us are Mom and Pop style businesses, and I put myself in that category, maybe at the upper end. I have three permanent staff, Lydia General manager, Ruth looking after the book company and Chris on accounts. The rest are contractors doing editing, web techie stuff and photo processing. That is probably the only area that takes us above the majority of adult web masters who do the processing themselves.

In short this is a really tough business, tougher then most, and having owned two factories of my own, and run others for large companies I can speak from authority. But speaking for myself and maybe quite a few others, it is our passion for what we do that keeps us going. However, as Dan says, the passion can burn off real quick when it is a constant battle just to keep going. and you are being attacked from all sides by various forces trying to destroy you.

As for Niche, er well that is a bad name around here ever since we discovered that one of their affiliates was using our pics to draw members into their really crappy section of that Niche group. They plastered their front end with our pics and promised more inside. There were none inside because they figured we would immediately sue them, but they thought they could get away with using them without charge on the front end.

We complained and reported them to Paypal when Niche, as a group, apparently had no control over this one affiliate and could do nothing when the offender just ignored us and them. Then we took out their actual processing account with an official legal request to Paypal. Seemingly Niche had some sort of split account.

Which sort of proves my first point about the risks of a group using one facility. It only takes one cowboy to get in there make the whole outfit smell bad.

So DHT, Sorry if you were ever considering starting an adult site as an option to the rising unemployment. It has never been a great idea at any time, right now it would be a disaster. As someone in marketing told me not so long ago, the Internet is the biggest copying machine ever invented.

The current marketing strategy and thinking (by the big boys that is) is, that anything you put up on the Net is for free within 48 hours. So, they figure you use everything you produce to pull in buyers to some other product (they call it the Widget) which cannot be copied on the Net.

Some have taken that to extremes and I have even had a bloody carpet company using our material to sell his fucking rugs. Believe or not, even a dentist at one stage.

So it's a fine theory if you happen to be building Widgets for resale, but most of us are producing 'stealable' product. That is what we do, and we are not large enough to just write it off like the big boys who rely on sheer volume and low returns.

The other problem is that many of the big boys want the piracy to continue. It doesn't affect their volume selling that much and they see it as free advertising. They also consider it helps them by keeping the small guys down; - who if left unchecked could rise to seriously challenge their profit margins.

Hey I ain't making this up. One of these guys with a major marketing outfit sat at my bar calmly explaining how his efforts and those of others were destroying our end of the market and turning the industry into one massive porn cement mixer churning out mediocre porn: - and they don't give a shit any more than the oil companies and the drug companies in their markets.

On the other news, I'm always sad to hear about a lady in real life getting the crap beaten out of her by some asshole, so my thoughts go out to Jasmine even though I have never met here and filmed her.



Monday, December 8th 2008 - 08:27:30 AM

Name: Bill
E-mail address:

I'm sorry. I missed the entries about

As far as Jasmine, I got the info from someone that knows her personally and who has photographed her. He posts to a Yahoo group I am a member of.

Monday, December 8th 2008 - 09:56:41 AM

Name: John Galt

DHT: Hey, thanks for the compliment! I try to be entertaining.

Amen to sites making the image galleries downloadable in ZIP format. Saving them one by one drove me batty, and probably contributed to my focus on just pulling down the videos instead. I simply get more entertainment out of the videos, I guess. But still pictures are better than nothing.

As for porn being illegal in Japan, wow, I guess I'm as curious as you are. Considering the stuff that comes out of Japan, they must have a unique definition of "porn" if some of it is illegal. I would be interested in whatever you find out, if in fact an answer doesn't get posted to this forum. I have no intention of visiting Japan, but I really am curious if what you heard turns out to be true. That would be bizarre, to say the least.

* * * * *

Jeff Gord: Your posts are always most informative, especially in regard to web site business. There is a LOT of crap out there, and a LOT of mediocre stuff. I am always amused to realize that run-of-the-mill porn sites no longer interest me. They are just so ho-hum. So I greatly appreciate the sites and producers who are unique AND high-quality, both of which describe your most compelling inventions and, umm, "hands-on" demonstrations. So I for one am grateful and thankful that you have stuck it out despite all of the excellent reasons for tossing in the towel.

I am struggling to figure out how a carpet company and a dentist worked your stuff into their advertising. I think maybe I've been shopping in the wrong carpet stores, although I am relieved that I evidently have been using the right dentist, i.e., one whose equipment bears no resemblance to yours.

Monday, December 8th 2008 - 08:18:57 PM

Name: Scribbler

Found this posted in the bondage photography forum by someone who received this message from Jasmine...

"it's fine to give my email address _jasmine@jasminesinclair.com_ ( . Peoples' support are what's getting me through this as I'm feeling so down right now."

Jasmine is stunning in any photo I've seen of her. It's unconscionable what happened. I hope they caught the a-hole and he goes away for a few hundred years.

Tuesday, December 9th 2008 - 01:45:10 AM

Name: A Canadian

DHT/John Galt: Here is my understanding of Japan's laws around porn, based on things I have read such as this Wikipedia entry and also based on discussions I have had with friends who have lived in Japan.

The good news is porn is legal in Japan. In fact, I've been told people (men, anyway) are much more public about their interests in porn. Apparently, it's not uncommon to see someone reading a porn magazine on the train or in other public places.

The bad news for DHT is that it is illegal for porn to show male and female genitalia, which is why people's private parts are digitally blurred in Japanese porn movies. This means you probably should leave your collection behind. If you are caught bringing porn that shows everything into Japan, you could be in trouble.

I really don't know if it is safe for you to continue checking the Internet sites. My guess is that it is safe -- I suspect the biggest risk is taking materials through Customs when you enter the country (not unlike Canada). But that's just a guess.

Tuesday, December 9th 2008 - 03:14:39 AM

Name: Jeff Gord
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Re: Canadian

Pretty much dead on there regarding Customs. In most relatively moderate countries regarding porn, what may be legal under police law, is illegal under Customs law because the wording of the act that they enforce is slightly different. For instance, UK Customs have one extra word in the definition of illegal importation that gives them a shitload of extra power.

You may not import INDECENT or obscene material. So, if the stuff you have shows someone giving another the stiff finger or even mooning, which are both considered Indecent acts, technically (if you happen to get a religious moron out to clean up UK) he can seize it and arrest you. It does happen, I met one such pimple faced 19 year old dick-weed who was a religious fruitcake on a mission and he confiscated some really mild stuff because it "appeared" from the wet patch on the floor of a warehouse that she may have been urinating.. That is also an indecent act under Customs law.

I believe Canada adopted the same Customs laws, hence the ongoing Little Sisters debacle.

Hey nice pics Scribbler. Do you do a lot of that? We have been looking for someone to replace Davo after he had illness in the family and had to pull out.



Tuesday, December 9th 2008 - 08:02:03 AM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

I have fought the temptation and I'm not going to go for the bad pun about "breaking" news. Nonetheless, it appears Bill Zebub's much-anticipated new film, Breaking Her Will, has been released earlier than expected.

The cover art for this one looks very promising, as did the trailer that was on YouTied just before YouTied's lights went out. The male villain in the trailer appeared to be a bit of a ham, but that's OK. In my view, it will mostly be up to the women to make this film work and I think that could happen. The brunette on the box cover looks particularly hot.

So far, Bill Zebub looks to be doing everything right. I wonder if arrangements are in place for an official Ralphus review?

Tuesday, December 9th 2008 - 04:21:18 PM

Name: VM
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Yes, Breaking Her Will is now available for sale exclusively at VM. One other company will be carry it on Jan 20th. All others along with distributors will not be carrying it till sometime in February. Full color box/dvd for just 12.00 and this price even includes shipping!!!

Tuesday, December 9th 2008 - 06:31:24 PM

Name: Bill Zebub
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Ha ha, I had struggled with the cover design for a while (for BREAKING HER WILL). It will retail for around $20 so the Video Mayhem price is a steal.

My hope is that this movie gets raves from a variety of subgroups, including horror fans, sleaze fans, and you lot (and to a certain degree, from drama lovers). Well, I made it the way I felt it should be made, and the cards will fall where they will. I wanted to make it as f*cked up as possible while still being true to the way the sexual sadist character in the story would be. I also humanized him - he's not a simple villain. I know you focus primarily on the victims, but I hope that you really get into the story and you appreciate the complex villain.

Tuesday, December 9th 2008 - 08:00:42 PM

Name: Scribbler
Homepage URL:

Jeff Gord: Do I do a lot of art? I'd say a moderate amount. I'd do more if there was money in it! I'll email you and we can talk about it.

Beelzebub's movie: Like A Canadian, I await Ralphus' review. Or anyone's! That write-up at VM is a bit of an odd sell tho ... disturbing, psychological phenomenon, personality theories, study ... too much mind science for me! A little more about the hotties and (some of) what happens to them that has turn-on factor would be better selling points :) For me anyway. Well, at least we've seen some of that in the visuals (trailer, pictures, cover).

Tuesday, December 9th 2008 - 08:33:10 PM

Name: Ralphus
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Homepage URL:

A Canadian wrote:

So far, Bill Zebub looks to be doing everything right. I wonder if arrangements are in place for an official Ralphus review?

I dunno, I'm not sure Zebub is willing to send me a copy for review, especially since I had to trash his last 2 movies. When Rape is a Circle came out, he told me he wouldn't be sending me any more screeners, so I never did see that one, although someone else posted here and said it stunk. I actually did acquire that film later but to this day, I've never had the desire to take a look. The preview pics really didn't do anything for me.

As far as this new one, I am curious about it at least, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up. This one seems to have GIMP elements, but then so did Serial Rapist (Into Thy Hands) and that was a steaming pile of monkey crap, so I'm trying to keep my expectations low for this new one.

Obviously, because of the subject matter, I do want to see how he handles it. Zebub obviously has a desire to make films about darker subjects, but I'm not sure he knows what dark-side fans really want. The whole debacle about his desire to have the victim's face completely covered up by a leather mask when he was planning the film initially is an example. No matter how many people here were telling it him not to it, he stubbornly refused to change his mind.

To his credit, though, he did later send me an e-mail and said he was glad that he was able to see the mistake that a full leather mask would have been. So somewhere along the line, he did come to his senses. I hope...I REALLY hope...he did a good job on this film and he can figure out what we like. What's outrageous and shocking to him may come across as dull and routine for fans of our type of entertainment, sort of like the difference between a Harmony film as opposed to a ZFX one, for instance.

If I get hold of the film, I promise to give a fair and honest review. My fingers are crossed.

Tuesday, December 9th 2008 - 08:41:07 PM

Name: VM
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Breaking Her Will: Synopsis is Bill's that is posted. My posts are very short and usually about 2 sentences. I listed it at a price where the purchase price of the film would not be a concern. The women are attractive, bondage/gags look good and storyline/trailer was interesting, so I have purchased a copy for myself.

Tuesday, December 9th 2008 - 11:23:18 PM

Name: Bill Zebub
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

I am going to be writing the script for "Ravage the Scream Queen" over the next couple of weeks. It's the unofficial sequel to "Kill the Scream Queen" (a movie which I am a tad embarrassed about).

You won't need to see "Kill" before you see "Ravaged." There will be some material from "Kill" in there. The movie starts with two friends who are camping and when one of them digs a hole for a shallow latrine he finds the buried DVD-R of snuff. The two later decide that they are going to try to their own brand of rape/snuff.

Ralphus seemed to like "Kill."

I have been so amused by the comedies that I have been filming that I let too much time pass without any horror movies being shot. So now I have to catch up to where I am supposed to be. Next horror after that will be "I Told You Not to Call the Police."

Ralphus liked "Kill the Scream Queen" for some reason. The aspects of the movie that he liked were only there by accident. What I mean is, I didn't plan to cater to anyone, and I didn't know about these boards or your particular crowd. When I made "Breaking her Will" I didn't cater to anyone, so maybe another happy accident will happen - maybe you will like it. The reason why I didn't listen to any of you about the leather mask months ago was because you had selfish motives (not saying that in a bad way - I am using the literal meaning of the term - your reasons were purely self-serving). The reason why I discarded the leather mask was because of cinematography. The lead actress couldn't be in a leather mask the whole movie. I guess you can compare it to major movies wherein an A-list actor in a medieval battle always removes his helmet even though it is really unrealistic. Movies aren't reality, ha ha.

Anyway, you all were correct about the full leather mask, but I didn't see it because I didn't trust the reasons (and I never want to cater to anyone). I guess it doesn't matter how we got to this point as long as a terrible mistake was avoided. But I haven't cleared the gauntlet yet. I wonder how well it will survive your critiques.

Wednesday, December 10th 2008 - 12:23:11 AM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Bill Zebub wrote:

The reason why I didn't listen to any of you about the leather mask months ago was because you had selfish motives (not saying that in a bad way - I am using the literal meaning of the term - your reasons were purely self-serving) ... Anyway, you all were correct about the full leather mask.

We're usually right about these things, regardless of our motives. I think there's an important lesson to be learned from this.

Wednesday, December 10th 2008 - 03:11:11 AM

Name: lucan veritas

Geez, it's bad enough to have YouTied down for...however long it's been. Master Detective finally gets a bunch of cheeseball porn sponsors to start paying him to advertise there and bang, down he goes!

Been missing the daily pics on GIMP too, but that was okay until the self-styled Bill Zebub began going on about his artistic need to turn down advice from the people he (doesn't really) want to buy his stuff. Come on, Bill. It's sexploitation, and bad sexploitation at that! You ain't Stanley Kubrick.

Wednesday, December 10th 2008 - 03:50:17 AM

Name: John Galt

A Canadian wrote about Bill Zebub listening to the GIMPers:

We're usually right about these things, regardless of our motives. I think there's an important lesson to be learned from this.

* * * * *

Yes, Trust the pervs. We know whereof we speak. Also, Bill, if you don't cater to anyone, you run the risk of no one watching your movie. Artists who hew strictly to their own vision die unappreciated and are discovered and lauded posthumously, if at all. Who wants to die unappreciated and be lauded posthumously? It sucks.

Wednesday, December 10th 2008 - 04:11:33 AM

Name: John Galt

Nice holiday season graphic, Scribbler.

Wednesday, December 10th 2008 - 06:49:01 AM

Name: Brutus

Re: Jasmine Sinclair: Anyone who would physically harm that pretty woman (or any woman for that matter) should be clubbed with a bag of hammers and shot in the kneecaps. I wish her a speedy recovery.


DHT: I think you'll quickly find that porn is quite rampant in Japan. Some Asian countries ban it, but not Japan. Jeff Gord and A Canadian are right about taking precautions. Talking from my own experiences in Japan, I can safely say the country's vague "obscenity" laws are rarely enforced unless they involve children or blatant copyright violations (if a big enough player complains), or if the police want to make an example of someone they don't like, usually a distributor who doesn't play by the rules or who breaks the status quo. The same goes with Internet site operators. Users are pretty much left alone unless you do something really stupid that attracts attention.

But I'd advise against bringing a shitload of obvious stuff like DVDs through the airport. Some customs guy could easily confiscate your goods using those loosely worded laws. I doubt they would look in your computer hard drive since they're after terrorists, illegal aliens and narcotics. However, if you like Japanese women, you need not bring anything. There's certainly tons of excellent GIMP material in Japan.


Breaking Her Will: I was encouraged by the trailer. But for some odd reason I'm looking forward to the (Ralphus?) review nearly as much as the movie itself.

Wednesday, December 10th 2008 - 07:36:56 AM

Name: Sloth
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Mornin All

Well if Larry at VM is getting a copy of "Breaking Her Will" for himself that's good enough for me - and being the altruistic sort I am, I will make the ultimate sacrifice for Gimpdom and review it after my next Video Mayhem order comes in - unless someone beats me to it that is - that may or may not be to Bill Zebub's liking as my ratings tend to run lower than most - not that I'm any more jaded or twisted than any of this bunch - and I'm certainly less eloquent than most - just at this age I must be wowed to attain a stiffy :).

Bill Zebub - Like Ralphus, I too thought "Kill the Scream Queen" as pretty fair - and yes, love the horror/sleaze elements and could do without too much drama - therefore, those projects in the works sound interesting - like the concept on "Ravage".

Let us proceed with a movie review. Today, we will examine a ZFX effort from 1998, "Whiplash 2". It features Pamela Price, Chandra Sweet, Bryan Dunhill and Rick Masters. Run Time is 65 minutes. I obtained my copy from Video Mayhem, see above link for cover shot.

We begin with a recap of part 1. The storyline runs with an insurance investigator chick going to check out a clinic involved in somewhat shady insurance claims. Seems chicks check in, get drugged, used and abused, and claims are filed for the lengthy stays. The insurance chick falls victim but eventually turns the tables and escapes. We pick up part 2 one year later.

Dr. Cracker, Rick, has taken on a new assistant played by Bryan. We may simply refer to him as Dr. Demento as his credentials are somewhat suspect. Two sisters, Jody and Vanessa, arrive at the clinic parking lot. Jody has been in a car accident and needs treatment and enters the clinic while Vanessa waits in the car.

Dr. Demento proceeds to administer one of the more bizarre exams in the annals of medicine. Using the "holistic approach", Jody is fondled, groped, diddled and spanked and ends up kneeling doggy style on the exam table with surgical clamps on her nipples, a large dildo "tongue depressor" in her mouth. He injects her with a sedative and out she goes.

As Vanessa waits in the car, Jody is now tied to the exam table and ball gagged. As she awakes, Dr. Demento fondles and taps her amid major muffled protests. Vanessa finally enters the clinic to see what's taking so long and views the proceedings through a small window. She is suddenly overpowered by Dr. Cracker, brought into the exam room and fondled before being chloroformed.

When we return, Vanessa has been chair tied and bit gagged. Jody has been retied on the exam table, wrists shackled in front and secured to bottom of the table, still ball gagged. Vanessa is rigged for electro-shock therapy under her nipples while the good Dr. elevates the exam table to full vertical with Jody head down. Alligator clips are attached to Vanessa's fingers and she gets juiced up. An electrified wand is used on other vital parts. Her pussy gets wired and juiced as Dr. Demeto toys with her and uses the dildo "tongue depressor". A 50's hair dryer shell is lowered over her head and she gets more shocks until she passes out. He turns his attention to Jody and uses the wand to jolt her body parts. He finally leaves to prep another office for further examination.

Our lovelies are transported to the other office where Jody is left hogtied on a mattress while Vanessa is tied AOH on a palette where she is told this part of the exam will check her pain threshold. She receives a major lashing with the cat. Dr. Demento then alternates between both ladies with the cat. Vanessa's ankles are secured to the palette with legs spread wide. Both chicks are fondled and the Dr. departs. Vanessa passes out and Jody struggles to get free. To Be Continued. The End

Movie Pluses - loved the concept, both models quite nice and the lashing was major.

Movie Minuses - by ZFX standards, the variety of torments was a bit less than normal and the electro was played down somewhat.

The Verdict - I never thought I would view a ZFX effort where I'm watching chicks in various states of undress, bondage and torment and see the show stolen by Bryan Dunhill. His hamming it up brought a great comic element to this. Yes, this is truly a clinic where all the patients leave worse off than when they arrived.

My Grade B-

Stay Well All

Wednesday, December 10th 2008 - 07:50:32 AM

Name: Bill Zebub
E-mail address:
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I didn't mean to raise a sh*tstorm. By saying that I don't cater to anyone doesn't mean that I think that I am too cool. I make movies the way that I want to, and I have been making a living from doing so. That means that there are a lot of people who support/buy the movies - in a way catering to me instead of the other way around, ha ha. Not bad for something that started out as a sort of hobby. By keeping to my own vision, it still feels like a hobby, which means that it is fun and interesting. I am trying to avoid the day when I have to play by certain rules.

In regard to "Breaking Her Will" - it would be really flattering if I got you into the movie and if I also got the horror crowd into it. I hope that the story elements add something to your enjoyment (and if not, pretty much all of the movie is naughty). At the same time, I hope that the horror crowd won't get too gay about the graphic content. I want to cause two birds with one stone (bad metaphor for satisfying both crowds with the same movie). And with that, I put my neck on the chopping block. The first review might appear on these boards by Monday. (I am not allowed to review my own movie, right? Just kidding).

Wednesday, December 10th 2008 - 08:59:01 AM

Name: Jeff Gord
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Morning Gimpers

I agree with Bill Zebub

If you try to cater to every demand or idea sent in, you end up with garbage. In my opinion one has to follow their own kink and allow anyone who is of the same mind to come to you because they like your vision.

As I said, Kinkonapolis is "my" crazy dream video, one that I have always wanted to make. Those who share my fantasy ideas are going to love it, those who don't will probably hate it.

If you try to create scenes specifically for the fantasy of other people; - fantasies that do not work for you, the result is almost always flat and without passion. Mediocre porn has been mentioned recently by myself, and that is what you get if you try to cater for all tastes.

Some of you on this forum have been quite vocal about the fact that my style just doesn't work for you, and that's okay. So those same people should envisage themselves trying to make a movie that appeals to me. If they do that they will understand what I am on about



Wednesday, December 10th 2008 - 09:20:14 AM

Name: Sardu
Homepage URL:

With Youtied being down, I went ahead and posted the Rapidshare link to a great GIMP scene, from a movie I've only seen titled as "Rape Night." It was on Youtied a few months ago, but this is a higher quality version.

Does anyone know the real name of the movie? I can't find anything with that title on the net.

The scene is pretty good. Two women are tied up. One with hands behind is stripped completely naked and takes it in all three holes from three guys. Good acting, and the facial expression on the girl makes this one of the best clips I've scene in a while.

Wednesday, December 10th 2008 - 11:12:13 AM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Sloth: Thanks for the fun review of Whiplash 2. Although you pride yourself on being a persnickity reviewer, a grade of B- doesn't seem unfair to me in this case. I remember feeling much the same way about this film. I did really like the scene where Chandra gets whipped -- I picked it as one of my favorite ZFX whipping scenes in a year-end review back in December 2005. But I was lukewarm to the rest of the movie. I will say I liked Chandra's "look" in this one (ZFX fans know all too well that Chandra's "look" was a constantly moving target). In my view, this was probably her second sexiest appearance, looks-wise, topped only by her look in The Cheerleaders of Perilous U.


Sardu: Nice clip of that scene from the movie known only as Rape Night. If you discover the real title, you'll have to let us know.

Wednesday, December 10th 2008 - 05:30:11 PM

Name: Steve Power
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Jeff, I agree with your shoot what you are best at...and listen to input but don't let it alter your basic approach. I get a lot of customer funded shoots... but if I don't like the plot or the scenes I won't shoot it. There's still money to be made in bondage porn but the low hanging fruit is gone. People get bored with it and the amount of free porn blows away the commercial value to the masses. You are left with a group of fans and occassional viewers that specifically like your style.

People complain about the plastic dick used on my site all the time.....but the fact of the matter is....without that plastic dick.....that model wouldn't be doing the shoot because she isn't a porn star. Some of the gals will do hardcore with their boyfriend/husband but if his domination sucks....which it usually does.....I need to step in to save the scene.

You end up with a bizare mismatch of intent that either sells or it doesn't. One thing is for certain.....the cuter the model....the better it sells.

Split screen? The clips are selling quite long as that continues I'll keep using it. It is more work because you aren't just overlaying and sizing the are also cropping and panning in each of the windows. Anyone that's done any editing knows that is a bitch with a 3 camera shoot. I figure 4 hours of editing, rendering, file organizing....for each 10 minute segment of edited footage.

Heads up to gimpers....I'm giving a Christmas bonus to folks that are signed up as members on Christmas day.

Ho Ho Ho

Wednesday, December 10th 2008 - 08:12:53 PM

Name: zee-ef-ex

The Christmas lights graphic is great...

I think many are too harsh on self-indulgence. If a producer scratches his own itch, what's the harm? If people have like minds they'll follow him where he goes and pay up. If people don't like it, hey, at least he made himself happy.

In a way, criticizing self-indulgence is itself an expression of it. How many of you can honestly say you have never thought, "I don't get it. Why isn't there [____] type of porn out there, the kind of stuff that *I* would like? Hey, why didn't Steve or Dan do THIS next in the scene, instead of THAT?"

Everyone of us finds something lacking in existing porn, and if only *we* had our way, *we'd* do it better - right?

I know one of mine. If I won the lottery, I might try making some porn for the fun of it. I wouldn't care if people paid for it. The gap that *I* see is those websites with gorgeous young models like MET-Art -- I'd have them in bondage. I'd pay a lot of money to the models to get them in bondage.

To me it sounds like a no-brainer. You rarely see the young gorgeous girls in bondage. Surely it would be popular because ... well.. because *I* would love to see it, so therefore obviously everybody would, right?

But actually, no. There may be very little market for it at all ... and maybe that's why there is so little of it. I spend a lot of time on young hottie blogs, and you'd be surprised by the volume of negative comments when a young beauty is shown in bondage. Just as much as it is a turn on for us, it is a turn off for a lot of other otherwise healthfully porn-consuming people. You see blog comments like, "Wow! That girl is gorgeous. I was really digging her until those last few pictures where they showed her handcuffed. No one wants to see any of that stupid abuse stuff."

It takes all kinds. I don't think any of us will ever get the 100% porn that is just *perfect* for us. Unless we make it ouselves.

So I say this holiday season, let's tip a glass of cheer in the direction of people like Bill Zebub who are NOT afraid to scratch their own itch.


Wednesday, December 10th 2008 - 08:37:59 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Sloth: Great job on the review of Whiplash 2; thanks for sharing that with us. Like Canadian, I think the grade for this one is about right. I would probably go with a B or B- myself. The "Whiplash" series was a great concept but sort of uneven; 2 and 4 were the good ones, while 1 and 3 had a few good moments but mostly weren't that successful. I'll agree that Bryan Dunhill stole the show in this one, which isn't a bad thing because as a villain, he was about as good as they came. When Rick would let him cut loose and give a performance, he could be equally funny and scary at the same time. So naturally he was a good fit in this series, which was basically done with as a black comedy.

Funny thing about this movie. You praised the whipping scene at the end. I don't even remember a whipping scene at all. Of course, it's been a decade since I first saw it, but I didn't include the whipping scene in my highlights tape. I took Pamela's "examination" and subsequent bondage rape (which was really good, I thought) and Chandra's electrocution torture, which I thought was a lot of fun, too.

BTW, Chandra did look good as a redhead in this movie, but of all her looks, I think she was really sexy as a blonde (check out her early work in Fair Warning and The Necklace) and especially appealing in her brunette Cheerleaders of Peril U. period. And don't forget there was one ZFX movie where her hair changed color and grew three inches in between scenes! Seriously! Kinda threw me for a loop when I was watching it. That's what happens when try to edit together footage that was a shot a year apart.

Your review was added to the Reviews section under ZFX; direct link is in my Homepage URL above.

Wednesday, December 10th 2008 - 08:39:29 PM

Name: Jeff Gord
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Re: Steve Power Jeff, I agree with your shoot what you are best at...and listen to input but don't let it alter your basic approach. I get a lot of customer funded shoots... but if I don't like the plot or the scenes I won't shoot it.


You are left with a group of fans and occasional viewers that specifically like your style..

Yep, I listen to input from those commonly known as the loyalists who keep you going when all the one month'ers and one timers have vanished into the sunset: :-))

I have had requests for full custom shoots, but so far I haven't done them. I am so busy trying to build my own gear I just haven't got the time or inclination to do it.

It isn't about the money, and we have been offered some pretty hefty sums that I really cannot afford to turn down: But if I hadn't, I think the website and my loyalists would suffer, and that ain't fair after they have supported me for so long..

As I said previously, I could have made shitload more money over the years, but I have to ask myself; if I have betrayed my initial concept would my stuff be as interesting to my band of loyalists if I had taken a purely financial route?

However, if it is a theme that works for me and one that I feel will work for my clan of kink, they get their custom for free because I do it, and then give them a free-bee membership for a month when their idea goes live; - because then I can do it and get my jollies doing it as well :-)))

Okay, so now I am intrigued. Now I have just got to go and look at this "plastic dick"

:-)) Cheers


Wednesday, December 10th 2008 - 11:00:27 PM

Name: Scribbler

Well, sure, Cheers to moviemakers doing what they want!

Though this forum (besides posting what bondage/GIMP video material is out there and where to find it) has always included reviews, opinions, pros and cons, likes and dislikes, leading to agreements and disagreements. We all (individually) would like producers to make movies we'd (individually) really like, and avoid elements we (individually) don't like, so we tell them what those things are and see if anything results. Obviously there's (virtually) never a 100% consensus, though often times there's a majority view. Still, the minority view is also valid (to the minority). So what's a producer to do. Well, listen to me, the Scribbler, of course! That should be obvious!

You can't please all the people all the time, but if you please me, then you don't have to listen to me complain. I might even say job well done.

Split screen: Steve tells you it's more work, I say (and I've done lots of video and audio editing) it's a walk in the park. So who's right? Well, I am. But how easy or hard it is, how long it takes, is not really the issue to the viewer of the finished video. What matters to the viewer is does he/she like the video? Does it work for them for what they bought it for? If Steve makes a video with excessive split screen and I the viewer don't like it, Steve's movie is a failure. If Steve makes a video with excessive split screen and John Galt the viewer likes it, Steve's movie is a success. So what does this mean? Who's opinion is more important? Galt's or mine. Well, mine, cause this is my post!

But Steve would say John Galt's opinion and satisfaction is more important cause John is actually buying his movies, and Scribbler isn't. John has seen the actual movie and I've seen a 3x3 sample jpg of it. On one hand, that's certainly hard to argue with, except that this is my post and I personally feel I can tell a heck of a lot from a jpg.

So suffice it to say, moviemakers should make the movies they want to make and that's fine, but they should always consider the viewer cause movies are a form of communication, the moviemaker is "speaking" as the movie plays, and the viewer is "listening," or the moviemaker is "like a tree falling down in the forest" and the viewer is "actually there to hear the sound." So really, the moviemaker needs the least one! Though come to think of it, the moviemaker can be a viewer too, doesn't really need someone else to view movie. Can be moviemaker and viewer all in one. Hmmm. Nevermind, Do what you want.

On another note: if absolutely everyone on the planet liked all the same things, we'd all be huge "Love Boat" fans.

Wednesday, December 10th 2008 - 11:55:53 PM

Name: fred1737
E-mail address:

I love the new GIMP girl. Shes so festive. LOL

Thursday, December 11th 2008 - 12:43:01 AM

Name: John Galt

And John Galt says. . .

I watched The Love Boat because I thought Lauren Tewes was kind of hot. And so I was excited when Eyes of a Stranger was released starring her and it was the era of female stars doing unexpected nudity because of course I thought maybe it would be her "coming out" movie. Now, of course, I think of the movie as the one with that awesome apartment assault and bedroom rape scene (with a never-seen-again actress) and the movie where a young Jennifer Jason Leigh started (for me, at least) her stellar on-screen nudity career. And it's kind of "Lauren who...?"

And don't you think The Love Boat would have been much better if at least one of the lame weekly vignettes had focused on a BDSM relationship? Isaac could have roofied some hottie of the week for Gopher to follow around until she lost consciousness so he could strip and fondle her, before turning her over to Captain Stubing, for him to tie to the mast and lash. Doc could have "rescued" her and cleaned her cuts and welts and strapped her onto a gynecological examination table, feet up and legs spread wide. Then, Doc would have opened the door to Julie, dressed in a black bustier, black thigh-high stockings, stiletto heels, and a riding crop, who whacked the girl's crotch and then ate her out, after which Doc would strap her face down and bent over a standard examination table and fuck her in both holes before coming in her mouth or on her face, depending on whether or not she had a "no swallowing" clause in her contract. Possible split screen during the anal rape sequence. No fades and no slo-mo.

That particular week, I think the guest star should have been. . . Loni Anderson. Complete with her 80's feathered hair look. Then who wouldn't be a Love Boat fan?

Of course, the theme song would need to be changed from And Love/Won't hurt anymore,/It's an open smile,/On a friendly shore to maybe And Love/Hurts even more,/It's a wicked smile,/On a brutal shore. As an added bonus, it would also represent truth in advertising, you know, as far as "love" goes.

Thursday, December 11th 2008 - 01:09:15 AM

Name: boilerplant

I too like the the festive covergirl. Now your having lots of bondage with Christmas Lights. I was sort of figuring that she would be assaulted by a candy cane but still this was well thought out.

Thursday, December 11th 2008 - 02:22:06 AM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

John Galt's reimagining of the Love Boat would have been particularly effective if it had included a touching reunion of some of the Gilligan's Island cast for a gang rape scene. I'm thinking of Tina Louise tied down to a bed in one of the cabins and getting tapped by Alan Hale Jr. and Russell Johnson. Also joining in the fun, of course, would be Isaac, who finishes up with his usual shit-eating smile and a big thumb's up.

Thursday, December 11th 2008 - 03:18:01 AM

Name: Scribbler

Yes, yes! You guys are geniuses! And Loni Anderson would get her tits savagely squeezed by Doc, who would reveal that he's really Siegfried, high ranking dude of Kaos, as he binds her tits in super tight breast bondage, and tells her everyone on board works for Kaos and Loni is doomed, and then the boat shipwrecks on this island and crew discovers Whitman putting a bound-on-a-rack Tina Louise in a super tight hemp crotchrope and Dawn Well's is nearby, suspended upsidedown over coconut cream pie and Gilligan walking around confused saying he thought his name was Dobie, and helicopters, planes, and space capsules are flying around trying to find the island, but it keeps disappearing cause Evangeline Lilly is on the other side of the island pressing this button that says send for help but really is relocating the island all over the globe and then she's grabbed by headhunters and a guy in a gorilla suit, stripped and fingered in rough fashion, and the gorilla holds a plastic dildo by his crotch and proceeds to ram her but good, and then Pamela Anderson is storming down the beach in red one-piece and demands to know where her sister Loni Anderson is, but it doesn't matter that they're not sisters cause then Motley Crue (sans Tommy) chases her down and they tie her to a lifeguard house saying now it's their turn, and...

....meanwhile Whitman is now walking Tina Louise along the ocean shore over shells, rough pebbles and jellyfish, leading her by yanking every so often on the tightest crotchrope ever, man is she red from soreness, and Loni is being led by Siegfried yanking on her breast bondage rope and somewhere back by the huts Gilligan is eating Dawn Well's pie and, then Kym Johnson and Brooke Burke appear out of the forest in their ballroom dresses, sans their dancing partners, and say I think we're lost, and are immediately surrounded by Ben Linus and others of "the others" who in a circle close in on the dancers, reaching out to them and start to pull at their clothes, and Brooke Burke is pleading "but I won the trophy" and the others pull out plastic dildos, hold them by their crotches and say that's not all you're gonna win and then they start crudely singing Galt's new Love Boat theme song and ...

Well, all I can say is we could use some good TV like that.

Thursday, December 11th 2008 - 07:01:43 AM

Name: TARL
Homepage URL:

Hello guys,

Please look into Jack Ketchums "Evil" aka "The Girl Next Door". Great scenes. I mean, you can add in database.

The next tip: "Dr. Moreau´s House of Pain" - place one in my private "Hall of Shame" - never I have see so bad "bondage" and "rack" -scenes.

That´s enough for today.

Greets and have fun TARL

Thursday, December 11th 2008 - 07:22:44 AM

Name: Brutus

OK, what the hell is going on here?! Have you guys totally lost your minds? I've seen some low points on this board, but this is the worst. I mean, seriously, how can you talk about Love Boat GIMP scenes without having Charo and that huge pie-hole of hers either ball-gagged or having Isaac shoving his dick down her throat to prevent her from singing? And considering the crossover on TV shows in those days, I'd have Tattoo (no offense Ralphus) in a "special guest appearance" throwing darts at Charo's naked butt while she's strapped down over the captain's table.

As a side plot, I'd have a totally stoned Lauren Tewes giving the old strap-on dildo treatment to a frog-tied Barbi Benton with Gopher barking orders in the background.

Now that would be a ratings bonanza.


Sloth wrote: I never thought I would view a ZFX effort where I'm watching chicks in various states of undress, bondage and torment and see the show stolen by Bryan Dunhill.

Mr. Dunhill certainly has that ability. I also thought he stole the show in Cheerleaders, Vikki Fixx, Rage Against the Machine, the Reporter, etc. But the great thing about the way he hams it up is that his wisecracks and insanity are generally made at the expense of the lovely victim. I wonder how much of his stuff was ad-libbed. Anyhow, thanks for the review. And for what it's worth, I agree with your grade.

Thursday, December 11th 2008 - 08:38:02 AM

Name: Brutus

Wow. I certainly killed that thread. For something different, here's a review of one of the Attackers films now available at Video Mayhem.


I sometimes hear complaints about Japanese victims in Attackers movies who just squeal "iya iya" and seemingly accept their fate. (Actually those were probably my complaints.) JB-074 offers something a bit different: A hot-tempered woman who pretty much fights to the bitter end. Silly woman. Her nemesis is Randa Mai.

There's something else different at the start of this movie. Randa, the shades-wearing scoundrel who has gleefully tortured countless women in Attackers movies, is comforting a woman who has taken ill at the dinner table. They leave the room, with the woman's daughter, played by the very hot Syuri Himesaki, now by herself. Syuri is a bit psychotic. She obviously hates her mother and her stepfather (Randa), and it's implied that she poisoned mom's food.

With mother asleep, Syuri sneaks in the bedroom, douses a hanky with liquid (chloroform?) and places it over mom's mouth. She then lifts up mom's nightie, removes her red panties, and with an evil smile injects some liquid up mom with a syringe. She hears footsteps and flees, but leaves the hanky over mom's mouth.

After another weird dinner scene, Syuri, seemingly in slow-motion, notices mom is holding the hanky. Her mother is a meek woman who is obviously terrified of the daughter. And it seems the liquid injection has made her arms numb. Syuri then lunges at mom with a knife, but Randa, that lovable romantic devil, saves the day.

And now Randa puts the "fun" in "dysfunctional family."

Syuri is tied fully clothed to a chair, rope over and under her breasts, arms behind her back, and her ankles tied to the chair's legs. And she's really pissed off. She tells Randa to die and that she's running things in the house. She's got a great look to her in this position: a truly stuck-up, hot-headed bitch with no respect at all for authority. She angrily denies the hanky is hers and tell Randa to basically "shut the fuck up." I didn't understand everything she yelled at him, but hers were not the words of a "proper" Japanese woman. There's also a rather amusing spitting contest between the two.

But Randa obviously has the upper hand. Act like a child, will ya? Well he treats her like a child by first doing the pig-nose thing with her face. He handgags her but she still hurls insults at him. So he licks her eyeball, which pisses her off further. That eye-opening experience is followed by nose hooks, which spark true outrage in Syuri. She pants and grunts in pain as he licks her nostrils. Then he gives her a few slaps on the face for good measure.

Randa has had about enough of Syuri's mouth. He grabs a hanky and jams it in good. He then examines her nostrils with a flashlight, slaps her a couple of more times and removes the gag so she can confess. She spits at him instead.

So he rips open her blouse and pulls down her white bra a bit, revealing her nipples, shoves the hanky in her mouth, and continues the examination of her nostrils and eyeballs, looking for evidence perhaps?

He pulls up her skirt and tears her white panties to shreds. A brown piece of tape is placed on her pubes and he yanks it off as she screams through the gag. Syuri still doesn't understand the sticky situation she's in because after her gag is removed, she increases the volume of her tirade against Randa, her eyes filled with pure hatred.

Randa literally grabs her nasty tongue and tries to force her to salivate into a glass. She screams, "What the fuck for?" Good question. With her reluctant to play along, Randa jams the hanky in her mouth again and later removes it to try and extract some saliva with a syringe (no needle) in a truly great battle.

Our hero stepfather is determined to get some saliva. He shoves two tampons into Syuri's mouth and holds her mouth shut with the strings hanging out. Then they are shoved up her snatch as she screams bloody murder. With the tampons fully absorbed with her juices, he puts them back in her mouth so she can taste her nectar. The scene ends with Syuri panting and sobbing in anger and humiliation.

Randa now has her tied up in traditional style with her arms behind her back, and a rope attached to the ceiling. She is still clothed, but her nipples are slightly exposed.

And she remains pissed off. Since her legs aren't tied, she tries to kick Randa but with minimal success. Finally her skirt drops off and she kicks at Randa some more. Randa pulls out a cat o nine tails and whips her legs. Man she's feisty. She still fights him and her eyeballs bulge, daring him to do his worst.

Out comes the bullwhip, which stings her a bit more than the cat. As he hits her, she charges like a rabid animal. Although the bullwhip seems to wear her down, she's still fighting and screaming. (Warning: You might want to turn the volume down or else your neighbors may think some serious domestic violence is going on at your place.)

After more whipping and hair pulling, Syuri still won't confess. Randa lights a couple of candles for a quiet dinner where he and stepdaughter can get to know each other a bit better. Just kidding. He covers her legs in wax, then her back and ass in between whippings. She's more or less retreating now because of the pain, yet still remains defiant.

Randa puts a paper bag over her head and tapes it in place around her neck. The whipping continues, including on the bag. It's an excellent scene, with Randa sneaking around to lash her from unknown-to-her angles. A couple of lashes even make her stagger like a boxer getting hit flush in the jaw. Randa rips the bag off and it looks like Syuri may be ready to confess, accept her place in the family and treat her stepfather with respect. But no. She tries to kick him again.

Syuri's now straddled on a triangular horse, with the same ropework. Randa wisely cuts off her bra to reveal a nice pair of natural tits. He pats her pussy a few times. And she remains defiant.

Randa's next instrument of torture is a rope with at least 25 clothespins attached. They are placed on her tits and midriff. Wait. Is Syuri crying? Yes she is. Tears are rolling down her cheeks. She knows this will hurt. And it sure does. Randa yanks the rope off, with the last clothespin stubbornly staying on her right nipple, and slaps the crying Syuri a few times. Randa asks her why she is treating her mother that way. No answer. Just sobs.

A noose is put around her neck and he chokes her a bit, but she still won't confess. So out comes the taser. He zaps her tits a couple of times, and now there's fear in Syuri's eyes. She has been broken and she whimpers her guilt. Not so tough after all, huh?

Syuri is next tied to a water wheel in a pool, pleading with Randa not to hurt her. I guess she wishes she had given him the saliva sample now.

Randa dunks her head under a few times and we get some underwater shots. After a few spins of the wheel, Randa pulls out the syringe that Syuri had used on mom. Syuri cries in panic as Randa injects her pussy with the dark goo. He leaves her half submerged, a sobbing quivering mess.

Syuri Himesaki is the reason JB-074 works. She's attractive, obnoxious, rude and has a lofty opinion of herself. Oh yeah, she also poisoned her mother. You don't really need to understand Japanese to see that she's a real bitch and totally deserves what's coming to her. She really sells her scenes.

Unfortunately, the movie loses its lustre after she's broken. Another problem (for me at least) is the lack of gagging for that filthy mouth. And there's no on-screen tying, which could have made for some innovative battles between her and Randa.

Still, for those who like the combative types and interrogation scenes (albeit in a home setting), this movie may be worth checking out. It's a movie in which a woman is brutally tortured, and the viewer can truly feel good about what's happening to her.

My grade: A solid B


Thursday, December 11th 2008 - 05:06:45 PM

Name: dacone

Just want to say that I have been a daily " lurker " on this forum for several years. I do not have the verbosity or eloquence of a John Galt or Canadian or Brutus or Sloth and especially Ralphus or many others but I enjoy everybodies contributions and view points ( altho Canadian I must have gags in my porn - OTM or tape ). Maybe if I were smarter or more intelectually inclined I could contribute, but alas I am not. Just a one time thankyou from a devotee. Please keep up the stimulating dialog

Thursday, December 11th 2008 - 05:22:31 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Brutus: Thanks for the great review of Attackers JBD-074. I've been curious about this title but so far have only seen the trailer. I'm now thinking I should see the whole thing. In the trailer, the part where Randa has the paper bag over Syuri's head and is whipping her head looks very amusing.

I'm pleased to hear Syuri puts up a fight in this movie, at least for the most part. I think Randa is at his best when his victim is resisting.

Unfortunately, I can't pretend to be excited about the eyeball licking business. Really, who wants to see that?


dacone: Thanks for your feedback. For what it's worth, I hope you can be convinced to continue posting, as I think hearing from a range of GIMPers is what makes the board entertaining. It isn't necessary to go on at great length -- long posts, short ones, and those that fall somewhere in the middle are all important contributions.


TARL: I agree The Girl Next Door should be part of the official record although it doesn't work at all for me as a GIMP film. I actually found it too compelling as a drama -- I was so depressed by what was happening to that girl that I couldn't get aroused by the bondage or torture stuff. From a GIMP perspective, I prefer the silliness of something like Hostel: Part 2.

Thursday, December 11th 2008 - 06:09:14 PM

Name: John Galt

Brutus: Holy cow, that Attacker flick sounds pretty good. That is an especially thorough review. I like the idea of a combative victim. This one is going on my Wish List. Thanks.

* * * * *

dacone: What A Canadian said. No need for length or eloquence. Just a day or so ago I posted a simple one-liner complimenting Scribbler on the Christmas graphic. And did he say thank you? No, instead he ragged on my fondness for the split screen in Powershotz videos.

But you know? I'm over that now. I think I forgot all about it as I was visualizing Gilligan eating Dawn Wells' pie, and thinking that I wouldn't have minded having a slice of that myself, back in the day.

Thursday, December 11th 2008 - 07:47:04 PM

Name: Thanagar
Homepage URL:,0,5310709.story

Bettie Page is gone. R.I.P.

Thursday, December 11th 2008 - 07:55:09 PM

Name: John Galt

Thanagar wrote: Bettie Page is gone. R.I.P.

* * * * *

The 85-year old Bettie Page might be dead, tragically, but the raven-haired vixen with the bangs, the bodacious body, and the inimitable attitude will live forever. It is quite the legacy.

Thursday, December 11th 2008 - 08:20:47 PM

Name: Vince

It's sad to know that Bettie Page has passed away.

In all seriousness and sincerity, I think she was a sexual revolutionary who made our pasttime more acceptable.

Rest in peace Bettie. You were a woman whom I loved as well as lusted for.

Thursday, December 11th 2008 - 09:18:47 PM

Name: Dan Hawke
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:


I just wanted to note the The Girl Next Door was also filmed from the source material as "An American Crime" with Ellen Page in the title role.

I haven't seen Girl Next Door, but the reviews seem to indicate that it is a more gratuitous and less well made version of the material. An American Crime was a pretty good movie and though there was some bondage and other elements in it, I didn't focus on the erotic aspect of the film. It was a bit too depressing, especially since it was based on real life events that happened to a young girl at a time when young girls were much more innocent than those raised in later decades. Also Ellen Page is such a good actress that you empathize with her far too much to focus on GIMP content -- at least in my case.

Given the chance I will watch or skim the Girl Next Door. Having already seen the (most likely) "better" version of the film, perhaps I will be able to get into it on a GIMP level. However I suspect the overall film and its themes will render erotic thoughts moot.

As to Ellen Page she is a fabulous actress and one to watch. I suggest a viewing of "Hard Candy". GIMP themes in that one too, but no GIMPer will like it as eroticism (I'm 99% certain). It isn't a perfect film, but it is a fascinating flick to watch and about as edgy as any film I've seen. Ellen's performance is great in it.


Thursday, December 11th 2008 - 09:40:42 PM

Name: Plebeian

R.I.P. Bettie Page. You live forever in your images. Time is the ultimate mistress, and she will be obeyed. Let us all live the love in our hearts, irrespective of the perversions in our minds.


Thursday, December 11th 2008 - 09:45:46 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Hi guys.

I'm a little bit down tonight. Bettie Page...gosh, I knew she was sick before, but it still hurts knowing she's gone. I guess everybody has to go sometime, and she lived a long life, but still, I'm quite sad right now. I think nearly everybody who saw her pictures had to be a bit touched by her. She was the all-American girl next door, but still with a kinky side to her. Seeing a wholesome girl like that tied up in ropes and doubt that was part of her appeal. If there ever was a pioneer in bondage erotica, she has to be the one. She was truly an American icon. I miss her already.

Thanks to Scribbler for his assistance in getting the tribute pics up on the board so quickly tonight, with YouTied being down.

Thursday, December 11th 2008 - 09:51:50 PM

Name: dacone
E-mail address:

Just so you know where I'm coming from, I like my women tied and gagged - but with a minimum of rope (ankles and wrist) and a tape or over the mouth gag (naked of course ). That's just me. See my submissions to YouTied if it ever gets back up. Most are rated 4+. My point being is that most of your postings don't apply to me but they are always entertaining and insightful and in some instances have lead me to very good web places. John Galt and Ralphus and Canadian and Brutus and Sloth just to name a few are very insightful and intellectually stimulating. While only a "lurker " for a long time - please keep up the good work.

Thursday, December 11th 2008 - 10:33:42 PM

Name: Dr Yuya

Hello again everyone. Just dropping by because I know this site has a direct link to VM and I just tried to place an order there. But they didn't ask me for any credit card info this time around...what gives?

Thursday, December 11th 2008 - 10:33:51 PM

Name: TARL
Homepage URL:

Hmmm... sorry. I had looked under E for "Evil"... later I have see under G "The Girl Next Door".

Thursday, December 11th 2008 - 10:35:11 PM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:

1) the link to the picture of Tina Louis is down

2) Gilligan would have been saying that he was "Maynard", not "Dobie". Geez!

Love the Love Boat ideas.

Friday, December 12th 2008 - 12:46:08 AM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Dr. Yuya: Welcome back. Here's the explanation about the Video Mayhem payment system straight from the VM site:

We have updated our Payment System to better serve our customers and keep our low prices. We now only except checks, money orders, and cash. Your order will still be shipped within 3 business days. Thank you for your understanding.


jhlipton: Funny, the Tina Louise link works OK for me. Not that it matters much -- there was nothing special about the photo. I just felt like including a photo with my post yesterday morning to support my Love Boat suggestion.

Friday, December 12th 2008 - 03:17:32 AM

Name: TARL
Homepage URL:

Hello guys,

I have a new tip:

"Broken" with Nadja Brand, Eric Colvin and Atesh Salih.

A girl is as slavegirl in a wood, chained on trees, raped and so on, later with a second girl. Almost the complete movie play in the wood and round 70 min. scene on scene. The film is after a real story maked. Very good film.

greets TARL

Friday, December 12th 2008 - 04:35:30 AM

Name: Sloth
E-mail address:

Mornin All

So sad about Bettie Page - to keep her memory alive simply pull out the old Playboy mag and gander at the joke page with the femline in black stockings and gloves as that was modeled entirely from Bettie's early shoots with Hefner - alive on the forum forever.

What a forum, nothing is sacred - trashing TV icons such as "Love Boat" and "Gilligan's Island" - yes, a new low even for us - but as we're on the subject does anyone remember that episode of "Happy Days" where Fonzie, Richie, Malph and Potsie stretch a naked Leather Tuscadero on the rack and alternate between tapping and torture? - anyone?.........anyone?

Dr Yuya - good to see you back - as A Canadian states the ordering at Video Mayhem is really easy as you simply send out a payment via mail to the listed address - since the new system was installed I've placed several orders and there is no problem thus far.

Brutus - thanks for the review and that sounds like my kind of flick - Randa seems to take such glee when they're defiant, no?

dacone - thanks for the kind words - most simply refer to me as long winded rather than eloquent - but please do keep up the flattery :)

TARL - based on your screen name may we assume that is in reference to Tarl Cabot of the "Gor" series? - if so, that's inspired - I've seen only snippets from "Broken" - is that the work where the mother and young daughter awake in the woods at the mercy of some whack job? - I've wondered what sort of torments are administered.

Better get to VM for another round.

Stay Well All

Friday, December 12th 2008 - 05:30:14 AM

Name: TARL

Hei sloth, yes that is the story, but the daughter you see only to begin and in the old house at end of the movie. The rest of your comment I not understand in moment - my english is too bad, but i will look for a dictionary and translate later *smile*...

And today evening I or Roald Dahl (the groupowner) will post in the group a lot of pics from "Broken" - I mean... hmmm... round 140.

Best regards TARL - inspirated from Gor :o)

p.s. what is VM?

Friday, December 12th 2008 - 07:51:50 AM

Name: VM
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

TARL: VM is video Mayhem.

Friday, December 12th 2008 - 10:46:08 AM

Name: Dr Yuya

Hmm, well the problem with me paying with check or Money order is that my wife will be able to track it a little easier.

She works at the bank we go to after all, and only under the most well planned ruses can I even order things online without her knowing what they are. In this case I'm telling her that I am doing a little Christmas shopping for her online, which has the added bonus of me being able to suggest she not snoop around with it too much. In truth the item I'm supposedly "buying for her online" I already bought at the store and have it wrapped and ready to put under the tree, which I will do in about 3-4 days when I can safely and reasonably tell her that the package was delivered. Yeah I'm despicable I know but what other option do I have? She's like a bloodhound when it comes to these things!

So it goes without saying involving a check, which would be written to Video Mayhem while the gift I'm supposedly giving her is the Twilight BOOK series, would screw this plan all up. Looks like I'll have to find another good site to spend 20-30 dollars at so as not to let this opportunity go to waste.

Friday, December 12th 2008 - 10:49:32 AM

Name: TARL

Thanks for the info - VM. I will look inside. :o)

And the last tip for today: "Broken 2" - a girl is trapped, sit for long time in a cage. With a little bit nailtorture and so one... pics in the next time in group. Greets and good night TARL

Friday, December 12th 2008 - 11:04:39 AM

Name: Bill Zebub
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Regarding the fellow who wants to hide his purchases from his wife - go to the post office and get a postal money order. Two great things about that is that it only costs you a quarter or two, and if you make it out to VM's personal name, he can go to any post office and instantly cash it. Just a suggestion.

And if I hadn't posted this info, BREAKING HER WILL is 97 minutes long.

Friday, December 12th 2008 - 12:02:16 PM

Name: dacone
E-mail address:

Sloth - you are just part of the frosting on the cake. There are many more great posters in this forum. I especially like the producers such as Steve Power and his compatriots who give us insights into the process. And I used to think it was so simple to just grab a girl and make her naked and bound and gagged! What a simple minded idiot I was/am.

Friday, December 12th 2008 - 01:35:58 PM

Name: VM
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Yes, checks and money orders can be made out to VM or LP.

Friday, December 12th 2008 - 02:51:02 PM

Name: Brutus

That's truly sad news about the immortal Bettie Page. Her work was one of the reasons I realized that this fetish of mine was not so rare or new. R.I.P.


dacone wrote: I must have gags in my porn - OTM or tape

I also need gags in porn, but I actually don't care much for OTM gags. They often look like they could easily slip off or they don't really silence the victim enough, unless there's some serious packing involved.

I recognized your name from YouTied, but it's been so long since that site was working that I can't recall the clips you posted. It's nice that you have come out of lurker mode. In fact, you are the first person in the history of this planet to call me "intellectually stimulating." I wanna show my wife your post just to prove all her theories about me are wrong. Thanks!


Sloth wrote: ... does anyone remember that episode of "Happy Days" where Fonzie, Richie, Malph and Potsie stretch a naked Leather Tuscadero on the rack and alternate between tapping and torture?

I preferred the scene with Pinky Tuscadero tied to her motorcycle and Chachi whipping the crap out of her with that stupid grin of his.


TARL: Thanks for the info on "Broken." That movie has long had my interest.


Dr Yuya: How do you hide the actual deliveries from your wife? BTW, based on my own experiences, I think the chances of your wife eventually finding out about your orders are about 99.5%, no matter what precautions you take :-)

Friday, December 12th 2008 - 06:27:08 PM

Name: Steve Power
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Homepage URL:

Dacone....That's the is easy to tie up a chick and videotape it. Amateur porn is a major competitor. Commercials are coming. It'll be the only way to get revenue when everything is free. Producers can't make this stuff without a profit. Gutsy advertisers will stick their toe in the water and start profiting from porn soon. Alcohol tobacco and firearms will be the first....add drugs to that mix. I wouldn't expect any Martha Stewart ads.....although she may be a customer.

Whoever said doing fades is tougher than three camera split screen has their head up their ass. Each of the three windows fades in and out....their sizes change dynamically and there is zoom and pan going on in each window. Try triple the workload verses straight fades between views.

Friday, December 12th 2008 - 07:24:12 PM

Name: A Canadian

Brutus wrote:

I preferred the scene with Pinky Tuscadero tied to her motorcycle and Chachi whipping the crap out of her with that stupid grin of his.

That was a good one. Unfortunately, Happy Days jumped the shark in that stupid episode where Laverne and Shirley showed up and tied Potsie to the rack.

Friday, December 12th 2008 - 07:34:51 PM

Name: VM
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Not sure how someone's wife/gf would track your postal money orders?

Friday, December 12th 2008 - 09:11:34 PM

Name: Ralphus
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Homepage URL:

Boy, the board is hopping. So many topics, so little time to cover them before I have to get to bed to go back to work tomorrow morning. Where to begin?

The Love Boat meets Gilligan's Island meets Happy Days Bondage and Rape Scenarios: You guys have a lot of imagination. All I can say is that your ideas are a helluva lot better than anything those professional TV writers ever came up with. And they made thousands of dollars churning out that other crap. I envision a new TV channel of the future: GIMP TV. Why the hell not, man? You already have your Spice Channel, this is just taking it up the next step. Next month we won't have the Republicans getting in the way, so why not go for it? This would be Change We Can Truly Believe In. I want my GIMP TV!


Brutus: I really enjoyed your review of Attackers JB-074. As always, fun to read and loaded with your little witty observations commenting on the goings-on. It sounds like fun, since she's a bitch and has it coming, but it's interesting that you said the film lost its momentum after she was broken. I'm not so sure I like feisty victims. I don't mind a little fight at the beginning, but if you're torturing her and she gets mad and fights back, and then keeps on fighting back, that's not cool for me.

Women should learn to be victims and deal with it. I only want screaming and crying (especially crying), and enough of the anger. Fighting back is futile, and it's annoying, too. I shouldn't have to worry about some bitch trying to kick me if I'm laying into her with a bullwhip. If she does that, I tie her ankles together so she can't. If she spits at me, I gag her extra tightly and put an end to that nonsense right now. And then I torture her harder because she pissed me off. She needs to learn her place.

The direct link for your review is in my Homepage URL; there's also a link in there for some stills from the Attackers website.


Dacone: Welcome to the board, and good to see you're not going to be a one-time poster because you've already posted 3 times now. Coming out of the lurking closet for the first time is hard, but there no reason to stop now; you're on a roll and already discovered that people do respond to your posts when you make the effort. Lurking is for losers anyway; you want to be one of the cool ones, right?

BTW, I'm with Brutus. OTM gags may look good, but they're pretty ineffective at keeping a girl quiet. You would need lots of packing and pull that thing over her mouth super tight to make it work. And if I did that, I'd probably go over top of it with a several feet of tape wrapped around her head for good measure. You can never gag a chick too much. Most OTM gags (and cleave gags) you see in movies and TV are ceremonial at best and don't really do the job. And yet you see them so often. Most directors don't really get it; they're more concerned about silly things like story to pay much attention to important stuff like how well she's bound and gagged.


TARL: I like your Yahoo group and I'm a member. Thanks for the tips on the mainstream movies. We've actually had a lot of discussion and also have a couple of reviews for The Girl Next Door (I'm linking mine, but Vince wrote one also that was not as complimentary). There's also a review in the database for Broken. Not a lot of details there, but it sounds GIMP-worthy.


Dan Hawke: I haven't seen An American Crime yet, but I doubt it's the "better" version of the story. GND was a great film, maybe not for everyone (and maybe not even for GIMPers) but it's one you shouldn't watch in fast-forward for 10 minutes like you did with CUT. It's too good a film for that. In fact, it won 2 Ralphus Awards last year in our annual Year-End Wrap up (December 30, 2007), including Best Mainstream Movie of the Year.

Friday, December 12th 2008 - 09:24:19 PM

Name: VM
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With regards to Attacker films the next update (few days), will include new titles: Attackers RB#130, 131 and 133. Also ATID#141. Also Shark#347 and 348.

Will also be adding AVGL#102 from Attackers.

Friday, December 12th 2008 - 09:30:54 PM

Name: Jeff Gord
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Re Steve

The advertisers have already done it. About ten years ago there were a series of great bottled water adverts in UK, (that quickly vanished) and they always had two gorgeous chicks in net hose, mini-skirts and calf boot plus tight tank top trying to steal the secret of the water company (I forget the name) Anyway, they always got captured by a SWAT style company goon squad and whisked away, in bondage.

The bondage scenes were carbon copies of Bob Bishop's Fanny Hall, right down to the one that had two bound chicks side by side in a helicopter with full head harness-ball gags, bound and cinched from head to foot with straps.

But it's going to take a while before the puritanical bullshit of Bush, Ashcroft and Gonzales, and its over-spill to UK through Blair goes the way of the Do Do and reason returns.

But I think you are right in your projection. Something like that has to happen otherwise the whole adult production will eventually implode due to the pressures created by the dimwits thinking it is so smart to steal and make it all free in their ideal Utopian internet world: - a world that cannot exist in reality due to cost of production.



Friday, December 12th 2008 - 10:17:18 PM

Name: TARL
Homepage URL:

Thanks Ralphus. Nice that you are like my little group. An offer to you: the pics from the movie albums come from my own collection of original dvd´s. I have the films here at home. If you need a text about the contents of a film for your database, please tell me the title and I will make you a review. Give me a mail address and I will send you. Later you must only the text to correct in a good english and post. If you need pics to the review - I can send you. The pics normally I format in jpeg with round 1000x500 and 350 kbits. Greets TARL

Friday, December 12th 2008 - 10:20:47 PM

Name: Scribbler

Whoever said doing fades is tougher than three camera split screen has their head up their ass.

Well Steve, before I can defend myself, we need to get terminology correct first. Cause what you call fades, real video editors all cuts, and I would rather use the correct term. Cuts are immediate, fades are gradual. Fade to black would be over a duration of time, the video gradually goes to black. Fade to white would be over a duration of time, the video gradually goes to white. Fading one video track out while another fades in is called a dissolve. A cut, unlike a fade, is an instant change from one clip to the next. So that's clear now, yes? If not, try google.

So I said cutting takes longer (didn't say tougher) than split screen. Specifically said cutting takes longer than setting up a split screen to avoid having to cut. Didn't say that you specifically were using split screen for that reason, just said that if a producer chose to use split screen, and let both video tracks run in sync, and didn't do any cutting, I expressed that I could understand the time saving rationale for this. Not the aesthetic reason, just the time saving. However, if you're using split screen, but also doing the same amount of cutting of your video tracks as you, well let's not say you, as a real video editor would do when not using split screen, than that's a whole other ball of wax. Cause one would still be cut editing, and that takes time.

So you have your terminology up your ass, you're mistaken about what I was talking about up your ass, and poop all over your face. :)

Each of the three windows fades in and out....their sizes change dynamically and there is zoom and pan going on in each window. Try triple the workload verses straight fades between views.

Wow, you're doing all that and still have bad camera wandering shots. You're cutting (or are you actually fading gradually all the time), and zooming and panning and still get comments from actual viewer: "He could probably find a way to keep the image centered better in both windows, and if that proves impossible, just pick one." So you're panning and zooming and purposely making it so viewers don't feel the image is centered well. Interesting creative choice. Or you're not doing it on purpose, and the panning and zooming isn't helping much if at all.

"And sometimes the camera wanders." You're cutting, but still showing bad camera wandering shots. Another interesting choice. Most editors I know who spend "triple the workload" editing have the uncanny ability to cut the bad shots. Bad shots are surprisingly easy to spot and get rid of. Hey, I know, maybe the camera shot was good, and your creative zooming and panning makes it "look" like the camera's wandering. Something an editor that knows what he's doing and doesn't have his "head up their ass" would know how to avoid :)

But I go back to what I said before. It doesn't matter how short or long it takes, how hard it is (not that anything your describing is hard), it doesn't matter if one is standing on their head while doing it, watching the whole thing upside down. What matters is does the movie work? If what you do works for you, and for all or some of your buyers, then great. Have at it. Just don't think you can blow smoke and actual video editors are going to fall for it. Getting the terminology right might help though.

(I'll also say, yes I know that there's no requirement in porn to know video terminology, or to be any good at editing. And some amateur stuff is quite good. Just thought I'd add that, no real reason.)


John Galt: You're right. I should thank people when they compliment my pictures. Though I did refer to you and A Canadian as geniuses without any prompting, so that's something.


I too am tired of the split screen topic. I wouldn't have said a thing more about it if not for the "head up their ass crack." I mean "head up their ass" crack. :)

Friday, December 12th 2008 - 07:26:56 PM

Name: Scribbler

X-mas graphic: Thanks to all who have acknowledged the xmas girl. I'm still likely to do the candy-cane someone suggested. This one has gotten the most response, which is nice cause the lights took some experimenting. I'm still not sure how I'm going to do fireworks on New Years.

Betty Page: I've always loved Betty Page. And I hope there really is an afterlife and she's having a blast over there, and that it makes up for some of the crap she had to go through while here. And if she didn't know before, I hope she knows now what a huge impact she's had on so many adorers of beauty and fetish and fun, and that she's missed, never to be forgotten. Hopefully, we'll all get to hang out with her in the afterlife someday, and I hope I don't get too starstruck that I can't talk clearly.

Friday, December 12th 2008 - 10:50:22 PM

Name: John Galt

Scribbler: Yes, you did refer to A Canadian and me as geniuses, so that was nice. I could point out that I was the one who made the candy cane Christmas graphic suggestion, but then I would also probably have to point out that I was also the reviewer whose camera comments you used to whack Steve just now. My god I talk a lot.

I did enjoy the head up their ass crack clarification. This is such a fun forum to read.

And holy cow did your Love Boat comment spawn an interesting thread. This is definitely a fun forum to read.

* * * * *

Ralphus: I, too, want my GIMP TV. You know, overt bondage snuck into mainstream comics with Wonder Woman, years and years ago. The book lost a lot of its BDSM undertones over the years, except for an incredible series of painted covers for The NEW Wonder Woman in, I think it was, the late 60s, after the death of Steve Trevor when Diana Prince renounced her powers and stopped wearing the star-spangled costume and took to form-fitting jumpsuits a la Diana Rigg's Mrs Peel in The Avengers.


But anyway, as I was saying, maybe a new, updated-but-kind-of-retro Wonder Woman TV series that was more faithful to the original BDSM-themed comic could make a comeback. She would need to be played by an actress with an Angelina Jolie-type physique, so when she has her arms tied to her sides with ropes around her torso, her ample breasts would bulge out even more. And of course she would always have her "lasso of truth" which she would use, oddly enough, only on female villains, the girlfriends, wives, and (female) lovers of male villains, or other hot female guest stars. (And in addition to making the roped person tell the truth, it could also force them to repeated and possibly painful orgasm. I'm going off-canon, here, of course. We could only to this if it was an HBO or Showtime original series.)

But this could be the TV series that brings BDSM to the mainstream. And then once America got used to it, we could launch GIMP TV. And although I hate reality TV, I might be persuaded to watch BDSM-themed reality TV. It's kind of what the BDSM pay sites are offering now. Especially's The Story of O, where a bondage model submits to abuse for, like, a week. And maybe Gabriela could host her own show.

Imagine the possibilities. We would have to deal with the Christian Crazies and radical feminists (i.e., those who don't like getting their kink on), of course. We could shoot the former and force the latter into sexual bondage until they saw the error of their ways.

(I'm sorry. That really was kind of harsh and uncalled-for. Okay, then maybe just regular bondage instead of sexual bondage.)

Saturday, December 13th 2008 - 06:22:01 AM

Name: MAV
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:


Those of you who are also fans of the Zen Japanese non-nudity action/torture flicks, can anyone (Dr Yuya?) tell me where I might be able to get the above movie (or the torture scene at least) on download or working (for North America) DVD? Unfortunately the Zen pictures site doesnt have either option. The real trailer link is below, as there is a coding error on the Zen website:

Saturday, December 13th 2008 - 10:37:19 AM

Name: MAV
E-mail address:

Hey GIMPers,

I was finally able to track down an electro torture scene from a telenovela Ladron de Corazones. Once youtied comes back ill post clips but for now i hope these images are a good preview:

Most or all of the torture is shown in shadow but Lorena Rojas is freakin hot, so I'll take what I can get.

Saturday, December 13th 2008 - 11:20:01 AM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

ZFX update: I haven't seen anything posted on Video Mayhem yet, but the December ZFX releases on DVD are four of the Gangland movies, starring Kerri Downs and others.

Saturday, December 13th 2008 - 12:52:18 PM

Name: Dr Yuya

MAV, unfortunately, if you can't even get it on the Zen site itself your chances of getting it anywhere else are slim. At least I personally don't know of any better site to get the stuff. Sometimes there's items on the Giga Freeks site that overlap with items on Zen but I seriously doubt it would be there.

On that subject, does anyone know what's up with Ringdivas discontinuing their Japanese heroine stuff? Did Zen and/or Giga force them to remove it? Sorry but without that stuff and with only like one torture movie of their own released like every year I don't think I'm going to have much interest in that site anymore. I guess they get most of their money from the cheesy half baked pro wrestling videos they put out though so they probably don't care.

Saturday, December 13th 2008 - 02:31:33 PM

Name: dacone
E-mail address:

This is totally off subject. I just wanted to jump in and thank you all who have responded so kindly about/to me. As I said in my initial post, I have been a daily lurker for years. It was like coming "out of the closet " for me. I have since told my closest longtime girl friend of my GIMP proclivities. She doesn't like or understand it but still loves me for who I am overall. And the fact that I don't practice what turns me on so much in real life. Your forum and the many other sites I have discovered thru it (God damn it YouTied get back up! ) have been a blessing. John Galt you have been a late addition that has greatly added to the equation. Canadian, Brutus, Sloth, Steve Power and so many others too numerous to mention, but especially the great and mighty Ralphus -a true genius - bigger than any earthly constraints of physical dimensions.

Saturday, December 13th 2008 - 04:39:38 PM

Name: MAV
Homepage URL:

Dr Yuya,

Thanks for the heads up. Btw, I know you have the "Revolt Assasin Esmeralda" movie since you posted a clip on youtied. How long is are AOH torture scenes in it? 5 minutes I think you mentioned on youtied? Is it worth it or acted out right? I just bought "Cat Girl" today.

For Dr. Yuya or other Zen fans-the above link is a soft porn clip with Kaori Satou the well-endowed star of "Revolt Assassin Esmeralda" tied up AOH and blindfolded in a barn wearing a very provocative outfit. She also gets some water poured on her. More GIP than GIMP though.

Saturday, December 13th 2008 - 06:27:36 PM

Name: Ralphus
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Homepage URL:

dacone wrote:

...but especially the great and mighty Ralphus -a true genius - bigger than any earthly constraints of physical dimensions.

What can I say but that you are an incredibly astute judge of character. Yep, that's pretty much 100% accurate. I'm also master of my domain and play a mean game of darts.

I heard from MasterDetective about the return of YouTied. Sorry to say, at this point, it may not be back until early January. Scribbler is going to host the daily pictures for the site until then. We're going to continue where we left off when YouTied went down with the CUT series. And after that, we'll be having something really special to finish out the year. I think you're all going to love it.

Saturday, December 13th 2008 - 08:49:59 PM

Name: elkcreek
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Homepage URL:

Mav, The link above will get you that DVD in a couple of days from Japan. But it's almost $75 US. I bought it, but I seem to recall it being cheaper at the time (closer to $45). I would love to see someone get serious about some of the Zen and Giga titles here. These guys are really good, they shipped my copy from Japan in three days!

I did a review of it earlier. It is the best non-nudity/non-rape gimp title I've ever seen with the best electro torture scene I've ever seen. Is it worth $75 US? I'm not sure.

I noticed the thing with Ring Divas too. Man it is getting really hard to get Giga or Zen titles here. I wonder if their cheaper in Japan? LOL

I've been very busy with work, but I will be getting some reviews up soon.

Saturday, December 13th 2008 - 08:54:44 PM

Name: VM
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Homepage URL:

Attackers- Also this coming weeks update will include Attackers RB#132 known as New Slave Island#3

Saturday, December 13th 2008 - 11:57:40 PM

Name: dacone
E-mail address:

Ralphus I love you (in a manly way of course). Keep up the good work of hosting this forum which I love. Personally my favorite kind of bondage is just a single woman (with maybe a male lurking in the background) naked and tied only with ropes at wrist and ankles. Gag must be OTM or tape.

Sunday, December 14th 2008 - 02:55:00 AM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:

Fonzie, Richie, Malph and Potsie stretch a naked Leather Tuscadero on the rack and alternate between tapping and torture?

Suzie Quatro was a yummie, wasn't she? I can hear her singing "Playin' with the Queen of Crops, Knowin' it's a bout to smart..."


I wanna show my wife your post just to prove all her theories about me are wrong.

And wife says, "Consider the source!" [grin]


We could only to this if it was an HBO or Showtime original series.

"The Bondage Adventures Of Wonder Woman" would work best (breast) on Sin-a-Max (or Skin-a-max, as it's sometimes called).

Sunday, December 14th 2008 - 04:58:35 AM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

VM wrote:

Attackers - Also this coming week's update will include Attackers RB#132 known as New Slave Island 3.

Thank goodness. I think New Slave Island 3 and Shark Special 60 may be our only hopes for rescuing what I believe has been an underwhelming year for GIMP movies.

Sunday, December 14th 2008 - 08:53:20 AM

Name: BigD

Hey Ralphus, I thought in the movie "Cut" they supposed to cut her? Perhaps it's just the lighting, but I don't see any results from the cuts in the pictures, just curious is all :)... Is it just one or two cuts?

Sunday, December 14th 2008 - 09:25:53 AM

Name: Ralphus
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Homepage URL:

BigD wrote:

Hey Ralphus, I thought in the movie "Cut" they supposed to cut her? Perhaps it's just the lighting, but I don't see any results from the cuts in the pictures, just curious is all :)... Is it just one or two cuts?

Good question. I wasn't sure so I looked at my copy. They slice her up about 7 or 8 times, from her face to her chest to her stomach to her legs. Then they spit beer and whiskey on her and spray pine cleaner on her open wounds while she screams. It's pretty mean. We're talking about a group of people who just revel in her torture, and are clearly having a good time making her suffer. For those who are squeamish about gore, it's not overly bloody, but you do see red slashes across her skin with every slice. I thought they pulled off the illusion pretty well.

Sunday, December 14th 2008 - 10:04:12 AM

Name: BigD

Thanks for the post Ralphus. One other quick thing. Do they actually show them stripping her to her bra and panties? That's just a fetish of mine, so just asking :)

Sunday, December 14th 2008 - 12:53:46 PM

Name: DHT

Ah, I love Youtube.

Sunday, December 14th 2008 - 09:16:56 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

BigD: No forced stripping in this one, sorry. You could bet if it had forced stripping, I would have mentioned that part in my review. What happens is that she's grabbed out of the bathtub by the angry stoner chick (she's pissed because Jody had escaped from her earlier) and forced down to the basement by the gang, where they handcuff her AOH against the wall to torture her.

I might put the second trailer I have for the film on YouTube, since YouTied will be down for a while. It shows more details about the electric shock scene. The first one, which I linked the first time, is also available on YouTube or at Video Mayhem's main page. The direct link is in my Homepage URL if you want to see it again.

Monday, December 15th 2008 - 07:37:38 AM

Name: Sloth
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Mornin All

DHT - speaking of a youtube vid, check this one out on a movie titled "Hurt" - gotta love the name and looks like there may be torment galore in this one - trying to find out if available on dvd yet.

Ralphus - that's a pity about youtied - let's look on the bright side and say posters may have quite a back log when it comes up again - perhaps our new friend dacone will have some surprises for us.

Stay Well All

Monday, December 15th 2008 - 08:52:53 AM

Name: Mr bush

For Ralphus: I read that one good forced stripping scene is in a Playboy movie made for TV called Birds in Paradise. Episode 3 supposedly has a lawyer, his secretary and banker and wife being forced to disrobe by a guy and girl. Anyone ever seen this or know where it can be gotten.

Monday, December 15th 2008 - 03:11:15 PM

Name: A Canadian

Forced stripping: A new Japanese movie has been released that appears to be a "best of" collection of forced stripping scenes involving teachers. Here is the link. I haven't seen this one, but I have seen some of I-Energy's movies about teachers getting raped (these scenes would be from those movies) and they are often quite good. The teachers are always blackmailed into stripping in front of the class and sometimes the humiliation is quite convincing.

Monday, December 15th 2008 - 03:46:34 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Okay, here's the YouTube link for the second CUT trailer I had on my hard drive. It's a bit shorter, but I like it because it shows a bit more of the electrocution scene. This one is all new, so check it out.

Monday, December 15th 2008 - 11:03:21 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

You know, I actually feel bad for Bill Zebub. When he first mentioned the trailer for Breaking Her Will, I was the one who recommended he post the trailer on YouTied. And then YouTied disappeared just a few days after the trailer was posted.

I hope when YouTied returns, Bill is able to post the trailer again without getting any flak.

Perhaps when the Sloth review appears, that may get people talking about the film again (whichever way the review goes) and perhaps compensate somewhat for my unexpectedly bad advice.

Tuesday, December 16th 2008 - 07:28:12 PM

Name: Sloth
E-mail address:

Mornin All

A Canadian - my order to VM with "Breaking Her Will" on it should arrive soon - also picked up some ZFX titles I've never viewed - will try to rate Bill Zebub's latest as soon as possible.

Also just received package from an online pal concerning a swap we made - picked up numerous Jybaku, Attackers and Inquisition titles along with a few Mood and ElitePain efforts - don't know where I'll find the time to view them all much less get in a few reviews - let me list the titles and tell me what catches your fancy and I'll give you the skinny on them - I'll try to list them later today or manana.

Stay Well All

Wednesday, December 17th 2008 - 04:57:28 AM

Name: Bill Zebub
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Whoa - did I somehow get youtied in trouble? Did the trailer have some sort of negative impact?

Video Mayhem should be posting some kind of comment today or tomorrow, hopefully.

I had a small test-screening with horror fans, and they said that it was a fetish movie (I predicted that the horror crowd would be confused by the nudity). They also don't understand what a fetish is - it's an object that must be present in order for the person to achieve orgasm, like a shoe, for instance. It's not just something weird or kinky.

Anyway, after a very respectful after-screening discussion, they understood why the movie was the way it was. It would be stupid to have a movie about a guy who is into bondage and domination without showing those activities. What surprised me about them is that they agreed with me about the serial killer movies, like Bundy, which show almost nothing from Bundy's sinister activities. How are you supposed to be freaked out by a serial killer when all you see is soap-opera moments?

Although the horror crowd understood the sexual elements after I explained why they were in there, it still bothers me that they had to have it explained to them. This means that the horror crowd at large may dismiss this movie as smut, which bothers me, to be honest. I have sent some advance screeners to horror journalists and I hope that they don't get turned off by the sexual content.

And now it remains for you to put it through the ringer.

Wednesday, December 17th 2008 - 09:24:20 AM

Name: Bill Zebub
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:



An absolute masterpiece of psychosexual perversity, Breaking Her Will follows the tragic path of a sadistic rapist, his incredibly beautiful prisoner and his unrequited love for a teenage girl he molested when she was underage. With copious helpings of nudity, all kinds of crazy bondage (with a heavy emphasis on naked girls on crucifxes), rape, nipple torture, rape with a beer bottle, sex that blurs the line between consensual and nonconsensual and a general atmosphere of utterly demented sleaze, this film takes fetishistic torture porn to its absolute limit. Zebub transcends his earlier opuses of sexual abuse by keeping his trademark humor to a minimum and actually attempts to psychoanalyze his villain. Jackie Stevens plays his main object of abuse and she whimpers and cries, howls and screams, and just generally allows her shaved snatch, delightful boobs and tender, perfectly arched ass to hang about on-screen for over half the movie. Practically overwhelming in its depravity and cruelty, Breaking Her Will should not be missed by anyone with a sadistic bone in their body.-- Rick Stanko


* Bill Zebub's sleaziest film to date!

* Nearly endless quantities of female nudity.

* Rampant sexual abuse, brutal torture and extensive bondage.

FAVORITE LINE: "I'm not gonna fuck you if you're going to be into it. I want to RAPE you. I don't wanna have consensual sex. Fuck! I brought the wrong kind of girl home."

Wednesday, December 17th 2008 - 03:19:48 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Bill Zebub: I don't know anything about tlaraw so I can't speak to the merits of its reviews. But it does seem whoever wrote that skinopsis felt you were pushing the right buttons. And your movie got a higher rating than Not Bewitched, for whatever that's worth.

So far, in fact, it looks like the only objections are some snotty comments from a few horror review fellas. I'd say it's all looking pretty good up to now.

But the real test is yet to come: the official Sloth review. And he's as tough as they get. Rumor has it he has made more than one grown pornographer cry.

By the way, I wouldn't worry about your trailer affecting YouTied. While I'm sure the trailer upset a few of the weinies who get upset about everything, it was far from the worst thing on YouTied. Indeed, Brutus and Ralphus have posted much, much worse. YouTied is down because of some bandwidth issues that have yet to be resolved.

Wednesday, December 17th 2008 - 05:02:12 PM

Name: VM
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Today I received a screener copy of Breaking Her Will. Apparently there is a small delay with the dvds being replicated. Sloth, since you already purchased a copy I will toss the screener in with your order tomorrow so a review can be posted here at the Gimp. My usual 2 sentence synopsis sometimes leaves a lot to be desired. I went to view the film having fairly high expectations and was not disappointed. Lots of bondage, torture, & several bondage/rape scenes. Have to recommend this film. Will be interested to read Sloth's review.

Wednesday, December 17th 2008 - 05:26:45 PM

Name: purpleviking
E-mail address:

From what I've seen of the trailer and teaser pics, looks like Mr. Zebub might have a pretty good gimper movie in our presence. I myself have liked what I've seen so far. Maybe this will be the greatest gimp movie of 2009? Time will tell.

Thursday, December 18th 2008 - 05:28:40 AM

Name: Sloth
E-mail address:

Mornin All

It would seem all other Gimp related projects will be put on the back burner as the highest priority will be dedicated to reviewing a Bill Zebub production. What with VM and Rick Stanko providing praise to this effort, I too will go in with high expectations. Let's see what a Gimp review brings. I hope I don't make another adult pornographer cry in this case.

VM - sounds great - will post ASAP.

Bill Zebub - it was with great interest I read your comments concerning having to explain things to horror fans - I never would have thought horror fans to be so one-dimensional as to me horror and bondage fetish/perversion seem to be two sides of the same coin - could it be the horror crowd doesn't understand their own perversion? - ah, to be a Gimper appreciating all aspects.

Now, here is the list on the flicks I just received from overseas - if any tweek your interest just let me know and I'll provide info - those familiar with Japanese title coding systems will understand there are some I cannot identify with any certainty - I know many are available at Video Mayhem so here we go.

Attackers SSPD-035A
Attackers SSPD-035B
Attackers SSPD-038A
Attackers SSPD-038B
Cinemagic DD-244
Kitan "Victims in Agony"
Kitan "Tight Ropes Big TITS
Kitan "Squirming"
Two "Hogtied" episodes - too bad they are consensual as the bondage is always severe
Kshara episode starring Nicole
Mood Prouctions "Dr. Mengele"
Mood Productions "Casting Sessions"
InquisitionLive #14
InquisitionLive #22
InquisitionLive #25
InquisitionLive #26
Insex "Pig Farm"
Insex "Wet"
Brutal Master "Pig Farm"
FuckedandBound starring Lexi
ElitePain 6th Case
ElitePain 14th Case
ElitePain 15th Case
ElitePain "Pain Factory 3"
Attackers JB-064
Attackers JB-072
Attackers JB-073
Attackers JB-074
Attackers JB-076
Japanese FA-749
Japanese FA-898

Add to those several Japanese movies that seem to have WWII themes that are unidentified and a couple featuring Japanese kung fu babes running afoul of masked Yakuza efforts.

Once "Breaking Her Will" is here and the martinis mixed you guys will get the scoop.

Stay Well All

Thursday, December 18th 2008 - 06:39:50 AM

Name: Brutus

With copious helpings of nudity, all kinds of crazy bondage (with a heavy emphasis on naked girls on crucifxes), rape, nipple torture, rape with a beer bottle, sex that blurs the line between consensual and nonconsensual and a general atmosphere of utterly demented sleaze, this film takes fetishistic torture porn to its absolute limit.

Well that certainly sounds geared towards members of this forum. And I liked the trailer and stills. Yet I will patiently wait for the words of our trusty reviewer Sloth to see if Bill Zebub's movie really works. I hope it does.


Sloth: That's quite a collection. I'm familiar with some of the movies, but the Japanese FA titles are a puzzle.

Thursday, December 18th 2008 - 08:32:34 AM

Name: Bill Zebub
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

I am trying to understand the horror crowd. At first I thought they were an exclusive breed, but lately I think that they are just one tiny step above action-movie fans. For some reason I had previously considered them to be students of cinema, but I no longer get that impression.

I hope this doesn't spoil anything for you, but I didn't make the villain to be like Jason or Michael Meyers. The horror people just couldn't understand why the villain was so "everyday guy." Duh. Have they never seen serial killers? These guys may not be able to take on a whole bar in a fight, but they have been able to terrify their victims.

The horror crowd expected my villain to be like Darth Vader and constantly maintaining an aura of evil. it pisses me off.

When the victims were blindfolded, the villain could be whatever he wanted to be because the girl couldn't see him. The horror crowd just didn't get that.

Also, I did make the villain snap here and there. Mentally ill people who are high-function types don't constantly act kookoo 24/7. When the villain gets crazy, is he really crazy or is it one of his facades to scare the captive? You can go as deep as you like with this one. I put a lot of levels into it. Too bad that the horror crowd completely missed the most basic.

There is still hope in the horror crowd - some of them may understand the movie. But I have the same bewilderment that Sloth has - how can they have such a blind spot for sex?

Thursday, December 18th 2008 - 08:49:19 AM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Sloth: Wow, you have a copy of Attackers JB-072? That movie is almost impossible to find. I posted the trailer for it on YouTied a while ago and would be curious to know if it's as great as the trailer suggests. It's your call whether or not it gets a full review but I would love to know what you thought of the movie once you have seen it.

Meanwhile, I posted a review some time ago of Shark Special 35 (parts 1 and 2). I think you'll enjoy at least some of it. The scene where the villains strip off Ayumu Kase's clothes was pretty popular on YouTied.

Thursday, December 18th 2008 - 02:18:32 PM

Name: John Galt

Bill Zebub: Well, I'm not a student of cinema, although I like movies a lot. I don't mean to denigrate horror film aficionados, but I wouldn't have ever ascribed any superior cinema appreciation skills to them. I think you over-estimated them as a subspecies of the film-going public.

That said, I will suggest that the inimitable Alfred Hitchcock did an unsurpassed job of portraying an absolutely normal-seeming person as a sociopathic monster in one of the most sublime horror films ever, Psycho. It is more terrifying to discover that the quiet guy next door is a mass murdering sadist than that weirdo wearing a leather mask and running around the woods wielding a roaring chainsaw. One of them you can see coming; the other one has your back until he sticks a knife in it.

Maybe you just got a bad screening audience.

Thursday, December 18th 2008 - 02:59:22 PM

Name: YikYakker

Bill Zebub's movie has "a heavy emphasis on naked girls on crucifixes"?

That alone has me sold.

Thursday, December 18th 2008 - 03:30:54 PM

Name: Ironman
E-mail address:

DHT: Thanks for sharing the You-Tube clip. I got a real kick out of it. Everyday I sit down with my morning coffee and watch it again. The girl has talent.

Thursday, December 18th 2008 - 06:10:44 PM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:

That said, I will suggest that the inimitable Alfred Hitchcock did an unsurpassed job of portraying an absolutely normal-seeming person as a sociopathic monster in one of the most sublime horror films ever, Psycho.

Not just Psycho. In a lot of his films, the villain is the seemingly ordinary guy that no-one pays any attention to -- Leo G Carroll in "Spellbound", Joseph Cotten in "Shadow of a Doubt", even, to a certain extent, Raymond Burr in "Rear Window". And don't forget James Mason and Martin Landau in "NxNW"!

Thursday, December 18th 2008 - 07:22:56 PM

Name: Ralphus
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Regarding the rave review of Breaking Her Will that Bill posted, I didn't know anything about Rick Stanko, so I checked out some of his other reviews. I'm not saying he's biased, but he seems to like virtually everything Bill Zebub puts out. In fact, almost all of Zebub's films on that site get at least 3 out of 4 stars, including another 4-star review to Frankenstein the Rapist and 3 1/2 to The Worst Horror Movie Ever Made: The Remake. You can take that for what it's worth, but I think more optimistic news is that Larry at Video Mayhem liked the film. I trust him a bit more, and like everyone else here, I'm waiting to hear what Sloth has to say. In spite of some of our past arguments over some of his reviews, he and I usually agree on nearly everything, except on the ones where he's wrong, of course.


Bill Zebub: Sorry you had a disappointing test screening of your new film with horror fans, but my guess is that horror fans may be more into gore than skin, which explains why so many horror films, even the ones with bondage content, tend to overdose on the blood but you're lucky to even see a bare breast anymore. It's really only been in the past few years that filmmakers discovered that torture sells as a horror element but very few of them get the formula right. Somewhere along the line, they lost their focus, or never really understood that the key is distress, not mutilation.

I've always thought that the "Girl In The Box" story would make an excellent film if done right, but I figured it would get the TV movie treatment if it was made at all. Like you, it always mystified me that filmmakers make movies about serial killers like a Ted Bundy and then sanitize the story by barely showing what made them so evil to begin with. I know we've had this discussion on the forum before, but I don't believe in making a film that censors the fetishistic aspects of sexual crimes. If it's shocking to the mainstream audience, that's good. Nudity and horror should be shocking. It should make them uncomfortable. And if it's a turn-on to the pervs who are watching, that's even better. To do anything less cheats both sides. Exploitation is a good thing. I hope this film sets its standards high and delivers.


Brutus: I've been slowly checking out the Japanese FA titles, and so far I am very impressed. I bought a couple from Video Mayhem a few years back that were both excellent (don't look for them; they were 2 of the thousands that ended up in a New York landfill when Larry did his purge a few years back).

But recently, I've sampled a few more and now I'm even more sold on them. The ones I've seen appear to be based on one or two specific themes, usually in a war setting where women are taken prisoner and gang raped by soldiers, or else a prison setting where women are put through interrogation, torture and rape by prison guards. Either one rings my bell. The famous unknown electrocution clips where the girls are strapped to a gurney and shocked (people have been asking what movie they came from for years) are from an FA movie. I would link to the clip or show you a still, but with YouTied down, my hands are tied. I'm sure most of us have seen them.


Tonight marks the final set of stills from CUT. I hope you guys liked them and also the video trailers that got posted. I know it may seem like I'm promoting that film pretty heavily, but I'm just really excited to see it available again and I definitely think most of the crowd here will be surprised how effective this little student film was as a GIMP movie. I would love to see this film redone as a bigger budget mainstream film, but I'll take what I can get, and besides, Angie Morris was a fox and I loved watching her suffer.

And beginning tomorrow night, we have a special treat from our good friend Hank Hobbs. He's made us exclusive vidcaps from the recently released Video Pirates 2: Buried, the ZFX classic that has been re-edited and greatly improved from the 1994 VHS release. I'll have a review upcoming here in the near future, as well. Trust me, these caps are a thing of beauty, so call your friends, wake the neighbors and tell them to check out the forum starting Friday night.

Thursday, December 18th 2008 - 10:01:20 PM

Name: Dr Yuya

Wow, I see where Youtied is down, and that it won't be up month?

Kind of stinks, considering I've been making a lot of new clips now that the school semesters over with and I have more free time to do so. Add that to the fact that I got my external hard drive fixed by buying a new enclosure and all my old clips I had restored. Add that again to the fact that I did what I said I wouldn't and purchased another Zen Pictures movie and am probably about to purchase another. I really wanted to share some clips of the stuff to spread their popularity some more.

I also miss all the other clips I got to see, and arguing with the bondage crowd even.

Any idea why it will take until January for the site to come back up? If it's the same problem as before shouldn't it be fixable in the same length of time?

Thursday, December 18th 2008 - 10:33:00 PM

Name: A Canadian

Dr. Yuya: I share your sense of frustration.

As regular readers may know, I have always had problems posting to YouTied. For some reason, my clips don't take (my clips are created on a DVD recorder) so I have always had to wait for MasterDetective to manually encode my clips at his end -- which is time consuming for him and a little annoying for both of us.

I have been experimenting with a program, Movavi, which may allow me to convert my clips to files that will upload right away with the proper coding. The program costs money but I have been taking advantage of the 30-day free trial period.

Unfortunately, it now looks like the 30-day free trial period will end before YouTied is back. I have created some test clips, so I could at least try posting some tests before I make a decision whether to purchase the Movavi program. But if the tests don't work, I probably won't have any opportunity to experiment further to determine whether it's worthwhile for me to buy this program.

I would much prefer to conduct some tests while the program is still free. The tests wouldn't be keepers, as Movavi puts watermarks on the clips during the trial period, but at least I would know if it works.

Friday, December 19th 2008 - 06:01:44 AM

Name: MAV
E-mail address:

Dr. Yuya-can I ask you again how long that Zen "Esmeralda" whipping scene is?

On youtied rejections, I thought those were only when files were too long or if the file formats were Realplayer, or AVI format? I have an old program (videomach) that can translate MPEGs to AVIs and vice versa to get around most of that.

Thanks also to those who got back to me on that Zen "Space Heroine Mary" question.

Friday, December 19th 2008 - 11:21:02 AM

Name: A Canadian

MAV: I hadn't thought of it before but I think you're right. It's quite possible the clips from my DVD recorder weren't taking because they were being uploaded as RealPlayer clips, as I was using RealPlayer at the time.

I have since switched to VLC Media Player, following the advice that was provided by Hank to the people in his group. That change alone might have solved my problem. Again, I wish YouTied was back so I could test this theory.

Friday, December 19th 2008 - 01:21:48 PM

Name: Dr Yuya

MAV, sorry I missed that before. I took a full clip of both the whipping scenes. The first one where she's tentacle whipped is exactly 1:56 long, the second scene (the one I posted on Youtied) is 4:47.

Friday, December 19th 2008 - 03:21:15 PM

Name: MAV
Homepage URL:

Dr. Yuya-maybe youtied rejected the 4:47 scene because the only scene I saw on that movie from you is the AOH whipping scene which is about 1:14. What position is the other whipping scene?

Also, anyone know what the deal is with "The 7th Hunt" coming out? There's supposed to be some good GIMP action there.

Friday, December 19th 2008 - 04:04:04 PM

Name: dacone
E-mail address:

Question - ( from a long time lurker but infrequent contributor ), why do so many beautiful women with gorgeous bodies (I've seen a few with about perfect ones - tits, thighs, legs, mouths eyes etc.) allow themselves to be seen tied up, gagged, naked and penetrated on national/international computers? The money can't be that great. The exposure certainly won't give them future rewards in more lucrative markets. What is their incentive?

I am really sincerely curious about this. John Galt, Canadian and the great Ralphus (who is so much taller than most of us), you are all very intellectually verbose. Can you answer me?

Friday, December 19th 2008 - 05:05:31 PM

Name: A Canadian

dacone: I suspect some of the producers who regularly visit would be in the best position to answer your questions about why women get into BDSM movies.

I'll give you my thoughts, based on things I have learned here and elsewhere. But I have no connection with the industry so nothing I say should be taken as gospel:

  • Some are freaks, if you like. They enjoy the lifestyle and practice it in their private lives. Like any other porn star, these women don't have inhibitions about bearing it all on screen, so they are comfortable doing nude bondage and torture. Unfortunately, these types usually have lots of tattoos and piercings

  • Some women get into BDSM porn because it usually doesn't include any real sex. In a sense, it is safe, because the bondage is done carefully and there is no risk of STDs. It isn't particularly harmful, as most of the torture (such as whippings) is faked

  • In Japan, it is not uncommon for porn stars to do bondage and torture movies near the end of their careers. Once a star has been around long enough that she is no longer a fresh face, she does bondage on her way out of the industry, making some good money a few final times before retiring.

Friday, December 19th 2008 - 05:47:27 PM

Name: Dr Yuya
Homepage URL:

MAV- I edited that scene short myself and made it into just a snippet, because Zen and Giga don't seem to like people stealing from them and I figured posting the whole thing might be doing just that. Although I suppose really just shortening it isn't that much better so I probably shouldn't have bothered.

Anyway I went ahead and purchased another one of their titles, a newer one that features a Wonder Woman type character. The link for it with its preview clip can be found in my homepage link above. Again it's too bad I can't post a clip from it on Youtied.

Friday, December 19th 2008 - 07:32:23 PM

Name: John Galt

dacone: You know, I often ponder that very subject. I would also be very interested in hearing from some of the producers on this subject. I believe Steve Power once mentioned that some of his models needed the money to address legal issues.

I would like to pontificate briefly to point out that your question betrays a common condescension and pejorative attitude toward sex in general and sex workers in particular. I don't mention this as a criticism of you, but rather an observation about American mores. You asked, in essence, why they let themselves be degraded.

It is possible they don't see it as degrading but actually a lifestyle choice. Of course that's a difficult attitude to maintain when they are constantly being denigrated by the status quo. It takes either a strength and courage that I personally lack, or a desperation that I fortunately do not suffer.

It might also be fun. Some people sky dive. My son mountain bikes and occasionally busts his butt when he takes a tumble. Since he has started, he has bruises, callouses, aching muscles and all sorts of other physical discomforts, and he is risking breaking bones or worse. He's not doing it for the pain though, but for the thrill and enjoyment of extreme biking. I have to think that perhaps "extreme" sex (at least by my generally prosaic standards) is fun enough that the occasional pain is worth it.

Personally, I have a sense of respect and awe regarding sex workers. I don't mean to say that, in general, they are somehow noble and deserving of great respect; simply that they are pretty much like everyone else. Some of them are good people, some of them are not, some of them know what they are doing, some of them are being victimized. My personal opinion is that, as a group, they are probably more deserving of respect than, say, corporate whores, politicians, and probably lawyers.

In any event, I am eternally grateful that, for whatever the reasons, a wonderfully copious and diverse number of hot babes are uninhibited enough to participate in an industry that is constantly under attack by philistines. Thank you, Jesus.

Friday, December 19th 2008 - 08:14:32 PM

Name: Scribbler
Homepage URL:

Mainly it's the money. I never really asked Isabella Camille, or Lonnie Adams, or other models why they took the gigs of photo/video shoots at when I was there too, but my impression is that it was just a modeling/acting gig for them. Isabella had done mostly vanilla, but some bondage modeling too. I'm pretty sure Lonnie did her first bondage type work with us, though she did mention that she did a rape scene in a movie, but she couldn't remember the title. And of course, Anastasia Pierce did much more extreme bondage at other sites, including her own.

As far as "allow themselves to be seen tied up...": well, I don't think it held any taboo for them, they were fine with it. was pretty much superheroine peril photo/video fictional stories with bondage, so wasn't about actual SM pain, just fictional pain, But they were "tied up, gagged, naked and penetrated" (with dildos). Just another day at the office. Seriously, the first time on set for I wasn't sure what to expect, how it would compare to mainstream stuff I'd done...and it was the same: the tone of the set was always easygoing, comfortable, business-like and professional with the clear objective that we needed to get things done. The only difference being the adult nature of the work.

Friday, December 19th 2008 - 11:23:17 PM

Name: weewilly

Why do you think so many beautiful women allow themselves to be seen tied up, gagged, naked and penetrated for the mass viewing public?

Women are lovely creatures whose complex behavior and motives usually defy rational explanation. ;-) So to explain succinctly why women would do soft- or hard-core BDSM is somewhat tricky. The motives of women for being in BDSM pix and flicks are certainly as many are varied are the women themselves. However, it can probably be boiled down to a mixture of motives, particularly money, curiosity, narcissism, exhibitionism, and pleasure (in no particular order). This list of motives is not intended to be pejorative in any way.

Whatever their motives, I am often happy they do it.

Saturday, December 20th 2008 - 04:40:00 AM

Name: CruelJailer
E-mail address:

Submission for females is part of their natural ways, as females by extension of themselves in everyday life display this in one form or the other sometimes subtle sometimes overtly. The idea to them is not new as it's hard wired into them from birth as even in play references are made to it every day.

Just sit and watch a female who's watching a movie where there's even a hint of bondage, or some form of submission and you'll note her body language to it is sometimes overt sometimes not. Females are predisposed to this form of exhibitionism. Just look past the ropes and props and see that faint sweet secret smile. That speaks volumes.

Saturday, December 20th 2008 - 05:58:42 AM

Name: weewilly

CruelJailer wrote: Submission for females is part of their natural ways...

If you think that women are naturally submissive, clearly you don't live at my house.

Saturday, December 20th 2008 - 07:12:42 AM

Name: Brutus

Ralphus: Thanks for the info on the FA movies. Yeah, I think I may have seen some of them, or at least scenes from those movies. Also, thanks for the "Cut" pics. Looking forward to Hank's caps of "Video Pirates 2."


A Canadian: I've only posted three clips to YouTied (and goddammit they WEREN'T much, much worse than Bill Zebub's trailer) and found that .wmv files seem to be the easiest and quickest to upload.

BTW, the media player you use does not determine the format of your clips. It's just that some of the players can play more formats than others.

I don't know what program you use to make DVDs, but I use Adobe Premiere Elements, and it lets you convert clips to .wmv files, mpegs, etc. Scheer also provided a link to a free converter, but I haven't gotten around to downloading it yet.


dacone's GIMP poll: mothbrad posed a similar question last year about bondage models. Since I'm still recovering from a few early Christmas parties and can't seem to do anything else, I've provided some of the (heavily abbreviated) views posted directly or indirectly from those in the industry. But I hope this doesn't stop people from responding to the poll:

Lisa Kinkaid: A friend of mine who worked for Rick at the time told me about it and I needed money so I decided to try it.

Tyler Scot: I was tired of working 40+ hours in a factory, so I thought I would give bondage modeling a try.

Steve Power: For the most part they do it for the money. Many of the models are single moms, students, or they have boyfriends that need money. It isn't easy to make it in mainstream modeling.

Silverback: Some do it for the money. Others want a modeling career and need to start somewhere, and this is the first offer that they have had. But then you get to the ones that I personally like. They enjoy the whole experience.

Sgt. Major: In regard to the poll I can tell you the reasons for girls getting into the industry are as different as the girls themselves. For many the promise of easy money is a starting place. ... Some have come from the lifestyle in real life and make their way to the movies.

Dahlia Delis: Because it is empowering to know that some guy is paying money and getting off watching me in distress, or smoking. Because I have a high pain tolerance and I love to act, fuck mainstream modeling, I don't do bondage cause I'm not pretty enough to be a "regular" model, I do bondage cause it makes me feel things, makes me feel free.

Jeff Gord: Because they can do it voluntarily these days. ... Because the majority like to get off on it for all the reason above. ... Because a lot of them really like to relax in the knowledge that they are not responsible for feeling supremely pleasurable sensations that they cannot escape or refuse. ... Because the demon gene demands satisfaction.

Natasha Flade: Well, as many here have suspected is the case with most bondage models, I got into it for the money.

Fayth: I model "in" bondage because I enjoy it! Initially - my first EVER bondage shoot was a "job" for the money. I simply didn't know better nor ever been bound before in my life. That was all I needed to say "holy shit", I can't call this work, work is something you don't enjoy.

Paige Richards: I don't think many girls do it just for the $$... it's too hard to do if you are not into it. ... I do this as a living..for money but couldn't enjoy it if i did not enjoy it personally.

Darling: ... girls only do it as long as it's fulfilling some other need for them. Money is not enough, all by itself. Some girls like it because it shows how tough they are, some like all the attention, and some are honestly turned on by bondage etc.

Charlotte Brooke: It was really never about the money. I knew I loved to be tied up and helpless and I love to push myself to experience new things. ... On the other hand I have met a ton of women that only care about a check with no care of being tied up.

Lydia McLane: Many models only do bondage for the money. I started doing bondage for the money. I was already kinky, but a top. I figured doing some bondage photoshoots would be a great way to make extra money and most were so boring and tame that I had to hold my ropes on or try to not fall asleep.

Rick Masters: In my experience I think money is definitely the biggest factor, but certainly not the only reason.

Saturday, December 20th 2008 - 08:36:27 AM

Name: Bill
E-mail address:

I think every woman has a secret desire to be submissive and displayed to the public. I have talked to many women that have told me this.

Saturday, December 20th 2008 - 09:34:36 AM

Name: dacone
E-mail address:

Wow!- didn't mean it as a poll, but what a response! Especial thanks to Brutus for his in-depth research reply/response.A little disappointed I didn't hear from the great eloquater Ralphus though.

Another question though - not a poll. Let me preface it with the fact that I am an older man and have wondered about these kind of things for many years. I will probably die without ever understanding their (women's) minds. Why can a woman have a penis forcibly inserted into her vagina numerously many times one day and feel it was great, wonderful, loving, (possibly orgasmic) and wanting multiple repeats and yet the next day have the exactly same physical experience with an unknown source (rapist) and have it be horrifying, traumatic and a possible lifelong affecting experience for her? It's the exact same physically to her. Her vagina isn't changed by a stranger than it was by a loved one. If I have my nose broken, regardless of who broke it - be it by male, female old, young, door, slipping and falling on ice - my nose is broken and I will try to avoid the situation in the future. But women? Am I mentally broken?

Saturday, December 20th 2008 - 10:00:38 AM

Name: sgtmajor
Homepage URL:


Happy holidays, my blog is down (the briefing room) I hope to have it up and running within a week.

As to the poll question, well I feel that most of the women I know of have some form of forced sex fantasy. Rape could be too strong of a word for many in the vanilla world. The vast majority of the models I associate with really like what they do. I don't think that most young models in their early twenties really look beyond the immediate pay and fun. Then there are the girls who have matured to a point that they can't even think of vanilla anything without getting sleepy. Many fetish models like our side of the industry because there is a venue where they don't have to have boy/girl sex and can still get off. Some models will allow themselves to be fucked with a dildo but not with a finger. Other will not allow anything inside of them but will do forced orgasms. Still others will go down on you without an AIM test. Its all different, but the one thing they share is the need to be desired.

Unless a chick is a total clock watcher and is just trying to get money with no attachment to fetish, most models I know really need to know that they are desirable and can turn heads at some level. I have shot with chicks who have later left the industry and regretted being in it. What I tell them is that this is forever. Long after you move on guys will be jacking off to your image. For many that powerful motivation. For a few that is enough to scare them into additional thought and I have had a few change their minds. If you think about Renee Baker or for me Suzanne Johnson from old H.O.M. glory those two chicks have spilled more cum in the last two decades then a sperm bank. Blakemore told me yesterday on the phone that Baker (Debbie) was very dominant in real life and loved to get roughed up but on her terms. I think many women really are turned on by the whole being forced thing, but I have seen virtually every one needing to do it within their limits of comfort.

Saturday, December 20th 2008 - 10:19:34 AM

Name: dacone
E-mail address:

A follow up comment to my original question - most of the responses have indicated it was for the money. Is there really that much money to be made being tied up fucked and gagged naked? Was I born into the wrong sex? DAMN!!

Saturday, December 20th 2008 - 10:43:02 AM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Brutus: As dacone would say, DAMN! It's amazing you found all those quotes without a search engine (well, I guess you could use Google to search for stuff on this site, but that would still be a lot of work).

In hindsight, I'm thinking I was a little too quick out of the gate with my response to dacone. To be frank, I assumed the "money" motive was a given. In my response, I was looking at why a woman would choose bondage porn over other types of porn -- but in all cases I assume a woman who enters porn (or other parts of the sex industry) does it primarily for money.

The Lisa Kinkaid answer is interesting. I've always had a theory that Lisa was a stripper prior to finding her way into Rick's movies. I have no evidence to support this, it's just my guess. She has always looked appealing with her clothes off.

On another note, I appreciate the information about the free site for converting files and the recommendation to try .wmv files. I will try downloading that service and see if it is computer-idiot friendly.

Saturday, December 20th 2008 - 03:08:36 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
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dacone: Ha! I don't think you were born into the wrong sex. That reminds me of one of my favorite movie quotes, from The World According to Garp. A bunch of young boys are looking at a porno mag and one of them says, "I wish I was a girl. 'Cuz if I was a girl, I'd take off my clothes and stand in front of a mirror and look at myself for hours!"

It's true that if you're lucky enough to be born a girl, and then grow up into an attractive young woman, you can pretty much do anything you want, and guys will pay you big bucks to do it simply because you're a pretty woman. It really doesn't matter the line of work. Pretty women have the power to do whatever they want, and if a select number of them decide they want to shed their clothing and do sexual things for money, there is a LOT of demand for that. Probably a large majority of them will enter the porn industry when they're 18, amass a small fortune and/or get married and then they're out of it fairly quickly. The ones that really enjoy it, someone like a Darling or a Paige Richards or a Lisa Kinkaid will probably continue on as long as they can because they know the money is good and they're doing something they enjoy. I don't know many models personally, but that's my guess.

BTW, I wasn't ignoring your question, I've been existing on about 3 hours of broken sleep since Friday morning and simply haven't been around to answer the poll until now. I do appreciate the responses we've gotten so far, especially by Brutus, who went deep sea fishing though our Guestbook Archives to dig out those answers we've gotten here in the past. I know we do sometimes repeat subjects and questions that have been covered here before (hard not to in nearly 10 years on the net) but we have new readers and sometimes get a new perspective on things, so I don't think recycling is a bad thing. I hope you guys continue to add to this thread, and I also hope you're enjoying the first round of Video Pirates 2 caps. I'll be posting my review soon.

Saturday, December 20th 2008 - 03:20:05 PM

Name: A Canadian

Quick update: My thanks to Brutus and Scheer -- that Prism Video Conversion program works and I have managed to convert some files to .wmv. Now, let's hope this works effectively whenever YouTied returns.

Saturday, December 20th 2008 - 04:01:18 PM

Name: Steve Power
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With regard to the poll.....I wouldn't have any models if it didn't pay....not least on my site. Gals that are into bondage...are typically not the type to go pose for a website either. My experience has been that models are mostly type A personality and very much risk takers. True to life slave girls or submissives serve their Master in private or closed settings. I'm waiting for some Master to tell his slave girl to pose for me as part of her training....hasn't happened yet and I'm not counting on it anytime soon but you never know. I'd like to get some European gals but they'd need to come to the US to pose. Going over there to shoot is too risky from a legal standpoint.

Saturday, December 20th 2008 - 05:46:18 PM

Name: Brutus

A Canadian: Glad to hear the converter worked.

Re: searching in the Archives: For some reason, my mind can remember a few seemingly unimportant dates usually because of something sex-related. I recalled that mothbrad posed his question in August last year because at that same time a young attractive woman who wore rather short skirts to the office was being let go. She had no new job lined up, so someone jokingly suggested porn. (She was very open-minded with a great sense of humor.) To find all those posts, my twisted mind did the following calculation:

Hot weather+hot woman+shorter skirts+entering porn joke+luv to see her tied up+GIMP board+entering bondage porn question=mid-August 2007.


dacone: I think your comparison between a real-life rape and a broken nose is way off the mark. Sex, including bondage acts and rape fantasies, involves consent, trust and emotion, which are extremely important for women, at least the ones I know. Real rape is a form of violence where the woman's pleasure and feelings are not part of the equation. Broken noses heal. The emotional trauma of being physically violated by a stranger or someone else equally despicable does not.

Saturday, December 20th 2008 - 06:01:17 PM

Name: Nightshade

The discussion about womens' reasons for doing bdsm vids and pics is fascinating. At this point, the overwhelming answer seems to be money. Can anybody in the group give us an idea of just how much money we are talking about? How much would a relative newcomer make for doing a bdsm photo shoot? As an hourly rate? By the job? I'm sure many of us have wondered just how much those girls make for being bound, whipped, etc. Would welcome any info on this subject!

Saturday, December 20th 2008 - 07:04:28 PM

Name: Matt
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I'd break it down this way: some do have the submissive fantasy in them that they want to act out, even if it's a one-time deal; while for others, especially the models who appear regularly, it's a chance to act out multiple BDSM fantasies and make some money at the same time.

Saturday, December 20th 2008 - 09:15:18 PM

Name: dacone
E-mail address: dacone@prodigy.ney

For what it is worth. I have had bondage and rape fantasies all of my life - and I am an older guy than most of you - but never have nor never ( oh how I wish I could have!!! ) will because of forums etc. like this that allow me to vent my mental frustrations publically. Goddamn I wish I had had the internet at an earlier age! It would have made my earlier self so much easier to handle. God bless the internet and God bless you guys too!

Saturday, December 20th 2008 - 09:47:43 PM

Name: dacone

By the way. My most vivid dreams and scenarios come to me while I am awake, but never seem to occur to me while I am asleep and actually dreaming. Explain that to me you psych experts out there. OH... if only I could fuck the hell out of these naked bound and gagged women who inhabit my waking life!~ I would die a happy man!

Saturday, December 20th 2008 - 10:26:23 PM

Name: TARL
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Hello Ralphus - I was not online this week.

1: Thanks for the information about Videopirate2. Nice movie!

2: Can you tell me, when Youtied is online again?

3: A little new tip: a new movie named: "Fight to the Dead" - a bad horror movie with round 5 min. wrestling, bondage, rape. The scenes are not nice and my meaning: only for "hardcore collectors" *smile* - pics in 1 hour in my group.

Greets and a nice day to all TARL

Sunday, December 21st 2008 - 02:34:02 AM

Name: chase
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I would guess that women allow themselves to be tied and stuff on camera because of an inner desire to please and to be wanted. My two cents.

Sunday, December 21st 2008 - 10:43:57 AM

Name: Boz
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I think the main reason that so many women are willing to be pictured in our preferred manner is the level of competition in the fields of modeling and acting. In the UK, at one time a girl could become one of three types of model providing she was gorgeous or had a look that was different. If she was tall and slim, the catwalk beckoned. If she was shorter but with a decent figure, catalogues were always on the lookout. If she had a look that didn't fit the 'homely' appearance of the other two, glamour modeling was available.

The glamour area has been overrun for years as more girls see this as a fast way to make money and as tastes change, we see girls with bigger and bigger breasts who aren't necessarily pretty, getting signed up. This trend is starting to reverse over here. For the models who became overlooked, the fetish scene was still fairly new and we see lots of former Page 3 girls doing bondage modeling.

Bondage scenes have become more acceptable in mainstream films so fewer actresses are turning down this type of role because if they do, they can't be sure if any other roles will come their way. Bad news for some models and actresses but very good news for us!!

Sunday, December 21st 2008 - 10:54:48 AM

Name: Ralphus
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Back in 1994, ZFX creator Rick Masters, a staunch opponent of people ripping off his work, used his real-life battles against bootleggers as the storyline for one of his most successful series, "Video Pirates". Originally a 5-tape series when it was released on VHS, the series was completely remastered, re-edited and restructured for DVD to make the various storylines flow better, and now is available as a 4-part series with parts 4 and 5 combined onto one DVD.

But the DVD release I want to review is Video Pirates 2: Buried, which features some of the best footage Rick ever shot, in which he and Chandra Sweet terrorize an unsuspecting girl who, unfortunately for her, happens to be related to a guy who is ripping off Rick's business. To see it all of this footage on VHS, you would have had to buy Volumes 2, 3, 4 and 5, because it was originally stretched out over those 4 tapes, sort of like an old time movie serial. But now with the advent of DVD, Rick's been converting his older works to the new format and finally has the time to make the improvements he probably wishes he could have made the first time. And by combining all this footage into one DVD, he's ultimately now turned this newly edited DVD into one of his very best movies, easily in my top 10 ZFX films of all time.

The story for this one, which is highlighted in scenes from part one, is that Rick (playing an S&M filmmaker named Rick...big stretch there) is having his movies bootlegged by a mobster named Barry (Nick Long). Barry is pretending to be a distributor but is instead duping off illegal copies of Rick's work. On top of that, he's also loaning him money for his business and bankrupting him by charging him insane interest rates. Rick is being squeezed from both ends, and when Barry kidnaps Rick's wife (Kerri Downs) and holds her bound and gagged until Rick pays up, that's the final straw.

Rick comes up with a daring plan to get his revenge. He breaks into Barry's house and ties up and gags two young women he thought were related to Barry, and films their ordeal so he can send the tape to Barry. But then Rick discovers they were the wrong girls, so he continues with his plan to go after Barry's family. The next victim will be Barry's daughter-in-law, and that's where the main story of Video Pirates 2 begins.

The daughter-in-law is played by Melisa Pope, a slender young brunette who appeared in only a handful of ZFX films, and this was her only stint as a victim. Melisa doesn't look like a model; she's just a pleasant-looking girl-next-door type, and that innocent persona is one of the reasons why she's so utterly believable as a victim here. Her performance is very natural; it's like she's not even acting. She really made me believe she was an innocent girl caught up in an unfortunate situation that was none of her own doing.

Melisa is lured into a warehouse under the ruse that she won a TV, only to find herself being filmed by Rick, with his trusty sidekick Chandra Sweet there to assist him. Rick explains that he's making an S&M movie to send to her father-in-law that's ripping him off. He tells her she's going to be the star, whether she wants to or not. When Melisa realizes this is not a joke, she nervously tries to make a retreat, only to be grabbed by Chandra and forced to the ground.

Meanwhile, Barry, who's watching this tape that Rick made, is so shocked to see his daughter-in-law captured by Rick that he keels over from a heart attack right there in front of the TV screen. Kerri, who's tied half-naked to a chair with her mouth duct taped, can only watch in horror as this unfolds.

Back at the warehouse, Rick angrily berates Melisa and tells her it's her father's fault this is happening to her. As her hands are bound behind her, he forces the sobbing girl to suck on a dildo while he gets out the duct tape, then he roughly slaps a swatch of it over her mouth. Chandra is obviously delighted to be participating and she increases Melisa's humiliation by laughing and making teasing comments at her expense. Chandra's excellent performance goes hand in hand with Rick's role as the scary, angry villain and really adds to the film; it definitely wouldn't have worked as well without her. She and Rick make a great team, and with Melisa as the crying, frightened victim, all three principles are hitting on all cylinders and it's a real joy watching them perform.

While Rick smacks Melisa, Chandra pulls up her top and attaches clothespins to her nipples, then pulls on the string that's attached to them. They turn her around and spank her ass, making sure she's in camera range so that they are putting on a good show. After yanking down her shorts, they beat her ass some more, then Rick grabs her hair and leads her over to the camera. Forcing the wide-eyed girl to look into the lens, Rick manipulates the tape gag over Melisa's mouth to make it appear like she's speaking, but Rick is doing all the talking for her. "Please pay the ransom! Please don't pirate Rick's tapes! They're gonna hurt me REAL FUCKIN' BAD!!!"

Melisa is then tied with her hands over her head against the wall. Under Rick's direction, Chandra sticks her hand down inside Melisa's panties to play with her pussy and sucks on her nipples. Taking a scissors, Rick cuts holes through the nipples of her top, a la Clockwork Orange, before ripping the entire top away. They cut a hole through her pantyhose and molest her pussy a bit, too.

This is followed up by a hole being cut through her tape gag so that a black phallic device can be inserted into Melisa's mouth. They add to her discomfort by clamping clothespins onto her small titties and on her pussy. And if having this on videotape wasn't bad enough, they snap some Polaroids of her as well, with Chandra smiling broadly alongside the suffering girl.

They remove her gag long enough to force her to suck on a dildo (a ZFX staple) and make her beg to the camera, telling her father-in-law to stop because they are hurting her. Then the duct tape is put back over her mouth and they proceed to REALLY hurt her, by using a cattle prod! I wish Rick the director had enhanced this old footage with some of his latter-day sparking effects, which would have made the electric shock illusion a bit more credible. No reason not to, since he's releasing the film in a new form anyway, but it's a small quibble. Melisa's bad day continues with a butterfly vibrator duct-taped over her crotch and locking forceps on one of her nipples.

The next time we see Melisa, she's ballgagged and they tie her to a chair with her hands again above her head. Chandra lets her have it again with the cattle prod, then Rick pinches her nipples with pliers and twists them around a bit. "Does that hurt?" Chandra asks with a laugh, gleefully mocking her as she moans through the gag. Her pussy is given the same treatment with the pliers.

Then Rick puts a couple strips of duct tape over top of her ballgag (excellent move). "We want to hear you suffer, but not too loudly," Rick tells her. After using more rope to secure her tighter to the chair, lubricant is applied to her pussy and an electrical probe is shoved up between her legs, attached to some wire. Rick brings over a portable electrical outlet and taunts her with it, showing her what he's about to do. All it takes is for Rick to plug in the cord and Melisa is given several violent electric shocks. While it's a great scene, it's unfortunately noticeable that the probe isn't actually inside Melisa's pussy, but rather down below it. Still, that should still hurt, shouldn't it?

Afterward, Melisa is released from her chair and bent over and given a vigorous finger fucking by Chandra (simulated but still very nice). Her ass is spanked until it is red, then they lube her up and follow that up by shoving a dildo up her ass and fucking her with that. Once again, it's a simulated illusion effectively pulled off. Rick makes Melisa get on her knees and beg to the camera once last time, putting an end to his video show present to Barry, who missed most of it because he was dead. And Kerri now escapes from her binds, putting an end to Part 2. Neither Kerri nor Melisa returned for any of the sequels.

As stated before, this is one of ZFX's finest films, and it's one that never existed in its present form until the re-release in 2008. It was a brilliant move by Rick to finally combine all the Melisa Pope footage into one DVD, something I've wished for ever since the original series came out. If you want to see nonstop ZFX-style torture enhanced by excellent acting all around, you'd be hard pressed to find a title much better than this. I highly recommend this one.
My grade: A-

Sunday, December 21st 2008 - 01:29:55 PM

Name: A Canadian

Ralphus: Thank you for the excellent review of Video Pirates 2: Buried -- it was both entertaining and educational.

I'm a bit torn on this one. On the one hand, the description of the tortures in this movie sounds like the typical menu for an early '90s ZFX film. However, your conclusion that the performances here are better than average is a point to consider.

It may come down to the star quality, which makes it difficult for me to get excited about this movie. Although I haven't seen much of her work, I don't consider myself a Melisa Pope fan. I don't necessarily dislike her -- I would say up to now I've been indifferent to her. I'm not sure I can get excited about a movie with her as the victim. And to be honest, I've never been too keen on Chandra's performances as a villain. I tend to find her witch-like laugh and taunts annoying.

Sunday, December 21st 2008 - 02:51:42 PM

Name: Ralphus
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A Canadian wrote:

Although I haven't seen much of her work, I don't consider myself a Melisa Pope fan. I don't necessarily dislike her -- I would say up to now I've been indifferent to her. I'm not sure I can get excited about a movie with her as the victim.

Fair enough. I know Hank Hobbs said this wasn't one of his favorite ZFX vids because her tits weren't big enough :) If you don't like the victim in a movie, it probably won't be as good for you. Melisa wasn't drop-dead gorgeous like a Monica Moore or a Lisa Kinkaid, but she was pretty enough for me and her realistic performance sold me on this one.

And to be honest, I've never been too keen on Chandra's performances as a villain. I tend to find her witch-like laugh and taunts annoying.

Wow, can't agree with you on this one. Chandra could no wrong for me as either a victim or a villain. Actually, she usually didn't play a villain per se, but Rick often cast her as the girlfriend of the main villain and I think she was great doing that. There's just something about a girl laughing and getting off on another girl's suffering that is very appealing to me. I mean, she's a woman; she's supposed to have sympathy for someone of her own sex that's being bound and tortured. As a victim, I would think it would doubly humiliating to look for the one pair of sympathetic eyes and instead find out that she's laughing and actually enjoying your ordeal. I think Chandra's presence enhanced every movie that Rick cast her in, and this is probably her best showcase in a non-victim role.

Sunday, December 21st 2008 - 03:26:47 PM

Name: Brutus

Ralphus: As expected, another great review from our host. I agree that the acting was top-notch and inspired, as if Rick was truly playing out a personal fantasy against bootleggers. As for Melisa Pope, she's not my favorite ZFX performer, but, yes, she works fine in this role, especially without any fake boobage. This was a very good series and your review was an excellent read.

Chandra Sweet as a villain? I'm mixed on this. I think she was outstanding as a villain in this movie and "Liza Cord." However, she appeared a bit lost in some scenes of other movies. I've found that she excels when she's given something to actually do to the victim. But when she just watches the action or masturbates in the background, like in "Vikki Fixx" and "The Reporter," it seems she feels she must do more, like cackle incessantly, and it becomes somewhat of a distraction.

Sunday, December 21st 2008 - 04:27:46 PM

Name: Barney

Why do you think so many beautiful women allow themselves to be seen tied up, gagged, naked and penetrated for the mass viewing public?

1. I'd like to think that all things being equal, women enjoy the heightened intensity of the situation as much as men. It should be just as OK for women to be perverts as it is for men.

2. I agree that competition and the necessities of rent, food and comfort can also force people into certain situations.

3. I also have a theory, based on the all-too-common response of rape and incest victims who become promiscuous, that some women lose their sense of self and are willing to do anything for money. I am not suggesting this occurs in all cases, or even most cases, but that it can and does happen.

4. Perhaps naively, I also believed Cindy Lauper when she sang, "girls just want to have fun."

Sunday, December 21st 2008 - 04:38:55 PM

Name: Kevin
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Hi Gimpers

Heard about the new poll and just had to give my personal input.

I personally dont think these models do what they do for the money, or even because they enjoy what's happening to them. I think it's because they get turned on by the fact soooo many of us pervs get turned on by the situation they are in.

As far as I'm concerned, nothing turns me on more than seeing a tightly gagged chick who's got a desperate/fearful look In her eyes, who's in some type of peril!

Sunday, December 21st 2008 - 06:45:57 PM

Name: VM
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Just finished putting descriptions up with box covers for the December 2008 Japanese Update #3 and January 2009 Japanese Update. Included in this update is New Slave Island #3 (Attackers RB#132). Also added another excellent title Shark Special#60. Lot of Attackers/Sharks in December update. Couple strange titles in January Update: SDMS#584 and SDMS#608.

Sunday, December 21st 2008 - 07:17:18 PM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:

I will probably die without ever understanding their (women's) minds.

If you don't understand the difference between being having someone gently feed you dainty morsels, and having someone shove a huge chuck into your unwilling mouth, then, yes, you are broken.

Monday, December 22nd 2008 - 01:01:58 AM

Name: boilerplant

BP like the Scribbler girl at top of forum.

Don't know why but can't get into the poll

Seems like we are really getting bad for real when we are saying that the Women are doing this because we like to think the like it.

Sort of like saying Flys like to have their wings pulled off because we do that to them.

Merry Christmas to all and good will to all Men

Monday, December 22nd 2008 - 02:29:32 AM

Name: fnbrgp3

Am I wrong, or some of the links in the WSIMD page linked to my youtube videos? (posted under 3 accounts and repeatedly deleted by youtube, sigh!).

BTW: the electro movie list links for vidcaps don't work. Will they be fixed?

Monday, December 22nd 2008 - 07:43:13 AM

Name: Ralphus
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fnbrgp3: The vidcaps in the various databases are currently in a state of disarray, sorry. YouTied, our host for the pictures, is currently down, which means the links to nearly all the caps we had before (and almost all the video clips, too) are broken. Everything will eventually come back, that is, if YouTied itself ever comes back.

Monday, December 22nd 2008 - 08:15:17 AM

Name: A Canadian
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VM wrote:

Also added another excellent title, Shark Special 60.

Good call. Judging from the still photos for this film, along with the written description VM has provided, I believe this will be a good one. I recognize one of the actresses, Riria Himesaki (Shark Specials 50 and 53, and New Slave Island 2), and I know she is a convincing actress. Let's keep our fingers crossed that this movie will be able to deliver.

Monday, December 22nd 2008 - 10:19:47 AM

Name: Alan
E-mail address:

Hey Guys & Gals,

What's going on with the YouTied problem? In this modern technology world with computers you would think YOUTIED would be back up soon.

Would like somebody to explain this. This is otherwise one great site.


12/22/08 1500hrs

Monday, December 22nd 2008 - 11:22:50 AM

Name: Joe Wrappe
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GIMP POLL: Why do you think so many beautiful women allow themselves to be seen tied up, gagged, naked and penetrated for the mass viewing public?

While I do believe that some women are really into bondage I would think that most just do it for the money. I remember reading an interview with model Pia Sands - she was a pretty popular bondage model in 80's I think. She had no idea of why anyone would want to see tied up women anyway. Another model whose name escapes me alluded to the fact that the money was cool and it sure beat a real job.

The thing about 'being seen' is sort of interesting. I think its sort of ironic that even though a woman is naked, bound, gagged and used she is still in the power position. Without women what would this fantasy be? - nothing. I just think a lot of women are natural exhibitionists. I may risk sounding like a sexist pig - but women are always putting on shows for men. Why do they take the time to put make up on, spend so much time on their hair, wear short skirts, wear the so uncomfortable high heeled shoes - all for the guys. What the heck do guys do when they leave the house?

Monday, December 22nd 2008 - 09:47:18 PM

Name: DHT

Gimp poll thoughts: This question is one I think about all the time. Especially now, because I think we have a new super-breed of pornstar that exceeds my wildest expectations as far as what kind of stuff they will do, despite being extraordinarily beautiful and talented...(Dana DeArmond, Amber Rayne)...

When I first had access to BDSM pornography, before the internet explosion, it was from 3 sources: Harmony magazines and videos, the "B&D Pleasures" type brick wall magazines and videos, and ZFX. My favorite was Harmony because they cut right to the chase and basically distilled the images that had attracted me in mainstream TV and movies. It was apparent from all three that I would not be seeing any actual sexual activity/penetration in BDSM porn.

These days, however, the stuff is easily accessible. Which is odd, because as far as I know, the legal environment has been on a trend of being MORE restrictive, not less. I'm not complaining; as long as the girls are getting what they want out of it, then its all good by me.

Which brings me back to the actual question, which is what are they looking to get out of it? I don't think I'm being cynical when I guess that the prime motivator is to make money.

I wonder, however, how much of an impact pop culture has had when in various ways the image of "porn star" began to be presented in a glamorous way? Does anyone else remember the first time they saw a pink tank top at the mall, or on some teen or 'tween, that said "porn star" in colorful letters? I do, it was like the mid/late '90's. Probably right around the time BOOGIE NIGHTS came out, and around the time Jenna Jameson became an actual household name. Before that, can anyone imagine Seymour Butts having a reality show that went back and forth with him playing with his sin and hanging around his mom to behind the scenes of producing adult videos? Can anyone imagine the backlash to this that would have happened in the sleepy, pastoral world ;) of the late 80's?

So, I wonder if the trend toward the new uber-woman, of tremendous beauty, charisma, and talent, who yet far exceeds the previous boundaries of harmless BDSM porn has its roots in this kind of attention, as paid by pop culture. Would most of these girls have gotten into this business and engaged in the activities they did if they'd been of age ten years earlier, in the environment of the late '80's/early '90's, before porn was the subject of t-shirt slogans and reality TV shows?

Hell, I dunno. I am just glad to have them around. I also wonder why they quit. Y'all have heard my heartfelt elegy on the short but awesome career of Penelope Pace. Where do they go when they're done? Is there no longer money to be made?

I'm a big fan of the AES girls. Every so often I write in asking if a model is available to do a custom video. Sometimes I will hear back that the model I'm asking about got married and retired. For some reason that is puzzling to me; not that they got married, but that it meant stopping BDSM modeling. If they were having a baby, obviously, I understand, but otherwise, why stop modeling? Don't young married couples need to bring in lots of money for things like house payments and savings accounts? If a woman has done like 20 bondage videos already and they sell well and she has fans who will keep buying them, is her husband like, "waah, I don't want you doing videos and making money anymore" as if that will somehow mean she was never a BDSM model to begin with?

On the subject of AES, has anyone wondered about Lindsey Sinclaire and her sudden weight gain? She went from being rail thin to being heavy and having huge boobs pretty much overnight. My first thought was that she got a big boob job, and I figured that meant she was anticipating being in adult modeling for a long time to come, but then I heard she quit modeling, so I think now that the more likely answer is that she got that big because she is going to have a baby, in which case congratulations to her.

Hope my rambling provides some modicum of entertainment!

Tuesday, December 23rd 2008 - 03:34:43 AM

Name: Ed
Homepage URL:

Hey I need to ask if anyone in here has seen FA#132. The box art and description given for it at Video Mayhem make it seem very similar to another Japanese title I have seen. I have a copy of the title "Victims of War", another title by the same company. Victims of War is one of my all time favorites. According to the box image for FA#132, the girls in the movie look like the exact same ones in Victims of War. The description is almost an exact description of the plot and contents of Victims of War as well.

Is there anyone on this board who has seen both titles and can give me an accurate comparison of the two?

Tuesday, December 23rd 2008 - 05:27:12 PM

Name: Brutus

Since I'm gonna be busy (and likely drunk) over the next couple of days, here's a fly-by post to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, especially our overworked moderator.

I'd also like to say I've enjoyed the opinions and theories to the poll so far, and that SDMS#584 at Video Mayhem looks like one fucked-up movie, but in a good way.


Tuesday, December 23rd 2008 - 06:19:42 PM

Name: BigD
Homepage URL:

Hey Ralphus, take a look at my url at an upcoming movie releasing in March09, and read the synopsis next to it.... It's called "Stash"... What do ya think?

I'm interested in this one....This may be right up my alley :), if it delivers that is.

Although now that I look at the still pictures from that movie, I think it might be too low budget, campy and gory for my tastes, a bit too much blood...the stills are under the main picture.

Tuesday, December 23rd 2008 - 06:26:31 PM

Name: Fred
E-mail address:

Joe Wrappe

I have to agree with the money theory for the most part. I've seen Taylor Rain for instance on YouTube really cutting her fans down. Although she isn't a bondage model, I would think what she was saying to be a shared opinion among most porn actresses and strippers. But there are exception. I really believe that Kat and Lorelei Lee really seem to get into what they are doing. Or they are great actors.

Wednesday, December 24th 2008 - 10:59:13 AM

Name: Joe Wrappe
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Homepage URL:

Fred: I did take the cynical view on the money for bondage but yes of course there are exceptions and I should have mentioned at least one or two. Although they can be into it and the money too - I guess that's the ultimate. But yes Lorelie surely loves it and Natasha Flade certainly seems into it (a great favorite of mine).

Wednesday, December 24th 2008 - 12:28:52 PM

Name: Ralphus
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Homepage URL:

Joe Wrappe: That's hard to believe that Pia Sands would wonder why men would want to see tied-up women anyway, since she made a career out of being tied up in front of the camera, first for places like Harmony and HOM and then later in mainstream films. It could be that some women, even professional bondage models, don't understand the appeal and merely do it for the money. At any rate, she did it for longer than most of them, so she must not have minded it too much. To paraphrase one of the models Brutus quoted, it beats real work.

BTW, you always link to that "Becky Bound and Gagged" page when you post. Who is this Becky girl? I think she's hot as hell. That preview clip of her bound spreadeagled to the bed with her big tits all tied up is pretty damned exciting. Is any of her stuff available on DVD?


Fred: I think I know which YouTube interview you are referring to with Taylor Rain. She says her fans are "old, dirty, fucking disgusting men. You know, the typical guy that jacks off, some loser, probably...I have fans that vary, but they probably all suck." Then she gives her website address and says "Sign up fans, you fucking losers!" It's hard to tell if she was serious since she was high as a kite at the time.

True, she wasn't a bondage model, but our friend and infrequent poster zee-ef-ex said she got bound and gagged in at least a few of her hardcore films, although untied before the actual sex began (dammit). I wonder if she thinks he's a loser for watching her movies.


DHT: Dude, you only come by here once in a blue moon, but I always enjoy what you have to say when you do post. You should really stop by here more often.

I think the reason these models retire so quickly is simply this: they are only young once, and they get into it in their prime years (18-23), probably closer to the lower figure. I don't know if there's less demand for models once they go past that, but the adult industry is geared toward younger women. It could be that after a while they overstay their welcome and are replaced with a newer, younger version of the same thing. Like I posted before, once they've made their fortune, they probably don't have to work anymore so they just relax and retire and get married and have babies. Shoot, even Taylor Rain retired at 24. Last I read, she was pregnant.


BigD: Thanks for the link to Stash. It looks like it might be worth a rental, but it's also possible it could be more of the same I've been noticing with more and more frequency: low budget films that pay more attention to dumping gallons of blood on the victim rather than concentrating on her bondage and torment. Some of them women look appealing, so I'd be interested in seeing more. Certainly, the storyline has a definite GIMP appeal. Just got to see if they pull it off.


Merry Christmas to all my fellow GIMPers!

Wednesday, December 24th 2008 - 01:33:22 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Merry Christmas one and all. In keeping with the situation, here's a review:

Title: Goddess of Hell (Attackers JBD-103)

Starring: Minami Aoyama, Ruka Uehara (non-sex role) and Randa Mai

Running time: 90 minutes

There's nothing figurative about the title, Goddess of Hell. This 2007 Attackers movie is about a young woman who dies after being raped and ends up in Hades, where her day gets even worse.

As you might expect, the fantasy storyline is the biggest obstacle for the discerning GIMP viewer to overcome. Otherwise, Goddess of Hell is an excellent movie with a pretty and effective actress, Minami Aoyama, and some torture scenes that are outstanding. It is recommended for the strength of its individual scenes rather than its overall effect as erotic drama.

The story may be pure fiction but the movie is efficient in telling it. From the get-go, Goddess of Hell jumps right into the action. Cute young student Minami comes home from school and barely has time to put down her bag when she hears loud knocking at the door from an angry man (I believe he's her abusive father). Minami lets the man in and the man begins yelling and then groping Minami. The man grabs at Minami in the kitchen, lifting up her short blue skirt and her Navy-uniform-like white school blouse, and forces kisses on struggling little Minami. Minami escapes into another room but the man quickly overpowers her, pinning her on the floor.

With Minami pinned on her back, the villain lifts up Minami's blouse and sucks on squealing and squirming Minami's small breasts. The man stands up and drops his pants, and forces Minami to squat in front of him and suck him, as tears roll down Minami's cheeks. The villain then strips off Minami's panties and violates the young cutie in the schoolgirl outfit in positions such as missionary. Minami struggles and cries and much of the rape is powerful, although there are times when the pair moves into positions like reverse cowgirl that aren't credible. After the rape ends, Minami passes out and croaks.

Now deceased, Minami finds herself in a dark and foggy underworld, still fully dressed in her school uniform. Minami meets the Goddess of Hell, Attackers regular Ruka Uehara, who explains the underground rules. Clearly, Pat Benatar had it wrong -- this Hell definitely ain't for children. We soon discover goddess Ruka, who's dressed in a warrior-like outfit, has special powers. The action jumps briefly to Earth, where a magic blue-ish light (produced by Ruka) kills the rapist.

Back in Hell, young Minami -- suddenly naked -- starts wandering around the dark rooms in this underworld. Minami has a nice body. Her thighs and waist are a bit pudgy for a JAV star but she still looks good nude. There's no sign of Satan in this particular Hell, but an equally demonic Randa Mai shows up with two other henchmen. They grab Minami and use ropes to tie her in a standing position, linked to the ceiling. Her arms are bound behind her back, ropes run above and below her tits, and one rope is used to hoist Minami's right leg in the air. With Minami now defenseless, Randa drops hot wax from two lit candles on Minami's hoisted leg and on her body, making Minami wiggle and squeal. The terrified Minami looks incredibly sexy as she hops, writhes and yelps as the wax drops sting her young flesh.

In a new scene, naked Minami (she remains nude for the rest of the film) is untied except for a rope binding her wrists together. The villains move Minami into a doggie position and Randa uses a hose to shoot water into Minami's bung hole. The villains hold Minami in place, on all fours, as she fires big streams of water out of her ass. Randa grabs a funny looking vibrator (it resembles a big string of beads) and motions it into Minami's ass. With villains still holding her in place, Minami pants and moans as the vibrator pleasures her poop chute. Randa rattles the vibrator inside Minami's ass, ultimately causing some liquid poo to spit out (ick). There's a wonderfully helpless look on Minami's face as she loses control of her anal functions.

More vibrator play continues as the villains double the fun, inserting vibrators into both Minami's pussy and ass. At one point, Minami is being held on all fours by a villain, her wrists still bound together, and her lovely body trembles and jerks as Randa's vibrators stimulate both holes. Panting Minami's head jolts up as she climaxes.

Randa and another villain tie Minami in a standing position, bound arms over head to the ceiling. Randa grabs a bullwhip and proceeds to furiously whip Minami. Unlike Randa's own movies (he didn't direct this), the whippings here are fast and punishing. Minami screams and dances as the whippings torture her body and her soft white skin is soon covered with pinkish-red streaks.

Cut to another new scene. Minami is in a standing crucifixion position, bound by ropes to a red-clothed cross. The ropes have bound her arms, waist and legs to the cross. Randa attaches clothespins to the front of Minami's helpless body, including her nipples. Randa is committed to humiliating little Minami -- he attaches a chain of three clothespins to Minami's lower lip, followed by two more clothespins to the lip and one to her nose. In total, 18 clothespins have been attached to Minami's body and face. To help Minami remove the clothespins, Randa grabs a hose and blasts cold water on Minami. While that removes a few clothespins, many remain, so Randa moves to the next level: a flogger. Minami screams in pain as Randa whips the clothespins off her tits and body (the clothespins on her face are removed by hand) and then continues to whip her. Again, the whippings are fast, furious and effective.

Another jump to a new scene. Randa ties Minami in an upside-down position suspended from the ceiling. As Minami hangs upside down, her arms tightly wrapped behind her back, Randa grabs the flogger and whips Minami's ass. Whimpering, helpless Minami twirls in the air, screaming each time her ass is belted, and welts appear on her round butt. Once again, a remarkably strong whipping scene from Randa.

In the final scene, ropes have been used to suspend Minami from the ceiling in a horizontal position, facing downward, with her legs bent behind her. Minami hovers above a cauldron of bubbling hot water. Randa lowers Minami into the hot cauldron and watches her squirm, and then lifts the soaked and shaking Minami out for some verbal taunting. Minami is dunked again a number of times, kicking and struggling each time she goes back in, with her face buried each time in the hot water. Randa finishes by dumping a vat of hot wax on the suspended and squirming Minami's back.

My grade: A-

The silly story is the only thing that stops this movie from getting an even higher grade. Indeed, this film has plenty of excellent moments. Cute Minami Aoyama is a great and convincing victim and Randa's scenes are strong, with much better than usual whippings. Goddess of Hell is highly recommended.

Wednesday, December 24th 2008 - 05:23:55 PM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:

Happy Holidays to all!

I'd also like to say I've enjoyed the opinions and theories to the poll so far, and that SDMS#584 at Video Mayhem looks like one fucked-up movie, but in a good way.

You, my friend, are fucked-up in a good way. This movie -- ummmmmm.... No.


Canadian: Goddess of Hell sounds great! Minami Aoyama sure is a cute li'l thing, and the action sounds intense. I'll put it on my "As Funds Are Available" list (and $12.00 plus postage won't take long).

Wednesday, December 24th 2008 - 09:06:31 PM

Name: Joe Wrappe
E-mail address:

Ralphus: I mentioned Pia Sands just because she was one my favorites - I was slightly disappointed when I read she "just didn't get it" about bondage. She also went by the names Kim Bittner and Michelle Bauer which I think his her actual name.

About the homepage I put in there sometimes (Becky Bound and Gagged) - it is actually just a small clips4sale site that is mine. Becky is an amateur who is just an everyday regular mature woman who just really enjoyed doing bondage stuff. DVD is possible in the future with maybe an hour worth of clips (most are fairly short little clips).

Wednesday, December 24th 2008 - 09:14:02 PM

Name: zee-ef-ex

I think my ego can handle Taylor Rain :-)

Here's some links to her bound -,0,0,0,49144


Wednesday, December 24th 2008 - 11:34:35 PM

Name: TARL
Homepage URL:

I wish all gimpers and

hmmm... what´s in English...

besonders dir Ralphus :o)

a nice x-mas and a good start to 2009. Greets TARL

Thursday, December 25th 2008 - 02:17:31 AM

Name: seabear
E-mail address:

Merry X-Mas to all

Thursday, December 25th 2008 - 07:18:29 AM

Name: John Galt

Merry Christmas to all! Exercise moderation in moderation.

Thursday, December 25th 2008 - 08:20:41 AM

Name: fred1738
E-mail address:

Merry Christmas to all

Joe: Sure who wouldn't love getting paid an extraordinary amount of money for simply getting laid LOL. Everybody loves easy money. Natasha Flade looks hot. I see she has a website that I'll definitely have to check out.

Ralphus: Yep, that's the one. You have a point, she was buzzed out of her mind.

And you're definitely right about being tied then cutting them loose before sex. I fucking hate when they do that! You have her tied up just fuck her. Get a consent statement before and afterward on film. If she refuses (I would hope not) burn the film, simple.

I recall a scene in Clusterfuck where the director (Skeeter Kerkove) As he ties Ashley Blue up (with plastic chains:( Says that were they in Europe he would leave her tied while having sex. I don't know what the difference is but it fucking sucks.

A Canadian: Minami Aoyama looks cute as hell. A must see for sure. Thanks for the great review. That's always a great help.

zee-ef-ex: I think my ego can handle Taylor too :). Thanks for the great links

Thursday, December 25th 2008 - 07:38:43 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

A Canadian: A little late (darn this Christmas interruption) but thanks very much for another great review. Like you, I'm a big fan of Attackers JB-103. In fact, right around this time last year, I picked the final scene of that film, where Minami was repeatedly dunked in the steaming cauldron, as my Best Bondage Scene of 2007. I even linked a still from it at the time, which I'm doing again here:,59qTOvfe_wA--/.

I'm not sure it was water, though. It was steaming and bubbling, but it definitely had a reddish tint to it, so I wrote at the time that I thought it was wine. In fact, in this still, it looks like they are making hand-dipped chocolate damsels! When I saw that picture, I knew I had to have this movie. I agree, a great title. Randa Mai is his usual evil self, and Minami Aoyama is a particularly cute victim, and I enjoyed watching her suffer. I recommend this one quite highly, too.

The direct link to your review is in my Homepage URL above.

Hope you all had a great Christmas, and hopefully we can get this place talking again. Did Santa leave anyone any bound and gagged chicks under the tree this year?

Friday, December 26th 2008 - 08:13:04 AM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

jhlipton, fred1738 and Ralphus: Thanks for the feedback on my review of Goddess of Hell (Attackers JBD-103). I was admittedly a bit slow to discover some of Minami Aoyama's movies but now I'm definitely a fan. I know some of the Minami clips (from other movies) that I recently posted on YouTied seemed to be a hit with some people. I'll have a bit more to say about Minami when I post my year-end review next week.

Ralphus, I take your point about the steaming cauldron scene and the liquid in the cauldron. I did notice the red colorization. I wasn't sure what it all meant, so I took my lead from a reliable source in these matters, the Video Mayhem description. Fortunately, I don't think anything substantive hangs on that point. Whatever was in the boiling cauldron, the scene was great.

Assuming YouTied returns at some point, I will be sure to upload some clips from Goddess of Hell.

Friday, December 26th 2008 - 12:02:17 PM

Name: Aries

Hot new Eurasian JAV star. She's looking to hook up, if anyone here is heading to Japan.

Name: Cecil Fujisaki


Last Login: 12/9/2008
Interests: General
Details Status: Single
Here for: Networking, Dating, Serious Relationships, Friends
Orientation: Straight
Height: 5' 3"
Ethnicity: Asian
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Smoke / Drink: No / No
BirthDay :1989/4/4
HomeTown: FRANCE
Blood: A
Height 160cm
Size: B85(C-cup)
Hobby: Music
Special Talent: Cooking, drawing
Who I'd like to meet: Ralphus, but only if he will promise to gag, handcuff and ravage me.

Poll ..... Because it's a turn on, either that or they need quick cash.


Friday, December 26th 2008 - 02:03:07 PM

Name: Rick
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Greetings to One and All!

Well, another year has passed by and it always makes me nostalgic when I think about how many years I have been doing this and all the things that have come and gone. There has been a lot of changes. The sense that much time has passed now seems more tangible than ever before.

2008 as a year pretty much sucked for most people. Many have been tossed out of work, 4+ dollar gallons of gas, bailouts, sellouts. The only bright spot has been the election of Mr. Obama, but still living under the old regime, the light right now seems very far away. It still remains to be seen what our new President will do. I hope he will have the courage and wisdom to do the right thing concerning the first amendment, second amendment and gay rights. I still have faith he will, but putting the current nominee in place as AG would not warm the cockles of my heart. Maybe he will surprise a GOOD way. Time will tell, it always does.

Bettie Page: She was an incredible model and yet a tragic example of a person picked apart for expressing herself sexually until she became the poster child for self loathing. The greatest thing she ever did, probably the ONLY thing she did that will be remembered, and she was ashamed of it. She dared to share her beauty with others, fabulous beauty, and she was put down and humiliated for it. It's sad, but that's how things work.

The gals that do this work are the unsung heroes, they seldom receive the accolades they deserve. It takes guts to put it on the line in front of the masses and to deal with the schizophrenic societal pressure that simultaneously condemns you while it jacks off to your image.

In the fullness of time things are appreciated for what they are. Bettie will live on forever young in the images of her as she once was. That, my friends, is as close to immortality as you can get, short of cryo freezing. When all the big shots that tossed stones at her are dead, all long forgotten, I have a feeling people will still be looking at and loving Bettie. Surely, she will have the last laugh then.

Reviews: Thanks guys!

Video Pirates 2, The Caps: Thanks for running these.

The Poll: "In my experience I think money is definitely the biggest factor, but certainly not the only reason." I would stand by that.

Will the real John Blakemore please stand up?: To my knowledge, the man known as Jason/Jeremy Whitman/Mathew Cole died a few years back. Is this the same guy as Blakemore? Can someone enlighten me on that? Are Cole, Whitman and Blakemore all the same fellow? We should be able to unravel this mystery.

NEW ZFX: It is in the pipeline, close to fruition. There should be a trailer on and eventually. I'll keep you posted.

That's it for now, I hope you all are having a nice holiday season. A happy and prosperous New Year to us all. My personal thanks to Ralphus for all he does here and everywhere. Thanks! Sorry this got a bit long.


Friday, December 26th 2008 - 06:06:03 PM

Name: John Galt

Rick: A very eloquent tribute to Bettie Page. I choose to remember her as she was back in the day. Even now, the sleazy, self-serving political toadies who hounded her into obscurity are all but forgotten and her iconic image lives on. What a babe.

So, a NEW ZFX production on the way? Really? Now THAT'S news. I'm anxious to see what you have up your sleeve. Looks like 2009 is shaping up to be a much better year already.

Friday, December 26th 2008 - 06:24:33 PM

Name: Brutus

I hope everyone got what they wished for on Christmas.


Rick wrote: NEW ZFX: It is in the pipeline, close to fruition.

Looking forward to all updates. This could prove to be huge news for 2009.


A Canadian: I enjoyed your review of "Goddess of Hell" and also the way you brought Pat Benatar into the picture. Sounds like a very GIMP-worthy flick, although the title initially had me thinking that a female would be dishing out all the punishment.


Ralphus quoted Taylor Rain as saying: ... her fans are "old, dirty, fucking disgusting men."

Now, I take total offense to that. I'm not that old!

Thanks for the links zee-ef-ex, but now I want to see much, much harsher stuff done to her.

Saturday, December 27th 2008 - 06:20:43 AM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Brutus: Yes, I would say Goddess of Hell is a GIMP-worthy movie. I don't keep track of these things but I don't think it's all that common for Ralphus and I to give a big thumb's up to the same film. The fact we've both endorsed this one should be reassuring to people in this difficult economy.

As GIMPers trickle back from the holiday celebrations, I will be interested to hear whether others have seen Goddess of Hell and if they share the same opinion of it.


I join my friends in saying I am excited to hear about the new ZFX movie.

Frankly, I'm also surprised. I think some of us were wondering whether Rick still planned to make new movies, given the number of existing titles that continues to be released on DVD. I suspect Rick could rest on his laurels if he wished and I wouldn't blame him if he did. But I am happier knowing there will be a new ZFX film in the new year.

A leopard can't change its spots and I would be untrue to my nature if I didn't say I hope the still-unreleased Lisa footage finds its way into this film or some other new movie.

Saturday, December 27th 2008 - 11:46:06 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

A Canadian wrote:

Yes, I would say Goddess of Hell is a GIMP-worthy movie. I don't keep track of these things but I don't think it's all that common for Ralphus and I to give a big thumb's up to the same film.

Interesting point. Like I've mentioned before, you're the Rape Man, I'm the Torture Man (Ooooh, I'm the Torture Man!). We're the yin and yang of the site, which is why every year when we do our year-end wrap-ups, my Best Movie is usually torture-themed and yours is rape-themed. And, we usually watch different types of films, too. Most of the films you see, I probably wouldn't have much desire to check out myself. Goddess of Hell is an Attackers JB title, known for their extreme torture themes. It's a Ralphus movie if there ever was one. There's only the one rape scene in the film, one I personally didn't even like. The rest is non-stop torture. So the question is...why is Canadian digging a Ralphus movie?

BTW, regarding the upcoming ZFX, I'm not allowed to say much, but I will let you know we'll definitely be seeing Lisa Kinkaid again in the future. That I do know for sure.

Rick Masters: Always great to see you back here posting. I was curious when you wrote that you weren't real pleased with Obama's pick for Attorney General, Eric Holder. I did a little research on the web and I can understand why now. He worked under Clinton; that should be a good thing. But there are articles that imply he might have similar ideals about the prosecution of obscenity that Ashcroft and Gonzales did. Check out the article in my Homepage URL and scroll down to where it says "Free speech and censorship" for a short synopsis.

And the implication in this article below is that Holder is a bit of a mixed bag on free speech matters. If he goes after porn, let's hope he continues Clinton's path of going after almost exclusively cases involving child pornography and leaves extreme consensual porn out of the equation. We'll see what happens. At this point, we can only speculate and hope for the best.

What Does Obama's Attorney General Pick Mean For The Adult Movie Industry?

Saturday, December 27th 2008 - 05:23:24 PM

Name: Hiccup
Homepage URL:

Hey gang, recently I found a couple of real gems I'd like to share with y'all. Prede di Guerra: This is an Italian porn movie with a Nazi theme. The movie opens with 5 girls being arrested by some German soldiers and taken to some farmhouse for questioning. The movie is 99% vanilla porn except for one scene.

The women are lined up naked outside the farmhouse and one by one are brought in for questioning. The first girl, a blond with a kickass body to die for doesn't go for the German officer's advances so it cuts to a scene of her tied AOH in a barn naked. A different German soldier comes in and starts groping her, kissing her. This scene is priceless due to the look of shame and disgust on her face. Then he whips out his cock and fucks her standing in that position. For some reason we don't get any close up penetration shots in this scene like the other fuck scenes in the movie. He finishes by jacking off onto her hard flat tummy and leaves. Then two more Germans come in and start groping her still tied in that position but the scene then abruptly ends. This is one of the best rape scenes I've ever scene in a movie because the girl is so hot looking and because of the great acting by her.

The next one is called "Angel Above, Devil Below" and it's a sleazy movie that came out over twenty years ago. I haven't seen the whole movie but from what I've read it's pretty much a vanilla sleaze flick. One exception though is a scene (posted link above) where some creepy older guy enters a room with an injury on his foot. The nurse in the room starts to tend to his injury but then the guy gets up, overpowers her and ties her down face up on a table. Then...he takes a pair of scissors and cuts her nurse uniform off her body so she's naked as a jaybird. All the while she's squirming and begging him to stop. He then proceeds to eat her out and then gets on top of her and bangs her. There are closeups shown but I suspect they are from a body double. The featured actress playing the nurse in this scene has a body to die for though and her acting is first rate. This is also one of the best rape scenes in a movie I've seen.

Check it out and tell me what ya think.

Sunday, December 28th 2008 - 01:35:39 AM

Name: Hiccup

No comments?

Sunday, December 28th 2008 - 07:33:58 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Hiccup: There are no comments, probably because your link is broken. Also, I hate to play the bad guy here, but please don't repost it. We have a rule here against Rapidshare links, and even though the material you posted about appears to be from an old Swedish porno flick and probably doesn't violate any American copyrights, I'd rather not open up the whole can of worms where people start posting links to this forum and I have to scramble to check them to make sure they're okay. Rapidshare will allow anyone to upload anything and there's no restrictions...and also no way to enforce what's legal and what's not except by deleting the link.

When YouTied comes back (supposedly in early January) you might be able to post it there. That site is designed for videos, and with 3 administrators on that that site, they're pretty quick to remove any illegal content. This site is supposed to be for bondage video discussions, but I'm not here all the time and can't moderate it on a regular basis. It's too easy for legitimate producers to get ripped off, and I don't want it happening here. I'd rather just keep the Rapidshare links off this forum period.

I really hate to turn anyone away. God knows we barely get any activity on this forum except for the Big Five (you regulars know who you are) and I'd welcome any opinions for or against the no Rapidshare rule. It's your forum, I only moderate it, so I'm open to suggestions. Maybe we'll actually hear from somebody different for a change.

Sunday, December 28th 2008 - 10:12:57 AM

Name: DHT

Here is your moment of zen:

Rick: Now what's this you say? A NEW ZFX video? Huh? Wha? Nng? Grunt... That is more bizarre news than if my dog told me in a Chinese human voice that she liked Jello. And, um, Lisa Kinkaid? I hope the name of the video has the word "IMPLAUSIBLE" in it, because on hearing this I feel like Arthur Kane must have felt when Buster Poindexter called him on the phone and told him they were getting the New York Dolls back together. Not to sound pessimistic, but the fact that Lisa is in it means to me that at least her scenes will be old footage that you have had in your secret hidden vault. Well, I of course look forward to it no matter what!

Ralphus: Wow, that article by Susannah Breslin was hard to read. What a princess! Well, she's no Jimmy Breslin. She can happily call Bill Clinton "Slick Willie" but not call Alberto Gonzales "Torture Memo Assface". So, basically, she lost me right there.

"As the Century turned, the LAPD attempted an extreme porn crackdown..." Why does that sound like an episode of RENO 911? She claims to have spent 10 years writing about the porn industry... That's gotta be a huge stack of bad writing. I think she'd have been better off attacking human trafficking rings, which are in full force, instead of trying to pretend that the American porn industry is a form of slavery. But, taking on human rights issues is neither easy nor conservative, is it? Not when you can get famous off a blog called "Reverse Cowgirl" and indignantly yak your way into neocon America's voyeuristic hearts. How has she not been on Fox yet?

Ooh, before I forget, I saw an awesome movie called NAKED FEAR. It stars Danielle DeLuca as a young woman lured to a seedy Texas town to work as a singer in a night club, only to find that it is really a strip club and the manager demands that she work there until she pays him back the money he spent bringing her there. This is a realistic situation and young people should be made aware of this kind of thing. Just when her situation seems to be the worst, she is abducted by a well-known local guy who secretly abducts young women, who wake up to find themselves naked in the middle of a field, where he hunts them with his crossbow and rifle as if they were deer. What makes this a good movie is the interesting, gripping story, and an amazing performance by Ms. Deluca, who must play a wide-eyed innocent, play her as she starts to become corrupt and jaded, then play her as a terrified girl who runs naked through some amazing scenery. For the purposes of this board, I call no gimp material, no real bondage, save for a brief shot of her unconscious with her wrists bound and her mouth taped, but the DiD situation is real and intense.

Sunday, December 28th 2008 - 03:03:29 PM

Name: DHT's Dog
Homepage URL:


This DHT's dog. Please excuse broken english. Me like jello. Also, new ZFX coming. Why you look so suprised?

Happy New Year

DHT's Dog

Sunday, December 28th 2008 - 04:04:11 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

DHT wrote:

A NEW ZFX video? Huh? Wha? Nng? Grunt... That is more bizarre news than if my dog told me in a Chinese human voice that she liked Jello. And, um, Lisa Kinkaid? I hope the name of the video has the word "IMPLAUSIBLE" in it....

Well, I can't really speak to that first part, as I have never met DHT's dog.

However, the scraps of news about the new ZFX movie are proving to be very interesting. Very, very interesting, indeed.

It looks to me like we're being teased a little bit with carefully released nuggets of information. From what I can see, Rick, Ralphus and maybe even Lisa are in on this teaser campaign. Perhaps others are in on it, as well.

Who knows when we'll learn what this new ZFX movie is about or when it will be released. However, I do know what it should be about.

If Rick has finally listened to the sage advice he's been getting from north of the border, it should be a film called The Best of Lisa Kinkaid.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. A disc that captures the highlights from Lisa's outstanding career is exactly what Western society needs in these dark times. The "Best of" package could include new material, such as the never-released footage from the vault, along with a new interview with Lisa.

That's what it should be. Hopefully, all will be revealed soon.

Sunday, December 28th 2008 - 04:22:27 PM

Name: YikYakker
Homepage URL:

Here are some caps from a flick that would appear to be GIMP-worthy, but there's no title identification on this site (see URL). The girl is Hye Jeong Kang. Anyone familiar with this scene?

Sunday, December 28th 2008 - 05:53:16 PM

Name: John Galt

Well, I haven't seen any decent GIMP flicks lately, but I have checked out a few GIMP-worthy web sites upon which I can report just in case anyone is interested. Based on comments on this forum, I decided to look into the newly rejuvenated Brutal Violence web site.

As I reported earlier, the site is simply recycling content originally shot for Brutal Violence years ago. Unfortunately, they began with a handful of updates and are adding to the site more-or-less weekly. I joined for one month and there were weekly updates three of the four weeks. The updates consist of original video content, broken down into three or more parts. Annoyingly, each part has a title at the start and an "End of Part X" tag at the end. So in case you want to join them into a single movie, you still have the intervening titles and tag lines. You cannot edit them out, because they are superimposed over the action, and removing them would remove entire segments of the video.

On the plus side, the typical Brutal Violence video clip features rape or assault content, or "angry boyfriend teaching his bitch girlfriend a lesson" type scenarios. The women are generally attractive with a nice variety of body types. Bondage is almost always involved, and gagging is not uncommon. The simulation of violence and pain is good, although the effects appear fairly transparent when they attempt too much. Chain Saw was a recent good example of a Brutal Violence video, showcasing its strengths and weaknesses. So herewith is a review of Chain Saw.


Chain Saw (Brutal Violence Video Clip)

We begin this four-part video with two minutes of a bald guy cleaning up his shop area, during which he gets a phone call. A car horn signals the arrival of another guy with a bound girl in his car trunk. They haggle over the price and almost come to blows until bald guy pays him more money. Come on. Who orders up a kidnapped girl without agreeing on a price first? Anyway, this all takes four minutes, until finally the car is driving away and the bald guy is pushing the girl into his shop. I'm not a videographer, but I do write some fiction and I am confident I could have gotten us to bound kidnapped girl in shop in under a minute. We're four minutes into a five and a half minute clip and so far no zip. If I had the option of paying per clip, I would have given this clip a pass as a nothing time filler.

And you know what else? Bald guy has one of those thin vertical "beards" running down the middle of his chin. I'm sorry, but when I see one of those stupid-ass tall-and-skinny soul patch things I always think to myself that it belongs above a clit running up toward a flat, tight belly, and not running down the middle of some guy's chin. If he wasn't bald, he would also probably have "I'm a dickhead" shaved into the side of his close-cropped hair.

So that's how I feel about that.

The girl is a dark haired babe with a duct tape gag and her hands tied loosely in front of her. Where she could have taken off the gag and screamed for help during the drive there. But whatever. She is wearing a black turtle neck sweater with no sleeves, a bare midriff, tight low-cut jeans and pointy black heels. Bald guy hits her in the face, then directs her to a wall. She demurs, so her pushes her over there. Then he pulls her over to his workbench, against another wall. They didn't spend a lot of time choreographing this scene. He unties her hands and tells her to undress. When she doesn't immediately comply, he bangs a hammer on the workbench. She pulls the sweater over her head, undoes and removes her bra, and pulls down her pants, although she struggles to get them off over her heels as we end Part One.

Part Two begins as she gets her pants off, obscured by the "Part Two" title screen. She then removes her panties and stands there naked and duct tape gagged as bald guy bangs his hammer on the bench. That's not a metaphor, by the way. He is actually banging a hammer on the bench.

The girl is very attractive. Nice, firm round breasts and a slender but shapely body. She is barefoot and has what at first looks like a thin pubic thatch, but actually is stubble. She shaves but apparently has been in the trunk so long she has the pubic equivalent of a five o'clock shadow. Or something. The camera travels up and down her body a few times, and it is a nice scenic tour. She has a nice habit of always trying to keep one hand in front of her crotch to cover herself, which is a nice victim touch. Bald guy forces her to her knees, and she keeps one hand between her legs until he orders her to raise both hands up over her head, which she does. He walks around her. He gropes her. He twists her nipple and slaps her tit. He grabs and pulls her hair. He pulls the duct tape gag off her mouth. So now she is not bound or gagged in any way, just on her knees weakly holding her arms over her head. It is a pretty lame sequence. Made even lamer when he pulls her up and drags her across the room and we see that she is a good foot taller than he is.

Suddenly, she is tied bent forward over a vise table, with her nice round breasts hanging down between two boards that can be (and eventually are) vised together to squeeze her tits. Her wrists are tied to the front legs and a rope over her back holds her bent over. Her ankles are tied to the back legs. In the one short scene (toward the end) where we get to see her entire body, she looks very nice bent over naked like that. He spanks her, plays with her tits, squeezes the vise more, then takes out his dick and tells her to say hello. At this point, the model breaks character and smiles. That few seconds should have been excised by an attentive editor. Part Two ends with her sucking his cock.

Part Three begins with bald guy forcing her to suck his cock by pulling and pushing on her hair, He makes her lick and suck his cock in what turns out to be a nice forced oral sex scene. She doesn't gag or anything, which would have made it awesome, but it is hot. Then bald guy steps around behind her and fucks her from the back. It is a nice, hard fucking scene, and she makes nice pained victim noises. Great facial expression.

Sudden jump to the girl bent over a log held in place by an "X" shaped device. Her legs are pulled apart and held aloft, and she is face down. It is kind of a nice position, with her head and tits hanging down in front. All in all, an inventive bondage position, with lots of potential for sexual use and abuse. Then Part Three ends, and with it all that potential.

Part Four begins with her in the same position (which you can barely make out because the scene title does such an exceptionally good job of obscuring the scene itself), but then suddenly she is tied in a different position. They don't waste any time with tying or untying or transitioning, but they spend four fucking minutes in the first act while bald guy putters around his work shop? Okay, I'll let it go.

So now she is tied in a seated position with her hands pulled up over her head, wrists tied together, knees pulled up and apart, and ankles tied down. Her body is kind of slumped backward, with a rope high around her waist to hold her down. Bald guy walks up with a staple gun and a log and demonstrates how the staple guns shoots staples into the log. Then he runs the staple gun over her breast and around her nipple and as the music swells really loud, he moves it down between her legs and staples her belly about two inches above her slit. And it looks authentic, with blood swelling up from the insertion wounds. Pretty fucking amazing. She cries out loudly but doesn't scream bloody murder. Oh well.

When the camera shows her face, she is obviously in some pain and is sweating profusely, which is one of my personal favorite things. Tortured babes are hot, but tortured babes bathed in nervous perspiration are really hot. We get to watch her face and upper body while she screams and jumps as we hear the snick of the staple gun and when the camera pans down he has stapled her in the soft flesh between upper leg and torso (one of the "V" sides of the pubic "V"). There's a funky picture spinning vertically scene transition for no apparent reason except maybe the editor learned how to do it and decided this was as good a place as any to show off. Idiot. Then we get to see the girl looking on in fear as the bald guy staples the other side of her "V." A close up of her shaved-but-stubbly pussy shows blood welling up and coagulating at the other two staple sites. Bald guy moves in one more time and staples her at the very top of her slit. She is whimpering and quivering in the aftermath of her stapling ordeal.

Suddenly, with no transition, she is bent over and he is fucking her from the back again. You can see the bloody staple wounds between her legs. Her tits and bouncing furiously. She is making noises consistent with rough and painful sex. It is a graphic sex scene, marred only by her lack of strict bondage. Her wrists are tied together, but basically she is just standing bent over a bench while he fucks her.

Another sudden transition-less jump and she is bound seated on the floor while he forces her to suck his cock until he comes on her face and into her open mouth. Nice close up of her shiny, sweat-covered face.

This would have been a good enough ending, but you might have found yourself asking, But where's the chain saw? Bald guy comes walking into the scene with a chainsaw roaring and the hot babe is tied standing with her wrists tied together above her head and her legs tied spread wide apart. He brandishes the chain saw in front of her and she looks appropriately terrified. He revs it in front of her chest as she stares at it and screams. We close in on her face as she watches it descend and move up between her legs. Then the camera shifts focus a lot between her screaming face and upper body and a full length view as bald guy jumps the saw up between her legs and it is a pretty fair illusion that he is cutting her, although honestly, in my opinion, if he had her screams would have been more vociferous by at least a magnitude and her body would have been jerking with the accompanying tearing action. They should have gotten me to write better stage directions. We end with a view of her blood-splattered crotch but unfortunately when the camera wanders upward we basically see her standing there calm and obviously posed. I wasn't expecting real chainsaw damage to her crotch, but it would have been nice to maintain the illusion.

I think this video update is Brutal Violence at its best. Yes, too much time was wasted in a needlessly lengthy set-up. There was poor choreography and stage direction. Some inventive bondage situations mixed with some extremely lame ones. Jarring jumps between scenes. But very pretty and sexy women. Questionable men, all of whom seem to be very short. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.) Even so, the stapling scene was absolutely incredible, and I am 99 and 44/100ths percent sure she was actually stapled. I am just as sure her pussy was not actually chain sawed, but it was a fairly convincing sequence that a more talented editor might have made sensational. But oh well. This particular Brutal Violence video is the only "keeper" I have seen to date, but it will definitely go into regular rotation with my favorites.

Most of the videos on the site are in RM format, although some are WMVs. All of them are broken into smaller parts (usually three or four) with those annoying titles obscuring the picture at the beginning of each segment. The picture quality is decent, although the RM videos look like they were shot in 320x240 so unless you watch them at that size they look pretty bad.

One-update-a-week appears to be more of a guideline than a promise to members. Plus, all of these updates are old. No new content is being added to this web site. As of this writing, there are 23 updates on the web site. Unless you are anxious to see a specific update, I would strongly recommend waiting for them to get some more updates posted. I would give Chain Saw an enthusiastic B, but most of the videos would rate in the mediocre C range at the most.

I also joined SubSpaceLand, which is by the same folks and is adding new content. I will report on that one next.

Sunday, December 28th 2008 - 06:59:50 PM

Name: A Canadian

John Galt: Thank you for the entertaining and richly detailed review of Chain Saw. I like a lot of what you described in this movie, except -- oddly enough -- for the part with the chain saw. Fake looking or credible, it doesn't matter to me, as I find the concept gross. But a number of the forced-sex scenes definitely appeal to me and the woman looks attractive in the photos on the web page.

As I was reading the review, I did notice an emphasis in the beginning on people's shaving habits. Maybe I'm just sensitive since I didn't bother shaving today. Nonetheless, great job on the review.

Sunday, December 28th 2008 - 07:16:11 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Oh, one other thing on this new ZFX movie with Lisa Kinkaid. If it is new material, I sure hope Lisa doesn't have her hair in pigtails. I've seen that look and I didn't care for it.

Sunday, December 28th 2008 - 07:38:22 PM

Name: Ralphus
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John Galt: Good to see you're back doing what you do best, and that's writing hilarious reviews! As I mentioned before, I used to be a member of Brutal Violence and so I had access to Chain Saw on my hard drive. Since I had a little free time, I poured myself a couple of drinks and decided to check out the movie again to see if it compared with your description. It had been some time since I'd seen it. I generally agreed on all your points. You should have been the one writing and directing it, too. The smile before the oral sex should have been cut out, the bondage (especially early on) was weak or non-existant and she should have been gagged more, because she looks damn hot with tape on her mouth.

Also, I hate to tell you this because it will ruin the illusion the next time you watch it, but the stapling scene was faked. If you look closely at the shot right before he brings the staple gun to the top of her slit, you'll see the staple is already there before he supposedly staples her. Sorry. Personally, I think that scene is the best part of the movie, though. Brutal Violence was known for pushing the envelope in coming up with unique tortures, and I've never seen this one done before or since.

The direct link to your review is in my Homepage URL above.

Sunday, December 28th 2008 - 10:48:36 PM

Name: John Galt

Ralphus: You know what? I saw that staple already in place, but I thought maybe he had already done it and they were re-filming (because of a bad camera angle the first time, the wrong reaction on the model's part, or any number of other technical reasons in a less-than-perfect shoot). If it was faked, the special effects were extremely good. The amount of blood welling up and coagulating as the scene progressed was the kind of attention to detail that frankly I would not have expected from the site. It was significantly more subtle and sophisticated than anything else I have seen there so far. And really, a staple gun is initially painful but makes small wounds and I have seen so much worse on other more severe BDSM sites (Insex, for instance) that I still don't completely rule it out being real in this instance. It was still damn hot, though.

A Canadian: I didn't shave all weekend, as a matter of fact, but then again I didn't participate in a BDSM porn shoot, either. I suspect neither did you. You don't have one of those skinny soul patch thingees, do you? And in fact I didn't mean to imply the model's pubic five o'clock shadow was a bad thing, necessarily, just an unusual artistic choice under the circumstances. It was grittily realistic, though. The skinny soul patch, however, was a bad choice.

Body hair and perspiration are just two of the details I tend to notice and upon which I will often comment.

I understand your feeling about the chain saw. The chain saw bit was, in my humble yet oh-so-perverse opinion, the kind of stuff that movies like Hostel and Saw promise but never deliver. I wouldn't care for a steady diet of it, but taking it to the extreme every once in a while is exciting. As a rape flick, you could stop watching with him coming on her face and it would be indistinguishable from most BDSM sex videos. Ralphus the Torture Man and I would sit through all the ending credits to find this final torture scene hidden at the very end, you know, way, way after Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury proposes Tony Stark's Iron Man join The Avengers in an upcoming Marvel movie.

Monday, December 29th 2008 - 06:19:20 AM

Name: Brutus

John Galt: Thanks for the great review. I've often wondered why some producers don't bother taking the time to edit out some of the most jarring errors, like that smile. It's also a shame about the weak bondage, which IMO is totally unacceptable.


Hiccup: The descriptions of the rape scenes sound pretty good, especially "Angel Above, Devil Below." (I've got a thing for nurses.) It's also comforting to know that the victims are tied up because I usually can't really get into rape scenes that lack bondage.


Rapidshare: I'd prefer not to have the links on this site. Although I'm sure people here may use that service responsibly, we've just had a few bondage producers saying how much income they lose to file-sharing, so posting the links could seem like a slap in the face to them.


DHT: "Torture Memo Assface"? LMAO! I also agree with your assessment of the Breslin article.


New ZFX: I know this may anger a few people, particularly an unshaven GIMPer from up North, but assuming the new ZFX movie contains old footage of Lisa Kinkaid, I must say that I would have preferred an entirely new flick with a new actress or actresses. Now, I have nothing at all against Ms. Kinkaid, and I welcome with open arms any material from Rick. But it's been so long since "The Jackbooth Job" came out that I would now like to see the start of perhaps a new stage in ZFX's evolution. What do you guys think?

Monday, December 29th 2008 - 09:23:14 AM

Name: gimpfan

First, I would like wish every one a very happy New year. 2nd, A question for VM. I ordered "Breaking Her Will" and two Japan titles from you. The Japan DVD's arrived today but no "Breaking Her Will". Is it safe to assume that this title is on back order and will mailed when it is in stock? Thanks.

Monday, December 29th 2008 - 02:04:05 PM

Name: VM
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gimpfan: Was told awhile back that there was a small delay, have not heard anything since. It has been bit more then a small delay. Perhaps Bill Zebub can fill us all in.

Monday, December 29th 2008 - 03:04:28 PM

Name: Ironman
E-mail address:

Poll question: I think it's mainly for the money but I'm sure there are many who enjoy acting out their fantasy. It's always a blast to act on our pleasures, so long as it doesn't cause a murder. You may well ask why people shoot pool or collect postage stamps.

John Galt: Interesting review. This brings up a subject that was touched on right before the October meltdown. I think that reviews of site downloads IS a good idea. It would probably be best to give general site reviews since it would be a huge job for the moderator to archive so many individual clips. There should be an exception, of course, for those that merit special noteworthiness or those that are in some way different from the site's overall feel.

Rapidshare: I agree that it would be a slap in the face to the producers that frequent the forum. Their contributions here are valuable and we surely wouldn't want to offend. Of course, there are the legal implications to consider as well.


Monday, December 29th 2008 - 06:09:36 PM

Name: A Canadian
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With the start of the new year just a few days away, it's time for the annual YEAR IN REVIEW. And all I can say this year is thank goodness it's ending.

Put aside the collapse of the world economy, the job losses, the tanking retirement portfolios, etc. Even when you just focus on GIMP material, and only GIMP material, 2008 was still the pits.

It was particularly bleak when stacked against 2007. In the previous year, we saw the release of some outstanding flicks as part of Attackers' Slave Island series. But that series wrapped up in 2007 and the loss has been significant. Most of this year's GIMP films were flat by comparison and even the strongest titles fell below expectations.

It's sad, really. Some of the most attractive women to ever appear in porn -- Maria Ozawa, Erika Sato, Karen Kisaragi, etc. -- showed up in Attackers movies this year. Yet almost without exception their films were average or below average and the Maria Ozawa films in particular were real stinkers. Most of the torture scenes released in 2008 were unimpressive and most so-called rape scenes these days have vanilla-porn positions like reverse cowgirl that simply leap across the credibility line. Nothing jumped out on the big screen this year and there didn't seem to be much excitement around the ZFX films released on DVD.

For a while, things were brighter online, thanks to MasterDetective and his wonderful new creation, YouTied. That site was a remarkable source of clips depicting torture and mayhem, and everyone -- even Ralphus -- found something they hadn't seen before. But as 2008 rolls to a close, YouTied has disappeared into an uncertain future. Let's hope YouTied is still a going concern at this time next year.

Here's the final scorecard:

  • Best movie of 2008: Shark Special 53.

  • Best actress of 2008: Nene in Shark Special 53.

  • Honorable mentions: Karen Kisaragi in Attackers RBD-108, Alice Hoshi in Attackers JBD-119, Luna Akatsuki in Shark Special 50 and Riria Himesaki in New Slave Island 2.

  • Worst movie of 2008: Shark Special 47 starring Maria Ozawa.

  • Best ZFX re-release: Blunt Trauma 3: White Slave.

  • Favorite star from yesteryear: Miki Sugimoto. I already knew about her work in Zero Woman: Red Handcuffs (see last year's Year in Review) but I didn't know about Girl Boss Revenge until Hank posted some clips on YouTied. Miki was a wonderful actress who could satisfy rape, torture and degradation enthusiasts in the same scene.

  • Most overlooked star of the recent past: Minami Aoyama. This pretty starlet is probably retired now but in her prime as an Attackers regular she did it all -- whipping scenes, pissing scenes, anal violations, you name it. She did some great work with Randa Mai and in two Slave Island movies.

  • Best nod to the recent past: Video Mayhem's decision to carry older Attackers titles.

  • Best new website: YouTied.

  • Best YouTied clip: The one from Poor Cecily. This was one of the first items to appear on YouTied and it justly remained the most highly rated clip of the year. Honorable mentions go to the clips from Because of the Cats, Barbarian Queen, Jungle Warriors and Sex Wish.

  • Most lame putdown: "This is YouTied, not YouWhipped or YouRape." Yeah, we know, and God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.

  • Worst online development: The disappearance of useful sites about Japanese porn. The Sweat Pig site has gone under and the revamped javtalk doesn't have much that is helpful.

  • Most astonishingly prolific reviewer: John Galt, who's gotta be using steroids.

  • Best true-life adventure: Richard's story from late June about asking women who are complete strangers if they want to be tied up.

  • Mainstream stars I'd like to see doing GIMP movies: WWE wrestler Kelly Kelly; party girl Kim Kardashian; celebrity wrestler Trishelle Cannatella; Celebrity Rehab junkie Amber Smith; pop stars Rihanna and Shakira; and, as always, Jessica Alba.

  • JAV star I'd like to see doing GIMP movies: Sarasa Hara.

  • Most annoying American: Lou Dobbs.

  • Republican shill I'd most like to see bound and tortured: Leslie Sanchez.

  • Democratic shill I'd most like to see bound and tortured: Hilary Rosen (you were expecting Donna Brazile?).

  • Sarah Palin, yea or nay: Yea. I'm no maverick but I'd hit it. And say what you like about her wonky Old Testament ideas but I'd take Sarah over any of the knobs Canada had running for prime minister in 2008.

  • Best stripper in Pittsburgh: Sunny.

  • Peace, what is it good for?: Absolutely nothing. The DVD format war ended in 2008 but Blu-Ray players are still a bit too expensive.

  • Worst Canadian news of 2008: The spreading reach of "human rights" commissions and other thought police in Canada. Sheesh, you can't even fly a banner that says 'Jesus sucks' without someone getting offended.

  • New year's resolution: I need to stop talking about it and actually check out some Giga movies.

  • Best unsubstantiated rumor of 2008: That Breaking Her Will star Jackie Stevens has insisted on an on-location shoot for the sequel, Breaking Her Will II: The Wrath of Canada.

I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and all the best for 2009.

Monday, December 29th 2008 - 06:38:57 PM

Name: Ralphus
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Canadian: As always, great list. And now for the 4th year in a row, here's my annual list of GIMP Best and Worsts and Ralphus Awards:


Best News for Freedom-Loving Americans - With the historic election of Barack Obama as our new President, we're finally ridding ourselves of the political censorship of this Republican regime that's done more damage to our personal freedoms than perhaps any other administration in history. Will things get better with Obama in office? Hard to say, but for sure, they couldn't be worse than the past 8 years.

Best News For ZFX Fans - After years of work, Rick Masters finally completed DVD conversion of all the older ZFX titles. Which means... Yes!...we'll be seeing some new ZFX releases in early 2009.

Comeback of the Year Award - To the Torture Rack Scenes Database. Gone from the Internet since 2002, we resurrected it from bits and pieces that still existed on an archive website and added new pictures and video clips to make it better than it was before. The Electroshock, Whipping and Rape databases were given a similar makeover.

Best News for Bondage Fans - The emergence of YouTied, a great new site from MasterDetective that gave us free access to hundreds of bondage, torture and rape video clips, without the pain of having to download them.

Worst News For Bondage Fans - Especially lately, YouTied has been down more than it's been up, and faces an uncertain future at this time.

Even Worse News For This Site - Without YouTied, all our databases are mostly without vidcaps and video clips.

Biggest Jerk on YouTied - BondageDave, the pathetic loser whose antics forced MasterDetective to instill safeguards against cheating after he was caught voting multiple times against most of the extreme material on the site, then posting anonymously under multiple screen names to create the impression that people were agreeing with him.

Best Proof That Dreambook Truly Sucks - From March 25 to April 10, a total of 17 days, technical difficulties with Dreambook's server prevented anyone from posting to the forum, our longest drought in over 9 years. The Great Dreambook Blackout of 2008 even forced us to miss our 9th anniversary celebration in late March.

Fuck You Award - To America Online, the longtime host of all the pictures for this site since its inception. On September 30 they announced, with no warning, that all the files we had accumulated over the past several years would all be deleted in one month, leaving us scrambling to save what we had and find a replacement host.

The No Good Deed Goes Unpunished Award - My dream of adding thousands of new vidcaps and video clips to the databases was thwarted 3 times. First in May, bandwidth was exceeded within hours of debuting the databases to the public, forcing me to pull them offline and start over from scratch to rebuild them. Then in October, AOL deleted all their free space, so we lost everything we had put back. Then YouTied loaned us their free space but went down in December, before I could finish rebuilding the databases a third time. Undaunted, I'll keep trying, but meanwhile almost all the links to the stills and video clips are still broken.

The Fairness Award For Not Practicing Censorship - To the newly created Bondage Awards. Is it possible to give an award to a site that gives out awards? Hey, it's my post, so why not? Yes, they need to restructure the voting to prevent ballot stuffing, but unlike the Signy's, they didn't discriminate against people and sites that are more extreme like ours (We were excluded from the Signy's, despite having enough votes, because we were "too mean"). Here's to that revolutionary concept of running a fair election and letting all the votes count.

Self-congratulatory Award - To us, dammit! Despite being down and unable for post for nearly the entire run of voting, Bring Out the GIMP still finished in the Top 10 for Best Free Website in the Bondage Awards. It's a credit to the loyalty of our readers that we finished so high, especially considering the hundreds of fine free sites out there.

Most Surprising Winner - In the Bondage Awards, with so many beautiful women as the competition (Anastasia Pierce, Jasmine Sinclair, Vivian Irene Pierce, Natasha Flade, etc.) the winner for Best Model was.... Dee Luvbight? Is it just me? Am I missing something here?

Best Bondage Movie of the Year - Video Pirates 2: Buried. Yup, it may have been originally released in 1994 but you've never actually seen it unless you check out this new DVD version. Rick Masters of ZFX re-edited the best scenes of his earlier "Video Pirates" series into one torture-packed film that features great acting by both villains and a believable performance by Melisa Pope. One of the ZFX's all-time best.

Best Japanese Movie of the Year - FA#1463. This film is like a long highlight compilation of brutal prison scenes, not all of them great, but most of them are quite excellent. Running over 2 hours long, cute female prisoners are tied up and interrogated by prison guards, featuring some outstanding electric shock torture and lots and lots of bondage rape.

Best Bondage Scene of the Year - The bondage rape from FA#1447. A sleeping woman is awoken by a knife-weilding intruder, who silences her with a hand over her mouth, then slaps tape over her mouth, ties her hands behind her and then uses her body like all good rapists should. Simply outstanding.

Biggest Disappointment - The much heralded (and gorgeous) uber-babe Maria Ozawa finally graduated up to Attackers films...and then it was discovered that she couldn't act. And suddenly she became just another pretty face. Not much was heard about her on this forum afterward.

Best Mainstream Film of the Year - Mamma Mia!, a joyous musical celebration starring Meryl Streep and featuring the infectious music from ABBA. A wonderful family film that will have you singing along with...oh wait...there's no tied-up women in this movie? Hang on, let me do this again.

Best Mainstream Film of the Year - Exitus Interruptus. A German film that is loaded with naked bondage, torture and some nasty sexual killings to boot. This one blew me away until I discovered that the supposedly uncut "Director's Cut" I was watching was actually 21 minutes shorter than the X-rated version, which so far I've been unable to locate. Amazingly, a far more explicit version of this already great film is still out there.

Best Mainstream Scene of the Year - The gorgeous Rhona Mitra being hung up by her wrists and tortured in Doomsday. How many mainstream actresses agree to do suspension scenes?

Best Buried Treasure - After years of being out of print, a copy of the independent film CUT was located and released by Video Mayhem. While it may have had a budget of about $1.74, this little student film packed more GIMP appeal than nearly every mainstream film and even most actual bondage videos.

Most Eagerly Awaited Mainstream Film of Next Year - Uh, not so fast, Bill Zebub! Here's a better choice: the remake of I Spit On Your Grave. It might end up sucking but ask anyone here if they're NOT eager to see this one.

Rookie of the Year - Our very own Darkroom, who took the plunge and made his very own bondage film, Room 187, featuring tied titties and electrical torture. It wasn't perfect but it was a worthwhile debut that has me hungry for more.

Most Prolific New Reviewer - John Galt, who came out of nowhere in late August to become the Amazing Reviewing Machine. In that short time, he's reviewed an astounding 58 different movies and video clips. And we're not talking capsule reviews, either. Does this man not work?

Coolest Female Poster - Gabriela Atar, who loves putting herself in the role of victim when we have our discussions. That's my kinda girl.

Posters We Wish Would Come Back - Jyydubs, who always had the inside scoop on new GIMP-worthy mainstream films, and Bobjones, who took time off to move but apparently there's no Internet access at his new home because he hasn't been seen from again.

Best poll - We had quite a few good ones, including our opinions on vanilla porn, shaved pussies, mainstream bondage scenes, torture porn and Japanese anime, among others, but the one that got the most feedback was when we asked "Does your wife or significant other know about your fetish?" Check out the archives beginning in June 23 for some very interesting responses.

Most Amusing Site Development - The fate of our Celebrating 9 Years girl, who's had to endure anime eyes, impaling by an HOM wooden dildo board, more impalement by a Halloween jack o' lantern with a bone for a nose, a Thanksgiving turkey pecking away at her pussy and finally bound in Christmas lights and sexually attacked by a candy cane.

Saddest News of the Year - The escape this September by my live-in slave, Aria Giovanni. Even now my heart still grows wistful for all the memories we made together..the tender moments, the laughter, the tears, the binding, the gagging, the raping, the torturing, the beating, the burning, the shocking, the absolute agony I put her through each and every day. Ah, good times...


Here's a wish to all my fellow GIMPers for lots of tied-up babes in 2009.

Monday, December 29th 2008 - 06:40:37 PM

Name: John Galt

Brutus: I am conflicted about your ZFX evolution idea. On the one hand, I have extremely fond memories of the ZFX flicks, and there are some I still watch on a recurring basis. At a time when rape and sexual torture movies were scarce, ZFX was one of my few alternatives. Unfortunately, ZFX movies simulated practically everything.

Now, however, we have web sites and imports that simulate very little. Consequently, I am used to seeing much more explicit action. It would be cool to see a series of movies with the continuing characters and episodic storylines of the original ZFX movies, but with more explicit action. But then, would it be a ZFX movie? Would Rick do something like that? Would any of the original ZFX actresses do it? Would it be the same with a new bevy of younger actresses? I don't know.

I am awaiting the "new ZFX" production with some anticipation. If it is old Lisa Kinkaid footage, well, I am as much a fan of Lisa as anyone so I would certainly want to see what it was. If it is something new, well, I am as much a fan of Rick's twisted storytelling as anyone so I would like to see that as well. I guess I would like to see ZFX take a more explicit turn, simply to keep up with the times. That would be awesome.


A Canadian and Ralphus: Thanks for the Best of mentions. FIFTY-EIGHT movies and video clips? Holy shit. I had no idea.

Both lists are excellent reviews of the Year in GIMP, and an absolute pleasure to peruse. I cannot complain overmuch about 2008 personally because, after all, it is the year I discovered the GIMP Forum and as such has achieved banner year status. Barack Obama's election was icing on the cake. But I am hoping 2009 is better in every way.

Here's hoping YouTied and Gabriela Atar both make return appearances early in 2009. I kind of miss them both.

Monday, December 29th 2008 - 07:28:00 PM

Name: A Canadian

John Galt: You deserve the accolades. You've definitely got a flare for banging out excellent reviews in record time. I'm glad I don't review GIMP movies for a living or I'd be worried about my job.

Your comments about Lisa have got me thinking that some of us should be a bit more clear about the "unreleased" Lisa Kinkaid footage. Newcomers to the site may not know what we're talking about.

Indeed, the original discussion about the never-released Lisa footage actually predates my time here. In January 2004, the GIMPers of the day discussed some stuff that Rick had shot in December 2003 but had not yet released. And it remains unreleased five years later (if nothing else, Rick Masters is a patient man).

Sadly, if you check the January 2004 archive, you will see that Ralphus had posted a number of stills from that shoot but the stills are no longer available because of the hosting problems the GIMP site is now experiencing. Take my word for it, though, Lisa looked terrific. Not surprisingly, I'm at odds with our friend Brutus on this issue -- I would love to see this footage in a new ZFX film, even if it is five years old.

Monday, December 29th 2008 - 08:11:11 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Before the rumors continue on too long, I want you guys to re-read my post from December 27:

BTW, regarding the upcoming ZFX, I'm not allowed to say much, but I will let you know we'll definitely be seeing Lisa Kinkaid again in the future. That I do know for sure.

That doesn't necessarily mean she'll be in this newest film. It means we'll be seeing her "in the future", like I wrote. I know Rick has unreleased footage of her in the vaults and we will be seeing it. As to when, I can't say. And I can't say because I truly don't know. Only the Rickmeister knows, because he's the one putting together the new shows. But he did say she'd be back, so that much I can report.

Wow, I didn't realize it had been 5 years since Rick passed along those pics. Of course, sitting on old footage is not exactly a rarity with Rick or probably a lot of other bondage producers. When his last film The Jackbooth Job came out, half the footage in it was shot 4 years previously. Ditto The Apartment, except we're talking about all the footage in that one.

5 years is a long time, but past the 2 years Rick has been totally devoting himself to getting the rest of the ZFX library transferred to DVD. Now that it's all done, he can finally start knocking out some new stuff. And if he's still got older Lisa footage available, I say bring it on! But I like seeing new faces, too. The footage with the new redhead in Jackbooth was even better than the older footage of Kelly McKay, and I love Kelly McKay.

As far as Rick shooting more hardcore footage, I think he's been smart enough to skate past potential prosecution over the past 17 or so years by doing it his own way...and that's by NOT showing actual penetration mixed with bondage. Guys like do it, but their audience in online downloads and not DVDs that you can buy in stores. I don't care who's President, it would be a risky move.

And frankly, I don't think closeups of actual genitals converging necessarily makes a film better. You don't see them in ZFX and they are the best bondage company in the US. And you actually don't even see them in Japanese films, either. They pixellate the private parts, and they make the best bondage films in the WORLD. I don't hear anyone saying their films aren't explicit enough.

Bottom line, if it's not broken, don't fix it.

Monday, December 29th 2008 - 09:12:48 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Ralphus wrote:

That doesn't necessarily mean she'll be in this newest film. It means we'll be seeing her "in the future", like I wrote. I know Rick has unreleased footage of her in the vaults and we will be seeing it. As to when, I can't say. And I can't say because I truly don't know. Only the Rickmeister knows, because he's the one putting together the new shows. But he did say she'd be back, so that much I can report.

I am so confused.

When it comes to the unreleased Lisa footage, Ralphus has somehow managed to sound specific and vague in the same sentence: "we will be seeing it. As to when, I can't say. And I can't say because I truly don't know."


Today's little nugget of news, apparently, is that Rick is putting together "new shows" (emphasis added by me). So, it would appear -- if I understand Ralphus correctly this time -- there's more than one movie in the works. Or, at least, there's more than one movie planned. Or something.

This is a mystery Ellery Queen couldn't solve. My bet is on Jesse Keddings in the library with a bullwhip.

I hope when Rick uploads his trailer, he drops by and provides us with some clarity.

Tuesday, December 30th 2008 - 05:44:27 AM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Oops... I just read my post and realized it was unfair to say that Ralphus sounds specific and vague in the same sentence. It should say he sounds specific and vague in the same paragraph.

In case anyone is now wondering, I do know that Africa is a continent.

Tuesday, December 30th 2008 - 08:00:19 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

A Canadian wrote:

In case anyone is now wondering, I do know that Africa is a continent.

That's only because you can see it from your backyard.

BTW, why is it that we only get the same 5 guys posting here? 900 lurkers and 5 posters? Guys, if you like what you see, or want to say thanks or add any comments, what are you waiting for? Posting is easy, and feedback is so important when people go out of their way to write things to entertain the rest of the group. They don't get paid, you know. It doesn't take that long to add a few sentences of your own. If everybody did that instead of what we have now, this would be a much more satisfying place to hang out.

Tuesday, December 30th 2008 - 08:47:09 AM

Name: mr bush

I must say that I read everyday, yet do not contribute at all. That is my nature, however this is one of the best if not the best site for bondage lovers. Thanks to all who contribute. Does anyone know if there is a site that one can download Shark Special 53 or FA#1463 or #1447 all of which terrific. I will pay for the download, just do not if available, I can not order physical DVD for delivery.

Anyone want to bet on new ZFX release date? My guess is not until June or July at the earliest.

Tuesday, December 30th 2008 - 09:39:34 AM

Name: YikYakker

Hello. My name is YikYakker. And yes, I am a lurker. But I do want to say that the collective knowledge of the "Big 5" and other frequent posters really blows me away. I'm grateful that you guys are out there and are so willing to contribute.

Here's my dilemma, and maybe it's one that is familiar to many of you, lurkers and pros alike. I have a large collection of clips (mpegs, avis, wmvs, etc.). Some are GIMP-worthy, some are not. Some are from movies discussed on this forum, most are not. If I had the time to do so, I would sort through these clips and locate anything that has not already been viewed on YouTied or featured in the database, but I suspect that is a small fraction of what I have. If I had the expertise and technology, I would create screen caps or other derivatives that could be shared with all. And if I had the mechanism to do so, I would post them for GIMPers to enjoy. But if anyone had all of that, it surely would be the the main posters here. So I'm not sure what I can contribute or how, but I'm open to suggestions. Otherwise, all I can say is thank you for the good work!

Tuesday, December 30th 2008 - 02:29:56 PM

Name: YikYakker

Regarding another topice: the remake of I Spit On Your Grave. What I remember most about this film when it first came out was that there were (at least) 2 main topics of discussion, based on the shock value that it had at the time. The first was the absolute brutality (and length) of the gang rape. This was something that few if any folks had ever seen on film before. The relentless, callous and amoral attitude of the attackers was appalling to many.

The second was the grim, methodical method used by Camille Keaton's character to exact her revenge. The tag line "No jury would convict her" exactly states the nature of the debate about this presentation. (And I'm dating myself, but yes, there was quite a bit of discussion, at least among the young college crowd, and I remember it well). The point is, if the remake is any good, it will have to produce something with the same sort of tension. Will the crime be heinous enough or spark enough revulsion (among the audience) to make an equally nasty vengeance justified (or even anticipated)? Or will it cop out on all accounts? Justice (read "vengeance") was a prevalent topic in movies of the seventies (consider Dirty Harry, Death Wish, etc.). But the avenger was always male.

Since then, we have had female ass-kickers who took down the bad guys, but none of them have come close to the slicing, dicing, hanging and ax-wielding Camille. So if the movie is not going to pale next to its predecessor, she's got to give it as well as she gets it, and in both situations, it had better make civilized people squirm.

Tuesday, December 30th 2008 - 02:51:27 PM

Name: Brutus

Ralphus and A Canadian: Excellent year-end lists guys. Very entertaining reads. Hopefully 2009 will be a better year for GIMPers.

John Galt: Wow! Fifty-eight reviews in just a few months? You've already more than doubled my number (26). I'd like to add that I am also glad you joined this site this year.

As for ZFX going more extreme, that actually wasn't what I had in mind. I tend to loosely clump ZFX movies into certain periods, sort of like Picasso's works: the really early ZFX stuff that was much softer; the Chandra Sweet period; the Shockwave period; the Lisa Kinkaid period; etc. I was just wondering if Rick was continuing the Lisa Kinkaid period.

But with Ralphus' extra bit of information, the plot thickens. Whatever the case, this gives me something to look forward to in 2009.

mr bush: I think summer is a good bet for the release date.

Yik Yakker: There's really no need to share vidcaps on this forum. Your opinions on GIMP subjects are enough. In fact, your thoughts on "I Spit On Your Grave" got me thinking. I didn't find the original that sexy. (I don't like muck-covered women.) But I think you are right: That wasn't the intention of the movie. As for the remake, I expect something equally as brutal, or more so, and I don't think the producer will cop out. If he did, what would be the point of making a remake of such a controversial movie? I just hope that most of the movie isn't about the acts of revenge.

That being said, I should add that Hollywood often finds a way to thoroughly disappoint me.

Tuesday, December 30th 2008 - 04:18:42 PM

Name: A Canadian

mr bush: I did a google search for Shark Special 53 using the code, SSPD-053, and the only English sites that sell the movie all seem to sell discs. There are some foreign sites that sell downloads but I don't know if this is a worthwhile option. You should try a google search for that code and see what you find. I didn't look for the other films as I'm not familiar with them, other than knowing what Ralphus has told us.

As for the timing of the new ZFX release, I'm leaning toward spring 2009. Since I joined the GIMP community, I have witnessed the release of two original ZFX movies -- The Apartment in March 2005 and The Jackbooth Job in April 2006. Based on that record, I'll predict the next original movie gets released in late winter or early spring.


YikYakker: Here's my concern about a remake of I Spit on Your Grave. In this day and age, you don't have to worry about political correctness or people's sensitivies when you show a rape scene. You just do what so many other producers have done -- use jerky NYPD Blue camera jumps and blurry closeups that show a rape but don't allow viewers to really see what's going on. If you want an example, try renting The Hills Have Eyes 2. An attractive woman gets raped in that movie but you won't enjoy it because the picture keeps jumping all over the place and you can't tell what's going on. My fear is this remake will stay true to the spirit of the original but will lack the visual clarity. I hope I'm wrong.

Tuesday, December 30th 2008 - 05:55:11 PM

Name: DHT

Hey, those Video Pirate stills remind me... remember in the 90's when Kerri Downs and Nick Long ran that video trading club? That was awesome. I used to love talking to her on the phone.

Has anyone heard from them and knows how they are doing?

Tuesday, December 30th 2008 - 09:10:19 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

DHT: Oh, so you were a member of that club, too? I got to talk to Kerri at least once, Nick a few times, and their friend Kelly (also a porn star) the most. Kelly and I were pretty good phone buddies and she even sent me an autographed pic. I remember talking to Kerri about how much I liked the ZFX Gangland movies she was in. She and Nick had one of those real-life master-slave relationships. Not a bad choice for a slave, huh?

What became of them? I dunno, where do old porn stars go after they retire? They were making their own productions for a while. Kerri probably just got too old. I remember Rick brought her back to play a dominant role in Drifters, which was in the late 1990s. She had lost a bit of her cuteness by then. I never really saw her in the video stores much after that.

Tuesday, December 30th 2008 - 11:23:16 PM

Name: YikYakker

A Canadian wrote:

Here's my concern about a remake of I Spit on Your Grave... jerky NYPD Blue camera jumps and blurry closeups that show a rape but don't allow viewers to really see what's going on.

I hear you. Unless the scenes are presented honestly, they lose their emotional impact, which usually undermines what follows in the rest of the movie. Whatever other criticisms folks may level against I Spit on Your Grave, they can't say that the filmmakers held back.

Wednesday, December 31st 2008 - 04:02:38 AM

Name: John Galt

I also do not think a remake of I Spit on Your Grave would be worthwhile. The rape sequence was filmed in a way that appealed to, well, rape and torture aficionados. The victim was brutalized and raped several times, vaginally, anally, and orally. It was all filmed in sadistically loving detail. It was very entertaining and sexually stimulating. I propose that anyone who likes this movie but maintains he (or she) is not turned on by the rapes is being less than truthful, possibly even with themselves.

The revenge bits were not sexually stimulating to me, personally, but they did appeal to a base revenge desire to see uneducated redneck thugs (who were also rapists) effectively excised from the gene pool. In my daytime alter ego, I strive to root for justice and fair play, but because I know the world is not fair and bad guys get away with things all the time without suffering any substantial punishment, my darker side likes to see the occasional act of vengeance.

My enjoyment of both the brutal rape scenes and the inventive and wicked vengeance scenes are guilty pleasures. I would not condone them in Real Life, but that's what movies and books are for, isn't it? Providing an outlet or means for vicariously experiencing things that you would not or could not do in Real Life? We need to feed our dark sides to keep the hunger from becoming too great. (Hey, that sounds kind of erudite! And not a little bit Nietzschean.)

Anyway, the original movie remains unabashedly non-politically correct in almost every way. I do not think any movie maker today has the cojones to do something like that and even come close. I suspect A Canadian is absolutely correct that jumpy camera views or some of the other "modern" cinematic techniques will be employed to lessen the impact. I don't want to watch a series of brutal rapes implied, I want to see a carefully filmed procedural. That's what made the original a stand-out. Feed my dark side or leave me the hell alone when it comes to I Spit on Your Grave.

Wednesday, December 31st 2008 - 05:52:27 AM

Name: Mike from Brooklyn

The past few months have been really busy, and I feel bad that I have not been able to contribute.

But I have been lurking on a somewhat regular basis.

I just want to wish everybody a happy new year and a better 2009!

Wednesday, December 31st 2008 - 07:26:39 AM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

If YouTied ever comes back, the first clips I plan to post are from this movie, IESP-443, starring Ryo Takamiya.

It's not much of a movie but it has some great moments near the beginning, including some scenes where Ryo's head and hands are locked in a wooden pillory and she is taunted by some villains. And Ryo is quite lovely. I think people would enjoy the clips.

That's it for me for this year. Happy New Year, everyone.

Wednesday, December 31st 2008 - 11:48:42 AM

Name: Boilerplant

GIMP Girl for New Years

What do you guys think? Have a 2 and 9 on each side of her boobies?

Have her tied to the clapper of a bell ringing in the New Year?

Have her get tied to a Fireworks Rocket to bring the New Year in with a bang?

Wednesday, December 31st 2008 - 12:43:51 PM

Name: Ironman
E-mail address:

HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!

I think the dropping of a spiked ball would be a nice touch for the GIMP girl.

Wednesday, December 31st 2008 - 06:40:13 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Great suggestions for the fate of the GIMP Girl. It's looks like Scribbler has outdone himself with the Happy New Year version this time out. Looks like it's going to be a great year...for everyone but her, that is. That animation is hilarious! I can't wait til the next holiday. Gosh, do we have to wait until Groundhog Day to see what's going to happen to her next?

Let's hope everyone here has a safe and happy new year.

Wednesday, December 31st 2008 - 09:08:42 PM

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