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In the early 60s I discovered at a newsstand/tobacco store the genre of periodical known as Men's Adventure Magazines. There in front of me were covers depicting beautiful young almost naked women straining against ropes that held them for the tender mercies of Asian degenerates or Nazi inquisitors. Not only that but the titles of the stories inside promised "screaming nudes," "tortured darlings" and "bound beauties." They became the staple of my fantasy life for years to come.

Fast forward to 2002. It was in this year I discovered that back issues of Man's Story, Man's World, etc. were available on eBay and at reasonable prices. The covers brought back a rush of memories and I began buying them. Although I thoroughly enjoyed most of them, all had three shortcomings: there was too much extraneous material (plot, character development, historical background), torture scenes were too abbreviated and used elusive language when dealing with sexual parts, especially when instruments of torment were being applied. The only logical solution was to rewrite them myself. Some of my efforts can be found in this section.

I would also direct your attention to the segment MENS MAGAZINE STORIES in this section of the site. There you will find a fine representation of these stories in their original form along with some truly excellent reproductions of the interior art work. Of course for years Covers the Relentless has daily been posting art work that graced the pages and covers of these magazines.

Lastly some of my original writing is included herein. Unfortunately, much of what I did has been lost due to the groups in which they originally appeared disappearing and my sloppy backup habits.


TORTURED SISTERS OF THE MINDANAO KEMPEI TAI: Based on "Hideous Secrets of the Mindanao Cave Monster" which appeared in the February 1965 issue of Man's Epic. A beautiful young woman sacrifices herself to help on an attack on a Japanese torture compound in the Philippines (no it doesn't make a lot of sense). In my version she and her sister (who doesn't appear in the original) are horribly tortured by bondage, fire, hot needles, suspension and being lowered into boiling oil.

CRYPT OF HORRORS: Adapted from "Maria X's Fearful Ordeal: I Was Buried Alive in The Crypt of Horrors" which appeared in the December 1971 issue of Man's Story. A woman working for the Greek resistance is captured by the Colonels and interrogated with torture, including multiple rape by leprous prisoners. Not as long as some of the other entries here. (falanga [a form of bastinado], electro, whipping, gang rape by lepers, chemical douche and enema)

NAZI TORTURE PALACE: Modified and expanded from the story "Secrets of the Afrika Korps' Torture Palace" in the October 1961 issue of Men Today. A beautiful French operative in Tunisia is interrogated for information on Operation Torch, the Allied invasion of North Africa. She is tortured by an SS officer and an Arab sheik using a branding iron, whips, a spiked chair, toenail removal, and hot coals under her pussy.

WRITHE, SCREAM AND DIE: Adapted from "American Woman, You Writhe, Scream and Die" in the June 1961 issue of Man's Story. American nurses are taken to a Japanese prison camp prior to being assigned to pleasure Japanese troops. Two are tortured for trying to escape. "Fran's shrieks of sheer agony crashed against my ears." (hanging by thumbs, whipping, water torture, staked out, lowered over hot coals, burned at stake)

SOFT HANDS OF MADNESS: Redone from the story of the same name in the March 1962 issue of Shock Mystery Tales. The story has an interesting concept - a woman is tortured in a unique manner by ex-Nazis to drive her insane and force her to do their bidding. "My wrists were swollen under the hellish stocks. The fiends were breaking my mind." (mental torture, whipping, bondage in stocks)

NUDE NURSES FOR THE BUSHIDO TORTURERS: Adapted and expanded from the story "Nude Nurses (or cover title "Angels of Mercy") for the Beasts of Bushido" in the October 1966 issue of Man's Book. Six nurses are taken into the Philippine jungle and tortured to make them scream and lure American soldiers into an ambush. "The heart rending screams of the tortured girls echoed through the jungle." The inside illustration is manipulated. (bondage, caning, finger and toenail torture, fire, other tortures)

SOFT FLESH FOR THE NAZIS' FANGED DOOM: Reworked from the story of the same name in the December issue of World of Men. An undercover agent working in Gestapo HQ gives poison to a resistance operative who is being interrogated, thereby exposing herself to torture, the first of which is depicted in the manipulation of the cover of the original magazine as seen above. "The prospect of being eaten alive by rats ripped frantic screams from our throats as our interrogator waited to hear our confessions." (strappado, whipping, attacked by rats, nail removal, hot iron)

A BED OF FIRE FOR THE NAZIS' BOUND BEAUTY: Expanded from the story "A Bed of Fire for the Bound Beauties of Norway" from the Man's Story issue of Nov. '62. A Norwegian woman is tortured horribly for information and the sadistic pleasure of her captors. "Marta prayed only for strength enough to die in silence." (bondage, water torture, branding, suspended over fire, whipping, hot needles, foot torture)

CASTRO'S TORTURE MASTER: Reworked from the story "Slaves of Sin for Castro's Traveling Torture Master" in the November '64 issue of New Man. Four young Cuban women are tortured until one of them will admit to the murder of a compatriot. Even after the confession is obtained the torture goes on. (bondage, whipping, insects, rape, burning)

SATAN'S BALLET: Expanded from the story "Satan's Ballet!" in the July '62 issue of Shock Mystery Tales. Three beautiful dancers are lured into an old mansion with the promise of parts in a modern baller. "The lovely young maidens would suffer the tortures of the damned." (bondage, devil worship and sacrifice, slow burning alive)

WATCH YOUR LOVE DIE BY INCHES: Adapted from the story "Talk Amerikaner Swine or Watch Your Love Die by Inches" in the February 1974 edition of Man's Story. An American operative is captured by the Germans and forced to watch the torture of his lover and her sister to make him talk. (gang rape, whipping, burning with soldering iron, toenail removal)

A BRIDE FOR SATAN: Taken from "A Lovely Bride for Satan" in the October '62 issue of "Shock Mystery Tales" and edited and added to as in previous stories of this ilk. A woman taken prisoner (for reasons lost to me in mists of time) and tortured in front of her lover by having her flesh stripped using electric sanders. (whipping, flaying with sandpaper)

YANKEE WOMAN, YOU DIE SLOWLY: Taken from the story of the same name in the May '61 issue of Man's Story. An American pilot is forced to watch the torture of his nurse lover by the Chinese in the Korean War. As with the others I have done, the story is highly modified and the illustration manipulated. (bastinado, other foot torture, bondage, caning, breast torture)

FRY IN HELL, MY SWEET: Adapted from the story of the same name that appeared in the June '61 issue of Men Today. The narrator watches as his lover's sister is whipped and the hung in the public square by the Nazi's for being a resistance fighter. His lover is captured and he goes to save her as she is interrogated by electric torture. (bondage, whipping, electro-torture, strangulation)

GOLDEN NUDES FOR THE MONSTER WIZARD: This is from the June 1964 issue of Man's Story. In mid 18th century Prussia a young man helps his alchemist father kill young virgins for their blood which they believe is an essential ingredient in turning base metal into gold. The son eventually finds more satisfaction in simply torturing beautiful girls to death in imaginative ways. (whipping, rack, hot metal, wheel, spikes)

DAMNED BEAUTIES OF THE NAZI HORROR HOUSE: Taken from the April issue of Man's Story, 1963. Helene and another girl are tortured by the Nazis, supposedly for information but actually to fulfill the sadistic desires of the officer. (bondage, water torture, whipping on a wheel, interrogation)

SHACKLED NUDES FOR THE EMPEROR'S FIRE MONSTER: Adapted from a Man's Book April 1964 story. Two beautiful woman prisoners are tortured to death for trying to escape from a Japanese prison camp in Sumatra in WWII, as an example to the other prisoners. (bondage, fire torture, water cure, nails torn out, public execution)

SHACKLED NUDES: Story is modified from one published in Man's Story, December 1963. The illustration is manipulated from the Norm Eastman original. A young French underground member is seized by the Nazi's and tortured under interrogation for the name of her contact. (Interrogation, bondage, torture, whipping, strappado, entombment)

WATCH HER DIE SLOWLY: The narrator is forced to watch his lover tortured by Castro's goons during interrogation. This has been reworked from a story that appeared in the September 1960 issue of Man's Story, with the superfluous stuff edited out and the GIMP stuff expanded upon. (interrogation, bondage, torture, Cuban, nails removed, cigarette burns)

THE TENT OF TORTURE: An edited version of a story that first appeared in Men Today January 1961. Most of the non-GIMP stuff has been omitted and the GIMP content expanded upon. It concerns a young woman kidnapped in post-WWII Cairo by a Nazi officer who wants info on an American who is on his trail. (interrogation, bondage, Nazi, spider, fire)

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