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Attackers JB-77

Reviewed by A Canadian

Title: Attackers JB-77 (Crazy Episode of Snake Entanglement)

Starring: Anjyu

Code: JBD-077

For those who like to see a woman in jail who's being tortured and abused, you can't go wrong with Attackers JB-77 (Crazy Episode of Snake Entanglement). It's not exactly a masterpiece, but it is good, with a lot of things that work: whippings, hot candle wax, a victim hanging upside-down in the air. There's even a live-sex show. Best of all, the star of the movie, Anjyu, is attractive.

I had seen Anjyu before, in Shark-231 (which I reviewed in October), and while she looked cute and sexy in that movie, she looks better here. Anjyu has a pretty, cherubic face, small slender body, nice natural tits and round ass. I think Anjyu may be a bit older than your typical porn star, but she's well put together. And from what I can tell, she's got acting talent, as well.

When we first see Anjyu, she and this kinda chubby guy (a partner of some sort) are prisoners in a large jail cell. I can't say why they're in jail -- the movie started with a prologue, written in Japanese, so we can only guess at the back story. But who really cares? Anjyu looks great in a sleeveless black top, a short denim skirt and high heels.

Soon, we meet the fiend who's holding them captive, a scary-looking fellow with black clothes, thick black sunglasses and a goatee (an Attackers regular -- it's the same guy from Attackers JB-75). He is sitting on a black leather couch inside the jail cell. Anjyu and the chubby guy (also an Attackers regular) kneel before this fiend, and he appears to be threatening them as they plead for mercy. The villain is ruthless, throwing some water into the chubby guy's face and giving Anjyu a slap to the face that knocks her to the floor.

Then, the villain makes his demand -- the prisoners are to perform a live-sex show in front of him. If I followed the plot correctly, the villain threatens to kill the captives if he isn't satisfied with the performance.

The chubby guy is reluctant, but Anjyu acquiesces. She stands up to strip off her skirt, revealing thin black panties and that oh-so-nice ass. Following a brief cutaway to black, a now-barefoot Anjyu kneels down beside her still-hesitant partner and she removes his Hawaiian shirt. She then lifts off her own top and peels off some white latex nipple covers she was wearing underneath. With only her black panties left, the near-naked Anjyu tightly hugs her male companion, gently kissing his shoulders. And then it's on with the show....

The 15-minute sex show, performed on a mattress in the jail cell, begins with some passionate French kissing, followed by Anjyu kissing the guy's chest. Although the chubby guy is still reluctant, Anjyu pulls his face into her chest, and he begins sucking her tits. He quickly gets into it, slurping away at her breasts while a squirming Anjyu lets out some soft panting and whimpering.

The chubby guy fingers Anjyu and eats her pussy, and then Anjyu blows him, with the villain getting a clear view of the action. The captives then get fully naked and start fucking, beginning with the missionary position, followed by cowgirl, doggie and then back to missionary. The scene finishes with Anjyu lying on her back and the guy shooting his load just below her tits.

Admittedly, this whole sex-show thing was a little unusual, and it ran a little too long, but I enjoyed it. There are plenty of shots of the villain taking in the show, so there is always a strong sense of degradation.

Anyway, once it's over, the villain shoots a bullet into the chubby guy's head. Blood squirts out of the victim's head and onto Anjyu, and in one particularly effective shot, a big pool of blood spurts out of his mouth and lands smack dab on Anjyu's face. The big guy collapses and dies on top of Anjyu, who is covered in blood and crying.

We next find Anjyu in a cage within a cage. Still covered in blood, she is locked inside a dog cage within the prison cell, lying on her side and crying. The villain decides it's time to wash the blood off Anjyu. He uses a plastic bowl to scoop water from a large plastic bucket, and dumps the bowls of water into the cage and onto Anjyu.

We cut next to a scene that finds Anjyu standing naked with her hands bound together by a rope and tied arms-over-head to the roof. The villain comes up from behind and starts feeling up Anjyu's tits and her body. He also yanks her hair a few times to pull her head back, as he verbally berates her. He then grabs a riding crop and starts whipping her ass.

This whole whipping segment is quite long. The villain alternates between the riding crop and some other, longer whips, and there are some pauses in the action for more hair pulling and verbal abuse. Generally, this segment is OK. Some of the whippings are quite harsh and Anjyu dances around a fair bit trying to avoid the lashings. It never gets as intense as a ZFX whipping, but it's much better than what you'd find in a Dan Hawke film or most other fare.

Next up, Anjyu is bound by ropes in a standing position on one foot. Ropes are used to tie her hands behind her back and bind her arms to her side, with ropes running above and below her tits. A rope that is hanging from the roof is tied to Anjyu's right leg and used to lift her leg in the air, while another rope is tied from her back to the roof.

With Anjyu bound and helpless, the villain fingers her pussy, and then uses two vibrators -- a small one followed by a larger one -- to finish the job. Anjyu is fantastic here, writhing and shivering, and alternating between some staccato yelps, some loud yells and some stuttering. At one point, she throws her head back and lets out a few deep moans that are just perfect.

The next segment is also quite good. Anjyu is tied by ropes to the bars of the jail cell. Her arms are spread out to the sides, with her wrists tightly bound to the bars, and an elaborate rope scheme has also tied her torso and her legs to the bars. The villain takes a rope with a knot in it and sticks the knot in Anjyu's mouth. He then uses the rope to tie her head to the jail cell bars, with the knot essentially gagging her mouth.

The villain uses some lit candles to start dripping hot wax on Anjyu, particularly on her arms, her legs and her feet. Though her mouth is gagged and she is tightly bound to the cell, she lets out some muffled yelps and does just enough squirming to make this scene particularly sexy.

The villain then produces two acupuncture needles, which he pokes into each one of Anjyu's nipples, while Anjyu screams. The fiend then drops hot wax on each of her nipples, while tears appear on Anjyu's cheeks and her nose starts running. The villain removes the needles, and in one case the wax has actually formed a nipple shape around the needle.

Our final scene of torture begins with Anjyu lying on the ground, with her hands once again bound behind her back and her arms tied to her body. A rope tied to her feet goes up to a pulley overhead, with the villain holding the other end of the rope. The villain hoists Anjyu feet-first into the air, until she is dangling upside-down. He then moves her head into the large plastic bucket, which is filled with water and was sitting nearby. Anjyu is lowered headfirst into the bucket of water in a scene that's very reminiscent of Lisa's "bucket" scene in South of the Border 4. It's great stuff -- Anjyu is dunked in twice -- but unfortunately, the scene is very short and ends abruptly. The movie ends with Anjyu lying on the floor, with her hands still bound behind her back, and she is passed out.

Overall assessment: Recommended, but with a few reservations.

This film isn't perfect. In fact, it has what I would describe as "timing" issues. Some scenes -- like the sex show and the whippings segment -- run too long, while other parts -- like the dunking scene at the end -- are too short. Furthermore, the guy in charge of pixilation for this movie got a little carried away. In some scenes, I think far too much of the screen has been blurred.

I would also say this movie could have been better if it showed more variety, with a wider range of tortures. Certainly, a good old-fashioned rape would have helped.

Still, Attackers JB-77 is well photographed, the star is attractive, and there are some strong moments. I wouldn't spend a fortune to get this one, but at the prices available at SaveonAV.com and Video Mayhem, it's worth checking out.

My Grade: B+


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