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February 2010

Name: Sloth
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Mornin All

Brutus - I read your review before pulling the trigger on "The Escape" - yeah, the girl/girl stuff is a minus but with everything else and your high grade I know I won't be disappointed - and another Blakemore added to the archives can't be a bad thing.

Dangerous Dave - another very nice review on "Smoker" - we agree that Sharon was not the most stellar in the looks department but she could always be counted on to turn in a "heady" performance, no?

Ralphus - having viewed both editions of "Funny Games" I seem to fall into your category on that one - yes, nice to see Naomi in bondage and torment but that is a tough view - "uncomfortable" is the word that comes to mind.

Poll question - the problem with "taking her where she wants to go" is that at that point the victim is in control of the situation - you are doing her bidding and she has become the "dungeon master" if you will - that is wrong on every Gimp level - as long as it remains total fantasy it is more intense and it is all yours.

Still, I'm reminded of a taken aback James Woods in "Videodrome" when a sultry Deborah Harry says "wanna try some things?" - would I say no to that - I can say with a high degree of certainty "I don't know."

Stay Well All

Monday, February 1st 2010 - 06:13:26 AM

Name: asiangirl342333
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Jane von Detlefson: I look forward to hearing from you when you get a chance.

Monday, February 1st 2010 - 07:42:02 AM

Name: Dangerous Dave

I too have seen both versions of "Funny games" and I was disappointed both times. For one reason, NO NUDITY! Another reason was I really, hated the villians. I thought they were a couple of punk kids and were not worthy enough for me to root for them. (Gimpers are supposed to root for the bad guys, right?). I really wanted to see them get theirs but then there was that cheap "trick" that allowed the bad guys to triumph. I would have enjoyed the movie if: Naomi Watts showed some flesh (hell, she's been naked in other movies), and if the bad guys weren't allowed the cheap "trick".

Monday, February 1st 2010 - 11:21:16 AM

Name: LTL

Re: Funny Games
I think the villains are what make it an effective picture. As a viewer, on a personal level, you just want to kick the holy shit out of these two idiots. As a viewer you develop an investment in the movie on that level which makes the movie effective. What also makes it effective IMO, is how the director plays with the viewer in much the same way as the family gets f*cked with. Add in a few possible rescue teasers like when both the boy and Naomi are able to get out of the house, and the knife that was strategically focused on in the boat early in he movie, it plays with the audience.

I hadn’t seen the original so I had no idea of what was coming, but I thought right down to the end that somehow, maybe with the knife in the boat, that there would be a payoff as these two assbites finally get what they deserve. Instead the ending was so abrupt, tossed away so matter-of-factly, like the tossing of a candy wrapper, that it was pretty shocking and therefore effective IMO.

BTW, were you aware that DHT and myself have a movie review pilot still awaiting continuation. It called “Sneakin’ into the Movies. Curiously enough, one of the movies reviewed for the pilot was Funny Games. Here’s a excerpt from the pilot as DHT makes an ending commentary on the movie.

“I didn’t like this movie at all. Totally unbelievable IMO. But my partna….he like it that shit!” ;-)

Monday, February 1st 2010 - 03:39:20 PM

Name: A Canadian

'Killer' update: It was reported today that a distribution deal has been signed for The Killer Inside Me, the film that features Jessica Alba getting roughed up a bit.

Monday, February 1st 2010 - 07:57:22 PM

Name: LTL

Just saw the Oscar nominees this morning. Anna Kendrick (who was recently mentioned from the film Elsewhere in a recent Which One Has The Gimp?) is up for best supporting actress. Kinda a bummer from a Gimpers perspective, as I would think that the notoriety could possibly reduce the opportunities for future Gimp roles. Oh well.

But she is a sweetheart so good for her on that level.

Tuesday, February 2nd 2010 - 07:29:18 AM

Name: Jane von Detlefson
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Dangerous Dave wrote: I think Jane summed it up perfectly, some fantasies need to stay in your head! I love hearing the "other" point of view, and we can always count on Jane to give it to us.

Thanks Dangerous Dave! Nice to know I have another friend here.


LTL - I find your writing here incredibly entertaining. I myself wondered where all the like-minded youngsters were as well. It wasn't easy finding others to play with who wanted to repeat the experience more than twice (or sometimes only once). Actually, that's kind of what my grown-up life was like until I joined Red Feline. Even though I have a few stories to relate, they were few and far between and usually my partner quickly grew bored or freaked out and dumped me for having strange tastes.


asiangirl342333 - I'm still waiting on my email restoration.


Re The Poll, again - After hearing some of the responses from a few of you (Ralphus especially), I wonder how far is too far in the parameters of the poll question. I mean, every time I'm whipped it leaves marks. We may use effects for blood and everything, but it's unavoidable that I have whip marks at the end of filming. I wash off the "blood" in the shower and low and behold...

JJ doesn't seem to have a problem with marks, but he does have a hard time going on when I cry. He's never drawn real blood. In my opinion that would be going too far, welts don't leave permanent marks. I guess I had to revisit this poll because we're releasing Training Jane and I was watching the DVD. It's an intimate look at a couple of sessions between myself and JJ. In both you can see some pretty harsh marks. So I guess that is going too far for some, but I guess it's not in the "too far" range for me.

Another thing that I feel in JJ is that he's a bit afraid of going too far, like there's some kind of switch inside that he's afraid will turn off and he won't even realize he went too far. But I think that's where trust comes into the equation when you're in a situation where you're giving it to a lady. Trusting oneself and trusting that your partner will tell you when enough is enough. In my personal experience, if the other person thinks he went too far, or I think he went too far, it's very hard to find that trust again. I think instinct plays a role in that.

Tuesday, February 2nd 2010 - 10:54:55 AM

Name: LTL

Jane von Detlefson Awe shucks, you’re making my head swell ;-)

And wrote: ~ I myself wondered where all the like-minded youngsters were as well. It wasn't easy finding others to play with who wanted to repeat the experience more than twice (or sometimes only once). Actually, that's kind of what my grown-up life was like until I joined Red Feline. Even though I have a few stories to relate, they were few and far between and usually my partner quickly grew bored or freaked out and dumped me for having strange tastes.

Well all I can say to that is, that if there happens to be reincarnation after all, I want you for my next door neighbor next time around. ;-)

Tuesday, February 2nd 2010 - 04:15:56 PM

Name: Brutus

Jane wrote: Another thing that I feel in JJ is that he's a bit afraid of going too far, like there's some kind of switch inside that he's afraid will turn off and he won't even realize he went too far.

I think that's an excellent point. Considering my preferences for brutal torture on film, I think I might be afraid of what I am capable of doing in real life if given the chance with a willing participant, and might take things beyond her limits. That's perhaps the main reason why I never do bondage games while drunk.


LTL wrote about "Funny Games": ... you just want to kick the holy shit out of these two idiots.

The villains in the movie were the reason why it didn't succeed in the GIMP department for me. They were more annoying than scary or menacing. And I often wanted to thrust my hands through the TV screen to strangle those two. So in a non-GIMP way, I guess the movie succeeds in generating a reaction from the viewer. But I'll repeat my complaint that I felt ripped off having seen the original and then the exact same movie but with different performers directed by the same person.

Another note about that cheap trick in the 2007 film, according to IMDb, "When Paul "rewinds" the film he presses the Volume Down (-) button on the remote control rather than the Rewind button."

Tuesday, February 2nd 2010 - 04:40:13 PM

Name: Alex86

Dangerous Dave

I loved your review on Cherry Torn 1.

There are some things that I noticed and would like to share with you seeing as I am a member of that site.

I am by no means a violent person but do enjoy serial killers and the history of them (as pertaining to the binding of the victims only).

The whole Cherry Torn video is based upon the Harvey Glatman murders from the 50's. (this was confirmed by Princess Donna who runs the Hardtied site along with P.D. during one of the members forum sessions.)

I was the person who asked the question because I noticed the similarities.

She even mentioned how she had breakfast with P.D. and my question brought a smile to his face. It turns out that he studies serial killers also, and they had a big impact on his upbringing.

The similarities that I noticed with Cherry and the Glatman story is as follows.

The positions and manner of dress are similar to Glatman's photos that he took of Judy Dull (one of his victims), even going so far as to transfer to black and white for a few scenes (1950's style)

The rope gag is identical.

If you listen closely at the very beginning of the movie when the two of them are walking into the room P.D. asks the potential model her name and she responds...."JUDY".

Part two of Cherry torn is just as good if not better.

The forced blow job and then the brutal mouth stuffing and tape gag at the very beginning are worth the price of admission alone.

Ms. Torn is either a great actress or ....


Tuesday, February 2nd 2010 - 06:57:51 PM

Name: Dangerous Dave

Alex 86: Wow, thanks for the insights on the Cherry Torn shoot. I was wondering what the black and white photos were all about and now it all makes sense. Part 2 just keeps right on going from the part 1, but viewed separately, it is out of context and loses the buildup and menace of the first part.

So you found out the Princess Donna is still involved with PD and Hardtied? Or was she just involved back then? She got her start with him back in the INSEX days, but I just thought she was a full time "" girl now? I know she runs "wired pussy" and "public disgrace" for them.

Tuesday, February 2nd 2010 - 08:43:25 PM

Name: Sardu

Hello all... just popping in talk about the poll and other things.

I have whipped and been whipped. I can say that there is no way the I believe I could endure what the EP models did... the breast and pussy whipping draw real blood. I've had some pretty good wacks to my cock and balls, and I have a lot of respect for what they endured for their art.

Why do it? I imagine that the reactions of the models for one. Bondage models simply SUCK when it comes to selling the scene mostly. However, if I was a Bondage producer I would certainly be showing my models the EP shoots just so they could possibly get a good idea on how to react properly.

I have pussy whipped my lady pretty intensely, and she took it very well, but I think the dichotomy of the intense pain followed by loving cunnilingus really turns her on. She doesn't like it often, but every now and again she wants me to tie her up, legs spread wide, and really give it to her. I know I feel bad when I see her cry, so it take an emotional toll on me too... so BOTH of us are coming down from an emotional high... and the sex is incredible.

As far as EP goes, I frequently find myself cringing a bit, and honestly, I don't see the point. There is no wild, loving monkey sex coming at the end of it for these girls, just cash. I hope they were paid well.

Tuesday, February 2nd 2010 - 10:03:38 PM

Name: YikYakker

Today's pic: A vision of absolute paradise...Thanks, guys!

Thursday, February 4th 2010 - 03:41:29 AM

Name: Sloth
E-mail address:

Mornin All

YikYakker - ditto on today's pic - that is sooooo primo.

Alex86 - thanks for that info on "Cherry Torn" - ol' Harvey is a favorite serial killer with Christopher Wilder coming in a very close second - we used to have a poster here called Glatman but haven't heard from him in quite some time - I'm rather hoping that before I take that eternal dirt nap someone will make a full length feature film on Glatman but I doubt anyone would have the cajones.

Stay Well All

Thursday, February 4th 2010 - 06:29:21 AM

Name: Jane von Detlefson
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I have to agree with everyone who liked today's pic. Really, really nice. That's one that I'd like to imitate. Hmm...

And...I'd like to announce the New Release: Training Jane, in our DVD Store as well as our New DVD Store! Sparkling clean and good for you!

Training Jane should be up in the VOD Store as well soon. I'll shout when it is. Or whimper. Or try to say something through a gag.

Thursday, February 4th 2010 - 03:54:14 PM

Name: A Canadian

Shame about the tats... Maria Ozawa is in a new Attackers film: Slave Town, Chapter 2, which will be released next month. While I would have been excited by this news at one time, those ugly-looking tattoos are a real turn-off.

Thursday, February 4th 2010 - 06:25:39 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Yesterday's daily pic: It's funny, I almost didn't run it because I figured everybody had seen it already. At the last minute, I stuck it up there and it gets three positive responses. Go figure.

Good news, I heard from Asiangirl via e-mail today and she's given me her permission to post her stories on the site. So any of you authors out there looking for a showcase (If I recall, Mothbrad had at least one of his stories posted on the net), or if you've got some stories that you'd like to donate, please contact me via e-mail and we'll see if we can get a new section of erotic bondage fiction stories started up here on the forum.

Maria Ozawa's tats: Ho hum. Why are we still talking about her? She's clearly last year's news, and damaged goods at that. Right up there, change that...right down there with Jessica Alba, the biggest GIMP tease in Hollywood. Come to think of it, I might actually enjoy seeing her get beaten up in her next movie. Poetic justice for her skipping out on what should have been a great bondage torture scene, if they had only filmed it like it was written.

Friday, February 5th 2010 - 12:21:05 AM

Name: thermadis
E-mail address: thermadis@hotmailcom

Can anyone help me out? I was a member of the where you could get almost anything Blakemore plus others but it seems to have gone any clues on where it moved to

Friday, February 5th 2010 - 03:27:54 AM

Name: Sloth
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Mornin All

Jane von Detlefson - rather than an imitation of that daily pic, take it and make it your own - give a "Jane and JJ" feel to it - then let me know and put me on the pre-order roster.

A Canadian - unlike the ennui displayed by our host gnome, that is a shame about Maria - when, oh when, will they realize they are so much more appealing in rope sans tats - the rope is removed, the tat is forever.

Ralphus - saw a decent BATS scene recently - if you're not already familiar with it, a French effort from 1994 titled "Jeanne la Pucelle" - another rework of the Joan of Arc theme - the actual burning is cut short as she screams out just as the conflagration is about to engulf her and goes to closing credits - the lead up to the execution is very well staged with her "perp walk" and preparation at the stake convincing - gotta love those relapsed heretic outfits as well :)

Going through the archives the other day I stumbled upon a copy of "Underland 2 - Cruel Dominion" still unwrapped and never viewed so I took a look - Ralphus and The Gimp rated it C - C+ respectively - I liked it a tad more than that - thought both Kelly and Kimberly did very respectable jobs in selling their scenes - I especially liked Kelly's bondage/gag/rape scene in the freight elevator - great green cleave gag with simple wrists behind bondage - thought it arousing as two of the goons held her up in the air as the third goon tapped her - must have been a frigid tootsie day in Minnesota as she kept her socks on the entire sequence - what I found odd for a ZFX effort though was Lisa's performance - thought she turned in the weakest performance of the models - maybe just a rough night before.

Finally, this has probably been asked before but who is the model and what production is the still from that heads the Guestbook Archives - trying to recall if I've seen that and am drawing a blank - anyone....anyone?

Stay Well All

Friday, February 5th 2010 - 06:15:18 AM

Name: LTL

A Canadian ~ I just saw a brief news story about the Chinese girl you told us about who was getting plastic surgery to look like Jessica Alba. For those that missed A Canadian’s post, a Chinese girl is wanting to look like Jessica Alba through plastic surgery so she can win her ex-boyfriend back who has an obsession with the afore-mentioned starlet.

Obsessed with Jessica Alba. Hmmmm…….kinda sounds like someone form north of the border. ;-)

Will the real Jessica Alba please stand up (so she can get tied down).


Friday, February 5th 2010 - 06:33:49 AM

Name: Dangerous Dave
Homepage URL:

Love the Picture! Those old photos just can't be duplicated. You look at that photo, her hair is messed up, she's in a dirty apartment, and you automatically think that she was kidnapped and brought back to the rapist's lair. If someone tried to remake that photo today, the model would be blonde, her hair and makeup perfect, the ropework neater, the set wouldn't be the same. It would probably still be a nice picture of a tied up chick, but it wouldn't evoke the same feelings as the classic photo!

Friday, February 5th 2010 - 08:18:00 AM

Name: Joe Wrappe
Homepage URL:

I second Dangerous Dave's thoughts on today's pic (yesterdays was excellent as well) - Really like that sense of realism it adds so much to a bondage photo or situation. The messed up hair really makes her look like she's been through a lot - and I love the gag that looks like it's just been shoved very quickly into her mouth. Enough with the gags today that look like it took an hour to get in.

Friday, February 5th 2010 - 10:54:25 AM

Name: YikYakker

Last week I promised a movie review but I was derelict in my duties. So today I’m going to make it up to all of you with a double-header review. Both movies are on one DVD, and the connection between the two is that they both star screenwriter/actress Suzanna Love. Love has a pretty face and impeccable teeth, but she hasn’t done anything since 1991. The two movies reviewed below are from the early 1980s.


GIMP Movie Review

The Devonsville Terror (1983) and The Boogeyman (1980)

While these two films are together on one DVD, The Devonsville Terror is the better part of the package. It’s a tale about witches, featuring what Ralphus has called “one of the best stakeburning scenes ever”. It starts 300 years ago with the town of Devonsville in the midst of a witch-hunting frenzy. Three young women are suspected of witchcraft, and each is executed separately.

The first is cast fully-clothed into a mud pit and set upon by ravenous pigs (not wild boars, pigs) who presumably eat her, although the scene is ineptly staged. The second woman is clad in a long nightshirt, bound hands and feet to the top edge of a large wagon wheel so that she is face up and bent back along the arc of the wheel. The wheel is set afire and sent hurtling down a slope in the darkness as the flames engulf the woman and the wheel. Quite a spectacle, one that I have never seen before.

The third execution scene, also at night, is the winner. The accused woman is tied to a large wooden post, wrists behind, rope around her legs, waist, shoulders and mouth (like a gag). She’s clad in a two-piece, ragged remnant of her clothing. There is a bonfire set on the ground in front of her, and the light and shadows highlight her assets nicely. While the charges against her are read, one of the pilgrim-capped executioners cuts open her top. For good measure, he spits in her face. The fire is stoked, the flames engulf the woman, and her burned body topples to the ground. A storm gathers, lightning strikes the scorched naked body, and the woman suddenly vanishes. The spirit of the woman puts a curse on her tormentors. Oops…guess she really was a witch.

Nothing else in the rest of the movie compares with the opening ten minutes. We fast-forward 300 years. Three young women become new residents of Devonsville: Jennifer (Suzanna Love), the new schoolteacher; an environmental scientist; and Monica, a radio talk-show host. The closed-minded, superstitious denizens of Devonsville, particularly the men, suspect the three women are reincarnations of the three accused witches of centuries ago. Jennifer herself has a nightmare in which she is tied to a tree (loosely, I might add), clad in a petticoat, accused of witchcraft, spit upon (she spits back) and has a knife put to her throat. Her dream unfolds in reality, as a group of townspeople decide to round up the three women and put them to death.

The environmentalist is bound hand and foot and bloodthirsty hounds are unleashed upon her, while flashbacks of the pig-munching scene from 300 years ago appear. The radio host is tied to the back of a car and dragged along the ground, to the accompaniment of flashbacks from the wheel torture. These scenes are darkly lit and not so great, GIMP-wise. Finally, Jennifer herself is tied to a stake to be burned, wearing a petticoat as in her dream. I won’t spoil it for you, but this scenario ends up quite differently from its 300-year-old counterpart.

Without the GIMP scenes, this would be a very average horror film. Suzanna Love gives a solid performance here IMO. Some critics have complained that her short, red-dyed shag haircut is unflattering, but I thought she looked okay. Some of the special effects are a bit cheesy. There is a strong feminist undertone and the men come off as narrow-minded buffoons. On the strength of the BATS scene, I give it an overall grade of C+. The BATS scene makes the DVD worth a rental.

Unfortunately, almost everything about The Boogeyman is awful. Acting, script, effects, continuity, direction, plot – just plain bad. Suzanna Love doesn’t help; she’s a big part of the problem, although she was obviously less experienced here. GIMPwise, the main problem is that there is no visible villain. The spirit of a murdered man either possesses inanimate, sharp objects and impales the victims, or the spirit possesses the victims, who then do themselves in with the sharp objects. Case in point is a scene in which a buxom teenager is in the bathroom trimming her hair with some scissors. Her hand suddenly turns the scissors against her, cuts open her top to reveal luscious breasts, and then she stabs herself. Now imagine that same scene if the scissors were in the hands of a burglar or serial killer.

I’d like to give this movie an F, but because there is one display of female flesh in a perilous situation, I’ll give it a D-.

Link to DVD at Amazon

Friday, February 5th 2010 - 04:08:22 PM

Name: Dr Yuya

So Mark of the Whip 2, supposed to be released February 5, anyone here know if it's downloadable anywhere? I won't get it if all I can do is order it in DVD form.

Friday, February 5th 2010 - 08:47:24 PM

Name: Ralphus
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thermadis: To my knowledge, Chadscans hasn't moved anywhere. It's still up and running at


Sloth: I was getting all excited when you said you found a new movie with a BATS scene in it, until I did a check of the IMDB. "Jeanne la Pucelle" is actually Joan the Maid 2.: The Prisons with Sandrine Bonnaire. I have this scene already on my BURN BABY BURN 2 compilation at you should know since you got that DVD from me, remember? :)

It wasn't a bad scene, although I wasn't a fan of making Joan wear that silly hat while she was up on the stake.

You asked about the source of the Guestbook Archives pic. Well, it's none of there than my former (escaped) sex slave, Aria Giovanni. God, I miss torturing that woman. Here's another still from that shoot:


YikYakker: Great review, my friend, of The Devonsville Terror. That was, along with Maniac, the first scene I ever collected on my very first compilation tape of scenes, oh so many years ago. When I saw the blonde chick tied to that stake wearing nothing but tattered clothing, and then the bad guy cuts open her top to expose her breasts before she burns at the stake, I remember thinking, "Oh God, this is like the ultimate thrill for me". And as a lifelong collector of BATS scenes, yeah, I still think this is one of the best stakeburning scenes ever.

It also helped that Suzanna Love was pretty damn sexy in that movie, and as I'm watching it, I'm hoping that something bad would happen to her, since the other women keep meeting torturous fates throughout the film. First there was the teaser dream sequence where she's tied to the tree, and at the end, the ultimate payoff...they've got her tied to the stake with flames around her, and of course, she's wearing a sheer negligee.

It was no surprise that she got cast in this movie. If you check the IMDB, she only appeared in films directed by Ulli Lommel, her ex-husband and a guy who definitely has a fetish for tied-up women, based on his body of work. When they got divorced, her career as an actress was over. It's a shame she never worked for anyone else, because I always thought she was quite cute.

BTW, you didn't mention the best scene in The Boogeyman, where Love is bound and gagged and tied to a bed as a killer approaches with a knife. Fairly short scene but definitely GIMP-worthy, IMO.

The direct link to your review is in my Homepage URL above.

Friday, February 5th 2010 - 09:40:51 PM

Name: Scot
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Homepage URL:

Re today's picture: Now, that's what I call a hot babe! The artwork is beautiful. Does anyone know the source? It looks very much like the work of Belgian comic-book artist Hec Leemans. (See above link for a GIMPish sample.)

For anyone who's interested, here's a typically garbled Babel Fish translation of the text:

By Saint Joris! A fire battery! But no priest to see . . . and hair shirt also no! And it wood has been piled up for a violent but slow fire! That woman will die terrible dead!

Friday, February 5th 2010 - 09:45:15 PM

Name: Ralphus
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Homepage URL:

Scot: Thanks for the compliment, I'm sometimes hesitant to put BATS pics as the daily picture because I know not everybody likes burning as much as I do. But I'll still do it once in a while, simply because I can :)

I did some research. This image came from a Belgian comic called "The Red Knight" (see URL) and the artist is Willy Vandersteen. I agree, the artwork is outstanding. It's just proof that damsels in distress have a worldwide appeal, and it certainly helps if they're NAKED damsels in distress, too. And the burning at the stake theme is tried and true. Gosh, I've got thousands of examples just in artworks alone, from all different countries and all different eras. Not to mention hundreds of movie and TV scenes I've collected over the years. So I may be a perv with the burning fetish, but I'm definitely not alone.

Here's the cover to the comic. Hell, I would buy this for the cover alone! If there's interest, I have a few more panels from the comic I could share.

Friday, February 5th 2010 - 10:29:49 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

YikYakker: Thanks for the double-header reviews. For some reason, The Boogeyman sounds familiar, although nothing in your description matches anything in my fading memory. Perhaps I'm having some kind of weird disco flashback.


Sloth wrote:

Unlike the ennui displayed by our host gnome, that is a shame about Maria - when, oh when, will they realize they are so much more appealing in rope sans tats - the rope is removed, the tat is forever.

Agreed. Or to take another example, when you look at that still of Maria being walked on all fours like a dog, you can't help but think how hot that scene would have been if Maria didn't have the body art.


LTL wrote:

Obsessed with Jessica Alba. Hmmmm…….kinda sounds like someone form north of the border.

Very true, and proud to be so.

Saturday, February 6th 2010 - 06:02:11 AM

Name: Dr Yuya
Homepage URL:

Speaking of drawings and comic images, Ralphus, any chance you have any scans from the 1996 comic book shown in my link above?

Saturday, February 6th 2010 - 06:12:58 AM

Name: YikYakker

Ralphus: Thanks for adding pics to my review of The Devonsville Terror – that’s always helpful for the reader.

I’m glad you mentioned the tied-to-the-bed scene with Suzanna Love in The Boogeyman, I had indeed forgotten about that. That scene was a nightmare that Love’s character had, stemming from the opening murder scene. But any scene with a woman tied to a bed, whether it’s a dream or not, is a plus for any movie.

When I said that Suzanna did not help The Boogeyman overcome its flaws, I meant that her acting was rather flat (as was everyone else’s in the movie, with the possible exception of John Carradine) and since she was credited with the writing, she’s got to share the blame for that as well. But she certainly was lovely in both movies.


Ralphus wrote: I'm sometimes hesitant to put BATS pics as the daily picture because I know not everybody likes burning as much as I do.

I can’t say that I like the burning, but I often enjoy everything that leads up to it.


A Canadian: I had that same feeling of déjà vu as you did when I saw the movie title. My addled brain recalled another movie that had Alyssa Milano as a young woman living in fear of an evil entity in the basement. It turns out that I was thinking of an episode of Charmed. Could that be where you got the idea too?


Scot: That’s a hilarious translation of the “thought balloon” in today’s pic. Whenever I encounter a scene in a language that I don’t understand, I like to supply my own dialogue. That can be fun too.

Saturday, February 6th 2010 - 08:13:35 AM

Name: Brutus

YikYakker: Thanks for the reviews. But I gotta agree with Ralphus on "Boogeyman." I thought the scene with Suzanna Love tied to the bed was pretty GIMP-worthy. Nice tight bonds, effective gag and good struggling on her part.

Saturday, February 6th 2010 - 08:30:31 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Dr Yuya wrote:

Speaking of drawings and comic images, Ralphus, any chance you have any scans from the 1996 comic book shown in my link above?

Well, as a matter of fact, I do!


Spanking stuff: Guys, do we want this stuff here? I have no objection to free pics, and it doesn't appear this guy is selling anything, nor do I see anything overtly illegal. It appears to be a free blog. Still, do we really need 3 posts basically taking us to the same place? Smells kinda spammy to me, and we're about extreme bondage and not necessarily about spanking. If anybody objects, I'll take them off.

Saturday, February 6th 2010 - 10:04:17 AM

Name: LTL

Yik Yakker~ Very nice double feature review!

Doesn’t The Boogyman have the scene in which Suzanna Love get dragged, bound in bra & panties prior to the bed-tie scene? Or am I thinking of another movie?

Also wrote: ~ A Canadian: I had that same feeling of déjà vu as you did when I saw the movie title.

That’s probably because there are at least 3 newer Boogyman movies out (Boogyman and at least 2 sequels that I know of).

= = = = =

A Canadian wrote in response to a Jessica Alba obsession remark: ~Very true, and proud to be so.

Cool! But did you guess the real Jessica Alba pic? That’s her in pic #4 without hair done, makeup, and wardrobe. ;-)

Also wrote: ~ For some reason, The Boogeyman sounds familiar, although nothing in your description matches anything in my fading memory. Perhaps I'm having some kind of weird disco flashback. (with link to K.C. & the Sunshine Band)

Was that a possible reference to your true identity? K.C.? I always heard those initials stood for “Kinky Canadian”.

A Canadian solo without his band. Free image hosting powered by

No offense to A Canadian but this is my idea of a metal band. Well maybe not the band themselves, but definitely when Liz Vicious is in the picture.

Hey, if A Canadian can obsess over Jessica Alba, I can obsess over Liz Vicious. ;-)

Saturday, February 6th 2010 - 10:10:09 AM

Name: MAV
Homepage URL:

Great artwork/comics links guys. Reminds me of the Druuna graphic novels by Serpieri where the heroine was bound and tortured or raped various times. I remember how much trouble I went to get these graphic novels. If they ever animated those stories I'd be all over them.

Saturday, February 6th 2010 - 01:00:04 PM

Name: Badger

Ralphus wrote:

"Spanking stuff: Guys, do we want this stuff here?"

Spanking does absolutely nothing for me. To each his own. But I would suggest that pics be links rather than directly imbedded with our provocative and entertaining banter. Besides, links can be fun; I look forward to the links that LTL often spices his words with.

Saturday, February 6th 2010 - 01:02:43 PM

Name: A Canadian

LTL: Just so you know, Jessica Alba disapproves of that Chinese woman's plans to try to look more like her.

As for that picture of Jessica without makeup, I'm sorry, but that's not the way -- uh huh, uh huh -- I like it.

Saturday, February 6th 2010 - 02:29:20 PM

Name: YikYakker

LTL: Doesn’t The Boogyman have the scene in which Suzanna Love get dragged, bound in bra & panties prior to the bed-tie scene? Or am I thinking of another movie?

Brutus: I gotta agree with Ralphus on "Boogeyman." I thought the scene with Suzanna Love tied to the bed was pretty GIMP-worthy. Nice tight bonds, effective gag and good struggling on her part.

Yes, yes I blew it big time by neglecting to mention that scene in my review. It was the highlight of the movie and should have raised my grade from a D- to a D+. Why I forgot about it I’ll never know – maybe I watch so much of this stuff that my brain has turned to mush. Guess it’s a trip to the torture rack for me. Still, it’s tough to sit through this crummy movie for one excellent scene, so as a public service and to make amends for my gaffe, I will tell those of you who like to use the FF button that the Suzanna-Love-gets-dragged-on-the-floor-and-tied-to-the-bed scene occurs at the 22:06 mark and lasts nearly a minute. And yes, she does look hot and her performance here is better than anything else she does in the movie. And if you’re interested in the scene where the busty girl cuts open her own top and stabs herself in the neck, it starts at the 43:50 mark.

Has anyone seen the Boogeyman sequels that LTL mentioned, or for that matter anything else with Suzanna Love in GIMPage?


MAV: Great artwork/comics links guys. Reminds me of the Druuna graphic novels by Serpieri where the heroine was bound and tortured or raped various times.

Omigod, I too hunted down every one of those Druuna works. I once heard that there was going to be a Druuna movie but never heard anything more about it – that would have been tough to pull off and execute well. Someone has put together a set of computer animation segments on YouTube but Serpieri’s artwork was excellent.


I liked some of the "Whipped Women" pics, but spanking does not interest me. I agree that the thumbnails clutter up the forum and it would be better for the poster simply to post links and describe what they lead to. BTW, the first whipping pic, when clicked, leads to one of those "Adult Friend Finder" ads.

Saturday, February 6th 2010 - 02:51:57 PM

Name: LTL

Yik Yakker wrote: ~ Why I forgot about it I’ll never know – maybe I watch so much of this stuff that my brain has turned to mush.

I run into the same problem. I don’t necessarily like to write immediately after watching a movie, so sometimes it’s months after. Then it’s like… how did that go again?

BTW, I used to own Boogyman (the newer one) but have not seen parts 2 or 3 (the cover to part 3 looks kinda interesting). The first one was just kinda so-so, so I used it as trade for another DVD. No Gimpage.

= = = = =

A Canadian wrote: ~ As for that picture of Jessica without makeup, I'm sorry, but that's not the way -- uh huh, uh huh -- I like it.

Guest appearance by A Canadian (sans band) on The Gimpsons during episode season 9. ;-)

Saturday, February 6th 2010 - 05:03:16 PM

Name: Paulus

Came across this artist who has some GIMP worthy work on his site.

Saturday, February 6th 2010 - 05:25:53 PM


Druna!! Wow! I too have been all over the internet looking for some of her stuff lost in a previous hard drive misadventure. Anyone have the ones of her being whipped by a sort of androgenous-looking woman? Especially I recall (memory is fading a bit, perhaps) one with her breasts having been marked and perhaps hanging AOH after a lovely session. Perhaps I'm mixing them up, but it seems there were some drooling midgets (perhaps fellow gimpers) watching in the background or even around her. I've looked all over for that/those without success.

Sunday, February 7th 2010 - 01:17:33 AM

Name: YikYakker

PETELOBO: The whipping scene you're thinking of is from the second book, Morbis Gravis. Drunna is captured and taken to a dungeon cell where she is tied AOH. The "androgynus-looking" torturer pulls down her jeans, then tears open her top and pulls it up around her neck. The midget is actually someone sent to rescue her, which he does, but not before she gets a good thrashing. One of my most favorite scenes in the series.

Sunday, February 7th 2010 - 05:45:40 AM

Name: YikYakker

Sorry, I meant to say "the second book of Morbus Gravis.

LTL, I think I'm going to take your advice and wait a month before I post anything. ;-)

Sunday, February 7th 2010 - 06:57:58 AM

Name: LTL

Yik Yakker~ My statement wasn’t really meant as advise. What I was saying is that I usually wait since I don't always like to write right away. Then when I do, I sometimes have trouble remembering certain details. You too may end up having that same problem (not knowing how many movies you watch). But whatever works for you…or may think might work better for you. At this point all I gotta say is I think you do a great job with your informative reviews as they are!

But I understand your “brain turning to mush” comment. My usual M.O. is to buy a load of used DVD's @ $1.00 or less (+ shipping), keep the good ones (a lot of good non-Gimp finds), then trade the bums, or even some that are OK to good but I know I won't watch again at the local swap stores. I can get credit sometimes for what the shipping costs me (then of course the swap prices are more though. Usually $2.95 to $7.95, the most I care to pay for something I really want).

So all in all I can have watched quite a few movies by the time I feel like writing. And then I might not even have the title anymore by the time I do. I sometimes just jot down just a few words, then when I finally get back to it, I can recall pretty well most all of the time.

Sunday, February 7th 2010 - 08:11:13 AM

Name: MAV
Homepage URL:

PETELOBO and others-I did a quick Google search for the Morbus Gravis images and downloaded a couple of pictures yesterday. I uploaded them to tinypic so I don't know how they will come out but here goes:

I wasn't able fo find the last panel before she's untied, but here are a couple of pics from Mandragora:

Separately, what do you guys think of the clips from the Paris Kennedy sites (Superheroine World, Slayer Paris, etc) such as the clip linked above? There are some whipping and belly punching scenes with some pretty hot models but of course they are not anywhere near as hardcore as ZFX.

Sunday, February 7th 2010 - 09:22:33 AM

Name: Natasha Flade
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Hello all! I know I've disappeared from here for quite some time, so apologies. I was curious whether anyone has bothered to check out my newer (but still unimaginatively titled) bondage sex series or the perhaps better titled "Kidnapped for Bondage Sex." All of our rape stuff is now plotted and I added another chix into the mix as a friend who also gets bound and fucked.

After reading some of the reviews on this forum, I was thinking I should check out some rape movies that others like here and could help me perform better. Keep in mind, though, that I don't do torture or beatings!

I hope everyone is doing well here.


Sunday, February 7th 2010 - 12:41:20 PM

Name: Jane von Detlefson
Homepage URL:

My second review!

The other night I was watching television and an old movie came on, Strange Days. It has an exciting POV/traveling-shot opening with three men holding up a Chinese restaurant and then being chased by the police. The premise here is that, in a fictional L.A. that seems to be in a permanent riot, regular video is so passé that people now have these devices they put on their heads referred to as "squids" and the video, recording and playing, taps into the visual cortex as well as other parts of the brain having to do with sound and emotional receptors.

So, I'm watching, becoming more engrossed in the plot... and then... a VERY interesting scene pops up. (POV) A man breaks into a hotel room, enters, puts on a ski mask (we see his image in the mirror for a moment), exits onto the balcony and climbs over into the next room. He chases after an attractive brunette (wearing panties and a tee-shirt), captures her (I can't remember if he hits her or not), drags her into the bathroom and handcuffs her to a towel bar and puts a blindfold on her. Next, he pulls out a "squid" device and puts it on her and hooks it up so that she can now feel, see, and hear the situation from his perspective as he is accosting her.

Ok, this is where it gets good... next, he takes out a box cutter and waves it in front of her face, she can see this from his perspective because of the "squid", and becomes noticeably more distressed. The man cuts off her panties and then her shirt exposing a very pair of very nice breasts. He pulls down his pants and rapes her. As if that's not enough, while he's raping her he strangles her to death with the remnants of the cut-up tee-shirt around her neck. The victim is scared, the whole scene is shot in POV, there's nudity, the premise is wonderfully sick, and both actors give a great performance in this scene.

Later on in the movie we see Juliette Lewis in a similar situation, blindfolded and handcuffed to a bed, without nudity (presumably because we saw her topless in another scene previous to this). But, this scene ends quickly and... let down, it was consensual. But still hot at the beginning before you know it's consensual.

Thank goodness that the television censors had the night off. Really. I give this movie a B+. That one scene alone is worth sitting through the whole movie. I would give it an A, but the plot is convoluted, the ending is confusing and the script seems to fall apart. James Cameron wrote the script, so... whatever, he's not my favorite. I rarely have one of those moments where I'm watching the least awful movie on cable and some GIMP content appears in the midst of my screen. A nice surprise. If I forgot anything, please feel free to chastise me.


I also want to mention that the trailer of Training Jane is now up on our site, just follow the link I put above. Yippee!

Sunday, February 7th 2010 - 01:30:25 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Natasha Flade: Welcome back. It's good to know you haven't forgotten about us.

This probably doesn't count as a recent movie, but I did have a chance to see Natasha's Bondage Sex 6 last summer. I thought it was pretty good. I particularly liked the scene where you were tied in a standing position to the back of a couch, and Isaac assaulted you with a vibrator. That was a very hot scene.

I hope I get to see some of the Kidnapped for Bondage Sex movies. That sounds like a premise I can support.

As for rape scenes that are worth checking out, I would definitely recommend the scenes where Sayaka Miura is raped in the Attackers classic, Shark 231. That 2005 release is getting more difficult to find but you can get a copy at JAV Paradise. You can also find a copy at The code for the film is SHKD-231.

I would also recommend the scene where Marly Rowe is gang-raped in the ZFX flick, South of the Border 5.

Of course, if you feel the need to bring in a creative consultant, you know where to find me.


Jane von Detlefson: Thanks for the great review of Strange Days. Have to confess, I had never heard of this film, but it definitely sounds like it has the right stuff.

Sunday, February 7th 2010 - 01:55:49 PM

Name: petelobo


Please tell me that Training Jane will be available (shortly!) in VOD format. DVD is a real pain for me and this production looks spectacular (meaning YOU look--and act--spectacular in it).

Sunday, February 7th 2010 - 09:01:06 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Natasha Flade: Natasha lives! Gosh, we haven't seen you around these parts for many a moon. Good to see you back. The trailer for Kidnapped For Bondage Sex looks like a lot of fun, and as always, you look great tied down and fucked. I'm guessing no "payoff" shots at the end, right? Is there much in the way of threatening dialogue, at least? Obviously, the action is outstanding, just the kind of stuff I like to see, it's only a matter of getting the mood right. "Meanness" is what I'm looking for. Bondage sex is great as long as it looks like a rape.

Jane von Detlefson: (BTW, isn't it interesting we got back-to-back posts from the former GIMP sex symbol followed by the present one?) Thanks for the review of Strange Days. IMO, this is one of the greatest mainstream scenes of ALL TIME. Brigitte Bako is the victim here, and she's a GIMP Hall of Famer for both this and her 2 rape scenes (one while tied to a fence) in Dark Tide. I absolutely love this girl.

I envy you for getting to see it for the first time. BTW, she got subdued in that scene with a couple of jolts from a stun gun, which I also loved. Very cool. And amazingly, this sadistic scene was directed by a woman, Kathryn Bigelow, currently up for an Oscar. I didn't know Cameron wrote the screenplay, but it figures since they used to be married to each other.

The direct link to your review is in my Homepage URL above.

Sunday, February 7th 2010 - 09:13:30 PM

Name: Dangerous Dave

Natasha Flade: So nice to hear from you again. I have been a member of your site off and on since I discovered it (thanks to Red's Realm) back in 2005. Your site was very exciting to me back then because you are so hot and you were getting tied up and fucked! Over the years your site keeps getting better and better, the clips are longer and you are incorporating other girls (like Chloe) into your scenes which adds variety. I really wish you would consider showing some cum shots though. You work exclusively with your husband, I don't see why you object to having some scenes end in the natural way of him coming on you. At the very least, why not an internal cum shot with a "creampie" ending? Is it you that is objecting to this or is it Isaac?

Anyway, it's a minor complaint on my part, I don't know why a cum shot is so important to me. I guess it just makes it more real and would eliminate the need for Isaac to do anymore ridiculous fake orgasms!

Monday, February 8th 2010 - 06:55:25 AM

Name: YikYakker

Today's pic: God, I love these old magazine covers. Not only were the women beautifully drawn, but the perilous situations were often very imaginative. I hope there's more in the GIMP stash.

Monday, February 8th 2010 - 09:09:59 AM

Name: Jane von Detlefson
Homepage URL:

petelobo - Thanks for your enthusiasm! Yes, Training Jane will be available shortly in the VOD store. I'll make an announcement when it's there.


Ralphus - I totally forgot about the stun gun, maybe that should go in the footnotes, because that's pretty important. And I agree that the scene in Strange Days is one of the best mainstream GIMP scenes of all time. I just thought I was watching a random movie on cable, and then, wow!

Am I really the "present GIMP sex symbol"? Seriously? That's awesome! I think I need to start wearing a tee shirt that has that emblazoned on the front! Maybe with a picture of me tied up and on fire, because I'm that "hot"! I love puns.

Monday, February 8th 2010 - 10:10:25 AM

Name: YikYakker

Jane von Detlefson: Great review of Strange Days. nice details. I remember seeing this one in the cinema and like you I was pleasantly surprised to find this well-done scene in it.

I also recall that the movie took some criticism over the scenes of the violence, gratuitous nudity, blah blah blah. But really, wouldn't this have been just an ordinary thriller without that stuff?

Now I have a sudden hankering to see the movie again.


And Jane, in my book you are the prima GIMP girl.

Monday, February 8th 2010 - 12:58:44 PM

Name: LTL

Jane von Detlefson ~ Thanks for your nice review of Strange Days. I happen to own this one and a agree with both yourself and Ralphus (he called it “one of the greatest mainstream scenes of AWL TAIME”….sorry, I started channeling Kanya again at the end of that ;-) Brigitte Bako definitely makes a nice victim.

And speaking of Brigitte, Ralphus also mentioned the 2 rapes in Dark Tide…one of which is when she gets tied to a chain-link fence. Jane spread on a chain-link fence would make a nice visual too IMO ;-)

Monday, February 8th 2010 - 01:40:03 PM

Name: Brutus

Yay! Natasha's back. And her front! I think "Kidnapped for Rape" would be a more apt title. It doesn't look like the action is consensual "bondage sex," and that's a good thing. And kudos for adding plots for all of your rape stuff. It makes a huge difference in my books.


Jane: I love those unexpected GIMP moments in films. I recall seeing "Return of the Jedi" as a kid and pitching a tent in the theater when Princess Leia showed up half-naked in chains. As for "Strange Days," that was a sweet and unexpected scene, and I also agree with your assessment that the script seems to fall apart.

BTW, nice trailer for "Training Jane." Excellent reactions, as always.


YikYakker wrote: Has anyone seen the Boogeyman sequels that LTL mentioned, or for that matter anything else with Suzanna Love in GIMPage?

There was a sequel called "Boogeyman II" (1983) to the film you reviewed. It contains one GIMP scene: The exact same Suzanna Love bed-tied one in the original that appears as a flashback or something. If you thought the first movie was bad, the sequel is even worse. As for the recent remakes of "Boogeyman," I didn't see any GIMP stuff in the first two.

Monday, February 8th 2010 - 03:54:27 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Jane von Detlefson wrote:

Am I really the "present GIMP sex symbol"? Seriously? That's awesome!

Oh, I think you are, and no doubt the rest of the gang here agrees. Of course, we have some pretty twisted ideas of what we'd like to do with our sex symbols. In other words, prepare to suffer.

I think I need to start wearing a tee shirt that has that emblazoned on the front! Maybe with a picture of me tied up and on fire, because I'm that "hot"!

What a big tease. You're just trying to get on my good side. I'm still waiting to see you roasted on a spit.

Monday, February 8th 2010 - 10:02:19 PM

Name: LTL

Today’s pic & caption of ”Human ice cubes: Check out the bizarre stuff they were doing 70 years ago”, makes me think of the differences between the original House of Wax and the remake (2005). The original had a climatic scene where the heroine gets strapped naked (implied with cuts from upper body to bare feet) to the wax-bed. Did we get an improvement from the contemporary remake? Not even! With so much potential that the original templated for anyone with half-a-Gimp-nut, all we get are after-the-fact victims in another Paris snooze-fest. I don’t think I was ever so let down with a remake.

Tuesday, February 9th 2010 - 07:07:15 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

LTL: I haven't seen the Paris Hilton remake, but didn't Elisha Cuthbert have some sort of scene where she was gagged by having her lips super-glued together? And from what I hear, the actress actually insisted on having her lips glued in real life for the role, rather than simply just pressing her lips together. Hardly seems worthwhile, though, since I prefer traditional gags that you can actually see. Still, I like that kind of dedication from Ms. Cuthbert, an actress who seems drawn to roles where she plays victims (she's been bound and gagged at least 3 times on "24").

Tuesday, February 9th 2010 - 09:37:12 AM

Name: LTL

About Elisha Cuthbert’s scene in House of Wax, I'm not really sure. I watched a few of the special features on the DVD but it wasn't mentioned in any of the segments I watched. I usually watch the commentary section on DVD’s but this one was particularly boring as it had a split screen with 4 of the young stars commenting on making of, rather than the completed movie. It bored me so much that I quit watching it. Actually all that I do remember is Paris commenting “it looks like I have a dildo on my forehead, hehehe” during her death scene where a rod is shoved through her head.

As far as the actual scene, Elisha gets duct taped to a gurney then does get her lips super-glued. She parts her lips slightly at one point, and it looks kinda webby. Not an expert on what super glue would look like on the skin of lips, but first impression is it doesn't look real as I would think you could pull apart a super glue that is still webbing and hasn't cured yet. But I could be wrong.

Tuesday, February 9th 2010 - 05:00:00 PM

Name: BlueDog


That interview with Blakemore is one of the most interesting things I've read in a long time. I'm too lazy to write a big long post, but I wanted to thank you, Sarge, and Dan Hawke all for reconnecting with him and allowing that interview to happen, as well as conveying the respect that we have for his work. It's a fascinating read from start to finish. I bought the videos the Sarge made with him, and they are amazing as well.

I have a lot of his work, and I know that every bit I have is probably a bootleg of one form or another. It does my heart good to see that he is, at the very least, aware of the appreciation of his work.

Tuesday, February 9th 2010 - 09:23:30 PM

Name: YikYakker

Today’s pic: What do you think of that ropework, folks? And is that a railroad spike fastened to her thigh?


I would appreciate some help identifying the title of a movie with a great whipping scene. Back when Oslo was running the Whipping Scenes in Movies Database (which now resides here), he put together compilations of his favorite scenes and distributed them through his site. One compilation included a collection of clips from unlabeled Japanese flicks. The particular one I seek may be a “nunsploitation” movie, as the scene’s torturers include a nun and a priest, each armed with a cat-o-nine or similar implement. The whipping takes place in a dungeon or other dark setting, but the scene is nicely lit. The victim is a cute Asian girl who is standing with her arms tied overhead. She is wearing a white robe that has been pulled down to a level below her navel, exposing a slender but nice torso glistening with sweat and marked up a bit with welts and some blood (not too much). The two tormenters are simultaneously wailing away at her, and I think they’re trying to get some information (or a confession) from her. At some point they stop, and the priest takes his whip, loops it forcefully around the nape of the girl’s neck, and in a snarling manner asks or tells her something. The girl does not respond (she’s a tough one) and so the whipping resumes.

I’d sure like to get my hands on this movie to see if it contains any other GIMP gems. But this scene alone is worth the price of admission. Any ideas?

I know it’s not either of the following Japanese nunsploitation works:

* Wet and Rope aka Wet Rope Confession

* The Sins of Sister Lucia

I have these and may review them sometime in the future.

Thanks for any leads you can give me!


Among the movies on my upcoming viewing list are:

* Ravagers (1978) – post-apocalyptic action with Richard Harris

* Badlands (1973) – early Sissy Spacek film about a real-life serial-killer-couple on a murder spree

* Witch Bitch aka Death Spa (1988) – has a scene with a woman tied to a tanning bed (not of her own volition, I should add).

If I find that any of these gives good GIMPage, I will submit a review.

As always, suggestions and comments are welcome.

Wednesday, February 10th 2010 - 08:04:33 AM

Name: J
E-mail address:


The movie you asked about sounds like its NUNS STORY: FRUSTRATION IN BLACK.

If I recall correctly the scene you described is the second whipping scene in the movie. There is an earlier scene of a girl chained up AOH, stripped and the good sisters take turns at her.

Wednesday, February 10th 2010 - 09:02:30 AM

Name: ju man

I just wanted to say thanks for the links to slutload ! Its an awesome place to get a fix since youtied is down (disapeared?) my fav clips so far are : three toys used to bring the big o from the gal what, 10 times? Enjoy the sound of the third, big green toy bring fired up. 2. Interrogation scene where what I call the "handle bar" toy is used. 3.Gal tied AOH & captors bring vibes out of bag to show what will be used on her. Also; does anyone know which movies these came from?

Wednesday, February 10th 2010 - 03:13:35 PM

Name: LTL

Hi, I’m Rhona Mitra, star of Hollowman and the Gimpable Doomsday.

Join me today for a very special edition of Which One Has The Gimp? All the Gimp choices today are of movies I’ve appeared in. Each possible answer will contain at least one mild Gimp scene. If it were up to me I’d be stripped naked, tied spread-eagle, gagged, and ravaged mercilessly in every movie I appear in. Unfortunately it’s not up to me and I have to work with all these pussy Hollywood producers………..But I digress.

Today for a correct answer however you will need to identify the movie in which I appear in the Gimpage.

Good luck.

Today’s selections are:

Underworld/Rise of the Lycans

You say its Skinwalkers? Skinwalkers has two Gimp moments….however not with Rhona, so wrong answer for this edition.

= = = = =

Quickie review of Skinwalkers

Skinwalkers trailer

Skinwalkers is about werewolves (predatory seeking human victims) vs. werewolves (those that don’t kill humans. Or SETH, Skinwalkers for the Ethical Treatment of Humans …..No, I made that up, come on!). Prophecy has it that a child can remove the curse upon his 13th birthday. This spells bad news for the predatory werewolves as they try to hunt down the child, while the child’s mom (played by Rhona Mitra) does everything to protect him.

Gimpage is pretty minor but Gimpage none the less. The first Gimp scene is early on where two blonds are strapped in some sort of standing harness with tape gags. They are threatened with a knife but other than that not much to it.

The second scene has Sarah Carter in a brief crucifixion scene in the woods. Again, not much to it as she is fully dressed. To bad too since Sarah is a cutie.

To grade this one it would get a C for entertainment and a D- for Gimp.

Final comments: Average horror flick of possible appeal for Werewolf fans. Gimpage is short….I’d say pass on this one.

= = = = =

Is it Shooter? Gimpage here is from Kate Mara so once again, for this special edition of Which One Has The Gimp?, a wrong answer. All we get from Rhona is a quick teaser bedroom scene as she plays an FBI agent.

= = = = =

Quickie review of Shooter

Shooter trailer

Shooter is about a former military sniper (played by Mark Walhberg) setup into becoming the fall guy in a political assignation plot.

In Gimpage, Kate Mara has two brief but visually appealing scenes as she gets bound in bra & jeans. The first one with hands tied behind her back and the second, a brief and distance shot of her tied to a chair.

Entertainment wise, not perfect (Danny Glover cast as a hair-lip General. I like Danny Glover but why the inclusion of the hair-lip impediment was a head- scratcher that made his character unbelievable IMO) but a pretty good action/guy movie, rating a B grade IMO.

Gimp wise a short but pretty good looking scene that rates a C-/D+ (but still would have preferred a Rhona Mitra Gimp scene)

Final comments: Good action shoot-em-up/guy movie with a bonus of a short Gimp scene.

= = = = =

Well that leaves only Underworld/Rise of the Lycans as the correct answer.

= = = =

Quickie review of Underworld/Rise of the Lycans .

Underworld/Rise of the Lycans
Underworld/Rise of the Lycans trailer

Underworld/Rise of the Lycans is a prequel about the revolt from slavery of the Lycans (werewolves) from the dominant Vampires. In this installment, Rhona Mitra plays the daughter of the head vampire who falls for an enslaved werewolf.

The Gimpage here is when Rhona’s father finds out about the romantic tryst and sentences his own daughter to death as she is secured AOH. The ceiling then gets opened up to let the sun in, which engulfs the helpless Rhona in flames (I think there might be a message in there somewhere about mixed marriages….. only joking ;-)

Entertainment wise a better picture that I thought it’d be, giving it a B-

Gimp wise a so-so scene that gets bumped up just a notch because it does star Rhona. Grade a D+

Final comments: Not a bad movie, probably of more appeal to fans of Vampire or Werewolf movies. See it on that level as Gimp will be of limited appeal to non Rhona Mitra fans. Maybe of some interest to BATS fans though.

= = = =

Well that’s it for this time. Be sure to tune in again next time.

Wednesday, February 10th 2010 - 05:27:41 PM

Name: Jeff Gord
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Re header pic

Why oh why do they always tie the chick ACROSS the bloody track..???

Why not do it the way I did when I was 12, one ankle each side of the rail, one wrist each side of the rail above the head, and then dozens of cinches full length of the body, arms and legs.

Dammit! if you are going to mince her up or just try to scare the shit out of her, do it right :-)

Once did this on a spur line alongside the main line into Leicester. She was blindfolded, and she could feel the vibration of the high speed goods train approaching Her name was Lynda and she was 14. I hadn't heard about the possibility of giving someone a heart attack at the age of 12.

She survived as the train roared past some 10 feet to the side of her, but I will never forget the sight of her trying to escape. Strangely she played again.

I also didn't know about edge play then either; or the effect it had on horny bondage girls.


Wednesday, February 10th 2010 - 07:47:01 PM

Name: YikYakker

J: Thanks for the tip on Nun Story: Frustration in Black. I will definitely check this out.

That's one of the things I dig about this much information from so many different people!


LTL: LOL...another great review trifecta with pics and links and all kinds of goodies. Congratulations on getting Rhona Mitra to co-host! ;-)

Thursday, February 11th 2010 - 07:31:40 AM

Name: Sloth
E-mail address:

Mornin All

LTL - totally struck out on that contest - but Rhona engulfed in flames you say - grand.

Jeff Gord - man, you got it right on the RR header pic - much more provocative and alluring in your scenario - in the 80's when Sheena Easton had her run beginning with "Morning Train" I had visions of her on the track rather than riding the locomotive - that would have been a Gimp Grammy winner no?

Received a flick shipment yesterday - pulled out the first two for preview and they happened to be "The Escape" and "Bondage in the City" - that placed me on the horns of a dilemma - do I watch a Blakemore or a film that features our own beloved Ralphus? - I opted for "The Escape" and our friend Brutus was on the money with his review - very nice.

Stay Well All

Thursday, February 11th 2010 - 07:48:49 AM

Name: A Canadian

Rhona Mitra: Thanks for guest hosting the celebrity edition of Which One has the GIMP?. While your film, Underworld/Rise of the Lycans was the winner, I can't help but think the low grade for the film's GIMP moments will discourage people from seeing it.

On another note, if you should bump into Jessica Alba at one of those Hollywood parties, ask her if she has received any of my messages. Thanks.

Thursday, February 11th 2010 - 05:30:15 PM

Name: LTL

Well, I now know what Gimpers like Ralphus & Jane von Detlefson do when they are not Gimping. Looks like they both got the Winter Olympic Jones going.

Ralphus seems to be enjoying himself. But Jane looks a little queasy. Must have been the recent conversation about BBQ spits and such. ;-)

Friday, February 12th 2010 - 08:20:20 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

LTL: Thanks, that was amusing. The funny thing is that Jane and I now have the exact same hairstyle. I think having my afro chemically straightened was a bad move, don't you think?

I was without a computer Wednesday night, thus there was no new pic that night. I've been backed up trying to catch up, but I'll hopefully post more later.

Friday, February 12th 2010 - 09:36:09 AM

Name: Jane von Detlefson
Homepage URL:

You all are going to make me think I'm actually famous or something. And I'm serious about the tee shirt, I just need to find a good printer. And the time to make narcissistic manipulations of myself.

LTL - Thank you. SO. Much. For the funny video. I haven't laughed so hard since since I saw "Bruno". Laughing for very different reasons, of course. I think I probably dashed Ralphus's dreams of the gold medal by not smiling for the judges.

BTW, we're having a Carnaval Sale in our DVD Store one week only!

Friday, February 12th 2010 - 11:29:57 AM

Name: elkceek
E-mail address:

LTL, Thanks again for your mainstream reviews. I have seen all three and I was disappointed in the gimpage in all of them. I just don't think the lighting and presentation in Lycans lived up to the scenario. If the Shooter scene was extended it had the potential to be great, Kate Mara is a little cutie no doubt. I felt Spartacus, Highwayman, and Doomsday were all better Rhona Gimpage, but there is no doubt she is the queen of Mainstream movie gimpage. Man, if Natalie Portman or Rachel Bilson did half as many scenes I'd be in heaven. And yes, you are right about Sarah Carter, Skinwalkers was a total letdown, Rhona Mitra, Sarah Carter and Natasse Malthe with no quality gimpage. Even the Carter scene might have worked had a lasted a bit longer and been shot from a better angle.

Also thanks for the picture of you at the end of the post, you bear a striking resemblance to that kid from Funny Games.

As far as my own viewing habits I've been busy. I have acquired several Giga and Zen flicks and I'm running thru Terminator the TV series 2nd season on Netflix as I post. I must admit I am finding myself for the most part burned out on the Attackers thing, they just don't do enough convincing forced stuff for me.

By the way one other poster asked about the Paris Kennedy stuff. The Vampire Slayer stuff I have found so far to be a bit on the campy side, OK but not real convincing. She is capable of it though. The last few minutes of her COH extreme at Nicheclips the Serum part one has one of the most convincing stomach punching scenes I've seen. A classic no doubt.

Friday, February 12th 2010 - 09:55:37 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

LTL: Thanks very kindly for gracing us with another edition of Which One Has The Gimp? Those are always fun to read. I love Rhona Mitra. Very sexy, and she's another one of those rare actresses that seems drawn to roles where she can be victimized. Now, you've got to tell me more about her scene in Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. You say it may be of some interest to BATS fans? Hey, I'm one of those! Were the flames fake-looking? Was it just a quick digital special effect? Any kind of buildup? Any screaming? Brian's Page gave the usual cop-out description "It does not end well". Well, duh! I've said it before, nearly any kind of torture scene gets either glossed over or not mentioned at all on that site.

Check the Reviews section under Mainstream for links to your 3 mini reviews.

YikYakker: Of the movies in your upcoming viewing list, I've seen 2 of the 3. Badlands is a decent (and critically acclaimed) film with absolutely no bondage whatsoever, or at least that I recall. I did like Death Spa for the tanning bed torture scene with Brenda Bakke. I like the actress, and of course, any kind of heat torture rings my bell. Up to you if you think the entire movie is worth a review. If you go with that one, check with me and I can hook you up with some pics.

Friday, February 12th 2010 - 10:32:45 PM

Name: LTL

Ralphus wrote: ~Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. You say it may be of some interest to BATS fans? Hey, I'm one of those! Were the flames fake-looking? Was it just a quick digital special effect? Any kind of buildup? Any screaming?

Hard for me to say as I’m not into BATS so I didn’t pay all too close attention, but will say it has a fairly quick buildup. Rhona screams as the flames build and includes a close up of her face as the skin starts to peel away. As for the flames themselves, not what you would expect from, lets say a witch burning, as they have a slightly different appearance that I attribute to what I would think would be a chemical type fire (sun causing vampiral combustion).

Hard to say. Maybe Elkcreek can chime in here as he’s seen the movie too.

= === =

Elkcreek I agree. All three movie’s Gimp scenes could have been good to great with even just a little expanse. Even the Rhona Mitra scene could have been made more appealing with a different change of attire. The first thing that comes to mind (and I can’t really remember what she was wearing when she was first detained) for her AOH scene would have been to have her stripped of her amour, then strap her. At least it would have given the opportunity for some skimpy attire (if not nude) instead of that long dress.

As far as the lighting in Rise of the Lycans, I liked it myself. I thought the use of the blue light canvassing the entire movie was pretty effective….and visually appealing.

I usually don’t like dark movies. By dark I mean when the entire movie is shaded in dark tones….like space movies (you’ve got all this technology and yet you can’t even light up your spacecraft). I’ve seen some where they are so dark you can’t even see anything. I’ve even watched the commentary to a movie called Wind Chill where the director is raving about a certain aspect of a scene….and guess what, I had to watch that part of the movie again because it’s so damn dark that even in the re-watching, when I know what I’m looking for, I still have trouble seeing it. He puts all that time and effort into a scene and I’ll bet 95% of people don’t see what he’s talking about first time around.

So the lighting worked for me. It gets the point across while still allowing the viewer to be able to see everything that is happening.

= = = = = =

Jane von Detlefson ~I’m glad you enjoyed the video clip.

As far as you not smiling, I can hardly blame you being spun around like that. That, and it must have been a shock to see Ralphus with his chemically-straightened new doo. Hell the smell of the sheer amount of chemicals it would take to straighten that fro alone would probably kill a skunk. Add a gallon of mousse, and I’m sure it was a pretty lethal smelling concoction. ;-)

Saturday, February 13th 2010 - 07:33:28 AM

Name: YikYakker
Homepage URL:

I'm not sure what this is but it looks pretty cool.

Saturday, February 13th 2010 - 12:27:33 PM

Name: Natasha Flade
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Wow, I'm pleasantly surprised at the positive reaction to my posting here again. Next time I'm feeling low, I'll just come here! :-)

I have no objection to a cum shot, but someone whose name I won't mention isn't able to perform on camera!! We have considered doing the cum shot alone (without the camera man) on a tripod and piecing it together afterwards.

I wish I could allow myself to just do scenes with other guys, but alas, I really can't bring myself to do that.

I note, though, that Sergio can and does cum in the clips with Chloe. So that's a bonus and maybe one of the reasons the Kidnapped for Bondage Sex series is more popular than the Natasha's Bondage Sex series.

Hmmm, "Kidnapped for Rape." Yes, that certainly sums it up quite nicely, but I always worry about those things getting caught in spam or getting my email address blocked when someone makes an order. :-( I guess I could have it show up in the email as Kidnapped for R*pe, lol.

No one has told me, though, what I could do (or what videos I could watch) to improve on my performance and make it look more nonconsensual. Isaac has worked on trying to be more menacing, certainly Sergio is. But I fear my reactions don't look quite real enough. I can actually cry on command in my performance, I wonder if that would help??

Thanks for any input,


Saturday, February 13th 2010 - 02:32:20 PM

Name: A Canadian

Natasha Flade wrote:

No one has told me, though, what I could do (or what videos I could watch) to improve on my performance and make it look more nonconsensual.

Actually, in my previous post on this subject, I did recommend some movies that would help.

Saturday, February 13th 2010 - 04:32:22 PM

Name: Dangerous Dave

Natasha Flade: Thanks so much for clearing up "the mystery of the missing cum shot" from all or your personal bondage sex vids. I totally understand now, and you know what? I make no claims that I would be able to "perform" in front of other people either. It's not easy to be a male porn star, that's why there are so few of them and the ones that can do it, get all the work. And your devotion to your husband is an admirable thing and rare in the porn biz. You certainly live up to your billing as "a classy damsel in distress". Anyway, keep up the good work on your site, you really do offer a lot of good content to anyone that joins your website. And remember, I've never seen a female skater's ass that I didn't like!

Sunday, February 14th 2010 - 02:14:06 AM

Name: Scribbler
Homepage URL:

Natasha: Crying would be good. Even without tears, crying facial expressions would work. Smeared mascara, mussed up hair. Basically, you would want to appear distressed by the rape. "Please don't do this to me" kind of dialog, acted accordingly. Isaac could be menacing just wearing a hood with eye holes and not say a word to you. Appropriate dark music might help too.

Sunday, February 14th 2010 - 02:50:46 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Natasha Flade: I also understand about the lack of a "money shot" now. Not every guy can perform on cue like Dirk Diggler. Hey, the guy has a tough enough job anyway without having to worry about looking studly in front of the camera. That's not a bad idea about shooting the cum shot later and editing it in, if you can pull off the continuity and it doesn't look like it was obviously added later. And really, all you have to do is cut to a close up reaction shot of your face after the shot is inserted and it should work out fine.

Now, if you guys really want to make a scene look nonconsensual, there are ways, but you're both going to have to do some acting. You had the right idea...tears. If you can cry on command, definitely do it. Crying is probably the most effective thing a woman can do to convey distress, and not just in a rape scene, but it's especially significant here. You need to be scared. Hey, this rapist might get you pregnant. Crying, pleading, saying "No, no, no!"...all those are really important.

I like Scribbler's idea of having Isaac wear a ski mask, but disagree on him being silent. In any kind of bondage scene, having a strong villain is nearly as key as having an expressive victim. I've seen potentially great scenes turn into just okay ones because the villain is robotic in his actions and doesn't say anything. This is where that all-important word comes in...meanness. If I'm playing the rapist, I'm going to be calling her names, swearing at her, belittling her, laughing at her. Hey, it's about control, it's about power. If I'm the man on top and you're the tied-down victim, I've got all the power and you've got none. He needs to flaunt it. Be mean! Hey, it might even improve his performance.

Bottom line is...don't worry about it being too real. If you both really get into it, it can be emotionally draining, even afterward. But at the end of the day, you're still a couple and nothing is changed. For this shoot, you were just acting. Giving a performance. Trust me, the viewer will be glad you took it that extra step. It's going to make your movie a lot better, and that's ultimately what it's all about.

Sunday, February 14th 2010 - 09:45:52 AM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Speaking of the importance of making scenes look nonconsensual, here's a review:

Title: Punished for a Price 2: The Blakemore Saddle

Starring: Dia Zerva and Sgt. Major Derek Viktur

Directed by: Sgt. Major Derek Viktur

Running time: 100 minutes

With all the talk lately about legendary HOM filmmaker John Blakemore, how could anyone resist a movie that features two torture devices created by the great man himself? My advice: resist. Trust me, in this case, resistance is far from futile.

The huge problem with Punished for a Price 2: The Blakemore Saddle is that it is completely consensual. You might even say it's aggressive in promoting its consensual nature, if that makes any sense. In the opening set up, it is clearly established that the woman, Dia Zerva, has paid for this experience, and there is even a prearranged "safe" word to prevent the action from going too far. Throughout the film, there are reminders that it is all agreed-upon punishment.

What a letdown.

It's particularly disappointing in this case, as Dia Zerva is the type of victim we need in GIMP movies. Dia's an attractive, 31-year-old (at the time this movie was made) blonde with an incredibly sexy body, nice natural breasts and no tattoos. She's a convincing performer and would be wonderful in a non-consensual flick.

In this outing, Dia removes her clothes and is bound and tortured in a variety of ways, including having hot wax dropped on her, clothespins applied to her breasts, and being whipped (lightly) with a cane. The tortures also include riding a spiked saddle created by Blakemore, and riding (in a standing position, bound to a post) a Blakemore-created large dildo, which extends from the floor up to Dia's pussy (there are some nice pics of this scene in the section called "Bound and Impaled" at the Bondage Barrix website).

Does any of it work? For the most part, no, because it's consensual. There was one moment I liked, when Dia was bound in the standing position and riding the Blakemore-created dildo. The sarge decided to add to the dildo's sensation by using a vibrator on the ring-gagged Dia, and then fingering her, causing Dia to shudder, whimper, and cry out in ways that were quite hot. Ralphus would probably say 'phooey' to such a scene but I liked it.

That was about it, though. Most of the film won't have much appeal in this neighborhood.

My grade: D+

Is it fair to grade a consensual film like this on the GIMP forum? I believe so. The film markets the Blakemore contributions and the cover art makes a reference to Blakemore's legendary HOM days. Thus, it's reasonable to assume GIMPers might be part of the target audience. Unfortunately, the actual movie doesn't cater to GIMPers.

Sunday, February 14th 2010 - 10:45:51 AM

Name: sgtmajor
Homepage URL:


For the record I have tried and tried to put up more forceful content on my website and Epoch makes me pull it every time. No credit card processor, no chance in hell of doing business. So I understand your wants and needs better than you may think I do. I can't even use the words forced or rape on my site in any way shape or form or they jump my shit.

I am not asking for a pass here, just letting you know why I don't post more things that you might like in a more GIMP toned presentation. In any event the movie in question with its poor D+ showing made it to the top five for an AEBN VOD nomination this year, the intent of the film was never kidnapped based content, hence its title, "Punished for a Price 2" it was an attempt at a Matthew Cole situation. If you love seeing your girls in real pain Dia was there for real. Anyway I am able to take feedback even if its not fun or flattering.

Sunday, February 14th 2010 - 06:16:54 PM

Name: Scribbler
Homepage URL:

Ralphus said "I like Scribbler's idea of having Isaac wear a ski mask, but disagree on him being silent."

I wrote hood, not ski mask, but either will work. :) Though if one is shooting video under hot lights, a loose hood might be more comfortable. I was thinking more of hoods like Whitman wore. Of course, if they're shooting outside in snow in the mountains of Vancouver during the Olympics, then he might want a ski mask. She, on the other hand, should be without clothes, suffering for her art (video-making) and such.

Re: being silent: I was responding to Natasha's text "Isaac has worked on trying to be more menacing..." My suggestion of hood and no talking to her was just an idea of how he could be menacing without really having to 'try.' If he can pull off menacing dialog, then great, I like that too if convincing. Both can work. Villains who do dialog need to be good at it though (improv, or remembering lines), and deliver it well (acting), if not, very limited dialog or silent villain might be the way to go.

Monday, February 15th 2010 - 01:55:33 AM

Name: LTL

A Canadian ~ Thanks for your review of Punished for a Price 2: The Blakemore Saddle. Bummer that it turned out to be portrayed consensually.

BTW, I think it’s cool that you were able to write a review for us knowing that you are extremely busy these days meeting with the Olympic games committee to push your idea for an improved version of Ice Curling (detailed view of Curling stone) .;-)

As far as sgtmajor comments, A Canadian did acknowledge the nature of the way the video was portrayed. I think A Canadian’s review was more for information to let Gimpers know that it is consensual in nature and that anyone thinking it would be anything else should know that its not.

Monday, February 15th 2010 - 07:15:27 AM

Name: Brutus

A Canadian and Sgt. Major: Thanks for the review on "Punished for a Price 2" and the explanation for why the film emphasizes the consensual aspect. It's sad that we still live in an environment where a person's business can be held for ransom by the prudes in power. But I'm glad to hear the film is doing well, even if it isn't catered to our harsher tastes.


LTL: Thanks for the Rhona Mitra trifecta. Still, I can't say that any of the movies really ring my GIMP bell. But an entertaining read once again. And that's a great idea on how to improve curling. If the first stone hits the mark, does the other team get points if they knock the dildo in further?


Natasha Flade: Some good advice has been given on how to improve your non-consensual shots. I think you should use those big beautiful eyes of yours to really emit your emotions, including fear, anger, disgust and even pleading with your attacker for mercy (which won't come.) Tears are a nice touch, but I'd like to see you first put up a convincing struggle, even if you are tied up tight and gagged. I like rape scenes that show the victim go through certain phases like:

1. Struggling during the onscreen tying and then trying to get loose from her bonds

2. Realizing there's no escape so trying (in vain) to fight off her attacker

3. Having panic set in when the attacker fondles or penetrates her

4. Thinking desperately for a way out while fighting off any feelings of pleasure

5. As a last resort, pleading through a gag or with her eyes for the attacker to stop

6. Sobbing in a broken state when it hits home that she is powerless to prevent the villain from doing anything he pleases

As for movies to view, "The Accused" has one of the most realistic rape scenes I've seen. Jodie Foster is not bound, but hand-gagged, and her eyes really convey her determination to get out of that situation. Of course, for your scenes, Isaac also has to sell his part as the menacing villain, whether he be methodical, psychotic, sadistically funny at your expense, extremely violent, etc. Good luck!


Sloth: Glad to hear you enjoyed "The Escape." That bug scene was something else, wasn't it?

Monday, February 15th 2010 - 08:03:29 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

A Canadian: Thanks very much for taking the time to review Punished for a Price 2: The Blakemore Saddle for the forum. Oh, the dreaded "C" word...that's the kiss of death for me.

But I'll tell you, even before Sgt. Major posted, I was aware of the frustrations he's had in the past putting out the kind of material he really wants to make. I've had e-mail discussions with him about it and he told me the same thing. The man is a great rigger; he was obviously inspired by Blakemore so he knows how to tie up women with the best of them. It's just that in today's PC environment, attempting to show nonconsensual action can get you into trouble. That might be the reason we've never seen the new Blakemore footage released on DVD, I don't know. That was certainly a throwback, content-wise, from the other material I've watched from Backdoor Bondage, in that it had the mean, forceful style that bondage should have.

The direct link to your review is in my Homepage URL above.

Sarge: In the meantime, congrats on AEBN VOD nomination, for whatever that's worth. Keep on trying and maybe one of these days you'll get a Ralphus Award, the true mark of quality that oh, so many covet, but few are able to achieve.

Monday, February 15th 2010 - 09:28:46 AM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback on my review of Punished for a Price 2: The Blakemore Saddle.

Trust me, as someone who lives in a country where nonconsensual bondage material is illegal because it violates the so-called "obscenity" law, I am sympathetic to the challenges faced by Sgt. Major and others. I know that Sgt. Major has a deep respect for the history of his craft and I believe him when he says he would like to be making movies that are truer to the GIMP spirit.

As it is, I guess he faces a bit of a conundrum. Can he release a movie that attempts to pay homage to the legend of Blakemore and HOM and yet is consensual? Personally, I don't think so, although I would include the qualifier that I'm not one of the GIMPers who was raised on Blakemore's stuff. I'm certainly old enough to be in that category, but I didn't have access to it back in the day. So I will leave it to Ralphus, Scribbler and others to make that judgment.

LTL raised a good point. I didn't know the film would be consensual when I rented it and I'm not sure other renters would have known it, either. I'm not sure anyone renting a movie that has "Blakemore" in the title would be expecting a master/slave thing that caters more to the Bondage Dave crowd.

All the same, I do appreciate Sgt. Major's feedback, and I hope he doesn't think I deliberately went out looking for a film to trash on Valentine's Day. To be honest, I went to the video store looking to see if I could find one of Natasha's Kidnapped for Bondage Sex movies (I was unsuccessful).

Monday, February 15th 2010 - 11:27:45 AM

Name: Night Demon

Great piece of artwork by Chance. Do you have a link to his site by any chance?

Monday, February 15th 2010 - 11:59:34 PM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Daily Pic: "Everybody should have one of these in their basement".

I'm glad the alt-text specified which "one" you were talking about. Sometimes you need to be specific!

Tuesday, February 16th 2010 - 12:34:48 AM

Name: Natasha Flade
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

A Canadian: We ship our non-consentual movies to Canada and even to the U.K. all the time. We’ve never had a problem. When we ship to the U.K., we ship the dvds without labels and state they are gifts and “CDs” on the custom forms. I should make a coupon for GIMPERs, but our cart is stupid. Not exactly high end. I think I could make a backend link for it somewhere to purchase at the coupon price for GIMPERs.

Brutus: Those are excellent suggestions. I will definitely try to implement them. Never having been actually raped (thank god!), I am never quite sure what someone in real life what do, but I guess that doesn’t matter; what matters is what people who watch rape videos want to see.

I saw “The Accused” a long time ago, way before I ever did bondage videos, and while I remember the rape scene of course, I don’t remember how Jodi Foster used her eyes, etc. I will put that into my Netflix queue right now!

As for Isaac, well, I actually think the guys in these flicks have the tougher time of it. I mean, it’s hard enough for him to try to keep a boner as it is without having to think of a bunch of other things. Maybe if he got into his “rapist” role more in his head (after all, he DOES like the idea of forced sex in real life and I played rape games with him before we did it for my site), it will be actually easier for him to maintain his hard on.

Scribbler: So you think wearing a hood makes one more menacing? Is it because we don’t see his bored face? ;-)

Sgt. Major: How the hell does Kink get away with their content is what I’d like to know. They use Epoch as their processor. Then again, their stuff is all dungeon and arguably consentual. I remember when they first started Sex and Submission, some more realistic scenes where some guy came in a raped an office girl. Now everything is dungeon stuff. So maybe they had to do that to keep their processor. I also want to know how they are able to put up clips on YouTube. We tried putting a VERY innocent clip of (very cute actually) where I’d been burglarized and I’m selling home burglary systems. You don’t even even realize I’m tied up until the camera pans out and you see I’m tied to a chair, lol. Then the masked robber comes back and I finish the “commercial” via gagtalk, which we subtitled. YouTube pulled it within a mere couple of days.

Ralphus: I think a money shot that was shot later would look just fine. For Chloe and Sergio, we do two takes – the one with him pretending to come that is wide and then a close of him actually coming. We do that so I can be there nice and tight for the money shot instead of having to try to zoom in and miss it all. It looks fine. I think it would turn out exactly the same way if the camera was a tripod so long as we did it immediately after the shoot so the hair, tie job, etc., would all look exactly the same.

Yes, I can cry during shoots; I’m just worried about scaring the shit out of the camera man, LOL. I guess I’ll have to warn him that this time I’m trying to “keep it real” with the acting and the tears. I have no problem fighting more, the problem is not getting hurt as the attacker tries to keep me off. ;-) I already have nerve damage this week in my jaw from a handgag scene that got a little too real. Luckily, my “dead man’s jaw” is starting to wear off. I was scared there for a couple of days!

I think your ideas of being mean for the villain are good. Unfortunately, Isaac doesn’t like forced sex that looks TOO rough and mean, but I’m sure he could work on something better than being stoic and robot-like. We need to give him some lines to just remember.

Dangerous Dave: LOL at the skater’s ass comment! We started a blog recently and Isaac expressed how hard it is to make these hardcore shoots. And that’s even after taking Cialis! So yeah, I’m really going to try to get a tripod shot after the camera guy leaves. Hopefully that will work. How about if he shoots it on my face?! I read a vid description about how the guy came on the chick’s face, but I don’t think she was gagged, so the effect of that was probably better.

I didn’t realize it was rare in the biz to be devouted to your husband. Then again, I’ve always been exceptionally naïve. I didn’t even know what bondage was when I had my first interview with Isaac. Can you believe that? Isaac can’t, even to this day. He can’t imagine anyone could be that innocent, but I was.

To All: I really thought the 2 guy rape scene in the first “Kidnapped for Bondage Sex” was great, although I wasn’t screwed by both of them. One held me down while Isaac fucked me. I actually found that erotic, but Isaac said he had a terrible time keeping it hard because Sergio doesn’t shut up, lol. I wonder if anyone saw it and if they like it.


Tuesday, February 16th 2010 - 04:14:55 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Natasha Flade wrote:

To All: I really thought the 2 guy rape scene in the first “Kidnapped for Bondage Sex” was great...I wonder if anyone saw it and if they like it.

That's an important question. I, too, would like to know the answer.

Tuesday, February 16th 2010 - 05:25:18 PM

Name: YikYakker

Here’s something unique: a magazine from 1930 - with a bound woman on the cover - that includes an editorial written by then-governor of New York and future multiple-term president Franklin D. Roosevelt (check out the lower right corner of the cover). Good luck trying to pull off a stunt like that today.

Wednesday, February 17th 2010 - 05:16:15 AM

Name: Joe Wrappe

Regarding Natasha Flade's and Issac's site - I just want to say a BIG thank you to Natasha for being so bold and brave to bring in forced sex into the bondage mix. I'm not understanding the complaints about money shots or lack of verbal abuse. When Natasha states that "Isaac doesn't like forced sex that looks TOO rough and mean" - I means let's see here...Natasha's hands are tied over her head and her mouth is fully stuffed and gagged and she has a cock forced into her and there is NOTHING she can do about it ? That's not rough and mean ? It is absolutely a thrilling thing to see that - hot, sexy and just damned GREAT ! Again I can't see the complaining - I understand people want this and that but they are giving us a whole hell of a lot more than we usually get. Thanks again Natasha and Isaac !

Wednesday, February 17th 2010 - 09:08:15 AM

Name: Newark Bound
E-mail address:

Would anybody know where i can find a Dvd copy of an old Attackers movie Jb02?I saw a clip of it on a Whipping compilation,and it looked quite hot.Thank you!!!!

Wednesday, February 17th 2010 - 11:49:55 AM

Name: YikYakker
Homepage URL:

Newark Bound: Have you checked this site's links to vid merchants? There are a few on the list that specialize in Japanese productions.


Hey folks, sorry for the bum steer on the 1930 magazine cover. To get to it, follow the link in my URL above and scroll down to the second cover on the page.

Wednesday, February 17th 2010 - 12:18:26 PM

Name: A Canadian

Newark Bound: Unfortunately, I believe Attackers JB-002 -- which came out in 1997 -- was only released in the VHS format. I don't think you'll find a copy on DVD, and I would be surprised if you can even find a videotape copy.

Wednesday, February 17th 2010 - 04:11:54 PM

Name: Natasha Flade
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Joe Wrappe: Thanks for the compliments. I truly appreciate it!


Wednesday, February 17th 2010 - 04:49:15 PM

Name: sgtmajor
Homepage URL:


Kink is Epoch's biggest account, for a website that makes 50 grand a month is doomed to be shit canned, go figure. They also have a marketing department that is over 2 dozen people strong who spend their 40 hr work week sending their brand around the net.

As to the issue of force, well they have really tried to stay away from that for some time now, but if you look at what is going on with the upper floor, it may be heading for a whole other issue that is far more explosive than the dreaded kidnap plot.

Wednesday, February 17th 2010 - 05:56:43 PM

Name: TGG

YikYakker: The link you posted under the name "with a bound woman on the cover" doesn't work. It just leads to an error 403: forbidden message.

Wednesday, February 17th 2010 - 09:57:29 PM

Name: Artoreus
E-mail address:

I guess I've lurked here long enough, but since Natasha is reading, I've got to comment.

First of all, I love her site and have been a member a number of times. The first time she popped in here, I checked out her site and immediately joined.

I like most of her videos, but in particular, her POV videos and the ones where she seems more distressed.

Oddly, finding out that she is true to her husband makes me like her even more :-)

Pretty much all the ideas she though she could add to her videos sounded good (crying, acting distressed, POV, facial shots, etc).

I guess I'll stop talking now. I have a lot to say. I've lurking here for about SEVEN years.

Wednesday, February 17th 2010 - 11:39:14 PM

Name: Scribbler
Homepage URL: http://www,

Joe Wrappe wrote: Again I can't see the complaining..

I can't see the complaining either. I looked, but all I see is advise and suggestions.

Here's another suggestion or odd observation: I think it looks more like rape if the rapist doesn't take all his clothes off. Just pulls out what's necessary :)

Natasha asked: Scribbler: So you think wearing a hood makes one more menacing? Is it because we don’t see his bored face? ;-)

I think it can help some actors act more, or appear more menacing, than without it. And on video, or in pics, a hood wearing character kind of says "bad guy." Of course, plenty of actors can do menacing without hoods.

I can't imagine any guy looking bored handling an awesome, gorgeous babe like you. I can imagine them looking too happy, and thus not convincing as a mean rapist. :)

Thursday, February 18th 2010 - 03:34:45 AM

Name: YikYakker
Homepage URL:

TGG: The link you posted under the name "with a bound woman on the cover" doesn't work. It just leads to an error 403: forbidden message.

Yes, sorry, I posted a corrected link around noon yesterday. Follow the link in my URL - today it's the first cover displayed on the page.

Thursday, February 18th 2010 - 03:53:33 AM

Name: A Canadian

Artoreus wrote:

Oddly, finding out that she is true to her husband makes me like her even more :-)

Funny, it makes me think less of her.

(Just kidding.)

Thursday, February 18th 2010 - 03:57:10 AM

Name: LTL

Though its got some flaws (lack of bondage for one) this one is kind of an interesting idea. REPORTER ATTACKED LIVE A better set up to the description they have listed for the clip would be to have it go down as described except have multiple perps, one of which knocks off the cameraman as he picks up the camera to document the brutality (and include bondage of course).

= = = = =

Artoreus ~ Whoa….lurking for 7 years! And I thought I was a Long Time Lurker (nowhere near 7 years). Welcome! And I hope you continue to stay out of lurker mode (at least don’t take the life cycle of the Cicadae….you know…every seven years….oh never mind ;-)

= = = =

A Canadian ~ I forgot to ask, with your review of Punished for a Price 2: The Blakemore Saddle with Dia Zerva, if you knew about the less than consentual clip from The Basement she did called Pawn Shop Dia

I don’t know if she just happened to star in the one you picked up, or if you have an interest in Dia (funny….she doesn’t look like Jessica Alba ;-).

Anyway, I know, probably not your thing but I just thought I’d let you know about it just in case.

= = = =

There’s that jhlipton guy ;-) Beginning to wonder what happened to you.

= = = =

And what’s up with the daily pics? Two weeks in a row now. Keep this up and I’ll be forced to write my Congressmen ;-)

Thursday, February 18th 2010 - 06:42:06 AM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Natasha, your site looks GREAT! I think you have a new member!

I saw the trailer for Kidnapped for Bondage Sex 1 (see URL) and noted that one of the rapists wore a ski mask -- it really makes him look more menacing. Regarding the scene with two men, the second guy doesn't add much. He needs to hold you more firmly, or slap you or something to put him in the action.

One thing I'd like to see: when a girl is being "chloroformed" (NEVER use the real thing -- it's far too dangerous!), the attacker should grope her, and possibly pull out a tittie while she's going under. It will give her something to look forward to, and make her fight harder.

Thursday, February 18th 2010 - 07:45:04 AM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

LTL: Thanks for the information about that clip with Dia Zerva. To answer your question, I had no idea who Dia is prior to my visit to the local adult movie store last weekend.

These days, I don't claim to know the names of many stars of the non-Asian persuasion. I know who Lisa Kinkaid is, of course. And Jane von Detlefson. And Natasha Flade. And a few others who have appeared in ZFX flicks. But that's almost the extent of it.

Thursday, February 18th 2010 - 04:46:50 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Hi guys...

Just checking in to let you know what's up. Apologies for not changing the daily pic the past few nights. If you ever check in and notice there's no new pic from the previous day, it can only mean 3 things...either Dreambook is down, I don't have access to a computer, or else Bill Zebub has finally enacted his bloody revenge on me for writing too many negative reviews. In this case, it was Reason #2. I've been having PC problems the past 2 weeks, and the computer repair guy took my machine Tuesday morning and I didn't get it back until today. And I'm warning you that this might happen again soon, since I'm still having the same problems even though my wallet is now $150 lighter.

Good to see the chatter continued in my absence. We have to thank Natasha Flade for that. Nothing perks this place up better than a sexy bondage actress asking a roomful of pervs for tips on the best way to rape her.


Artoreus wrote:

I guess I'll stop talking now. I have a lot to say. I've lurking here for about SEVEN years.

You have a lot to say so therefore you'll stop talking now? Well, that makes a lot of sense. Dude, 7 years of lurking? I'd say it's time to START talking now. Why cut yourself off? You're out of the closet, and now you know how easy it is to post. We're glad to see you here. Now let's see you post a second time. That's an important next step. We need posters, we sure as hell don't need any more lurkers.

BTW, what happened to Shade? I really liked that guy. He looked like he was going to be a great addition to the forum, then he disappeared into lurkdom, just like all the rest. Very disappointing. For every LTL, we have 100 guys like him that tease us by coming out and then are never heard from again. Just think how great this place would be if we could get even one new pervert a week to come out and join the discussions.

That's a cue for you lurkers. Come on out. Every new person to post by this weekend automatically gets entered for a chance to do whatever you like to Natasha Flade. I haven't checked with her yet, but I'm sure it'll be okay. I don't think she'll be able to offer much resistance, anyway.

Thursday, February 18th 2010 - 10:27:50 PM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

LTL: There’s that jhlipton guy ;-) Beginning to wonder what happened to you.

Sometimes I get busy with other things, and sometimes I just don't have anything to add. I'll try to keep you from missing me though. [gives him a smooch on the nose]


Ralphus: Every new person to post by this weekend automatically gets entered for a chance to do whatever you like to Natasha Flade.

That doesn't seem fair to us old-tymers! I'm sure my fellow old-fogeys could get it up (with a winch) for Ms Flade so nicely displayed.

That's a nice photo, but I'm intrigued to see that she has a nude (tastefully so) photo of herself on her bedside dresser....

Friday, February 19th 2010 - 12:04:22 AM

Name: LTL

jhlipton wrote: ~Sometimes I get busy with other things, and sometimes I just don't have anything to add. I'll try to keep you from missing me though. [gives him a smooch on the nose]


And wrote: ~That's a nice photo (of Natasha Flade), but I'm intrigued to see that she has a nude (tastefully so) photo of herself on her bedside dresser....

There’s a photo of herself? There's a bedside dresser? ;-)

= = = = =

Ralphus ~ As someone once put it, I’m glad you weren’t eaten by Zebub, and it’s only computer problems. That’s a good thing….Now get another computer! :-)

= ====

Damen und Herren. Boy & Girls.

Its time for another…….
Which One Has The Gimp?

Today we have a very special, Bummer/You Write The Review edition.

Your task will be the usual one where you need to guess the Gimp movie, which incidentally today happens to be a totally nude spread-eagle. But in addition, if you happen to have seen the correct Which One Has The Gimp? movie, you will need to either add to, or finish the review. More on this later.

In the meantime, these are you Gimpable choices for today:

Dark Ride
The Eighteenth Angel

Dark Ride is your first guess? Thank you for playing, wrong answer. Don Pardo, please tell our contestant what the consolation prizes are for today.

Dark Ride is an average Halloween type rip-off where a huge looney bin escapee reeks havoc and death on a bunch of horny young adults in a theme park building after hours. A bummer moment happens early on when one of two girls who skipped school in order to sneak into the dark ride gets snatched out of her seat mid ride. The other girl, now terrified, has to last out the rest of the ride by herself not knowing what happened to her friend. At one point of the ride she sees her friend, now part of the amusement ride backdrop, cut open and dead. Bummer as it was a perfect opportunity for a bondage scene as her friend, still in the ride, would have been forced to watch the abducted girl get tortured as the ride slowly moves along….instead of just the aftermath. Hummm, now there’s an idea….a Gimp dark ride.

Dark Ride trailer

The Eighteenth Angel? Nope, wrong too. The Eighteenth Angel isn’t a bad movie about a 500 year astronomical clock that counts down the arrival of Satan. The eighteen angels represent eighteen sacrifices of innocence and beauty, as it is foretold that Satan will come as beauty rather than beast. Rachel Leigh Cook is to become the final sacrifice to the countdown.

I’ve never really paid too close attention to Rachel Leigh Cook but she was freakin’ cute when she was a teen in this.

In a bummer moment, what’s a Devil worshipping ritual without a tied to a sacrificial alter scene. Missed opportunity……especially for the extremely cute and tasty Rachel Leigh Cook.

The Eighteenth Angel trailer

Spun? Very good! The bummer moment here is when my copy of the DVD (used) QUIT WORKING!!!,….thereby needing your input for competition. Is the movie any good? Are there any more Gimp scenes? Do I need to get another copy? In the meantime a mini review for as much as I able to see.

= = = = =

Mini mainstream review of Spun

Spun trailer

From what I could tell before my copy of Spun quit working is its about a drug dealer and his circle of friends and clients. Spun has a pretty notable cast which includes John Leguizamo, Mickey Rourke, and the late Brittany Murphy.

Gimp wise there is a scene that starts off consensual but ends up slightly less than that. During a nude love-making segment, Chloe Hunter starts to get her kink on as she gets tied spread eagle to the bed. Though really nothing drastic happens, at one point Chloe wants to be untied so she can get to work. The guy however wants to keep her for a while even though he needs to leave himself. So what does he do? Instead of untying her, he duct tapes her mouth, duct tapes her eyes and turns the CD on the stereo up loud before up and leaving (then the CD skips, repeating over and over).

Like I said, nothing drastic but the girl protests and struggles all while totally naked (in a mainstream).

Entertainment wise, like I said, my DVD quit. But from what I saw I wasn’t too enthralled up to that point, and therefore really do not have the desire to get another copy. Grade: Incomplete.

Gimp wise a nice long totally naked spread-eagle, consensual at first but then transitions to some minor distress. Still a nice visual with Chloe Hunter though. Any more Gimp scenes? I dunno.

Gimp grade for what I did get to see, a B-/C++

= = = =

Well that’ll do it for this edition. I’m off to get together with the guy who sold me the defective DVD for some golf. I know what you’re thinking, but I always….just use one club. ;-)

Friday, February 19th 2010 - 02:05:44 PM

Name: TGG

Hey Ralphus...

Just how old is your current computer anyway? If it is four or more years old, then in computer age terms, it's probably an elderly system. In computer years, a four year old computer is equivelant to a 70 to 80 year old human.

Computers age rather quickly. Perhaps it's time to upgrade to a newer system.

Friday, February 19th 2010 - 03:16:26 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

LTL: Thanks for the latest edition of Which One Has The Gimp?. I got the answer right. Kind of sucks that you couldn't finish the rest of the movie, especially since you were attempting to review it. I would get my money back or at least another movie in its place.

I've seen Spun. I actually bought it because this was in my pre-Netflix days and I had heard about the nude spreadeagle. I figured it would be worth the 20 bucks so I coughed up the money. And to this day, it's one of the few consensual bondage scenes in my private collection. Actually, I guess it's really not that consensual. It does start off that way, though.

You missed a lot. After the first scene you described, Ross, the guy who tied her gets guilt feelings because he's been gone longer than expected. So he calls her up and leaves a message on the answering machine. She can hear the message, but obviously she can't answer since she's still blindfolded, gagged and spread-eagled. So she can only flop around on the bed and cuss him out through her gag. Some real nice bound gyrations on her part.

Then he comes back home. He takes the tape off her eyes and ungags her. She's naturally pissed at him and starts to cuss him out, so he gags her again. That'll teach her! Anyway, it's implied that they have some bondage lovemaking when the phone rings again. Another call from Mickey Rourke. Whoops, he has to leave again. Now she's really begging him to untie her. Sorry, honey! He tapes up her mouth and eyes again and takes off! Apparently, he ain't never letting her go.

That's all the footage of Chloe Hunter. But I did include one additional scene in my highlights tape. The guy is in the car talking to Brittany Murphy. It goes something like this:

Brittany: "You tied her up?" I can't believe it. How long?"

Ross: (trying to remember) "Um...4 days."

Brittany: "What? I've heard of some cruel shit in my day but that is some pretty fucked up shit. I thought you were a normal guy."

Ross: "I am a normal guy!"

Brittany: "No."

Can you imagine leaving someone tied up that long? It was mentioned in the commentary track that they actually filmed a scene where he put an ashtray under her crotch and he comes back to find it full of her pee. But that scene didn't make it into the final print. There's also a deleted scene on the DVD where Chloe gets discovered by a neighbor and untied. Boo! I like the idea of ending a movie with her still tied up with no rescue in sight. That way she never gets untied (cackling maniacally to myself).


TGG: My PC is 4 or 5 years old. I'm pretty sure the problem is not necessarily with the computer, but with the new external hard drive I recently added for backup. I've had it unplugged all day and no return to the problems that ailed me. So I think we've isolated the cause, we just have to fix that.

Friday, February 19th 2010 - 08:27:48 PM

Name: A Canadian

LTL: I'm struggling to wrap my head around an incomplete version of Which One has the GIMP? We may need a ruling from Ralphus on this before his computer gets out of control. As for Rachael Leigh Cook, I haven't really followed her career, but I did think she was cute in Josie and the Pussycats.


I see that director Michael Winterbottom is once again defending the level of violence against women in his movie, The Killer Inside Me, with Jessica Alba.

Friday, February 19th 2010 - 08:30:45 PM

Name: Scheer

"There's also a deleted scene on the DVD where Chloe gets discovered by a neighbor and untied. Boo!"

What sort of a neighbour is this? He can't be normal.

My computer is now six years old with XP and I see no reason why it shouldn't continue longer. I think it is relatively healthy because of the amount of perv material that has passed through it.

Saturday, February 20th 2010 - 03:06:03 AM

Name: YikYakker
Homepage URL:

The first time I saw Rachel Leigh Cook was in an ad for an anti-drug campaign (see URL). She made quite an "impression."


Scheer wrote: My computer is now six years old with XP and I see no reason why it shouldn't continue longer. I think it is relatively healthy because of the amount of perv material that has passed through it.

LOL, that describes my computer exactly!

Saturday, February 20th 2010 - 04:40:24 AM

Name: TGG

I guess how it will be before a computer begins to seem elderly depends in large part on its starting specs and how much room it has for upgrades. My own current System is a Dell Dimension E510 with a 3.40 Ghz Pentium 4 processor with 1 GB of RAM and originally a 160 GB hard drive. I have recently upgraded the hard drive to a 320 GB model. Needed more storage space for both GIMP and NON-GIMP material.

It was configured and ordered in September of 2005 and despite being four years old now, still runs quite well. I am pretty sure this system will continue to meet my needs for several more years to come and doubt that I'll need to configure and buy a newer system anytime soon. This PC still has quite a bit of upgrade space left in it, it can go as high as 4 GB of RAM and accommodate a hard drive as large as 2 TB which is equivalent to 2,000 GB, compare that to its original hard drive which was a 160 GB!

Compare that to my previous PC which was a Dell Dimension 2100. It was configured and ordered in January of 2001, had a 1.1 Ghz Celeron processor, and began with a 20 GB hard drive and 128 MB of RAM. I was forced to upgrade the system's memory to its max of 512 MB in less than a month after getting the system. That system remained adequate for less than two years before it began to show signs of old age. By the time it was three years old that PC was suffering horrendous lags while performing even routine actions like opening folders and files. Its days were numbered and that was blatantly obvious to me, unfortunately I couldn't afford to buy a newer computer until over a year afterward.

So Ralphus and others, whether your computer serves you for a while or only for a short time depends in large part on it's quality. Good luck Ralphus.

TGG: The GIMPer with a heart...

Saturday, February 20th 2010 - 05:54:35 AM

Name: A Canadian

YikYakker wrote:

The first time I saw Rachael Leigh Cook was in an ad for an anti-drug campaign (see URL). She made quite an "impression."

You know, when I saw her in Josie and the Pussycats, I thought she looked familiar. But I never connected the dots until I read YikYakker's post. She certainly did make quite an impression in that ad, even on my scrambled eggs brain.

Saturday, February 20th 2010 - 06:16:31 AM

Name: LTL

Ralphus & Scheer ~ Thanks for the additional info on Spun. Sounds like I’ll need to put it back on my “to get” list. Good part is there’s a copy for $2.00 at Half.Com. With any luck it’ll still be there when I get ready to make another mass order (or at least a similarly priced one).

About the deleted scene with the neighbor, what a bonehead! Definitely not a card holding Gimp Lodge member. No wonder it was deleted. ;-)

= = = = =

As far as Ralphus’ computer problems, I hope they are not as extreme as A Canadian eluded to with the video clip. If so, its no wonder the daily pics have been missed a couple of times already…..having to chase down the thing and all. ;-)

As for the incomplete Which One Has The Gimp? that was the first time I had ever gotten a hold of a defective used DVD. Besides, with the lurker incentive Ralphus has going on (See Ralphus’ post concerning Natasha Flade), I thought I might be able to get a few lurkers out of lurker mode if any of them might have seen Spun, thereby aiding their chance of winning. See, TGG isn’t the only Gimper with a heart. ;-)

= = = = =

Yik Yakker ~ I remember seeing that commercial but didn’t know it was Rachel Leigh Cook.

Well we now know she doesn’t do drugs…now all she needs to do is cut down on the caffeine some ;-).

Saturday, February 20th 2010 - 06:53:15 AM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

LTL: Thanks for the assist in letting me be the first to the sardines and herring. I promise to leave you one or two.


re Rachael Leigh Cook: The URL shows her just before the attack. Al, the photographer's assistant, grabbed her from behind and Paul, the photographer, punched her in the stomach. He cut off her top and squeezed her titties. They punched and Tased her until she opened her mouth to suck Al. Paul raped her from behind and spurted onto her ass just before Al creamed her face. They took her to the dungeon and tied her AOH while they decided what to do next.

Saturday, February 20th 2010 - 11:12:07 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

jhlipton: Uh huh. And then you woke up.

Rachael Leigh Cook: Oh, lovely girl. Beautiful eyes. I knew who she was because I looked her up years ago, specifically trying to find out who the girl was in that commercial. Once I found out, I've followed her career ever since. Got dozens of pics of her on my hard drive. Her only problem is she has almost nothing in the way of bondage scenes in her career, which means she needs to hire a new agent...big time. The best thing I've seen her do GIMP-wise was a film called The Big Empty where she got bound and gagged, but her hands were taped in front and nothing much in the way of peril. Still, she looked awfully cute.

BTW, the neighbor who untied Chloe in Spun was actually a lady, not a guy (that explains a lot). In fact, she was played by Blondie's Deborah Harry.

Saturday, February 20th 2010 - 12:01:45 PM

Name: bluetylerrose
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

OK, it's that time again, new releases have come out and I'm walking the back wall of my local Blockbuster. Rarely do I ever find anything that's as good as the cover might want you to believe, but, this week was different. "She's Crushed" seems like a snoozer from the cover art, but wait don't let that fool you. This movie may be one of the best mainstream GIMPer films in years, you want torture, you got it, you want bondage and hands tied above your head, you got it, you want blow torches and rape, you got it. This is a movie that's got a plot, good acting, attractive women, what more could you ask for? Don't let the cover fool you, yes there is a lot of gore, but other scenes make up for that.

Saturday, February 20th 2010 - 09:20:44 PM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Re Daily Picture alt-text: Yep, lawn darts are dangerous, but they're nothing compared to law darts!

Saturday, February 20th 2010 - 11:33:46 PM

Name: E Flynn

First I would like to apologies for my late entry to Natasha about making the rapes more realistic??? on her site.

Natasha. Thank you, you have a great site, that's getting better all the time. Please keep it going.

Dear Natasha, may I suggest after Isaac has forced you to accept he is going to put his cock in your mouth you plead with him not to cum in your mouth.

During the mouth rape you could complain he's putting it in too far and you cannot breathe, adding some involuntary throat retching.

Now for the money shot. If you mix the white of a fresh Hen's egg with a small tin of condensed milk [Fake cum].

After Isaac has faked his coming in your mouth you stop the camera, remove his cock, put in the fake cum, replace his cock, start the camera, then Isaac pulls his cock from your mouth, you can then spit out the fake cum in disgust or let it dribble from the corners of your mouth in total dejection.

This technique [stop camera, start camera] can also be used for the vagina and anus cum shots.

By using a small rubber hand operated enema pump you can insert the fake cum. It will run out of the vagina or anus as Isaac pulls out his cock.

Sunday, February 21st 2010 - 05:49:54 AM

Name: LTL

bluetylerrose ~ Thanks for the heads up for She’s Crushed. I’ve heard a little about it but the descriptions were pretty vague (thinking they would probably be male tortures as the title suggest a revenge type movie).

Maybe you might want to possibly take a shot at giving us pervs here a review for the movie review section?

= = = =

Oh man Samantha Jo is sure looking fine! Looks like I may have to break down and pick up a pre-paid card so I can check out Pain Slut Hybrid Hanging 2 by Dirty Deeds.

I’m not totally sure if that’s strictly a JohnM site, or a JohnM & Maxx Coxx collaboration. Maybe JohnM can shed some light, cause the stills look great! And would like to give credit where credit is due (or as Marvin Hagler would say when guest announcing the boxing matches “Gotta give due……where due… due”).

jhlipton might also know to give us some info ….if he’s gotten his fill of sardines that is ;-)

Sunday, February 21st 2010 - 07:23:58 AM

Name: purpleviking
E-mail address:

Damn! love todays pic, wish this snow shit would go away!!. I'm ready to go camping. :)

Sunday, February 21st 2010 - 10:41:38 AM

Name: Badger

Thought it would be appropriate to issue an all-points NGA -- No Gimp Alert.

Last evening I rented a movie titled "Freeway Killer". There is a picture on the cover of an evil-looking guy in the close-up with what appears to be a female hitchhiker in the background. The notes refer to a serial killer and sexual assault. Well, there is none of the latter and the victims are all males. That said, the movie is amazingly good for something clearly made on a shoestring. Make no mistake that there is anything in this movie in the way of Gimp. On the other hand, it was worth my dollar.

Sunday, February 21st 2010 - 11:39:59 AM

Name: Dangerous Dave

With all this talk of the movie "Spun" I wonder if someone could clear something up for me. When I saw this movie, it was on pay cable, and during the naked spreadeagle scene, the woman's crotch area was blurred out. Is this the way it is on the DVD as well? If it's not blurred, I can't remember pay cable ever censoring a movie like this, can anyone?

Sunday, February 21st 2010 - 12:34:26 PM

Name: E Flynn

Dangerous Dave. I have a copy of Spun

It was distributed by Columbia TriStar Home Video. Is unrated and the disc case cover is numbered 01166

Now in reply to your question. No the area you are talking about is not fogged or pixeled, you can clearly see her vagina in a number of shots.

Sunday, February 21st 2010 - 12:58:40 PM

Name: Gabriela Atar
E-mail address:

Today's pic has brought me out of hiding/lurking. I always had fantasies about being staked out, spread-eagle and naked.

Many perils are linked to that position. Honey + anthill, hot desert sun, wet leather thong tied around the neck that shrinks and tightens as it dries... But this is the first time I've seen lawn darts involved.

I also liked the movie "Spun". I used to use a line from that movie as a signature when I posted on other sites: "You better untie me if you're gonna leave." To answer Dangerous Dave's question, there were 2 DVD's released for that movie. One was R-rated and one was unrated. The R-rated version has the 'naughty bits' blurred, even in the cartoons that were dream sequences. The unrated version shows everything.

A while ago you guys were talking about fiction. I've written some erotic fiction at other sites. Two stories stand out. One was about a girl (me) who wanted to experience a strip search and got more than she bargained for. It was called "Sign Me Up" and it was on a now defunct Yahoo! strip search group. The other was about a radio personality (me again) who was held captive and made the unwilling subject of bondage videos. It was called "Video Abducted the Radio Star" and it was on a forum on the old site, also now defunct. I don't think either story survived anywhere, and I had no way to save them.

Anyway, I wonder if anyone here read either of those stories?


Sunday, February 21st 2010 - 05:42:01 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Gabriela Atar: Good to see you coming out of hiding once again. Really now, there's no reason to hide from a bunch of perverts and sick fucks who want nothing more than to tie you up, gag you and do unmentionable things to your body. Hey, it's just our way of being friendly. Now, what was your address again?

Nice to get a few comments on last night's daily pic. Once I saw it, I knew it was GIMP-worthy. I'm also a big fan of staking women out on the ground. It's a favorite fetish of mine because like you mentioned, that position is rife with possibilities. The thing is, I've seen it in artworks a lot more times than I've seen it on screen.

I recently heard about an old Western called Adios Gringo where they had a scene with a naked woman staked out in the desert for the sun to roast her alive. Netflix didn't have it, so I ordered a copy of the DVD online. Unfortunately, this was filmed in 1966, so the nudity was only implied, but worse than that, they really didn't shoot the scene to its full advantage. No cutaways to the burning sun, no agonized close-ups of her face enduring the heat, really not much at all. Quite a disappointment. Someone needs to remake that film, or at least tackle doing that scenario right.

There's also a Charles Bronson movie called Red Sun, where Indians tie up Ursula Andress with wet rawhide around her neck that tightens in the sun to slowly strangle her to death. Good scene, although she wasn't technically staked out. And Club Dead actually did the same thing where Indians stake out 2 women and do the rawhide around their necks, but overall the movie was pretty amateurishly shot and didn't really work.

I've got hundreds of staked out images. I'll share some more as the week goes on.


bluetylerrose: Thanks for the heads up on She's Crushed. I've never even heard of that movie, and honestly, I wouldn't have suspected a thing just based on the box cover. But you had me at the word "blow torch".

I'll second LTL's request for a review, or if you don't have time for that, at least maybe a little more information? This is important stuff, the reason why this site is useful for fans of extreme entertainment. What more can you tell us?


Badger: Thanks for the anti-alert on Freeway Killer. It's just as important to let us know about movies that seem to have potential but turn out to be nothing more than teases. Why promise sexual assault if all the victims are males? What a gyp!

Sunday, February 21st 2010 - 09:40:22 PM

Name: MAV
Homepage URL:

Nice pic Ralphus. Makes me think of a question for all GIMPers-which commercial actress (past or present) would you want to star in a serious GIMP movie like ZFX or PKF who hasn't ? For me it would be Ashley Renee. Even now I think she has a decent bod but most important, historically she has been a great bondage actress as far as struggling and moans. Her films are usually benign standard commercial fare.

On PKF, I finally got around to buying John M's Lady Shadow vs. Crowbar since I'm an AOH torture fiend. Reyja Wood may not be hot and the action was a lot bloodier than I like, but she acted awesome in her torture scenes and being a tough chick.

bluetylerrose-thanks for another AOH lead.

Monday, February 22nd 2010 - 12:44:07 AM

Name: MAV

Here are some stills I found from "She's Crushed"

Monday, February 22nd 2010 - 12:58:50 AM

Name: A Canadian

MAV: Thanks for the stills from She's Crushed. I agree with the others who are requesting a review, or at the very least, more details. While the movie definitely fulfils the criteria for having GIMP moments, it's not at all clear to me at this point that the GIMP scenes have any erotic potential.

I am also interested in the fact the movie includes rape. Given that so many rape scenes these days are poorly done (shaky cameras that make it impossible to follow what's happening), it would be important to know whether or not the rape scene (or scenes?) in this movie is effective.

Monday, February 22nd 2010 - 03:54:10 AM

Name: YikYakker
Homepage URL:

Has anyone seen a movie called "Ivan's XTC"? I wrote a note to myself that one of the actresses, Lisa Enos, has a crucifixion scene. But I don't know if I got that idea from this forum or some other source on the internet. I don't even know if it's true, because the descriptions I've read on IMDb (see URL) suggest that I may be way off on this one. Help, anyone?

Monday, February 22nd 2010 - 05:04:28 PM

Name: LTL

Badger wrote: ~ Thought it would be appropriate to issue an all-points NGA -- No Gimp Alert.

That’s pretty much how Which One Has The Gimp? came about. There were so many teaser covers that one might think contained matter we pervs here might enjoy, like The Keeper, Restraint, and Dread (Very good horror movie BTW, getting as high as 9 out of 10 ratings in a few places), instead had none. Then some would turn up where least expected.

= = = = =

There’s Gabriela. I thought A Canadian might have scared you off for good with the mere mention of forcing you to watch Zebub material. ;-)

= = = = =

Ralphus wrote: ~ Nice to get a few comments on last night's daily pic. Once I saw it, I knew it was GIMP-worthy….

One might have never guessed…..especially with the girl being BBQ’d off to the left side of the picture. ;-)

And wrote: ~ And Club Dead actually did the same thing where Indians stake out 2 women and do the rawhide around their necks, but overall the movie was pretty amateurishly shot and didn't really work.

They did another one called Desert Stakeout. Have you seen that one by chance? I’ve been curious but have never been enamored with Club Dead.

= = = = =

MAV wrote: ~ Nice pic Ralphus. Makes me think of a question for all GIMPers-which commercial actress (past or present) would you want to star in a serious GIMP movie like ZFX or PKF who hasn't ? For me it would be Ashley Renee.

I’m not really sure what you mean by “commercial”. But with your answer of Ashley Renee I assume you are meaning in the adult industry? If so it’s a very close toss up between Liz Vicious & Mandy Michaels.

Why? Other than the obvious (they’re both hot!), I love light, flawless porcelain skin. Liz (to me) is just hot and Mandy reminds me of the one that got away.

In fact that’s kinda how I stumbled onto both of them. A work buddy asked if I had seen the Facebook picture of a guy (we both worked with) locking lips with another guy. So after checking out that page I started seeing if any other people from work had Facebook pages. Well as you’re doing searches certain faces just happen to catch your eye. Liz was one. Then I saw this other picture who I could swear was this girl I knew. I of course had to check out her site (Mandy Michaels). It wasn’t her but she had some pictures that had an uncanny resemblance to the girl I knew. Same smile (perfect teeth), same perfect skin (in the pics that she didn’t have a tan), same body. I swear…..there was this one picture in particular that looked so much like her, if I were to have shown it to her mom, I know not even she would have been able to tell it wasn’t her daughter.

If you can believe this (after seeing what Mandy Michaels looks like….giving a general idea of what the girl I knew looks like) she joined the military. What a F*CKED UP way for someone to leave your life (that was the partial pic of the girl wearing the handcuff necklace I posted a while ago…cutting most of her face out of the picture). Oh, and get this….right after she went away for basic training, the Mandy Michaels site stopped updating. Strange.

Oh, and BTW, thanks for the stills to She’s Crushed

And wrote: ~ On PKF, I finally got around to buying John M's Lady Shadow vs. Crowbar since I'm an AOH torture fiend.

Oh yeah, AOH? Since when? ;-)

BTW, the recent Dirty Deeds still I put up, (Pain Slut Hybrid Hanging 2), am curious….does that count as AOH or do the hands have to be together for a true AOH?

= = = =

Yik Yakker wrote: ~ Has anyone seen a movie called "Ivan's XTC"? I wrote a note to myself that one of the actresses, Lisa Enos, has a crucifixion scene. But I don't know if I got that idea from this forum or some other source on the internet. I don't even know if it's true, because the descriptions I've read on IMDb (see URL) suggest that I may be way off on this one. Help, anyone?

Sorry Yakker can’t help you on this one. If no one else comes through with any info, I think you’ll probably just have to check it out and give us a report. ;-)

Monday, February 22nd 2010 - 05:58:40 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

LTL wrote:

They did another one called Desert Stakeout. Have you seen that one by chance? I’ve been curious but have never been enamored with Club Dead.

Ah, I had forgotten about Desert Stakeout. I haven't seen the whole movie, but I do have a 6 minute-edited version I found online years ago. The parts I have seen are pretty hot. The rawhide around her neck makes her slowly strangle. Toward the end she's really thrashing in those ropes. The spreadeagle bondage was really good, too.

I'll give Club Dead (I think they go by Rue Morgue now) credit in that they do scratch an itch that a lot of people have. They tackle stuff you really can't see anywhere else. How successful they pulled off these fantasies is something I can't answer, since I haven't seen enough of their stuff to tell. The spit-roasting sequence I saw from them was excellent; their nude hangings, simply awful.

Actually, our friend JohnM from PKF used to work for them, didn't he? He's a pretty upfront guy, and since he no longer works for them, he could probably give an honest answer about that one and other staked out videos they shot (there's at least a couple more). Are you out there, John?

Monday, February 22nd 2010 - 09:43:18 PM

Name: MAV

A Canadian and all,

I found a stream link of She's Crushed yesterday and saw the main scene with blonde actress Caitlin Werthe. She is strung up, sweaty, and stripped, but after that it turns VERY bloody. I mentioned how bloodier-than-desired PKF's Lady Shadow vs. Crowbar got for me but this one goes way over it. There's knife-cutting, toe cutting, nailing, and the blow-torching which happens off screen all with the agonizing screaming. There are several cutaways but overall it was too much for my tastes.

LTL-on my question for GIMPers, by "commercial" I mean BDSM actresses who mostly did BDSM that wasn't too rough with crops, etc. but not punching, slapping, hard whipping, electro, or any other legitimate torture.

Monday, February 22nd 2010 - 10:26:18 PM

Name: JohnM

Yes, I was co-owner of Ruemorgue for 10-12 years. While I was the master of camera and editing, Hank, the other owner, was the master of really creating some interesting stories, prop pieced, locations, and pushing the genre. At almost twice my age, he is still working hard today to come out with really unique and interesting content.

We did a few stakeout themed movies. The concept was to take them out and put a wet strap around their necks. As it dried, it strangled them.

Now, being the editor of most of the content and on camera for more then half of the content, I can tell you that the stuff I was personally involved it turned out well for the time it was made. Hank's efforts early on were a little rougher as he was learning to edit and his approach to shooting was different than me. That being said, "War Hoop" is a little technically rough, but visually great.

Here are the ones I remember working on myself:

This is one of my the time I was lusting after this girl. :-) Watching Valorie

I don't remember shooting this one, but I do remember I edited it. Should be good. Double Stakeout

I remember one was done in the desert, but could not find the link.

The neat thing about Ruemorgue is Hank was never afraid to take risks. I remember one year, we did a 5 girl inverted suspension off a telephone poll bolted between two trees. They hung 5-6 feet off the ground and all at the same time. We did that just for one 4 minute shot to be part of a 2.5 hour hunt movie. We did a lot of that....suspensions, roastings, st. Andrews cross, a crucifixion, etc. A lot of stuff that no one, at least in the erotic-horror genre was doing.

In any case, it certainly was not perfect, sometimes quite campy, but there are some fantastic content to be found in the over 800 movies that were releases over that 10-12 year period I was there.

Since then, Hank continues to produce, though he slowed down as I sped up with my company. We went our own directions, cater to some different fans, but overall, we both really love what we do and most importantly, love it when out fans love what we do. :-)


Monday, February 22nd 2010 - 10:46:45 PM

Name: Hiccup

Looking forward to the Maria Ozawa Attackers movie coming out next month very much.

BTW, I heard there are a couple good GIMP scenes in the new "Book of Eli" and I was wondering if anyone here seen it and can confirm if its true.

Tuesday, February 23rd 2010 - 12:18:13 AM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:

E Flynn: Now for the money shot. If you mix the white of a fresh Hen's egg with a small tin of condensed milk [Fake cum].

After Isaac has faked his coming in your mouth you stop the camera, remove his cock, put in the fake cum, replace his cock, start the camera, then Isaac pulls his cock from your mouth, you can then spit out the fake cum in disgust or let it dribble from the corners of your mouth in total dejection.

Or you could get a cheap water-gun, fill it with the above concoction and shoot it onto your face (or tits or wherever) from an angle that makes it look like it's coming from Isaac.


LTL: jhlipton might also know to give us some info ….if he’s gotten his fill of sardines that is ;-)

Chomp. Yum. Yep, DD is John's 3rd shop (after Peachy Keen and the Basement). It's for clips under $10, but some of them look like they're worth considerably more (Pain Slut being one of them).


Gabriela Atar: I always had fantasies about being staked out, spread-eagle and naked.

I have fantasies of you being staked out, spread-eagle and naked too!


MAV: Makes me think of a question for all GIMPers-which commercial actress (past or present) would you want to star in a serious GIMP movie like ZFX or PKF who hasn't ?

Mainstream: Gabrielle Union, Zoe Saldana, Rachel True.

Porn: India (or any girl from this page, Heather Hunter

by "commercial" I mean BDSM actresses

Sinnamon Love


LTL: I love light, flawless porcelain skin

What I call "dead fish skin" (do I detect a theme?). Give me deep, rich purple every time. Yum!

Tuesday, February 23rd 2010 - 02:57:56 AM

Name: Sloth
E-mail address:

Mornin All

bluetylerrose - had never heard of "She's Crushed" - even though it's chick/chick, looks rather interesting - nice heads up.

Oddly, over the weekend, viewed another effort with a very similar theme - "Homecoming" with Mischa Barton and Jessica Stroup - plot runs along the lines of high school football hero returns home from college with new girlfriend (Stroup) in tow - ex-flame (Barton) wants to hook-up again but is rejected and takes her frustrations out on new flame by keeping her bound and gagged in the basement and dishing out a bit of torment here and there - and just in case she manages to loosen her bonds and make an escape, Barton uses a pruner to snip Stroup's Achilles tendon - don't believe it has been released on dvd yet - one of the kids got a copy from somewhere - not a bad movie with a few Gimp worthy scenes for a compilation.

Stay Well All

Tuesday, February 23rd 2010 - 06:29:16 AM

Name: YikYakker
Homepage URL:

OK, here is my report: Ivans XTC (2000) is not the film in which Lisa Enos is crucified - rather, it is Snuff-Movie (2005). The connection is that both are directed by Bernard Rose and include Lisa Enos in the cast.

The scene in question has Lisa Enos hung naked on a cross in front of an audience as part of a performance.

The only other thing I can tell you is that both movies are difficult-to-find and/or expensive-to-buy.

Oh, and Ivans XTC is also known as To Live and Die in Hollywood.

Tuesday, February 23rd 2010 - 02:17:18 PM

Name: LTL

Ralphus Thanks for the info on Desert Stakeout. I always thought it looked OK from the stills but most are pretty small (shot from a distance) that I really wasn’t even able to tell all that well what the actress looked like.

= ===

Thanks to JohnM too for the additional info and recollections.

Although I really didn’t get into too many selections (not into the BBQ or blood), I did like the fact that quite a lot were shot outdoors. Outdoors stuff has always been my favorites as it adds to the feeling of helplessness for the victim IMO.

= = = = =

Hiccup wrote: BTW, I heard there are a couple good GIMP scenes in the new "Book of Eli" and I was wondering if anyone here seen it and can confirm if its true.

I was saving this for a post-apocalyptic edition of Which One Has The Gimp? but this is what I had written (like I said previously, I don’t always like to write so when I do I write a bunch. Had this since the movie opened).

Your next guess…The Book of Eli? Wrong again. Even though there are two attempted rape scenes, I have to consider this an incorrect answer. The first is shown from such a distance that you really can’t even see anything. And the second, Danzel Washington kills the rapists before they can do anything (Thanks Danzel ……what a lovely man! ;-).

The Book of Eli is about post-apocalyptic Danzel Washington carrying around the last remaining Bible that post-apocalyptic Gary Oldman (who incidentally played two of my all-time favorite villains in True Romance & Leon, The Professional) wants at all costs. Dreary looking post-apocalyptic landscape, but fair viewing might make it worth a rental when it comes out (presently showing at the theaters).

The Book of Eli trailer

= = = =

jhlipton wrote: What I call "dead fish skin" (do I detect a theme?). Give me deep, rich chocolate every time. Yum!

Go have some more fish dude. ;-)

BTW, thanks for the D.D. info!

= = = =

Yik Yakker Thanks for the updates. I’ve had Snuff-Movie on the radar for a while.

So anything worthy in Ivans XTC?

Tuesday, February 23rd 2010 - 04:12:19 PM

Name: LTL

Oh, I almost forgot the main reason I stopped in today.


Tuesday, February 23rd 2010 - 04:29:32 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Hiccup wrote:

Looking forward to the Maria Ozawa Attackers movie coming out next month very much.

Not me. Sorry to beat this to death, but any excitement I might have felt about Attackers making a "slave" movie with Maria was eliminated after Maria got her tattoos. A subtle little tattoo I could have forgiven, but hers are big and ugly.

Tuesday, February 23rd 2010 - 07:19:51 PM

Name: Dangerous Dave

So which actress from back in the day would I like to see do some harder stuff? Anybody remember Whitney Prescott? I'll never forget the first video I saw her in, "Bondage is my Pleasure 4", she was the cutest thing I had ever seen get tied up. Up till then I'd seen a lot of Kiri Kelly and Bridgette Royale movies. Those girls were average at best, but then came Whitney, and she was totally nude in this movie, with cute little "B" cup breasts. Later on she got her tits done and that was one of the few times I think a woman made a mistake getting her breasts done. Her natural breasts were very cute and perfect for her frame.

Anyway, I always loved watching her struggle in bondage, but of course, back in that time, they didn't do anything harsh at all to the models. Would love to see her bound naked getting fucked hard in all holes and left with cum on her face. If she was an actress coming up now she would probably do it, but back then...

Tuesday, February 23rd 2010 - 09:21:06 PM

Name: Dangerous Dave

Actually just about any of the so called "love bondage" models from back in the day I would love to see doing harder stuff. Tiana Cambridge, Lorelei, Desi Deangelo, Tori Sinclair, Andrea Neal, Sadie Belle, and so many others I can't recall. All of them would be bound up tight and then.......nothing would happen to them!! They were all so damn cute and tragically under abused! Too bad John Blakemore or Rick Masters never got them in their lairs......

Tuesday, February 23rd 2010 - 09:47:06 PM

Name: petelobo
Homepage URL:

Dangerous Dave: Desi DeAngelo actually appeared in a number of the "harder" movies, at least to the point of being whipped etc., though these were post-Blakemore California Star as I recall. She's in House of Correction with Nikki Dial (dominated by BeBe LeBadd). Several others I don't recall the names of. Desi unfortunately had those concrete breasts (there's a blond in HOC who also has them), so whipping them was rather like whipping a cigar store indian.

Wednesday, February 24th 2010 - 12:02:49 AM

Name: Dangerous Dave

Pete Lobo: Hey thanks for the tip, but I've already seen that movie. And don't get me started about those HOM/London video productions. They were so weak and so repetitive. They used the same setting 90% of the time. And there so called "whippings" were usually so fake it was laughable. Nothing really intense ever happened to any of the models in thier videos. Some nipple clamps, some light floggings. Hell even the bondage usually sucked in those videos. They loved to use leather cuffs and do AOH suspensions. Which are fine, but you need to throw in some good old rope bondage too, and they didn't do much of that. You seen one of them, you seen them all...

Wednesday, February 24th 2010 - 08:56:13 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Dangerous Dave: Your account of the older HOM/London videos reminds me of growing up in the 1980s. I got started off with the best, though. Earlier, a friend of mine ran a bookstore and he started to carry adult stuff. That was when I discovered the old House of Milan mags and I thought, wow, this is what I've been looking for! This stuff is rough, it looks painful, those ropes look really uncomfortable, women are being tortured in these loops they're selling. I wanted really badly to buy the 8mm loops, but most were already sold out and I didn't really have a way to play them, anyway. So instead I got a couple Bondage Classics videotapes (about 70-80 bucks apiece...ouch). Those were good, but expensive, and then I discovered I could actually rent bondage films from an adult bookstore.

At the time, about the only thing that looked decent were videos from Bon Vue/B&D Pleasures and the aforementioned HOM/Lyndon titles. At first I was excited when I saw the boxes with women in bondage on the covers but after viewing a few, I realized there really wasn't much there, and they were pretty much all alike. Same phony dungeons, leather cuffs, light floggings (usually with women doms...yawn), nothing sexual at all, and totally artificial, not even remotely believable at all. It seemed like every time, I came back disappointed.

For a while, I actually gave up on watching bondage films because it looked like there just wasn't anything out there. Instead I just hunted for mainstream scenes, some of which hold up even today. Meanwhile, I look back at the few scenes I kept off those old bondage videos and they're still pretty boring. This was in that dark period after Blakemore and Barbara Behr left and the feds cracked down on bondage porn. Things got sanitized all to hell. The only good things I ever found were when HOM would put out another volume of the older Bondage Classics. The problem is that while the action was great, there was no sound, so they definitely lost a bit of their impact. It wasn't until ZFX came along in the early 90s that bondage videos became mean and nasty again. I've been a ZFX fan ever since.

Wednesday, February 24th 2010 - 09:57:27 AM

Name: elkcreek
E-mail address:

Ralphus, while I agree that most of the X-Bondage product of the 80's got boring pretty fast, there were a few actresses and scenarios that were at least OK. I recall June Bauer did a really good job of selling pain in more then a few roles. She was in one role as a captured resistance fighter that she sold especially well. Many of the other actresses were terrible including the way overused Ashley Renee.

The other actresses I remembered fondly were Stephanie Rage in some of her witch trial roles, and Nikki Dial in the aforementioned prison video. The other ones I remember vaguely was Jade East and Felicia. None of them approached the better Giga performances that came out in the last couple of years. As far as Whitney Prescott, while she was extremely hot, the only thing I remember her doing was mmmphing a lot while tied up, personally not my thing. As far as hotties tied up, rating on pure looks alone, I would rate Nikki Dial and Allison Parrish as the best of the early bondage era.

Now on to mainstream. I have to dissent on "She's Crushed" or whatever its called. I got it from my local Blockbuster and in between the shaky camera movement, cell phone quality video and cassette recorder quality sound I'd give it a D-. The still shots shown were barely visible in slow motion. Nothing worth even the rental cost on that film.

Wednesday, February 24th 2010 - 10:23:07 AM

Name: Dangerous Dave

Ralphus: your story sounds a lot like my story, and so many other Gimpers out there I'm sure. I would rent any bondage video I could get my sticky hands on. A lot of the early ones I got a hold of were "bizarre" video releases. And I never understood why there wasn't any sex in them. But they were all that I could get so I rented them. And then I started making my compilation tapes. I rented all of the old "bondage classic" loops as well as the similar "TAO collector's series", but was so disappointed that there was no sound. Those are still some of the finest visual depictions of bondage scenarios ever, but the lack of sound holds them back from being the greatest.

I was a big fan of the "California Star" movies back in the day, because they always had attractive actresses and storylines, (and sometimes they had "B" movie actresses in them like Linnea Quigley and Michelle Bauer) but they weren't very rough. Yes ZFX was like an OASIS in the sea of tame bondage vids back in the day. No one was making them like Rick did during that time.

I also would scour the old XXX vids looking for the few that contained bondage and sex scenes. One that I remember was called "China Desade" I think, and had some scenes with an Asian actress that were pretty hot. The scene that was in "Barbara Broadcast" with Constance Money and Jamie Gillis was always a great bondage and sex scene. And I always laughed because the music that they used when he was fucking her from behind was the theme to "the people's court"! How many Gimpers remember that? I could reminisce about this stuff all day...

Wednesday, February 24th 2010 - 11:48:58 AM

Name: Dangerous Dave

And while we are reminiscing.....anyone remember Bruce Seven? He turned out a lot of bondage vids back in the day. I think he was one of the few producers that was trying to push the envelope, so to speak. I remember reading about how he filmed some scenes that were only shown on the European Video release. And I remember a few of his scenes that were censored, because I think they showed actual penetration with dildos. Some of his early videos were pretty hot, I think. But alas, his later releases became so repetitious that I stopped renting every one of his releases. I would have to see something on the box cover that would make me want to rent it.

He had quite an extensive dungeon, with lots of leather implements, and I think his spankings and whippings were about the hardest and most realistic depictions out there. But what I really like is good rope bondage, and he got away from that and was almost exclusively using leather restraints in all his vids. He usually had some attractive models though, and they were always 100% naked, which didn't always happen in every bondage vid, back in the day.

Wednesday, February 24th 2010 - 12:17:54 PM

Name: Brutus

She's Crushed: Thanks for all the info and stills on this movie that I also had never heard of. It's interesting we have some contradictory views on the GIMP-worthiness of the film. I think I'll check it out.


LTL: I saw "Strangeland," and although I love gags and cruelty, I have never gotten into the "lips-sewn-shut" method. Dee Snider has been going on about the sequel for some time now. I hope it delivers on the GIMP front.


Dangerous Dave: The more you post, the more it seems we have extremely similar tastes. I also thought Whitney Prescott was a total doll back in the day. I recall first seeing her in a bondage magazine. She was tape-gagged in a maid's outfit in a section called "Maid to be Bound" or "Maid for Pleasure" or something like that. She looked so beautiful. I also agree that boob job of hers was a mistake.

Another model I hope to see in harsher stuff is Eve Ellis.

As for Bruce Seven, the first bondage video I ever bought was a Bruce Seven compilation. Some scenes were good. Others were boring. It seems he was still churning them out while half-crippled and near death.

Speaking of lame, I was rarely satisfied with any of the "Bizarre" movies. I thought they had tremendous potential, but never fully delivered on the torture, with the light whipping and the "victims" getting into it.


Ralphus wrote about BonVue/B&D Pleasures: At first I was excited when I saw the boxes with women in bondage on the covers but after viewing a few, I realized there really wasn't much there ...

I was in an adult video store years back and I overheard a quite unhappy GIMPer saying to the store owner: "I want my money back for this video." The owner asked if the tape was damaged, and the customer replied, "No. There's nothing wrong with the tape, except the movie is not at all what I wanted. I feel ripped off. It just wasn't what I wanted." I took a peek and the video was a BonVue production.

Well, the owner remained calm and knew exactly what the guy was complaining about. He explained that various laws prevent him from selling anything with rape or extremely harsh torture, and that he has also received similar complaints from customers. So he said, "Tell you what. I can't refund your money, but I'll point out some videos that might be more to your tastes, and I'll knock off 10% of anything you buy today."

The next day, I came in with a stack of BonVue and Lyndon tapes and said, "I want my money back."

Wednesday, February 24th 2010 - 04:29:44 PM

Name: Eda
E-mail address:

Thanks to the many recent posters for the history lesson. Reading those posts and the Blakemore interview gives those without a first hand comparison a good sense of how much things have changed from then to now.

Don't you think that most of the credit for the change has to go to the internet, which goes far in preventing local control?

Wednesday, February 24th 2010 - 06:28:05 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Generally speaking, I agree with you guys about the Bon-Vue/B&D Pleasures movies. In a couple of cases, though, they've produced some films that should appeal to GIMPers.

Two movies that I would recommend (and have recommended before, at some point) are:

  • Abduction on Devil's Peak. This film, which was reviewed for the forum by g-in-o back in 2001, is pretty good. In particular, it had some forced vibrator scenes that were quite effective. The star of the film, Lena Ramon, isn't exactly a knockout, but she's attractive enough and gives a convincing performance.

  • Captured Cop Trilogy. I would like to see this one again. It had some really nice moments, including an effective degradation scene where the captured female cop is forced to lick the boots of the villain holding her hostage. As best I can recall, some of the bondage sex moments are pretty good, too.


Sorry if I seem a bit slow replying to topics raised on the GIMP forum. However, it's now been confirmed that it isn't my fault.

Wednesday, February 24th 2010 - 06:29:51 PM

Name: LTL

Hey all,

Amber Rayne just turned up in a new clip called BROKEN TRAIL 2 SISTER'S REVENGE!

Looks like it might have some MAV appeal (AOH) ;-)

Wednesday, February 24th 2010 - 07:36:54 PM

Name: A Canadian

Today's pic: Somehow, I just know that I do not love that picture.

Wednesday, February 24th 2010 - 09:05:52 PM

Name: Artoreus
E-mail address:

Hi all.

As long as everyone is traveling down memory lane, I'll share a few.

I never really knew I was interested in bondage and other rough stuff until I was an adult. The signs were there, but I wasn't in denial. I just didn't realize.

I remember watching a 70's crime show, Cannon or Mannix or something, when a girl was attacked in the woods by a couple of guys. The entire scene was in almost total darkness, as seen from the distance through a night vision camera. If I remember correctly, they actually stripped her completely naked. I mean all you could see was a white girl shape, but it was quite...interesting.

Another film, an Ali Baba or something film, (Give me a break, I have tried to figure out what they are!) has the heroes female friend from childhood tied totally naked, suspended by her wrists about ten feet off the ground. There was camera blocking, so you couldn't see anything, really, and it was funny, but...interesting nonetheless.

On a side note, I would like a copy of the Ali Baba film. As the hero critically examines his girl friend's naked body wondering why, out loud, he ever thought of her as a sister, she indignantly does the only thing she can do in that situation. She spins around so that he can only look at her butt. It was very cute.

On a final note, HOWL jpg's opened my eyes to what I was really interested in. The real thing sickens me, but realistic simulations do not. Hardly.

Wednesday, February 24th 2010 - 09:45:32 PM

Name: jhlipton
E-mail address:

Scorpions: just another way to torment a staked-out victim

"Here I am; Rock you like a GIMPicane!"


LTL: I just saw "Leon" aka "The Professional". It has no GIMP material at all, so I'll take the discussion to e-mail.

Wednesday, February 24th 2010 - 10:53:58 PM

Name: Scot
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Artoreus: The “Ali Baba film” you're thinking of is The Wonders of Aladdin (1961), an Italian production co-directed by Mario Bava (!) and starring Donald O'Connor. The cutie who got strung up naked was Noelle Adam.

Wednesday, February 24th 2010 - 11:01:02 PM

Name: MaX CoXXX
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

Hung Elise Graves upside down today. Punished her a bit then duct taped a bag over her head. Fun times. Drag'n Bag'n will be out Saturday on

Drag'n Tag is up at

Good hunting

Wednesday, February 24th 2010 - 11:49:51 PM

Name: TGG

Hey LTL, that link you posted under the title "BROKEN TRAIL 2 SISTER'S REVENGE!" intrigued me. I think that there may be others interested too. Can you tell us more, like where to find the movie that screencap is from?

Thursday, February 25th 2010 - 03:20:58 AM

Name: LTL

TGG ~ BROKEN TRAIL 2 SISTER'S REVENGE! can be found at the Psycho-Thrillers store over at Nicheclips for download or DVD from their website

= = = = =

jhliption wrote: ~ LTL: I just saw "Leon" aka "The Professional". It has no GIMP material at all, so I'll take the discussion to e-mail.

I’ll check out your e-mail in a second. But for anyone else that might have misunderstood my comment about Gary Oldman playing two of my all-time favorite villains, I meant in general (since we had a query from Jane a little while ago asking about favorite villains and why) and not in the Gimp sense.

Thursday, February 25th 2010 - 07:12:56 AM

Name: Artoreus
E-mail address:

Thanks, Scot, for the info on the movie. I had a pretty good idea which film it was, but I was completely wrong.

Incidentally, right after my little diatribe, I posted an extremely funny joke which disappeared.

I'll replicate it.

In my previous post, I misspelled the word butt.

For that, I am deeply sorry.

It seemed funnier before it vanished.

Thursday, February 25th 2010 - 11:26:14 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

Artoreus: Sorry dude. From where I stood, it didn't look like you were making a joke, it just looked like a typo so I corrected the spelling for you. And now that you've repeated it, I still don't "get it".

Maybe this will help make up for it. Here's some vidcaps from the movie you were describing:

It's interesting sometimes to go back and see the movies and TV shows that first let us know we had the fetish. Of course, we've all grown accustomed to harder stuff as we got older, but I'll bet as a kid, seeing a babe like Noelle Adam tied in AOH bondage with implied nudity was pretty hot stuff.

Friday, February 26th 2010 - 12:27:42 AM

Name: YikYakker

Ralphus wrote: It's interesting sometimes to go back and see the movies and TV shows that first let us know we had the fetish.

I think for me it was the whipping scene in The Mongols. This was pretty hot stuff for the early 1960s. The only reason I got to see it was that my parents thought it was "educational" ;-).

BTW, there's another segment in the movie where Jack Palance whips Anita Ekberg (the haughty blond in the clip). His words are seared into my memory: "I'll show you how to tame a wildcat!" Ah, memories...

Friday, February 26th 2010 - 04:36:15 AM

Name: LTL

Yik Yakker ~ Thanks for the Mongol clip! It looks pretty good even from today's standards. Of course it always helps when there's a hot looking victim.

Friday, February 26th 2010 - 06:41:04 AM

Name: Beavis & Butthead

Hey Beavis, change the channel.
Woh, check it out Beavis…..hhaaa-hha-hhaaa, tied up naked chicks.
Yea-yea…hmm-hmmm, tied up naked chicks are cool, hmm-hmmm.
Woh, Beavis, this channel rocks!
Hmmm-humm….yeah-yeah, rocks!

= = = = =

I bet you’re wondering what’s with the Betamax player. It’s retro week here at Which One Has The Gimp?

Today’s Gimpage possibilities include:

Mute Witness
Night Train to Terror
Wrong Number

You guessed Wrong Number? Sorry but you just guessed wrong. No Gimpage from a movie that stars the Gimpable Brigitte Bako (Strange Days).

Wrong Number is a fair mystery involving murder and double-crosses.

= = = = =

Mute Witness? Well, I guess I can give you a ¼ of a point for this one as it does have an oh so brief bondage scene and a teaser attempted rape scene.

Mute Witness stars Marina Sudina as a movie studio worker who accidentally gets locked in the studio while working late. She later discovers that she is not alone as she stumbles upon some others who she thinks are working late too. At first she thinks these individuals are using the studio after hours to film a porno. To her horror she accidentally witnesses the filming of a snuff movie. The police don’t believe her as the accused have the alibi of it just being special-effects that she witnessed.

Mute Witness isn’t all that bad and does have a kinda interesting segment where Marina steps out of her bath to discover a man with binoculars checking her out from the adjacent building. Later someone tries to break in and she is unable to contact anyone via computer (phone hooked up to computer because of her disability). Not able to scream or yell she remembers the peeping tom. She runs to the window, throws open the curtains, and to get his attention, flashes him (and to think….the screenplay didn’t even win an Oscar ;-).

= = = = = =

Congratulations to those that correctly guessed Night Train to Terror as having the Gimpage.

= = ==

Mini mainstream review of Night Train to Terror

Night Train to Terror

Night Train to Terror is about God and the Devil riding in a railway car having a philosophical discussion about good and evil. Their discussions set the stage for the telling of a trio of stories. The only one of interest is the first one, which is about a hospital that harvests and sells body parts.

Gimp wise there are about 5 short but decent segments of interest. All are pretty similar in nature as all are involving victims in various stages of undress while strapped to gurneys.

The first one is of a naked blond who looks to be unconscious. This is followed by a kidnapped female bartender who ends up in a topless segment. The next one is of a hot looking church patron who is also in a topless segment. This one though has the addition of a nice tight gag. The forth, and my favorite, is of a brunette who gets strapped on screen while in bra & panties (no nudity for this one….Damn it Jim!). This is then followed by a redhead who has her blouse ripped open exposing her breast. And the final one has a female doctor who now becomes the victim of revenge.

Entertainment wise, each story is pieced together with God & the Devil and their discussions, plus also with a particularly irritating band & dancers segment. Parts 2 and 3 have cheesy claymation (poorly done) and hardly worth watching. At the very best a D+

Gimp wise, even though nothing really happens (as everything is more or less implied) there are some nice looking victims here. On quantity, nudity, and attractiveness of the victims it rates a C+/B- IMO.

= = = = =

Bummer Beavis it’s over. Look, there’s a suckumentary about the ex-Bush and his vice-emperor Dick haa-ha.
You said dick…hmm-hmm-hm
Shut-up Beavis, switch it back to the all BATS channel…haa-ha-haa.
Yeah-yeah…hmm-hm, FIRE, FIRE, FIRE…hummmmMMMmmmm.

Friday, February 26th 2010 - 06:43:27 AM

Name: YikYakker
Homepage URL:

LTL: Please express my appreciation to Beavis and Butthead for hosting your most recent game of Which One Has the GIMP?

Night Train to Terror certainly looks interesting. And I'm always in the mood for a good blouse-ripping scenario.


Speaking of clothes-ripping, check out my URL for a clip from a movie called Demonoid. I saw this in the cinema when it first came out, and the opening 2 minutes are great. The story is that people become possessed by the left hand of the devil (which has a mind of its own), so the robed figures in the scene are hunting down the similarly-clad girl who has been contaminated. When they finally chain her to the wall, the top part of her robe spills open revealing its hidden bounty.

Sadly, nothing else in the movie compares to the scintillating opener. I only watched this turkey because it starred Samantha Eggar, IMO one of the most beautiful women to ever walk upon God's green earth. (check her out in The Collector). But those opening two minutes are unforgettable.

Don't know how long this will be up on YouTube, get it while it's hot!

Friday, February 26th 2010 - 08:57:48 AM

Name: YikYakker
Homepage URL:

For those of you who might be a bit confused by my last post, Samantha Eggar was the GIMPette in the 1965 movie The Collector, not the 2009 movie with the same title.

Friday, February 26th 2010 - 04:06:01 PM

Name: A Canadian

Beavis and Butthead: Sorry, guys, but my Spidey sense tells me you fellas are a little generous with the grades.

I agree that the women in Night Train to Terror are attractive, and the film does a better job showing skin than what we usually see in mainstream GIMP films these days.

But I don't think a movie where nothing really happens could rank as high as a possible B- (which one of you chose that grade?). You're too kind, in my view.

Friday, February 26th 2010 - 05:44:18 PM

Name: Artoreus
E-mail address:

Ralphus - I didn't notice you corrected my spelling, so I posted another post correcting my previous post. I then apologized for misspelling butt, which you had already corrected, even though I was only pretending to be sorry (That was the joke). The "joke" was reeeeaalllly bad.

And for that I am deeply sorry.

I will now never speak of the butt joke again. I may think of something that involves butts that IS funny at a later date, but according to my friends, I have a 3% joke rate. It may be a while.

Friday, February 26th 2010 - 09:53:39 PM

Name: Artoreus
E-mail address:

Ralphus - Thanks for the vidcaps from the Wonders of Aladdin. I looked it up on the Net, and there are videotapes available, but a DVD version, produced in the 90's, is no longer available. The DVD is 93 minutes long, the VHS is 100 minutes long. I wonder what they cut. Probably the bondage scenes, with my luck. I'm surprised that's it's not on DVD since it's a genre film and a Bava film. There's apparently not even an Italian or French version on DVD.

I'd buy it if there was.

Friday, February 26th 2010 - 10:06:37 PM

Name: Artoreus
E-mail address:

Just curious. Where'd the picture of the staked out girl and the Indian come from? The style looks circa 1950's pulp.

Friday, February 26th 2010 - 10:09:16 PM

Name: Dangerous Dave
Homepage URL:

Since I've been reminiscing so much lately, I thought I would take a moment to review a classic Gimper movie from 1971. That being The Abductors starring Cheri Caffaro. Back in the day, when I wasn't renting bondage movies, I was always looking for scenes of bondage in mainstream films (really nothing's changed on that front!). How happy I was when I stumbled upon the Ginger series of movies, as each of the 3: "Ginger" "The Abductors" and "Girls are for Loving" all contain excellent girls in bondage scenes. For my money, "The Abductors" was the best of the 3. A Canadian has already reviewed "Girls are for Loving" here is my review of "The Abductors".

The movie begins with a cute blonde girl, topless, arms cuffed behind, being led down a hallway by two guys. She's struggling pretty good. She is thrown on a mattress in a room and left there. Next we cut to 3 chicks driving in a convertible car. One of the tires is shot out and they run off the road. They are immediately jumped by three dudes and they are pulled kicking and screaming out of the car. At gunpoint, they are forced to strip down to their panties. (a side note: I always prefer it when girls are forced to strip, as opposed to their clothes being torn off. I think it's a more humiliating thing to make them do.)

So anyway, the 3 girls strip down to their panties and then they are tied with their arms behind and gagged. This is a great scene because of the reaction of the 3rd girl. There are only two guys doing the tying and gagging so she gets to wait and see what will happen to her, and she acts this part out well. After the girls are all bound and gagged, their clothes are thrown in their car and then the car is exploded. Cue the music and opening credits! What an opening set of scenes! How could any Gimper not be more excited to see what will happen next? Has any mainstream movie ever had a better Gimp opening?

Next scene we meet Ginger; she is hired to find the 4 missing girls.

Next we are at the Abductors lair with the 3 girls standing topless, still bound and gagged (yay!). The dude in charge lays it on the line for our lovely damsels in distress. They are to be trained as sex slaves and sold for "100,000 dollars" each. If they don't cooperate, then they will be tortured, and then we see the 1st girl from the very beginning. She is suspended, topless, her arms and legs stretched tight. So now the girls see what can happen to them. They are ungagged and untied and told to remove their panties, to show their "cooperation". They all comply.

More plot, Ginger investigates the crime scenes. She meets a dude. She goes back and talks to her boss. They decide to bring in another female agent, named "Carter" and she will be used as bait to get herself abducted. So Carter is introduced and she is instructed to wait in her hotel until she is abducted.

Next we get what I think is a great abduction scene. Carter is asleep in her hotel room, she's wearing some sort of flimsy 2 piece night gown. The guys bust in and quickly grab her, flip her on her stomach and tie her hands behind her back and tie her ankles. She is gagged too, but not before she says "goddamn you bastards". She is then lowered out of her 2 story window and then carried into the trunk of her car. Her boobs are spilling out of her negligee.

Next we get a scene with the 1st girl again. Apparently all of their methods have not been successful in making her cooperate. It is suggested that she be raped (great idea!). What follows is a so-so rape, the girl is naked, with her arms tied behind. The guy doesn't really force himself on her, he goes slowly and she seems to get into it. They say she's a virgin too, so it doesn't make sense she would get into it. Anyway, it's a bondage sex scene that could have been better.

Okay, so back to Carter and her abductors. They drive her to a boathouse by the lake. Ginger is hot on their trail. One of the captors takes the time to grope Carter's boobs while they wait. A nice touch, as that's what I would do in his position! A helicopter comes, and our still bound and gagged damsel is loaded onto it and flown away. Ginger is distressed because she knows she can't track them anymore.

Meanwhile back at the halls of injustice...The 3 buyers of the chicks who were snatched from their car show up to meet their "mistresses in bondage" (they use this term at least 2 or 3 times and I just like the sound of it!). They have dinner and later sexy, sexy!

Next we have a straight sex scene with Ginger and the dude that she met on a shag carpet (so 70's!). After the sex, the dude stands up and opens a door, there is a guy with a gun, the jig is up, the guy knows Ginger is some sort of detective.

So now we are back at the abductor's lair, Ginger and Carter are standing side by side, arms bound behind and gagged. Clothed at this point. They are split up, with Ginger in another room tied to a pole. They decide to interrogate Carter first...

Next we see Carter, standing topless arms bound behind and a guy standing behind her. They start asking her questions. They alternate between a guy roughing her up, and 1 guy being nice and kissing and fondling her. This scene alternates with Ginger, still tied to the pole in the next room, but she's able do seduce the guy watching her and tricking him into releasing her. Then she escapes.

Back to Carter, the methods of seduction are working on her and she's spilling the beans on her true identity. Next we see her on a table, naked with her arms tied over her, and she is raped. But again, a very sensual, consensual rape. But still, it's bondage sex again!

And that pretty much ends the Gimpage content here. We are left with all the loose ends to be tied up and everyone to be rescued. And Ginger gets her revenge on the dude that screwed her.

To sum up: Wow! lots of bondage, lots of nudity, some rapes, but not brutal. Great abductions, forced stripping. A sexy as hell performance from Cheri Caffaro! And this tagline from the boxcover of the movie: "The Abductors, they took what they wanted, but they wanted more"! What that means I have no idea!

This is a mainstream movie. Granted it's a "B" movie at best, but still mainstream. Rating it against other mainstream Gimp type movies I say it gets an A, for all the great content. The rapes could have been stronger, but good bondage scenes throughout and sexy naked chicks. A good combination I think!

Saturday, February 27th 2010 - 01:10:31 AM

Name: Dangerous Dave

Some more notes about the "Ginger" series of movies: after looking over my review of "The Abductors" I realized that, even though it's my favorite, it contains the least amount of Ginger in bondage. For that you need to get the first movie, "Ginger" and there are two great bondage scenes. The first is a scene of Ginger laying topless on a bed, with hands cuffed behind. Her skin tight white pants are peeled off to reveal her lovely untanned ass. Then she is raped, but with Ginger, you can hardly call it that because we all know that you "can't rape the willing". After this scene we get a nice nude hogtie with her. How many nude hogtied scenes have we ever gotten in a mainstream movie? Great back to back Gimpage!

You should all read "A Canadian's" review of "Girls Are For Loving" to get the full scoop on that one. It contains to great nude spreadeagle pseudo rape scenes that are worth having in any Gimpers collection.

After doing some research on the internet this morning, I found out that all the Ginger movies were produced by Cheri Caffaro's husband at the time. I also read that he was involved in the production of "High School Musical 3"! From Gimpage to Disney! That seems like progressing backwards to me!

Anyway, I think the "Ginger trilogy" is a must have for any Gimper out there. They are all good campy fun, with bondage, sex and nudity from the early 70's.

Saturday, February 27th 2010 - 01:47:23 AM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:
Homepage URL:

LTL: Thank you sir, for the latest edition of my favorite online game show, Which One Has The Gimp? I love Beavis and Butthead! They're my inspiration in so many ways. I checked out a few of their clips on YouTube before I went to bed last night. Hard not to smile while watching those two.

I got the answer right, but only because I've seen Night Train To Terror before. That's a weird-ass movie, just a total mismatch of genres all shoveled together with no apparent rhyme or reason. But hey, you've still got several sequences with women bound and gagged and with lots of nudity, and that made it worthwhile. You failed to mention that your favorite girl (and mine, too) is actually raped while bound to the gurney, even though it's implied only, but you see the wheels of the gurney sway back and forth during the act. I agree with your grade on the GIMP scenes; that's pretty much right on target. I edited about 5 minutes total of solid material onto my compilation tape. The director of that segment of the movie was clearly one of us.

The direct link to your review is in my Homepage URL above.


Dangerous Dave: Great review of The Abductors. I'm sort of shocked it had never been officially reviewed for the forum before, because it's been discussed several times. I hope you don't mind that I spiced up some of your excellent text with some equally excellent vidcaps from our friend Hank Hobbs. Hank capped the hell out of that one, and it helps sometimes to see images along with the descriptions.

I agree with the grade of A, too. Like you mentioned, all the Ginger movies are loaded with naked bondage, but The Abductors might be the greatest mainstream GIMP movie of all time. Amazing what passed for mainstream entertainment in 1972. Can you imagine going to a theatre and seeing what is basically a bondage film with full nudity and rape scenes masquerading as a real movie? In fact, here's the actual movie poster; presumably you would see this up on the theatre wall, maybe right next to a poster of whatever movie Disney happened to put out that year. Pretty wild, huh?

The direct link for your review is here:


Artoreus: I don't have an actual source for where the Indian picture came from, but I'm guessing you're right, probably from a pulp magazine from around that era. It's a really nice artwork, isn't it?

Saturday, February 27th 2010 - 04:37:08 AM

Name: YikYakker

Dangerous Dave: Like Ralphus, I was surprised that we did not already have a complete set of "Ginger" movie reviews. Thanks for filling in the gap.

Cheri Caffaro was, of course, the star and there has been a lot of discussion about Geri Bronson's rape scene, but my favorite gal is Laurie Rose as Carter. Feisty, cute, sexy, gets beat up a bit - I always found her the most entertaining of the bunch.

Saturday, February 27th 2010 - 06:10:58 AM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

Dangerous Dave: Bravo. It's about time someone gave The Abductors its own review, and your assessment was fun to read. I am also in agreement with the 'A' grade.

Unfortunately, duty forces me to put one objection on the record.

As president of the Canadian chapter of the Gerie Bronson fan club, I must take exception to your description of her rape scene as "so-so." In the fan club's view, that is a fantastic scene. Granted, it doesn't look anything like a real rape -- no Ginger-movie rape ever does -- but it's wonderfully erotic and helpless Gerie looks terrific.

Indeed, it could be argued that the fantasy-like way that rapes are depicted in the Ginger films actually adds to the experience, as the scenes can be viewed time and time again in a completely guilt-free way. And the Gerie rape scene is arguably the best of the bunch, although Cheri Caffaro's rape scenes in Ginger and Girls are for Loving are worthy competitors.

I doubt this needs to be said, but if there is anyone visiting the forum who has never seen The Abductors, you need to see this movie ASAP.

Saturday, February 27th 2010 - 07:07:28 AM

Name: Dangerous Dave

I was surprised too that there wasn't an official review of "The Abductors". But I was glad there wasn't because I was dying to talk about it! And WOW, that original poster is probably a collector's item!

Saturday, February 27th 2010 - 08:52:21 AM

Name: LTL

Yik Yakker ~ Nice clip of Demonoid thanks! I only watched to right after the hand started walking away since you made it sound that there wouldn’t be any more Gimpage after that…..right?

= = ===

Semi-related to MAV’s query of what bondage actress you would have liked to have seen get rougher ZFX or PKF treatment. There’s this one commercial that every time I see it I just instantly think Gimp. The actress portrays an attitude and sense of entitlement that just screams for a Gimp re-adjustment.

I wonder if I am the only one who gets this reaction when I see it. Take a look….any similar reactions?

= = = =

A Canadian wrote: ~ Beavis and Butthead: Sorry, guys, but my Spidey sense tells me you fellas are a little generous with the grades.

I’ll just let Beavis comment.

Well I guess he didn’t have much to say. ;-)

But he did say: “Hhmm-hhm Artoreus said butt…hmm-hmmm-mmmMMmmm.”

== = = =

Dangerous Dave ~Thanks for the great review of The Abductors. My favorite part of the movie was the abduction/lowered out the window scene. Also the most attractive of all the actresses in that movie IMO.

= = == =

Ralphus wrote (of Night Train to Terror): ~ You failed to mention that your favorite girl (and mine, too) is actually raped while bound to the gurney, even though it's implied only, but you see the wheels of the gurney sway back and forth during the act.

I was going to, but honestly I wasn’t totally sure that was an implied rape (since you could still see him standing to the side of the gurney at times). Thought it might have been an implied sawing motion because of the fact that he used a hacksaw in the segment with the redhead.

But yeaugh, total mishmash of stories and piece togethers. I heard rumor that the segments were originally supposed to be full length features on their own but the studios nixed all three after seeing the dailys and realized how horrible these would have been on their own. Probably generous for a D+ entertainment grade but I figure… least for casting on the first segment.

= = = =

Hey Beavis, no comment on that A Canadian guy’s comment? Hhha-hha.
Hhmm-hmm, what country is he from? hmm-hhmm
You dumb-ass Beavis, hha-hhha he’d be from Canadica.
Oh yea…hhmm-hmm, Canadica. Hey Butthead….hhmmm-hhmm, where is Canadica?
Don’t be a total dumb-ass Beavis, hha-hhha….it’s that island off Miami, hha-hhha.
Oh yea I forgot, hhmm-hhm.
Beavis, hha-hhha….I speak Canadica, hha-hhha. “Porva…….por….pour…pour some more senior”. Hha-hhha.
Hhhhmmm-hhmm, that makes you like… bi-linguaginal huh? Hhmmm-hhmmMMmm. ;-)

Saturday, February 27th 2010 - 09:34:01 AM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

As if I don't have enough issues on the go, now I'm in the middle of a flame war with Beavis and Butthead. No wonder my family wants to disown me.


I'm not sure how others feel, but I believe someone is going to have to step up to the plate and review Ginger, with Cheri Caffaro. I mean -- we have a review of The Abductors, we have my opinion (transformed, through the wonders of the Internet, into a review) of Girls are for Loving. Doesn't the set need to be complete? Don't we owe it to Cheri and Don Schain to immortalize the full series?

So, any takers? I think we're looking for objective reviewers who won't prove to be a soft touch when it comes to assigning a grade. Unlike two celebrity reviewers I can think of....

Saturday, February 27th 2010 - 04:01:20 PM

Name: Mr.D

Mine too, Ralphus (favorite suggestion that is).

Of course if you soften 'em up with a good hard tit-whipping first ...

Sunday, February 28th 2010 - 12:16:38 AM

Name: deno

Couldn't agree more with the thoughts of Mr D! Deno

Sunday, February 28th 2010 - 07:26:11 AM

Name: YikYakker

A Canadian wrote: I'm not sure how others feel, but I believe someone is going to have to step up to the plate and review Ginger ….I think we're looking for objective reviewers who won't prove to be a soft touch when it comes to assigning a grade.

Well, I’d be glad to review Ginger, since I have it in my collection and wouldn’t mind watching it again. But I have a few other films on my to-be-reviewed list, so it might take a while.

In the meantime, if anyone else wants to take a crack at it, by all means, knock yourself out (not literally).

BTW, I found this joke on the internet that I thought was pretty funny…hope nobody finds it offensive:

Q: What’s a Canadian?

A: An unarmed American with health insurance.


LTL wrote: There’s this one commercial that every time I see it I just instantly think Gimp. The actress portrays an attitude and sense of entitlement that just screams for a Gimp re-adjustment.

I agree that there is a bit of haughtiness about her. Notice also that she has “light, flawless, porcelain skin.” ;)


LTL also wrote [regarding Demonoid] : I only watched to right after the hand started walking away since you made it sound that there wouldn’t be any more Gimpage after that…..right?

Yes, there’s no reason for a GIMPer to watch further, unless you like bad acting and ridiculous dialog. There are a few unintentionally funny moments, like when a dude with a possessed left hand orders a doctor at gunpoint to chop it off. And when the hand crawls out of the sink drain and jumps on Samantha Eggar’s auburn tresses.

BTW, don’t bother with the Spanish-language version Macabra La Mano De Diablo. I saw a streaming vid of the Spanish version and the opening GIMP scene was completely cut! It’d be a shame to spend $89 on the VHS version this guy is peddling on Amazon and find out the best part is gone.


And while we’re on the subject of expensive vids, check out the price on this one.

Now I’d like to ask you all this question: If there was a vid that you really, really wanted and there was only one copy left on the planet and someone was selling it for $375, would you buy it? And if so, what movie would that be? Not being judgmental, just curious.

Sunday, February 28th 2010 - 08:50:17 AM

Name: LTL

Yik Yakker wrote: ~ I agree that there is a bit of haughtiness about her. Notice also that she has “light, flawless, porcelain skin.” ;)

Yes inde-de-do! ;-)

Also wrote: ~ And when the hand crawls out of the sink drain and jumps on Samantha Eggar’s auburn tresses.

Didn’t they learn anything from Re-Animator? The crotch…and jumps in her crotch! Or at least some slight of hand and grab a breast…… David Cop-a-feel. Get it? Slight of hand? Oh never mind. ;-)

And still wrote: ~ Now I’d like to ask you all this question: If there was a vid that you really, really wanted and there was only one copy left on the planet and someone was selling it for $375, would you buy it? And if so, what movie would that be?

I don’t think there would be anything I’d have that bad a Jones for to pay anywhere near $350.00. Well maybe an exception…..It would have to be something with someone I know. Like maybe that ex I mentioned who joined the military. I think that would be an interesting view.

Or maybe a custom made to my exact specifications. Maybe something with Lexxi in tight bondage and such. But as far as something pre-released… way.

= = = = =

Ralphus mentioned The Abductors poster. The reason I made it a must see was also because of what looked to be a poster. The one I saw however had the lowering out the window scene smack dab in the middle. A little small as the type was pretty bold but still enough to get my itch on to see it.

Anyone seen that one? I went looking for it a little yesterday but couldn’t find it.

Sunday, February 28th 2010 - 10:38:15 AM

Name: mr bush

All 3 of the Ginger movies are great. The Abductors was by far the best. I believe she made another movie that had some bondage in it, can't remember the name.

Sunday, February 28th 2010 - 02:05:26 PM

Name: Ralphus
E-mail address:

YikYakker asked:

If there was a vid that you really, really wanted and there was only one copy left on the planet and someone was selling it for $375, would you buy it? And if so, what movie would that be?

I'd say probably any video by Bill Zebub. And then I would immediately destroy it so that there was no trace of it left on the earth. Yes, I'd be willing to pay to the price to help make the world a better place.

$375, huh? I'd have a hard time justifying paying that much for any video, although I'd be willing to bet that the going rate for customs with most bondage production companies is at least that much, if not more. I've never ordered a custom, not do I have deep pockets where I could afford to buy a custom, but certainly, people do it. Thinking about it, if I could get the right actress, and get her to submit to whatever treatment I chose, you know, I would probably find a way to scrape up the money. My fantasies are pretty "out there", though. I'm not sure anyone would agree to film them for any price!

Thanks for volunteering to review Ginger for the forum. Check with me beforehand and I can hook you up with caps from Hank Hobbs that you can use for your review.

BTW, speaking of Hank Hobbs, beginning tonight at midnight is the start of something special. A while back, Deno had asked about caps from the classic ZFX movie High Strung, starring the ample-chested Brandi Dukes. Hank had capped the movie 8 years ago when it came out, but since then, his capping technology has gotten a lot better. So I asked Hank if he would be willing to re-do the movie with his new, highly-improved capping technique for the forum.

Here's a teaser of how good the caps look compared to the way they were before:


Pretty nice, huh? Thanks in advance to Hank for the upcoming series, I think you pervs will really like it.

Sunday, February 28th 2010 - 04:32:53 PM

Name: A Canadian
Homepage URL:

YikYakker: It looks like you're signed up to write the official Ginger review.

I'll be interested to see what grade you give the film. I was thinking about this a little bit after I posted my comments yesterday, and to be honest, I'm not sure I know what grade the movie deserves. And I've seen it plenty of times.

Apart from its well-known GIMP moments, it will also be fun to read your overall take on the film. If you ask me, Duane Tucker -- who played lead villain Rex Halsey -- was one of the worst actors of the '70s. Even by B-movie standards, I thought his acting in Ginger was just dreadful. I much preferred the actor Herbert Kerr, who played Jimmy Jones ("I want your sweet, white ass.").

Sunday, February 28th 2010 - 06:15:08 PM

Name: MAV
Homepage URL:

You guys are killin my finances with these AOH alerts. Luckily I have more will power with Zen and Giga flix that cost ~$50.

I went and bought Broken Trail 2. I've been looking for an excuse to see something with Amber Rayne. She looks hot strung up and acts like a tough chick throughout which are big pluses for me. The simulated rape while she's AOH and her struggling while being choked was pretty good. The main thing that sucked about this clip is that choking is all the guy does to her. No slaps, belly punching, whipping, or anything. It couldve been great if at least one more thing was added. This clip is a B- in my book.

Sunday, February 28th 2010 - 07:20:33 PM

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